For the life of me, I can’t imagine how such a great idea could have gone so horribly awry. Impacted by the recent economic downturn, a tycoon in China was forced to trim his roster of mistresses down from a high-living five to a lower suburban middle-class one. Heartbreaking. No doubt a fan of reality television, he chose to hold an American Idol-like competition to help him decide which one to keep. Alas, the first candidate to be eliminated proved a bit of a sore loser – and suicidal, driving herself, him, and the four other contestants off a mountain road during a group outing. Now THAT was the most shocking rose ceremony ever!
Hey, guess where I went for dinner last night. Okay, yes, Fuel was a pretty safe assumption. But guess who I was with. Everyone! Last night was the Stargate: Universe cast dinner. No, sorry, I didn’t take pics for fear of spooking the actors, but I’m happy to report, a great time was had by all. I think we’ve got a terrific and incredibly talented group and I look forward to that first day of principal photography….

Which happens to be tomorrow! First up, Rush and Eli on Stage 3 followed by the first of several familiar faces. On the lot Wednesday, but heading out on location Thursday and Friday.

Today was “spin and break” day with one of the new writers. We bounced around a bunch of ideas, came up with an intriguing backstory for Wray (but not before some vehement disagreement on her first name), and, ultimately, fleshed out what promises to be yet another story chock full of wonderful little character moments. And we even managed to come up with an episode title. We are on fire!

Air #1, #2, and #3 are prepped and ready. Water awaits a polish. Brad reports he should have a first draft of Fire sometime next week. Martin awaits word on Earth while elements of Time accumulate and coalesce in Rob’s mind.

Well, if all goes well, I’ll finally be delivering my first draft of the mid-season two-parter tomorrow. I’ve been putting off as I attempt to polish and re-polish what I’ve got, but it seems that the longer I delay, the more new ideas and reconsiderations are impacting on the decisions I’ve already made. Granted, changes will have to be made – but until these new ideas and reconsiderations are actually written in stone, I’ll proceed as planned. And I, of course, refer to what Wray knows, the Boone reveal, and the James diss.



42 thoughts on “February 17, 2009: Poised For Production

  1. Not sure if its been asked already, but will the premiere of Stargate Universe be like Atlantis, i.e., a two hour movie? And any hints of some familiar faces?

  2. Yeah, if he’s giving them a salary, they’re not called mistresses. They’re called whores. Someone should really quality-check that article. While my first reaction is to say it’s too bad they didn’t all die (especially him), at least his wife and the remaining whore-stresses left him.

    So, familiar faces in the first episode, hey? I don’t suppose you’re allowed to tell us who?

  3. This is killing me, why won’t they tell us who the rest of the cast is!!!!!!!! A little hint or something Joe……I’m open to bribing, just name your price.

  4. Does this mean you have girls? Yay!

    I thought Wray’s first name was Meredith? Oh… lol I’m thinking of Grey’s anatomy 😉

    And the name Boone will forever make me think of the ill-fated character on LOST… Ian Somerhaulder was so *dreamy* 😛

  5. Dear joe,

    1.) Can we expect more brillant space ship battles for the upcoming Stargate Atlantis movie?
    2.) Will We get to see you making a Cameo appearance in the movie?
    3.) Will the Wraith still exist beyond project twilight?
    4.) What did John Sheppard mean when he told Todd the Wraith in the Enemy at the gates: “let’s make sure it won’t happen again…”

  6. Joe, my Zen has gone. At first it was just marked as absent thinking it would come back, after a while there was concern so a missing Zen report was filed. It’s been found lying in a dark alley stamped into a squooshy mush. My half-full glass has been sucked dry.

    Good luck with the writing tasks ahead and the start of your new production.

  7. Oooooooo…Time eh? Time travel? Flashbacks? 42 minutes of staring at a clock ala 60 Minutes? The possibilities are timeless.

    I’m very excited that production has FINALLY began after the “delays” (don’t know if it counts as delays if the starting date was never announced officially). I hope you’ll be able to at least give us a peek of something tomorrow; a picture, one of the MALE cast members saying hello or something (because we all know the female cast members don’t exist yet), or whatever else you can think of.

    Also, what locations are you talking about? You can tell me, I won’t camp out there or anything.

    Funny story: I had a dream last night where I saw what the Destiny looked like, and it was a cross between an O’Neill class Asgard Ship and the Daedalus (like, it had the back of the O’Neill, and the front of the Daedalus). Man, even my dreams aren’t original.

    To make it official:

    Question: where are you guys going on Thursday and Friday to shoot the on-location scenes for the Universe premier?

  8. So you are saying that had my sister and I showed up at Fuel last night on our last night in town we would not have gotten in due to a private party thus making kicking the crap out of myself totally stupid becuase we were going to go back across that damn bridge to eat there one more time before we left…DAMN! Well I can vouch for Tom and the staff there…Tom saved my birthday and kept me from bawling right there in front of everyone with the little scheduling snaffu. I tried food I never thought I would but I will say that the pork was divine and the CHEF was awesome!

  9. yeah seriously….CAST ANNOUNcEMENT!when are we getting them…its driving me crazy….and ill join jon k. in the bribe if thats wat it takes lol

  10. Yeah who are the familiar faces? Could it be cast form the other stargates? Come on Joe plz give us a little insght on who it is. When will this stargate air?

  11. So this tycoon hires somebody to figure who’s the most ugg, informs the girl of the findings and her subsequent lack of being any longer desirable and is given zero pause when she offers to drive on the outing with those still with enough potential attraction? Righto.

    @ytimynona: Take heart. Boone was the sacrifice the island demanded.

  12. I like how you slipped the seventh episode name in there like a ninja. When you refer to “Rob”, I assume it’s Robert C. Cooper? Who will direct the episode (Time)?

  13. I don’t know if I’m getting cynical in my old age, but apparantly that mistress deserved her fate. She drives all of them off the road, but doesn’t manage to at least eliminate the idiot who came up with the reality show idea? Such shocking incompetence.
    So, are you going to get someone else on the crew to clue in the new actors on your propensity to take pictures and post them here? I understand and appreciate it when actors elect to preserve their privacy, but this new batch should be given the opportunity permit postings of their pics. Besides, this will give you an excuse to ask them to come to another Fuel dinner, so that you can obtain out of costume shots of them. Everyone wins that way…. thanks for the updates.

  14. Hey, seeing as it was a Universe-related blog entry today (aside from the introductory Man-and-His-Mistresses-Fiasco story), I think I have some questions.

    Can you tell us the names of some of the directors who will be working on Universe?

    What about DOP?

    And will Jim Menard be working on it??

    Cheers Joe,


  15. I got the feeling that story will be soon become a urban legend in china and certainly mutate in something far interesting once it starts to spread a little.

    But you should never let a loosing contestant drive afterwards what was he thinking.

    It sounds like universe is coming along nicely.
    Now how do you want for the female cast list, it getting really annoying having to wait for them.

  16. …..which goes to prove that money can’t buy sense! Maybe he should’ve been aware that hell hath no fury blah blah blah.

    (I’d have loved to have seen the look on his face when she did it though!)

  17. I don’t believe it! I’ve just received through the post, “Official Notice of your West country region digital TV switchover” with TEN different languages printed on the back of the envelope and the offer to have the pack in whichever language you desire. Now the last I checked I was living in England where we speak ENGLISH so whats with all this crap?….I’m off to finish this rant on my own blog but you see what shit we’re up against over here?
    *stomps off muttering vociferously*

  18. It is a good thing you put the link for your source because as I was reading what you wrote I was thinking that you were making it all up. I just can’t believe that stuff happens in real life, go figure.

  19. Wow…Fan even held a drinking competition! Where do I sign up??

    Time is flying. Almost seems like in no time at all, I’ll be sitting down to watch the newest incarnation of Stargate.

  20. Cool filming has gotten underway. SWEET.

    *Ann-Marie goes and sits patiently to wait till the premiere*

  21. Shooting on location? Isn’t it like cold and snowing and crap? Or did you get a break?

    Great. Now I want cheap sweet and sour chicken with pineapple in it Chinese food. That’s what rose ceremonies do for me.

  22. I know the someone driving off a cliff isn’t funny, but it’s kind of hard to feel sorry for them.

    Anyway, can’t wait for Universe to start filming. I know it’ll be months till we’re able to watch it, but still! Just knowing that it’s being filmed adds to the anticipation. 🙂

  23. Hmmmmm……have I missed something????

    I have been keeping a very close watch everywhere for news on the casting of the SGU, even to the extent that I complained to The “scoop” people over at TV Guide that they were ignoring Stargate news….blah, blah blah…..anyway, Mr. M says that he had dinner with the cast of SGU…..does that mean that the rest of the cast have been chosen????

  24. Ok the rest of today is cancelled. I just got back from the vets where I took my mums 16 year old cat and while we were there he collapsed and was in obvious distress so we made the heartbreaking decision to put him to sleep. Mum is awfully upset as he’d been her constant companion since he was a kitten adn I’m not doing much better and he hated me!

    *off to drown in wads of hankies and snot*

  25. Oh yeah! After a bleak TV week full of reality blather, idol yodeling and octo mom chatter it is nice to know that SGU is coming down the pipeline! How refreshing! Even though BSG is going away at least I know March will bring Eureka and the the future will bring SGU. Hey, it’s gray, it’s cold, it’s rainy and my Vitamin D pills are running out. I need all the good news I can get.

  26. “the first of several familiar faces”

    Can we guess? I think it’ll be Walter….

  27. Joe, do you feel it’s harder or easier to write a script when you know little-to-nothing about the actors in the roles?

    @das ~ re the Todd pic, ROFL!!

  28. Will someome PLEASE tell me who the FEMALE cast members are? I will become somewhat reluctant to continue with StarGate with zero female permanent cast members.

  29. @ shiningwit – So sorry about mum’s kitty! 🙁 {{{hugs}}}

    I know I’m going to have to face the same thing soon. Our big cat, Cowboy, has been urinating blood – he’s just finished up his antibiotic, and the problem has not cleared up. He’s hubby’s cat – they are inseparable – and I just dread what it’ll do to him if we have to put Cowboy to sleep.

    Ugh. This hasn’t been a good year so far for any of us!

    RE: SGU I’ve decided not to look at any more pictures, or read anything about the show – I think I’d rather be surprised, and not have any opinions on the actors/characters going in. I tend to enjoy things better that way.

    RE: Elric of MelnibonéAlmost finished this first book (which I’m only reading in waiting rooms…lol), and one thing strikes me about it is that it could be called ‘Hornblower of Melniboné’. 😆 The two characters are so similar – angsty and self-questioning – each The Man Alone in their own realms. And as Bush was to Hornblower, Dyvim Tvar is to Elric. This book reads very much like a Forester book – it flows so easily, neither too vague nor too detailed – with a focus on the main character and all his inner workings. I really like it, and now I’m impatient to get to the end, so I just might have to break down and finish it up at home. 🙂 Then, I’ll look into the rest of his saga. If I actually get through all of these stories, I should get a cookie, or a hug from Todd. 😀

    RE: Powers Picked it up today! WOO! Not nearly as wordy as I thought it would be! 😀

    (All this reading is gonna make my head ‘splode. I HOPE you’re happy, Mallozzi. 😉 )


  30. I for one don’t want to rush the showing of SGU, its like wishing the summer away, and I am so ready for summer! And I am also looking forward to SGU, air,water,whatever,,,and to be pleasantly surprised at the cast, whomever was chosen. and thanks Joe for still blogging about whatever. I can just imagine those photos of food at Fuel,yumm. sounds like I have sucked up enough for one day!!l LOL. 😉

  31. OMG it all makes sense now….my ex-husband had Alice in Wonderland syndrome.

    He kept thinking something was bigger than it really was……I am referring of course to his sense of humour!


    Go on admit it you missed me 😉

  32. Okay so seeing a theme with the episode of SGU, get it, so the teaser about the familiar faces really is just mean!

    So when will more announcements come out?

    Will SGU be shown in Canada on the TMN/movie channel (whatever our overpriced (ONLY) option of a movie channel here) or while SPACE actually get to air SGU? If if’s TMN, then will we be able to buy the episodes on itunes?

    I have to say reading your blog, my kidlets and I are getting excited for all the upcoming Stagate adventures.

    My littlest kidlet has become a SGA addict – I think she has a crush on Sheppard. (hopefully she doesn’t read the comments! – sorry Se!) I swear she’s going to owe me a whole new set of SGA DVD’s!

    So MORE information, pretty please…mini2z

  33. well first; that article about the chinese businessman & his mistresses sounds like something that snopes needs to check out.
    second; i was oddly amused by the fact that the winner was chosen by a drinking contest

  34. Oh, Cap’n Mallozzi…. There’s na American-style football on the telly ta distract ya. Can ya please give us the goods on SGU? Ya told us ya would. No fair bein’ a teaser. 😀

    Air #1, #2, and #3 are prepped and ready. Water awaits a polish. Brad reports he should have a first draft of Fire sometime next week. Martin awaits word on Earth….

    Is it just meself, but with those episode titles, does nobody else hear some old-school 70s funk playing in their brains? Ya know, that group, “Earth, Wind, and Fire….”

  35. checkity checkin, the chinese checkin, have a drumstick and….was my brain ever tickin’?

  36. Joe,

    Loving the updates on production…simply cannot wait for the debut. Please keep the news coming.


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