Spoiler Alert!
Spoiler Alert!
Our hostess Sonia
Our hostess Sonia
Shannon and Lawren on a schnitzel high
Shannon and Lawren on a schnitzel high






T (as in Tokyo) minus 4 days and counting! I leave for Japan on Saturday and, the other night, I had the first of what I expect to be numerous travel nightmares. In the dream, I had checked in, dropped off my bags, and was approaching security screening when I realized I had forgotten my ticket and VISA back home. How the hell I’d managed to check in without ‘em I don’t know, but did I really want to chance being held up at security? How long would it take to go back home and pick them up? My flight was scheduled to depart in half an hour!

Well, I finally completed my Tokyo To-Do list. Divvied up into wards and at seven solid pages, it includes such not-to-be-missed targets as the Parasitological Museum in Meguro, the Absolut ice bar, and festival in taito-ku during which I will have the opportunity to purchase a lucky rake.

For those of you asking, Maximus is on the mend as well. He’d been feeling a little under the weather so I phoned up the vet who asked me to acquire a stool sample for testing. Easier said than done given the fact that Max had not been, uh, solid of late (Fondy and I use the term “soft serve”). Anyway, not to dwell, but I did end up retrieving the requested sample, a complicated process that involved a couple of syringes and many plastic baggies. The results came back – he has the same thing as Jelly. And now, so does Lulu. Bubba, thankfully, is odd dog out. For now.

Went into the office today and did the Whispers commentary with director Will Waring, after which the writers gathered to discuss one of Rob’s story ideas. It’s a great premise that, when I read it, left me wondering “How the hell is this going to work?” and, after much back and forth, we eventually came up with the logic construct to make it work (see Brad‘s whiteboard diagram for the explanation). We broke for a late lunch compliments of Sonia from VFX who, having heard of our love for schnitzel, actually made some for us. Actually, made LOTS for us in addition to salad, potatoes, and blueberry pie. “I’m such a pig,”muttered Carl as he helped himself to his fifth piece. I kept my mouth shut. I’d eaten six. A huge thanks to Sonia for the fantastic feast. We concluded our day by watching a Day 1 Mix of Vegas. Wow, is this a gorgeous-looking episode! And a very unique one as well. When was the last time an individual episode soundtrack included the likes of Johnny Cash, The Rolling Stones, and Marilyn Manson?


Earnestly writes: “have been feeling a little left out lately. I moved to the great North West last year and while I love my new job, I am missing my family and friends from the Philadelphia, Delaware region. I am single, (I know… a shocker), no kids, and I like the outdoors, camping, fishing, site seeing, reading and watch anything on the cooking and SciFi channels. I volunteer at the local animal shelter and have adopted two completely black kittens which I have named Saber and Sha’re. (They are Brother and Sister). They keep me company when I am home and are a good source of a laughs now and again. I’ve made a few friends on line while lurking around your not so typical blog sites, (ahem) but given your worldly and sometimes creepy ways, might you have some good advice for me? It’s coming on to the holiday time and you know how depressing that time can be when you are alone… so do you have any sure fire / fast ways of making new friends? Please reply soon!

Lonely, but lovely (At least in the eye of the beholder!)”

Baron Destructo answers: Dear, Earnestly, know this – whether it is the result of a recent move, a break-up, or a secret serum that turns you into a blue-skinned bat-winged giant whenever you bleed, the fault for your social isolation rests not with you. It lies with the community that has singled you out and shunned you, one that will one day, with the proper planning, taste the bitter entrée of your unholy vengeance. Until then, however, I would suggest your making the effort to go out and meet likeminded individuals. Volunteering at an animal shelter is a great start, especially for those with telepathic abilities that would allow them to communicate with the creatures and get them to kill on command. But how about joining a club, perhaps one that will you to share your interests for things like global conquest, nano-virus construction, or origami. Also, seek out people who may cultivate similar hobbies such as line dancing, zombification, or flesh-eating plant creatures. Failing that, simply use your army of intelligent termites to vanquish a small nation and force its inhabitants to be your friend. Believe me, it works!

Mackenzie’s Momma writes: “I’m flying down to Burbank for the SGA/SG1 convention, promises to be a good time(I’m finally getting around to a convention, lol).

Any advice for the trip?”

Answer: Eat before you board. The in-light meal, if there is one, will be spectacularly bad.

Plastschu writes: “Is there any chance to make two Atlantis movie + one SG-1 movie next year? What will be titles? When will be released the newest movies? […] What happened with the Children Of The Gods – special edition? Why did Mr. Wright postpone it? Will you ever make an SG-1 movie for theatrical release from even bigger budget (10-20-30 million $)?”

Answers: At present, we’re only scheduled to produce one SGA movie next year. No title or release date yet. I have no idea when the special edition of Children of the Gods will be released. Sorry, no plans for a big screen SG-1 theatrical release.

PG15 writes: “Question: so far, does it look like personal conflicts are carrying through the subsequent episodes? Like, if two characters were angry with each other at the end of one episode, it’ll be picked up again in the next episode, instead of everything being hunky-dory again?”

Answer: SGU will be more serialized in some respects so, yes, the character relationships and attitudes will develop significantly from episode to episode.

Paula writes: “However, I have to admit to being shocked that you could so easily fall under the peer pressure of on Marty G. What happened to your world domination? Are you going soft on us?”

Answer: I think you’re getting me mixed up with Baron Destructo.

Lemming86_Au writes: “It’s no secret that Fuel is your favourite restaurant.
If you had to choose dishes from all the ones you have mentioned (& made us drool over) on this blog, which would make up your favourite menu?”

Answer: Corn soup, pig ear and black truffle salad, foie gras terrine, olive-oil poached salmon, crispy duck, beef cap, and dark chocolate truffle/banana-caramel fitter/coconut sorbet dessert. Just off the top of my head.

Sara writes: “BUT, don’t you think that there is a movie every once in a while that you just have to see as soon as it comes out?”

Answer: I can’t imagine a movie I’d need to see that badly.

Sami writes: “what happened to The Weird Food purchase of the Day?”

Answer: The Weird Food Purchase of the Day video segment will make a big comeback during my Tokyo trip.

57 thoughts on “November 18, 2008: Tokyo Travel, Doggy Details, Schnitzel Spectacular, and Spinning Stargate: Universe Day #6

  1. Glad to hear the pooches are getting better. Are you taking steps to adapt to the difference in time zones? (If not, you should still claim to be doing so. Just think of the fun you can have at work explaining away any odd behaviors due to pre-flight jet lag.) Enjoy the flight and looking forward to Weird Food of the Day reports, never mind all the other misadventures.

  2. 4 days?!!! Wow, has that gone fast.

    When travel nightmares become reality…
    The night before we left for Thailand Hubby skulks up and says “I’ve lost my passport”. If looks could kill, I would have been a widow for the last four months.

    Oooo, someone else that calls it soft serve.
    Being Australian you then start all the slang that goes with it.
    “Sorry, Ralph just did a trip to Dairy Bell on your lawn”.

    And if the dogs take in too much salt water at the beach,
    “Try and pick that up with a plastic bag” is the most common saying between us.

    Hope they are on the mend and fighting fit by the time you leave.

  3. Hope all your pups feel better soon!

    When will Mr. Goldstein be answering our questions?

  4. Oh crap. You just totally spoiled that Rob Cooper episode. I now know everything that I wanted to know about it, thanks to your spoilering.

    Obviously, the character represented by the left line will run after the character represented by the right line (Eli and Chloe, respectively) through some fences, represented by those vertical lines underneath the lines; they will do this for 12 minutes. I assume that they are running from a replicator because…well, they’re everywhere.

    Meanwhile, another character (let’s say…Jared), represented by the 3rd line, will run opposite them, because he’s carrying a special disruptor that will destroy the replicator, and he’s going to run for 12 minutes, NOT through fences.

    The rest of the story is meaningless filler. The end. Oh man, you totally spoiled us on this one.

    Anyways, thanks for answering my question! I like what I’m hearing. Vegas sounds pretty sweet as well; should’ve added some Coldplay at the end; you know, when John the detective gets all introspective.

    Poor Lulu. Hope she gets over this illness soon, and that Bubba stays healthy!

  5. Hi Joe!

    Thanks for the Fuel pics yesterday – and the cutie pic of Martin! 🙂 Yummy lookin’ stuff – makes me wanna eat pig fat. Honest!

    Glad Maximus is on the mend, but Lulu got the bug too? Bummer. Thank goodness 1 out of 4 of your dogs didn’t get sick. Had a good vet report yesterday for my Simon – who gained a needed five pounds (up to 75.4 lbs) and his ‘lumps’ (benign tumor/cyst thingies) don’t need surgery. BTW, he’s a Black Lab.

    Baron Destructo is soooo wise in the ways of friendship. I’ll probably be applying some of his sage advice to my life too. 🙂

    Let Sonia know two things, please. 1. I love the VFX on SGA. 2. Her cooking looks goooood! 🙂 She can drop by my house about 6:30pm on the Monday after US Thanksgiving with a yummy dinner, if she’s free.

    Y’know, I come by here and expect a couple of spoilers or tricky-pics-that-look-like-spoilers (Kanan’s funeral byre), but your first picture is waaaay over the top! How could you give away that big of a spoiler? I might as well not even watch SGU! I know exactly what’s going to happen now! Darn it! *shakes tiny fist*

    I probably will comment again before your trip, but in case I don’t, have a safe, fun, delicious trip!!!


  6. Uhhh….from my first comment – “Yummy lookin’ stuff” referred to the food, not Martin. He makes me wanna watch SGA, not eat pig fat.


  7. That’ll be interesting to see all those songs in one episode of Stargate, considering how different all of those artists sound. hmm…

    Are you flying directly to Tokyo or do you have a layover somewhere?

  8. Thank you Baron Destructo!
    As I write, I am mobilizing my army of intelligent termites to vanquish that small nation, just over the board… I believe it is called Canada! What, not small enough? Okay, how about Japan! Wait; no they don’t have many trees left! Ah, I’m just kidding. Thanks for the reply…I giggled a lot reading it, and if nothing the endorphins released helped my mood tremendously. Thanks again Baron. You Rock!

    Earnestly Happier!

  9. Dear Joe,

    1. How many Wraith Hives can we assume were destroyed due to the brief moment the Attero device was on?

    2. Will the Destiny Space craft be comparable to Atlantis city ship or an Aurora class ship?

    3. Was Remnants the “a very special stargate episode” you were alluding to in the beginning of season 5?

    Safe trip to Tokyo

  10. Oh, I bet Fondy is THRILLED that you’re going to be leaving her with all these sick dogs and their medications in 4 days. You better buy her an incredible, spectacular present when you go to Japan!

  11. I saw JR Bourne (aka Martouf) in Without a Trace today… it is always awesome to see SG-1 actors in other things and say “HEY… I know him from somewhere!”

  12. I have to admit that when I first saw Brad’s diagram, I thought it might be your Tokyo schedule. Obviously you will be employing some time travel to ensure that you can make it to all of the sights. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the Parasitological Museum in Meguro now would you?

  13. I’m looking forward to the return of the weird food purchase of the day. I have missed it.

    I watched Remnants last night. You certainly had me fooled and I really enjoy the episodes that trick me. I am sad that there are only 5 episodes left 🙁

    How is the SG-A movie coming along? I’m excited to have a SG-1 and SG-! movie in the same year. Do you know if they will be aired on TV in Canada (movie central) after they are on Sci-Fi and before the DVD release?

  14. Poor Pugsies! (And Lulu the “All-Hearing One.”) Glad to hear Maximus is being treated. Sorry to hear that Lulu has succumbed, too. And tha “soft serve” bit? All too true; it was that way last spring wi’ my doggie grrl. I know others have asked since, but, What was the actual diagnosis? “Tell me, tell me, tell me…”

    About the feed at Fuel… LARD, Cap’n Mallozzi?!?! Oi! There are lots of worthy causes and reasons for Fondy to become a widow at an early age (God forbid), but I’m thinkin’ lard isn’a one of them. Marty G. wanted to jump off his diet and he wanted company, so who did he tempt? Our Cap’n Joe, who was doing so good at his workout regime! I meant ta follow up after the Scary BoPeep picture, but I must say You really did look nice in that photo. Had wondered if you’d been working out, but didn’t know how ta ask that without intrudin.’ Don’t let Marty G. undo your good werk! If you had one of those home cholesterol monitors, then you could be a good boy and still know when there was some leeway to walk on the wild side. Or fly there, erm, to Tokyo, that is. 🙂

    While you are tasting your way through Tokyo, I think tha rest of us should sneak up to tha studios and bribe Sonia. That schnitzel fest looked lovely, it has to be said. We could have our own late Oktoberfeast.

    And Cap’n Mallozzi, whilst ya are packin’ yer luggage, would ya pop in a certain Percival Lintmuffin, as yer personal recording sectr’y? T’would be fun to read his bemused travelogue of a 55-meal exotic excursion. And I think he’s lonely, too. Baron Destructo and Cookie Monster have made their appearances lately, but your Percy feels overlooked, I fear.

    Well, that’s enuff for one late evenin.’ Ta for now.

  15. Well, just one more thing… don’t ferget to pack a web cam, so you can talk to and see the fair Fondy while ya air away. Ya’ll be sa glad to see her, even if she is less than pleased with doggie doody. 😀

  16. Hey Joe, you’re not the only one to have travel plans now, my parents and I are going to Europe in February, any tips for travel there? (and of course, surviving 2 days worth of plane trips.)

    I noticed less comments on your blog in the last few days, maybe it’s just the mid-week strain.

    Oh yeah, Joe, one other thing. A lot of people were talking about SGU being an OC/90210 parallel, however, Heroes somewhat aims at the teenage angsty stuff, and they don’t really need to use teens (but more or less, young adults.) Also, Heroes is one of my more favourite sci-fi shows (not to mention I suit their targeted age range, or thereabouts).
    On the bright side, SGU could more likely turn out like Heroes, which would be a good thing. If you could pitch in ideas to either: Evenly build up each little inter-character plotline until it really becomes something to really take hold of the show; OR, to not build up a premise for a plot just for it to fall on it’s face (such as how in Heroes, the character Hiro was destined for “great things” but the writing for him just sucks now, and leads to nothing so far.) You might think a comparison might be a bit bad right now, since Heroes has a fairly large cast, with plenty of recurring characters (and extra new characters somewhat often) whereas SGU might be confined to a smaller cast (since AFAIK, the ship’s navigation is somewhat out of their hands, and most likely no revisiting planets, I’ll say a little problem with that a bit later) which could indeed shrink due to whatever happening.

    I hope your nightmare doesn’t fall true and somehow you forget the vital things when at the airport. I’ll ask you my SGU questions tomorrow, just in case this comment is too long for the both of us.

  17. Sorry to hear about the pups being sick. Puppy flu?

    Life has been crazy and frightening this last weekend. I was biting nails waiting to hear about a friend who lived in the Oakridge Mobile Home Park that burned in Sylmar over the weekend. Her home was mostly spared, but her son’s wasn’t. Thankfully everyone in the park was able to escape.

    Haven’t had time to read the Remnants breakdown, although I did read about the hand issue. Personally, the more dramatic, the better. It forces characters to deal with deeper emotions and take greater risks for themselves and each other.

    I wasn’t sure which way Remnants was going, and I was really curious to see how the different storylines were going to come together at the end. It was great. I just wish you had more time to play with in these episodes. Since SciFi eliminated the opening credits, did you gain any extra screen time?

    I can’t wait for Brain Storm. Bill Nye is such a cool guy, and I’m really looking forward to seeing him.

    And hope the pups are okay before you take off on your trip. Nothing worse than worrying about the kids when you’re on vacation.

  18. Thank you for the wonderful advice! I haven’t flown in years, though I doubt on my flight I’ll be lucky if I get a meal(unless I’m desperate and decide to gnaw on my seat mate).

    I think for this trip I’m leaving the heels home and will hopefully come back *less* scarred from this one than my last adventure.

    Have fun in Tokyo!

  19. i live in the uk and last night we got to see the prodigal and i would just like to congratulate you on a fantastic ending to one of my favourtie storylines

  20. The Weird Food Purchase of the Day video segment will make a big comeback during my Tokyo trip


    Kisses to pugkids and a speedy recovery… and no more soft serves.

  21. Earnestly, wow, profound advice from Baron Destructo; you are so lucky!

    Can’t wait for the Tokoyo trip. It will be my only chance to go there vicariously through you. So, be careful on the weird food purchase of the day, you don’t want to get sick.

    As for your dream, I would take that as a sign to put that stuff right on top of your suitcase as a way to make sure you take it with you.

  22. Joe,
    Delurking for a quick comment. I know I have been MIA of late but real life has been demanding too much of my time. Namely a round of colds and some bronchitis that took the tour of the family so I had to take care of everyone that got sick (including me).

    I have been keeping up with new Atlantis episodes and enjoying them for the most part (Inquisition was boring, but I expect that from a clip show.) Prodigal was great, loved seeing the bonding stuff with Shep and McKay racing their cars and Teyla was awesome with her handling of Michael. Never saw the twist coming in Remnants even though I knew Kolya couldn’t really be alive. Greatly looking forward to Brainstorm. I’m a dedicated McKeller fan now and hope this ep is as good as it looks.

    Have been skimming through the spinning details for Universe. I just can’t get interested in this concept. Other than one quote by Rob C. (the fish out of water thing), nothing I have heard gives me any encouragement that I will like this show. Now that I see that you answered a question that the show will be more serialized than the other two, I am dreading the BSG similarities even more. Oh well, will wait til July and see if all my fears are realized.

    Have a great time in Tokyo. I spent a week there 20 years ago and it was a tremendous experience (except when I got a little lost going to the Ueno Zoo and the only other people I saw anywhere near me only spoke German.)

    Hope the puppies feel better.


  23. Hi again Mr M!

    Can’t wait to hear the Audio Commentary for Whispers!!
    Lovin’ the schnitzel party…. Looks fabaroo!

    With regard to the spoiler for SGU, this is a diagramatic representation of a duel to the death between Chloe and a hostile alien…taking 12 steps in the same direction ( as against opposing directions)and then about face for Chloe and shoots the guy down, who cunningly falls into the trap laid at Step 1! Mmm!!

    @Chevron 7: Yes, dang, I forgot about the wristband of hotness!!

    Best to all The Bridge Studios!


  24. Vegas has me very excited. It just sounds like its going to be big and different and action packed and very, very cool and that little tidbit about the soundtrack makes it sound even cooler.

  25. Joe, there is no way I’m mixing you up with Baron Destructo. His plans may be way more grand, but you are on track for world domination, yourself.

    Well, I guess Fuel domination, at the very least. 🙂

  26. coucou Joseph =)
    Trés sympathique votre journée!

    et oui J-4, ne vous inquiétez pas tout va trés bien ce passée =)!

    Contente que Maximus aille mieux !!!

    Moi la routine en ce moment, cour, ordinateur et devoir!

    Merci pour ces photos! Bisou, je vous adore!

  27. Pig’s ears, trotters….they really DO use every last bit of that animal, don’t they?! (I seem to remember you mentioning brains at one point as well.)

    I don’t think I want breakfast anymore.

    And, poor poochies. Hope the entire household is feeling better soon.

    Do you suppose they will allow flash photography at the Parasitological Museum? I’m just thinking you might gleen some ideas for future episodes there.

    But what I really want to hear about is the Absolut Ice Bar. Especially after watching Die Another Day the other night. Martini in hand, of course!

  28. Hi again Mr M!

    O! O! Meant to ask… Have you got your iPOD/MP3 player loaded for the trip?
    Can I recommend Bell X1 and Fred?? Two fab bands!
    Do you down load audio books and listen for air trips?

    Best to all


  29. I’d like to know your thoughts about the Athosians –

    1. After The Kindred, did they return to the planet Michael took them from or have they found another world?

    2. Since so few of them are left, are they on their own or are they living with other refugees/survivors, mixing their cultures, etc?

    3. Did Jinto and Wex survive Michael’s experiments?

  30. So he likes ‘Marilyn Manson’? 😀 I’d really like to meet this guy – after he has fed. 😉

    Change of subject:

    Can anyone here please tell me how a desert smells? Especially that one around Las Vegas? I’ve never been in a desert before and I’d need this information for my FF.

    And I’ll joyfully take all other pieces of information about desserts as well. 🙂

  31. Hey Joe!

    Aww, poor Lulu. 🙁 Hope the pugs get well quickly!

    Ah yes, the pre-flight nightmares. I always hate those, but they do reinforce you in remembering essential items for your trip. They may seem scary, but I think they are your mind helping you to remember things that shouldn’t be forgotten. 😉

    In regards to your Tokyo trip, can we expect the Weird Food Purchase of the Day to return?

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  32. Well. That spoiler proves I won’t like SGU.

    Re: upcoming movies. I too wait for DVD. Just saw the trailer for Abrams’ Star Trek. Holy shit (as in bad). There’s just no end to controversy is there?! Can’t say it’ll damage the franchise, but it sure ain’t the idea of Star Trek’s beginning for anyone who’s been a fan.

  33. It just so happened that a few nights ago I couldn’t fall asleep and thus ended up turning the TV on at 3:00 AM. As I was flipping through the channels I came across my all time favorite episode of Stargate: SG-1, “Window of Opportunity”. I hadn’t realized before that you and Paul wrote that episode. I should have known that you wrote that episode. After all it is a classic among classics. I also got a kick out of the author’s name on one of the books O’Neill and Teal’c used to decipher the Ancient text on the time alteration device: Joseph Mallozzi PhD. I thought that was a very nice touch.

    On another recent occasion I was watching a Stargate: Atlantis DVD special feature for the “Return” part 1 & 2. Martin Gero mentioned that he really enjoyed getting a chance to write lines for Richard Dean Anderson. Based on the commentary, Martin never got the chance to write for RDA when he was on SG-1. My question is this: Do you have a favorite actor(s) to write lines for? In addition, how do you feel when actors throw their written lines out the window and improvise the scene? From what I understand, RDA did this often during SG-1’s heyday.

  34. that spoiler wouldn’t be regarding time travel would it?

    also let’s pretend i’m not a writer, director or producer. what does the term “Day 1 Mix” mean??

  35. This may seem like an entirely random and possibly personal question, but I was wondering what qualifications you had before going into writing? Did any of your qualifications relate to your current job?

    I’m in the midst of making a life changing decision, and I need any advice etc. I can get.

  36. Hi Joe

    Can you cook and are you any good? Can Fondy cook? You seem to eat out more than in. Who does the cooking at your house you or Fondy? or Do you both do it?


  37. Hi Joe, what’s happening to the “lost episode” of season 1 of SGA, “Human Error” ? It’s become an episode of a season 2, 3, 4 or 5, and his title has changed?
    If not, can you say us his synopsis?

  38. The Parasitological Museum sounds intriguing! I hope it gives you a whole new perspective on creatures that feed off of others… 😉

    Trip nightmares are the worst! Well, right behind naked-in-public nightmares. 😛

    I hope whatever your puppies has isn’t contageous to humans…especially with your vacation coming up.

    Pack the Imodium. NOW.

    Lunch looks and sounds much better than your usual fare! Pie, too! You guys are such lucky bastards…

    Whiteboard – 12 leave, looking for one. The search hits an obstacle, but are otherwise undetered. However, only twelve return…suggesting that someone is lost on the mission. It doesn’t matter, though, since 12/1 equals 12, meaning that it was determined before the mission that one would not – or could not – return.

    @ AV eddy – My mom’s neighbor has a free-range lab (community lab, we call her – sweetest dog on the planet). She’s getting up in years, but still comes to the house or office everyday for ‘treats’ (cat food!). Anyway, she developed a large (benign) tumor on her chest – vet said it’s common to labs…is this like what Simon has?

    @ noir – The music certainly sounds interesting. I would have preferred something from The Queen of the Damned soundtrack, however. Never saw the movie, but the soundtrack is amazing, and nearly every song fits Wraith to a tee. Every time I hear “Looking at my own reflection, when suddenly it changes – violently it changes. Oh no, there is no turning back now, you’ve woken up the demon … in me” (Down with the Sickness), all I can think of is Michael. Then there’s Slept So Long, which reminds me of Steve when it says, “I see hell in your eyes, taken in by suprise. Touching you makes me feel alive… Touching you makes me die inside” …ugh. Breaks my heart just thinking of beautiful Steve. 🙁

    Now, there is a Manson song on that soundtrack, sung by Manson, though I think it’s written by Korn’s Jonathan Davis. Anyway, song’s called Redeemer, with very wraithy lyrics (in part):

    The hunger inside given to me makes me what I am.
    Always it is calling me, for the blood of man.

    They say I cannot be this, I am jaded,
    Hiding from the day I can’t bear,
    I cannot tame the hunger in me…

    The hunger inside given to me makes me feel alive.
    Always out stalking prey, in the dark I hide.

    …and so on and so forth.

    I will be curious to see what MM song they use. Hope it’s as fitting as the songs on that soundtrack.

    And I like the looks of that Wraith, too…only, we already know the end before it’s even begun, don’t we? 🙄 Which almost makes it useless to watch, since …

    ….yeah, I’m shutting up now.


  39. You call that a schnitzel? Ha, I have found a place here in Cape Town that makes them about 20 inches long by about 6 inches wide.

    They are served golden brown and still sizzling and you have a choice of mushroom or pepper sauce, both equally as tasty.

    Now, that’s a SCHNITZEL!

    Needless to say, If I book now I may get a table late February 🙁

    Percival Lintmuffin does Japan? What a great idea! Joe, you GOTTA take him with!! PLEASE!

    Oh, one final thing –

    AV eddy said:

    “Uhhh….from my first comment – “Yummy lookin’ stuff” referred to the food, not Martin…”

    Are you kidding???

  40. Oh dear – hugs to the puppies – and to you for having to pick up the samples with syringes and plastic baggies… (eeeeewww!) Love the trip across the parking lot to the vet’s with your sample baggies in hand….

    I didn’t get a chance to comment before on Prodigal, but I wanted to say the episode rocks. Loved the flashback “stun bubble” sequence.

    And for Remnants, the look on the intern’s face when he wheels the device into McKay’s lab was priceless. I had to go back and watch it again because I couldn’t figure out why he was giving Rodney such a look. It was totally hilarious the second time through once I knew what was going on.

    I’m looking forward to Vegas just for the soundtrack, and Shep’s car, too!

    Have a great time in Tokyo!

    – Nika

  41. Shirt’n’Tie said:

    @Chevron 7: Yes, dang, I forgot about the wristband of hotness!!

    I’ll forgive you. I’m so glad Joe F got his way on that one. TPTB just don’t understand sometimes 😀 . John Sheppard is the ‘king of cool’ on Atlantis and it’s all the little things that make it so.

    Are you a list maker Joe? If so, does it help with the packing? Best wishes to all of the dogs, especially the sick ones.

    Cheers, chev

  42. shiningwit said:

    Holy crap! I lost a day somewhere, any ideas where it might be?

    Where all of the missing socks are perhaps?

    Cheers, Chev

  43. Hey Joe,

    Ya know, I don’t think I’ve ever had schnitzel. Weird. But I’m now in the mood for some blueberry pie.

    I hope your pups are all well and soon. It’s no fun when they are sick.

    Can I borrow Baron Destructo for a day? I’m thinking he’s just the guy I need for this *problem* I have. 👿

    Also, how many bags are you bringing on your trip? Are you having to pay for each bag since all the airlines have gone *fee crazy*? Actually, the more I think about flying the less surprised I am that you’re having some nightmares about your trip.

    Allow me to reassure you that your trip is going to go really well! You won’t forget your visa or your tickets! And even if you do, they have other flights you can take. So have some good dreams about your upcoming trip.

    Trish 😀

    P.S. @ Das— *WRAITH* (Sorry, nothing exciting to say. Just thought I’d attempt to get your attention. 😉 I guess I’m in a weird mood. )

  44. Oh yeah… and I never thought I’d live to see the day when Johnny Cash and Marilyn Manson are mentioned in the same sentance. That’s Vegas for ya, though! 😆

  45. Hi Mr Mallozzi

    Thanks for your answer. The Weird food purchase of the day in Tokyo! That sounds really cool!
    I will wait for this new season quietly!


  46. I wanted to tell you how very much I enjoyed episode 5.14 The Prodigal. I managed to remain completely unspoiled, and so it was a great surprise to see Michael being the one who enters Woolsey’s office.

    Well done to the actors and to everyone else who worked on, or contributed to the success, of the episode; it was great!.

  47. The food pictures look so delicious, even more so than your Fuel pic’s. I think it’s the colourfulness (?) of them all.

  48. This evening, I saw the film ” silent hill ” of christopher Ganz (it is also a terrible video game). Yesterday I saw the episode 04/14 ” Harmony “. It is the same young actress who plays, Jodelle Ferland. She is fantastic.
    Is she Canadian? Do you know “silent hill” ? Can Video game inspire you for yours scripts?
    Bon voyage.

  49. Looking at the spoiler the obvious flaw is this:

    If the ship is out there laying down new stargates for people to travel through, then once complete it moves off to a new location — essentially leaving the people from Earth stranded if they don’t get back to the ship in time.

    The ship is laying down stargates. Why can’t the people on the ship wait until a new stargate isestablished, dial it up to the stargate of the previous location (where the stranded people are) send a message through along the lines of “hey guys this is where we are, use that gate address and hurry” so the stranded ones dial up the new stargate and hey presto they are back with the team and back with the ship once more.

    Isn’t that the point of a stargate? To allow travel between point A and point B without the aid of a ship? Sure if the ship moves two ro three jumps ahead then it may be difficult but one jump shouldn’t be too hard. That can allow the new ubber baddie to catch them up too.

    Random rambling there.

  50. @ whovian – WRAITH? Where have you been? Wraith were so…October. 🙄 It’s November now, and with Hellboy II burning a hole in my DVD player, it’s ALL Prince Nuada Silverlance now. 😀

    I know it’s hard, but just try to keep up. I mean, who knows what December will bring…perhaps a soul-sucking, adamantium-clawed albino elf who goes by the name John Druitt? 😉


  51. Joe – I’ve been thinking…(I know – dangerous!). In trying to describe the sort of ‘tension’ that I would like to see in this new Stargate show (NOT that you have to cater to my whims, of course…but just to give you an idea of what I mean)…a favorite movie of mine came to mind. Have you ever seen The Hill?


    This is about as good as they come.


  52. What exactly is a schnitzel? Is it meat or a potato? The pie looked tasty. What was in that salad? Hm, now I have to find me some schnitzel for lunch…right after I figure out what it is.

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