Travel day!

As you read this, I’m in the air, crossing the country enroute to my holiday destination: sunny Montreal. Either that or cooling my heels in the airport. Whichever the case, I’ll be on the go pretty much all day today with no way of knowing when and if I’ll have computer access and so, rather than deny you loyal readers just one single blog entry, I’m posting extra early this morning to ensure you don’t miss out.

Ah, there’s nothing better before taking a flight than reading about the horrific turbulence experienced by another flight.  Or the harrowing escape from a pre-take-off runway skid and crash.  Fortunately, I’m bringing along my melatonin  today.  I plan to sleep through anything!

Well, it’ll be nice to finally sit down to some Italian home-cooking. Truth be told, I’ve been eating like crap of late. Yesterday, after being snowed in for most of the day with nothing to nibble on but dog treats and some canned kippers one of us (Fondy denies it was her) picked up so long ago neither of us can remember, I was so ravenous that I actually ate at McDonalds. Can’t say that I’m a big fan of their Angus burger. Also, maybe it’s just me, but I think the Big Mac has shrunk since the last time I had one. Back in 1987.

Unlike the other dogs (ie. Jelly who prances around in the snow on her delicate paws like a high-stepping show pony), Maximus seems impervious to the cold, plowing through the drifts with single-minded purpose, barely fazed by the winter chill. Like yesterday, for instance, when he forged a path from our front steps to the front gate. I rushed inside, grabbed my camera, and caught his return journey. Then, Lulu followed suit. Vids below.

In conclusion – I received Brad’s Q&A tonight. I’ll be going over it and posting it in the coming days.


Thornyrose writes: “Mr. M. Once you finish the short story, what is its fate? Is it going to be submitted somewhere for publication? Was it a solicited contribution for an anthology perhaps?”

Answer: Actually, it was solicited for an anthology. And, hopefully if a) I finish it, and, b) it’s any good, it will even be published.

AndreaFWhite writes: “Merry Chrstmas Joe, can you provide some more information on how the SGA movie is progressing?”

Answer: Slowly.

Sandra Good writes: “Have you seen that TV commercial for Pedi Paws Deluxe which grinds your dogs nails down? It looks really gentle. Don’t know anyone who has actually
tried it yet.”

Answer: It looks gentle because I suspect the dogs in those commercials are deaf. Those I know who have actually tried it complain the noise completely freaks out their pets.

Terry writes: “Do you believe that someone has to be 100% eco-friendly in order to ask a question about food choices or lifestyle choices as they relate to saving the environment or humane treatment of animals?”

Answer: Ask a question? No. Criticize, yes, they should walk the walk instead of just talking the talk.

Fathercrow writes: “ The wraith probably feed like spiders. Like the spider a wraith must feed using external digestion. This means that enzymes and other digestive juices are injected or spat into the preys body. The soft tissues are broken down by these juices and sucked up by the spider. Instead of breaking down soft tissue, the enzymes injected by the wraith break down life force so the wraith can feed. Yummy. Anyway, thats my 2 cents worth.”

Answer: And a dead-on two cents it is. We actually discussed something very similar with the exception that it there is actually a preliminary exchange between wraith and victim.

MKSpivey writes: “Hey Joe, Remember all the positive things you’ve said about Dr. Who? Well series creator Russel T. Davies returns the favor. On learning that Robert Caryle had signed on to do Stargate: Universe – “Stargate, can you believe it?”Davies said. “That was a surprise. Has his agent watched it?”

Answer: Classy.

PG-15 writes: “1. Who is writing episode 6?
2. Who is writing episode 7?
3. Who is writing episode 8?
4. Who is writing episode 9?
5. Has the director schedule for Universe been lined-up yet?”

Answers: 1. 6 = Martin Gero. 2.7 = Robert Cooper. 3.8 = Alan McCullough. 4.9 = ? 5. Nope.

Rose writes: “ I can’t thank you enough for all the good wishes. It must have helped because the surgeon is postponing the decision another day and is cautiously optimistic that our Doby’s leg can be saved. We’ll know for certain tomorrow.”

Answer: Wishing you and your Doby all the best. Keep us posted.

The Skypig writes: “People have to eat, after all, but the difference between fois gras and something else is that nobody really needs to eat fois gras.”

Answer: People don’t have to eat chicken or beef either.

Jim Stiles writes: “Will Peter DeLuise be directing any episodes for Stargate Universe?”

Answer: At the moment, I have no idea what SGU’s first season directors’ schedule will look like. That said, Peter D is a very talented director and it would be great to have him involved with Stargate again.

Kiwigater writes: “You might have mentioned it before, but have you tried the Kindle?”

Answer: I haven’t. I’m a collector and like the look of real books sitting on my bookshelf.

Narelle from Aus writes: “We don’t get much snow here but here’s two “You really shouldn’t tell people that” efforts of me in the snow.”

Answer: I used to know a girl in college. She disappeared for an entire semester and suddenly turned up one day. It turned out she had to take several months off after suffering a tobogganing injury(!). Apparently, she was careening down a hillside when she realized her momentum was going to carry her into the forest. Rather than risk it, she swerved into a bale of hay, figuring it would cushion the impact. Instead, it fractured her lower back. Hay apparently freezes solid in winter.

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Thanks for the early post! I hope you have a safe flight.

AV eddy

Hi Joe!

Did Maximus make the original path, or had you started it and he made it “dog-friendly?” I’m pretty impressed with your li’l guys walking through snow as tall as they are.

Hope you had a safe and sleep-filled flight!

Merry Christmas!



((((((((((((((Merry Christmas)))))))))))))

Joe, I want to send out a blessed and joyous holiday greeting to you and all the posters here at your blog.
Thanks for all the insights, laughs and lively discussions.

Thankfully my family lives close enough so I don’t have to fly at this time of year. I am off tonight by bus to visit my family. 4 days of family, food and fun.

[imgcomment image[/img]


I love it, Max was totally going out there no matter what. Even if the snow swallowed him whole, he sure is on determined pug. I don’t think Lulu enjoyed it as much as he did. Pets always keep us entertained.


Bon voyage! What a delightful surprise to waken to; a new blog entry! Love the lil ones’ adventure vids.


Awww… So cute!!

My baby minature Jack Russell is yet to see her first snow. I have her nice winter jacket all ready though wink

Q. Do you find the girl pooches more affectionate than the boys?

I’m really finding a difference between our previous boys and our first bitch.


The haystack accident sounds horrible! OMG! O_O


Merry Christmas, Joe and I hope you and Fondy don’t get too caught up in all that snow that’s forecast over the next week. I didn’t get the chance to respond to your previous post, but your wife is a bonny Lass and you’re a very lucky guy. You both certainly make a picture-perfect couple smile

Hope you get the relaxation you need over the Holiday period and the same goes to all the Bloggers here grin

Rose, i’m still keeping everything crossed for the Doby and i’m sure it’ll turn out just fine

Das, I’m terrible with numbers.. can’t recall my own landline at times. As far as Todd and Sheppard go, I guess we’ll still have something to gnaw over once SGA has taken it’s final bow. You know i’ll never agree with you on Sheppard.. But there’s hope where Rugby’s concerned razz


I was not prepared to see the 23rd posted so early, so, I was confused (I know it is not hard to do). I will comment on both days then.

Fondy is beautiful!

I loved the snow travels, you are too funny. You should of tried to squish your feet into one of Fondy’s boots.

Safe travels. I have to give you credit because if I heard the turbulance and runway stories, I would have freaked and left. I am not good with airplanes. It takes all of my strength to get the guts to get on a plane. I usually end up praying non stop when I am on them. I am just a basket case.

Annie from Fremantle
Annie from Fremantle

wow I’m up at nearly 1am to catch this?

Can you get the pugkids some snow shoes? They’d look cute as a button in them (if Lulu doesn’t eat them first).


looks like you just got out in time, it supposed to start tonight and give us another 20cm through wednesday night.

My dog is a cross between jelly and lulu, she will do the prancing thing until it gets too deep, then she jumps around like a bunny


It can’t be…can it? could I possibly be first? If I am it must be bloody christmas!

Have a good Journey Joe and Fondy and a great time with your family. Say Hi to Mama Mallozzi.

Thanks for the vids of Maximus and Lulu, made me go “Awwwww” Lulu looks to be somewhat subdued by the amount of white stuff, not so much of the bunnybat antics this time.

Just done another round of shopping not for me this time, I took my mate who due to having had surgery last week is banned from driving till the new year. This is the first year I haven’t gone BANG at some moron in a shop, there were too many to choose from so I saved my energy for road rage instead. LOL



Margaret Clayton
Margaret Clayton

When I was in Great Lakes in the Navy, one of the guys disappeared over the holidays, we all assumed he’d gone AWOL. In the spring, when the giant snowbanks which had been piling up as the parking lots were plowed finally melted, there he was. Pretty dessicated for a drunken sailor who’d passed out in the snow headed back to the barracks from the club. Passed out, got covered with snow, then more snow from the plows. Three months encased in frozen slush, yowchie!


I think that’s the slowest I’ve ever seen Lulu move! Thanks for the vids – they put a smile on my face! Have a great time with the family! Eat well!

And thanks for the Wraith feeding verification. wink We had discussed the possibility of a spider-like process a while ago in the WDC, and so it’s nice to know that you guys had a similar idea about it. I’m just glad you didn’t design the Wraith to look like spiders…’cause, ya know…then things would be a bit different for me…

Speaking of Wraith, last night Tyler (Kenny) visited us at Gateworld again – what a nice guy! Would love to see him come back in the movie in some way…as Kenny (if he’s still alive and kicking), or another Wraith…or, ya know…even as a human character…but preferrably one who isn’t wearing a red shirt. wink



Coucou Joseph!!

vous allez bien?
J’espere que vous avez fait bon voyage! Moi aussi j’ai manger à Mcdo de tant en tant cela ne fait pas de mal^^!

Sympas les video! Merci!

Je me pose une question, pourquoi le Golden Gate Bridge? j’avou je ne vois pas le rapport avec stargate lol XD

aller bisou!!

Ann-Marie Sloan
Ann-Marie Sloan

Love the dog vids. And I hope that you and Fondy have a safe trip to Montreal!!

I think that dude from Dr. Who is a jerk. I have never watched that show, and doubt now that I ever will. At least Robert and his agent were the smart ones siging one here.

And I would love if Peter DeLuise directed episodes of Universe, he is a talented and funny dude!!!



Cheers, chev


I wouldn’t admit to buying the kippers either. And you MUST have been desperate to eat at Macs. They don’t REALLY have Angus, do they? Ours here in WI still have some sort of globulous mystery meat they refer to as “burger”.

Loved the pups in the snow. After our big snow last Friday slowed down, 3 deer came bounding through the yard, only to be buried belly deep in the culvert out front. It took them a bit to work their way out, then off they went.

The big fluffy kitten just tries to catch the snowflakes through the window.

Hope the journey was uneventful. Enjoy the good cooking!!


Hi Joe!!

Enjoy your time with family this holiday season. My girls are in the process of making cookies! YUM!! We were supposed to do it Saturday but I went into the ER and then Sunday morning had my appendix taken out. Doing much better and glad to be home and catch up on all my web surfing. When will you post all the answers to the poem? I’ve been trying to keep up but it would be nice to have a complete list of answers. Have a Merry Christmas!

from Indiana

Paul William Tenny

Answers: 1. 6 = Martin Gero. 2.7 = Robert Cooper. 3.8 = Alan McCullough. 4.9 = ? 5. Nope.


I guess I’ll take #9, but this is the last time I get stuck with the flashback-in-the-form-of-a-musical ep.

Not kidding.


What I wouldn’y give for a snow day. We are having 33-35oC at the moment.
Anyhow have a great Merry Christmas to you and all the family.



Do you think SGU will be the show we all hope and expect after so many years of Sg-1 and SGA. I’d hate for it to hit the air and it to throw mud on the good name of the 2 prior shows. That’s my biggest fear with losing SGA that the future of stargate is just going to blow.

Hopefully you can help relieve some of these fears that I have. Have a good Xmas also Joe.

P.S> is your second video on this page a Boston Terrier? It’s hard to tell but he’s built like one.


Yep. Early. Have fun in the snow. I kinda like how Christmas is here in Australia. Warm… just not roasting. Should be good this year though.


Thanks for the dog videos! Always brings a smile to my face when I see them.
And who knew you married a super model?

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday!


Hey! I was first? That’s a first!