We were in the car this afternoon, driving back home from dim sum, when Fondy turned to me and said: “Did you know…” and then proceeded to tell me a story that I did, in fact, know – because I was the one who had recounted it to her just last week.

“Yeah, I know,”I interrupted. “I was the one who told you.”

“No, you didn’t,”she replied. “I heard it from your sister.”

“No, you heard it from me,”I informed her. “Last week.”

“No,”she insisted. “I’m pretty sure I heard it from your sister.”

“Maybe you heard it from my sister a second time,”I stuck to my guns. “But you heard it from me first…last week.”

The fact that I was so insistent seemed to cast some doubt on her recollected version of events. “Are you sure?”she asked as though I was attempting to perpetrate some practical joke in which I would convince her that I was the source of this story and then…well, I’m not quite sure what the pay off would be but I have no doubt it would be downright hilarious.

“Yes,”I told her, adamant. “I’m sure.”

“Oh.“ She simply shrugged and continued driving. No big deal. And it wasn’t. Except that I get enough of this sort of thing at work.

It happens all the time. We’ll be spinning a story and someone will refer back to a great idea Paul or Martin or someone else in the room pitched the other day except that Paul or Martin or someone else in the room didn’t pitch the idea. I did. And, again, it’s no big deal because we’re not receiving screen credit or getting paid by the idea, but it’s simply one of those cases where if you repeat enough times, it becomes reality. Not so much the fact that Paul or Martin or someone else in the room came up with a great idea (because they do, all the time) but the fact that someone else but me came up with that idea, or the one before, or the one before that – which inevitably leads people to wonder “Hey, when’s the last time Joe’s name came up in conjunction with a good idea?”.

Sometimes, you can chalk it up to faulty memory. Given the sheer number of ideas that fly fast and furious over the course of a spin session, it’s difficult and, frankly, unnecessary, to attribute every one to the correct person. (And it really shouldn’t be an issue unless every one of your ideas is mistakenly attributed to someone else while no one else’s ideas are mistakenly attributed to you to balance the books). Other times, events conspire against you. I remember when we were spinning Season 4’s Be All My Sins Remember’d and we were thinking of a way to rid ourselves of the replicators. The topic turned to the ARG’s and I simply rolled my eyes and suggested we come up with something else beside those damn anti-replicator guns. How about, I suggested, instead of hitting them with ARG’s that disrupt the connection between the replicator nanites and cause them to disperse, we do the opposite and cause magnify the connection to the point that we fuse all of the replicators together into a giant super-dense mass.

Paul threw me a look one might reserve for someone who’d told an inappropriately badwdy story in Sunday school. “You’re talking neutron star density,”he enlightened me. I shrugged back at him. I guess I was. Was that a problem?

The room fell silent as everyone considered. And then Brad walked into the room and took a seat. We told him the problem: how to deal with the replicators once and for all without having to resort to those well-worn ARG’s. Beat. “Instead of using the ARG’s to repulse the nanites,”Paul suddenly piped up, “we were talking about using some other means to intensify the attraction between the bonds.”

Brad’s face lit up and he started spinning. The attraction between the bonds could grow so intense that the replicators would fuse together, creating a super-dense mass. For some reason, Paul seemed to find the idea far more palatable when it came from Brad while Brad, joining us late, no doubt mentally thanked Paul for coming up with that kernel of a notion that allowed him to spin a terrific visual.

Again, as an isolated incident, a little annoying but no big deal. But as part of a general trend, it can get downright vexing after a while. Which is why I’d like to propose the following easy-to-incorporate system as part of all future story-breaking sessions:

1. The names of all participating writer-producers are written on one of the two big whiteboards in the room.

2. When someone comes up with what is considered a “good idea” by two or more producers, they are awarded a bronze star, equivalent to five points, which is awarded by way of a sticker placed beneath the writer-producer’s name along with a brief summary of the proposed idea: ie. Hey, let’s put the botanists in shorts!

3. When someone comes up with what is considered a “great idea” by two or more producers, they are awarded a silver star, equivalent to twenty points, which is awarded by way of a sticker placed beneath the writer-producer’s name along with a brief summary of the proposed idea: ie. Let’s have Todd assassinate the rival queen, throwing the entire mission in jeopardy.

4. When someone comes up with what is considered a “super-fantastic idea” by two or more producers, they are awarded a gold star, equivalent to sixty points, which is awarded by way of a sticker placed beneath the writer-producer’s name along with a brief summary of the proposed idea: ie. Rather than tell a linear story, let’s shift backward and forward in time, differentiating between the two time frames by visual means which will accentuate the thematic confusion experienced by our heroes.

5. If someone comes up with what is considered a “bad idea” by two or more producers, they are docked five points in which case either they have a bronze star removed, a silver star reduced to three quarters its original size, a gold star reduced by one twelfth, or a note is made beneath said writer-producer’s name along the lines of “I.O.U. – 1 bronze star”.

6. If someone comes up with what is considered a “terrible idea” by two or more producers, they are docked five points (qv details above) AND made to place their chair atop the writer’s room table. Once they have retaken their seat, now atop the table, they will be subjected to what I refer to as “The Humiliation Ceremony” in which they are singled-out and harangued by the other writer-producers who will dance around them, clapping and twirling, singing a dedicated Humiliation Ceremony song (lyrics and melody to be announced).

6. If someone comes up with what is considered a “really stupid idea” by two or more producers, they must immediately surrender their shoes to charity and made to withstand one of Carl Binder’s trademark lower spine kicks. In addition, their fellow writer-producers may proceed to the offender’s office and lay claim to one personal item therein.

7. At weeks’ end, the points are tallied. The winner (the individual with the most points) places their chair atop the writer’s room table. Once they have retaken their seat, now atop the table, they will be rewarded wit what I refer to as “The Congratulatory Ceremony” in which they are singled-out and revered by other writer-producers who will dance around them, clapping and twirling, singing a dedicated Congratulatory Ceremony song that is in many ways similar to the Humiliation Ceremony song but with slightly different lyrics. Also, for every point they earned, they will be awarded one dollar to be made up of one dollars for each negative point accrued by the bad idea people and the balance of which will be made up by the rest of the writer-producers. The loser meanwhile (the individual with the least points) must spend the weekend in the office as part of the new Bridge Studios fire and safety regulations which requires at least one living writer and/or producer to be on site to render assistance in the unlikely event of a ground fire or asteroid strike.

8. In the event of a tie in either category, the winning winner or losing loser is determined by a best two out of three rock, paper, scissors competition. Real rocks, papers, and scissors will be used.

9. At the end of every month, a prize will be awarded for “The Greatest Idea of the Month”. This will take the form of a crown and scepter presentation (both items fashioned from coat hangers, empty sardine tins, and aluminum foil – shiny side up), in addition to an extra special Reverence Ceremony in which the awardee will sit atop the writers’ room table while the other writer-producers dance around them, clapping and twirling, singing a dedicated Reverence Ceremony song that is in many ways similar to both the Humiliation Ceremony song and the Congratulatory Ceremony song, although slightly more similar to the latter than the former.

10. At the end of every month, we will also recognize “The Very Worst Idea of the Month”. This will take the form of a black star. At any time over the course of the season, if it comes time to write a clip show, the individual with the most black stars beneath their name will be given the assignment.

Hey, it’s winter! Not Vancouver-winter, but winter-winter! I moved away from the east coast to get away from this kind of weather. Well, at least Lulu seems to be enjoying it.

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to Jumble.


Platschu writes: “I became so exited that you mentioned Universe won’t have human cultures. Does that mean you won’t shoot episodes in the forests too? Will the off-world scenes be made by CGI? Or will we have more ship-based episodes in the first season to reduce the budget?”

Answers: Of the first ten episodes broken, we have a grand total of 0 forested planets. I’m not saying we won’t, eventually, come across one but, for the time being, the emphasis is on the ship and some locations atypical of Stargate. As a matter of fact, Executive Producer Robert Cooper and Director Andy Mikita are in New Mexico as we speak, scouting a cool-looking alien setting.

Perragrin writes: “But, I think there’s something the Writers/Producers/PTB have overlooked: something that wasn’t much of an issue when Atlantis was introduced, because SG1 was still up and running..Resentment.”Answer: I totally understand, believe me. Of the hundreds of people who worked very hard to bring you Stargate: Atlantis over the past five years, you’d be hardpressed to find anyone who didn’t want to see the show come back for a sixth season. The decision to end the series was a disappointing one for many of us yet, realistically, there wasn’t anything we could have done to change it. We’ll miss these characters (just like I very much missed the SG-1 characters) but, at the end of the day, we all have to move forward – in this case, on to the new series Stargate: Universe that, despite initially being overshadowed by news of the Atlantis cancellation, promises to be a great show.

John Manzione writes: “But, can you tell anything about the upcoming SG1 movie? Have the actors signed on? All or them? Some of them? Any chance at all that RDA is interested? Can we look to you for further information about the SG1 movie? Is February still a start date for it?”

Answer: February was never a start date. A more likely start of production would be summer of 2009. As for actor participation, I don’t know anything about any deals being closed but I do know that some of the actors have been approached and are looking forward to the project.

DasNdanger writes: “When you order so much food, do you manage to eat it all at the restaurant, do you take home the leftovers, or do you just let pefectly good food go to waste?”

Answer: Nothing ever goes to waste. Whatever we don’t finish, we pack up and bring home for next day’s lunch – which actually turns out to be Fondy’s midnight snack.

McKayFan4Ever writes: “Everytime I see those pics of food you are going thru (most especialy desert) there is one I’ve never seen, DBC (death by Chocolate) I wonder if you ever tried this cake…”

Answer: I haven’t but it looks great. I’ll be in Montreal for the holidays so I’ll try to make it a point to drop by.

NeKo writes: “SOOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to WFPOTD: Liquid Edition. SO when should I get my popcorn ready?”

Answer: Alas, Martin is headed out of town so we won’t get around to it until the new year. I’m thinking of co-hosting and asking Ivon to do the filming. We’ll be the Siskel and Ebert of candy drinks.

Deni B. writes: “Whatever happened to Joel Goldsmith’s Q & A?”

Answer: I believe Joel is still working on it.

Suziesbluefeather writes: “When writing how do you keep the POV (point of view) straight? I ask because my stuff has a habit of sounding like someone narrating the story instead of throwing the ready into one of the characters.”

Answer: All I can say is that the more I read, the more informed I become about the pros and cons of the varying narrative modes. I’d say simply pick the POV you’re most comfortable with and best lends itself to the type of story you want to tell. For the short story I’m presently working on, for instance, I’m using the third-person limited POV which allows me to deliver a more personal narrative without necessarily tipping how things will turn out for my protagonist.

StellaByStargate writes: “Is the re-cut of SG-1 CotG still in the works and can we look for that to be released sometime soon? And also…since Brad and Carl seem rather busy with SGU for the time being, how is the SG-1 movie coming along?”

Answer: I believe the CotG is done. No idea when it will be released but I imagine very soon. As for the SG-1 movie – Brad and Carl broke the story together and now Carl is off writing the script. When he last reported in, Carl was about halfway through a first draft.

Bailey writes: “Gingerbread Puddlejumper and Gatecake!”

Answer: I want one!

NarellefromAus writes: “How long does it take for Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell to get humorous?”

Answer: Well, it’s a very understated English humor that could well be lost on some.


77 thoughts on “December 18, 2008: Hey! That was MY idea!

  1. It almost sounded like you were channelling McKay there for a bit. still, I can sympathise. And given your profession and brainstorming sessions, I suppose it’s inevitable that “idea transplants” occur regularly.
    As for your point system, love it. I would make one suggestion though. Once a season, you offer up a “that’s the greatest/worst thing you’ve ever done for the show” award, based on fan reaction. Not sure of the mechanism. The winner earns a paid trip to a major con(dragon or comicscon for instance) to enjoy the adulation of the fans, or at least the chance to go out and enjoy a bender. The loser would have to pay their own way to the con, and be required to streak across one of the stages, or down a hallway, while the fans stand by with suitably decayed vegitable matter. Just think of how many extra sales you’d generate on the dvds, with Mr. Bartok filming these events and adding them as special features. There are a few details to work on, but I think the basic idea is sound.
    Thanks for a fun post.

  2. Very cute video of the dogs! Which one was doing all the running around?

    Love your idea of rewards/punishments for good/bad ideas! What would the rest of the gang think about it? Good idea? or BAD idea?

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I won’t get to see your posts until after Christmas. Heading out of town and no internet where I’m going. Don’t know how I’m going to handle it…..

  3. Lulu may get kidnapped by rabbits and raised by one of their own. She could definitely pass for one in the snow.

    If it makes you feel any better, it’s meant to be high 20’s (C) in our area at the moment and I was wearing a beanie (and a sour look) this morning.

    Answer: Well, it’s a very understated English humor that could well be lost on some.

    Nice attempt at tact 😉
    So my upbringing on Fawlty Towers, ‘Allo ‘Allo, The Goodies, Yes Minister, Blackadder won’t help here? All a little not so subtle.

    I’m not very far in so I’ll keep on going (and as I was typing this all our power went out so reading will be one of the few things to do).

    As for your meetings. Digital Recorder. Not as much fun, but effective in a court of law and great for saying “I told you so”.

  4. Aww – cute video! Your dogs are definitely fun to watch. Was that Lulu that was doing all the running around? She’s cute. =) My parents have a dog that runs and rolls in the snow, making snowpuppies. hah. Thanks for the video, it was great to see some real snow. It’s the one thing I miss about Christmas. It’s so weird having Christmas in Australia.

    How would one go about getting into writing with SGU? Is prior television/film writing job experience required?

    Anyway, I hope that you and your family have a truly wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

  5. Thanks for the info on the SG1 movie, Joe! I’m so looking forward to it. I’m excited for Universe, but not nearly as excited as I am to see Jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal’c again!

    Can you tell us if it’s known who will be directing the two movies next summer? Will Martin Wood direct the SG1 movie? Will Andy Mikita or Rob Cooper himself direct the Atlantis one?


  6. WOW snow! Ive never even seen it in real life. It looks beautiful. And the dogs are sooooooooo cute!
    And co-hosting with Ivon filming is a great idea extra fun ^^

  7. No offense to the pug breed, but I have to say that Lulu is the cutest of your dogs. It’s adorable how she bounces around like a rabbit.

  8. Lulu just seems to love the snow! She seems to be so wanting the other dogs to enjoy it too. “Look, look at all this cool white stuff!!!” But they just ignore her and go about their business. She just too cute! Ever think of adding a fifth youngun to give her someone to play with?

  9. Are you sure that is a dog and not a rabbit??

    You have almost as much snow as we do now! Would you mind if I sent you the -25C temps as well?

  10. New Mexico?! Seriously?! You better not be joking, Joe, because THAT. IS. AWESOME.

    My God, I never thought Stargate would have the greens to go that far! Ok, maybe it’s just a one time thing, I don’t know, but still…holy crap. I mean, if you guys are willing to go that far then there is no telling what kind of weird and alien landscapes you guys can get into on the show. I am seriously excited about this; once you open the door to truly alien concepts in terms of landscapes, climates, and lifeforms, the possibilities are limitless.

    And no forest planets! HOORAH!!

    For those who remember, I posted a huge comment quite a while ago that was basically a ramble on the potential of the Stargate Universe concept, and it looks like I may actually get to see it happen! New worlds and new creatures unlike any we’ve seen; new civilizations untouched by Ancients or humanity alike, and only your imaginations can limit what we can witness.

    Tell Paul to stop giving you guys the eyeball; with this show, ANYTHING should be allowed a chance to develop as an idea, no matter how ridiculous it may seem; sometimes, the Universe is ridiculous. Deal with it, Mr. Mullie. Please.

    But…WOOHOO!! New Mexico!! Is it the White Sands? Are they checking out the White Sands? If so, take a look:

    White Sands 1

    White Sands 2

    White Sands 3

    Tell me THAT doesn’t look at least a tad alien. Imagine it, a massive Alien city gleaming in the distance, surrounded by a white sandy desert for as far as the eye can see. And Dr. Rush is watching it. THAT’S THE PERFECT SCENE.

    But I hope you guys have a comprehensive science team working alongside as well; Mika’s awesome, but I don’t think she’ll be enough for a show that may be dealing with the most extreme effects of the laws of physics. I mean, what if you guys decide to set the Destiny on a collision course with a Quasar? Wouldn’t that be cool? But the science would have to be air tight as well, in order for all of it to work.

    I said it back then, and I’ll say it again: you guys have on your hands a concept that, if done right, may be the greatest Science Fiction show ever. I’m not joking. You have a group of pretty much random people (thus giving a pretty good slice of humanity), going out and exploring the greater Universe (thus giving us a good slice of the Universe). That is Sci-Fi at its core: people given the chance to face the Universe in ways we cannot accomplish right now, and seeing how they will be affected.

    So you guys better know what the hell you’re doing! 😉

    Sweet system there, Joe. I laughed out loud many times while reading it. I vote for Narelle to come up with the lyrics to the Humiliation Ceremonial Song.

    Also, Lulu is so incredibly cute. 😀

  11. Your dog video is adorable! I wish my dog liked to run in the snow…Actually, I wish we had enough snow for my dog to run it. Darn warm southern states…Although I suppose she wouldn’t like it too much, even if there was enough to play in – she’s a greyhound from a Florida track, so all she’s ever known is sun and sand (and cages, but still).

    For some reason I just became extremely curious: How did you end up with all your dogs? And who was first? (I’m a dog person, owner, and shelter volunteer, so dogs and dog related things interest me!)

  12. Beautiful fresh snow. It actually snowed a very tiny bit here on Monday and sleeted overnight (gasp, I actually had to use my ice scraper on Tuesday morning), and it’s been extremely foggy here the past 2 days. It simply doesn’t get foggy in Dallas, so it’s making a mess of things…less than 1/4 mile visibility and all.

    Say, do you know what a drum and bugle corps is?

  13. That Lulu is a precious little wabbit, with those gigantic ears. I can’t believe you are leaving our little babies home alone with Lawren. Didn’t you once tell a story of how Lawren borrowed Beau Bridges’ car at lunch and wrecked it? And you trust him with your babies and the liquor cabinet keys? Are we going to get to come along on this holiday trip, or do we have to stay home too? Will Lawren be in charge of your blog? I’m scared.

  14. First…I’m confused.

    Second…are we feeling a tad bit insecure, Joe? We KNOW you’ve had good ideas, apartfromthatoneeveryonecomplainsabout… 😉

    Third…I am very happy to hear nothing goes to waste when you’re dining out. It’s a pet peeve of mine…I hate seeing platefuls of food heading back to the kitchen. Hubby and I take everything home – and we especially love it when we manage to get three meals out of just one (this usually only happens with Italian food, since some local restaurants give HUGE portions).

    I’m also notorious for eating leftovers for breakfast, just so nothing’s wasted. The other day we had a delicious meal at Lucky Bones, a popular local joint…


    First, it was a chilly day so we both dived into bowls of soul-warming cream of cauliflower and potato soup (the special) – ’twas delish! I had the small roasted beet and goat cheese salad (still quite filling) , while Mr. Das just had the house salad. Then we ordered pizza – I love their crust because it’s wafer thin and crispy. We ordered the arugula, parma prosciutto, tomato, and mozzarella pizza (with added calamata olives) – but only ate half of it because we were quite stuffed. Mom had us over for dinner on Monday, and Tuesday we had other dinner plans, so Tuesday morning…knowing that the pizza would just go to waste if someone didn’t eat it soon…I decided to have it for breakfast…with hot pepper flakes! Yes, I have an iron stomach! 😀

    I was going to say something else – something deep and profound – but now I’m hungry. 😛 *runs off to raid the fridge*


  15. Sorry to hear about your problem getting credit for your ideas, it must be very frustrating — but if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, downright copying of an idea must be the sincerester form… or something like that!

    NarelleofAus wrote:

    How long does it take for Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell to get humorous?

    I read another review about how hilarious it is, so I’m not sure if it takes a while or whether it’s just going straight over my head (also a strong possibility).

    If you’re waiting for it to get “roll on the floor laughing” funny, I fear you are doomed to disappointment. It’s humor is more in the line of chortles than guffaws. As Joe said, “understated English humor” – (I want to make sure to mention that the Understated English Humor Idea belongs to Joe Mallozzi).

    I’ve been searching everywhere for ebook versions of the next Quantum Gravity books, “Selling Out” and “Going Under” with no luck. On the way I managed to stumble across your glowing endorsement of Pyr and found myself in one of Lou Anders’ sites. Small world sometimes.

    Narelle, I haven’t found any ebooks listed for any of the Quantum Gravity series, either. 🙁 But on a happier note, the 4th book in the series Chasing the Dragon is supposed to be out in August next year! 🙂

  16. Hey Joe, It’s Dec. 18 today, ,my twins-Brandon and Melissa’s birthday! (not Dec.19)they are 20 today!!! We just got back from 3 hours of dinner at the Melting Pot! This is a fondue place and it’s wonderful! It may not be FUEL, but all 15 of us REALLY enjoyed it! Cheese fondue to start , then fillet, chicken, shrimp, steak and salmon to cook in veg. broth, salad, and 3 different kinds of chocolate fondue for dessert! And I AM ready to Explode! Today was a wonderful day with the husband, kids and our friends. Hope your holidays are great with Fondy and family! Hey , how about a picture of Fondy. We never see her. Fondy, make Joe put up a picture of you, I want to put a name to a face! PLEASE!!! Thanks, Sheryl

  17. Wonderful ideas, except I thought of them first. Of course, since you put them in such an organized manor, it is only fitting that you get credit.

    I’m kidding, of course. But I know the feeling. the last three REALLY good ideas I came up with at work were pitched as someone elses. They never did come to fruition, which gives me some small satisfaction.

    Ah, to be a dog & to be able to purely enjoy the wonder of snow…then run inside when my paws got cold. We are looking forward to “thundersnow” tonight. 8-15 inches by morning.

    Thus tomorrow I shall be doing the holiday baking!

  18. I believe Joel is still working on it

    I reckon Joel’s taking more time because he’s busy deleting all the questions that ask “What are the words the choir sings in SGA’s theme music.”

    I’d ask that question myself actually. I’m curious!

    Love the vids of pugkids … keep them coming. I never tire of them.

  19. Wonderful rules; I tried implementing #8 during teacher/admin meetings and was brutally rebuffed. Admin has no humor and (thankfully) bad aim. I wish you luck, please record any and all resulting musical numbers.

  20. Hi Joe,
    You sound like McKay in Brainstorm – let me guess – that was your idea! Thanks for the video, it was great fun watching the dogs in the snow. Reminds me of when I was little, growing up with it – not anymore in Los Angeles.
    New Mexico? For Stargate? Wow! That’s amazing, Joe. Is there an increased budget that allows for that in the pilot, or do you expect similar..erm…less foresty locations for the whole season?
    By the way, I didn’t know that you’re time travelling again – your blog date is December 19.

  21. Joe —

    Lulu certainly is enjoying her romp in the unusual white stuff. She is such a little cutie. The pugs look dubious, though, about having to take care of their business in it.

    When you get they 3 songs written, will you be putting them up for our listening pleasure?

  22. Joe wrote: “Answer: I totally understand, believe me.”

    I know you do. And it’s really appreciated. In fact, that’s probably why so many of us feel free enough to spam this place with our vents, gripes and disgruntled moans: you’re probably the only one who takes the time to actually listen to the Fans. And I think we’re all pretty much unanimously grateful across the board.

    Thanks, Joe.

    Re ‘The Star Award System’: Ricky Gervais would be SO proud of you 😛

  23. , I don’t know anything about any deals being closed but I do know that some of the actors have been approached and are looking forward to the project.

    Do you think all of the main SG1 cast will be approached eventually?

    (I am to be honest ‘ assuming’ that the actors who are looking forward to the project are Amanda and Ben as they have said as much already)

  24. DAS-
    Todd the Magnificent. Has a nice ring to it. I remember that shot you posted of your flowers among your great loves. Reminds me of a friend of mine, only her shelves are covered in figures, mostly x-men. You didn’t try to convince Mr Das to dress up as a wraith for halloween? You missed an oportunity there Das.
    After your post yesterday I feel a little shallow for keeping pushing for wraith reproductive info, but only a little. It would be nice to know all the little things but we just never will (completely unfair that). There were just so many different theories thought up by us obsessive types, I would just like to know what the writers came up with since we know it was discussed.

    Thanks also Das and Noir for the book info. I checked my book list and I only have one other of that series so I have some collecting to do before I start reading.

    Today was the last day of work for the year, woot! And the christmas lunch, yum. Only I was still hungry but didn’t think I should order something else since I was sitting across from the boss. Nuts. Oh well, slurpy on the way home.

    I like English humor, my favourite comedies are form that part of the world. I love Blackadder. Do you like english comedies Joe or do you prefer american?

    I will be back later with wraithy questions, miss marple is about to come on. You like whodunits Joe?

  25. Lulu ia adorable. Poor Bubba was making sure of footing on that cold slippery stuff.

    Thanks for the vid it made me smile on a rather otherwise rotten day 🙂

  26. Hi Joe,

    thanks for the funny entry. Rewards/punishments is a cool idea…especially the ‘Humiliation Ceremony’. I could see it as a useful source of motivation. Ah, if you ever manage to implement it, please, share a video . heh

    Excited about SGU news. No woods and , my fav, no latin based alien language!!! (or I hope so..)

    Ah, cute video of the dogs…I wonder if they are getting some comfy warm winter outfits from Santa…?

  27. Das: I almost forgot.. 😛

    I don’t know if you’re one of those people who hears a song and then instantly thinks of someone. I tend to do it alot and although it can be quite amusing at times, I also get fed up of forever associating said track with that particular person. Well, yesterday I was happily minding my own business when T-Rex popped onto my Windows Media playlist. I don’t know whether it was simply the way Marc Bolan’s sexy voice sounded as he sang ‘Get It On’, or whether it was the music.. but I immediately thought of Todd..

    And that’s it. I’m now forever stuck associating T-Rex with the Goth of all Gothic Wraith. Marvellous, huh? 😛

    Just as a nonsensical curio for today’s blog, here’s some other tracks that seem to be forever paired up with various Atlantis charries:

    Tom Petty’s, ‘Runnin’ Down A Dream’: Lt Col John Sheppard

    Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s, ‘Takin’ Care Of Business’: Ronon Dex

    Todd Rundgren’s, ‘Banging On The Drums All Day’: Dr Rodney Mckay

    The Pogues’, ‘A Fairytale Of New York’: Dr’s Mckay and Zalenka

    Paul McCartney’s, ‘We All Stand Together’: Richard Woolsey (And before you ask.. don’t. I honestly don’t know)

    I also have one for Joe.. But I think i’ll keep that one to myself for now *clamps shut* 😛

  28. Great vid of Lulu going bonkers in the snow – although I noticed that she (quite sensibly) thought “okay that should keep them happy – off to get warm now”. The boys on the other hand looked decidedly unimpressed.

  29. Thanks for the video of Lulu making like a snow bunny, it really cheered me up especially after yesterday (see my blog) Well its nearly here and I’ve got to admit that this credit crunch crap has made Christmas more like it used to be as people seem to be putting more actual effort into it rather than the usual attitude of “lets throw lots of money at it and hope for the best.” Of course my current effort is going to involve a lot of housework to very loud and inspiring music (Muse works well for a housework frenzy and I’m going to NEED a bit of frenzy!)but first for a cup of tea and some dark chocolate to get me going.



  30. back.
    ok, lets try to make sense.

    1. Halo Luver writes: “1. Are Wraith capable of drawing nourishment from other rational creatures besides humans? Perhaps Asgard or Goua’ld symbiotes?
    Answers: 1. Although a wraith is able to derive some nourishment from other creatures (like, say, an Asgard), in the long run it will need to feed on humans to ensure its survival
    so, what is it specifically that wraith get from humans that they can’t get from other beings?

    2. Does Todd know the team calls him Todd? Will we ever get to see his reaction to being called Todd?

    3. In infection, what exactly were the wraith exchanging with the ship?

    4. This goes back to ‘the queen’ and ‘first contact’ as well as ‘infection’. In the queen, Todd remains on the primarys hive and Kenny is in charge of the origional hive. In first contact Todd comes aboard with Kenny and Bullseye (Das’ name for him- suits doesn’t it). So, did Todd bring over his top two men who control their own hives under him while he remains on the primarys hive?
    Which brings us to infection. Which hive was it that became ill and crashed? I mainly want to know if Kenny was onboard cause i don’t want him to be dead. Was he on another hive in Todds alliance? If it was never decided if he is alive or not lets just leave it that he’s alive. I like Kenny he’s snarky, and it’s good to have other wraith for Todd to interact with. Having them both in the movie would be great!
    answers would be much appreciated
    later Joe

  31. Mr M

    The best thread ever on Gateworld is how the TPTB will adress the “Laundry situation”


    Now speaking of you Little star rated adventures… How BIG a Black/Gold star did you guys hand out once you started working on the smaller details of the SGU series, like the clothing and toothpaste scenario’s?

    Did any of you at least end up on the table with your chair for thinking along the lines of how real life you want the show to be?

    P.S How about some doggy shoes for the cold winter… poor doggies

  32. WOW!!! snow being from new york I miss the stuff dosent snow at all in Norfolk VA. Joe the poster that JJ sent you is that avaliable through the sci-fi store???

  33. All the dogs are cute. But Lulu is just so DAMN cute!

    On the recognition thing? Yeah. I’ve just experienced that at work. We had a few tech meetings here regarding the new company website design and function. I came up with the idea of a secure log in company President blog that our employee’s could access, thereby forgoing the time consuming and expensive printed bi-monthly or so letter that he currently has produced. Everyone LOVED the idea!

    Just a few short weeks later, I over hear a conversation about the new site, and what a great idea the webmaster had, to implement a secure log in site for the company President’s blog. I said: “Wow. Yeah. That IS a great idea…”

    *mumble, mumble, mumble* “F-you” *mumble, mumble*

    Have a great holiday Joe, and a great east coast trip. I’m on vaca myself next week.

  34. RIP Majel Barrett Roddenberry. Like Forry, we fans owe her hugely & immensely for keeping the torch lit. And the Star Trek computers will never sound the same again.

  35. RinkRat says:
    “Are you sure that is a dog and not a rabbit??” – I was thinking the same thing, lol. Which one was that? Too cute.

    Joe, you could dress him/her up for Easter with bunny ears.

  36. Aww, the dogs look like they’re having tonnes of fun!

    As for the idea thing, I know where you’re coming from. The only two memorable ones that I’ve had, I’m chalking up to coincidence, mainly because there is a very slim chance that the writers took my idea and fed it into their awesome TV show, one being Supernatural, and the other is impossible, as it was filmed before I was born. The problem that arises from this is that if you suggest it or write it afterwards, it looks like you’re copying, and boy, is that annoying.

  37. The video of Lulu running madly through the snow is priceless! and I loved her bolting inside at the end. Snow is something we’ve had plenty of this year in the Midwest so there is lots here for my Lab to enjoy — and for me to shovel — 3 or 4 more inches of slush overnight. 🙁 I don’t mind the fluffy stuff, but the slush is too darn heavy.

    das, that dinner sounded delightful! I’m not sure I could handle the pizza for breakfast, though. You are made of sterner stuff than I! 😉

    Joe, the hospital where I work is always looking for ways to encourage the employees to contribute ideas and your plan seems better than a lot of the ones they have come up with. They’re always trying to bring in innovations from other industries to improve quality eg. Lean, Planetree, etc. so why not import yours from the writing/entertainment industry? Maybe we could do a trial version here in the Lab — we have lots of whiteboards. As for the crown, we’re a bit short on sardine cans, but maybe we could substitute petri dishes …

    Hey, this could be the next radical new approach for team building – The Mallozzi Method!

    Off to bake kolacky, chocolate chips and pecan tassies …

    And shovel snow.

  38. Lovely video of the pups! Heard the sad news of Majel Barrett Roddenberry’s passing last night and remembered that like so many of us, she had a great love of animals. Have a good weekend, everybody!

  39. Lulu is like a rabbit, lol.

    I can empathize with the whole credit thing. I know it is not the credit, but the general scope of never getting credit. I have a friend who’s memory is horrible, she will tell me stories that I told her the week before and start the story with I don’t know who I heard this from but did you know… I just turn to her and say, um yeah that was me you heard it from and then tell her she needs to take some Ginko.

    I don’t think your star system will work though. It seems like when you say the idea they don’t acknowledge it is a good idea at the time. They seem to only think it is a good idea after hearing it and sleeping on it except in the case of Paul that time. After they sleep on it they seem not to think about you when it comes to remembering who said it, poor Joseph. The thought in my mind you give when telling the story is of you in an elevator frantically trying to get out and everyone pushing you to the back not even noticing that you are there.

  40. Awww! Cute vid!! I was too tired last night to watch it…so nice treat with breakfast. Mr. Das watched it, too…and said that Lulu looks like a bunny rabbit bouncing around in the snow. Reminds me of when I was a kid – I was a slug…like the pugs…while my sister was this hyper ball of energy, always running and jumping around. On our old home movies, it looks like the film was slowed down for me, while at the same time speeded up for my sister…like the first 8mm home movie special effects, or something.

    Thanks for sharing, Joe!


  41. Hi Joe!

    I’d realllly like to see the various dances mentioned in today’s blog. If you happen to catch any on video, I hope you’ll post them! 😉

    Maybe instead of a black star (which keeps with the whole “star” concept), you could give them a black hole, cuz y’know, their idea sucked so much. LOL!

    I’m glad you take home leftovers from your incredible suppers. Of course, I never considered you wouldn’t. You don’t seem like someone to waste good food.

    The SGU tidbits you’ve been telling us about sound cool! But no forest planets? It makes sense, but I will kinda miss them. No resentment – well, not over the planets, – but I will miss them.

    Actually, I’ve gotten over my frustration of SGA’s cancellation. I’m sad, especially since this season has so totally rocked, but I’m not going to “hate” SGU without having seen it yet.

    Merry Christmas, my favorite Canadian science-fiction TV show executive producer/writer/dog owner/foodie guy!


  42. So Rob and Andy are in New Mexico? Seeing as this has been my home for the past 5 1/2 years, that’s pretty darn cool!!!

    What locations have they been looking at? I don’t necessarily want to swing by to say hi, I’m just curious to know if I’ll recognize the prospective locations.

    I made a Stargate fan out of someone this past week! I was so happy. 🙂

  43. LOL The frenchie has some good fun! The pugs are like eh whatever it’s cold. Fun video. [Sorry I don’t each of your pets names]

  44. Hi Joe,

    Just wanted to say on behalf of all Jumble’s friends on GW thank you so much for dedicating the post to her today, I’m sure it’ll mean a lot to her 🙂

  45. Coucou Joseph!

    vous allez bien? Moi oui, car je suis enfin en vacance!! C’est vraiment super!!! il ne manquerai plus que la neige, chanceux^^!

    Je suis encore rentré tard ce soir, mais j’ai été contente de découvrir mon nouveaux chauffeur et c’est un américain!!! c’est super!! Il est torp gentil, j’adore son petit accent trop mimi^^!!

    Bon et bien a demain, bon week end! Bisouuuu!!

  46. Watching the video, I heard, “Come on, let’s play – come ON, stopping smelling around and let’s run, jump and PLAY – this is great stuff – (stops and shakes off) well, maybe it is kinda cold on the belly – so first one in the house is a cat!”
    loved the video

  47. I didn’t get a chance to watch Criminal Minds on Wednesday evening at its regular time (we had local Oklahoma programming), so I dvr’d it at 2:37 am and just watched it today (Friday morning). WHAT A TOUR DE FORCE for Mitch Pleggi. I have never seen him in such an intense role. Bravo!!!! If you missed it, try to catch it on the re-runs. It was outstanding. As far away from Cauldwell as you can get!!!

    Looking forwrd to “Vegas” in 2-weeks, but then not the ending of the series. But as I have reflected, many shows have come to a close this year…The Shield, Boston Legal, BG will end (which I never got into no matter how hard I tired). So, we’re not the only sad folk on the block 🙁

    But it’s time for you to get moving on the movie!!! No more beat sheets…let’s get a first draft out!

  48. Thanks for the video of the dogs. One seems to be missing though, Jelly I believe. Too cold for her? Does the cold make her hip problem worse?

  49. I f only we could apply that idea everywhere!

    Spending the holidays out here in the East huh? May want to reconsider since Environment Canada has announced SNOWMAGEDDON! I kid you not. CBC has already cracked jokes about that one.
    You may be safe in Montreal though, just be prepared to take in refugees from Ontario. I swear, if Toronto calls in the army again I am going to die laughing.

  50. Poor Lulu has nobody to play with!! How old are the dogs, my schitzu is 2 and loves the snow, i just hate having to wash her to get the showballs out of her fur though 🙁

  51. Hey Joe,

    Your not the only one to move to escape the weather lol!!! Though as of today I’m not complaining about it too much, since my home area of Ontario is being nailed with a major storm. Glad it’s not me!!!

    Love all the updates for Universe, keep them coming!!



  52. @ Jenny Robin- A drum and bugle corps is a type of marching band that only uses valved brass instruments (trumpets, baritones, tubas, etc.) with a drumline and flag corps. They are pretty neat to watch. My percussion instructor in college was a member of one

  53. Hi Joe,I love to read your blog. lulu is so cute running around in the snow.love when you did the wierd food with the ice creams, I was yelling at the monitor for you not to try the squid ice cream.keep blogging : ) basker

  54. Hey, I see your praise made it onto the back of Abercrombie’s Last Argument of Kings. It is proving to be a good book to read while snowed in.


  55. Joe, Thanks for dedicating the post to Jumble.

    P.S. The reward/punishment system was my idea.

  56. Hello Joe!

    Thank you very much for answering my questions yesterday. You made so many fans happy with me. The new series sounds better and better. I always wanted to see a such scifi television show, where we can see real alien cultures and communication on their own planet.

    Can you tell us how many new alien races will we encounter in the first half? Will they return later or do you plan them for one episode only? If the last one is correct than it would cost too much, wouldn’t it? I think if we could get 4-5 new races with different background, than we will be satisfied. And how can they return to interact with the team, if they let them back with Destiny? Will they have space ships as well or will they follow them through the gate system?

    Maybe they should control different parts of the galaxy as they began a war. But than I have to ask, what I could never understand in SG-1, why is it so important to have a “territory” for a Goa’uld in MW, if they can visit every planet from every planet. So technically you can’t draw borders with ships, because the gate system will change everything. And don’t tell me they had energy shields on every gate for uninvited visitors. 🙂

    The other question is that will the new races be wiser than the Goa’uld or Wraith was? Because they are so old, than they have to be more advanced. I know it is a bit hard to keep the balance between our heroes and theirs enemies, but it would be a bit funny, if the crew of Destiny could defeat them so easily.

    What about New Mexico? Will the crew travel there? Or will a smaller team film some material for blue-box background? Or is it only for inspiration? Will SG:U use complete digital sets as Sanctuary did?

    I hope you won’t mind if I ask, what will happen if Universe is canceled after season 1? Does RCC and BW have a plan B? Will they begin a new SG spin-off in 2010? I know it is the worst case scenario, but it can happen.

    Have a nice day and visit some Hungarian restaurant! 🙂


  57. (Finally got around to reading everything…)

    1. Wow. EVERYONE thought Lulu looked like a bunny! 😆

    2. We have cool-looking alien landscapes in New Jersey…and some cool-looking aliens, to boot!

    3. @ BlueJay – Ah…dressing Mr. Das up as a Wraith. Although he has suggested buying a white wig at the local costume shop, I have discouraged it. It’s one thing when Wraith make-up is done by a seasoned professional, and quite another when it’s done by your husband, armed only with masking tape, cheap green goo, and a sparse Halloween witches’ wig.

    That said, Mr. Das was quite happy yesterday when I decided to cut my bangs shorter and dress up like Abby from NCIS…lol. “Do the ponytails, honey! And buy a plaid skirt!” He’s so easy! 😆 (And NO – I am not buying a plaid skirt!) He’s loved Abby since we first started watching the show, and has always said that she reminds him of me – the spunkiness, and certainly the quirkiness. Not so much the goth thing…but maybe a little only because I wear a lot of black and silver. Aaaand, I’m talking too much about me, again…


    BlueJay, do NOT feel shallow for asking about Wraith reproduction…it’s something I’m curious about, too. Only, I want it more insect-like – pods, indirect mating/dna exchange, lots of goo and umbilicals and icky stuff – while most everyone else wants it more human-like. I guess it’s so they can let their imaginations go wild with fantasies about getting’ diddled by Todd in the backseat of a puddle jumper. 😉

    I know I’m in the minority on this one. Still, I would like to know how the creators and writers envision this stuff – are they (Wraith – not the writers) like bees and wasps where males are produced from unfertilized eggs, while only females are produced from fertilized ones? I would like to see some consistency here – if they are based on a hive-like insect species, then it would be cool if their reproduction was also based on the same. If – as with wasps and bees – fertilization (mating) is not needed to produce males, then this could explain the abundance of males, while there seems to be so few females. And then there is the whole cloning thing – when, exactly, does that come into play? Are all 10,000+ year old Wraith naturally produced, while those born after the war are mostly clones? And I’m not even going to get into the whole ‘where are the children’ thing, and the male Wraith ‘albinism’.

    Yeah, there’s more I want to know about these things than will ever be explained. It’s times like this that I would love to make up my own creatures, but I’d just be trying to improve on ones that already exist, and that – I suppose – would be stealing ideas (see Joe’s blog) …so I just let it drop.

    And, keep asking Joe your Wraithy questions! One of these days we’ll break him and he’ll put aside his super secret project and sit down and write that Wraith encyclopedia we’re all dying for – hopefully with Alan’s help (not Marty’s, because he just wants to kill ’em all, and I’m not so sure about that Carl guy, either…).

    @ Perragrin – Oh, my. I’m Too Sexy always came to mind when I think of Todd…but now…oh…my. Love Bang a Gong/Get it On! THANK YOU for planting that in my head! Only, I think it reminds me more of Edward Sleazyhands, because if there was ever a dirty boy, it’s Eddy!

    “Well you’re dirty and sweet, clad in black,
    Don’t look back, and I love you.
    You’re dirty and sweet, oh yeah.
    Well, you’re slim and you’re weak,
    You’ve got the teeth of a hydra upon you.
    You’re dirty, sweet and you’re my boy…”

    Ya know – that pretty much fits ‘em all… 😉

    I have songs for most Wraith, but I really haven’t thought of the other characters. And for Joe? I’m going with Fish Heads

    ”In the morning, laughing happy fish heads
    In the evening, floating in the soup.

    Fish heads, fish heads, rolly polly fish heads,
    Fish heads, fish heads, eat them up,


    4. @ drldeboer – ‘Tis indeed sad about Majel. 🙁

    5. @ Sparrow_hawk – Howmuchsnowdidjaget?! We only got rain…lots of rain. Poo.

    About the pizza – really, it’s no different than what you might eat for breakfast. In this case, it was like having toast, a ham, cheese, and ‘spinach’ omelet – minus the eggs – with a glass of tomato juice on the side. Same stuff some people put in their stomachs in the morning, only a different presentation. It was yummy! The thing I love about pizza for breakfast is that I will always lose weight the day I eat it. I suppose it’s because it sticks with me, and I don’t get hungry until dinner time…so no snacking during the day, and lots of energy. If I eat it at night, it makes me sleepy…which might just be the wine I drink with it…but, hey! Whatever!


  58. @ Emily – Thanks for sharing that video! Too darn funny!! 😆 I bet that pup slept like a baby after that…he/she (I didn’t look 😉 ) was like a submarine…submarsnow…dog. That really made my day – thanks again! 😀


  59. Just seconding drldboer on Ms. Barrett-Roddenberry’s passing, and saying thanks for the video. For some reason it won’t play on my computer at home, but works fine here at the “office”. Nice to see someone getting the stuff. Oh, if they want cool alien places, how about sending them over to Virginia? We’ve got it all. Mountains, seashores, dense urban populations, lots and lots of cool caves, and yes, even forests. As a “right to work” state we also have an affordable labor force. And yes, I’m shamelessly shilling for my state. Anything to keep the governor from trying to hike taxes on aglets and oxygen…

  60. Just some free ideas:

    – Destiny could have a “chameleon gate” on the board, which will change its own chevron color depending in which gatesystem the ship is. 🙂

    – Maybe there could be an emergency gate activating, where they dial a new gate and the whole ship will be transported in parts through the wormhole with a beam technology. The new space gate would stay on the board, while they left behind the old one. So technically the ship will jump from gate to gate, but it doesn’t need to fly at all. 🙂

    * * *

    How many gate system will be reached in season 1? Will Destiny make adventures only in one galaxy or can we expect bigger playground? And if your answer is yes, than how can you introduce recurring cultures and races what I asked earlier?

  61. My husband does this to me ALL the time. Finally, I’ve started demanding my own percentages of whatever companies/products/revenue streams my ideas generate. Everyone thinks he’s the genius. Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain! lol

  62. hey Joe, this is something Laura Dove picked up on, would you care to comment.

    LD: I think I have a guess about when Todd was captured… I am in the process of rewatching all SGA, and something Cowen said in “Underground” caught my attention: “Many generations ago during a culling, the Genii were able to shoot down a wraith dart.” (It’s how they got a wraith storage device.) Anybody else thinks Todd could have been the pilot of that dart?

    DAS, i think something a bit different for the wraith when it comes to mating would be more interesting. The whole insect thing would be likely. Drones coming from unfertalised eggs etc. Wasn’t there one theory like fish involving water? Knowing what was discussed in the writers room would help. An explaination on why so few females and the effect on their society would be good.

    Also, less human opens the door for funny situations. Imagine it, generations later when the wraith haven’t been feeding in all that time, a human and wraith try to hook up only to find each has some very different ideas on what to do. Or is it just my twisted mind that finds that scenario amusing.

  63. QUOTE
    As a matter of fact, Executive Producer Robert Cooper and Director Andy Mikita are in New Mexico as we speak, scouting a cool-looking alien setting.

    *hands on hips* I know NM has good film incentives, but why not give South Texas a try? I’ll drive!

    Then again, the weirdest scenery in the USA, IMHO, is the oil fields around Bakersfield, CA, USA.

    As for the snow pups video, as we say here in San Antonio, ¡qué cute!

  64. Awww… yeah, ideas are passed around our house all the time. Sometimes I’ll tell my sister something cool, who will tell my mother, who will then tell me! And then insist that my sister is the originator of the cool fact/news/idea!

    Lulu does indeed seem to be enjoying herself! 😀 She does resemble a snow bunny!!! Thanks so much for the video 🙂
    We got our massive snowstorm today (thank goodness we got back from Ohio before it started! That would have been a painfully long trip!!!) and our dachshund has a similar “hop” when he runs around in the snow… he’s so short that the snow is deeper than his little legs!!!

    New Mexico, eh? Yeah, there’s a ton of alien-looking landscapes there!!! Only been there once, but I remember wondering if my dad had, instead of going through New Mexico, driven right off the planet!!! The stars were spectacular at night… the most stars I’ve EVER seen!!!

  65. PG15 – Oh Gad. The pressure, the pressure! Choreography would be more my forte. There is so much that can be said with Jazz hands.

    Like your location thoughts!
    It will be great to not just be surrounded by trees and rocks.

    Sparrow_hawk – So I need to put away my “hahahahaha” laugh and dust off the “hawhawhaw” for Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell?

    I really want to get onto those other Justina Robson books but e versions just don’t seem to exist. Thanks for the confirmation on that.

    I’ve managed to track down a hard copy of Selling Out. Now I just need the shops to return back to some semblance of normality so I can get down and buy it without having to hip and shoulder 5 people to get to it.

    On a positive note, it is great to see the Book Stores so busy at Christmas.

  66. @ BlueJay – Okay – no ‘fishy’ ideas for Wraith reproduction! The mental image of Todd humping a pod just doesn’t do it for me…(although, I wouldn’t put it past dear ol’ Sleazy Eddie 😉 ).

    I think of the Wraith as very efficient, always looking for easier ways of getting things done. For instance, the whole feeding process bypasses the comparatively slow and sometimes inefficient digestive system by instantaneously absorbing all nutrition and energy needed directly into the body. Heck, I wish I could do that! Just think about it – you’d never have to poop again! 😀

    So…thinking of them as rather efficient, I can imagine the Wraith using in vitro fertilization, with all reproduction being through pods and other remote systems, with little or no intimacy involved. However, if that is the case, then the question arises as to how the male DNA is gathered. I mean, would they use something like the system attached to the queen in SoW, or some other sort of extraction device…or do they just send Kenny into another room with a PlayWraith magazine, and a jar? See? So many questions, not enough answers!


  67. That’s super cute. Lulu runs like a rabbit in the snow. Will you watch these dog videos on the blog while you’re away or will that make you miss them too much?

    soooo…..Lawren if you’re around, when’s the party at Joe’s?

    Cheers, Chev

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