L.A. is a go. Paul and I booked our flight and hotel this afternoon. We’ll be flying out Sunday afternoon and getting in a little after 6:00 p.m., which should give us plenty of time to enjoy a leisurely dinner, unwind, and prep for three glorious days of meetings. Some time between now and then, our agent would like us to run through the pitches with them, I assume to ensure we don’t make any egregious errors in the delivery:

Me: I came up with the idea for this movie after killing a homeless guy last summer…

Agent: Uh, let’s start again and this time avoid mentioning any past crimes you may have committed.

Me: Okay, the idea for this story came to me one night after I’d drunk a half bottle of absinthe and injected some heroin directly into my eyeball. Now…

Agent: Yeah, I’m going to have to stop you right there. Like I said, avoid talking about any past crimes you may have committed.

Me: But I thought they legalized absinthe since they stopped making it with wormwood.

Agent: I was actually referring to the part about mainlining heroin into your eyeball.

Me: Oh. Oh, right! Well, okay. I would describe this movie as Larks on a String meets The Color of Pomegranates. Anyway, what happens is…

Agent: Whoa whoa whoa. What are those?

Me: They’re movies.

Agent: Could’ve fooled me. Try to stick with movies anyone not living in Armenia may have heard of.

Me: Okay. I’d describe this movie as a cross between Dracula 3000 and Leprechaun 3.

Agent: Try again.

Me: Lindsay Lohan’s I Know Who Killed Me and the much-improved Vince Vaughn version of Psycho.

Agent: One more time.

Me: The two other horror movies I’m going to pitch out after this one.

Agent: Good enough. Keep going…

And so on. I’ll let you all know how the run-thru goes.

Speaking of prep, I’ve narrowed my Tokyo restaurant list down to 55. Sadly, having given it some thought, I’ve come to realize that even with early and late lunches, 30 is about as many as I’ll be able to pull off, especially if I plan on doing anything besides eating while I’m there.

Hey, as promised here are some behind-the-scene snaps from one of our upcoming episodes. Who does the car belong to and how the hell does it fit into the Pegasus-bound premise of our show? Hey, good question. I can’t wait to find out myself.

79 thoughts on “October 20, 2008: How Not To Pitch That Movie, Whittling Down My Tokyo Restaurant List, and Some Behind the Scenes Pics

  1. Joe!

    Whats up? I saw the promo pics for Enemy at the Gate on GW. The ones with the entire team is that the official promo pics for the ending of the season or are those just snaps taken on the last day of shooting?

    Please say it isn’t so..I do not want to remember my warrior Ronon wearing scrubs!!!!

    Thank you 🙂

  2. Oooh, goodie! Behind-the-scene pix!!! 😀

    The car is awesome. I think I want it!

    And thanks for the advice on how NOT to pitch a movie. Not sure I’ll be needing it anytime soon, but thanks anyways! 🙂

  3. Oh. Your. God.

    Is that…is that a Wraith ship in orbit of Earth in that screen behind all those busy bodies?! IS IT?!?! Did you purposely made it blurry like that so we couldn’t tell for sure?!

    Oh, and hilarious rundown of what not to do. I laughed my ass off. Especially the eyeball thing. That takes me back.

    Ever thought of maybe pitching a show of just this premise? A blog and its readers? I’ve found that your sense of humor translates much better to these…shall we say…random and ridiculous situations, vs. say, Stargate, where quite a bit of seriousness still needs to be kept that keeps you from going all out on the whacky. That’s not a bad thing, of course. I love random and ridiculous in my humor. That’s why I love Futurama.

    I think I know whom that car belongs to. Spoilers are nasty things. Nasty, nasty things.

    By the way, some pics from Enemy At the Gate have been released. Nothing too spoilery, as far as I’m concerned (though maybe I’m not looking at them hard enough).

    Oh, and Sam’s totally commanding the SGC. One of the pics show her and Sheppard walking down one of its hallowed halls, and…well, it’s obvious to me that she’s head huncho over there now.

    One of the other pics…really hits hard. I think those who’ve seen it know which one I’m talking about. It’s not spoilery, but…damn, it’s powerful, epic, and depressing. I can just imagine the “look to the future, Team Atlantis” Goldsmith theme that will accompany that scene.

    I’m gonna go cry some manly tears now.

  4. Your pitch sounds like when I’m trying to interpret computer and software concepts into “easy to understand” language.

    I seem to finish each sentence with “Make sense now? No? Ok, how about this…”

    You need a weight gained/weight lost tally at the end of each day of your trip.

    For the Love of Beckett!
    Sorry, bad phrasing on my part.
    I was referring to the first ever book club as being history making for the blog.
    And even just now my phrasing was appalling.

    Tributes at funerals are hard to put together due to the emotional part, but I’m always glad I’ve done it once it’s finished and people get to watch it and remember.

  5. LOL, that was hilarious!

    Have fun on your trip 😀

    Ooh, saw the Enemy At the Gate pics. Is that Todd on one of our ships? And, is he wearing a…no…is he?

    Not a bad car, either =)

  6. Wow that just confirmed what I thought that Walter can do his job with his eyes closed.

    Thanks for sharing the pics.

  7. Saw the Enemy at the Gate pictures,
    am saddened at the loss of SGA
    am saddened at the McKellerishness
    balcony scene: wonder where Lorne, Zelenka and Chuck are?????????????
    Is Shep trying to feed on Todd?

  8. At soon as the agent said “Yeah…” my mind pictured the boss from the movie Office Space. Great conversation!

  9. Yep – just ventured over to GateWorld – and man…the last team scene. The scientist gets the girl and they all look on to what? Hmmm good question…hopefully a totally awesome movie that will completely blow our minds! Hopefully sooner rather than later…can’t wait…as I’m already depressed with only having a handful of episodes left in the SGA series.

    So Joe – how’s the SGA movie script coming anyways?

    And have fun in Tokyo!

  10. AussieSGFan said:

    Ooh, saw the Enemy At the Gate pics. Is that Todd on one of our ships? And, is he wearing a…no…is he?

    Not a bad car, either =)

    That’s right! It’s a mechanic’s jumpsuit – and he’s working on the hyperdrive, uh, engine of the cool red car. Yeah, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  11. Darn it! Sorry for all the bold in that last post; I forgot to close the bold with the little end one. I still haven’t got the hang of the formatting. But I have Anne Teldy’s easy to use directions and I’ll keep working on it.

  12. >Who does the car belong to and how the hell does it fit
    >into the Pegasus-bound premise of our show?

    Oh, that’s easy. Obviously GM has outsourced production to the planet where the Atlantis team sent the survivors from last week’s episode. Barter-based economy, desperately-needy workers, and no pesky environmental regulations! Plus the Stargate system combined with the Daedalus makes shipping a breeze.

    Hope you have a good trip to L.A. We’ll try to order up some nice weather (no fires) and a classic L.A. low-speed police chase (carried live on 43 channels) for you. And if you have a chance you can check out some local restaurants — We’ve got a few hole-in-the-wall gems.
    And good luck with the pitches!

    – KB

  13. Hi Joe,

    Belated birthday wishes to you!!

    Good luck with the trip – with a pitch like that you’re golden! 🙂
    Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  14. Your agent probably doesn’t get paid enough. Not that I’ve ever had an agent, but they just seem to be the type to have a sense of humor. On the other hand, those of us who know you to be the inspiration of the Woolsey character appreciate your straightforward way of approaching things.
    The best of luck on the L.A. trip. It would be nice to have something besides comic book related blockbuster movies to look forward to in the next couple of years. Would this trip to L.A. have anthing to do with the secret project, as well as pitching ideas to the might-be powers that be down there? When you are in Tokyo, I trust you are planning on doing a LOT of walking around the city? With so many eateries on the agenda, and being away from your daily routine, it may be the only way to avoid excess baggage charges of the home leg of the trip. At least those of us who are mere mortals would have to worry about such things. Your seeming immunity to weight gain will certainly be tested. I have just one favor to ask. Please make sure eel is on your menu for one of the meals, and give us a report. thanks for another good chuckle with the agent/you dialogue.

  15. OMG, that’s my college boyfriend’s car. I swear, it looks exactly the same. The bad, evil college boyfriend who made me change a flat wearing heels and a short skirt out on a dirt road in the dark in the middle of nowhere, threatening to just leave me out there if I couldn’t figure out the jack and the lug wrench. Rat bastard. Oh. Wait a minute. That was me in the heels and the short skirt. Not that I didn’t catch him wearing my lingerie once … did I mention he was a bad, evil ex ex ex college boyfriend? Who mainlined ill-gotten prescription opiates. I wish I were kidding. At least it wasn’t into his eyeball. Or heroin. But still, did I mention Bad and Evil? Wonder what the statute of limitations is for prescription fraud?

    But if that half bottle of absinthe is really good absinthe, you can’t find your eyeball much less inject anything into it.

  16. Actually, when you come to LA it would be nice if you’d bring a bit of that Vancouver rain with you – we need it!!!!!
    Good luck in the City of Angels, hopefully you won’t get stuck on the 405.

  17. Just saw the finale pics at GW (despite not having seen any of season five!). Great that you brought back Major Davis. And from the looks of it the geek gets the girl, which is always nice to see 🙂 It also seems like the finale might be similar to SG1 in that the characters are going to be left doing what they always do, ready to go on another mission.

    Your trip sounds great-and who said there is anything wrong with a trip where all you do is eat???

  18. those pics of sam at the sgc… it’s got my mind spinning wildly!! 😀

    eyeball drug injections?…

    and yay, you’re coming to LA! 😉

  19. If the current ideas don’t get picked up, maybe you could choose to do the anime adaptation of the recent comic book biographies released for Obama and McCain??

  20. Who does the car belong to and how the hell does it fit into the Pegasus-bound premise of our show?

    OOOH I know…

    Spoiler alert!…


    It belongs to none other than LCOL JOhn Shepards, driven as he plays a detective of sorts in Las Vegas!!!



    Maybe so!


  21. I wanted to respond to your blog post yesterday, not that you missed ol’ me, but I thought what you said was rather funny and reminded me of a post I read yesterday on the forum quarter to three. The style was similar to this — JARMO posted:

    I saw Max Payne on Thursday. It’s a pretty bad movie. I’d say avoid it.

    What was bad about it:
    – the direction
    – the characters
    – the acting, especially Beau Bridges
    – the script
    – the plot
    – the holes in the plot
    – the continual sudden unmotivated changes in the behaviour of the characters
    – the lack of action
    – the low quality of the action

    What was good about it:
    – some scenes looked nice
    – a couple of scenes taken from the game

    My experience of Cosco is like the above: like watching a really bad movie. The same whenever I venture into Wallmart because I have to go pee: aimless, morbidly obese malocclusions bumping into each other, bumping into me and swarming every confectionery stand.

    I have been trampled in these situations, because I am caught unawares (as I come out of the washroom) trying to get my mind around just having washed my hands in a two inch thick plastic sink. I guess Wallmart can’t afford to invest in chrome? After these rare adventures, I am so aggrieved of the human condition that I find myself standing in the tool aisle looking for a hacksaw so I can cut off my head.

    Thank goodness, my visits to Wallmart have been as frequent as my visits to Cosco–always and only for one reason–to go pee.


  22. Hello Joe,

    When will we be graced with the presents of the honorable Brad Wright’s answers to our questions???

    Wondering if he gave up on the 26 pages you sent him?

    Patricia Lee

  23. Joseph, you are a tease. I am thinking your agent knows you enough to know what you may or may not pull.

    I have definately seen that car in the wonderful world of fandom.

    Ok, because everyone here was saying it, I went to look at the pictures on gateworld. Now I am sad and must go now to cry, it seems all so final. I hate what has happened.

  24. Hey Joe!

    Love the behind-the-scene photos, especially of that car. Make sure you or somebody gives it a good wash, it’s a nice car and you don’t want the dust ruining the paint job. 😉

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  25. Hey. I’ve been watching the seasons through on DVD and I have a question about something.
    In the commanders office, between the two blueish window type things, there is something hanging there that looks like a Pegasus type creature with a circle around it. What does that represent or is that just a random prop that was put in to fill the space? Thanks in advance for answering and good luck with those pitches.

  26. Nevermind, I’m a moron. It represents the Pegasus Galaxy right? I’m just a little slow on the uptake today.

  27. Questions for you;

    1) Is pitching movies a nerve racking thing to do?

    2) is that ‘Light Tape’ illuminating the desk in the SGC picture?

    3) what is the name of that Jap fish that can kill you when you eat it?

    4) are you taking your trusty Video Cam/Flip with you for more food sampling videos?

    Lastly, don’t forget to search Carl’s house for stolen SGF props

  28. I’m curious, are you using Anthony Bourdain’s show “No Reservations” as sort of a guide on your trip to Japan. It’s a great show. He’s done two episodes about Japan and of course he went to a lot of restaurants. The food looked great but was expensive. In one restaurant he managed to spend $1900 dollars. Ha.

  29. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for the behind the scenes pics, they’re great!
    Oh and I was wondering about the SGA movie script you submitted the other day…how many T’s and D’s were in it?????!?!?!?!?! Please say a lot more than usual! xx

  30. Joe I ll be sending scifi Save Stargate Atlantis post cards on October 24 should I send a Save Joe Mallozzi as well?? I know your taking the cancellation hard I never thought youd turn to heroine.

  31. @pg15 and JM:

    If that’s really a hive above Earth and if this picture shows that they are interested in Southern Germany – then do I have the time to send the Wraith a list of people I want to be sure that they are not being overseen when the culling starts? 😀

  32. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for the behind-the-scenes pics, they’re great. I also wanted to ask you how many T’s and D’s were in the SGA movie script you handed in the other day….I’m hoping a lot more than normal 😉

  33. My mother & I keep threatening to write that guaranteed best-seller- “MEN CAN’T PACK!” – And the sequel – “OR DRIVE SHOPPING CARTS!”

    Which will include our experiences and many years of observation of the Male species’ inability to navigate retail parking lots, to *finally* actually park [the *need* to BACK the car into a space – any space – within our lifetime, has finally been identified and located on the Y-chromosome], to control their assigned shopping carts withing the confines of said retail establishment, AND to arrange any purchases on the conveyor belt in the order to which they should be packed…

    Nothing says “yum” like eating your Cheerios from a box that has been pressed against that melting carton of ice cream!

    Which hence leads us to Pack Boys… Most of whom have no clue either – Yes, *please* place that box of soap in the same bag as the butter! Oh, and make sure that carton of eggs goes on the bottom of the bag too.

    Don’t even get me started with luggage!!

    BTW, Joe, let me guess… you went to the CostCo in Surrey, right – or Burnaby? Whatever, not for the faint of heart, especially on a weekend!

  34. Joe,

    Just as another place to check out to help you narrow down your dining choices in Japan, there’s a wonderful website located at http://www.chowhound.com and it is full of comments and reviews from restaurants and other foodie related issues from all around the world.

    There might be some further insight into some of your choices still left to make.


  35. *LOL*

    And for the car: I think I’ve seen it before and have a good guess for the solution of this riddle. I never avoid spoilers.

    Contains a little Spoiler:

    I know I shouldn’t have gone to the GW side for the pics. Now I’m really sad. This is it, the last episode. Not a nice thought. I don’t want to imagine how my mood will be while I’m watching this ep. I’m not ready for a cancellation. Not by a long shot. And I still don’t like McKeller. Especially not for a last scene. Sorry.

  36. Joe, Thanks for the pictures. I can’t wait to see that episode with the car. Pitching your movie was just class act. You never disappoint me with a good laugh. I hope your trip to sunny LA goes great and maybe Carl can take you to the good eats when you’re there. Take care!

  37. Joe, as usual – Cool photos
    Enjoy your trip to LA…remember drink fluids; stay hydrated and also enjoy the food.

    Regard BOTM – The Traveler
    Even more things to captivate us.
    This URL was on the book cover and it has some cool stuff which is so much a part of the book itself.

    It is worth a peek and try all the active links. If you enjoyed the book, you will find this entertaining as though you entered the world of the Harlequien, The Traveler, and the Evergreen Research Facility, etc.

  38. Ooo.. Nice pics. Niiiiice car! 😀

    But where’s the DeLorean?

    Good luck on the LA pitch, Joe. Sounds as if you’ve got it all wonderfully planned down to the last detail. Tell ’em as it is and if you’ve to sell a soul to the Devil, well.. Paul’s gonna be there, right?

    Re: ‘Enemy At The Gate’ piccies and especially that balcony scene: Nevermind the Mckay/Keller bit.. where’s Shep’s arm around Teyla? 😛

    Okaaay.. I’m gonna run. With the Hadron Collider having thoughtfully gone into premature hibernation, I do get to celebrate today without worrying my little head over dangerous space anomalies. That said, Mum’s gonna be around later.. Frack. And with the rest of the family turning up at some point thereafter, no doubt we’ll have the usual annual reminders of just how quiet the world could have been thirtytwo years ago, if my Parents had only invested in a tv set *rolls eyes*

    Soo.. Jenks and I are off to join meet up with our hangovers at the local Tavern. We’ll pop our collective headaches in tomorrow morning 😀

  39. Loved the pics at gateworld. it made my mckeller heart squee.

    will you and maybe Paul Mullie be giving a run down of the last ep after it airs? i think it would be really nice if you did.

  40. Bad-ass Mallozzi, who in no way indulges in and enjoys eating fine food in between committing criminal acts. The distinguished criminal.

    Hope the run through goes well, and good luck in LA =]

  41. Hi Joe,

    Firstly, I really loved Outsiders, great episode 😀

    Secondly… I’ve just seen the McKeller pic from EatG (only seen that one as I try to stay spoiler free but things get through), in terms of SGA that is my worst nightmare come true 🙁 I’m so incredibly dissapointed by it and I hope it doesn’t ruin the rest of the season for me.

    Cazz x

  42. Question: how do you keep the monitors from flickering on video when you film them? Every time I film off a monitor with my home camera it flickers kinda.

  43. The picture of Todd in a jumpsuit is very disturbing. What is he now, the janitor?! Yeah, I wanted a way found to save him and some of the Wraith, but I didn’t want him hauled off to the vet and neutered! Geez. If Ronon can keep those godawful dreads, surely Todd can keep his spiffy leather coat! Sure, he still looked dang hot in that jumpsuit – but STILL! It’s just soooo wrong on so many levels.

    Of course, it could mean he’s a prisoner – A-gain. I’m guessing that – while all the Shep & Co. fans celebrate the happy-happy-joy-joy-we-saved-the-galaxy-from-the-evil-sucky-things final episode – I’ll be with the rest of the Wraith fans, sitting in the corner, sobbing in my beer.

    I’ve been very depressed since Friday – several factors, but that episode just intensified the depression, and that’s not healthy when the thing that is supposed to be entertaining you is actually making you worse. I’m taking a few weeks off from the show (especially this week, since I’m sure it’ll be a ‘justification’ episode and I’ll just wanna slap everyone silly afterwards), and probably going to wait to hear feedback from other Wraith fans before I watch eps like Infection, and maybe even EatG.

    Basically, Friday’s episode took all the joy away for me. The Wraith – as beautiful as they are – are not evolved as once thought from the Iratus bug, but instead they descended – one and all – from Wile E. Coyote. 🙄 And the humans have that wild west shoot-’em-up mentality, the same mentality that destroyed native peoples over 100 years ago, before there could ever be a true understanding of their culture and ways.

    It’s been a rollercoaster ride this season – from wonderful highs, like The Queen, and that juicy Woolsey/Todd ship 😀 – to terrible lows, and the lows have been VERY low for me. 🙁 I can’t handle those types of swings, especially when they’re triggered by a stupid tv show.

    So, thanks Joe, for everything. You are a very patient man, and I appreciate your tolerance of me, and my rantings…and naggings…and other stuff. I just need to step away for a bit – this show is just pulling me down, when it’s supposed to be pulling me up. At first, it was my escape, but that’s not the case anymore. It just keeps reminding me of everything I hate about this world (godlike humans, intolerance, hypocrisy, forced change, problem-solving with a gun, destruction of a race/species, etc…). Ugh. When your passion for a thing is changed from something that uplifts to something that depresses, well…time to step away, especially when it’s making you hate the human race even more, and feel great sympathy for things that don’t even exist.

    Thanks, again. I’ll be around, and I’ll be back (probably), but for now I just need a breather.


  44. …or… a car mechanic. *blinks* I forgot about that car! Awww….geez. That’s even worse…


  45. So Joe, have you planned what you’re going to wear for the meeting in LA? Power suit or neat-cas? We want plenty of photos of you and Paul (he’s looking kinda hot and surprisingly tall in that photo above). How tall is he?

    I have complete faith in you both.

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. if it doesn’t seem to be going well just imagine them in a room with Todd. 😀

  46. I’m thinking if you’ve got 55 restaurants to go to in Toyko you need to take on the Hobbit approach to food…Second Breakfast, Elevensies, Luncheon, Afternoon Tea, Dinner, & Supper….

  47. Just saw some more Atlantis photos over at GW and you made my Rodney/Jennifer Shipper heart SQUEEE!!!!!!!

    Major Davis has been a Major for an extremely long time. Don’t you think he deserves a promotion by now? I think he really deserves it. : )

  48. Coucou Joseph!
    Sa va? Moi oui, mais il pleut et il fait trés froid, snif!
    Quel est le climat a Tokyo? En tout cas vous allez bien manger!! Surtout n’abuser pas trop des bonnes choses=)
    Merci pour ces photo, c’est gentil!
    Aie aie depuis ce matin j’ai trop mal au jambes =(.
    …..je grandit peut être? humm à mon âge, non je ne pense pas, même si je voudrais^^!

    J’espert que vous aller passer une trés bonne journée!

    Bisou bisou, a bientot!

  49. A oui aussi, j’ai vu plusieurs photos des futurs épisode de la saison 5 et je pense qu’il y’aura beaucoup de “Mckeller” et notre petit couple “Sheyla” la t’on oublier?? J’espert voir de beau moment entre Teyla et John avant la fin de la saison =)

  50. Hi Joe,

    Have you heard back from Brad Wright since giving him the 26 pages of questions? Has he given you any reactions on these questions? Is he still going to come over and answer some of them?

    I still don’t understand why he can’t keep SGA and introduce SGU to us as a movie before turning it into a TV show. Keep SGA on the air and then later spin SGU off it like they did with SGA with SG-1.

    How many episodes have been slotted for SGU? A full season? And what happens if the show fails, will they decide to bring back SGA for full time TV? The fan base is still there for SGA, Hey!Nielsen has the ranked as #3 and TV.com has it ranked at 22 (the shows ranking moves up to #9 when an episode airs).

  51. Dear Joe,

    Bon Voyage to Japan. I have a favor to ask of you can you please catch up with the episodes slash relationship with the poem you written earlier this year. Thanks.

    Also, I was wondering if the Daganian LOST ZPM will ever surface up in the future episodes after outsiders, that is inquisition until the season finale.

    Last question if I may sir, there is this very sick child who happens to be an avid Stargate Atlantis fan who is in the hospital. I was wondering, if possible, if you can dedicate a blog entry to him, it would mean a lot to him. The little fellows name is Zobby. I apreciate it a lot .

    thanks in advance

  52. Hi Joe
    I’ve seen some pics from S5 finale and I must confessed I’m pretty pissed off
    1. Looks like Sam is back on SG-1 (I’ll recant on this one if it’s not so)
    2. I’m really pissed off at McKeller not because I hate the pairing (I actually prefer McKay to Ronon as Keller’s boyfriend) but because the few McKeller shippers get in less than a year more than what we SJ shippers got in almost 13 years!
    I wish you’d write the 3rd SG-1 movie; maybe then SJ shippers would get their long awaited happy resolution!

  53. Mr M. Hope you experience lots of interesting gourmet tidbits for your Asian excursion. Is Ivon accompany you to record all the highlights?


    Saw the SGA cast balcony picture on GW for Enemy at the Gate. Interesting. Amelia Banks (Sharon Taylor) is there, but where is Chuck? Or did he became a snack for Todd & company.


    That ancient stock Trans-Am is a must ride for any TV detective. Personally I think it a moving wreck. It’s underpowered with poor steering for that particular model. Also there’s not that much interior room, there is a reason why people called it the 2+2 coupe. Have driven the Chevy Camaro IROC-Z with the 5 litre V-8 engine and sports performance package. So i am a bit spoil on pony cars.

    Did Montreal to Ottawa in about 80 minutes with heavy metal music blasting. It was amazing smooth summertime ride on the 417 highway in the IROC-Z.

    But both the Trans-Am and Camaro are totally useless with any snow on the ground.

  54. Hey Joe,

    I was just looking at the pictures from Outsiders over at the MGM SGA site, and there’s a picture of Sheppard and Ronon trying to pull a door open and it’s smoky – I don’t remember that from the episode – was it a cut scene?


  55. If you guys have back to back mtgs I recommend hiring a LA car service so that you can prep and relax in btwn mtgs and not have to worry about navigating traffic and screaming at the homicidal GPS device (seriously, the GPS can make you drive straight into a train if it so wishes).

    My friends who drive themselves to mtgs invariably end up with horror stories about missed appointments and bad directions while my driver got me to mtgs early, which was a huge plus when mtgs ran long. Plus if you’re downtown you don’t have to worry about parking and can just run in and out of the mtg and call for your car like a low rent Paris Hilton. It ain’t cheap of course but it is a tax write off.

  56. Well we have just got First Contact over here and although I have already seen it….*whistles*…it is still absolutely brilliant!

    Also we still have the full titles over here not the cropped ones.

    Btw anymore BTS pics from these 2 episodes would be great!…LOL

    Kriss 🙂

  57. Hey Joe have fun in LA and I have a DVD question will the season 5 DVDs have the theme song in the opening because us fans miss it?

  58. Hey Joe,

    When the Season 5 DVDs come out, will they have the full introductory credits sequence or the abbreviated one that’s now being shown on SciFi?


  59. My thoughts on the balcony pic – McKay looks comfortable, Jennifer looks so uncomfortable. Is she planning how she’s going to break up with him? Teyla, Shep and Ronon look very serious and negative (Teyla and Shep arms crossed, has Kanaan got Torren?). No Lorne, Zelenka or Chuck (but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything as they could be playing x-box in Lorne’s quarters). Ronon looks cool in scrubs – hmm recovery or laundry day? Beckett’s in uniform. Why is Banks wearing a green shirt?

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. Das – sorry to see you go. I’m not sure about Todd and the jumpsuit. When he’s been prisoner before they’ve let him keeps his leather coat etc. Perhaps something happens to his clothes and they loan him a jumpsuit. Anyhoo I understand if the show is getting you down you need to step away. It’s just that even though I don’t often agree with you, you’re still fun to have around.

  60. “49 dasNdanger

    The picture of Todd in a jumpsuit is very disturbing. What is he now, the janitor?! Yeah, I wanted a way found to save him and some of the Wraith, but I didn’t want him hauled off to the vet and neutered! Geez. If Ronon can keep those godawful dreads, surely Todd can keep his spiffy leather coat! Sure, he still looked dang hot in that jumpsuit – but STILL! It’s just soooo wrong on so many levels.

    Of course, it could mean he’s a prisoner – A-gain. I’m guessing that – while all the Shep & Co. fans celebrate the happy-happy-joy-joy-we-saved-the-galaxy-from-the-evil-sucky-things final episode – I’ll be with the rest of the Wraith fans, sitting in the corner, sobbing in my beer.”

    I completely agree with dasNdanger! The new picture of Todd made me cry, literally – that’s how upset it’s been making me. I’m so worried that he’s a prisoner and they didn’t even let him keep his clothes. Even the Genii let him do that! What really made me cry is that his arms are straight down at his sides like they’ve put that darn chain contraption thing on him again! (that hasn’t happened since BOMSR). I would give anything for you to put my heart and mind at ease. Could you please, please say if he has those chains on or not. A simple “not” from you would ease my suffering from 8 or 9 weeks of crying! Please help….

  61. UGH…I saw the pic where they’re all standing on the balcony…..And McPuker heavy too 🙁 Please tell me this isn’t in the episode :S Every time I see them together it makes me wanna throw up :S

    Why is it you never went forward with John/Teyla after the first three years of build up but instead you forgot about them to give us McPuker!

  62. I’m so depressed right now. Ronon and Keller shipping was my raison d’etre. What should I do now that McKeller is definite?

    Can you give us R/K shippers any hope at all? Or should we just pack our bags and go quietly away?

  63. As always thanks for the pics. Love the vintage Camero. The only cars better would be a classic Shelby or a bitch’in Camino. Have fun in Tokyo. Word of caution, you might want to avoid food that wiggles on it’s own, winks at you or oozes. I’m a fan of rare beef, I love nigiri, norimaki, and sashimi but draw the line at food that waves at me.

  64. I saw the pics of that car and thought of ‘Supernatural’. Yeah different colour but still…. a retro car.

    Are you planning a “Dukes of Atlantis” vid? Ronon might be a bit tall to jump in through the window.

  65. I know, why don’t you just use jazz-hands at all your meetings and not even speak!!. Or better yet, why don’t you practice scatting what you’re going to say.

    Don’t say this, SCAT it: “Okay, the idea for this story came to me one night after I’d drunk a half bottle of absinthe and injected some heroin directly into my eyeball. Now…”

    On to the wraith. Are you going to clarify how they reproduce? I hope not, in a sense, because I think it would be so utterly unrealistic to think they poke poke into a pod then voila wraith babies–??

    Although some people would say Spoils of War directly implied the wraith lay eggs, well I would argue that all that episode showed us (and proved) was that the wraith CLONE using pods, because they needed to grow full warriors and fast. A female of any species could not do this all on her own.
    You’re probably quite familiar with literary theory (most lit people are not a fan of it). I, on the other hand, did my thesis work on Derrida. I’m a New Criticism girl–once an artist has produce a piece, the piece can only translate itself, not the creator.

    On that note, I would be utterly disappointed to see the wraith procreate in a completely unrealistic fashion. Regardless of how they evolved, they’re humanoids now.

    On the other hand I would think it interesting to see the wraith be in a situation where they had to clone to survive because all their females died during the war with the ancients. In other words, they have the parts for whoopie (much like they have the organs to digest food), but they haven’t used these fallow “beasts” for a long, long time. 😉


  66. Hey Joe!
    I saw the promo pics for enemy at the gate, and they look amazing! i especially love the on of rodney and jennifer hugging-that picture made my day when i saw it! I especially love the team pic as well when they’re all standing on the balcony. the pics made me happy and sad because i don’t want to see my favorite show go! i’m going to really miss my SGA every week.

  67. Todd may not be a prisoner. I seem to remember behind- the- scenes pics that Joe here put up a little while back (from EatG, i believe). Wasn’t he wearing his usual clothes then? (He was all pensive in the pic.) He could be going undercover (though, that would be hard considering his features), or he could be up to something else.

    If he is a prisoner, however, they better have a good reason for it. Perhaps it’s to fool someone?
    I could be completey wrong.
    It’ll all make sense when the ep. airs.

  68. You have to go for the truly odd food, eat a frogs fresh beating heart, Japanese potato chips that taste like Cream Stew, Takoyaki- burnt octopus, have some blood mixed in with your alcohol, etc.
    Sorry just reminded me of a show with the oddest and disgusting foods of Asia.

  69. Ok, just spoke with my sister about that Todd pic again. She says it looks as though they’re near the prisoner bay area (sorry, forgotten the name of the area). And Sheppard doesn’t look too happy either. Something might’ve happened in ‘Infection’.

    Ooh, love trying to guess what happens, but it does get frustrating sometimes. I wonder who comes to find who this time round.

  70. Tymer, have you been watching Bizarre Foods? Sounds like an Andrew Zimmern thing.

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