Story Editor Alex Levin drops by.
Story Editor Alex Levin drops by.
Kate, our Stargate Art Department Draftsman wants to hear your questions!
Kate, our Stargate Art Department Draftsman wants to hear your questions!


Director Peter DeLuise toasts the fans.
Director Peter DeLuise toasts the fans.



Hey, look who’s back in town!  It’s our former script coordinator Alex Levine.  Alex, who is now working as a story editor on The Border presently in production in Toronto, dropped in to say hi – and coordinate the annual March Madness pool.  Although I love college ball, I haven’t been paying close enough attention so I set aside a few hours yesterday to do some research and fill out my sheet.  I’ve got Memphis taking down Gonzaga in the final.  Baron Destructo, a pretty big college hoops fan himself, went significantly more conservative, picking Louisville over North Carolina in the big game.  My writing partner Paul, meanwhile, couldn’t be bothered with doing his homework and elected to choose his teams by picking random numbers out of hat (part of a complicated selection process in which the odds are properly weighted in favor of the higher seeds).  I’ll be interested to see how our sheets compare: expert analysis vs. dumb luck. 

I was strolling down the corridor today when I happened across Kate from the art department who, if she is to be believed, is an occasional reader of my blog.  I asked her when she was going to swing by and do a fan Q&A and she dismissed the notion, presuming no one would really care what the resident Stargate art department draftsman had to say.  I assured her that fans would be VERY interested in her work and informed her that I’d start accepting questions for her today.  So if you have questions for Kate (And I’m sorry, but asking her out doesn’t count as an appropriate question) post away.  What does a draftsman do?  What kind of drawings or plans has she produced?  How did she land the gig?  What’s it like working with Joseph Mallozzi?  Informative stuff.

Hey, speaking of “Looks who’s back!” – Look who’s back!  Why, it’s Director Peter DeLuise, heavy into prep on episode 4, Fire. 

Let’s see, let’s see…what else might be of interest to you…

Well, I was down on set and got a sneak peek at the Universe trailer the network put together.  Coming sooner than you think to a t.v. screen near you… 

The first part of our mid-season two-parter is called Space…

Oh, and Paul has started writing the SGA movie and is about seven pages in. 

In an effort to give everyone as much time as possible, I’m announcing the May book of the month clubs early.  Yes, we still have the April books of the month club discussions forthcoming (Powers: Who Killed Retro Girl? – Discussion the week of April 6th with author Brian Michael Bendis; The Big Over Easy: A Nursery Crime – Discussion the week of April 13th with author Jasper Fforde; Poe: 19 New Tales Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe –
Discussion the week of April 20th with editor Ellen Datlow.) but, looking ahead to May…

In the SF category, it’ll be:

I Remember the Future: The Award-Nominated Stories of Michael A. Burstein, by Michael A. Burstein

From the publisher: “You don’t need a collection of antique spaceships or a carefully calibrated time machine to share the memories of the final Holocaust survivor. You don’t have to jump through the gate between universes in search of a lost friend. All you have to do is open your eyes. You’ll remember the future. The future remembers you.”

For those interested, Jason Sizemore over at Apex ( has kindly created a discount code our club members can use to get 20% off the HC or the PB versions of the book.  Just enter “MALLOZZITWENTY” on checkout and you’re done.  In fact, it’s active for anything in the Apex store except pre-orders.

Book club discussion the week of May 18th with author Michael A. Burstein.

In the Fantasy category, it’ll be:

The Land of Laughs, by Jonathan Carroll

From the publisher: “ Have you ever loved a magical book above all others? Have you ever wished the magic were real? Welcome to The Land of Laughs. A novel about how terrifying that would be.

Schoolteacher Thomas Abbey, unsure son of a film star, doesn’t know who he is or what he wants–in life, in love, or in his relationship with the strange and intense Saxony Gardner. What he knows is that in his whole life nothing has touched him so deeply as the novels of Marshall France, a reclusive author of fabulous children’s tales who died at forty-four.

Now Thomas and Saxony have come to France’s hometown, the dreamy Midwestern town of Galen, Missouri, to write France’s biography. Warned in advance that France’s family may oppose them, they’re surprised to find France’s daughter warmly welcoming instead. But slowly they begin to see that something fantastic and horrible is happening. The magic of Marshall France has extended far beyond the printed page…leaving them with a terrifying task to undertake.”

Book club discussion the week of May 25th with author Jonathan Carroll. 

Today’s entry is dedicated to birthday gal and blog regular Patricia  Lee.  Happy 50!

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Great stuff!

Questions for Kate:

We are curious, and *very* interested in what you do! smile

This may seem a little silly, but what *does* a Draftsman do? Is it like drafting out the set-up of a scene or episode?

How much time do you put in for each one?

Thank You for answering our questions.


My money is on Paul’s dumb luck picks, no offense to yourself or Baron Destructo’attempts to scientifically, or at least logically, predict the March Madness outcome. I’ve enjoyed more than my fair share of success using Mr. Mullie’s technique. Enough so that unless I go out of my way to track down who’se running the pool this year, the guys avoid reminding me it’s that time again.
Great seeing familiar faces dropping by the studio, and even better that Mr. DeLuise is going to be directing another episode. As for the trailer, I suppose I’ll click onto Sci-Fi/Siffy/whatever they are long enough to view it on the web. As of this Friday night the last thing that I routinely watch on that network finishes its run, so I don’t expect to be viewing them until Sanctuary and Universe start airing.
Happy Birthday Patricia! I can’t tell you how much it cheers me up knowing someone else here is at least a little older than I am…
I will try to post some questions for Kate from the art department tomorrow. Thanks for the pics and the info.


Hi Joe,
what’s your favorite Sg-1 season? what about atlantis?


Hey, Joe, can you dedicate this Saturday’s blog to me? It’s gonna be my 22nd birthday. If you say yes, I’ll remind you on Friday and Saturday, if that’s okay.


Kate thanks for taking the time out to do this Q&A

Questions for Kate:

1. What is your favorite medium to use in your renderings?

Mind: colored pencils, charcoal, & oil pastels.

2. What Art School did you attend & major?

Mind: Columbus College of Art & Design – Major in Computer Graphics

3. Is your portfolio online and if yes what is the website?
We would loved to see your work.

4. Have you worked on other TV shows or films?

Craig MD
Craig MD

Hmmm. I may have to pick up “Who Killed Retro Girl?”. I’m a big comic book fan (ok, mostly DC) but the only issue of Powers I’ve read is the one where nasty stuff is done to Warren Ellis.

Also, is the second part of the mid-season two parter called “…The Final Frontier.”? No? Didn’t think so.

Looking forward to the Universe teaser. Very excited for this series. I haven’t been this excited about a new sci-fi show since Deep Space Nine (my favorite Trek) debuted back in 1993.


Yay on the SGA movie!

Did Peter DeLuise lose a lot of weight since that 200th SG1 episode/the odd appearance in the dvd extra’s for the early SGA seasons, or did he have the CGI department photoshop that picture? Lol.

Q’s for quest blogger Kate:
From what I gather, Art department does the design for decorations of sets and such… Right?
1. It seems like something someone with this profession might be into: Did you ever play the Sims, 1 or 2, and if you did, were you an avid player? Did you download a lot of objects, did you design your own? If you did, where might we find them?
2. Did you ever have any props, costume or other department make anything for your own home, or take anything home from any set that you had (partially) designed yourself? If yes, what was it?
3. Does your home look anything like any of the stargate sets? If yes, which set would that be?
4. Do you watch the shows you work on? If so, what’s your favourite episode or moment or storyline?
5. What was your favourite project, or most memorable, most difficult, most awesome, most anything?

I missed my chance to pick the custome guest blogger’s brain, so I’m taking my chance with this creative young lady. Joe, get more creative folks to answer questions. Tell them it’s in the small letters of their contract wink In invisible ink wink


Question for Kate:

Can I have your job? Ok How can I get a job like yours? I am working on my A.A. in art and I know I need more education. What other qualifications does one need to even work in the art department for such a profession?


What is it like working with Joe Mallozzi?

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.


Merry Festival of Bacchus/Happy Irish Day to everyone! grin

Congrats to Anne Teldy! Hope you get sprung from the joint soon!

Peter’s back!! Yaaaay! grin Is he bummed about Kyle XY? I mean, he’d only directed three eps, but I was certainly upset that the show ended without much closure, thanks to the cancellation. Seriously, my fave shows are dropping like flies! ….

I just read an interview with Robert Carlyle, and he says SGU is much darker than its predecessors. When asked if it was influenced by the success of BSG, he says he “would hope so.” Please tell me it still has some great humour as well, as that’s one of my fave aspects of the SG franchise — and a big part of why I *didn’t* watch BSG very much. It was far too dark for my tastes, with very little humour at *all*. Don’t get me wrong, I love angst, but too much, like in BSG, without some happy breaks, can get wearying very quickly. :/

Qs for Kate:

What’s your artist background — self-taught or schooled, previous gigs, ect?

Did you specifically seek out your current career, or did you have something different in mind when you decided to be an artist?

If you can, describe your typical process, from start to finish. If you please, include what sorts of things you do to get your creative engine running — things like listening to music, going for walks, threatening people with swords, ect — and what sorts of media you typically use (acrylic paint, copic markers, photoshop).

What advice would you give someone who wants to work in an art department in the television/film industry?

What has turned out closest to what you imagined (be it set or prop or overall scene), and what has turned out least like what you expected?

On a slightly different note, what has been your favourite and least favourite things to work on?

Who are your inspirations in the world of art?


Hi Joe! What are the chances of Peter DeLuise doing a Q&A?


Hi Kate, so apparently we are not allow to ask you out for a date, so I move on to my next question, nope guest the asking for phone number is probably ban to, so my third choice questions are:
What drawings do you do for the show, artistic or technical.
what is your favourite bit of work that have you done for Stargate/Stargate Atlantis . Have you work on any other TV shows film. Have you got any example of your work that you could share with us. What would be your dream job.


It’s good to see Peter DeLuise back – his commentaries were definitely one of the highlights of the features on the SGA dvds for me. He’s a funny guy!


Okay. I’m curious. Questions for Kate:

How long have you worked for the Stargate franchise?

Art department draftsman? How “traditional” is your draftsman position? Do you use a computer or a drafting table or what? Are you the one who draws the pictures of the room layouts?

What pieces of work are you most proud of and why?

Where do you get your artistic ideas or inspiration?

What other department do you work the most closely with?

Do you do any artwork away from work? If so, what?

Do you have any interaction with the actors?

With your dark hair and eyes, you look like Joe Mallozzi’s daughaaaaaa-sister. (much,much,much younger sister!) Any relationship to Mr. Mallozzi? And next time you see him coming down the hall – RUN!!

Thank you Kate for your time and patience.


Question for Kate: How did you start out in the business?
My daughter is in Art School and loves science fiction so this would be like a dream job.


Trish (aka whovian)

Hey Joe,

That’s all exciting news. Horray! \o/ Peter DeLuise is back! It’s great to see his smiling face again! grin

So, my totally professional and appropriate questions for Kate (which wouldn’t ever include asking her out on a date razz ) :

Is Sci-Fi your favorite genre? If not, what is?

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve worked on? I’m guessing something having to do with the wraith.

How did you learn to do what you do? How much do you think is natural talent vs. stuff you can be taught?

What are you most proud of?

What has given you the most trouble?

When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?

Thanks for stopping by to talk with us! grin

@Deni B: If you want to feel better I can remind you of that that little thing I said a while back. Something about trading food storage places with Das. But I used a different word and everyone seemed to have read it without the *R*. oops Uh… that was nothing but sheer agony for me. roll So… I hope you know what I’m talking about and that you now see that I’m such a goober. lol

@Anne Teldy: grin grin grin That’s such great news! The luck of the Irish was with you today! *does happy dance* I hope you continue to get better and better!



Questions for Kate: What is your favorite media to work with? What kind of art do you enjoy on your own time? Pottery, photography, painting, etc.?? Thanks for all the visual candy you give us.


Hi Joe,

Today the 18th is my 45 Bday. Could you please dedicate the blog to me.

Thanks Jedi


First, I’m very glad to hear the Peter is back directing an episode. Any chance there will be a cameo like he used to do on SG1?

Second, I just finished The Orphan’s Tales: In the Cities of Coin and Spice, and OMG it was excellent, not that I would expect anything less after reading In the Night Garden. There were quite a few times I got lost (just like I did with the first story) but everything makes sense at the end. Trying to figure out the girl’s story amongst the seemingly never-ending tales was a lot of fun for me. In, my opinion, it deserves to be added to the BOTM list, just as the first was. Just when you think you have everything figured out, Catherynne M. Valente hits you with a OMG WTF moment and you begin the thinking process all over again. I love both books and I don’t think I can thank you enough for recommending the first last year. There is a quote at the end that hit me the most that can be said of any story:

“Perhaps there is always a moment when stories end, a moment when everything is blue and black and silent, and the teller does not want to believe it is over, and the listener does not, and so they both hold their breath and hope fervently as pilgrims that it is not over, that there are more tales to come, more and more, fitted together like a long chain coiled in the hand. They hold their breath; the trees hold theirs, the air and the ice and the wood and the Gate. But no breath can be held forever, and all tales end.”


Questions for Kate: Everyone already asked really good questions and I can’t think of any more, so I’ll just back and enjoy the answers.

Wow, the May entries for BotM club already? You really are planning ahead. And a discount to boot! Thanks, Joe.

@Narelle: the offer still stands. Let me know. (aren’t we mysterious? Mwah hah hah!)


Dang! That was supposed to say “… so I’ll just SIT back and enjoy the answers.” That’s what I get for typing after the Irish coffee.


I forgot to ask – how are the pugs feeling?


Have you heard about Freeze Frame? It’s the independent movie that we hope will star Ben Browder. We need to help raise money to make it happen though. Please anyone who can donate twenty dollars to Jonas McCord, the producer, do so. Look up the million pixel campaign. That’s how we’re gonna get Ben back on screen. Join in this important cause!


I went to Tennessee but was born in Memphis. I bleed orange, for sooth. Everything else is just picking up the vibes (akin to your “dumb luck” but much more self-importanticizing).

Everyone seems to have hit the important questions. Kate, who’s your second favorite Beatle?


@ Trish – I’d gladly exchange pantries with you any day! I just hope yours is able to accommodate extra large cans! wink

@ Anne Teldy – Nice having you back among us, and glad you had some good news. smile

@ Joe – I just read some comments by RC about how dark SGU is going to be. Can you shed some light on this? I was hoping for a nice balance, but it sounds more like that gloomyass BSG, with death upon death, week after week. I was feeling really hopeful…but now…now I’m afraid to even start watching for fear I’ll connect with all the ‘red shirts’, like I did with SGA . And I will not go through that again (and wouldn’t want to put you through it again, either). razz


Charles Schneider

Peter DeLuise is back, Hell Yeah! I don’t think that you’d previously mentioned he’d be doing any guest directing. Will he be staff for season 1 like Wil and Andy or is Peter just doing a guest stint? I was really bummed to see him go after SG1 ended. I guess everybody wants a break every now and then though.

Thanks for the pics!