Thanks to all those of you who participated in yesterday’s “WTF? Guess the Prop and the Eppy” contest. Unfortunately, nobody scored the requisite 6/6 that would have beaten me and thereby forced me to give you my job on the show. Better luck next time. But for those of you wondering:

Prop #3: The canopic jar from The Curse.

Prop #2: The telchak device from Evolution I and II.

Prop #3: According to the label – and I frankly have a hard time believing it myself – it’s a part of the za’tarc detector from Divide and Conquer.

Hey, the other day, Carl reminded me about an infamous scene that I wrote into my first draft of The Ties That Bind. It answered the most popular fan question of all time. Not “Are Jack and Sam together?”. Not “Is Ford really dead?”. No, I’m talking about THE question: “How do you answer the call of nature if you’re stuck on a cargo ship?”. Now even though I did answer the question in a previous blog entry, I was able to locate my first draft of the script and, more importantly, the scene that didn‘t make the cut…


A cargo ship hurtles through space.


Jup is at the controls. Suddenly, the console makes a chirping sound.

JUP: Tenat!

Jup checks the O.S. readings. Another chirp. He works the console.

JUP: Tenaaaat!

The door behind him slides open to reveal Tenat pulling up his pants.

JUP: What took you?

TENAT: I was indisposed!

He buckles up and hits the controls by the door. As the rings activate O.S. behind him, he walks over to the controls.

JUP: We received a coded transmission by way of the guild…


Dasndanger writes: “Hey, Joe – for once we can agree on something…”

Answer: For once?

Laura writes: “Did you ever find your drinking buddy for the weird drink of the day video?”

Answer: Ivon, Lawren, and Carl have all expressed an interest in helping. It’s just a matter of picking the weekend.

Quade1 writes: “While talking Alan Moore, have you read and watched V For Vendetta??”

Answer: Haven’t read it but I did watch the first ten minutes.

Indigo Sapphire writes: “Funny you should mention that, Joe. I believe “I’m having a bad day” was once upon a time a perfectly valid excuse for bullshit actions with you.

When Cam Mitchell was “having a bad day” it meant he could do just about anything he wanted in Off the Grid. If it’s such a lousy line of reasoning why didn’t you tell the boys in the writers room that there must have been a gas leak addling their brains? Is this a new view you’ve suddenly adopted? Perhaps the Stargate world operates under a different set of principles?”

Answer: Lookit you go, you adorable little cranky-pants. You’re like that Tasmanian Devil from the Tiny Toons series. Alas, I have no idea what you’re referring to and what the fictional character of Cameron Mitchell could have done to have so deeply affected you that you still harbor such anger some five years after the fact. Did he attack someone near and dear to you in a drunken rage? Defraud you of your life savings? I’m sure it was something equally reprehensible. Do tell.

Rose writes: “ Any advice on switching over to WordPress?”

Answer: It’s incredibly easy. Just sign up and follow the easy instructions. The great thing about WordPress is that it has a feature that allows you to import past entries from other blog sources like blogspot and myspace. Simple.

PoorOldEdgarDerby writes: “By the way, would you prefer people just stop mentioning the name Joe Flanigan?”

Answer: Not at all. Readers can talk about whatever they like.

PG15 writes: “So, which episode may this be? Is Judgement episode 109, or 111?”

Answer: 109.

I’mNewHere writes: “I’m writing to ask if there’s any chance of a Q&A with Ben Browder.”

Answer: Like I said, I’d be more than happy to host a Q&A with Ben. I haven’t been in touch with him but I’ll certainly float the idea past him the next time our paths cross.

Anais33 a ecrit: “1) Quand allez vous revoir les acteurs de sga?
2) Combient de saison voudriez vous que dure sgu?
3) avez vous deja gouter les glaces de berthillon?”

Reponses: 1) Je ne sais pas. 2) Je voudrais qu’il dure au moins six saisons. 3) Non, mais il semble bon.

Translations: 1) Not sure when we’ll be welcoming back the SGA cast. 2) I’d love for SGU to go at least six seasons. 3) I’ve never tried Berthillon ice cream – but it looks good.

PG15 also writes: “Is Judgement Alan’s script that Paul is polishing…”

Answer: Yes.

Duneknight writes: “why is everyone comparing watchmen to blade runner? they dont share anything in common save for the fact that they are both movies.”

Answer: Actually, the topic of discussions was “adaptations”. Both Blade Runner and Watchmen fall under this category.

Luis writes: “Might it be possible to get Pete to do a Fan Q.&A.???”

Answer: I’d certainly be happy to ask him when I see him next week.

Major D. Davis writes: “Are you almost done filming Air or is there still a way to go?”

Answer: We’re shooting all three parts. We’ve still got a ways to go yet.

Major D. Davis also writes: “Any ides for the season finale yet?”

Answer: Some, yes.

GateWorldUser writes: “Just a quick question, can you please tell me whether or not an Al’kesh could fit in either of the Hangar’s of a 304?”

Answer: It might be a tight squeeze.

Airelle writes: “Joe, do you know who made(where they bought) the candles used for SG1 and SGA.?”

Answer: No idea. Sorry.

VAN FAN writes: “Speaking of Joel Goldmsith…wasn’t he suppose to be sending you back his part of the Q & A?”

Answer: Soon. Soon.

Dasndanger also writes: “Joe, did you name her after Little Lulu??”

Answer: Nope. My wife named her Lulu because, well, she looks like a Lulu.

Jean writes: “So, you’ve probably long since moved on, but I was hoping you could tell us (me) what episodes these lines from your poem referred to:

The status quo shifts, a power play made.

The arrival of this one leave some feeling dismayed.”

Answer: It was a general reference to Woolsey coming in at the beginning of season 5 to take over command of the Atlantis expeditions.

Jean writes: “And this one:

Call the doctor from Earth to help us take action”

Answer: First Contact. A reference to Dr. Daniel Jackson.

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Hey Joe!

Looks like I got my comment in under the wire. Thanks for the answers!



[b]Call the doctor from Earth to help us take action”

Answer: First Contact. A reference to Dr. Daniel Jackson.[/b]

BUAHAHAHAHA that rhymes XD


For once we agree…Lulu looks like a Lulu! wink



Hi Joe,

Can you please ask Joe F to do a Q&A.



On a topic completely unrelated to much of anything, I’m wondering what your reaction is going to be to the new reality dating show, The Cougar. I can hardly wait to read the snark that you come up with for this one!

Annie from Fremantle
Annie from Fremantle

Lookit you go, you adorable little cranky-pants.

I am so gonna use this phrase when next my boys chuck a sook. Guess you could change it to ‘crankypugs’ when referring to your little ones…


Since the infamous Atlantis toilet episode never happened, can we expect to see a similar story in SGU? (Season finale perhaps?)


Really? You really wrote a bathroom scene? Lol! Y’know when I requested more deleted scenes, that wasn’t what I anticipated… It’s a good thing that it got cut or people might start demanding that all the characters take bathroom breaks at regular intervals for the sake of continuity and realism, leading to a great deal too much information.

By the way, I just wanted to say thanks for arranging all these Q&As, and to thanks all the folks who are giving up their time to do them. It’s much appreciated!


Winning your job? Nothing personal, but no thanks. Though it would be nice if you could find a female writer to give “you guys” a different perspective on matters. Not that you’ve done a bad job, just might be nice to see a woman writer’s input would help you spin some stories.
My canine houseguest has mostly behaved. Though she’s been launching periodic terrorist attacks on via the far end of her digestive tract. She’s figured out just the right position so that I am caught at the maximum spread/potency distance. In retaliation I cleaned out the lovebird cages, letting the little winged critters fly around for a bit. Drives her absolutely mad. She sits and whines as she stalks them about. They enter into the spirit by timing diving runs just a couple of feet over he head. Better show than anything on tv today…
Looking forward to a week of reviewing Dogs, misc. guest bloggers, and the ongoing activities over at Bridge. Thanks for the daily smile/chuckle.

Indigo Sapphire
Indigo Sapphire

I appear to have touched a nerve. Perhaps you have no idea what I’m referring to because I erroneously wrote Off the Grid instead of the correct title, Stronghold. Or perhaps you really don’t see how your rather spot on rant about the myriad lousy excuses used today by folks to justify atrocious behavior has been applied to something you (being the generic “you” of the writers and producers) put forth as perfectly justified and understandable previously.

Either way, I appreciate that you’ve chosen to go with the option of attempting to mock and belittle me. That was actually the reaction I was going for. Or rather, I at least expected that’s the route you’d go. I’ve got you dead to rights to admit either slipshod writing and producing, that Mitchell is one of those saps you were railing against yesterday, or total and outright hypocrisy. All three are pretty bitter pills to swallow. Your own attack is really the only defense you have to use. So by all means continue with it. I’ve already won. And we both know it.


So we have Air, Fire, Earth, Water, Time and Judgement confirmed, but we’ve skipped one. What’s the title of episode 108 and who is writing it?

Also, with some arguably bigger names like Robert Carlyle and Lou Diamond Phillips on set, were any of the other actors a bit starstruck?




I have two quick questions.

1) Will SG:U have any of those “get in the gate” contests that SG-1 and SG:A offered? I figure, third time’s the charm. razz

2) How often do people like Indigo Sapphire troll your blog? Seems like a pretty ineffectual way to spend one’s time.

Patricia Lee
Patricia Lee

Oh… Can I be the designated driver the weekend you attempt the alcohol taste testing? PLEEEESEEEEEE!

Aurora Novarum
Aurora Novarum

No, I’m talking about THE question: “How do you answer the call of nature if you’re stuck on a cargo ship?”

I may have missed the previous blog entry where you answered this, but you do remember you guys DID right a bathroom scene on Goa’uld ships that made it onscreen, right?

From Failsafe Transcript after they all get to the crashed cargo ship.

(addressing engineers)
Okay, our first priority is auxiliary power. Then it’s hyper drive and life support.


Is there a restroom? My first priority.

Followed, if I recall, by Sam sighing and pointing to the little goa’uld’s room. wink

The Mick
The Mick

Hey Joe,

All this Mitchell talk the past few days has got me to thinking….always dangerous. We’ve already heard AT, MS, and CJ mention the third SG-1 movie, and we know it’s all about Rick. And we know that CB won’t be in it. But we’ve heard nothing about Ben or Beau. Will either of them be in the third SG-1 movie or is it strictly “Old School”?

Oh, and any idea when or if Universe will be shown in Australia? Thnx!

Ann-Marie Sloan
Ann-Marie Sloan

Just wondering. Will there be a Blooper reel, apart of the Season 5 DVD set??? I love blooper reels. And loved the fact that there was one included with Season 4!!!


You know, those cargo ships are so big – seeing as they’re used for cargo – the “toilet” question never came up as far as I’m concerned. Figured there was probably enough room for an entire spa back there….

HOWEVER, it *has* been a burning question in the case of the JUMPERS…??! Seriously — you had episodes where more than a couple of people are on those things for waay too many hours, if not days!! So, *where* IS the “john” and DON’T say he’s in the Pilot’s Seat!

And, oh, the container of “DEPENDS” buried behind the ammo in the cargo netting doesn’t count either!


Mr M

Since you posted a picture of Kerry or Kerri from Post yesterday. It stuck me that she could do a cameo role of some sort on SGU along the lines of a red shirt character. Kerry can be immortalized like our Major Teldy, but with a glorious demise. Hope you can developed a suitable scenario for Kerry, Especially if she flubbed any more gourmet presentation in the future. Wonder if Kerry would accept a cameo appearance? [slithering back to my lurker cave now]

sci fi guy
sci fi guy

Joe, it’s a mislabel.

“Prop #3: According to the label – and I frankly have a hard time believing it myself – it’s a part of the za’tarc detector from Divide and Conquer.”

While the prop in question is in fact Tok’Ra in styling, it is not part of the za’tarc detector.

I challenge you to double check ‘Dominion’ and tell me it’s not being carried by the Tok’Ra lady on the left about halfway through the episode.


Any idea when SGA season 5 will be available on DVD? I don’t have cable and watched SGA seasons 1-4 on DVD. Will season 5 be available anytime soon? I’m still stuck with the season 4 cliffhanger! Help!!!! smile


I’ve come to the conclusion that the whole “nobody has ever thought these words exactly ever in the history of the world at this moment, man” mentality is kind of a wash. Best to keep making pithy comments and sowing discord at work, I guess.


There is a big difference between fact and fiction, Indigo Sapphire. If you cannot see that perhaps you should seek professional help.

As for Joe mocking you? Perhaps if you had worded your first post better you would not have been so insulted by his reply.


oh, Joe no i wasnt talking about this blog post specifically, i was talking about the internet as a whole. every site has people mentioning blade runner as though it were a graphic novel. honestly i think watchmen is probably overrated and im annoyed by all these promotional ads for the movie. every site is doing its bit in promoting it. I know nothing of the graphic novel but the impression i got is that its about whinny superheroes. what happened to the days when superheroes were idolized for not stooping to our psychological level?

about, V For Vendetta, I HATE that movie, wait let me say that again…I HATE it more than any other. i hope watchmen is nothing like it, but again i really dont care.

and Indigo Sapphire is actually funny.

and since other shows are making it into blue-ray, when can we expect stargate to do the same?


Bonjour Joseph=)
Vous allez bien? moi trés trés bien!!

Merci de m’avoir répondu =D.
6 saison! waou trés ambitieux^^, et bien j’espert que cela va ce réaliser et pourquoi pas + de 6 saison…
Ces glasses sont les meilleurs que n’est jamais manger, si vous aller Paris je vous conseille de passer par là.

Merci encore, a bientot =)


In case you do not want to answer Juralas’ specific question about the ep 108 slot:

In your December 23 entry, you wrote that Alan would write 108, and you mentioned in your January 24 entry that Carl would write episode 109. Have the episode slots been swapped, or is Alan writing two eps in a row?