Potted Pork and Foie Gras Rilette served with rye bread and an apricot jam
Potted Pork and Foie Gras Rilette served with rye bread and an apricot jam
Pork Consommé with cotechino stuffed trotter, flageolet, and celery
Pork Consommé with cotechino stuffed trotter, flageolet, and celery
Pickled Producer with wine two ways
Pickled Producer with wine two ways
Risotto di cervello with guanciale, tomato, and herbs
Risotto di cervello with guanciale, tomato, and herbs
White Truffle Poached Loin with pumpkin, hazelnuts, and crispy ear
White Truffle Poached Loin with pumpkin, hazelnuts, and crispy ear
Confit Belly Chop with chestnuts, brussel sprouts, and mustard
Confit Belly Chop with chestnuts, brussel sprouts, and mustard
Gravenstein Apple pound cake with bacon and calvados
Gravenstein Apple pound cake with bacon and calvados
Wonderful.  I guess this means I have to take him to Tokyo now.
Wonderful. I guess this means I have to take him to Tokyo now.

Last night, Marty G. and I went to Fuel for the restaurant’s second annual Whole Hog Dinner. Long time readers of this blog may remember last year’s Whole Hog menu was comprised of such memorable offerings as stuffed pig ear with green sauce accompanied by a pig tail consommé and crispy brain served with parsley root and Dungeness crab mayonnaise. Well, this year’s dishes were somewhat more subtle and refined in what I suspect was an attempt to tempt less adventurous diners.

We kicked things off with an amuse: Potted Pork and Foie Gras Rilette served with rye bread and an apricot jam. A wonderfully rustic, hearty starter.

Our first course was a Pork Consommé with cotechino stuffed trotter, flageolet, and celery. The consommé was surprisingly understated, allowing the rich flavor of the paper thin, fatty pork sausage that lined the bottom of the soup bowl to take center stage. The beans only got in the way here.

Our second course was the Risotto di cervello with guanciale, tomato, and herbs. For those of you who need to brush up on your Italian, that’s brain risotto. Now being the fearless eater I am, I have sampled brain in the past and, to be honest, it’s not my cup of tea. For those of you who have tried it, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s not for everyone, possessed of an almost metallic aftertaste that some enjoy but I find off-putting. In the case of Fuel’s risotto di cervello, however, the flavor was very subtle and, I must admit, very pleasant. The complimentary creaminess of both the risotto and the brain really served to backstop the surprise star of this dish: the tender pieces of crispy pork jowl that crowned the plate.

For our third course, we had White Truffle Poached Loin with pumpkin, hazelnuts, and crispy ear. I thought the loin was perfectly prepared but, alas, the essence of the white truffle was overshadowed by the kabocha squash that accompanied the loin. The intensity of the hazelnut also worked against it.

Our fourth course was a Confit Belly Chop with chestnuts, brussel sprouts, and mustard. Well-marbled, crispy, and utterly delicious, a perfect marriage of sweet, savory, and smoky.

Our fifth course was the Gravenstein Apple pound cake with bacon and calvados. Interesting. I was wondering how they were going to work the pork angle into dessert. No doubt well aware of my general distaste for fruit-based desserts, Ted swung by the table beforehand and gave me the heads up. I explained that, in fact, it‘s not so much the fruit I have a problem with as its unpleasant tartness. Truth be told, I’ve enjoyed desserts that incorporated bananas, figs, blueberries and, on one rare occasion, even raspberries. As for the dessert on this night – I thought a little dessert bacon goes a long way otherwise the dish was fantastic and well-deserving of a spot on the regular dessert menu rotation.

All in all, a superior dinner. That said, I kind of missed the in-your-face boldness of last year’s menu.

We ended our meal by ordering, of all things, a cheese plate. Three great selections complimented by sweet honeycomb. And a glass of port.

Martin was kind enough to snap up the bill, informing me that it was my belated birthday dinner. I thanked him and, of course, will be more than happy to return the treat with dinner at Hamadaya in Tokyo. Provided I can convince him to join me of course.

Well, Martin has yet to commit to Tokyo, but he has agreed to come by and field your questions and comments on Brain Storm, the episode he wrote, produced, and directed.

Oh, by the way – I hate computers. I was hoping to bring my tiny travel laptop to L.A. (and eventually Tokyo) but, for some reason, I’m unable to connect to the internet through either a wireless network or a direct Ethernet connection. So, I phoned my internet provider who suggested I contact the manufacturer of my modem (even though it’s not really a problem with the modem since all of the other laptops in the house have no problem connecting). I phoned the modem manufacturer who, yes, pointed out it wasn’t a problem with the modem and suggested I contact my laptop manufacturer. Instead, I ran a side by side comparison with my other working laptop to find out if there was anything I may have missed. Nope. Finally, I ran the handy “repair” option on my wireless network connection. The diagnostic informed me that it was unable to repair the problem because the following action could not be completed: “Connecting to the wireless network”. Ironic, no?

P.S. One more day to get your questions in for playback supervisor and matte master extraordinaire Krista McLean.

81 thoughts on “October 24, 2008: The Second Annual Whole Hog Dinner

  1. Joe again I ask, is this a clip show? what was the reasoning for this-what “frilling” reason? Please let us(me) know. As always with love and respect, Sheryl

  2. Food sounds great yet again.
    Will we not be able to hear of your journeys in the far east?
    I’m looking forward to some foreign dishes in the near future cos a guy recently moved into my house, from afar and I intend to sample his food for a while, yay.

  3. Yeah, computers are a real pain. Mine is currently refusing to acknowledge the existence of the DVD drive. Hopefully you can figure out some way to connect, though. I’d love to read some reviews of places I can actually go to.

  4. Tonight’s SGA episode was fine…I do have to give you that Woosley did a very nice job, but I have been missing my dose of Rodney since his 1 big epi Shrine (speaking of epi — why couldn’t he have had an allergic reaction at some point in the seasons — that would have been interesting).

    Totally thought they would bring Rodney to trial for destroying 1/6 (or whatever it was) of the universe. Missed that…oh well.

    Oh – the ending…who’s been watching a little too much Boston Legal…I had to laugh at that little scene.

    So…here’s hoping Rodney and John (or even Rodney and Zalenka or Beckett) have some great interactions for at least one remaining episode…and not where Rodney is just stuck at a computer away from the team…(if not – please do some great stuff in the movie)…and how’s that coming by the way???

  5. Extremely odd that your ISP would tell you to contact your modem manufacturer, unless it’s a modem you bought yourself, that has wireless capabilities? In any case, if all of the other computers work wirelessly and the laptop does not, it’s most likely going to be something on the laptop. Right-click on the wireless card in Network Connections, and click on View Available Wireless Networks. If it doesn’t find any, then it’s time for a new network card. You can pick up a PCMCIA wireless card (one that plugs into a side slot on your computer) for relatively cheap at any computer store.

  6. Joe,
    The food look delicious..I don’t know about brains though..I don’t think I could bring myself to eat it..


    Tonight’s epi was OK. I really liked Woosley in this epi. I didn’t have a problem with him before but I like that he showed he can play dirty too.. 🙂

    I’m looking forward to the next epi…maybe then I can finally get my fix of Ronon and Teyla kicking ass!!!

    I don’t remember who asked a question about the photo with Ronon and Sheppard trying to get a door open..It was posted on GW for The Outsiders episode..well..someone made a mistake because that picture was from this episode. 🙂

  7. Re: Laptop

    Is the internet connection switch on? *g* I ask because on my Toshiba the switch is in a place where, depending on how you pick it up, the little button on the side switches to off a little too easily. I’m sure you know better, but it’s always safer to ask… 😉

  8. Just watched Inquisition. Not a favorite episode of mine, but then no “clip” episode is since they’re mainly a way for the network to save a few bucks. However, I must say I loved seeing Woolsey taking charge and in his element. (“Now that I know what the game is, I can play it…”)

    Still loving the season overall. One miss out of 13 is not too shabby. And I’m looking forward to The Prodigal in two weeks.

  9. Questions for playback supervisor and matte master extraordinaire Krista McLean.

    Ms. McLean,

    You been with the SG franchise for many a year, did you start out as a playback supervisor or did you work your way to the top? During that time, what was the most difficult matte painting you’ve ever done and why?

    What payback proved to be hardest to translate on screen and do you find yourself having to tweak play back on the very day it is being used? Can you give us an example of this kind of nightmare and what you did to save the day?

    I really enjoined Continuum and loved the matte paintings,, they were seamless and well done! Thanks for all your hard work! It has paid off in a big way!

    Will you be continuing on with the SGU?

    Patricia Lee

  10. So – you and Martin made pigs of yourselves at Fuel.

    I love bacon and ham but not too sure about eating brains and ears (and other bits).

    I am sure that you will have a great time in Tokyo whether you travel alone or you manage to convince one of your friends to go with you.

  11. Sounds like your wireless “chip” (whatever it actually is) went out. That happened to my own computer this summer and you’re having the exact kind of issues I was. I had to get a new motherboard to replace it (thank God for warranty plans!). Best of luck with that.

    Hmm, brain. I just don’t think I could ever do that. Something about all the sci-fi/supernatural shows I watch.

    Marty looks like he’s enjoying that wine a bit too much…LOL

  12. I’ve had this very same problem from time to time with wifi roaming.
    I assume you can connect via a phone line – if so, update the drivers.
    If not, keep resetting the wifi – eventually it will work, but this may take time and with the amount of stuff you have to do in LA you might get around to feeling that you simply will not live long enough for it to get right.

    Oh and make sure the bluetooth is switched off (if it has it)

  13. Inquisition was awesome… I was expecting your typical clip show and was surprised and delighted to see that the clips took a backstage to the team’s plight. I’m not sure I like how they managed to get away, though…
    When Woolsey left Atlantis, who was in charge? Because the chain of command goes Woolsey, Sheppard, Teyla, right? So who is next in line?

    Ahh, yes I recall the day I tried to install our new computer’s DSL. The tech guy was like “I’ll walk you through it” but then he realized I couldn’t both talk to him and be online until after the thing had been installed. Which made for quite a frustrating afternoon! I’m so glad my Macbook does all that stuff for me… 🙂

    I’m SOOOO very excited for Brain Storm!!! Three of my favorite scientists EVERRRR in one episode of SGA!!! And now I can get excited for Martin Gero’s guest blog yay!!! 😀

    Hehe the masters at Fuel truly did use every part of the pig but its squeal, didn’t they?

    Can’t wait for the upcoming guest blogs and Tokyo pictures and stories!

  14. Joe, you have a promising career as guest chef on the next Survivor! [“…Give it to Joe! He’ll eat *anything*!!”]

  15. the last time I had the problem you describe on a laptop(*Windows XP* unable to connect to any network wired or wireless) the fix was to remove the TCP/IP stack, reboot and reinstall it.

  16. Hey Mr. Mallozzi,

    Computers can certainly be a pain in the neck, I’ve seen that little “cannot repair” screen far too many times in the few weeks.

    Color me impressed by Alex Levine’s first foray into the Atlantis writing scene, I hardly even noticed I was watching a clip show. Enjoyed “Inquisition”, from the tip of the hat to Trek at the beginning, to having the less technologically advanced people use the threat of trade war to get what the want. I thought the script kept in-character with what we’ve come to expect from the team and Woolsey, which isn’t always the case when you have a different writer. And I’m almost always happy to see the Genii

  17. Computers!! I went the same rounds you did once. No one on either end of the tech supports could figure it out. Then, just as I was about to give up and put it away, I noticed a little button on the front of my computer labeled “wireless”. It was glowing orange instead of blue.
    I turned it on…and…voila!
    (very embarrassing)

    Best of luck!

  18. Hi Joe!

    I have a question for Krista regarding First Contact/Lost Tribe –
    I was wondering if you tried anything new or different to represent languages or database contents of Janus lab or the Asgard screens?

    Also – where do you get your inspiration for the movement or flow of the wraith screens? Artistically they’re very ‘musical’ looking.

    – Nika

  19. Hi Joe!

    The dinner sounds pretty good — I love pork (and port). But the risotto looks a bit unappetizing spread out on the plate like that. 🙁

    I just watched Inquisition and liked it a bit better than I thought I would. I’m not usually a fan of “flashback” shows, but you guys did a good job pulling it all together. I enjoyed seeing Woolsey in action. But I would have liked to see a wee bit more remorse. And the last scene left me cold — cigars and scotch?

    It’s too bad you aren’t going to Kyoto this trip — there is a great haunted house at Toei Movieland (the former Toei Studios where Kurasawa made his movies). Since you like Japanese horror, you would love it. I found it incredibly unnerving, but I’m kind of a wimp.

    You have my sympathy re: the computer problems. I just spent a large chunk of change to have a repair guy come to the house to get my Internet Explorer working so I could use the internet again, only to have him tell me that it couldn’t be done and that I would have to use Mozilla Firefox instead and by the way he had to uninstall my Norton Antivirus to get things running and I would need to find something else to protect my computer from viruses. Yes, you have not only my sympathy but my empathy.

    maggiemayday said:

    Hey sparrow_hawk … two words: road trip! I am so craving Mako-Donarado’s corn chowder. And a teriyaki MOS burger.

    I never stopped at the “golden arches” in Japan — but I would have if I’d known they had corn chowder! Haven’t tried a MOS burger either. So many tasty treats awaiting. Road trip, indeed!

  20. Mazeykins said:

    Oh – the ending…who’s been watching a little too much Boston Legal…I had to laugh at that little scene.

    Oh, now I get it. I definitely got the lawyer flavor, but since I don’t watch lawyer shows I missed the reference and the humor.

    Gomen nasai, Joe.


  21. First, please tell Mr. Gero he is looking very good indeed; his diet has worked nicely. But I would suggest he not lose any more weight and now enjoy simply maintaining. He looks to be at that point where further weight loss would begin to look unhealthy. This opinion admittedly based on a few still photos. The Fuel meal sounds terrific. Pork isn’t my favorite meat, but I can pack away a respectable amount of it from time to time. I love the variety of dishes the Fuel staff manages to come up with. Not having your sophisticated palate this year’s offerings look and sound adventurous enough to satisfy someone of my pedestrian tastes.
    Are your descriptions of computer woes a subtle hint to us not to expect daily reports from L.A.? Or are you resigning yourself to carting around the larger computer, at the expense of your lower back and one of your arms? If the latter is the case, we will find some way to repay your dedication. I for one think I’ve got some McDonald’s gift cards laying about here somewhere…
    Just a few short comments on Inquisition. This is the first SGA episode I’ve been disappointed in in over 2 seasons. Even in a clip show, I think I’ve been so conditioned by the scripts over the years that I had expected more. Not that it’s a bad episode. It’s not. But it’s fairly forgetable. Mr. Picardo really came through in this one, and I enjoyed the final scene. But the episode actually is a bit aggrevating, bringing up all sorts of questions that will not be answered now that the show has been cancelled. Who makes up the Coalition, and how have they managed to aquire so much influence so quickly? Does this signal a new form of cold war with the Genii? How in the world will the IOA respond to Woolsey’s bribe? On the plus side, at least this episode helped save some money, which from previous episodes seems to have gone into some great visual shots. Still, I’ll be reining in my expectations for the next few episodes, to avoid the let down of finding out my fillet mignon is actual ground chuck. Anyways, enjoy your preparations for your south of the border excursion.

  22. Hmm, well I meant to say yesterday

    “I’ll get OFF my high horse” since I was obviously already on one.

  23. Hope your computer problem gets fixed!
    Watched Inquisition tonight, I really liked it. It was a very well done clip show and the original bits were great for Woolsey, especially.
    I got the feeling of the old Atlantis that I loved through watching the scenes from prior seasons.
    I liked it much better than Tracker and The Lost Tribe.
    So far my favorite episodes are Search and Rescue and The Shrine with The Daedalus Variations, Outsiders and Whispers coming in next.
    Looking forward to the next episode.
    Thank you

  24. Inquisition…it was a pretty good episode for what it was; the cost saving episode of the season. I was a little undecided about my reaction to the “message” of this episode. On the one hand, yes Atlantis did set certain events into motion that led to the current crisis the confronts them, on the other hand the didn’t know about the Wraith when they got there and that killing the Queen would wake ALL the Wraith up. And as for the Replicators, they needed a way to put the Wraith on the defensive and took it. Atlantis is the superior military power in the galaxy, if no one stepped up the Wraith would have conquered Pegasus.
    However, there seem to be coincidental similarities to current would politics where Atlantis is the U.S. and this new confederation is a fledgling NATO. And here Atlantis/U.S. does what it thinks is necessary for the defense of Pegasus with no consultation with the rest of the people of the galaxy. But of course the problem is that the rest of the galaxy would just want to go into their underground bunkers and try to avoid the Wraith, so someone had to step up and try to solve the problem.
    I know I am having a hard time articulating my thoughts, which may be my problem with the overall episode. All this information was presented, and Atlantis is no different as a result. No consequences.
    I did love the last scene with John and Woolsey. Very cool. Now I have to ask, why not air an episode on Halloween. You could have aired Whispers or Identity and kept with the theme of the holiday. Instead we are stuck with the stupid Ghost Hunters Live. Oooooh. I’m just thrilled.
    In two weeks…bring on The Prodigal!

  25. “Oh and make sure the bluetooth is switched off (if it has it)”

    That seriously shouldn’t matter. I do Information Tech and I have never had problems with laptops using wireless and that have Bluetooth on it.

  26. Wow, did Martin get his ears lowered? Not that he doesn’t still look cute.

    Martin, you have to go with Joe, come on, you two together would be a wonderful adventure. At least for us readers.

    Joseph, I was gonna say what some said above, to first check to see if your wireless switch is in the on position. If so, and you can find networks under my network places like someone else suggested above, then make sure if you have a password for the modem/high speed that you have it entered into the correct place. If not, like someone else said, it is the wireless card probably gone and you can either get a new motherboard or the easiest (acheapest) way to resolve it is to buy an external wireless device which goes in one of the usb ports. Those work just as good. My brother’s computer will connect at work but at his home it won’t and he has to use the external device. No one could ever figure out why.

    Question for Krista:
    I have always wondered when the hud comes up, and all that small writing scrolls, what it really says, can you share?

    Also, on the screens for the heart monitors when used, are those vitals etc the actors or just something you put there yourself? And what does all the writing say on those screens that is supposed to be ancient? I always try to imagine what kind of information it is giving the med team, there is just so much of it.

  27. You may have a flaky router. Either that or you are using a wireless frequency that has too much traffic. Now, I might be completely talking out of my sphincter, but my laptop does exactly the same thing. My partner, who is a…I don’t really know what he does….he negotiates IT contracts and is an IT expert, beyond that I’m at a loss. He says the above to me all the time. If I switch my modem and my router off at the same time, I’m usually good. If this doesn’t work, I have to change frequency(?) …actually I am talking out of my rectum. I just realized you’re not at home. I’m also exhausted. I had a full day of Professional Development with “KEENERS”. There is nothing, NOTHING more mentally banal than a staff meeting, let a lone having to sit in the table group with the only two keeners on staff. Sure they want to make a difference, sure they want to reach out to the most troubled of our students and give them hope…meh! I wanted to sit with the dark souled individuals, those destined for an after life of Hecuba and smelling salts. The cynics are at least funny.

    I’m exhausted, and am having to put my head down long enough to get my brain cells together so I can post something coherent. I gotta go to bed.

    Byeeee. and have fun.


  28. Watched tonight’s eppy. My issue with it was a poor script used to show a ton of clips. I mean I loved the idea that there’s a power play in effect in response to the Wraith war and slow downfall. And yes, I think Atlantis should be taken to task to a point for all their choices and forced to see some of the consequence in a new light…but with the group of talented writers…I’m sure you guys could have penned something a little more interesting that the tired old court trail.

    And everyone really wanted the court thing, skip the clip show next time.

    Looking forward to next week’s. I want to see more team actual involvement. The last few eppys have had them all separated for the entire thing. And I really hope to see a bit more with Ronon and Teyla..they’ve seen to taken a backseat to Keller this season.

    Also can’t wait to see more interaction with Sheppard and Rodney. I hope the rest of McKay’s scenes are not centered around the whole romance subplot that hasn’t been subtle but a big fat elephant in the season and we get back to reason for this show’s success.

    Sheppard, Rodney, Teyla and Ronon.

  29. Oh yeah and I liked Inquisition. Wasn’t action packed, but some good interactions.

    Oh and can someone tell me if the avatar that goes up for me has antennas or is that the eyeballs? Also, is it facing forward or backwards? Just things I been meaning to figure out (lol) plus it is late and my sinus medication makes me a little loopy (lol).

  30. As always enjoy the pics. For Krista, it’s hard coming up with an original question, so many good ones have been posted already but:

    Most interesting and most taxing project? Any favorite episodes?
    What’s next? Will you be involved in the SGA movies or is that too far off to commit?
    What type of educational background is required to do what you do? I find all the behind scenes stuff fascinating. I’m the geek that always listens to commentaries. Doesn’t matter who’s giving it. Love the perspectives.
    Thank you for all your hard work.

  31. Dear Joe,

    1. The Brotherhood LOST ZPM, will it ever surface up in the future episodes of season 5.
    2. How many wraith hive ships are we to suppose were destroyed by the attero device?
    3. Can we safely assume that the wraith lost half their fleet force up to now?


  32. coucou Joseph! Sa va??

    Alalala sa fait du bien de dormir^^!
    Contente de revoir Martin!
    Waaouuuu, j’adore le porc, c’est trop trop bon!!

    Ohhh =( snif j’espert que vous allez trouver une solution, car je vais être triste si je n’ai pas de nouvelle de vous durant vos vacance =(!!

    Aller bisou bisou! passez une bonne journée!

  33. I loved the Boston Legal thing at the end. My Mom called me up right away to laugh about it. lol

  34. Joe,
    All those 5 and 6 course meals you eat are each portion of the course big? And then the desert how do you maintain your weight??? that stationary bike in the basement cant beleive thats all you work with. Do you do outdoor jogging at all???? Seriously Joe you have to really work out hard to maitain your weight with all those 5 and 6 course meals you eat. All that pork!!!

  35. Computers truly are a love hate thing. Good luck getting your pc problems solved.

    Mmmm stuffed pig ear, my dog would love that! Have your dogs ever had those dried pigs ears, I don’t know a dog who doesn’t love them. Did you enjoy yours?

    Marty you should go with Joe to Tokyo. What fun you would all have.

  36. Alas I too have a temperamental computer which shows BOTH DVD-RW drives until I put a blank disc in then it insists they are both CD drives. I sometimes have to sneak up on it with convertx which it seems to be a little frightened of and thus behaves itself!

    On a sad note today I found our family pet rabbit Norman, dead in his run. He was a member of the family for 8 years and a real character. We’ll all miss his little ways, even the dogs seem somewhat subdued as they used to visit with him on a daily basis.

  37. What sort of a travel notebook do you have? Cuz the new EEE PC from Asus is great!

  38. I don’t think I could have done the risotto. In fact, I may forgo breakfast just thinking about it.

    As for the tiny travel laptop, it is clearly an effort by one of the other laptops to make the trip.

    (And I like when you can’t connect to the internet, but the help file says to connect in order to fix the problem. Ack!)

    Woolsey finally got his own episode! Pretty cool.

    Linda, it looks like eyeballs to me.

  39. Inquisition was by far one of the worst Stargate episodes of the franchise. MGM will be grinning ear to ear now as such a crap episode will gather attention and most will now agree it’s time the show was over.

    In such a brilliant, above par season, how can such stupid episodes like Ghost in the Machine or Inquisition exist? Budget saving episode or not – they should have slightly reduced budget on other episodes to build a budget for this episode.

    Unless it’s a court drama, shows should stay away from trial episodes – they suck 95% of the time.

    I had at least hoped for a good climax; a big breakout or something. But they just talk to a guy and win the trial???

    Also, Sheppard smoking a cigar?!?!? I was extremely disappointed in this move. Sheppard is someone who cares about his health and fitness, so I consider him unlikely to smoke anything. Even if you can argue around that one, cigars tend to be something business like or high class. So why would a man who ran away from an upper class backround and stuck up father to join the air force want to associate with that. And this is all failing to take into account that Sheppard wouldn’t even smoke to “look cool”. He has messy hair and he wears a wrist sweatband which is very emo/geeky. He doesn’t have to do anything to look cool – he IS cool, nothing can take that from him. Having him smoke was just to play the Boston Legal/lawyer angle and it didn’t work – it just went completely against a character.

  40. I think I would have preferred less clips, more Woolsey wheeling and dealing last night. Good to see him in action and in his element, I just wanted more.

    The cigars and scotch at the end were great. Again, Woolsey in his element and clearly enjoying himself tremendously.

  41. I loved last night’s episode – it was a very clever way to do a clip show 🙂 I have to ask, was that last scene with Sheppard and Woolsey enjoying a scotch and cigar a tribute to Boston Legal’s tags with Alan and Denny relaxing on the balcony ?

  42. Hey Joe,
    hope you’ll write from Tokyo and not run MIA. Hope to see great pictures from exotic Japan.

    Here’s a question to Krista:

    Hi Krista,
    greetings from Bulgaria. I really enjoy all playbacks and mattes. Since I work in the area of graphic design and digital painting, I’m interested in the playbacks. Can you describe the process of how a playback is created. For example a screen of a Jumper, what kind of software is used to create the graphics and so on. Thanks a lot.

  43. Joe I just watched Bob Picardo’s vid. It was hilarious and sooooo not work safe. You should have put a warning on it. LOL!!!!!!!

  44. Finally a restaurant entry I’m not drooling over. Being half jewish has its perks. I can always pull the half jewish card when asked why I don’t eat pig. Sure, I’m not actually jewish nor do I have any problem with eating pork or any other cloven footed animal, I just don’t like pig. To eat. I quite enjoy talking to one.

  45. the brain risotto has a vague resemblance to rice pudding o.o”
    I’d never dare to eat any sort of brain (nearly starving might be an exception, still, I’m not too sure about that) but now I’m going to think of it each time I eat rice pudding <.<

    wireless problems… they can be real ‘fun’ and varied
    but perhaps you’re lucky enough for it starting to work just out of nowhere as if there never had been a problem to start with… (there’s really no logic with computer problems it’s more like trying to convince the damned thing to work with an aura as positive as possible and countless re-boots)

    I’ve watched Inquisition and Woolsey was great even though he could have shown a little more hesitation towards bribing others (it was necessary for him to do it and I’m not questioning that but he is this “by the book”-person and bribing should have made him hesitate a little in the first place even though the whole thing wasn’t really fair play).
    the episode was okay for a clip show (I’m no big fan of clip shows in general)

    @Linda Gagne: well, your monster’s face is facing forward but I’m not sure about the legs and arms 😉

  46. Ooh that photo of Martin (4th one down) looks exceptionally evil.

    Now for your laptop. I like the tips for troubleshooting wireless connections at the following sites:


    http://tinyurl.com/6aq39n – it’s Vista, not sure what OS you have.

    As for the wired connection, set your connection up from scratch, check your cables, can you use USB instead of ethernet or vice versa?

    I feel for you. I was offline for a few days last week. I had Optus and Apple helping me and in the end I fixed it myself with perseverance. I’m sure you’ll be able to do the same. If not then there’s always an Internet Café or library.

    So I was visiting Alex’s blog – I didn’t know that Tobias Slezak was his brother. Talented family. I often like clip shows, ‘cos Stargate handles them very well e.g. Citizen Joe, Disclosure, Letters from Pegasus. From what I’ve heard and the bits I’ve seen I’m sure it will be enjoyable. I want to see Teyla and Ronon’s perspective and Atlantis justify Michael. I’m all for Atlantis and Sheppard. They have done a lot of positive things in the Pegasus Galaxy. I just don’t think that the creation of Michael was one of them.

    Cheers, Chev

  47. Questions for Krista:

    Thanks for all of your hard work on Stargate. I always notice the playback and mattes. My favourites include Dakara, wraith databases and anything on Rodney’s tablet.

    1. How much detail do the writers give with regards to playback and mattes or do they leave it up to you and your team?

    2. Do you also do the designs for the menus on the DVDs? If so, the Atlantis ones are fabulous.

    3. Do you use certain colours for the playback because they work best for television or convey a certain emotion?

    4. Artistically, what or who inspires you?

    5. What piece of technology could you not live without in everyday life?

    Cheers, Chev

  48. Joe, when I was thinking of questions for Krista I also thought of one that you might answer – who does the paintings for Atlantis – Harmony, The Game, Lorne’s painting of Atlantis? I tried searching your blog and the ‘net and couldn’t find an answer.

    Cheers, Chev

  49. My goodness Joe, how do you stay so slim!! With all this food you eat you should be weighing 500 lbs! Where do you put it!? What’s your secret? Come on share!

  50. Hey Joe!

    I’ve been MIA, I know. Lots of stuff going on here.

    No news on the puppy-front yet. Jeremy needs to meet the new puppy and he’s off to North Carolina tomorrow. So I’m not sure how this will work out. We’ll get a puppy! That I’m sure! It’s just a matter of when.

    Allie’s going to see the orthopedic specialist on Tuesday. Hopefully her knee is not seriously injured. She’s still on crutches two weeks AFTER the incident. (Almost 2 weeks)

    Hope Marty goes to Tokyo with you! That would be more fun than going by yourself.

    Good to know you are still enjoying Fuel!

    Trish 😀

  51. For a show that has traveled the dark path a couple times, this episode was a big disappointment. While I understand that the characters were upset at being kidnapped and were threatened with being stranded on a lone planet, I expected them to at least acknowledge to one another that they have done some dark things. To questions their actions more, even if they’re not questioning it directly in the trial. There was lots of room for introspection and instead all we got was their actions shoved to the side. The Pegasus people were not wrong in demanding answers and they should have taken the coalition more seriously.

    I also don’t understand why they only called John to testify. I would very much have liked to see how Teyla, Ronon, or Rodney answered to the charges.

    Also, the clips were way too long.

    Here is hoping next episode is better.

  52. Yeah, hm. I don’t think I could do any part of the whole hog dining at Fuel; I just can’t eat the face of anything, much less the gray matter, I’d be too queasy. I can’t even handle gummy worms!

  53. Mmmmm … dessert bacon. I have bacon, I have apples, I have no recipe but I am fearless.

    sparrow_hawk … the Micky-Dee only carries corn soup in the winter. Same season it is available in the coffee machines. Ah, MOS burgers. They aren’t beef; soy maybe. The teriyaki version has a nice syrupy teriyaki sauce, a monster wad of lettuce, and a glob of Japanese mayo. Now, I am not a big fan of mayo, but for dome reason, this combo, like many other things in Japan that shouldn’t go together, works.

    M= Mountain
    O = Ocean
    S= Sky

    I had one around the corner from my apartment. Open 24 hours, the last stop on the dawn patrol (aka shambling home after the bar crawl). MOS also serves corn soup in the winter.

  54. Just a quick note – A couple of folks have lost pets recently, and I just wanted to let you know I’m very sorry for your loss. No matter how small they are, they are still our babies, relying on us to take care of them and love them. So, just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you. *hugs*

    Went on a $400 Sam’s shopping spree last night *hangs self*…not really the way I wanted to end a ‘blah’ week. But on the bright side, I now have enough toilet paper to last the entire winter. 😀

    Which brings up a question…Do Wraith poop? If not, then WHY would they want to give up such a clean and efficient feeding process in favor of one that will plague them with gas, indigestion, intestinal discomfort, and ‘morning constitutionals’? Of course, if the Wraith do agree to the gene therapy, it could give a whole new meaning to the hiveship’s ‘throne room’. 🙄 Oh gawd…I’d HATE to see what a Wraith toilet looks like…all umbilicals and membrane and bony things…and WHAT would they use for toilet paper? Old hyperdrive manuals?

    Todd really needs to think this one through…


  55. Questions for Ms. McLean: When being given a playback or matte to do, how much information are you given about what is wanted, and how much of it is your creative imput? How long does it take to do the “average” playback? Which mattes do you consider your best/favorite, and which one or ones were you disappointed in after viewing the completed project? Is the SGA franchise work a full time job, or do you work on other projects as well? Thank you for the many small touches you make on my favorite episode, that help it rise above mediocrity and into somethng that will be enjoyed for decades to come by present and future fans.

  56. I’m usually really positive about all the episodes we get because frankly, there are so few. “Inquisition” was one I was looking froward to, because finally, our heroes might have to face the consequences of some of the choices they’ve made that have effected millions of other people.

    Instead we got a cop out. A poorly written episode that was used to show clips.

    This could have been the vehicle for our team to face up to some of the dark stuff they’ve been given to deal with. To have real emotion or quiet moments because I don’t think our team are villains and most of the decisions were made out of life and death situations, but we didn’t get any of that.

    Sheppard was ‘annoyed and angered’ by the whole thing, reacting to being betrayed and kidnapped so of course we’re not going to get a reaction from him. I know deep down inside he does feel guilt over some of these things and doesn’t need this court to tell him. But we we’re not allowed even a ‘quiet’ moment, just something in his eyes.

    And what about Rodney? Why wasn’t he allowed to be questioned considering all the things he’s been responsible for.

    Where was the drama and high emotion? Yelling? Or anger? John’s new famous whisper voice?

    And you have two natives in Ronon and Teyla who could have showed a useful counter point, to show that yes, Atlantis has made mistakes, but they have also paved the way for the collation itself. Would they not make great arguments?

    Why not shorten the clips and give us some real ‘court room drama’? This felt like such a waste.

    And the Genii thing was another cop-out. So the writers are saying that there was no real way for Atlantis to defend itself? They had to cut a deal?

    I actually did enjoy Woosley though. It makes me wish he was brought on in season 4, even though I did enjoy Carter on it. And the balcony scene was kind of cool bonding moment but I had hoped it would have been after a legitimate victory.

  57. Mr M

    It is my understanding that clip shows sometimes get aired for the simple reason that the show ran out of the talent’s time and/or production resources. Is Inquisition such a case? I remember in many TREK shows that happened when production output falls behind the schedule.

    @ Green

    You can clone just the outer layer of the skin to several time the normal thickness for leather coat use. Minus the fatty and muscalr layer underneath.

    Again I blame Mr M fir this train of discussion by starting it.

  58. @dasNdanger
    Yeah in fact, do the asgard and the atlanteans ever poo? I mean I haven’t seen any toilets on the show! It’s relatively easy for the guys, just hang your weenie over the edge of the balcony on the central tower, but what is a girl to do?
    And speaking of which, what’s a prisoner in Atlantis’ or a Wraith prison cell to do when he/she needs to go? And what happens when you’re in stasis, where supposedly your metabolic process continues, just really slowly? I mean, we’ve seen Elizabeth Weir age about 50 years in 10 000 years time, which means every 200 years in stasis is about 1 year of your life. Sheppard was in stasis for 800 years – that’s 4 years of your life. Elizabeth was in there for 3300 years at a time- that’s about 17 years at a time. What, you’re telling me neither of them had to get a snack to eat or visit the toilet in the meanwhile?
    Overall I’d say it is likely the Wraith do excrement something – although you don’t know what it might be like, maybe it’s more like the poo of predatory birds. After all, they do heal themselves which means they must be extracting minerals, vitamins and proteins from their victim’s bodies during the feeding process, and use them to replentish their own, those which broke down and thus must be somehow removed from their blood stream. Considering that Carson mentioned the appearance of ageing is the result of a complex chemical process and that the Wraith themselves describe hunger as being the worst pain imaginable, this would seem to sort of support that theory – if you starve yourself half to death, even your muscle begins to break down. The wraith’s bodies must be breaking themselves down slowly. Which means the break-down products would have to go somewhere…

    @Montrealer, Green
    The Wraith hybernate for ‘centuries at a time’. The wraith captain in “The defiant one” and the wraith queen at the bottom of the sea, as well as, presumably, others – we’ve seen them all come out of hibernation with their suits completely intact.
    Even assuming that there is excellent climate control even on crashed space ships, and assuming the Wraith to excrement some fat from their skin while hibernating, any leather would still be extremely fragile after centuries, and not as cool-looking as it is in the series.
    Overall I’m guessing the Wraith coats are made from some kind of synthetic fibre, presumably the same kind the white leather couches on atlantis were made of – the same ones that looked great not only after 10 000 years of storage but even in the flooded area’s. Now there’s a material I’d like for my couch at home!..
    I suppose it is possible that the Wraith would use human bones for corsetry and decorative elements of their clothing, though.
    Overall, human leather to the Wraith would be like fur is to us, perhaps even more so a luxury, one truly reserved for Queens only given the short foodsupply of the Wraith. It’s doubtful a human skinned would be a suitable object to feed upon… Although, given enough Wraith enzyme, I suppose it is possible to keep a human alive long enough to feed upon after being skinned alive… Now there’s an image you don’t want to go to sleep with. At any rate, it’s certainly not the kind of thing your average worker or soldier Wraith would wear. Only those who do not hibernate and are very high in the chain of command would be able to afford it.
    On the other hand, we’ve seen the Wraith steal food from those they culled. I think it’s very likely they steal whatever cows and leather they might have, also.
    We’ve also seen the Wraith enjoy hunting Runners. Perhaps they also enjoy hunting elephants, crocodiles, snakes, buffalo’s and other creatures?

  59. Eh.. am in two minds about Inquisition. As an SGA fan, of course I enjoyed it.. To say otherwise would be plain hypocritical and completely untrue. That said, it just felt like a filler episode.. And I hate using that description, but I just don’t seem able to come up with anything else right now.

    So, the Team are on trial (and I didn’t miss the irony on this particular storyline drawing a parallell with today’s current, global political climate).. but where was the emotion? Where was the remorse? Where was the drama one would expect of a tightly-knit bunch of people being held prisoner and accused of bringing turmoil and destruction to an entire Galaxy?

    Sheppard felt completely out of character, whilst Ronon, Teyla and Mckay seemed to be little other than glorified stage props. Surely, as natives of the Pegasus Galaxy, both Ronon and Teyla would’ve been able to add some credence to the defence of the Atlantis Expedition.. but instead, were kept in the background for the appropriate Team shots back in the cell. As for Rodney, well it’s not as if we’d expect him to openly admit any kinda liability for his actions.. but it’d have been nice to perhaps see a little dialogue between the members of the Team within the cell. If only to show that they understood that, yes.. perhaps they’d matters worse in some way, but were also doing their fighting best to put things right again.

    Meh.. I hate to rant about Atlantis, so am gonna stop there. Despite the aforementioned nag, I did enjoy the episode for what it was – fourty-odd minbutes of my favourite show. Sooo.. thanks to Alex, cast and crew for giving us another dose of memories to cherish.

    Kristen said: “Where was the drama and high emotion? Yelling? Or anger? John’s new famous whisper voice?”

    Uh, yeaaaah.. What is it with Joe’s voice this season? Not that i’m complaining. Kinda suits Shep’s charry.

    Das: Nice to see you back

    Trish: Ongoing luck with Allie’s knee

    Joe: What’s with He-of-the-Redeye Mr Gero? That was kinda.. disturbing.

  60. Joe,

    I have loved this show so much. I can’t adequately express just how much the characters have meant to me. That’s why my disappointment in this season, so far, is so profound. Of the episodes aired, only Search and Rescue, Broken Ties and The Shrine were, in my opinion, outstanding.

    Inquisition was the most frustrating yet — not only did the episode consist mostly of clips from previous shows, but there was, once again, barely any interaction between the members of Team Sheppard. It seems like that’s been the case for most of the season — Sheppard is in one place, Rodney in another, Teyla in yet another, Ronon in another.

    Looking forward, there are only two episodes that I’m looking forward to — Remnants and Vegas, because if I can’t have a team episode, at least I can have some Sheppard.

    I don’t understand why focus has moved away from the four members of the team in this season. What I’ve loved best about Atlantis centers around Sheppard, McKay, Teyla and Ronon, and I don’t understand why a change was made.



  61. Well, last night’s episode wasn’t what I was hoping for in terms of courtroom drama, but I did think it was nice to see all the clips of Weir. And to hear Woolsey’s complimentary statements about her. I would’ve liked it better, however, to see her handle the situation instead of him (though yes, he did OK). 🙁

    Take care.

  62. Questions for Krista McLean? I think everyone else has covered it already, so I’ll just say thanks! I’ve always paid attention to the matte paintings in TV shows and movies and enjoy them as an art form. I like the other-worldly – alien, ethereal – effect of the SGA mattes.

    I had no idea that the person who does the matte work also does all those “playback” computer images. I didn’t even know they were called playbacks! This blog is very educational.


  63. I rewatched Outsiders again and it still bugs me that Teyla did not sense the Wraith coming, what’s up with that? Did something alter her sense after The Queen?

    As for Inquisition, not that impressed. I’m not a big fan of clip eps. The premise had potential but was very disappointing.

  64. Hi Joe,

    I really enjoyed Inquisition last night. Say a Thank you from me to all those involved.

    Even though it didn’t focus a lot on the Team, I didn’t mind too much because it give me a little more insight into Woolsey. He really impressed me in this episode. He did two things in particular (the watch and the deal with the judge) in order to secure the safe return of his team. I do not think he would have never even considered approaching the judge with the deal if he was still back on Earth and had never gone to Atlantis. I like him and I like the fact that he will do what is necessary to ensure the safe return of members of the expedition.

  65. I agree with you, Rose. I’ve been a HUGE fan of Atlantis since the show’s premiere in 2004. I could never wait a second to watch an episode and I would’ve never thought I’d say this, but right now I can wait several days until I watch the new episode. I adore seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4, but this season feels so not Atlantis. It feels like another show. And it’s a pity because I’m loving Woolsey as the leader, he’s as good as Elizabeth.

    The only reason I keep watching and I’ll buy the DVDs is because of Joe Flanigan. But I miss the stories with John, Rodney, Ronon and Teyla together (not in different rooms), with no romance except the occasional B plot (I was OK with Rodney/Katie because it was never really the focus).

    I was very sad when I heared about the SGA cancellation. But as s5 progressed, I’ve started to feel relieved. I’m waiting in anticipation whatever new projects Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, Jason Momoa and Rachel Luttrell move on. In a matter of a few weeks, I came from been a 100% SGA fan to be someone who would rather see the actors in any other projects other than Atlantis.

    And sorry Mr Mallozzi, no offense intended. But it’s the way I feel. I love seasons 1, 3 and 4 to pieces, I like season 2 a lot, and I’ve always been 500% positive about Atlantis. But right now season 5 has become by far my least favorite season. Not enough team, no focus on the friendships between John, Rodney, Ronon and Teyla except a few scenes in the odd episode.

  66. I’m going to start of with the good; the food sounds delectable as ever; boy, do you review food well.

    Another good, I actually managed to watch a Stargate episode the day after it aired (yay!), but… I’m afraid to say that I didn’t watch all of it. After the first ten minutes, I skipped ahead, checked that they got out okay, watched the last scene, and… yes, well, what else can I say?

  67. Joe, I never thought I would say this about a Stargate ep but this weekend’s ep was boring. Maybe it is because I have never cared for courtroom dramas.

    I was hoping for a passionate debate about the ethical and moral implications of the actions of the ATLANTIS expedition. I know you guys can write passionate debates because Daniel has been doing that for the past decade or so. But maybe that is because this is Atlantis and that is SG1.

    It just fell flat for me. The overwhelming feeling I got from this ep was how dare “this coalition” questioned what Atlantis has done. Atlantis is out there fighting for them. It was because of Atlantis’ actions that allowed this coalition of planets to be formed. You should be thanking us for our intervention and not questioning our every action.

    I know that having to defend yourself in a kanagroo court is a usually a no win situation but did the Expedition have to come off as so arrogant.

    The people of the Pegasus Galaxy have every right to question the actions of a foriegn military, no matter how good intentioned that military force is. Just because they didn’t go about it in the right way doesn’t mean their concerns aren’t valid. I would like to have seen some acknowledgement of that.

  68. *snerk* Federation. Nice.

    It was pretty cool to see Woolsey save the day with his particular skill set. Especially since… wasn’t he one of the major offensive players in a much earlier clip show?

    Love the Boston Legal ending.

    Although… it was a little disappointing. I mean, we all knew they’d end up getting off scott-free. I still want them to fess up to the extent of what they did to Michael. Even if they’d taken a bit more caution away from this trial, maybe some awareness that they’re not totally guilt-free when it comes to certain things, it might have helped.

  69. Das,
    Obviously they’d use bidets.

    But, honestly, why go through so much trouble to clone human skin? Seems like a waste of technology, resources, and time.

    Their coats are made of pleather. Mystery solved.

    I agree with your assessment that, really, morals should have been fought over more. I don’t agree that Atlantis shouldn’t have been arrogant. It’s a U.S. lead expedition, ultimately, and the U.S. is known for taking that sort of position in foreign places they think they should protect. But I do with that those arrogant notions that “we’re the only one who can protect you guys so you better listen to us cause we’re ultimately your only hope” should have been challenged more vehemently and some humbleness should have been gained from the experience.

    I do appreciate that Woolsey finally got to show what I knew he’d become at the end, an asset to the show not despite his traits but because of them.

    But I have to agree with what a couple other people have said, it was a bit of a clip show. And I don’t say that clip shows in general are terrible, I’m just not terribly fond of them. Though it did offer some refreshers on what had happened in the past perhaps getting us refreshed for what will happen in the next episode?

    Someone else up there said that the ending reminded them of Boston Legal. I second that assessment, whether intentional or not. I liked it.

    Yet another someone else said that the others from the team should have been let defend their own positions. Since Sheppard is ultimately the leader of the team (as well as the military force) and the coalition wanted to talk ambassador to ambassador Sheppard was a logical choice. Though I would have killed to see Rodney’s desperate pleas and verbal grappling. But that would have been just for the pure comedic nature of it all.

  70. Hi Joe,

    Watched “Inquisition” and I’m sorry to say that I have to agree with a lot of others on here that this ep was disappointing. Not necessarily because it was a clip show (I loved “Letters from Pegasus”), but because the premise had so much potential that went unused. It got off to a great start, but once the trial began, the episode went rapidly downhill.

    It would have been the perfect ep for the characters to do some serious soul-searching. Instead, what we got was the team not taking the charges seriously (though, yes, I realize they were indignant about their kidnapping), and them bribing one of the judges to get out of the trial, showing no remorse or sadness for the lives that had been lost (except Elizabeth’s) whatsoever. Because, whether the whole thing was instigated by the Genii or not, they had a point!

    I furthermore have to agree that Rodney, Teyla and Ronon were only there as background material. Last week’s ep “Outsiders” was a much better ep, team-wise, but I’ve still missed the team interaction this season, which is a shame because these are the last few episodes.

    I know you guys didn’t know about the cancellation when you were working on this ep, but now, knowing that this is SGA’s final season, “Inquisition” honestly felt like a wasted episode.

    Woolsey was good in it though, but he couldn’t save the ep for me. And the last scene didn’t sit right with me either. Too much glibness. They had just been accused of being responsible for the deaths of thousands of people in the Pegasus Galaxy and they went and celebrated? It would’ve been a good bonding moment for Woolsey and Sheppard if it hadn’t been so tactless.

    Anyway, still looking forward to the next ep. I’m still hoping we’ll get at least one good team ep in the back half before the show ends.


  71. Hi Joe!

    My daughter and I were discussing why you would have a “rewind episode” (an episode that shows clips of former episodes). I understood that it showed Woolsey’s skills as a lawyer or negotiator. Other than that pleasure, we were like “huh!”. These comments are not in anger but in confusion. You have had such a great run this season without going that route. Are you going to continue on the path with being in this new coalition?

    On another note, we are looking forward to next week’s episode AND for 2009’s movies and Stargate Universe!!

    Another question for you, like to know your thoughts on the Winter Olympics coming your way in 2010?

    Have a great weekend!

    Jen and Marianne
    from Indiana 🙂

  72. Your Whole Hog Dinner looks like it was yummy, Joe. I always enjoy reading about your gastronomic adventures, thank you for sharing the photos and descriptions.

    For Ms Krista McLean, I don’t have any questions but I do want to convey my thanks for all of the hard work she and her team put into Stargate. All of the playback and matte shots have been beautifully done, but my favorites are always the establishing shots of the city of Atlantis and shots with the city in the background. I wish MGM would sell some prints of some of those shots, because I would love to have a couple hanging on my walls. Thank you so much for all of the beautiful shots of Atlantis that you’ve given us! You make me believe the city is real.

  73. Joe, I look at all the food and wonder if you ever suffer from indigestion. I mean, I know you are adventurous and all, but is the inner Joe equally as adventurous, or do you have to feed it soothing white tablets every now and again?

    Bacon and Apple? No thanks.

    Bacon and melted cheese on wholewheat? Oh yeah, that’s more like it. Now, if only I had a desire to make it, but at 1.30 in the morn the only desire I have is to get myself comfortably horizontal.

    Goodnight from timezone GMT+2.

  74. Is your laptop running Vista? If so, you might want to check your IP configurations and see if anything is weird. I had a problem where I couldn’t connect to a wireless connection too and it was because of Vista assigning the default gateway as

  75. Hmm this human skin thing for wraith Mr M.- yes its another one of those passionate but not so doomy and gloomy wraith fans- I asked a guy who dealt in leather and whatnot if human skin would work as clothing . He gave a snorty laugh and said give a few days, the wraith would be running round stark naked as the material could not cope with prolonged acitivity and would break down quickly under the strain. They are not small imobile males are they now???!! However judging by some of the wraith fan ladies I know I dont think they would find naked wraith males a bad thought at all!!!

    This late on it makes it seems like a naughty dig at their reputation. Why ruin your lunch by skinning it- Raw food meaning wraith like it living, uncooked, but not sore and bleeding… sly grin showing wraith teeth. Why waste energy on stealing leather when you can have worlds like those in ‘condemned’ who have made deals with Wraith, and could offer it up as tributes like old empires as well as fruit and such like- wraith must have needs for their followers too. Are not humans known as ‘long pork’ not you put off your pork dinners in future!

    Ahem this loo thing- i have often wondered about it. Wraith must have little girls and boys rooms for the human followers and their children who still use the long winded and often windy digestive system before teenage tantrums, pimples and life force sucking kick in. In one of the SGA books i think it mentions the Atlantis bathroom septic tanks get bunged up and overflowy and Rodney Mckay falls in while helping to fix it and he is stompimg a round covered in shi… er something awful. I dont remember which one of the books it is but i seem to remember reading it.

    anyhow We passionate doomy and gloomy wraith fans just want to show our wraith support, and even with the human skin leather thing we will stand by our wraith. to that end i have written another silly but meaningful humourous songs.

    This time i have written Dolly Parton’s greatest hits i mean hit ‘Stand by your Man’ to you once again with good intent dedicate this next song , and to Das and Wraith Cake, to all the wraith Defenders Club, all wraith fans and so forth. put your Feeding hands together for – a big roll on the Drum- no its not a ham or pork roll BUT PLEASE GIVE A WARM WELCOME FOR



    Just showing we care in a friendly happy way. Love Craig the Wraith

  76. Hello its another one of those passionate but not so doom and gloom laden wraith fans. Hmmmm, Mr M., about this human skin thing as wraith clothing- I spoke with a gentle man who deals with leather and whatnot about this. He gave a snort of laughter and said within a few days the wraith would be parading about stark naked. He said the material would break down under the strain of movement and come apart. Well the wraith are not small imobile males are they now- they quite large active lads!!!!?? Then again i know quite a few lady wraith fans who would not mind the idea of naked wraith on the loose or see that as a bad thought!!!!

    This late on it smacks a little of having a naughty dig at wraith reputation and alienating folk from them. The idea of skinning your lunch seems a bit far fetched-having your food raw probably for wraith means having it live and uncooked, not sore and bleeding… sly wraith grin showing teeth. Why bother going to the trouble of getting leather in this fashion when- you can have the worlds who have made deal with wraith, have them offer up the leather and fruit or other food for their human followers’ needs- why not let someone use their energy while you are off culling!!!!! Hmmm are not humans known as the long pork- but dont let that put you off your future pork dinners though!!!

    On the subjects of waste elimination. i think wraith already have little girls and little boys’ rooms for their followers and their children who are still using the long winded and often windy digestive system. You know before the teenage tantrums, the pimples and the life force sucking arrive on the scene. i also remember reading in one of the SGA books that the atlantis bathroom bathroom septic tanks got bunged up and over flowy and Rodney Mckay fell in one while helping to fix it and he was stomping around covered in shi…er something awfully nasty. I can tremember which one of the books its in.

    I am here to support the wraith whatever is said or done with them. To that end i have written another song- for those who want to stand by our Wraith. Once again i dedicate it to you, to Das, Wraith Cake and all the members of the Wraith Defenders Club, for all wraith fans and so forth.

    So here it is with a big roll on the drum- sadly not ham or any other pork roll product just a roll on the drum. Please give a warm welcome to … A REWRITING OF DOLLY PARTON’S greatest hits i mean hit ‘Stand By Your Man’. Tah dah dah please bring together your feeding hands to clap in appreciation!



    How that not too gloomy or doomy, just a happy passionate humourous way to show we still care about wraith. Have a great day love Craig the Wraith

  77. Thanks, Craig! Love your passion for all things Wraith! Song’s great, too! Nice to have a guy on our side for a change.

    Oh, and naked Wraith would be a great thing! But don’t you get any crazy ideas and show up at the next convention like that…I think alien public nudity is just as illegal as human public nudity…

    Although…the laws may be different on your side of the pond. 😉


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