Today, rather than regale you with an elaborate account of how my mother made me apply her hairdryer to the sliding back door in an effort to melt the ice that had frozen it shut so that she could clear the kitchen of hot pepper fumes and oil, I’m turning this entry over to Brad Wright and his long-awaited Q&A session.

Now those of you who only come here for my hilarious responses to email spam and cute doggy pics could be excused for not knowing that Brad Wright co-created Stargate: SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, and the upcoming Stargate: Universe, has acted as an Executive Producer and Showrunner on all three, written a mind-staggering number of episodes for the Stargate franchise (many of them significant and uncredited rewrites) and, perhaps most importantly, has through his generosity and infinite patience, shepherded countless eager up-and-comers through the challenging, sometimes tricky, occasionally baffling world of television production (myself among them). His writing/producing credits have included work on The Black Stallion, Neon Rider, The Outer Limits, and, of course, the following Q&A…

…BTW, today’s entry is dedicated to birthday gal Trish…

Davidd writes: “I just wanted to know, had you always wanted to be a show-runner/creator/writer/producer/all the other SG things you do? Or did the opertunities just present themselves?”

BW: I wanted to be an actor. When I started writing television, some twenty years ago, the best job for a writer was Executive Story Editor. The Producer was generally a non writer position.

Sheryl writes: “For Mr. Wright, I would like you to acknowledge that you do know how sad the fans are and that we feel slighted and ” blown off” due to some comments that you made in recent interviews- and that the 40ish group are the ones who spend the money for all sg-1 and sga products! Myself and my husband have been sga and sg1 fans since DAY 1 and love everything about them, the writing is fab., cgi is top notch ( of what little I have learned over 11 years) and your choice of actors will have us watching and following them for years to come. And we will give sgu a try just due to the franchise history ! I know you have seen the posts, got the letters and petitions and hopefully recieved the lemons , AND LOOK at the ratings! How ’s that for fan loyaliity! Just please acknowledge you know how the fans feel. I mean NO disrespect at all, and you are a wonderful writer/producer, ect. Thanks for letting me vent and I await your response. “

BW: I don’t remember saying that 40ish people spend the money for sg-1 and sga products. I do understand, however, that networks base their decisions on the continuation of a television series largely on demographics of viewership first and foremost. Their business is based on ad revenue, which is dictated by viewership in the target markets of their advertisers.

Thornyrose writes: “The plans for Universe have been in the works for a few years now, it seems. Have you already begun the process for coming up with a new series to follow Universe a few years in the future? With the cancellation of Atlantis after a 5 year run, will you be looking to make Universe and other series run for a similiar length of time, or do you hope to extend Universe’s run for longer? What has been the high point of working on the Stargate franchise in the last decade and a half? If not for the Stargate franchise, what do you believe you might be working on today? Finally, and related to the last question, what would you consider a non-Stargate “Dream job”? Thank you for your time and particiaption here, and many thanks to Mr. M. for hosting you.”

BW: Hmm. Many questions. I would like Universe to run for many years, but I make no apologies for Atlantis running five. In many ways, my dream job was writing “The Outer Limits” because we made a little movie each week. I do like making movies, and since I’ve never really made a big theatrical release, my dream job has yet to happen.

TT writes: “Tv is a collaborative process and things don’t always work out just how they’re envisioned. Can you pick out one episode of SG-1 that came out way, way better than you thought it would initially? Likewise, can you tell us which episode you think is, despite everyone’s best intentions, an unmitigated disaster?”

BW: Every episode I’ve ever been involved with has been improved by collaboration. As to the second question, sometimes things get made that shouldn’t. Emancipation. Seth. Hathor. Space Race. Epiphany. Unfortunately, I could go on.

Laura writes: “When you first pitched Stargate, did you every dream that it would last for 10 seasons, still continue on in movie format, and create 2 spin off series? Or, what were you initial expectations of the SG-1?”

BW: I knew we would be making 44 episodes, which was as much as I dared imagine at the time. 10 years? No. In fact, if you’d told me it would have gone that long, I would have told you I wouldn’t still be here. But it’s still fun, so I am.

Jeff B. writes: “While I’m sure you’re terribly busy with all things SGU at the moment, could you please give us an update as to where exactly things are with regard to the third Stargate movie?”

BW: We’re making a movie. Carl Binder and I are co-writing the script. Martin will direct. If you have a good title, let me know.

Anonymous J writes: “Question for Mr Wright: I really, really enjoyed Continuum – have rewatched several times and can happily pass this around my family with very few caveats. One puzzling thing: why the casting of Ben B as his grandfather? I have to say, with his distinctive voice and face, it immediately took me out of the story for those scenes. I kept wondering, why didn’t they just hire someone who resembles him? So…why was that?”

BW: We did it because it was fun. For Ben and for the audience who recognized him.

Rigel writes: “1) Has there ever been a point in your career where you’ve finally had a enough and thought about quitting? If so, what or whom has kept you motivated to write?
2) Is there any actor(s) dead or alive that you would love to write character(s) for? Who or whom would they be?”

BW: One of the things I love about being a writer is that you never have to stop even if can’t get work. I love writing for good actors.

Patricia Lee writes: “As I am sure you are aware, a lot fans are not very happy with the cancellation of SGA. Could you please explain in a way we novices can understand your decision not to support a 6th season. And is there anything we fans could do that could change your mind allowing you to fight for and bring back SGA for a 6th season; even if there is going to be a movie anyway”

BW: They would have been unhappy with cancellation after any season, or at least, until it became obvious that the show should be cancelled, at which point, it’s too late to make movies.

Amac251 writes: “Have you finished the casting for Stargate Universe?
Would you consider Adam Baldwin as a “well known” actor for this show? He has an excellent range of acting ability and a phenomenal sense of comedic timing.”

BW: How ’bout Mr. Robert Carlyle. That’s a coup.

PG15 writes: “1. The character descriptions for Universe have been released onto the ‘net for quite some time now, and fandom’s in an uproar over how…uh…shallow they all sound. I attribute that to the fact that they came from a source meant for actors and agents, and thus have to focus on the flashy characteristics and looks. If I’m right, I’d like to know how YOU’D describe them, as someone who has to write the characters, and thus focus on the more in-depth stuff.”

BW: I hate character breakdowns. They always sound shallow, and if they’re written to appear “deep” it’s just ridiculous. Breakdowns have only one purpose: To help casting directors and agents choose which of many hundreds or thousands of performers should be submitted for the roles.

“…just for kicks: What’s the name of the first episode?”

BW: Just for kicks: Air.

Bailey writes: “So I guess I would ask why, oh why, would it have been so terrible a thing, to have given SGA one more season? Would the opportunity to do SGU, which seems to be your new love, have been derailed if Atlantis had continued?
I know many, if not most, Atlantis fans will give the new show a chance, but at this point, I don’t think I will be one of them. I still feel hurt and betrayed by this decision. Irrational perhaps, but real feelings on my part. Do you have any words of wisdom or comfort for those of us who feel this way?”

BW: Watch Universe. If you like it, keep watching it. As I said, I make no apologies for a 100 episode series.

Anne-Marie Sloan writes: “What do you think of all the negative comments about the unyet aired Stargate Universe, as well against members of the Stargate family for creating this new series and not continuing with Atlantis???”

BW: I think it’s odd, frankly, that fans throw stones at the people who not only created the shows they loved in the past, but are trying to create shows they will love in the future.

The King writes: “The other day I caught an Outer Limits marathon on Sci-Fi, and I just wanted to say that your episodes (Quality of Mercy and Trial by Fire) were just phenomenal. Quality of Mercy was perhaps the single best work of science fiction I’ve seen in years. And despite its age and lack of flashy effects, it holds up against anything being made today. More than that, it puts today’s stuff to shame.
In that vein, I would say that SG-1 often times displayed a similar, if not as pronounced, exploration of the human condition and of moral ambiguity. Perhaps it was within a more intricate and less flexible framework of characters and circumstances, but it was there. Yet as the franchise has worn on and aged, I think it’s fairly obvious that much of that complexity and depth has been replaced by a more popcorn-fare driven approach to storytelling, especially once you found a home on the Sci-Fi channel. Sometimes Stargate still displays that gravitas and level of emotion, but not as starkly or as bravely as it once did.
My question (FINALLY!) is whether this was a thematic decision that you made, to take a bit of the edge off of the storytelling, or whether it was just part of the natural evolution of the franchise. And do you think that you might return to that level of character exploration and storytelling technique in Stargate: Universe?”

BW: I miss Outer Limits. I loved writing for it. But note that in both episodes you mentioned, I ended the world. Stargate is just a different animal. Having said that, there’s a lot of room for what you’re talking about in Universe, which is why I want to do it.

AussieSGFan writes: “..I tend to have fun creating story- lines and all, but sometimes they give me headaches, trying to make sure I don’t leave any gaping holes. Do you ever get frustrated with it all?”

BW: Of course. That’s why it’s important to have a great staff that you trust.

Sgfan writes: “Are there updates on the third SG1 movie?”

BW: We’re making it in the spring.

Michelle writes: “On-line reaction to the character breakdowns for SGU has been quite negative, chiefly because of age ranges advertised on the audition sides (20-25 for all but one character). Has that reaction affected your plans at all, or do you have some reassurances to offer?”

BW: Most of those negative comments were a reaction to what the Sci Fi channel said. I never said “young and edgy“ They did. Judging the series from character breakdowns is just ridiculous.

“…In your mind, is spiritual enlightenment required for someone to ascend, or is it a matter of physiology and technology?”

BW: I think someone has to be prepared for Ascension.

Linda Gagne writes: “I know Joe M. has told us that if the DVD sales are good for SGA, then there will be more movies, but I just get a bad feeling about this. Perhaps it is that I feel, like many, that the fans of SGA don’t matter to tptb. If we have to take movies we will, but we preferred a weekly showing of our favorite characters.”

BW: Again, five years is a successful series. Fans don’t matter to us? Please.

“My question to you is, how committed are you to the movie making of SGA? If committed, how many movies are we talking if each does well, infinite?”

BW: There are so many deals that have to be in place each time, it’s impossible to predict. It also depends on the success of the first one. MGM was talking about more SG-1 movies as soon as the first did well.

“Why couldn’t you have kept SGA going and SGU at the same time like you did with SG-1 and SGA (you probably would of had more try to watch the new show if you had done this and I am sure MGM and SCIFI would of let you have what you wanted)?”

BW: When we did it the first time, it was because the Network made it clear they wanted both. The success of the SG-1 movies made an Atlantis movie possible, and all parties decided that was the best way to move forward.

“Trying to end on a more cheery note, of all shows on tv now, what is your favorite to watch and why?”

BW: I watch Dexter, House, The Office, Battlestar… and the Daily Show.

IggyMing writes: “1. I’ve read reports that Jack will be the central character in the 3rd SG1 movie. Is this still the case? Is RDA still committed to having a larger role in the movie?”

BW: Yes.

“2. Amanda Tapping said in a recent interview that filming would be in late spring/early summer. Is this still the case? If so, when will the movie be released? Are you concerned that there might be a drift in interest the longer you wait?”

BW: No.

“3. Why haven’t there been any announcements yet giving an official go-ahead for the 3rd SG1 movie? (Unless there have been and I just haven’t heard!)”

BW: We need to get some deals in place first.

FargateOne writes: “1. TV is a business. Do a space show costs a lot more than vampires, paranormal or angels stories. Is it correct to say that MGM wanted to invest money in only one space show and finally, planets were aligned to put money in SGU since Farscape ended, Star Trek ended, Firefly ended, Battlestar Galactica ended etc. ?
2.This one is more a wish than a question (maybe too early to ask) but, do you have plans for Claudia Black or Ben Browder in Stargate Universe?”

BW: Yes, to the first question and no to the second.

ElisaD writes: “Do you have any concerns about fans being upset in believing SGA is being cancelled and SGU was given a go to attract a younger audience and so some of us “older” fans not switching over to SGU?”

BW: We are not, not, not trying to get rid of our older fans. For god’s sake, we just cast Robert Carlyle. He’s over twenty.

Iamza writes: “…thank you for helping to create SGA. It is one of my favourite TV shows, and I will miss it enormously when it is gone. And thank you also for The Shrine. Your involvement in these gives me some small hope that Stargate Universe might be worth watching after all.”

BW: Glad you liked the Shrine. Thanks.

Ccdsah writes: “ Great work with Continuum, my only complaint would be it was very Jack-light (blink and you miss him kinda thing), and it needed more Sam/Jack ship…”

BW: The next movie will be much more Jack centric.

AmmoMonkey writes: ““When I first read the press release for SGU, like many I was quite dubious about the content. Then of course I remembered my initial trepidation about SGA and now it’s my favourite TV show still on air. With SGU being set in the far reaches of the universe will we be visiting planets with truly alien species on them rather then the usual ancient-seeded-humans fare that we had in SGA? I do hope so.” Thank you for your time in answering this question.”

BW: Actually, you’re right. We are getting away from ancient-seeded-humans. Hopefully exploring the truly alien, and avoiding the rubber faced English-speaking one.

Sector24 writes: “Hi Brad,
thanks for stopping by the Mallozzi-Midway Station in cyberspace. My questions are:
1. When you created the series with Jonathan Glassner back in 1997, did you think it will become such a popular franchise in the ranks if Star Trek for such a short time?
2. Were you ever tired of SG and wanted to move on, or you just feel too much at home there?”

BW: I’ve stepped away from the series a couple of times now in terms of the day to day running of things, but I’ve always kept my hand in. It’s become too much of my career to just hand it over to a stranger. Who knew we’d still be making something called Stargate all these years later? Considering our shaky creative start, it’s miraculous we made it past season one.

General Yogi Bear writes: “Concerning the passing away of Don Davis: Are there any thoughts or stories you could share with us?”

BW: Don was a dear man who I was fortunate to work with for many years.

Norma writes: “May I ask you a favor? In third Sg1 movie can you write Vala a little better and give her a little more screen time? She’s also a team member now, just like Mitchell, and therefore write Daniel/Vala better, with depth and humor, not the Continuum way! And I hope the third movie will not be all about Jack, especially if he’ll be dumb Jack, please ask RDA to act at his best. Thanks.”

BW: Whoa, write Vala a little better? Not the Continuum way? Ask RDA to act his best? I don’t think I like you either, Norma.

Noir writes: “You said this sentence, I’ve never forgotten, in the Specials of the 1st season (“It’s not easy being green”): “We wanted the Wraith to be as old as the Ancients.” […] For me these words – together with your sentence from the specials – expressed that the Wraith have evolved of their own and have yet been there when the Ancients arrived at the Pegasus Galaxy. And they must have been a high technology and space travelling society at that time. But Dr. Beckett’s Theory about the evolution of the Wraith said the complete opposite. According to this theory the Wraith would be younger than the humans! And that means that the Wraith can’t be older than about 170.000-200.000 years (the estimated period “modern” humans exist) – and so they are much younger than the Ancients! And, please, don’t tell me that the people in the PG have evolved by their own. Their DNA is too close to ours that they could be a different race that has evolved seperately from us. And now my question: When did you change you opinion concerning the Wraith and their evolution and what was the reason for it?”

BW: When we came up with the Iratus bug, we decided to incorporate them into the Wraith backstory.

Fsmn36 writes: “1) How did you go about securing the right for the franchise of Stargate? What does that process consist of typically?”

BW: This is an old story. I was on Outer Limits with Jonathan. We pitched Stargate as a series to MGM. They were already thinking along those lines, and asked us to partner to create it.

“2) Did you see the characters as being different from the movie or was it just a development that happened? (I mainly mean Jack here, but in general as well.)”

BW: The Jack in the movie has one L in O’Neil. Our Jack has two. That’s why he said: “with two LL’s” in a script early on. A small distinction that was important to RDA.

“3) How did you decide on the character of Samantha Carter and come about choosing Amanda Tapping for the role? (I assume you had a say in the casting, but if I’m wrong, I apologize.)”

BW: Yes, I had a hand in casting, and frankly had to fight for Amanda because the Studio and Network were pushing for somebody else. Glad I won. Same happened with Daniel. Teal’c was a no brainer the moment Chris walked in.

“5) At what point did you decide on the spin-off(s)? As in, did you always have the idea in mind, or was it something the network asked you to work on when they saw how well SG1 was doing, etc. What is the process of establishing (creating) a spin-off?”

BW: I thought of doing Atlantis as a spin off after season five, but the series got moved instead to Sci Fi. Very little of what I had in mind became the series you know of now. I intended to set it in Antarctica under the ice. It would have replaced SGC as our conduit to other worlds.

“6) What was behind the decision to make straight to DVD movies? Could you have found a studio to produce them for the big screen? Would you ever consider it?”

BW: MGM owns Stargate, not me. I can’t change studios. The DVD’s came out of a desire to prove we could make movies. I think we surprised the studio with what we could do on a small budget, but not enough to let us make a big Stargate feature.

“Tammy writes: “ Would you ever consider taking unused/cutting room floor footage (there is a rumor that there is a large chunk of footage missing where the team deals with Jack going to Washington?) and re-cutting select episodes with the additional scenes? Maybe release a special dvd with select episodes on it?”

BW: That is actually, a very funny, very wrong rumor. If I get RDA in a movie, I don’t cut the scenes. If you’re looking for a re-cut movie, watch Children of the Gods when it comes out.

Narcissus writes: “A) Will you keep Joel Goldsmith as composer for SGU? He’s simply terrific, I can’t wait for the new main theme.”

BW: Joel is a genius.

“B) Will the new series reflect on the newest scientific developments, e.g. the discovery of dark matter or the even more mysterious dark flow?”

BW: Possibly.

Jim Geer writes: “Are there any plans to revisit the Aschen story through any arm of the Stargate franchise? I’d love it.”

BW: I liked the Aschen story too. Insidious. No plans right now.

Shirt ‘n Tie writes: “Is there any piece of “cannon” Stargate that you have felt chained to and wish you get rid of? either mythology or race (and no I’m not talking about the Reetou or the Furlings) but just in general? Thank you again for the past 12 wonderful years, and I for one am really looking forward to Universe!”

BW: We already got rid of something I hated. Symbiotes. In the stomach.

Platschu writes: “1. How long do you plan the Stargate : Universe series? Will it reach 3-5 season?”

BW: I hope so.

“2. Which famous actor would you like to see as a series regular in the Universe?”

BW: Robert Carlyle. Got him.

“3. How many DVD films will be made in the next years? Can we expect 2 SG-1 and 2 Atlantis film in every year?”

BW: That’s hard to say. We’re doing two this year.

“5. Have you ever considered a theatrical SG-1 film with even bigger budget (20-25 million $)?”

BW: I would love to do that. The reasons we can’t right now are complicated.

“6. Can we expect new shooting locations in Universe? Or will there be more CGI created world or maybe digital sets?”

BW: Yes, and yes. We’re scouting in the desert of New Mexico as I write this sentence.

“7. Will you make Stargate : Worlds references in the Universe series or DVD films?”

BW: Stargate Worlds seems to be in trouble. Shame.

“8. What do you think about Stargate : Infinity? Could SG-1 have a similar (or better) drawed cartoon season with the original voices of SG-1?”

BW: Never saw it. They didn’t want our involvement.

“9. What will you do if Universe is canceled after the first season? Do you have other SG spin-off plans?”

BW: If SGU gets cancelled after the first season I will be shocked, and I will likely move on to something else.

DasNdanger writes: “1. Do you view the Wraith as a valuable part of the franchise, worthy of continued growth and development, or do you see them only as disposable enemies, a mere plot device eventually to be tossed aside?”

BW: Ah… the series is over.

“4. Who actually came up with the concept of the Wraith, and was any particular insect used for the basis of their look, or was everything just made up on the fly?”

BW: Rob and I came up with the Wraith as we developed the show together, but I’ll give him most of the credit.

“5. For god’s sake, will SOMEONE tell me what those finger armor thingys are for??! PLEASE!!”

BW: Nope.

“Thank you very much, Mr. Wright, for creating this show and these characters in particular, and for finally allowing their development to expand over the past few seasons, especially with episodes like Common Ground and The Queen. I only hope that they will continue to be a part of SGA in the upcoming movie, and beyond. I would like to say that I am on board for Universe, but I just can’t right now. I started watching because of the Wraith, and unless one finds itself a part of the new crew, I can’t make promises.“

BW: Okay. No promises.

Nyssa writes: “1) Have you ever thought of going into Public Relations? How about taking a few public relations courses? Seriously, I recommend you look into it cause your heartless, condensing comments to the SGA fans about the cancelation of our favorite show is, frankly, still shocking.“

BW: What?!! I’ve never made a condensing comment in my life. But seriously, what are you talking about? What did I say that was heartless?

Anne Teldy writes: “First, it would be small of me not to congratulate you on, and thank you for, the brilliance of your episode “The Shrine”. My niece, sister and I have all cried through it several times. It may very well end up being my favorite episode of Stargate (Atlantis or SG-1) ever.”

BW: Thanks. I feel better.

“The Cancellation: I thought the first rule of business was “give the people what they want”. Did you even consider what the fans might want when you ended Stargate Atlantis? Were you taken by surprise just how vehemently the cancellation has been opposed?”

BW: Folks, if Atlantis was performing brilliantly in the ratings, it would still be on the air.

“Do you still maintain that Stargate Atlantis was not canceled in favor of Stargate Universe?”

BW: My preference would have been another season of Atlantis, alongside two new movies, then Universe. I wholeheartedly admit that I had no desire to make two series at once again. Twice I’ve launched a new series while running another, and I won’t do that again. It’s been the case for five of the last fifteen years of my career, which has amounted to over four hundred hours of television in that time including the Outer Limits.

“Stargate Universe: Why are you (collective) emphasizing the youth and looks of the characters? It’s been made to sound like you have no interest in having fans over the age of 25. From the press release on MGM’s Official Stargate site:
Challenges will arise though as the ship comes into range of Stargates placed centuries ahead of the Destiny and the crew is unable to control the ship’s navigational schedule. If someone is left behind, there is no way to go back for them, adding to the drama of encountering new races, enemies and adventures.
And they can’t go back through the Stargate and get them because…?”

BW: You’ll see.

TheTrueMole writes: “Are you going to bother to produce a full length opening sequence and have SciFi cut it down later, or just stick to a 3 second title screen from the get-go?”

BW: We are planning a third option.

Dan writes: “Would you ever make an SG-1 movie with no aliens?”

BW: Depends on what you mean by alien.

Terry writes: “As a creator of TV series, how difficult is it for you to give up day-to-day control of the production to exec producers once the show is up and running?”

BW: I am not a control freak. I do speak up when I think something is going off the rails, but just because it didn’t come out of my head doesn’t mean it’s not valid. That’s the collaborative process of television.

“The Shrine” came together beautifully on all fronts, from acting to writing to music; have you ever had a script you wrote that you really liked that didn’t turn out as well on screen as you’d imagined?”

BW: Many. I hated Epiphany. That was a much my fault as anyone’s.

“Have you thought about doing something outside of the SG universe?”

BW: I fully intend to work on projects outside of Stargate. After SGU is up and on its feet I’ll step away to do other things. But I’ll always read scripts and bounce ideas with the guys.

“Were you surprised by the reaction of fans to the announcement of the cancellation of SGA and the start-up of SGU?”

BW: No. You guys are actually pretty predictable (take no offense, most fan groups are). Unfortunately, you represent a very small portion of the actual viewing audience we need for financial success.

Anais33 a ecrit: “1) Dans stargate univers, allons nous voir un peu d’endroit ou de personnes provenant de sg1 ou sga?”

BW: No, we’re not using any of the cast from the other series.

Chevon7 writes: “1. Children of the Gods – The Brad Wright edition. Ok so everyone’s talked about the removal of the nudity, but what else can we expect? Is it longer, shorter? Will you be souping up the VFX ala George Lucas? Have you talked to Jonathan Glassner about it?”

BW: It’s shorter, and better paced. It’s the one I wish we made the first time. You won’t catch all the little things I did, but it’ll “feel” different. I think I told Jon I was doing it. We don’t speak much.

“2. SGU – I read that you wanted a mainstream audience for the show rather than the usual sci-fi fans – Brad Wright -”And we feel like we want to be the agents of that change ourselves, and feel like we’re capable of coming up with another engaging television show that is possibly more mainstream, possibly a little outside the Stargate box.”

BW: We would like a hit television show.

“Could you please explain this a bit further? Is it not going to be Stargatey at all? (yes it’s word )”

BW: Yes.

“3. How do you go about creating a look for a tv show you are developing? Could you give some examples of how you & Rob came up with the look for Atlantis and the Pegasus Galaxy to give to James Robbins and his team or is it all James? I like that it’s more realistic and not fake and freaky like Trek.”

BW: We’re trying to find a much more realistic, gritty look.

“Thanks for visiting. Please keep Joe Mallozzi and Paul Mullie around. They did a great job with Seasons 4 & 5.”

BW: Joe, is that you?

Aboleyn24 writes: “The Shrine will always be one of my all time favorite episodes. For me the best scenes in SGA are the small character driven ones. That is why I love Sunday as well. The scenes between Sheppard and Rodney stand out above all else, especially the pier scene, a perfect balance of heart and humor.”

BW: The pier scene was why I wanted to write the episode.

“As for my question, Does Rodney have a full memory of what occured during his illness? I am just curious if he remembers it all or just has a basic understanding of what happened to him with pieces of memory and no clear picture.”

BW: The latter.

SciFan writes: “ If SGU should fail because of lack of fan support, what would you do? Would it be possible for to restart SGA or is it totally out of your hands?”

BW: SGU could fail. That won’t bring SGA back. Sorry.

CazzBlade writes: “When discussing the cancellation of Atlantis was it ever considered that the fans would not react well to it or to SGU as a consequence?”

BW: If we make a good show, you will watch it. If we don’t, you won’t.

Johnny E! writes: “1. Why choose continuing the Stargate Saga with a new project like Universe (which I look forward to) rather than going with an established product like SGA.”

BW: SGA did not have the numbers to go beyond season 6. That was a factor among many.

“2. What is the general theme for SGU, with SG1 it was to defeat the gould (later the priors) and find new technology, for SGA it was to defeat the wraith and find new technology. Will it be a new bad, or just exploring the new gouldless universe looking for new technology? “

BW: We will not have a single dominant race of bad guys like the Goa’uld or the Wraith. It’s more about the people on the ship.

Alexandria writes: “SGA is a fabulous show that has a worldwide fanbase. This season has some of the best ratings yet and the show even won a People’s Choice Award because the people love the show. Joe was truly kind enough to post several vague ideas for episodes if the show had continued on to a 6th season. I personally would love to see those shows come to fruition. The more of season 5 that I see, the more I want to see Sheppard, McKay, Teyla, Ronon, and Jen next year for another season. Thousands of fans agree with me, and I’ve even convinced new viewers to agree as well. If you are in any doubt, please check out the hey nielsen site. http://www.heynielsen.com/view/stargate-atlantis/”

BW: Unfortunately, we need millions, not thousands.

Aurora Novum writes: “1. Actually, the saddest part of the movie (outside of Mitchell’s…er ending) was that the team accepted being separated from each other for a year. I wondered why you chose that long a time period before Ba’al’s “arrival”, and why the team, in your view, appeared to actually abide by the terms of the agreement.”

BW: Because it would have been too much of a coincidence for Baal to show up right away. And Landry had a damn good point.

“2. In a similar vein, how much do you find your story is dictated by the production environment, and how much is it your initial brainstorming/vision? For example, I understand Daniel’s injury in the Continuum movie was added because of Michael Shanks filming unavailability, but I wondered why the injury wasn’t dealt with much overtly (i.e. therapy, limitations in walking) outside of CGI shots or an occasional limp. Could you discuss the reasoning for those decisions?”

BW: We see him without his leg three times. As for his limping, we realized that in a year, he would become quite proficient with his artificial leg.

“3. What was your reaction/thoughts about the jets made available to you by the USAF? Can you share anything about that experience?”

BW: Cool. I’m the escort pilot in the movie. You can see it’s me pretty clearly, and it’s my voice too. That’s how much I like jets.

“4. How do you tend to write? Brainstorm, Outline, then right from first page/scene to last, a la Mr. Mallozzi? Do you skip around? Listen to music as you write?”

BW: I start at the beginning of the script almost every time. I can sometimes spend much too much time on the first half of a script this way, but I’ve written a long time. It’s become my process. I sometimes write outlines, (had to in the days I worked for other people) but I almost always change everything anyway. I like discovering the story as it unfolds. It’s arguably the least efficient way to write and I wouldn’t recommend it to any writer, especially a new one.

“5. What was your favorite episode as a writer or producer of “Outer Limits”, “SG-1″, and SGA, and why?”

BW: Quality of Mercy, Light Brigade and Trial by Fire for Outer limits, although I am also quite proud of Becka Paulson. (I’m the only one) As for SG-1, I like 2010, Pegasus Project, and a couple I completely rewrote but don’t have my name on them. For Atlantis, after Rising I have to go with “The Shrine”.

“6. A lot of talk has been made of the spaceship “Destiny” for Stargate Universe–is there plans for the “Stargate” itself to be used quite a bit in the course of the series, or with filming locations becoming more sparse, will it be a more ship/space-oriented series?”

BW: We’ll still be using the Stargate.

“7. Finally, what’s been the biggest surprise for you over the course of producing Stargate?”

BW: That I’m still here.

Lynn writes: “My question is although I have no particular knowledge or understanding of science especially the advanced kind shown in the show, but although a fiction show, there always seemed to be a scientific logic and reality to the ideas presented which always impressed me. I have heard you were the “go to” guy for science questions. Did you have any special education in the sciences or was it mainly research through the internet or contacts you could call when questions arose.”

BW: Actually, my understanding of science is very limited. I do read a lot, but when I’m in a conversation with real scientists, I feel stupid. Having said that, sometimes real science is incredibly limiting.

Lcshepp writes: “I and many others are more than concerned the way that SGA was cancelled. Why you couldn’t have waited until the season was over to annouce this is beyond many of us. Nothing like putting a damper on the rest of the season. Many of us also fell slighted over the desire for a younger viewing audience. We all feel very slighted that we have supported you and your franchise for many years and this is how it ends for many of us.”

BW: We need both of you.

ChevronSeven writes: “How much feedback (good, bad or indifferent) have you received with the reaction to the actual screen time of RDA (about 2 minutes in the beginning, 2 minutes in the middle & 1 minute at the end) in Continuum? It appeared via promos and interviews that “Jack is back!” only to be disappointed with the actual screen time upon viewing.”

BW: That’s all I could get him for. He’ll be much more involved in the next one.

Narelle from Aus writes: “Where are you/what are you doing when you get most of your ideas? Is there a pattern to when these ideas come to you such as you are in a quite room like “the throne”, chatting with other like-minded people or find yourself in the middle of a backswing when a great idea comes?“

BW: I can’t think of my work when I golf at all. That’s why I golf. I think of my work at all other times.

“What was your take on the most recent Indiana Jones movie?”

BW: Never saw it. I hear it’s an expensive episode of Stargate.

“My Husband asks if you could to stop making Stargate please. He would like his wife back.”

BW: It’s only an hour a week, man.

Rose writes: “There was only one small part of The Shrine that left me cold and that was Rodney’s confession of love for Jennifer. I found it jarring and out of place. I realize that it’s not possible to show every single encounter between every character but there was zero build up to this. If Rodney had told Jennifer he cared for her or even that he really liked her, I would have bought it. Could you please explain your reasoning behind this decision?”

BW: He thought he was dying. Obviously.

Cheeky Lil Devil writes: “From business woman to business man, I wondered what your thinking process was to bring in a show that has technically not been tried and tested and replaced a product that from all accounts seems to be doing well in the key demographics, ratings. Etc.”

BW: From all accounts? No.

“…what i’m trying to say in a nutshell (and failing miserably) is that if I were to invest in a new product, from a business perspective i’d test the market first to see if there was an ‘audience’ for that particular ‘age range’ and genre, rather than simply scrapped in a sense a product that there was still an audience for. Lastly while I am here, I wonder if you could let the fans know the reasons for wanting a younger audience, particular as the ‘older’ audience are the ones that have kept the franchise going for this long.”

BW: I thought you said you were a business person.

T_Lily writes: “…are you disappointed by the short life of SGA? Even though it’s running in film form, it won’t be the same, so once again I’m a little bit worried about the content as it won’t be as elaborate as a season running story arc. Thanks in advance!”

BW: Short life?! FIVE YEARS!

YouTuber writes: “I understand that you’re a fairly avid golfer. What’s your handicap? And have you ever been to the Canadian Open?”

BW: At the moment, I’m an 8.7 index. Never been to the open.

Shai writes: “In hindsight, do you regret how the Dreaded Announcement of Doom was handled?”

BW: No.

Kelly writes: “I was totally shocked to hear of the cancellation of SGA. You have issued all sorts of platitudes and various reasons for the cancellation that didnt really make any sense.“

BW: Platitudes?

“You mention about the franchise having to move forward. How will SGU achieve this. My interpretation of moving forward is continually bringing new ideas to the franchise and contuning to appeal to ALL ages of the fandom. How can the franchise move forward if you dismiss most of the fandom, and only cater towards a certain age group. Why put all your eggs in one basket so to speak. You certaintly may appeal to some of the younger audience, but you are also alienating a huge portion of the existing audience.”

BW: We’re not trying to make the new show for kids.

Ytimyona writes: “When collaborating with other writers on a script (like how you and Rob Cooper are writing the pilot of SGU together), how exactly does that work? Do you spin the story together and then one of you writes the script? Do you pass a draft back and forth between each other, revising it each time?”

BW: Its a knife fight.

“3) When you said you intended to make SGU more “mainstream,” I interpreted that to mean that the average viewer (who’s never seen an episode of SG-1 or SGA in his life) could turn on the SGU pilot and understand what was going on… am I right? (I feel like people are unfairly putting words in your mouth with regards to this statement.)”

BW: Close. Mainstream means a lot of people are watching.

STellaByStargate writes: “Word is that a stuffed penguin made its way into your possession a month or two ago. Just wondered if it was sitting on the shelf, had taken up residence on your desk or had somehow migrated, with the others, to Carl Binder’s office? Loved Continuum btw. Send more please.”

BW: It’s in Carl’s office. Joe, how many more freakin’ questions are there?

Alan writes: “Have you given any thoughts on a subtitle for the “SG-1″ movie?”

BW: We won’t be using subtitles.

Susnn writes: “Because of vision difficulties I have cut way back on my television watching these days. SGA has been the only series that I watch every week and in rerun. Thanks for the memories.”

BW: And thanks for watching.

Libkat writes: “Rumors persist that you aren’t a big fan of Vala as a character. Will Claudia Black continue to have a place in the SG1 movie universe? I adore the way Vala kept the snarky side of Daniel Jackson alive after RDA left the show and CB and MS have terrific chemistry.”

BW: I thought Claudia was terrific in Continuum, but Vala won’t be returning in the third movie.

Haberdashery writes: “Brad, first thanks for many great years of Stargate. I have enjoyed the series and the great characters you and Rob have created over the years. In light of that, I wanted to ask you if you knew how much people miss seeing Jonas Quinn in the Stargate world? It’s like a gaping wound in our hearts.”

BW: A gaping wound in your hearts? Really? The guy was in one season almost six years ago.

Wraithcake writes: “I have two questions for Mr. Wright: Sorry, I’m a little long winded.
I imagine it is quite challenging as a science fiction writer to reinvent the wheel, especially when it comes to the more innovative aspects of the genre.
Also, it seems that more writers, and more recent writers are moving away from terse social criticism to rather banal story lines. Science Fiction has almost become a quick overlay to simplified plots.
Although I find the show quite entertaining, and am invested in the characters, I’m not oblivious to the criticism. So when I read reviews such as Maureen Ryan’s analysis, a reporter with the Chicago Tribune, who is equally a hard core science fiction fan and enjoys the show, but criticised it for the very reasons I mentioned above, I want to know how you approach this type of critique?
She says:
“Please don’t recycle the same tired plots over and over again….Sure, it’s hard to avoid the sci-fi standbys (body switching, parallel universe, alien virus, crew member kidnapped by aliens, etc.), but increasingly those go-to stories on the show were executed in a uninspired fashion.” Maureen Ryan “The Watcher” Chicago Tribune”

BW: I actually like Maureen. She’s given us quite a bit of ink.

Barbara writes: “I was watching SG-1 tonight “the shroud” and later i watched SGA “Volcano” and i was laughing my butt off!!!!! Will SGU have that same humor that we all have come to love ??? I know not everyone is happy about losing SGA for SGU. I cant help be remember how some were not happy that we were getting SGA (me for one) but you won me over and im looking forward to SGU just to give it a try.”

BW: There will be humor in SGU. Rob and I can’t actually help ourselves.

Heartsmeneko writes: “Question for Brad (the almighty one):
Thanks for giving us two brilliant shows over the years mate (thankyou to you Joe btw) ^^
1. Why are you so awesome?”

BW: Is that you, Martin Gero?

Lt.Col.ErrandBoy writes: “I’m sure many Stargate fans are hoping to get some kind of reassurance that Universe will NOT be “90210 in Space”…can you tell us why you think that the audience demographic needs to be ‘lowered’, when the majority of sci-fi fans are in fact in the upper percentile of intelligence, including the younger ones who are already fans? By limiting the cast to under-25s (and believe me, reading those quicky synopses of their characters, they sound like a right bunch of snotnosed twats) do you really think that they will have the depth and experience, let alone the security clearances, to participate in the Stargate program?”

BW: You really think we haven’t thought of that?

Inpa writes: “- A few questions for Brad Wright, concerning Universe there are a lot of reports that have been released which seem to give different impressions on what the show is going to be like, in terms of characters. A Sci-Fi press release seemed to indicate that the characters and character drama would be like BSG, while the light hearted/humour aspects you’ve said you want to keep in the show as well as the younger characters point me a bit more towards Farscape. If you had to pick a show, any show that the direction and development concerning the cast could compare to what would it be?“

BW: Stargate Universe.

Enzo Aquarius writes: “A totally out-of-the-blue question, has there been thoughts of including SG-1 characters in the pilot for Continuum? Such as how Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks were in Atlantis’ pilot?”

BW: Mmmmaybe.

Shepaholic writes: “Are we simply getting one SGA movie because actors such as Joe Flanigan were actually signed onto MGM for six years – hence you have broken the contract?”

BW: Ah, no.

Penjab writes: “Question for Mr. Wright: Will your new version Children of the Gods be available on regular DVD or will it only be Blu-Ray? All of the comments I have read have mentioned Blu-Ray. Since so many don’t yet own one of those players, myself included, I am hoping it will be released for the regular DVD player also.”

BW: I think the release is intended for both formats.

Paul William Tenny writes: “In Beachhead, objects forming the Ori supergate come out of a normal sized stargate making them roughly the size of Puddle Jumpers. A few shots later you see they are perhaps 1.5 times as long as Vala’s cargo ship and definitely wider meaning they’d have never fit through the gate unless those elements were actually made up of even smaller parts, but that was never shown and isn’t consistent visually with what came later.”

BW: Actually, the scale works in Beach Head. The pieces just telescoped a bit larger after they emerged from the gate.

Digitalred93 writes:”If the third SG-1 movie will be Jack-centric, will you be looking backwards or forwards for a character storyline? Any chance you’ll delve more into his ‘Ancient’ genetics?”

BW: Forwards. The end.

243 thoughts on “January 2, 2009: Brad Wright Answers Your Questions

  1. Brad is a trooper. I didn’t get a chance to ask him any questions, but I enjoyed reading his responses. As busy as he is these days, it was very nice of him to take the time and to do so. Looking forward to SGU.

  2. As I sit here and watch the SGA marathon on scifi while reading this, I am very disappointed by the SGA answers Mr. Wright has given. Perhaps Mr. Wright is not aware of the condesending answers he is giving to us “small portion” of fans. Hopefully our “small portion” can send a message by not watching SGU, perhaps not, but we can try.

    I did not read the SGU answers as I am not watching nor interested in it, I am sure those answers were more satisfying to the “Franchise” Fans.

    I can’t say I am surprised by any of this.

  3. @BRAD: Wow! That’s one heck of a Q&A! Thanks Brad for answering my question. I really want to be an actor as well, actually Kate Hewlett is helpng my prep for an audition next week.

    Good luck with SGU!

  4. YAY!!!! Thanks for doing all that Q&A, Mr. Wright!!!
    And thanks to Joe for inviting him 🙂

  5. Thanks to Mr. Wright for taking the time to answer so many questions. I especially appreciate his answers to AnneTeldy’s question, where he laid out what would have been his preference in the development of the shows/movies. While I am still mourning the cancellation of Atlantis, some of his answers made it pretty clear that the ratings just aren’t what would have convinced Sci Fi or MGM that it would have been better off going with it instead of Universe. I’ll be looking forward to the movies at least, though I’ll always believe the show was cancelled before it reached its creative apex. And whatever else happens with Universe, I know the show won’t fail for any lack of creative stories, or because there’s a fixation with “appealing to the younger audience”.
    Thanks Mr. M. for bringing about this opportunity to question Mr. Wright.

  6. At the end of Claudia Black’s interview for The SciFi World several months after filming “Continuum” she said: “I think Vala is definitely a character that’s worth pursuing in the future. ” Now my question to you, Rob Cooper and for everybody in MGM is: what are your plans for Vala’s character, ’cause I hope you realize that getting rid of her is going to cost you losing some part of viewers. I for one am not interested at all in the third movie now when BW has confirmed my worst suspicions that Claudia Black won’t be in it. And I agree with Norma entirely, BW wrote Vala just terribly in “Continuum”, even the fanfiction writers would be able to do much better job with the character…

  7. WOW COOL my question made it into the Q & A!!! Thanks Brad for answering it. AND AWESOME ANSWER!!!

    I totally agree with everything you said.

    And CAN’T WAIT to watch Universe. And will watch every episode that’s for sure!!!


  8. A very big thankyou, not only was that a great read, but also made me look very forward to the new SG1 movie and SGU.

    I have but one question of a completely unrelated note if you don’t mind. For yourself Mr Mallozi, or indeed, Mr Wright.

    Will we ever see the poor Major Davis receive a well deserved promotion to Lt Colonel after having spent about 12 years in one rank, seeing Carter, Reynolds and Sheppard promoted above him?

  9. @ [b] Linda Gagne [/b] : Don’t you think you being a bit childish? I mean, he’s a showrunner/producer/show-creator, etc. We should be happy that at least he took the time to answer any of our questions. Also, I’m sure that by YOU not watching SGU, it won’t make a great difference. If you do some looking on GW and other fan sites, more and more people are getting excited for SGU. It’s just people like you who are “Feeding the Fire” who are turning people off of the show. Let’s see, we’ve seen a couple of character bios, two or three little descriptions of the show and……..oh, the title of the first episode. Wow, I applaude you for being able to decipher and judge an entire show before it’s begun filming!

    @ Joe Mallozzi: Excuse my rant above, but I have a small question: I watched a season 8 episode of SG1 last night, “Covenant”. I was wondering, and maybe I missed something here, but Colson had a picture of the Stargate on the wall in his office (you can see it when he’s showing Carter and Jackson the pics from the satellite). So I thought, “Okay, maybe he already knows of the stargate.” However, later on, he seems a bit shocked when he sees the actual gate for the first time. Am I missing something?

    Thanks Joe.

  10. Vala’s not in the third movie? Wow. Unless it’s a flashback and set sometime pre-season 9 (doubtful, considering the last answer), or Claudia Black has other obligations that will keep her from making it, that is Not Cool.

  11. Thanks for the great Q&A Brad.

    I’m delighted by the news that Robert Carlyle has signed up for SGU . His casting had me rolling my eyes at myself that I was listening to the rumour and speculation about SGU and the younger edgier look; I promise not to lose faith again :p I’ve greatly enjoyed reading your teasers and am looking forward to watching. 🙂

    The project I’m most looking forward to though, is the Jack-centric third SG-1 movie. Oh how I’ve I missed Jack O’Neill!!

  12. I rarely comment and wouldn’t have thought of an intelligent question for Mr. Wright—BUT glory, there are a lot of people who see the glass half empty. They have the right to complain but I wanted to apologize for them. Thanks to all of you for MANY years of entertaining us.

  13. My GOD! Are virtually the only questions the man got vitriolic ones about SGA? I’d be defensive and somewhat rude at this point, too; nothing he says will satisfy people who want the show to go on, ’cause it won’t.

    I liked the show, wish it had gone on at least another season. Hope they make many movies full of the team, who I actually grew to like more than the SG-1 team (either iteration). I want to hear more about the SGA movie because one thing I’ve heard from the SGA cast in con transcripts is that they haven’t been contacted about a movie yet. I’d have been interested in hearing about timing, etc. (I think I did ask Brad that question, but it may have gotten lost in all the anger). I find it odd that so many people, who are furious about SGA’s cancellation, aren’t more interested in the movie.

    Anyway, my two cents. Brad, let me know what the SG-1 movie’s about, and I’ll send you some title ideas. How about, “Stargate: Jack’s Back!”?


  14. Hi Joe,

    Want to add my thanks to Mr Wright for answering our questions.

    He didn’t answer my question about Daniel in the third movie, I am sad to hear there will be no about Vala, but now I’m very concerned about Daniel? Is there anymore news about the other casts participation?

    Many thanks

  15. An 8 handicap now…nice! We must play golf again someday so I can marvel for myself.

    And you’re a trooper indeed for offering up such a sparkling array of condensing comments and answers – good luck with Universe.

  16. OMG… Thank you Mr. Wright for answering our questions! You truly rock! I loved your comments and laughed out loud at some of your tongue in cheek answers… “It’s a knife fight”… just hilarious! While I fall into the fan category of being sadden about SGA’s cancellation, I am now happy to say that I am looking forward to seeing SGU.

    Thanks to Mr. Mallozzi for being such a fantastic sport and putting up with our unending questions and opinions! Here’s to a great new year all around! It has to be better overall than 2008… right?


    Patricia Lee

  17. Sweet 😀 thanks for the tidbits on the third movie 😀 Just wanted to thank you for over 12 years of stargate 😀 I simply LOVE the shows and the movies 😀 and I’m definetly looking foward to futur movies/shows 😀

  18. Thanks to Brad for answering so many questions.
    I am delighted to hear that the the next SG-1 movie will feature more of Jack/RDA. I hope with more Jack it will give us Sam & Jack together finally 🙂

    And I am looking forward to the planned SGA movie. Thanks again.

  19. I have been offline for a bit, helping take care of mom who had heart surgery,(no computer access)(sad eyes) I see I have missed a great deal here. I will try to play catch-up. Great job with the Q&A Mr Wright, thanks for asking him Joe. Looking forward to reading about 4 months worth of weird food entries, thanks for the blog Mr M. 😀

  20. Mr. Wright…thank you for taking on the amount of questions that you did…you included a large amount of interesting information.

    It would appear though, that with a masters degree in Science Education and not Public Relations, I have a much different concept of what constitutes an answer. After only a few minutes of reading, it was easy to spot the questions that would not be given, what I feel, a real answer.

    I have to agree with Linda Gagne…If Mr. Wright truthfully can not see where his answers APPEAR condescending, even if he did not mean them that way, then I would respectfully suggest that he have a few people outside his typical Stargate circle give him some feedback.

    The concept that Stargate needs all the viewers it can get to be successful would indicate to me that even the “small portion” of fans that are feeling (reasonably or not) hurt by the SGA cancelation should be courted. It would appear that the franchise can not afford to lose any fans. All that a number of questions asked for was an acknowledgment of the fan reaction – not an apology – just a short sentence that let them know that – yeah, he understood.

    As for the small portion of fans idea. Might be true…might not:
    I for one, have only commented on this singular blog once or twice, maybe? Never on Gateworld or any other fan site. So until today, my reaction has not been counted in the “small portion”…
    My two kids have not been counted…
    My husband who has paid for 10 seasons of SG1, 4 of SGA and two movies has not been counted…
    Our friends who don’t bother with blogs and forums have not been counted…
    My sisters new boyfriend that we met last weekend, who watches SGA but had not realized it was canceled has not been counted….
    And finally, the two families that we just introduced to the wonders of Stargate in the past 3 months, have not been counted….
    This list is just what comes immediately to mind…

    How many of the “small portion” of fans could make a similar list of folks they know who are not giving feedback but feel the same way?

    Thanks to anyone who has read all of this…maybe I just need another brownie…

  21. I’d like to thank Brad for the Q&A he so kindly devoted his time to and to apologise on behalf of my rather less educated and somewhat more irate fellow fans for their boorish and ill-mannered comments. I’m looking forward to SGU even more now.

    Now Joe, tell us about your day….

  22. Thanks for answering all those questions!

    Just watched the last two eppisodes of SGA, and i’m realy sad that it’s over 🙁

    But i’m looking forward to SGU!!


  23. I love you Mr Brad Wright! Spring filming! Jack-centric! Romantic scene for Sam/Jack! No Vala! You are amazing! 😀


  24. Thank you, Mr. Wright, for answering my questions…though I see you avoided the one about not harming a single white hair on Todd’s pretty little head…


    Pretty busy today, gotta run…but TRISH…I had to wear my spider bracelet today to try to de-heebie jeebie myself! It actually helped. Next time I engage in a ‘can you top THIS spider?’ battle, I’m doing it blindfolded! 😀


  25. Brad is a very patient man. Thanks, good read.

    I’m relieved Vala isn’t in the third movie; I do like Claudia Black, I even like the Vala character in small doses. But enough is enough. There. I said it out loud.

  26. Those episodes you’re naming as shouldn’t have happened – I liked them. Especially space race. It was funny.

  27. To Farscape Fan…..

    For everyone who WILL NOT watch a third movie because Vala isn’t in it, I suspect there is a person who WILL watch because Vala isn’t in it.

    Brad….thanks for all the good years of SG-1 and SGA..really appreciate it. I’ll give SGU a try. Like all other TV shows, if I like it I’ll continue watching and if I don’t, I’ll stop watching.

  28. I’m glad BW answered the questions, it must have taken a lot of time to answer so many.
    But I still think he’s mean and not very nice and is somewhat disregarding our feelings of hurt over the cancellation of SGA.
    Oh well, what’s done is done, doesn’t do much good to cry about it now, I guess.
    On a more positive note, I’m looking forward to Vegas later tonight, as I’ve heard massively good things about it!

  29. I’m looking forward to both the Atlantis movie and SGU, but I am afraid that my hopes have been squashed for the third SG-1 movie. Unless it’s not taking place after Continuum, I can’t see how Brad Wright can call it an SG-1 movie without having the whole team: Cam, Sam, Daniel, Teal’c, and Vala. I’ve been put off by his dismissal of her character’s position on the series before, but this is the last straw. I’d rather she had never be introduced rather than brought in, given great character development and a lasting place in the franchise, and then dropped on the wayside by one writer/director. Claudia Black deserved better; her performance was on par with any of the other regulars’.

  30. Although my question didn’t make it thank your Mr.Wright for answering all our questions. I also agree with you that Emancipation, Ephiphany, Seth, and Hathor shouldn’t have made it to the screen, but there is enough great ones that made up for those.

    Thank you for a wonderful 12 years of Stargate. And I am also one that is sad that SGA is cancelled, but I am also looking forward to SGU. Hey, at least SGA gets to continue in movie form. I mean look at the shows that don’t get cancelled and have nothing to continue with. SGA could have just ended.

    Thanks Brad Wright, for fighting for Amanda Tapping. She is my favorite actress in the Stargate Franchise. Also thank you for no Vala in the third movie.

    Stupid question, who in the world is Robert Carlyle? Can someone tell me where he is from? I’ve probably have seen him before, but don’t know the name.


  31. Thank you to Brad and Joe for the Q&A. I’m very much looking forward to Stargate’s next few years, particularly the next SG-1 movie. All good answers, as far as I’m concerned. And while others seem to take exception to the sometimes curt tone of the answers, I for one appreciate the frankness and candor. Jack and RDA are really back? Fantastic. Martin Wood to direct again? Brilliant. Vala won’t be in the next movie? Even better. Universe to involve (hopefully) deeper, more meaningful storytelling? Best news possible.

    I can’t wait to hear more about everything you guys are currently working on. Here’s hoping to Stargate’s future being more like its past, whatever form that future may take.

  32. Dear Mr. Mallozzi:

    Did you put a towel at the base to soak up the meltings, and did you work in a sweeping motion or focus more on zone action?

    Mr. Wright, I hope you continue to do that voodoo that you do so well for many years.

  33. Hey, I don’t just come here for the puppy pics! 🙂 That was a very long Q&A but I read every word..please give Brad our THANKS! and THANK YOU Joe!

    I can’t wait for Enemy at the Gate!!..well I can wait but you know what I mean. I truly hope you weren’t teasing me before about not being a tease…and I get what I want in this last epi!!!

  34. Um … Vala is hardly in Continuum, except as host to Qetesh. Brad wrote Qetesh as Qetesh. Why would anyone expect Qetesh to act like Vala? That’s not typical Goa’uld procedure.

  35. While I am a firm believer that shows of a sci-fi nature usually require 6 seasons to actually flesh out and complete (unless you are an enigma like BSG) and am disappointed at what I considered slightly too-soon cancellation, some of these question askers really need to get a grip, and also for those of you who seemed to have taken offense. You have to understand the man before you really can make presumptions about the answers. Frankly I thought the answers were quite funny and astute.

    It’s important to note, He takes his job very seriously. His job. You need to love the show, but not take things so seriously. Otherwise you end up missing out on so much.


  36. Joe,

    Please say thank you to Brad Wright for answering all those questions. Although I too am quite sad to think that SGA has just two shows left in its series life, I can’t help but feel anticipation for SGU after Brad’s answers. That man is a class act.

  37. That’s rather depressing, that Vala won’t be in the third film. 🙁 If there is a fourth, is there a chance we will see her then, or is she out of the picture for good? 🙁 While I love Daniel as much as her, it was Vala who really captured my attention and got me watching SG-1 in the first place …. Shall my little D/V shippy heart start mourning? 🙁

    BW said …

    My preference would have been another season of Atlantis, alongside two new movies, then Universe.

    I have to say, I’m thrilled to hear that now, but that’s not how things sounded at the time of the cancellation — if Brad did say that back then, I never saw it. All I saw was talk about it being a mutual decision between all parties, that he said he didn’t want to do two shows at once, and that he’d felt Atlantis had had a good run and it was better to end it on a high note. There was no indication, at least that I saw or heard about, that he actually would have liked to have continued with it another season — quite the contrary. It sounded like he was done with it, period, even if everyone else thought it still had life in it. That one little line, that he wanted to do another season of Atlantis first & then do Univerese later, would, I imagine, have mollified a lot of fans, myself included. Instead, everything I read and heard sounded like he wanted to get his new baby going and was willing to sacrifice Atlantis to do it, despite what we were being told were great ratings, and that was the primary thing that had pissed me off.

    How is it a mutual decision to end it, though, if he really did wanted Atlantis to continue one more year and wait with Universe? If it was a matter of MGM would not continue with it no matter what Wright wanted, why not just say so? 🙁 And if it wasn’t, why did Wright change his mind?

    I’m confused about the ratings thing, too. All I kept hearing back when the show was cancelled was how *great* the ratings were, the best in three years! Everything was sounding like “Yeah, it’s going fantastic, so let’s axe it now before it can go bad!”, not “It’s going sour right now, so it probably won’t last another year, so we gotta jump while the getting’s good.” Why was it an impossibility that the sixth season would do as well or better than the fifth, especially when the fifth did better than the fourth? And why wasn’t the show axed when ratings were *worse*? Did the show have better numbers in younger demographics back then, depsite the lower numbers? If it’s all about the older demongraohics not bringing in enough revenue despite the ratings, is Sci Fi going to get *rid* of a lot of their current advertisers, then? Do advertisers for video games spend more than those advertising Cialis and hybrid cars, things no teen would be buying but the ads for which I see a lot of on SGA currently? Explaining things more thoroughly from the get-go rather than being vague and giving platitudes, would, I think, have helped fan morale immensely — like that aforementioned line is doing for me *now*.

    Maybe you guys just need a better PR person to do your talking for you. XD Cause the hyper-ethusiasm just rings falsey and patronisingly to me, like a used car salesman is trying to sell something (and maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think that I’m the only one who felt that way).

    The other reason for the cancellation, if I recall, was that a sci fi show is expensive to make. I still don’t understand how a show gets more expensive to make as years go on when you have to make a lot of props, costumes, ect, in the beginning, but one can re-use stuff down the line? I would have thought it was crew’s salarie’s increasing that would be the problem, but if you’re still keeping a lot of the crew (sans the actors) for the new show …. Was it the actors salary increases that were the problem? (cause I imagine at least a few of them would have taken a paycut, a la Johnny Depp in Pirates 3, in order to keep going). Is award-winning Carlyse not enourmously expensive? Will SGU have less special effects than SGA? Why not just use less effects on SGA? I’m not trying to be difficult, I just am trying to understand …

    Well, at any rate, since Brad has said now that his ideal would indeed have been to continue with Atlantis another season and wait with SGU — which was what I had been asking all along, why he *didn’t* he do that, and I’m still wishing we’d get an answer — I’m going to take him at his word (read: pray he isn’t playing politician and simply telling me what I want to hear) and assume that that option wasn’t even on the table. Since my oath not to watch SGU was made because it had strongly appeared to me that he had, in fact, dumped SGA for SGU regardless of fans feelings and the seemingly-great ratings (as his own words at the time had seemed, to myself and many others, to indicate), and such does not now actually seem to be the case, I feel okay about reneging on that oath now and giving SGU a shot after all. 🙂

    Well, not that you probably actually still *want* me as a fan at this point, after my vocal dislike of McKeller. XD But for myself, I’m relieved to be free to watch Robert Carlysle now. 😀

    And “The Shrine” is still tried for first place for my all-time fave ep of SGA, and the “Sheppard’s Quarters/Beer on the Pier” scene is still my fave scene of the entire franchise. Thank you for that, Brad, and my apologies for my previous hostility.

  38. I guess my first post didn’t “pass the muster” on moderation so I will try to be more diplomatic.

    I found Mr. Wright’s answers to the Q&A arrogant and condescending. He has no concern for the fans of SGA who are sad/angry to see it go. While I realize that those who post on this blog and GW are only a small minority, as Donna said, we represent the larger fan base. I am the only person in my family who posts online, but there are several dozen SG1 and SGA fans in my family/friends. Many of them are equally as angry at SGA cancellation and are not planning to watch SGU. Turning us off of SGU before it even airs does not seem to be a good idea in the business sense. The more I read from Mr. Wright, the less likely I am to even give SGU a fair try.

    Sorry Barbaro, I found Mr. Wright’s attitude and his “answers” to be classless.

    Sorry Joe for my first post. I used to have a shirt that read “Warning: Italian temper with Irish attitude.” That temper and attitude came out after reading the Q&A.

  39. great Q+A answered loads of the confusion thats out there looking foward to the new SG 1 movie
    Thanks lads

  40. Frankly I was surprised by this Q&A. I was expecting a lot of political type answers that didn’t really answer the questions. Whilst I’m not entirely happy with the way Brad answered the questions he did give some good answers and put to rest some of the more silly assumptions being made.

    However for all those people who enjoyed the ‘funny’ answers, please try to remember that for every one of those answers, there is somebody out there who is likely feeling disappointed because their question and no doubt valid viewpoints were not taken seriously

  41. BW:I don’t remember saying that 40ish people spend the money for sg-1 and sga products.

    Reading comprehension problems much? *g*

  42. Not to be greedy, Joe, but do you think there’s any chance Rob Cooper would entertain a q&a on “Vegas”? There are lots of interesting production aspects to ask about for this “very special” Stargate Atlantis. 🙂

  43. Brad,
    thanks for answering questions – it was much appreciated, and you’ve done a whole lot to ease my mind over the new Stargate show. I’m still ambivalent about watching it, but after your comments, I think I’ll give it a sporting chance.


    Just finished Enemy At The Gate, and it’s a good episode. Good use of cameo appearances, a nicely twisty episode, just a little crammed. Would have been awesome with more time for character scenes, twists upon twists, and some character codas.

    [Sorry. Edited this one for potential spoilers since the episode has yet to air]

    I’m still hoping that you’ll be awesome in the movie by having Teyla be awesome in the movie, and maybe slip in some Sheppard/Teyla, too! One can always hope.

    Again, even in my disappointment with some of the choices made this season, I’m grateful for the fun I’ve had with Stargate – both SG1 and Atlantis.


  44. Joe, after the conversations that took place in the commentary on “Unending” regarding the difficulty and cost of using “Have You Ever Seen the Rain”, I was surprised at the amount of music in tonight’s “Vegas.” Was aquiring so many pieces of music even more of a struggle?

  45. Review of Vegas:
    YAY!!!! Squee!!!!!Yippee!!!Yahoo!!! What I have been waiting for all year – a Shepisode! An incredible, awesome New Year’s present from the Stargate franchise.
    This was an absolutely beautiful, amazing, brilliant, heartbreaking episode. The acting was terrific, the mood and the music were inspired. I LOVED Sheppard, McKay, Woolsey and the Wraith here, and I even liked Dr. Keller (which, I suspect, is because she was just playing a straight-out doctor, no overt romance nonsense to be seen). John is such a tragic figure, I cried at the end and was melancholy for days afterwards (yup, was evil and watched it last week), it affected me that much. McKay and Woolsey were so good as the no-nonsense government officials and Zelenka was wonderful too. I was shocked that I didn’t even mind (too much) that the entire team wasn’t present, it was just that good. I was mesmerized from start to finish. I really have no words to express how much I liked this one. Good one, guys. Good one!
    If you were going to spin anything off to make a new series, this REALLY should be it – you guys would be crazy not to at least give it a shot.

  46. Just wanted to stop by and say I just finished watching “Vegas” – WOW – what an amazing episode!!! I loved it from start to finish.

    PS – 5 years was a great run for SGA and I look forward to SGU. 🙂

  47. Dear Joe,

    “Vegas” just ended. I thought this was an incredible episode. Visually, I can see the tip of the cap to CSI, but the thing that struck me the most was the somber tone of the episode. It was a hauntingly good story. Every break, was timed wonderfully. The interaction between McKay and Sheppard was very powerful.

    I love the way the episode ended. Sometimes not having everything tied up neatly is more satisfying. A great story, well filmed and well acted. One of my favorite Stargate Episodes be it SGA or SG1.

  48. Heya Joe, thank you for continuing to keep us updated on things, even during the Holidays. I’ve been enjoying your posts but not commenting for some time, but I had to de-lurk to comment on Vegas.

    This is spoiler space for those who haven’t seen the episode yet.

    Wow, I really enjoyed this episode (as in it’s in my top 5)! I like the concept of one universe bleeding over into the other and the way you guys made it work here. I see that Sheppard is even more bitter and self destructive in this universe than the main one, what with the gambling addiction and all. I really am going to be sorry to see this series end, especially when there are obviously so many more stories to tell and so much background of the various characters left uncovered. Hopefully you will be able to do some of that in the movies. Yes, I’m staying hopeful that there will be multiple SGA movies.

    I do have three questions for you regarding Vegas that I hope you’ll answer.

    1) Who chose Johnny Cash’s song “Solitary Man” for the last scene? That was absolute perfection, not only considering the circumstances, but also John Sheppard in general.

    2) Did you guys use stock footage of the A10 Warthogs, or did the Air Force give you a fly by? I’ve had a soft spot for those planes since Desert Storm and loved them taking out the Wraith! Wooohooo!

    3) A nickel plated, pearl handled .45?! *laughs out loud* Yep, that’s also the perfect choice to epitomize John Sheppard! Whose idea was that specific weapon?

    Lastly, now that you’ll have more time to devote to other projects and pilots, I hope you decide to write a cop show with a twist. Vegas was great and I’d love to see something along a similar line, even with entirely different characters.

    End spoiler space.

    Also, I want to thank you for continuing to put up with our kvetching about the demise of our show. Ain’t a damn thing we can do about it but vent and kvetch and it’s very generous of you to allow us to do so on your blog.

    Brightest Blessings to you and Fondy and the furballs. I hope the New Year brings you all that you could hope for.

  49. Yeah, kinda skipping over most of the Q&A for now, no offense, except to say that with DVR, iTunes, and the internet in general, the Nielsens no longer reflect reality in terms of how many people are really watching a show. The sooner we get rid of that antiquated system, the better. And shows like Atlantis will live longer lives.

    On to the fun stuff: VEGAS, holy $#!*

    Another episode that showed the flexibility of Atlantis, in terms of storytelling, acting, and ideas. Kinda knew what was coming in the end, but it was still really satisfying nonetheless. Really well done, kudos to Joe F. in particular!

    And the soundtrack rocked, by the way.

  50. As for BW’s Q&A…. *cough, cough* Well, I had to set up large industrial strength fans to try and dissipate all of the smoke that man blew. Yeesh.

  51. Thanks for the the Q&A! I have to hand it to Brad, he did a great job with some very whiny questions. We should be happy that we’re getting at least two more Stargate movies, and a new series. How many tv shows get to season five, let alone 100 episodes? Not many! If I were Brad (and Joe and the rest of the staff at Stargate) I would be tired too of being accused of not doing enough to save Atlantis. They have shown a lot of restraint and patience in answering some of these ridiculous questions.

  52. no wonder why it took him so long to post it, that is the longest Q&A ever. Props to Brad for taking the time, but I am surprised nobody asked him WHEN we could see a release of the new Children Of The Gods!!! Maybe Joe could do us a little favour when he gets back to town 🙂

  53. Vegas baby!!!

    Really cool show. At first I was like… whoa what a time to do a random concept type show. But then I realized it was an -l—n-e ——-e. Or “THE” a—n—e -n-v—- as soon as McKay came on screen in the more c–f—n- version.

    I particularly liked how this ties in with the final episode. Which I suspect will ultimately be resolved in the movie?

  54. Brad, I got a suggestion for a movie/script title.

    “Legacy of the …….” or “The …… legacy.” fill in the dotted line appropriately,
    if you want a specific, why not “Legacy of The Gate” although that has a implicit meaning to it and may not be suitable. *laughs*

  55. Thank you for the Herculean effort, Mr. Wright.

    Joe, was the “David Moore” nameplate in “Vegas” referring to the “Battlestar” producing team?

    As for “Vegas” as a whole, HOT. DAMN.

  56. silver_galaxy,

    All questions were taken pretty seriously. Your missing the point because of the “us vs. them” mentality and is what is making you think otherwise here. In reality, these individuals, and perhaps yourself, may need to not take things so seriously as well. You really are missing out on a lot of stuff. The writers and producers of the stargate franchise enjoy themselves because they remember what really matters.

    I don’t know how many others got the humor behind some of the answers to the questions he gave. I also am willing to be I am not alone in logically assuming he picked those questions for a reason. I do believe there were probably a lot more to choose from.

    Brad Wright, no matter what some of you seem to want to incriminate him as, has done a great job. He also has done a great job in knowing his place and when it is time to move on based on where the business need went.

    I would have liked to have had one more season, with the knowledge that it would be the last. Bring some closure, and maybe some more fun episodes out. Maybe it would have even been better for the franchise to do that and really build up some major buzz for the dvd movie from a devastating cliff hanger that could be done over the full season rather than crammed in one series finale, and perhaps even increase sales more. But the network and the production company, MGM, decided not to, or didn’t think that, that might be worth trying.

    Folks, at least there still is much more startgate to come.

    I am also not sold on the idea of trying to “target young audiences” However, I am of the age of the people who will be cast. I am 29 years old. I have been watching stargate since I was 16. Never missed an episode. Never will.

  57. Amazing VEGAS!
    Wonderful, Spectacular, Impressive, Superb, Excellent, Superlative, Imaginative, Tragic, Heart wrenching, Beautiful, Moody, Angsty, Hawt, Out-of-the-Box, Incredible….
    OK, what else?
    I liked it!!
    Can’t you make this a new series?
    It was kind of like X-files meets CSI meets Stargate meets me in my heart.

  58. NO VALA!! That sucks! Is this because they couldn’t get Claudia Black,is she done with SG or will she continue in more movies (hopefully)!! Please tell me that Vala will be wrapped up, not just thrown away!!

  59. So how well did the hairdryer work at melting the ice?

    Are the dogs and Lawren free of the snow yet?

    Wait, I’m sure there was something else….Oh, and I enjoyed “Vegas.” Totally cool. Joe Flanigan did a great job and Robert Cooper too. What a bizarre series that would have made (with Sheppard alive), five years of that universe rather than the one we saw (though I’ve enjoyed it for five great years).

  60. I mean no disrespect to my fellow SGA fans (and this doesn’t apply to the majority of posters here), but surely the hate towards TBTB is just a little too much?

    I am unhappy with both the decisions and Brad’s answers, yes, but I don’t think being nasty is the way to go about getting your point across. His answers are a tad condescending – intentional or no – but if we are rude towards him and others, nobody is likely to take what we say seriously. And isn’t that what we want? For people to know that some of us think they (whoever they may be) made the wrong call?

    I wish the show hadn’t been cancelled; I, personally, have no desire to watch SGU as I find the concept to be dull, predictable and a little too juvenile for my liking (character age-wise)… however, that doesn’t mean others out there don’t want to give it a chance, or cuss it into the gutter.

    For every one person out there who hates everything Stargate, there’s another who just loves SG1, or SGA, or won’t even love it until the Luke Perry of space makes an appearance. And that’s cool – not for us SGA fans or even SG1 fans, sure, but that’s life, right?

    I see the abuse Joe gets from people who loved him a few months previously and I think, “that’s not fair.” He didn’t have the final say, nor did any of the writers and – let’s think about this – would you stay working on a show this long and be disappointed in its cancellation if you didn’t love it? We lost a show, sure, but they’ve lost jobs and, in a non-morbid way, friends.

    Whether or not they actually wanted to carry on with SGA remains to be seen, and the decisions to cancel one and announce another were ill-advised and poorly done – but that’s how it goes sometimes. It sucks, majorly, but that’s what happens when people think business – which, really, is what all TV is.

    My only desire is to see a great SGA movie (here’s lookin’ at you, Joe!) that means we’ll get several more.

  61. Wow, it took me awhile to read all the questions and responses and my first impression is: you and Brad Wright have much thicker skins than I do.

    I searched the Internet for an image that came to my mind while reading the questions:

    Buzz Saw!

    I hope the love you are shown by fans is a much greater percentage than the vitriol the haters show. Geez, Louise.

    Thank you for your blog, and thank you for the time you share with your fans.

  62. Re “Vegas” – I’ll start with the downs so I can leave up on the ups. 🙂

    The downs: It was rather slow, especially the first half-hour, and for being the CSI ep, there wasn’t much detective work or forensics going on. The dialogue was a bit forced and unnatural, feeling like film noir — which I imagine was the point, but it was a bit wince-worthy. I wasn’t pleased that Ronon and Teyla weren’t there. I get that the idea is that they could only have ever joined Atlantis if Sheppard was there, but it was still a major bummer. And I didn’t like that it took so long to see Rodney — I know others would have hated it, but for myself, I would have loved to see the AU Rodney and John actually work together,rather than just have Rodney be Exposition!Man, seeing as I’m a huge fan of the John & Rodney show. 😀

    Middling points: I’m not fond of character death, but since this is AU, it’s easier to take, and I can appreciate the appropriateness of it. Part of me enjoyed the “movieness” of the filming/editing, with the slow-mo and special shots, but part of me was rolling my eyes at it, probably because I’m not into the indy/Grindhouse scene so much. (Well, I never said I wasn’t schizo.) I was bummed that we lost an ep of “our” guys to this story, but at the same time, SG is one of the only fandom I have frequently enjoyed AU fanfic stories in, so I enjoyed it now from that standpoint. So, in a nutshell, I was bummed that it was different yet *enjoyed* that it was different at the same time. XD

    What I loved:

    ~ Neil Jackson. I’m glad you found another use for him, and I loved his “makeup” scene and his walk through Vegas and his escape! *glee*

    ~ Crazy!Todd! Interesting twist on the character and I like that he and John still seemed to have a connection. Poor guy. (I do wish that Rodney had been more pitying, but if I blame his lack of compassion on a lack of John in his life, I feel better about it. ;)) Really, I’ll take any excuse to see Todd ….

    ~ the music — Brilliant choices all around, even Cash (despite my not actually liking Cash normally). I especially loved the metal playing in the make-up scene! Who was that, Goldsmith?

    ~ Serious!Rodney! While he was more aloof in this scene than I would have liked (quite understandably, without John having been aroud to loosen him up), and I do still like Rodney when he’s being funny, I most love scenes where he *isn’t* the comic relief (particulalry by being the brunt of a joke), rare as such moments are. And damn, if he wasn’t a bit *scary*!! I realise that he had files to read up on John, but I loved how well he knew the man, right down to the stick of gum. I loved that he believed so deeply in this John. Be still my McSheppy heart! 😀 Even AU McShep still has *awesome* chemistry.

    Oh, and I actually thought the sly little look Rodney and Keller shot each other was cute (I know, *shock*) — I feel they have better chemistry here. Still would rather see this Rodney with that John, though. ;P

  63. In response to BW’s Q&A:

    I’ve seen too few episodes of SG1 to comment on those episodes, but Epiphany is the episode I’ve rewatched most often of all SGA episodes, so I’m glad you can’t go back and unmake it.

    As for SGA, in general, those involved in the production (writers, producers) had clearly lost interest, and there’s no point continuing a show when the writers and producers don’t want to be doing it. It just leads to really bad episodes. As a fan, I’m over the cancellation and already looking forward to next Joe Flanigan’s next project.

  64. Heh, methinks Brad’s a very patient person. Or a masochist. Nothing else explains how he kept his cool through all of that mess. I have to say the funniest part was someone thinking that any studio would sign an actor for a six-year contract while hiring them to the first season of a show. Nothing says longevity like spin off, after all— I’m just happy to still be here after all this time. It’s also funny, that people are up in arms about a spinoff, over the cancellation of a spinoff. Much beloved, of course, but all the same. 🙂

  65. Vegas spoilers…

    Wow. Emotional rollercoaster ride going on here. The ep was excellent…well, except a couple things that I’m not in the mood to get into now because I’m worried about EatG and the Atlantis movie and Todd’s future and stuff that happened in Sanctuary – I SWEAR after next week, I am NOT getting into another tv show ever again. Ever. Unless I’m writing the damn thing. 😛

    Joe – like I said, we’re gonna have to talk…about, ya know…this: Nippleless Wraith. 😯 If I am mistaken, then correct me…but… I’m pretty sure that’s what I saw (plus Laura Dove got a couple good screen caps 😀 ), and I gotta say – good move. And here, I was worried about ’em having six! 😆 I like the concept because it makes them a little less humanoid, an little more insectoid – which they should have been all along. This was one of the best designed Wraith characters – one of the best written – in the show. Loved the protruding spine, the array of tattoos, the whole look of this Wraith, but what was best of all was that he was WRAITH…silent, strong, smart, deadly.

    But in the end, all he wanted was to be rescued…which, of course, breaks my heart, and makes me even more sympathetic towards the Wraith as a whole. Funny how that works. You see a serial killer…I see an evolved bug trying to get back to his own kind, feeding out of necessity and nothing more. And – yeah – I hate the ‘heroes’ even more for what they were doing to ‘Todd’ in this one…but I loved Sheppard. Go figger.

    I loved the soundtrack – I loved the editing – if this show had been handled like this back in S1, I think you would be looking at a 6th, and 7th, season, at least. It was smart, it was edgy, and it was moving. A little too late, but I’m glad we got a glimpse of what could have been. However, not sure that I would have been watching. As good as this ep was, I found it very depressing. I WANT to be excited over the cool Wraith reveals, but in the end they all just die…and I can’t get excited over that. Death, death, death…that’s all tv is anymore. Create characters, kill characters…make it like real suckyass life because that’s ‘good tv’. AND…I’m sorry…I said I wasn’t going to get into this…

    I guess my idealistic heart just isn’t cut out for modern entertainment. 😛


  66. Brad Wright is a trooper. Many, many of the questions posed to him were vehement in tone and snarky in disposition, and he deftly deflected them or downright dunked them in turn.

    I was shocked, actually, to see that so much ‘hate mail’ was sent to him via Joe’s blog, especially after these two gentlemen kindly agreed to spend their time and effort collecting, answering, and posting the Q&A.

    Some viewers may disagree with decisions that were made, paths that were taken, and results that occurred, but to rant and be disrespectful and rude to the very people who created this wonderful world of Stargate that we all have enjoyed for many many years is low indeed.

    And so, I say unto some of you: badly done.

    At the time when Joe was collecting questions for Brad, I could not think of one that was appropriately witty, intelligent, sincere, and unique, so I did not post one at all. Now I am feeling I should have thought longer and harder so that Trooper Brad would have had one more appreciative comment and one more thoughtful and relevant question.

    The time for questions has passed, but I can certainly still express the following:

    Thank you, Brad Wright. In a most sincere and unadorned manner, thank you.

  67. I, along with many I’ve spoken to, have been very disappointed with the wrapping up of SGA, especially in the way that “monster of the week” episodes seem to have become the norm far more often than myth-arc canonical stories. I’ve read (on here!) that SGU will be written around a much more “serialized” plot (don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect nor want the Stargate franchise to turn into a space opera a la BSG) and the thought of this really rekindles my interest in the franchise.

    I imagine writing sci-fi television in today’s west must be difficult – it’s expensive, fans are fickle and generally few, etc – however, I’ve never understood why producers time & time again try to bring a show “mainstream” – usually watering it down and destroying it’s real appeal in the process – and then end up canceling said show when the extra money invested in trying to knock it up a notch fails to generate roi. Why not recognize your market, embrace that market, and make television that they will be dedicated to? Any Stargate series will never be CSI:.*? – and, imo, that is simply wonderful. I know, I know – television is about money, first and foremost (and last and utmost and all and only!) – but couldn’t the numbers work out in the end if you pitch a show to a specialized network (like SciFi) with a specific target audience in mind, and then focus your energy on pleasing that target audience?

    Sorry, this post definitely comes across as the ravings of a frustrated fan, but after watching this most recent (absolutely atrocious) episode of SGA tonight, I’m a bit riled up. Thanks in general for all your hard work, Joseph & Brad, and take what I’ve written here for whatever it’s worth. Cheers, and a happy new year!

  68. Shadowstep: Yep, he did misread that pretty badly.

    Let’s hope his “…and Mitchell to an extent” comment months back holds true. A very small extent. (Miniscule to non-existent would be my choice. Sorry, Ben.) At least it looks like he won’t be leading his betters in the movie, not if they have ‘significant’ Jack time (and certain spoilers are not ignored in favor of the LMAH being required to lead).

    I frankly don’t give a rip about the SGA cancellation, beyond feeling sad for the peoplelosing their jobs. I watch (sometimes – and even enjoy parts of it) but the real interest in the franchise left during early to mid-SG-1 S9. For me, SGA never lived up to it’s promise. It sometimes came close, but kept missing., usually in the character development areas. (Eyes the ‘secondary’ credited characters.)

    I would really like to truly enjoy the franchise again, but I think there is just too much damage done to my faith in the product. Sorry.

  69. Vegas…about 15 minutes in, I though it was only going to be an ok episode, a nice homage to CSI. Then it really took off. This is the Shepard episode that everyone has been clamoring for all season. A great character piece: what would John Sheppard be like if he didn’t catch the break that our Sheppard did. What kind of dark place would he be in. I thought Joe F. did an exceptional job in this episode, he was in almost every scene and he had to really play against his character. I liked how Rodney was more assertive and confident then our Rodney is. And it was nice to see Keller, I didn’t think she would be in this episode. I would have been nice to see Ronan and Teyla, but there was no logical way to include them. I thought the camera work was cool at first but it got old real fast. It is nice how all the characters got a huge dramatic episode this season. Unfortunately it just makes me sad that an amazing show like this gets cancelled when all the reality show crap is still on the air. Next week…the end of all time.

  70. Mr. M…

    Freaken A… I just saw Vegas! OMG… it was awesome, amazing, so darn cool! I loved it… I want to see more of this kind of show! Thank you Rob Copper! It was Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Holy Cow!!! Well thanks to Mr. Wright for tackling all those questions! And for the most part, answering the majority while tap dancing around others. Does Brad’s Q&A qualify as a Book of the Month selection? If so, I want credit. Joe, didn’t you tell him he did not have to answer every single question? Didn’t you explain to him how Gero answers only what he feels like, and even you don’t/can’t answer but a fraction of what you are asked? No wonder it took him so long. But thank you Mr. Wright for your valuable time! I would have just handed it over to my writing staff … ha ha. (I can hear Brad kicking himself now.)

    Please tell my favorite half of the Creator team, Mr. Robert C. Cooper, to get his rear end out from behind that producers desk and start writing and directing full time. He is truely fantastic. Vegas (and Sateda) was so well written and directed. Cooper has so much style, and vision, and his episodes have such a great look to them. Loved, loved, loved the look and feel and sound of Vegas. (I think I’ve seen that Wraith here on earth! He looks so familar. And Joe Flanigan is too cool.)

    And Mr. Mallozzi, thank you for your incredible blog. It gives the average viewer a chance to communicate and reach out to people we would normally never have an opportunity to. I am in awe of you!

  72. Thanks, Joe, for inviting Brad Wright to visit and answer questions. I didn’t find it as satisfying as some other Q&A, but I appreciate you making the effort.

  73. Thank you Mr. Wright and I’m ready to set my DVR for Universe. How are yall geting around the fact that the gate address changes everytime the ship moves. Isn’t that why SG-1 couldn’t ring out that time they were on Apophis’s ship?

    Joe, looking forward to the remaining contents of your sister’s pantry. How are the pups?

  74. Regarding Vegas… Wow. I love it. I’ve mentioned before, I love a good AU, and this, my friend, is a good AU. I’m not really up for a detailed analysis right now, but let me just say that there’s nothing I don’t like about this ep. It’s fantastic. Definitely one of my top three of this season. I would like to know one thing, though (just to round out this AU a bit): what happened to the other characters in this universe? Ones like Ford, Weir, and Carson of course, but also Teyla and Ronon. Were they part of the team or not, since Shep was pretty much the one to bring them in. Oh, and was that bookie named Mikey in any way a reference to Michael, or am I just grasping?

    Regarding the Q&A… Looks like a lot of people had some words for Mr. Wright. Well, for my part, if he happens to see this, I’ll just say a few things… Just as I was sad when SG-1 ended, but still loved Atlantis, I’m sad that Atlantis is ending, but greatly look forward to Universe. Especially if there’s a bigger emphasis on character, as the characters are the primary reason I watch/read anything. Also, I’m a bit disappointed to hear Vala won’t be in the third movie, as I do like her, but if it means more Jack and more of the original SG-1, then I’m totally stoked for it. I really enjoyed Ark of Truth and I simply loved Continuum, so I’ve no doubt the following movies will be fantastic. Oh, and I have to agree with whoever it is that pointed out that some of us still miss Jonas. Sure, he was only in one season, but there was just something special about him. I would absolutely love to see him show up again sometime (in a non-dying way, of course).

    And now, after reading all the repeated reminders about Robert Carlyle, I *really* want to know if they’ll let him keep his own accent.

  75. Nice Q & A! Amusing, and informative!

    So, um, ur, today is January the 3rd, also known as Scott’s Birthday. It’s 22 this year. Any chance for a dedication? Eh? Eh? (barring any injured or ill blog-commentors)

  76. BW is truly a brave man. Interesting Q&A. Thanks for getting this done Joe and thanks to Brad for taking the time to answer so many burning questions.

    Also wanted to say that I really loved VEGAS. So different, cool and well made. Great music – love the classic rock/alterna meets Cash mash up so much and it really all worked w/ the story. Those tunes must have cost a pretty penny. Any chance Marilyn Manson is a fan of SGA? Beautifully shot episode and very interesting plot that dovetails right into the final episode. Genius. A final but none the less hearty thanks to all who made VEGAS happen.


  77. Thanks for posting the Q&A. =)

    I have to agree with Wolfenm. This did not add any clarity to the already muddled, who cancelled the show and why question.

    Something that has been nagging me for awhile is the whole “financial” issue. I would have thought it would be more expensive to create new show, requiring new sets. It’s really a moot point now so that’s why I failed to mention it until reading Wolfenm’s post.

    I also am confused as I thought the ratings at the beginning of the year were doing very well. I don’t know, there seems to be a lot of finger pointing from all sides. Oddly enough, I’ve read articles and responses from both MGM and Sci Fi saying that they really wanted another season of Atlantis. Brad said ideally, he wanted another, the actors said they wanted another, so if everyone wanted another season, then why was it cancelled?

    This whole thing is quite confusing.

    Anyway, I’m disappointed to hear that Vala will not be in the 3rd movie. I am still anxiously waiting to see it, but I think it’d be better with Vala.

    Here’s to many Atlantis movies in the future! =)

  78. @Brad Wright.
    The fact that I feel you really did not acknowledge our feelings of hurt that SGA was cancelled, in what looks like a trade out for a younger, fresher model, makes me much less likely to watch SGU. I thought perhaps I might watch the premier just to see what it was going to be like, but the coldhearted manner in which you responded torpedoed that idea.
    I did LOVE The Shrine and the Pier scene is probably my favorite single scene in Stargate, so I know you have some compassion and emotion in you…

  79. Wow. Mr. Wright answered a ton of questions that quite put to rest some reservations I may have had. I don’t blog or comment on the Stargate series, but I was having virtual panic attacks imagining I might be without a Stargate show for a year. (I don’t like spoilers, never go near the sites normally, and so had been completely unaware of how soon I would be getting more Stargate.) My aunt has brought me to this site several times (I enjoy your blogging Mr. Mallozzi!) and I am glad that I finally came here to see what was being said.
    I loved the Stargate movie. Was insanely bouncy over the fact the tv show was created. LOVED SG-1. Had reservations on SGA because I didn’t care much for the Wraith (though that will sadly disappoint my aunt) as I thought the show was aiming at the more trendy “darker” Buffy type audience. OVERCAME said fears and love SGA. Now I am saddened by the loss of another show, but am happy to have something to still be attached to. SGU. I have a general understanding from comments and am content. Like with SGA I will be happy to see it and am pulling for it to succeed. The writers have so far kept to having intelligence, wit, humor, & characters for us all to love. Even some of the shows mentioned that were not as appreciated I enjoyed. I cannot think of either Emancipation or Hathor without smiling because of some character issues created. I hated seeing Jack leave, but understood RDA may want other things. Was happy with the addition of Mitchell & totally connected with the zany Vala. Was horrified to lose Beckett, sad to lose Wier, happy with the return of Sam, was afraid of Woolsey as I hadn’t like him on SG-1 but now like the man. I am happy to have the movies (though they can never replace a show that is a part of your life in a way) and am glad that even though the ratings were not there for things to move forward with SGA, that the franchise wasn’t lost. To my way of thinking, if Scifi hadn’t picked up Stargate, we may never had made it this far. I have faith in the writers to hold true to a certain standard, even if there is a pull here and there to go in a more trendier direction. Just look how SGA turned out after similar initial fears. (well, at least on my part!) The Scifi channel has in general disappointed me with their quality of movies/shows, but Stargate never has.

    and errr…sorry for being so long winded! :o)


  80. Hey Mr. M,
    Please pass on my congratulations to Robert Cooper. The episode Vegas was definitely CSI-esque and in my opinion it was downright fantastic! I loved every aspect of it, the music was well chosen; the way it was filmed, the sets, the actors (so handsome in suits and ties) the cameos by Brad Wright, poker pro Todd Brunson, Atlantis composer Joel Goldsmith, and MGM exec Charlie Cohen.

    Thank you Robert Cooper! Just absolutely awesome! It has replaced my favorite for this season! Vegas freaking ROCKED!!! Now I am even sadder that there is only one episode left! But I am grateful that the DVD’s will soon be available and we still have The SG Movies and SGU the series to look forward to in 2009! Wahoo!!

    Patricia Lee

  81. Hmm

    Dear Mr Wright

    I’m de-lucking for this.

    Some of your responses

    “I thought you said you were a business person.”

    “… Judging the series from character breakdowns is just ridiculous.”

    “… Again, five years is a successful series. Fans don’t matter to us? Please.”

    “You really think we haven’t thought of that?”

    Was it your intention to be dismissive and plain rude?

    I appreciate that the brou-ha-ha around the cancellation of SGA and the unveiling of SGU must be very wearing but there is a simple principle here. When a confrontational situation arises between someone with power and someone without it the one with the power is supposed to take the higher road (particularly when they delivered themselves voluntarily into the potentially confrontational situation). In other words someone in your position should be big enough and ugly enough to take it on the chin, you say:

    “No. You guys are actually pretty predictable (take no offence, most fan groups are).”

    So you knew that this Q & A was likely to go this way, weren’t you braced for it? I would be.

    I’ve been the powerful one in work situations, I’ve had verbal rather than written interchanges get nasty and then I’ve flipping well eaten humble pie because that was what I got paid for.

    Do I think that you are a big bunch of meanies who took away the show I loved out of spite?


    Did I see any point in jumping up and down and screaming about it?


    Am I going to refuse to watch SGU because of the cancellation?

    No, I like my nose just fine where it is.

    So as a general rule I am in the quiet Majority.

    However, putting up with certain fans behaving the way certain fans behave is part of your job, particularly when you offer yourself up to Q & A’s. If you don’t want your every utterance analysed to the nth degree then don’t say anything. If you don’t want to get into a confrontational situation don’t volunteer for it.

    Finally, when you are in a potentially confrontational situation remember you may not have had the final say over Atlantis but you were part of that machine and you are part of the machine that will give us what we get next.

    You have at least some power, we don’t. Some of us are ticked off about it and are going to say so (especially when you give us a forum to do so), some of us will ask questions that to you have blooming obvious answers, take it with some grace.

  82. I’ve been reading your blog for months and I absolutely love your wit and dark humor. I wanted to leave a reply, for the first time, to let you know that I loved loved LOVED the latest SGA episode Vegas. When I first flipped the TV on I was sure I was watching something else then Joe came into the scene. But it still didn’t LOOK like SGA. The lighting was different, the framing was different even the music was different (and what GREAT lighting, framing and music it was). I wasn’t convinced it was SGA until I saw the Wraith. Even then I said, “What the hell is this?” But I sat back and enjoyed the ride and with every minute that went by I loved it more and more. Every single one of the actors gave great performances but especially Joe and David. I have to say that this is the first episode in a while that has made me very sad that the series is ending. I’m afraid with only the finale left that this amazingly brilliant story (I’m referring of course to the Wraith in “our” reality being alerted to the location of earth and attacking) will get crammed into too small a time frame to do it justice. I’m excited for the first time this season to see what is going to happen in next week’s episode. This season just seemed SO disjointed. There didn’t seem to be an arc of any kind, lots of great character development yes, (Ronon in Broken Ties, Rodney in The Shrine, Teyla in The Queen, Keller in Tracker, Remnants was great for Woolsey and Shepard) but nothing to look forward to and nothing really to root for. BTW I loved the Shrine and Remnants too.
    I guess my reason for writing all of this is just that I wanted to let you and everyone else know that Vegas was something special and I am really looking forward to what you are going to do with SGA in the future. I’m also interested in seeing how the Stargate crew is going to handle their very own “Star Trek Enterprise” i.e. Stargate Universe. I kid…a little…but that’s really what Universe seems to be. Robert Carlyle was a brilliant choice he alone is enough for me to get excited about SGU. So thanks for taking time out of your day to blog and please keep up the devilishly good work!

  83. Ok people!!!!! Have I got your attention? GOOD! because its ONLY A FECKIN TV SHOW! ‘kay? Its not that important in the grand scheme of things! IT IS ENTERTAINMENT! and, quite frankly those of you who are so “devastated” that a TV show has been cancelled really need to GET A LIFE!! BTW Don’t ANYONE, EVER presume to speak on MY BEHALF! I can speak for myself. GET REAL People, no-one feckin DIED, no-one is having the crap bombed out of them, THIS IS TELEVISION!
    Now get a fecking GRIP!

    If I were Brad Wright I’d flip the finger at all the doom and gloom merchants and have a long laugh to myself about how small people really are.

    *takes deep breath*

    *jumps off soapbox*

    *sidles out of way inconspicuously*

  84. @ Silver Galaxy:
    FCOL! Not everyone gets to be a winner and the sooner people wake up and realise this the better the world will be but I’m not going to hold my breath on that one. I have NO INTENTION of sparing a thought for any twat who feels hurt that his/her/its question didn’t get answered, they should have come up with something more original and no I didn’t pose any questions because I am HAPPY with the work Brad et al have done/ are doing/will do
    My New Years Resolution is to be non PC. and if anyone doesn’t like it then they don’t have to read/watch/listen/pay attention. I am entitled to air my opinion and you are entitled not to read it.

    Hormonally yours


  85. Thanking Brad Wright for his candor. Whilst I also wish there was an SGA season 6…we do not have the controls on those elements that would have made that possible. Well, we as a group certainly were dedicated and committed fans…I think what was annoying is the demographics show numbers of less than what was needed to sustain further seasons. sigh.

    But we move forward with SGU!

    Vegas, one of the coolest “punch” lines. When Keller was told she did not look old enough. It was strange, but very enjoyable. The music – just rang of an old time western and our John could have been a Clint Eastwood character in a heartbeat.

    Hope you recovered from the “hangover cure.” Your expression and “cut,” were priceless. The things you do and endure to entertain us. You sister Andria seemed very cooperative in providing you serums that could cause you perhaps “worse” digestive trauma than a hangover would.

    Anne Teldy – HANG IN THERE girl!

    Well, we are almost 3 days into the New Year. So far the trends are iffy, but show some good signs; 2 down and 362 to go.

  86. Just wanted to say thank you to Brad for taking the time to answer the questions and to you, Joe, for hosting.

    I’m eagerly awaiting the next SG1 movie. I was disappointed to hear that Vala won’t be back as I ended up enjoying the character very much. Still, I’m pleased that Jack will be back front and centre – hopefully along with Sam, Daniel and Teal’c.

    I’m also looking forward to SGU. It was good to hear about Robert Carlyle and I’m intrigued by the hints of taking the series into more alien territory and away from the Ancient-seeded-human civilisations.

    Personally, I’m sad to see SGA go although I appreciate TV shows do just get cancelled. Five years is a good run but I think SG1’s longevity spoiled me and I just expected SGA, if not to match it, to carry on for another couple of years. At least I have the SGA movie to look forward to along with the rest of the Stargate goodies being made this year.

    Anyway, before I ramble on for longer – thank you again, and Happy New Year.

  87. Hi again Mr M!

    Wow, that whole hair-dyer/frozen backdoor story has me intrigued!!

    A big THANK YOU to Mr W for the taking the (infinite) time and patience for such a huge Q and A. I shall go through it again for all the info!

    Am desperately trying to finish “On Basilisk Station” before the dead line, I got side tracked over the hols.

    Best to all


  88. While I thank Brad for the detailed comments, he still hasn’t done enough to convince diehard fans of Atlantis that they should continue to give the writers and producers their support. And, what about the SGA movie? No comments then on if they have managed to sign up any actors yet?

  89. Joe I have to admit Vegas felt like a waste of an hour… it felt like to much time was spent on the directing and special effects to make it look like a CSI episode that there really wasn’t much of a story. Sure there was a plot but it felt as though the effects were more important to the people creating the episode. It also didn’t do you any favors because it basically proved you’ve all gotten bored with Atlantis and want to do something else.

    Oh and if Rodney was supposed to be Rod from “McKay and Mrs. Miller” you’ve once again messed up your own canon, unless Rod lied about John being on his team and that he was geeky member of Mensa. If you really wanted it to be Rod why couldn’t you have just had it be Rod and say that John’s universe was a third one and the team followed the Wraith their or something? That way it would have made sense! And then you could have had Ronon and Teyla around instead of just dumping them once again.

    And I noticed you’ve once again shoved Keller/Rodney down our throats. Bet your happy Rodney gets the girl in that universe too.

  90. And are we supposed to just accept that John was left to die alone in the desert?

  91. PS – in Vegas, was that “naughty nurse” in the white uniform who wheeled a patient down a hall a funny “easter egg” or a silly put on? If I understood the reference, I think I might find it funny?
    Cause no nurse, especially in Las Vegas, Nevada, dresses like that nowadays!

  92. People never fail to…annoy me at times.

    First and foremost, a big thank you to Brad for completing that massive list of questions. It was a great read, informative and amusing.

    And I’ll stay out of most of the drama, but I wonder…when there are many older (40-60+) adults reading and squealing over Twilight, what exactly makes it so horrible if SGU is geared towards a younger audience? Obviously things made for younger people do not only please said younger audiences. Based on the quality of SG1 and SGA, I have no doubt SGU is going to be great. And even if it wasn’t I’d probably watch anyway, since I just plain like sci-fi. Someone should give me a Neilson box!!

    Thanks again, Joe and Brad.

  93. My head hurts after that long Q+A. So many different things running through my head. Rather than type out a long response I’ll type out what “I” got out of it.

    1. Brad Wright does not like SGA – never did.
    2. Brad Wright believes ‘vocal’ fans account for a tiny part of the fan base. But, Neilson families can dictate what we watch.
    3. Brad Wright did NOT want to do this QA, his answers were not ‘frank and honest’ but rather ‘obligation to a prior commitment’ and very SNL Shatner ‘Get a life’ type answers.
    4. Brad Wright does not like Vala/Black.
    5. There will be only ONE SGA movie, despite how well it does.
    (Unless MGM demands it of course. Expect Wright to not be involved if more SGA movies happen.)

    News I liked hearing:
    1. RDA in the 3rd SG1 Movie – HUGE!
    2. SGU will be a great show. Yes!
    3. SGU will have a proper sendoff with an established character – HUGE! (thanks for that!)

    News I did not like hearing:
    1. No Claudia Black?? That sucks.

    Naturally, I could be all wrong about what I got out of this Q+A, but I don’t think so. Other than learning the rumors were true about a heavy-RDA SG1 movie, I wished I hadn’t read this post.

    My impression of Brad Wright after reading the Q+A? A disagreeable person who would rather not be involved with the fans and someone that dismisses any input from those not paid to input.

  94. Wow! Although I enjoyed the Q&A, I did read a condescending attitude in the answers. I am very thankful that BW even bothered to answer questions. Most showrunners/producers do not give fans a chance to ask questions/comments. That is one of the reasons I love this blog and Joe.

    While I enjoy Vala and think Daniel and her make a great team, the essence of SG-1 is Teal’c, Daniel, Sam and Jack. I actually enjoy the relationship between Jack and Daniel more (and not in that way) I think they have grown to love, respect and truly understand each other and it really is a great friendship. I am very excited that the third movie will be more Jack-centric.

    I was a fan of Farscape, too. But those fans need to get a grip and realize that the last two seasons of Stargate, where not Farscape 2. I thought season 9 floundered, but season 10 was much stronger. But the essence of the previous 8 seasons (except for season 6) was the core team of four. It will be nice to see that again. Also I do think that sometimes it became the Cam Mitchell show and I resented that. Same as while I love Jewel Staite and was a Firefly fan, I did get annoyed with her seemingly to take more of a center stage than Ronon or Teyla in the last couple of eps.

    Lastly this whole shipper thing, is well to be honest, I never saw the chemistry between Sam and Jack. Now I know reasonably that if people are together in workplaces that things happen. It’s human nature. But I watch scifi for the scifi not the romance. I can get that in a Lifetime movie or a book. I’m not against it and think some of it is okay, but that is not what I am watching for. As for the McKeller ship, it’s cute and while I would have prefered Ronon (hello, he is one hunk of a man) I can understand why Keller went for McKay.

    I think this is my longest post. I’ve not posted alot, but I do read everyday (well sometimes the next day, as you are 3 hours behind me and I have to be in bed sometimes before you post):)

  95. BW: thanks for being your candid self. And thank Cooper for Vegas.
    BW: I thought Claudia was terrific in Continuum, but Vala won’t be returning in the third movie. 3rd movie=Jack
    I know you can hear the cheering at my house all the way out in Vancouver.

    SGU needs millions of viewers
    Good luck with that.

    MGM: I need all SGA seasons released on Blu-Ray.

  96. Maybe I am possibly misreading Mr Wright’s sense of ‘humor’ or ‘dry attitude’, but I personally found some of the responses insulting, arrogant and generally patronising to/and about the current Stargate fan base. I got the feeling that he felt that ‘they just didn’t understand’, and were really by implication just ‘not good enough’.

    I have no problem at all with the canceling of SGA, SG1 or anything else, all things come to an end, and I understand the financial concerns and business decisions of a TV show, but the responses really turned my stomach. I have been a viewer of Stargate in general for a long time in one form or another, so it makes me sorry to be so blunt, but I am only following the example Mr Wright’s example. I find this article really quite shocking in how just how revealing it is of Mr Wright’s attitude.

    As for SGU, after reading this Q and A, I have no motivation at all to watch it. It was the current fan base that kept SG1 going for 10 seasons and SGA for 5 seasons, (indirectly paying his wage in the mean time), and now that very same fan base is discarded for a new untested ‘younger’ demographic… I mean this in the best sense. Good luck.

  97. I have to confess to feeling somewhat embarrassed by a few of the questions that were asked.
    I know, as fans, we’d like to think it’s our show, but it’s not our show, it’s theirs.

  98. But the money for the DVD’s are OURs. Obviously they don’t need my money anymore getting rid of my favourite character/actress from the third movie.

    One thing more: B(r)ad Wright destroyed EVERYTHING what Rob Cooper built during 9th and 10th season. The only scenes really worth watching in “Continuum” are Qetesh ones, which as far as I know was Rob Cooper’s idea. Joe, on your blog I would like to say huge “THANK YOU” to Rob Cooper for his wonderful job with Vala’s character on SG-1’s 9 and 10th season and in The Ark of Truth movie and for wonderfully evil Qetesh in “Continuum”. I really hope Rob Cooper will be writing and directing the fourth movie and Claudia Black’s fans will be invited to watch it again to get our Vala-fix.

  99. Wow.

    I think I need to hug Rob.

    Brilliant writing. Brilliant directing. Fantastic soundtrack. What more can I say? Vegas has to be THE best eppi i’ve seen in a long, loooong time. Kudos. Am in utter awe 😀

    And as for Joe F.. Stunning. Absolutely.. outstanding. The guy just goes on and on putting out one brilliant performance after another, leaving us to wonder just how the hell he’s gonna top it next time. I can’t believe the Franchise willingly let a talent like that just slip through their fingers. And I agree with Chev.. lets hope Producers are falling over one another to get to him first.

    Again.. Wow.

    Re Brad’s Q&A:.. no comment.

  100. I’m a long time reader, first time poster, but feel I have to comment now. First, I loved BW’s Q&A…and frankly, I’ve never been a big Vala fan, so I love the fact that the third SG1 movie will be Jack-centric.


    Two words.

    LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Best SGA ep I’ve seen in a LONG time.

    Too bad the whole season wasn’t like this.

  101. Vegas was outstanding. Love the feel, the energy, the setting and the music. It all fit together perfectly, especially the Marilyn Manson/Stones/Johnny Cash sequences. Wow! Joe Flanigan was awesome. This John Sheppard was so alone, despairing, desolate, lost. He had no one to save and no one to save him. Broke my heart. Brilliant acting from Joe, making Vegas Sheppard a completely different character. Nice touch showing the different path taken after the black mark incident. Also, that the incidences were different. McKay came off as totally arrogant, very self centered with a stick up his you know what. Not likeable, without the vulnerablility of the “real” McKay. Rob Cooper did a fantastic job with the writing and directing. Joe Flanigan’s agent should be getting a ton of phone calls after this. Hope he lands a cop show, where he can be scruffy with the dark edge. The ending was hearbreaking. I know it fit in the AU, but I yelled for Rodney to think about someone else, to have the Daedalus scan for life signs. (Which in my universe they did, thus saving Sheppard.) *g*

    I missed Ronon and Teyla. Would have much preferred them to Keller in this one. It was an AU, one of them could have been the Medical Examiner. Keller didn’t need to be in this one at all. Though I liked that in this AU, McKay was married but not to Keller, ie the scene in the hallway (yuck) that was not a greeting a married couple would make.

    One question I had, giving leeway for an AU, what happened to Sheppard in Rodney’s universe? Sheppard is a key component of Atlantis and has saved the universe as much as Rodney. He lighted the city, used the chair, flew the puddlejumpers and woke the Wraith and came up with ideas to save Atlantis. How did this AU come about with no Sheppard or what happened to him? I see Sheppard and Rodney as being equal, key components to the existence of Atlantis. Kind of can’t have one without the other. I thought Vegas showed that the two needed each other for balance – Sheppard to soften Rodney and Rodney to watch out for John. I just don’t want to see Sheppard’s importance minimized.

    Kudos to Rob Cooper and Joe Flanigan for Vegas. Finally a Sheppard centric episode and it was worth waiting for. After seeing an epsiode like this, makes it even sadder that SGA was canceled.

  102. Joe – ladyhgiggle is my niece who mysteriously popped on here when I CLEARLY told her to do so only in MY presence! How else can I be sure shedoesn’treadanythingIsay,especiallythepervywraithstuff.
    Such a disobedient child… 😉

    And H., dear… *smooches* …one of these days I WILL turn you into a diehard Wraith lover. I’m hell bent determined to do so. 😉 Come on, just think about it…no eyebrows, exposed spine, extra nostrils, mutated ears, no nipples, sharp, pointy teeth…AND…green ALL over! 😀 What more could you want??! And don’t say an Italian accent and a villa in Tuscany…that’s just your Italian blood talking! Ignore it! Embrace the Insanifantasy that is Wraithophilia!

    (Sheesh, Joe…she just likes the bronzed-skinned human-types… 🙄 Can you imagine??! *shakes head in dismay* )


  103. Mr. M:

    Vegas is my favorite Stargate Atlantis episode pretty much over all of the seasons. It was fantastic. I loved how it was darker than most episodes and it was such a kick to see the wraith play poker and put on the make up. The music selection was amazing. My folks got a real kick out of the Johnny Cash song being played. It was epic.

    One question I had though:

    Is the Rodney that appeared in this episode “Rod”? If he is, then it wouldn’t make sense because Rod told us that the John Shepherd in his own reality was in mensa.

  104. No fair, Joe! I read your blog every day and I even went back and searched and I can’t find any reference to the Secret Decoder Ring that all these other people are using to figure out what Brad *really* meant by all his answers.

    Please please please can I have one? I don’t want to be left out and have to take all Brad’s comments at face value. I’ll buy one on eBay if I have to, but don’t you have just *one* left for a faithful reader? Used, even. Pocket lint, dog spit, I don’t care, I’m sure it can be cleaned up. I’ll even pay for overnight shipping, just let me know asap.

    I really really hope you have one for me! I await your response with bated breath.

  105. Nice Q&A session! Thanks Joe and Brad.
    I want to say some things about SGA, SGU and really want to hear what you Joe think about it. Do you agree with me and am I right or not.

    Now to the fans. Guys, I don’t understand what are all the negative vibes about SGA and SGU. Sure it’s sad that SGA ended, I miss SG-1 as hell, but I really don’t see a problem here. TV shows are ending, and some even without a proper ending – remember Las Vegas or The 4400?!

    Personally, I loved “Unending” (SG-1’s final episode) and I’m sure I’ll love “Enemy At The Gate” and in a time when shows go off the air in a snap or great ideas as just not greenlit, the fans should be greatful for:
    1. One SG-1 movie per year
    2. One SGA movie per year
    3. New Series with new adventures and stories.
    From my point of view, the franchise is pretty alive and kicking.

    We, the fans, got so accustomed with the 10-year run of SG-1 that we assumed, somewhere in the back of our heads that SGA will run just as long. Please try to understand, a lot of people watch Atlantis. They are just not in the USA or Canada and they can’t contribute to the ratings, including myself. Count the ratings, include the DVRs and add the torrent downloads and things will look very different.

    Now to SGU. I read it all, the positive and the negative. As a fan of the SG franchise overall, I don’t see a reason why not watch it. The creative team is the same, I love their way of writing, the character relationships they develop, the humor, the effects – it’s all in the mix again and for me it’s just continuation of something good on today’s TV. So why judging something you haven’t seen yet? Studios and networks press releases, character brakedowns, comments from critics and people who have never seen a single episode – you can’t expect much of them. Remember how many times the SciFi Channel has dubbed promos with inaccurate information, that only misleads the audience… I can think of few times. These people – Brad, Rob, Joe, Paul, Carl, Martin, Alan – they do it for you. They have the freedom and experience to create and work on other shows, but they are still here after 12 years. Thant means something, right!? So please, keep an open mind and support the driving forces behind the franchise.

  106. *avoiding “Vegas” spoilers*

    Thanks for Brad’s Q&A, glad to read that SG-1 movie is a sure thing and with more Jack than Continuum was.

    No Vala? Meh, CB was terrific in Continuum. Surely there’s a good reason and her existence won’t be totally forgotten in the movie.

    The more I read about SGU the more excited I get. Hopefully it’s as good as SG-1 and SGA have been.

    One uncomfortable thing while reading Q&A was some fans’ ignorant questions. You’re not going to get SGA back as series, deal with it! It was painful to read, but thankfully Brad bothered to answer them.

    Oh, and Joe, make sure Carl takes care of the penguins.

  107. I read the first half of the comments, but I haven’t read the last half.

    Re Brad Wright’s comments:

    I confess that I came to Stargate late (about Season 7) and got confused about Brad Wright early. I thought he was the same guy who played Jay Felger.

    Can’t shake the image to this day.

    I assume two things about Brad Wright. 1) From his writing and from the writing of those he hires to write, he has a good sense of humor and will forgive me confusing him with Felger.
    2) He must be a heck of a businessman. At least two of his shows beat the odds to last 5 years and one doubled it. Then, they made movies off of it.

    I suspect he pretty much knows what he is doing as far as the the business is concerned. Stargate Universe will either be good or bad. Since he is a good businessman and will undoubtedly like to make a living (if not a profit) off of Stargate Universe, he will do everything possible to make it good.

    The odds are with Stargate fans.

    Now, am I disappointed that Stargate Atlantis got canceled? Of course, I am. I always wanted an explanation of why Shepherd’s gene was so much stronger (have whole theory on that one…) as well as other questions answered about what has happened in the past as well as hoping for more in the future.

    However that’s life.

    As to shippers …. I always thought the relationship that rang truest in SG-I was between Daniel and Jack. (And not in the direction that some fan fiction has taken it ..). The sting of SG-I being canceled was alleviated somewhat by “The Shroud” which showed the relationship between Daniel and Jack at its best. It felt like two old friends getting together to save the galaxy … again … and having a great time doing it.

    BTW, one quibble with Brad Wright’s list of “not-so-good” episodes. Yes, “Epiphany” was lacking, but the moment between Shepherd and the “Ancient woman” on the floor of the hut had the best chemistry of any pairing of Shepherd’s during the series.

    And speaking of “Vegas” …

    A “70’s movie-of-the-week” meets “Redemption in the Dessert”.

    It was an opportunity for a collassal blunder – and there were moments when I wondered if it would achieve that status – or a incredible success. Overall, I would say that it achieved the latter and did so very well.

    And we (or at least I) still don’t know what relationship “Vegas” has to the rest of the Atlantis story. If it fortells something like Daniel’s trip to the alternate SGC so many seasons ago, we are in for a great final episode and/or Atlantis movie.

    Finally, the musical score for “Vegas” may have been the best television score I have ever heard. It was so darn good that it was almost distracting. Send Goldsmith some extra chocolates for that one. It was absolutely phenomenal.

  108. @shiningwit: What you said! Me, too.

    I want to be entertained. Atlantis has kept me entertained for 5 years. That’s a win in my book. I’ve bought all the DVDs and will buy all the movies. I’ve promised my nephew I’ll buy him Season 5 when it comes out as a delayed Christmas present, and the next movie for his birthday. We’ll give SGU a try, and we’ll be watching for the next projects from our favorite SG actors and directors.

    Thanks to Brad Wright et al for bringing all the fun to our screens, and for being good sports about all the angst they have inadvertently created. That’s the cost of creating something that people enjoy so much, I guess!

  109. Wanted to comment on “Vegas,” still not sure how I feel about this ep. I watched the show twice since I found myself very distracted during the first viewing. For one thing, I kept waiting for the “punch line,” finding out where John really was that he was dreaming all of the story. I was surprised that he wasn’t. The second distraction was the whole style. I don’t watch “CSI” so I found the quick cuts and loud music annoying. The second time around I was ready for it so it was easier to get around.

    Some very interesting developments our crew could have had. John’s whole demeanor, from his gambling problem to his theft of the cash were very realistic of his character had he not had the military support and regulations. The ending scene of him laying there on the sand was very moving.

    I also liked this incarnation of Rodney. Not our whiny, arrogant McKay yet not as cool as Rod was. He seemed to be quite the leader and very serious. A nice look at what Rodney could be. I wonder if Keller had the match for that wedding ring (never showed us her hand), or if something else was going on between them.

    We are set up for next week, we know that message had to have reached our reality, if not, this ep meant nothing. I can’t wait to see the fallout of that message although I’m sad it’s the last episode of the series (but you’ve heard enough from me about that).

    Don’t want to give the episode a grade until I see the fallout of it. Tentative 7/10 but could go up (or down).

  110. I really love “Vegas”. Besides “Broken Ties” it is my favourite episode of the 5th season. There are only two things I don’t like:

    – I really hate to see the Wraith die, and (most of all)
    – the story was too short. 😥

  111. Just wanted to give my thanks to Brad for answering my questions and to you, Joe, for allowing us the opportunity to ask them. I did notice that Brad did not answer my fourth question regarding confirmation of the Sam/Jack ship in the 3rd movie, but I also realize that he is entitled to keep some secrets to himself 😉

  112. “Vegas”….BRILLIANT! OUTSTANDING! Much better than I was expecting. But then I am a tad biased ;-)I thought everything; music, acting, story all melded perfectly. I’m in the over-the-hill category and I especially liked the music. Best part…..the little comment scene about Star Trek the Experience. I was LMAO! But then I may be a tad biased. Who’s idea was that? Bob? Perfect!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Mr. Cooper and all those involved.

  113. Hey, Universe is trendsetting – they cast a kid for the new Doctor Who as well 🙂

    It’ll be Stargate 90210 and Doctor Hoodie *g*

  114. I found my way to this blog from the Atlantis forum and kept coming back because the Q and A’s are pretty cool. This is the first time I have ever read the comments and wow, it’s pretty negative for a bunch of people who are upset that the new show will be too ‘immature’ for them. Remember that you’re talking to actual people somewhere on the other side of a computer.

    I was offended by some of Mr. Wright’s answers, but since I have no idea how he meant them to come across, I won’t take it too seriously. It’s text… and he didn’t use any smileys to tell us how he was saying things 😉

    On a more positive note, in my extremely biased I thought that Vegas was one of the best Atlantis episodes ever. I have never been a fan of CSI style dramas, but when you add in the Atlantis characters and some cool science stuff, it just worked really well.

  115. PLEASE no more pseudo medical nauseating episodes and things that enter human bodies

    i like your ideas for “SG Universe”, especially if its going to have some sort of humor (intellectual humor i hope), its risky because all the great sci-fi movies are based upon the duality of technological achievements vs the Divine, to much humor might kill that mystic flavor of science fiction

  116. First, I LOVED Vegas. See das’s comments above for gushing over the style, editing, direction and shirtless Wraith and insert it here.*

    Apologies in advance, this got a little long. But there were a couple of things that just nagged at me from “interview”

    BW said (replying to Sheryl):

    I don’t remember saying that 40ish people spend the money for sg-1 and sga products. I do understand, however, that networks base their decisions on the continuation of a television series largely on demographics of viewership first and foremost. Their business is based on ad revenue, which is dictated by viewership in the target markets of their advertisers.

    I’m not trying to be inflammatory here, but I just want to know if I read this correctly: Networks choose which shows to broadcast based on the advertisers that buy ads from them and the “demographic” targeted by those ads? It’s interesting. I’ve been called twice by Nielson in the last two months. Both times, I was rejected and did not get to comment. Why? My “demographic” quota was filled for the day.
    Chevron7 asked:

    2. “SGU – I read that you wanted a mainstream audience for the show rather than the usual sci-fi fans – Brad Wright -”And we feel like we want to be the agents of that change ourselves, and feel like we’re capable of coming up with another engaging television show that is possibly more mainstream, possibly a little outside the Stargate box.”

    BW: We would like a hit television show.
    Ytimyona writes:

    “3) When you said you intended to make SGU more “mainstream,” I interpreted that to mean that the average viewer (who’s never seen an episode of SG-1 or SGA in his life) could turn on the SGU pilot and understand what was going on… am I right? (I feel like people are unfairly putting words in your mouth with regards to this statement.)”
    BW: Close. Mainstream means a lot of people are watching.

    Those are interesting interpretations of Mainstream. To me “Mainstream TV” means a show that looks like all the other shows on TV. One of the things that I liked about SGA was that it was not like every other show up and down the dial. I don’t see removing that uniqueness as a positive thing, even if it pleases the network’s advertisers. It is becoming increasing apparent to me that I am not in a demographic whose opinion counts any more. *sigh* I’ll give SGU a chance; I always intended to. However, I’ve got to say that Brad Wright’s comments left me with a lot of misgivings, put perhaps that’s just due to a personality clash.

  117. Thanks to Mr. Wright for his answers. Some were funny, some great (the SG-1 movie is Jack-centric *dances*) and some not-so-great (no Vala in the movie >.<) and there were some I didn’t really need to read, but one can’t agree with everyone, so nevertheless thanks for them.

    Vegas (possible spoilers):

    Great episode! I liked the music choices and I totally agree with sulien about the perfect choice of Solitary Man! The dying scene *wow* (well, I think he was dying because it didn’t seem that anyone else would come to look for him)
    And Todd was there! Starving, but he was there and as usual, he was great.

  118. I tried to write a diplomatic answer in response to the Q&A but to be honest, I don’t think I could. So I will just have to defer to Donna and Dilz who have said it better than I could at this time. I will however add two thoughts.

    I find it baffling that the man who answered the questions is the same man who wrote The Shrine. I was extremely disappointed by him.

    I would also like to know (and perhaps its been answered already) in Continuum, how was Daniel able to survive in the alternate reality for such a long time with that realitys Daniel Jackson alive?

    As for Vegas, I loved it for its playfulness and its plot but the CSI parallels were a tad bit distracting at times. (The poker scene was perhaps a bit over the top) Though to be fair I may just feel that way because I don’t watch CSI anymore. My boyfriend was playing with his ipod and didn’t even realize the episode had started. He thought it was an episode of CSI. I did love the episode though! I am looking forward to next weeks episode with a healthy combination of anticipation and trepidation. At least I hope its healthy.


  119. Joe, please thank Brad for taking the time to answer all those questions. You guys must have the patience of several Saints to put up with all the stuff some fans throw at you.

    The news that Claudia will not be in the third movie is quite disheartening. I will really miss the incredible chemistry that she shares not only with Michael Shanks but with the rest of the cast as well. I hope her absence is given a credible explanation.

    I am however quite excited that RDA will have a bigger part this time around. Hopefully this will mean more of the great awesome Jack/Daniel banter that I love so much and have sorely missed.

  120. Here’s a name for your movie that was quite popular among the fanfic writers. Maybe you could you this…..


    If you add a girlish shreeking sound it’s even better.

    Thanks for the updates!!

  121. Hi Joe

    Loved last nights ep. Who thought of Beautiful People for the ep! Absolutly perfect!!!!

  122. Wow. I had no idea the Stargate fan base was so opinionated. Mr. Wright, thanks for being as candid as you could with your answers. You probably have several restrictions with respect to what you can and cannot say.

    A clear statement, other than “we need all the fans” should probably be made to reduce the rash and bitter opinions of some of the fan base regarding the “younger” audience comments.

    Personally, I don’t think the comment was intended to mean MGM and Sci Fi were intending to create a show that wasn’t appealing to the current fan base (according to Nielsen) the average age is 40+ but rather, add characteristics and characters that will be appealing to a 25 to 40 year old audience as well.

    I also do not believe this is some type of insidious attempt pissing off a bunch of fans. it is merely an attempt to add additional viewers to get the average viewership in the 2.0 to 3.0 range (that’s a guess as to what they are shooting for).

    It just doesn’t make any business sense to run off the current fan base….They are hoping to merely add another million viewers by adding a couple of characters that are younger, etc.

    I know this is probably a major disaster for most of the die hard fans, but the franchise needs to do this otherwise it will go down the Star Trek path and end up getting completely shelved because the fan base has eroded and shrunk.

    At the end of the day, none of these people are doing this to be benevolent to the fans… they are doing it to make money… The way to make money is to keep up with the Jones’ and create some good TV that sells advertising. You sell advertising by having shows people watch. It’s very simple math. Thousands of viewers won’t do it. I has to have at least 2.0 to 3.0 million households to be a success.

    By the way, I hope you guys didn’t take offense to the slight that was issued by Russel Davies (http://www.gateworld.net/news/2008/12/idoctor_whoi_producer_doesnt_car.shtml). He basically stated the show was beneath his reimagined version of Doctor Who (which I don’t watch because I think it’s stupid and that Davies fellow is a narcissus).

    Just remember folks, if the DVDs make money, they will make more.

  123. Loved Vegas. Kudos to Robert Cooper and Joe Flanigan.

    Can’t comment on BW’s Q&A because I haven’t read it. Not interested in neither SG-1 nor SGU, and I doubt BW has something nice to say about SGA.

    The Stargate franchise ends for me with 5×20 Enemy at the Gate next week.

    At this point, I doubt the SGA movie will ever be made. If it does get made, I’ll watch it and buy the DVD as I’ve always done with anything related to SGA.

    Now looking forward to whatever new projects the main SGA cast (Joe, David, Jason and Rachel) moves on.

  124. BW: No. You guys are actually pretty predictable (take no offense, most fan groups are). Unfortunately, you represent a very small portion of the actual viewing audience we need for financial success.

    Well, at least it’s now blindingly clear where we stand, isn’t it?

    I’m curious about one thing: Wright said over and over that the ratings weren’t there for SGA season 6. Yet the ratings for the first few episodes of season 5 were reported as some of the best the show’s ever had, and that it was doing well in that oh-so-important 18-29 male demographic. So, was that not true? Or did the goalposts shift suddenly?

  125. Love Stargate SG-1 love Stargate Atlantis, loved the 2 movie’s will probably love Stargate universe can peeps just wait until it comes on tv before they criticize and condemn it.

  126. Re Vegas: I wanted to like this episode, I really did. But the fact that you managed to find spaces for cameos for the production staff, and yet, Rachel and Jason weren’t in the episode–even though, since they were in the credits they still got paid–left an incredibly bad taste in my mouth. Not only is the next-to-last episode of the series once again, all about the white boys, but based on that episode, you’d think that every single person in the city of Las Vegas was white. Seriously–all but one of the extras? You couldn’t find a single actor of color anywhere in Las Vegas or LA?

    I will miss seeing Rachel and Jason and Joe and David and David N. and Bob and Kavan and Chris and Chuck, and I wish all of them the best, and hope that they get work that’s worthy of their talents. But “Vegas” and Brad Wright’s Q&A make it much easier for me to let go of SGA. When one of the show’s creators doesn’t bother to hide his contempt for the fans, and the show comes to a close with yet another instance of “our skeevy race and gender issues; let us show you them!”, I’m not going to be that sorry to see it go.

    And they’ll be having snowball fights in the upper circles of hell before I get cable or an iTunes season pass to watch SGU.

  127. Joe, I just finished watching VEGAS and I had to come back and tell you how AMAZING that was. That is was a total AU ep was so cool.

    The way it was shot just blew me away. The music was incredible especially John Cash’s Solitary Man as Sheppard’s theme song. Brilliant!!!!

    It was just so fascinating to see another version of Sheppard and McKay. I love that even tho they have never meet before there is this almost instant connection between the two of them. McKay trusts him enough to tell him everything. I also love the tiny bit of McKay/Keller that was in it. : ) Woolsey comment that the Star Experience in Vegas was closed just killed me. LOL!!!!

    The ending just broke my heart. Somethings maybe different in that universe but John Sheppard deciding to go on a suicide mission to save the world is still the same.

    It doesn’t seem likely but in your mind do you think the Sheppard in that universe survived?

  128. Just got around to watching Vegas … man, I loved it. And the soundtrack … tasty.

  129. Hey Joe!

    Wow…. crazy blog today. I half hid under the covers because that was a tough Q & A.

    Thanks for the birthday shout out. *whispers* Again.

    @Perragrin, Wolfie, PG15, Kassandra, Pat and everyone else thanks for the birthday wishes. I actually ate enough chocolate cake for ALL of you! 😉

    Vegas airing on my birthday was a great present! My oh my but I needed an SGA fix. And first the great people of Stargate give me my CCR in SG-1’s *Unending* and NOW Johnny Cash in Vegas. Sweet!

    And bittersweet. Only one more epi left! *sob!*

    @Das: Oh! Blindfolded *top this spider* sounds cool. Actually that sounds like a show that should star Tyra Banks. “America’s Next Top Spider: The Blindfolded Edition” Come to think of it, some models might have spider DNA in them! 😯

    @Anne Teldy: Please feel better soon. I wish I could have donated blood for you. I actually did that for my 13 year old neighbor when she needed a 5 hour back surgery. Poor thing! She was thrilled that she actually got MY blood. I told her it made us blood sister like no other. Now I need to go and give blood again. Thanks for the reminder.

    DONATE BLOOD PEOPLE! If a needle-fearing whimp like my self can give blood, so can you! Plus it’s actually healthy to do so. Giving blood makes ya stronger. True story!


    P.S. What are birthday bumps? I’m afraid to ask but I think not knowing is worse.

  130. Hi Joe,

    Greatly enjoyed “Vegas” last night!
    Thank all who were involved in the making of it!

  131. Vegas. WOW.

    Question: Was Joel involved with all the music in this episode, or just the original stuff? The pairing of music to each scene was fantastic. And I really liked when the wraith got up from jumping off the building and staggered off, how the music seemed to ‘stagger’ for a few bars before speeding up as he ran off.

    Terrific ep – kudos to all involved.

  132. While I understand the confrontations and unhappy campers aren’t fun to read, I think Brad’s responses were borderline to rude in places. No idea if he meant them that way. But there is a reason why so many of us love love love Joe and have not so much love for Brad. Perhaps he “loses a lot in translation” but for the first time I really am rethinking if I wish to support such arrogance by purchasing anything to do with his projects. Yeah, if it’s good I will watch, I am a SG junkie. But what a turn-off.

  133. Woah, Brad answered a ton of questions! I meant to read them all but I pooped out a third of the way through. Brad totally rocks, and I hope the many whiny fan-griping didn’t leave him too mangled and spindled.

    Oh, and I know what the Wraith finger jewelry is; they use it to poke holes in their victims in order to tenderize them, like pounding crabs with a mallet or cracking the shell on a boiled egg. They also use it to cut away any rotten bits and scoop out the chewy goodness inside. Unlike early American settlers the Wraith use the whole human as a comestible. Waste is a sin, after all.

  134. Hey Joe,

    Hope all is well.

    Have been reading your blog via BlackBerry for the last week and a half so still need to catch up on the vids and most comments. It’s Summertime here so it’s time to put down the remote, turn off the computer and get out running with the dogs and concentrating on beating my husband at whatever sport we have managed to dig up a piece of equipment for … except for reading here which can be done while outside so a little bend in the rules. When you are holding a baseball bat it’s amazing how that happens.

    Brad’s Q&A reminded me of a board room meeting where I’ve seen the CEO take the ‘If you’re going to act like children then I’m going to treat you like children’ approach. Staff (in this case fans) oft assume their boss (producers, writers) have not tried to attain the optimum outcome and have intentionally gone out to make decisions that will personally upset them.

    I was reading some of the responses out to hubby as I was scrolling through, and with his lack of knowing/not caring who Brad is and general lack of Stargate knowledge responded, ‘Sounds like a businessman to me’. BINGO!

    The outcome of the future of SG1, SGA and SGU has the characteristics of a lengthy and detailed negotiation.

    We would all love to get exactly what we want, but even just by reading the varied likes and dislikes of fans online this is an impossible task. So when someone is trying to secure the future continuation of the franchise there will be tough decisions and compromises made.

    This is not my business, it is theirs, and to still be successful after so many years is impressive. Knowing how hard it is to get something up and running and keep it there, I’m happy to leave the decisions with these people, who have so far produced two great shows, so I can continue to enjoy my viewing.

    So yes I understand there will be some who did not appreciate the tone of some of Brad’s responses but with the number of wild assumptions and conclusions plus
    the quantity of spiteful remarks that get thrown around by people who were not present in the meetings makes me not surprised at how he responded to some.

    @shiningwit-you make me laugh. I was imagining you in full Knight’s armour, sword in hand yelling ‘CHAAARGE!’ into that last comment.

    The Q&A also wore out my track ball there was so much scrolling.

    Apologies for any BlackBerry predictive text mistakes. They can make for some amusing reading however.

  135. I’m sorry I missed teh chance to post a question, but many thanks to Brad Wright for answering all of that!

    To Joe M.,

    It sounds like Robert Carlyle (yes!) is going to be the only well-known actor on SGU (I’m sure I could be wrong). I recently (accidentally) got addicted to “The Dead Zone” with Anthony Michael Hall–his performance is fantastic. Is it possible for you to lobby ridiculously hard to get him on the show 😉

    Thanks again,

  136. If there’s one thing I got out of that Q&A, it is this: Perspective, people!!

    Brad Wright was blunt and he spoke what’s on his mind; I like that about a person, so THANK YOU Mr. Brad Wright for that Q&A, and THANK YOU Joe for hosting it!

    Geez, if you read some of the responses around here you’d think the fans were kids that must be hugged and comforted; they must be patted on their scruffy heads and be told that they are awesome just the way they are. What a load.

    Some of the questions weren’t even that insulting – but they were annoyingly melodramatic. It’s a TV show for cryin’ out loud.

    That said, I am disappointed that Vala won’t be in the 3rd movie; I like her character a lot. I wonder what the explanation for her absence in the movie will be.

    Also, another THANK YOU to BW for telling those who took the cast breakdowns seriously to get some sense. I’ve been saying since the beginning that that was just business crap, not a serious attempt to analyze the characters. I’m glad that of all the questions I asked, BW chose to answer that one.

    Though, uh, I would’ve liked it better if he answered more; but I guess beggers can’t be choosers. 😉

    Finally…BW likes The Daily Show. AWESOME.

  137. @Rose

    Rose, I think that you may have been knitting or something during the 7 episodes prior to “The Shrine.” If you had been paying attention at all, you would have noticed them inching closer and closer to a Rodney and Jenn pairing.
    I mean, they even tested the characters out in “The Last man!” After this, the little comments they’d make, the look that Rodney gave Jenn after she saved Beckett. The scene in “The Seed where Rodney came in to talk to her while she was wrapped in tons of ugly veins??? I mean, you need to quit playing on facebook while Stargate is on TV. You can’t put down television’s best ever episode if you aren’t even going to watch the show.

    SG has never made romantic relationships very obvious and even the one’s that are well established aren’t played out on screen. This is Sci-Fi, not General Hospital.

  138. Joe, very much enjoyed Vegas – the crew must have had fun, getting to do stuff they don’t normally do – especially the editor!

    Much more enjoyable than any of the CSI shows, as the special effects weren’t overdone (I find the CSI shows all flash and no substance).

    Everyone did a great job, congratulations!

  139. @shiningwit

    BTW was that “condensing” supposed to be condescending?”

    No no, condensing. Look at that Q&A, 50 paragraph question, 1 sentence reply. That’s some condensing right there. There is condensing going on right in front of our eyes *g*


    Ok people!!!!! Have I got your attention? GOOD! because its ONLY A FECKIN TV SHOW! ‘kay? Its not that important in the grand scheme of things! IT IS ENTERTAINMENT! and, quite frankly those of you who are so “devastated” that a TV show has been cancelled really need to GET A LIFE!! BTW Don’t ANYONE, EVER presume to speak on MY BEHALF

    And don’t you EVER dictate to other people what they are allowed to feel or not. The whole point of artistic endeavors IS to evoke the feelings of people. And the reason that some people do watch it is because it touches their emotions – and those emotions are real (I’m not one of them btw, I’m fairly detached from it, and think its fairly mediocre – I’m being forced to watch it *g*). But perhaps you and BW think of it more like a sausage factory, just put some stuff in there and something else comes out in the other end. Perhaps that is why he appears to not understand that some people have developed emotions towards something which is just his sausages.

    My New Years Resolution is to be non PC. and if anyone doesn’t like it then they don’t have to read/watch/listen/pay attention. I am entitled to air my opinion

    Yet others are apparently not entitled to their opinion (according to you).

  140. @ Fuchsia – Essentially it is our show as we own the airwaves. This is one of the first rules to broadcasting that I learned in college.

    The people own the airwaves, radio and television. They dictate what is aired. If we don’t like what is on the air, then we’re entitled to complain to the station/network. Why was there such a commotion over Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction? Because people (likely mothers with children watching) called into their local network station and complained.

    The same is true with the rating system. It’s an unfair system as there are so many ways of seeing the show that are not measured, and I think they purposely pick non sci-fi watching families. lol. I think every television set should have a nielsen box inside. =)

    We own the airwaves as viewers, it’s just a shame that there were not more of us watching Atlantis with nielsen boxes. (honestly, I think there are several MILLION more people watching it in different ways around the world that were not included in the ratings, but alas the network execs look at only one number)

    And lastly, to the person who blasted fans saying it’s only a Freaking show…

    Atlantis, to me, is one hour of my life where I can forget about how I’m going to pay my bills, I can forget about trying to find a job with the crappy economy, I can forget about how I’m going to pay for our wedding, much less how I’m going to make it to my wedding…

    Atlantis takes my stresses away for one hour. I can forget about my own sucky situation and thoroughly enjoy the show. I loved Vegas by the way! =) There are not many shows that really draw me in which I can escape real life for a short time, so this is why I get a little defensive at the thought of it ending. I want more than one or two movies. I’m also scared that I won’t be that into Universe. At least I’ll be in the states when it premieres so maybe my viewership will count. As I’ve learned with Star Trek and it’s numerous spinoffs, there is no guarantee that I’ll get attached to the characters. I will give it a chance though.

  141. Haha man, I’ve got to say that all of the people getting upset about Brad Wright being rude or condescending in his answers should probably cast their judgment on the questions he was answering. I would have reacted the exact same way, and was glad to see him giving it back in turn.

    As for the rage about SGA – I’m in love with it, totally obsessed with it, own all of the seasons of it and SG-1 (and hey, I’m only 24 – so much for only “old” people paying for the products!). The fact remains that for us it’s just a show. For him it’s a job, of course he’s going to be more objective about it.

    I completely sympathize with being upset and angry about the cancellation initially, but to everyone who’s still throwing a fit and boycotting Universe because of it – good riddance! Come back when you’ve gained a bit of perspective. You guys talk so much about your age in your complaints, but you certainly aren’t acting it. I also love how selective everyone’s hearing is regarding the Universe PR – why is everyone so focused on the “young” bit? I’m more interested in the character-driven and gritty comments, not to mention the Robert Carlyle.

    Besides, like he said about 987234 times – 5 years is a GREAT run for a show! We may always want more, but the fact is SGA had a great run (and we even get a movie!). Anyway, sorry for the rant – and thanks again to BW, Joe and the entire Stargate team for everything! Can’t wait for Universe. 🙂

  142. Please forgive me for being a blog entry behind.

    Somewhat not coincidentally, I don’t have any children of my own. Who, exactly, will take care of me in my old age?

    *sigh* You hit my dilemma right on the head, Joe. That’s a question that all of us DINKs will face eventually.

    At least I know I did right by my own folks.

  143. VEGAS. What can I saw it was better than what I expected it to be. The acting, the storytelling, the music everything was great. The only thing that bothered me is what happened to John Sheppard. I mean you can’t kill Sheppard even he was an alternate reality. Just like you can’t kill TODD off. Thanks for a wonderful episode Rob Cooper.

    As I said before at least we have the movies. I mean there are a lot of shows out there that do not continue on in another form. At least we get another spin off and two more movies. I’m also thankful that we even have the Stargate Franchise in the first place. If it wasn’t for Brad Wright or Rob Cooper we wouldn’t have the franchise in the first place. And whoever said that Brad Wright doesn’t care for SGA I think is wrong. Just because he created it doesn’t mean he has complete rights to the series. I’m sure he fought for the show.

    @das: Looks like you got a triple dose of Chris Heyedrehl Friday night. It was funny seeing Big Foot and John Druid in the same scene in Sanctuary. Have you heard anything about the continuation of Sanctuary? I hope it continues on I love everything about the series. I love the storytelling and acting, and everything else involved. One thing with Sanctuary you never know what to expect.

    My dog, Benny, turns 12 tomorrow Jan 4, a day before mine.


  144. My sister (who I got hooked on Stargate about 9 months ago) has been getting her friends hooked as well (current count of newly addicted people stands at six). I just learned of this yesterday, and it made me incredibly happy. 🙂 So anyways, assuming each of them goes out and tells their friends about it (I can’t see any reason why they wouldn’t… all of them seemed surprised that they actually liked a SciFi show), there’s gonna be a lot more people here in NEPA hankering after the next couple Stargate movies, and possibly anticipating SGU as well!!!

  145. i’m VERY excited by the 3rd stargate movie!! 😀 i’m the most excited by more jack and sam/jack confirmation hopes!!

    just had to let that squee out. 😛

  146. I get both sides of this q&a—to me some of the answers did feel rude but I don’t know his humor like we have known Joseph’s thru this blog. I am really dissappointed that Claudia will not be in the next movie-told several friends and they all gave a big WTF but what can we do? I love Vala and Mitchell and they should be part of any more storytelling regarding SG1 in our opinions but I do not thrust that on anyone—just putting it out there. I am concerned about a RDA centric film…don’t get me wrong—I loved O’Neill but I feel the story/show evolved as he left…isn’t that what good story telling is supposed to be about. I will say that I like Rob’s direction better than Brad’s—not saying that I have not throughly enjoyed his episodes (Shrine being one of the best EVER). I am greatful that Brad thrust Mitchell into the mythology of the show by making his great grandfather the man who captained the boat—I think Mitchell is a great character and I never felt the show becoming Mitchell centric—I mean eight years of Carter, Daniel, and T’ealc…it needed a jolt—raise the stakes and make us root the whole team on…
    And when I say that I am worried that the movie is RDA centric I mean I am worried that he not acknowledge the other team member evolutions…Both T’ealc and Daniel went to dark places in season 10 and I hope that is not overshadowed…but again-I have no idea what his story is going to be…that being said—I know I will own that movie—I am a fan—but if I hear that Mitchell is also not in it…I might never open it…I know that sounds trite—sorry—I know I will watch the movie but I honestly can’t see a story without the whole team!
    So thank you Joe for your blog, your story telling, and your ear. I am hoping that there will be many SGA movies to come! Well back to readint On Basilisk Station.

  147. LOVED VEGAS! I really like it when the writers take some risks and break out of the same-old, same-old formula.

  148. As a Stargate fan I am embarrassed for all the hate questions Brad got. I know you guys like SGA but my goodness don’t act like that

  149. hi Joe, hope your christmas and new years with the family has been good.

    Just read through the Q&A and i gotta say i didn’t really like the overall tone of it. Alot of those answers weren’t really answers. As someone who has been in the business for many many years and says fans reactions are predictable you’d think he’d know that he’d be getting some comments that were on the cranky side. Thought he’d have a thicker skin and give more…controlled? responses. But then, constent critism will make anyone shirty. I don’t know what i’m trying to say, it just didn’t leave me with a very good feeling inside. Thanks for getting the Q&A to happen Joe, and all the others that there have been, even if it didn’t turn out to be very fulfilling.

    Question. You and the other guy (my brain is melting from the summer heat , forget his name, apologies to him) are writing the Atlantis movie, do the other writers who worked on the series get to read and comment on it? Who has the final say on the finished version? It’s not B. Wright i hope. Possibly R. Cooper instead, he seems more in the wraithy frame of mind. (You know i’m an obsessive fangirl.) Any chance of R. Cooper doing a Q&A? or did i miss something?

    I haven’t seen Vegas yet (but i really really want to) only some screen caps and i’ve got to say get R. Cooper to put some wraithy bits in the movie, oh my god they were delicious! I thought you were just teasing with your shirtless wraith comment and it would be a human wraith version we would see but it was so very much better than i thought it would be. No nips! nice little detail but it does mean no piercings or giving a wraith a nipple cripple.
    I couldn’t see in the pics Joe, did he have a belly button? And that spine, my immediate reaction to that was I WANNA TOUCH I WANNA TOUCH!!. And Todd. Poor poor Todd. Don’t ever think any of you writers could get away with doing something horrible like that to our realities Todd. It wouldn’t just be the wraith nuts who wouldn’t be happy, i’m surprised so many people who don’t like the wraith like Todd. But it makes me happy.

    There was something else but i forget, be back later if the brain decides to work for once. Thanks for the ramble Joe and answers would be appreciated.

  150. v krishna said:

    I’ve never understood why producers time & time again try to bring a show “mainstream” – usually watering it down and destroying it’s real appeal in the process – and then end up canceling said show when the extra money invested in trying to knock it up a notch fails to generate roi. Why not recognize your market, embrace that market, and make television that they will be dedicated to?

    I couldn’t agree with you more! I hope they eventually will.

    As usual, Joe, your blog has managed to stir up the masses! People are all entitled to their various and diverse opinions and I want to thank you again for letting us air them here.

    Footnote: I think Vegas may go down as one of my all-time favorite Stargate episodes. I watched it only once, but the scenes and soundtrack are still replaying themselves in my head. It came late in the life of the series, but dang! it was worth waiting for. And was that a touch of Cowboy Bebop in that final scene?

  151. @ tamijb – Like I said, Friday night was an emotional rollercoaster – mostly BECAUSE of Chris. For the first time Sanctuary depressed me (yeah, I have a problem with shows setting off my depression gene, or something… 🙄 ). I’m thinking that one of Chris’ characters is going to die, and I think you know which one I mean. I love that guy…loved how Druitt referred to him as, ‘MY hirsute friend’…lol. That was brilliant! I was so excited during the first half of the ep, but then – well, you know. I have a thing about characters dying, and it really doesn’t look good for ‘Foot right now, does it? But then again, I’m also worried about Druitt, and Henry. All three kind of have big targets on them right now.

    These shows are just draining me. It’s why I don’t get close to people in real life – too much pain. So, stupid me, I thought I was safe with fake characters…but…noooooo. It’s even worse! And don’t get me started on Disney movies!

    I think I’m just gonna pop in my Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House DVD, and watch it over and over until I feel all warm and fuzzy again. 😀

    Well…I am kinda warm and fuzzy anyway…but that’s just hormones. 😛


  152. Joe,

    When is it going to stop snowing on your blog? I know this sounds weird but I think it’s messing with my computer. The web page is flickering. Of course I blame the snow.

    Or maybe I need glasses. It just seems to happen on your blog and no other website I go to. Weird, right?


  153. Hez – don’t read any further… 😉

    @ Sparrow_hawk – The soundtrack totally kicked arse! I wasn’t sure what MM song would be used – I was wondering if it would be some obscure thing…but when I heard Beautiful People, I just squeeed! Well…really…it was the shirtless Wraith that had me squeeing, but still! What a perfect marriage of song and subject! 😀

    The Stones song was perfect, too…I think Noir called that one. Although…Wraith will never be devils to me…just very hungry bugs…with really, REALLY sexy backs.

    Now – to come up with a song for Crazy Todd…I’m thinking…They’re Coming to Take me Away, Ha-Haaa! 😆

    Oops, I mean… 🙁


  154. Oh, poo…I missed a bunch…

    @ noir – In *my* reality, he didn’t die – he jumped out of the trailer just in time, and merely got singed. He woke up a little while later…sucked what life was left out of John Sheppard, and rescued ‘Todd’. The two are now living in India, working the tech support hotlines for Dell.

    @ Trish – Only problem with blind-folded ‘top this spider’ is – how are you gonna know unless…unless you touch it?? *shudder*

    Speaking of touching…

    @ BlueJay – Touch it? I wanna play it like a Flintstones’ dinoxylophone! Brrrruuuupppptttt-tink! 😀


  155. @das ~ hee hee. You’ll never convert me!!! BUT I do admit that I love Todd and like him as a main character of sorts. (and that actor has a very sexy voice for all his Scifi characters) I also admit that in Vegas that nice sexy chest scene was lovely even if it was in Wraith green. ;o) (and I do SO go for a more pale tone, but only with Brits & Scots!)

    I will add, as I see others are going into Vegas, that I found that episode very well done. I felt it was the best “escape from our reality” episode within the SG-1 & SGA series. Also loved the soundtrack.
    Now I shall brace myself for next week and look forward to other shows starting up their new seasons to keep me from sinking into the dismals. *holding breath*
    …until this summer when I get not only a new SG show but also movies!! With JACK!! (oh how I miss that man and his side comments!) yippee!! (thinking positive! thinking positive!)


  156. 1. Thanks to Mr. Wright for the Q&A. It put most of my worries about SGU to rest and I can’t wait for the third movie.

    2. Vegas was really terrific!

    3.You guys know most of the fans aren’t batshit insane, right?

  157. Interesting that Brad Wright listed a couple of my favourite episodes as things that shouldn’t have been made…

    In my opinion, both Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis are both very good shows, and deserve a lot more fan support than they are currently getting. It seems a shame that a fanbase that used to be very dedicated and intelligent seems to have become somewhat… bitchy, for lack of a better (or nicer) term.

    Looking forward to Stargate Universe and liking the idea of a Richard Dean Anderson heavy SG1 movie.

    Lastly… as a regular reader of your blog I probably should have made my presence obvious sooner, but would like to say it’s very entertaining, often informative, and sometimes full of completely useless information that I do so love quoteing to my friends. Unfortunately, the ability to churn out daily blog articles seems to allude me completely…

  158. so is the sgu ship going to be travelers/millenium falcon crossed with the enterprise kind of look?

  159. OMG o_O Aren’t some of you guys being a BIT childish? Boycott SGU? “One more season for SGA please”? Come on! 😀 After the 6th season you still would be moaning and asking for “just one more season”. I’m really sad about it being cancelled, this is my favourite show ever. But wouldn’t it be more appropriate to say “Thank you, all of you who participated in making SGA, for creating this awesome show which we loved (and watched every single episode of it not once :P)” instead of saying “Oh you *#&@* ! Why do you cancel it?? Can’t you see we loved the show??”?
    I’m sorry if I’m wrong, I don’t know anyone of the team been working on this show, but I suspect they loved making it (like we loved watching). So, just get over it. Or keep complaining, I won’t. I’m looking forward to the SGA movie(s, hopefully) as well as SGU.
    Sorry for chipping in especially with my terrible English, really (I’m Hungarian). Hope you understand what I wanted to say. And excuse me for repeating thoughts that have already been written here, I just wanted to say thanks to the creators, the actors/actresses etc. for these awesome 5 seasons of SGA 🙂

    Peace, happiness and bruschetta for everyone.

  160. Vegas was a WOW!!!! I loved everything about it. I’ve watched it 8 times already and it’s tied with Common Ground as my favorite ep.

    Kudos to Joe Flanigan on his awesome acting and to Robert Cooper for a great story.

    I’m really going to miss SGA. Any news on the movie?

  161. I’m a very disappointed SGA Fan and will not be watching SGU. After reading the character bios…it holds absolutely no interest to me at all. Then again I’m not in the target age group so what the heck…won’t be missed anyway.

    Also, I’m not going to be a sheep and follow along just because it says Stargate in the title.

  162. I think it’s awesome that the next SG movie is going to focus on the original SG-1. Those were the best years of the franchise, and with it seemingly filming before the SGA movie, big sales for the SG-1 DVD will hopefully translate to big sales for SGA as well. Especially if Sam, Daniel, and Teal’c are putting in appearances as has been rumored.

    Loving Stargate at the moment Joe, and so is everyone I know. Can’t wait for more to come!

  163. @ Hez – Yes…You like Todd. And shirtless ‘Spike’. I also remember after one particular ep you noting that the Wraith seemed to be getting hotter. Slowly but surely, you will come over to the green side… 😉

    BTW – got that link you sent me. I figure it will go nicely with the Great Nipple Debate, so I’ll share it here:


    @ Joe – In Vegas, when the Wraith is sitting in the trailer, flashing back to how he came to earth, he pulls off part of his mask and it’s in a star pattern, over his left eye, like Todd’s tattoo. Was that a bit of foreshadowing, or just a coincidence? We have speculated that he was sensing Todd’s thoughts, and visa versa…so at that moment was he reflecting Todd’s insanity, or just his own desperation?

    Thankies. 🙂


  164. You hate Vala. why? You hated The idea of symbiote in a stomach. Why. Do you honestly hate that which the fans love?

  165. I just want you to know that “Vegas” is the best SG-A episode to date. I’ve really enjoyed this season. I look forward to SGU. Thanks.

  166. Uhm… why isn’t Vala in the third movie? It’s kinda low to kick one of the newest member of SG-1 off, for an older one who’s already been off the show for a while. Vala IS a part of SG1. And…well…I understand if Claudia has like…other duties. But still. 🙁 …it kinda sucks.

    And also, I think Brad was very rude to some people in this Q&A. So…yeah.

    No Vala… so sad. ><

  167. I can take or leave Vala, so I won’t be sorry to not see her in the third SG1 movie, but I would like to tell Farscapefan that Stargate is not Farscape II. I, for one, will be glad to not see your negative comments when the third movie airs.

  168. Woah, he sounded like kind of a jerk. But the questions were shit, so who knows.

  169. Ok,

    I have gone down this page reading all the Q & A’s and in short I have found you to be a little sharp with the answers to the good questions (putting you on the spot) why be like that.

    You and the rest of MGM have taken away a good show from us the fans saying in short it was pulling in the fans (when people say thousands you say millions) the shows are aired throughout the world which to me means millions.

    Now we find a third movie from SG-1 which is great but the way it was explained to us the fans it was one dvd a year but its not.

    In short is there anything on this site the truth or are you just covering.

    Will any of my questions be answered I guess not

  170. “BW: No. You guys are actually pretty predictable (take no offense, most fan groups are). Unfortunately, you represent a very small portion of the actual viewing audience we need for financial success.”

    Wow. And suddenly I will not miss the Stargate franchise. After being a fan of both SG1 and SGA, and having all available seasons of both on DVD, now I regret giving you my time and money. Yes! It’s true! I liked one Stargate show, so I assumed I would like the other instead of disregarding it outright! But clearly you didn’t need my money, and it sure sounds like you couldn’t care less about the time I spend on your franchise.

    I’m curious, though: is it just the people complaining about SGU who aren’t worth your time of day? Online fans? ‘Most fan groups’? Either way, good job telling a bunch of fans to f**k off, Brad Wright, because that shows how much you care!

  171. “BW: I don’t remember saying that 40ish people spend the money for sg-1 and sga products.”

    You didn’t read the question.

    She didn’t say that YOU said that. SHE was pointing it out TO you.

    I guess it doesn’t matter whether or not we /actually/ spend money, though, only whether we’re in the right age group.


    “BW: Again, five years is a successful series. Fans don’t matter to us? Please.”

    Yeah, well, you don’t do a very good job of denying it: “BW: No. You guys are actually pretty predictable (take no offense, most fan groups are). Unfortunately, you represent a very small portion of the actual viewing audience we need for financial success.”

    See Darkrose: “Wright said over and over that the ratings weren’t there for SGA season 6. Yet the ratings for the first few episodes of season 5 were reported as some of the best the show’s ever had, and that it was doing well in that oh-so-important 18-29 male demographic. So, was that not true? Or did the goalposts shift suddenly?”

    I, too, would like an answer.

    “BW: We are not, not, not trying to get rid of our older fans. For god’s sake, we just cast Robert Carlyle. He’s over twenty.”

    And yet the rest of the characters appear to consist of college-age and possibly even younger, with, iirc, at least one who’s a “party girl”. Erg and wtf? Also, omfg, can we please have JUST ONE MORE white guy as commander? PLEASE? There aren’t nearly enough white guys in command positions on television. Won’t someone please think of the white guys?!

    Y’all really don’t have any idea what to do with women characters or characters of color, do you? Jason and Rachel have been pushed further and further out of the picture as you focus on making as many fans as possible hate the character of Jennifer Keller. In one of the otherwise best eps of the season you managed to find space for pretty much everyone else EXCEPT them. And don’t think we missed the fact that Jason wanted to be in it so much he asked if he could be the Wraith, yet la, no Jason, and why in the name of all that’s holy NOT? It’s–

    It’s really making me glad to see SGA go, actually.

    I’ll be very sad not to get my Jason/Joe/Rachel/David fix every week, but yeah. The condescension you’ve shown in this Q&A has killed off the last of my affection for this franchise.

  172. Personally I’m not an Atlantis fan and I don’t intend to watch the new one, simply because cable is too expensive, and I don’t have the time, or health to keep up.

    I am however a long time SG1 fan. Every tidbit I can get from the writers/directors/producers etc, etc, is always appreciated and I’m grateful for the time and effort taken.

    BW took a lot of time (I’m assuming) to respond to questions and to have people respond back so hatefully and so narrow mindedly – I just don’t get it???? Those so-called fans certainly don’t get paid to run the show, so you’d think they be more respectful in their comments and considerations toward those who have brought us that programming. I don’t belong to other TV programming groups, but I can’t imagine other high profile execs taking the time to respond to a handful of fans whether they are decent or deranged like those from Stargate have.

    I read a comment on the Gateworld forums that BW may not do another Q&A. I certainly hope that’s not true and that he gives the rest of us who truly appreciate the effort involved another chance.

    Either way, THANK YOU and I hope to see more in the future.

  173. First of all wow!! so much anger and resentment toward those who brought us some of the happiest moments in our lives. I honestly don’t see how all of you can turn against the creator so quickly. I personally have comfort just knowing that the stargate will go on in one form or another. After all isn’t that what truely matters here, that the gate survives. It is very sad to read these comments and I can only hope that some of you will reconsider the position you have taken.

    Joe- I can’t say it enough, thank you so much for all that you do.

    One quick question: could you give any insight into what happened to the Tria? I had forgotten all about it, is it still floating in the void between galaxies or what.

    Thanks always,


  174. I’m not what you would call the typical fan, I dont go to conventions and I dont spend hours on end on the forums dedicated to SG, but I do occasionally pop onto Gateworld.net to see what news there are about the shows. The shows that I have liked and watched for the last oh about 7 years I think.

    That said whenever I lay my eyes on any piece of news about SGU, about which I am very excited by the way, there seems to be a horde of blithering idiots trashing the next chapter in the SG saga for virtually no reason what so ever. Except, it seems, that they feel like they are so important to the success of the SG series, that their ideas and feelings about the shows are more important than those of the people actually making the show.

    I find this frankly disturbing and had I been Brad Wright, after reading many of these questions I find it hard to believe, that I would have the energy or the will to treat us to at least one last movie of SGA.

    I am appalled at the incredibly bad manners of many of the fans and actually hope that you few hundred screaming monsters dont watch the show so that the rest of us will be free of your whining!

    I for one will place my trust and support in and for SGU and Brad Wright because I think his record speaks for itself!
    I mean almost a decade and a half of very good television, there must be some kind of skill going into that!

    Salutes to Brad Wright for listening to the good fans AND the blithering idiots even though he certainly doesn’t have to.

    Thank you.

  175. Dear sir:

    My wife and I are BIG fans of StarGate SG-1, Atlantis and are looking forward to the new show, Universe. We have every version of the original movie, both of the direct to DVD movies and every season of both SG-1 and Atlantis, every issue of StarGate magazine and all 11 compendiums from both series.

    To say we are fans is probably an understatement.

    We watched “Vegas” last Friday and both of us feel Cheated, that was the worst conglomeration of ????? that has been presented in 15 seasons of two great shows. How could you possibly use that to fill one of the last two episodes of a very good series. We both sat in front of the TV waiting for the show to become worthwhile and it never happened. Vegas should have just been dropped and left us with a 19 episode season.

    Thanks for the opportunity to voice my opinion.

  176. Brad, thanks for Stargate, I have watched it since the beggining and am really looking forward to SGU.

    Unlike many I genuinly believe that 5 seasons of SGA is great and that by making movies of it is the way forward. SG-1 is so dam cool and SG-C was such a great film.

    Now that the brown-nosing is over email me with casting details!

    Lol… so joking, I know that wouldnt happen.

    Take care man.


  177. Hi Joe,
    I’ve been absent from commenting for a while as I’ve had a busy few months (Masters program, full time job, holidays, oh and about to sign papers on my first house) but I had to come back in the fold to comment on this one…

    Frist Thanks to Brad for taking the time to answer! While I’m not happy that SGA is leaving us I am happy for the 100 episode that I was able to enjoy and looking forward to the movie(s) I’ll be able to enjoy in the future. After reading Brad’s comments I feel better at what SGU will hopefully become and I’ve always planned to give it a chance. I’m really looking forward to the next SG1 move (yeah no Vala, sorry folks I could tolorate her but felt the show was much better without her as a main player).

    Oh and Joe I know I’ve been absent for a while but can I get a shout out on Thrusday the 8th it’s my 36th birthday (yep me and Elvis).
    Karen N

  178. I will miss Claudia Black/Vala in the new DVD movie. I really really really like her. That being said, I’m still looking forward to it. I hope we don’t lose too many of the other characters. I think its great that the writers and producers and directors of Stargate want to continue these franchises past their sell-by dates and gives us some more stories with these characters. I wonder why other shows aren’t doing this? Seems like a money maker to me. Looking forward to SGU guys, definitely!!!

  179. “BW: No. You guys are actually pretty predictable (take no offense, most fan groups are). Unfortunately, you represent a very small portion of the actual viewing audience we need for financial success.”

    Haha, I like how people are flipping out over this, because it’s 100% true. Any time any sci-fi show is canceled you grab your torches and pitchforks. It’s so pathetically predictable that you have completely removed any weight from the concept of a “show-saving” movement. How is any exec supposed to take you seriously when you do it every single time, even if the show has been on for 5 years? You’ve probably crushed any hope of something that *really* needed to be “saved” (like Firefly) from being considered in the future.

  180. Dear Sirs,

    First off, let me say a big ‘Thank you’ for providing me with many, many hours of entertainment. I have been disabled recently, so TV is one of my major ways I can entertain myself. I LOVE all of your Stargate material. I even went to the Vancouver convention last year. I only wish I can afford to go this year.
    My question is this, will you ever make models of the spaceships found in the Stargate universe? (i.e., The Oddessy, the ancient vessel, the puddle jumper, ) I also build models of my favorite spaceships, and I think the ones in your world would be awesome. PLEASE look into producing models with maybe some of the present companies out there like AMT, or Ertl, (the ones who make the Star Trek models).
    Thank you very much
    Rudy Marmaro
    Colorado Springs, CO
    (P.S., I would be happy to consult on auntenticity of any scenes taking place in Colorado Springs. Unfortunately, it really looks nothing like Vancouver. )

  181. Will Major Davis receive a well deserved promotion to Lt Colonel Davis? (Please say yes)

    The reason I ask is because it seems that everyone else gets a promotion and he has been around since season 2 so is it just a gag or what that he hasn’t been promoted yet?

    So thank you for your time and to help produce a very good show/movie franchise

  182. Oh, I just can’t stand it anymore!

    *kicks comment count up to 200*

    That’s been driving my ODC nuts…



  183. O.C.D.

    There. Now I’m messing up the perfect 200, just because I had to prove I could spell OCD. 😆

    Now. Somebody post after me to make it an even number again. 😉

    Joe, I notice that you never go back and correct misspellings, except errors in the date. Does it just not bother you, or don’t you notice the mistakes?

    Sometimes I don’t care if I make a mistake if it’s not too glaring. But other times…ya know…it kinda sticks out, and drives me crazy, even though I know most people won’t even notice.

    In fact, I rbemeemr raindeg stinmoehg aoubt how our mndis pocrses wdros. If a wrod satrts and edns wtih the rhgit lertets, but etinevyrhg in beewetn is mexid up, we wlil slitl be albe to celalry raed the sctenene, lkie tihs.

    Or, maybe not…


  184. Why did not one person ask this simple question about the 3rd SG1 movie:

    Will the Gould be in it? Asguard etc? who is the bad guys?

    yes we know its Jack focused but i hope the gould or a gould will be in it such as Aphosis etc??????

    MY GOD! so many stuid questions but none about the 3rd SG1 MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! people!!!! come on!

  185. I hate the questions….so Brad how do you write scripts or Brad whats your favorite meal! lol i made that up.

    All i care about is who is the bad guy for the 3rd SG1 MOVIE??????? SIMPLE!


  186. Interesting Q & A. I think the whole thing that people miss is that TELEVISION IS A BUSINESS, PEOPLE!! Bottom line. It’s a job for these folks. It’s a fun, interesting, challenging job, but a JOB. Not a lifestyle, not a fandom, not a love. When I read the Q & A from that point of view I see someone who enjoyed the job and is now ready to move on, and seems a bit bemused that anyone doesn’t understand it.

    Vegas. The fangirl in me was yelling at the screen “Noo – why would they waste an hour of time on this stuff when they could have given me a real episode!” Actually, the CSI and procedural fan in me was yelling the same thing, sorry to say. The CSI clips were just too laughable. Three within a few moments first off? Gee, what might a leaky rad look like? Green stuff dripping! Cool shot, let’s show it twice!!! Please.

    The stunts were amazing. The story was pretty dang shaky and seemed to be setting up the final ep and potential movie in a really short space of time – if it was written to get the Wraith to threaten Earth, a story line that could have taken much longer if there had been a sixth season, then I understand the necessity.

    It’s been a blast. I’ll watch SGU (bet THAT takes a load off your mind 😛 ) – at least, the first couple. Not expecting much, but then I didn’t expect much of SGA. Here’s hoping.

  187. After reading (a lot) of this looonnnngggg blog, all I can say is God bless the Stargate folks for their patience and sense of humor–you must be truly blessed to be able to “listen” to all the opinions and to try to answer them without completely “losing it”.
    And shiningwit said it best, “…and no I didn’t pose any questions because I am HAPPY with the work Brad et al have done/are doing/will do…”

    ME TOO!
    Nuff said…


  188. I was hesitant to start watching SWA because I wasn’t sure it could replace SG1 as my favourite sci-fi show, however it did a brilliant job of doing so and as sad as I am to see SWA go, I’m really looking forward to SWU.

    Great blog post, very interesting stuff.

  189. Why your stoped Stargate Atlantis by the Fifed Season I will see more Seasons Of Atlantis Pleas

  190. first off, thanks for 12 years of stargate (so far) 🙂

    i know that vala isn’t everyones cup of tea but i have to say for me it was CBs character that got me interested in SG1 again after watching “Prometheus Unbound”. I grew up watching stargate but season 7 and 8 had really disappointed me and it was only by chance that i saw the episode. However after hearing that Vala would be returning and that Ben Browder was also joining the cast i found a renewed love for the series. I really enjoyed the diffrent perspective that she brought to the show, it allowed us to see a diffrent side of the Stargate world as well as being funny and vibrant. Plus it’s always good to see someone that can get the better of Daniel.

    As much as i liked Jack and was glad to see him in the cameos he did in S10 and in Continuum i thought that SG1 had moved on from being all about O’Neill and was glad to see it progress. That aside however i would like to see a resolution of the Sam/Jack storyline.

    Will Ben be appearing in the third movie?

    end of rant…

  191. Wow. While some of these answers were detailed and helpful, I agree with many of the posters here that at times the responses delved into the sarcastic, condescending, and generally unhelpful. As a fan of SGA, I too feel burned. I would just like to point some things out.

    1. Sci-fi has a terrible track record with developing shows, promoting them, and then suddenly cancelling them. Anyone else shocked by how heavily the 200th episode of SG:1 was promoted “as the longest running sci-fi show ever” and then suddenly the news of the series’ cancellation broke.
    2. I remember when SG:1 jumped to the Sci-fi channel and Farscape was then cancelled. Many Farscape fans were outraged because it seemed that the show was dumped for SG:1. Now it seemingly happens again. SGA dumped in favor of this new concept.
    3. With regards to the new show, people are right. We don;t know much about and it is hard to tell what the series will be like just from what has been leaked so far. So we can only go by the concept and it has a super original concept. Let’s see, a mix of scientists and military people find themselves stranded on an alien and ancient piece of space technology completely cutoff from Earth. They are forced to interact with new races, build alliances, and try to survive. That sounds like a great idea for a series. OH WAIT. IT WAS. THAT WAS THE CONCEPT FOR THE FIRST SEASON OF STARGATE ATLANTIS. Perhaps with a cast of young superhot 20 somethings it might be better. Maybe….

  192. the next movie might be titled, something of “the memoirs and adventures of a Gen. Jack ” homer” O’neal..

  193. It’s not just stealing from the concept of season 1 of SGA. Thing practically screams Star Trek Voyager with the whole untested crew thing and having to bond against dangers and tryin to get home. Totally sounds like they just stuck a Stargate on the U.S.S. Voyager. How bout some really original programming SciFi channel?

  194. Salut ,
    tout d’abord désolé mais je suis pas très forte en Anglais^^ je suis juste française.
    En faite voila: je voulais vous dire Bravo ! je suis une fan de Stargate SG-1 (j’aime beaucoup Atlantis aussi^^ … mais je préfère SG-1 ) et franchement… c’est une vraix drogue votre série! depuis que j’ai commencé à regarder je ne peu plus m’arreter (je regarde au moin 3 épisodes par soirs!) et c’est fou mais chaque épisodes, malgrès leur nombres, reste différent des autres, chaque épisode nous surprend.

    voila je voulais juste vous remercier pour ces moments de pure bonheur!
    et j’espère de tout coeur vous voir ainsi que quelques acteur de SG-1(mais je supose qu’il doivent être enn tournage ayeur….) à la convenssion Stargate à Parie.

    merci d’avoir pris le temps de me traduire et de me lire par la même occasion^^

  195. I look forward to a new SG1 movie and the bigger inclusion of Jack. For me the Stargate story has always been about the Jack/Daniel friendship. They were the two that started this adventure and have remained friends through out.

    I notice a lot of comments have been made regarding a Jack/Sam relationship. This has been one aspect of the show I have found hard to swallow and sincerely hope there won’t be a romantic ending for the two of them. I see them as friends and anyway surely the fact that they are superior/subordinate officers would curtail any romantic attachment.

    The final coming together of two of the main characters could alienate a lot of fans. While there is a large contingent of Jack/Sam fans there is an equally large contingent of fans who are not. Personally I wouldn’t buy a DVD that ended with them riding off into the sunset together and I’m sure I’m not the only one. In order to make the next movie a success leading, hopefully, to a fourth movie this needs to be taken into consideration.

  196. I would like in the 3rd movie that jack and sam will be together !!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would be fantastic

  197. Vegas was great. Liked the change in cine style. I’m a bit bored with the Vancouver area forests and Medieval village sets and taverns by now. Enemy at the Gate was great too but I was left with thinking the series finale ended up at Star Fleet Academy. I was sort of waiting for the whales and Spock in a white bathrobe to appear.

    Universe – I dunno. Casting Carlyle is very interesting but the whole 20-nothing demographic just lends credibility to the whole Stargate 90210 tag. Do you think you can kill off anyone under thirty by the second season?

    How about a 4th movie mashup? Just get everyone available at the time. Walter goes off his meds and takes over the base, or Rodney arm wrestles RDA?

  198. No I think SG:U is a great idea. I can see how the next couple decades in the Stargate Franchise can unfold. Aim for shows that will run in 5 year segments. Stargate Universe can run for five years. Then we can do Stargate Bootcamp, Stargate Highschool, Stargate Middle School, Stargate Elementary, and Stargate Preschool. That will keep the franchise on the air till my kids are in college. And the ages will be totally relatable. Awesome dude!

  199. Regarding the interest SciFi shows in their original programs, I think the fact that they never updated icon used to advertise the 5 season of SGA tells it all. Whenever the icon showing when to watch SGA would pop up at the bottom of the tv screen during other programs, it is outdated. It sill shows Amanda Tapping as if she were a regular cast member, not merely a reoccuring/guest star as she has been this season. Seems to me the decision to write off the show and not invest any money in updating things like this was made long before the cancellation was announced. Shows are only worth it as long as we can wring them like the cash cows they are seems to be the going attitude.

  200. I like the sga,sg1 and now sgu. I am 40 and ok with the way it all went down (death of the sga)
    I just wish people would stop trying to make it out as if your(SGU) going younger…please I just heard the low down on the new show and it’s like a western only in space..oh wait that was STAR TREK. The human condition is why I watch the shows like Twilight Zone,Hitchcock,Outer Limits and all the cool new monsters

  201. Thanks Brad for the Q&A and thanks jo for inviting him. I have to say that im sick of hearing people complain about SGA its over deal with it the same way we all had to deal with SG-1 being over and just be greatfull for the 15 years of two fantastic shows.
    As for the up coming SG-1 movie. Thankyou for getting RDA more involved and making it more jacksentric and Thank god for no Vala, I love claudia Black she’s a fantastic actress but her character always seem to be stealing the lime light. Bring back the traditional SG-1 that started all these fantastic shows and movies, and if im must slip in- A Proper Jack and Sam moment would be great.
    All in all, Thanks for SG-1 thanks for SGA and ill watch SGU with an open mind.

  202. its interesting to see how cinical most of you fans are… its disapointing.

    BW puts his best efforts into creating a show that you all have grown to love.

    Remember when it was first announced a second series there were lots of bitching about it and that none of you would like it. BUT NOW you are all massive fans of SGA.

    give SGU a chance, a might even like it more. like all the other characters we love on SG1 and SGA at first we mightnt have like them but we love them all now. Take Woosley as an example.

    I look forward to watching all the new movies as they comeout, and regardless of the fact that my newest FAVOURITE CHARACTER vala wont be in the 3rd SG1, i will still watch (and praying that she is in the 4th, if it comes).

    But guys just remember to appreciate the good bits. and hell the stargate franchise has produced 10years of one show, 5 of another, 2 dvd movies, atleast 2 planned, and a 3rd series. that is MASSIVE!!! appreciate that its lasted this long, dont complain that SGA couldnt go past 100 eps, appreciate the 100 that we did get (and convince EVERYONE to buy the dvd movie so MGM will order us another one XD )

    thats by 2cents 🙂

  203. “Not Important” wrote:
    ***That said whenever I lay my eyes on any piece of news about SGU, about which I am very excited by the way, there seems to be a horde of blithering idiots trashing the next chapter in the SG saga for virtually no reason what so ever. Except, it seems, that they feel like they are so important to the success of the SG series, that their ideas and feelings about the shows are more important than those of the people actually making the show.****

    LOL, that is so true. Some of them have feelings of bitterness and resentment toward “TPTB” because SGA went off the air after 5 years. In their opinion Brad and company took away something (a show) that they loved just so he could bring in another show (SGU) that they don’t think they will like. Heck, a small portion of the “fan base” is still angry at BW and company, full of hurt and resentment because (according to them) “TPTB” took took the Jack and Daniel relationship away from them back in S4, I guess. Heaven forbid that the ones who actually created the TV show should follow their own minds and do what they want instead of doing what a portion of the fans want. Brad is correct: on-line fans are always whining about something and think that without them, the show would never have stayed on the air for as long as it did. Seems they conveniently forget about all the millions of people who watch the show and don’t hang out whining on line.

    Anyway, Brad and Co., thanks for 10 years of enjoyment with SG-1.

  204. I’m a huge fan of stargate SG1, I was wondering, if you end up doing a 3rd film, are you going to finish the story between Jack and Sam, or is that to be a never ending ? That’s the one thing in the series that’s still left hanging.

  205. I also am looking forward to SGU. I’m currently going to school for Computer Animation, and it is inspiring to see shows like Stargate that have such dedication to awesome visual effects. I can only hope one day I’ll be good enough at what I do to work on a project that cool. Joe, my friend, I hope you know how lucky you are to be involved with such a high quality, long-running franchise. We should all be so fortunate.

    That said, it is really frustrating to see the way fans online are treating the Stargate creators. In case you (fans) haven’t noticed, there’s novels. Lots of them. Plenty of new stories for you to immerse yourselves in the SGA universe by some pretty fantastic authors.

    I can’t say I was surprised to hear that SGA had been canceled. It seemed like the show had run it’s course, and it ended on a good note. I’m glad the creators/writers are moving on to a new storyline. If SGU is even half as good as SG-1 was, it’ll be awesome. Seriously. Robert Carlyle? He played one of my favorite James Bond villains; I can’t wait to see how he acts on Stargate. SGU definitely promises an interesting pilot at the very LEAST.

    As long as you guys are writing, I’ll be watching.

  206. I watched the final episode of Atlantis, and then called Comcast and cut my cable back to Basic service. Sci/Fi channel has lost their minds. They cancelled SG1, the cancelled SGA, they offer wrestling … erm… because it’s fiction?? And all those cruddy, violent, stupid horror movies. I’m not sure they have a clue what “science fiction” actually is. I will miss TNT and USA networks, but I’m DONE with Sci/Fi, and have NO intention of paying for it any more. So I’ll miss SGU? I’m not worried. I have my SG1 collection, I’m working on the SGA collection, I have the movie DVD’s – and I’m good. Let me know when the next movie comes out…

  207. bonjour, je suis française et je ne parle pas du tout votre langue!!
    donc j’aimerais avoir des infos tout simplement sur la suite de stargate sg1, j’ai toutes les saisons en dvd plus les films et je voudrais savoir si il y avait un 3éme film stargate sg1? et pourquoi pas continuer carrément la série stargate sg1 avec o’neil parce que j’adore son caractére et son humour, il a un style que j’adore!!
    sa serait géniale!!!!
    et j’ai appris pour la nouvel série stargate sanctuaire quand est ce qu’on verra la série en France???
    Pour stargate universe pourquoi ne pas avoir repris les anciens personnages de stargate sg1?
    j’attends avec impatience vos réponses, merci d’avance!!

  208. There should be Vala. There should be lots and lots of Vala, it’s wrong and mean just to kick her off. Besides, she’s the main thing still keeping Daniel’s personality going – before she arrived he was just getting boring and formulaic, now it’s great again! I want CB in the movies!

  209. bonjour je voudrai savoir si vs pouvé mettre souven carteur et daniel den la serie stargate universail svp il vs ns manquer fete un n’éfor pour les frençais

  210. ouiiiiii ta raison loubar pour tous les frençais je ve ke vs reprené les anciens personnage le plus souven poussible pour la nouvelle serie stargate universe svp pour les frençais sinon je c pa si votre serie va marché métté carteur daniel madké de atlantis et jack si c pousible

  211. Bonjours, I am French and fan of stargate I just wanted you ask a question on Stargate SG-1. Made you specially change the name of the son of jack o’ neill? Because in the original film of 1993 at the beginning when jack is in rooms(chambers) of his son who is called Charlie in SG-1 there is a diploma with the name of Taylor O’ neill, thus I just wondered if it was one young error… Otherwise continued like that Universe is brilliant also, bravo has you…

  212. Hello I was wondering how would i be able to contact you for really good ideas for a new type of stargate series?
    Please contact me if and when you read this:)

  213. i really miss atlantis and the cast, been watching sgu but its slow and well the cast seems bitchy abit like BSG dark plot lines people fighting for power. dont like ill be watching much more its not for me and iv been a stargate fan since the first movie and sg1.

    graham 🙁

  214. Brad

    I hope you and Robert Cooper will pair Shepperd with someone on SGA Extinction.

  215. Good morning Mr Wright,
    I’m a french fan to stargate. I’m sorry for my bad englich translate but i’m not very good. Thank’s french school. lol. If I send you this message, it’s about the information to stoping the diffusion of stargate universe. I now that’s difficult to product and finance this project. But it exist alternative diffusion.
    I’m not a specialiste but we are very desapointed by this news. It’s perhaps possible to send a book or a comics. Stargate atlantis is not finished and fans were very desaggree if a second “end” was so uninterressing.
    I’m very very sorry for the difficult you schould be having for read me but this serie is very attractive for many peopple all aver the world.
    thanks for this universe.
    clement, france

  216. Hey Guys,

    I’ll start here by saying that I’m sorry to hear that yet another Stargate show was cancelled before it’s time. Universe only getting the two seasons, and I thought Atlantis had another season or two left in it back in the day.

    Suffice to say, I’ve also heard that all movie productions have been put on hold for the moment. I know a lot of people have been waiting for a third SG-1 movie for a while now, then came the end of Atlantis, from which another movie was expected (Enemy at the Gate seemed an all-too convenient setup in regards to everything turning out how it did, not to mention there are still some queries to answer (Todd))?

    Then we get the news that Universe was cancelled, and we’re given the opportunity of a third movie, for the third show.

    To ask the question(s):

    1) I don’t know how the system works, but what are the chances that Universe could / would be picked up by another network? Syfy obviously aren’t capable of showing it, and it’ll be difficult to end such the-story in a single movie (you’d need a fair number of them, especially with the development you’ve given the show already).

    2) Out of SG-1, Atlantis and Universe (providing it doesn’t get picked up elsewhere), which of the three is most likely to get it’s movie first? If it isn’t a case of which one is more likely, then I’d ask you wish one you’d like to see first.

    3) No doubt you’ve not yet had the opportunity to even consider a 4th series, would you like a 4th Stargate series to be put into action, or would you rather let it settle for a while?

    Thanks for your time, and I’m sorry if I’ve asked questions that have already been answered.

  217. Tonight I found out that SGU is canceled, and can’t believe it. I hope that the series can end on a high note.

    Mr Wright I have watched all the series (SG1, SGA, and SGU) and I thought about something.

    How about a Stargate series that starts in the beginning with the Ancients building the Stargate system throughout the Galaxy and eventually meeting the other races (The Nox, The Asgard, etc)?

  218. Dear mister Wright,

    it’s a shame that SGU got cancelled by Syfy.
    Are you still going on without thier support? I cross my fingers to see the 5 seasons of SGU.
    I didn’t like SGU at start but now i fully enjoy it.

    I bought SG1 and Atlantis Integral on dvd + SGU season 1.
    I’m sorry that’s all i can do, i’ll let you know if i win lotery.

    I’m also a writer (but in french), working on my first novel.
    Already spent much time thinking about the space, gods and science before seeing stargate… so i let you guess how much i appreciated the show.

    It will be a great challenge to do better than stargate but i won’t give up and make it come true.
    Optimistic would you say… Well, bet on it.

    I will bet on you as well, show us what you’re capable of.
    Movies and SGU seasons 3,4,5 have to be done no matter what. Don’t give up now!
    The new startrek with the time war thing is still nothing compared to your work. They have a long way to go before reaching your feet.

  219. hey,,, im from ecuador,,, i want to buy a dvd with stargate sg1 en latinos with all seasons how much is this,,, and do you can help me

  220. Hello, Mr. Wright, I am a greet Fan from Stargate-SG1-SGA-SGU. I Bought all the three shows on dvd collections. Thank you verry much for this greet science fictions series. Of course I’m sad that sgu have cancelled after season 2. I’m still hoping that SGU are comming back with another season?? (Are there any chance that SGU is comming back with more seasons or maybe a film?). I will thank everyone who create these wonderfull Stargate episodes. A thank full fan!! (sorry iff my Englisch writing isn’t so good, I’m Duth). Greetings Nicole.

  221. “I wanted to ask you if you knew how much people miss seeing Jonas Quinn in the Stargate world? It’s like a gaping wound in our hearts.”
    BW: A gaping wound in your hearts? Really? The guy was in one season almost six years ago.”

    Um, wow. Dismissive much, Brad?

    I also like Vala a lot. Three/Vala was perhaps the closest “Stargate equivalent” mentioned here.

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