Robert Cooper.  Oh, and, uh, Carl Binder.
Robert Cooper. Oh, and, uh, Carl Binder.

I was watching the NFL playoffs and, at one point, one of the defenders for the Pittsburgh Steelers intercepted a pass and started to run it back, zigzagging his way through defenders and, most importantly, his own players.  Nothing can slow down your progress like an unwitting teammate backstepping into your path.  I could almost hear the Steeler fans screaming “Get out of the way!  Get out of the way!”  Surely good advice here tonight as I hand the reins over to Executive Producer Robert Cooper for his much-anticipated Q&A.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  “Get out of the way!” 

Getting out of the way…

RC: Wow. So many questions. Sorry I don’t have time to answer all of them. I really appreciate how thoughtful many of you have been about the episode. It takes so much time and energy to see a show through to completion. Sometimes, when it’s over, it really doesn’t seem worth all the work because most people watch it in an hour and then forget it. Thanks to all of you who made it feel worthwhile. Many of you had similar questions so forgive me if I only answer them once.

Lee writes: “Questions for Mr. Robert Cooper; writer and director extraordinaire of Vegas…First, I absolutely loved this episode! It was off the charts great, stupendous, amazingly wonderful and so unexpectedly different, that those who loved it, will love it forever, those who don’t, will never be able to appreciate it’s is exceptional, revealing wisdom. Now to the Q’s:

How are you so awesome?

What is the most difficult aspect of shooting Vegas in Vegas?

What editing choices resulted in changing look and feel of the story?

Did Joel Goldsmith help with the choosing of the songs used in this episode or did you have them chosen before filming began?

Did you have to pay for the use of the songs in this episode?

Finally, I was wondering if there are any plans to use similar scripting, filming methods and popular music choices in the making of SGU?”

RC: My parents deserve a lot of credit for any awesomeness I might possess.

The most difficult aspect of shooting in Vegas was, as always, a lack of money. Sorry, but that’s what it usually comes down to. We went way over budget on this episode but it’s never enough. Money equals time. We had two days to shoot something that we needed much more time to do properly. We had a crew most of us had never worked with that had to be flown in from LA. Getting a casino property to agree to let us do what we wanted was a challenge as well. Planet Hollywood made it all possible. We did have one big mishap where one of the camera crews forgot to reload film before the big stunt. — the one where the Wraith jumps from the roof. We didn’t know until after the footage came back and it was too late. We pieced it together from the angles we got but the hero angle I really wanted is missing.

I chose the songs asking many people their opinions along the way. Yes, we paid for them. Another significant budget overage. I have to credit Charlie Cohen Executive VP of MGM for wanting to make the end of season five as special as it could be. Joel Goldsmith was very excited about stepping outside the box for an episode. His music is brilliant as usual. He wrote everything except the three songs we bought. Vegas was an experiment in many ways. It was an opportunity to break the mold and try something different. Universe will not follow the style of Vegas but it will most definitely be much different than previous Stargate series. The shooting style and use of more contemporary music are part of what will hopefully make Universe stand out.

Teri writes: “ A question for Mr. Cooper regarding “Vegas”…. Awesome episode! I believe I saw Rodney wearing a wedding ring in one scene. It was after the scene when Jennifer walks by Rodney & Sheppard in the hall and they gave each other “the look”. Can you tell us who he is married to in this alternate universe? Jennifer, perhaps? Thanks for your time!”

RC: The ring was not originally intended. David noticed he had forgotten to take off his own wedding ring for one of his first takes on camera. He then suggested we leave it on. I thought it was a fun touch. In my mind, he’s married to Jennifer in the AU but that’s the great thing about episodes like this. There isn’t time to try and answer every question and we can all imagine the version we want.

Ruffles writes: “Questions for Mr. Cooper regarding Vegas –

1. How did the original Wraith ship find Earth?

2. I noticed Rodney wearing a wedding ring. Did David Hewlett forget to take his off or were he and Keller (or someone else) married.

3. Sheppard chose to steal money from a crime scene. Rodney never mentions Sheppard’s family. Is his family not wealthy in this reality or has he already blown through all the money or have the ties been cut completely here?

4. I loved the look at this Wraith – both physically (cool markings on his back!) and mentally. Who taught the Wraith how to drive, put on makeup, and play poker?

5. Was Woolsey in charge of the SGC instead of Landry?

6. If the Daedalus was close enough for sensor scans, why didn’t it fire at the trailer?

In your mind, did Sheppard die or was he rescued?”

RC: The original wraith ship found earth by capturing an atlantis team and getting the information out of them. How? You don’t want to know. I guess Sheppard’s family cut him off. Another tragic aspect to this character’s plight. As far as the wraith goes, they are very smart and resourceful. I imagine this dude crawled away from the crash, hid in the hills to avoid capture. He then observed a small rural community from a distance for some time. Then, one dark night, he snuck into a home and fed on the occupants. He then learned to use a computer, scoured the internet and watched TV to learn as much as he could about Earth and how things worked. While initially confused about a few things like the popularity of soccer and Dr. Who, eventually, all he needed to do at that point was use the dead person’s identity to order pretty much everything he needed to start compiling his disguise and the device. It is incredible what you can order online these days.

DasNDanger writes: “I’m going to start early with questions for Mr. Cooper, lest I forget (asking a couple Wraith-related non-Vegas questions, too…if that’s okay):

1. In reply to a question of mine, Mr. Wright gave you most of the credit for the creation of the Wraith. So, first, THANK YOU. They are absolutely beautiful in style and design. Did you base their look on any insect in particular? If you care to share, what were some of your inspirations for their design?

2. The Vegas Wraith seemed to be nippleless. Was this the case, and if so, what was the thinking behind it – just going for a cool look, or was it yet another clue to their physiology?

3. In Vegas, when the Wraith is sitting in the trailer, flashing back to how he came to earth, he pulls off part of his mask and it’s in a star pattern, over his left eye, like Todd’s tattoo. Was that a bit of foreshadowing, or just a coincidence? We have speculated that he was sensing Todd’s thoughts, and visa versa…so at that moment was he reflecting Todd’s insanity, or just his own desperation?

4. In line with the above, how much – if any – mental contact did AU Todd and the other Wraith have? In your mind, was Todd ‘helping’ the other Wraith design the transmitter, or in any other way exchanging information with him?

5. Extra Wraith ‘nostrils’ – are they true nostrils, or more like sensory pits…or just sexy-cool holes in their face?

6. Wraith tattoos – just personal adornment, or do they have some significance?

7. I will try one last time…please, oh please…Wraith finger armor thingys – WHAT the hell are they for??!!! ”

RC: Mr. Wright was being generous. I was interested in putting a twist on the vampire mythology. James Robbins, our production designer and extraordinary artist, came up with much of the visual look. We always wanted them to have a dark goth-like quality.

We were amazed when we all looked back and realized that in five seasons we had never seen a wraith with his shirt off. We decided it was an opportunity to show subtle and not-so subtle differences.

The Wraith doesn’t actually pull off part of his mask — it was scraped off when he hit the ground after having jumped from the building. You don’t really see that side of his face after he falls. He’s just revealing it by lowering his hands. I wanted a shot that showed the fifty-fifty — highlighting the disguise and the real wraith look underneath. Plus, I thought it looked cool. My inspiration was a similar shot of the Joker from Tim Burton’s Batman.

Any visual connection to Todd was what we like to call a happy accident. I do think there was some mental link between them but never thought to draw that comparison as you suggested. Of course, I shouldn’t admit that. I don’t think Todd was necessarily helping him but I believe Todd was aware of what was going on and that’s why he was so confident he knew what was going to happen.

We thought the face-holes both looked alien and suggested an extra-sensory capability. I thought it made them look a bit like sharks which is kind of what they are — more intelligent feeding machines.

I think the tattoos could represent an association to a particular group or queen or an expression of individuality and an artistic decoration — another nod toward goth and gang style on Earth. You decide.

It’s a secret. Actually, James Robbins again deserves credit. They’re meant to be like rings. Decoration. James says he wanted the wraith to have culture. These little visual details add depth to the Wraith and make fans crazy about their meaning.

Hayloh writes: “ Questions for Mr. Cooper:

1. I was confused by the AU Rodney’s reminicing about a Sheppard he once knew. As far as I know only one AU Rodney has met our Sheppard and the JS he knew didn’t match this one. Is this because his bunch had found a way through to AU’s as well as our team and found other Atlantis teams? (Sorry, that is almost as confusing as Quantum Physics. Funny that)

2. The lead up to the whole poker scene and the scene itself were cut beautifully. How much of that was left to the editors? How much input was given by you? (The B Roll was pretty awesome btw)

3. I think that you captured a mood in this episode that was completely outside any other Atlantis ep. Did you always want to explore something as wildly different in regards to characters and the over all feel of the show?

4. Will you be adding to the audio commentary for this episode? If so, could you please add stuff about the cameras (type, lenses etc) and the editing process? (This question doesn’t really need answering here, it is just a request.

5. I know people are curious to know if Sheppard was saved at the end. I would like to hope not. If he had been saved the tragic hero would not exist. He turned back for a nobler cause than himself which indicates to me that no matter what AU you are in each person has the same core, the same driving force. Is that what you were aiming for?

Lastly, thank you for your time and for creating such a huge almost end to the television series. Also for the last five years which have been a remarkable journey of imagination and ingenuity. I was hoping one day to get my hands dirty with paint and work on creating the worlds you helped envision, alas, that will not happen but I will continue to be artistically inspired, in part, by what you have all given us.”

RC: Seems a lot of people were left wondering about this aspect to the story. I purposely left it somewhat unclear. Obviously, a story should be complete enough for people to follow what is going on and enjoy it, but personally, I like it when there are things that challenge your imagination. In this case, the alternate reality is not one we’ve seen before. No one is a version of the characters we’ve met before. This Rodney has some similarities to Rod but it’s not Rod. This Rodney opened a rift much as our McKay did when he met Rod in McKay and Mrs. Miller. This Rodney met yet another Sheppard in yet another reality that bears very close resemblance to our reality. That’s the beauty of alternate reality theory. There are infinite variations and when you start bridging them, any variation can interact.

Mike Banas cut this episode and deserves a huge amount of credit for how it came together. Surprisingly, this is the first time I’ve worked with Mike. He spent countless hours studying various techniques employed by CSI and a variety of other films and television shows. After he took a first crack, we worked very closely on getting things to where they ended up. His enthusiasm and editing artistry made this episode much better than it would have been without him.

A lot has been said about how different Vegas was from the series. I think it’s refreshing to try different things every now and then. Some people don’t like the fact that we went so far outside the box in the second to last episode. When I pitched the idea a year earlier, I didn’t know the series would be canceled. For me, I find that when you look at something too long you no longer really see it for what it is. I think that by looking away and then looking back, you gain a new perspective. I found it really interesting to look at the Sheppard character from a different perspective — the kind of perspective sci-fi can give you. It let us explore Sheppard in a way we could not have done any other way and maybe understand who our Sheppard is a little better as a result. I think it would have been a shame not to do this before the show was over. As far as the visual style, I really wanted to challenge myself as a director to see if I could pull off something different from the things I’ve grown more comfortable doing. One of my heroes, Steven Spielberg recently said in his acceptance at the Golden Globe awards that he always gets the feeling when he’s making a film that he can’t believe he’s actually “getting away with this”. If he doesn’t think he’s going to have that feeling — that ‘taking a crazy risk’ feeling, he doesn’t make the film. Directing is way too hard, too physically and mentally draining to do without that extra adrenaline. It’s something I don’t think I could do if I didn’t get that “I can’t believe I’m getting to do this” feeling. That “will the audience really buy this” feeling. That “holy shit we’re really shooting a Wraith playing poker with Sopranos guys” feeling!

I’m sure at some point we’ll do a commentary for the episode. I can tell you we made a concerted effort to set a specific look or “style” with the camera and lenses. We stuck pretty much to the dolly or steadicam (of course there are exceptions) and went either with very long lenses or very wide lenses. Long lenses tend to give you that ‘movie’ look. CSI does this a lot and it’s one of the reasons their shows look so damn good. It’s harder to do on sets built for TV because they’re generally not big enough to get the camera back far enough. Also HD lenses don’t have as much depth of field as 35mm. We shot about half of Vegas on 35mm rather than the usual HD for a variety of reasons. Mobility, location/production issues and HD doesn’t handle explosions or high-speed work very well. See if you can guess what was shot HD and what was film. The other thing CSI does is a ton of work in post. We did that too on this episode. It’s easier to manipulate the image in the color-timing when the shots don’t move around quite as much. You can add vignettes and focus mattes or specific windows that adjust color or shading in either subtle or very dramatic ways. We spend three days on this show compared to just one for the average Atlantis.

This was a tragedy. The hero always dies at the end of a tragedy. It’s a dark story about a lonely man with a broken past who sees a chance to be a hero and possibly end his life-long pain. I don’t think every version of Sheppard would be this heroic. I think Rodney’s point was that this reality is very similar to one in which a version Sheppard he met was heroic. The fun of AU is the variation and similarity. Some people obviously don’t like tragedies. The final sequence is set at sunset — not exactly by design but I think it worked out. We tried to make it progressively more magic hour as the sequence goes on. You can see the sun setting behind the mountains as the trailer explodes. Some have asked why Rodney doesn’t send help. Even if he did, it would not have been local. This is a high security situation. Sheppard gets up from his car and falls, dying, probably no more than five minutes after the explosion. We hear Harriman say the planes ETA is three minutes and they were already scrambled, meaning a chopper from area 51 with a special forces ground crew prepared to handle that type of situation would be at least ten minutes away. Sorry, but Romeo doesn’t save Juliet and live happily ever after. Of course, like I said, the show was designed so you could imagine it plays out the way you want. If you want to believe you hear the helicopter arriving over the final shot I can’t stop you.

Quade1 writes: “Rob, I loved Vegas, one of my favorite Atlantis episodes in an already great Season 5.
What prompted you to come up with such an offbeat type episode? How have you guys convinced many popular people in recent episodes? And could this be a regular occurence in SGU?”

RC: First of all, thank-you. I answered some of this already but regarding what prompted me to come up with this episode… We often sit around the writer’s room and discuss various things we’d love to see on the show. A wraith on Earth is one of them. We always agreed it would be fun to see a wraith trying to blend in. To be honest I don’t really like discussing my personal life publicly. It’s personal. But everything a writer writes is inspired by their own experiences and when I pitched this idea I was having a bit of a rough time. Exploring some darker themes in the show was sort of like therapy that helped me get through it. I also had taken some time off and when I do, I inevitably watch a lot of TV. Hey, it’s my job. The scene generally plays out like this:

My wife: You sure are watching a lot of TV.

Me: I’m working.

I hadn’t seen a lot of CSI prior to this particular period although I’d seen enough to admire how unbelievably good it looked. As someone trying to be successful selling to the television marketplace, I thought I should at least check out the highest rated franchise of on TV for the last few years see if I could figure out why it was so popular. After all, I would love for one of my shows to be that successful. I know this strikes mortal fear into the hearts of a portion of the Stargate audience. He’s selling out! He wants to cater to the masses and the lowest common denominator! All I can say is, watch and decide. Anyway, what struck me the most about watching CSI was how stylistically identifiable it was. You knew what you were watching. It had a look. It was so unique that it would make the perfect format to impose on an Atlantis for one episode so that the change would be instantly recognizable. The idea was to make you think you had turned on the wrong show. Why was John Sheppard in a different series? As though the channels were bleeding into each other the way the AR’s cross over in the story. Also, I thought it would be fun to see if I could emulate the style of CSI as a director. The fact is, the CSI thing only really hangs around for the first couple of acts and then, as we start to figure things out, the style morphs into more of an Atlantis. I was also greatly inspired by No Country For Old Men and There Will Be Blood during the time I was writing Vegas. Not that the end result is anywhere near comparable.

Sparrow_hawk writes: “I’ve started thinking about Vegas questions for Robert Cooper:

1. The first question related to the scene with Todd in the glass cell. McKay said that Todd was “a poet” but it seemed to me that Todd was describing what the other Wraith was seeing. Was there a telepathic link between the two and was Todd essentially seeing through the other Wraith’s eyes?

I loved the scenes of the Wraith putting on his makeup and then walking through the crowd, as well as the chase scene – heck I loved it all! But I especially enjoyed the way the music fit with the action, I and I always suspected that the Wraith would like hard rock/metal. How did you decide on the music that was used for those scenes? I guess “Sympathy for the Devil” is pretty obvious, but why the Marilyn Manson? “

RC: I’ve already said I think that Todd was seeing what the Wraith on the outside was experiencing. He was also insane, even by wraith standards. Interesting note for those debating the mind-reading powers of the wraith. The queen in Rising also guessed Sheppard’s name. The moment in Vegas where Todd does it is meant to be a call-back. I don’t think they can so much read minds as get in your head – like McKay says. But they do have some funky mental powers that would make them very good at poker.

I thought everyone just naturally assumed the wraith would listen to Marilyn Manson. I also would have loved to get a White Zombie song but I ran out of money. Many of you have wondered what the song is for the chase sequence. It’s Joel’s music. Pretty awesome.

Mel writes: “Questions for Mr. Cooper:

1. Was there a specific reason as to why Jason Momoa and Rachel Luttrell were not featured in Vegas? I just think that their characters could have been fit into the mix somewhere and was wondering why they were left out.

2. Was there anything you wrote for the episode that did not make the cut? If so, could you give an example?”

RC: I know many of you disagree but I really didn’t want to wedge Ronan and Teyla in someplace they didn’t belong. I think it would have been distracting. In fact, I think you could argue that without Sheppard being part of the program. Teyla and Ronan never became part of the team.

Yes, there were some scenes that didn’t make the cut for time and we have finished an extended version for the DVD’s that will include roughly four extra minutes of running time. Some of the changes are minor but some of the scenes had to be recut and the longer versions are quite different. Interestingly, in some cases, I’m not really sure which ones I like better. I guess I’m glad both exist.

Jean writes: “Some questions for Mr. Cooper:

I really enjoyed Vegas, it obviously had a very different feel from the usual SGA episodes, but tied in quite nicely to the Stargate universe.

1. Did you have in mind from the beginning that there would be no linking back to “our” reality and that the whole story would stay within this alternate reality?

2. Joe Flanigan is a Johnny Cash fan – did he have any input to your picking “Solitary Man”?

3. What was your thinking behind Sheppard wearing the silver crucifix in the last scenes after he finds out about space aliens from Rodney?

4. Do you think Sheppard was fulfilling his destiny fighting the Wraith? Do you think that is always his fate, in some form or other?

Thanks for taking the time”

RC: I always wanted this to be a completely self-contained alternate reality story. It’s one of the things that I think made it somewhat original from other AR stories we’ve done. I fought the notion that we needed a scene with our team in our realty at the end. Instead, I chose to imply jeopardy to our reality through the POV of the McKay we had followed throughout the episode.

Joe and I discussed a few options. I listened to a number of JC songs and even cut the driving sequence to Ring of Fire which lyrically fit the story very well. But Solitary Man is the song that stuck in my head. For about a week, it was literally driving me crazy.

It was Joe Flannigan’s idea to wear the cross at the end. We both liked the idea that his past experience had made him angry with God but that everything he had just learned had scared him and made him hope there really was one. I think that his character thought he had had committed his last sin when he stole the money and was going to seek retribution somehow. He didn’t realize he would find it in such a big way so quickly until he pieced together the clues on his drive.

Our Sheppard has demonstrated suicidal tendencies in a few critical situations. I’ve always loved Mel Gibson’s character in the first Lethal Weapon. Here’s a guy who starts out putting a gun in his mouth and then not pulling the trigger. Incredible for a Hollywood movie. The hero is not only suicidal but apparently also a coward. Of course, as the movie progresses we learn he’s not a coward at all, but the pain in his life has made him willing to take risks many of us would not take because he’s not afraid to die. For me, I think that is what I was trying to do with the alternate reality Sheppard.

Lorr54 writes: “Mr. Cooper, thank you for such a riveting episode and for agreeing to guest blog. I know there will probably be a lot of overlap in the questions, but I would like to pose a couple for you.
1 – What stunts did Joe Flanigan do?
2 – Was Mr. Flanigan really in the car being showered with debris during the firefight (or was it CGI debris) and was he really as close as it looked to the explosion of the trailer?
3 – Do you feel Mr. Flanigan and the other actors played it like you imagined when you wrote the script?
4 – Being such a departure from the normal Atlantis episode and characters, did Mr. Flanigan and the other actors have any input, and what of it actually got on screen?
5 – What was your inspiration for Vegas? I’m sure it could just as easily been focused on an AU McKay and a power generator experiment SNAFU or any number of other scenarios. What made you decide to focus it on Sheppard?
Again, thank you!”

RC: Joe did a lot of his own stunts. A lot of the running. He dove over the car with blasts going off around him. The shot of the explosion was done in two passes and married together with VFX. Joe was not that close to the explosion but it sure looks like he was.

Joe really was in the car while a bunch of special effects hits were going off. He was very committed to make this episode look real. Our stunts and effects guys are amazing and very conscious of safety. In a couple of shots we added some CG debris because we didn’t think there was enough.

We all spoke about how each actor was going to play his alternate reality self. Joe and I discusses the fact that this Sheppard was not going to talk very much at all. I know Joe was very excited about having to find ways to express what was going on visually rather than in dialogue. One of my all-time favorite shows is The Shield and I recently read a great article with its creator Shawn Ryan. He said “you have to learn to trust your actors. They can tell a story with their faces.” When I look at a lot of television, it’s very talky. Talk is cheap. It’s always better when you can tell a story visually. Sheppard puts the bag of money in his trunk. To me, that simple action says way more than the long monologue McKay later gives about Sheppard’s past.

OHinNJ writes: “1) My impression from the episode was that the AU Rodney was married (hence the wedding ring), but having an affair with AU Jennifer – or at least contemplating it (hence the look he gave her). Am I right?

2) This ep had such a different look and feel for SGA. Did you have the specifics of that look and feel in mind as you were writing? (i.e. Sheppard’s car, the type of gun he carried, the music, the look of the Wraith, the lighting of the Area 51 (?) offices, etc.) Or did those come as you were prepping to film?

3) In the scene where Rodney and John are talking outside, there seemed to be a lot of airplane noise in the background. Was that on purpose, or were there just a lot of planes flying overhead when you were shooting?

4) There were lots of little scenes that I loved in this ep. One was the Wraith striding out of his trailer to shoot John, music blaring. So cool! What was your favorite scene, and why?”

RC: The airplane noise was added to cover the sound of the Skytrain which was right beside where we were filming the exterior Area 51 scene on our lot at the Bridge Studios. And it added some texture to the environment. But mostly the first thing. Thanks for the compliments. Filming in Vegas was a thrill of a lifetime for me. The poker scene with Frank Vincent and Steve Schirripa was one of those things I couldn’t believe I was getting to do.

Michelle writes: “How much time did you spend filming on Planet Hollywood’s premises? Were they enthusiastic to have the production there? Did you truck down all the equipment, or use local stuff?

The lighting was so different from a typical episode. What was the strategy behind it, and did it take much longer than usual?

Can you list the Stargate cameos in the casino and at the poker table? I saw Brad Wright, but others said there was Joel Goldsmith too, but I didn’t think that was him!

How did Sheppard get the cut on his cheek — was it in a scene you had to cut for time?

Did you mean for some of the scenes to be more a parody of CSI, or strictly an homage? I think you out-did CSI with the heart shriveling, for example!

How did the Atlantis expedition survive and thrive without Sheppard, his ATA gene, and his particular actions that saved Atlantis and woke the Wraith? Five years later, it seems things would have diverged very greatly from “our” reality, given how often Sheppard saved the expedition and/or Rodney.

It seems like Joe did a lot of his own stunts, for example, jumping down the stairs and jumping over the Camaro right after the Wraith shot him. How did that come about, and were you ever nervous about it?

Why did Sheppard quit the police force?

What were you looking for in this alternate Sheppard, and did Joe F give you what you had imagined? How about David as a less neurotic, scarier McKay — was that something you suggested, or was it David’s input?

The very last scene seems to take place at twilight, and the behind-the-scenes images at show it was getting quite dark in some pics. Was that because filming ran long, or was it meant to show that Sheppard was sitting alone by his car for a long time before walking away and collapsing?

Why was Sheppard wearing a crucifix necklace in those last scenes? (Somehow the silver chain just made the last shot sadder, I have to say.)

Thanks very much for answering, and for a very interesting episode.”

RC: We shot at Planet Hollywood for two very long days and nights. We were there longer for prep and wrap. They were amazing.

In total, this episode was shot over ten days while a normal episode usually takes around seven.

Aside from Brad and his wife Debbie at the blackjack table, there are a few other cameos. Joel Goldsmith is indeed at the poker table, as is Todd Brunson and Roy Winston (both professional poker players) and Charlie Cohen from MGM. Also, the studly guy rolling the dice at the craps table is none other that our own special features producer Ivon Bartok.

I never meant for this episode to be a parody. As I’ve explained, it was supposed to make you think you were watching the wrong show. Maybe secretly I was hoping CSI’s audience would all get fooled and twenty million viewers would tune into Atlantis.

It’s true, things would be different in this reality without Sheppard in the program. However, there are many other people who have ATA gene including Lorne. But that’s one of the reasons we decided to have David play this McKay so much more confidently. We thought McKay would have been thrust into more of a leadership role and would have developed more confidence.

For logistical reasons, the explosion was scheduled toward the end of the day. It actually took longer than planned to set up and we ended up racing sunset to get our day. We tried to make it flow as though the sun is setting throughout the final scene. It doesn’t take long for the light to disappear. Maybe five minutes or so after sundown. Trust me.

Noir writes: “All my questions are already asked by other people – except one: What pocket cards had the Wraith in his last hand?”

RC: He’s a wraith. He was bluffing.

Gen writes: “Hang on, there’s my question: how did the idea come up to bring in the two actors from the Sopranos (sorry, I can’t remember their names)? How did you pull it off, did you write that crazy finger story for them, did they have some input?”

RC: That story is too good not to be true. In fact, it happened to Joe Flannigan. I asked him if he would mind if I put it in the script with a few embellishments and he said sure. At least his nanny didn’t have her finger bitten off for nothing. For the record, in reality it was just the tip of her finger, and they were her dogs.

Trish writes: “1) How am I so awesome? Remember last time I asked how are YOU so awesome and you responded with how am I so awesome? It’s my shining personality, isn’t it? But really, you are way more awesome than I could ever be.

2) Did you film that scene of AU Shep and the wraith at the poker game in Planet Hollywood or a different hotel or maybe a sound stage? And did you get a chance to eat at Pampas in the Miracle Mile Shops right next to the Planet Hollywood? Really excellent Brazilian food.

3) Who really wanted to use the Johnny Cash song? I just loved that to bits and think the person responsible should get a huge hug.

The line about the Star Trek Experince being shut down was perfect! I go to Vegas at least once a year and miss that ride! Do you think we’d ever get a Stargate Experience in Vegas or any other city? Because that would be THE MOST AWESOME ride ever!”

RC: Us awesome people always remember when we tell each other how awesome we are. because we’re awesome. FYI, the Star Trek experience exchange was all Picardo’s idea.

Perragrin writes: “Joe was right when he said it was beautiful. Your writing and directing have combined together with an outstanding performance from Joe Flanigan, to give us one of the best episodes thus far. With so many fantastic stories already spanning across five seasons, i’d be hard put to name one particular favourite. But if I did, then it’d have to be this one. I’m in awe. Thanks ever so

There’s so much i’d like to pick your brains on with regards to the episode, but in an attempt to prevent Joe’s blog from being completely spammed, i’ll try to keep things short

1. It was inevitable that Johnny Cash made an appearance somewhere, if only because it was Sheppard. It was Joe. And it fit the both of them perfectly. But who’s choice was ‘Solitary Man’? Yours? Joe’s? Anyone else’s?

2. Early on, we see Sheppard suddenly sporting a cut to his face and as many times as I have re-watched the episode, there seems to be no explanation for it. Was it a brawl? Gambling orientated? Job orientated? Or did Joe simply forget to duck when working with Bambam?

3. What inspired you to take this particular direction with episode 19? Are you a CSI fan? I guess i’m just curious to know where the idea came from, when almost every other episode over the past five years has been Pegasus-centric.

4. From a viewers standpoint, there’s absolutely nothing negative I can say about ‘Vegas’. It really is a beautiful way to pay tribute to five seasons of sheer brilliance. As the Writer/Director, are there any parts that you might have liked to change after seeing the final cut? Or, were you happy with the end result?

The final desert scene.. is played out wonderfully by Joe. And the music, lighting, special effects, etc all add to the haunting mood and resulting impact it has on the viewer. How difficult was it to film that particular scene? There’s explosions, burning fires, debris everywhere, a setting sun.. Did it take alot of coordination to get things absolutely spot on and are you pleased with the way things turned out?”

RC: The cut on Sheppard’s face was another one of those details I felt helped created the full reality of this episode outside what we saw on screen. In my mind, Sheppard has been roughed up by some guys looking for money he owed. I did write a version of the scene in which the only line of dialogue was Sheppard’s: “Not in the face!” The scene never made my first draft.

As far as what I think of the episode, it’s complicated. I tend to see the flaws. What could have been if I had more money and time, or talent. I don’t think it’s all bad. I see some things that I realize are as good as they could be under the circumstances. But you have to understand, you live with your work for so long that it’s very hard to see it from any kind of realistic outside perspective. It is gratifying when someone enjoys it as much as you say you did. Thanks for saying so.

Sulien writes: “1) Who chose the Johnny Cash song “Solitary Man” for the last scene in Vegas? That was absolute perfection, not only considering the circumstances, but also John Sheppard in general.

2) I think that nickel plated, pearl handled .45 was the perfect choice for a weapon to epitomize John Sheppard! Whose idea was it to use that specific hand gun?

Did you use stock footage of the A10 Warthogs, or did the Air Force give you a fly by? I’ve got a soft spot for those planes and loved them taking out the Wraith! Wooohooo!”

RC: I guess that’s just how good the VFX department is. They were all CG.

JES writes: “ I quite enjoyed the music during the episode, particularly the one I heard as “The Beat of the Meatball.” I kept thinking–What meatball and why is it beating? My daughter then informed me that they were saying “The Beautiful People.” Well–that clearly makes more sense. We’re off to visit a hearing specialist and then local nursing homes today. But before I am locked away could you tell me—did you choose the music yourself or was it a joint effort and, if so, with whom?”

RC: Could be one of the funniest misheard lyric stories ever.

Candace writes: “1. I’m wondering if this is the reality that Rod, the alternate McKay that we met in season 4…if this is him and his reality? Isn’t that the only alternate McKay that we met? And if so, what was with McKay talking about the alternate John and McKay being involved?? Maybe I’m getting the wrong impression, or heard it wrong. But ever since Joe shared with everyone that he always saw one of the Atlantis characters as gay besides Vega, I’ve been kinda paraniod…

Hoping to be a writer one day myself, I always wonder about other people’s writing methods. How do you approach beginning a new project? Whether it’s an epi for SG or something else entirely. Do you begin with character, plot…or something else. Or does it all just kinda show up… Basically, what’s your writing method from start to finish? In the simpliest terms”

RC: In the simpliest terms? First have something to say. Then say it well. Don’t worry, I can’t spell either. It’s indicative of a creative mind. If you want to get more complicated, try a four year undergraduate program and twenty-years of trying to figure it out and when you do, let me know.

Shingwit writes: “For Rob Cooper: Congrats on a brilliant episode I had a really good laugh at the homage to CSI (a pity Grissom wasn’t in it mind) I love exploring the multiverse and all its combinations. Which particular string theory do you subscribe to? There seem to be so many these days.”

RC: Well, I guess if pressed I have to say I’m partial to IIB — Supersymmetry between forces and matter, with closed strings only, no tachyon, massless fermions only spin one way (chiral). Or in layman’s terms: The big ball of string theory.

DasNDanger writes: “So, my question – when the so-called heroes of Atlantis engage in torture and talk of genocide against another race that they have deemed ‘the enemy’, what message do you think it sends in this day and age where real torture, and real genocide, is practiced against those who are considered a threat by those who justify their actions as the saviors of their people, if not of the whole world? Do you think it could have a desensitizing affect on our view of the real atrocities committed around the world, basically justifying the idea that – as long as we are the heroes – any and everything can be done to anyone who is perceived as a threat, all morality be damned?”

RC: When McKay said they “tried everything” to get information from Todd, he meant trick questions, bribery and ‘friendship’ therapy. Look, seriously, I don’t want to make light of something very serious and important. I am well aware of the reality of true horror that exists in the world. Unfortunately, without some form of escapism I think we’d all go completely insane. Quite frankly, I hope everyone recognizes this is just entertainment. I certainly hope it doesn’t have the impact you seem to be suggesting it might. But let’s say it does. I don’t believe I’m condoning torture in this episode. I’m just realistically representing that it happens in certain situations. Also, if we were about to be invaded by life-sucking aliens I would hope there are people who would find someway of stopping it. For the children. Having said all that, I’ll state for the record we should all make sure we don’t torture anyone today or ever. It’s very bad.

Will Dixon writes: “1) Now that you’ve achieved your life long dream and ‘directed’ a few times (nice job on ‘Ark of Truth’), was it all you thought it’d be and more? Or have you now decided that ‘calling action’ is way overrated.


What’s your golf handicap these days…still kicking your ball out of the bushes when no one’s looking?”

RC: To the rest of you, Will Dixon gave me my first real staff job in television and happens to have one of the sweetest swings in amateur golf. To answer Will, thanks for the shout out. Calling action hasn’t gotten old yet. It does feel weird though. Like I’m not supposed to be the guy saying it. And sometimes I forget to say cut.

My game is horrible. I did shoot 78 once, a year and a half ago, and then after the round I found out my grandmother had died that morning. No joke. Haven’t broken 90 since. Haven’t played much either. Why don’t you give me a call? Isn’t it odd that we’ve come to a place in the world where we communicate over someone else’s blog instead of picking up the damn phone?

Kuonji writes:

6. How difficult was it to acquire the music for this episode? I have never seen licensed music in a Stargate episode before, excepting “Unending”.

Finally, what is a question that you were hoping to be asked when you agreed to this Q&A? Was there a question you wanted to answer that wasn’t asked? And please answer, too.”

RC: Kerry McDowall our post-production co-ordinator put in a lot of extra time and effort negotiating the deals for the songs. I’m very grateful to her for that.

I’d have been disappointed if someone didn’t ask me how come I’m so awesome. Fortunately, someone did.

Fred writes: “Firstly, thank you for all your tireless work on Stargate throughout the years. It is much appreciated. Secondly, when you write a script you know you’re going to direct, do you write it any differently than you do for a script you aren’t directing (such as more or less camera directions)? Thirdly, in “Vegas,” why were the writer and director credits combined (”Written and Directed by”), whereas in your previous writer/director outings, did you have the credits separated?”

RC: I really don’t like credits over the show very much. They interfere with the content so, the less the better. I also never liked having my name come up so often. I asked in previous years to combine them but was told it was a guild thing or something. Finally, I insisted.

Pissed off Teyla Fan writes: “I don’t understand why the wraith were at earth…If John never went to Atlantis then the wraith wouldn’t have been alerted and they wouldn’t have gone to Athos and captured the earthlings, that’s how they found out about earth in our universe, right? Also I don’t understand why Teyla wasn’t in the ep…Some say it wouldn’t have made sense for her to be there but to me it made as much sense as the wraith being there…”

RC: My question for you is why can’t you imagine a scenario in which someone else wakes the wraith? Daniel Jackson perhaps? Or Colonel James Samuel. (I just made up that name.) Just because John Sheppard did it in the reality of the series doesn’t mean it can’t happen differently in the alternate reality. That’s what makes it alternate. To me, it seems you are actively trying to find a reason why this entire episode shouldn’t exist because you’re pissed off that Teyla wasn’t in it. Of course your reply to me might be, why couldn’t I imagine a good reason for Teyla to be in the episode? That is my failing.

I heard another criticism in which someone dismissed the episode because they thought it was impossible that the Wraith could use the limited power available in Nevada to do something “not even a ZPM could do” as Zelenka says. They were fairly condescending, suggesting this stupid plotting was reason enough to negate the rest of the episode. Actually, I never said he was exclusively using power from Nevada. Just that he was tapping in to local power to boost the device over the top. In fact, I said he had amassed enough fissionable material to potentially blow up half the United States. He also only needed the power surge for a brief time. But all that is beside the point. There may be very valid reasons to hate this episode but I’m not sure this example is one of them.

I know some people feel that we writers of Stargate dismiss any and all criticism. I promise you that is not true. I for one have taken a major step back recently to look at the work I’ve been doing, and how I can make it better. I don’t know if it will help but I’m trying. Sometimes people are very obviously set on criticizing for a particular reason no matter what (you Keller hating Beckett fans know who you are). That is prejudicial and there’s nothing any of us can do about that. It’s often a reflection of the critic’s own state of mind not the work itself. We all try as hard as we can to make sure stories are as well-thought out as possible but at the end of the day, you have to proceed with something. You have to imagine the reasons stories should exist rather than why they shouldn’t or nothing would ever get made. So, please don’t be so pissed off Teyla fan. I did help create the character and wrote a few Teyla centric episodes over the years.

Obviously I could go on forever but I guess I should get back to working on other things for some of you to love and some of you to hate. Thanks to our gracious host for inviting me back to his super-terrific-happy-webblog of fun. Hey Joe, you have to let me know if you get more hits than usual. If you do, I suggest dropping in the word nipple more often. Just a thought.


86 thoughts on “January 18, 2009: Series Creator/Showrunner/Executive Producer/Writer/Director/Duck Smoker Robert C. Cooper Answers Your Questions

  1. Ahhh! He answered my questions again! And, yet again, states that, like him, I am awesome! I think I love him.

    *melts into puddle on the floor*

    So the Star Trek experience was Mr. Picardo’s idea? *raises eyebrows* Does this mean he’s actually been on one or both of the rides?

    Anyway, thank you, Mr. Cooper, for answering so many questions! 😀

    @Joe: Oh we saw that Pittsburg play. Jeremy’s a huge fan. And guess what? THE STEELERS ARE GOIN’ TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!! IN TAMPA!!!! Did any of you hear him yelling? I think Joe could hear all the way in Vancouver. 😉 😀 😀

    Oh wait… I think that means Jeremy might be going to the Super Bowl. 😯 Yikes! January could prove an expensive month!

    Trish 😀

  2. I could kiss Rob Cooper full on the lips. Right now. I won’t…but I really, REALLY could.

    So, Joe…could you just pass that kiss along for me?? I think you should, especially since you did include that last question of mine – the one where I sound slightly psychotic. 😛

    Thank you very much, Mr. Cooper…you have helped clarify so much that could not be answered otherwise now that the show is over, and I truly appreciate it. *smooches* 😉


  3. Oh, crap…I always forget something…

    I totally agree that it would have been great for a White/Rob Zombie song to be included (More Human than Human, probably). Or Superbeast, Dragula, Never Gonna Stop…the list could go on. Although Thunder Kiss ’65 is my all-time favorite…best driving song, ever…makes my car go REEEAAL fast… 😛


  4. Robert C. Cooper = Legendary Q&A

    I really felt RC put a lot of time and though into that one, brilliant responses and a lot of questions answered.

    Final answer too was great.

  5. Let me finish work, pour a glass of Sauv Blanc and then I’ll get to reading that tremendous Q&A (and answering some things from yesterday’s entry)

    PS: The NFL playoffs from our parts in Melbourne, Australia were only seen as Rocca vs Graham. Two of our retired AFL players playing on opposing NFL teams.

  6. Wow, another great Q and A!
    Thanks Mr. Cooper, I enjoyed all your answers because this was my favorite episode ever!
    I think sometimes it’s best to leave things to the imagination, cause I wouldn’t have believed McKay and Keller were married (the affair I could get behind) and even though I still choose to believe that Sheppard was rescued in the end – it’s just too damn depressing otherwise, I do appreciate that it is better drama if he wasn’t.
    One question, when Rob answered “I think that his character thought he had had committed his last sin when he stole the money and was going to seek retribution somehow” do you think he meant redemption instead of retribution? It makes more sense that way, at least to me.

    Loved the Beautiful People Meatball story!

    Thanks again,
    A very appreciative fan (even if you don’t approve of my non-approval of Keller/McKay)

  7. Hi Joe:

    I really enjoyed Robert’s responses to his Vegas episode. Wow! I seem to have missed a lot of things that other viewers picked up. And I watched it twice. I hope that Robert continues to inspire us with great stories for years to come.

    For Robert:

    Often, hard work does seem to be wasted when the product of your labour is forgotten. Just ask your mom about the countless meals she prepared that were consumed quickly and forgotten. As a mom, I’ve been there, done that. But I think it will take me a very long time to forget that episode. In fact, I’d love to see another episode in a similar vein some time in the future.

    Thanks for the great work to Robert, brad, Joe, and everyone else involved with StarGate.

  8. Yes! The Pittsburgh Steelers are going to the Super Bowl!!!! We had the toughest schedule in the league, yet here we are going to the big game yet again! I live in AZ, but I am pleased to say the Cardinals are going down!
    I can’t wait to see those 4 extra minutes of Vegas. That’s even better than deleted scenes. Thanks to Mr. Cooper for the great answers to the questions on Vegas.

  9. Hey Joe,

    Please thank Mr. Cooper for taking the time to answer questions and give us some insight behind the scenes of Vegas. I’m glad he ended up picking “Solitary Man” – “Ring of Fire” may have fit the story well lyrically, but it is much too upbeat. (Has anybody heard Neil Diamond’s original version of Solitary Man – boy he should thank Johnny Cash for covering it!) And I am looking forward to the extended version of Vegas on the DVDs! My 8-year-old already asked me when the DVDs are coming out…


  10. Yes, Robert Cooper, you are awesome. And you do a heck of a good Q&A. I’d send a kiss, too, but it might compromise my reputation as a mature and sensible blogger. 😉

    Thanks for answering so many of our questions and giving us such a great behind the scenes look at the episode. I really, really like the fact that you had thought out so much off screen back-story for all of the characters in “Vegas”. I think that is why I enjoyed the episode so much. And thanks for mentioning all of the other people who contributed to the music, editing, etc that made “Vegas” a truly memorable episode. They deserve a big thank you, too.

    And I would especially like to add my thanks to das’s for answering the question about the Wraith finger thingy! And the tatoos. And Marilyn Manson (yeah, we Wraith fans all suspected that was their taste in music, but it was nice to have it confirmed by the Wraith’s creators). And for finally giving us a shirtless Wraith.

    das go to bed. You’re sick. You need your sleep.

  11. Wow, please let Rob Cooper know that his Q&A was very much appreciated. It was quite entertaining to read, just as the episodes he’s involved with are to watch. 😀

    I have to agree with what he said about Joe F. He’s one of the best when it comes to telling a story with just expressions. There is so much depth in each expression. He’s truly a great actor, and hopefully, if at all possible, he’ll be able to do some cross overs in SGU…even if it’s a “what’s happening back on Earth/Atlantis” scene.

    My screen writing classes always stressed more expression and less dialogue, and I definitely can see why with Vegas. It was beautiful. 🙂

    Oh, and I did want to add that not all Beckett fans are Keller haters.

    Thank you Joe for having Rob on your blog. So how’s your New Year’s resolution of drinking more going? Tried anything new? My parents opened a bottle of single barrel Jack Daniel’s the other night and it was very smooth tasting.

    Have a good night!

  12. Hi, Joe.

    Many thanks to Robert Cooper for answering all the questions on Vegas. Excellent episode!

    A question — is that the interior to SGU’s Destiny that RCC and CB are standing in?

    Best wishes!

  13. I CAN’T sleep!! In all my excitement over finger armor thingys and a great ep of the Mentalist, I hadn’t notice that Mr. Cooper didn’t confirm Nippleless Wraith! AAARRRGGHHH!! The debate will never die, now! How he must enjoy torturing us…

    And wait. Did he just call me crazy??? 😐 And yesterday Bam Bam called me odd. 😕

    Great…now I’m starting to get a complex…



  14. Mr. Mallozzi, thank you very much for hosting Mr. Cooper! Please extend this fan’s gratitude for such detailed responses to the many questions! Vegas is an exceptional episode, masterfully combining the two worlds. I very much hope there is a commentary for it on the DVD release. It would be fascinating.

    Thank you

  15. That was a really nice Q&A. Thanks Joe for arranging it and thanks Robert Cooper for answering the questions. Vegas was a great episode!

  16. Mr. Cooper thank you so much! Not only for the seemingly endless hours you have dedicated to Stargate over the years, but for taking time to answer questions and interact with the fans.

    I have to say that Vegas stunned me (in a good way!) I was floored when the episode ended. It was such an amazing ride and such a brillant character study of John Sheppard that I was speechless. It took about the third or fourth viewing before I could really start to get a handle on everything that I was watching. You wrote an awesome story and JF delivered on the acting for sure!

    You’ve written and directed two of my all time favorite episodes of Atlantis (Sateda and Vegas) and I humbly thank you for both of them. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us! 🙂

  17. Damn! I didn’t get my questions in…Damn my boycotting this site until I had watched Vegas and Enemy at the Gates!! Curse my internet speed!!!

    Anyway, I would just like to say, that the soundtrack on Vegas was utterly brilliant!! If there was a bigger word I could use to describe it, I need to know it, so I can tell you that the Soundtrack was just that!!

    I was bopping along to the sounds of Marilyn Manson and humming/crying along to Johnny Cash, which was the PERFECT song to end that ep!!

    Question: Do you know a better word to describe the Soundtrack to Vegas? I would love to know one…

    Snaps for Joel Goldsmith!! *snap* *snap*


  18. Thanks for very much to RCC for an awesome, amazing, for-the-ages q&a. He revealed so many cool production tidbits to this episode, my brain is exploding with them!

    I’m really glad Rob got validation of his hard work, too, especially as he seems to be in a particularly contemplative mood. I know SGU will benefit from the higher bar he is setting.

    I do take issue with the “Keller-hating-Beckett-fan” thing. I think fans could equally call out the “Male-blinded-by-love-of-Jewel” writers (Martin, are you there?). Honestly, fans are capable of introspection too, and there have been many, many electrons devoted to people trying to explore why they don’t care for Keller. And no, I don’t mean the ravings on the Gateworld forum. Oh well. Water under the bridge, as they say.

  19. Thanks so much Rob Cooper for taking the time to answer all those questions 🙂

    *squees over the wraith information*

  20. Loved the Q & A! Thanks so much to Rob for doing it and to Joe for providing the forum.
    This just enhances the enjoyabilty of one of my favorite episodes ever.
    I will continue to fantasize about a happy ending for McKay and Shep (slasher here), even though I understand the true intent. I eagerly await the DVD commentary!
    It is fascinating to hear the thought and process behind what came to be an incredible episode.
    Joe, you can give Rob a kiss from me too (although, perhaps he doesn’t want mine, as Im not a fan of Jen :))
    (@Alexandria – not all Keller haters are Beckett fans, either!)

  21. @Michelle, I thought you said Walter under the bridge!
    Poor guy.
    @Das, how do you know Wraith don’t have nipples on their knees? We haven’t had a good knee shot (knee-cap?) yet.
    I believe you will need a full body inspection before deciding whether they are, indeed, nippleless.

  22. Excellent Q&A. I found myself rewatching the episode again to see the various scenes Robert Cooper pointed out. So much fun. And excellent response at the end of the Q&A, too. A standing ovation for Mr. Cooper.

  23. OMG… THANK YOU MR. ROBERT C. COOPER! Not only did my Questions appear first in the bag! They were awesomely answered. These answers really did us more insight into the writer / director mind set and I for one appreciate it greatly. THANK YOU Again!

    Hey Joe, I agree with Trish and dasNdanger! Please give RC a huge kiss on the lips from us fans and do please film it as one of The Weird Food Purchase of the Day too! It kind of fits… yes / no?!?


    Patricia Lee

  24. I missed this Q&A 🙁 I would have asked him how he flet about SGA going off the air, and if they could have made one more season before they went to dvd.

  25. This one is for Trish to answer part of her question to Mr. Cooper:

    There have been talks of re-opening the Star Trek experience in the Neonopolis mall downtown on Fremont st. It’s debatable if it’ll happen as the mall has been losing money ever since it was opened (all it has is a usually empty movie theater, one or two stores, a few kiosks and a Dairy Queen. The bar/restaurant just closed recently). But hope is not lost! The mall really wants to get it because they might be able to turn a profit with it.

  26. Thanks to Robert C. Cooper for a great Q&A, written as expertly as one of his scripts.

    But ….

    “RC: I know many of you disagree but I really didn’t want to wedge Ronan and Teyla in someplace they didn’t belong. I think it would have been distracting. In fact, I think you could argue that without Sheppard being a part of the program. Teyla and Ronan never become part of the team.”

    You are confirming to my paranoid self my fears all season long that the writers have been slowly reducing Ronon and Teyla to mearly recurring characters such as Chuck or Loren. You can’t even spell Ronon’s name right anymore. I agree there was no place for Teyla and Ronon in Vegas. But I think you could have found a spot for Jason and Rachel. After all, you found a chair for Wright, Goldsmith, Bartok, and others. You could have put Luttrell and Momoa in the background too somewhere as themselves. Minus the wigs. I saw all the other cameos and kept looking for them to show up too. Just a quick camera sweep by as their real-life selves. I don’t think it would have turned your production into a parody.

    I don’t recall another season where Teyla and Ronon have ever been so absent. Correct me if I’m wrong, but one or the other was missing from Whispers, Tracker, Remnants, Brain Storm, and Vegas. Who knows what a season 6 would have brought to these 2 characters. Probable an appearance in only half the season.

    I don’t mean to rain on your parade. Vegas is the most unique, well written, directed, produced episode ever (I think) in the SGA series and possible the Stargate franchise history, and you are my favorite writer/director combination. I just disagree that there was no room for Luttrell and Momoa.

    But who cares now. The point is mute.

  27. Grrrreeaaaat. It’s 1 am, and I can’t sleep. This is the person who was going to bed at 9 pm. Yeah, right. Totally WIDE awake…all sorts of thoughts running through my head now.

    @ Joe – Since we have SO many requests for that Cozzi Kiss, you can’t disappoint us now! 😉 And yes, it must be captured on film!! 😀

    @ Hachi – A Wraith full body inspection…hmmmm. In some ways that sounds quite tempting. But in other ways, I’m really not sure I wanna know what lies below the waistband. I mean…with my luck, nippled knees would be the least of my worries! I mean, what if they have big bushy white tails? Or, ya know…piercings where sane men ought not??! Or – ACK! A sideways butt crack! 😯

    No, no, no…there are just some things best left to the imagination… 😉


  28. @Trish- So I guess I should refrain from mentioning in front of Jeremy that I will staunchly be rooting for the Cardinals? 😉 I mean after all they *ARE* from my division. 😛

  29. Thanks Mr Cooper for your answers. Insightful and most respectful. I should have asked if you are still looking at getting a Sony Reader 😉
    I really need to get onto Sony’s payroll.
    I’ve sold 4 waiting in line for coffees over the past year.

    I loved what Mr Cooper said about not always giving all the information. In the past I’ve struggled to articulate why I enjoy just watching the show, but what he said hit home about how it allows your mind to take you wherever you want it to go (serious paraphrasing there). The holes in canon create possibility in your thoughts. Although it’s my thoughts that tend to have holes rather than the other way around.

    Vegas to me was as though I’d gone to sleep, had one of those rare, crazy dreams about Atlantis, woke up wondering where the hell all that came from and remind myself to not watch Atlantis and eat pizza so close to going to sleep. I enjoyed being taken away from the usual Atlantis theme and it will be the episode that makes me buy the Season on DVD.

    I’m with das about which White Zombie song was going to be included? Listening to the Vegas soundtrack I felt 18 again, walking into a favourite old haunt, Goo – that’s a place youngens used to frequent, not an ectoplasmic residue.

    I was wondering… as a film crew… and please don’t take this wrong way because we are all human… but wouldn’t the checklist go:
    1. Loaded/re-loaded film…Check (?)

    shiningwit – Haven’t met Angua yet! I’m reading Pyramids, Eric and Going Postal at the moment (recipe for a brain aneurysm if ever I’ve seen one) so I know I’ll come across her soon.

    sparrow_hawk – Strictly for research reasons I’m sure. I’m certain I’ve heard das say that on more than one occasion. Carrot was interesting for me. Growing up I had a friend that could play any comedic role and how she managed to keep a straight face I still don’t know but once she played a part very similar to Carrot and did it brilliantly. So during the reading of the book I had pictured my female friend, tight binding in places required and socks in places also required with stuffing to give her the Hercules muscles and a long, blonde, ratty looking wig. Odd huh?

    Trish – I’m sure if I had a bird eating spider land on me I’d have a phobia. Have been bitten by two white tail spiders (generally bad news) but luckily my parents had strong alcohol in the house at the time (bless their liquor cabinet’s heart) so the damage was only minimal. Upon my second bite the first region flared up. I was told by the researchers at Monash – because I was calling them to ask if my leg was going to fall off, hey it happens! – and they said the poison remains in your system. Learn something new everyday.

    das – Was Todd’s facial tattoo different in Vegas? Um, Joe, shouldn’t I be asking you that question?

  30. Wow, what a fantastic Q&A, thank you Mr Cooper. Now Joe, do you think you could arrange Q&A’s with that degree of explicit detail for every Stargate episode please (and if that’s not a book in the offing I don’t know what is – if you need a writing co-ordinator, give me a cal!).

    I just wanted to say here, that of all the Atlantis episodes that I adore – and there are a few of them – this stands head and shoulders above them all. I’ve watched it 3 times so far and see something I missed on every occasion. If Stargate Universe is going to be anything like it, this old ‘un will be glued to the box, with or without child actors in leading roles (please say the last bit with sarcasic English clipped tones).

    Plus, for the record I am a die hard Todd fan but have to admit watching the show for the third time, I got a bit of a hankering for the Wraith Lestat (read the Anne Rice book where Lestat tries to fit in with the heavy metal crowd!) Does he have a name?

  31. First a big thank you to Mr Cooper for the awesome Q&A, tell him that currently my cat is playing with my big ball of string theory which probably explains a whole lot! Now I’m champing at the bit for SGU and anticipating a whole new look to the SG franchise.
    Lets face it though ALL you guys are totally awesome and so are we.
    Ok Joe you can come back in now.

  32. Another excellent Q & A. Love all the answers Mr. Cooper gave. Especially about the poker scene. Yet another reason to rewatch the episode.

    As for him shooting some scenes in HD and some in 35mm, I couldn’t tell (and I should be able to consider where I work!).

    But that brings up a question what’s your view on HD versus 35mm? Any perference?

  33. Hope your SGU episode writes are going well, Joe. Can’t hardly wait until the premiere.

    Really great episode, Mr. Cooper. Dug the departures and through-lines one and all.

    As for the Ronan and Teyla issue, unless there would be a line in the background mentioning them, or a passing comment about meeting some chaps called “Athosians,” any attempt to put them in would be forced. It would be way to convenient that everybody is still friends except John and it would take away from what the other actors were doing to set their AU characters apart.
    While on it, why not bring back everybody that’s ever been mentioned? Maybe Ponytail and Dr. Weir are married? Or perhaps Col. Sumner and Grodin could be a couple? Bringing in people for the sake of it might be nice for a bit, but trying to rationalize their being there would be a distraction at best and at worst make the whole episode ring phony.

    And since the wraith evolved from parasitic insects, I think it would be okay to assume since they feed via the handy-hole they’ve no need for mammary glands (hence no biological need for nips).

  34. Hey that was a cool Q&A, even though none of my questions got answered :-(. Oh well, that’s life. Although I must say I would love to go a year without hearing “How are you so awesome?” 😀 It’s right up there with “He released a breath he didn’t know he was holding.” (that’s a very popular fanfic sentence if you didn’t know)

    Question for everyone: Are there any popular phrases that bug you?

    Thanks Joe and Rob. Now I’m gonna go back and watch that poker game again.

    Cheers, Chev

  35. Narelle from Aus said:

    PS: The NFL playoffs from our parts in Melbourne, Australia were only seen as Rocca vs Graham. Two of our retired AFL players playing on opposing NFL teams.

    Well that’s the media for you. They’ve finally got an angle. Not me though. I love American Football (49er fan). So I got up a little earlier to watch as much as I could of the game before work. I can watch the rest on tape. Go Ben!

    Cheers, Chev

  36. Hi Mr M!

    Greetings from snow bound Tipperary, Ireland!

    A big thank you to Mr Cooper. Reading through the responses, it seems like they had a blast with that episode. I’m looking forward to the commentary on the DVDs. I must really get my glasses looked at….I totally missed Mr Wright et al, only picking out Charlie Cohen *bows deeply*.

    Thanks again to Mr C for the info, and no mention of shiny floors (as per Ark of Truth!!)

    Best to all


    PS Love the dig at Doctor Who!!! (*behave*)

  37. looks like a great Q&A, i didn’t have time to read it fully yet, just skimmed it. I see lots of wraith answers but none to my questions. Must have weirded him out abit. Well, you know what that means don’t ya Joe, i’m just going to have to annoy you for answers instead. I’ll come back when i have time to ask about things like if the wraith have nipples and bellybuttons or not.

    @DAS sorry to hear you’re sick and your shoulder is playing up. I hope everything rights itself soon.
    You should rest up and not stress out over Todd and the wraith. If you get all gloomy just treat yourself to some therapeutic wraith art, like that naked Kenny sketch, should change your mood for the better.

    and i’m off – found that nuada vid- one last viewing for the night.

  38. Oh yeah and I know what Rob means about Solitary Man. I couldn’t get it out of my head. I actually bought it on iTunes, now I can play it all I want hehe.

    Cheers, Chev

  39. @Kassandra: Don’t say a word if you don’t want to suffer the wrath of Jeremy. 😛 Otherwise, feel free to nag, nag, nag. 😀

    @Rachel: DO NOT tease me about the re-opening of the Star Trek Experience! That is just not a good thing to do to my little heart. I honestly don’t care if they reopened it in the parking lot of a Denny’s somewhere. I had to make that horrid trek to the Hilton EVERY YEAR since that thing opened. 🙄 We have been staying at the Venitian but this past December we stayed at The Hotel at Mandalay Bay. First time in Vegas with no Star Trek love. *sigh* And in October we went to San Diego to get our fix. We went to the Star Trek Exhibit there. And my youngest daughter fell off the bridge of the Enterprise. 😯 She was just a bit sore afterward and now I feel it’s her badge of honor to tell people when she is all growed up. 😉

    Although my mom would not be too thrilled about it unless they re-opened Quark’s restaurant at the Neonopolis Mall. She loved eating there every time they went.

    But to be really honest, I think it’s risky to re-open it there. I would hope it would have that Field of Dreams effect. You know: If you build the Star Trek Experience the trekkers will come. But I would worry it would just be shut down again due to a lack of business.

    Thanks for letting me know about that! 😀 *fingers crossed*

    @Das: I, for one, have always thought the wraith’s nipples were located behind their ear lobes.

  40. Please thank RC for answering all of those questions. Very awesome and insightful.

  41. Joe, please pass on to Rob a big thank you for such an excellent Q&A. I really appreciated his taking the time to answer so many questions with such thoughtful and detailed responses. Rob comes across as a very classy guy. If you get a chance, give him a huge hug from me too.

    If you would like to have a little more snow, Joe, just let me know. I’d be more than happy to send a little your way. Just say the word. I really don’t mind sharing. *g*

    stay warm


  42. “Of course, like I said, the show was designed so you could imagine it plays out the way you want. If you want to believe you hear the helicopter arriving over the final shot I can’t stop you.”

    Okay then, I preffer to believe that there is a shimmering light over Sheppards body as he dies… perhaps he ascended, or was picked up by an Asgard beaming device, or something or someone is collecting all alternate aspects of Sheppard at the moment of death for some strange unknown reason.

  43. Thanks David Weber & RCC for the great detailed Q&As

    Vegas is definitely one of Stargate’s best AU episodes, right up there with 2010 and The Changeling. I am MEGA stoked to see an extended version thank you!!! a commentary would be great too. Summer box set release, not soon enough!

    Creative Misspelllers of the World, untie. Oh thats old.

    I too missed seeing Teyla and Ronon faces in Vegas (the actors not the characters) but how I look at it, in retrospect, since it was such a money struggle thing I agree with saving the expense of two more main actors in favor of shooting location and SFX budget.
    That said, too bad Rachel & Jason hadn’t volunteered to goto Vegas and be there on their own dime. But, I don’t think the Guild woulda allowed them in the ep for free, so… there we have it. No point.

  44. I heard on the wraithvine that nipples were an optional extra. kinda like a 2.1 version but without the fluffy dice….uh-oh too much medication again!

  45. Chev: Question for everyone: Are there any popular phrases that bug you?
    Gimme Five
    Hang on a minute (or any variation thereof)
    Wait just a sec (ditto)
    any reference to a person as awesome
    Keller hating Beckett fans

    😀 DD

  46. Thanks Robert for such open and honest answers. It is always interesting to know what the writer/producer and director were thinking.

    Since I was off the grid this weekend, I just wanted to add that Paul’s answers were great as well. He was quite humerous at times as well.


  47. Coucou Joseph!
    Merci pour ces questions/réponses! Elles sont trés intéressante!! Il y’a pleins de petites info sympas =)

    Lol la photo, mais c’est derriére? ^^

    Passer une trés bonne journée, gros bisou

  48. Robert Cooper,
    Thank you so much for doing this Q&A.

    One of the things that amaze me about this Q&A is that what you say was the reasoning and the idea behind this episode was exactly the way I understood it and felt it, despite that some others I know didn’t. I guess that’s what made me go so incredibly WOW on this episode. I agree with you on the last shot. Sheppard has to die, not just because it’s a tragedy but because… Come on, Sheppard IS dark and suicidal by definition, it’s one of the baselines of his character. And that just can’t go on forever, in at least some of the realities he must succeed in finding his death. Besides one of the things that annoys me is that in most shows, the character gets shot in the chest a few times over the run of a series and there’s never any reprecussions. Doesn’t work that way in real life. In real life, if you take a few bullets to the chest, chances are greater that you won’t live than that you will.

    As far as thinking you were on the wrong show… Well let’s just say this episode puts a whole different take on the CSI Las Vegas episode in which Joe Flanigan played a wife-beating gambling addict… 😉

    Solitary man… Well I’ve gotta say, I love the choice. I love the Marilyn Manson too… If I’d have done it though, I’d have had the Wraith listen to “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails and then John listen to “Hurt” by Johnny Cash. Cash covered it. Here’s the lyrics, I find them very appropriate:
    Especially the last bit seems very appropriate:
    “If I could start again
    A million miles away
    I would keep myself
    I would find a way”

    I know you didn’t plan for this episode to be so near to the end but one of the things that struck me was… Well Sheppard is in a way the driving force behind the team, not just its leader. With Elizabeth and Sam out of the way, he’s also more of a leader of Atlantis too – Woolsey looks a lot to him for answers on how to lead Atlantis. So Sheppard dying at the end of the series… I mean you did shoot Vegas as the last episode, even though it didn’t air that way… Well it’s very poetic, in a bleeding heart kind of way. Of course this being an AU Sheppard, the series can continue to live in the movie(s)… But still.

    It was a very proper ending to Atlantis. Thank you.

    And thanks for Q&A’ing

  49. Robert Cooper = awesomeness

    In a couple of paragraphs (at the end) he basically summed up what I’ve been trying to tell everyone for ages! So glad I’m a Beckett lover non-Keller hating fan…

    And he cleared up so much stuff and gave some really nice insights into Vegas (which was, by the way, an amazing episode). Pity I didn’t managed to come up with a question for him in time… Oh, and Paul’s Q&A was great too… I’m pretty sure I didn’t comment on that already. Or ask a question 🙁

  50. Gah…really in a rush, but a few things…

    I still haven’t carefully read through all of Mr. Cooper’s comments – both because of distractions last night, and this morning, and just no real ‘quiet time’. But I have skimmed them all, and picked out little gems…like…

    “The beat of the meatball”… 😆 THAT is hilarious!!!! 😆

    I’m pretty good with lyrics, when I want to hear them (often I ignore lyrics in favor of listening to the beat). But the one song that I just ALWAYS hear wrong is Pearl Jam’s Glorified G – Instead of ‘glorified version of a pellet gun’, I ALWAYS hear ‘glorified virgin on a pelican’… 😕

    @ Narelle – I don’t think Todd’s tat was different. To tell you the truth, for as wonderful as Chris is as Todd, I really find it hard to watch his scene in that episode. When I get time, I will point out to Mr. Cooper that the starvation of a prisoner is torture, too… 😉

    @ BlueJay – This is the most messed up ‘cold’ I’ve ever had. Can’t shake whatever it is. Today, no fever. I talked with my mom, and she says everyone she knows has the same thing – it hit in early December, and no one can shake it. Just a lot of congestion and crud in the throat, some turning into bronchitis…a real pain in the arse. Today I feel pretty good, so going to take advantage of that.

    @ Trish – Hmmm. Nipples behind their earlobes? I can handle that! Makes ’em all the more nibblable…nibbleable…nipable…oh, you get the idea!!

    Gotta go! Have a great day/evening, Joe & everyone!

    Ciao! Zooooooooooooom!!!!!


  51. A most awesome Q&A from the very awesome Mr. Cooper. Thank you. I should have asked questions, hey?

    A couple days until the trek to Espana … I will be without internet because although my laptop is home from the care of the Geek Squad, it is ten euros a day for wi-fi where we are staying. Joe, your blog is priceless, but not when converted to euros.

    And today is my birthday, no 51 hour party like last year, in fact, hubby is working and I have my new Wii all to myself. And the cake and ice cream. Yay.

  52. Many thanks to Mr. Cooper for answering so many questions. It was a pleasure reading both the questions and your responses. Vegas is one of the two best AU stories done in all the Stargate franchises, and that’s saying something given the overall quality of those episodes. I appreciated having an AU story that was for once entirely AU, without any crossover by or into “our” Atlantis universe. The quality of such episodes gives me a little more hope that Universe will be a worthy entry into the franchise. Mr. M, thanks as always for making this and so many other outstanding guest blogs available.

  53. Thanks RC for a wonderful and insightful Q&A. I had the same thoughts and ideas as you did for why things happened the way the did in the episode. I also assumed that Rodney was with Jennifer and not as an affair as many thought they were. Then again I am a Keller fan and wouldn’t think negatively as others would. Its nice to see the thoughts and process of an episode. Thanks for your time to do the Q&A. Thanks Joe for the blog.

    @Trish: Sorry, but BOOOOO Steelers. I’m going to have to go with Mackenzie Mamma and roote for the Cardinals. Only because they aren’t the Steelers. I’m from Northern Ohio and hour or so away from Cleveland. Can you quess what fan I am? Yes, the Cleveland Browns. Go Browns!. Yes, I know they aren’t the best team in the world, but hey a fan is loyal to a team no matter if they win or not. Just like a fan is to a show. But anyways I hope Jeremy has fun at the Superebowl. What is the temp in Tampa?

    @Joe: I was thinking about this the other day. It has to do with the Wraith children. We’ve only seen a glimpse of this in one of the episodes where Jewel Staite played a Wraith child. I can’t remember the name of the episode. I was wondering would she have grown up to become one of their queens? Do all female wraith children become queens of hives? And where do the children live? If I missed this somewhere in a past discussion or something, sorry. It was just a thought.


  54. Rob, thanks for the wonderful Q&A and once again kudos to you, the cast and crew on a fantastic episode.

    Das: Get better soon *hugs*

    maggiemayday: Happy Birthday 🙂

  55. I thoroughly enjoyed this Q & A, and echo everyone else’s good wishes to Mr Cooper for answering in such detail and so modestly, too.

    I particularly enjoyed the vision he gave of JF giving his all to the stunts, and enjoying portraying a character as taciturn as possible, and one to whom things happen off screen, as it were – the cut on the face gave the character a life beyond the plot we were shown, yet within the character’s story. Very nice touch.

    And I’m so looking forward to a Vegas which is four whole minutes longer! Four minutes! WOW. Can’t wait for that.

    Oh – and if we’re talking spelling stuff, could I just throw in that the phrase is “the point is moot” rather than “the point is mute”. It means, of course, that the point has gone to a group of people (a “moot”) for discussion. It’s added to its meaning, of course, as the way is with our rich and wonderful language. So now instead of going for debate, a point goes hurtling off into the ether, never to be heard from again. Which is closer in meaning to “mute” than the original one, to be sure. But I’d hate to lose the great word “moot”.

    On the other hand, I’ve seen a couple of “the point is mute” now, so perhaps it’s just where the phrase is going next.

  56. Thanks Robert for giving us all a lot of info!

    I’ve got to comment especially on the answer of John wearing the cross at the end. That really touched me. Thank you for disscussing it with Joe and thanks, of course, to Joe for coming up with the idea. Redemption is always sexy and beautiful. 🙂

  57. Great Q&A from Robert Cooper & David Weber. Congratulations to Judy in SATX and sparrow_hawk for winning the Baen goodies bags, and who will get to read the next Honorverse book before anyone else. (grumbling with envy)

    Mr M RCC said that he uses both HD and 35 camera for the Vegas episode. Thinking about that factroid. What is your opinion on the forthcoming Red Scarlet/Epic digital camera systems in comparison to current 35mm film cameras?

  58. Hi Joe,

    Please let Robert Cooper know that his Q&A was very much appreciated and very interesting. It gave the episode just the little extra something when I viewed again after his Q&A. I really enjoy reading what the writer or director was thinking about and how the episode came together.

    So, a big Thank you to RC for answering questions from inquiring minds. 😉

    On a side note, I will be rooting for the Cardinals to win the Super Bowl! They have never won one, so fingers crossed they will be able to win this one. Good Luck to the Cardinals!

  59. A big thank you to Rob Cooper for taking the time to answer our questions in a thoughtful and open manner. Enjoyed hearing what went into Vegas, which is one of my all time favorites. Good to hear his kudos to Joe Flanigan’s great performance. Didn’t always agree, but at least I know the thought processes and budget limitations that factored into decisions. I do hope Rob is not falling into the fallacy that the only fans who dislike the Keller character are hard core Beckett fans. Certainly not the case here, just find the character annoying and and not worthy of being the focus of so many season 5 episodes and also, no chemistry with McKay. It is a character that not everyone likes – don’t have to get so defensive about her. Anyway thanks Rob for a great Q&A. Thank you Joe for providing and sharing your blog. Appreciate it!

  60. Please thank Mr. Cooper for a very interesting Q&A session.

    I’m afraid I much prefer to belive that Sheppard is rescued. He saved the world, somethings gotta go right for him!

    I’m also sorry to have to tell you and Mr. Cooper, that my dislike of Keller is not because of Beckett. I’m fine with Keller when she’s being the doctor. What I dislike is that whole bad romance with McKay. Why, why, why couldn’t you all have left that alone? Shame on Mr. Gero’s fanboy hots for the character. She would have been a much better character all around if left out of this romance mess.

  61. Sometimes people are very obviously set on criticizing for a particular reason no matter what (you Keller hating Beckett fans know who you are).

    I hope you don’t dismiss valid criticism just because you assume that it comes from “Keller haters”, though. There’s a lot of people who don’t like her who are not Beckett fans either.

  62. Now that is how you do a guest Q&A. Thank you for being such a class act, Mr, Cooper. Please carry on being so awesome.

  63. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for posting these q&a’s for us, please keep ’em coming 😀

    Mr Cooper,
    Thankyou so much for taking the time to truthfully answer a lot of our wraith questions (dasNdanger & sparrow_hawk especially :)). I really appreciate the time you spent and the thoughtfullness that you put into each reply.
    I can’t wait for the DVD’s of Season 5 (Hopefully on Blu-ray;))
    The extended versions of Vegas and Enemy At The Gate are going to be truly amazing.
    Please include as much footage of Todd scenes as you can, like behind the scenes footage, an interview with the beautiful Christopher Heyerdahl and deleted scenes 😀

    There were 2 questions that I was hoping you would answer.:
    The first one is in regards to Todds age….we know that he must be more than 10,000 years old but were wondering if any of the writers have ever contemplated just how much more than that he is? Maybe Joe would be kind enough to answer that one? (*looking at joe with big puppy dog eyes*)
    Tthe second big question was whether or not the Vegas Wraith had nipples on his chest. This was a HUGE question for us and you didn’t confirm or deny it one way or the other 🙁 Could you please, please answer with a simple ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ to Joe? 🙂 Our dreams would be forever grateful 😉

    Thanks again for the questions you did answer, you are a generous and amazingly talented individual 😀


  64. Another great Q&A. Between Paul’s and Robert’s answers, I’m almost swayed to give SGU a chance (which is odd since neither were there to do that). Almost. I’m particularly curious to see where Robert Cooper goes in his storytelling, both in terms of scripts in and his directing.

    Ultimately it doesn’t matter, but one thing i wanted to comment on. Mr Cooper writes Sometimes people are very obviously set on criticizing for a particular reason no matter what . There’s an element of truth to that. But in reference to Beckett and Keller, I can personally say, I wasn’t a diehard fan of Beckett (I remain disappointed that he didn’t remain dead because that death, no matter how it happened, added an element of hard realism and risk to the show). I tried very hard to like Keller. She just never worked for me for reasons that are irrelevant now. I reference this to voice the hope that if it is true that some of the constructive criticism is heard, that it is not outirght dismissed because of preset expectations/judgments about fan response.

  65. Hi Joe!

    Wow, what a great RCC Q&A! Thanks Robert!! Very very appreciated! Vegas was so wonderful and different, I wanted some background info to better understand it.

    Best RCC Q&A line: “… if we were about to be invaded by life-sucking aliens I would hope there are people who would find someway of stopping it. For the children.”

    It will probably end up on my blog. Properly attributed, of course.


  66. Hummm… I just now noticed in the title of today’s bolg that RCC is a “duck smoker”. Is he actually smoking ducks…like cigars or is he smoking duck meat to eat! If the former, who rolls his cigars…Daffy?

  67. Wow, Joe, how in the world are you going to top these 3 Q&As? I’m still playing catch-up.

    Thank you, Mr. Cooper, for this incredible story! The story is the foundation for everything. Without a good one, no one shows up. This one was extraordinary, totally unexpected, and immensely enjoyed. (Joe? Where’s the writer’s chair and the “Tippu-Tippu!-Jewish wedding” dance for hitting one straight out of the ballpark? Shouldn’t Rob get like 1,000 points in the “writers’ poker game” for Vegas?)

    I’ve already commented earlier on Joe Flanigan’s ability to visually tell this story, and use facial expression. With the right story, the right experienced actor, and the right character, you can do a lot without dialogue. It was good to hear you say that. It also gives the actors and actresses more freedom to act and interpret. Like everyone else, I can’t wait to see Vegas on DVD. Thank you for wading into our masses of questions and spending time with us.

  68. Well late on this naturally but in terms of writing, please use less “disease of the week” episodes. They seemed especially prevalent in Seasons 4 and 5 and unless they are well written like The Shrine, they just seem like so much filler.

  69. Amazing Q&A!

    I genuinely can’t thank you all enough for the time and work you’ve all put into the series. In all honesty and with no exaggeration, Stargate is the ONLY thing I watch on tv and I have no interest in any other show. Nothing takes me “away” and even inspires me like this. I’m not into reality shows – if I want reality I’ll step outside. Other sci-fi shows were all so “fake”, hard to believe, to me. They were rather too fictional – though that isn’t exactly how I wanted it put.
    Stargate brings in things that *could* happen, that are possible and to me that just makes it all the more intriguing. Amanda Tapping even made the comment, “I *do* understand what I’m saying, cos I research it..otherwise there would be this sort of deadness – this Bambi look in my eyes that wouldn’t sell it.”
    Nothing compares.
    You all are just awesome.
    And I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.
    I know you all want a better budget to work with, it’s understandable. But to generate such a massive and completely addicted fan-base, not to mention the insanely awe-inspiring episodes with what you’ve had to work with is just…unbelievably incredible.

    Way off track now…
    Okay, reason I’m writing –
    I’m rather curious to know if Joel’s music to the “Vegas” episode is going to be available for purchase at some point. As soon as I saw the episode and heard it I started searching for where the music came from aside from the 3 obvious tracks. I couldn’t believe how many fans were wondering the same thing.
    I’d stand in line for it..
    I do have to say.. the comment, “It’s Joel’s music. Pretty awesome.” is the understatement of the year.

    Maybe throw in some photos of that sexy Vegas Wraith with the soundtrack while you’re at it…
    I even went as far as to get my hair done like his in memory of this Wraith. Maybe that makes me a bit whacked, but I absolutely love it! He’s even on my computer/laptop desktops.
    Yeah, photos with it would be great…

    Okay, it seems I best end this now..
    But before I do,

    From Rob Cooper: “Hey Joe, you have to let me know if you get more hits than usual. If you do, I suggest dropping in the word nipple more often. Just a thought.”

    Just for the record, I didn’t get here searching for nipples 🙂

    Much love, all!

  70. Hi
    As all of you I am an avid stargate fan and was annoyed at the news they have stopped atlantis specially when theres enough story line to go for at least another 2 or 3 seasons. eg
    where and how the ancients made the zpm’s, drones, ships, puddle jumpers, gates and where did the city get built and is there more than just the 2 and possibly where is the ancients original galaxy and planet and why the left and is there any more there and where did all the ships go when they accended. they even left the end of the series quite poorly. come on guys there was so much more to do and explain with atlantis.
    as with stargate universe not sure if ship based stargate series is going to cut it the thing that made stargate what it is was, was the planet based story line we dont want a star trek version of stargate. dont get me wrong I love stargate but disappointed that they finished it way way to early to make room for sgu.

    hope they make up for it with the movies which is no 2nd prize to the series.

  71. We are still fighting to have Stargate Atlantis brought back, as well as having the movies made.
    If anyone would like to join to help with the campaign or to just show how many fans SGA really has, please join us at:

  72. Hey Joseph,
    Stargate Universe is a huge disappointment. One has to wonder what you were thinking this time around. Did you deliberately cut out all of the great qualities that made the franchise so popular in the first place? Where the original Stargate was bright, beautiful, exciting, and exotic, SU is dark, dreary, and dismal. It actually became too painful to watch, so I stopped after the 8th episode. It completely lacks the fun and adventure of the original, and worse of all, it’s plodding and boring. It does not deserve the Stargate title. I can’t believe you scraficied all the great qualities of SG-1 and Atlantis to push the envelope with sex and shallow characters. Here is hoping you and Robert, wake up, grow up, and fix the show.
    The vast majority of fans of Stargate franchise agree with me. Just take a look at some recent reviews on
    I welcome your feedback.

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