Making sure Todd looks his best
Making sure Todd looks his best
Putting the finishing touches on Todd
Putting the finishing touches on Todd
Setting up the shot
Setting up the shot
Bruno B.
Bruno B.
Alex Pappas
Alex Pappas
Johnny Z.
Johnny Z.
Andy Mikita
Andy Mikita
Todd receives some pointers
Todd receives some pointers
An introspective Todd
An introspective Todd

One of the great things about doing this daily blog is that it affords me the opportunity to head off rumors and fan concerns before. Today, for example, I see many a panicked reaction to a recent Vancouver Sun article that states: “Heavy machines are smashing the Stargate Atlantis TV series’ set in Bridge Studios’ 40,000-square-foot effects stage.” Well – yes, it’s true and, no, it’s not a big deal. We’re not talking about Stage 2 (that houses the wraith hive/facilities) or stage 3 (that houses the Daedalus/Apollo) or, more importantly, stage 6 (where the Atlantis gate room, control room, infirmary, Woolsey’s office, and various corridors are located). We’re talking about the FX Stage, the location of the (well played-out) village set, cave sets, catacombs, and one of our cafeteria views. No big loss. Hell, Stage 5 (which holds the SGC gate room, control room, briefing room, and several corridors) is still up despite the fact that SG-1 was cancelled two years ago! So, fear not. The movie will not be take place entirely on some forested planet.

I also see that many of you have reacted negatively to a recent SciFi promo that has given away a huge spoiler to an upcoming episode. Now, initial anger aside, I have to ask: Is this promo really the big slap in the face you’re all claiming it is? Will it actually spoil your enjoyment of The Lost Tribe?

My answer to that is yes and yes. In much the same way that the promo for The Curse, which gave away the identity of the goa’uld, spoiled that particular episode. Or the promo for Ex Deus Machina, which gave away the location the bomb, spoiled that particular episode. Or the promo for Kindred I, which gave away the surprising final reveal, spoiled that episode. Truth be told, I’ve complained in the past but even the people I spoke to expressed frustration at their inability to change the prevailing marketing strategy. It would appear as SciFi’s own promo department has gone rogue, operating as an independent entity within the network proper. Like Colonel Kurtz and his renegade troops running roughshod through the jungles of Cambodia, they must be stopped! Today, they’re offering sneak peeks at suited aliens and long-dead characters. Tomorrow, they’ll be hacking up cows and dropping severed heads in our laps. Yep, it’s a drag but, at the end of the day, whatcha you gonna do? Avoid all SciFi programming until 10:00 p.m. Friday night? Rather, I’m going to fight fire with fire and offer some spoilers of my own…

NYC: Tornado Terror, October 4th: Torn from the headlines! A twister touches down on NYC, tossing around cars and people. New York weathers the storm.

Extreme Championship Wrestling, October 7th: The ref fucks up, turning his back during a key moment, allowing the cheating bad guy to steal the match.

Ghost Hunters, October 8th: The team visits a plantation in search of ghosts. They come up empty.

Destination Truth, October 8th: Host Josh Gates travels to Iceland in search of elves. He doesn’t find any.

Swamp Devil, October 12th: After a series of gruesome murders, suspicious turns to a local resident. His daughter clears his name by finding the real guilty party: the guy in the rubber suit!

Ghost Hunters, October 15th: The team searches for more ghosts. No dice, baby.

Destination Truth, October 15th: Host Josh Gates travels to West Africa in search of Ninki Nanka, a legendary dragon. He doesn’t find it. But, while he’s there, he also keeps an eye out for the Kikiyaon. Unfortunately, the soul cannibal is also a no show.

Finally, to those of you asking about that super, secret project I mentioned in yesterday’s blog entry – Nope, it’s not Stargate-related.

Well, that’s it for now. Here, enjoy some non-spoilery pics from our series finale.

89 thoughts on “Octboer 2, 2008: What the Future Holds (No Spoilers!)

  1. I’ve been avoiding the Skiffy promo spoilers by setting my DVR and fast forwarding. Cow heads? Isn’t it a horse’s head? Or perhaps the other end?

    I watched Ghost Hunters once, it was pretty silly. Destination Truth was dumb, but Josh Gates has a golden comedy career if he cares to pursue it.

    I know, y’all are in Canada and don’t care, but I’m skipping the vice presidential debates. I caught a few minutes looking for Survivor; holy smokes. I have never been so scared of the political process. I usually vote, but I am not feeling the democracy these days.

  2. Heh, if you’re looking for GH spoilers, I could give you some. Of course, I’d get fired and possibly sued, so I’m not going to.

    Not that it’s particularly interesting enough show that spoilers are much of a big deal. Find something, don’t find something, who really cares? Although there is this one thing coming up…

    I think Sci-Fi should, with the shows that have been on a while and have a following, adopt the same theory that led to the blurb in the last Harry Potter book essentially saying, “This is the last Harry Potter book.” I mean, if you’re into it, you’ll watch it no matter what it’s about, right? And if you’re not that into it, is a spoilerific promo really going to get you to wait a week in anticipation?

  3. PS…

    Of course, you know this just makes me worry even more, now… 😛

    But I still love ya, Joe…even if you are ever so slowly torturing me to death.


  4. I looked up the latest spoiler, with the warning it was a major one. So I can’t complain about being angry. I’ll get my enjoyment of the reveal by having some non web-wandering fans come over to watch Lost Tribe. But it seems like Sci Fi not only has its own rogue version of the NID, but that the promotion system is based on some Bizarro world set of rules. Perhaps we should get the Ghost Hunters or Josh Gates to explore the corridors of NBC/Sci Fi in search of alien lifeforms? Ideally timed for the big 9.0 Tornados in the blizzard of the millenium to hit NYC…with due pardon to any New Yorkers who frequent this blog…
    thanks for the lovely pictures; I can hear the squeals of delight from those Wraith lovers in the blogosphere. Looking forward to the time when you can and will reveal the secret project, as well as the status on the pilot scripts and other early-stage projects keeping you occupied.

  5. Hi, Joe.

    Thank you for the clarification. I know that you mentioned the possibility of the FX sets being taken down in an earlier blog entry, but still it’s nice to have it confirmed.

    Thank you for the photos from ‘Enemy at the Gate.’

    Best wishes!

  6. Yay Todd!!! I don’t know whether to be excited about Enemy at the Gate (because it’s obviously gonna ROCK!) or sad because it’s gonna be the last episode of the show… for now, I’ll settle on excited!!! The sadness will probably set in as the air date comes closer…

    Is the super secret project something we can get excited about? Or is it not something we will get to enjoy?

    Cleveland weather has been uncharacteristically lovely… it didn’t even go above 60 (12 C) today!!! I’m so excited that we actually get to have our fall weather this year =)

  7. My ass they’re not spoilery. I’m sorry Joe, but even though I usually appreciate a hint of spoilers here and there, today’s photos are so incredibly spoilery that I just have to shake my virtual fist at thou. You’ve clearly ruined the series finale for me. For shame.

    I mean, it’s fairly obvious now what’s going to happen in the finale, thanks to those photos. We see Todd, a rock wall, a green screen, and a MALP. Obviously Enemy at the Gates will feature a 42-minute long soliloquy of Todd as he describes his long, long life to the people at the SGC (because the Atlantis Expedition doesn’t use MALPs. Ever.) while standing in front of a rock wall. At random intervals he would pivot the MALP so it faced a beautiful back drop, to be inserted later by VFX in place of the green screen, because a finale needs some awesome CGI. He’ll be angsty, as you described him to be introspective. The hints are all there. That’s what the finale will be about. Period.

    Hey, maybe das will be entertained by this; maybe, but as a fan of twists and turns with no regards for any smooth character or plot development, I am deeply disappointed that you would reveal such a honking spoiler for the end of the show. Tsk tsk.

    Oh, and I hope your stomach is feeling better. Still though, tsk tsk.

  8. maggiemayday – If you would like to hear an example of hypocrisy in a democracy, in Australia if we don’t vote we get fined! So in a democratic society we don’t have the right to chose to vote. Hmm, hypocrisy in a democracy – Rapper Relle out.

  9. Joe,
    Touche’ Love the spoilers. I believe the shows you mentioned already rank up there with Scifi’s other money making, quality programming shows/movies such as “Snakes on a Plane”, “Giant Cobra”, “Skeeter”, etc… leaving the viewer to wonder what the plot will be just from the title. With the loss of SG1 and SGA, BSG and others, the loyal scifi viewers will be checking out other networks for the genre.

  10. Boo on Sci-Fi marketing. Actually, I’m pretty darn annoyed with them as well, for their shoddy missing advertising for SGA in general. *sigh*

  11. I saw that promo and my heart lept out of my chest a little. But fear not- I will savour every single possible Daniel Jackson moment even if I know who the “bad guy” is.

  12. He he he. One of the few times I’m happy that NZ doesn’t have Sci Fi (and thanks for your restraint, Joe, in not giving the spoilers away yourself).

  13. Lovely pics of Todd today, adorable pics of your pups yesterday! 😀

    Don’t know whether to hug you or curse you over the “what if we had a season six?”ep-rundown the other day. Sure, make me lament the loss of season 6 all the more. 🙁 I, too, would have really loved to have seen the Sheppard DOA ep provided he was saved at the end. (Speaking of which, Smallville did a similar story tonight, save for that Oliver was down for the count and flashbacking to how he became Green Arrow while Chloe and Clark worked out how to save him. Sidenote: If not for Green Arrow, I would not be bothering with the show, especially now that Lex is gone.) Hexed sounded intriguing too — I’m fully confiedent that you could have spun it some way that would have made Flanigan happy. Besides, he plays up the humour himself! Or you could have transferred the story to the skeptical McKay (although, really, he gets enough laughs — I actually lean towards giving him more serious/poignant mopments, as he gets all too little of that. Well, I guess it’s moot now.) I really love the Classic Atlantis concept too — I’m sure you could have pulled it off without needing Elizabeth to be anything but mentioned. And its a crying shame that we’ll never see the Red Shirt Diaries. It’s not like they’ll be able to do that on Universe.

    Speaking of Uni, I hear that they’re supposed to try pusing the envelope with relationships on it. Part of me hopes that means that there will be a gay relationship, or a bi and/or poly chatacter a la Jack Harkness. Then part of me hopes not, because I would really want to support a character like that, but then I would have to break my promis to not watch SGU — and risk breaking my heart again when *THAT* show is cancelled (or the character killed off, a la Tara on Buffy. :P)

    Saw 1408 today. While it had it’s not-so-scary parts, many aspects of it were wonderfully creepy! I prefer more psychological horror to slasher stuff, so it was really my cuppa. 😀 (In fact, the weak parts for me were the moments that were more monster-y)

    Very, very late with it, but here’s my “First Contact” review:

    Can’t wait till next week!

  14. Hey, I somehow managed to miss that promo, so yes, I will be avoiding Sci-Fi until next Friday, with the exception of Sanctuary, which premieres tomorrow… This is the one season where I’ve refused to let myself read any kind of spoilers as to what’s coming up, and it’s been fantastic. I never forgave myself after learning about Daniel’s… ‘loss’… in Continuum a good half year or so before it came out. So I dunno, I’ll probably have to mute the sound and deliberately bury myself in a book every time a commercial comes on, but damn it, I’m not going to let the network ruin yet another episode for me.

    So. No Stargate or Star Trek reruns for me… I guess it’s more M*A*S*H and Walker, Texas Ranger, then.

  15. I really have been avoiding spoilers, so I’m happy to say I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    hahaha at your spoilers. I generally don’t watch the SciFi Channel other than on Friday, but from what I have seen, your spoilers seem pretty darn accurate.

  16. Hi Joe!

    Oooh, those are awesome “das-killin'” pics of Todd you got there! The series finale will be smashingly wonderful if it has Todd, a MALP, and Andy Mikita!! 🙂

    Still…it’ll be the series finale. 🙁

    Great spoilers for those SciFi shows I can’t watch. 🙂

    Now I have even less reason to get that channel…except for Sanctuary which is premiering this Friday!! 🙁

    I got a text msg from my sweetie! He loves me too! 🙂

    I’ve been able to avoid the spoilers for The Lost Tribe! 🙂

    Still…only five seasons of SGA. 🙁

    Love your blog! 🙂


    Always leave with a smile. 🙂

  17. I had avoided spoilers for the next episode and thought I was fine until a user at this blog left a post a few days ago to the effect of, “I won’t say what the spoiler is, but won’t the other aliens on planet X be surprised.”

    WTF? As if any reader of this blog wouldn’t already know most of the planets various alien species come from… Of course, I blame Joe for approving the comment. Therefore I will post the following spoilers to ruin his enjoyment:

    Dinner, October 7: Joe returns to his favorite restaurant to find his meal is cooked exactly the way he likes it. Has nothing to complain about.

    Midnight, October 8: Joe wakes to find a dog yakking on his pillow. Hilarity ensues.

    Morning, October 9: Joe oversleeps, hits every red light on the way to the office and arrives two hours late. Nobody notices. Joe loudly yells, “Sorry I’m late” in the hallway until somebody finally asks him what happened. Pity gained, he starts planning lunch.

  18. Hey Joe,

    I just wanted to say thanks again for such an amazing season to date. The first half ended with an amazing episode, likely one of the best of the series. Some people like on GateWorld still bash you and your team and I just don’t get it. I want to tell you that GateWorld has gotten so bad with people judging before something airs and having nothing better to do but complain. I am sick and tired of an atmosphere of people who are no longer fans. What the hell? I think it’s time for people to move on instead of sticking around dooming a show others still enjoy.

    I have decided to give Gateworld a rest just like PG15 did. I am sick and tired of being attacked for loving a show and franchise.

    As per the SCI FI promos, it does stink, but I putting the spoiler aside it is an amazing and shocking revelation and I think “Lost Tribe” is going to blow a lot of people away who have not seen the spoiler.

    You guys rock and I am still not over SGA being cancelled. I think the show was doing well enough for another couple of seasons. After seeing some of your Season 6 plans the cancellation hurt even more because of some great opportunities. Well hopefully they’ll be multiple movies for these opportunities.

    BTW, did you see this NBCU press release?

    13% more viewers, and up in certain key demos. Yet the show is still being canned. I thought shows get cancelled for lower ratings? Talk about being in opposite world.



  19. Hi Joe!

    Ack!!! do you mean that Destination Truth crew will NEVER find what they are looking for??? They’ll never prove the existence of any of those legendary creatures??? I can’t believe it. Oh, well. My daughter still loves watching it, if only to learn about all of those interesting legends and folk tales.

    Yes, the spoiler has definitely taken some of the edge off for the next episode. But at least the idiots at Sci-Fi didn’t spoil any Wraith action, so I still have plenty to look forward to.

    I’ve been meaning to stop by and post, but I was on vacation in Italy (on a three masted sailing ship, no less) and came back to find that my computer was on the blink. So I am way behind here. I actually read and enjoyed “The Black Company”, but like you, wished the characters were better developed and was a bit frustrated by that. I was rather disappointed with Raven – maybe I was supposed to be. I liked Croaker and enjoyed the writing style. But then, it was the first war fantasy I’ve ever read, so I had no preconceived notions about what to expect and just tried to enjoy it for what it was.

    Squeals indeed, Thornyrose. Or maybe just sighs of pleasure. Thanks for the lovely pictures of Todd from the last episode — I love it when he gets introspective — and now I know I can look forward to seeing him right up until the end of the season!

    Not to worry, we’ll get some smelling salts for das. She falls over like that all the time. 😉

  20. Excellent pics, Joe. I love Todd. In a platonic way.

    Hey, the Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth don’t always come up empty handed. Steve always finds a bug on GH and last Destination Truth, Josh found a cow. 😉

    For the record, I actually like both of those shows. I kid because I love. And because I’m hard pressed to take anything in life seriously.

  21. You wrote in your March 6th, 2008 blog entry (found here):

    Anne, in response to your request – Sure! But you’ll have to wait until the episode airs.

    Is your super secret project sending me what you promised to send me after “Whispers” aired? If you forgot about it, just ‘fess up and I’ll stop bothering you.

    Anne Teldy

  22. Spoilers? what the heck are those? I have gone completely spoiler free by doing just that- avoiding Sci Fi until the episode airs, and then, waiting for it to start pausing it(while its *live*) and walking away for about 10-20 minutes so that I can ‘skip’ almost all of the spoilery commercials. Its bliss my friend, BLISS!

    I used to be a spoiler addict, and finally just lost it when one of my *other* shows was ruined, so now I skip all things other than the pesky ‘tune in in ___ weeks’ (ie- tune in next week, two weeks from tonight’) but than skip the actual promo itself. And frankly? Its amazing living the life I used to live not hunting down elusive spoilers and knowing (mostly) how an episode will be before it airs.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to read the last chapter of my PowerPoint book so I know what I have to do in November. 😉 😉

  23. Ah, Joe…I can count on your snarkasm to keep me laughing in the face of all the crap I have to deal with in RL. I can now understand why people ‘go postal’ in their workplace – when you work with two-headed, inbred bastards (ie LIBRARIANS) you can seriously sympathise with those souls who walk into work one day with a shotgun and let fly…and don’t even talk to me about my frakwit neighbors at the moment either….*GRRRR*

    *sigh* I need another vacation. Oh yeah, that’s right, I’m off to Armageddon at the end of this month!! wheeee!

  24. pg15…honestly, I have no idea what you’re talking about. There’s a MALP? A rock wall? Didn’t notice. I’ve been too busy swooning over Todd’s long silken locks and those lovely green fingers of his…

    d as in diesagain…*thud*

  25. More power to the spoiler war, Joe. I did happen to catch it by accident but totally won’t be missing the episode. Michael is always worth it. And he and David did really well so far. I’m gonna ignore all of it for this Friday and catch Sanctuary. Cause Amanda always rocks as well. Good job showing Christopher off in his Wraith makeup before the big premiere, too. He’s creepier as a Wraith in my opinion though. Lol.

  26. PS (again…)

    Of course, I realize that my Todd-swooning/thudding/dying ruins all of my Wraith-defending credibility. Nothing I say will ever be taken serious, because now you’ll just roll your eyes and think, “She only wants them alive because she’s got the hots for Todd.”



  27. I received my Atlantis 2009 calendar today. Great pics of all the cast, especially Jewel and Amanda. Very nice indeed.

  28. I’m thankful that I do not get the sci fi channel here. I just have to skip the comments section on here every friday night until I get to see the episode. Then, I join in on the fun with the highly deserved praises for the episode. Lucky enough for me, sci fi prohibits fans from other countries from watching the behind the scenes and other promos on their site. So, I usually remain spoiler free.

    My one question is to sci fi, what the heck is wrestling doing on the sci-fi channel? heh. Nothing science fiction about over dramatized, staged fights. They had one of the “wrestlers” help with the Ghost Hunters Live Halloween special last year and I do not think that guy could string words together to form a sentence without a script.

    I admit to loving Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth. I love the International show as it travels to places around the Earth that I may have either never heard about or want to visit some day.

    You forgot to add that every week on Destination Truth, their car/boat dies, leaving their crew stranded in the middle of nowhere…and Josh inevitably steps/falls into water. *laugh* It’s hysterical. They always have a strange food part of the show too, that is definitely on par with some of the strange food you share with us. 😀

    Speaking of sci fi shows, I’m can’t wait to see the premiere of Amanda’s new show, Sanctuary. The sci fi site would not let me watch one of the previews for it on their site, since I’m not currently in the USA, so I remain spoiler free for it! 😉
    If you ever do bump in to Amanda any time soon, please let her know that I love her work in Sanctuary so far and I can’t wait to see the tv episodes! Also, if they ever are looking for another regular for the show, then I definitely recommend Joe Flanigan. I’d love to see them in a series together again!

    I majored in telecommunications – video production at Ohio University, if you ever need someone to do promos for anything in the future, or act as a liaison to the sci fi promo department to make sure they do it right, please let me know. I’ll send you my resume! 🙂 I’m looking to return to the USA very soon, so moving is not a problem.

    Anyway, I hope you feel better soon!

  29. *stares at the pics*
    *reads the words ‘series finale’*
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    At least, I love Todd…

  30. I’ve been wondering this for awhile now… do you have a stage 1? Or do you guys start with stage 2?

  31. If you don’t want to be spoiled stay off the net. I PURPOSELY watched the spoiler and I am TOTALLY EXCITED! WOHOO.

  32. Hey, join the club Brian. I gotta say though; if it weren’t for my busy life and the fact that I’m stubbornly sticking to my promise of not posting, I’d be posting up a storm, because I’d love to trounce the strange and illogical arguments some of the people there have been making. It’s utterly hilarious some of the ignorant drivel I’ve seen.

    They mostly come from a very few though; I’ve come to appreciate the fact that the mass majority of Gateworld are more-or-less good people.

    But those few…har har har. One of them (you know who you are) sticks it to a poster by making a topic that was “designed” to alienate those who are hating on Universe, and then turns around and mocks a bunch of fans for having “blind loyalty”, as if liking the show means you have no objectivity. What utter BS. There’s no such thing as blind loyalty, just as there’s no such thing as blind hatred. They’re just rather extreme versions of the same damn thing: opinions.

    And don’t even get me started on the new buzzword of the year: maturity. Holy crap you guys, WHAT THE HELL DOES IT MEAN? No one’s been able to explain it; they just keep using it!

  33. Hey Joe,

    I’ve looked at pictures but carefully avoided all trailers/previews of upcoming episodes this season, from either MGM or SciFi. Out of curiosity, I’ve checked out the previews AFTER I’ve watched the episodes, and I have to say that in general the ones from MGM are not terrible, but the ones from SciFi are either downright misleading (Tracker – “One will live, one will die”??!!?) or completely give things away (like the final scene from First Contact, similar to giving away the final twist from Kindred I). It hasn’t been as difficult as I thought to exercise restraint and not watch the previews….and my enjoyment of episodes has gone up accordingly.


  34. Hey Joe!

    Woohoo! Todd is in the finale! 😀

    Oh my goodness, you spoiled ECW for me! 😛 But yes, Sci-Fi sure has some weird marketing tactics up their sleeves. Sure, those ‘twists’ may hook the viewer, but they ruin the surprise unless you forget about it. Stuff like from this week’s trailer are impossible to forget, but something like the building exploding in Deux Ex Machima may slip one’s mind. In the end, it is probably all in part of a marketing stand-point, and they would prefer to reveal major-spoilers as a hook. Still, what they show you in ads are just a tiny portion of the episode as a whole. Even though we may have found out a part of the next episode, there’s a plethora of issues left unanswered that weren’t shown in the trailer. Even with one surprise gone, there could still be many. 😉

    Hope you’re feeling better!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  35. Thanks to Hurricane Ike, I saw no spoilers for 15 and a half days.
    No power and no cable.

  36. *Stops poking you* Not SG related..oh then i shall refrain from poking you….for now!

  37. I know what your secret project is. It’s called Pooh-chinsky, about a talking dog that solves crimes (stolen from Martin in the SG-1 100th episode). I think it would be a great show.

    Oh and thanks for ruining Destination Truth for me. The Elves are out there and will eventually be found.

    I’m happy to see Todd in the last episode. Even though he would feed on me, I still love the guy. Is that wrong?

  38. Well, what burns my backside is that we, in Canada, can’t see half the videos on Sci-fi’s website. So, spoilers or no spoilers, we have no idea what’s going on most of the time. Fine, this is Canada and we Canadians are often in the dark. Especially at night, and doubly especially in winter.

    Patricia (AG)

  39. Mornin’, Joe

    Ooo… a well-dressed Todd. Is this where he’s gonna finally break out in that solo rendition of ‘It’s Not Easy Being A Kinda Pale Blue’?

    Hope so.. I’ve been waiting to hear him do that for nigh on two seasons now. Not that i’ve forgiven him yet for what he did to Shep back in ‘Common Ground’. However, before Das cuts my heart out with a blunt spoon, i’d just like to point out that, if I *were* to have a favourite Wraith, then Todd would be it. He’s cool and wily.. Get him on the electric guitar and we’d have one hell of an Intergalactic Star on our hands.

    As for the SciFi stuff.. Well, SciFi Uk is about as interesting as watching Prince Philip picking his nose at a polo match. I used to watch it for the ‘Angel’ re-runs, but it hasn’t seen my tv screen since the cancellation of Atlantis. Some things can’t be forgiven.. nuff said. Over here, SkyOne is the channel that shows all the cool new releases and airs each premiering episode of Atlantis at the prime time of 20:00, every Tuesday evening. That’s then followed up with another airing on SkyTwo on Wednesday at 20:00 and yet another on Sunday evening. During the day ( and for as long as I can remember), they show re-runs of both SG-1 and Atlantis. Once they’ve run through the whole tumult of seasons, they simply rest for a couple of weeks and then start again from scratch.

    I’m still surprised that they’ve not made a legal pitch to pick up Atlantis, but I guess it’s a little more complicated than just monies and Lawyers balling at one another across a table of Board Room Execs. Pity.. I love a good fight.

    I’ll admit to a giggle or two, reading through those spoilers this morning, Joe. At least I can now rest in the easy confirmation of where Mckay’s snarkiness comes from. Classic.

  40. Hey Joe, hope your day is going better than mine. I’ve been struck down by a cold on the first day I start work, and that will be after having to survive a chemistry lecture and two maths lectures.

    If the spoiler is the spoiler I think you’re talking about, then yes it’s big, but I can’t really say I’m surprised. After all, no one really dies in sci-fi, right? 😉


  41. @Sharon Sigl I’ll have you know that some of my favourite movies have been screened by the Sci Fi channel. How can we deny the complete classiness of Shark Attack 3: Magalodon. And there is just no getting around the fantastic Rockmonster. And what about Mega Snake? And the ever popular Dean Cain movie, Post Impact.

    I have the complete fortune to have apparently totally spaced out during the promos. I’ve seen them, and yet I have no recollection of anything in them. Perhaps at long last, my brain has started to protect me by shutting down during the spoiler clips. It must be a defense mechanism. I suppose I should feel blessed.

    And by the way… way to ruin Ghost hunters for me Joe! How can I even watch it now? I really believed that October 15th was the day! The day they would finally discover something! Hopes be dashed now. I certainly hope you are happy. 😛

  42. And here was me thinking that Todd was going anchor with a rad new look to the news channels. You gotta admit the rock wall and MALP make better viewing than the usual generic desk and backdrop.

    TFI Friday. now can I PULEASE get my central heating hooked up cuz its bloody freeeezzzzing here!

    I’m SO glad I bailed out on gateworld all those years ago in fact bailed out of collective fandom altogether, far too many egos and opinions when really mine was the only one that mattered. now I tend towards one-being fandom and actively discourage others from bandwaggoning. Makes life easier on the whole cuz its too short to spend arguing with some braindead dickwad.

    Happy Weekend y’all

  43. no worries. I never pay attention to any commercials on the scifi channel. they’re really boring.

  44. The real spoilers presented by Joe….the following will appear in the finale: Bruno B, Alex Pappas, Johny Z and Andy Mikita. As for NYC: Tornado–what time is that scheduled to hit? i’d like to pack my bags….
    Seriously, SciFi has RARELY gotten promotion right. and since i tend to avoid most of their scheduling (basically SG1 and SGA are the only shows I liked on their network), i tend to roll my eyes whenever promos are run. Hopefully they do get a handle on Sanctuary, it’s one of the few things I’m looking forward to watching.

    Joe, I Know it’s been said before, but thanks for your blog. It’s my evening fix after a long day at work and I really look forward to reading it and the wonderful commentaries from your readers (yes. i lurk here. a lot). And I’m looking forward to the next chapter here.

  45. Wait, there are no elves in Iceland?

    (Think, think, Iceland is green, Greenland is ice…)

    The close-up of Todd is missing a caption. That IS Todd, right? Or maybe not…but that would be a spoiler….


    Promo, it is what it is. Gives me time to do a beverage break.

  46. Thank you Joe for being here. I am glad I have some where to go to have a laugh and calm down after the stupid crap at work. I have only been here for 20 minutes and already I want to scream.

    I just discovered that all the data entry I have been doing for the past two days has seemed to just disappear in the black hole of the frackin company server. The thought of having to do that all over again is just disheartening.

    Oh well, I only have 7 1/2 hours more to go. Then I get to go home and watch Dr. Who and Sanctuary.

  47. Thanks for the rundown of the season 6 that won’t be.

    Can’t wait to see Sanctuary and as for SciFi channel PFFFFTT

    Sorry I missed The Missing but hadn’t the time to read it because of my mom’s terminal illness diagnosis. Things have stabilized somewhat so now reading The Traveler because its one I’d been wanting to read. Liking but not too impressed so far.

    I’ll be posting a review of First Contact/Lost Tribe together.

    US election, yes both main candidates are unsuitable but the ballot will have a half dozen more. Its important to vote, pick someone. I’m leaning towards Ralph Nader again. Or maybe Libertarian.

  48. Thanks for the “introspective Todd” pics! Is Chris Heyerdahl not smiling because he’s getting into character, or is he afraid that his wraith face will fall off?

    Spoiler-wise, I can tell that “Enemy At The Gate” will involve Todd, a MALP, a cave, and an oddly placed train trestle. Todd-mas the Tank Engine? Should be a good one!

    Happy Friday!

  49. I’ve taken your first suggestion and am avoiding SciFi until SGA is back. I am going to watch Sanctuary tonight, but that’s it!

    Have your dogs ever met a Wraith, and did they like him? I remember watching a dvd commentary and DH’s dog was growling at the Wraith queen! lol

  50. Yep, it’s a drag but, at the end of the day, whatcha you gonna do? Avoid all SciFi programming until 10:00 p.m. Friday night?

    With the questionable quality of their schedule I’ve been doing this for some time now, although Lost has recently sucked me in on Monday evenings. Ironically, those 4-hour blocks on Monday night are how I discovered SG-1.

    Speaking of SG-1, I have a quick continuity question if you have the time. I’ve seen The Pegasus project 4-5 times over the past couple of years but in my latest viewing, something finally bit me.

    In Beachhead, objects forming the Ori supergate come out of a normal sized stargate making them roughly the size of Puddle Jumpers. A few shots later you see they are perhaps 1.5 times as long as Vala’s cargo ship and definitely wider meaning they’d have never fit through the gate unless those elements were actually made up of even smaller parts, but that was never shown and isn’t consistent visually with what came later.

    In The Pegasus Project, the supergate elements are even bigger than that, this time larger than Teal’c’s Al’kesh. They are so well lit in the shot where the Al’kesh cloaks to hide the active stargate that you can pretty clearly see they are whole pieces and given the size comparison, even if they aren’t, it looks as if each element would have needed hundreds of smaller parts if not thousands to be complete.

    If I may impose, what gives?

  51. Joe,

    Thank you for clearing up the ‘set destruction’ confusion. I was ticked/saddened to hear that yesterday. It was like the final nail in the SGA coffin. Phew! There’s still hope!

    *sends more lemons*

  52. Somehow I have missed the spoilers so when I watch Sactuary tonight it will definetly be on my dvr so I can skip the commercials and hopefully avoid the SGA promos which I expect to be heavy tonight.

    Loved the spoilers rant, started my day off with a nice laugh.

  53. Hey Joe
    Im usually a lurker but decided to finally say something..
    As a huge Wraith fan: Thanks for the awesome shots of Todd!! (and other backstage images of our wraith boys) I always enjoy your blog when i have the chance to read it. Thanks for the entertainment. BTW- love your dogs.


  54. @dasNDANGER If I were to have the hots for a Wraith, Todd would be the one. He absolutely ROCKS!

    He’s even intimidating in the behind the scenes pics. LOL

  55. Joe Mallozzi wrote:
    Is this promo really the big slap in the face you’re all claiming it is? Will it actually spoil your enjoyment of The Lost Tribe?

    It was neither a slap in my face nor will it spoil my enjoyment of The Last Tribe, because for me this was no real spoiler. I knew since June that our small friends would be part of the midseason episodes and therefore it was clear to me who theses new guys would be.

    Thanks for the pictures. I don’t know whether this rock is in PG or in Milky Way, but if you guys have managed that the Wraith have reached our Galaxy I will love you for the rest of my life and beyond. Especially when this gen therapy was not successful.

  56. WOW! Todd, so hot!!!
    These photos mean Todd is still alive?
    Please Josephmallozzi, all I ask is a kiss between Sheppard and Todd. Maybe an AU?
    Now that Sheppard/Todd is canon, is not too much to ask.

  57. Jade, I adore MegaSnake! It is a Bad Movie Night staple, along with Boa vs. Python. My friends cringe and cry, but I make them watch. Sci-fi originals are some of the best drinking game movies ever.

  58. Lt.Col.Errandboy

    I can now understand why people ‘go postal’ in their workplace – when you work with two-headed, inbred bastards (ie LIBRARIANS) you can seriously sympathise with those souls who walk into work one day with a shotgun and let fly

    Hey Errandboy! I’m totally offended. 😀

    Cheers, Chev

  59. Difficult to totally miss spoilers and still participate in fandom. If I wanted to avoid them altogether I’d have to stay clear of Gateworld, forums, Sciffy and especially this blog, ‘cos people get excited and blurt out a blow-by-blow once the episode has aired in the States. Only problem is the rest of the world hasn’t seen it. So I’ve gotten used to finding out stuff. Still doesn’t excuse Sciffy though. I wonder if their reasoning is that if people know then they are more likely to tune in than if they are shown a teasing non-spoilery preview.

    Cheers, Chev

  60. *sneaks a peek*


    *dies again*

    (This has left me speechless, Joe. Not much does, as you’ve probably figured out by now. You really should’a done this ages ago… )


  61. @ Jinx Iceland certainly wasn’t green when I went there in March! Lots of volcanic rock buried under a couple of feet of snow! Only a small % of their land can be used for farming, which is a shame; they have to import a lot, that’s why it’s so expensive over there.

    Sorry, just thought I’d set the record straight there.

  62. great Todd-Pics, thanks a lot ^^

    if I wasn’t so damn curious I wouldn’t watch SciFi-Promos at all but whenever there’s some tiny extra-news I can get about an episode beforehand I want to have it… but I still don’t want to know the superclue of the whole episode >.<
    and it really would have been such a great surprise *sigh*

    ah and before I forget it again: big, big THANKS for the AU season 6, there were some great stories included ^^

    @pg15: I’d love a whole episode of only Todd xD

  63. Hey Joe,

    So the Sci-Fi channel promo team is filled with a bunch of rogue psychotic killers?!! 😯 This actually makes sense the more that I think about it.

    I didn’t see the massive spoiler, though. As soon as I hear the words, “On the next Stargate Atlanits” I scream, grab the remote and either change to another channel or hit mute and cover my eyes.

    You can ask Jeremy. He finds it quite hilarious. Of course, he does the same thing whenever they have that *Head On* commercial or anything related to Hanna Montana or Barney the purple dinosaur.

    Trish 😀

  64. Coucou Joseph!!
    Sa va?? Moi oui!! Le semaine est finit!!! C’est le week end!!! ENFIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Je vais pouvoir me reposer!!
    Merci pour ces photos!!!!
    Ofaite je ne vous est pas dit!!! j’ai gagner les 3 premier volume de stargate atlantis saison 4^^!! Trop super!!!!!!!

    Bon je doit y aller!! Bisou aplus!!!!

  65. PS…I really want the ‘fluff and stuff’ job that Todd-fixer upper guy has. Stuff ‘im in his coat, fluff up his hair…*passes out*

    *wakes up, dusts self off…*

    H’hum. Yeah, on second thought, I wouldn’t last 5 seconds at that job before you were calling in the medics…or the police. 😛

    @ Eddy – You win on smiley usage! Usually I’m the one bespeckling my posts with those cheery little suckers. 🙂

    RE: Octboer – Reference to the 8 colonists who established the first Dutch settlement in South Africa, now thought to be haunted and soon to be featured on Ghost Hunters International, where they will discover absolutely nothing but a bunch of drunken Springbok fans, running naked through the night.

    @ Rachel – I’m not dead! In fact, I’m getting better…I think I’ll go for a walk… “I feel happy… I feel happy…” *looks at Todd and dies again*

    @ pg15 – *lifts head off ground* Maturity? I have absolutely NO idea what you’re talking about. *falls back down*

    @ General Yogi Bear – There’s absolutely nothing wrong with loving something that can eat you. I love my cats, and every time they lick me, I swear it’s just a taste-test in case I forget to feed them on time. I see it in their eyes…to them, I am just a bigass two-legged mouse with opposable

    Meh. Better that than being their official barf-catcher. 😉

    @ Lt.Col.Errandboy – I worked in a library for 4 years. I can sympathize. Wanna have fun with ’em? Put a reference book in with the fiction – freaks ’em right out. 😉

    @ Perragrin – *shakes head in dismay* “Do you blame the Wraith, or the master?” You should actually be thanking Todd! If not for Todd, where would all the Shep whumpers be??! If not for Todd, where would all the slash fic writers be? He gave us everything – including puking all of his din-din right back into Sheppard, just like…like…an infamous Mallozzi pooch!! Yum! What more could you ask for??! 😀

    @ zelenkalivesforeverinfanfiction – They’ve already kissed…well, Todd has, at least…he’s sucked chest. That’s even better than kissing…that’s a HICKEY! That’s leaving your mark…like claiming someone as your own…never to be sucked-upon by another. One can only hope that John wore it proud!

    @ JimFromJersey – 😆 @ everything, especially, “…or is he afraid that his wraith face will fall off?” LOLOL!

    @ Leila – You have very good taste in Wraith.

    @ Joe – Yes. I am no longer speechless – that’s because I refuse to look at those pictures ever again…well…not for another 15 minutes, at least. Maybe 10. 😛

    With Chris appearing in Sanctuary for a few episodes, I decided to go back to his first tv appearance (that I know of). Last night, I dusted off my 21 Jump Street S1 DVD box set (I am SUCH a geek!), and watched all of Chris’ 30 second appearance in one episode…where he was wearing a cowboy hat, and snogging some chick. Probably NOT the best thing for me to see right after gettin’ an eyeful of those Toddelicious pics last night.

    At least, I think it was Chris, tall…sexy swagger…can’t be many like him around. But 20 years is a long time, and everyone’s changed so much, except for Dorian Gray Johnny Depp.

    And god forbid that Chris ever reads this blog. 😛


  66. I’m a bit too tired to make a long comment, but I just needed to express my joy with the other Todd lovers out there. Joseph, you made my day! The more Todd pictures, the better! 🙂

  67. It is absolutely ridiculous SciFi gives away so many big things, but it could be worse.

    UPN’s trailers for Star Trek : Voyager episodes would take clips from the episode and make up a whole new plot with them.

  68. Love your take on Skiffy spoilers, Joe. LOL
    Sadly, I saw the spoiler for TLT, and it has taken the aniticipation out of it. TBH – I feel a smidge disappointed. The new bad guys looked promising. Still, at least there’s the aftermath of last week’s cliffie to look forward to.
    At least I won’t have to put up with Skiffy’s shenanigans ever again after the last episode of SGA airs. I get to CANCEL Skiffy – and make a HUGE DENT in the 93, 000,000 subscriptions. Oh, the power…

  69. What have you DONE!!! Posted such lovely LOVELY pictures of Todd. Oh, my it’s 1964 and I’m an ogling, fainting girl in the audience of the Ed Sullivan show with the new group The Beatles!! (actually I wasn’t born for another 13 years).

    What a pain eh? Spoilers…hm, hm, hm. Well you know, I’m the type of person who will watch a show five to ten times. If I were worried about spoilers, I’d be afraid every time I watched the same episode (My goodness what’s gonna happen next? Wait a minute…I just saw this episode, okay let me watch it again) Well my man is kicking me off so, I’m going to switch to my computer.


    heh, heh (embarrassed grin)

  70. i loved seeing the promo. my jaw dropped somewhere down near my shoes when i saw what i saw. i hadnt been that heavily invested in wondering who they were in the armored suits. that was on the second list of whats happening, who’s in peril and wow, it does that?! and now that i’ve seen it, cool!!! i can’t wait for the episode. bring it on.

  71. And why does a marketing branch of any media entertainment tell the end of the story BEFORE the story’s been told–How does that make sense? Doesn’t it put their jobs at risk? Companies will no longer patronize a particular marketing firm.

    Again, releasing SGA spoilers for an episodes in the media doesn’t works for me, because I never read the entertainment section of the paper nor do I watch television (unless it’s Myth Busters) nor do I care about the world of Hollywood. I’ll read book reviews and love Hot Type on CBC, but that’s about it.
    I love SGA, and don’t really care how much I know about the show, I’ll be watching it six time through anyhow.

    Well gotta run–have to go out for dinner!


  72. @Das: I couldn’t agree more! I love tigers and lions. They HAVE eaten people. I love sharks and alligators. Well, they haven’t eaten entire people; just enough to kill them.

    And I love my dogs. Remember that X-files epi where that dog was eating its owner after the owner died? *shudder*

    That’s right folks, even dogs can (and have) eaten people.

    I still love my dog. (Hopefully soon to be DOGS. 😀 )

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Oh yeah! I also love Todd. Obviously.

    @Narelle: Glad your b-day was fun! I’m semi-jealous since mine is so far away. But I did have cake today. It was baby shower cake. Even baby shower cake tastes good.

  73. dasNdanger wrote in various comments:


    d as in diesagain…*thud*

    *dies again*

    *looks at Todd and dies again*

    Who do you think you are Daniel Jackson? 🙂

    Anne Teldy

  74. Sorry to hijack — or even gatecrash [groans at her own joke] — the blog but a friend suggested I might make I use this to method make what I think is a useful comment about your shows.

    It runs thus : then the next one goes into production, PLEASE keep in mind that when you have an unconscious character please, please get whoever is with them to protect their airway.

    I’m Brit and a latecomer to Atlantis (watching season two as we speak). SG1 seemed better at their first aid. I nodded in agreement when in Secrets Col O’Neill held the head of someone still who had just been hit by a car. In SGA however you have had a few what I call ‘dodgy First Aid’ incidents. In Duet episode 02×04 which I am viewing tonight Dr McKay is seen passed out twice. Once on a bed in the infirmary with Dr Beckett running tests (he who really should have known better than have him lying on his back) and once with Dr Hightmayer who dashed off to the comms unit without putting him into the recovery position first. All I could do was tutt.

    As a first aider with responsibility for a college with a couple of thousand students to deal with, and only recently had a similar situation to this portrayed to deal with myself, I have to protest. In both situations, had he not been intubated, had someone tilting his chin forward, or at least turning him on his side, he would have swallowed his tongue and stopped breathing. I actually restarted someone’s breathing in this very way.

    In your country everyone may get first aid lessons at school, here we don’t. If kids see stuff on TV where they think things are cool and can learn things they might save a life in real time.

    Many thanks for listening.

  75. Okay, I like to avoid spoilers that give away key details, generally speaking. I don’t watch the promos and don’t go to Stargate boards. Any more, this is pretty much the place I get my news for upcoming eps, because I figure you won’t say anything that will spoil my enjoyment.

    So could you possibly, please, not mention it when major spoilers are aired like that until after the episode airs? Because when you say things like “reacted negatively” it makes me think it’s because something bad has happened. Then my mind starts going crazy, wondering what terrible thing has happened and to whom, then I read vague references to spoilers that lead me to think I may know what is being referenced. Then I have to find out if I’m right, and in doing so I either confirm knowledge of something I didn’t want to know, or I find out something I didn’t have any clue about but still didn’t want to know.

    So maybe, could you just… keep things like that on the DL until the ep airs, for people like me? Because vague spoilers are nearly as bad as clear ones.

  76. Yes, Joe…me ‘gain…

    @ Trish – Exactly. Nothing wrong with loving things that can eat us. Especially, tall, green, sexy things… *sigh* And besides, I’m pretty sure I can convince Todd not to suck on me, seeing as how I eat a lot of Mexican food, so I’d probably just give him a bad case of handburn, or make him all gassy, anyway. 😛

    (Are you getting a new pup??! Do tell!)

    @ anneteldy – 😆 I don’t know much about Jackson, but I DO know enough to realize that that’s pretty funny! 😆

    I am really trying NOT to die again tonight…but that last picture is making it near impossible. If the PTB touch a single hair on that beautiful head of his, there’ll be hell to pay, lemme tell ya!


  77. Great pics! I always thought Todd was one of the most interesting, enigmatic and promising characters introduced to the show. He’s certainly lived up to the potential. Christopher Heyerdahl is a talented actor who has done wonders for the character. I’m thrilled to see these are phots from the season finale.

    One question for you, and I apologize if it’s already been asked, but…are you surprised by Todd’s popularity with the viewers, or was it something you were aiming for and expected when you first introducted the character?

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