Another Birthday Boy!
Another Birthday Boy!
Michael's facility in Kindred II
Michael's facility in Kindred II
Zelenka prepped for surgery - Identity
Zelenka prepped for surgery - Identity
Setting up the creature reveal - Infection
Setting up the creature reveal - Infection
Gotcha! - Infection
Gotcha! - Infection
Here comes trouble.
Here comes trouble.
Wraith cell plan - Broken Ties
Wraith cell plan - Broken Ties


I was just finishing up the teaser to my SGU script when my cell phone rang. It was Fondy. “I need you to come help me,”she said. “Bring a shovel!” Turns out she was on her way to meet with her bookkeeper, turned down one of Vancouver’s countless unplowed side streets, and got stuck. Turns out the city was ill-prepared for all the snow. Geez! You’d think we lived in Canada or something!

By the time I got to her, she was already being assisted by a young man who was trying his best to chip away at the compressed ice and snow packed beneath the undercarriage of her A4. He seemed to be doing okay all on his own but, in the interest of moving things along, I lent a hand and, in no time, we’d cleared the area around the car. Fondy hopped in and, just as she was about to put the car in reverse, two more helpful young man trotted over and asked if they could help. Fondy put the car in reverse, hit the gas, the four of us rocked the car back and forth, and she was finally free. A huge thanks to the good Samaritans.

Crisis averted. However, it’s pretty clear that if there’s a lesson to be learned here, it’s this: Don’t visit your bookkeeper in the month of January. Make her come to you instead.

Well, the temperature has risen and they’re forecasting rain tonight so here’s hoping the main roads are clear for my drive in to the studio tomorrow. Brad and Robert are back in town and it looks like we’ll all be reconvening (well, most of us anyway) as preparations continue for Stargate: Universe’s inaugural season. It’ll be interesting to see how things have progressed since November on the design front and whether any further casting decisions have been made. Rob reports that that episode 3 is almost complete. Martin apparently has a first draft of Earth.

Sugarless Day #2. So far, so good although the sight of a box of maple truffles sitting in my cold room almost reduced me to tears. Not sure if that’s normal.

BTW – I’ll be gathering questions for Robert Cooper until Friday. Hopefully that should give you all plenty of time to come up with something truly brilliant.

Also – just heard from Janina (aka Dusty in Whispers) Gavankar who informs me that she’ll be on NCIS tomorrow night (Jan 6th, 8:00 p.m.), all tatted and tweaked.

I’m off to re-read the opening two-parter (technically a three-parter but whatever).

Today’s pics: A couple of weeks ago I mentioned I had a ton of never-before-posted pics. Well, I do. Most are crap but some are pretty good. The only problem is I don’t remember whether I actually posted some of them or not. On the off-chance I did, feel free to ignore ‘em.

Today’s entry is dedicated to birthday individual Shiningwit and belated birthday boy Scott.

And check out the following link Marty G. sent me. Mac users rejoice!

88 thoughts on “January 5, 2008: Snow 1 Fondy 0

  1. Hey Joe.

    Hmmm…so if the first episode of SGU is “Air”, the second (or third) is “Earth” then we can gather a little about the topics of these episodes…………….let’s see………………well, obliviously they…………….actually, nevermind.

    So, can you give us a hint as to who the main “baddies” will be in the SGA movie please? (A hint being something like one of the following: a) A life-sucking alien, b) Formerly led by Kolya, c) kidnapped Jackson and McKay, etc.)


  2. In case you didn’t get this blog yesterday, happy birthday Shinnigwit. I believe we have the same day, January 5. I hope you had a good one like I did.

    Glad to see that Fondy is out of the snow, by the way you can keep all that snow towards your end.


  3. Wow, that Mac report was just awesome. “I’ll buy almost anything if it’s shiny and made by Apple.” LOL! Everyone keeps saying how much easier Macs are than PCs, but I kinda hate them.

  4. I’d wish you luck with the sugarless two weeks, but I’m not sure I can. After all, sugar IS one of the vital food groups, and I’d hate to think of you suffering some horrible symptoms, like your teeth falling out, or hair sprouting out of your ears, or feeling uncontrollable urges to sing the soundtrack from “Sound of Music”. Know that I admire your resolve, even as I sit with pen and paper in hand to note the no doubt horrible side effects you will be undergoing.
    Work permitting, I’ll be looking out for Ms. Gavankar tomorrow night. The pictures are greatly appreciated, and I’ll be reading with interest any tidbits of info you’ll be sharing with us on Universe developments.

  5. You gave up sugar?

    A friend is diabetic and she does it regularly (she relaxes the rule at Christmas, there’s no point (though she doesn’t OD on it) and she says the first 3 weeks are tough. After that it’s not so bad. But she gives up processed sugar *and* white (not whole grain) flour as it metabolizes much the same. She feels better soon after.

    Good luck!

  6. Hey Joe,

    That video clip is priceless. The best are the headlines that are scrolling across the bottom…

    Thanks for the laugh.


  7. LOL…I just noticed the little conversation being had on the Wraith cell diagram.

    Joe, is this what the ATLANTIS: UNRATED EDITION BOXSET script looks like? Or the cartoon version maybe? LOL 🙂

  8. Do you Powers That Be guys read some of the online reviews of your shows?
    Vegas seems to be getting some very good reviews from people and sites that are normally very harsh.

  9. It’s nice there were so many willing to give Fondy a hand. Perhaps it would be advisable to keep a shovel in the car.
    I gotta wonder, have you ever been snowed in at the studio? I bet it’d be a gas! Like going to camp…at work.

    Thanks to Martin Gero for the Macbook Wheel bit. I can only hope it does, indeed, catch on in the business world.


    Good ole’ UBC decided that it was too good to close down, even though every road leading to it was icy and clogged up with traffic. With no choice on my part, I resigned to the fact that this may be a slow journey. My God, I had no idea. I took us about twice as long as usual for us to get from the house to the campus; by the end, I was punching the dashboard and honking the horn and yelling at the other drivers and giving them the middle finger.

    And I was the passenger!!

    I am not very patient; at least, not in traffic. Of course, the fact that the ice made the road ridiculously bumpy just made things much worse. Luckily, our car had winter tires so we never got stuck, not even when we gave up on 41st and decided to take our chance with a side-street or two (we would’ve made it too, if it wasn’t for other cars stuck in the snow blocking our way). As a result of all of this, I missed my first class of the term. Great.

    “Earth”, eh? I liiiiike. All we’re missing is Water, and Fire. And you say you’re not into Avatar: The Last Airbender. 😉

    Question: Is “Air” the title of the entire premier 3 parter, or do the 3 parts each have their own names (one of them being “Air”)? Or is only the first 2 episodes named “Air”?

    Ok, so basically which episode(s) are named “Air”?

    With the sugerless thing (more alcohol, less suger…is that healthy?), I think you’re doing fine. After all, the signs of “not doing fine” is when you’re an emotionless automaton. Crying over maple truffles fits perfectly with the “devastating lows” that makes up half of your normal daily existence. Nothing to worry about!

    Oh hey, Brad Wright posted on Gateworld today. It was very cool. 😀

  11. I like my Mac… haha as my father puts it “It’s only broken twice!” 😉

    I iTunesed Vegas last night (to restate an interesting fact: the full opening sequence plays if you buy it on iTunes) and didn’t know what to think… it was so very different that I think I’m gonna watch it again before I ask my questions. First thoughts: above-and-beyond soundtrack; where’s the team I know?; Joe Flanigan is an awesome actor; neat camera work. I’ll be back with questions after my re-watch!!!

  12. Joe Flanigan is also a birthday boy today too, for those of us who are Sheppard fans. 🙂

  13. Right, there was one thing I forgot to talk about…

    Brad and Robert are back in town and it looks like we’ll all be reconvening (well, most of us anyway) as preparations continue for Stargate: Universe’s inaugural season.

    …am I reading too much into this, or is this a hint about that “bittersweet development” you talked about yesterday involving the writing department?

  14. So Happy [now slightly belated] Birthday to Paul G and Joe F!!

    Sooo, when does the S5 DVD come out? I’ve got basic cable and dialup, so I *still* haven’t seen season5!! My S1 to S4 discs are starting to wear thin!!! Need some fresh meat here!!

  15. Don’t worry Joe, Burnaby is much better at snow clearing than Vancouver. I have the dubious honour of making my way up Bby Mountain tomorrow. Hopefully the buses have started running by then!

  16. Joe I have a bone to pick. Can I pick it with you?

    During the opening of each show, I like to see who wrote and directed the episode. But, because you guys run the opening credits soooo slow, I lose my train of thought about the time all the producer names are rolling and I forget to watch for the writer and director. Why are there so many producers? You’ve got a producer, executive producer, co-producer, supervising producer, junior producer, intern producer, assistant producer . . . it just never ends. Could you please run this part a little faster and maybe group all the producers together?

    It is kinda like trying to find Will Waring’s pineapples. I get distracted watching the show, forget, and never see his pineapples. I want to see his pineapples really bad, (that sounds kinda nasty), just like I want to know who wrote and directed the show before I see the episode. Maybe it is just an attention deficit problem with me.

    Would you see what you can do about that? Or not.

    By the way, I did see Robert C. Cooper had written and directed Vegas and I thought, “Oh boy, this is going to be good!” And it was!!

  17. Hey hey! Thanks for the birthday wishes, glad you guys had some helpers. Springfield always has Good Samaritans willing to help you in a time of crisis, however they’ll usually expect you to stick around a let them preach to you, and they’ll usually hand you a Jack Chick tract. When you politely decline, they act as though you aren’t thankful for their help lol. *sigh* I love Springfield.

  18. i don’t like the typeless computer idea. looks like MORE work to not type! 😛

  19. Joe, please thank your sister for us for the “holiday edition” Weird Food Purchases of the Day videos. But maybe it would be safer for you to avoid your sister’s weird food suggestions in the future. Just a thought.
    I only just now watched “Vegas”, having spent the weekend floored with work, flu, bronchitis, and then a hangover of sorts from an unfortunate and ill-advised combination and quantity of over-the-counter flu/cough medications. (Guess those warnings on the labels really are meant to be taken seriously.)
    ANYWAY…. I don’t have a question for Robert Cooper, so much as a comment. “Vegas” was *good*. Really really good. At first I thought it would be just an alternate universe sort of CSI Stargate thing, which would have been entertaining and fun enough for an episode, but then it really got interesting. Not that I don’t find Atlantis interesting usually, but … This was so different, in story and style and everything, but very engaging. So, my compliments to Mr. Cooper and everyone for putting this together. And thanks for 5 years of Atlantis.
    – KB

  20. Questions for Rob: Hey there Mr. Cooper…long time no see…

    1) Now that you’ve achieved your life long dream and ‘directed’ a few times (nice job on ‘Ark of Truth’), was it all you thought it’d be and more? Or have you now decided that ‘calling action’ is way overrated.


    2) What’s your golf handicap these days…still kicking your ball out of the bushes when no one’s looking?

    Hope you’re swell. Cheers.

  21. . . . one of Vancouver’s countless unplowed side streets, and got stuck. Turns out the city was ill-prepared for all the snow. Geez! You’d think we lived in Canada or something!

    Now, now. The Lower Mainland is an entity unto itself. You should know that. And snow? That stuff brings “lotusland” to virtually a complete standstill. When I lived in Burnaby way back when, one measly centimeter of snow doubled the time it took me to get home from downtown Van, despite the route being on the main drags (Hastings to Willingdon to the Lougheed).

    So how mean were you to your sister, anyway? She seems to have taken great glee in the “payback”. I think that, based on the vids, you should have tried the WFPOTD items in reverse order since the cooking spray seems to have provoked the least revolted response.

    For Rob Cooper: What was your reasoning in leaving the following issues open for speculation: (A) which universe Rodney met the other Sheppard in since it wasn’t the one we all know and love (he’s not Rod, after all); (B) which universe gets the unexpected surprise when the Wraith show up on their doorstep; and the big one (C) whether Sheppard was collected by Rodney & Co., bandaged up, and brought into the fold, or whether he gave his last gasp in the dust. Not enough time? Irrelevant (A & B)? Let people come to their own conclusions? Leave it (C) open for possible further development down the road (i.e., in a possible future movie)? Or did it simply work best with the open-endedness?

    Also, on a different note, since you’re one of the head honchos for the Stargate franchise, maybe you can answer this for me. I have been watching the SG-1 DVDs (just started Season 3) and I noticed that when Chronos, Nirrti, and Yu come through the Gate for the negotiations in “Fair Game”, the final chevron to lock is the one for Earth.

    The explanation for the dialing sequence has always been that the last chevron is for the point of origin so, if they’re dialing in, shouldn’t the last chevron be for their point of origin and not the destination?

    Or (and here’s where I tend to provide my own answers to my questions), was the Gate system designed to show the sequence on the Gate dialing out to be the actual one dialed and the one on the receiving Gate to be the one for the location of that Gate relative to the dialing Gate (i.e., like the address of the recipient and the return address on an envelope – same piece of mail, but two different addresses on it)?

    Anyway, absolutely loved Vegas. Detective Sheppard (the scruffy look really works for me here), Todd the Nutcase, and I’m pretty sure that was Kenny “The Gambler” as the cardshark Wraith (deliberate?). Rodney is still Rodney, without being “our” Rodney, and Woolsey is surprisingly consistent.

  22. So this apple wheel thing… It’s basically like the iPod for typing. You have to scroll through each letter, then pick your capitalization/language/whatever etc. Which will take longer than regular typing unless you really suck at keyboarding. And I mean really suck. My grandpa could type faster than that, and he’s dead. And if you’ve ever used an iPod, it’s ridicuclously easy to scroll past what you want to select, and then scroll back too far trying to correct it, and then scroll too far forward again; it’s like an infinite loop of frustration that can only be stopped by throwing it on the floor in disgust.

    I suppose it’s still better than Vista though.

  23. Here’s another one for Mr. Cooper: Were you upset to learn (at least I am assuming that you knew) that Vegas had been leaked before it aired? Do you know who or how it got out? I tripped over some vids of parts of the episode; however, they didn’t spoil it for me, only made me want to see it more. I have managed to avoid seeing the vids for Enemy at the Gate, although they seem to be all over the place, too.

  24. The Birthday Boys

    Weel, ya already know whose bairthday I’ll be celebratin’ inna minute, 🙂 but Ah must say a couple wairds for the first bairthday boy, Joe Flanigan. (He is a couple years the elder, ya know.) Loved his “solitary man” performance in “CSI: Atlantis,” (a.k.a. “Vegas”) bless his “dark and twisty” soul. T’was a very noir glimpse of the mystery man at the core of John Sheppard. So, in case Mr. F. dinna see it before, am sending out a warm “thank you” to Joe for that AU version, as well as the regular Sheppard attitude and penchant for bailing folks out o’ trouble, which reminds me for all the wairld of Gromit, from Nick Park’s Wallace and Gromit.

    Now it’s Paul’s turn.

    As for our darling Scottish Canadian, Paul McGillion: Whishtnow, Love, don’t fret. Celebrations like these give us a wee chance ta spoil ya like ya desairve. And yer still a mere babe compared to Mr. Flanigan. And a handsome-looking babe! T’is not only skin deep, it goes to tha heart of ya. It’s who ya air that makes ya sa guid at what you do. Through the long hours, hard work, new seasons, the abrupt end and heart-rending goodbye, countless interviews, the welcome back, reunion epi’s with cast and crew (fog? *cough*), and the courageous, defiant performance in “Outsiders,” we’ve truly seen a mon tried and tested. The result? Nary a complaint or a negative waird. Only graciousness, gratitude, and a willingness to wairk harder. Oi! And those devastatingly funny ad libs at the ends of scenes!

    We luff Carson Beckett, whose comic wit, loving heart, and quick thinking improve – or save – everyone’s life. It’s aisy ta do b’cause we’ve grown ta luv the mon behind it all, the one who demonstrates love, loyalty, and friendship. The one who not only helps improve other actors, he improves us. How in the wairld can ya thank someone for that?

    Happy Birthday, our Pauly… Sending an I.O.U. for a birthday smooch and warm bear hug from a Midwestern lass,

    ~ for the love of Beckett

    P.S. Kind thanks to Cap’n Mallozzi for the picture!

  25. For Robert Cooper:

    First of all let me thank you very much for Avalon pt. 1 & 2, Origin, Crusade, Flesh and Blood, Unending and The Ark of Truth. And for wonderfully evil Qetesh in “Continuum”. This is the only part of the movie worth watching for me.

    And a question. Since we know already that Claudia Black won’t be in the third Stargate movie which is penned by Brad Wright, I would like to ask you whether you’re going to write (and direct) the fourth movie and whether Claudia Black’s fans are going to get our Vala-fix in it? Or perhaps Qetesh-centered one?

  26. Just a question and then a comment for Rob:

    As to the question, do you plan on writing and/or directing again for an SG1 movie if the opportunity arises? Do you still have any ideas that you’d like to explore?

    As I’m not all that confident that the answer to that is in the positive, I’d also like to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for your contributions to SG1 over the years. When I think back over the things I have most loved about the show, so many of them have originated in your scripts, been developed by them or in the case of the final two years been absolutely revolutionised by them! So thank you for so much enjoyment, thank you for the development you gave Daniel (my favourite character) and thank you overwhelmingly for Vala Mal Doran, she was a keeper even if Mr Wright doesn’t think so. His loss. I suspect for me, SG1 canon will end forever more with AoT but it’s been quite a ride… I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for your name in future years as I would be very interested to see what you came up with if you ever have the chance to start something wholly of your own. Cheers, Rob.

  27. Turns out the city was ill-prepared for all the snow. Geez! You’d think we lived in Canada or something! Hehehe, I know, it’s the same everywhere, it would seem. Also here in parts of Europe, where thick snow layer is every year occurence, we behave as we never ever have even seen the snow, much less dealt with it all our lives, as soon as fresh snow cover his over an inch or two.

  28. Questions for Rob Cooper : I’ve heard that Stargate: Universe starts filming on Feb. 4th. Is that true? And if so, how many scripts do you usually have ready by the time you start shooting for the season?

    Also, how’s casting going? Any news on that front (aside from Robert Carlyle)?

  29. Loved the Vegas episode… I’d like to know what the process was for getting the music.. and did the music inspire the story or the other way round? And thanks for these fun pics! And thanks for SGA!

  30. Thank you for the birthday dedication Joe and a happy birthday also to Scott and Tami. Mine is actually today the 6th, although I really should stop having them, I mean 46 is way too greedy and my birthday cake is going to resemble the burning of Atlanta (I love that movie-no not GWTW the other one Ya-Ya!) I better give the fire brigade the heads up!

  31. Hi Joe, if you’re really serious about a detox program, try some Milk Thistle caps to help your liver out. All natural stuff, no big whoop, but very effective. Don’t you get headaches with the sugar withdrawal?

    So, the kids and dogs left to England on Sunday and one dog (Molly) is coming back today to stay with us. Seems her international microchip either migrated or broke, but it could not be read in the UK and she was denied entry. I wonder what they did before microchips! You’d think they’d have something (like a photo id) to back this all up with. So, another $1,000 spent on sending her back, another horrible day for the poor little dog, never mind my daughter’s broken heart. The other dog (Gumbo) had no problems and is now happy being the only dog in the UK house.

    Loved the colors and the music in Vegas, by the way. Looking forward to/dreading Friday 🙂

  32. I’m going to give ol’ “I agree” on the shovel being in Fondy’s car at all times. Of course, this mitigates the joy of her getting to watch you (and others) dig her out. 🙂

    Best of luck on the sugar withdrawal. It is truly a withdrawal you have to go through!

  33. Hey Joe, it’s been forever since I’ve commented but I’ve never stopped reading the blog. It’s hard to keep up with the little fun things you do with all the fun hobo knife fights going on outside my window here in Spanish Harlem, NYC.

    Here’s my question for Rob regarding “Vegas”:

    A long time ago Joe (You) established Joe F.’s love of Johnny Cash. Clearly the swan song ending that Alternate Universe Sheppard gets was at least in part an homage to “normal universe” Sheppard’s (and Joe F.’s true-life) love of Johnny Cash. But, was this ending motivated by your own personal love of Johnny Cash? And what made you decide to do such a stylized version of a “mirror universe episode” (which totally paid off by the way)? Was it hard to convince the other writers that such a wild departure from normal SGA cinematography and pacing was a good idea? (and how did you sell them on it).

  34. Good to know guys are so helpful up in Vancouver. Here, everyone just drives by & laughs if you are stuck.

    I was supposed to go see our bookkeeper for a party on Saturday…the eve of the big freezing rain that turned all the roadways into ice rinks. A couple people died in bad accidents 🙁 I think maybe the bookkeepers don’t want to be bothered (Jan begins the busy season) & have brokered a deal with the weather gods.

    A few tears are to be expected the first couple of weeks of going sugar-less. And then, before you know it, other residents of the house have eaten everything anyway, the two weeks are over, & it’s back to normal! No more tears!

    How’s the back? I’m sure more shoveling didn’t help.

    Ah, everything is just a few hundred clicks away. Gotta love The Onion!

  35. Hey Joe,

    Actually, it sounds like you live in Florida. Ha ha ha! I would sorta expect Canada to be prepared for lots and lots of snow. Guess I was wrong. It’s weird knowing that if the Tampa area ever got a foot or so of snow that we’d all be stuck until it melted.

    Hey, wait a minute! I thought my questions to Mr. Cooper WERE truly brilliant. *sigh*

    @waybeyondsoccermom: You totally reminded me about what I’m about to say. And since it wasn’t answered here goes!

    OK. One more question for Mr. Cooper from me:

    Mr. Cooper:

    Who is David Magee? I think anyone half paying attention could see his name on the door in that hallway scene in Vegas. Curious minds wanna know!


    Trish 😀

  36. Well, it’s freakin’ 4:30 am and I can’t sleep. Okay – so I went to bed at 9…which might explain a few things. Why so early for a night owl like me? Well…it all had to do with coming home last night to a dismantled kitchen sink and cabinet (second time in as many weeks), the latter of which had disgorged itself all over the table and countertops and floor (who knew I could pack so much crap into such a small space!)…and a very cranky husband spouting relatively mild – but nonetheless acrid – profanities at the brand-spankin’ new leaking faucet.

    “Is it supposed to do that?” I asked.

    “NO! It’s not supposed to do that!” he snapped back. “You just had to have a new faucet today…you just couldn’t wait until spring! This was all your idea! You picked it out! This is what happens when you buy stuff made in China!…blah, blah, blah….”

    Yeah. And Heather, if you’re reading this – I am not exaggerating…this is your Uncle Dave at his finest. 🙄

    So…needless to say, I couldn’t make dinner because the kitchen was a mess, so we went down to our seedy little corner bar (in every sense of the word), and grabbed something to eat – which was pretty damn good for a chopped cheeseburger hoagie! Okay – for those people not in the Delaware Valley – a ‘hoagie’ is basically a sandwich on a torpedo-style roll, with lettuce, tomato and onion. Traditionally it’s either a plain cheesesteak (thin-sliced beef fried up with cheese, and sometimes onions), or a cheesesteak hoagie (all of the above, topped with l-t-o), or an Italian hoagie made with Italian-style meats and provolone cheese, with oil, l-t-o, oregano…and, if you so desire, hot or sweet peppers.

    The ONLY PLACE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD where they are made right is in the Philadelphia, PA region…where the best crusty Italian bread and rolls are made (it’s our water, and the old-world baking tradition), and where fine Italian cured meats abound, and where people know the right way to make these things. If you’ve had one from a Subway, or any other region of the country, it’s just not the same thing. Only in Philly and South Jersey do you get hoagies made right. And they’re hoagies…not submarine or hero sandwiches or grinders. It’s a hoagie. Got it???! 😉

    Okay…sorry about the rant…but there are just some things I am very passionate about, like chocolate, and Wraith…and hoagies. 😀

    Now…where was I? Oh, yeah. So, went to bed early, woke up at 4, at which time my old lady cat decided to relocate herself to my face. 😕 Yeah…one of these nights she’s going to suffocate me to death, and my husband will spend the rest of his life in prison, accused of murdering me. “I swear! It wasn’t me! It was the cat!”

    Anyways…I tossed and turned and caught little breaths of fresh air through kitty fur until I got out of bed and checked the interwebs, and now…okay, now it’s after 5 and I’m debating on whether or not to go back to bed and catch another two hours of sleep, or stay up and bug Mallozzi. 🙂

    Okay…I’ll keep buggin’ Mallozzi…

    I’m afreared about the ‘new look writing dept.’…I’m thinking someone is leaving…and I’m thinking…well, I don’t wanna say who I think, but I’m a tad worried.

    Hell, I worry about everything. Like…Todd. Ya know – silly thing for me to worry about a fictional bugman that really only lives in the minds of its creators…but still…just love the guy. It helps that Chris is such a fantastic actor, but it’s not just Chris…it is how the writers have developed him, too. I wish other Wraith characters had been given such good attention, especially since we’ve had some fine and capable actors portraying them. Even our Vegas Wraith, ‘Spike’, had better treatment than most Wraith characters – we at least got to see him do something other than snarl and hiss and get shot down dead. Well, that did happen at the end 🙄 (my only gripe with the ep – I would have liked his fate to be as fuzzy as Shep and Todd’s). But at least we still got to see his intelligence, his adaptability, his emotion, his physical strength…just a lot of good stuff there to round out and explain the character.

    Okay – not going to go on about it – too late for that. I mean, the series is over and all of that. But I guess that was one thing about Mr. Wright’s reply to me that didn’t quite set right – I was asking about further development of the Wraith in the movie[s]…and he just replied, ‘the show’s over’ – as if the movies aren’t even going to happen.

    Joe – do you know what I mean?? It was like…’show’s done – no more Atlantis to discuss, ever!’ Yes, the ‘show’, as a series, is done – but fans have been promised a movie, which – in effect – means the show DOES go on, just in a different format. His comments don’t give me much hope that we’ll see more than one movie, as it seems that Mr. Wright, at least, wants to wash his hands of the whole Atlantis part of the franchise.

    Of course, I wasn’t around for the end of SG1, so maybe everyone on the creative team had the same reaction – it’s done, time to move on. If the reaction over the end of SG1 was the same as the reaction over the end of SGA, then – okay – I can accept that. But if Mr. Wright & Co. were more ‘we’re really sad to see the series end, but we are really hyped about the show’s continuation through the movies!’ for SG1, then this attitude of finality that is coming from him in regards to SGA is a bit disheartening…or maybe more like getting kicked when you’re already down.

    Not sure if you know what I mean, Joe, or what I am trying to say. I know I asked you before about it – and you tried to reassure me that the movie was a go, and that there was still life in Atlantis, just as there is still life in SG1. But the more I read, the more sometimes I get this feeling in my gut that the movie was just a bone tossed to you and Mullie, and something to keep the fans quiet until Universe took hold.

    See what happens when I follow the ‘early to bed, early to rise’ rule??! I get all moody… (and now it’s 6 am…and the rugby match I was watching is over…and I’m still debating whether or not to go back to bed…)

    Oh, okay. A little more…

    The fact that you are keeping the questions open for Mr. Cooper until Friday so that we can come up with something ‘truly brilliant’ suggests to me that queries into Wraith nippleage is not good enough. Well, I guess I could ask him about Crazy Todd, and how much of that is foreshadowing for the movie…or, maybe I should just ask you that…

    Or, I could ask him….okay…I WILL ask him….


    Comment and question for Mr. Cooper:

    There is an indication from McKay’s comments that Todd was being tortured in order to extract information from him. This isn’t the first time the ‘heroes’ have tortured or experimented upon Wraith, not to mention the continued discussion of the genocide of this entire sentient race. It has left a very bad taste in my mouth for these ‘heroes’ who condemn the Wraith, while doing exactly the same as they do, if not far worse.

    So, my question – when the so-called heroes of Atlantis engage in torture and talk of genocide against another race that they have deemed ‘the enemy’, what message do you think it sends in this day and age where real torture, and real genocide, is practiced against those who are considered a threat by those who justify their actions as the saviors of their people, if not of the whole world? Do you think it could have a desensitizing affect on our view of the real atrocities committed around the world, basically justifying the idea that – as long as we are the heroes – any and everything can be done to anyone who is perceived as a threat, all morality be damned?


    Now, Joe…arecha happy that I woke up so early! 😀 And…it’s 7 am, and now I’m ready for a nap. 😛


  37. I don’t think I’ve said, so belated condolences to those who have lost beloved pets recently.
    Now it’s my turn, my cat Jet Leap, my mini black panther, died yesterday after a long illness.

    Considering my post yesterday, let this be a warning. Your thoughts determine your reality. Keep ’em positive always.

  38. Hey there Mr M

    Greetings from a frosty (though not snowy) Tipperary!

    Still trying to finish “On Bas Station”I need a reverse time dilation device!! Can I get one via Stargate Legacy? How goes that project by the by? I saw some of the figures for the props…and hey they’d make even Bill Gates look twice!

    Will have some worthy questions for Mr Cooper after I watch Vegas on Sky One tonight!

    @PG15 : You crack me up with the whole dashboard thumping thing!!

    Best to all


  39. Joe, I am a sugar freak myself. I can’t go a day without something sweet. Best of luck on your no sugar diet for awhile. I feel your pain. Glad to hear Canadians are such nice helpful people too, regarding helping Fondy out of the snow.

  40. Ooooooh she’s going to play an irate prisoner and beat up on McGee. Awesome. Something to look out for while curled around a mug of tea and battling this ridiculous, viral cough.

    It’s nice to see that my niece isn’t the only one with that name.

    I am still a little in awe about how much snow you guys got. Usually I stare at the national weather forecast in jealousy over how mild it usually is there.

    Nice pics 😉 I like the floor plan one.

    Oh hey! I was watching some behind the scenes stuff and was wondering if you know what kind of lighting goes up for outdoor shots. I noticed some ARRI lights, do you use HMI as well for those cloudy days? Meh, probably a question for the DOP.

  41. Mr M

    Looks like you didn’t leave the Montreal weather behind. It travel with you. LOL. The weather in Montreal is about the same, except for bone freezing windchill. Good thing you missed it. We are warned by the meteorologists to expect 15cm plus of snow starting Tuesday night. Yeech!

  42. *yaaaaawwwnnn….streeeeeeetch!*

    Well…got my nap! 😀

    Just wanted to add to my lengthy, I-can’t-sleep ramble above, the following:

    1. Looking forward to seeing Janina tonight on NCIS! Hubby and I love the show – it’s one of the few that hasn’t made me mad yet… 😉 Hubby says I’m just like Abby, and I say he’s JUST like McGee! No. I take that back. He IS McGee! Except when he’s Rodney McKay… 😛

    2. After some considerable thought, Joe, I have decided to give you the option of withdrawing that question in my last post from the list you will be sending to Mr. Cooper…it was just idiotic ramblings born from a disrupted sleep pattern. Unless, of course, you think it’s okay. But I’m pretty sure I already know the answer. It’ll be one of these:

    A. “You’re kidding, right? I mean…seriously?”

    B. “But Wraith eat people!”

    C. “Uh…the show’s over.”

    D. “Sorry, I don’t understand the question.”


    Oh, amd mornin’, Joe – I hope you slept better than me! Dang, 10 am and already WAY behind schedule! Ciao!


  43. I’m not sure if this made it to the blog or not.

    A question for Rob Cooper:

    First thank you for the Stargate franchise. If it wasn’t for you and Brad Wright we wouldn’t have the franchise. So thank you.

    Here is the question:

    I noticed that writers tend to have certain characters that they like to write for. For example, you about Sheppard, Joe M about Ronon, Alan Mc the team, and so forth. And we all know Keller is everyone’s favorite to write for. The question I have is what is it about Sheppard’s character that makes you want to write about him? Just curious is all.



  44. Coucou Joseph!!

    Il a neiger aujourd’hui chez moi!! c’est historique =)…mais la neige n’a pas tenu au sol -_-‘

    Il fait de plus en plus froid ici entre 1 et 0 degrés… c’est trés froid pour moi^^!!

    Merci pour toute ces photos!
    Gros Bisou, passez une bonne journée!

  45. Joseph, it always helps to be a woman in the situation Fondy was in because the guys just flock to help you. Unfortunately, if it were you in the same situation, I am pretty sure that many guys would not of come to help.

    Loved Vegas Rob, thanks for thinking out of the box on this one.

    Question for Rob Cooper for “Vegas”:

    Was it your intention, when writing for Det. John Sheppard in the Vegas reality, to show him as broken for us to think that possibly our reality (for lack of a better term) Lt. Col. John Sheppard may be somewhat broken himself inside regarding his past actions?

    I ask this because I took the final decission of Det. Sheppard turning around to try and save earth as similar to what Lt. Col Sheppard would do in our reality. Det. Sheppard seemed to have some of the same qualities as Lt Col sheppard, but they were hidden deep inside, so, I wondered if Lt. Col Sheppard, who has the caring qualities to save others, has the broken feeling inside?

    I hope I am making sense, the different realities is tough on the thought process.

  46. Next time you answer questions, would mind answering this one?:

    Why is it that every branch of the military, including some invented “branches,” has been represented on Stargate:SG-1 or Stargate: Atlantis, except for the Coast Guard. You could at least have a pilot or corpsman or something. The pilots in the USCG are the best of the best. When the other branches refuse to fly, they go out and save lives.

    Secondly, do you think you could somehow write them in, even in passing. In example, a character saying “My dad was in the Coast Guard” or something like that.

    Thank you!

  47. Hi Joe – Thanks for all the news about your holiday trip, your family and the not-so-fun times you and Fondy are having with the snow in Vancouver. Good luck with the “sugarless” challenge.

    Here’s a comment and question for Mr. Cooper on “Vegas”
    I watched this episode 3 times and each time is was better than the first. I loved the “look” and “feel” of the episode that goes to outstanding photography and direction. The Johnny Cash songs fit with each scene perfectly, especially the final scene. This particular episode reminded me of all the really great westerns with Clint Eastwood, John Wayne and Gary Cooper. What was your inspiration for creating this particular storyline? Did it turn out the way you planned? IS there anything you would have done differently? I was fully engaged from the opening to the final scene!

    Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer our questions.

  48. I am the only person that saw that Mac thing and thought who’s stupid idea was that?

    Why the heck would I want to spend hours scrolling round a wheel like some kind of deranged hamster just to type an email? Can you imagine how many times you would get pissed off trying to stop on exactly the right letter and you have to press the button in the middle to select it anyway. What if it broke and you could only move your wheel one way – I’d never type trees again! It took that guy 45mins to wheel three lines of text. I can wheel 35 words per century.

    I suppose it could be good for people who’s laptops are on the table /floor and they just can’t be bothered getting out their chair. They could just wheel it around with their foot. YOU COULD TEACH JELLY TO SEND AND EMAIL! She could move the wheel around with her paw and then push the button with her nose. I wonder if licking the wheel in the right direction would work?

  49. I am? I meant to say Am I? How annoying would that have been with a wheel! and how do you delete with them anyway?

  50. Hi Joe, happy new year !
    First of all I’d like to congratulate you and all the stargate team for the work you’ve accomplished for the last 5 years (for Atlantis), what a shame this series had to end whereas she had a lot of potential … have I had money (say a handful millions to share) I would have loved to help making a 6th season ^^ Anyway it’s to late for dreams time !

    Concerning Universe which sounds very promising. I know many fans don’t like it even if it hasn’t aired yet ! As some did with atlantis, remember how many people disliked Atlantis before it aired ?? And here we go who’s making a war against SciFi because it’s over…

    My question is are you planning to share with us some production arts, maybe early concepts of the Destiny, the shuttles,the gate, etc… or maybe final concepts ?? It would be loveable 🙂

    Thanks for answering 🙂

  51. Finally got to watch “Vegas,” and we loved it! Using the TMI-cam from CSI was perfect!

    I really enjoyed watching familiar faces playing familiar characters who weren’t really the same, even Zelenka. Wow, McKay cleans up nice!

    I never did find the pineapple in “Identity,” and I’m getting ready to re-watch “Vegas” now, so we’ll see how observant I am.

  52. MacBook Wheel, eh? Guess it won’t do me any good, as I use my Mac mostly for dicking around. 😉

  53. Good to know this neck of the woods isn’t the only one experiencing frigid temps. Though hopefully not, in my case, for too much longer. Moving may be tortuous and stressful and far too much work, but there are some distinct advantages to relocating to more equatorial environs! *grin*

  54. My Question for Mr. Robert C. Cooper is “Will You be direction more SG-1/Atlantis Movies or will you be time be tied up with Stargate Universe?”

  55. I have one More Question for Mr. Cooper and it is “Out of SG-1 and Atlantis, Which Series was your favorite to work on?”

  56. @drldeboer: Oh… I’m so sorry. 🙁 Your black panther kitty sounds like a lovely creature. ((((hugs)))) from me! Good ole Sebastian passed away in August but it’s still hard. Especially with Ziggy in the house now. Ziggy’s grown so much and looks A LOT like Sebastian did. Poor puppy gets called Sebastian a lot, too. I just know that time does heal all wounds. Or at least take the edge off. You can rest in the knowledge that Jet Leap is no longer suffering. That’s what got me thru losing Sebastian. Plus having lots of friends and family tell me they understood.

    Again, (((((((HUGS))))))


  57. I played catch up with your blog again today.

    Vegas was cool! It really WAY CSI: Atlantis…not that I doubted you of course. I have a question about the make-up. Was Neil Jackson wearing human make-up over Wraith make-up? If so, I imagine that would feel kind of heavy.

    Good luck on your break from sugar. If you don’t want those truffles or any other chocolates in your house to tempt you, I’m sure your loyal (and unloyal) readers will be more than happy to get them off your hands…

  58. Joe, maybe either you or Rob could answer this one:
    What is the name of the music during the casino chase scene in Vegas?
    Someone said that “The gambling music is Pokerface by Tempest and the chase music is Rattled Bones by Something Dark and Sinister” but no amount of searching on the net or itunes as enabled me and several others to find it!

    Are these by local Canadian artists and thus not available for purchase or did Joel G write this???

  59. Joe: Hide the maple truffles.

    For Rob Cooper:

    Well done on the episode “Vegas”. I loved the stylisation of the episode as a whole, but the camera shots, lighting, and sound effects were all employed really well. Where did you come up with the inspiration to write such an interesting and different episode?

  60. As I sit here writing this, the snow is piling up outside. Yes, believe it or not, it’s snowing in Michigan – yet again!!! I am soooo sick of snow. I realize that it’s winter, but seriously, enough is enough. My oldest two kids (on break from college) quickly grabbed their snowboards and headed for the slopes. Mumbled something about fresh snow as they flew out the door. Like they haven’t seen fresh snow in awhile. lol

    Poor Fondy. Glad someone was there to help her. Last week, our neighbors slid off of the road and into a ditch. Since it was after dark and on a private road, they were lucky that both of our sons happened by when they did. I have a feeling that my neighbors are looking forward to spring as much as I am now.

    I don’t have any questions for Rob this time. Most of the questions that have already been asked pretty much covers any that I would have had. Plus, Rob was kind enough to answer all of my questions the last time he did a q&a.

    be safe, Joe


  61. @ drldeboer – So very sorry to here about your loss. We had a black kitty a few years back, she passed away from cancer and it was very difficult for both of us, but especially for my husband because she was his first kitty, ever. She just had the best personality – always with the devil in her eye – and she made me fall in love with black cats forever (as has my mom’s furry black rascal!). We don’t have any black cats now, but someday I will again. They are just the best, and can really feel for your loss.

    Again…so sorry…{{{hugs}}}


  62. Hey Joe!!!

    Hows your back doing??

    ‘Vegas’ just aired over here (Ireland & U.K) and i loved it..i thought it was incredible it just…gah…basically it was awesome!!! kudos to al!!

    Questions for Mr.Cooper

    Congratulations on ‘Vegas’ i loved it!! i thought it was a fantastic episode…visually stunning!!one of my fave episodes ever

    What drew you to doing a story like this?? in a day where forensic-esque shows run rampant..

    Was it always going to be shot in Vegas???If you couldn’t have shot in Vegas would you have considered another location?? If so where would it have been??(New York? Miami?:P)

    Kudos again on a fantabulously savage episode full of awesomeness!!!


  63. Hey Joe,

    Just noticed you are sitting at Number 2 on the Top Blog Sites.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if hitting Number 1 coincided with the 2 millionth visitor and then streamers can fall down on the blog while a brass band starts up playing “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow”.

    Rather fitting one would think.

  64. drldeboer – Sorry to hear about your cat.

    shiningwit – Happy Birthday!

    das – Get some sleep.

    Fondy – Great job on the recruitment! **high fives Fondy**

    It was nice to see so many came to her aid.
    I had a conversation with a client about how he feels unsure sometimes as to how to treat “modern” women. He’s got those lovely old-fashioned manners. He asked me if I would be offended if he opened a door for me. I asked him if he would be offended if I opened the door for him. He said “No, why would I?”. So my response, “Great, we’re on the same page then”.

  65. My question for Robert is:

    What are some the locals that will be used in the filming of Universe? I know Brad has said New Mexico.

    Where is your dream filming location?

    One place I thought would be cool. Is Canyon Country in Utah. I saw a article in the Vancouver Province Travel section back on September 21st, 2008 about the area. And it is totaly out of this world, and would be awesome for Universe!!!

    Thanks Robert, and keep up the AWESOME work. Can’t wait to watch Universe.


    Ann-Marie Sloan

  66. So agree about storm prep in this city!!! I was taking a cab home from work, about two weeks ago (a regular occurence due to the roads being crap in my area of North Vancouver and the buses not going that far up Grouse Mountain). Well anyhow, my driver turned out to be orginally from Toronto, Ontario (I’m orginally from Blenheim, Ontario myself), and we were chatting about how both provinces prepare for weather like this. Back home in Ontario and I’m sure in your home province of Quebec Joe, they start getting snow plows and salt or sand trucks out on the road before the storm starts. Here, they don’t start until after. And my driver knew this, because he lives right next to the lot where they store the trucks, and said that even after the snow had started, they were sitting there having coffee. WHAT THE HECK, get your buts on the road where you are needed!!!

  67. The snow began falling last night. It is still snowing late this afternoon. I worry about hubby, he’s out driving in it. He called and has seen a couple nasty accidents. I shoveled this morning, now you can’t even tell where.

    If those awful maple truffles give you any problems whatsoever, I will gladly dispose of them for you. Gladly.

  68. @shiningwit: Thanks for the birthday wish. Let’s make a deal. You can stay at 46 and I will stay at 36. Sound good? Maybe the Wraith can help with that?

    @DasNdanger: No more food please. The talk of Hoagies are making me hungry. It has been a long time since I have had one. but reading your description made me hungry.


  69. Questions regarding “Vegas” for Mr. Cooper –

    1. What made you go with Marilyn Manson? I thought the music choices for this episode were brilliant and fit the scenes extremely well. Not sure on the exact song title, but when the Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson came on I turned to my roommate and said “hey this is a real song” and then a few more seconds in “I’m pretty sure it’s a Marilyn Manson Song, yep this is definitely Marilyn Manson.
    2. Regarding the two guys talking at the beginning of the card game; my TV info button said there was special guest star from the Sopranos on Vegas. Having never seen an episode of Sopranos I am assuming it was one of those two men. Was the conversation they were having have anything to due with a Sopranos episode? And did you have the gentleman in mind for this episode?
    3. Were the Wraith in this AU able to read and influence peoples minds? That is why I thought John folded during the Poker game and how Todd was able to know his name. I thought that is what you had alluded (read and influence peoples minds) to in comments made by Rodney, but some of the questions people have been asking are making me wonder if I am totally off the mark.
    4. The guy who played the Wraith was he the same guy who played the Anubis clone back in SG-1? He looked really familiar.

    Thank you so much for doing a Q&A regarding Vegas. It was a great episode and I really enjoyed it.
    Shana \m/(>.<)\m/

  70. Finally got to watch Vegas. Loved it, naturally. I’ve been reading over people’s questions, and there’s really nothing I was wondering to ask Mr. Cooper about it. I’ll go with my hot pepper question and so on that I posted at the first announcement.

  71. The “Mac” commercial was a riot. 😀

    And for anyone who hasn’t figured it out yet…the whole thing was a joke. It ain’t even remotely real.

  72. @Tami: Eeek! I missed your birthday! You’re right, so many birthdays lately. Oh I know why… this is the time of year when all the cool people are born. 😉 Yes, me included. Hope your birthday was happy!

  73. Questions for Robert Cooper:
    First off LOVED “Vegas”.
    Is there a possibility of Vala being in anymore SG1 movies? Will the aliens be mostly CGI, or costumes, or puppets, or all? And lastly, how hard was it shooting “Vegas”?
    Thank you for your time!

  74. @DemonHunter – hadn’t laughed so hard in a while – excellent take on the wheel.

    @drldeboer – So, so sorry to hear of your loss.

  75. There is so much snow here, there is no way to get them out. besides, Vancouver snow is wet, and not really snow at all (I used to live there, so I can make fun of it 😛 ) Our snow is heavy, and because of the cold, it freezes and compacts itself to the point where I haven’t seen a road since November. At least your city plows, ours only do when it stops snowing, they instead drive around dropping rocks, which doesn’t really do anything, except get grounded into the snow more.

    Prince George is worse, I promiseeee 😛

  76. Hey Joe , its 80 and sunny here in south florida but… DAS, I am from philly – many,many years ago and I miss my steak sandwiches from PAT’s or GENO’s , and my pizza from RIZZO’s in glenside. JOE, did you get the chestnuts from the studio yet??? MOVE IT!! Loved Vegas, Nice to see all those familiar faces, you crack me up with TWFPOTD. ANNE T. Feel better soon. Sheryl

  77. Hi Joe,

    oooh! Cool! Some more pic’s. Excellent! We are having a summer heatwave here. I would love to live somewhere colder though. I’m one of the few aussie that just dont like summertime here! Way to hot! Your snow story made me a bit cooler though!

    Have a great day! Happiness always!


  78. My last entry sort of had a question about Vegas but not specificaly directed for Mr Cooper, so…I will re-ask it for his Q&A.

    “Vegas” was brilliant in all aspects. I especially enjoyed the music selections and the comment scene regarding Star Trek The Experience. I’m guessing that may have been Bob’s (P) idea. If not, then who’s and why? Either way I was LOL as I’m sure other ex-employees were. It was a great humorous addition to a very edgy but fantastic episode. Thank you.

  79. @Trish: Thanks for the birthday wish, Trish. It was great. How was your birthday? Yup, all the cool people are born this time year.

    I rewatched Vegas again. Still good of course, but this time I watched for some of the things people said about the episode. For one, the McKay and Keller scene. Some have said that could mean that he was married and had an affair with Keller. To me it means that he forgot to take the ring off and that he was just saying hi to Keller , because it was at the same time that Sheppard recognized Keller as the coroner in the beginning of the episode. I don’t think there is any hidden meaning with that scene except Sheppard’s recognition of Keller. Am I right?


  80. Hi Joe!


    ROTFL! Oh, that was well done! And I’m a Mac user.

  81. Question for Robert Cooper:

    Atlantis went through a lot of changes in the main cast over the years. Knowing how it all played out, in retrospect, what changes (if any) would you make to the cast of the pilot given the chance to completely redo the show? Whose role would you reduce or expand? Would the show still have taken the same course?

    P.S.: I LOVED Vegas even though I thought I wouldn’t like it at all. Won’t make that mistake again with SGU. Thanks for all the great work. 🙂

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