Journey to the Center of the Liquor Cabinet. Round One: The butterscotch schnapps is a key ingredient in a drink called The Oatmeal Cookie, while a shot of Galliano serves to make any vanilla-based ice cream that more delectable. Not sure about the Mango liqueur but will vouch for the Advokaat, eggnog liqueur. The hazelnut-flavored Frangelico is as close you can get to drinking spirited nutella. The bottle on the very right - not sure what that is. Anybody?
Round Two: Some sort of blueberry ice wine, a cappuccino cream liqueur, Poire Wiliams with an actual poire in the bottle, the Maple liqueur that was all the rage at our last big do, and the Limoncello lemon liqueur that my mother favors.
Round Three: Creme de Cassis which is a blackcurrant liqueur, a lychee liqueur, a seemingly popular plum port, Absinthe (wasn't this stuff banned at one point?) and, of course, the staple of every liquor cabinet - the creme de banane.
Round four: You got your white chocolate liqueur, your Amaretto cream and, over on the end, a hand-bottled rum Marty G.'s brother brought back from Jamaica. Beside it is a Korean liquor (haven't a clue). My favorite though is the root beer schnapps. I'm saving it for when my 8 year old nephew comes to visit!

As some of you may have heard, the wonderfully talented Robert Carlyle has signed on to join the crew of the Destiny in the upcoming Stargate: Universe series. The award-winning actor – Begbie from Trainspotting to some, Hamish Macbeth to others – will be playing the role of SGU’s Dr. David Rush, the ship’s brilliant Machiavellian scientist. I see a lot of myself in Rush and, next to yours truly of course, I can’t imagine anyone better for the part. Contrary to initial reports, the Rush character is not the leader of the unplanned expedition. That honor falls to Colonel Everett Young. For now. But things could have a way of changing on board a ship manned by a disparate group with very different agendas…

If you’d like to participate in the “Which of the following Stargate: Universe supporting characters has the potential to be the next big break-out Stargate Fan Favorite?” poll, check out yesterday’s poll for the link. Last time I checked, Riley was running away with it while poor Henry was bringing up the rear.

Well, with the holidays almost upon us, it’s time to take stock of things like your finances, your relationships, and, most important of all, your liquor cabinets. Ours, for instance, was running kind of low and, with Lawren scheduled to housesit for us while we’re away in Montreal, I thought it best to top off the selection. I mean, the last thing I want is to come home from my Christmas holidays to discover all the mouthwash has been finished. And so, ever in the search for the new, the weird, and the interesting, I picked up an interesting assortment of spirits, liquors, and liquid stunners this afternoon. To be honest, I’m not much of a drinker, excluding the occasional glass of wine with dinner or odd hollowed skullful of ceremonial mead, but these purchases look so interesting that I may have to put together a special Weird Food Purchase of the Day: Liquored Up edition in which I sample a shot from each bottle. The running commentary on that one should be priceless if not inevitably incoherent.

Hey, check it out. Among the important tasks I accomplished today, in addition to completing work on the Stargate: Atlantis movie outline and re-reading what will be the big SGU opener, was the creation of my very own James Bond villain. Yep, head on over to the Times Online for the opportunity to assemble your own personalized Bond baddie, then have the random generator come up with a suitably nefarious name for your work of genius. Mine is called Earl Carl binder Scaramungous. Okay, granted, he sounds like a sub-species of the beetle family, but there’s no denying he is one scary-looking fellow:

87 thoughts on “December 15, 2008: Robert Carlyle Onboard, Earl Carl binder Scaramungous, and My Booziest Post Ever!

  1. Thanks for the confirmation, Joe!

    Pfft, what’s so great about Riley, I ask you? It’s Wray all the way (see, it even rhymes)! That’s it, I’m starting an Anti-Riley thread on Gateworld!

    And, uh, a pro-Wray thread! Yes!

    Well, this news of Robert Carlyle has certainly peaked the interest of fandom. Even at Gateworld, it seems that there is an overwhelmingly positive mood regarding this news. Even those who’ve decided to hate/disregard this series have decided to watch the pilot!

    Hopefully Carlyle won’t die in the pilot though, like with Sumner. I suppose this is a long shot, but:

    Question: Will Doctor David Rush die in the pilot?

    I very much doubt you’ll answer this, but it couldn’t hurt to ask.

    Oh, and Narelle, it’s great that you’ve decided to stay at Joe’s blog! Don’t let the whiners get you down; there will always be those like me who will make fun of them, for you. 😀

    Also, das…I’ll just assume that you stopped talking after the “wise, young man” bit. 😉

  2. I think the one on the right may be sake. I saw a bottle just like it yesterday. (Not in my liquor cabinet, by the way. And, yes, absinthe was banned, but is making quite a comeback as of late. It just can’t be pure grain alcohol flavored with wormwood anymore.

    Off to make a Bond baddy.

  3. I love Robert! He was great in the newest 24. I think he’ll be a unique addition, not similar to the other main characters we’ve had on SGA and SG1.

    I vote yes on that Weird Food Purchase segment! Though, it probably should be over a few days. 😀 And yes, absinthe was banned. It was only recently I found out it wasn’t. Apparently, the French really do enjoy it. It was the drink a friend of mine ordered every time he went to the bar. I myself am not a big fan of liquors, but the maple sounds interesting. I’m also amused by the bottle that looks like an Aunt Jemimah syrup bottle.

  4. Robert Carlyle on SGU. Thats great news.
    Now i’m waiting for the second known actor for Colonel Everett Young.

    one question: is he main cast or recurring?

  5. @ Narelle: I caved when Joe announced the name of the first SGU episode. I feel it is my duty to create all Episode Pre-Airing Discussion threads, because I’m obsessive and compulsive like that. 😀

  6. Nice on the Carlyle news, he’s a strong actor and this will raise the profile of the series quite a bit. Which I’m sure you know…

    Couple of questions:
    1. Will Carlyle be keeping his natural accent for the show?

    2. Will Universe in general see more alien life forms then the other two shows? Any chance of more puppet style aliens along the lines of Thor, or Farscapes Rygel?

    3. You wrote previously that Carl Binder would be producer while the other writers including you would only write the occasional script but be less involved. Is that still the case or will Gero, you and the others all be producing and involved full time?

    4. Will the show contain a plot device which allows people on alien worlds to be human?

  7. PG15 wrote “Well, this news of Robert Carlyle has certainly peaked the interest of fandom. Even at Gateworld, it seems that there is an overwhelmingly positive mood regarding this news.”

    That might also be because GW mods are also deleting negative posts… 😉 The Carlyle news is being greeted with mixed reception; some love the actor and others are “who?” Time will tell! 😉

    but, quick question. Saw somewhere (can’t recall) but someone said SGU was a two-year show. I can’t recall seeing it anywhere. Is there a specific timeframe for the show, or just go long as it can last?

  8. Hey Joe!

    Twas taking a look at Robert’s past in film, and noticed that he is Scottish. Will his character reflect this? If so, woohoo, another Scottish character! 😀

    Robert Carlyle did an amazing job this year in 24: Redemption, his performance was absolutely amazing. I’m sure he’ll do a great job in Stargate: Universe. You folks made a great choice!

    Thanks as always, and cool liquor collection there!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  9. You’re missing chocolate wine from your “must have” list. Though thanks for reminding me that I need to update my own stockpile. The fact that I have maybe 2 alcoholic drinks a year, not including wine, means I woefully neglet this aspect of my post-apocolyptic stockpile of trading goods.
    The announcement of Mr. Carlyle coming on board is … interesting. It’s certainly a hopeful development. I just wish I could work up the excited anticipation that I felt when Atlantis was due to premiere. Ah well.
    So, the doggies are doomed to being boarded while you head eastward for the holidays, or are you boarding up a person to care for them instead? Amazing what questions come to mind after a long sleepless night. Oh, and thanks for the Bond website. Are you getting these sites from other people, or are you really becoming that obssessed with playing online?

  10. fsmn36– Hehehehe, someone else that remembers Pimm’s Number 1 Cup. I blame my Gran, she loved it.

    This may sound a little morbid, but when my Gran was in her final hours my cousin and I turned a shot of Pimm’s into a custardy goo so she could have something other than morphine. She hadn’t spoken in 3 days, but when that Pimm’s hit her lips her eyes shot open and we got a “Mmmm nice” from her. It was the last thing she said and a priceless moment!

    It’s freely available here so an online seller might be able to help you.

    Joe – Want me to go away again?

  11. Hey! Still waiting on a current cast list with descriptions for SGU! Else I’m going to have to vote for Riley in the poll, based entirely on the criteria of A) I like how the name sounds and B) See A.

    If you’ve got Rush AND Young in SGU, by the way, I’m more hopeful about the series. Variety in ages is a good thing.

    Unless you’re planning on killing Young off early, ya buggers!

  12. Narelle–yes, indeed! I loved Pimm’s Lemonade, especially. When I was in Britain it reminded me of Mike’s Hard Lemonade, so it was familiar, but much better. And I also loved it because I could drink like 6 bottles and hardly be tipsy. No one ever commented on me not drinking, but at the end of the night, I could get everyone home. LOL

    That’s a great moment! A little humor for you all and probably a great relief to have a familiar taste for her at the end.

  13. Hi Joe

    WOW Robert Carlyle!! Excellent !! He will really add to the show. Am looking forward to it even more.. Any idea when the show will air?

    Quite a selection of spirits.


  14. @PG15 – And I was so fond of you! I’m wounded. Those aren’t snowflakes floating down the page – they’re my crystalline tears of pain!

    Dear god, Joe – I’d pay good money to see that WFPOTD! Well, I’d pay Australian Dollars … perhaps not quite so enticing.

    That’s a very pretty liqueur collection you have – I do love the attention paid to the design of booze bottles.

  15. Hi Joe, at last my stint as a host Mum to a kid from the other side of the world is over. Now I only have a Dad and a boarder to not worry over.

    I dont see any Bailey’s in your liqueur cabinet – great for pouring over vanilla icecream and poach pears!! Not that Nutella or Ameretto are good, but the mmmm creaaaaaammmy Bailey’s!! A joy to savour. Mint flavoured is just smashing!!

    No voting for me!! No-one coujld be any better than John Shepard!! <3 *sigh* @-%—

  16. What an odd coincidence. I’m just in the middle of watching a movie that he’s in. He’s one of those guys who always seems to crop up randomly in movies I’m watching for other reasons, so I’ve seen him in a lot, though I never paid attention to his name. He’s good, though. Should be very interesting to see him on SGU. Oh, do please tell us he’ll use his natural accent, though. In my opinion, one can never have too much Britishness in a show. I also happen to think the Glaswegian accent is the hottest accent ever in the history of ever.

    Those pics kinda make me wish I wasn’t completely disgusted by the taste of alcohol.

  17. LOL Mr. M…

    Here is my feeble attempt at creating a Bond baddie! Introducing the Countess Purrrrrfic De La Cashchino

    The others I’ve seen here are just hilarious!

    Great choice on Robert Carlyle! Although the article I read said he was cast as the lead, I think your statement that he is not the lead is likely more accurate.

    I can’t wait to see who you folks cast next! Thanks for the update!

    The Countess…

    Ps.. Hey Shirt’n’Tie… what does your baddie look like??? Hummmm!


    ‘Hamish Macbeth’ is gonna be in SGU???!!!!

    I have just one thing to say…

    In the best possible way! *does happy dance* Okay…I’m watching for sure, now. I loved Hamish Macbeth…good little show. One good choice so far…

    Now…to get Todd in there somehow. 😉

    (I know – not happening…but still, a gal can dream, can’t she??)

    Now – about the booze. With a stockpile like that, I think it’s safe to put the Nyquil away. 🙂


  19. Joe, Love…I mean LOVE your liquor cabinet!! That unknown bottles does look like Japanese sake. The only other thing might be a Chinese plum wine.

    The bond “photo shop” is priceless…THANKS for sharing that.

    PIMMS – I had this when I lived in Hawaii. It was wonderful – Pimms Cup. Lost track of it over the years.

    Where is the Boodles Gin?

    Where is the collection bucket – a WFPOTD sampling would be priceless. I also suggest some of the contributions go to purchasing asprin for the hangover you will have. However, you need not suffer alone…I can see a bunch of us VERY willing to come help you.

    Robert Carlyle is a good start for the cast. I am looking forward to SGU.

    oh my, did not mean to ramble so much. And after viewing your cabinet – gonna look for something to whet the whistle or chocolate, whichever I find first.

  20. the korean liquor is ginseng flavour, so uh…expect bitterness, or at least, ginsengness?

  21. I have to add that Galliano is also a good addition to a screwdriver (OJ and vodka) – makes a lovely concoction known as a Harvey Wallbanger (one of my friends also makes a yummy Harvey wallbanger cake, which, fortunately or unfortunately does not contain the intoxicating properties of said drink, but is still good).

  22. That is quite and impressive collection of spirits! The Japanese bottle might be Shochu – distilled booze made from barley, rice or sweet potatoes 25% alcohol and stronger than sake. Or maybe just an interested bottle of premium sake. You should try it and report back!

    Maple liqueur? Sounds yummy.

    That dang Bond Baddie site won’t let me load a pic from my computer! Just as well since I can’t come up with a good name.

    Uh, Joe, I just read the first story in “City of Saints and Madmen” — this is the fantasy selection and not the horror selection, right? Well, on to story 2: “Early History of the City of Ambergris” while I wait anxiously for my son to finish his 4 hour drive home from college.

  23. Wow, I am very tickled about Robert Carlyle appearing as the lead in SGU.

    Have loved him ever since I first saw Hamish McBeth and have been afraid of him since I saw Trainspotting on DVD much later.

    If someone gets glassed in the mess hall we’ll know who to blame..

  24. I believe it was absinthe made from wormwood that was banned. Of course, I could be wrong. My brain is known for making things up without my knowledge. But, I’m pretty sure that’s right.

    I’ve got moonshiner blood, you know. If you ever need to know how to make bathtub wine or hard apple cider, don’t hesitate to ask.

    But despite being the genetically predisposed lush that I am, the idea of root beer schnapps makes me gag a little.

  25. Let me get this straight. SGU is going to have brand new sets, keep up with SFX, and they can afford Robert Carlyle?

    Yeah, Season 6 of SGA was going to cost too much.

  26. @ riley: OOPS! Ha, haha…heh…hmm…oh boy. Sorry, heh. I, um, meant the character, yes, the character. The name’s fine. It’s great, even. Perfect, beautiful. God-like. But the character, yes, the character is, um, not as good as Wray. Close, mind you, close to Wray, but not as good. Just, just a tad below Wray. Almost even, well, probably even, actually. No, it’s better, probably better. Way better, than Wray. Yeah, I can definitely see the attraction of Riley, definitely. Surely a fan favorite of franchise for decades to come. Yes, that is the truth.

    Heh. Sorry about that. I forgot all about you. 😮

  27. You really should get some Korean soju. It’s usually in a green bottle, shaped kind of like a beer bottle. Or you could buy a bottle of rubbing alcohol. Same dif.


  28. I don’t know of this Robert Carlyle character; I suppose I’m off to imdb next to figure out exactly why he’s awesome enough to portray your favorite. I’m sure he is worthy of the job… casting for Stargate seems to be always spot on!!!
    Thanks for answering my questions yesterday 😀
    Because I found the Bond Baddie thing to be hilarious:
    (Sorry, haven’t learned how to make it small and clicky yet…)
    And, in conclusion, Riley all the way!!! It’s such an awesome, androgynous yet all-around appealing, ridiculously cool name. I think we need to hear more about this Riley character 🙂

  29. Poor Robert Carlyle is too old to appear in SG90210. I doubt he’ll last a season 🙁

  30. Two weeks ago David, Rachel, and Jason were asked about the upcoming movie at the Burbank Con. At that time they told people that no one has ever contacted them about casting for the movie and were pretty disappointed that wasn’t already done.

    With the movie being written, why hasn’t that been a top priority? Certainly the cast might be involved in projects soon, I’d think you guys would want their contracts taken care of.

  31. ….is that all man!? My liquor cabinet consists of much more! (Which I blame for working in a bar, so always having to need the essentials for my favourite cocktail, makes the bankaccount empty and the bottles stack) –How are you supposed to make dirty hookers without the raspberry sour puss!? HMM? Or Wheres the brandy, or whiskey for the King Kongs, or Vodka (preferably Finlandia) for the lemon drops? Can you tell I work in a bar?….

  32. “Mine is called Earl Carl binder Scaramungous. Okay, granted, he sounds like a sub-species of the beetle family, but there’s no denying he is one scary-looking fellow.. “

    Okay.. and now i’m traumatised by the obligatory third nipple question.

    Sorry, Carl.. that’s gonna scar me for life >.>

  33. hello joseph! Vous allez bien?

    moi oui, une journée trés cool s’annonce!
    Comme vous dites les vacances approche, vous allez encore fêtez Noel avec votre mére et votre soeur cette année?

    concernant Robert Carlyle, je trouve cela sympas de voir de nouvelle tête j’espere qu”il fera du bon travail!!

    ..humm n’oublier pas dans le film (Sheyla powa!!!) lol

    Passer une bonne journée! Bisou

  34. WOOT!!!! *happy dance* Robert Carlyle is an absolutely stellar choice. Loved him in Trainspotting, Hamish Macbeth, 28 Weeks Later I could go on and on and on……but I digress, He’s a brilliant actor and I’m DEFINITELY on board for SGU now!!!!

    Just off out to lunch with my mate and our lads, gonna check out some bunnies too!


  35. *twirls with glee* yay!!!!! Robert Carlyle!!!!!! one of my favorite actors – just one request – PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let him keep his accent (I know, not really your decision but put in a good word for us fangirls eh?).
    I realize I’m just one opinion among many but I admit if he sounds like himself I’ll watch the show just to listen to him talk *lol*

  36. Hi again Mr M!

    Delighted Mr Carlisle is signed on for SGU….He does know the history of doctors in the Stargate Franchise though? And not only that but….Scottish doctors?…Just checking!

    WRT: Drinks cabinet : I always think of Tom Lehrer: “Hearts full of truth, hearts full of youth, six parts gin and four parts vermouth”!

    @ PG 15: You crack me up with the whole SGU thread thing..
    @Ishshpat: Still trying to download snaps..will update you with a Bond Baddie soon!

    Best to all


  37. Hey Joe,

    Absinthe was banned in its original form in the US, Canada and Northern Europe. It contains a plant called wormwood, which has a hallucinogen called thujone.

    Apparently wormwood in high enough doses, is poisonous. (Ask Van Gogh. There are rumors that his excessive Absinthe intake made him crazy.) But recently there have been some brands made without wormwood that are available here. And you can import Absinthe with wormwood from other countries. I ordered mine from Spain. Not very cost effective, but it was a pretty interesting buzz and the effects are slight. Tastes like 90 proof Sambuca.

    Lawren will love it. Tell him to drink as much as possible.

  38. Hey Joe.

    Good news on Carlyle – being a Scot, I’m pleased by this.

    I read somewhere that you guys were looking for freelance writers this year – is this true?

  39. Stargate: The Ark of Truth™ on Blu-Ray January 13, 2009

    I would very much like to see the SGA movie in Blu-Ray also.

  40. Wow, great news about Robert Carlyle, so he’s not going to be the next Dr Who then!

    And will he be keeping his accent, cause that would be better, then you could kill off another Scottish doctor. 🙂

  41. The fog is so thick right now that I’m keeping an eye out for any intermittent Wraith who’ve obviously misplaced their fog machine. Hey guys you left it in Cornwall!

  42. More Bond Baddies!

    Major Sheppard (I laughed when it automatically added the ‘major’ – he’s been demoted! 😀 )!!

    Emo Alan!!

    And there is just no way to de-sexy Todd…

    And yes – I’ve had fun this morning! Thanks for that link, Joe! 😀


  43. Booze, hmmm? I’m a sailor, bubba, I knows me booze.

    Absinthe with wormwood is now legal, although there are plenty of imitators out there. The best I’ve found so far is Le Torment Vert, in a lovely acid-etched bottle. Nevermind what it does if you actually drink it!

    Banana liquer is a key ingredient in the tequila-based Panther Sweat.

    I have bought liquers for the bottles … notably a wonderful blue agave called Lapis in a triangular cobalt decanter, and something called Damiana in a goddess bottle.

    Frangelico is not weird, I have a hefty bottle of it next to the coffee maker. Oh. Yeah.

    I’d love to try the maple liquer, it is probably better than the macadamia nut stuff I smuggled home from Hawaii.

    I have a shotglass collection that is miind-boggling, comes from being married to a trucker. This Solstice, we’re going to dust them all off and fill them randomly from my liquor cabinet. I think we’re going to throw darts at a map to decide who drinks what! Utah! Texas! Kenya!

  44. Wonderful, wonderful news! Robert Carlyle is absolutely brilliant! Though, I have to say he will always and forever affectionately be my Begbie. 🙂

    However, that statement probably says more about me than it does Mr. Carlyle. O_o

    In any case, YAYS!

  45. O.K, I figured out a couple of those kanji on that cloudy bottle to the far right. It is furozake: “well-cured sake, old sake, last year’s sake” and as for the name, I’m stumped. Darn those messy brush strokes! I couldn’t get the first kanji at all. The second is water then fire? (suika? – fire and water?) Then wind (kaze) and sky (sora) or empty (kara). Karakaze is a dry wind, but I have no idea about kazekara. Now I really do have to get cracking on housecleaning — which is why I have been puttering here on the computer instead!

    Hey, maggiemayday! Do you know what this one is? And how is that Christmas tree coming?

  46. Carlyle is cute , but he is NO Ben Browder, RDA or Joe Flanigan and yes his work is good. Now on to other things, Hey Joe, did you get the chestnuts? And for liquor, i’m NO expert , but Canadian Icewine gets my vote, all 45.00$ dollars a bottle of it. WOW, SOOO GOOD. Anne T. How are ya, feeling better, I hope. Let us hear from you. Best wishes to all and Happy Holidays, Sheryl, btw, it’s 80 degrees here in S. Florida today!!!!

  47. Your unknown Japanese alcohol is Enma Shochu. Apparently it’s a barley alcohol produced by Oimatsu Shuzo in Oita… I was reading the label and went o.O on the “Enma” part of it as he’s the god of hell…

    Truthfully, I thought it was either sake or shochu since those are what I think of when I think Japanese alcoholic drinks… And a quick read on the label told me it’s called “Enma” and Google tells you the rest.

  48. The Butterscotch Schnapps sounds good. I keep forgetting to order this Oatmeal cookie drink when I go out. I don’t go out drinking too often, well, not often for really feeling good anyway. I would of loved to try that darn drink. I am afraid they will not know how to make it and I don’t know how either, not to mention that I just forgot it sounded good. You are missing Vodka and Tequila.

    @PG15: I am one of the ones wraithfodder refers to as those that say “who” to Robert Carlyle. I still don’t plan on watching it. He is definately no Joe Flanigan.

    @Karen: You have good points!

  49. I’m not much a creamy drink person myself but some of these interesting flavors would make a great desert. Bacardi Rum Cake rocks, but you could one up them by inventing the Butter Scotch Schnapps or Hazelnut Frangelico Cake.

    Here’s the recipe for the rum cake; swap the rum for one of your liquors and you could end up with a new fave desert. But don’t try this without a bundt pan; that bumpy round shape gives the cake it’s flavor:,bacardirumcake.recipe

  50. Mr M.
    i just heard the news that Robert Carlyle was casted as the lead for sgu, hmmmm im very upset because how can you guys afford an actor like him when the real issue of sga’s cancellation was the funds for the show? and didnt mgm and nbc state they wanted a much younger cast for the show if so what is wrong with leaving joe flanigan on hes such an amazing actor and not to mention good looking…im sorry but im not looking forward to sgu.i still want sga to have at least another season but we all know this will not happen 🙁

  51. Hello Joe!

    NICE liquor cabinet! You would be the envy of our neighborhood. We regularly host Drinks on the Driveway around our neighborhood. Our neighbors are the ones that branch out and create new and sometimes dangerous drinks. One of the good ones was a chocolate covered cherry – Creme de cocoa with Cherry schnapps. My husband liked the root beer float – the root beer liquor you have with a vanilla vodka. The dangerous one is called a Puerto Rican Hooker. It’s a shot of Tequila followed by a dill pickle juice chaser. You see, the trick to getting someone to drink it is by knocking on their door with Tequlia, shot glasses and the “unknown” chaser liquid. Our neighbor has subdued two of us and we’ve had to bow to the porcelain gods and almost nabbed another of us. So, beware neighbors bearing gifts in our neck of the woods….

    I had headed over here today with the intent of introducing you to a fine Southern dish your discerning palate might like to try. While on the phone with my Grand mother today, wishing her a Happy Birthday, she brought up her finest culinary treat, according to her. For her birthday she would be very happy to just have a Vienna Sausage Sandwich! Apparently you mash up the sausage and add mayo, relish and eggs, then spread on white bread. If you are not completely satisfied, then you share with the dogs who will absolutely appreciate your taste in food.

    So, there you go! Off to make my own Bond Baddie!


  52. Robert Carlyle!!!!!!!

    Just when I had given up on SGU, based solely on the casting I’ll watch the first episode.

    I loved Hamish McBeth…any chance we might see Wee Jock? 😉

  53. So, the team will step through the gate after the secret base is attacked… By someone/thing familiar? And will Dr. Rush at least survive the pilot? (I’ve got fears he’s the first one to get offed)

  54. I’m shocked with the Carlyle announcement. I was going to watch the pilot regardless because, well, it is Stargate but i wasn’t genuinely intrigued by it. After this bit of news i am.

    Surely he must be the most accomplished actor to have appeared in the main cast of either of the 3 shows? I mean no disrespect to the other actors, but he is in a different league. He is genuinely terrifying as ‘Begbie’ in Trainspotting.

    Speaking as a Scot, Joe, will he be keeping his native twang? It would be great to hear a genuine Scottish accent on an American/Canadian show. I know there was Beckett but while he may have sounded like the real deal to you, it certainly didn’t sound like any accent i’ve heard this side of the atlantic.

  55. @PG15: Your grovelling is acceptable to me. In fact, your grovelling is quite impressive! And true: Perfect, beautiful. God-like. BOW TO THE POWER OF THE RILEY! *froths at the mouth like a psychotic megalomaniac* (hmm, sounding like a Bond villian…)

    Ahhh. If only I were half as cool as my name is. I’m sure TV Riley will be exactly as cool as the name is …. uh oh. I’m flashing back to BuffY… NO! Please, Joe – redeem the TV Riley.

    Oh, by the way – no Amaretto in your collection? What’s going on there?

  56. I saw on your blog the description of the character Eli Hitchcock “Eli Hitchcock. 20-25. Total slacker. Utter genius. Mathematics, computers, anything he puts his mind to. Acerbic sense of humor. A social outcast. Comes from a broken home. Lacks confidence because his true intelligence has never really been recognized like Matt Damon’s character from Good Will Hunting with a little Jack Black thrown in.”

    I have to be pretty darn honest here but it describes me to a T except for a few things.

    Total slacker, yep! Utter genius, I’m most of the time a pretty humble guy, but all my life I keep hearing ‘you’re too smart for your own good’. It’s the truth and I know it and it gets me into real world trouble. Mathematics I get the concepts but I’m not a numbers guy, though the gibberish technobabble doesn’t often involve actual math so uh yeah I’d say yep!

    Computers, I was one of Apple’s Genius people for 5 years, and have my own independent little company fixing computers while going to school, me and computer = best buddies, I actually just took apart my laptop today to upgrade the hard drive ha! Anything I put my mind to, yeah I got that too, when required I can cut the math if need be too!

    Social outcast, yep, definitely I’m the guy in the corner watching the action that doesn’t dare interact, I’m a damn introvert.

    Acerbic sense of humor, combine that with my problem of being ‘too smart for my own good’ and yeah you could say thats a winner too.

    Comes from a broken home, absolutely hell I instigated the breakup!

    The lacking confidence, absolutely, you should see me try and talk to women, its awful! About the intelligence not being recognized I’m going to go back being ‘too smart’ and say that when the people above you or below you know that you know that you’re ‘too smart’ then they tend to try and keep you under their thumb and limit your success.

    In other words I wouldn’t be acting, this is me! Beyond the fact that I’ve watched a ton of stargate, and actually have done research into some of the ideas present, I am also excellent and systematic analysis and interpretation. I might even be able to help grease the techno babble wheels for the writers if they aren’t savvy after 15 years of doing this stuff! One of my most recent academic papers was selected to be presented at an academic conference. The academic conference is for Grad students, I’m an undergrad! I’m nervous as all hell about it, but I know my stuff is decent otherwise it wouldn’t have been chosen 🙂

    Anyway the point of all this babbling is to find out if you know of a way that I can audition for the part or talk to someone about auditioning? I’m going to be in NYC Dec. 27 2008, and the morning of the 28. I’ll be back in NYC Jan 8-11. I’m actually thinking about just dropping by 30 Rock and going at this balls forward.

    What do you think? Any guidance would be much appreciated!

  57. Okay looks like I’m not the first person to say this but just for emphasis…..please let Robert Carlyle keep his accent!
    Ugh I hate when British and Scottish actors are made to talk “American”. Anyway so far so good. Can’t wait to hear more exciting news from SGU.
    By the way, how old is some of that liquor? WOW 😀

  58. Ponder: Why is this entry shown in Arabic when I attempt to look at the bookmarked feed?

  59. I just noticed something weird. The snow on your blog here falls in the opposite direction of where the cursor is on the screen. It’s all just a bit excessive, really.

  60. I remember Robert Carlyle from his first Tv Acting he did on Hamish Macbeth..all those years ago…

    A great Actor and a great choice for SGU..

    I am looking forward to SGU, For I am a huge Stargate Fan.

    Plus the first SGA Film, Hope there is more of the Keller / Mckay I think that pair are meant to be together.

    Is there any news on the Next SG1 Movie ?

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