Back in the office today. I got in this morning and popped my head into Director Ernest Dickerson’s office to say hello and welcome him to the show. Ultra talented and a super nice guy to boot, it turns out we share an affinity for things Japanese – anime food, and film in particular. We talked Tekkonkinkreet, Takashi Miike, and Minister Faust before I was called into the writer’s room to help spin a new story on another freelance script, this one a wonderful exploration of the Rush character. By lunch, we had the story broken and I headed back to my office to read Carl’s first draft of Life. Another Binder original. How does he do it?!

I’d like to make one late addition to May’s (yes, you have plenty of time to read it!) Book of the Month Club selections.

In the horror category, we’ll be reading:

The Unblemished, by Conrad Williams

From Publisher’s Weekly: “Playing on humanity’s deepest fears and taboos, Williams plunges the reader deep into a hellish near-future where creatures banished five centuries ago rise again to lay eggs in the few people they don’t consume alive, turning London into a cross between hive and abattoir. Caught up in the grisly madness are photographer Bo Mulvey, who goes looking for excitement and gets more than he bargained for; Sarah Hickman and her beautiful, disturbed daughter, Claire, on the run from a hit man with an amputation fetish; and Gyorsi Salavaria, a cannibalistic child killer determined to become the mate of the invaders’ new queen. Williams (Use Once, Then Destroy) is so good at what he does that he probably shouldn’t be allowed to do it anymore, for the sake of everyone’s sanity.”

Says Keithe Brooke, The Guardian: “The Unblemished, winner of the International Horror Guild’s Best Novel award, is cleverly constructed, building relentlessly from intense, intimate terror to something on another scale altogether.”

Says Peter Straub: “This is horror literature unabashed and entire, at full imaginative stretch, beautiful and blazing.”

Says Nick Ryan, Sunday Express: “- top-notch writing skills, poetic vision and beautiful prose raise this way above your Hammer House of Horror… an unusual – as well as highly accomplished – terror.”

Discussion begins the week of June 1st when we’ll be joined by author Conrad Williams.

If you’d like to learn a little more about the author, head on over to his website here ( and enter to win one of two competitions (deadline – April 2nd, 2009)!

So, what is everyone out there watching (besides the SGU promo, over and over)? My somewhat modest viewing line-up includes:

Flight of the Conchords: Was the last episode the series-ender? If so, it was a brilliant conclusion to a brilliant series.

House: I’m sure some will disagree, but I like the new team. A lot! The Cuddy-baby storyline, on the other hand, I’m not too crazy about. Surprised?

The Gordon Ramsay trifecta of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares (UK version)/The F Word/Hell’s Kitchen: The F Word is the best of the bunch. The installments featuring Ramsay at home with his family do a nice job of counter-balancing his screaming-blue-murder in-kitchen persona. Funny, informative, and, above all, entertaining, the show offers up a variety of terrific little food segments and a wonderfully engaging occasional hostess in the colorful Janet Street-Porter. Hell’s Kitchen, on the other hand, admittedly suffers from being over-produced (Ever notice how the challenges always come down to the final dish? And, please, please, spare me the forced hilarity of Maitre D’ Jean-Philippe having to deal with that over-the-top cake-dropping party-planner.), but the trial-by-fire service segments are thrilled. This year’s stand-out, so far as I’m concerned, is contestant Robert Hesse who can give Chef Ramsay’s potty mouth a run for its money. The guy should have his own show.

The Office/30 Rock: Great comedy hour.

Friday Night Lights: Following season two’s missteps (The What-show-am-I-watching-again? murder storyline, and the sexy single neighbor with the annoyingly precocious son arc), season three has bounced back bigtime.

My reality-show guilty pleasures Survivor and The Amazing Race: Sadly, both have under whelmed this season. And, is it just me or are the hearing-impaired kid and his mother a couple of major league assholes? Seriously.


131 thoughts on “March 24, 2009: Back in the Office, Another Book of the Month Club Addition, and What Are You Watching?

  1. Stargate, kings, chuck, leverage, monk, psych, west wing, family ties, eureka, and burn notice

  2. The only (non-Stargate) tv shows I watch now are Entourage and The Big Bang Theory (funniest show on tv).

  3. Oh snap, you did not just randomly mention Tekkonkinkreet the same day I wore my TK T-shirt (the totally cool one I bought last year in Shibuya) to the gym (which was long before I read this post). And Miike is brilliant and amazing and yet Yatterman is just so wacked, even for him. But I loved it, how could I not?

    I’ve oddly gotten very into 24, which amuses me since I ignored it with a vengeance up until this season. I have no idea why the change of heart for me, but maybe that I’d heard they were setting a kinder, gentler path for Bauer. Still grooving on the Supernatural boys, and waiting waiting waiting for Fringe to be back. It got good. But then I admit I liked it from day 1, so I don’t count as a fan to be won over.

    I’ll have to skip this particular BOTM title as I actually veer away from horror lit (I don’t like horror as a genre, but since Kripke has done such a wicked job with balancing SPN with the humour, the angst, the drama, the tragedy and the loss, I can pass off that bit of required horror as a necessary evil)

  4. so are any of the free lance writers going to be added as staff writers?
    my tv line up is
    prison break-im sad its ending this year

    friday night lights-i agree this season has rebounded nicely

    supernatural-awesome as always…miss the old ruby

    how i met your mother-cant get enough NPH or jason segal those 2 guys are hilarious

    reaper-underrated and recommend more people watch tonight…8 pacific on the CW(its not high school drama like most of the netwrok)and is a kevin smith(of clerks fame)product

    the big bang theory-surprisingly funny

  5. Lost is currently my only real devotion now that BSG is over. But I do keep up with some: House, How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock and the Office (also watching series 1 of the British Original online). I was watching Macgyver through but I haven’t in a couple weeks.

  6. ah i forgot…im into burn notice now…all becasue of MS’s guest spot

  7. I am slowly getting drawn more and more into dramas like Numb3rs and Criminal Minds. I like seeing people working together in a team/watching team dynamics unfold on the screen. (Also, geeks with guns are a huge draw for me *grin*).

    Other favourites include: Castle, Chuck, and, if it ever returns, Eureka, mostly because these shows make me laugh.

    And in lieu of reality TV, my guilty pleasure show is Smallville, which has more than outlived its lifetime, but which I keep watching anyway because…well, I have no idea why, really. The show has some strange magnetic property that catches my gaze and I…cannot…turn…away. Woe.

  8. Hey Joe,

    What we watch…well, we won’t talk about my partner and her reality TV love :::sigh:::

    For me, Science Sunday is awesome – great thing on p-branes and m-branes the other day.

    For fun: cannot miss Big Bang Theory (be sure to pause the TiVo to catch the post-ep rant from Lorre each night), and the Office is till good too.

    DVD’s of SG1 for fun and research, same goes for SGA and some other shows for style stuff.

    Any rerun of West Wing or Studio 60.

    Most anything on History International (I sure miss “Time Team”)

    Hmm, reading this, I believe I’m quite dull! I am, however, looking forward to new eps of Sanctuary, SGU, and Caprica. Woohoo!

  9. I too have become hooked on the Ramsay shows. Just downloaded season two of Kitchen Nightmares, and am striving mightily to avoid watching them all in one sitting. With the end of BSG my bottom lip is suffering as I chew on it to alleviate my Sci fi withdrawal symptoms. I do find the Tuesday night lineup of NCIS and The Mentalist to be worth catching. Just picked up season 1 of the Tudors to check out. Avoiding American Idol and Dancing with the Stars like the plague.
    Thanks for adding the extra book before I make my run. I tried out the Apex link and hope to get the one book from them tomorrow or Thursday, and will pick up the rest of the selections at ye olde bookstore. Meantime I’m knocking out a few more volumes on the “to read” pile. Nothing stands out like Playing God, but mildly entertaining.
    Best part is I have most of the next two weeks off, minus an ever growing list of things “to do” and mercienary opportunities to make some cash. I have invested in a couple of the Ramsay books and plan to try out some of the recipes at work…

  10. Rewatching Twin Peaks on DVD, as we ran out of The West Wing episodes and there is nothing currently airing on free-to-air over here that I can be bothered with (can’t stand ‘reality’ programming, never got into House, and am bored with crime shows). Don’t have cable as I refuse to pay for reruns of stuff I didn’t want to watch in the first place. However, am enjoying Don S Davis all over again as Major Briggs.

  11. Most notably I’ve been watching Battlestar recently….

    I have to say the finale was absolutely mind-blowing. The way they tie the entire show together was perfection. A deeply psychological ride that had a totally satisfying end. The questions that were left open-ended I felt should be left open-ended, only adding to the incredibly well planned and creative ending to the show it was.

    My close Stargate friends keep imploring me to view Lost, but I think I’ll hold off until the summer to possibly make the trek through that one.

    I seriously have nothing to watch now… sad I know… but with the lack of any decent science fiction on, I’m left with re-runs. Oh well, pop in my complete Friends set for something entertaining, though infinitely less psychologically fulfilling, haha!

  12. Hi Joe, I was just complaining that there’s not much to watch 🙂 I really like Lost and Burn Notice, but the season’s over for Burn Notice so that’s one less. I can watch House if it’s not too gory, but quite frankly, I’m tired of watching people vomit on tv; it’s everywhere. I used to enjoy Gordon Ramsay, but got tired of the same thing every week (although we don’t get the F Word here). I’m buying the DVDs of Northern Exposure this weekend, absolutely love that show. Tonight, I’m off to bed early (damn, it’s 11 p.m. already?) and watching McKay and Mrs. Miller in bed!

    Have a good night 🙂

  13. I hate the new team on House, I just keep wishing that one day i’ll turn the tv on and chase, cameron and foreman will be back together dealing with house and his craziness. The show is still very enjoyable though.

    Lets see other then House i’m watching

    24- Loving the new season its a vast improvement over the last one and keeps me on the edge of my seat every week.

    Big Bang Theory/How I met your mother- Both shows are great, funny and well some of the best comedy i’ve seen on tv in years. How i met your mother is also a little persona for me as the creator grew up about 3 houses down the street from me.

    Chuck- Another really fun show that keeps me entertained every week.

    Reaper- Ray Wise alone makes me want to watch this show.

    NCIS/Mentalist- The may be run of the mill procedural but the characters are really interesting and you can feel for them.

    Scrubs- This season has been a huge improvement over the last on nbc, i’m happy to know we will get to see this show get the ending it deserves.

    Lie To Me/Life/Bones- 3 quirky cop shows that really are good tv and once again have very interesting characters

    Supernatural- I just love this show, the story, the mythology, the everything.

    CSI- The original is still the best and the addition of Lawrence Fisbourne has really added a new layer to this show.

    Greys Anatomy- A guilty pleasure of mine, i don’t know why i like it i just do.

    11th Hour- I love when tv shows try to mix science and investigation, this show does it pretty well.

    Dollhouse- Interesting show, interesting premise, ok execution so far, but I have hope it may get better.

    Numbers- Once again the mix of science and investigation gets me.

    Simpsons- Oldie but goodie, there have been some really good episodes this season

    The Unit- I read the book Inside Delta Force a few years ago and was intrigued by the special forces. When i found that the writer of that book worked on this show I gave it a try and was pleasantly surprised, the action is good and it keeps you on the edge of your seat.

    So thats what i’m watching, thank god for dvr’s.

    On another note for people out there who aren’t rich like you Joe 😉 i have a suggestion for those of you want a cheap way to get the books for the botmc. Try it allows you to trade paperbacks with people all around the US just for the cost of shipping and is a pretty easy way to get all the books Joe recommends for the botmc.

  14. I’m watching a few things…

    Dollhouse — Wasn’t too impressed with the first episode, but it’s definitely picked up since them. Still not as funny and quippy as Joss’s other stuff, but pretty exciting (though I wonder how long it’ll be before “They’re a doll!” stops being that shocking a revelation).

    The Office — Duh.

    House — Still loving it. I like that Kutner. He’s very amusing and I like his more optimistic view of things. Plus he made that nice Harry Potter reference a couple episodes ago, which was just great. I saw the intro for next week’s ep on the website and it looks really interesting.

    United States of Tara — Because watching such an effed-up family makes me feel better about my own life. But really, it’s interesting and well-acted.

    Castle — This just started and I’ve been watching purely because Nathan Fillion stars. It’s not fantastic and will probably get canceled, but it’s moderately amusing.

    Family Guy — I am so excited about next week’s episode. The cast of ST:TNG is guesting.

    How I Met Your Mother — Still funny.

    Leverage — I wouldn’t actually say I’m “watching” this, but I did see an episode last night because a friend’s been mentioning the show to me (and that ep had three Star Trek alums involved — always a good way to get me to watch a new show). It was amusing, though, so I’ll probably watch some more.

    I tried watching 30 Rock last night because one of my co-workers loves it, but I just wasn’t really feeling it. It’s like I got the jokes they were doing; I just didn’t think they were very funny.

  15. hmm guess i missed eureka, burn notice, leverage, psych and entourage as well, they aren’t airing how so that must be why i forgot to list them.

  16. Hi Joe,

    Which of the Atlantis expedition males was gay? You never did tell us who it was.


  17. I’m watching a bunch of shows, but the only one I am trying to stay current on every week is Lost. I’m fascinated by how they are putting all the pieces together.

  18. My TV must-watches is pretty similar to yours, Joe:

    Heroes (Monday)
    Flight of the Concords (Tuesday)
    Important Things with Demitri Martin (Wednesday)
    The Office/30 Rock (Thursday)

    And if it were a few weeks back, I’d add BSG on Friday. Along with those there is the usual Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad reruns and new episodes, as well as The Daily Show and Colbert Report. Good times, good times.

    Of course, when Fall rolls around, I’ll have something else to finally fill that Friday space. 😉

    By the way, I loved that “CoolFail” Advertisement link yesterday. A little link-hopping led me to this:

    Ken’s journal

    I laughed my ass off at that. 😀

  19. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (excellent!), 24 (ultra-ridiculous by now, but I can’t quit), and I just finished Battlestar Galactica (hated the way it ended, but will probably give the Caprica series a shot when it starts). I’ve also been told I should give Dexter a look.

    If you’re taking suggestions for weird foods of the day, I’d like to nominate natto (Japanese fermented tofu). I tried it last week and was told by the waitress that it’s an acquired taste…which was an understatement.

  20. Now that I finally got my new DVR, I am back to watching Lost, Chuck, Castle, Better Off Ted, Dollhouse, Family Guy, Life on Mars and the Graham Norton Show. I can’t wait for Burn Notice and Eureka to start again. Now that Battlestar Galactica is over, are you going to watch it?

  21. Well up until last Friday I was watching BSG. Sad to see that one go, but The Office/30 Rock cheers me up. Still watching and loving Chuck, and Dollhouse had it’s first good episode last Friday (I’m a Whedon fan sticking it out). 1 out of 5 or so? Let’s hope it just gets better from here.

    As for Hell’s Kitchen, I can’t stand it even though I’m a fan of Gordon Ramsay. Before every commercial break it tells you what’s coming up and then after every commercial break it’s a recap of what just happened before the break; that really begins to annoy me. I’ve caught a few episodes of the F Word and I really like it. I have no idea when it’s on though.

  22. Heh, why am I not surprised you like the foodie shows? As for the Cuddy-baby story line – I think it’s for all of us menopausal women who never had kids. So we can feel a) sad and incomplete along with her, or b) thankful we are childless and smug.

    And hey, as for your B & E, isn’t there a motion detecting video camera that can call your cell and show whatever is going on at home?

  23. What do I watch? Well, nothing since you cancelled my only favorite show Stargate Atlantis. Now I just sit and stare at the lamp. The light is so……..pretty……..and bright…

  24. Well my new Monday night guilty pleasure is Castle, Nathon Fillion is totally a riot!!!

    Lastnight found me watching 24 (a show that gets interesting every once in a while (well when Stargate people appear Michael Shanks, Robert Carlyle and lastnight Connor Trinneer).

    1-800-Missing, which co-starred Universe’s own Justin Louis. Airs twice weekday mornings at 8am on the Woman’s network and at 9am on A-Channel here in Vancouver.

    Relic Hunter is another fave, got to have my Nigel fix. And was surprised one day to see Justin Louis on there.

    Of Course SG1, SG Atlantis and of course I look majorly forward to SGU in the fall!!!

    And finally The Guard which includes Steve Bacic among it’s main cast. And has seen guest spots by both Colin Cunningham and the late Great Don S. Davis, and will feature Alex Zahara in a upcoming episode!!!

    I like others, but these are my faves!!!

  25. Nothing that other people haven’t already mentioned, but NCIS, Chuck, and Castle. I’ve seen some House and Supernatural too. I’d like to put in a better word for NCIS than Jon K. did. It is very focused on the characters and on the team as a whole, and there have been some pretty clever cases. It also tends to do well with the forensics, which is unusual for a TV show.

    And of course, SG-1, SGA, BSG, and Firefly on DVD.

    Questions: Is the city of Atlantis sentient? Can it talk to people with the Ancient gene? Also, you may have answered this, but why can’t Jack or Sam understand spoken Goa’uld if they have translator nanites?

  26. house – i like the new team, but not as much as the old. and as for the cuddy/baby storyline… i’d have liked it more if cuddy had got knocked up with house’s baby, *after* she adopted that baby girl… what a mess, eh? :p

    lost – have watched from ep one and think it’s one of the best written shows on television.

    sanctuary – amanda tapping. need i say more? :p

    also of note: smallville, 60 minutes, ghost whisperer, heroes, and medium.

  27. ooh, someone just reminded me; i also watch Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. but it’s on opposite ‘house’ now, and that makes it on the losing end. oy. 😛

  28. Currently airing shows, you mean? Well, I have at least one for each weekday!!!
    Monday– House (I liked the old team better, but the new team is okay), then Castle (WHAT a SHOW!!! It’s the one-liners that keep me coming back!)
    Tuesday-NCIS (not too much to say; it’s perfection in a cop drama)
    Wednesday-Lost (loved it from the beginning; can’t help myself!), then CSI: NY (much better than the original, and INFINITELY better than Miami!)
    Thursday-was into CSI, then Sara left 🙁 Now ABC owns my Thursdays with Grey’s and Private Practice (both guilty pleasures, of course)
    Friday-NUMB3RS!!!!! (Another show I’ve loved from the beginning, and will continue to love for a while, methinks)
    Saturday and Sunday are for repeats of House, NCIS, and L&A:SVU and CI (shows I haven’t been a fan of from the beginning, and have missed quite a few episodes) on USA Network. USA is my new favorite channel… they always have the best repeats on 😀

    Random open question of the day: If you were a filmmaker and only had 15 minutes to tell your story, what would your story be about?

  29. Right now, I’m watching the news. Sad reality of life here on the Jersey shore, a fishing boat – the Lady Mary – sank today off of Cape May. My older brother, who himself was a commercial fisherman for most of his life, knows the boat’s owner and fears he may have been aboard. It doesn’t look good – they’ve found one survivor, and two dead, with 4 others missing. It’s been a while since we’ve had a real tragedy, but on nearly every boat that’s gone down, I’ve known – or known of – someone who’s died. When this stuff hits the news, it just makes my stomach knot up because – even if I don’t know them personally – it brings back the memories of all those times a friend or neighbor went down with the boat.

    One guy’s death many years ago really hit me hard. He was a neighbor and a lot older than me – maybe by 6 or 7 years – maybe more. I was a really shy and withdrawn kid, and he had this great dog that was part wolf (or so he said 😉 ). When I was in grade school and he was a ‘cool’ teenager, he used to walk his dog down the street, and he would stop and let me pet the dog, and he would just sit in the shade of a tree, and talk to me. He was really so nice, just to take the time for a little kid who never talked to anyone. And he was never fresh – he was just a genuinely kind person. Well, he grew up and became a commercial fisherman, but anytime he was home and I’d be passing by, he’d always wave and say hi.

    Then one day his boat went down, and he never came back. Though we weren’t ‘friends’, it was still like a big chunk was cut out of me and lost. I still think of him often, and how nice he was to a dorky little kid.


    What I’m watching – these are my three staples (well, besides rugby and the news):

    The Mentalist

    I started watching Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon and Moonlight, just to fill that Friday night slot – both are enjoyable, but not without flaws. Also started watching Without a Trace because it follows two others I watch – I like it, but it’s not (yet) a must-see for me.

    Shows I usually catch in rerun, when I remember and/or feel like it:


    Shows I am looking forward to seeing back on the air:


    Shows I’ll give a try, but no promises:

    the Unusuals

    I’m sure I’m missing something. 😛


  30. Joe,

    I’m trying to cut back on my reality show consumption lately – I’m still watching Survivor. America’s Next Top Model and Amazing Race (yep, the mom and son are really annoying) but I’ve dropped Real Housewives of .

    Of course, I did add another show to make up for it – Toddlers and Tiaras, about the child beauty pageant circuit. You should try that one – it’s like Jerry Springer for the under 10 set.

    Keeping it real,


    PS. Dear Joe, not everyone is watching the SGU trailer. Not even once.

  31. My DVR list has House, Castle, Dollhouse (just noticing the overwhelming amount of building structures in my collection now *odd*), and Burn Notice.

    There’s a couple like Better Off Ted and United States of Tara that I’ve been meaning to look into but keep forgetting about.

    Oh, I also watch some Leverage. And Psych (love the banter between those two).

  32. PS – Oh, yeah…and I’m watching a crapload of Columbo episodes on DVD. 😀 Probably just about my favorite show for 35 years, plus. I just never grow tired of it…absolutely the single best character tv ever created.


  33. Hey Joe,

    Any love for 24? They had Connor Trinneer on last night. He played a security guard and did not get killed. Surprised? lol.

    Family Guy was pretty funny last Sunday, but the show needs a little refresher. It’s been kind of stale for some eps.



  34. At the moment all of my favourite shows (Battlestar, Burn Notice, Dexter, Eureka, Flight of the Conchords, Mythbusters and SGA) are either recently cancelled or on a seasonal break. So, that just leaves American Dad, Sarah Conner Chronicles, South Park, Supernatural, and for the moment, Dollhouse, but I can’t decide whether I like that one yet.

  35. Supernatural, NCIS each week
    Plan on watching Chuck, Reaper, Burn Notice and Psych, and when it returns, Eureka
    Other than that, mainly the news

  36. Is it just me, or is the cast AMAZING! I got to chat with Brian for a few minutes today out by crafty, Jamil always comes on to set and shakes everyone’s hands and chats for a bit (time allowing), David was a barrel of laughs today, and Elyse and Julia (besides being gorgeous) are sweet as daisies. Besides all that, as I learn more about what is going on in the show I am getting all the more excited to see it in October. Oh, and today was my first day on set with Peter DeLuise…I’ve heard stories about how cool he is as a director–now I know them to be true. Perhaps I’ll see you on set tomorrow. Have a great evening.

  37. Well, up until this past Friday, I had been watching Battlestar Galactica (it sucks to lose my two favorite sci-fi shows in the same year). Now I’ve got NCIS, The Mentalist (my newest favorite), Dollhouse, and Fringe. There’s a few others thrown in, but those are my mainstays. Oh, and Castle which just started. I don’t think I’ve ever liked so many crime shows at one time before…

    Of course the past couple of days I’ve been (pardon the expression) sick as a dog, so I’ve had fairly decent marathons of S1 of Atlantis and the commentaries on S3.

    The new book addition sounds fascinating! Looking forward to it.

  38. NCIS, Smallville, House, 24, The Listener, Dollhouse, The Apprentice, The Mentalist, Eastbound and Down, Castle, Chuck, Heroes, Dr. Who, Torchwood, Demons, The Office, 30-Rock, Make Me A Supermodel, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Psych, Being Erica (I am not ashamed of that), Flashpoint…hmm, I should stop or people will start to think I have no life. 🙂

  39. Wait. There’s a such thing as TV?

    That’s like my laptop without the keyboard part, right?

  40. Kings: I think it is a novel story. Chris Egan has given two amazing performances (especially in the first episode). The show definitely has potential but I’ll have to wait and see on this one.

    NCIS: I have always loved this show. I’ve been watching since the first season.

    The Mentalist: A bit too goofy and predictable at times but all in all entertaining.

    The Amazing Race: I have to agree on this one. Luke seems to have a bit of an attitude. I still love the premise of this show but the past couple of seasons seemed to have gone down hill, ever since the season with Charla and Mirna (The cousins, one of which was a little person) were contestants.

    Dirty Jobs: I just find Mike Rowe hilarious

  41. Chuck is the only one I’m keeping up with regularly. I have on my DVR Battlestar Galactica, Dollhouse (I have to, it’s Joss), six episodes of House, and possibly some Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart on there too.

    I’m contemplating watching Castle, but watch, it’ll get cancelled. SGU will be on my list too. I just love my DVR. I’d never get to watch anything if I didn’t have it.

    What TV shows would you go out and buy the seasons for to watch for the first time or over again? I have Friday Night Lights season one just sitting on the shelf, waiting for me to watch.

  42. I’m not watching a ton of TV at the moment (unless you count on it being on for background noise.) I have been watching ‘Flight of the Conchords’ (I’ll miss it now that the season is over), ‘Castle’ (Nathan Fillion is beyond awesome!), ‘Lost’ (more like suffering through. I’m so glad this is the last season.), and ‘Wolverine and the X-Men’ (it’s airing on the Nicktoons network here in the US and, while they only started airing episodes in January, they are already going back and starting over. Thanks to the interwebs I’ve already seen the entire first season but I’ll be watching it as it airs here as well. I have nothing else to look forward to on Friday nights. Unless you count ‘The Soup’ on E!)

  43. Ernest Dickerson, former cinematographer and award winning director? Congratulations and shall very much look forward to seeing what he does with the show.

    As for what I’m doing, I’m trying to resist the temptation (despite what I said earlier here about buying HD kit) to buy Battlestar Galactica from iTunes in HD format so I can watch the whole thing on my Mac in glorious higher resolution than standard definition.

    The major downside to this is that an entire series is *much* more expensive than the DVDs (yet I’d imagine any Blu-Ray release of the show would take an age to come out if such a thing were planned). Also, it would be a right bugger to back up (given the file sizes of the HD files – you’d need lots and lots of blank DVDs to store them on), and then what happens when the next set of HD specifications are released (although on reflection, if the show is shot only in standard HD format and not film or 4k resolutions then it won’t matter in the slightest).

    I note that MGM haven’t done anything similar with Stargate. Yet. But if they were to, I also bet that you’d need deep pockets to buy all the series in HD and suffer the same problem as above.

    Damn it, technology – you’re like a mistress[1] – both enticing and wallet busting in equal measures. And something better comes along shortly after. Sigh.

    [1] Not that I would know; happily married, one woman man, and intend staying that way thankyouverymuch.

  44. Oh, and another thing I’ve been up to was trying lemon duck for the first time. I had actually ordered lemon chicken from the local Chinese restaurant and for some reason had instead delivered Lemon Duck. In batter. Odd, and yet strangely nice.

    Still, while I was up in Scotland I am glad I passed on the deep fried pizza which to this day, is the strangest sight I ever seen – especially when kids were asking for it. Bless ’em – clogging their arteries at an early age.

  45. What am I watching? More than I should, but I take pride in being “an educated consumer of televised product”.

    Mondays are NBC: “Chuck”, “Heroes” and “Medium”.

    Tonight, Tues., was a wash. Due to illness, I crashed after the national news and missed primetime.

    Outside primetime, I’m catching up with “Charmed” in syndication and “Robot Chicken” reruns.

    Call me a Luddite, I’ve never been very interested in tapes/DVDs. Still haven’t made time for the SG1 movies, and now SciFi will broadcast them.

  46. shows i watch:
    how i met your mother
    big bang theory-both very funny

    lost- got into it, got out of it, then got back into it again.

    the office (US)


    i’ve seen one episode of Dollhouse, Joss Whedon’s new series, and i like it so i’ll probably continue it.

    shows i love:
    i just finished a rewatching of sg-1 on dvd (watched ark of truth tonight)


    used to watch Titus, that show rocked.

    i haven’t seen all the episodes of Star Trek DS9 or TNG. i won’t be going through those till the summer but i thought i’d add them to my list anyway.

    shows i want to try:
    now that BSG has ended, i want to try it out and see if i like it. i’ve never seen an episode.

    will definitely try SGU

    i’ve seen one episode of Rome and i’m not sure if i like it yet so i’m going to give it a few more tries.

    and i don’t know much about Castle but i want to try it out.

  47. OH i forgot to add that i’m also working my way through Babylon 5. didn’t love it at first, but i was persuaded to continue by a friend who is a fan and i’m now on season 2 and i quite like it.

  48. Hmmm… Wow, Joe. I didn’t think I watched that much episodic tv until I sat here and came up with a list in answer to your question. I guess I watch a lot more than I thought!

    Let’s see:


    In Plain Site, which I’m looking forward to returning in April. The lead characters are a snarky, kick-ass female US Marshal and her equally snarky male partner. Double win.


    Dollhouse (Joss Whedon is enough to get my to try just about anything and this series is worth sticking with.)

    Castle and Medium, which are both on at the same time, much to my chagrin (I bounce between the two). Castle is very weak in both procedure and mystery plot, but I love Nathan Fillion’s snark! I’m also enjoying that his character is very affected by the reality of crime and law enforcement, despite the fact that he thinks he’s a man-of-the-world mystery writer. Yes, Joe, I know Patricia Arquette gives you the wiggins, but I really enjoy Medium.

    Law and Order and Law and Order SVU

    NCIS & The Mentalist. Though I enjoy the snark on The Mentalist, it annoys the crap out of me as a police dramedy. There’s such an extreme lack of verisimilitude that it’s grating on occasion (even Starsky & Hutch was better in that department, and it was total fantasy).

    Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations

    Antiques Road Show, Nova, Nature, The Universe, The Real NCIS and pretty much any other documentary type show that happens to look even vaguely interesting.

    Yep, a large number of the shows I watch regularly have a lot of snarkage to make up for the severe lack of Rodney McKay. *sniffle*

    @ Anne Teldy You’re most welcome for the books, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Hopefully not to the point of addiction, though. 😉

    @ Das I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your friends and neighbors, especially your childhood acquaintance, who sounds like he made a difference in your life, even though he may not have known it. I never realized how dangerous commercial fishing was until I moved up here to the Pacific Northwest and started hearing about the losses from this area on the local news.

    P.S. Pardon any strange typos/grammar errors. I went over this a few times, but I probably missed quite a few things since I’m on the good painkillers at the moment. :-p

  49. Entourage, IT Crowd, Lost, Heroes, Prison Break, Big Bang theory.

    And now rewatching x-files (on season 7 now)

    Will probably watch BSG during the summer, will pick up the dvd-boxes soon.

  50. Hey Joe, I’ve heard some rumors about a Flight f the Conchords movie…
    House: I’m not too fond of the new team, and I’m not to fond of Cuddy’s storyline either. I wish they ould have kept Michael Weston’s character though.
    FNL: I completely agree with you. And you haven’t seen nothing yet: wait for episodes 12 & 13. Episode 12 is probably one of the best episodes of the show. Unlike season 2, the writers know where they’re going this time, they’re not doing crappy storylines because they think it’s give them more viewers.
    I’m also one of the many people who watched the BSG series finale and I thought it was absolutely brilliant.
    A few of the many other shows I’m watching: Damages (I think the second season has lost its edge, if that makes sense), Skins (it’s starting to be great again), Doctor Who season 4 (still good) and Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse. I’ve seen the first 3 episodes and I think it’s disappointing so far. It’s… Entertaining at best. I’m also planning to watch Kings. I’ve heard good things about it. Is it really that good anyone?

  51. Currently I’m in my first run of BSG, I’ve just watched ep 18 of season 3 so I’ve got a whole season left + 2 epis =)

    Other than that me and my brother watch House and CSI: Miami dvd’s, the occasional episode of Criminal Minds

    But SGA and Firefly DVDs are being watched almost every single day too.

    ytimynona: Your question about what story I would tell in my 15 min movie got me thinking. I think I would try to tell the story that you are in charge of your own life and it’s not to late to be in charge. Just follow your heart and you’ll be fine. It might be difficult and hard and you could lose something on the way, but I’ve learned that it’s worth it.

  52. That Williams addition to the May BOTM Club selection sounds excellent, I’m really looking forward to it.

    As for what I’m watching…

    Dollhouse – I’m a bit iffy about the story arc at this stage (have yet to see latest episode), but so far I’m liking the concepts and questions it raises about human intelligence, personality and memories.

    Lie To Me – Yep, I’m hooked on this one, if only to decipher how Kelli Williams manages to look soooo different from her excellent role in The Practice. But seriously, very witty, smart drama.

    24 – I’m really big on this super-serialised drama and the way that each piece of the story fits together.


  53. New book sounds good. I will actually try and participate in this book club but thats only if I can find one at the library I’m a student need I say more (*cough* broke*cough)

    Im currently watching:

    House: I also love the new team and i HATE bady story lines ughhhhh

    NCIS: got to love Gibbs and Tony:

    Boston Legal: Seriously the coolest show ever! Denny Crane.

    Supernatural: Kinda over the major story arc though…

    Rove: Is an Australian talk show kinda like Jay Leno (Rove’s actually been a guest) sooooo hilarious

    Scrubs: Awesome-ness, just awesom-ness.

    and Grey’s Anatomy: Hey Im a chick, ok.

  54. Been watching Castle (all 3 episodes this far), The Universe (the one about the origins of the actual Universe *grin*), an occasional Scrubs or How I Met Your Mother, and movies.

    And of those, Castle is the only one I set my clock for.


  55. Sandra: “why can’t Jack or Sam understand spoken Goa’uld if they have translator nanites?”

    Because it was new slang to their old language and the nanites don’t update their system….ok yeah I just made that up.

    P.s I hate reality tv, it pains me.

  56. What am I watching…the list got a little shorter this past Friday, when BSG wrapped up. Overall, an amazing series. There were those who found the spiritually-centered finale to be a little Deus ex Machina, but since the show had been heavily spiritual/mystical from the very beginning, I felt it was appropriate. And satisfying.

    I had been watching Leverage, truly fun show, but it’s in between seasons right now. Season two starts in the summer.

    Tried out Burn Notice and liked the stories, but found the lead actor to be very bland. A little android-ish, to be honest. Michael Shanks made a great guest star though!

    I’m also trying out Kings, because I think the premise and setting is unique (and I’m so sick of the networks’ love affair with procedurals). So far I’m not sure about the show, but I’ll stick with it a while in support.

    Which leaves me with…yeah, I guess that leaves me with Lost. I think that’s it at the moment. At least as far as “fiction” television goes.

    I’ll also watch the Dog Whisperer. And Storm Chasers, when that starts up again!

  57. Let’s see… being a self proclaimed TV wh… er… watcher… on the Can’t Miss List is:

    How I Met Your Mother… one of the smartest sitcoms. Nice progression of “meeting mother” with stories of hanging with your best buds.

    House, Last Resturant Standing, Chopped, and Big Love (Which yes just ended… but it is the only reason we have HBO)

  58. what do I watch? hhmm…. let’s see

    TV I hate to miss (thank god for my PVR!)

    House, 24, NCIS, Project Runway/Canada, Supernatural, certain reruns of SG1 and SGA (although my DVDs tend to take care of that)

    Stuff I like (again, all hail the wonderous PVR!)

    Dollhouse, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Mythbusters, Iron Chef America, Jeopardy (the hubby and I tend to record a week and then watch all at once on the weekend – brain workout!) CBS Sunday Morning

    Things I’ve become addicted to thanks to fandom and the internets:

    Torchwood, Dr. Who, Merlin

    Things I watch when I flick past them:
    Pretty much anything with Gordon Ramsay, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Family Guy, Any incarnation of Star Trek depending on the episode, most of the decorating shows on HGTV Canada.

    Things I want to start watching: Battlestar Galactica

    So… on reflection I think I watch too much TV!

  59. Heya Joe,

    Well right now my days and nights consist of watching reruns of SG-1 and SGA, no matter how many times in a 24 hour period it comes on, I’ll watch the same show over and over again. I know, I’m a sad, sad person. I’ll watch NCIS as well, that’s my favorite show for that type of genre. If there’s nothing on TV to watch, then I’ll resort to putting in my Stargate Atlantis dvd’s and have my own SGA marathon.

    I do have one question tho, that i hope u can answer.

    Q: Are fan mail still accepted for the SGA cast? Joe Flanigan for example, does his fan mail go to him?


  60. I have never been one for reality shows or interior design but COLIN & JUSTIN HOME HEIST (
    is just too much fun to watch.

    When things don’t go as planned it fun to watch the sparks fly between them and their design team. Colin and Justin can be so brutally honest when confronting the design disaster they are asked to fix. Nothing is sacred. What I find the funniest is how the home owners can be surprised at Colin and Justin’s behavior. It is like they have never watched the show before.

  61. Joe wrote: “House: I’m sure some will disagree, but I like the new team. A lot! The Cuddy-baby storyline, on the other hand, I’m not too crazy about. Surprised?”

    The new team just makes for new fun… after 3 good years with the old pals, these new 3 made a good addition (the selection process in S4 was damn funny, would have loved to have Carmen Argenziano stay as a regular, but he was House, but much nicer), some new fresh air. You gotta love that show.
    The baby thing, it’s another point for fun stuff waiting to happen, and it makes it possible to go deeper into the character of Cuddy, and further develop the House-Cuddy relation, whatever kind it is, which is always interesting, leaving you eager for more… I just hope it doesn’t end yet… it’d leave me without any shows to watch, besides the casual Law & Order, Life, Cold Case, JAG, or NCIS while I have lunch or supper. I think I’ll go with Boston Legal though… I’ve seen a few episodes, and it looks like the kind of fun I like, that reminds me a bit of Stargate’s humor we all love. What do you think about it?

    Oh, and… now that I’ve mentioned Carmen Argenziano (Jacob/Selmak for SG1 fans), I’ve always wondered… Why “Carmen”? In Spanish, it’s a well-known woman name. Anyone knows the story behind it?


  62. Must Watch: Big Bang Theory, Heroes, Burn Notice, 30 Rock, 24, Lost, anything on History Channel, the Ramsey shows, the IT Crowd, and yes NASA channel!

    On the cusp: Kings, Better off Ted, Primeval.

    Anticipating: SGU!

  63. I watch lots of TV..I love DVR! It makes life easier.

    Mondays: House, Chuck, How I Met Your Mother, and Castle (great new show – lots of funny and pretty decent crime).

    Tuesdays: NCIS, The Mentalist, and occasionally The Biggest Loser (what’s more fun than watching fat people lose weight? Okay…lots)

    Wednesdays: Lie to Me, Life, Lost, and occasionally Criminal Minds (but it’s kind of gone down hill this season..)

    Thursdays: Survivor (not as impressed this season, either), Bones, Eleventh Hour (really good show)

    Fridays: Dollhouse (kind-of-sort-of-but-not-really replaces my Stargate fix), Flashpoint, and the Soup.

    Saturdays: PBR!

    Sundays: PBR, Amazing Race (I actually like the deaf kid..but he and his mom are kind of..irritating), and The Unit (you should definitely watch it – it’s wonderful).

    And I’ll occasionally watch Reaper, Jon & Kate Plus 8, Cops, Hard Time, the Dog Whisperer, Dogtown, and miscellaneous National Geographic/Discovery Channel/History Channel shows.

  64. Oh I forgot Deadliest Catch, Monk, Psych, Burn Notice, Eureka, Fringe, Sanctuary, and Grey’s Anatomy.

    I hate the Cuddy-baby storyline. It’s so…useless. *sigh*

  65. im watching right now: 24, dollhouse, house, Bones, Burn Notice, flight of the concords, star wars clone wars.

    Shows that im waiting for to air: fringe.

    shows that i used to watch for a while but later stopped: true blood, generation kill, in treatment. HBO is going down. LOST, Prison Break —both became boring.

    —- i would say that 24 and bones have been interesting this season. but Bones is trying to be fringy now. it would be interesting to see a story arc for Bones, rather than catching criminals every episode, because its weak points is the crime that needs to be solved is usually bland for some unknown reason, its lacking in depth. a story arc should fix that like last season, a serial killer maybe or or a regular villian. to give a greater purpose to what they do.
    flight of the concords is funny as usual. star wars surprised me. and burn notice is just for fun coz it has that 90s tv show vipe that you dont see anymore plus it got Bruce Cambpel (spelling?)

    House is also fun mainly because of Dr. House but i grew tired of his games, they should tone it down alittle. and the new team isnt bad. and i dont like the sudden sherlok holmes intuition part that house gets by the end of the episode, it should be earned somehow. but i dont know how since its all theoritical. they run the tests, if they fail, they think why it did or why the medicine doesnt work and blah blah, its the same every episode. Im starting to think it would be more interesting if they made a patient’s death a reguler thing so each episode will end up as a sad one. and nothing is worse than seeing House argue with some guy about the existance of God, its so cheesy and out of place. these things shouldnt be discussed by characters, it makes their ideas mushy.

    but other than rome and stargate, im not missing much really.

  66. The Simpsons, Desperate Housewives, Heroes, House M.D., How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, Scrubs, Reaper, Fringe, Lost, Lie to Me, My Name is Earl, Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy, Smallville, QI, Everybody Hates Chris, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Eureka and babylon 5.
    Now that I see it like this it is a lot.

  67. I do: NCIS (how can you not love Gibbs?), Lost, Ghost Hunters, and Monk. DVR’d of course. Commercials be damned!!

    I also have Netflix, which makes up the majority of my TV watching each week.

  68. I watch more than is good for me, and definitely not good for my Uni work. I managed to watch all of Burn Notice in 3days just because someone on here mentioned that Shanks was in it. But found it to be a really good show, can’t wait for it to be on again.
    Other than that I’m watching ER – I really like this last series, so nice to see all the characters back.
    Supernatural, Reaper, 24, Heroes, Scrubs, Lost, Dollhouse, Castle and of course Flight of the Conchords – but for some reason can’t bring myself to watch the last ever episode…then it means it will be over. Although I did hear rumour of there being a film 🙂

  69. I still watch my SGA

    The Mentalist
    Being Erica (Fabulous show, go CBC go!)
    How I Met Your Mother (ha ha Legendary)
    Dr. Who
    Torchwood (yes I read the book for this too…sigh)
    Flashpoint ( My lord that is a fantastic show! Go Canada go!)
    Fringe (but mostly for Walters one liners, too funny)

    There are the two I admit to with a little embarrassment of course:

    Legend of the Seeker
    Uh…ahh…Knight Rider (scuse me while I go bury my head in the sand)

    aaaanyway, my definite fav’s are:

    The Mentalist
    Being Erica

    Ces’t tout!

  70. I would disagree about the deaf son & his mother. I really like them and would not be upset if they won the million.

    However, I can see why people wouldn’t like tAR14…there aren’t any villains to root against. Personally, I prefer liking all of the teams. This way, I don’t blow a gasket if Team Asshole wins (Flo & Zach, S3).

  71. And… the cops just brought the fridge and freezer back, contents included, also the fluid washing stuff, and perhaps the rest is following, or has followed as well…


  72. Actually, since SGA was cancelled, there really aren’t any shows I feel I must see and will plan my evening around. The ones I really like I’ll Tivo so I can watch them at my leisure. So – also unlike SGA – I have no idea when most of these shows come on.

    Currently on my TIVO list: Numb3rs, Chuck, Burn Notice, Ugly Betty, Eureka (waiting for it to come back on again someday).

    Other shows I catch occasionally and like enough that I probably should put them on my TIVO list: Scrubs, Mentalist, Big Bang Theory, CSI, Amazing Race, NCIS

    Speaking of NCIS – even though it’s been on for a while, I just started watching it recently. How did I miss that fact that David McCallum is on this show! I was a Man From U.N.C.L.E. freak as a kid and McCallum’s character, Illya Kuryakin, was my hearthrob. In fact, my first fiction writing as a kid was writing my own Man from U.N.C.L.E. episodes. So I started watching NCIS when I realized McCallum was on the show and got drawn in by the drama and quirkiness of the other characters.

    And then there’s America’s Best Dance Crew. I love this show! And it’s fun watching it with my daughter.

  73. At the Moment I’m watching:
    House MD: love it!!! I grew up watchin Hugh Laurie in ‘Jeeves and Wooster’, ‘Blackadder’, ‘A Bit of Fry and Laurie’. I love the anatomy side of it…i love the sarcasm. i agree the cuddy baby storyline was good ..but its run its course in relation to becoming a major plot. The new team have fitted in quite well but i do miss the dynamic that was had with the other team. im hoping to see more of Cameron and Chase at the end of season.

    CSI NY: I love this part of the franchise the most..closely followed by the Vegas version. a good majority of people would disagree with me but i love the cases, the team dynamic and the city itself as a character…

    NCIS: I dont know why but this has gotten under my skin and i love it! Irish Television are only on season 3 so i rely on dvds! but again the stories are great.. each character gets explored..

    Without a Trace: I keep watching but i dont know how i really feel about it at this point.. we are 9 episodes in to the new season over here . I think Anthony LaPaglia does a great Job as the ‘Boss’ storylines are good..when they are given the attention they deserve..

    Scrubs: WHAT A SHOW! Like a good majority of people i felt that it sagged abit the last few seasons but it was still giggle worthy..I have enjoyed the new season but you can feel that is is very Final…i dont know how i feel about that…

    Chuck/Big Bang: I catch these when i can and i do enjoy the comedy!!! Big Bang you have the spin of sci fi…Chuck you have the spin of Bond…class!!

    one show that took me by complete surprise and had me hooked was…
    Leverage:Thank god for friends in America and Region Free DVD player! I loved every episode! the cast..the stoires..the way it was shot…I drew me in!!!! cannot wait for season 2!!!!!

  74. Hi Mr M!!

    Mmmm, interesting debate re: TV watching

    For the record:
    Minimal TV due to small people and work/dog/cat committments but ALWAYS make time for:

    Sanctuary (SyFy (Europe)) (Wonderful show with great stories and a cast and crew we all know and love!)

    The Daily Show (More 4) (John Stewart gives Carl Binder a run for his money as funniest guy on the planet!)

    Situation Room (CNN) (Wolf Blitzer gives Carl Binder a run for his money as most serious man on the planet!)

    On DVD:
    West Wing (working through Season 6/7 for Don S Davis and the late Ron Silver)
    MacGyver (Season 4) (getting ready for the movie!!!!!)
    Alias (Still miss Jen!)
    The Wire (Season 1….am new to this)

    Best to all at The Bridge


  75. Sadly now that Battlestar is over (sniff, sniff) I have a void of sci-fi till Universe comes out. I too watch Amazing Race and Survivor. I wouldn’t say that the Deaf Kid and Mom are assholes. I find them very amusing as they are not yoru stereotypical deaf kid and mom. I felt bad for the poor kid last week when he was upset about the poor in India. Seems like ever season they go to India and someone ends up crying. I probably would too. Why do I have this love/hate relationship with Gordon Ramsey…. I like his Kitchen Nightmares too. The UK version is much better than the American one. Have you watched Castle, starring Nathan Fillion (monday nights). It’s really good. Very well written and cast in my opinion.

  76. Mostly watching live: NHL & NASCAR

    DVRing and watching when time: Ashes to Ashes (BBC’s followup to Life on Mars, not that impressed with it because the shock factor has worn off but it does bring up the question, which would be worst to get stuck in 1973 or 1981? I’m thinking ’81 is worse…) /// Hell’s Kitchen, still trying to guess who’s faking the screwups. I used to like maitre-d JP.

    GuiltyP watch: Rock of Love tour bus is still rolling OMG. I’m getting such a laugh out of this train wreck, mostly because of the women but also because in 1988 he was just another pathetic “rock star” when I tripped over Bret Michaels’ passed out body in a hotel hallway… no, it wasn’t that, a band I hung with opened for Poison and got invited… I’m mostly laughing because he survived all that (so did I) and has actually turned out to be a pretty decent person and good businessman.

    Waiting for the return of: Doctor Who, Burn Notice, Psych, Monk, and will be giving Plain Sight and The Cleaner another chance.

    Craig MD: The Big Bang Theory (funniest show on tv).
    Agreed, it’s great!!

  77. PS: I’m REALLY missing new Atlantis episodes.

    And my son still has me watching Smallville. At least Doomsday has shown up!

  78. PPS: also still DVRing Legend of the Seeker, as I mentioned before it picked up positively when they got to the Mord-Sith.

    And I’m waiting for Fringe to start again, for the cast not the content.

  79. At the moment I’m enjoying Big Bang Theory, Castle, Dollhouse, and Numb3rs.

    Quick question for all the other Big Bang theory fans, a few weeks back during the paintball episode, did anybody else sayu, “I saw that episode!” when Sheldon started talking about Stargate Sg-1?

  80. Lie to Me is a new fav of mine. You might like it, Joe — you can use what you learn to figure out when your colleagues are taking you for a ride.

    I love the new House team! As long as they keep up with the House/Wilson subtext I’m there.

    30 Rock and The Office — sublime.

    I catch up with Jon Stewart and Colbert on Hulu. Oh, and Friday Night Lights too.

    American Idol is my only reality TV, and the line-up is weak this year. But the nephews insist we discuss it each week so I have to keep up.

    I watch 24 because it’s a Stargate reunion. Got hooked on Burn Notice for Michael S. — drat you, Michael! It’s also fun to find all the continuity mistakes each week. Must be the Miami heat.

    I’m hanging in with Heroes but it’s a tough go.

  81. Hey, kind of on the subject, I wanted to ask: how much does everyone DVR their favorites? Over the past year, I’ve begun recording everything worth watching and then viewing later on, at leisure. I didn’t even watch the BSG finale until two days after the fact.

    I know that the SciFi channel (I’m not calling it Syfy, forget it) has encouraged fans to “watch live”, but honestly…I don’t have a Nielsen box, and never expect to. So what I watch live doesn’t count anyway. No one will ever know. On the other hand, maybe what I DVR does count. At least if I’m understanding correctly. Feel free to set me straight if I’m wrong on this.

  82. Oh! Oh! Oh! I can’t believe I forgot Dollhouse! I just am not getting emotional invested in it. If it comes back next season then sure.

  83. @ Sulien – Thankies. Back in the 70s and 80s there were so many boats that went down, it really got to me after a while, especially since that’s when my brother was fishing. He was mostly on fishing vessels, and – although he says it’s 6 of one, half-dozen of the other as far as risk goes – I still think scallopers like the Lady Mary are more dangerous. It doesn’t look good for those who haven’t been found yet 🙁 :

    And I hear what you’re saying about The Mentalist – however, I think that’s exactly what I love about it. I find that the closer to reality a ‘cop’ show gets, the quicker it gets on my nerves, or worse. For instance, I came to hate the legal system SO much from watching Law & Order that I once got out of jury duty by stating that ‘lawyers are snakes, just looking for loopholes to set guilty people free’. I was ‘dismissed’. 😀 I haven’t been able to watch that show in years – it just makes me so mad at lawyers! 😆 (Where’s that hungry Wraith when you need him, eh? 😉 )

    NCIS – I hear a lot of folks saying ‘what’s not to love about Gibbs’ – and this is true. Never a Mark H fan before, but I really like him lots in this show. However, hubby and I both love Abby best, then Gibbs, then McGee. Ziva is fast growing on me, I LOVE the new director and Ducky and Jimmy. However, DiNozzo totally gets on my nerves. Total creepo! One of these days, I’M gonna Boss-smack him upside his head! HARD! 😀

    On a totally personal note, half of one of my molars just broke off…down to the gumline. I am NOT happy at all! I had two fillings replaced late last year, but put the rest off because of my respiratory problems this winter. Now I have two more that need repair, and this one looks bad because I think it’s more than the filling, but the tooth itself. No cavities…just really old fillings from my teens-20s that need to be replaced…or, something. AND I don’t have dental insurance. Ugh. I. HATE. getting. old.


  84. me revoila! Dites je me poser une question!

    Pouquoi Stargate n’a jamais était adapter sur DS,playstation ou xbox ? Qui choisie si elle le sera ou non?

  85. Since Stargate Atlantis has ended, I don’t watch much anymore. When I do it is Jon and Kate plus 8 (I know you wouldn’t like it too many kids, lol), Two and 1/2 men (love comedy) and Supernatural.

  86. isn’t reality television considered blasphemy to writers?

    I enjoy The Ultimate Fighter, a bunch of amatuer Mixed Martial Arts fighters living in a house together. Training and competing in a tournament style shootout for a contract and big bucks.

    Smallville, the new season has picked up alot better than the last couple seasons.

    South Park, nuf said.

    Kings, new NBC drama about a modern day monarchy, and a small “farm town” boy who gets thrust into the spotlight of an entire country.

    If you liked Rome you will enjoy Kings.

  87. Castle… hey, a show with my maiden name? Yeah!

    Big Bang Theory, My name is earl (not so great this time around), Criminal Minds, NCIS, the assorted CSIs when I remember or am awake. I have on demand and catch up on stuff like Monk there. I lost Lost and have to catch up. same with Heroes. Hubby watches BSG (yawn) and Knight Rider (no, really). Dollhouse is looking better. Survivor and Amazing Race just aren’t doing it for me this season. Maybe if they had Survivor in Russia in winter? Fire making skills would improve! Make the folks on Amazing Race battle it out for plane tickets and immunity from being sent home if they’re last?

    Yes, I watch Dancing with the Stars. So does hubby. We’re just weird that way. Personally, I’m mesmerized by The Woz. Wow.

  88. Martyn Drake wrote:

    ….. I’m trying to resist the temptation (despite what I said earlier here about buying HD kit) to buy Battlestar Galactica from iTunes in HD format so I can watch the whole thing on my Mac in glorious higher resolution than standard definition.

    The major downside to this is that an entire series is *much* more expensive than the DVDs (yet I’d imagine any Blu-Ray release of the show would take an age to come out if such a thing were planned). Also, it would be a right bugger to back up (given the file sizes of the HD files – you’d need lots and lots of blank DVDs to store them on), and then what happens when the next set of HD specifications are released (although on reflection, if the show is shot only in standard HD format and not film or 4k resolutions then it won’t matter in the slightest)…..

    @Martyn Drake
    There is the rumors that TPTB might just bypass the revolving disc route and go to the read only SDHC memory card route. It not that uncommon to see 16GB SDHC memory cards today. A box set of 20 one hour TV episodes on double layer DVD is 47GB. Guess you might need a handful of memory cards instead stacks of DVD. We shall see when the 32GB and higher memory cards became common and cheap.

  89. Here’s my watching list:
    Repeated reruns of SG-1 and SGA.
    Eleventh Hour
    The Office/30 Rock – I agree this is a hilarious hour of TV
    ER – Okay, don’t laugh but I have been watching from the onset and I’m gonna tough it out till it is over.
    And of course can’t wait for SGU. My kids saw the promo and they were anxious to know why everyone was running and screaming. My middle son said he thought the clip quality reminded him of Cloverfield.
    Have a good one!

  90. I just watched “Happy Go Lucky” and liked it (left me happy) and season one of True Blood. The faux southern accents on TB are terrible but the gore, sex and violence are top notch and Anna Paquin’s kooky waitress is a hoot. I hulu Life and Bones too. I’m also enjoying the website and it’s newswire; there are UFO witnesses all over and tons of recent sightings, which is baffling to me because I apparently miss everything. But it’s fun to read all the many descriptions of UFO encounters, even the wonky ones like “I had just polished off a fifth of Jim Beam when I looked up at the sky and sawed a really bright light that weren’t Jesus.”

  91. Hey Joe,

    I know you’re an expert on Vancouver dining, any suggestions for vegan dining in Vancouver? My partner and I are heading up that way in early April.


  92. Without a proper Stargate franchise to view, the alternatives in no particular order are:
    Dr Who
    Dr. Who
    Greys Anatomy
    Private Practice
    Ugly Betty
    StargateSG1, and SGA reruns
    Forever news on CNN, HLN, Fox
    Weather Channel – just in case
    I think I may have missed a couple due to my hit or miss ability to view in real-time. Thank goodness for DVR but also need to remember to set it. And, there is a limit to what the DVR can hold, which requires deleting or it does it for you.
    Without a StargateX – I do admit to a very strong addiction to NCIS, Dr Who, Greys, Sanctuary, Torchwood.
    BSG, as has been discussed, got very dark, but I loved many of the actors and did try to watch to seem them. It was great they brought Richard Hatch into the mix. The finale was a great wrap in spite of a couple of uneven parts which I am sure was due to the limitations of time. It was a good send off.

  93. This is Lost’s final season? Shyt! Just when I start watching the show, they go and cancel it. What the hell!!

  94. Hi Joe
    Got a couple questions if you don’t mind

    1. I might come visit Canada sometime soon, would it be too much to drop by Bridge Studios and finally meet you in person?

    2. Are you done with filming Air yet?

    3. I had a dream that you were mad at me for asking the budget of the Universe episodes and the Atlantis movie. Is that true?

    4. I want to make a career in the film industry, hopefully acting or writing. Any tips on how to get started?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  95. My list, in no particular order:

    The Mentalist
    Eleventh Hour
    *The Sarah Connor Chronicles
    Castle (my new favorite)
    Burn Notice

    * These two, I’m afraid, aren’t long for TV.

    I was drawn back into Battlestar Galactica’s final season, just because I wanted to see how it ended, and may I say, though others might disagree, that the series finale was very satisfying indeed.

  96. Oh, yeah, I forgot. I agree wholeheartedly with you about the criminal element, the need for prisons, and the molly-coddling judicial system (US and Canada).

  97. Joe, my mom watches the Amazing Race. She says she agrees with you. I don’t watch it so I don’t know. But hey, you ever want a partner for being on that show I’d be happy to try it! You could eat anything weird and I could do all the physically challenging stuff like bathing an elephant! 😆

    Shows I watch:

    Dr. Who (obviously, I know)
    Big Bang Theory
    Burn Notice
    30 Rock
    Reaper (best devil EVER! 😈 )
    Ghost Hunters (My guilty reality TV pleasure! I’m now outta the Ghost Hunters closet! 😛 )
    Family Guy
    American Dad
    Assorted cartoons and kid shows… like iCarly, Drake and Josh and yes, even Hanna Montana. *shudder* I love the Upside Down Show. What?! I watch with Erin. She’s 7. I’m being a good mom! I miss Angry Beavers. THAT was a funny cartoon. Allie, Jeremy and I watched that one as a family. *sigh* Ah memories…

    Also, I have some sad news. Kassandra (mackenziesmomma) sent me an e-mail. Her first goat she bought with her own money, Jesse, had a stroke and had to be put down. Jesse was almost 10. It’s just an awful thing to go through with a beloved pet. 🙁 I think many of us have been there.

    Just thought I’d let you all know about it.


  98. As a SciFi fan, I’m sad that there’s nothing on now that I enjoy and that there’s nothing really that I am looking forward to. It’ll give me more time to read.

    I caught an episode of “Hell’s Kitchen” just last week and was morbidly fascinated with just how awful and inappropriate and ego-driven Ramsay is. Wow. I won’t watch that again.

    I watch an occasional “America’s Next Top Model” because I find the catty and over the top women funny. Also, it’s bizarre how the camera can match a vision that as a viewer you don’t see in the moving image.

    Other than that, there’s “Lost” of the HGTV channel, especially now as we approach Spring and gardening. Oh, and “Castle”, though I don’t see how they can sustain the show for very long.

  99. I hate to admit this, but I seem to primarily watch QVC – the shopping channel, and reality shows. I am hooked on American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, and various and sundry Food Network reality challenge shows. The only non-reality TV shows I watch are: House (although I have missed quite a few episodes), reruns of Star Trek, TNG, DS9 and Voyager, reruns of Boston Legal, of course reruns of SGA, and The Universe series on the History Channel. I also occasionally watch Dr. Who.

    I have DVR’d all the season 4.5 episodes of BSG, but since I have never seen any episodes of season 1, 2, 3 and 4.0, I think I’d better start watching my DVD’s before I attempt to just jump in and start watching!

  100. what am i watching?

    well the only thing i watch on tv, besides the news, is the amazing race & you’re right, it’s not the best.

    on i’m watching bones, the terminator show, & sg-1 (squee!)

    on the netflix watch it now thing it’s xena & hercules.

    on it’s macgyver (young rda!)

    from the netflix rental list it was star trek: deep space nine & will soon be star trek: voyager

  101. My List:

    The Mentalist. Simon Baker – ’nuff said. Plus it’s a charming & non-demanding show, which is nice after a tough day at work. Yeah, the police work is silly bordering on ridiculous, but I don’t let it bother me.

    Chuck – I adore this show and it’s in trouble which is just too sad. Adam Baldwin is a treasure. I’m glad to see all the love for Chuck on this list.


    Life on Mars (RIP – only two more episodes)

    Burn Notice, Monk, Psych, and Eureka when they return.



    Desparate Housewives.

    Castle: I’m sticking with this because Nathan Fillion the actor and Nick Castle the character are both fun and thoroughly enjoyable. Hoping the plots can rise to that level.

    DVD: Working my way through the entire run of The Shield (up to season 5).

    Mourning the loss of: Atlantis, Pushing Daisies, BSG

    Eagerly awaiting: SG:U and the return of college football in the fall (go Trojans), and the New(est) Doctor Who in 2010.

  102. Oh…I forgot the Sarah Jane – adventures, which I think is an offshoot of Dr. Who. Ok back to work.

  103. On March 24, 2009 at 6:59 pm Deni B. wrote:

    …and watching McKay and Mrs. Miller in bed!

    Ewww! That really needed the quotation marks around the episode title!

    on March 25, 2009 at 4:31 am Mix-martes86 wrote:

    Carmen Argenziano… Why “Carmen”? In Spanish, it’s a well-known woman name. Anyone knows the story behind it?

    In Italy, it can be either.

    Anne Teldy

  104. I’m watching seasons 2 and 7 of “24,” Season 12 of “Top Gear”, Season 1 of “Castle,” and the Sarah Connor Chronicles, assuming that last week wasn’t the season finale.

  105. What have I been watching? I’m on the 5th time through Stargate SG1, followed by the 5th time thru Stargate Atlantas, followed by the 6th time thru both SG1 movies (I keep them going in order). Obviously these are DVD’s. I’m obviously addicted, and had been going through withdrawal until I purchased all of the above. I almost have the words and actions memorized for all the episodes for all the above. Each time through I focus on another aspect of the characters, notice who’s writing what script, who’s producing which season, who’s directing, go through the special features, and on and on and on. This is the first time in 13 years where I haven’t purposely stayed home every Friday night just to watch Stargate.

    The only other thing on TV that I watch is 24. It’s pretty good this year.
    Seriously addicted

  106. I actually like the new team on House but what they’ve done to Cuddy makes me cry a little inside. I absolutely adored the subtext between her and House but now that they’ve dragged it into canon it’s killed the USTy fun and they’ve made her look like an idiot. Poor Cuddy.

    Who’s line is it any way?, 30 Rock, The Office, The Daily Show, Flight of the Concords, Psych (which has become spot the ex-SGA actor), and Boston Legal are on the Must View List. Though I would pay large sums of money ($5 – $10) to be able to see The Colbert Report and the Castle.

  107. My viewing list is kinda large. I’m surprised I get off the couch sometimes.

    How I Met Your Mother
    The Big Bang Theory (I can NOT recommend this show enouhg!)
    CSI (original only!)
    Sarah Connor Chronicles
    Desperate Housewives
    Brothers & Sisters
    Eureka (when it comes back on)

    Plus I’m looking forward to the Doctor Who and Red Dwarf specials. And, of course, Stargate when Universe comes on. 😀

  108. @Anne Teldy: ROTFL, never even saw it…yeah, that could be gross, weird, and who knows, maybe fun?

  109. Besides the news (when I want to be totally depressed), sports, and checking out the weather channel, the only shows that I really enjoy watching are NCIS and Burn Notice. Like others have said, I started watching Burn Notice because of Michael Shanks. Loved Victor. Great job by Michael creating such a fantastic character. I’ll probably continue watching the show even though Victor will be sorely missed.

    Glad you, Fondy and your dogs are o.k. Very scary. I had to smile when you mentioned Fondy wanting a Great Dane. The movie “The Ugly Dachshund” came to mind. *lol*

    Thanks for the cute pictures that you posted of your dogs. The one of Lulu was especially sweet.


  110. Funny you should ask what we’re watching … I’ve blown a disc in my back and have been stuck at home for 3 weeks now, bored to death. Umpteen zillion channels and nothing on … until I remembered your frequent mentions of “The F Word”. Found it on BBC America. They are running it every day (reruns) but as I haven’t seen any eps at all, they are all new to me. And you’re right! It is the best Ramsay show of the three. Now I’m hooked – Thanks very much, Mr. M.!!! 😀

  111. Uh.. well.. actually, since you guys culled Atlantis, I seem to have lost interest in getting too involved with the tv. What Sci-Fi there is amounts to little other than a mindless 40+ minutes of nothing in particular, so i’ve swapped talking pictures for the kind I can paint at my own leisure.

    Rome’s been doing a re-run recently, so that’s been fun to go through once again. And occasionally, I do tune into Bones. As background entertainment, i’ve moved over to the Documentary channels in the hope it’ll ‘stimulate my mind’. Actually, it’s quite informative. Last night I learnt how not to predict earthquakes in three easy steps of calculus. And this afternoon, I got a detailed description of the damage a 50mm round can do to the human body.

    As vague as my tv habits may be however, it’s always nice to know someone else is watching me

    Guess that means no brash statements of Viva la Revolucion! on this blog, huh?

  112. someone should come up with a realistic horror story depicting a world in the near-future where all kinds of drugs got legalized. that will get people reading. i would do it if i could coz that book will make billions! someone out there should jump on that. lol

  113. SG-1: watching Season 6 again.

    Lost – so innovative, I could go on…

    Some I am watching or am planning to watch in a reverse outlining marathon: Psyche, Back at the Barnyard, Burn Notice (maybe), Kings (next year), no need to take notes on Sanctuary->spec’d it in January

  114. We have no cable, no satellite, no DVR, no TIVO,

    So yes, I am still watching BSG because the series ender has not been posted online yet, and I have managed to avoid listening to any post-season discussions thus far … LALALALALALALALALA I can’t hear you!

    The Office
    Flight of the Chonchords (still waiting for season II, see above, and what do you mean, end of the series !?!!)
    The Wire (I have a friend in Season 5 — the amazing Todd Scofield)
    Eureka, when it comes back
    Terminator, The Sarah Connor Chronicles
    and Farscape DVDs, when I have had a bad day. No one cheers me up like Ben Browder.

  115. I am pretty much addicted to TV so I have a heavy schedule.

    Favorites are Flight of the Conchords, Supernatural (which has only gotten better each season), Chuck and Lost.

    Shows I am still watching but have no idea why I am wasting time on them, Bones ( used to be a fun show now its just bad) and Heroes.

    New shows that I just started watching include Castle which is okay but it stars Nathan Fillion whom I even endured Desperate Housewives for because he earned it as Mal. Also Dollhouse which started out pretty rough but started picking up a bit with episodes 4 and 5 and episode 6 was pretty damn good.

    I saw Friday Night Lights on Direct TV and season three was very good.

  116. Apart from Stargate I like, Prison Break; CSI (all of them); Numb3rs (my stats lecturer HATES it); Bones and Project Runway.

    I also like Rove (an aussie chat show). E!News and The Girls Next Door are my guilty pleasure shows.

    Love the pic of Lulu from yesterday. She really has the guard dog in disguise thing perfected. LOL!

  117. Hello,
    Completely unrelated questions:
    1) Apparently, Stargate SG-1 The Ark of Truth was created to wrap up loose ends in season ten. What about loose ends in seasons 1-9? No one thought to chase them up, now I’m left cold.
    2)An example of the above: What happened to Aris Boch? Did Sam ever find a cure for the drug he was on?
    3)In the episode where SG-1 find that mirror to other realities, when SG-1 are looking for Daniel, who’s the other man in the shot?
    4) Did the Tollan die out? The obvious answer would be yes, but it’s only sort of implied.
    5) Will Shifu ever come back? Again, the answer is only an implied yes, but he never came back. Perhaps he can come back to help SG-1 fight Adria? I have a story idea for that, but it’s too detailed to go into here.
    6) Will Jack and Sam ever get married? Yet again, the implied answer is yes (we assume that’s why she grew her hair out).
    7) Stargate Atlantis hasn’t been airing long enough for it to finish now- again, I have several story ideas. Won’t you consider keeping the series running?
    8) Don’t you think it’s odd that, for a show called Stargate Atlantis, the stargate is very seldom shown?

  118. Hey Joe,

    I’m glad Alex Levine got on the staff of The Border. It is a good show and it just got a U.S. distributor which is great. Can you give us an update on some of other SGA crew? Like what their position is on SGU or if they have moved on what they are up to lately? I am interested in Will Waring, Lawren, Bam Bam, Evil Kenny, Mark Savela, James Robbins, and John Lenic. Thanks

  119. So what I’m watching:

    – 24!!!!!!!!!!!!! – and I noticed that we had a “Michael” appearance on 24 with Kiefer…nice to see.
    – House
    – Watched BSG finale – last 30 minutes were awesome!
    – Ghost Hunters
    – Just got into American Idol this season…for one reason – doing a pool to see who will win 🙂
    – The Office/30 Rock – agree with you Joe about those
    – Hate to admit – but Rock of Love & America’s Top Model suck me in – LOL!

  120. I’m not a big TV watcher, too busy with other things like work, cooking, cleaning, kids, trying to exercise to rebuild my ever-weakening bones, etc., and several of the shows I like are on hiatus. And since I joined the BotM Club, a lot of my free time is spent reading. The few shows I watch semi-regularly are:

    The Mentalist
    Ace of Cakes
    Iron Chef

    Can’t watch “House” – the medical inaccuracies drive me up the wall. In fact, I can’t watch any medical shows except Scrubs. I don’t care for reality shows.

    Dang it! I meant to watch “Castles” but I forgot about it!

    And I’m currently making my way through the early season’s of “Numb3rs” which I never saw because I was busy watching SG:A or not watching TV. I’m also renting “Lexx” from Netflix to satisfy my sci-fi cravings and have started watching the anime classic “Berserk” (newly remastered) – which I’m enjoying more than I expected.

    @das: I’m very sorry to hear about the tragedy that struck Cape May. I’ll keep all of you in my prayers. And your poor tooth! Mine are falling apart, too, because of bad enamel and lots of fillings, but so far my dentist is capping them before they get the chance to crack. 3 so far and many more in the future, no doubt. But it sure beats dentures.

    @Joe: Ah, another horrifying horror novel! I may have to skip this one. But I’m betting that the rest of the crew will read this one since it doesn’t have dogs in it!

  121. Heard that you got an update from Martin Gero tonight! Anything awesome happening in NYC?

  122. @ Sparrow_hawk – Yeah, they called off the search, so the rest will be declared dead, I suppose – only one in seven made it. 🙁 The owner of the boat – the guy my brother knows – was not on board, but his two sons were, and both died, along with another relative. That’s gonna hit the family hard. This hasn’t happened in a while here – not with so many lost. It’s just very sobering…

    As far as my toofie goes – I go to the dentist tomorrow. I hope they can cap it, or rebuild it, or something. This just hasn’t been a happy year so far for me physical-wise…I really just need a break. Until then, I’m gonna sleep. 🙂


  123. Currently on: 24, Heroes, American Idol, Fringe, Lost, Lie To Me, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, Real Time with Bill Maher
    Sadly had to say goodbye to: Stargate Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica
    Looking forward to the return of Sanctuary, Dexter, So You Think You Can Dance, Project Runway, Top Design, Top Chef, Shear Genius
    Looking forward to the new shows: Stargate Universe and Caprica.
    Looking forward to the SGA and SG-1 movies.
    Hoping for a third resurrection of: Jericho (in what looks to be in the form of a movie instead of a season 3).
    Shows that died recently before their time: Jericho and Eli Stone.
    Shows that need to die: The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Dancing with the Losers (oh, I mean Stars)

    I think I may watch too much TV after reviewing that list!

  124. Just wanted to drop by to say “how’s everything?”.. What I watched is normally reruns of old shows (Frasier, Home Improvement, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and SG1), or I watch the History Channel, Food Network, HGTV, or A&E (love the real CSI shows).

    The only show that I watch on the network channels is “Life On Mars” which after Wednesday, it’s gone. So after that, I’ll just go back to watching reruns. I don’t enjoy watching the reality programing that’s on these channels (also includes VH1 & MTV..just ugh) as they are just simply not entertaining. I like to be educated while I learn so I think that’s why I enjoy the channels that I mentioned above.

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