Lili and Sis
Lili and Sis
Fried peppers
Fried peppers
Chicken and prosciutto
Chicken and prosciutto


“My keys!”cried Fondy in frustration. “I can’t find my keys.” She suddenly left off her bag rooting to throw me an accusatory look. “Do YOU know where my keys are?”

I shrugged and, in my best Scooby Doo, muttered: “Ruuunuhnuuuh.”

She, of course, needed the keys to get into the car so that we could drive ourselves to the airport, having abandoned Plan A when all attempts to call for a cab proved futile, thereby reinforcing my long-held belief that, in Vancouver, taxis are about as prevalent as well-dressed men and decent Mexican. Eventually, I headed back inside, located her keys (and the toothbrush she couldn’t find), and we were finally off.

We parked in the airport’s extended parking lot (along with all of the other cars that are going to need to be towed out between tomorrow and when we return), caught the shuttle to the terminal, checked our baggage, went through security, and made it to gate in time for boarding. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for several other passengers who were running late and we ended up having to wait for, thus pushing our departure time. Fortunately, I was so exhausted that I was able to sleep through most of the wait. The previous night, the dogs were so sprawled out that I was forced to sleep sideways, at the foot of the bed. Fortunately, over the course of the night, they inevitably gravitated to me so that, around 2:30 a.m. and with them convened at the bottom of the bed, I was able to hop up and reclaim my default position, thereby salvaging three hours of sleep before my alarm clock went off.

So, once on board the plane, I dozed off and, approximately an hour later, was awakened by the pilot announcing that all passengers were finally aboard and we would soon be on our way. I dozed off and, moments later, was again awakened by the pilot, this time announcing that, unfortunately, the plane had “developed some frost” during the wait for the tardy passengers and, as a result, needed de-icing. Even more unfortunately, the airport de-icing station had shut down for an hour so it looked like our departure would be delayed even longer. I drifted off. About an hour and a half later, I awoke to find us still on the tarmac, but so close to taking off. We eventually left Vancouver, three hours late.

Fortunately, there were no delays while we were actually in the air and we touched down in Montreal, only very late. In keeping with the holiday travel theme (Hey, kids! Today’s secret word is “inconvenience”), the fine people at the Montreal Airport made us wait over an hour for our luggage. By the way, “over and hour” isn’t a neat turn of phrase or an amusing exaggeration intended to paint a colorful picture. It was actually one hour of standing around, watching the same five suitcases and one bright red hockey bag, roll by over and over, and then another fifteen minutes of waiting for every other piece of luggage on the flight to swing by before our bags finally made their grand entrance.

Thoroughly exhausted, we finally made it to our final destination (my mother’s place for me, her sister’s place for Fondy) and I enjoyed a nice home-cooked meal: sis’s chicken with prosciutto, rapini, fried hot peppers (yet one more thing you just can’t find in Vancouver), mom’s crab mousse, and, for dessert, some pretty good macarons my sister picked up (oh, and since we’re making a list, add “good macarons” to the MIA in Vancouver rundown).

Well, I’m posting whenever the opportunity presents itself. And, today, the opportunity is NOW!

Unable to load pics for some reason so they’ll have to wait until tomorrow.  Hopefully.  Until then –

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



74 thoughts on “December 24, 2008: I’m here! Finally!

  1. As my son says, “It’s just not the Holidays if your flight is on time!” 🙂

    Glad you arrived safe & sound & ready for some scrumptious eats! We’re snowed in, so instead of having our traditional Mexican fare I’ll be making a Christmas Eve lasagna with a nice mixed green salad. (Get it…nice red & green theme!)

    Enjoy your Holiday!!! Looking forward to the pics, whenever 🙂

  2. *sigh* It seems I forgot to request a blog dedication for 23 Dec.–my 52nd birthday.

    You were extremely busy anyway. Sounds like a “trip from Hell”, as our late friend DSD so eloquently put it.

    I sometimes miss snowy winters, but I’m happy to be in South Texas. The high can vary 30 degrees F from day to day, but it’s a DRY cold. *heeheehee*

    According to
    –Yesterday (23rd)–
    high 48°F/9°C
    low 35°F/2°C
    precip. 0.01 in./0.3mm
    high 74°F/23°C
    low 47°F/8°C
    *Actual, 11 AM local*

  3. Happy Merry Joyous Christmahannukwanzaa! And have a most excellent New Year!! Joy and prosperity to you and yours!!! More exclamation points in 2009!!!!

  4. MERRY CHRISTMAS Joe & Fondy from Central/Eastern New Jersey, and Carol Z and her 2 cats!

    After reading your post Joe, I am ever grateful for a nice employer who allowed me to work from home today, thus avoiding the long commute in rain, sleet, left over ice and snow. And I finished my work early, so am now able to relax, until I need to dress for dinner.

    Alas, a family tradition will today force me out onto the roads, journeying south, to Brick, NJ. I will arrive at a relative-in-law’s home and a waiting multi-course, Italian Christmas Eve dinner! YUMMY!

    Antipasto platter, seafood, meat (beef I think), wine, breads, cheeses, fruits and DESSERTS! So many desserts that my mind is a whirl remembering how I pigged out last year, having to sample everything in sight on the table. All was quite delicious, but how I needed the Pepto Bismol after that.

    I wish you and your family a very happy holiday and vacation and much thanks for such an entertaining, informative and fun blog!

    Many blessings…

    Carol Z

  5. Merry Christmas, Joe!

    I’m about an hour’s drive from you just across the border in New York State. Welcome back to the northeast. I hope the weather behaves for you while you are here. (It hasn’t behaved at all for the last couple of weeks.)

    *thinking happy weather and holiday thoughts for you*


  6. Merry Christmas to you as well!

    Waiting for luggage is awful, because there’s nowhere to sit, other than the floor, and you might look a little strange riding round on the luggage conveyor with the suitcases just so you can rest your feet.

  7. Happy holidays to you and your family, Joe. And best wishes for a successful 2009.



  8. Merry Christmas to you too! We got home from the Orlando airport at 2:00 a.m. for a flight that was supposed to arrive at 3:00 p.m., so I guess many people were INCONVENIENCED 🙂 So, my daughter and her husband are here safely, and now they’re out shopping. Yep. Today. I need a nap.

  9. I feel your pain. I had a 9:30am flight from Toronto to Boston on Saturday that left 4.5 hours late. First (at the gate) the brakes were frozen, so we had to wait for some heat trucks to arrive and blast the wheels for awhile. Then we headed out for some de-icing, and on to the runway…where we learned that arrivals at Boston were backed up enough that we weren’t even allowed to take off. We didn’t have enough fuel to sit out there for awhile, so it was back to the gate for more. At this point passengers who were worried about missing their connecting flights started harassing the flight attendant, who later told me that she had been scheduled for a flight the previous day that went out to the runway three times but was never actually allowed to take off. After getting fuel we were finally given a new wheels-up time of 2pm, so we taxied out to a holding area to wait for a couple of hours while the flight attendant tried to pacify the increasingly-irate passengers with trail mix and sodas. After we finally landed in Boston the pilot told us that immediately after we landed the runways were closed for plowing, so we’re very lucky we didn’t leave any later than we had.

    Glad you made it, and enjoy your hot peppers…sounds tasty!

  10. Hey Joe (and Fondy),

    Merry Christmas to you both and glad to hear you arrived safely. We’re doing the post-Christmas road trip from southern California to Colorado (me, my partner, our daughter and the dog!) to see relatives. Snow! Can’t wait.

    Joe, I was a bit bored last weekend and instead of channeling my efforts into writing I, ah, went a bit mad with gingerbread. It’s been suggested that you might enjoy it, so I give you…{drumroll, please maestro} [URL=”″]Gingergate SG1[/URL]. Enjoy – it’s not fanfic, it’s, ah, gingerbread fic. Perfectly safe for consumption by writers and producers. Honest. Click on “Show” to see Gingergate.

    P.S. Hope the link works. If not, you can see it here:

  11. Weird, I just tried to post you a note, and instead of saying “your comment is awaiting moderation” I got nothing?

  12. Fondy is an interesting name. Is it short for something? We’ve got a Fondy Market in Milwaukee, probablly no relation. We’ve also got like a ton of snow. So much for global warming. Where’s my early spring so I can plant those peppers which take so very long to grow?

    Anyways here are some lame ideas for your SGU series.

    Your characters for the new series are probably locked in at this point, but consider the posibility of introducing a young Jack O’Niell using the vehicle of General O’Niells’ clone. This could add an interesting background to one of your existing young male characters. Young Jack would have gone through High School, and after that you know that he would have been drawn to serve his country. He would have gone to war, because that is Jack O’Niell. He would have earned honors, joined the special forces and eventually he would have gotten into the Stargate Program. Perhaps he went to his progenetor General Jack and laid it all out, looking for his blessing, (giving a neat chance for a flashback sequence with old Jack and new Jack arguing it out), and perhaps he changed his name to protect the secrets of his past. But there is always skuttlebut, rumors, and maybe the Commander knows the truth but keeps it close. Its always good to know your assets. Gradually, as the series progresses, you could sow clues to Jacks true identity, thusly building interest in the character.

    I also think you should create a seventh crew member, the ship itself. I think a ship made to jump to different galaxies should have its own mind, its own personality. Consider the vast distances between galaxies and the possibility of running across something nasty like a mega gamma burst or dark matter or even an anti-matter cloud. Sure the ship is shielded, but maybe there’s a need for everyone to hop into stasis or otherwise be horribly irradiated, and someone has to run the ship so the ancients installed an A.I. Unit. You could introduce it slowly, say over several episodes.

    Yeah, okay, I did mention up front that they were lame ideas. LOL

    Happy Holy Days and Merry New Year

  13. Joe,

    Merry Xmas to you, Fondy, Mom, Sis and the dogs!


    JimFromJersey & Family

  14. Soooo…you sleep with the dogs, and you send your wife to your aunt’s house for the holidays? 😕 Something is very wrong with this picture. (Guess this is why you suck at writing ‘ships, eh? 😉 )

    Enjoy your holiday! Nothing special for us – hubby works through the week (the joys of being in the hospitality industry), and I just picked up a new batch of comics, and a lovely new bonsai (that I will try not to kill), so the next few days are set. This bonsai is a ‘finished’ bonsai – not really, but certainly not just a starter. It’s a willow leaf ficus – very pretty but in need of some shaping, which I’ll wait and do in the spring. My other two are still quite young. One is a juniper cascade, the other is another ficus (can’t remember the variety at the moment). If I can keep these alive, I might graduate up to a maple. I’ve held off because I don’t have a good place for a maple to winter outside…so I stick with indoor varieties, or ones that can winter indoors, like the juniper.

    And Joe, your airport adventure has just made me more determined never to fly again. Thanks! 😀


  15. Hey Joe!

    Miss me? 😀 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    This is our way of saying *Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays*. Allie, Erin and I spent a long time teaching Ziggy and Annabelle to dance. One look at Annabelle’s massive smile and you just KNOW the dogs enjoy the dancing as much as we do.

    So… just click on the link to see what I’m talking about.

    And safe travels!

    To the rest of Joe’s blog readers: Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays!


  16. Hey Joe.

    When I flew direct from Calgary to London, England a couple of months ago, I had a 10 hour delay!! Guess what the reason was: The tail thing that turns the plane left or right fell off in Toronto earlier that mornng and they had to replace it….rather than just send a new plane. I was wondering why the entire was blue except for one shiny white part at the back. After all that wait in Calgary Intl. I boarded the plane only to find a) there were no seatback TVs like I had been assured by the check-in lady, b) I was sitting directly under the ceiling-mounted screen so I still couldn’t watch a movie and c) every other passenger was giving me dirty glares because I’m a minor and had an entire row of 7 seats to myself while the rest of plane was crammed up with people……but thats Zoom for you….wouldn’t fly with them again needless to say.

    Anyway, I was wondering what airline are you flying with? Air Canada? Westjet?

    Have fun……Merry Christmas!

  17. Joe,

    Wishing you and your family (both human and canine) a very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!

    Thank you for all the tidbits and amusement you bring to us every day.


  18. Merry Christmas.. Enjoy your stay in Montreal.

    I was once delayed on the ground for 9 hrs due to rain. It seems its always the same pieces of luggage going around and around..

  19. Yikes! Sounds like quite the adventure… at least you could sleep through most of it!!!
    The other passengers’ connecting flights must have been delayed… I’ve never heard of an airport waiting for people otherwise!
    Merry Christmas everybody!!!

  20. Oh, the joys of holiday travel. I live in the South and typically don’t have to deal with ice, snow and other pesky inclement weather. Just rain, rain, and more rain…it’s raining as I type. But this isn’t why I’m responding to your entry. I, too, have had travel woe’s involving airports and luggage turnstills. Case in point, while traveling to Atlantic City for a conference, I waited patiently for my luggage while my companion had had his for 30 minutes. Making revolution after revolution was this ratty piece of luggage with the lid/top askew and clothes hanging out of it. No..that couldn’t possibly be mine. On closer examination I spied what I believed to be a piece of my underwear hanging out It appears that my luggage had fallen off the luggage carrier in route from the plane to the terminal and said carrier ran over my luggage. The top was ripped off with a deep slash through the luggage into my contents. Crushed was my hair dryer, curling iron and all my makeup and tolietries. They just placed it all on the turnstill as if I wouldn’t notice. My suitcase was totaled. And I was appauled that the entire terminal had seen my underwear. The “loaner” I received was of course a much smaller piece of luggage that was from the “lost” room….I was asked to submit receipts for all the items damaged and if not a pre-set monetary amount would be reimbursed once I returned home. This is still one of my favorite travel stories. Hope you have a safe and happy holidays. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  21. As someone who’s never flown before, I can’t imagine what you went through, but I still feel your pain.

    I do however know exactly what it’s like to sleep with a bed full of dogs taking your space.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope you and Fondy enjoy yourselves!!

  22. Hi Joe – Glad you and Fondy were able to make it to Montreal, even with the delays.

    Murphy’s Law of Holiday Travel at Sea-Tac Airport – Alaska Airlines is back on schedule after receiving a new shipment of de-icing fluid. However, when they were de-icing a plane today, the de-icer got into the cabin air circulation system and made many of the the passengers sick. The flight was delayed until everyone was treated and re-boarded to another plane. Go figure!!

    Happy Holidays. Temperatures in Seattle are slowly rising – snow may be gone by the time you return to Vancouver.

  23. Congratulations on the successful flight, and hope you enjoy the holidays with family. And for however frustrating the delays work, just think how smug you can feel knowing you, unlike, thousands of others, actually made it to your destination on the same day you planned to.

  24. Merry Christmas Joe!

    btw: Avoid Walmart at ALL costs. At the supercenter I’m working at there is a line backed up almost a half mile up the interstate to get in here. And I’m thinking two things 1) Shame on you guys for waiting until now to shop and 2) They’re just closed for one day, it’s not the end of the world.
    I hope people where you are a little smarter.

    Have a good one.

  25. Merry Christmas everyone!

    Joe, it sounds like the meal was worth the waiting. Although can I say I wouldn’t mind waiting for de-icing. Much better than the alternative if you know what I mean.

    Hope the little ones aren’t missing you too much.

    I’m having breakfast atm, then I’m off to my parents for lunch. We had our main celebration last night at my sister’s place. Turkey, beef, mixed vegetables and salads. For dessert was green jelly for the kids (and me 🙂 ) and Christmas pudding. Hmmmm……

    Cheers, Chev

  26. Glad you arrived! We got a ‘tree’ up yesterday and are now just cooling our heels in the veritible heat wave that hit. Its currently a balmy 36 degrees outside!

    Merry Christmas, and Happy holidays

  27. “[Doctor Who}…series creator Russel T. Davies…”

    Russel T. Davies did NOT create the Doctor Who series!!!

    Sydney Newman developed Doctor Who which first was shown on BBC in 1963, the same year Davies was born!

  28. I’m not holding my breath about what number I come in at now, nope, I think I shall pout a little instead.
    Glad you got there eventually and I’m looking forward to seeing any pics/vids you manage to post.
    Hope Lawren has a peaceful time with the pooches and that Lulu doesn’t bully him mercilessly in that bat-eared way she has.
    Have a fantastic time and a happy Christmas.

    Cheers *raises glass of port*


    * happily munches cheese and fresh bread to accompany port.*

  29. Merry Christmas to you too! The food sounds really good..My Mom made a beef and veggie stew and some white pizza for our Christmas Eve dinner. It was quite delicious. Holiday food usually tastes the best. It just doesn’t feel the same when you eat it any other day of the year. Have a great holiday!

  30. Sorry, the above comment should have been made to the previous blog posting.

    Please delete or move at your discretion.

  31. MERRY CHRISTMAS, Sweetie!!

    Been watching all the Xmas-airport drama on the news… be VERY thankful you were on a direct flight! Toronto looked like a prison movie!

    So, do hope you found some boots, freezing rain/rain/invading Wraith headed your way…

    Hugs to your mom & sis!

  32. Well, looks like Paul Mullie, writer by day, meteorologist by night, was wrong: it started snowing here in Vancouver again last night, and it looks like it’s been snowing ever since. You got away just in time!

    And have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Joe!

  33. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Joe.

    Here’s to a year of action-packed and fun Stargate!

    Merry Christmas EVERYONE

  34. Merry Christmas 🙂

    Joe, in the SGA Movie, will you be making the new ship ‘The General Hammond’ a truly awesome ship fitting the memory of Don S. Davis and his role in SG1 ?

  35. Hi Joe , Happy Holidays ! is already Christmas in Brazil ,so Merry Christmas to you and Fondy 🙂 and hopefuly a new SG-1 movie for the next year as a Christmas gift :P(j/k) … you can come here someday to taste our food i’m sure you’ll love it ….

  36. Merry Christmas Joe! May you, your wife, and your puppies have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

  37. I thought you weren’t allowed to say “Merry Christmas” where you are.. ie un PC. Glad to see you can!!!


    Nice warm windy day today, roast is in the oven (lamb) and we might chooff off to visit some friends soon.

    Hope you got lots of nice choccies for Chrissy Joe.

    Love Annie

  38. To Joe, Fondy and the Critters,
    Merry Christmas and a Wonderful, Happy New Year!!!!

  39. At least you finally got there, Joe.. Precious little consolation, I know, given the inconvenience of delays. But better than nothing at all. Hopefully, both you and Fondy will be able to relax and enjoy the next few days with family and friends. And if you’re a really good little boy, maybe Santa will bring you exactly whatever you’ve been clawing after for the past year 😛

    Merry Christmas, anyhows. And as I forgot to mention it yesterday.. To ALL the cast and crew of the Stargate Franchise. You’ve given us a fantastic year and, in my humble opinion, the best season thus far. Tis truly appreciated 🙂

    Das: I try to stay away from Gateworld for the most part. Usually cos I find it manically depressing and it tends to make me alarmingly violent. You could contact me via MySpace, but at the mo, i’ve had to change the permissions on the blog due to a hoard of rowdy Vikings turning up for a rape and pillage party in the middle of last week.. meh.. I s’pose I could track you down on GW and slip a PM through with my email addy? Up to you.. But, yeaaaah… There’s still many a Shep/Todd issue I figure we could bang heads over.

    Many an unresolved issue (as seen by the Fans), that is 😛

  40. OML tell me you didn’t fly into Mirabelle! lol

    Merry Christmas! Off to MM for me…yay.

  41. Merry Christmas, Joe
    All the best to you and Fondy for happy and healthy New Year!

  42. Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas Joe & Fondy!

    You too Lauren,

    How goes the pug sitting?
    Do you not have any family in the area to spend the holidays?

    Please post what’s happening! So far do you have any interesting dog antidotes or antics to share?

    Patricia Lee

  43. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Joe.

    And Merry Christmas Everybody…

    Happy Holidays… ^^

  44. My Christmas Eve Dinner went swimmingly — the weather cooperated and the roads were clear so everyone made it here for the annual Italian feast. Everyone seems to have had a nice time, I remembered to serve everything (I think) and no one talked politics or did anything they will live to regret next year. Yep, a very enjoyable evening.

    Merry Christmas to you and all your family, Joe! And to all the bloggers here — Merry Happy Christmahanukwanzaakah! (Just trying to be politically correct 😉

  45. Merry Christmas, Joe!!

    Just thought I’d pop in for a sec, make sure all is well, and leave you with a little present to check out at your convenience.

    It’s nothing crazy or anything that will cause your computer to detonate at a keystroke. It’s simply a loving tribute created by two fans of Stargate Atlantis for a show we’ll greatly miss watching each week (well, each 20 of 52 weeks, but you get my point).

    The idea was mine, the video compilation was not. Daryst must take credit for that. I’ll convince him to hop on over and make his presence known.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours and have a safe and happy holiday and New Year!;12761621;/fileinfo.html

  46. A very Merry Christmas and Happy & Healthy New Year to everyone!

    Glad you & Fondy have finally arrived safely in Montreal! I’ve just returned from a gathering at my sister’s, Santa paid a visit and my nieces & nephews were thrilled (I don’t have any children, I get to live vicariously through them!).

    Many happy Christmas wishes to you and all the family, hope you have a wonderful visit!

    It is a balmy 47 degrees here in New York, the ice and snow are starting to melt away; but there is still plenty of snow on the ground for a white Christmas (well slushy Christmas!).

    Trish B

  47. Hay Joe,

    Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.

    Kevin, Candy, Cole & Adria

  48. Coucou Joe!!

    Je suis contente que votre voyage c’est bien passée! mince le coup des cléfs c’est fatal O_O

    J’ai vu hier es températude de Montréal…..mais comment des hommes peuvent survivre dans un telle froid? deja j’ai du mal avec des température qui vont 3°c a 15°c o_O


    Hier j’ai fêter Noel avec ma famille!! On à tés bien manger j’en ai encore mal au ventre. Au dinner toujour les même sujet de discussion: La nourriture, l’enfance ,les ragot sur les gens et la famille. Petite nouveauté cette année la crise financiére ….30 min d’un discour pleins d’avenir pour moi et moin cousin…en conclusion nous seront à la rue ou au chomage si on à dela chance et nous n’aurions aucune aide d’assiociation…Youpi vivement qu’on entre dans le monde su travail….sa donne envi -_-‘ lol

    Mise à part cela c’etait une trés bonne soirée!!

    Passer une trés bonne journée!! et encores BONNE FETES DE NOEL!

  49. *glomps Trish*

    Missed ya!! Hope all is well!!!

    @ Perragrin – I understand about GW. I don’t let the whiners get to me, but I’ve also learned to put ‘blinders’ on – comes from a couple years of practice with trolls and morons on the IMDb forums – wanna talk ‘depressing’?? That place is like jumping straight into hell…but it also taught me how to deal with the bashers, trolls and ubercomplainers…I just ignore them, and take nothing personal. I’ve even been known to snark right back. I remember this one dude who started attacking me in an X-Men movie thread at IMDb…no idea why he was so brutal, but he was (to me and anyone else who liked Johnny Depp – no idea how Depp even came up in the discussions, unless someone (not me) suggested he’d make a good Gambit). This guy would purposely misspell my name so that it looked like a derogatory racial term. I just ‘talked over’ him…ignoring his comments, and then he’d try even harder to irritate me, but he didn’t know me…I was just sitting back and laughing at his attention-grabbing antics. He stopped posting when Katrina hit, and I wondered if he had been affected by the storm, either physically, or – perhaps – mentally. Maybe that disaster just made him grow up a little.

    IF it’s okay with Joe, we could hijack one of his entries like Narelle and I did back in November, and just have a little Shep/Todd chit chat here…if you’re more comfy with that. Problem with PMing at GW is that you have a character limit, and it’s not very much. I’m not a member of MySpace or Facebook or anything, and really don’t want to join them (I signed up for MySpace a looong time ago, and even without entering ANY data, I had strange dudes wanting to be my friend. It creeped me out, and I cancelled my account).

    So, whatever you wanna do, up tp you!


  50. Welcome back to Montreal. I hope you and Fondy enjoy your visit here. Merry Christmas!

  51. Get the shovel out Joe you know MOM is going to have you cleaning the driveway and front porch!!!!

  52. Merry Christmas Joe and family!!! I hope you’ll share some of your gift highlights with us.


  53. Welcome back to Central Canada! Merry Christmas and all the best of the season to you, Fondy, and your family.

  54. Hehe it’s just not travel if there’s no delays. Coming back from Turkey recently I sat on the floor at Gatwick waiting for my bag for a good 2 hours. And when I say “good” I mean in the quantitative sense, rather than qualitative..

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