As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog entry, my fellow co-worker, Kerry McDowall, and I have a little wager heading into the NHL playoffs. She, being the Canucks-obsessed fanatic that she is – has the Vancouver Canucks while I’m going with my hometown Habs, the Montreal Canadians. Whoever’s team advances furthest into the playoffs will be declared the winner (For those asking, if both teams are eliminated in the same round, then we’ll go with number of games won. If both teams win an equal number of games, we’ll go to point differential followed by points scored, points allowed, and, finally, the much-loved pro sports tie-breaker of last resort – the dreaded coin toss. But let’s hope it doesn’t come to that and Montreal cruises by those pesky Bruins while Vancouver fans sing the Blues). The stakes are high. If I win, she’ll be making me dinner – which I will, of course, review for this blog – after which we’ll sit down to watch an anime of my choosing. If she wins, I’ll have to accompany her to a musical production of her choosing.

So, last night, I received the following email from Kerry:

Not to get cocky this early in the playoffs, but I was happy to see the Arts Club theatre is putting on a nice local performance of Altar Boyz between June and August this summer. The timing couldn’t be more perfect.

“Watch out ‘N Sync, the Altar Boyz are coming to town! Matthew, Mark, Luke, Juan, and Abraham-the gefilte fish out of water-can sing and dance with the best of them, and these heartthrobs want to praise the Lord with funk and rhyme. With lyrics like “Girl, you make me wanna wait” and “Jesus called me on my cell phone” this irreverent (but never mean-spirited) musical-comedy will wash your soul clean with laughter.”

Haha… why yes, Joe, I do think we have a winner here. I can’t wait until my soul is washed clean with laughter, can you?”

Today, I responded:

“By the way, don’t bother adding salt to any of the dishes you’ll be preparing.  I’m sure they’ll be well-seasoned by your tears.”

Already, the trash-talking has begun!

Some terrific progress on the Atlantis movie script today as I hit the fast and furious climax. A LOT going on here with all of our characters in play and events going down in seven different locations. I approach the scene that’ll some thinking “They wouldn’t dare!”. Yep, we would. And will.

New director Alex Chapple is deep into prep on Life. Brian (aka our Lieutenant Scott) worked with him on Law & Order and had nothing but great things to say about him in the lead up to his arrival. Alex, meanwhile, had some equally great things to say about Brian. Looking forward to their collaboration on this episode which will offer some significant insight into our various players including a little surprise or two. Or three.

Look what I got in the mail today. A French Bulldog t-shirt compliments of Deni B. Thanks, Deni. I plan to work into my summer rotation.

Hey, congratulations to Fuel Restaurant’s Rob Belcham who was named Chef of the Year at the 20th Annual Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards.

The Mailbag:

JJ writes: “Is this mean that Syfy plan to take a long break in the mid-season?”

Answer: I’m not sure what the network has planned.

Madwelshboy writes: “The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Amanda Tapping will guest star in SGU, is that true??”

Answer: That The Hollywood Reporter said this? By all indications, yes. Ha ha. Though, seriously. Several weeks ago when I mentioned having a wonderful time catching up with an old friend, she’s who I was referring to.

Major D. Davis writes: “1. Do you think the Atlantis movie will be released before or after the SG-1 movie is released?

2. If i wanted to write to one of the actors what address should i send it to?

3. What episode are you currently filming and how is it going?

4. Is that a group picture of the Atlantis, SG-1, and Universe cast and crew to the left of the picture of Kerry?

5. Are the uniforms in the second SGU trailer the Icarus Base Uniforms you said looked really cool, cause they look like the US army digital pattern uniform?

6. There is a rumor circulating that the Icarus Base is on a moon(not earth’s, just another planets moon). Is that true?”

Answers: 1. No idea.

2. If you want to ensure your letter arrives in a timely manner, I’d suggest finding out who their representation is and send it their way. They’ll see to it that their fan mail is forwarded to them. If it’s a member of the SGU cast, send it to the production offices as we see them most every day.

3. Water. It’s going very well.

4. Nope. We have yet to take the crew photo for SGU.

5. Those are the Icarus Base Uniforms.

6. No comment.

Shirt ‘n Tie writes: “Any sign of the PDL or Joel Goldsmith Q and A?”

Answer: Still no sign of the Joel Goldsmith Q&A, but I received the PDL Q&A today and it is fantastic. One response almost had me on the floor, laughing. Will have to hold off on posting it until early next week to coincide with a little something in the works…

Joshua writes: “ What’s the difference between IOA and… IOC i think?? The one they reference in Outcast. The guys Bates works for.”

Answer: The International Olympic Committee? Bates is in charge of greasing down the bobsled run.

Lauren writes: “Hey Joe, I was wondering if you’ve ever read any of the Harry Dresden books?”

Answer: Not yet.

Phil writes: “I saw that Janelle Monae is appearing in an ep of Universe. Do you know which one it will be?”

Answer: The talented Ms. Monae will make an appearance in Earth.


48 thoughts on “April 15, 2009: Kerry Fires the Opening Salvo, Smooth Sailing on the Atlantis Script, and the Mailbag

  1. Will have to hold off on posting it until early next week to coincide with a little something in the works…
    Oooh boy, I’m excited! I just hope this surprise it worth the wait, which I’m betting it will be! 😀

    And “the scene that’ll have some thinking ‘they wouldn’t dare‘” sounds saddening… the only thing I can think of that would get people saying that is the death of a major character 🙁 Hopefully I’ve just been conditioned badly by LOST to expect death, and that’s not what the shocking event is!

  2. Hello Joe,
    Thanks for answering my questions. I wanted to write Jamil and possibly a few others a letter. So i was wondering do you think the actors would actually read it or even possibly reply to it. Still on water?! I thought you would have been farther along by now. So Time must start filming very soon if Life is already in prep. Amanda Tapping on Universe. Cool but still I remember her saying a few months ago on an interview that she didn’t want to appear on Universe even if her presence was requested . So what episode will she be in, Air? Glad the Atlantis script is going well. Please include plenty of wraith and action and gunfire. I just can’t get enough of stargate action

  3. Oh and you and Kerry are hilarious. You guys should hire a camera crew, or just use Ivon, to document your everyday interaction. I’m sure it would be one of the funniest things on earth(no promises for any other wraith or Lucian alliance worlds, just earth). Lol
    Oh an don’t forget to tell us all about the day you ate Kerry’s tear seasoned meal she cooked for you.

    Thanks so much
    Major D. Davis

  4. Hey Joe,

    Have you checked out The Dog Whisperer on the National Geographic Channel? Cesar Millan does amazing things with those dogs – although more often than not he’s training the dog owners. It’s quite funny to see a dog that’s been wild and out of control just sitting quietly after only a few minutes with Cesar. Apparently it’s all about treating the dog like a dog rather than a human, and being dominant. It’s great fun to watch. (And I’m not implying anything about your dogs – I’m sure they’re very well behaved, with you as the alpha.) 🙂


  5. Brad Wright said in an interview that the first Atlantis movie will not be the conclusion of the Wraith storyline. Assuming you do more movies, will this storyline eventually be concluded? You know, like the final defeat of the wraith like AoT did for the Ori?

  6. Hi Joe, you’re very welcome! I didn’t think the shirt was cheesy (or I wouldn’t have sent it), hope you enjoy it come summer 🙂

    Otherwise, now I’m up with my daughter’s dog, Molly. She had to be re-vaccinated against rabies (after only 8 or 9 months thanks to the stupid UK regulations – never mind that the last one was a 3 year vaccine), got a new microchip that we’re hoping won’t break or migrate, and another rabies antibody titer as well. She’s feeling awful tonight, has a slight temp, so I’m up watching yet another dog. I’m just hoping it doesn’t turn into some big reaction to the vaccine and I wind up at the ER again. I’m just hoping my daughter will have a change of heart and let the poor dog stay here rather than taking her to England (again). She’s so happy here, loves Elway, and thinks of this place as home now. By the time she goes back to England, it’ll be at least 16 months of living here. Nuff said, hey?

    @Jean: I’m not crazy about Cesar Milan, but one of my old high school friends, Cheri Wulff Lucas, works with him and has been on a few episodes with him (so I’ve been kinda forced to watch). To each his own, I suppose, but after a lifetime of living with dogs, I think there are much better ways than his. Just my two cents. Ok, truth be told, the guy irritates the crap out of me!

    @Das: Have you ever wondered if Todd has a Mrs. Todd hidden away somewhere?

    Have a good night everybody, stay safe!

  7. The way the Canucks played tonight, the only ones singing the blues are the Blues themselves. And, hopefully you will be too! I’m also sorry to say, the Habs aren’t going to make it out of Boston in one piece. I’m with Kerry on this one. 🙂

    Thanks for the update.

  8. joe/Answer: That The Hollywood Reporter said this? By all indications, yes. Ha ha. Though, seriously. Several weeks ago when I mentioned having a wonderful time catching up with an old friend, she’s who I was referring to.


    can you help me out, joe, in exactly what blog entry you said this? i tried using search, but it didn’t work out. i remember you saying this, too, but didn’t think it was amanda, so… i’d just like to read it again. 😛

  9. Hello Mr. M.
    I forgot to congratulate you on your nomination for Best Screenwriting in a Dramatic Series: Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie – Stargate Atlantis – “Remnants”! Well done! A wonderful honor, yes?

    Will you and Fondy be going to the awards show?
    BTW how many awards have you won over the years? Just curious!

    Patricia Lee

  10. I’m sure that Chef Belcham’s success is in no small part due to your very regular and positive comments. I must admit that my trip to Fuel two weeks ago was very memorable. I can still visualize the amazing courses as they came perfectly timed just as we finished the previous course. The food was not only attractively arranged, but a masterpiece on the palette. Definitely worth the visit.

    By the way, congratulations to you and all of the cast and crew of Star Gate SG-1 and Atlantis for 22 Leo award nominations. Well done!! The information can be found here:


  11. I see the satrgate shows are up for 22 leo awards congrats!!! I would be hard for me to pick between the shrin and vegas.. best of luck to all of you.

  12. Hi Joe,
    I’m personally glad to see another Stargate series and that SG○U will show more strongs character moments.
    But this leads me to ask you two questions, the first one introducing the second :
    1°/ Thus far (first 10 episode Air I => Space) how many alien worlds has the team encountered and how many alien races ?
    And will we see new spaceships, new alien technology ?

    2°/ It’s unclear whether or not will SG○U still be an exploration series ?
    Because for the time being with the spoilers and official descriptions this side of the story has been somewhat hided if it exists.

    Many thanks and friendship from the Frog eaters country 😉

  13. Just posting it again… Hope you dont mind.

    “Sorry to keep bugging you!! Now I feel bad!

    I dont think “work experience” means the same as it does here in Australia… Basically what I am thinking is a week/2 weeks experience with maybe the locations or art department etc… Nothing paid, but just to get some experience behind my belt.

    Promise this will be my last comment regarding this!”

    Maybe I should just call Bridge Studios, and see if I can get put through to the production office, then ask someone there…


  14. Hey Mr M!

    Thanks (as usual) for your kind reply. I am looking forward to Mr Goldsmith’s Q and A.

    So, Amanda guesting on SGU???? OK…so stop the lights! You guys are REALLY spoiling us…RDA, MS and now AT? One can only assume that Mr Judge will appear somewhere along the line… You do realise that I’ll be getting all misty eyed (or should that be mysty eyyd ?) seeing our heroes back!! (Note to TPTB: C’mon SG1 movie!!!)

    RE: Canucks… Hmmm…I have even less of a clue re: hokcey..though I have been known to play a mean PlayStation game…even though I have no idea of the rules..though I sometimes get the impression this might be a disadvantage (knowing them I mean!)

    Oh and finally a big CONGRATULATIONS to Chef Belcham! Bravo Sir! Well deserved!

    Thanks again Mr M!

    Best to all


  15. ” … I approach the scene that’ll some thinking “They wouldn’t dare!”. Yep, we would. And will. … ”

    Oh, well …

    Who are you guys going to kill *now*?

  16. Ignition!

    I’ll serious think this show is gonna be NOT OF THIS EARTH!
    And will be worth watching from the start to eternity!

    Sadly im not living in Vancouver nor Canada anymore! (very painfull btw).
    I worked for BSG, Kyle XY, Caprica etc, and other films/tv series, and everytime I was so amazed by all the effort, time etc. the crew, the actors, producers, writers etc. put in every minute of the shows from pre-to-production itself!

    Congratulations, and god speed!


  17. Local musical theater will give SUCH fodder for a future blog…

    I don’t know which side I’m routing for at this point.

  18. Deni B. – Crankypants Todd doesn’t come across as a fella who’s getting ‘it’ on a regular basis. 😉 So, no – no Mrs. Todd. In fact, I’m still leaning towards the idea that Wraith are asexual, or at least sexually dormant most of their lives. We still don’t know if they mate like humans, or practice in vitro fertilization, or if – like some insect species – the queen consumes the male after mating. If the latter is the case, then Todd is – in fact – a 10,000-year-old virgin, just as I have suspected. 🙂

    Of course, I am in the minority on this one. Most folks imagine Wraith to have the same sex drive as humans, and feel they’ll diddle just about anything that moves…their queens, female worshippers, other Wraith…John Sheppard… 🙄


  19. Joe,

    My ice covered crystal ball says that there will be local theater in your future. Buck up. You can always paint eyes on your eyelids and go to sleep. Kerry will never know…

  20. Hi Joe,
    I’m still there, every morning reading you.

    Since N ordique de Québec are gone, I return to my old Sainte-Flanelle as a fan; but I do not see les Canadiens de Montréal for very long in the playoffs. They got therre ticket for it by ‘ la peau des desnts’.
    I would like to think that they will survive the Bruins but it is unlikely


  21. The news of the progress on the Atlantis script is very appreciated, and has brightened my day considerably. Even the ominous “they wouldn’t dare” reference can’t dampen my Atlantis fever. The corollary is that I also am enjoying the tidbits on Universe more.
    Also cheering me is the trash talk rivalry you and Kerry are enjoying. I think this may end up being the funnest part of your wager. The “well seasoned by your tears” was enough to boost you ahead, despite the eww factor it evokes visually. here’s hoping both teams last awhile so that we can enjoy many more such verbal duels. again, thanks for smile-producing post.
    p.s. Has anyone here not seen the Susan Boyle youtube video? well over 11 million posts in less than five days. Talking about inspiring. I’m not the religious sort, but if ever I could imagine what an angel sounds like singing….

  22. @ Joe – I’m just gonna ignore that “They wouldn’t dare!”. Yep, we would. And will” comment. Well, maybe not…

    Things that cross my mind…

    1. Killing off a character. Since people are so bitter over the cancellation of the show, I think this would be the best thing to do if you really want to alienate fans from the Stargate franchise forever. Of course, from where each one of us stands, it all depends on who gets killed (if there is to be a major death). Still, even I would be saddened to see one of the human characters killed off, although – if it was a choice between any one of them, and Todd – well…I’d be the first to shove a Lantean in front of a bus. 😀

    2. Destroying Atlantis. This would probably be the biggest shocker, since the show is named for the city ship. Would destroying Atlantis end all hopes of seeing a second movie? Ah, yes…this would shake things up a bit.

    3. Switching sides. This is probably what I fear most for Todd, outside of death. I can’t help but feel that the events of S5 were all a means to set Todd up as the next big villain, especially with Michael now gone. Although I’d love to see Todd in control of the Pegasus, ruling the Wraith without interference from the Stargate folks, that really only works in my personal fantasies. In the context of the show, such a thing would just plaster a big fat bullseye on his behind…which would fall right in line with SGA‘s underlying ‘the only good Wraith is a dead Wraith’ theme.

    Of course, there is the slimmest of chances that a human could reject the ideology of the Lanteans, perhaps even turn on them. Teyla comes to mind – she had a taste of Wraith power and seemed to enjoy it, perhaps even missed it once it was gone. I think it might drop a few jaws if a character like Teyla goes her own way (perhaps even side with the Wraith), though I really doubt this is the sort of thing you’re talking about.

    4. Bringing in an SG1 character to carry the SGA movie. 😉

    These are the first things that come to mind. Other things that pop in there are the killing of children, blowing up the Daedalus, permanently maiming a main character, exterminating an entire race (human or Wraith), castrating Todd, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

    Yeah…it’s gonna be a loooooong wait. 😛


  23. Woops, send my message too fast. Please, change N ordique by Nordiques, therre by there and desnts by dents !!

  24. Joe – Was lucky enough to go to my first Habs game at Centre Bell this weekend. Sadly, a 3-1 loss to Pittsburgh but what a great experience.

    Go Habs Go!!!!

  25. @Deni B.

    I have the point of view of someone who enjoys dogs but has never owned a dog. I wonder if other dog owners feel the same as you?


  26. The banter between Kerry and you is awesome. I think Sci-Fi could have their first reality show based on the behind-the-scene adventures of the Stargate staff. I’d tune in.

  27. @ Joe – In all our comic book discussions, I can’t recall if you ever mentioned having a favorite hero, or villain. So, I’m askin’!

    Who is your favorite hero in Marvel U? DC? Villain in Marvel U? DC? Favorite gray-area character in Marvel, and in DC?



  28. Dear Joe,

    I like you and your blog very much. However, I am a Boston girl. If the Habs eliminate my Bruins from the playoffs again, there will be words. Loud, guttural words unfit for the eyes and ears of children. You wouldn’t want that, would you? I didn’t think so. Enjoy your trip to the theatre.


  29. “New director Alex Chapple is deep into prep on Life.” For a second there I thought you were referring to NBC’s Life, and thought, “Woohoo, renewed!”… Sighs & curses NBC – and Fox, while I’m at it.

    Have Life or Sarah Connor aired up there? You caught either one of them?

  30. sorry Joe but I’m with Kerry. First of all, she is very cute, second of all, the Canucks should handle the Blues with ease, while the Bruins will be a very tough battle for Le Canadien. Not saying that they wouldn’t be able to pull through, but prepare to dig in for a long series.

  31. Ha ha ha ha tears ha ha!

    Last night I found out what a Kardashian is and I was left in a stunned kind of awe.

    That really went to air, WahhhhhhOW.

    I may just give up on television altogether.

  32. Thanks for the news about the Atlantis movie.
    That brightened my morning considerably!

  33. —-“the scene that’ll some thinking “They wouldn’t dare!”. Yep, we would. And will.”
    == Bring it on, looking forward to the show!!

    It will be interesting to see the outcome of your little wager, I like a good home cooked meal(hint) I hope u r the winner, Good Luck eh!

  34. Under the heading: DON’T WRITE AND DRIVE

    I saw this and couldn’t help but think of *you* for some reason… [of course being in your neck of the woods, so to speak, may have had something to do with it]. BTW, you might not want to show Ashleigh, might give her ideas…

  35. “Who are you guys going to kill *now*?”

    Eeep! That was my first thought too. You just know you’re going to have Atlantis fans on the edge of their seats waiting to see if it is a death and if it’s their fav or not. (and thus their last ever SGA veiwing)

    Now thats what I call building up the anticipation for the movie!

  36. YAY! Thank you joe! She really is talented and i’m excited to see how this plays out.
    Dare i ask, will we hear the majority of her songs performed or will other characters be in the foreground (and we only catch a snippet)?

  37. oh I forgot to mention that if the “scene they wouldn’t dare” is someones coming out party. While it would be very comedic and enjoyable, I would like to see it somehow tie into the story and not just blurted out in a conversation as they walk down the hall. You wouldn’t want to compromise your new found title of multiple-Leo-nominated Joseph Mallozzi, would you?

    P.S. 2-1 Boston nearing the end of the 1st.

  38. Hi Joe,
    Wish good luck to you in your noble hockey bet. I must admit I don’t really follow the sport, but nevertheless, I am inclined toward A Chorus Line.
    And a random question – have you ever watched an episode of the show NCIS?

  39. Joe said:
    ” I’d suggest finding out who their representation is…”

    @ Joe:
    *puts on con-organizer hat*
    That’s often easier said than done, Joe.

    @ Major DD:
    If you can’t find the contact info, email me at, my con business address. I have a little list…!

    @ Joe again:
    How do you like your Pistons’ chances in the semis? Spurs are #3 seed in Western Conference. If I understand the local sportscasters, a championship is not guaranteed this year.

  40. @spa-fruit You might not read this far down, but either way… Tell me more about your job!! Sounds exactly like what I want to do!!!

  41. “The International Olympic Committee? Bates is in charge of greasing down the bobsled run.”

    That’s what’s Sgt. Bates has been doing all this time? When I saw him in Beijing on tv, i dismissed it out of hand thinking that it was my imagination playing tricks on me. haha

  42. Wot! No blog? *pokes Joe* WAKE UP DUDE! This isn’t right, can’t start the day with yesterday’s blog post the world will end….or maybe it has and thats wh….

  43. @Deni B. There is a very good solid reason why the UK has such stringent rules regarding dogs and immigration etc. We don’t have rabies and we don’t WANT it in our country. For that reason alone I would never subject a dog to travelling outside the UK. It IS a pain in the ass but its worked up to now. My motto is if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Just my two penn’orth. Hope your daughters dog is ok, am sending positive thoughts.

  44. Actually the law used to state that animals spent 6 months in quarantine so I guess its swings and roundabouts.

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