Not long after posting yesterday’s blog entry announcing next month’s Book of the Month Club selections, I was contacted by writer John Twelve Hawks via a third party. I have to admit that, given the mystery, speculation, and wild internet rumors surrounding the author (, I was surprised to hear from him. And even more surprised to have him accept my invitation to join us for a Q&A on The Traveler when discussion on the book begins the week of October 27th. Well, his identity may be shrouded in secrecy but, judging from his website and the message he sent me, one thing is clear: JXIIH is an extremely well-informed, intellectually provocative man/woman/automated response unit. He offered up the following link, as an example of a website inspired by some of the ideas expressed in The Traveler. Along similar lines, you can check out JXIIH’s official website over at: Interesting, no? Pick up The Traveler and prepare for what should be a very interesting discussion.

I also heard back from author David Anthony Durham who kindly agreed to make time for us when his book, Acacia, comes up for discussion the week of Novemer 3rd. The fact that he built his reputation on the strength of his historical novels makes Acacia, his foray into epic fantasy, particularly intriguing. And, just as a side note, the feedback I’ve heard from people who have met and talked with him at his various convention appearances indicate he’s an extremely affable guy. You can check out David’s blog here:

Finally, one of the most celebrated and prolific authors of the horror genre, Brian Lumley, will also be stopping by to field reader questions and queries when his book, Necroscope, comes up for discussion the week of November 10th. For an overview of the author, his work, and updated news, head on over to: And be sure to check out the Frequently Asked Questions for some interesting reading.

For those of you who may have missed it, the world did not end today as some had feared. To the disappointment of more than a few, our planet was not swallowed up by a black hole when CERN flipped the switch on its Large Hadron Collider. Or, I assume it didn’t because, as my friend Lawren pointed out, we could well have been sucked up and transported to an alternate but near identical universe and we’d be none the wiser. To be honest, I was reminded it was happening today and I momentarily feared the worst when it appeared as though physical objects had begun to pop out of existence – but it turned out I’d simply forgotten my camera and laptop in the trunk of my car. Intrigued by the doomsayers who predicted the galactic apocalypse (not so much their theories but their post-much-ado-about-nothing takes on the big non-event), I did a little research and was disappointed to discover that some have not so much changed their tune as, oh, slightly altered it. Apparently, according to them, the end of days will not be immediate. Some “experts” claim it may take up to four years for Earth to experience the planet-killing repercussions of this most heinous of scientific experiments. Four years! That should put the apocalypse sometime in 2012…which just so happens to be the end of the Ancient Mayan calendar! Coincidence? Maybe. Until you factor in Nostradamus!

Nostradamus was a 16th century astronomer/astrologer whose astonishingly accurate prophecies have astounded septics and skeptics alike. Among his famous fulfilled prophecies:

The blood of the just will be demanded of London,
Burnt by the fire in the year 66

 – Predicted the fire of London on September 2, 1666.

Before the war comes,
the great wall will fall,
The King will be executed, his death coming too soon will be lamented.
(The guards) will swim in blood,
Near the River Seine the soil will be bloodied.

– Predicted the storming of the Bastille and the French Revolution.

The year 1999 seven month,
From the sky will come a great King of terror:
To bring back to life the great King of Angolmois, (the Mongols),
Before after Mars to reign by good luck

– Predicted the 1999 MTV premiere of the Tom Green Show that launched the career of the execrable comedian.

The Eastern kings shall carry out the Divine Justice.
Turkey shall be devastated.

– Predicted the Boston Red Sox capturing the 2007 NL East pennant and then devastating perennial MLB turkeys The Cleveland Indians enroute to winning the World Series.

And here’s what Nostradamus had to say about what sounds suspiciously like the Hadron Collider:

Every night in my dreams
I see you, I feel you,
That is how I know you go on

Far across the distance
And spaces between us
You have come to show you go on

Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more you open the door
And you’re here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on


Scary, no?

Today’s pic: Hey, check out the uplifting signage a secret admirer left for us last week.

Today’s video: Let’s continue our tour of the FX Stage with our host, Carl Binder. 

100 thoughts on “September 9, 2008: John Twelve Hawks Makes Contact, David Anthony Durham Accepts Our Invitation, Brian Lumley Is In, CERN Destroys the Planet (Eventually), and the FX Stage Tour Part II.

  1. Thanks for the update and humor Joe, as always you crack me up!

    For those who did not see it…

    Okay, so some of you have voiced your frustration with not having Nielsen boxes and you are looking to make a difference; well here is a link to their web site where you can send them an email where you can be picked to participate in their research.

    Under Special Focus, Want your voice heard… there is a pdf file which states the following:

    Thank you for your interest in Nielsen!
    While we’d like to accept volunteers for our traditional TV panels, we are unable to do so. To include volunteers would violate basic laws of random sampling practice and skew our results. A truly representative sample of the population can only be generated using statistical methods of selection.

    However, there are other ways for you to participate in Nielsen research. They include:

    -Participate in our soon-to-launch website, Coming later this year, is an interactive and fun environment where you can provide feedback on your favorite entertainment (tv, movies, etc). Nielsen, in turn, may share it with the companies responsible for those entertainment products. Furthermore, users who give rich, insightful, and frequent feedback may be asked to participate in other surveys and webcam interviews for tv movies, and commercials.

    -Other Nielsen surveys on consumer goods and services.

    Are you interested in being contacted about these opportunities?
    Send us your email address! Nielsen will contact you shortly.

    I don’t how if there is enough time to make a difference for SGA, but you never know until you try!

  2. If you do’t mind could you please take pics at the wrap party of EVERYONE?

  3. I remember that part of the Blade3 set, wasn’t it the office building they had all the fight scenes in towards the end?

    When filming finishes in a few days, what are the chances of seeing these sets again, but with all the lights on?

  4. Ah, Nostradamus, ever the satirical guy. So, after reading your blog and reading about all the books I should be reading, I went out and bought Old Man’s War, Once Bitten Twice Shy by Jennifer Rardin (have you heard of it? I think it might be slightly more ‘girlish’, but seemed funny), and I bought the Princess Bride. Granted, I have never seen the movie, but I wanted to read the book. I ended up buying the 30th edition, the good parts version with the Buttercup’s Baby chapter. Is this better than the unabridged? I’ve tried to remember what you’ve said about it, but so far I’m enjoying it immensly. Also, I really loved Whispers, I thought it was just the right amount of creepy, especially the scene with Carson and the ‘creature’. I liked seeing the behind the scenes video you put up, it gave me a better appreciation for the scene. Finally, any chance that after Brain Trust airs you could have Bill Nye or Neil deGrasse Tyson do a guest blog? Or even Dave Foley? I would love to pick their brains at some point, seeing as how Bill Nye made me become a Science Major. Thanks!!

  5. Hi Joe!

    That last “prediction by Nostrodamus” was the Scariest. One. Ever.

    Y’know what would’ve made it scarier? If someone set that terrible prediction to music.

    And what could be worse? If a…uh…how do I say this without getting killed?…person who (over)performs songs given to her (or him!) by people who work in a corporate record company (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) to appeal to the lowest common denominator, er, most people!!

    LOVE this last set visit! Great spin at the top of the stairs, Joe! It’s so cool to me to see the sets when they are naked, er, undressed. Makes me feel naughty. 😉

    So…the world didn’t end today? Good. Gives me a chance to get some lovin’ tonight. 😀

    The only thing holding me back from freakin’ out over SGA’s cancellation is the potential Season 8 of Trailer Park Boys. I need somethin’ Canadian in my viewing schedule, eh?!

    Here’s to hoping Hurricane Ike doesn’t do too much more damage!!!


  6. Heh. That’s the funny thing about so many so-called prophecies. It’s only after the fact that people can look on them and go, “So, that’s what he was talking about,” and what good is that to anyone? (Of course, from a literary standpoint, that’s a large part of what makes them so fun.)

    At first I thought you were serious…. then I read on and can’t stop laughing!!!!
    Thanks for the vid!!!

  8. Actually the end of the Earth is still possible…the CERN beam won’t take place for another 4 hours yet. 😀

    10th September 2008 – 9am CEST (GMT+2)

    I loved your comments about Nostradamus, too funny!

  9. Woot!!!

    My heart will go on, in spite of the Large Hadron Collider and CERN!!!

  10. Love the sign, sums it up.

    I am all for the near alternate universe theory if the world ends soon. In our alternate universe we go to, SGA was not canceled.

    Hey that last prediction sounds a little like the theme to the Titanic (lol).

  11. Great news on the John Twelve Hawks contact. By any chance is all this labor in getting us authors to question netting you any free books? You certainly earn them.
    I hope you get to step out and see the Atlantis fans who are planning to show up on Friday. If I could get off work early enough I’d consider catching a flight just to join the fun/protest. Alas, I can only be there in spirit.
    Thank you for the brilliant interpretations of the Nostradamus stanzas. Your many talents continue to amaze your faithful readers. Give our thanks to Mr. B. also, for his patience in serving as guide on the tours.

  12. “The Large Hadron Collider — a huge particle accelerator spanning the border between Switzerland and France deep underground — will be turned on tomorrow by CERN — Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire, or the European Agency for Nuclear Research. View a live webcast of the event at 4 a.m. Eastern Time Sept. 10, at:

    So, not dead yet 😉

  13. Oooh!!! I’m excited that John Twelve Hawks is coming… now I just hope I can get my hands on a copy of The Traveler in time!!!

    Thanks for the amazing set tours!!!! It really helps us appreciate just how much work everybody does behind-the-scenes to make the final product look so awesome!!!

    Lol I can’t wait for remote control cars =)

  14. While speaking to a friend online I decided to fill in the gaps in the conversation with actually reading all of the comments on I’ll never be the same again.

    Finally reaching comment 2300-and something my thoughts turned from “Hey, these comments are pretty funny”, to “Oh my, we have a real problem here”.

    I cannot correctly express in comprehensible sentences the overwhelming desire I have to go and smack an awful lot of people over the head with a book, which is not a religious text, in the hope they learn something. How do these people function in society? Science is evil? Hey, stop using that microwave? How’s your cold? Travelled anywhere at all not by foot?

    So that was the religious nuts.

    Then came the World Hunger nuts.

    Then the political right-wing vs left-wing nuts.

    It was a miasma of assorted nuts!

    I’m not scared about CERN blowing us all up, I’m more worried about the people that are here on this planet, right now!

    The way I look at it, an organisation would not put the entire planet at risk unless it was already at risk due to something with no solution. I mean if we are all going to get sucked into Hell I’m sure there’s going to be lots of lawyers so the last thing CERN would want is a whopping lawsuit.

    Joe, did you notice how over the course of 100 comments the chances of us behind blown up went from 1 in 50 million to a fifty/fifty chance? Hahahahahahaha. Sorry.

  15. Joe, if I die with My Heart Will Go On stuck in my head as it is right now, I will traverse dimensions, track you down and make you suffer as you are making me suffer now.

  16. A blog dedication, please, to those affected by and providing disaster relief all along the path of Hurricane Ike.

    Current NOAA forecast page:

    As of 2157 CT on Tues. 9/9, five-day prediction is that almost all of Texas will be affected by the weather. San Antonio is one of the inland “shelter cities”, but it’s also low-lying and prone to flash floods.

    Looks like I’ll be volunteering for this disaster response either with Red Cross or Animal Defense League (maybe both).

  17. Hey, Joe M – are you expecting to be bombarded blogwise re Remnants? If so, will you divulge? Hm? The stills really do say a lot alongside TPTB-type slips and hints… so, ultimately, my q. basically is re Sheppy – does he come out psychologically intact? I want my cocky flyboy back! Er, um – gimme!
    I’ll settle for a freebee re the next con JF is in! 😀
    Thank you in advance.
    I await.
    I await.
    Oooh! How I await.
    Still awaiting…

  18. I’m excited about John Twelve Hawks! I haven’t read science fiction in a long time but have heard a lot about him and his books. It will be amazing to read him on your blog! He doesn’t grant interviews often.

    These tour videos are so much fun. They make me miss Atlantis even more. You guys are not getting rid of the sets are you? Won’t you need them for the movie?

  19. I’m all for the alternate but near identical universe. It could have happened today since I just got hired for a new job at Starbucks after three months of nothing. I think Martin Gero and Kate Hewlett would be proud. I remember Martin saying in a commentary that he used to work at a Starbucks and David said that Kate once did too. I start on Monday at our local Starbucks. Wish me luck.

  20. Participate in our soon-to-launch website, Coming later this year, is an interactive and fun environment where you can provide feedback on your favorite entertainment (tv, movies, etc). Nielsen, in turn, may share it with the companies responsible for those entertainment products. Furthermore, users who give rich, insightful, and frequent feedback may be asked to participate in other surveys and webcam interviews for tv movies, and commercials.

    The Hey! Nielsen website is up and running here. They keep monkeying with their rating systems but it is up and working.

    Anne Teldy

  21. Oh, good. I was a little behind on the whole French Swiss Whooptygig of Doom. I’m glad I didn’t miss the end of the world. I’d have never heard the end of that.

    @Gilder…I’ll be keeping Texas in my thoughts. I’ve got several friends down there and my sister just moved there a couple of months ago. Bless you volunteers. You guys do amazing work.

  22. Hey Joe!

    Whoo, also can’t forget that the Large Hadron Collider may prove to be a monetary loss/win for Stephen Hawking!

    “Renowned British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking has bet £50 the mega-experiment will not find the elusive particle seen as the holy grail of cosmic science. “I think it will be much more exciting if we don’t find the Higgs. That will show something is wrong, and we need to think again. I have a bet of 100 dollars that we won’t find the Higgs,” said Prof Hawking. ” – Wikipedia

    We shall see! 😀

    – Enzo Aquarius

  23. To me there is nothing funnier than apocolyptic warnings. Except for maybe the people that believe them. Though sarcastic belief can be entertaining. Take my philosophy professor for example, who said today that he was not going to assign homework for Thursday as he would not want to make us spend our last days doing something that we would never get the chance to hand in.

    I’m also excited for The Traveler. If I get the time to read it this month, that is.

  24. AV Eddy said:

    Rock on, Narelle. Make him suffer for us all. Rock on.

    I figure if I just keep on posting that will be torture enough. The rambling anecdotes, poorly constructed sentences, misuse and misspelling of words, not to mention my lack of proof reading before hitting Submit, it must drive Joe nuts!

    But, I do have a secret weapon should that not work. Mr Mallozzi may not be aware that I have quite the repertoire of Beatles songs sitting in my head, just waiting for the right moment.

    So, Mr Mallozzi, you have been warned. Should you decide to post another verse from such a song as My Heart Will Go On, or any other from the Celine Dion or Mariah Carey discography I will unleash verse after verse of Beatles on you.

  25. in case your path does not cross mine tomorrow on the lot, I happen to know someone whose birthday is tomorrow wednesday september 10th: Feliz Cumplé Carolina 🙂

    ps: hope you guys got a vid of the village set before they took it apart!

  26. I’m so glad to see that you give Nostradamus’ “predictions” about as much credit as I do. I mean, seriously, anyone can take those and translate them (AFTER THE FACT) to mean just about anything! I have about as much faith in those as I did in Jean Dixon’s predictions of the ’60s.

    Happy Happy Joy Joy for me! with the addition of Brian Lumley’s work for the next BotMC. So far, not finding Black Company as engrossing as I’d hoped it would be. Maybe it just takes time to get warmed up; I’m only 50 pages in, after all.

    Well, off to do my homework for Tax School… Read ya later!

  27. Just to add here…CERN not turned on until this morning…UK time 08.30 will be live on our BBC Breakfast news…just had Stephen Hawking reasurring everyone that we will not be disappearing down a black hole…LOL…

    Take Care

    Kriss 🙂

  28. PMSL! Cheers for putting the world back into its usually skewed perspective Joe.
    I’m watching out for unexplained quasars and black holes popping up in the weirdest places just to make my life more strange and interesting and possibly provide an explanation as to the whereabouts of all those odd socks and misplaced doohickeys.
    Thanks also for reminding me about the 2012 Mayan thing as well Oh the fun I’ve had with that when people get all weirdy and apocalyptic all over the place as I point out to them that Hey they had to finish up SOMEWHERE or else there would still be a little man sat in his loincloth chipping away as I type. Besides there’s only SO much you can get on a rock!
    I’m off to make some room in the outhouses to put the dogs next week when the central heating is installed so if the end of the world IS nigh then could it please happen BEFORE I get shit done cuz I don’t want to waste precious time:P

  29. Nice sign.

    I wonder who could’ve possibly made that, drove to Bridge Studios on Friday morning, talked to the security guard so as to let him/her plant it into the ground, only to have it moved to the security gates themselves when he/she checked the scene after his/her day at UBC, making him/her extremely joyful, and stuff.

    Whoever made that, be certain that it’s a sentiment shared by many, many fans. In fact, it should be considered as being from all fans. That’s probably why it was made to be anonymous.

    Speaking of UBC, extremely evil amounts of schoolwork has prevented me from reading this blog for the last 4 days or so, because I’ve been prevented from watching Whispers! Thus, I can’t risk reading the blog posts, nor the comments, because of spoilers! IT’S HORRIBLE!!!

    But anyway, just to let you know I’m still here, in the form of an extremely-squashed University student buried under a ton of readings. Hopefully I’ll be able to clear up some time and watch Whispers (and then catch up on all these posts and comments), which got my heart pumping just from a random 4 seconds of Beckett in a shack or something, waiting for…something. So, you know, can’t wait!!

  30. I’ve just experienced a pain worse that no Stargate Atlantis, and that is having “My heart will go on” stuck in my head ALL day long! *laugh* Help Me!!

    I can see the headlines now.

    World Destroyed by Large Black hole created by the CERN Experiment.

    In other news, multiple stargate atlantis fans jumped off cliffs in an effort to get Celine Dion’s overplayed, overused song out of their heads. 😉

    In stranger news, Stephan Hawking has actually bet money on the world not ending. Still, no word on who actually took such a bet, or how they plan on spending it if they actually won.

  31. Oh yeah, they’re switching on the LHC today (Wednesday)Just about to watch the switch on LIVE…..

  32. I’ve been catching up on your tours, and I can’t tell you how important your video’s of the sets, the feelings, everything that you have been doing throughout the years in documenting the show is, although I think you may already know.

    Film and television history is so quickly forgotten and lost. And SG1 and SGA are an incredibly important part of SciFi history.

    Another volunteer project I’m working on through the National Park Service, is trying to document the film and television history of Franklin Canyon in LA. It’s interesting, but also terribly frustrating as so much information has literally been thrown away.

    That’s why what you’re doing is so crucial, especially as the show winds down. Even documenting the props was really great. But especially your interviews with the crew have been so enlightening and important, and I don’t think this has ever been done before.

    Will you at some point in time put together your footage of all the locations, sets, plus the scripts and information on the cast and crew you have into some type of library for the show?

  33. Joe! I got it!

    Ok, idea for SGU that, if possible even remotely perhaps a suggestion could be passed along….. oh brother, right? well hear me out please 😀

    Episode: Critical Mass. It has to be one of my top three favorite episodes of the entire Startgate franchise. The others is The Fifth Race, and now The Shrine has recently edged out another episode. The music along side the flow of stargate episodic movements was just the icing on the cake of stargate. When Tayla was singing the song during the most critical moments of Atlantis and her crew. It was, I have to say, one of the more emotionally charged moments in the episodes. It played out like an extremely good movie.

    It has that fresh and new flavor that I think Stargate Universe could use and still be awesome. Yes, for a younger audience. It would be a way to do it without actually dumbing down Stargate, which is what all of us (young and old) are afraid of.

    Adding some pageantry via some musical numbers (singing or no) like Critical Mass, and keeping in with would be a neat new addition and edge. Considering the theme, it sounds like frontiersy music would be good like Tayla’s number.

    I mentioned this to a friend and he said that is kind of like Firefly. Well if the shoe fits, and it ain’t on Fox. Why not?

  34. The LHC switch on happened about 18 minutes ago, while I was reading this blog. So any minute now, we may well a l l b e c a u g h t i n t h e e v n t h o r i s o n.

  35. To be fair the LHC is still not at the energies reached by the last experiment. In fact before they get near the apparently doomsday energies they will shut it down for xmas and restart in the spring. So we are all safe for a while yet!

  36. Nostradamus wrote My Heart Will Go On? That explains a lot…

    I am very intrigued to have this mysterious author answer our Q&A. Should be fun.

  37. Yeah, now I have that bloody Celine Dion song stuck in my head on an endless loop. Thanks so much for that!

    And, woo, the BOTM just keeps getting better!

  38. Hej Joe!
    Just watched “The Dark Knight” in Hamburg/Germany in English – excellent movie. Have you watched it ?/ Your opinion ?

    Vi ses…

  39. Hi again Mr M!

    The set tour is great! Intriguing about John Twelve Hawks. Will def get the book and read it for the BOTM.

    Daedalus Variations aired here last night. What an awesome episode!! Hats off to all involved..particularly to Alan McCullough.

    Best to all


  40. Mornin’, Joe

    Well.. we’re still here. Or at least, I think I am. And if not, this coffee tastes quite delicious and i’ll be having another mug of it once I can get my ascended backside into the kitchen to brew it.

    I like the thinking behind the alternate universe scenario, but being an Engineer, I also like to see the mathematics in an argument before deciding which soapbox to sit on. As luck would have it, I remembered just the equation needed to fortify my mind and win over the millions who may, or may not, be sat at home and worrying about the impending end of life as we know it. It’s plain. It’s simple. And for those who don’t quite understand.. they’re probably better off thinking the day is about to be swallowed up by an infinity of nothingness:

    “It is known that there are an infinite number of worlds, simply because there is an infinite amount of space for them to be in. However, not every one of them is inhabited. Therefore, there must be a finite number of inhabited worlds. Any finite number divided by infinity is as near to nothing as makes no odds, so the average population of all the planets in the Universe can be said to be zero. From this it follows that the population of the whole Universe is also zero, and that any people you may meet from time to time are merely the products of a deranged imagination.”

    (D. Adams – Writer, Genial Mathematician, Celebrated Scientist and Tyrant of Dry Sarcasm)

    And with that, I can sit back to drink my coffee in the peaceful knowledge that I am merely deranged and thus, only imagine myself to be so. Sometimes, I love the simplicity life affords us.

    Interesting to hear about the impending Q&A on ‘The Traveler’. As per usual, I wish I could join in, but shall content myself with sitting back and skirting through the summary. Perhaps with all the alternate realities, parallel universes, small black holes and other nominal changes in weather patterns over the coming weeks, I can finally teach Jenks to read his way through a book. The only problem I forsee with such an endeavour, is the translation from brogue Doggy into variant Yorkshire slang. I fear his thick Labrador accent might undermine the original content somewhat.

  41. *cough* not to be rude in correcting or anything, but the Red Sox play in the AL, not the NL.

    and that’s all.

    I’m still sad about the end of the show, though.

  42. Hey there again Mr M.

    Have just been reading the interview you gave with SG1 Solutions, I particularly like the critque re: The Games :

    JM :
    As for the ridiculously wide variety of events… Seriously, at this point, it feels as though they’re just making stuff up. Fastwalking? Ping Pong? How about rock, paper, scissors or maybe duck, duck, goose? And while I know they have a lengthy Olympic tradition, do we really need the discus, hammer throw, AND the shot put? I mean, what the hell else can you throw?

    Did I not mention Ireland took gold at the RPS Championships??

    Ya see!! Now, if we could just get the Olympic Council to see this made official…. I can count on your support…right?


    PS : Approaching 3 Million hits eh? Hats off! Well done! Regular readers will not be at all surprised. Well done and thank you!

  43. I seem to remember someone said that the panda shirt wasn’t Joe’s. Check this out at Flickr.

    Now I know that Joe wears stuff from the show ie. Sheppard’s watch, but did he take this home too?

    Nice photo, nice T.

    Cheers, Chev

  44. Thanks for more videos & the Dobyns Q&A, great stuff

    Once again interesting set of BOTM, I will definitely try to get to them. Ditto on J12H.

    I’m only good at near event prophesy, that is, I can only predict what will happen within a few hours. Such as, “Around the 10th hour of a day, writings will be brought.”

    I wouldn’t call it uplifting but re: the thoughtful fan posted signage
    “Pedestrians Please Use Sidewalk” – obviously a subtle warning to watch out for more aggressive fans in vehicles
    “All Vehicles Subject to Search” – another subtle warning that more aggressive fans may carjack looking for mementos.
    Please be careful.

  45. Hey Joe,

    So this was one of your more interesting posts…

    Wouldn’t it be really, REALLY weird if John Twelve Hawks turned out to be Barbara Bush?

    I’m just sayin’…

    And I think the next time I see you in person I’m going to have you THUNK YOU ON THE HEAD Mr!!!

    Just when I’ve gotten all memory of that STUPID, HORRID, AWFUL movie out of my head you bring it all back with that equally STUPID, HORRID, AWFUL song. Ugh!

    @Narelle: I really appreciate your efforts to irritate Joe. Right now I’m trying to think of anything else to fill my head. Like the My Little Pony’s song.

    @wraithfodder: October 21st you say? That’s my parents’ wedding anniversary. 😯 Also, I think I’ll be out in California visiting my in-laws. Sooo… in a way, for me at least, the world WILL be ending. Or I’ll at least WISH it was ending. 🙄

    @Narelle: And one more thing…

    In the town where I was born, lived a man who sailed to sea.
    And he told us of his life in the land of submarines.
    So we sailed unto the sun til we found the sea of green.
    And we lived beneath the waves in our yellow submarine.

    We all live in a yellow submarine.
    Yellow submarine.
    Yellow submarine.

    We all live in a yellow submarine.
    Yellow submarine.
    Yellow submarine.

    …. oh that is SO MUCH better. Thanks for the brilliant idea. 😆

  46. I knew it!

    Celine Dion totally stole the lyrics of her “big hit” from Nostradamus, I guess she figured he wouldn’t be sueing her for copyright infringement since he’s been dead for many hundreds of years.

    Well Ms Dion, If thats even your real name and not another thing you stole, You just got busted!

    On a more serious note though,

    Ehm… Yeah, I got nothing.

    And so endeth my post.

  47. Coucou^^! Sa va Joseph =) Moi? la forme^^!

    Aujourd’hui sort en France stargate continuum, je devrais le recevoir demain =)!! Vous savez quoi? 7 jour avant sa sorti il était numéro 1 des vente de dvd sur amazone France^^!!

    Ahhhh j’ai appris la nouvelle ce matin!!!! Lance is back!!!! Ouiii!!!!! le grand Lance Armstrong!! Prêt pour gagner une 8ieme fois le tour de France!! je ne vais pas raté sa!!

    Aller bisou, je vous adore!! Bonne journée♥

  48. Hey Joe!

    Just heard another radio news article about the Hadron Collider. They mentioned “exotic particles,” which reminded me of Trinity and McKay & Mrs. Miller.

    Do you think we’ll open an interdimensional wormhole to the real Stargate program operating in the Pegasus galaxy?


  49. I had no idea that Celine Dion was Nostradamus reincarnated! You learn something new everyday.

    Seriously; I was reading that out loud to my Mum and I burst into such hysterical laughter that I just couldn’t speak anymore. I really really do love your sense of humour sometimes.

  50. I’m really enjoying the set tours. Carl could get a job as a tour guide if he doesn’t get picked up for GUS. I’m just wondering, do you work on this show? Seems like there’s an awful lot you don’t know about the sets etc. Carl seems to know more than just the episodes he’s written. What gives Joe?

    Also, did we see the corridor with the balcony from Doppelganger where Lorne pulls a gun on Sheppard?

    Shouldn’t you both be wearing hard hats? You do seem to attract falling things. Hope the head feels better. Permission not to think for the rest of the day.

    Cheers, Chev

  51. Every time I see the part from the Blade Trinity set I really want to watch Blade Trinity again. And every time I see Blade Trinity I really want to watch Conversion (I remember the running scene on the bridgey thing). Ah, the ties that bind. That’s two titles..Though the last one doesn’t really but makes sense but could if you stretched it. Ya know? I wonder how many Stargate SG-1/Atlantis titles you could work into one blog…?

  52. Hi Joe, My question is in relation to the pre-existing cast selections for SGU. What are your thoughts on given the cross overs ability, in SGU which cast to use, if not a combination of both. Of course there are reasons ie) Science/McKay/Carter.
    Do you think there would ever be a problem there or would it just be a “circumstansive dependent” thing.

  53. Wow..I realize a sentence of mine is somewhat confusing. Let me clear it up.

    Before: “Though the last one doesn’t really but makes sense but could if you stretched it.”

    After: “Thought, the last one doesn’t really fit but could make sense if you stretched it.”

  54. I’ve just read your interview at Stargate Solutions and was disappointed at your comment that there is likely to be some kind of crossover element in the SGA film. Although I have always thought it inevitable that if the films continue to be made crossovers would happen, and I’m perfectly happy with that being the case, I am saddened that you intend to bring SG1 characters into Atlantis’s first movie. Even now its seems Atlantis isn’t allowed out of SG1’s shadow and I’m speaking as someone who loves SG1.

    I’m sure you’re sitting there rolling your eyes at yet another fan overreacting without knowing all the facts and there is probably some truth in that. I also know that things are far from being set in stone at this point and you’re in the early stages of planning the movie but I hope you can understand where my feelings of disappointment are coming from right now.

  55. Well two weeks after they were saying that Gus was on her way to being cured she looked at me and said that she needed to go. I ignored her for two days but she became more withdrawn and yesterday with a very heavy heart and with my sister by my side we helped her pass. In that terrible moment she left us with one gift—she stuck her tongue out at us…she answered my request right before to let me see her tongue. My sister was a pillar of strength in all this.
    Thank you all again for your help and suggestions.

  56. Ack!! The Hadron Collider of Doom works!!! There’s a black hole forming even now – under my dresser!! It’s getting bigger!!! Ack! ACK! It just sucked in a sock!! Aaaiiiieeee!! There goes another one!! *flails arms and runs in circles* Help, help!! It’’s…oh.

    It’s just a dust bunny. Heh. My bad. 😳

    @ Trish – Yo, babe! I’m not dead yet! (*insert MPatHG ‘Bring out your dead’ scene here). 😉

    My problem with ‘crushes’ is that – right now – I’m multicrushing…Wolvie, Nuada, Steve, Todd…and all their buddies. At least none of them are real, and – believe it or not – I REALLY am more intrigued by their personality than their appearance (afterall, at 5’3″ and covered with hair, Wolverine isn’t exactly attractive – he’s more like a furry fireplug).

    Appearance – like the lovely white hair of the Wraith and Nuada – is eye-catching, but good looks on a bland character doesn’t work for me. In many cases, it’s the personality that really makes the character beautiful, as is the case with Steve. He was so poised, so sure of his own superiority and beauty, that he totally convinced me of it, too. With Todd, it’s his charm and his cleverness – coupled with such a commanding and masculine bearing – that makes him so appealing…almost like the old sea captain with the eye patch and the hook who you’d love to sit down and share stories with over a tot of rum, or three.

    But the underlying appeal with ALL Wraith is the fact that what they do is out of necessity due to their nature, their instinct to survive. And their more brutal ways are due to their brutal society – again, boiling down to survival. It takes them from being a black and white villain, to being something else…something that is maybe worth saving. It’s why I LOVE Nuada (a bad guy fighting for a good cause) and was not impressed with The Joker (a bad guy for the sake of being a bad guy – very one-dimensional). I just really love conflicted characters – ones who are not really good, or bad…and if they are ‘bad’, then they have a good reason for being so. That’s the real appeal.

    As far as Mr. Das goes, he’s a really good sport about it, since he realizes it’s just for funsies and I’m not out stalking actors or anything (he only worries about the money I spend on action figures and stuff. I don’t DARE tell him about the lovely Prince Nuada bust I have on order. 😛 ).

    Sadly, I didn’t know who Pierre Bernard was…so I googled him (he said it tickled!). I still don’t know who he is, but I don’t watch Conan. However, I can see the appeal…he seems like an adult, bald version of Urkel. Personally, I prefer Kevin Eubanks on Leno’s show. BUT, as with all things owned by that company, Leno and Eubanks will soon be out of a job, replaced by that younger Conan bunch.

    You know what’s really sad about that? For my entire life (almost literally), I have watched the Tonight Show. I love Johnny Carson, and had this godawful crush when I was about 5 on Tiny Tim, who was always on Carson’s show(yes – THAT Tiny Tim – it was his hair, I SWEAR!). My parents often let me stay up for the Tonight Show, and as I got older it became a staple for me…I just had to watch before going to bed. No one can replace Johnny, but Leno has done a decent job. However, I’m not at all impressed with Conan – he just doesn’t humor me at all…I don’t get that ‘look at me, I’m trying to be funny’ thing he does…lots of dead air on his show. And his hair? Totally NOT my thing. So, after all these years, I’ll be ‘retiring’ from the Tonight Show…probably for good. *sniffle* Heh…maybe I’ll start going to bed earlier, eh?


  57. Well it all went off without a hitch and it is on BBC News every hour with updates. I was just thinking I thought they had been doing this for years but it has taken 30 yrs to do this. That means I was 11 when it all started…WOW…well now we shall just have to see if we can get to interdimensional universes…LOL

    Kriss 🙂

  58. Hi Sir,

    I totally agree with you about Olympics Games ( Stagate Solution website and your Q&A session today ). Sorry for the athletes but, too much drugs, too much illegal substances etc. to believe in one record and too much money to believe in the juges.

  59. I’m sitting in an incredibly quiet office area and everyone is quietly ticking away on their keyboards, working in silence, no music… nuttin… and I’m bustin a gut over the Nostradamus “lyrics”. Who knew he was such a musical genius! And who knew you’d get such strange looks for laughing histerically to yourself, or eye rolls about the “new guy”.


    I have a question for the next mailbag, if you get a chance to respond.

    When the offworld teams dial Atlantis (unscheduled) and they use their IDC’s to identify themselves before the control room lowers the shield, how do they know when the sheild has been lowered and it’s safe to cross? Do the IDC’s receive some kind of green light to let them know the shield is down? Or do they just count to 10, take a deep breath, and hope no one fell asleep at the controls on the other side?

    Just curious!


  60. I live in France, so I’m primarly concerned with CERN LHC.

    It’s just a paper plenty of boysh**** those who tells it’s such a dangerous thing.

    Seriously, yes, it creates some singularity, but not even stable to have a duration more than a fraction second.

    Secondly, MIchel de Nostre-Dame, or Nostradamus, predicted lots of things, but some never happened.

    And for the end of the world in 2012; well, SGA is no longer on, so, never mind ^^

    Do you believe in that ? I hope not. I’m not judging, you think what you want, but it’s a sad thing that people are following ideas based upon… er, nothing… !

  61. Who knew that Celine Dion and Nostradamus had so much in common? 🙂

    On the supercollider front, I just read Joe Haldeman’s “Forever Peace”, and one of the plot points is a similar incident. Scarier for the political climate and cover up on top of the pending event.

  62. @das: as a former Johnny Carson lover (yes… me too!) I totally understand. Maybe it’s that pale, white, irish thing Conan and I have in common. He does make me laugh. As far as Pierre goes, he’s just so adorkable! Besides, he’s a fellow Stargate fan. When you googled him he said it tickled? Sounds like the Pierre I know and love. 😀 And Jeremy, too, knows it’s all in good fun. I think I’ve mentioned before that when I first got into Stargate Jeremy convinced himself that I was seriously crushing on RDA. (I TOTALLY wasn’t! He reminds me more of my dad than anyone else! Yeesh! Both don’t really say much but then they do it cracks me up.) Jeremy delt with THAT by buying me the first two seasons of MacGyver. 🙄 Those sat on my dresser for about four months before I FINALLY felt guilty enough to watch them. I was shocked and amazed at how many Stargate actors are in MacGyver epis! Including Chris Judge. So… BONUS! 😆

    In reality, when it comes down to it, Pierre is someone I’d consider a good friend who, occasionally, talks about marrying me. And he makes me feel like a pretty, pretty princess. (What?! I LIKE feeling like a pretty, pretty princess, mmKay?) He has a knack for hitting on women without it crossing the line or being pervy. It just makes everyone laugh. Like you said, it’s all for funsies.

    And BTW, I really get what you like about Todd. He’s an *outside the box* kinda thinker. You just HAVE to admire him for that if nothing else. But all the other stuff you said, too, *nods head in agreement* I really get that.

    I’m so glad we had this talk. 🙂

    One more thing… Das? You RULE!

  63. Hi Joe,

    I just read your Q&A on the Solution Blog and what I found interesting is your comment that there is likely to be a crossover with SG-1 (as limited as it might be) in the first SGA movie.

    Don’t get me wrong I like crossovers (and I love the SG-1 characters), but I’m not so thrilled with the idea of one in the first SGA movie. I’d love the movie to concentrate on the team (John, Rodney, Teyla and Ronon) and to give all of them plenty of screentime.

    SG-1 had 10 seasons and two movies on their own, doesn’t SGA deserve at least one movie to themselves?

    Maybe you guys could do one big epic Crossover movie in the future. 🙂

    Other then that great interview, and I’m looking forward to the next episode!


  64. Dear Joe

    a friend of mine does research at CERN – think I need to contact him to find out whether he ´s still there ; ))
    News will be fun to watch tonight ; ))

    So been away a while and had a lot of catching up to do.

    You´re getting lemons at the studio, huh? Well you could always collect them and send ´em off to MGM – anonymously, off course ; ))))

    As for Whispers, thanks for the script breakdown – always fascinating to see how – and which – tings end up in the final cut.
    Otherwise, I hate to admit it but the episode didn´t quite convince me. Nice FX, solid acting as always, but ahem, not much of a plot or even suspense there. The teaser (I seem to recall that the network´s to blame here for wanting more action – sigh, they´ll never learn) and first couple of minutes gave it all away right at the start: Michael´s creature out of control, battle, major characters will survive. It would have been much nicer if the viewer as much as the team would have to figure out what was happening – best only give hints, the imagination does a pretty good job at filling out gaps…– thinking ALIEN 1.

    For me, it was more like the ep served to introduce new characters – the Teldy team, (liked the no-nonsense major, and you got the Meira character down pat, a friend of mine works as a contractor for the military and said that he was meeting those Meira type NCOs, male and female, all the time.), possible love interest for Carson. That was about it.

    The rest of the ep was spend killing off the creatures and getting the characters in peril, the ep didn´t do much for character development or even adding to the Michael arc except for the research info that may come in handy later. I mean it was a great idea to see Shep interacting with other military but he was way out of character at times – I mean, honestly, he may not know every Marine assigned deck scrubbing detail but he would know who was assigned to the gate teams, even newly minted. Plus they were ignoring standard military protocol time and again, splitting up force in an environment with bad vision and jammed remote communications when the most feasible course of action is to keep your people together. Was there something in the fog, tampering with their minds, perhaps, did I miss that?

    I mean this is TV – so we should obviously cut some slack here, but up til now you have done a terrific job of making all the military stuff look quite realistic most of the time.

    I´m truly sorry that I cannot share evrybody else´s enthusiasm but here it is – I hope you do not mind a critical voice since your open house = blog is truly much appreciated by this commentator.

    Looking forward to The Queen. Hm, will we be still around to watch it? CERN will know….

    Bye for now


  65. Wow – John Twelve Hawks – nice going!

    On the signage – if I was there – I’d put them up everywhere – with glitter!!

  66. OMG – You’re HI-LAR-IOUS! Did you have to look up the lyrics or do you have them scarred into your memory from when “Titanic” was so (why-in-the-world???) popular?!

  67. Brr, I’m still shivering from that last Nostradamus’ prediction. As I live in France, I’ll be among the first people to be sucked into the big bad black hole that will destroy Earth. Better that than having my life sucked by a wraith, heh? Although if said wraith is Todd, we might find an agreement… Anyway, the real experiments will only begin in more than a month, so as long as I get to see the next Todd episodes, I’ll die happily.

    By the way, which is the last episode Todd is in? As far as I know, we’ll have “The Queen”, “First Contact” / “The Lost Tribe” and “Infection”, but you said a few weeks ago that he would be in “at least five episodes”: Which is the fifth?

    Other than that, I just read your interview on Stargate SG-1 & Atlantis Solutions and you have me worried about the SGA movie. Must it really be a crossover? Can’t we SGA fans have at least one true Atlantis movie before considering bringing the SG-1 team in force? From what I understand, it will be a 90 minutes TV movie, which is really not long. And while I liked O’Neill in “The Return”, circumstances are different now that SGA is cancelled: We won’t have a full season to enjoy our beloved characters before and after that SG-1 crossover story.

    So yes, I’ve gone from excited about the Atlantis movie to worried. I really wish you writers give us at least one true SGA movie to ease the shock of the cancellation. If not, it means Atlantis’ 100th episode will probably be its last. 🙁 There is still time to fine-tune the story, so please, very big please, keep SG-1 characters to the bare minimum. We need more Sheppard, more McKay, more Teyla and more Ronon, more Keller, Woolsey, Zelenka, Lorne, Beckett, … (more Todd!) not less. If some ability already exists among the current SGA crew, there’s no need to bring in characters that will compete with those we know and love.

    To finish on a happier note: Will you publish “The Queen” pictures? MGM ones are great but soooo small!

  68. Joe,

    Your familiarity with Celine Dion lyrics concerns me. And disillusions me a bit. But considering the turmoil of the last couple of weeks, I guess we’re all a little insane right now, aren’t we?

    On a much happier note, I saw some photos from Remnants and can I just say — thank you, Joe, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you!



  69. Over at Solutions on your interview at, you were quoted as saying in regards to a Stargate Atlantis movie…. 10. How likely are crossovers from SG-1 in the first SGA movie? Answer: It’s very possible that we’ll have, at the very least, limited crossover. Given the story we’ve been spinning, it would make sense to see Carter, Daniel, and Teal’c pay Atlantis a visit.

    Why would you find it necessary to put SG1 characters into an SGA movie? Do you feel SGA cannot stand/sell on its own? Why not a purely SGA movie for those fans who just want that, instead of blending in SG1? While I like Teal’c, I want to see Ronon get some development in the movie, and many fans (I’m sure) would prefer that no Pegasus Galaxy pests (aka replicators, Orio, etc.) show up in an SGA movie.

  70. Oh, those were the lyrics to a song? I’m not familiar with it. I skipped that earlier, thinking that the Nostradamus stuff was on the up-and-up…and, well…he’s just not my thing. Heh…almost missed the funny bits because if it, made funnier by what seems to be the lyrics to a lame-o song that Joe knows, and I don’t.

    @ Trish – Awww…thankies…but actually, the only things I ‘rule’ are 4 cats, and one very creepy dust bunny… (heh! Maybe I should name it ‘Todd’!). Although – come to think of it – I did rule Australia once…for about 45 minutes until hubby’s little plastic army invaded from the north and took me out. 😛 I SWEAR he cheats…

    @ Joe – I haven’t forgotten that this is your blog 😳 …and I have a question. Will Alan M. be available for another Q&A after The Queen airs – even just a teenie one? I have a feeling this episode will raise as many questions as it answers, if not more. It’s looking quite awesome from a Wraith fan’s perspective, and so I was just wondering if he’d be brave enough to field any questions about it in the future. Thankies.


  71. Me revoilà . Je suis trop stressé!! Je vient d’apprendre que quelque scientifique pense que la terre sera inspirer par un trou noir dans quelque semaine O_O. A cause du “grand collisionneur d’hadrons” Sa fait peur, mais il son fou il veule refaire l’environnement comme il été aprés le Big Bang, la machine sera 6000 fois plus chaude que le noyaux du soleil et normalement sa ne devrais faire que des petit trou noir qui ne dur pas longtemps…mais les moins optimiste pense qu’on va tous mourir ahhhhhh!!! O_o Sa faire peur!

    J’espert que tout ce passera bien. Aller bonne nuit a demain!

  72. My question for John TwelveHawks: How long did it take you to write The Traveler? Did you write it all at once or over a long course of time? And did you always plan to write a trilogy or are you developing the trilogy as you go, finishing one book before developing ideas for the next installment?

  73. Hey Joe and Atlantis Fans,

    I finally found a hot link at the store across town after my town of Baton Rouge was destroyed last week by Gustav. We have been living in the dark ages ever since. Thank God for the generator! At least we have a window unit to keep us going at night.

    Anyway I just wanted you to know Joe that I spent 2 hours standing in the walk up a gas line to get enough gas for the generator in order to hook up my tivo unit and capture Whispers!

    It was a great show even though it was about a hundred degrees in the house. O”well it was a nice reprieve from the third world city I now reside in.

    I’ll check on whats up later on when I venture out again. Gas lines for 3 hours for your car who would have thought!


  74. I just read your interview with Stargate Solutions. I want to add my plea to others that you NOT make SGA’s first movie a crossover with SG1. Surely there will be a number of loose ends to tie up when SGA concludes. Why not concentrate on those in the first SGA film(s) and do some sort of minimal crossovers in later films?

  75. If the world had ended, I could have skipped my mammogram. squish squish.

    My Heart will go … smash! crash! Argh!!! I once temped in an insurance office and the office manager played the Titanic soundtrack, the entire damned soundtrack. On repeat. For the entire nine hour workday. And they wonder why I turned down the full-time receptionist position. Titanic, for nine hours, and that was the least annoying thing about working there.

  76. Trish – You are lucky you ended up posting some of the lyrics to Yellow Submarine because if I had have been stuck with the My Little Pony song stuck in my head much longer you would have been second on my hit-list.

    While I do enjoy the Beatles, Yellow Submarine has been stuck in my head during a migraine so it has been stricken from all Playlists in the interests of my personal health.

    **Browses through playlist**

    All you need is love! Dum, dum, dumdada.
    All you need is love! Dum, dum, dumdada

    Are we even now Joe?

  77. Hi Joe,
    Is anyone whispering in your ear that you should not be saying that SGAs ratings are better in first half of season 5 than the last part of season 4 and so you were surprised that SGA was canceled?


  78. Since I’ve been dared, I can give you the name (probably the address too 😉 ) of the ‘secret admirer’ who snuck onto studio property to put up the ‘five years of Stargate Atlantis’ signage. However, can I get something in return (or upfront?) How about just one shot of Joe Flanigan from the set? It’s been sooooo long for us Flan fans. Heck. And the secret admirer has given his/her/its premission for this divulging 😉

  79. Hi,

    I just want to add my dismay at the thought of SG1 characters appearing in the first Atlantis movie esp when I think 3 is far from minimal!

    We have already got crossovers this season which are more than enough for me. sometimes I wonder wether there is an automatic assumption that if you like Atlantis you must also like SG1 unfortunatly thats not the case for me and where I get that 2/3 eps out of 20 is probably the best scenario I can get. that ratio on a hour and half maybe two hours film is another matter alltogether.

    We have our own characters that have yet to be fully explored I was hoping the movies would be doing that. the interaction between the team and regular characters is what I watch for.

    I know this is a knee jerk reaction and I apologise if this sounds rude, but God im so fed up with having to constantly put up with SG1 characters and Bad guys in one form or another on Atlantis, please for just the one film let Atlantis shine by itself.

    err sorry that was long and not positive. ill go now!

  80. Don’t know if you tried JJ Abrams’ new show Fringe last night, but it’s great to see John Noble has a full-time gig now! (Readers will recall he was in an epi of SG-1, Camelot Part 2)

    Joe is it too late for Will Waring questions??

  81. @ dyginc – I am so very sorry. I missed your post earlier, but thanks to Narelle I went back and found it. At least you know you did all you could, and that Gus knew it was her time to let go…take comfort in that. My condolences to both you and your sister… *hugs*


  82. Hope everyone near the Texas Gulf coast is getting ready for our un-friend IKE this weekend. It’s projected to be a category 4 hurricane with landfall around Corpus Christi before turning North. The intensity was only forecast to be category 3 this morning.

  83. I had the good fortune to meet David Anthony Durham at Readercon (great con for fans of written F&SF) this year and to hear him do a reading. Though I was but a faint face in the crowd, I can attest to how nice he is. He also did a great reading. I’m glad you chose his book and that it’s out in paperback because now I’ll go and buy it.

    That was an interesting con because Jonatham Lethem was the GoH. There was quite a bit of discussion in and around the con about Lethem as the writer who escaped the ‘slums’ of the SF genre and Durham as the writer who found additional success beyond his literary roots by ‘slumming’ in the genre. Neither writer, of course, buys into those descriptions, but they are interesting to hear talk about the community of F&SF literature, fans and writers both, and how that community and the literature may be perceived.

  84. I read your interview in solutions I have a couple of quetions.
    6. Assuming the crew and production staff stay on board, it seems all the built-in costs for Universe will be the same as they would have been for another year of Atlantis, except perhaps for actor pay. Can you say what costs might be lower on a new show versus a 5-year-old one?

    Across the board, salaries would be lower and the licensing fee commanded by a new series in contrast to a show entering its sixth scene would be higher.

    So that’s why Brad Wright, Sci fi and MGM decided to cancel the show. It didn’t seem to bother them when SG-1 and SGA were on at the same time.

    I don’t see how they can make money with movies. Many people that can’t afford them rent them from the library or borrow from friends. Where are they getting money from that? And speaking of movies I didn’t like Ark of Truth. I think its because of Vala, Vala, Vala. I can’t stand her and she was in most of the movie. When it comes to SG-1 I like it when it is Sam, Cam, Teal’c and Daniel. Vala can go.

    Also in the interview you mentioned a possible crossover with SG-1. Obviously it is your movie and I will still watch it, but I agree with the others. SGA needs a movie on their own first. SG-1 had their movies let SGA have their’s. At least the first one. Please. If there is a crossover let it be just Sam since she was a major part of SGA in Season 4 and knows the Atlantis crew better than the rest of SG-1. And if there must be a crossover, please, please, please, no VALA.

    Did you read the five top reasons to keep SGA I wrote to Brad Wright on yesterday’s comments? I know Wright, Sci fi and MGM thought of it but I still wanted to write to him anywas.


  85. I made a mistake before I hit the submit comment.

    Did you read the five top reasons to keep SGA I wrote to Brad Wright in a letter I sent him that I posted on yesterday’s comments?

    That’s what I was suppose to say.

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