Well, I’m back in Vancouver and not a day too soon it would seem. Lawren was snowed in for so long that he worked his way through the canned food AND his shoes. I shudder to think what would have been next on the menu if we’d ended up flying in tomorrow instead. Yes, I know what you’re thinking but I’m pleased to report that I have just as many dogs now as I did when I left. A big thanks to Lawren for taking care of Jelly, Maximus, Bubba, Lulu, and, oh yeah, the house during our absence.

Would love to stay and chat but I have some unpacking to do. But while you’re here, why not check out today’s Weird Food Purchase of the Day installment, yet another item my sister was more than happy to rustle out of the deep, dark recesses of her pantry.

91 thoughts on “January 3, 2009: Back on the Homefront. And the Weird Food Purchase of the Day.

  1. ROFLMAO, Joe, is your sister paying you back for some terrible brotherly pranks? 🙂

  2. Hey Joe.

    Another question regarding Atlantis: In First Strike when Weir and Keller are in the transporter, it shows them go from point A to point B as you would in a regular elevator. However, in Remnants we see Woolsey and that girl in the transporter and when they go from one location to the other there is bright flash of light once she presses the button. Why is there a difference?

    Thanks Joe….and glad you got back okay!


    sylvia wrote:

    Anne Teldy – HANG IN THERE girl!

    Trish (aka whovian) wrote:

    @Anne Teldy: Please feel better soon. I wish I could have donated blood for you. I actually did that for my 13 year old neighbor when she needed a 5 hour back surgery. Poor thing! She was thrilled that she actually got MY blood. I told her it made us blood sister like no other. Now I need to go and give blood again. Thanks for the reminder.

    Thanks for all the well-wishes posted here and sent privately. It always makes things a little better knowing people care.

    The only noticeable signs that the transfusion might have helped are my cheeks are slightly pinkish — I was so pale at the hospital, my younger sister said it looked like someone painted black eyebrows on me — and my mind seems just a tad less foggy. Tuesday morning I’m having the bloodwork done that will let us know if the transfusion helped and/or if I need another one.

    Trish, I’m A+. You?

    Please donate blood if you can. We who need it thank you.

    Anne Teldy

  4. Welcome Home Mr. & Mrs. Mallozzi… any good stories to tell about your trip home?
    Wahoo….Lauren survived the doggie babysitting gig! Good on you mate! Well done… hoot, hoot!!!

    Glad you are all safe and cozy!

    Patricia Lee

  5. Hey Joe!
    Loved Vegas, and wanted to clarify something. This alternate reality was not one that we had seen before, correct?

  6. Just wanted to chime in on Vegas…

    I watched it the first time and thought…Wow. Different. Weird. Great, but so different. I watched it a second time and fast forwarded to the McKay parts, because, hey, McKay’s my favorite and I loved this AU McKay. Then I watched it again from the beginning (fast forwarding through the commercials) and just savored the whole episode – the look, the music, the story, the acting, the very cool, rock star-looking Wraith. To me it was like the cast and crew were saying to the network TV folks: CSI? Yeah, we can do that – no problem.

    It was so interesting to watch, and, yes, it’s in my list of top 10 favorite SGA eps. One of the reasons I enjoyed the ep so much was because AU Sheppard and McKay were different from their alternate selves and Flanigan and Hewlett played them so well. It made me really hope to see these two actors in other roles soon.

    And I love how on one level it seemed this would be a standalone ep that’s kind of just there because it’s the 100th episode, but it actually ties in with the last episode.

    I can’t wait for next week’s episode, and yet I’m dreading it because it’s the last. To MGM and TPTB: Hurry up with the Season 5 DVD! Hurry up with the SGA movie! If you’re taking away my weekly fix, I want more SGA as soon as possible.

    Very nice work…again.

  7. Joe, I can’t decide if you’re very brave or *nuts*. What do *you* think? 🙂

    Anne Teldey ~ Get better soon!! *HUGS*

    @Alexandria ~ thank you for your support. 🙂 Also, you’re post about how the people who make shows *are* answerable to the audience, sowe *do* own it in a way, took the works right out of my mouth — thanks for saving me the trouble. 😉

    shiningwit & others with similar sentiments ~ Funny you can’t seem to take your own advice about not reading what bothers you. XD Joe has said repeatedly that he can and will censor when he feels it necessary; only *he* has a right to say what is acceptable for us to post here, is that not so? So why, then, do you essentially keep telling those of us you disagree with to shut up rather than ignore us as you suggest we do to you? Note that I am not telling *you* to shut it — I’m just curious. 🙂

    I have not ever, as far as I can recall, told someone they shouldn’t post their opinion. 🙂 I’m also curious as why some individuals think they know what should or shouldn’t be taken seriously in the opinons of others and how far. It’s “just a show” to you, bully for you. But why exactly should I bow to that? Again, just curious. Perhaps you don’t realise just how condescending/arrogant/opinionated/or hostile that can appear? Or simply don’t care, I guess, as Wit has already said s/he resolves to not be PC. I find it deliciously ironic that Wit has chastised of the rudeness of others — the posts s/he has written in turn seemed pretty rude to me. Or maybe that’s an “eye for an eye” sort of philosophy?

    For myself, seeing as I am a writer, I take ALL writing *very* seriously, even comedy. ;P I appreciate what I perceive as good, feel what I don’t like as if it were a knife in the gut, and try my best to learn by dissection of both what seems good and what seems bad, I even learn from other’s perspectives, even if I don’t agree with them. I feel I have leanred more anout writing through this exploration in the last 7 years of writing critical commentary (not just about the ‘Gate, mind, other shows too) than I have learned in all my schooling Should I *not* take my profession seriously? Shall we say the same to doctors and police officers? Maybe it’s okay to say it to a barista, because they are “unimportant”, and so are writers? …. HAs it occured to anyone that many of the people being accused of taking it to seriously are also writers? Would you tell Joe and Brad that they take their jobs to seriously? (Granted, I fear Joe might say he *doesn’t* actually take his job seriously. ;P)

    The ‘Gate franchise has opened many doors for me, personaly and professionally, and I have made briliant friends that I might not ever have otherwise stumbled across. People who have made a huge and positive impact in my life. And the show itself has been a source of solace when I have really needed it, the way some books and other shows and some movies have been. Yes, I take that, and the venue which made it all possible, *very* seriously. 🙂

  8. Oh, you poooor thing. I bet that “sip” was awful. A whole swallow of vinegar…yuck. And, I happen to love balsamic too. Hope you recovered from this one. Guessing, the shock value could have come close to sobbering one up quickly, even if just for a few minutes.

    Just out of curiosity, who was laughing almost cackling in the background of your WFPOD? Guessing one voice was Andrias and perhaps Fondy? Others?

    Glad to hear you are safely back home.

  9. Joe, you must be great fun at parties! “Hey, Mallozzi’s here! Grab the deep fried clams with chocolate mint cocktail sauce and a video camera, quick!”



    PS – Welcome home! Glad all is well, and that you didn’t find Lawren dining on Kibbles ‘n Bits and drinking out of the toilet, or anything.


  10. Okay, I wanted to be another person in the pool to pester, because if several of us ask the same question mayhap you will answer it? Paleeeeeeeze???

    So, now that we have all seen Vegas and there is the scene with the wraith getting himself all gussied up, there is a quick snippet of wraith boobage. Now to me it looks like the actor had his chest “wraithed” up, but the writers wanted to have the wraith look like there are no aureolae and nipples, so that area is blurred out in the image not with makeup but with the camera after effects. It would make no sense for male and female wraith to have the chests they have and not have mammary glands. Perhaps they are like the Platypus: lay eggs and suckle (sort of), or give live birth like some rattlesnakes and don’t suckle. Or perhaps they just shake hands and call it a day.

    BTW did you know that you too were once female. Yes Joe, you were once female…a long, long time ago. All feotuses are female for the first nine weeks of life–hence male boobage. And did you know you can also breast feed? Frightening, and a little repulsive, none the less it is true.



  11. J.
    Do you intend to use the travelers in Atlantis movie or the new series? They travel in the most unsafe, junk mobiles and still somehow beat everyone else.
    Have you ever made chruscik? There polish cookies that taste like funnel cakes, but better. (maybe it’s the rum in the chruscik) There also call bow tie cookies.


  12. The weird food purchase, finally getting to the liquid stuff as promised. Can’t wait until you get to the alcoholic testing as you always take a lot when you do your testing.


    You have a right to your opinion and I have a right to mine no matter what you think about it. I don’t put emphasis on GW at all. I did not like the answers to the SGA questions and I have a right to feel the way I do. I did not say that by ME not watching SGU would make a difference I said hopefully there is enough of us to make a difference. If not well then not. Just because I feel different than you doesn’t mean I am childish, I just have a certain way of viewing this and well, as I said, I have a right to do that. I have strong opinions as you do, they just don’t match. As for SGU, I haven’t read anything or listened to anyone positive or negative, I am just not interested in the show, I am not a Franchise groupie, I came on board by pure luck seeing an SGA by accident one night. Just cause I like SGA doesn’t mean I like all things Stargate, in fact, SG-1 was just ok for me. After seeing SGA I figured I’d give SG-1 a shot since I like SGA so much, but sadly it wasn’t what I was looking for in a show. Not everyone has to like all things Stargate just cause they like one thing Stargate. I can take or leave scifi, it depends on how the show captivates me as you have your reasons for what you do.

    @ Pam
    Don’t apologize for me, you don’t know me. I don’t criticize your opinions whether I like them or not and wouldn’t apologize for you to other groups who may take offense to your thinking, in my opinion, you are superior to others, because you agree with tptb.

    and @ Dilz:

    Very eloquently and professionally stated.

    As for Vegas, I loved it up til the end. Loved the music and the guys at the poker table and their chatter about the finger. Didn’t like the death of sheppard whether it’s an alternate reality or not.

    Sorry, I got some of you upset, but once again just my opinion I am venting as you all are venting your praise.

  13. Gateworld Update:

    In the Vegas discussion thread, fans continue to express both praise for this cutting edge Stargate episode, and great disappointment over the absence of several key members of the team, including the very gate itself, while many others continue to lament the show’s cancellation in favor of new, edgier production with its eye on a younger audience and greater possibilities.

    Meanwhile, over in the WDC, the Great Nipple Debate rages on…



  14. Glad you made it back ok. Has any of the snow melted or is Vancouver still burried? Had any of your family seen the previous WFPOTD installments? Did they have any favourites? I’m eagerly awaiting the alcoholic version.

  15. Hehe @ WFRTD (weird food review of the day – seeing as you didn’t purchase it)

    You’re so darn cute. Fondy’s lucky to have you.

    Pretty sure the dogs were happy to see you and barfed on the dining room floor to honour your return.

  16. Welcome back. Thanks for the giggle over your WFPOTD sounds like everyone else enjoyed it too.

  17. Actually your Weird Food Purchase should REALLY be entitled Weird Food Discovery when you haven’t actually been out and bought the thing specifically. just being somewhat pedantic this morning.

  18. Heh. I’m glad you are amusing your relatives as much as you’re amusing us with your bizarre foodstuffs. I bet that would have been nice if you hadn’t eaten it by the spoonful! For christmas desert we had chocolate pavlova with balsamic cherries – that was awesome.

  19. Hi Joe,

    Good to know you made it back home safely. Some of the weird food purchases that you try have me gagging sometimes! Your a brave brave man! I dont think I could try half the things you do!


  20. Joe! That was great! Do that again…please!!! I love how your family encourage you to try new and weird things. I can’t wait for the third video!!
    Cheers!, Chelle 😀

  21. What, no comments at all about the vinegar? Somehow, I don’t think taking a teaspoon of it straight up is the proper way to experience its flavors…

  22. Drunk Mallozzis! What fun! Does that not drinking thing apply over the holidays too? Please don’t tell me you were the only sober one in the room.

    Either way, I can relate. The major difference is that it’s summer here so people spill outside too, so the neighbours are part of the fun.

    Oh, I just thought of a question… are Stargate scripts in American english, or do you leave the u’s in place and skip the z’s? Or does each writer write what they are used to?

  23. Welcome back, Joe!

    Good to know you still have all the dogs. I would have been more worried the dogs would eat Lawren, though.

    Yeah, vinegar. I knew how that was going to end up.

    @PG15: Wait a minute. Are you saying you REFUSE to pat me on my scruffy head and tell me I’m just perfect the way I am? But why? Why? WHY? I thought I was awesome! *sob* Also, do you mind checking under my bed for me? I think there is a monster under there. 😯

    @Das: Weirdest thing happened last night. Jeremy (Mr. Whovian) needed me to wash his tennis clothes and I went to take them out of our washer. Did you know if you put four pairs of Allie’s pajama pants in the washer with one of her bras my washer can tangle them up into a spider-looking creature??? Oddest spider creature I’ve seen IN MY life! This one not even YOU would be afraid of!

    Trish 😀

  24. Good Morning and Welcome Home Mr M. Glad you all made it safely back. You make the balsamic/blueberries look like a mmmm/wonderful combo,,LOL!! Have a terrific day. 🙂

  25. What, too much vinegar, not enough blueberry? I’m a big fan of balsamic…but in moderation. I got a nice bottle for Christmas.

    Good to know you reached Lawren in time & there was no digging out of an avalanche of snow involved. I’m sure he was happy to see you (perhaps even more than the pups?)

    Welcome home.

  26. Vegas = a gamble that paid off HUGE!!! WOW no disappointment here, definitely one of the best Stargate AU eps ever in terms of style and creativity. Thanks again for the whiz bang Cooper. Whatta way to set up a series finale. Truly a desperate version of the main Stargate reality like… well, our Sheppard could say, There But For the Grace of God… Sympathy Indeed! Good ver of Woolsey, McKay & Zelenka. Even Keller & Walter but yes terribly missed some ver of Ronon or Teyla. I did not get the impression that we had seen this reality’s people before, this was not Rod from the Miller ep because his team had included a smart ass Sheppard. And this Sheppard was so absolutely, heartwrenchingly, a Solitary Man. The choice of music was very fitting since I love it when a series turns full circle- from spotting the Cash poster on his wall for the first time in Atlantis, to hearing the music in this. Also good choice to fit Marilyn Manson to Wraith. And speaking of… so this is how they find out. Lastly, BRAVO on the acting Flan. You are the one and only person who can play John Sheppard in ANY reality. And I think this episode was a thank you gift for both you and your fans.

    Just some more notes re BW: I too always wanted to know more about the ATA gene. I thought producing it artificially right off the bat was a cop-out on what could’ve been a great ongoing series thread for Sheppard, O’Neill, Lorne, etc. Certainly better than the Hoffan virus thread that pretty much overwhelmed SGA. Also, what about John Sheppard’s relationship to the Wraith? Does Todd consider him a brother because he was able to survive both the iratus bug attack and transformation to and from, essentially, Wraith status?
    And it’s kinda funny that some of his least fave eps are some of my faves. I’m glad youse always had the guts to go with stuff, even if you didn’t like the taste.

  27. Glad you made it home safe and sound. Did you help Lawren dig out his car, or did you simply send Max with him, with a small keg of brandy attached to Max’s collar?
    Would also like to add my kudos to the generally great reviews of Vegas. I happen to love AU stories, and the Stargate franchise has usually done them well. I do believe this is the first time we’ve seen a “total” AU, with no presence of “our” Atlantis team. I had a few minor quibbles, but nothing major. And Mr. Flanigan really came through with an incredible performance. he’s played the emotionally damaged Sheppard well for years. Here we get to see an emotionally crippled Sheppard. Nods to Mr. Hewlett also, for his take charge, in control McKay. Loved the homage to CSI, the Wraith going into human makeup scene, and of course Starving Todd. This will rank as one of my all time favorite episodes, and is helping to bring the show to an end with a strong performance by cast and crew alike. Gods, I just realized how much I am going to hate next Friday, when it is time to say goodbye to the show…

  28. I’m glad your return travel was uneventful. I don’t know about you but I always need a vacation from my vacation.

    I’m sure your ‘little ones’ were happy to see you. Or did they shun you? Did Lawren bolt out the door for some sanity?
    I’m sure you are compensating him accordingly, right?

    I enjoyed ‘Vegas’ on Friday night and appreciated the ‘peakage’. ‘Peakage’ always does a girl good.

    I found Wright’s response to question an interesting find. I don’t know if I really found out anything but his response was appreciated. I do find it rather curious though that as a, say ‘CEO’ of a company, that his responses were somewhat sarcastic and basically rude. I work with the public everyday and if I answered my clients with some of his answers I wouldn’t be working today. A person always needs to remember who the customer is and from what I have read on the net I’m not alone here.

    I will concede that customers can be rude, obnxious and sarcastic themselves, but we are told they are always ‘right’. I usually just go in a back room and hit my head against the wall, scream and rant. And then return with a smile on my face. You deal with the situation properly or remove yourself from it.

    On the other side I feel very fortunate that the Stargate franchise does provide interaction with the fans. I have met you, I’m the ‘dog poem’ lady, and I have really appreciated the contact you have provided us to the cast and crew of SGA. Corny as this sounds, but you have opened the ‘gate’ so to speak. Of course with that there is the negativity and the rants.

    Jeez, I’m really wordy today, must be the ice tea I had for breakfast. Anyway, please let us know the progress of the SGA movie. And thanks for arranging contact for us with tptb. It is appreciated. And remember to spend some extra time with your ‘little ones’. Betcha you missed them alot!

  29. coucou Joseph!!

    Moi aussi je suis de retour chez moi.
    J’espere que vos vacances se sont trés bien passer! Moi oui, si je n’aurai pas attraper une grippe intestinale Vendredi…lol au moin j’ai perdu tout les kilos pris pendant les fêtes^^!!

    Passez une trés bonne journée!
    Gros Bisou

  30. Okaaaay. Your sister is mean, you’re a sucker, and we’re very entertained by it all!

  31. @Kitasstrophy

    Wow. Two scenes in two episodes! You’re right – how could I have missed that in-your-face foreshadowing of this epic romance? I bow to your superior wisdom.


  32. Well, we now know the real reason Atlantis was cancelled. They spent the entire season 6 budget on the licensing for “Solitary Man.” The music for Vegas was probably more expensive than the FX for BAMSR. Vegas was one of the best episodes of the series, but I would rather have seen another season. Anxiously waiting for Enemy at the Gates!!

  33. Welcome home Joe!

    Questions about Vegas:
    1) Was this McKay the same as Alt-Mckay in McKay & Mrs, Miller? There is some chatter in the ether about this. I’m not convined that he is the same despite the dialog leaning that way.

    2) I did not like the music used in the middle of the ep: too noisy, banging and ugly. Please tell me Joel didn’t create that.

    This next week will be difficult as Friday 9:00PM EST approaches. I rue the fact of SGA ending, but thank everyone involved for one heck of a good, romping ride! F

    I wish “Fair Day” to Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, Paul McGillion, Rachel Luttrell, Kavan Smith, Jason Momoa, David Nykl, and all others for a job well done. May God bless.

    Carol & cats in NJ

  34. Vegas. Wow. Definitely one of my favorite eps ever. Loved the CSI/X-Files/Life flavor and I liked that dusty desert look.

    The poker games dialgoue was awesome and the cinematography was crisp with great muted colors. I loved the costumes on the men, too, especially in the poker games, and come on, how cool did that hipster Wraith look?

    I know fans have clamored for a Wraith-On-Earth ep but it was so worth the wait. It was nice to see the show take tons more risks because the writers weren’t playing with the real SGA team and could therefore bump and bruise them at will.

    I’m sad about the ending though; with the SGA finishing up I don’t suppose we’ll ever know if the slim shady version of John Shepperd gets rescued.

    Ah, Crazy Todd was wonderful. If he ever does any poetry performances let me know. Wraith Beat Poetry might become all the rage at your better coffee houses.

  35. Hey Joe….check your email. I sent you a small note asking a favour….I hope you don’t mind 🙂

    @Linda Gagne

    You’re right…somewhat. BUT…you misunderstood me as well. I wasn’t implying that by having a different oppinion than I do you are being childish, I meant that by calling Brad Wright out on not answering the questions regarding SGA in a better manner was childish. I also think that by you saying you’re going to try and make a difference by not watching SGU and get others to do the same you are a) wasting your time because it was already pointed out that SGA cannot be brought back to TV episode form and b) influencing other people’s oppinion and choice in SGU. By you going around saying “don’t watch SGU”, “Brad Wright’s comments are condecsending (I know I spelt it wrong)”, etc. you’re already making the show look bad for new viewers. It was said that the writer/producers want to both keep their old audience and attract new viewers with SGU. By doing this, you’re turning people away before you yourself have not seen even a single second of the show. Like I said before, you and everyone else trying to do the same as you are basing your oppinion of SGU on what: A few character bios and the title of the first episode? I would LOVE for Atlantis to come back on the air. But trying to bring back a cancelled show is one thing…..trying to ruin another without even seeing it is another. You’re right though…I have my oppinion and you have yours.

  36. @anne teldy: I’m O- baby! Universal donor! It’s how I knew you could use my blood. 😀 I’m in Florida though. I’m giving blood at the end of this week. It’s sooo on my calendar! And I’ve got a shiny key chain showing I’ve donated a whole gallon in my life. I’m trying to make it to TWO gallons!

    I hope they find out how to fix you very quickly. You are in my thoughts and prayers. (((((HUGS))))

    @green: I see your check to Joe and I raise you a check mate! 😛


  37. Just want to add my two cents about Vegas. I absolutely loved it. The music was spot-on; especially considering so many of us thought the Hive Queen in The Rising looked like Marilyn Manson! And of course the Johnny Cash homage was very appropriate.

    It’s hard to believe that we’ve come to the end of the road for Atlantis. I was at Gatecon in 04 and remember the excitement that echoed around the convention over the launch.

    I remain cautious about the new series in the franchise as well as the future movies. People are very divided, especially when they feel their favourite aspect of the franchise is being ignored. But I’ll give the new stuff a go. Gotta show my support for the franchise so that the franchise has a future 🙂

  38. “Vegas” was AMAZING. My new favourite episode. I am so glad that story was put to paper and then to the screen before the show met it’s end (on tv anyway). Your editors did a fabulous job, I mean, the whole poker scene and the parts leading up to it were absolutely magnificent!
    However did you guys time the fountain to pop up when the wraith went up the stairs? Ha ha the whole story was very good and in the end the noble heart wins through.

    I was bawling my eyes out like I was during “The Shrine”.
    Frack that was good!

  39. Apologies to anyone who misinterprets my ramblings, I have a quirky sense of humour(Typically north of england) that obviously doesn’t translate too well across various borders and boundaries. I may disagree with many writings and ramblings myself but will defend to the death people’s rights to say them.
    We readers would be totally lost without you writers who allow us to indulge our fantasy lives vicariously, I am forever playing catch up with my growing library because I seem to buy books quicker than I can read them but thats ok because I kinda like to stockpile my reading matter and let the laundry take care of itself.


  40. Mind you some people do take themselves too seriously. *falls off chair PMSL*

  41. @ Trish – “The harvest moon is rising…Spiders are never-ending…”

    Just doesn’t sound quite the same, does it? 😕

    So, whatcha callin’ yer new-found spider species? A Spijamabra? 😛


  42. Wow…ummm, I’m guessing I might be very alone in what I’m about to write. Well…won’t be the first time.

    I HATED Vegas. As did my mom and my sister. My dad LOVED it though, as a sidenote. Still…here we are, our second to last episiode and it isn’t even about OUR people it’s about some alternate universe that I really don’t care about.

    I am not a fan of the scarier episodes. that said, I can handle a scary episode if it is pushing the storyline foward, i.e. Vengance. Horribly frightful, (call me a wimp…don’t worry I’m used to it) but tolerable as it was important to the Michael storyline and gave us hints about Carson.

    But Vegas! I hated nearly everything about it. It wasn’t funny…save for the spearmint gum remark…and I found it horrible to be watching never knowing when I was going to have quickly look away from a sucked up body. Seriously disgusting.

    So…I say all this…well, why am I saying all this? I guess I just wanted to let you know that not everyone loved Vegas (which you probabll already know) and there are people that were very upset to have one of the final episdoes not have ANY of OUR people in it and only a few alternate universe versions in it. And then Sheppard died!!! =[

    Still…looking forward to the final episode!! =]

  43. Welcome Home to snowy Vancouver Joe!!!

    And good to know that you have as many dogs as when you left!!!

  44. My thoughts on Vegas:

    I confess I was worried to begin with , Rob Cooper seemed to get a little too carried away with the gimmickiness (I made up a new word) of it all and seemed determined to throw in assorted random camera effects for no real reason other than he thought they looked cool. I also didn’t like the cameo by the two actors from the Sopranos, maybe for fans of that show it was fun but I personally found it irritating and pointless – but from the moment the poker game came to its abrupt end and the Wraith took off with Det Shep in hot pursuit I was hooked and by the final heartbreaking scene Vegas had secured its place as one of my favourite Stargate episodes of all time.

    Strangely I think we learned more about Sheppard in this one episode than we have in five seasons, this may not have been “our ” John Sheppard but it so easily could have been, it was like holding a mirror up to him and saying “there but the grace of God…”.

    A big thank you and well done to everyone involved especially Rob Cooper (who’ll I forgive a little self-indulgence in the direction) and Joe Flanigan for a wonderful performance.

    I think another poster wondered if you could persuade Rob Cooper to do a Vegas Q&A, I know he’s a busy man, especially with SGU prep in full swing, and its a long shot but there’s no harm in asking right Joe?

  45. Hey Joe,

    Just wanted to say that I LOVED Vegas! I thought it was really cool that it dealt with an alternate reality, but unlike previous Stargate episodes on a similar theme, it stayed in the other reality.

    Great set up for the finale…

    And all the little details – like Sheppard wearing the silver crucifix in the last scenes after meeting with Rodney and Woolsey. Plus Rodney had a wedding ring! You guys did a great job – the story, music, acting, setting – all came together perfectly. This is one of my all time favourite episodes for sure.


  46. Hi Joe,

    I was wondering how the episode “Vegas” came into being? Did someone come in and start taking about CSI and it grew from there? Is Robert Cooper a fan of CSI and wanted to do an episode similar to that show?
    Really enjoyed it and was just curious on how it came about.

  47. @ Trish – if you have O- and Anne has A+ you can’t donate to her. You can’t cross the + and -. If you have O- you are a universal donor to anyone with any kind of negative blood group, but can’t donate to anyone with a positive group. You could, though, donate to me. I’m B negative. Only two percent of the population have it. Thank god I can always receive O- ! And yes, I should make another appointment with the blood bank.

  48. LOL… Lets see a butter spray and Blueberry Vinager, yep I really can’t wait to see what the third item is. Your such a hoot. I’m going to be laughing for days. Thanks!

    I’m glad to see that Fondy and you made it back safe and sound. Now please get some rest.

  49. The weird food purchase is the kind of thing people drag out of their pantries and donate to food pantries that collect food for the needy. People think, I don’t want it, but I’m sure someone else will. We’ve seen food years out of date and some truly unique food choices.

    Glad to read that you made it home safely and that the dogs and Lawren survived their isolation. I hope being home again cheers you up a bit, though the last day or so must have been entertaining.

    Did I mention that “Vegas” was cool? Hot, but cool.

  50. Hahaha tell Andria how very amused we are by her “food” choices for WFPotD!!! I think she and you have very similar senses of humor 🙂
    Glad you got back okay to rescue Lawren from his foodlessness!

  51. Vegas was a great episode. Interesting to see the results on the other alternate universes from the actions in “McKay and Mrs. Miller”.

    Joe Flanigan really shined here. I know Joe likes the action stuff and he got to do some here, but what he really shines at is the facial acting. He can say so much with just a lift of an eyebrow or a sideways glance.

    It was sad that Sheppard died at the end. Yes, I believe he did and there isn’t an offscreen save. It’s not the first dead Sheppard we’ve seen. He was dead in the first season alternate timeline in “Before I Sleep” and in at least one version in “Daedalus Variations”. Here, we got Sheppard’s redemption and his strength of character still held. But, would Sheppard have turned around even without McKay’s nudge of a heroic Sheppard somewhere out there?

    I loved Vegas McKay, too. Still a genius and still arrogant, but with a confidence that our Rodney seems to lack. Actually, this McKay’s attitude seems to be more like the pre-Russia version of McKay from “48 Hours”, except not so much of a jerk. I wonder what happened in Russia because our “Redemption” McKay seemed so different from our “48 Hours” McKay, and then our Atlantis McKay is yet another side.

    Vegas McKay had on a wedding ring! I’ve read some comments that don’t think he’s married to Keller because of the look he gave her at the desert facility. But if the Vegas McKay and Keller had a smoking hot relationship, I think their looks could have been a promise for something after work. Or, is this just a shout out to David’s wife, Jane, since the episode was filmed after David’s June wedding?

    Loved the Wraith transforming himself to pass as human. I wish during the course of the series we had gotten more in depth with the alien races. For example, how are the educated Wraith different from the drone Wraith? And not just the Wraith, but of the Athosians and Satedans. I’m always sad there isn’t as much world building that could be done. You don’t have to show a whole ritual. A couple of sentences here and there could still build a background.

    The only part of Vegas that got a little boring for me was the poker game. A little too much talking from the guest stars to each other and not enough psyching out over the game. Yes, I know they were big guest stars, but still.

    I’m so sad that Atlantis is coming to a close.

    Oh, and the Weird Food of the day? That was pretty brave (or foolhardy) of you to go for a whole spoonful. Maybe you should have jut dipped a piece of bread in it.

  52. Oh, and I haven’t seen Vegas yet (so I’m not reading any of the comments!)… the iTunes preview didn’t even have any SGA characters in it, so I think they might have messed up and uploaded the wrong show or something… the description of the show didn’t match what happened in the preview. Anyways, I’m waiting ’til next week and watching it right before EatC.

  53. Riley wrote:

    if you have O- and Anne has A+ you can’t donate to her. You can’t cross the + and -.

    Hi Riley,
    I work in a laboratory hospital and O Negative blood is given out in emergency stituations when the patient can not wait for the proper crossmatch to take place. And O Negative is hard to keep in stock, so to all who do donate, a big thank you goes out to you. Your donations have saved countless lives!!

  54. Joe,
    Welcome home. Hope your holidays were good. I got to ask is Brad Wright even speaking to you anymore? Loved Vegas. Can you tell us which was the last shot, which would be the last shot of the series, right?
    Thanks for your time.

  55. 1) Was this McKay the same as Alt-Mckay in McKay & Mrs, Miller? There is some chatter in the ether about this. I’m not convined that he is the same despite the dialog leaning that way.

    No offense, but I can’t believe there is even any discussion about this. There’s no way it’s the same Rodney. This Rodney opened the rift by accident, not on purpose as Rod did. This Rodney had no Sheppard in his Atlantis the expedition, while Rod did. This Rodney does not act like Rod. Yes, this Rodney met an alternate Sheppard who led a team, but that doesn’t mean it was our Sheppard, either. Don’t forget there are infinite numbers of both of them!

  56. As your best Montreal installment of the weird food purchase of the day airs, please dedicate it to me… your evil little sister. Certainly my favorite thus far, it truly shows what a supportive and encouraging sister I am. And to my developing fan base, I promise to fill my pantry with more stomach-churning items, in time for Joe’s next visit.


  57. hey joe, just waiting for vegas to load.

    you and me both Das! but first you have to bend him over your lap, and that could take some doing.

    Question. Joe do you know how much longer it took to make up the wraith for the shirtless scene?
    Also all the same questions from yesterday, they were scattered in there somewhere. Finally remembered the other thing but it’s not important.
    going to watch vegas now.

  58. @ whovian: Alright, I’ll do it just this once, for you.

    *pat pat* You are awesome! 😀

    Also, no monsters, but I did discover that rubber ducky David Hewlett used to shield his…private parts in A Dog’s Breakfast under your bed. How did it get down there? 😉

    Hahahaha, that WFPotD was hilarious! Who was watching? I heard many a-chortling going on at your expense, Joe.

  59. Oh hey, it snowed again here in Vancouver last night, and given the weather today, it’ll probably snow again soon.

    Enjoy. 😉

  60. @pg15: OMG! You give me that ducky back right now! You have NO CLUE what I had to do at Shore Leave to get it!


    And I KNEW you’d have to tell me I’m awesome. Thank you. That wasn’t so hard now, was it? 😉

    @das: Oh yeah! You are the NEW Shep! Move over buddy, Das is here now. 😀 Besides, Das, you’d probably do better at naming the wraith. Just know that they ALL can’t be named *Loverboy*, mm’kay?

  61. ElisaD wrote: I work in a laboratory hospital and O Negative blood is given out in emergency stituations when the patient can not wait for the proper crossmatch to take place.

    Well, there you go! I’ve been misinformed. Thanks for the info.

    Jeez, Joe – I’m learning stuff from reading your blog (beyond “don’t drink balsamic by the spoonful”, I mean.)

  62. Hey, Joe…speaking of pantry-cleaning…it’s what I decided to do for dinner tonight, since Mr. Das works until 8, and I’m bored outta my freakin’ skull.

    So, I’m sitting down now to a bag of tortilla chips with black, green and kalamata olives ( http://foodshouldtastegood.com/#/intro/ ), a jar of Meditalia black olive tapenade, a bowl of diced tomatoes and onions with feta, olive oil and Monari Federzoni balsamic vinegar ( darn good stuff – http://www.monarifederzoni.it/pages/index ), and another bowl of hummus, topped with extra virgin olive oil and sumac seasoning, straight from Jordan…and a glass of wine, oh…and garlic-stuffed olives. So much better than the crazy stuff you eat!

    Btw, sumac is delicious! Have you ever tried it?? (I’m pretty sure you have, given your adventurous nature. And yes, it is related to ‘poison sumac’, but not harmful):



  63. Welcome home Joe.

    I spotted BW sitting at one of the tables as the Wraith walked through the casino.

    Question was there some reason John was wearing a cross around his neck toward the end of the episode when he had not been wearing it before? Did he know that he might meet the Wraith again and not come out of it alive and wanted piece of mind that someone was looking out for him as he died?


  64. Joe,

    If you don’t mind, I’d like to thank everyone, yourself included, for your support during my family’s recent heartache. I’m glad to report that things continue to go well and stitches should come out Thurs. or Friday. At that time, a much needed bath will be in order. (I can only guess what this post sounds like to people unfamiliar with my previous post!)

    Again, thanks so much for your kindness, especially das, Perragrin, Thornyrose, Deni B, PG-15 and Joe. Hugs to you all.



  65. Have to say, Anubis being in Episode 19 of Atlantis was different, you know the guy at the card table..

  66. @ Rose – *hugs* Keep us updated! 🙂

    @ Trish – But I already ate it all!! 😀 BuuuurrrraaaAPPP! ‘scuse me. 😳


  67. Trish (aka whovian) wrote:
    @das: Trade pantries with ya!

    Woah. I totally misread that the first time. What a difference an ‘r’ can make!

  68. Could you pass a note on to the editors? The episode “Vegas” was fun, but I really felt that the ending would have had a lot more emotional impact if there was just one last series of flashes between cuts. 😉

    Hope you had a lovely New Year!

  69. Vegas was a very fun episode, definitely, and seeing Sheppard in it pretty much non-stop made it even more fun to watch.

    I can understand why Ronon and Teyla weren’t in it – one can surmise that since Shep isn’t in Atlantis, he wasn’t there to extend the offer for both of them to join his team.

    Any news on the SGA movie????

  70. @Riley

    OMG!! Your are soooooo right!! I read it the same way!!!

    I was misinformed on something as well!!!

    *laughing so hard i am crying*

  71. @Das

    I haven’t laughed this hard in years!!! 🙂

    *still laughing*

    ow–my stomach hurts!! but still laughing!

  72. And, I thought I was done ROFL…then I ALSO scanned too quickly and mis-read the exchange of food storage places. Really, what a difference one teeny little letter makes.

    Priceless – THANKS – for the laugh, y’all!!!

  73. That one made me laugh a lot.
    Did poor Lawren not have anyone human to spend Christmas with?

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