You were introduced to him as the fresh-faced Lieutenant in Avalon I and II, got to know him as the seasoned Captain in Ethon, then got to know him even better as the battle-hardened Major in Off the Grid.  Today, get to know the man behind the various ranks.  Joining us today is actor Chris Martin (aka Martin Christopher, aka Christopher Martin, aka Kevin “The Iceman” Marks, aka The Pitbull of the Pegasus Galaxy).  Take it away, Chris…

Shirt ‘n Tie writes: “A big thank you for your role on SG1 and SGA over the years! Being one of only 3 actors to appear in both Series Finali is really rather cool! Were you always a Sci Fi fan or not? Did working on the shows heighten your Sci Fi awareness? Thanks again! Shirt’n’Tie.”

CM: Thank you for all of your support.  Yes, I have always been a Sci Fi fan.  I think it was Star Wars that started my love for Sci Fi.   Working on SG definitely made me a bigger TV Sci Fi fan.
Steph336 writes: “Hello. Questions for Martin Christopher:
1. How did you land your role as Major Marks? What is the audition process like? Does it differ on Stargate?”

CM: I believe I had an audition for a technician aboard the Prometheus. It turned out to be a small part that was in Avalon I and II. Somehow Marks got promoted to the bridge and the rest is history.  The Audition was quite quick. Andy and Robert were in the room, both very friendly. All I remember was Robert asking if I’d cut my hair. I like growing it long…what a bum.  Other than that it was like any other audition.

“2. You’ve appeared on both SG-1 and Atlantis. What differences did you notice between the two shows, if any?”

CM: The biggest difference is the cast of course.  I loved both but they were very different.  The other would be the bad guys. On SG-1 I dealt with just about all of them. On Atlantis it was mostly just the Wraith.

“3. You shared a lot of scenes with Amanda Tapping. What was that like?”

CM: I LOVE Amanda! What a great actor. She is the type of person that makes being on set such a joy. Funny, sensitive, calm, motherly, intelligent…the list goes on!

“4. Are you fan of science fiction?”

CM: Yes. Always have been and always will be. Sci Fi movies are my favorite genre.

“5. Any big projects in the works either in front of the camera, behind it, or having nothing to do with cameras at all?”

CM:  My biggest project right now is helping my fiancee with our wedding plans this summer! Other than that, yes I’ve got a couple of projects in the works, one of which is a reality show I’m writing and producing…Keep you posted.

Gatehead writes: “To Martin Christopher –
– What was Major Marks’s position aboard the Daedalus? Was he the weapons officer or in charge of general ship controls?”

CM: I would have to say both. Most of the time we see Marks he is definitely in charge of weapons and the aftermath of each battle. At one point or another he has done it all.

“- I don’t think any character in the SGverse has been promoted as much or as quickly as Marks. Any particular reason why?”

CM: That is a good point! I remember coming to set one day and production was a at a standstill because everyone was discussing my rank. John Lenic was on the phone with Robert trying to figure out where I was supposed to sit and what rank I needed in order to be in that seat. I think that’s why in a matter of a few episodes I went from Captain to Major. We were also making jokes that so many people had been killed over the the last couple of battles that there was no one left to give orders.

“- Have you ever been to a convention? If yes, what was the experience like. If not, would you like to?”

CM: I stopped by very quickly at one in Vancouver to say hi to some friends. The experience was great. Everyone was very nice and I’d definitely do it again.

Remark writes: “Hello to Martin Christopher. One of the things I loved about SG-1 and Atlantis was the care they took with secondary characters like Lorne, Zelenka, and Dr. Lee. Marks ranks right up there and I want you to know your hard work is appreciated. Thank you
Questions: 1. How old were you when you got bitten by the acting bug and how did you get into the business? 2. What has been your best experience as an actor? 3. Your worst? 4. What would be your dream role?”

CM: As far as I can remember I’ve always loved performing on some level. I don’t think I started thinking seriously about it until I was 20. After graduating from university, I got an agent in Vancouver and away I went.  

Hands down my time with the SG family has been one of my best experiences. Working on Night At The Museum was awesome too…got to meet a lot of GREAT actors.

I’ve been lucky I don’t really have any nightmare stories…yet.

My dream role…I don’t think it’s one specific role but more like people I’d like to work with, and that list is long!
Jason writes: “Question for Martin Christopher,
1. Do you ever get any kid n’ play fan mail on accident?”

CM: Not Yet. That hair…WOW!

“2. Which flight suit was your favorite and least favorite to wear?”

CM: The first one I ever wore was a little baggy in the butt. Other then that I loved them all. Easiest costume I have ever worn!

“3. Is your seat more comfortable that the Captain’s Chair?”


4. What was your favorite episode to film?

CM: Off the Grid and Flesh and Blood. Lots of suspence and action.
EdgarDerby writes: “Questions for Martin Christopher:
1. Did you always plan to play your character as somebody who had to take orders from a guy who had watched Star Trek too much?
Either way, it translated beautiufully.

CM: LOL! It never crossed my mind. Thanks.

2. You played a guy shirked around due to ships blowing up and all that jazz. Did you ever consider how the Major would not have anybody close for comisserating?”

CM: Great question. I imagine like a lot of people in the military it must be difficult not having family or loved ones to share with. I guess that’s what makes the relationships in the show so important and heartfelt.

Trish writes: “Questions for Martin Christopher:
You were there for SG-1’s final episode: Unending. What was it like to be on the set of this historical episode?”

CM: Sad. I was only there for the last couple years but the cast and crew were very close. I feel very lucky to be a part of something like that.

“Do the wraith freak you out in person? Maybe I’m just jumpy by nature but I’m thinking it would never get old to wander around work and bump into one of those guys.”

CM: Yes. The first time I ever saw a wraith on set I was truly creeped out! The make-up is outstanding. I have a hard time looking them in the eyes even when I’m talking to the actor about his weekend!!!!!

“You’ve worked on several sci-fi series such as Eureka and obviously both Stargates. Are you a die-hard sci-fi fan?”

CM: Only recently have I started becoming a TV Sci Fi fan. Sci Fi Movies are my favorite! I’m totally addicted to watching Sci Fi movies. WAIT A Minute…I loved the TV series ‘V’ ! I guess I like it all.

“If you weren’t an actor, what do you think you’d be doing for a living?”

CM: When I was a teenager I loved architectual design. I was very close to going down that path.

“Thanks for taking the time to come by and chat with us”

CM: You’re welcome.
Maggie writes: “Mr. Christopher, first i want to congratulate you on your awesome work on stargate, it is a real joy to watch! Thanks! that means a lot.
second, i would like to know what your plans are for the future, will you be in anymore stargate films? are there any guest appearances on other tv series planned?
and finally, thank you for taking time to do this!”

CM: As of right now I’m not 100% sure I’ll be in the future SG movies. If there is a ship to fly though I’m pretty sure I’ll be there.
Future projects…we’ll see. I’ve been doing lots of auditions so keep your fingers crossed for me.

Specter177 writes: “Question for Martin Christopher: When are you getting your own ship?”

CM: I’m not sure I want that job.  Everyone in the past always got killed!!! We would joke that if you sat next to me watch out!!!! I was nicknamed ‘The widowmaker!” 

My own ship…definitely has a nice ring to it.  Ask Joe.

34 thoughts on “March 26, 2009: Actor Martin Christopher Answers Your Questions

  1. What is your favourite episode of the Flight of the Conchords? How did you get into the show? Do you own season 1 on DVD? Who is your favourite character?

    I’m still mourning the loss…

  2. Thank you, Chris – or Martin…or whoever you are today 😉 …for the great Q&A! Very enjoyable read. Still, it’s funny how the Wraith tend to freak guys out, but make all us women giddy and weak in the knees… 😳

    Well, went to the dentist today and got my tooth fixed – it was quick and easy! Yay! Yes, a piece on the inside broke off, down to the gum. Boo! But it wasn’t the tooth, only filling. Yay! Still, gonna need a cap eventually. Boo! But he fixed it today without even using novocaine. Yay! Now I have to go back to have another broken filling fixed. Boo! But I don’t have to worry about it until May! Yay! But it’s a big one, so he said to be ready for the needle. Boo! However, my dentist is cute! Yay!! 😀

    And that – in a nutshell – was the whole of my day…well, besides standing out in the rain for two hours, picking out shrubs and boulders and mulch for a landscaping project at our house of worship, and running errands for my folks now that my sister’s gone home. I am chilled to the bone…so gonna go curl up with Elric (or Wolverine…haven’t decided yet), and a glass of wine and a little chocolate, and read until Mr. Das gets home from a hockey game.

    Funny – when I was 16 I was addicted to hockey…but as soon as they started wussin’ the game down with silly rules and helmets and stuff, I lost interest, and rugby has now taken its place. Wow – if they wuss down rugby, what’ll I do??!

    Night, Joe…have a good one!


  3. Darn I forgot to ask questions, what a nice guy, Chris Martin. and a cutie too. I am so ready for pictures and descriptions of your famous chocolate party,, yummy, I just gain pounds looking at them, but it is so much fun. Post lots! thanks 🙂

  4. @das: Well, I went to bed with McKay and Mrs. Miller the other night, so you curling up with Elric or Wolverine is probably even decent.

    Check this shyt out guys. I bought a new couch and loveseat a couple of years ago. About a week after I did, Elway (my dog) first started having seizures. It was weird because he was older at the time and most dogs that have epilepsy get it when they are younger. A few days ago, I kept smelling a weird chemical smell in the living room, so I asked hubby if he had killed a bug with Raid. He said he hadn’t, so I tried ignoring it. I take a snooze on the couch every afternoon, mostly to keep Elway company, and for the last two weeks I’d wake up with vicious headaches. I also noticed that if I was in the living room on the computer, I’d have watery eyes and a burning throat. So, I put two and two together, looked around on the internet and found a really nice guy in Boston who does organic furniture and got much info from him. Turns out that so much of the furniture we use today is loaded with formaldehyde and who knows what else (glues and all sorts of chemicals) that can actually build up and cause a whole bunch of health problems. The guy asked me if anybody in the family had “developed” epilepsy or thyroid problems, and we have both (my thyroid problem just diagnosed last month)! Needless to say, the couch and loveseat are gone and we’re trying to decide what to buy now. At $5,000 to $7,000 for organic (and that’s just for the couch), with 4 dogs in the house, no way. If anybody out there has any ideas, please let me know! It’s creepy weird in here w/o furniture, and the echo is disturbing!

    Nice Q & A Joe, Martin seems like a very down-to-earth guy.

    Sleep tight, everybody!

  5. Joe,

    Sorry to be a fuss budget, but the date on the entry is wrong.

    Thanks for the Q&A

  6. Elric won! Man, I’m really lovin’ this guy…

    Thanks, Joe & Sparrow_hawk, for encouraging me to read these books. I still have a long way to go, but this is exactly the sort of character I love. The fact that he’s flowing-locked and pale has nothing to do with it…

    for the most part. 😉


  7. I’m in the library working on my math project. I think I’m about ready to go insane, and this blog was a welcome relief! Thanks!!! Martin Christopher’s guest blog was fun to read and kept me sane!!!

    Math drives me CRAZY!!!

  8. @ Deni B. – I posted just before yours was approved. First, as I said – Elric won and I curled up with him…but our relationship isn’t quite as creepy as yours with McKay and Mrs. Miller. 😉

    Second – the info on the furniture is quite interesting!! We bought two new recliners in late October – I started having all these respiratory problems about 6 weeks later. Not sure if there is a way to get the chairs tested…I really can’t afford to toss them, but at the same time, I can’t afford to be sick all the time.

    Not sure what alternatives there as far as furniture goes…I’d think the cheaper stuff is loaded with chemicals, not sure about higher end stuff. Damn…how about Stickley-style furniture (Mission, etc.)? More wood, less fabric/leather. I love Stickley, but it’s a bit out of my range, but some of the look-a-likes are pretty decent. Otherwise, I have no idea what you can buy, unless you go with antiques.


  9. Thanks again for taking the time, Mr. Christopher. And not just because you answered my questions, although it was smashing as well.

  10. Thanks for posting Martin Christopher’s answers to fans’ questions, Joe, I really enjoyed reading them. Are any of the actors or crew coming to you and offering to guest on your blog or are they all waiting for you to ask around? I’d like to hear what Ashleigh thinks of working in the production office with all of you folks after she is there for a season to experience the gamut of the things that go on. I can imagine it would get pretty strange, even for someone who may or may not already be a sci-fi/fantasy fan. Can you ask her to start keeping a log of strangeness to share with us? Pretty please?

    @ Das I’m glad that it was just your fillings that broke and not teeth! Stay warm and enjoy your book. *hands you a mug of hot mulled wine*

    @ Das and Deni B Wow, furniture is something I never would have even considered being a possible cause of health problems! Yeesh! O.O You might consider looking up woodworking plans to make your own and use organic fabric. It still wouldn’t be cheap, but you would at least know what’s in it. As for the upholstery part, quite a few major fabric stores offer free upholstery classes these days. It’s time consuming, but better than spending outrageous sums of money; at least if you have more time than money.

  11. By the way, Joe, speaking of strange things happening at work… What was the oddest/strangest job you ever had? What was the strangest thing that ever happened to you at work? Besides the strangeness that can be us fans, that is. 😉

  12. Thank you for having Chirstopher on. I enjoyed reading the Q and A . Although i dont rember him in Eueka. I will have to make sure i watch the reruns….

  13. To Joe,

    My name is Daniel, live in Australia, and I am currently studying Film and Television production.

    I would like to know if work experience is allowed, or if there are volunteers on Stargate (now in particular, SGU)? I am only in my first year of a two year course, but would like to see if the opportunity exists. I am very happy to pay to come over, and pay for a rental car etc.

    Would be great to hear from you. I have no idea if you’ll even read this, but hopefully you will. I am very committed, and will hopefully get to work on what I think is the best television program franchise in the world.

    Thanks for posting this blog. It is great to hear from such a talent as yourself! 😀

    Daniel (from the land Down Under!)

  14. Coucou Joseph!

    Vous allez bien? Moi oui pas cour cette aprés midi …youpi week end me voila!

    Yéééé merci pour ces questions réponse, j’aime beaucoup cette acteur dommage que l’on ne le voyent pas plus dans stargate.

    Bisou, a bientot =)

  15. Hi Mr M!!

    Away from base yesterday… Was invited to a rather special dinner in Dublin…in a 400 year old building….Company wonderful but alas food terrible!
    Took the day off and travelled to Dublin. You know, theres a proverb that says “He who lives at the foot of the mountain rarely climbs it” And so, I was a “tourist” in our own capital yesterday, visiting art galleries and museums. It really was an eye opener and makes you appreciate your own backyard. Have you seen and done all the sights and sounds of Vancouver since you moved there Mr M? I seem to recall a blog entry some time back where you mentioned visiting some gardens with Fondy… Have you been to the Science Museum in Vancouver? Really great fun! I spent a great day there last year before the Con.

    To Christopher Martin: Many thanks for your kind replies! Hope to see you on our screens real soon! Thanks again and continued success!

    @Das: Delighted you had such a positive experience with your dentist. Keep up the positive dental reports…we need them!

    Best wishes to all


  16. Thanks Christopher, Martin and/or any variations thereof, for the interesting Q&A.

    Joe, thanks again for organising so many interesting people for us to question, it’s always so interesting to hear their thoughts (not to mention read everyone’s questions).

    How comes the short story, Joe?


  17. Great Q&A! Thanks for that, Joe.

    Send us some good thoughts and wish us luck here in the Red River Valley area. We’re getting hit pretty hard from the river and all the flooding. And still we get more snow! For the first time ever, I have to evacuate my home. Never thought that would happen!

  18. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for doing the questions with Martin. Man, I really should start posting questions for the Q&A stuff. So who are the next people I should post questions for? Well, the mailbag with you is fun enough(thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions and all of the other blog commenter’s questions). Oh and I think I fraised my question wrong, let me try again

    Is it true that in real life you are mad at me for asking the budget of the Universe episodes and the Atlantis movie or is that situation just in the dream(and i did have a dream, i’m not joking)?

    Thanks so much
    Major D. Davis

  19. Okay, stupid question #567,893…
    And worse, I’m not sure how to phrase it, Joe.
    I know what it’s like to have someone read them, but what is it like to have someone “act” your words?

  20. Great interview! He’s one of those rare secondary characters that makes it to the end of the series run before someone gets around to killing him off. Seems like he’s gotten all the promotions and Paul Davis got none. Hmmm.

    Got a question for you: I’ve been watching old episodes of SG-1 on DVD lately–I’ve started watching the episodes with commentary, which I’ve never done before. My question is, who decides who is going to do the commentary? Does the director get to choose who sits down with him, or do they just take pot luck on who’s available that day? I have to say that Peter DeLuise and Gary Jones together are the funniest two guys in any room. They riff off each other, and the commentary invariably goes off track–way off track. It’s been fun to see the episodes through their eyes.

  21. Heya Joe–if its not too late for another few questions for Dave and Roy, I have a bit more randomness to contribute.

    Have you guys seen the movie “Knowing”? I don’t want to give away any spoilers if you haven’t seen it–but there’s a scientific phemonia in it that Nic Cage’s character predicts, that comes true. If you have seen the movie, and know what I’m talking about–do you think anything like that could ever happen in our lifetime, and if so, would we be able to predict it as they did in the movie? Sorry its so vague–but spoilers aren’t fun to read–especially if you plan on seeing the movie!

    Why is that stars in the night sky twinkle and wink, but our sun just stays as a big ball of light without us seeing any kind of change?

    I was reading about Cosmic Strings–and they sound kind of fanatical. I read that they’re calculated to be just a tiny fraction of an inch thick, and thinner then a single hair–but may contain the mass of thousands of galaxies–how is that even possible??

    Since its gravitating toward us, do you think the Andromeda galaxy will ever crash into the Milky Way galaxy in the far far far future?

    K…that’s what I got for now…its kind of fun getting “The Handy Space Answer Book”…it provides all sorts of interesting questions about our universe! 🙂

  22. @Das and Sullien: Both of you had good ideas, and I thank you 🙂 I talked to a few more people re organic furniture, and I hear that natural (untreated) wicker is ok, as long as the cushions are made with organic fabrics and fillings. Meanwhile, the echo in here is driving me nuts! The dogs are having a blast, though, plenty of room to really go nuts running/playing inside now 🙂 One my little ones (the Cocker) got really sick last night, projectile vomiting and the runs, but she’s ok after a vet visit today (I’m like part of the furniture in that place lately, lol). It was so easy running after her and cleaning up w/o furniture for her to hide behind to puke. Hubby’s making me new stuff, all wood, and he’s really good at stuff like that, so it’ll be a while, but who cares if we’re all a little healthier, hey? Anyway, you guys are great, thanks again!

    @ Joe: So, I told hubby I was watching “Ark of Truth” (Hey, Anne Teldy, see the quotation marks?) tonight and he just shook his head. He can’t understand why I would do that when I’ve watched it quite a few times already on DVD. Ahh, these people that just don’t get it. Getting good takeout (from my favorite restaurant in town, not fast food) and settling down on the uhhh, rug, to watch 🙂 By the way, I can’t wait to hear the music for SGU if Joel’s going to be involved. Still waiting on his Q&A, can’t wait. Have a great weekend!

  23. @ Das, Sullien and of course, Joe: Update on the couch thing: I asked hubby to please put the couch and loveseat on the back patio and really cover it well in case it rained, in case I decided to sell it (because apparently not everybody is sensitive to this kind of thing), but I hadn’t make up my mind what to do with it. After much argument, he threw a plastic dropcloth over it and that was that. Rather than getting into a “thing” over it, I left the whole thing alone and planned to put something over it last night. Meanwhile, Summer the Cocker got sick, and I forgot about it. So, went out with Elway for a while this afternoon, it started pouring rain and I came back to find my couch is now a water repository. I scooped and scooped, still more water on the bottom (although it’s still covered on the bottom, the back is totally soaked). Now I was soaking wet and really pissed off. Now, I’ve decided it can be:

    1. An outdoor fish tank
    2. An outdoor bidet
    3. A kiddie/doggie swimming pool
    4. A redneck Jacuzzi
    5. An emergency water container for hurricane season

    So, now it’s definitely going to wind up in the dump. Wait till HE gets home…

    xoxo, Deni

  24. @ Deni B. – To put it in the words of Jeff Foxworthy, “You might be a redneck if your outdoor furniture used to be your indoor furniture!” 😀

    In all seriousness, though, that sucks. Personally, I’m thinking THAT’S the couch hubby gets to sleep on now every time he’s in the proverbial doghouse. Like…ya know….tonight. 😉

    @ Joe – A Wraithy question…

    Several Wraith have been portrayed with a wide range of skills, such as Todd – who’s been everything from a commander to a scientist to a medical assistant to a computer geek – and his betrayer in S4 (Penny Wraith), who was a bridge officer, a technician, and a midwife. I know budget-wise it makes sense to have the same character perform a multitude of tasks instead of bringing in many different actors, but in your mind is there also a logical ‘Wraith’ explanation – such as all possessing shared knowledge due to their telepathy, or just having the ability to learn many different skills due to the length of their lives?

    Any insights would be appreciated! 🙂

    Ooohhh…and Chocolate. I found a couple really good ones – Rapunzel Organic Extra Dark 70% chocolate, and a Newman’s Own Organics super dark 70% chocolate (this is a bit different from the regular Newman’s Own chocolates). What I love about both is that they are not sweet as some of the more commercial 70% bars are, and they are neither too firm, or too creamy…but just somewhere nicely in between. Very good, especially with a good (red) Zin. Mmm. Mmm. MMM!

    So, tonight will be movie night, I guess (mainly ’cause we were supposed to go out, but hubby just came home with a smashed shin 🙁 ). We’ve already seen AoT, and since I’m not an SG1 fan, I can pretty much skip it (though I did love the fight between that guy who I like better than Daniel – Mitchell? – and the Replinator guy). Maybe I’ll record it. The other day we picked out two movies we hadn’t seen yet – we each got to choose one. I immediately grabbed the latest Bond flick (which we missed because of being sick), and Mr. Das? He snatched up…

    Twilight. 😕 He’s like a giddy schoolgirl – he just can’t wait to watch it! 😆 (Mind you, he loves that sappy Smallville, too. 🙄 )

    So, I’m guessing it’s dinner and a movie…or…maybe just dinner and a nap…lol.

    Have a nice evening, Joe!


  25. @Das: He’s outside right now with the frakking Shop Vac trying to get the water out of the thing. He can do it all night as far as I’m concerned because I frakking told him to cover it well, but nooooo. Whatever, I can’t sell it now, but I’ll let him get a good workout anyway. I can’t believe you’re not into SG-1! It actually took me a while to get into it, but when I did, I was totally hooked. Ok, I’m gonna go and watch the show outside now 🙂 Have a good time tonight!

  26. Deni B. – Good! Let your hubby do all he can to dry that couch out. Then, it sounds like an excellent item to donate to charity, and you can take the tax write-off at the end of the year. Apparently not everyone was effected by the chemical smell, so everybody wins in this deal.

    Thanks to Martin Christopher for the great Q&A. He sounds like a really nice guy. And congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Best wishes with your marriage and career.

  27. I am watching the broadcast of the Ark but i noticed that they have already cut out parts.
    the scene of tomin being interrogated has been skipped, i think it was helpful in humanizing the character(sp) and it fits nicely with his scene with teal’c.

  28. @ Deni B. – 😆 I’d do the same to my husband! I just think they don’t pay attention, or something. I’m a check, double-check and check again sort…while Mr. Das is a wham-bam-it’s-good-enough sort. Can’t begin to tell you how many things have been ruined because of it… 🙄

    And yeah – never watched SG1 – never interested in it. I was a Star Trek fan only, but then I hated Voyager so much that it almost made me hate all the other ST shows, too. Damn that Janeway! 😡 Besides, Mr. Das was into everything – Babylon 5, SG1, Farscape – and I kinda got sci-fi’d out. Honestly, the only thing that made me watch SGA were the Wraith – I just love ’em! So much wasted potential there by making them mere canon fodder for the ‘heroes’, with little insight into their culture, biology, and technology (though we at least got some in S4 & 5). Still, after 5 years it’s kind of silly that Wraith still haven’t figured out that the Lanteans will always screw them over, so why even bother making deals, or trusting them or their word? And WHY don’t they guard their ships and facilities better?! I mean, they might be ‘blond’, but do they really have to be THAT stupid?!

    And yet, I love ’em to pieces. The human characters tend to bore me – but to learn about a ‘new’ species, and the challenges they face due to their biology and society – and to see that species attempt to coexist with the very ones who want them dead the most – well…that is very interesting to me WHEN things are developed that way. But when they are just used for target practice…well…just a waste of potential storylines and character development. Guess that’s why I had such a love-hate thing going on with SGA, and why I’m not even sure I can watch the movie, since I don’t trust that Mallozzi guy and his buddy… at all. 😉

    Oh well, neither here nor there now. I’m getting into other things – other characters – so I’m not going to hold my breath, hoping that Todd comes out of the movie alive.

    Awww…Who the hell am I kidding! 🙄 Yeah, I’m gonna worry, but until then I’ll just keep playing with the Wraith thunkers, and try not to think of the characters as seriously as I have in the past. I mean – I have a choice to try to defend their right to live and feed as nature dictates, but to no avail, or I can gush over their flowing locks, handginas and nippleless chests. Which sounds like more fun to you??



  29. Waving Hi from Bummed-ville. Been sick all week, causing me to miss (A) home-town appearance by Jackie Earle “Rorshach” Haley and (B) AggieCon in College Station, TX…AGAIN. *sigh*

  30. Dear Joe,

    Hope all is well with you and the family.

    1. I was wondering if you know of any place in montreal that sells some a high quality chocalates for a gift for my aunt’s new baby; that is apart from suite 88 on St. Denis?

    2. Also sir, is the destiny presently in the Milky way at the beginning of the series or is it located on another galaxy?

    thanks sir

    @ Das: Sorry, unfortunately I dont post on gateworld, I just browse the news there once in a blue moon. What I can do is post some of my favorites on Joe’s Sunday 29th entry for all to see and try.

  31. Hi there!

    MC would you appear on the TV show i’m working on if it ever gets past the executive meddling? Or if you dont’t read comments Joseph Mallozzi, can you get this to him? my e-mail that is

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