The gang
The gang

Hey, does anybody remember me mentioning how adorable the dogs were in their garden foraging for cherry tomatoes? Well, suffice it to say that several bouts of explosive diarrhea later, their backyard shenanigans are, in retrospect, decidedly less adorable. The worst appears to be over and their stomachs have settled although is evidently still a bit queasy. The other night, I was sitting in bed reading, surrounded by the dogs, when, all of a sudden, Lulu started dry-heaving. Hunh! Hunh! Hunh! I scrambled up and looked around for the nearest impromptu barf-catcher. Rather than sacrifice my hardcover copy of Jeffrey Ford’s The Shadow Year (the only time within reach), I went with my only other option: my cupped hands.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Jelly was acting strange all night – shifting, pacing, barking at invisible threats. Something was up but I had not idea what. Unlike gorillas who make the perfect pets because their limited knowledge of sign language allows them to convey exactly what is bothering them at all times (ie. “My tooth hurts”, “You’re hogging the blanket”, “Tonight’s episode of House made me sad”), dogs are hard to read – especially when they’re in distress. A subsequent visit to the vet turned up nothing wrong with her and she’s been back to her usual, lazy self since. So, when all is said and done, I’m guessing it was either something she ate or a ghost.

And now I’m feeling under the weather – run down, congested, coughing. In my case, I seriously doubt it was something I ate or a ghost. Well, not something I ate anyway. My money’s on whatever bug it was that Fondy brought back with her from her latest trip. Fortunately, she is feeling much better, thank you – well enough to be heading off tomorrow for a weekend seminar, leaving me to fend for myself. Fortunately, the dogs and I have enough bottled water and dog food to last us until her return.

While she’s away, I’ll be catching up on my reading (presently finishing up Fast Forward 2, edited by our friend Lou Anders), writing (my fourth pilot), ruminating (on the SGA movie and a super, secret project), viewing (just started the fifth and final season of The Wire), and worrying (looks like our dog nanny will be unavailable for the Christmas holidays which puts us in a bit of a bind).

Seriously, I must be coming down with something. Right now, I’m feeling incredibly queasy, this despite the excellent platter of sizzling sissig (chopped pig ears) I had for dinner. What gives?

92 thoughts on “October 1, 2008: I Come Down With a Bad Case of the Ghosts

  1. Ugh. When our dogs started throwing up, my tactic was always to rush them outside as quickly as possible. They usually gave enough warning for this to work (sometimes not actually ending up throwing up at all). Failing that, I’d just clean it up off the floor. But your hands? Dude, that’s nasty.

    Have you ever watched How I Met Your Mother? I’m not terribly one for sitcoms, but I just recently finished going through and watching every episode to date, and it’s pretty amusing. The whole “let’s find me someone to sleep with” thing gets a bit wearing, but at least there’s enough other stuff going on to be interesting.

  2. I hope you feel better soon! I have 2 dogs and they are always barking at something. They usually wait until I am sleeping.

  3. If you think dogs are hard, try fish!
    At least I get the sad looks from my two pooches. The fish, the first sign they aren’t feeling very well is them floating on top of the tank. Very distressing is fish ownership.

    Not good that you aren’t feeling well. I’d love to send you some good vibes but I think you’d just end up with my migraine vibes. Sorry about that.

    My collector’s edition of LOTR – Return of the King is still sporting the lovely shade of puke from when Jack ate something as a puppy that didn’t agree with him. I’m feeling your pain.

    If you don’t mind either shipping those adorable pooches to Aus or shipping me to Vancouver consider yourself no longer in search of a dog sitter. Fondy is quite the jet-setter of late.

    So, what are the pilots you are working on? If you are allowed to divulge that is.

    Hachi – I agree with what you said about viewing the main characters from the viewpoint of others. I think that is also why I enjoy the Earth based eps.

    Chev – Love your Jaffa in the Buffer title. At first I read it as Jaffa in the Buff and wondered at what point there had been a naked Jaffa on the show.
    Are you taking time out this weekend for the marathon?
    Hubby has to go away for 10 days for work on Saturday so it will keep me occupied at least for the weekend.

    Must get back to work so that I can finish up these proposals and go back to bed.

    Have a good night Joe. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Hey Joe!

    Might want to start resorting to ginger ale, water, soups and bread for the time being. I know you love your food, but hey, if you’re sick, you need to eat healthy. 🙂 Create a nice soup or stew (you can still get creative with them 😉 ) and enjoy!

    Get well soon, and make sure your dogs stay away from those tomatoes!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  5. Joe sorry your feeling under the weather. It is that time of year where everyone seems to get a case of the Yucks.

    Poor Jelly and Lulu hope they are over whatever was bugging them. If I were closer I’d offer to dog sit for you but seeing as its a 2 hour drive one way, it might not be the best arrangement.

  6. Eeww, chopped pig ears!

    I think that it is just a bug going around and that Fondy didn’t bring it back with her, because that is going around on the East Coast too (New Hampshire USA). My sisters husband and kids had it and now she does. Of course, I told them, like I told you last time you were sick, to take garlique, but she won’t. Well, we are off tomorrow for GIRL’S weekend (the long version of a weekend) and shes decided to stay in my room, so, I told her that I’d have the garlique with me, what can it hurt. If I am right she feels better faster. If I am wrong then she is still sick and I get more of the drinks.

    The dogs are all so cute, but Lulu just has that look that just shouts, “I am cute and adorable, can I get my own way, ppllleeeaaasssee?” I would be inclined to do it too.

    Be back Sunday unless there is internet at the hotel then you are stuck with me.

    I love all things super secret. Oh wait, that makes me want to know what it is even more. Joseph, you are a huge tease.

    I hope you feel better.

  7. Hey Joe, I’m great with dogs and i want to see some snow again-none here in S. Fla. You spring for the plane ticket and i will BABY sit for free- only 1 condition, when you get back , you have to take me and fondy to dinner at fuel! ( notice i said me and fondy) – you have my e-mail and i give references! Also i’m a nurse , so “no worries”! Oh and maybe a meet and greet with David Hewlett too! Bye sheryl berwick

  8. Hi Joe!

    “What gives?” You have tummy ghosts! They will pass (forgive the imagery) in the next day or so, then all you have to do is avoid haunted restaurants, strip malls, and food. Might be good to throw away last year’s mayo. I did and its reduced my tummy ghosts by a full 50%!

    Have you talked with Chef Belcham about getting Fuel exorcised?


  9. I can recommend a good Exorcist for those evil tummy ghosts.
    You won’t have to twist your head around or levitate or anything.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  10. I just posted Part I of my Texas State Fair Food Foray to my blog. Anyone who wishes to view fried fair food in all its glory, feel free to forage there.

  11. How is the Physics of Superheroes so far? I’ve considered buying it before, but it costs money.

  12. Mr. M wrote:

    For what it’s worth, here is how season 6 would have probably (not) broken down:

    #1 and #2: Now What I and II?: Our big two-part premiere would have picked up where we’d left off after the shocking events of our fifth season finale: Enemy at the Gate. Would have picked up? What am I saying? WILL pick up since the idea originally conceived for the opening two-parter will now be the basis of the first Stargate: Atlantis movie, the difference being that we’ll be able to tell our story on a much bigger, visual effects-laden, character-centered canvas.

    My understanding is that you’ll have a bigger budget, so more/better visual effects. But if you have the same amount of screen time to fill (88 minutes or so), how can it be more charactered-centered than what you would have written for television? Is it going to be longer than the first two SG-1 movies?

    Anne Teldy

  13. Wow, is everybody getting sick? No, really. I mean, whatever crud is spreading is… oh wait, school opened. Kids spread it, give to parents, who give to co-workers, who go on planes, trains, etc. 😉

    Cute shot of the ‘gang.’ 🙂

  14. I just got over a bug aswell and there were atleast a dozen people at work that i got it from. Its not just you, there is something going around the lower mainland.

    and i love super secret surprises!!! hopefully it involves you with Universe or equally as exciting would be an autobiography

  15. Ah… Joe,
    Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, but I have an idea that may cheer you up. I am off from work from Dec 22nd, thru Jan 2nd, I’d be happy to dog sit for you! I love dogs and yours are just so darn cute and cuddly, and I am trained too!

    I’d be happy to drive up from Seattle and spend the extended week house and dog sitting. I will also sign a non-disclosure agreement, swearing never to talk about my time taking care of your sweet pooches! I’ve wanted to spend more time in the Vancouver area and this would give me an affordable opportunity. I’d promise not to leave them alone for more than two hours at time and I will care for them like my own! If I did go out, I am more likely to take them with me on my explorations of the country side. If you’re interested, let me know.


  16. Your puppies are so cute! Hope you feel better soon. I’ve been sick since last week and am finally starting to feel better.

  17. I just threw up a little in my mouth reading that first paragraph – so my guess is that you’re feeling a tad queasy because you actually had to write that first paragraph.



  18. Ahhh. Waking to the sound of a dog heaving. This time it was Pete throwing up Riley’s leather collar. He strangles Riley with nylon ones and eats the leather ones off his neck . . . I should be satisfied with the fact that Pete doesn’t eat the buckles I guess.

  19. Another quick note, Joe.

    Man, your dogs are being very good to let them take their picture. Guess they’re used to it, eh? If I try to take a pic of my dogs, they either turn their heads or walk up to the camera. Silly puppies! LOL!

    Lulu has really filled out, hasn’t she? She looks as big as the other dogs now.


  20. Hot tea. Good for everything. Honey and lemon if you have them at hand. Trust me, that’s one sure remedy for tummy ghosts. Hope you feel better soon.

    Bare hands and dog puke, thank you so much for that visual. Although I have done it with the cats. Nothing worse than the cat puking and the dog gets to it before I do. The chain reaction isn’t pretty. And I told you tomatoes were pure poison, didn’t I? Did I? I surely meant to do so. I think I did. They are.

    My Cricket gets only dry dog food and pre-packaged treats. I am overly familiar with the effects of table scraps and crunchy kitty treats from the litter box on a dog’s tummy; ah, the joys of explosive diarrhea. I am eyeing the once cream colored carpeting in the bedrooms and hallway and hoping that’s hardwood under there. We tore it out of the kitchen and bath years ago. The gentlemen we purchased our home from may have been wonderful decorators, but scored zippo on the practicality scale.

  21. Sucks that you aren’t feeling well… hope you feel better soon.

    Dogs are odd little creatures. My parents have 3 dogs (well one is mine but he’s incredibly neurotic and I felt that taking him away from the only home he’s ever known when I moved out would do more harm than good, plus I live in an apartment and he’s a husky so that would totally cramp his style!!) So the Husky, who’s name is Nemo, is terribly afraid of heights and thunderstorms. More so the storms than heights, which is very evident when he ends up going upstairs in search of my parents in the middle of the night during a storm (something he would never do otherwise. He spends most of his time on the main level of the house and out in the backyard.) When a storm hits though, he tries (and sometimes succeeds) in climbing into my mom’s lap to ride out the storm… it’s pretty humorous to see such a big dog sitting on someone’s lap.

    One of the other dogs is a miniature schnauzer, who I think has an aging disorder and narcolepsy. Which is fantastic, even though he is almost 3 years old, he still acts like he did when we first got him. (Never had another dog that was like that) And in the middle of almost any activity he just up and lies down and goes to sleep. I was once taking him for a walk, when he stop layed on the grass and was half asleep, little guy wouldn’t budge. I had to carry him all the way back home. (His name is Joey)

    Roxy, the third pup is pretty normal…..

    P.S. Doggy pics can be found here …..

  22. Joe, you don’t have to approve this comment if you think it is a spoiler (tried very hard to be generic), but I really wanted to defend you a bit… I know, it is not needed, nor solicited, but this person’s comment got my dander up!

    … A response to a comment made yesterday by

    I’m just pissed as hell after finding out who this ‘new’ enemy is going to be in the next SGA episode….
    When I found out about this I was stunned. WTF is going on with you guys? …
    All I can say, Joe, is that it wasn’t SciFi channel killing the Stargate franchise. It was the writers.

    May I humbly suggest that you are assuming facts not in evidence! In other words you are jumping to collusions. Just because the “new” enemy is not so new, doesn’t mean it is the “same type” as seen in previous incarnations! The new enemy may be vastly different from what we may or may not know! If you take a group of people who started out on the same Island and separate them, and let them develop independently of each other, say over 10,000 years, you would get two very different types of people with similar but different cultures. So may I recommend that you wait to see the next episode before you rake the “writers” over the coals! IMHO…

  23. Hey there, long time reader first time poster. Just wanted to say I appreciate the way you use sarcasm to deal with the “douchie” sect of fans. That as well as the fact that the last two – or rather one point five – seasons of Atlantis have been my favourite Stargate to date. Big ups.

    P.S. as a Pug lover, I’m sure you’ll get a [ten second] kick out of this;

  24. That picture of Bubba is the cutest thing I’ve seen all day. Probably all week.

    Ah, vomit. I’m not as experienced with dog vomit as I am with cat vomit, but I can honestly say I’ve never had the thought to try to catch it in my hands when one of them was yarping.

    I just realized I’m probably the only person here who finds it weird that a discussion about vomit is NOT taking place at a family holiday dinner. Yeah, nothing is off limits for my cultured clan. 😉

    Sorry you’re not feeling well, Joe. I hope it passes quickly.

  25. Super secret project? Feel free to confide in me any information on this enterprise that you are too excited to keep silent on. I promise I will protect the information with my life, at least until a convincing threat to my life is offered up. I’m even willing to leak disinformation, especially since I wouldn’t know the difference.
    Thanks for the picture of the gang. Not that we don’t trust you, but given your recent experience as an emesis basin, it’s better to see for ourselves.
    I’m blaming the Chinese for everyone’s ailments recently, including your touchy digestive tract. I lost time at work the other day because my body forgot which direction to process the food, and I’ve noted a number of others suffering similiarly.
    To the other readers of this blog, should we form a # 6 Club? It appears that Mr. M. is secretly mad at quite a few of us. We might as well take pride in that fact. Though by admitting to being a member of the club, are we automatically disqualified from membersihp for being itentified publically as someone he’s mad at?
    Ok, definitely time for bed. Thank you for a fun post Mr. M. and here’s hoping you can speedily shake off whatever threatens to ail you.

  26. I hope you feel better soon!

    I have a Beagle who will stare out our porch door and just starts barking, loudly, and at nothing at all! It’s quite odd sometimes.

    Love the pictures!! I’m so tempted to get another dog when I see such adorable pictures, then I’m reminded why I can only handle one! 🙂

  27. I concur with everyone who says that illness is just the cool thing to have right now. I consider going to class in a bubble. If I had a bubble, that is. Plus I’d have to sleep in said bubble as my roommate has had… well I jokingly call it the plague, for the past few weeks. I’ve gotten so paranoid about getting sick that I may well overdose on vitamin c.

    So here’s hoping that you and the gang feel better. And that I manage to avoid getting sick at all.

  28. A super secret project in relation to … what? Stargate maybe? Or is even that too super secret?

  29. Ah… a Preponderance of Pugs! God bless their furry little hearts. An ear-ruffling to each one, especially Lulu the all-hearing. Nothing soothes the soul – or the sick – like canine cuddling. I prescribe bundling all of you into bed this weekend with:
    · hot chicken soup loaded with garlic (order some off-menu take-out from Chef Rob)
    · fresh French bread and un peu du fromage, but not a strong cheese
    · a rice-filled microwave hot pack to wrap around your neck and ease a headache
    · new books! stacks of them!
    · laptop with wireless connection, to take notes and blog with
    · your cell, to call Fondy so that she can commiserate with you. Keeping in touch (literally and figuratively) with the ones you love lowers your blood pressure and boosts your immune system, they say.
    · TV remote, for variety
    · and the usual, tissues, cough drops, etc.

    As for tomatoes, my Samoyed grrl loves them. Even at 14 she will do anything nearly for a few pieces of fresh tomato. We have photos of her caught in the act, at night, in the dark, nipping cherry tomatoes off the vine, er, I should say “jungle,” because they grow like crazy here. Now we plant the larger ones, and she’s less tempted to pull one off. She waits for us to wait on her, doling out the yummy tidbits. All of my dogs since childhood have loved tomatoes, a sheltie mix, German shepherd, cocker spaniel, and now the snow dog. They would eat them till they were sick, if we let them. We learned…

    Get well soon, and snuggle with the puggles.*

    *(A Dr. Seussism, not to be confused with another type of dog.)

  30. Cute dogs!

    Just finished The Missing. Hope I’m not too late to get in some questions –

    1. How did Sanguine’s mouthwash cocktail allow him to fend off the effects of the virus? Was it the chemical composition or the alcohol content? If the latter, then wouldn’t other town drunks have been resistant to the virus as well?

    2. Canada is mentioned numerous times as a possible safe haven but it was mentioned numerous times that the virus was potentially airborne. So how likely would it have been for Canada to have remained a safe haven? I’m thinking very unlikely.

    3. I agree with some of the others who were confused by Maddie’s willingness and ability to protect her mother. I was also confused by what prompts Meg to kill her husband. Are we to believe that at this point in the story her mind has been affected as well and she isn’t thinking straight? By killing him, she is pretty much signing her own death sentence, no?

    4. And – any plans for a sequel?

  31. Joe Mallozzi writes:…writing (my fourth pilot)…
    So are you writing pilots for new shows you are pitching now that SGA’s run is done???

  32. feel better soon joe ^^

    I love max soooooo much I just wanna hug him hes sooo cute!
    And super secret project sounds ultra cool! I shall now threaten to poke you until you give us a clue *poke poke poke poke poke*

  33. Super secret project and SGA movie ruminations… sounds like fun!!!
    New show pilots??? Hmm sounds interesting. Which network(s) are you pitching them to???

    Feel better soon!!!

    I’m a puppysitter, so let me know if you’re still having trouble finding one!!! I’ll definitely be willing to watch them =)

  34. Hi, Joe.

    Thank you for the photos of the kids. Lulu is so darn cute. I like Jelly’s stuffed toy.

    Hope you are feeling better soon. Chicken soup, and hot lemonade with honey and whiskey were my grandmother’s first responses for illness with chest congestion.

    Best wishes on the writing front.

    Oh, Amanda is quoted at SciFi Wire that she’s going to be in the SGA made-for-dvd movie.

    “Tapping will also reprise the role of Carter in an upcoming straight-do-DVD Atlantis movie, she said.”

    Best wishes, Morjana

  35. Hello Joe,
    I forgot to say… that I hope you are feeling better soon! And thanks for the very cute pug pictures!

    Can I take a stab at guessing what your super, secret project might be? Is it drafting potential story lines in case MGM, SCIFI and BW & RC change their minds and decide to bring back SGA for a 6th season, beginning in Sept 09? meh

    And if I am off the mark with this Q, then what would happen if you sold a pilot to a new show and then were offered SGA for another season? What would you do?

    Do your career changes include staying with Paul as a writing partner? Or will you go your separate ways?

    Thanks and try an Alka-Seltzer to settle your tummy! It really works!
    Patricia Lee

  36. Shawna writes “Have you ever watched How I Met Your Mother? I’m not terribly one for sitcoms, but I just recently finished going through and watching every episode to date, and it’s pretty amusing. The whole “let’s find me someone to sleep with” thing gets a bit wearing, but at least there’s enough other stuff going on to be interesting.”

    I second that question. I’ll watch anything with Neil Patrick Harris in it. Speaking of NPH, did you see Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog when it came out? It reminded me quite a lot of the Baron and his cohorts.

    I hope you and the gang feel better soon.


  37. Seems like something is going around the world, Cornwall has the same bug as everyone else seems to have had. Its SO nice to be included dontcha think? Hope you’re feeling better soon and thanks muchly for the puppy pics, they’re gorgeous, Jelly looks like she is really enjoying her ‘catch’ and doesn’t Lulu look all growed up?
    I’m STILL waiting for my central heating to be completed, they said Friday but quite frankly I forgot to pin them down to WHICH friday and stupidly assumed it would be this one.
    Hope you’re feeling better soon.



  38. Mornin’, Joe

    “I scrambled up and looked around for the nearest impromptu barf-catcher. Rather than sacrifice my hardcover copy of Jeffrey Ford’s The Shadow Year (the only time within reach), I went with my only other option: my cupped hands.”

    Okay.. That’s just nasty.

    Did you know that dogs can selective vomit? A completely useless piece of information they teach you at Guide Doggy Training School. Unlike we humans with our ever abiding carrots, lentils and street-pizzas, they can eat a three course meal with all the trimmings and still only bring up the bile covering the very pit of their stomachs. A neat little trick that ensures they keep themselves well nourished even in the most dire of times, whilst still marking out their patch of carpet with that icky stain of yellowy-brown.

    “And now I’m feeling under the weather – run down, congested, coughing.”

    Playing catch-the-doggy-vomit probably won’t help >.>

    In the case of a cold, head off to bed with a full bottle of whiskey.

    1. Drink it empty and then place at the bottom of the bed where you can see it from all angles.

    2. Watch carefully as it slowly morphs into triplets.

    3. Once the three bottles merge back into one, you should either be well on the way to recovery, or a bad case of alcohol poisoning. Whichever.. it’ll kill or cure the ailment.

    In the case of doggy-vomit-by-proxy, try ginger biscuits and a glass of coke. The ginger helps to settle the stomach, whilst the coke kills all living organisms known to man. My Doctor’s been prescribing that since I was a kid and it’s never yet failed.

  39. Aw bugger, repeating myself again. shoulda read what I had written first huh.

  40. Hi Joe, sorry to hear you and the dogs are under the weather, but you made the right call on saving the book – I always try and keep a magazine handy for pet emergencies!

    On the plus side, you got to eat the (very) wrong bits of a pig…

    Feel better soon and if you feel bad, just take another look at the space ape on the cover of FF2 – I mean, it’s a space ape!

  41. Personally, I think dogs are eaasy to read – I can even read your photo’s:

    Lulu : “I did NOT pee behind that barrel, why are you always blaming me anyway? I did NOT, so there!”

    Jelly : “I swear to God if you make me sit here for much longer, this rat is GONE, brother!”

    Bubba : “Please? Please can I rip open those bags and roll in the nice clean blankets, please?”

    Maximum : “You think I’m the stupid one sitting like this on your damned rug? You’re the one laying in the puke you didn’t manage to catch!”

    Lulu : “Oh God, 3 times I’ve tried to escape this chair and 3 times he puts me back on. Now he has me posing like some darned cat, enough already!”

    Gang : Lulu: “What, WHAT?”
    Maximum: “Just smile and get it over with.”
    Jelly: “Yeah and hurry up, Max has just farted”
    Bubba: Tell me about it – fair knocked me out”
    Lulu: “What, WHAT?”

    I love pigs ears but they must be deep fried, yummy!!
    Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  42. Hi again Mr M!

    Greetings from Sunny Tipperary! Yes, we have had about 10 days of “non-rain”…YIppeee!!

    A Super Secret Project eh?…..Mmmmm….

    *snaps fingers*

    I got it!!

    World domination through the complete collapse of the World Economy……uh….wait…Hang on a second….Is there something we should know Your Imperial Highness, Leader of the New World Order?


    I’m curious, I remember this time last year you said that you had a few ideas for pilots if there hadn’t been a SGA Season 5 pick-up, I am assuming they are the 4 pilots you have written…Are they Sci Fi based or drama or what?

    Fast Forward 2 is out???? Nobody told me!! *heads straight over to Amazon*

    All the best to all at the Bridge!


    PS Any news on a European release for YPF???

  43. Hey, hope you and your dogs feel better soon! Then again, if you start eating the dog biscuits too, I’m not sure you will 🙂

    How’s the spinning for the movies doing? (Not asking for spoilers, just curious). Also wondering, what do you do when you get a bout of Writer’s Block? Anything in particular or do you just keep writing?

    And another question (though I’n not sure if you’re the right person to ask), about the Wraith. They have a sould right? So if they weren’t so aggressive by nature and all, would it be possible for them to ascend too?

    Thanks. Again, get better soon!

  44. =/ Awww, I glad your dogs are feeling better, and I hope you feel better soon!

    I find with whatever illness, lying around doing practically nothing always helps. Unless you have a headache, then lying around doing precisely nothing helps a lot.

  45. Hey! FANTASTIC job on First Contact… can’t wait for The Lost Tribe! A couple of things…

    a) What is your opinion on Sci-Fi yet again revealing a MASSIVE spoiler? The two largest twists ever in Stargate history have been given away by them. Is that frustrating?

    b) This used to bug me a long time ago, but I thought it had been cleared up, but while talking on the Gateworld forums I realize it hasn’t. When we first meet the Asgard, they say they are on the planet Othalla, in the “galaxy of Ida”. So, presumably, the Asgard galaxy is called Ida, and Othalla is one world in the Ida Galaxy. In a later episode, someone mentions the Asgard galaxy, and Daniel Jackson responds/corrects him by saying “Othalla”. I always assumed this was a continuity glitch, but some — and at one point even the Gateworld Omnipedia — claim that the Asgard inhabit two galaxies, Ida and Othalla. Which is true? Do both galaxies exist, with a planet in one galaxy named after the other galaxy, or was it just Ida, and Othalla is simply a world in that galaxy?

    Thanks a bunch!

    This may be a bit to ask, but if you don’t post this question and answer it on your blog, can you email it to me? This one teeny question has PLAGUED me ever since season three or so aired.

  46. If Jelly is anything like my dog, she probably was debating whether or not she needed to be sick. My black lab does the pacing thing when her digestive tract is in turmoil.

    Still. You can wash covers, man. Using your hands?!

    I hope that your illness passes as quickly as the dogs’ did. I suspect Fondy was more than happy to get the heck out of the house, rather than dealing with you being sick. 🙂

    I look forward to hearing about the “super secret” project.

  47. Hello!

    Can you comment on this recent news article Joe…


    Malcolm Parry, Vancouver Sun
    Published: Thursday, October 02, 2008

    Heavy machines are smashing the Stargate Atlantis TV series’ set in Bridge Studios’ 40,000-square-foot effects stage. That’s the largest of eight movie-shooting facilities in almost constant use on the six-hectare complex at Boundary-off-Second Avenue, Burnaby. The studio’s website claims it’s the largest in North America.

    GULP. If you’re smashing the set where are you going to make the movie? I guess I was under the impression that the set would remain intact, at least in some manner. What’s up?

    Thanks and feel better.

  48. Oh, I so feel your pain about not having your dog sitter available. The last time we didn’t have our normal dog sitter, our temporary one nearly burned down the house! In retrospect, I really like my new kitchen, but I HATE trying to find a good back up – I’m afraid I might not have a home or dogs to come home to!

    We are out of town right now – our good dog sitter is at home taking care of the ‘kids’ and we can concentrate on our trip. I don’t know about you, but we call daily to check on them. (When we are in TX at Mom’s house, she thinks we are a bit weird calling to check on them daily) And as I sit in cold Chicago, I know they are at home enjoying sunny AZ and the pool!

    So – good luck on finding alternate plans for Christmas!


  49. Way to sacrifice to save a book! I hope you and your dogs are all well soon. Take care.

  50. MMMMMmmmm! Pan fried cartilaginous pig parts! Can’t say as I enjoyed it very much when I tried it. It was…too…cartilaginous? for my taste. Although it was nice & spicy.

    So, how did you get the dogs to sit together long enough to take a picture?

    We like “super secret projects”. SPILL!

    Feel better.

  51. I’ve been vaguely under the weather for the past few days, too, not sure what’s up. I was queasy one night, now I’ve got a scratchy throat. But hey…suppose Jelly was upset because you weren’t feeling well? I ask because one of my dogs will sometimes act oddly (okay, more oddly than usual) if I’m sick. A while back he used to have a rawhide chew toy that he slept with as a kind of doggie security blanket, and while I was sick he kept insisting that *I* sleep with the rawhide. I’d nudge it out of bed when he wasn’t looking, he’d bring it right back and tuck it in next to me. Then sit there and watch for a few minutes to make sure I didn’t throw the rawhide out of bed again.

    Made for a long night. 😀

    Anyhow, feel better!

  52. Joe is this true???????? i thought the sets were staying for the movie??????

    hope you are feeling better today.

    BRIDGE CONTRACT: Heavy machines are smashing the Stargate Atlantis TV series’ set in Bridge Studios’ 40,000-square-foot effects stage. That’s the largest of eight movie-shooting facilities in almost constant use on the six-hectare complex at Boundary-off-Second Avenue, Burnaby. The studio’s website claims it’s the largest in North America.

    The full story is here… scroll down the column till you get to it.

    Wendy J

  53. There is an article in today’s (Oct 2nd) edition of the Vancouver Sun saying that the Atlantis set is being smashed up(see relevant quote below) if this is true, where are you going to film the movie?

    excerpt from Oct 2 2008 article

    BRIDGE CONTRACT: Heavy machines are smashing the Stargate Atlantis TV series’ set in Bridge Studios’ 40,000-square-foot effects stage. That’s the largest of eight movie-shooting facilities in almost constant use on the six-hectare complex at Boundary-off-Second Avenue, Burnaby. The studio’s website claims it’s the largest in North America.

    But Bridge Studios general manager Ron Hryniuk — say Her-nik — isn’t sorry to say goodbye to a show that produced some 100 episodes on six of his sound stages, as well as twice that number for the predecessor Stargate SG-1 series. That’s because the SCI FI Channel and MGM Television recently announced the launch of a new “science faction” series called Stargate Universe.

    “Its great news. Fantastic,” Hryniuk said of a show that will premiere as a two-hour movie on SCI FI and become a weekly one-hour series next summer.

    In a press release Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis co-creators Brad Wright and Robert Cooper said Stargate Universe “will break new ground in relationships between mostly young and desperate explorers, thrust together and far from home.”

  54. Oooh, I like the sound of a super secret project. My birthday’s not coming up, so I know it’s not for that. j/k

    Feel better soon!

  55. Anne Teldy wrote:

    McKay and Zelenka spoke about how fragile Atlantis is without the shield in Season 1’s “The Storm”. And Atlantis would only be in space with the shield raised, so the windows would be protected.

    Anne , I agree it is the only logical explanation but it is a little thin for me. Thanks

  56. Hi! The cherry tomatoes incident reminds me of the lovely time I had with my 4 dogs a couple of years ago. We have a loquat tree (yes, I know, what the hell is a loquat?) in the yard and these clowns started picking them off the ground despite our best efforts to keep them raked up and thrown away. We had ghosts in the middle of the night as well, but I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Nobody had thrown up, no pooping, they didn’t want to go outside but were up and down all night “talking”. I’m talking Rhodesian Ridgeback, huge Labrador Retriever, Greyhound and fat Cocker Spaniel here. A couple of days later, everything hit the fan. It took $1,200 at the vet and a house full of vomit and diarrhea to figure that one out. Your little guys are adorable!

  57. Fondy’s leaving you to fend for yourself while you’re sick? Whoever will fetch things for you or have you trained the puppies to bring you hot tea and snacks?

    Seriously, hope you feel better soon. I spent five weeks fighting through bronchitis – 3 rounds of antibiotics, a course of cortizone and finally an inhaler and I’m on the mend.

  58. A super secret project? What could that be?

    And a fourth pilot? What have you done with the other three?

    How did you get the four dogs to sit for that picture?

    I hope you feel better in no time (and try and stay away from weird food for a while.)

  59. Narelle from Aus

    Chev – Love your Jaffa in the Buffer title. At first I read it as Jaffa in the Buff and wondered at what point there had been a naked Jaffa on the show.

    LOL! Yeah that was in the director’s cut. Of course I think it sounds best if you pronounce it as Jaffa instead of Jaffar.

    Are you taking time out this weekend for the marathon? Hubby has to go away for 10 days for work on Saturday so it will keep me occupied at least for the weekend.

    Absolutely. I might actually get up early. How’s that? ‘Cos I love Rising Pt 1 & 2. You know who I’d love to see on Atlantis again? Robert Patrick. He’s fantastic. I know Sumner is dead, but it would be nice to find a way to get Robert back for a cameo in the movie. Sheppard could be hallucinating or something.

    Cheers, Chev

  60. Hi there!

    I know that you don’t have anything to do with this, but at the moment I am soo upset.

    I am SciFi fan since childhood, and since I started to watch SciFi (after only reading it) it was my dearest wish to visit a filming site one day. I never had the opportunity, just out of financial and time causes.

    This year I decided to go to Canada and visit the site at least from the outside, and I had the opportunity to combine it with a job training. During the preparation I had to learn that SGA got cancelled. Great 🙁 .
    I arrived yesterday after a about 9000km flight in Canada and I was looking forward to go to Vancouver in 12 days, and NOW I have to learn that the sets got destroyed.

    I guess I got very bad luck and an even worse timing 🙁 So my pictures from outside the studios will show the place where Atlantis WAS. *sigh*

    How do you want to make a movie without set? 100% in the woods combined with some CGI…

    Nevertheless, all the best,


  61. p.s. Narelle – I can’t remember if I wished you a Happy Birthday. But just in case – Happy Birthday girl! I hope you had a blast.

    Oh and Joe, take care. You’re getting sick a lot at the moment. Re the hands thing – Eww, eww and eww. I want to know why my cat moves off the timber laminate to puke on the rug? What’s with that?

    However I have solved your problem of having someone watch the pugs. Set up some webcams throughout your house and we’ll watch them. Oh, you want them fed too? That might be a little tricky to do from Australia. **sighs** Back to the drawing board.

    Cheers, Chev

  62. I hope you’re feeling better soon, Joe!

    & does your new, super, secret project have a name??? & is it SG related??? 😉

  63. Coucou Joseph! Sa va??
    Moi non, je suis encore malade!!!! -_-‘
    Mais que font mes petites defences immunitaires?

    Bon je vais me coucher, sinon je sens que je vais dormir sur mon clavier.

    Bisou, Bisou, en éspérant que demain sa aille mieux.

  64. Aaaahhh … the joys of dog barf!

    My most recent experience – bringing the dog home from the dog park in our brand spanking new Escape and having him yack not once … not twice … you got it – third times the charm! (NOT). And all I had at hand was a few very flimsy take-out napkins. Needless to say, hubs was a bit put out (the SUV belongs to the dog, of course, but he lets hubs drive it 😉 )

    As for your gang – if you (or your gardeners) spray any kind of insectide, that could be the reason. Or maybe a bug they ate. Or maybe a bug with insecticide on it they ate …
    Anyway, hope they (and you, of course) feel better soon.

    I’ve not been posting much lately, but have been reading your blog regularly. Just have to say how impressed I am with season five. You guys have really outdone yourselves so far – it’s hard to believe SciFi blew off SGA and is keeping some absolute dreck on the air … 🙁

  65. *in-awe* the pictures are so cute (the look in their eyes, sooooooo cute!)

    a supersecret project sounds very, very interesting, I hope we’re going to hear more of it one day (one day very soon hopefully 😉 )

    and many get-well-soon wishes to you and the dogs!

  66. Get well Joe. I hate it too when my dog can’t quite tell me what is wrong. We as pet owners do have a sixth sense most the time, but sometimes one just doesn’t know. I hope the dogs are good now. I LOVE your dog pictures, please post more sometimes. 😉

  67. Get better soon, Joe. There’s a bad case of something like that going around at the school where I teach, but it being in the UK, I doubt I gave it to you just by lurking on your blog. *hugs*

  68. RE: The Studios…bye-bye.

    It’s Stargate Atlantis. They don’t need no stinkin’ studios. It can be filmed in the woods. Or on Renaissance Faire grounds. Or…in my backyard…provided there’s lots and lots of Wraith in the movie (the offer does not stand if it’s a Wraith-free movie).

    We have 6 acres – woods, a semi-overgrown field, and a really coolio marshy bit, with lots of sticker bushes. Not sure exactly what kind of stickers…blackberries, mostly, and a few other prickly things…like my dad. There’s also an old windmill foundation, and fruit trees.

    We could put everyone up in my grandma’s old place (well, only the Wraith actors…and they’d have to stay in full costume…thatwouldbeinthecontractsomewhere). Mom’s a great cook, she’d be happy to cater everything. My sister would even come up and help…as long as Jason’s on the set. She’s SO shallow. 🙄 Everyone else can stay at the hotel where my husband works – Oprah just stayed there, so I’m SURE it’s good enough for a bunch’a lowly sci fi geeks!

    Here on the ‘set’, we have loads of sheet metal, so you can make all your models and stuff…and ductwork. If anyone knows how to repair air conditioners…we might even give them a job. We have beaches nearby, a state park, a zoo, sport fishing, horse-drawn carriages, gourmet restaurants, a Victorian town, the boardwalk – with amusment rides – and Atlantic City less than an hour away. Heck, it’s BETTER than Vegas here! And best of all – what happens in my backyard STAYS in my backyard…especiallyifit’stallgreenandhandsome – thatwouldbeinthecontractsomewhere,too! 😉

    So, no worries. We’ll find a place to film the movie, even if we fans have to rent out our backyards.

    (Just NO hoggin’ the bathrooms!)


  69. Sorry to hear you are not feeling too swift. The crud is attacking to many of us on the blog…me too.

    No solution to your little bow-wows barfs, but please do ensure you wash thoroughly; otherwise, chance for germs you know.

    For author suggestions, I have two. I have not kept up with either so do not know if they are considered well known or not.

    Russell Lutz – who penned the IOTA Cycle, has just announced a new book. Department of Off World Affairs. Now that sounds cool.
    A link for him is:

    Kenneth Tam – author of a number of Science Fiction books.
    The Human Equation
    The Alien Equation
    The Renegade Equation
    The Earther Equation
    The Rogue Commodore
    The Almost Coup
    The Genesis Equation
    The Hawke Mission
    The Independent Squadron
    The Gallant Few
    The Jupiter Patrol
    The Sinope Affair
    The Dark Cruise
    The Vengeance Equation
    The Grasslands
    The Nemesis Equation
    The Canary Wars
    The Forge Fires


  70. Might be good to find out if anyone in the neighborhood passed away recently. Dogs will bark at eyesight level at another dog ghost, but if they are barking upwards at nothing then it’s probably a human ghost. Maybe you’ll get fun loving Irish ghosts like in “High Spirits.”

    If the ghosties keep bothering the pups then you might try a mild excorcism; you’ll need a few candles, an encantation to banish ghosts and many, many martinis. This is best done with friends, lots of food and of of course more drinks.

  71. What on earth possesses people with normally above average intelligence to go the “cupped hand” route upon hearing that Hunh! Hunh! sound?! Trust me, it never works, you are left with more than a handful of mess, & then unable to do anything but sit there & wonder what to do next, now that you are unable to use the cupped hands for anything else!

    Been there, done that, ew.

    Feel better.

    (Does anyone ever read this far down in the comments?)

  72. For some reason, questions are popping into my head today. I hope they haven’t been answered multiple times, but apologies if they have:

    What do you think happened to Col. Everett after he returned to Earth?

    What happened to the research team they were going to check on in “The Shrine”?

    Has anything been said (on the show) about Caldwell’s absence? Is he still commanding the Daedalus but we just haven’t seen him?

  73. @ Jinx – I can’t speak for anyone else, but I usually at least ‘skim read’ all comments (I sometimes miss some now and then, especially when Joe’s approving them). I comment on a few, but sometimes want to comment on many more – I just don’t since…ya know…not my blog.

    That said, I totally agree with you about the ‘cupped hand’. When my cats start making pukey noises, I grab ’em and stick ’em on the tile or hardwood floors. NO WAY would I ever consider catching it. *gags*

    Of course, I came home tonight to find a lovely mess of kitty barf on the rug. Fortunately, it’s just a small rug, and it’s going right into the washer – or trash. I need a new one anyway…perferrably one that’s the shade of half-digested Cat Chow, and furballs.



  74. Jinx wrote in Message #79:

    (Does anyone ever read this far down in the comments?)

    With very few exceptions, I read every comment. I skim those about books I’ve not read and episodes/movies I’ve not seen. And, at my mother and sister’s insistence, I skipped a couple of days of comments right after the cancellation was announced. (They said I was already upset enough.) Otherwise, if you write it, I read it.

    Anne Teldy

  75. Jinx, I’ll third Das and Teldy. I usually try to glance at the comments once in the morning, and at a minimum when I log in for the evening. If Mallozzi has already posted a new blog, I will read the old comments first. So don’t feel bad about being down on the list. Your comments are duly noted.

  76. So Joe, it appears there is such a thing as Doggy Barf Karma.

    I obviously didn’t show enough sympathy towards you and your vomit catching. I walk into my lounge after logging off yesterday afternoon to my Kelpie giving me the “I’m sorry Mum” look while sitting next to a nice patch of soaked in bile on the rug. Who needs kids hey? … or carpet.

    We removed most of our carpet after the Ridgeback x Bullmastiff was a puppy. He came home from major surgery after eating four corn cobs and following his first major meal in 2 weeks did the projectile diarrhoea in the room at the back of the house, scared himself literally sh&*less, and proceeded to continue to projectile right through the house. You just don’t recover from such a cleanup effort. EVER.

    Maybe I shouldn’t hit Submit Comment on this one… oops!

  77. Very sad day. You know that’s it, once they’ve smashed up the sets. Universe is moving in.

    I’m glad you’ve been doing your sets videos Joe, gives us something to remember.


  78. Hi Joe,

    Sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling very well! Feel better soon! Your dog’s were sick too! Very curious! It’s probably gonna be one of those unsolved mysteries or an X file. Then again my sister in-laws blue cattle dog was sick yesterday! So I ran for the roll of paper towels & chucked it on it. Then got the mop!
    I have a 5 day weekend! Yay! Then another weeks time I have hol’s for 2 weeks. Then i’m off to melbourne to see David Hewlett, Michael Shanks & Andee Frizzell! I’m so stoked!

    Hopefully I can visit your blog alot more! Its a great place to hang out!

    I love seeing piccies of your doggies! There are very cute!

    It’s a scorcher outside today 38c here in Sydney! I dislike the hot weather!

    Take care & happiness always!

  79. @ Narelle from Aus:
    …He came home from major surgery after eating four corn cobs and following his first major meal in 2 weeks did the projectile diarrhoea in the room at the back of the house, scared himself literally sh&*less, and proceeded to continue to projectile right through the house.

    OMG the visual I got from that had me giggle-snorting for several minutes! 😀

  80. Cathie said:

    I have a 5 day weekend! Yay! Then another weeks time I have hol’s for 2 weeks. Then i’m off to melbourne to see David Hewlett, Michael Shanks & Andee Frizzell! I’m so stoked!

    Yeah I’m looking forward to Armageddon as well. It’s going to be a blast. Anyone else here going?

    Cheers, Chev

  81. susiekew – I’m glad there is laughter from the pain.

    Chev – I’m thinking about going. Hubby won’t go with me as he fears he may be taken by the power of the “dork” side.

    Jinx – yes there are those of us that read all.

  82. Ditto again what Das, Anne, Thornyrose and Sylvia said – I read just about every comment written, although I read them the day after being in the UK and am usually bleary eyed from either a)too much of the fizzy on a night out with the ‘boys’, b) too much fizzy from a night in with the ‘boys’ or c) too much fizzy from a night in with my imagination and my wee kitties.

  83. Hope you’re feeling better Joe. Nothing like curling up in bed with Stargate, Stargate Atlantis, Star Trek Enterprise marathon and my bird on my shoulder to help me feel better, whom I would love to be home with right now, since she has had another seizure, I’m worried about her.

    Tho, those darn cute puppies how could you not feel better with those guys around? Drink lots of fluids, rest and vitamin c, feel better

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