On today's prison menu...
On today's prison menu...


Who ordered the chicken medium-rare?  Not me!
Who ordered the chicken medium-rare? Not me!
Carl enjoying prep week on his episode.
Carl enjoying prep week on his episode.
Lawren coming down from his chocolate high.
Lawren coming down from his chocolate high.
Paul reflects on rotisserie chicken.
Paul reflects on rotisserie chicken.
Ashleigh is full of chocolate.
Ashleigh is full of chocolate.
Birthday gal Kerry and Hiro
Birthday gal Kerry and Hiro

Some solidifying developments on the Atlantis movie front. I refuse to call it “good news” because it’s only good news insofar as the naysaying, sky-is-falling, that-movie-aint-getting-made contingent is concerned – of which I am not a part of. Instead, I welcomed the update with a resounding “meh”. Sure, to the average outsider, it may look like my unbridled optimism has been validated but nothing could be further from the truth. I’m actually dubious by nature and it was, in fact, my smug, deep-seeded cynicism that essentially confirmed what I already expected. It’s not about being optimistic or pessimistic, but about being optimistic and pessimistic about the right things.

On the script front, I’m past the climax and staring down a fairly chunky and heartfelt denouement. I’ve approached this movie as a special event and not just another big-budget episode of the show. No longer working within the more restrictive parameters of an ongoing series, we’re finally free to rattle some cages, upend established norms, and take some chances. We want to reward longtime fans with an outing that pays proper tribute to five years of Atlantis history while, at the same time, pursuing avenues that wouldn’t have been open to us a year ago. Could this be SGA’s last adventure? I very much doubt it but, in a way, you want to attack this script like it may well be. Truly impact the lives of these characters and have viewers come away with a sense of significance and satisfaction. Whether we can accomplish all this AND keep everyone happy is a daunting task but, hey, we’re up to the challenge.

Hey, guess what I had for lunch today. Chocolate! I received a chocolate shipment from the heavenly JP Hevin (what was essentially a briefcase full of chocolate – I shit you not) and set it down in the writers’ room, intending to sample a few selections after lunch. While most everyone else went with rotisserie chicken, I went with the front office and ordered Indian from a place called Palki Restaurant. My “murgh tikka” was an offering of boneless paste white chicken with a spackle-like consistency, disquietingly pink at its center. Although the inedible charred edges suggested grilling, the dish’s overwhelming blandness and pulpy texture hinted at either a half-ass boiling or disinterested steaming. Authentic? Maybe – if the guy who prepared my meal worked his last job cooking for convicts in Mumbai.

Figuring our construction department could always use some extra stucco, I set it aside and had twenty pieces of incredible chocolate instead. I did, of course, share with my friends. George Horie came by and took one, refusing my offer to grab another – then returned seconds later, his mind magically changed, pronouncing the Hevin creations “silky” and “amazing”. They’re sublimely delicate, perfect little masterpieces to be savored and appreciated. Also, to be part a critical element in my bet with Ashleigh that she couldn’t shove twenty into her mouth. She barely managed five which surprised my considerably. I thought her mouth was a lot bigger.

Oh, speaking of mouthy, we went out for Kerry (I’ll be making you dinner once my Vancouver Canucks are eliminated in the first round) McDowall’s birthday dinner last night. We hit Tojo’s where we enjoyed a fantastic sake lemonade cocktail, a bottle of equally delectable chilled sake, and a shot of some 38%-proof sake. Oh, and some mouth-meltingly-terrific sushi, green tea crème brulees, and my man Hiro’s delightfully full-out off-key rendition of Happy Birthday. Good times. Good times.

49 thoughts on “April 17, 2009: My Unbridled Skepticism is its Own Reward, Wallpaper Paste Tikka, Chocolate and Sake Overload

  1. Your post made me laugh!!! Chocolate for lunch!!! 😀

    Maybe I missed it, but what were they “solidifying developments” of the Stargate Atlantis script – that Joe has passed the climax point?


  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!
    – from one of the sky-falling contingent

  3. PS – when you say “outing” do you mean you will finally reveal who the gay character in SGA is?

  4. Hi, Joe
    You said days ago that TPTB will allow you to post some SGU set pics this week. How’s that going?

  5. “Some solidifying developments on the Atlantis movie front. I refuse to call it “good news” because it’s only good news insofar as the naysaying, sky-is-falling, that-movie-aint-getting-made contingent is concerned – of which I am not a part of.”

    As a member of the cynical, doom and gloom, nay-saying contingent, I would really rather not be proven correct in my cynicism and doom-saying. 🙁 *unhappy sigh*

    I don’t know if I’ll be able to get my paddy fingers on Poe before the discussion, but I’m looking forward to reading it when I can get it and to seeing what everyone has to say. I love Poe and it’s going to be interesting to see what modern writers have come up with in the same vein.

    *re-engaging cloaking device*

  6. @ BAILEY

    I’m putting [Lantean] money on Chuck! You know, with that deep Canadian *lumberjack* radio voice… ;] Besides, that “Bay” reference of artist Lorne’s wayback when is just so red herring. — but then again, Joe can be sneaky evil with that chocolate smeared on goatee…

  7. Joe,

    I think you got screwed on the bet. Montreal is gonna need a whole lot of luck just to make it interesting. I’m rooting for Vancouver since the Oilers once again suck too much to make it in (on the plus side, we will have a new coach next year!). And the Flames need to lose – I enjoyed their overtime loss last night.

    Do you ever go to games, either in Vancouver or back in Montreal?

  8. Just spit it out man! Whats the “solidifying developements” that have you so smug?

    Your lunch reminded me that a few months ago I accidentally ate some raw chicken. I’m sure you’re asking, like everyone else did, how could I accidentally eat raw chicken? I bought a new frozen kind that was breaded. I put it in the microwave to heat it up, never reading the package that said it was uncooked and had to go into the oven only.

    As I was eating the first few bites, I noticed the different taste and texture of the chicken. I thought it was because it was breaded. But when I actually looked at what I was eating (hot, but very raw chicken) I almost died right then!

    I called my mom to tell her what happened and to say goodbye. I suggested she and my dad might want to drop by my house the next day and pick up my body. She just laughed. (How rude!) So, I got on the internet to see how long I had to live. I typed into Google “I ate raw chicken”, and up popped tons of advice. It ranged from “you’ll be dead within hours” to “it was probably harmless and you will be just fine”. But either way, it was the most hilarious and entertaining reading. The most commen comment was, “it will pass”. It did, and I survived.


  9. Hey Joe.

    I don’t usually analyze the pictures you post for behind-the-scenes stuff, but I couldn’t help but notice the white board behind behind Lawren…..are those episode titles for the latter half of SGU?

    Thanks Joe!

  10. Hoo boy, I saw some of the dailies of SGU for the first time. It’s going to rock! As well…hmmm, I can’t really say anything more online, but there was some other super cool stuff as well today!

  11. the news you are still working on the script is enough to keep me happy. Your hints of shakeups and more daring directions are actually welcome. If i can’t have my series, at least I can have a turbo-charged movie(s) instead.
    @DasNDanger. I can see your point about Todd and Woolsey. But I rather picture him as ‘the other man” who threatens the relationship between our Common Ground companions. Sheppard will turn to Rodney for support, and more….
    Ok, my apologies for the slip into multi-character shipping there. The sooner TPTB allow the release of the pictures, the sooner I and some others can be distracted from such thoughts. Yeah. Well, I don’t believe it either…

  12. Bailey said:

    PS – when you say “outing” do you mean you will finally reveal who the gay character in SGA is?

    Great minds think alike. I jumped in to say, “there’s gonna be an outing?”


    Cheers, Chev

  13. Joe, now you got me craving chocolate.

    Thanks for the SGA script update 🙂

    Incase you haven’t heard Christopher Heyerdahl has been cast as Marcus, one of the Volturi vampire leaders in the “Twilight” sequel New Moon.

    Hopefully, Chris will be back as Todd in the SGA movie.

  14. Mmm. I think 20 pieces of chocolate is a perfectly acceptable lunch! Plenty enough calories, and probably enough nutrition as well! (Although, aside from the pinkness, the chicken looks like I’d actually like it… I’m a fan of plain white, non-burnt chicken.)

    Gotta love the whiteboard behind Lawren! 😀 Lol I can’t believe that’s still up!

    I donated my hair today to make wigs for people going through chemo!!! It made me happy! 🙂

  15. I”m baaaaaack! Again!

    2 final exams down, 3 to go. Wish me luck.

    Anyway, I signed back in just to point out that Justin Louis’s face seems to be on the monitor behind Ashleigh. I am unsure on whether the shot composition is satisfactory, however. The shot of Mr. Louis has his head slanted, and while that usually means he’s talking to/looking at something/one to bottom left, I feel that, in order to truly grasp his emotional state, you guys should’ve pressed the camera closer to his face. A close up, so I hear, is much more impactful for viewers.

    Besides, we might’ve gotten a better look that way. 😀

    I’m surprised you didn’t say that the Hevin chocolates were…hevinly. Get it? GET IT? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Ashleigh’s hot. Tell her I typed that. Do it not-creepily. Thank you.

    Ok, back to studying…

  16. I spent this week being an extra on the 100th episode of The Office. As a fan of the show, it was quite a treat (aside from the freezing cold and the constant fight to protect my pale Celtic skin from the sunlight). Really, being on that set is a pleasure, and I think all the extras noticed it. The cast and crew were all really cool and nice, and no one was a diva or anything (not that we could tell, at least). It was great seeing the process, the ad libbing, even the rehearsals. One of the funniest things to me was how after five years, they’re still constantly calling each other by their real names rather than their characters’ names. Also, that cast is surprisingly tall. Like, really tall (and I’m saying that as a tall person myself) — except for Angela, who’s a about the tiniest thing ever.

    I really had no point to that, just wanted to share. It was just ridiculously fun.

  17. Hi Joe,

    I couldn’t help but notice the whiteboard in your picture. You are quite sneaky! Clearly giving us some hints there…

    15. Havoc
    16. Sordid
    17. Penumbra
    18. Marriage
    19. Death of T.C. (What/who is T.C.?)
    20. Reveal team bac(kup?) all along. Destiny is only (just getting started?)

    Oooh what fun! Anybody else care to speculate? Of course I had to take a guess on #20.

    Thank you for this. Next time, zoom the camera out just a tad bit more please. 😉

  18. Hey Joe, have a few questions sorry if they already been asked.

    Just wondering on the time line between the series finale of Atlantis, and the start of Universe.

    In the last ep of Atlantis its said one of the ships is on a classified mission and they cant get a hold of it to help against the Wraith. Would that have anything to do with the first eps of Universe?

    If not can we know the time line of when Universe starts?

    Also when the people are trapped on the Ancient ship… will it be brought up that the people from Atlantis were thought lost and that they couldn’t get home for over a year? I mean that would put hope in some would it not? Atlantis cant get home, now 5 years later the city is on Earth.

  19. On commentaries and featurettes for SG1 in the early years, they always talked about how they didn’t know if they were being picked up until the end of each season. Personally, I thought that always made for some really terrific episodes (Full Circle being a good example). So I’m thinking that while I would love to see many Atlantis movies in the future, the amount of effort and detail that would go into a project that’s taken as the last would only encourage more projects to be greenlit.

    I’m sorry your Indian food sucked, Joe. As it happens I enjoyed some quality lamb saag just a bit ago.

  20. MaryD said: In case you haven’t heard Christopher Heyerdahl has been cast as Marcus, one of the Volturi vampire leaders in the “Twilight” sequel New Moon.

    o_0 As much as I love Chris Heyerdahl, there isn’t an actor, living or dead, whom I love enough to go and see that dren. I agree wholeheartedly with hoping he’s available to reprise Todd in the SGA movie. *crosses fingers the SGA movie is still going to go ahead*

  21. Drat Word Press’ lack of an edit function! I wanted to add that even Richard Boone wouldn’t be enough to make me go and see a Twilight movie.

  22. Chocloate for lunch is SO yesterday, chocolate for breakfast is the thing.
    So I take it that we’re finally going to see some form of disability in the Atlantis crew. After all one of the greatest minds on this planet happens to reside within the body of Professor Stephen Hawking!
    I’m not anti-gay by any means, anyone who knows mre will tell you that but how on earth does sexual preference have a bearing within science fiction without turning it into a bloody soap opera?

  23. Mr M, you sneaky schemer. You don’t fool me with the offering of free chocolates. Poor Ashleigh, she will be blimp out and too sated to do much mischief in the office. Five chocolate pieces, wonder how many calories is that? What’s Ashleigh’s prize if she choked down 20 pieces?

    For all the naysayer of the Montreal Canadiens, You only lose after losing four games in a playoff round. Anything else doesn’t matter. Looking forward to the usual outcome of Boston vs Montreal hockey playoff series. The Bruins should look forward to tee times soon.

    [slithering back off to my cave from irate Boston fans]

  24. Was surprised to see a “promo” for SGU while I was channel-surfing through CNBC last night. “Promo” if you you count David Blue and one of the actresses saying happy birthday to CNBC from the set. Still the best promo for SGU I’ve seen yet.

    Keep enjoying the chocolate!

  25. Glad to hear all is going well with the script. All curious now, wish I could get a sneak peek. 🙂

    Good weekend to all!

  26. @ MaryD – What great news! Good for Chris! It looks like New Moon is set for a fall release, so filming will be long done by fall. But I wonder if this will interfere with Sanctuary at all…hope not.

    Heh. It’s a good thing Mr. Das insisted on picking up Twilight, I suppose. Now I won’t have to play catch-up. Still no desire to read the books, just not that much into vampires. Been watching Moonlight and it’s okay – entertaining enough – but it still doesn’t make me go ‘oooo! Vampires! They’re so cool and sexy!’ I’m just kinda ‘meh’ about them.

    Wraith, on the other hand… 😉

    But that’s because Wraith are totally different. They’re evolved bugs, not the soulless undead. And they’re not human, per se. I equate Wraith more to animals or insects, and that’s why I find them so intriguing. Wraith are like sharks who can talk and walk around on two legs. If I had a chance to sit down and talk with a shark, learn what makes them tick, what drives them – what goes on in their heads – I’d jump on it! So, in a sense, I get that with Wraith. Talking to Todd would be like talking to Jaws. (Not sure if I’m making an ounce of sense, but at least I understand what I mean! 😀 )

    Vampires, on the other hand, are just undead humans. Not really much you can do with that. You can make them bad, or good, or ugly, or handsome…but they’re still just cold, clammy humans. Can’t give ’em nippleless chests and bony spines and extra nostrils on their face. Can’t base their biology and culture on insects, or even give them the same reasons for wanting to live. They’re just too much like us, and therefore not as intriguing to me.

    Or maybe it’s just that I’ve grown up exposed to vampire mythology all the way back to Lugosi, so it’s not all that exciting to me…you know, kinda like how you can never have a crush on your brother, because he’s…well…your brother.

    Okay…yeah. Shutting up now, before I get too weird… 😛

    No. Wait. Thornyrose already beat me to it!!:D My weirdness pales in comparison… (methinks someone should just go and drop that ‘t’ from her name… 😉 )

    Have a beautiful day, everyone!


  27. Hi ya

    Not too sure I should post this here…but here goes….direct from MSOL…

    An online Q&A with Michael Shanks

    Want to ask Michael a question? Here’s your chance!

    From Monday next week (US time) an online Q&A form will be posted on this website through which you’ll be able to send Michael a question or two… or three.

    The form will be open for question submission for about 3 or 4 days. Once all the questions are in, they’ll be collated, sifted a little to reduce duplication, and sent off to Michael.

    Once the answers are back – timing of which will depend on Michael’s schedule, of course! – they’ll be posted on the site.

    (Note: While it would be nice to promise that every question will be sent and/or answered, given the volume of questions, it’s likely some will be missed.)

    So get the questions ready! The Q&A form will go live early Monday morning, U.S. time.

    Now to thinking of questions…LOL

    Kriss 🙂

  28. So, Wraith-centric Atlantis movie? The Wraith as a whole have been portrayed as weak lately. Will the movie return the Wraith to that Season 1 feel of a dark, dangerous threat? Characters like Todd have softened the Wraith too much.

  29. I understand what you are saying about the ‘naysayers’, however to be fair you can’t quite blame them. With SG1 getting a third movie before SGA’s 1 is even approved is alittle disconcerting, regardless who owns what, etc.

    I am so happy that things are progressing as you say they are. Your “outing to pay proper tribute” has me all excited, cautiously excited.

    Thanks for hanging in there for us. I for one appreciate it.

  30. *kicks bed*

    No sleeping in on Saturdays!! 😡 Sheesh. Have a little consideration for those of us on the east coast!!

    And yeah…I AM feeling a bit frisky today! 😀


  31. Thanks for the updates, Joe. Good luck with your hockey bet… my Panthers are done for the season… so close yet so far. I’m glad we spent the 400.00 14, 15 years ago? when they were in the playoffs. That may be the only time that’ll ever happen, ahhh the good ol’ days. We recorded it on VHS. Still have it somewhere.

    @ytimynona – that is soooo cool. I am in the process of growing my to donate, I have 4 more inches. Hoping by the fall I can cut it, then I need to find a pic of Teyla’s hair in season 5 that I can bring to the salon. Whoever does/ did her hair did a great job.

  32. I don’t doubt the SGA movie will get made, but now I’m wondering whom you’re going to kill, send to re-hab, or even worse, marry off. How significant is significant?? 🙂

  33. @ Sulien – Twilight wasn’t THAT bad…it was like watching 21 Jump Street, but with vampires. I hear they have new people behind the scenes for the new film, which might make it feel a little less like a fangirl’s fantasy, and more like a serious movie. Either way, I’m in. 😀

    Okay…now I gotta go back to working on the quarterly sales tax, and a little yardwork, and herding cats. I really hate these ‘supervised visitations to the back yard’, but as soon as it warms up, hubby insists on letting the kitties out for some fresh air. But around here, fresh air = FLEAS! And now that ordeal begins. 😛


  34. Raw chicken? Wimps. Try chicken that is rosy pink inside, fades to a creamy white ever so briefly, but has a layer of green just below the charred skin. Yeah, baby. That’s the one thing about third world countries and military service, the food is often as colorful as the people. Yes, I ate the chicken. I was just fine. I did pass on the green hard-boiled eggs with the delightful turquoise ring around the yolk.

    Although I would settle for a nice bowl of chicken soup, I’ve had a nasty cold for the last five days. Or a chicken mole burrito from Javier’s up the street. You can tell I am out of it, even a mention of the delicious Mr. Shanks didn’t rouse me to a response.

    20 pieces of chocolate? Sequentially, yes, but not in parallel.

  35. das —

    Okay…yeah. Shutting up now, before I get too weird…

    I think you’ve passed that line some time ago, dear.

    I see what you mean about the vampires. But one thing I like about them is that they can be played around with in so many different ways. Yes, there are certain things that are traditionally associated with vampires, but nothing is really set in stone so much that it can’t be changed (as I think Twilight shows). That’s the beauty of a myth that’s seen so many iterations. Well, wait, I would say that there is one thing you need in order to have a vampire (in my opinion): the need to drink blood to survive. To me, that’s the only requirement. Everything else (especially the “undead”, “evil” and “soulless” parts) is able to be changed. Personally, I’m not all that taken with evil vamps. What I love are the good guy vamps. I love the angst and conflict of their need for blood vs. their desire not to be evil monsters. Nature vs. choice. It’s a wonderful thing.

  36. Hey Joe,

    So you are pullin’ up all the stops for the SGA movie? Does that mean full frontal should be expected? 😆

    I have to agree with Baily and Chevron 7… it does sound like *an outing* means we’ll all finally know the identity of the gay character.

    And I don’t envy your first lunch. But chocolate for lunch? That IS good times!

    @Das: Why do I feel as though you’ll suddenly find vampires appealing after the second Twilight hits theaters? 😉 And lemme just say… I am soooo watching that man in that movie! If we lived closer we could car pool. If I could suffer thru Boa vs. Python to watch David… I am sure I can handle a little Twilight. 😆

    Trish 😀

  37. @ Ltcolshepjumper – I betcha as Joe approved your message, he thought, “Oh, no way is das gonna let this one slide!”

    And if so, he was right. 😉

    See, I beg to differ – Todd has not made Wraith weak, he’s given them depth and character. What has made Wraith weak are the following:

    1. Stupidity. After 5 years, you would think they’d kill a Lantean on sight, no questions asked. Oh, and learn to read ENGLISH, dammit! ‘Explosives’ – with a flashing red light – means BOOM! Turning the Wraith into Wile E. Coyote wannabees was not the best way to maintain their fearsome reputation.

    2. Too easy to kill. It used to take a lot to bring a Wraith down. Now, all the humans have to do is go ‘boo!’ and they faint dead away. I swear somewhere along the line their gene pool got mixed up with Kavanagh’s. It’s not just the ease of the kill, but WHO can kill them. Wraith – predators for 10,000+ years, are taken down by a wee little lass only 3 decades old, and Rodney, the Big Dame Hunter. 😉

    3. Hive destruction. Now, it makes for fun special effects, but blowing up two hives at a time gets a bit hokey after a while. If it’s so easy to do, you would think that Wraith KNOW this, and would never allow two hives to battle so near one another. In fact, hive ships are so easy to kill, I’m thinking Wraith should trade ’em all in for puddle jumpers. Those things last FOREVER!

    4. Blah, blah, blah. When did the Wraith get so chatty with their prey? Now, I do NOT mind Todd’s interaction with humans, afterall, he is trying to win them over (big flirt that he is). Todd needs to talk, it’s one of the things we love about him.

    However, if I was any other big bad Wraith hankering to suck on a Lantean or three, I am NOT going to ‘explain myself’ to them. Let’s say I’m a Wraith commander. I have a human prisoner. I haven’t fed on this particular human because he has ‘smarts’, and I want to use that to my advantage. So, I have this human presented to me…I make him get to his knees…then I tell him what he’s gonna do for me…in about 5 words – “Human, do this, and perhaps you will live” sort of thing. Okay, that was 8 words, but you get the idea. I don’t explain why. I don’t make deals. He complains…well, guess what, suddenly I’m hungry. He does what I want, and …I’ll probably still be hungry. But one thing’s for sure – I would not put up with any of his crap. (Had I been the Wraith in Outsiders when Carson got all in his face, I would not have opted to feed – especially when dealing with possible Hoffan contamination 🙄 – but would have stunned him, imprisoned him, and…oh, you do not wanna know what I would have done to him… 😈 )

    A word to the wise: Don’t tell your secrets. Don’t tell your plans. Don’t tell what the hell you’re up to, no matter how clever you think you are!

    5. Uh…GUARDS?! Again, after 5 years of Lantean meddling, you’d think that Wraith would learn how to guard their ships and facilities better, considering how FREAKIN’ MANY OF THEM there are to go around. Oh, and what about putting a guard or twenty on any Lantean captive you happen to have hanging around. They knew enough about Michael in a short period of time, certainly they must know how pesky the Lanteans are by now! Guh! *head/desk*

    6. Jumping out the the bushes and snarling at Ronon is a sure-fire way to get your head blown off…just so you know. Next time, shoot first, snarl later.

    Those are just some of the ways Wraith have been wussied down. Thing is, if it’s done to make the Lanteans look cool, it really doesn’t…it makes them look like bullies picking on the poor dumb blonds!

    Of course, I still love those dumb blonds, clueless as they are. So as far as Todd goes…no, he hasn’t softened the Wraith because we know what he is capable of…that’s something Common Ground will never let us forget. In fact, Todd has been the most vicious Wraith we’ve seen to date, all things considered. Go back and watch Common Ground, The Last Man, The Queen, Infection and The Lost Tribe. Todd doesn’t play nice all the time, and he’s not above snapping a few necks – human and Wraith alike. It makes you wonder exactly how he comes into power amongst his own, and I’m thinking it’s not just his smooth tongue and rugged good looks that wins his kind over (besides, that probably only works on Sheppard 😉 ).

    @ Shawna Buchanan – The ‘nature vs choice’ thing is what I love about Wraith, too…however, it’s still different than vampires in that Wraith have no choice – they can’t feed on animals, or on humans from a ‘human bank’ as vamps can feed on stored blood. They have to take a human life in order to live – no alternatives.

    But they are also different in that they are part Iratus, and part human – yet neither. They are a species unto themselves, a species in conflict between their insectoid nature and need to feed, and their humanoid intelligence. This was beautifully brought out in First Contact when Todd acknowledged the benefits to the gene therapy (his reasoning, human side), but then confessed a fear over losing his identity and purpose (his instinctive, Iratus side). It’s that conflict I love, it’s what makes them intriguing, and it is what I will miss most if their feeding necessity/ability is taken away. However, if that’s the only way to keep Todd and other Wraith alive in the movie, I’ll take it, although I would prefer to see some sort of combination feeding instead of just one or the other.

    See, when the choice is ‘eat normal food and live’, or ‘keep feeding on humans and die’, it’s just a bit too black and white for me. But if you have that third possibility – eat normal food and survive, but feed on humans and thrive – then you create all sorts of possibilities. It allows for the now fruit-eating Wraith to have that occasional slip-up, keeping the characters unpredictable and dangerous, while also opening the way up for more human/Wraith interaction, which – when done right – has always been a highlight in the show.

    Yeah, I know…for all *I* want, they’d have to make a three-part miniseries, just about Todd…

    …which I really wouldn’t mind at all! 😀

    @ Trish – Oh…I’m going ALONE. That way I won’t embarrass myself around anyone I know when I squee! out loud. 😛


  38. I’ll be making you dinner once my Vancouver Canucks are eliminated in the first round

    I thought she got to “treat” you to a musical adventure? Hmmm… are you chickening out and trying to get her to accept dinner instead?

    @Das: I’m kind of sad that Moonlight doesn’t make you absolutely looooove vampires!!! I was positively livid that it was cancelled; it was the perfect lead-in for NUMB3RS!!!
    Haven’t gotten around to Twilight yet, but I’ve heard it’s addictive.

  39. @maggiemayday: You MUST be sick if “the delicious Mr.
    Shanks” didn’t rouse you! That man could rouse me out of a coma… Feel better soon!

  40. @ ytimynona – I think the main thing keeping me from loving Moonlight (and in turn, vampires) is that it is centered around the whole male/female relationship thing. In a one-shot movie, like Twilight, I can deal with it – but romantic angst week after week tends to wear on me.

    Perhaps that’s why I love Todd and Sheppard’s relationship so much. It’s not a romantic relationship, but something much different, much more complex…and THAT makes it interesting. I’ve never been a fan of romantic relationships…to me, it’s just something that happens naturally in life. Much harder is the development of friendships and bonds without sex being the driving force. With Todd and Sheppard there is a degree of trust and respect that brings them together, complicated by the whole ‘enemies’ thing. That’s far more interesting to me than someone wanting to get into someone else’s britches, if you know what I mean. 😉


  41. Dear Joe,

    Will there be extended scenes for the season 5 episodes of Atlantis included in the DVD box set comingout soon?

    Also I apologize if my find and subsequent posting of the idiot firing a firecracker from his bum…. I didnt mean to offend or disrespect you or any one who reads this blog.

  42. Save the number to the restaurant you ordered that “interesting” meal from. It will come in handy when you need to come up with a set of weird/nasty looking food that would be eaten in another universe for an SGU prop…

  43. Did someone mention Todd in the movie?? (crosses fingers, but then realize I can’t type) Oh please, yes! I miss him. No Twilight for me – Anne Rice (the Anne Rice of yesteryear) is the writer of vampires for me. I do love Chris though. I was watching Chronicles of Riddick last night and Chris lasted through one speech before he had his soul pulled out of him.

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