Editor Ellen Datlow
Editor Ellen Datlow

Editor Ellen Datlow’s career has spanned almost thirty years.  She spent 18 years as the fiction editor of Omni, 21 years co-editing Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror with Terri Windling, and has edited countless anthologies in the realms of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.   Her work has garnered her the Shirley Jackson Award, two Bram Stoker Awards, two Hugo Awards, three Locus Awards, and eight World Fantasy Awards. And counting.

Check out this Q&A with one of the busiest editors working today – then stick around for the mailbag.

Over to Ellen…  

Sparrow_hawk writes: “Why put together an anthology of stories inspired by the Poe classics?”

ED: I wish it was my own idea but an editor at Solaris came up with the idea a few years ago as a way to celebrate Poe’s Bicentennial this year. 

“Did the editor notice a trend in stories inspired by Poe – was there a favorite story that seemed to inspire new authors to take it, give it a new spin and make it their own?”

ED: I tried to encourage the contributors to choose from some of the more obscure Poe works and kept track of what each writer was working on so that there wouldn’t be too much overlap. However, “Masque of the Red Death” is used more than once –to very good effect. That seems to have been the most popular story.

ThreePoet writes: “As you were putting together the anthology, were there certain author you knew would be a perfect fit for the material? Kim Newman for instance? Were there some authors who actually approached you and ended up surprising you with their submission?”

ED: For every original anthology, I try to think of writers who might have an interest in the theme and I approach those writers. Because of Kim’s immersion in film and love for the macabre in film and writing I shouldn’t have been surprised by his combining Poe with Roger Corman movies but I was–pleasantly. I think it’s a hilarious and wonderful take on Hollywood and its habit of making the same movie over and over again.

There was at least one complete surprise–Delia Sherman,–whose fantasy I often publish– was not a writer I’d think of as being interested in Poe. So when she approached me about writing a Poe story, I was surprised–and when she handed in her story–very pleased.

KellyK writes: “I was wondering if you can tell us what led you to become an editor and what is it about your work that you find most satisfying?”

ED: I’ve always been a reader and booklover. Working in a bookstore or editing fiction were the only two jobs I could think of that might satisfy my interests. I started out as the assistant to a  Book rep in the New York office of Little, Brown & Co, from there worked at several mainstream publishers as an editorial assistant until I got to OMNI magazine (my first magazine job) where I was hired as Associate Fiction Editor.

Being the first person to read a terrific piece of fiction. And working with writers to make their fiction as good as it can be.

“You’ve worked in all three genres – science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Do you have a favorite? In the almost thirty years you’ve been editing, have there been any developments that either shocked or surprised you in any of the three genres. And, being a veteran of all these developments, what do you foresee for all three genres in the future?”

ED: I love what I’m working on at any given time. So if I’m working on a fantasy anthology I’m totally immersed in reading for that and love the stories I’m getting in. Same with sf or horror.

No shocks. Everything evolves.  Disappointed perhaps in some of the crap published. Annoyed that everyone thinks they can be an editor, not realizing it’s a profession not a hobby and that to do it well is more than just saying “yes” or “no” to a submission but actually working with writers.

“And, finally, what advice would you give young writers looking to break into the short fiction field, especially in today’s dwindling market where many even established genre magazines are closing their doors?”

ED: The markets are in flux as they always are–it’s the responsibility of the writer to research those markets and submit to them. There are new magazines/webzines starting up all the time. I’m still receiving occasional submissions for SCIFICTION, which closed its doors 3 ½ years ago–this shows me that those writers are not serious about their craft or they’d be using reliable market reports.

But writers (new or not) need to remember that if the don’t submit their work it won’t be published. If you get one rejection, just submit that story again and again. But simultaneously go ahead and write another story and another–do not wait for one story to come back or be sold. Writing and submitting should be a regular, ongoing process.

TimC writes: “Great anthology. My question is similar to one that’s already been asked regarding how you put together this collection of stories – but, specifically, I’d like to know your connection to the different contributors. Did you have a pre-established working relation with all of them and, therefore, knew that they’d be up to the challenge or was it more of an open call? Were there any writers who you approached that weren’t able to make the deadline?”

ED: The only time I’ve ever done an open call original anthology is when Nick Mamatas, my co-editor on Haunted Legends (forthcoming from Tor) wanted to do so for a limited period and said he’d read the slush. So that’s what we did.

The only two writers in Poe who I’d never bought original stories from before are Kaaron Warren and John Langan. I’d been reading Kaaron’s stories for the past few years, picking one for YBFH and so asked her to write a Poe story. (she’s also in Haunted Legends). I loved John’s “Mr Gaunt” from a few years before and have been following his work since then.

The other contributors I’ve published in various places over the years. I asked a bunch of writers if they’d be interested–I usually ask about twice as many writers as I have slots for. I’ve just checked  the stats for Poe, and of those who were asked but are not in the book: eleven said no because they either weren’t interested or didn’t have the time, six said yes but didn’t come through, four or five said yes but were too late (and didn’t writer the stories as far as I know), a few started stories but couldn’t nail them down and gave up, or said maybe but didn’t produce.  Nine were rejected.

“What is it about horror that appeals to you? And, being so involved on the literary side of the genre, do you take any interest in its television and film versions? If yes, do you have any favorites?”

ED: I’ve loved horror my whole life but can’t really analyze why–it’s not the only type of fiction that has appealed to me over the years. When I was a kid I read Harold Robbins and Irving Stone and then later got into Herman Hesse, John Fowles, de Sade, Henry Miller, William Burroughs, and a pretty eclectic bunch of books such as A Separate Peace by John Knowles, J.D. Salinger’s work, Last Exit to Brooklyn by Hubert Selby, Jr., Another Country by James Baldwin, Catch 22 by Joseph Heller, The Man Who Was Thursday by G.K. Chesterton. Those are just some of the books I loved (and some I still love).
 I think I prefer literary horror to most movie or tv horror these days, although in the past I adored tv series like The Twilight Zone (original series), Thriller, One Step Beyond, and I recently watched and loved Carnivale, the HBO series and Dexter (I only watch tv shows on DVD).

When I was younger I loved horror movies and still like some a lot–but I was indiscriminate in watching horror movies on tv as a junior high student.  I think Carrie the movie was better than the novel but I preferred the novel Ghost Story to the movie, so it totally depends. There are lots of horror and ghost movies I’ve very much enjoyed over the years. I’ve enjoyed Alien and Aliens, thought Carpenter’s The Thing excellent and really disturbing, Ringu (original and US remake), Audition, Battle Royale, and I’ve recently seen The Last Winter and Ginger Snaps on DVD and enjoyed them both (although there were things that annoyed me about The Last Winter).

“As an editor, have you ever had to turn down a story for any reason. And I’m not talking about submissions from first-time writers but established authors whose stories didn’t meet your standards? Also, have you ever refused to publish a horror story that felt was too graphic or offensive?”

ED: I often turn down stories. That’s part of the editor’s job. If you accept everything then you’re not an editor, you’re just ‘compiling.’ There are stories I didn’t publish because I felt they were wrong for the venue I was editing.  Margo Lanagan wrote her story “The Goosle” for one project, but I thought it would work better for what I bought it for: The Del Rey Book of SF& F. It’s a pretty harrowing retelling of “Hansel and Gretel” and I did consider the reaction it might get when published. And in fact, one reviewer was so offended by the story that he cried out for the publisher to think hard about what they were allowing to be published. That reaction totally justified the inclusion of the story in the anthology, as far as I’m concerned! 

GateMechanic writes: “You’ve had a long and successful career as an editor.  If you could only choose one collection, which would be your favorite?”

ED: I’ve had a few favorite anthologies but that often changes over time. I can’t choose just one. Sorry.

“Was there ever a thematic anthology you weren’t able to get off the ground?  If so, what was it and why?”

ED: Often. And some anthologies have taken years to sell. It’s impossible to know why one anthology idea sells and a different one doesn’t–it could be a question of timing or the right in-house editors aren’t in power when you’re trying to sell that anthology.
Pat Cadigan and I tried to sell Mothers From Hell but couldn’t get a taker.  Terri Windling and I tried to sell Eastern Lands, a children’s anthology of retold fairy tales concentrating on fairy tale traditions of the east,  to follow up on A Wolf at the Door and Swan Sister. No luck. But we did sell an anthology about fairy tale villains, which is just out: Troll’s Eye View: A Book of Villainous Tales (originally called The Cinderella Game and Other Villainous Tales) .

“And, finally, what’s next for you?  What do you have in the works?”  

ED: Lovecraft Unbound will be out in October  from Dark Horse (cover and TOC on my lj)
Best Horror of the Year #1 will be out this fall from Night Shade
Darkness: Two Decades of Modern Horror, a reprint anthology covering 1984-2005 will be out in 2010 from Tachyon
Digital Domains, which will take a selection of stories from the three online venues I worked on: OMNI online, Event Horizon, and SCIFICTION should be out in 2010 from
Naked City: New Tales of Urban Fantasy will be out in 2010 from St. Martin’s Press
Haunted Legends edited by me and Nick Mamatas will be out in 2010 from Tor
Big cat reprint anthology coming out in 2010 from Night Shade.

Today’s Mailbag:

Anne-Marie Sloan writes: “Have they headed down to New Mexico yet??”

Answer: Nope. Not yet.

Major D. Davis write: “Oh and for the Atlantis movie release I think what I really meant was how long will you think post will be?”

Answer: Unable to say at this point. It’s all dependent on when the movie is shot and how VFX-heavy it is. In its present incarnation, the script boasts a lot of visual effects.

Deni B. writes: “Aggghhh, it’s almost 2:40 a.m. and Flannery is up and has been for hours.”

Answer: Hey, Deni, I’m sorry to hear about Flannery. I hope he’s comfortable and enjoying much lavish attention and love.

Daniel Willis writes: “Joe, I was hoping to send you a letter in regards to something.”

Answer: You can drop me at moorsyum@yahoo.com. Also, keep in mind that I approve all of the comments so if you don’t want something made public, just says so in your post.

Thornyrose writes: “I’ve completely lost track at this point. Any chance of getting a summary of the episode titles?”

Answer: Remind me again when I’m back in the office.

Scary writes: “So when can we expect these lovely new pics of Michael?”

Answer: Whenever they get past the next, much slower round of approvals.

Scary also writes: “Any chance you could snap a few of Paul if you happen to meet up?”

Answer: Absolutely!

Scary also writes: “ Ever thought of having Kerri as a guest blogger?”

Answer: I’ve floated the idea by her. She was not unreceptive to the possibility.

Scary also writes: “Any news on Chris Judge’s Q & A?”

Answer: Chris is notoriously next-to-impossible to get a hold of. Never mind getting him on the phone, you’ll be lucky if his phone’s mailbox isn’t full.

Drldeboer writes: “wait, when did Ashleigh start? already getting a week off??”

Answer: She had actually planned this getaway before she landed the position with us. Still, I’ll be sure she works twice as hard on the week she comes back.

Dasndanger writes: “I love Ashleigh. Does she know about your fear of heights, serial killers, the Canadian Revenue Service, clowns, ordering a lousy lunch, and – I suspect – infectious microorganisms? And does she, perchance, read this blog??”

Answer: I guess she does now. Thanks.

Dasndanger also writes: “2. Instead of memorizing songs, why don’t you use reverse psychology on Kerry. Find a musical YOU want to see, then tell her how much you hate it, and that it better not be the one she drags you to, and so on and so forth.”

Answer: Yeah, there’s only one slight problem with that plan of attack – finding a musical I WANT to see.

Shawna writes: “Actually, kidnappings are a huge business in Mexico. As I understand it, it’s more focused on between rival gang/mafia members, but there are still such a large number of foreigners who get kidnapped in hopes of large ransoms that I don’t think it’s really viable comic material.”

Answer: Really? Given the fact that’s been all-but Open Season on Canadian tourists there the past couple of years, I’m glad I resisted the urge to go with my initial blog entry title “My Mom and Dad Went to Mexico And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt…And The Bullet They Dug Out Of My Dad’s Shoulder”.

Major D. Davis also writes: “Oh and any news on who will write the season finale of SGU?”

Answer: I would expect that particular honor would fall to either Brad Wright or Robert Cooper.

Pol writes: “Any updates on SG1-3 (the new movie?).”

Answer: It’s presently in Brad Wright’s hands.

35 thoughts on “April 25, 2009: Editor Ellen Datlow Answers Your Questions

  1. Wow, if I’d known her background earlier, I’d have totally been in on this round of the book club.

    Anyhow, I knew from the title the author had to be someone with serious cred. Putting the name of someone famous in the title automatically invites you to be judged to that standard.

  2. Thanks for answering all my questions. : ) That is a great way to end a great day. It was so sunny and warm and I had successful day of shopping.

    I have one more question. I hope I haven’t reached my limit of answers. ; )

    Are these pics of Michael Shanks just casual pics of him or are they of “Daniel Jackson” during his brief stint on SGU?

  3. Hi Joe, thanks so much. Flannery’s doing ok, actually (other than the keeping me up all night). I think it’ll be a sad year, unfortunately, but hey, you never know with dogs. I’ll never let her suffer, so for the time being, she’s quite happy and as always, terribly spoiled and very loved. I’ve postponed my London-to-see-the-kid trip for a while, even though the dogs have a 24/7 pet sitter when I travel (because of Elway and the seizures), I feel better staying here for a while to see what develops with Flannery. I’ve got to get outta here for a little bit though, so I’m doing NYC in the next month or so (just a long weekend) to shop and eat (Per Se!) and Chicago for the convention in August. Problem is, I’m constantly calling home to make sure they’re all ok! Ah, life with dogs, hey? By the way, where is Ms Brie these days?

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  4. It really isn’t ‘fair’ that you have to have photographs approved before being made public. Do they get to airbrush the pictures too? Maybe s-t-r-e-t-c-h the pics to make them look taller and thinner.

    Do the dogs get to approve pictures too? One of my cats is longhairedd and almost all black and any photographs of her show her as a big black blob with two glowing eyes. Her brother is the black and white gent in the post (I hope).

  5. Awwww…did I let the cat out of the bag? 😈

    Too bad you don’t like musicals. I’ve only seen three myself (Ain’t Misbehavin’, Evita, Fiddler on the Roof), and I enjoyed all three, especially Evita since I was privileged enough to see and hear Mandy Patinkin perform as Che. What a beautiful voice! That was so long ago – I guess back around 1980, give or take. But I still remember his wonderful performance, and have worn out more than one recording of that musical (the original, not the movie version, which I have not seen).

    Hey – look at it this way…if she drags you to a musical you end up enjoying, bonus for you. If she drags you to a musical you end up hating, you can take a nap, which in its own way is still a bonus for you.

    Or you can do what I do – feign a stomach bug, and get Fondy to go in your stead. 😀


  6. Silversi, hahah very nice!!
    It really sounds like something Sheppard would say to McKay!

  7. congrats Joe on another great Q&A. I liked Ellen Datlow’s answers to ?’s I didn’t think to ask. Way to go!.

  8. hi, joe,

    we know vala isn’t going to be in the 3rd sg1 movie, but is mitchell?

  9. Awww… not a fan of musicals? Sometimes I wish my life were a musical! As the bumper sticker says, “Who wouldn’t want to live in a world where people randomly burst out in song?” Or a world where singing a three minute song can fix years of problems. Or a world where music is everything. Or… okay I’ll stop now. 😉

    Have fun at your chocolate party!!!! Take tons of pictures, and not just of the chocolate!!!

    Random question of the day: I can understand why you need to get approval from TPTB to post pix you take on the set and/or in costume, but why do you need approval to post pix you take of the actors/tresses while they’re out and about?

  10. Thanks to Ms. Datlow for the great Q&A and to you for the mailbag. If Ashleigh hasn’t left town yet, you might want to present her with a special travel kit. Surgical facemasks, tybek gowns, and disposable latex free gloves. ANd lots of alcohol based hand sanitizers. And maybe a 6 foot(folding) stick to hold back anyone coughing around her….. with progress on so many Stargate fronts, we can’t have you folks at Bridge being hit with a nasty pandemic.

  11. Hey Joe!

    Is Janus’ secret stuff going to appear again in a future SGA movie? Does he had another cool things in there?

    Thanks for your time!

  12. Thanks for the Q&A and the mailbag. Interesting how you give away your email. Will it not be flooded with fan emails tomorrow? Oh and one question.

    Do the events of water include Col. Young and Lt. Scott being stranded somewhere together?

    And also wondering, have you read Fahrenheit 451 yet?

    Also, thanks for answering my questions!!!

    Major D. Davis

  13. Hey Joe,

    That was a very cool Q&A with Ellen Datlow. And a hefty mailbag to boot. 😀

    When’s your chocolate party? And aren’t we all invited? 😈

    @Deni B: You and Flannery hang in there. Tell Flan I loved the greyhound kiss. It ranks up there with the pyr ones I get. 🙂 We’ve had a sad year in dogs over the past several months so I really do understand where you’re coming from. Flannery is very lucky to have you there for protection, love and care. I’m not going to the Chicago convention. But I was born there. I guess that’s info you didn’t really need. Oh well. Now you know.

    @Das: So I just read that Mr. Das usually does eat his fortunes. Now I’m going to laugh every time I look at fortune cookies. 😆 Thanks for that!

    @Wolfie: Sorry about your grandpa passing away. My grandmother (the last of my grandparents) isn’t doing too well. It’s just never fun.

    And on that note I have questions for John Lenic:

    You did work on A Dog’s Breakfast with David Hewlett. Any chance you’ll be working on Starcrossed with him? Or how about any other movies David will make in the future? By the way, I keep buying ADB and giving it to people. I think I’m on my 9th copy. So, yes, I did love it and I try to spread the joy.

    Stargate cast, crew and fans often joke about it as the show/franchise that will never go away. Let’s just say, for the sake of fun, IF there weren’t another Stargate show, what would you want to be doing? This is totally hypothetical since we all know the show really won’t go away.

    Amanda Tapping said she and David Hewlett were joking about doing *Stargate: The Musical* in about 20 years. At first I thought it was just hilarious. But now I’m thinking I might actually pay to see it. You could probably pull it off. Would you be interested? 😀

    Lastly, I just want to say Thank you! A thousand times for helping bring us the greatest television series there ever has been. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed SG-1 and SGA. And since I own all the DVDs I still enjoy them and always will. You are made of awesome!

    And with that, I’m out. Take care everyone!


  14. Ya know…having just gotten over my last bout of respiratory problems (strep, pink eye, and a good week and a half of congestion finally breaking up and clearing out), I am really NOT happy about this swine flu scare. Just heard it might be in NY, which means I really don’t want to leave the house again until 2010. 😛

    This really sucks, considering how screwed my immune system is right now.

    On a brighter note, my house is clean, my lawn mowed, and my laundry is done. It has been a very productive day. 😀


  15. Ha! Your secret is out of the bag Joe!

    I’ll give you a moment for your imagination to run wild. What dark secrets of yours do I know? YOU JUST DON’T KNOW! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    Ok! Here it is! Your chocolate party is today, isn’t it? Not a peep out of you for weeks about it; were you planning to surprise us with a huge load of choco-pics tomorrow? Well, if so…damn, I’m sorry for ruining the surprise. Really. Still, Brian J. Smith just twittered that he was on his way to your “choco-extravaganza”, so the secrets’ out anyway.

    So what dark secret of yours did YOU think I had figured out? 😉

  16. @ Das… I like Ashleigh too.

    @ Don Joe… you should totally see Pirates of Penzance it’s a comedy, there are pirates, maidens, silly cops, and a song about nothing.

    But if your into more of a serious mood then go see Faust it’s so up your ally. Now that is Wagner’s Faust not to be confused with a German puppet theater which is a different type of delightful.

  17. I’m really enjoying your blog. Thanks for taking the time to do it!

  18. Can I make a comment on Susan Boyle. I searched the web for the lyrics to “I Dreamed a Dream” so I could understand exactly what she was singing. I found the lyrics and the original live version of the song from “Les Miserables”. What an awesome song and what an awesome performance by Susan Boyle. She nailed the lyrics and every note. An amazing, magical moment. I hope she does not change anything about her looks. She is a beautiful person and that performance was incredible. I’ve been watching it every night since it came out. A great way to end the day.

    Joe I think you will enjoy your muscial with Kerry. I bet you will become an immediate fan of them. I hope she takes you to a good one. This could change your life…well, maybe not.

  19. @dasndanger: I’ve seen ads for Topol still playing Tevye. I guess that would make him around sixty when Chava was born? He rather tore that mother up back in the day, but I gathered from the roadside billboard that he’s pushing it a bit now.
    Still, I should look into getting tickets. I already blew off Joan Baez and the Buena Vista Social Club. My opps for bona fide shows are rather dwindling.

  20. Gave my quake walk today and aside from terrifying eight people into quake preparedness, I had to nicely ask idiot people to please put their dogs on leash, most of whom ignored me. Between rattlesnakes and off leash dogs fighting with each other, we average about 7 dogs killed in our park each year, and dozens of others injured. I can’t ticket anyone since I’m only a volunteer, but one of these days I’m afraid I’m just going haul off and smack someone. I can’t imagine why people who love their pets would take such risks.

    Also, learned today that Lou Diamond Philips visited our park awhile back, and what a nice guy he is. Glad to hear all the good news about SGU…but still longing for Atlantis.

  21. Hey Joe,

    I keep noticing. No matter how many times my names comes up spelled “Ann-Marie Sloan” (which is the right spelling). You always spell it “Anne-Marie Sloan (which is wrong).

  22. Just a quick and totally irrelevant question. Why do people find it funny to taunt you with your worst fear and laugh when you totally freak out even though you can’t help it??

  23. Bonjour Joseph! Vous allez bien? Moi super, je suis trés contente hier mon équipe de foot favorite à gagner la coupe de la ligue 4-0.

    Merci pour ces questions/Réponses, elles sont trés intéréssante =D!!!


    1)Suivez vous le football (soccer)?
    2)Connaissez vous la ville française de Bordeaux?3) Pour l’instant quel sera l’épisode le plus drôle de sgu?

    Voila =) Merci! Bonne journée!

  24. Drldeboer writes: “wait, when did Ashleigh start? already getting a week off??”
    Answer: She had actually planned this getaway before she landed the position with us. Still, I’ll be sure she works twice as hard on the week she comes back.

    Just want Ashleigh to know, it wasn’t an attack on her.
    I was just rhetorically curious, and I think she’ll be a fine asset to your office.

    Sympathies on the hometown hockey team loss. My Flyers choked on the big one yesterday, they’re done.

    Backtracking to read all the Q&As, thanks to them that asked and answered!! esp. Peter D.

  25. Hi again Mr M!!

    (away from base again today!)

    So! How was the chocolate party?? Brian J Smith was looking forward to it…Carl was all set…and Marty G was gutted not to be there (rather than at OperaCon 09)… All this from Twitter!!
    Hope you have some nice snaps to show us!

    @Major D. Davis : I actually thought about shouting out the screen names…but it would be too Tourette’s-like to do same..With regard to snaps of faces to names:
    Check out first photo:


    Best to all Mr M!


  26. Joe, please don’t knock off the lead castmembers via chocolate overdose! I can hear their groans from here. Well, actually from twitter. But anyway… I must know, was there BACON chocolate? I discovered the joy that is bacon chocolate once upon a time during a particularly fancy brunch. There was a chocolate fountain, and breakfast foods, and the rest is history. Bacon covered in chocolate isn’t the only way to go. I have a great recipe for chocolate-bacon cupcakes. Let me know if you want it!

  27. @das: Well, there goes NYC then! Holy shit. I was going to bring the daughter over from England, take the son and the hubby and spend 4 or 5 days shopping/eating while taking advantage of the long UK holiday (daughter works in the UK) at the end of May, but now, maybe not. Good thing I hadn’t told my daughter! Am I being silly? I think I’m becoming Rodney McKay.

    @Trish: Thank you so much, you’re so sweet:) This part of having dogs really sucks, doesn’t it?

    Joe, darling, the doctor took away my caffeine (yeah, right, I’m still having my pot, I mean”cup”, of tea twice a day, and sort of told her so), but definitely no chocolate. I’ll be drooling when the pics come around…:( How is one supposed to survive w/o chocolate, I ask? The swine flu and now this?

  28. @Shirt’n’tie: So thats you in the first photo. Hmm, i kinda pictured as a person similar as to who you are. Ok well here is a short vid( it’s 13 seconds long) That i am in. I am the person in the black shirt. Check it out.


    Sorry about the audio. Forgot to turn the humidifier off before filming. So, did you picture me as that kinda person( a question for everybody) or did you think of me as somebody else.

    @pg15: Yeah that was kinda my question. Also wondering if you agreed with das in general about that subject.

    @ fellow bloggers: who here has a gateworld forum account. Mine is Major Davis ( without D.). Please send a request to me if you have an account. I know i have das’ and pg15’s. I don’t have shirt’n’ties and i know he has one.

    @Joe: You should make a gateworld account. Unless the blog is already too much.

  29. @ Major D. Davis: Sure, I agree with them. Anyone who comments, and whom are respectful (or at least not asshole-ish) of us and Joe are a part of the family. 🙂

    Joe actually does have a Gateworld account (along with Brad Wright, actually), but he stopped using it 3 years ago due to…mysterious reasons. 😉

  30. Go and see Avenue Q………. even people who don’t like musicals would like that one. Not sure if it is playing anywhere near you though :o(

    What is is spacifically you don’t like about musicals? Do you like theatre at all?

  31. @Deni: You’re very welcome. I think dog owners (or maybe animal lovers so I’m not leaving out the cat people 😉 ) are the best, truest, most honest people. Maybe something about loving a dog and having to make those really hard decisions keeps us real? I always knew I’d do *the right thing* when/if the time came. Then when Sebastian had his stroke I found out that I was right about myself. It does matter. It still makes me cry. I do understand. Dogs are important. So now I’m off my soapbox.

    @Das and edgarderby: Funny thing about Fiddler on the Roof. It’s coming to Tampa next weekend. We HAVE to take the girls. Especially since Jeremy’s jewish and his great-grandparents on his mother’s side basically lived the experience. Topol is playing Tevye. I thought Jeremy was teasing me when he told me. But when I realized he was serious I told him to get tickets ASAP! I’m so ashamed to say that neither Allie nor Erin have ever seen Fiddler. 😯 Yes, I’m a horrible parent. But I’m hoping I’m making up for it by taking them to see Topol live. I’ll let you know how it is. 😀

    @PG15: So I comment here. Do I count as family? *hopeful look*

    Trish 😀

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