Travel day!

As you read this, I’m in the air, crossing the country enroute to my holiday destination: sunny Montreal. Either that or cooling my heels in the airport. Whichever the case, I’ll be on the go pretty much all day today with no way of knowing when and if I’ll have computer access and so, rather than deny you loyal readers just one single blog entry, I’m posting extra early this morning to ensure you don’t miss out.

Ah, there’s nothing better before taking a flight than reading about the horrific turbulence experienced by another flight.  Or the harrowing escape from a pre-take-off runway skid and crash.  Fortunately, I’m bringing along my melatonin  today.  I plan to sleep through anything!

Well, it’ll be nice to finally sit down to some Italian home-cooking. Truth be told, I’ve been eating like crap of late. Yesterday, after being snowed in for most of the day with nothing to nibble on but dog treats and some canned kippers one of us (Fondy denies it was her) picked up so long ago neither of us can remember, I was so ravenous that I actually ate at McDonalds. Can’t say that I’m a big fan of their Angus burger. Also, maybe it’s just me, but I think the Big Mac has shrunk since the last time I had one. Back in 1987.

Unlike the other dogs (ie. Jelly who prances around in the snow on her delicate paws like a high-stepping show pony), Maximus seems impervious to the cold, plowing through the drifts with single-minded purpose, barely fazed by the winter chill. Like yesterday, for instance, when he forged a path from our front steps to the front gate. I rushed inside, grabbed my camera, and caught his return journey. Then, Lulu followed suit. Vids below.

In conclusion – I received Brad’s Q&A tonight. I’ll be going over it and posting it in the coming days.


Thornyrose writes: “Mr. M. Once you finish the short story, what is its fate? Is it going to be submitted somewhere for publication? Was it a solicited contribution for an anthology perhaps?”

Answer: Actually, it was solicited for an anthology. And, hopefully if a) I finish it, and, b) it’s any good, it will even be published.

AndreaFWhite writes: “Merry Chrstmas Joe, can you provide some more information on how the SGA movie is progressing?”

Answer: Slowly.

Sandra Good writes: “Have you seen that TV commercial for Pedi Paws Deluxe which grinds your dogs nails down? It looks really gentle. Don’t know anyone who has actually
tried it yet.”

Answer: It looks gentle because I suspect the dogs in those commercials are deaf. Those I know who have actually tried it complain the noise completely freaks out their pets.

Terry writes: “Do you believe that someone has to be 100% eco-friendly in order to ask a question about food choices or lifestyle choices as they relate to saving the environment or humane treatment of animals?”

Answer: Ask a question? No. Criticize, yes, they should walk the walk instead of just talking the talk.

Fathercrow writes: “ The wraith probably feed like spiders. Like the spider a wraith must feed using external digestion. This means that enzymes and other digestive juices are injected or spat into the preys body. The soft tissues are broken down by these juices and sucked up by the spider. Instead of breaking down soft tissue, the enzymes injected by the wraith break down life force so the wraith can feed. Yummy. Anyway, thats my 2 cents worth.”

Answer: And a dead-on two cents it is. We actually discussed something very similar with the exception that it there is actually a preliminary exchange between wraith and victim.

MKSpivey writes: “Hey Joe, Remember all the positive things you’ve said about Dr. Who? Well series creator Russel T. Davies returns the favor. On learning that Robert Caryle had signed on to do Stargate: Universe – “Stargate, can you believe it?”Davies said. “That was a surprise. Has his agent watched it?”

Answer: Classy.

PG-15 writes: “1. Who is writing episode 6?
2. Who is writing episode 7?
3. Who is writing episode 8?
4. Who is writing episode 9?
5. Has the director schedule for Universe been lined-up yet?”

Answers: 1. 6 = Martin Gero. 2.7 = Robert Cooper. 3.8 = Alan McCullough. 4.9 = ? 5. Nope.

Rose writes: “ I can’t thank you enough for all the good wishes. It must have helped because the surgeon is postponing the decision another day and is cautiously optimistic that our Doby’s leg can be saved. We’ll know for certain tomorrow.”

Answer: Wishing you and your Doby all the best. Keep us posted.

The Skypig writes: “People have to eat, after all, but the difference between fois gras and something else is that nobody really needs to eat fois gras.”

Answer: People don’t have to eat chicken or beef either.

Jim Stiles writes: “Will Peter DeLuise be directing any episodes for Stargate Universe?”

Answer: At the moment, I have no idea what SGU’s first season directors’ schedule will look like. That said, Peter D is a very talented director and it would be great to have him involved with Stargate again.

Kiwigater writes: “You might have mentioned it before, but have you tried the Kindle?”

Answer: I haven’t. I’m a collector and like the look of real books sitting on my bookshelf.

Narelle from Aus writes: “We don’t get much snow here but here’s two “You really shouldn’t tell people that” efforts of me in the snow.”

Answer: I used to know a girl in college. She disappeared for an entire semester and suddenly turned up one day. It turned out she had to take several months off after suffering a tobogganing injury(!). Apparently, she was careening down a hillside when she realized her momentum was going to carry her into the forest. Rather than risk it, she swerved into a bale of hay, figuring it would cushion the impact. Instead, it fractured her lower back. Hay apparently freezes solid in winter.

62 thoughts on “December 23, 2008: Montreal-bound!

  1. Hi Joe!

    Did Maximus make the original path, or had you started it and he made it “dog-friendly?” I’m pretty impressed with your li’l guys walking through snow as tall as they are.

    Hope you had a safe and sleep-filled flight!

    Merry Christmas!


  2. ((((((((((((((Merry Christmas)))))))))))))

    Joe, I want to send out a blessed and joyous holiday greeting to you and all the posters here at your blog.
    Thanks for all the insights, laughs and lively discussions.

    Thankfully my family lives close enough so I don’t have to fly at this time of year. I am off tonight by bus to visit my family. 4 days of family, food and fun.


  3. I love it, Max was totally going out there no matter what. Even if the snow swallowed him whole, he sure is on determined pug. I don’t think Lulu enjoyed it as much as he did. Pets always keep us entertained.

  4. Bon voyage! What a delightful surprise to waken to; a new blog entry! Love the lil ones’ adventure vids.

  5. Awww… So cute!!

    My baby minature Jack Russell is yet to see her first snow. I have her nice winter jacket all ready though 😉

    Q. Do you find the girl pooches more affectionate than the boys?

    I’m really finding a difference between our previous boys and our first bitch.

  6. Merry Christmas, Joe and I hope you and Fondy don’t get too caught up in all that snow that’s forecast over the next week. I didn’t get the chance to respond to your previous post, but your wife is a bonny Lass and you’re a very lucky guy. You both certainly make a picture-perfect couple 🙂

    Hope you get the relaxation you need over the Holiday period and the same goes to all the Bloggers here 😀

    Rose, i’m still keeping everything crossed for the Doby and i’m sure it’ll turn out just fine

    Das, I’m terrible with numbers.. can’t recall my own landline at times. As far as Todd and Sheppard go, I guess we’ll still have something to gnaw over once SGA has taken it’s final bow. You know i’ll never agree with you on Sheppard.. But there’s hope where Rugby’s concerned 😛

  7. I was not prepared to see the 23rd posted so early, so, I was confused (I know it is not hard to do). I will comment on both days then.

    Fondy is beautiful!

    I loved the snow travels, you are too funny. You should of tried to squish your feet into one of Fondy’s boots.

    Safe travels. I have to give you credit because if I heard the turbulance and runway stories, I would have freaked and left. I am not good with airplanes. It takes all of my strength to get the guts to get on a plane. I usually end up praying non stop when I am on them. I am just a basket case.

  8. wow I’m up at nearly 1am to catch this?

    Can you get the pugkids some snow shoes? They’d look cute as a button in them (if Lulu doesn’t eat them first).

  9. looks like you just got out in time, it supposed to start tonight and give us another 20cm through wednesday night.

    My dog is a cross between jelly and lulu, she will do the prancing thing until it gets too deep, then she jumps around like a bunny

  10. It can’t be…can it? could I possibly be first? If I am it must be bloody christmas!

    Have a good Journey Joe and Fondy and a great time with your family. Say Hi to Mama Mallozzi.

    Thanks for the vids of Maximus and Lulu, made me go “Awwwww” Lulu looks to be somewhat subdued by the amount of white stuff, not so much of the bunnybat antics this time.

    Just done another round of shopping not for me this time, I took my mate who due to having had surgery last week is banned from driving till the new year. This is the first year I haven’t gone BANG at some moron in a shop, there were too many to choose from so I saved my energy for road rage instead. LOL



  11. When I was in Great Lakes in the Navy, one of the guys disappeared over the holidays, we all assumed he’d gone AWOL. In the spring, when the giant snowbanks which had been piling up as the parking lots were plowed finally melted, there he was. Pretty dessicated for a drunken sailor who’d passed out in the snow headed back to the barracks from the club. Passed out, got covered with snow, then more snow from the plows. Three months encased in frozen slush, yowchie!

  12. I think that’s the slowest I’ve ever seen Lulu move! Thanks for the vids – they put a smile on my face! Have a great time with the family! Eat well!

    And thanks for the Wraith feeding verification. 😉 We had discussed the possibility of a spider-like process a while ago in the WDC, and so it’s nice to know that you guys had a similar idea about it. I’m just glad you didn’t design the Wraith to look like spiders…’cause, ya know…then things would be a bit different for me…

    Speaking of Wraith, last night Tyler (Kenny) visited us at Gateworld again – what a nice guy! Would love to see him come back in the movie in some way…as Kenny (if he’s still alive and kicking), or another Wraith…or, ya know…even as a human character…but preferrably one who isn’t wearing a red shirt. 😉


  13. Coucou Joseph!!

    vous allez bien?
    J’espere que vous avez fait bon voyage! Moi aussi j’ai manger à Mcdo de tant en tant cela ne fait pas de mal^^!

    Sympas les video! Merci!

    Je me pose une question, pourquoi le Golden Gate Bridge? j’avou je ne vois pas le rapport avec stargate lol XD

    aller bisou!!

  14. Love the dog vids. And I hope that you and Fondy have a safe trip to Montreal!!

    I think that dude from Dr. Who is a jerk. I have never watched that show, and doubt now that I ever will. At least Robert and his agent were the smart ones siging one here.

    And I would love if Peter DeLuise directed episodes of Universe, he is a talented and funny dude!!!

  15. I wouldn’t admit to buying the kippers either. And you MUST have been desperate to eat at Macs. They don’t REALLY have Angus, do they? Ours here in WI still have some sort of globulous mystery meat they refer to as “burger”.

    Loved the pups in the snow. After our big snow last Friday slowed down, 3 deer came bounding through the yard, only to be buried belly deep in the culvert out front. It took them a bit to work their way out, then off they went.

    The big fluffy kitten just tries to catch the snowflakes through the window.

    Hope the journey was uneventful. Enjoy the good cooking!!

  16. Hi Joe!!

    Enjoy your time with family this holiday season. My girls are in the process of making cookies! YUM!! We were supposed to do it Saturday but I went into the ER and then Sunday morning had my appendix taken out. Doing much better and glad to be home and catch up on all my web surfing. When will you post all the answers to the poem? I’ve been trying to keep up but it would be nice to have a complete list of answers. Have a Merry Christmas!

    from Indiana

  17. Answers: 1. 6 = Martin Gero. 2.7 = Robert Cooper. 3.8 = Alan McCullough. 4.9 = ? 5. Nope.


    I guess I’ll take #9, but this is the last time I get stuck with the flashback-in-the-form-of-a-musical ep.

    Not kidding.

  18. What I wouldn’y give for a snow day. We are having 33-35oC at the moment.
    Anyhow have a great Merry Christmas to you and all the family.


  19. Do you think SGU will be the show we all hope and expect after so many years of Sg-1 and SGA. I’d hate for it to hit the air and it to throw mud on the good name of the 2 prior shows. That’s my biggest fear with losing SGA that the future of stargate is just going to blow.

    Hopefully you can help relieve some of these fears that I have. Have a good Xmas also Joe.

    P.S> is your second video on this page a Boston Terrier? It’s hard to tell but he’s built like one.

  20. Yep. Early. Have fun in the snow. I kinda like how Christmas is here in Australia. Warm… just not roasting. Should be good this year though.

  21. Thanks for the dog videos! Always brings a smile to my face when I see them.
    And who knew you married a super model?

    Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday!

  22. THANK YOU for answering my many questions, Joe!

    I’ll just add that to the database…

    Anyways, I wish you a happy, unconscious flight, a crashless landing, and several delicious home-made meals!

    Oh, and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

    @ AnneTeldy: Thank you for updating us on your progress! I’m sorry to hear about the infections; I’ll be sending you positive vibes for sure! It’s good to know that they are in check though.

  23. Will be glad when the fake snow is over so that I can watch your videos without it stopping in the middle five times.


  24. I make snow paths like Maximus: just forage on through! Living most of one’s life in Minnesota will encourage such.

    Hope the plane made it safely and that it was a comfortable ride.

    Also, note to self: don’t ever go down the local dike in the winter again. They separate the “lanes” with small hay bales.

  25. Hello again,

    I’m hoping this works ’cause it wouldn’t last time. Something to do with our internet connection, I think. :/ Anyway

    On the feeding process: If a Wraith fed on an injured human (say they had a stab wound or shot wound) and then, for some reason, had to give it back again, would that heal the victim or would they remain wounded?


    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  26. I read that the last two episodes leaked for SGA :(. How the heck does that keep happening? I also heard that the ending to Vegas is very “Cowboy Bebop-esque,” can you elaborate on that?


  27. Dear Joe, I started a post andit disappeared so if it shows up twice, I’ll look like a complete doofus.
    Anyway, I wanted to thank you for recommending “The Dark Beyond the Stars.” I just finished it and what a wonderful story! I usually enjoy your recommendations and recently spent a month enmeshed in the lives and politics of the Vorkosigan family and I hope there’s more to come.
    I wondered if you had an opinion on the works of Tanya Huff. She writes stories in 3-4 book arcs and my favorites are the Smoke, Confederation, and Blood series. Christina Cox recently starred in the anemic (pun intended) version of Blood Ties. I enjoyed the show but the books have so much depth they couldn’t show.
    Have a wonderful holiday season and keep up the good work. The world would be a sad place withouth the magic of stories.

  28. As always, such cute puppies.

    I was using your blog Search Engine to look for “Alan Arkin”. For some reason I have this vague recollection you mentioning him (???) and I had been reading a great book called “Wisdom” in which he was quoted. Probably not even the same Alan Arkin or even more probable, it never happened and you don’t even know an Alan Arkin.

    The search engine didn’t produce the results I was after but I did learn that you mention Parking a lot.

    Joe wrote:

    Answer: I used to know a girl in college. She disappeared for an entire semester and suddenly turned up one day. It turned out she had to take several months off after suffering a tobogganing injury(!). Apparently, she was careening down a hillside when she realized her momentum was going to carry her into the forest. Rather than risk it, she swerved into a bale of hay, figuring it would cushion the impact. Instead, it fractured her lower back. Hay apparently freezes solid in winter.

    Hmmm, maybe a distant relative on my Dad’s side? There may also have been the confusion of whether “to bail” or “to bale”. She needed to go to the “Narelle’s School of Learning to Brace for Impact”. Many, MANY years of experience. We cover frozen hay bales on Day 2.

    So the big question is, did you laugh when she told the story or give an empathic “That’s not good”? Those type of stories can go either way.

    Hope you made it to Montreal safely and all the family is well.

  29. Lulu and Maximus are so cute!
    I hope your travel all went as planned, and you’re not stuck in some airport somewhere on the Eve of Christmas Eve!
    I’m psyched for Brad’s Q & A… what a great Christmas present that will be for all of us readers 😉

  30. Hello Mr. M.
    Thanks for the early post and do have a safe flight!

    Patricia Lee

  31. The dogs are so cute. We have to snowblow paths for our dog otherwise she gather these tiny snowballs that stick to her fur.

    Congratulations on being asked to contribute to an anthology. The short story market is limited otherwise. Will you have someone read the story and give feedback to you before you hand it off to the editor?

  32. Merry Christmas Joe and thanks for a year of entertaining blogging.

    Wishing everyone here who reads and/or comments a Merry Christmas also.

  33. It appears your dogs (Maximus and Lulu, at least) are excellent sentries (what’s on the other side of that gate, anyway?) My take on Maximus’s expression (prior to the journey back) was “sigh – let’s get this over with”.
    Have a great trip home. I’m going south for Christmas, to New Orleans, to eat much too much food and watch the Saints play for the last time this season. You might catch me on the Acme Oyster Bar webcam (I’ll be the one eating really excellent gumbo along with my oysters).

  34. Thanks for the mailbag and the video clips. I could watch the pooches for hours, especially playing in the snow like that. Ever think of putting in a webcam? You definitely have to finish up the short story now. It will be fun to see its final form. Is it for a book or magazine? No doubt details will follow eventually, but I am an impatient sort. No word on any plane crashes today, so I will take that to mean you’ve managed to cross the country and are now happily enjoying the holidays with family and friends. Have a great holiday, even if it means missing a post or two.

  35. I wish for you and your loved ones and friends the happiest of holidays and an incredibly awesome 2009!

    Be well –
    Be blessed –
    Be happy –


    PS: I eagerly await the movies! They are guaranteed to be totally awesome, just as the new SG series will be!


  36. Ah, I see that our comments have been revealed. This must mean that 1). you arrived at Montreal safely and 2). Montreal does indeed have Internet, as you predicted!

    That, or you’re still stuck in the Vancouver airport terminal, and finally figured out how to get Internet in there. 😉

  37. hi, joe,

    mom and i went to seal beach pier today, grabbed some ‘jack in the box’ food, parked in front of the ocean, and watched the (lack of) waves and birds and such. it was in the 50s today, but it was sunny and beautiful. i even took some pics of some seagulls and gulls that landed on the hood of our car (because we were feeding them) and…

    do you hate me yet? 😛

    *christmas hugs*

  38. I wanna play in the snow it looks so totally awesome!!

    Merry Xmas for tomorrow, or whenever it is xmas over there (Its xmas eve here), have a good one.

  39. Hope you made it safe and sound! =)

    We put our Christmas presents under the tree today and our manx cat, Aurora, was hopping around the presents much like Lulu in the snow last week. lol. She knew exactly which presents were hers and attempted to open them. It must be the catnip inside. heh.

    So, are we going to start taking bets on how many posts Joe will have in response to Brad’s Q&A? lol. I’m thinking it may hit 250 or more. 😉

  40. Sandra & Joe,
    I’ve used the PediPaws and it isn’t actually that loud. But definitely very gentle. I use it on my cat, but the noise doesn’t seem to bother the dog, and it’s a great alternative to declawing. Enjoy your time in Montreal… hope the food’s as good as you remember.

  41. Yikes! That story reminded me that tobogganing is a dangerous sport — especially if you do it at night on non-regulation hills which I had the misfortune to do during my college days. We hit a nasty drop which resulted in the girl riding behind me breaking her nose when she landed on me as we hit the ground, and that resulted in a compression fracture of my back. And on our first run down the hill, too! Six months in a back brace put a bit of a damper on my senior year.

    Those pups are so darn cute! My dog is big enough that she doesn’t get lost in snow drifts, but she does love a good romp in the snow.

    Merry Christmas to you, Joe, and to everyone here on the blog!

    By the way, Joe, I was wondering what traditional dishes you have on Christmas Eve? We don’t do the “twelve meatless dishes” but I’m making stuffed calamari in tomato sauce, a potato cheese and onion fritatta, spaghetti with oil and garlic, fried smelt, fried shrimp and fried bread (you may be noticing a trend here) for the mobs tomorrow.

  42. Don’t usually post too much, but as a fellow dog lover, I have to comment! I actually got, not the pedipaws, but the pedicure (same idea…) last Jan and love it! The pedicure one is overpriced and takes forever to come in the mail, but I’ve had the corded one for almost a year now and it’s been a lifesaver for us! I have a GSP and two Bostons. My pointer is the biggest baby you ever did meet when it comes to getting his nails done. Even the groomer dreads seeing us coming. He cries and struggles and it’s a big traumatic incident every time. But with the dremmel, he just lays there and lets me do his nails no problem. Even easier on the Bostons and their little nails. I grind them down once a week in only a few minutes. Easy peasy! And so I don’t sound like salesman for the company, LOL, you can buy a regular dremmel at Walmart or Home Depot type store and use it just as effectively. 🙂 In any regard, I highly recommend them. I use them in my rescue work as well.

    Loved the vids! Two of mine love the snow and one hates it! We’re in MN, so we’re buried in it as well.

    I wish you safe travels and a very Merry Christmas!

    Here’s my Christmas card this year–took this pic of the pups (before I got my newest Boston) myself after many tries. 🙂

  43. Joe you should do what I had to do for our dogs when they were alive. I would dig a pathway around the backyard for the dogs to walk around and do their stuff in.

  44. [b]@DAS[/b]

    Yo! Girlfriend! Came across the following that you “might” want to CHECKOUT!!

    Wolf Pegasus 4
    23-25 January 2009
    London Thistle Hotel
    Bath Road
    Longford Village
    UB7 0EQ


    Kavan Smith (Major Lorne)

    Paul McGillion (Beckett)

    Chuck Campbell (Chuck)

    James Bamford (BamBam, Stunt co-ordinater)

    **Christopher Heyerdahl [b](Todd)[/b] !!!**

  45. Joe, I posted the following on your blogger blog a year ago. I had forgotten about it until now. I’m reposting it here so that folks may enjoy it, or skip over it, their choice Merry Christmas, all.

    The Night Before Christmas in Atlantis

    ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the city
    The twinkling lights shone, a serene scene so pretty.
    The shield was raised over the stargate with care
    In hopes that no enemy would infiltrate there.

    Rodney & Zelenka were nestled all snug in their labs
    While Lorne painted nightscapes in dibbles and dabs
    And Sheppard with his Tolstoy and Teyla with her sticks
    Had just finished a debate on the merits of classics.

    When up in the sky did explode a great light
    And a trembling of earth gave Chuck the Technician a fright
    Away to the control room I transported fast
    Wondering to what we should owe that bright blast.

    The great light as it glowed on the city below
    Surrounded the spire, a warm, soft halo.
    When, much to my shock and surprise I did see
    A man dressed all in red, a white beard to his knees.

    With a sleek puddlejumper decked festive for flight
    I knew at that moment he must be all right.
    From the back of the jumper, his Elves hopped right out.
    And this jolly old Santa took breath for to shout,

    “Now Joseph! now Allan! now Martin & Paul!
    On Robert, Carl, Brad, on the rest of you all.
    Down the length of the pier, to the top of the spire,
    Climb you strong, good Elves, climb faster and higher!”

    As quick as a wraith dart, nary missing a step
    For to dodge Ronon’s glare, up the stairs those Elves leapt.
    Onward up to the spire-top the helpers did climb
    As Santa smirked and flew skyward, taking his time.

    And then in a blinknod I heard near the gate
    Voices discussing the meal which for lunch they just ate.
    As I turned from the window and peeked down below
    I spied those old Elves waving at me ‘hello!’

    Quickly they scattered as Santa’s jumper came in to land.
    And Colonel Carter stepped forward, extending her hand.
    Santa shook it with mirth, a large bag at his feet.
    He spoke not a word, but he paused for a beat.

    Then with some silent signal, the Elves came to his side
    And helped Santa pull his large bag open wide.
    A jolly scene to behold, all of Atlantis was there.
    Dr. Keller got a Josh Groban CD, Katie Brown a plant rare.

    One by one they came forward, fear and hesitation melting away
    For Santa had found them, even a galaxy away.
    And they counted themselves lucky to be gathered together
    Remembering all that in the past year they were forced to weather.

    The line was winding down, the bag growing flat.
    I turned back to the window, then on my shoulder felt a pat.
    I spun around quickly to meet Santa’s stare.
    He handed me the bag and then suddenly wasn’t there.

    In that one short moment he was back in his jumper
    The entire ship glowing from bumper to bumper.
    The Elves waved goodbye and quickly scampered away
    The hour was so late, it was now Christmas Day.

    I felt in the bag, Santa’s gift for me
    It was perfect, exactly as he knew it would be
    And I heard his voice shout out, “Stay together; stay alive!”
    And I yelled back up towards him, “Thanks for Season Five!”

  46. So you’ve been getting the snow? I came up to Oregon for Christmas, driving so I didn’t have to leave my cats. When I left LA, it was slightly cool. When I hit Salem, I discovered a snow-covered winter wonderland the likes of which the city has never before seen (literally). As much as it’s a pain to drive in and a bit scary, I think it’s a nice change from the year of endless summer.

  47. Will your dogs actually go to the bathroom with snow on the ground? Or do you move to “wee wee pads” when it’s this covered?

  48. I’ve just finished watching Enemy at the Gate (nice pun on the last scene).
    All I can say is : BRILLIANT !!!!!!!!!!!
    My only moan would be – shame it wasn’t longer..

    Thanks Joseph 🙂

  49. @ Narelle – 😆 I finally got around to reading about your snowy mishaps! That’s exactly why I stay indoors, and bake cookies! 😀

    Oh, and Tim Tam Slam #3! Woo!

    @ Anne Teldy – *waves!* Good to see you! Just do whatever you body tells you to do. Last night I went to bed at 8, and woke up at 7 this morning (I did get up at 11 to watch the news and the Leno’s monologue). I really needed it after getting no sleep Sunday night, and only 4 hours Monday night *blames Tyler & the WDC!* So, get your rest, and get better soon! *hugs*

    @ Perragrin – Woo! Glad my ID is totally safe… ha.

    We’ll have to sit down sometime and discuss Shep. Maybe not here – you go to Gateworld at all?

    Other stuff:

    1. Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought Lawren was a girl. 2. Got my Elric: Stormbringer graphic novel. Nice pics…I still have to read it through, but I looked through it and…yes…sad ending. Why do I always fall for the guys who end up DEAD??! Arrrggghhh!!!

    Have a great one, Joe! Don’t eat too much, remember what happened last time! Didn’t your mom try to force feed you some kinda of crazy booze last time you had a tummyache? 😉


  50. !BUGGER! I knew it was too good to be true!

    Oh well, I’ve got most of the housework done, I’m just having a cuppa and checking my emails before I turf the cat OUT of the bag I’m using for rubbish and which he has curled up in and is currently catching some Zs. Soft cow that I am I haven’t the heart to do it yet he looks so comfy, besides he’ll only give me grief for more food if I wake him.

    I’ve still got presents to wrap…actually I think I prefer the way that first came out…warp, lol. the beef and glazed gammon are roasing nicely and I think I can feel a mince pie nd clotted cream coming on. Well it is Christmas.



  51. That poem was priceless. ANNE TELDY– Have a wonderful Christmas!!!! Joe and Fondy and everyone — Merry Christmas, Happy Hannuuakkah and enjoy whatever you celebrate! ( We do both in this house- and our twins were 20 last week so it’s a very expensive Dec.) OK , I know I should’nt but someone PLEASE tell me where to find the 2 leaked Epi’s on the web!!! I want to see them , NOW!! Sheryl

  52. @ Ganymede – Thank you…but…alas, until they build the bridge to England, there’s no way for me to get there. I gave up flying when air travel started rivaling a third world country bus ride…I’m just waiting for ’em to start strapping bananas to the wings, and stowing crates of chickens in the overhead.

    Besides, I think I would die if I ever met Chris, especially knowing all the objectifying I’ve done over the past year 😉 And not just Todd, but Bigfoot and Druit, too. Well, maybe not Bigfoot…but you get the idea.


  53. Awwww Love the vids of Lulu and Maximus in the snow. Wish we’d had snow for xmas but there you go. At least it didn’t rain so that’s a plus! 😀

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