Crispy Ceci
Crispy Ceci
Carne cruda
Carne cruda
Octopus salad
Octopus salad
Salsiccia pizza
Salsiccia pizza
Ivon and Martin, winding up.
Ivon and Martin, winding up.
Tagliarini with pork ragu
Tagliarini with pork ragu
Selena and Josh, winding down.
Selena and Josh, winding down.
Polderside chicken
Polderside chicken
Alberta flank steak with salsa verde
Alberta flank steak with salsa verde
Olive oil cake
Olive oil cake
Nutella tart
Nutella tart

With foodiefriends Josh and Selena in from out of town, Marty G. was looking to check out Campagnolo, the latest offering from the gang who brought you Fuel. They were joined by Special Features Producer Ivon Bartok who is always up for a feast. I tagged along to document the evening.

We arrived at about 7:30 p.m., a late dinner because that’s the way you do it in L.A. I myself prefer to take advantage of the blue plate special along with the Ben-Gay but, on this night, it was either eat late or eat alone. The restaurant doesn’t take reservations but Ivon was kind enough to get there early so that by the time the rest of us rolled in, we already had a table waiting for us.

“What’s good?”asked Martin.

“Well, the Bianca pizza was excellent,”I began, “and the…”

But he wasn’t really interested, absorbed as he was in the menu. Martin ooohed. He aahhed. He gave one mystery item the eyebrow. After careful consideration, he finally glanced up at the rest of us and suggested: “How about we order the entire menu?”

Ivon balked, but he was overruled. Just in case, Martin deferred to our waiter. “We’re thinking of ordering the entire menu,”he informed him.

Now, normally, whenever Fondy and I over-order, the waiters are quick to tell us as much and attempt to steer us toward a more modest meal. However, not on this night. Our waiter didn’t even bat an eyelash. “Okay,”he said. But he did suggest we might want to strike some of the ancillary items from that evening’s culinary hit parade. We lost the marinated olives, the margherita pizza, and the sides. Everything else – all 18 items – were a go!

It says a lot about the quality of the dishes served that we weren’t able to arrive at any consensus favorites. When it came to the antipasti, my vote went to the carne crude while others picked the octopus salad or the surprising crispy ceci. My favorite cure course was the prosciutto while others went with the pate. When it came to pastas, Selena and I loved the penne, whereas Ivon, Martin, and Josh crowned the tagliarini king (although, for Josh, the risotto was a close second). I again aligned myself with Selena with the next course, choosing the Biana over the Salsiccia (which I felt was a little light on the actual sasiccia) but Ivon, Josh, and Martin were more forgiving and went the other way. There was, however, consensus on the main. Four out of five of us gave the Polderside chicken a huge thumbs up while Josh, so wowed by the proceeding dishes, abstained. For dessert, we split three nutella tarts and the olive oil cake. After our meal, I poked my head into the kitchen and asked Alvin about the nutella tart. They were delicious but…different. Yes, he admitted, they were somewhat shallower because the original version proved exceedingly rich for most diners. Most, but not all – and by not all, I mean me. I ended up compensating by having two to myself.

We were scheduled to follow-up with a meal at Fuel tonight but Martin begged off, claiming he was still full (read: hung over) from the previous night’s festivities. I sincerely hope he’s feeling better soon because he kindly volunteered to guest host the Weird Food Purchase of the Day: Liquid Edition in which he will sample a shot of every bizarre bottle of booze in my liquor cabinet.



Jinx writes: “How on earth do you get a bite of a burger that big? And am I to understand there are actual spare ribs inside?”

Answer: Short-ribs, deboned. It’s admittedly a bit of a messy eat.

My Name Is Scott writes: “Assuming human aliens thrive in the other galaxies the Destiny encounters, are there good explanations for why they are there?”

Answer: As you pointed out, there were explanations for why human civilizations existed within the Milky Way and Pegasus Galaxies. In the case of SGU, no such explanation exists (that we know of) so the alien civilizations we will be encountering will not be human.

Patricia Lee writes: “How are Lulu and the other pups doing? Are they still on the sickly side or have they turned the corner?”

Answer: They are in fine form and enjoying the winter weather. Video evidence to be presented tomorrow.

Sparrow_hawk writes: “How do you get a burger that size in your mouth?

Is that white and dark chocolate in the center of the Clafoutis?”

Answers: The trick is to eat it sideways. And, yes, tat is white and dark chocolate in the clafoutis. It covers all the chocolate bases.

John Manzione writes: “ I watched the movie “Young People F’ing” yesterday and thought it was a MUH better movie than the title suggests. I quite liked it, easily an 8 out of 10 for edgy comedy.”

Answer: Then you might recognize Josh (pictured above) who played the role of the, uh, experimental husband in Martin’s movie. Also, Rob Cooper wasn’t involved in YPF. Martin co-wrote the script with friend Aaron Abrams, directed, and produced (alongside Aaron).

Luis writes: “If you and Paul are going to be consultants on Universe who are the show writers.???”

Answer: We’ll be writing some scripts along with Brad, Rob, Carl, Martin, Alan and….?

Angelus writes: “On one side people are saying Universe is going to premiere as a 2 hour event. On the other side people are saying the series premiere is a 3 parter.”

Answer: From what I’m hearing, although it is, effectively a three-parter, from a story standpoint the first two parts can (and probably will) serve as the premiere.

AnniefromFreemantle writes: “Hey Joe, that carnisphere would pack a lot of calories. Did you eat it all? Be honest! Did you roll the remainder of it home?

So are you saying that Jason, David and Rachel might NOT be in the SGA movie? If they’ve not been approached, that is just preposterous!!”

Answers: Re – the burger. Actually, Fondy had a few bites. As for the actors – I never said they wouldn’t be in the movie (unless they chose not to be in the movie). I can assure you that they will all eventually be approached.

Sheryl writes: “Joe, Please call your studio and have them put the chestnuts in the fridge.”

Answer: Done!

Halo Luver writes: “1. Are Wraith capable of drawing nourishment from other rational creatures besides humans? Perhaps Asgard or Goua’ld symbiotes?

2. Does mass have an effect on how much nourishment a wraith takes from its victim?”

Answers: 1. Although a wraith is able to derive some nourishment from other creatures (like, say, an Asgard), in the long run it will need to feed on humans to ensure its survival. 2. Good question. I think it’s not so much mass but maturity.

Inpa writes: “ I was asking if the planets and galaxies that will be encountered in Universe will also have humans on them through some means, or will planets generally be populated by other life forms?”

Answer: We’re aiming for other life forms (ie. bears with jellyfish heads, giant ethereal sunflowers, roving packs of sentient gum).

Green writes: “ And I’m a bit disappointed there isn’t a plan to have more puppetry or robotics as apposed to CG.”

Answer: We’ve done limited puppetry (yes, the Asgard are a good example) and may explore this avenue. However, for the really out-there-looking creatures, you want to go CG.

2cats writes: “Today I landed a new job. Technical Writers unite!”

Answer: Congrats.

TJ writes: “With all this talk of the SGA movie, I was surfing on IMDb and saw there’s a listing up for it…”

Answer: As the actors pointed out at the recent mewhosits Con (that my spell-check changed to Methodist Con), there are no deals in place as of yet.

Linda Gagne writes: “I finally got to order and drink an oatmeal cookie tonight. I knew there must of been Bailey’s in it. However, the taste was just not for me. I am not a big Bailey’s fan, it leaves an after taste for me. The drink was not awful, I drank it quit quickly. It just tasted like I was drinking a cinnamon candle. No, I never drank a candle, but it tasted like I would imagine a cinnamon candle to taste. Is there cinnamon in it?”

Answer: Indeed, there is. Goldenschlager lends it is cinammony undercurrent.

44 thoughts on “December 17, 2008: Yes, I think I’ll have the everything.

  1. As for the actors – I never said they wouldn’t be in the movie (unless they chose not to be in the movie). I can assure you that they will all eventually be approached.

    PHEW!!! Relieved to know… thanks for that! I mean it’d be 1 – a crime and 2 – unthinkable and all similar adjectives NOT to have them in the movie.. I mean they are main characters.

    Hmmm wonder how you make crispy ceci (garbanzo beans or chickpeas). Deep fry?

  2. Late entry tonight, huh? I was getting worried.

    Now, while on the one hand my reaction is to think that 18 dishes is a fairly small menu, on the other hand my reaction is to think that, even split among several people, that must have been a heck of a dinner bill. Must be nice to be able to just say, “I’ll take one of everything.”

  3. Joe

    Have you ever visited Neil Gaiman’s website? I suspect you have but on the off chance that you haven’t… give it a click it is pretty cool. He doesn’t do food/restaurant reviews or post pictures of his dogs but cool nonetheless.


  4. okay, I’m offically gonna say it….this trying to lose 25 pounds thing…really isn’t that easy with the pics that I see on here everyday. I’m just glad I don’t actually live in Vancouver or LA…losing wieght would be impossible for me…

  5. Hello Joe!

    I became so exited that you mentioned Universe won’t have human cultures. Does that mean you won’t shoot episodes in the forests too? Will the off-world scenes be made by CGI? Or will we have more ship-based episodes in the first season to reduce the budget?

    Is there any chance you will begin an idea collecting campaign from fans? I mean no complete scripts, scenes or any character related decision, just some wild idea what we would you like to see in the series. Or will you read GW and other fan sites for original ideas? I didn’t want to bash you or your writer friends, because I believe in you, but maybe it would be cool to hear the voices of the fans.


  6. I wish Campagnolo had been open this Summer…it would have been a short walk from where we stayed in Van during our August vacation there…*sighs*…hopefully we’ll get the chance to try it out on our next trip….

    Can I also add that I’m thrilled that Robert Carlyle is on board for Universe….maybe one day he’ll do a Convention and I’ll get my “Trainspotting” DVD signed!!…

    Deeds x

  7. Das wrote: “For some reason, right after you posted your little thing about the Wraith, PG…I suddenly ran out of intelligent things to say about them. Just like that. I can’t tell if it’s because I guess there’s really nothing else to say, considering the end is nigh and there’s little that can be done with them except to continue down the road that’s already been taken, or what. Or maybe I just have other things on my mind at the moment. But I think it’s more the former… “

    Yeah. I’ve been trying to put my finger on what’s gotten into me lately too. And that’s it.. A lack of enthusiasm.

    Joe, I know you said a few weeks ago that a similar fan debate/riot sprung up when Atlantis was first introduced as a concept. And I agree, back then there were alot of people saying alot of things that really had no founding basis of rational argument. Possibly for the most part, because they’d not been given the chance to view the show and make their minds up for themselves. I also agree that for alot of disgruntled fans right now, the same will happen as soon as they get the chance to see whatever wonders/surprises Stargate: Universe brings forth. But, I think there’s something the Writers/Producers/PTB have overlooked: something that wasn’t much of an issue when Atlantis was introduced, because SG1 was still up and running..


    I’ve been trying to put my finger on why I feel so hostile towards SGU. It can’t be because I don’t like the show – i’ve never seen the thing, so how on earth can I make my mind up based on nothing but whispers and rumours? It also can’t be because the franchise has managed to bag themselves a top-notch actor like Robert Carlyle – I really like the guy. I watch his films and am absolutely enamoured with the idea that he’ll be starring on a regular basis in something i’ve been following for years. In fact, as a fan, there’s precious little I can complain about. You’re keeping us up to date here; the media are certainly pulling out all the stops to market SGU; and we know that, come next summer, we’ll be having regular meals of SG arriving on our doorsteps once again. So what’s the fuss?

    I’m gonna tread carefully, cos I don’t wanna be stepping on any toes. Heaven forbid that I have the full wrath of anyone coming down on me, simply because i’m not putting this eloquently enough.. but this whole thing feels like the Torri/Weir debacle all over again. Initially, I was infuriated that my ‘viewing rights’ as an Atlantis fan had been ignored. I’d had something taken away from me and was being offered a menial token in return. Yeah, I was mad. Hopping mad in fact. And the way certain PTB went about the PR side of things with an ice pick and generous dose of nitroglycerine, did nothing to temper that indignation. But, as time has worn on and we’ve seen the trumpets blast for SGU on an almost daily basis, my feelings have subtley changed. I’m not mad for me anymore: maybe a little disappointed, but I think resignation has settled in on that front. What I do feel, however, is resentment.. Resentment for the way Joe, Rachel, David and Jason have been treated. It almost feels as if they’ve been discarded. Tossed aside for the new toy in town, and with the last five years relegated to a simple ‘Thanks, you did great guys. We’ll see you in the movie.’

    Maybe i’m reading it all wrong. Maybe they’re tickled pink with the prospect of no more trampling through woodland areas in the cold drizzle, working twelve hour shifts, flying across continents to get to work.. whatever. I could have it completely arse-about-face. But sat here, as a fan, that’s how it feels. And I can’t say that I put much credence to the financial argument, brokered as a means for cutting Atlantis. I have to agree with what’s been said here before regarding the large payouts SGU looks to be accumulating at this early stage. I don’t buy it. I think Atlantis was cut because someone, somewhere, wanted a shiny new toy to play with. That’s how it looks.

    Soo.. resentment. That’s a pretty strong emotion and not one i’m particularly proud of. I wanna give SGU a chance and I will try my best to do so when it finally airs. But in whatever format it comes and no matter how brilliantly it’s written/produced/executed, it’s always gonna feel tainted for me somehow. I resent the way the fans have been treated, but even more so, I resent the way the cast of Atlantis have been treated. It feels like a poor thanks for all the hard work they’ve put in over the past five years. And I think they deserved so much more.


    I’ve had my rant. Apologies, but I needed to vent and get that off my chest before it completely screws up my views on SGU. You can tell me to shut up and bugger off now 😛

  8. “Answer: Then you might recognize Josh (pictured above) who played the role of the, uh, experimental husband in Martin’s movie.”

    Hey it is too! He even has his, uh, experimental face on in the photo.

  9. Hi Joe,

    That food looks *Yummy* I dont think I could do the whole menu though! Andy(hubby) might! He has a bottomless stomach!

    How are you going to spend your christmas? Did you buy your dogs christmas pressies?

    I would love to see Martin’s “Liquid wierd purchase of the day!” Looking forward to that!
    Hope your having a great christmas break.

    Take care & happiness always!


  10. I think Campagnolo should offer two versions of their Nutella dish. There could never be too much for me!

    As for Martin doing the wierd food/liquid video, I certainly hope you’d be driving him home afterwards. You had a lot of strange liquers to sample.

  11. Boneless ribs, that would do it. I always wondered what a boneless animal looked like…. 🙂

    You do realize that after I read your gastronomic adventures I’m linking off to find recipes to try & attempt something remotely (& I am talking remotely) similar to things you have pictured & described. Except for the octopus.

    We are trying a matcha cake for my daughter’s birthday. I’ll let you know how it turns out & post it on the recipe blog!

  12. Joe, its understandable that the actors for the SGA movie have not yet been locked into the movie, budget concerns and more probably play a part. But, can you tell anything about the upcoming SG1 movie? Have the actors signed on? All or them? Some of them? Any chance at all that RDA is interested? Can we look to you for further information about the SG1 movie? Is February still a start date for it?

    Seeing Josh in the photos ( he is funny as hell and a very good actor to boot), perhaps he’s ‘one of the gang’ and will in fact play a role on SGU. Just one more SGU question Joe; Do you anticipate any on-going references to the SGC, perhaps an occasional sub-space or stargate-like contact with the SGC, via Walter at the computer with “General, we’re getting a sub-space transmission from XYZ galaxy. Its from the Destiny. They’re alive!” Any reference, directly or indirectly, to the SGC would give all of us that are going to miss the current SG world a lifeline to that world. It would be nice. I’d hate to think that SGU is going to be a completely SGC-less show.

  13. forgot to say love the dragon Das

    was it here someone was mentioning moorcock? i turned around from the computer and what did i see, stormbringer. Right in front of me so i must read it soon. I have some of his other books around the place just not sure which ones. Is that one a single book or part of a series?

    i have wraithy questions for you joe but it will have to wait, it’s late and i keep pressing the wrong keys.
    i still want to know what each writers take on wraith sex and children was.


  14. However, for the really out-there-looking creatures, you want to go CG.
    The best thing about Sanctuary is the technical- the green CGI/RED video shooting system that could be the future of high quality interactive web, TV & video games. The website is worth a look, they encourage remixes. Imagine if you could remix Atlantis scenes using actual character footage. The fans would go nuts.

    That said, I also love Amanda but I just can’t get into Sanctuary. Seems mostly X-Men ripoff (abnormals= mutants). C’mon, I saw an Unas?? Especially that last ep, where both “Joe Dawson” and David Banner get their comeuppance. BUT getting Chris H on there (in TWO roles) was a great move and Ryan (Henry) is doing good. Characters Will & Ashley, however, need to elope and leave.

  15. @ Annie from Fremantle –

    I dunno. I’d be happy if the movie only featured those flowing-locked pallid ones… and maybe Keller. 😉

    @ Joe – When you order so much food, do you manage to eat it all at the restaurant, do you take home the leftovers, or do you just let pefectly good food go to waste?


  16. Hi Joe,

    Everytime I see those pics of food you are going thru (most especialy desert) there is one I’ve never seen, DBC (death by Chocolate) I wonder if you ever tried this cake… We’ve got one yesterday for lunch time and I’m still not hungry this morning… see link for pic of it.
    in the cake section… That’s in Montreal so if you have a chance when you come down here

    ST-LEONARD, QC, Canada
    H1P 2B3

  17. SOOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to WFPOTD: Liquid Edition. SO when should I get my popcorn ready?

  18. Hahaha I’m laughing at what a Methodist con would look like. I’m fairly sure they exist, as I’m fairly sure my sister has been to at least one!

    Also laughing at your guys ordering the whole menu… for five people!!! Wow!!! I’m glad your waiter understood.

    Thanks for the über long mailbag 😀

  19. 18 different servings? How large was the doggie/takehome bag? And do you alter your workout schedule to put in more time after indulgences like that?

  20. mmmmm Nutella. Truly a substance that can do no wrong. The delicious blend of chocolate and hazelnut is deliciously inspired and can commonly be found making it’s way down my throat in the form of a sandwich during many lunch times at work.

    There is nothing quite like having you mouth glued shut by Nutella.

    They should make a Nutella shot.

  21. LOL, LOL, LOL, I thought my comment last night was made on the Dec. 17th post. My Goodness, you can just say I know how Martin feels (Hung Over, I gotta stop doing that).

    18 ITEMS! OH MY! I don’t know how you do it, at dinner last night, we had two appetizers (I only took from one), one main meal with salad and one desert divided 3 ways and I was so full I thought I would explode. Even with 4 or 5 of you, 18 items is a WOW for me.

  22. couciu Joseph petit passage en coup de vent, car j’ai des devoir pour demain et des choses a faire concernant la sgc.

    Juste pour vous dire que j’aime toujour autant votre blog et que c’est un plaisir d’en aprendre sur vos journée =)

    Merci/ Bisou à demain pour les holidays yééé=D

  23. @ BlueJay – Thanks! I love my dragon! He’s sitting atop my monitor…looking a bit hungrily at my nest of Wolverines…and Prince Nuada (of course, I kinda look hungrily at him, too… 😉 ) I received permission from TW to name him Magnificent Todd…but I still do NOT have permission from Mr. Das to paint his face green, and plop a white wig on his head…but I’m working on it… 😉

    I was the one asking about Elric and the books, etc. Joe and Sparrow_hawk gave me some feedback, and I found other stuff on wiki:

    It all gets rather complicated after a bit…especially the order of the books, but that site should help.

    @ Perragrin – Yes, a lack of enthusiasm…that explains a little of it for me. Of course, I go in waves – will run high for a couple weeks, low for a couple weeks – so I think I’m just in a down cycle, especially after coming off my histamine high from my cold. I might be back on my game in a week or so.

    As far as resentment goes – for me, it’s not that. However, I DO think it is EXACTLY that for most SGA fans, and I truly understand it.

    For me it’s something else…more like a feeling of ‘loss’. I guess I feel that way because I can get human characters on any tv show – and can love or hate them on any show. Right now, I’m loving that Mentalist guy – cute as a button! – and Crews from Life…and of course Chris as anyone on Sanctuary, human and animal alike. So, I have things to fall back on, and have managed well enough over the years as favorite shows have come and gone.

    However, with SGA it’s a bit different because with the end of the show, comes an end to the Wraith and any possible new revelations about them. So much we don’t know – so much the writers haven’t even invented yet – and now…no chance of ever having all the questions answered. It’s not just how they reproduce, or anything like that – but simple things that we know about other sci fi aliens, like Klingons.

    Let’s just take those Klingons, for instance. Here are some of the things we know about that fictional race, that we will probably never know now about Wraith:

    We know about their drinking songs, and opera (forms of recreation)
    We know the Klingon names for their fighting weapons
    We know a little about their martial arts training
    We know their military ranks
    We know, and have heard, some of their spoken language
    We know their religious beliefs
    We know their mating rituals
    We know their mental conditioning

    There are probably other things, too. In contrast, we know very little about the Wraith – we have never heard their spoken language and there has never been an explanation about simple things – like their finger armor, and tattoos. We still don’t have a clear understanding to how, exactly, their telepathy works (there is so much inconsistency here). We have no idea what their words are for their ships (in their language), or their weapons…or anything else. We don’t know what sort of training they may engage in, outside of the hunters. We don’t now if they have any forms of recreation, or express themselves in any form of art. We have no idea how Wraith children come to be in existence. We have a little insight this season into Wraith tech, but it has only opened the way for a dozen more questions – such as are humans used to seed a hive ship, or Wraith – or either/or? We don’t know the full purpose of Worshippers – whether they are just servants and informants, or if they fill a need in Wraith society, something like Wraith ‘pets’. And we have no idea if Wraith ever feel any sort of affection towards those worshippers, as we would feel towards our dogs or cats.

    I could go on and on…but there really is just too much we don’t know – do they have any form of ‘religion’? Any rituals? How do they train their young? Hell, we don’t even know if they need to drink water – a necessity for most living things!

    So, for me, the end of Atlantis means an end to any chance that our questions about Wraith will ever be answered. For that, I feel this great loss – as if I read half a book, only to find out the second half was missing, and that’s the half that has all the finer details in it. The Wraith as a whole will remain unexplained…and that’s what really gets me down – not resentment that the show is over, but more of an empty feeling, knowing that there is so much more that could be revealed, but now never will be. *sniffle*


  24. I have to agree with Perragrin, and I think she very eloquently said what’s on many minds. That said, all good things… Onward and upward, we hope!

    Whatever happened to Joel Goldsmith’s Q & A?

  25. BlueJay wrote:
    was it here someone was mentioning moorcock? i turned around from the computer and what did i see, stormbringer. Right in front of me so i must read it soon. I have some of his other books around the place just not sure which ones. Is that one a single book or part of a series?

    “Stormbringer is the 6th book of the “Elric of Melniboné” – Cycle. All in all there are eight books:

    – Elric of Melniboné
    – The Sailor on the Seas of Fate
    – The Weird of the White Wolf
    – The Vanishing Tower
    – The Bane of the Black Sword
    – Stormbringer
    – The Fortress of the Pearl
    – The Revenge of the Rose

  26. @ Perragrin – You’re soo much more eloquent than I am. Don’t forget the shiny new audience to go with the shiny new toy. Because BW has said he wants a mainstream audience, not the usual SciFi fans.

    While I will watch it and see what it’s like, deep down I’ll be secretly hoping it tanks (childish I know but true). I’ll feel bad for the cast and crew because they work so hard and it’s their job on the line. However I won’t feel bad for people that got rid of Atlantis the tv show.

    That does feel good to vent. Thanks for the space Joe. Now to think of more pleasant things – kittens, puppies and fluffy bunnies. Aaah…..

    Cheers, Chev

  27. Joe, if I ever join you for a meal, you will have to promise not to call me a wimp. For instance, I can’t abide the taste of liver, so no traditional pate de fois gras.

  28. I love your blog and your work!!!

    When writing how do you keep the POV (point of view) straight? I ask because my stuff has a habit of sounding like someone narrating the story instead of throwing the ready into one of the characters.

  29. Hello Joe, at first I started reading this entry and thought I was losing it. I skimmed the photos and as reading I thought I was seeing things. White dots…I called my daughter over and asked, “do you see this?” She said, “it looks like snow”. Then we scrolled up and I could see the snow more clearly on photos. My sweet daughter, who I’ve turned into a Stargate addict thinks you puppies should be in an episode. mini & Se
    PS I’m glad it’s snowflakes & I’m NOT losing my mind!

  30. Joe wrote:

    I sincerely hope he’s feeling better soon because he kindly volunteered to guest host the Weird Food Purchase of the Day: Liquid Edition in which he will sample a shot of every bizarre bottle of booze in my liquor cabinet

    You’re weak Mallozzi!

  31. I am in agreement with Perragrin, I am still very resentful of SGU, and even more so now that it seems like is going to be sooo very expensive with the famous actor and CGI heavy aliens. I get the feeling that Atlantis was kicked to the curb like an old wife when the young secretary wants the expensive gifts and vacations.
    And sorry, but the only thing I’d like Martin Gero to eat would be his words.
    Bitterly yours,

  32. On the inside back cover of the latest Stargate magazine is an amazing picture of the cast, crew, producers, etc in front of the Atlantis gate on the last day of filming. I would love to get a big size picture of that to hang up. Although Mr. Mallozzi looks like he was photoshoped in. Sorry Joe, but you are the only one who looks that way.

    Very sad news today, Majel Barrett Roddenberry, the first lady of sci-fi, passed away today. She did so much for Star Trek and sci-fi in general. She will be missed.

  33. Hi Joe,

    The *entire* menu?


    Sounds like everyone at Bridge is very busy writing these days. I had a couple of questions perhaps you could give an update on: Is the re-cut of SG-1 CotG still in the works and can we look for that to be released sometime soon? And also…since Brad and Carl seem rather busy with SGU for the time being, how is the SG-1 movie coming along?



  34. p.s. Complex puppets are fun.

    Theo Jansen’s creations are amazing.

    The Walking with Dinosaurs stage show is terrific!

    But surely they’re far more expensive than CG.

  35. How long does it take for Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell to get humorous?

    I read another review about how hilarious it is, so I’m not sure if it takes a while or whether it’s just going straight over my head (also a strong possibility).

    I’ve been searching everywhere for ebook versions of the next Quantum Gravity books, “Selling Out” and “Going Under” with no luck. On the way I managed to stumble across your glowing endorsement of Pyr and found myself in one of Lou Anders’ sites. Small world sometimes.

  36. joe, what’s your favorite sam/jack kiss?

    *broca divide
    *point of view
    *window of opportunity

    mine is from ‘grace’. HOT! 🙂

  37. @ Bailey – Wow! That’s pretty cool! Great job! *psst* Can you make me a gingerbread Todd? *wriggles eyebrows*


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