I spent the morning working on the Atlantis script and hit the 90 page mark. From the looks of things, we should have a first draft by Monday. There are a lot of BIG moments throughout and the last third of the movie will be nothing short of spectacular. Action, humor, drama, and at least one character’s life will be forever changed! Yeah, I know. I’ve been watching too many network promos.

Then, this afternoon, I was down on Stages 3 and 5 to say hi to Michael Shanks and get the update on his work south of the border on the CBS pilot Eastmans in which he shares the screen with Donald Sutherland and Jacqueline Bisset. It’s always nice to see the SG-1 alum make their return to familiar territory. A lot of fun on set. Andy Mikita was directing second unit while…

Over on Stage 4, Will Waring was directing main unit on Water. I stopped by and chatted with Justin, David, and Bobby, of course steering the conversation toward food in general and chocolate in particular.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been re-immersing myself into the wonderful world of comics. A lot has failed to impress, but some titles definitely have…

Wolverine Weapon X – Writer: Jason Aaron, Artist: Ron Garney

Issue #1

Despite the glut of Wolverine titles out there, I have to say that this first issue felt fresh and interesting. We get to see our anti-hero as a true bad-ass (in an inspired subway scene) while also beginning to deliver into his past with the Weapon X program. I’m cautiously optimistic.

Destroyer – Story: Robert Kirkman, Art: Cory Walker

Issue #1 of 5

To be honest, this book’s over-the-top violence came very close to quashing my interest. It’s so extreme it’s downright silly and, as a result, undermines the drama. Still, the basic premise in intriguing in that our dark (again) anti-hero is, in reality, a senior citizen. Some nice moments focusing on his home life hold promise, so I’ll stick around for now.

Ms. Marvel – Writer: Brian Reed, Pencils: Patrick Oliffe

Issues #35-37

A nice, tight script with a couple of surprising twists and turns including an eyebrow-raising ending, marred only by lack of understanding re: the whole Captain Marvel b-story. The way it spins off at the end of the last issue promises some dark tidings ahead.

Wonder Woman – Writer: Gail Simone, Penciler: Aaron Lopresti

Issues #26-30

Okay, to be honest, I didn’t hold up much hope for this title, mainly because I don’t find the character all that interesting and really dislike any mythology-centered storylines. Well – surprise, surprise – writer Gail Simone held my interest throughout. Even though the Greek deity-centered B-story failed to win me over (who the hell was that guy who got his heart ripped out by Zeus?), the A-story was solid enough to keep me around for the time being.

Marvels: Eye of the Camera – Writer: Kurt Busiker, Artist: Jay Anacleto

Issues #1-3 of 6

The best of the bunch! Busiek’s follow-up to the equally excellent Marvels focuses on the world of superheroes as seen through the eye of the unlikeliest of protagonists, photographer Phil Sheldon. The public perception of these heroes as shaped by an unforgiving media is fascinating but, ultimately, peripheral to the heart of the story which is Phil himself – his home life, his health, and the twilight of his career. Beautiful.

40 thoughts on “April 16, 2009: Almost a Full Script, Shanks on Set, Comic Book Round-Up

  1. Thanks for more news on the Atlantis movie script. 🙂
    Sounds great!
    (there aren’t any prophets being born in it, are there?)

  2. Ahh Joe, you disappoint…no pictures of my Daniel? Really? Ok, here’s how this goes: Das = Todd, Deni = Daniel/hunkahunkaburnin’love.

    Molly’s ok, just a bad reaction to the rabies vaccine, but doing most excellent tonight with some pain meds. Otherwise, I’m off to bed early, like a good little old lady. Sweet dreams everybody! 🙂

  3. I’m torn over the ‘Wolverine Weapon X’ comic myself. I didn’t hate it; it just sort of felt like ‘been there, done that’. Aaron did a really good job on the ‘Get Mystique’ storyline in the Wolverine book a while back so I guess I had higher hopes for this issue. Hopefully it’ll pick up in Issue #2.

  4. With so many sci-fi shows winding up their final season, just premiering, or being very serialized, what is a good sci-fi show to spec these days?

  5. You mentioned that you were going to be reading a bunch of comics for now and then decide on the ones you like. Here’s a link to a weekly comic book review by a local fellow (Hartley Holmberg) who played a Jaffa many-a-time on SG-1. (Some themes may not be suitable for some viewers). The only ones I have been following since I started collecting again after a 10 year break are: GL Corps, GL, Action Comics, and Star Wars Legacy. I can’t say I love any of them at the moment though.

  6. It warms the cockles of my heart that you enjoyed Weapon X! From what I’ve read of Aaron’s work, this should only be the tip the claw, so to speak. His Wolverine: Get Mystique arc was a great read with a few nice twists and turns, though I have to say that my favorite Wolverine story was his first, single-ish tale:


    If you end up liking Aaron’s style, this is definitely a story worth seeking out, IMHO.

    “… and at least one character’s life will be forever changed!”

    Okay…so now I’m leaning again towards a maiming…or maybe a hair cut. God, I hope you’re not making Todd wear that ridiculous outfit for the rest of his life. How humiliating for such a proud creature! Although…he even made that look pretty darn good…*sigh*….

    Uh…h’hum…anyway…some other possibilities: a new ‘ship, a marriage, a pregnancy, a food allergy, a sex change…hey, Joe…am I getting warm here??


  7. I wonder how exactly all these guest stars have been written in to the show. Considering they can’t return home, and Earth can’t contact them… Why not bring back some of the Atlantis cast!!!

    Will be good though to see the regular faces from SG1…

    Just think, right now at Bridge Studios, there is a document with the script of the Atlantis movie… woo hoo!!!! Now all we need is approval from MGM, and we can party!


  8. I was watching Galaxy Quest, and at the beginning when the Thermians are explaining their history to Jason, they say something about a “Malozzian shift.”

    Also, did the artists watch Galaxy Quest before designing the weapons in “Absolute Power,” because they look very similar to the mines in the mine cloud.

    Oh, and I’m about half way done with “Mort.” Any thoughts?

  9. Oooh YAY!!! An almost-done Atlantis MOVIE screenplay!!! I can’t wait to finish my final screenplay for my class… it’s due at 3 on monday, so I’ll be finishing it at 2:59. 😀

    Can’t wait to hear more stories and maybe see pix of the cast!!!

    David, Alaina, and Brian Jacob Smith’s Twitters make me feel really connected to the show… and get more and more excited about seeing SGU every time one of them tweets about the awesome scenes they filmed today or even just silly little things about the gym–CrossFit? They’re all like walking advertisements for it 😉

  10. Cool water to a person dying of thirst. That’s how good your Atlantis reports are. Not that I don’t enjoy the Universe updates too. And ahh, the teasers. I’ll throw in my predictions now. Todd proposes to Sheppard, and Sheppard accepts… Teyla reclaims her Wraith queenship and takes over Pegasus(a nod to someone who posted yesterday; my apologies for the short memory). Zelinka Ascends and erases all of McKay’s accomplishments. Ronon is “fixed’ by an alien culture who mistake him for an escaped pet. So many possibilities.
    Thanks again for the updates; I really cannot express how appreciated they really are.

  11. I had no idea Shanks was working on a new pilot. Whatever happened to the Rage of Angels pilot/show that Chris Judge was writing?

  12. I have a question.
    You say you are “re-immersing” yourself in comics and sound like you are really enjoying it.
    At the same time you are finishing up the Atlantis script. Do you think that the comics are having any influence at all on how you are writing the script?
    I do love comics, so I kind of hope so! 🙂

  13. @ Deni B. – Daniel, really? He’s so…geeky. 😀 Cute, though, but stll not as sexy as Todd. Funny, innit, how I see Todd as sexy, and yet not necessarily as sexual. I’m thinking it all has to do with us both having the same passion for our food, even though we’re choosing from different menus. 😉

    Or, it’s the hair and spiffy leather coat. You decide!

    @ Lisa S. – Hard to go on just one issue. It was a good set-up, and hopefully it’ll have a few of those cool twists that made Get Mystique so good. What I liked is that Aaron didn’t rely on some big ‘OMG! I can’t believe they just did that!’ final page, like a lot of books do these days to draw you in. It’s hard to do that issue after issue and still keep things interesting. Here Aaron leaves you with a problem…an obvious problem and Wolverine’s obvious solution…but I’m hoping that that’s not all there is to it. It was good to see Maverick make an appearance, too…I’m hoping this book draws out some of Wolverine’s past associates, though I know it’s not a book that intends to be mired in the past, but an attempt to move the character forward.

    So, guess we’ve just gotta wait and see what happens!


  14. thornyrose01 wrote: “Todd proposes to Sheppard, and Sheppard accepts…”

    Hey, if it’s Todd doing the proposing, at least we know which one is gonna be the ‘girl!’ 😀

    Ya know – for as great a ‘couple’ that they make…I can’t help but enjoy Todd and Woolsey even more. Todd and Shep are too much alike – snarky and fearless and tricksy. But Todd and Woolsey? LOL! I love it – just like I love how Todd plays with Rodney. It’s so much fun watching him play with their heads…something I will truly miss if the gene therapy eventually does work, and Todd accepts it. Without his ability to feed on people, the tension is gone, the threat is gone, and there goes a lot of the humor, too. If only he could have the best of both worlds without having to choose one over the other.

    Ya know – if you take away the Wraith ability to feed, you also take away their ability to gift life. That gift of life can really come in ‘handy’. 😉 It would actually be to the humans’ advantage to find a way for Wraith to eat normal food, while maintaining their ability to feed/gift, especially if any sort of alliance is maintained. Yeah…this just brings me right back to keeping Wraith whole, while finding some sort of alternative for them – perhaps instead of eating beef, maybe just sucking on the whole cow. Heh…now I have this image in my head of Todd sucking on a chicken, and declaring, ‘it tastes just like human!’

    Yup. You guessed it. Past my bedtime. 😛 Nites!


  15. Oh, please DON’T turn Teyla into a Wraith again!
    Or bump off/ascend any of the main characters – except maybe for Kanaan… BTW, would be nice if Sheppard FINALLY gets promoted to Full Bird – then Lorne can get promoted too… And Carson is back to being CMO… McKay & Kellar end up expecting TWINS! Ronon [after losing the bad carpet] finds some long lost relatives and his people reclaim Sateda…

    OH!!! I know!!! LARRIN IS PREGNANT [via IVF] WITH JOHN’s BABY!!! — Even better, he finds out AFTER he finds out Teyla is pregnant again with HIS!! [Seriously Joe, you HAVE TO throw the FanFic kids a bone here!]

  16. >>at least one character’s life will be forever changed!

    First the cryptic remark about approaching a “They wouldn’t dare!”-scene now the line above. Ah, but are they connected at all? Is the thing that’s going to change “one” (note: not neccessarily a “main”) character’s life forever the same as the “They wouldn’t dare” one or are they two different things?

    Personally I think there are just three things regarding Atlantis that you (as in “producers/authors” contrary to “you personally” etc) wouldn’t ever do:

    – having a confession of love between two members of the main cast of the same gender (mainly because you’ve already set them all up as “proven” heterosexual – well, yes, there’s the possibility of being bi but, no, don’t think you would open that can of worms ever, too much different problems looming in every direction in this case),

    – having Atlantis secede from Earth in favor for Pegasus because Earth wants them to go in a direction or wants to do something to them and their city that the Atlantis crew don’t like (mainly because I think that wouldn’t be a particularly popular thing in a “political” sense, albeit it would make sense in context of the series, if you look at the personal history of the main crew, their characters and what they’ve already done to keep Atlantis, including calling it their home),

    – kill Keller permanently (mainly because to me it seems that you all are very fond of the actress and don’t want to ruin the chance of keeping her for future possibilities, so, even if she has to go for whatever reason, I guess you would want to keep open the chance to bring her back).

    Everything else I wouldn’t put past you, including killing any character, give any character a permanent disability, have main characters leave the team, turn any character against Atlantis, destroy Atlantis partly or completely, have any charater married, become a parent etc. etc. etc. There’s nothing disturbing left that would make me think “They wouldn’t dare”, at least I can’t think of something.

    Regarding the life-changing event: by definition it has to be something that has a lasting effect which can’t be reversed completely.

    Becoming a parent is one of them. Keller pregnant? But that would change the life of two charcters, right? OTOH, you said “at least” one character…

    So I guess, permanent disability by illness or injury (albeit something that shouldn’t be too expensive to keep in terms of special effects or mask, you have to think about the current and possibly future budget – unless the disability would lead to retiring and therefore for one character leaving the show) or an irreversible case of feeding (in which case the same notes about special effects/mask budget apply).

    Or one character staying on Earth permanently for a different reason while Atlantis leaves Earth, but – no. Not that I would put that past you but that wouldn’t be something live-changing forever. There would always be the chance to go to Atlantis again.

    Or the death of a character that affects another character heavily because of a their close connection/friendship/relationship. Yes, that’s a possibility.

    But then, depending how serious you mean your remarks, it could also be something as important as Sgt. Halifax from the mess staff finding out that he’s an adopted child. It would be life changing, at least for Sgt. Halifax.

    Ah, for now I’ll go with a character either leaving Atlantis permanently due to whatever circumstances (is dead, for family reasons, because of health-related issues, is turning into the enemy, whatever) or a character being irreversibly “damaged” for whatever reasons (sickness, injury, Wraith-feeding, mental breakdown after reading what happens to him/her in the scri… *ooops*).

    All prospects that aren’t exactly happy-making ones so I’m desperately hoping I’m wrong. OTOH, experience tells me that twists and events which are considered dramatic and are designed to shock/perplex the audience are seldom things of the happy kind.

    Ah, well, we’ll see.

  17. yeah but these superheroes look like showoffs. attention-seekers thats what they all are, there should be a comic seriously exploring that aspect.

  18. Glad to hear about good progress on the Atlantis movie script. Can’t wait!!

    Yay Michael Shanks!! Yay!! Cool co-workers.

  19. all this talk about michael shanks, rda and amanda tapping leads me to wonder if we will ever see claudia black in stargate again, not in sgu but talk of her not being in the sg1 movie has got me worried so will we ever see vala again?

  20. Thanks so much Joe. Like everyone else is saying, these reports on the atlantis script are a glimmer of hope in a dark and dreary world.

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis.

  21. Hey everyone! I’m back. Miss me? Sorry I’ve been MIA. The power supply on my mac died again. Fortunately Apple footed the bill. I’ve been offline for 6 days. Aargh!! Was going through some serious withdrawals, although I managed to pop into Twitter every now and then during work breaks (yeah yeah I know my job revolves around computers, but it’s different). Keeping up with this blog requires a bit more reading time so I have a lot of catching up to do.

    So, what’s been happening? Ninety pages on the Atlantis script is fantastic. How many are we aiming for? 120? My thoughts on the life changing event? Hmmmm….perhaps it’s Keller, she can do no wrong. I’d say maybe she ascends, but then she would have to die first and you wouldn’t do that, or would you?

    So, does Torren appear in the movie?

    Cheers, Chev

  22. @Das: Oh yes, Daniel, darling, IN FRONT OF MY HUSBAND. We’re talking Daniel here, mind you, nothing to do with Michael Shanks 😉 Just old lady fantasies, but wouldn’t it be fun… OMG, let’s hope he never reads this blog! Todd doesn’t have that effect on me, although his voice is uh, engaging!

  23. rick, amanda and michael in sgu, this is so cool!
    are they all in it together? I mean one scene, or in seperate once?
    *me so looking forward to sgu*

  24. @ Deni B. – 😯 !!!! You just said that out LOUD. Very, very…very… loud…

    I would say the same thing about Todd, but I’m too much of a lady for that! 😀 (I will think it, however… 😳 ) He’s such a sexy beast, I don’t understand how he canNOT have ‘that’ effect on you. Ah, oh well…more for me. 😉


  25. I had a dream last night in which I was a part of the people who end up on the Destiny. We were all being led by Dr Weir. I turned to her and said, “man, you get all the easy jobs, huh?” She then looked at me, said something that I can’t remember, and then proceeded to be cranky to everyone.

    Just thought I’d share that.

  26. Hey Joe,

    Thanks for the comic book reviews by the way: been toying with getting in to reading them myself lately, so I’ll definately be taking your feedback into account on which ones to look out for!

    On to my absurdly geeky questions:

    Over the course of rewatching my Stargate DVDs to help cope with the absense of the franchise from my TV screen, I watched “Off the Grid” again, and was reminded of the alphanumerics on the Odyssey’s mission patch – PB3865.

    You guys seem to work with the general rule that there is a Daedalus-class built every season: the Daedalus during Season 1 of Atlantis, the Apollo in Season 3, presumably the Sun Tsu in Season 4 and the Phoenix / Hammond in Season 5. Back in Season 2 there was no BC-304 for Atlantis, but the equivalent SG-1 Season – Season 9 – featured two: the Odyssey, and the Korolev.

    1. Was the Korolev meant to have been built in the few months between the Odyssey’s launch in “Off the Grid” and her own debut in “Camalot”? Or, did construction of the Korolev begin on Earth after the Daedalus was launched, while the Odyssey was constructed at a separate location – PB3-865, perhaps?

    2. If the Odyssey was built in a separate location, what happened to it? Did it only build one? Was it captured/destroyed by the Goa’uld/Ori? Did Homeworld Security decide to shift construction offworld after the Korolev was built (in which case the Apollo, Sun Tsu and Hammond would have been built there)? Or are there an extra three Daedalus-class ships out there in the Stargate universe that we haven’t met yet?

    3. Does “Icarus Base” have anything to do with the Daedalus-class? Is it perhaps on PB3-865?

    Sorry – you writer guys must be driven insane by the amount of thought we fans put into all this trivia!

  27. Hey Joe,

    I’m still sick. And it SUCKS very badly. Jeremy and Allie are so rude to be off in California leaving me to care for the dogs and Erin. Did ya know dogs need water a few times a day? Oh and they also want food on a regular basis. I hope your dogs are coping well.

    It makes me happy to know Michael was back in Vancouver. 🙂

    And I actually have an SGU question. Is Will still hiding pineapples on the epis he works on? If so, will you give us hints as to where to find them?

    @Deni B: And in your line of *Das is to Todd as Deni is to Daniel* train of thought may I then add *As Whovian is to McKay* 😆 The funny thing is that my husband doesn’t care how much I talk about McKay. He’s still positive that I’m in love with Jack and suspects that I have a major crush on RDA. (so not true… but don’t tell Jeremy) How much does he believe this? He bought me the first two seasons of MacGyver. 😯 I guess Jeremy doesn’t get jealous. Although he thinks I’m kidding about McKay. Denial? Maybe? 😉 I do like C. Milan! My parents used to panick around their dog. They’ve learned to calm down and be the confident and in charge type of dog owners they should be. It’s been wonderful to see the change in all of them. Their german shepard used to be so aggressive. Just an additude change in my parents has made a world of difference. So, the dog whisperer gets two thumbs up from me. I’m totally fine agreeing to disagree. But I’m very curious as to what method you prefer is better. Is there a book or just stuff you’ve learned on your own? I’m constantly looking for good training methods since my dogs each way as much as a small adult. BTW, good luck with Molly. One of my fav. childhood dogs was named Molly. I miss her. So… now your Molly is in my thoughts. 🙂

    @Das: Ah! Ya beat me to it! I was just gonna ad a link to the VERY fab Ms. Susan Boyle. That woman is my HERO right now. It brought tears to my eyes and had me shouting at my puter screen, ‘You go girl! Show ’em all they are so wrong! That’s it! SING IT!’. I love that story. I so do. *cheesy grin*

    @Chevron: Sure I missed ya! Joe’s blog is hard to catch up on. So… good luck. And hopefully you won’t have anymore computer troubles.

    Now I’m gonna try to put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and then make myself some tea. I’m so lousy when I’m sick. I guess I couldn’t work in TV or the movies. I can’t imagine going to work as sick as I am. Getting dressed this morning was challenging enough.


  28. @ Trish – I think we all just need something positive once in a while…and with as many hits as that video has received, I don’t think we are alone. The world has grown so dark and cynical (myself included at times), that every now and then we need something that inspires.

    And hey, I’m sick, too! (Again!) Join the club! Not really sure what’s wrong now – it may just be allergies. Seems the strep and the pink eye are over and done with, but I’m still snotty and congested. So much in bloom right now, I’m thinking THIS might be allergies. but whatever it is, I’m growing weary of it.

    For the past four months, I’ve been nothing more than a giant petri dish. 😛

    Just last night I saw a doctor on TV explaining why people in this area get so many respiratory infections. It’s because we live in a river valley, and all the moisture, along with the changing seasons and pollution, just makes for bad sinuses. If the bone (I think that’s what he said) under the sinus becomes infected, it makes it really hard to get rid of the sinus problems, which then makes a person prone to infection.

    It’s been a real pain in my arse this winter, and now spring. I just hope as things warm up, this finally gets kicked out of my system. In the meantime we’re going to have our house checked for mold, just in case that’s part of the problem.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah…I’ll shut up about my snotty problems now…


  29. Michael Shanks was on set?!?!? Does this mean that he’s filming a cameo/appearance for “Air” AND “Water”? Did you remember to harrass him about doing a guest blog, Joe?

    I really hope that the pilot “The Eastmans” gets picked up. I’ve been a fan of Donald Sutherland since the 70’s. Would love to see Michael in scenes with him and Jacqueline Bisset. *fingers crossed*

    Sounds like the “Atlantis” script is coming along nicely.

    Speaking of comics…..I had managed to hold on to one of my favorites since I was a little girl…. ‘Little Dot’. Purchased for only 15 cents. That is until a couple of days ago when it was ruined. *sigh*

    Hope you have a great weekend, Joe.


  30. das wrote

    Yeah, yeah, yeah…I’ll shut up about my snotty problems now…

    My sinuses are acting up, too, and I also live in a river valley.

    My nurse practitioner decided to extend the IV antibiotic to a full two weeks total. If this doesn’t wipe out the infection completely, I’ll have to see a wound care specialist. Keep your fingers crossed I don’t have to go through that!

    Anne Teldy

  31. @Das: LOL, at my age, lady, schmady! Shouldacouldawoulda if not for ladylike behaviour! But it’s all BS anyway, you should see me around these people at conventions. Either I giggle and stutter like a moron with the cute guys, or as in the case of Marc Alaimo (Gul Dukat of DS9), I got a little snippy/hostile remembering his character. No, really, I don’t have a problem separating reality from…what? Well, I’m off to do some very ladylike poop scooping in the back yard 😉 Should I wear heels? Go over to my blog and drop me a line – I’ll send you something Wraithy that you’d like.

    @Trish: Yes, I’ve noticed you have a thing for McKay! I always loved the Rod/Rodney thing, and I could certainly go for Rod! Ok, Cesar Milan. Remember I grew up in Guatemala and I’ve always seen that same macho attitude with dogs. I think what he does works for some dogs/people, but I’ve found that there’s no substitute for love and patience with any animal. You’d be amazed at the stuff my dogs know without any of his methods. I see my dogs as my friends, my companions, not as lesser beings that need to be dominated. Elway, at nine years old, is still learning new things. On rainy days, he knows to wipe his feet before coming in the house (and all I did was gently show him the mud on the floor and how to wipe his feet, nothing else). Other than my dog Jake who came with so much baggage, I’ve had problem dogs in the past who turned out to be the best of the best with “my way”. I do agree that many pet owners need training, though! That whole pack mentality thing is ok, for somebody else. I see each dog as an individual, each with his/her quirks, strengths and weaknesses and take it from there. Ok, now the poop really needs to be scooped. In heels.

  32. @Das: Have some kleenex. I just bought a ton. Now that I’ve joined this club, how do I get out of it? 😉

    @Deni: I see what you’re saying about Cesar. For me I see dogs as pack animals since they are directly related to wolves. I’ve studied wolves a bit. There is a pack mentality and a hierarchy. Not that one is less important than the other but that they require a balance. I think dogs tend to be more like wolves because of their relation to them. So I probably agree more with Cesar’s methods because of that. Like I said, we can agree to disagree. And I fully believe there is more than one way to uh… peel a potato, as it were. I do agree many owners need training. Ha ha! It’s so true. 🙂

    Now about the scooping of the poop: you’ve gotta do it in heels! Preferrably bright red ones if ya got ’em! 😆

    Ugh… and I’m off to have a sneezing fit. 🙄

  33. Deni B. wrote – “Go over to my blog and drop me a line – I’ll send you something Wraithy that you’d like.”




  34. Deni – It’s Friday, and I’m not too bright, but I tried posting on your blog – not sure it took…


  35. How many stages are there at Bridge? Good and soundproof so noises from one can’t filter to another and interrupt, probably scheduling doesn’t allow that, sorry wasn’t thinking logically. Have you set a date for the chocolate bash yet? I had some yummy chocolate at Easter time but nothing to compare to some of your fare,,(remembering your pictures,yum). Good luck with the scripts and your book. 😉 Have a superific day! (is that comic book talk,,)

  36. Great to hear the news that Michael Shanks is back on the Stargate set at Bridge Studios….shame we didn’t make our annual visit to the fence yesterday instead of today then…..still life in Vancouver for us vacationers is wonderful, as was the most excellent meal at The Bluewater Cafe last night….

    Good luck also to Michael that The Eastmans gets picked up….he deserves it for all his hard work and dedication in trying for parts outside of the Sci-Fi genre…and he’s a fantastic actor too!!….

    I see he’s also doing a Q&A and his official website MSOL….let’s hope he enjoys that one so much that he’ll be open for doing many more…maybe one on your blog soon?…

    Now I have a Playoffs game to get back to….have ordered burgers, fries and coffee on Room Service at the Pan Pacific and am watching the Canucks v St. Louis on TV….have got my souvenir towel from Weds’ match (I was lucky to get tix to see it live) and will wave it if they score!!…

    Go Canucks Go!!

    Deeds xx

    Deeds xx

  37. So… Who is Sheppard gonna knock up in the last part of the movie? 😉

    McKay’s other sister?

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