Hey, the Olympics are finally over. In case you just got back from a two-week round-trip journey to the moon, here’s what you missed…

Day 1: Katerina Emmons of the Czech Republic wins the games first gold medal in “air rifle“, not be confused with “air guitar” which was won by Jimmy “Aces” Pasquali of Hoboken, New Jersey.

Day 2: South Korean set the new world mark in a 24 arrow team match against Italy in women‘s team archery, presumably killing a record number of Italians on the field of battle.

Day 3: A Russian athlete celebrates a world record in the men’s 100 m backstroke with a time of 53.06 seconds! It’s an incredible accomplishment, a record that will stand the test of time – or as long as it takes for them to run the second heat during which an Australian athlete breaks it with a time of 52.97 seconds.

Day 4: Far more interesting than his winning the men’s 200 m freestyle to tie the record for most gold medals for an athlete is Michael Phelp’s Olympic diet comprised of chocolate chip pancakes, ham and cheese sandwiches, pasta carbonara, and a large pizza.

Day 5: A Hungarian weightlifter dislocates his elbow at a most inopportune time – while he was hoisting up a 148 kg (325.6 lbs) weight. As my second grade teacher Mr. Vowels used to say “That’s an ouchie.”

Day 6: A Swedish wrestler is robbed by the judges and expresses his outrage by dropping his bronze medal and walking off. The IOC throws a hissy fit and takes away his bronze medal…then, quietly, days later, admits the judges made a mistake. They keep his medal anyway.

Day 7: A flexible young woman named Nastia puts on a show. Believe it or not, I’m still talking about the Olympics.

Day 8: Russia wins the men’s 20 km silly walk competition. In a good new bad news deal, four men from Great Britain become coxless champs. Ironically, on the same day, a woman from South Korea demonstrates world-class proficiency in the, uh, snatch, and the, um, clean and jerk.

Day 9: An American athlete competing in the men’s 50 m rifle three positions blows it on account of a premature discharge. This is terrible news for Team U.S.A., but great news for late night comedians.

Day 10: The Chinese men’s team clean up in table tennis. The rest of the world is shocked, not so much by the sweep but the fact that table tennis is actually an Olympic event. What’s next? Foosball?

Day 11: American hottie Lolo Jones learns that the obstructions littering the track in the 100 m hurdles are not merely there for decorative purposes.

Day 12: Today’s society frowns on constraining childhood creativity. Complete freedom is encouraged and so, when kids draw, they are no longer advised to “Stay inside the lines!”. As a result of this type of upbringing, athletes from the U.S. and the Netherlands don’t stay inside the lines – and are summarily disqualified in the men’s 200 m.

Day 13: The American men 4 x 100 m relay team blow their chances when they flub the baton hand-off. It is an unfortunate but very rare circumstance…that is later repeated by the American women’s 4 x 100 m relay team. All in all, the Americans can take solace in the fact that their women’s softball team, that had not lost a game in Olympic competition since Sydney in 2000, was going for the gold. And, uh, ending up with the silver, losing to Japan 3-1.

Day 14: A Jamaican athlete stumbles into her British neighbor, taking them both out of contention in the Women’s 4 x 100 m relay. As a result, critics insist than in addition to being tested for performance-enhancing drugs, participants should also be made to take a sobriety test prior to each event.

Day 15: A Cuban taekwondo athlete allows his feet to do the talking, registering his displeasure with the officiating by kicking a judge upside the head. Give ’em a kick from me too, buddy.

Day 16: The U.S. basketball team, made up of the very best players in the NBA, DOESN’T lose to Spain and wins the gold medal. Evidently, this is HUGE news and not at all expected.

Noir, thanks for the input. I followed you advice and resolved the clickable pic links problem. I think. Or close enough anyway. So thanks. And thanks to everyone who weighed in with ideas that ranged from “Copy and paste from file properties” to “Consult an experienced psychic“. I’ve run a test with a pic from a recent wardrobe fitting.  Let’s see if it works.

161 thoughts on “August 24, 2008: 2008 Olympic Summary

  1. *waves*

    Well done! It worked and I know who that is. Can I do my happy dance now?

    And maybe a bit of a baby squee? 😉


    Okay so the squee has been dampened, but it’s not gone yet. 😛

    So, are you shooting Remnants now?


  2. Do you think the actors, since the show is ending will
    be able to provide some commentaries on Season 5
    DVD’s? I’ve really missed them during the last few years
    and it would be a great ending to the series.

    Hope you’ve recovered enough from your upset stomach
    to have more Weird Food videos. Wouldn’t have the guts
    to try most of the stuff you do.

  3. Hey Joe,

    Do you know if the SGA movies or movies will have a bigger budget than Ark of Truth and Continuum since both SCI FI and MGM are splitting the costs?



  4. Love your summary of the Olympics. And to think, I wasted two weeks watching it when all I had to do was wait for your report…. = )

    In all the hubbub over SGA’s cancellation I forgot to say that I finally saw “Continuum” while on vacation. Much better movie than AOT. I loved that the show was balanced among the cast, all the familiar faces, not to mention a great story. Could have done without Mitchell being the hero (again), but I’ve come to expect (dread) that. Very cool that Ben Browder got to play his grandfather as well, but wasn’t he a little old to have not started a family already?

    One problem I did have with the story, and it’s actually come up on several episodes as well. You guys (the writers/producers) do realize that only a small percentage of Air Force officers are pilots? Every officer we see in Stargate is a pilot. Only about 10% of actual officers are pilots and it would be very unlikely that someone like Sam (who would have spent extra years in school getting her doctorate and then worked on the Stargate program) would have been trained as a pilot. It would be a waste of money for the little she would use it. Most viewers probably wouldn’t realize this, but it always makes me laugh when I see yet another SG officer who’s a pilot.

  5. OMG. That back, that figure…I’m not a Sheppard whumper normally, but ohhh, I feel a tingle of delight down my spine. And not a little fear. It’s amazing how much presense some people can project, even through a picture.
    I hereby nominate you to be an official broadcaster for the next Olympics(and where will they be I wonder?). Your summary of the two weeks I’ve avoided ALMOST make me regret passing on this year’s propoganda extraviganza. Outstanding job.
    Thanks for the laugh;I’m sure I’m not the only person who could use one. And now off to see if I can finish tomorrow’s BotM club selection.

  6. Hi, Joe!

    Thank you for the Olympics recap. And for the terrific photo of you-know-who. LOL! Looking forward to that episode…well, all the remaining episodes of SGA’s season five.

    How about a Stargate Atlantis movie of the month for the SciFi Channel in 2009?



  7. This looks like Robert Davi! Is he coming back???? I thought Sheppard killed him.

  8. My favorite Olympics moment came late one night during what I think was Men’s Volleyball (the TV was on, I was otherwise occupied on the computer nearby — for all I know it could have been water polo). After what I guess was a number of errors by both teams, the commentator said something along the lines of “I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many mangled balls…”


  9. Is this Kolya?

    The Shrine was a good episode, loved the friendship moments, but Keller really got on my nerves. Wish she had the courage, passion and commitment Carson had when faces with the unexpected. I miss Carson.

    I have a couple of questions:

    1) In light of the cancellation *swallows a sob*, was the season/series finale (Enemy at the Gate) re-written to tie up some loose ends and give us a closure? Or was it written in anticipation of the possible end, and therefore will remain as originally written?

    2) Are Carson, Lorne and Zelenka expected to make an appearance in the SGA film?

    Thanx. Nani

  10. Ok – so I went out today and bought Season 4 to quell my sadness.

    This, of course, is after I re-watched my recording of The Shrine a few times. I’m sooooo going to miss watching David Hewlett and Joe Flanigan!

    How, I’ll miss my Rodney/Team friendship (especially w/ John) moments like you gave us in Shrine. I can only hope that there will be some great ones left for the remaining eps. Can you provide any hints to some great poignant moments coming up w/ Rodney & John in the way of hurt/comfort, etc. (Maybe in Remnants…will it only be John captured or Rodney too?)

    Thanks Joe and all the SGA cast, crew, writers, etc. for what have been some great sci-fi moments to a 29 year old woman…who wants to expand her writing career just b/c of this show.

    All the best….

  11. Ok, so I’m a late bloomer, but does this mean Sheppard will finally get his revenge???

  12. As someone that wasn’t quite on the moon but was absent for majority of the Olympics, I’d like to say thanks for the rundown.

    I have some followup questions/observations…

    As my second grade teacher Mr. Vowels used to say “That’s an ouchie.”

    Please tell me Mr Vowels taught English. Or maybe Mathematics if you are into irony.

    Day 7: A flexible young woman named Nastia puts on a show. Believe it or not, I’m still talking about the Olympics

    I think she resides in Phuket for the other 350 days of the year.

    Day 9: An American athlete competing in the men’s 50 m rifle three positions blows it on account of a premature discharge.

    I have around 3546 emails in my Junk folder that can help him with this problem. Titty boom, cha.

    Day 15: A Cuban taekwondo athlete allows his feet to do the talking, registering his displeasure with the officiating by kicking a judge upside the head.

    Can you feel that Olympic Spirit? Breathe it in peoples, you only get it every 4 years.

    On a book note, I read Make Room! Make Room! while I was away.
    A few times I had to put it down and walk away as it was depressingly accurate in most parts. It was also giving me a feeling of claustrophobia, despite my location of staring into a vast ocean, well a Gulf by that time.

    There was one passage in particular that, considering when the book was written, quite prophetic.

    “So mankind gobbled in a century all the world’s resources that had taken millions of years to store up, and no one on the top gave a damn or listened to all the voices that were trying to warn them, they just let us overproduce and overconsume, until now the oil is gone, the topsoil depleted and washed away, the trees chopped down, the animals extinct, the earth poisoned, and all we have to show for this is seven billion people fighting over the scraps that are left, living a miserable existence – and still breeding without control.”

  13. One adventure you missed in your Olympic highlight was when the danes who won gold in the 49er finale (that’s sailing boats) – the day of the finale it was quite stormy (too much according to some) and just as the judge has signaled start the mast on the danish ship breaks. The rush ashore and appropriate the first boat they see – it’s the Croatian boat (they didn’t qualify for the finale) and while some of the team starts rigging it another phones the Croatian team to ask if it’s ok to borrow the boat. The Croats say its fine. So its back in the water and with only a few seconds to spare they cross the start line and enter the race. And wins gold (although not before the Spanish team had lodged a complaint, they thought it was cheating to win in a borrowed boat)

  14. Hi Joe,
    LOL – LOVE the Olympic recap – thank you for the laugh!! Hope you have been able to take a few deep breaths yourself and enjoy the weekend after the week that was.

    The Shrine was amazing, superb, and I could go on and on. From the first scene I knew it would be wonderful. David Hewlett was remarkable, an award winning performance indeed. Terrific performances all around from Joe, Jason, Rachel, Kate, Jewell; and of course kudos to Brad, Andy, and the crew. To me this team relationship episode was the perfect one to see on the heels of the SGA cancellation announcement. I think this is my favorite episode. I’m still wiping away the tears….*sniffles*


  15. so i really really really really liked “the shrine”. have had to go back and watch it twice more. i am curious on 2 things.

    1. did u have a scene with mckay and zelenka and had to cut it? i felt like it was missing and it looked like zelenka is walking away from the jumper just before they leave for the shrine.

    2. was that really beer? it looked like budweiser. and it looked like Joe F was downing it well, giving it the old college try. exactly how much did they drink?

    also, because my internet friends and i have no life other than sga, we were quite intrigued by the small refrigerator that sheppard seems to have scored for his quarters. and its contents. it all looked too entirely healthy, until he pulled out the beer. i guess mckay was just too far gone to notice the beer wasn’t canadian. as an american who has traveled overseas, i am always puzzled by the number of non-americans drinking bud and other cheap american beers. there they are – awash in quality brew, drinking our swill.

  16. today’s pic is clickable, but for some reason they’re bigger than the used to be.
    thanks for the olympics recap. more interesting than the real thing. IMHO. are you looking the the vancouver games? or will you be conveniently out of town at that time? 😉

  17. Yours is the only recap of the Olympics I will read,,I really didn’t watch it,, my bad. Just couldn’t get in to it for whatever reason. The picture worked,,you’re back!!
    -I really enjoyed the Shrine, Mr Hewlett was terrific, maybe he will read it since I hear his site was hacked..
    -Actually everyone did a bang up job, as usual. I very much look forward to the rest of the season. sad of course at the ending, but will look forward to the future. thanks for all the hard work!

  18. Ahhh, innuendo – gotta love it. Thanks for pointing out that the Olympics are over – I can now watch the evening news again. I’ve managed to see exactly 0 seconds of Olympic coverage, I have no idea how many medals Australia won and I haven’t heard our national anthem since I don’t know when. \o/ This achievement, however, isn’t as impressive as missing the entire 2006 Commonwealth Games despite living in the city it was being held in. Glad you got the pics sorted (although you are a tease!)

    *deep intake of breath* OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!

    Oh, my…I just saw a particular picture of a particular leather-clad one sitting in a particular chair aboard a particular ship.


    You guys really know how to slay a gal…I doubt I’ll survive the episode. Yes, yes, yes…I love the guy for his personality and tricksty ways, but there’s no denying it – THAT is just one sexy hunk of bugmeat! I mean, can he work a coat, or what?! Whew! *fans self* If you EVER touch a hair of his purty little head, I’ll…I’ll…I’ll sic an irate Cuban taekwondo artist after ya! 😉

    2. Is that…”Kolya!” ??? If so, can you somehow finagle a way to get Todd to suck on him…maybe even just a little. Would be such poetic justice. If that’s not Kolya…then…poop.

    And what’s up with the elf shoes?

    3. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I must have laughed a good five minutes – out loud – at today’s blog entry!!! Mr. Das came rushing in, thinking something was wrong with me (or he was just being nosy…lol). I was giggling by Day 6, but then Days 8 & 9 totally did me in…just too damn funny!! Great stuff, and – for once – I’ve actually enjoyed the Olympics! Thanks!!! I think we all needed a little bit of levity right now…and that just hit the spot. Well done, sir!


  20. @ Gen – “… mangled balls…”??! :?….:lol: That reminds me of rugby, with commentators going on about ‘greasy balls’ and ‘sloppy balls’ and all, not to mention the occasional call from the referee of ‘blue ball!’ First time I heard the last one it took me a moment to realize that he was referring to the jersey/jumper color of the team who gets posession of the ball. I, of course, thought something much different… 😳


  21. Hey Joe, I was just wondering, it’s never been stated exactly how many people are part of the expedition on Atlantis, but in your mind, how many people do you envision are currently posted in the city?

  22. Hi Joe

    OMG where have I been…. I came on to catch up and what do I find…. YIKES!! I was hoping for more werid food purchases but I find out that Atlantis will no longer be on the small screen once a week.

    Although I am saddened for you and the crew I understand the networks point of view…. But it still SUCKS!!…. LOL ok I’m so TRYING not to be one of those fans! My sister Crystal has wanted me to let her voice be known… she is EXTREMELY saddened it is LITTERALLY the only show she watches and now is going to be lost without it. Just read to her what I wrote and she clenched her fists together and said “leave it on” in a small sad, sad voice…..

    Joe, You, Carl, Paul…. (I’m sure I’m forgetting someone but too lazy to scroll up) have done a REMARKABLE JOB!! You have brought the show to a whole new level. EVERYONE who has worked on the show… as a viewer I can tell has brought themselves in to each episode!

    I’m shocked… I keep writing hoping that it’s untrue. That the little show that could will keep going….

    ALAS… I know that you will keep blogging and I will keep reading. So if you could pass on my well wishes to the crew and actors I’d be greateful.

    Loved your olympic summary, so funny and so true. I was on the phone when the Dude dislocated his shoulder I was on the phone with a person from Rogers Video and I heard him exlaim: “that had to hurt”. He then proceed to ask me if I had been watching the Olympics I said yes and he then told me that the guy narrowly escaped the weights being dropped on his head… so when I read you recap I laughed out loud at that one.

    Hows your mouth?? Funny I had 2 cavities filled on Thursday and I think my dentist put enough freezing in to freeze a goat…. Then I had an orthodontic appointment on Friday for which I had a new wire put in… OUCH.

    I also wanted to mention that its almost been a year to the day that I had the small suggestion of the book club for which you had your doubts now look at it… I’m so very happy that the book club has taken wings… Its amazing when I read the comments about how many people you’ve inspired to pick up a book espacally for those individuals who admit that they haven’t read a book in a very long time.

    Joe you are making a difference!!

    ROCK on….

  23. Well it is official, you can make anything sound funny. Didn’t watch the olympics except for the gymnastics a little. I am glad because your description is soooo much better than watching it live.

    I am with Morjana; I vote for a scifi Atlantis movie of the month!

    Anyway, is that joe flanigan in the background, of your picture, in the mirror? The clicking worked, but it just made it look like a painting (maybe cause it was a test?) or my eyes are going.

    From the photos you posted the other day, can you give us a hint as to which episode the emergeny surgery took place?

    Don’t do it, don’t go back to the weird food purchase of the day no matter how much some insist, it will kill you.

  24. *waves at Kolya* What I really want to know is if the Wicked Witch of the East is making a surprise appearance?? – see pointy, pointy shoes – *g*

  25. It works, it works!!! (The clickable pic, that is!!!)
    Who is the mysterious person trying on the wardrobe???

    And thanks for the rundown of what all I missed in the Olympics: the only two that I managed to catch were numbers 4 and 7… the rest I regrettably missed out on!!!

    My favorite Olympics 2008 moment was the men’s final of the 400m relay!!! Michael Phelps’s cheering couldn’t even begin to convey my excitement when I saw Jason Leszak going after the French anchor. And there was an amazing moment where the USA guys went over to congratulate the French guys on a good race (this was on the medal stand).

  26. Hi Joe,
    Since you’re speaking about the Olympics, I thought of a couple of questions…. My mom is a big fan of the winter games [speed skating, ice dancing, anything ski-ing] and I promised her if the games were held on the same continet [i.e. Noth/South America] I would take her. So. Vancouver 2010. Your thoughts? How has Vancouver been preparing. I mean, as a resident, are you leaving town until the games conclude or are you [and the rest of Vancouver] excited? Most of the events mom wants to see seem to be at Whistler. Are there any hotels up there? Any sort of Transportation? Seriously, any advise you can gove would be greatly appreciated, I’m a “civil servant” so any insight you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Joe.

  27. WOW you are in rare form today- what a hoot! A nice laugh in the midst of the depressing future of SGA! I will ask the same question that many have been asking, maybe you can answer, if you can or even an opinion. Do you think if we really protest , we could change some minds? After reading the interview with Brad Wright, it really sounds condesending and trading us-the “older” crowd , for the “younger” crowd!I do love his writing, but, does he realize how he sounds? He contradicts himself! JOJOB commented that she thought Ben Browder was in continuum as the “Hero” again. I disagree, i think it was great, his acting ability has kept me inthralled for many years-“as my grandma use to say…” and lets face it, he does play the HERO part! OK now i am upset again, so many great sci-fi shows down the drain .This channel does such stupid things!What’s a sci-fi fan to do? Thanks for listening to the rambling! Sheryl

  28. Yeah – I’m a big fan of the Genii and love Kolya……

    Was wondering if for a specials on the S5 DVD, we could maybe get a tour of the studio, not just the sets (I watched a set tour from S1 w/Peter Deluise and Martin Wood today. But I’m really interested in what the offices look like and where they actually are in relation to the set. So maybe a tour that starts up in the offices, meanders through to the set and then maybe to the other departments – costumes, fx, etc…I think it would be cool to see that…or is there one already that I missed on one of the dvd’s…

    Well back to work for me tomorrow. I’m a third grade teacher. We have 5 days of “professional development” It’s actually professional boredom of listening to people talk….The the students start on 9/2…. But we have some exciting stuff happening at our school this year, so it should be an interesting year..

  29. Joe, I just finished Old Mans War. Another great read. Have you got another suggestion to read next? Just wanted to let you know that I can’t remember the last book I read that wasn’t either for work or had Clifford the Big Red Dog in it (for the kids of course) before I started reading your blog. I know sad, but true. Just wanted to say thanks for that . Thanks for your time

  30. On a different note, could you explain why David Nykl gets a credit for a 3 second walk past? 🙂

  31. Joe said –

    >>The U.S. basketball team, made up of the very best players in the NBA, DOESN’T lose to Spain and wins the gold medal. Evidently, this is HUGE news and not at all expected<<

    Did you SEE that game? I actually stayed up very, very late watching it. It was on at something like 1am here in Chicago. I finally turned it off because the suspense of it was making me sick. Spain was playing very well, and the US team kept making stupid mistakes and turnovers.

    And this am, I didn’t even want to know the results. I talked to a friend who told me.

    Note to self: do not watch nail-biter games in the middle of the night. It is not good for the sleep.


  32. Wow, you were more on it than I was. I was so lost in all the homework my Latin Nazi of a Teacher gave me. The man is freakin cruel.

    I wish SGU much luck, but I have a feeling I may never watch it or read the transcript on Gateworld. Seeing as I don’t have cable and my Internet connection is being cut off. I guess for the past thirteen years I have been using my mother’s company’s dial-up service. And they have now decided to cut the payments. Dang-diddly-ang.

    Oh well, but I do have one question. In the first season of SGA, when Teyla introduces herself she says “I am Teyla Emmagen, Daughter of Tegan.” And yet she names her child after her father “Torren”? Whats up with this?

  33. Hi Joe, I really wanted to share my thoughts on ‘The Shrine’ episode, but I realized my 1500 word essay (I just started going back to school, yes at my age!) which I thought was due next week is actually due ….. today!

    I know this is totally non SGA related, but I felt in your profession you would have a truly sympathetic ear for such a tight deadline. Thanks for letting me whine.

  34. I was reading some comments on a differnet site about The Shrine and was shocked by how some fans hated the episode. And here I thought the episode was a great example of how good David Hewlett’s acting abilities were. I literally cried watching it, something I don’t think any of the Stargate episodes, SG-1 or Atlantis, have ever done that to me before.

    And about your Olympic recaps, you don’t even mention Liu Xiang. When my brother found out about it, he was pretty much in mourning for the next couple of days.

  35. Love the shot of the backside, but I’m interested in the shoes with the toes that point up. You’re going for Sheppard’s greatest fear aren’t you — clowns pouring out of tiny cars. Or the Stargate program has been made public and the Shriners are holding a convention . . .

  36. It is sad that no one even mentions or is interested in the fencing competition. And I am still shocked that walking is an Olympic sport.

  37. Hey Joe!

    Oh my goodness, is that who I believe it is? 😀

    Nice Olympic summary. 😛 I really enjoyed watching the Olympics this year, especially since this was one of the best Olympics in Canadian history (18 medals, not bad at all). Go Team Canada!

    Thanks as always, and glad to see you got the image issue resolved!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  38. Really, Robert Davi of “Kolya” fame? I thought maybe he was too big, too much money, for Stargate: Atlantis since he’s currently “burning up” the music charts with his video appearance in The Jonas Brothers’ latest video of “Burnin’ Up”.

    Yes, my daughter is in love with The Jonas Brothers. We were all shocked/amused when Robert Davi appeared in the video. Who knew Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas were fans of Robert Davi? Maybe they are Stargate fans, too???

    Robert Davi makes his video appearance at the 1:05 minute/second mark, in case you want to check out his moves. David Carradine is also in the video. By watching the video, you,too, can join 22 million people who have already done so!

    Another Stargate connection in the video is the appearance of actress, Selena Gomez. She stars in the Disney TV show, “Wizards of Waverly Place”, and her TV dad is played by David DeLuise, AKA Pete Shanahan, one time fiancé of Samantha Carter on SG-1.

    Enjoy the video!

  39. Oh but Joe, what a basketball game it was…spilled my coffee more than once. I thought we might just loose to Spain. Something about 2 players with 2 fouls a piece within the first 5-minutes of the game made me nervous, especially when one of their names was Bryant! But we managed to stave off the numerous charges to win the gold!
    Any guesses as to why Scifi isn’t running SCA this coming Friday?

  40. Hi Joe -Enjoyed your recap of the Olympics. What can we expect for the 2010 games in Vancouver?? Are you, Fondy and the pups going to leave town for that time or create your own Olympics play-by-play?

  41. *peers at photo* Is that… no, wait.. thought he was dead. Not that I know for certain since I refuse to watch that episode but still. And you say this is a “recent wardrobe fitting”. Huh, this could be interesting.

    This is going to sound like a broken record given all the postings from the last couple of days, but what the heck, I’ll throw my tuppence in as well.

    Regarding The Shrine – that was amazing! Kudos to everyone involved in that, it was a wonderful episode. However, I don’t think you guys intended to have Keller be so creepy there. I can’t imagine that she’s the only highly skilled doctor on the expedition so when she started letting personal feelings get in the way of her ability to treat Rodney, she should have turned his care over to someone else. That she knew she was doing something wrong was only re-enforced by the scene where she hurriedly shuts off the video when Jeannie comes in the room, as if she doesn’t want to be caught mooning over what we later learn is Rodney’s declaration of love. Couple that with her adamant refusal to consider the shrine until Jeannie forces the decision and it just seemed creepy and unprofessional.

    Regarding the cancellation, I’m surprisingly unsurprised. I think given the success of the SG-1 DVD’s and your cautions lately about how much more expensive it was to make the show as time went on, how that would be a big factor in renewal, this was pretty much a given. That’s not to say that I’m not disappointed because I am; SGA is pretty much the only show I watch religiously. I love the characters and their interactions, I love Atlantis itself and her puddlejumpers and I love the world that has taken on a life of its own, separate from SG-1. I mean seriously, I’ve never been this involved in a tv show ever and that you, the actors and the crew are so generous with the time spend interacting with us is simply amazing to me. This is also the show that got me into convention-going, introduced me to some wonderful people from all over the world and provided some of the most incredible experiences in the last 5 years. So yes, a huge thank you to the cast and crew of a show that has provided me with so much enjoyment, both on screen and off and best of luck going forward where ever your paths take you.

    Regarding Stargate Universe – I don’t know. I was prepared to give it a fair shot, and I might still give it a go despite the fact that I’m not the cherished demographic you’re looking for. However, given the comments from TPTB on all sides of this thing, I’m not so interested any more. In a matter of days I’m told that a) I’m too old for the franchise now and b) I’m a sheep who will follow wherever the Stargate franchise leads. Is this what Brad Wright and Dave Howe meant to convey in their interviews? I don’t know, but it certainly disappointing and doesn’t endear me to what comes next if this is what they truly believe.

    And lastly, I think I made a mistake with the questions I had for Mark Savela in that I probably wanted to address them to Evil Kenny instead, so here goes:

    – As someone whose longtime dream jobs were either astronaut or Star Wars model/prop builder, how does one go about getting into the prop making business anyway? How did you get started?

    – I think I saw someone else ask this same question but I’ll repeat anyway: any chance of getting schematic/specs for things like the turtle brooch and ZedPM? I mean, I think I’ve got those two figured out, but it would be nice to have confirmation.

    – I think everyone else has covered my other questions and I’m really looking forward to seeing your answers.

    … goes back to lurking.

  42. Das I know you aren’t a huge fan of reading but you might want to check out one of this months books – Keeping It Real (Quantum Gravity, Book 1), Justina Robson.

    One of the main characters, who just happens to have long flowing hair and pointy ears but a bit of a dark side, might interest you.

  43. Uh oh, it’s Kolya alright.
    Sheppy, you’re in for it…

  44. Okay, Joe.
    I’ve mentioned here several times that I think John and Rodney would be great together, and now I’ve actually taken the time to write out why.


    If you want me to elaborate any further, I’d be glad to.

    Anyway. Oh god, I was wired today. All I could think about was “Woo-hoo The Shrine tomorrow!” Waiting till Monday is torture knowing that so many people have already seen it. The only thing I’m not looking forward to is all the Rodney/Keller stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I like Keller, just not with Rodney.

    And I can’t wait to see Kolya’s return.


  45. *Gasp* Kolya!!! Awesome!! 😀

    *sings* Even though Kolya and his Genii did give a merry chase …

    You left some food out of Phelps’ menu. 😉 Breakfast is: three egg sandwiches; a five egg omlet; five pieces of texas toat-style french toast; three chocolate-chip pankakes; and a bowl of grits. Lunch is three ham sandwiches and a pound of pasta. Dinner is a large pizza and a pound of pasta. (I think there may actually be even more, I might be leaving some out as well, but that’s all I can remember — Dad kept marvelling at that breakfast …)

    *goes back to watching “The Shrine” again, for the brilliant McShep moments, while she gets ready for Dragon*Con* Please tell me there will be some as-wonderful McShep moments in the movie!

  46. Your Olympics recap almost made me regret spending so much time watching the events. But men’s diving has speedos. That alone is worth it.

    I also discovered that if you watch the silly walk race and concentrate just on the walkers’ chests, their legs seem to be undulating. It’s mesmerizing. Like a lava lamp.

  47. That picture makes me happy — even if it’s not who I think it is, I still like the Genii stories.

  48. I don’t suppose the Poms would hire you to do their Olympic commentary in 2012? You’re a natural, and SO much more succinct and to the point than the ad nauseum waffle we are usually subjected to in the televised broadcasts!! :LOL:

    I’m still not over my depression about the cancellation of Atlantis, but I’m coming to terms with it. At least we’ll have a movie to look forward to…but the idea of not seeing Joe Flanigan’s lovely mug on a weekly basis is a total bummer. At least I’ll have my DVDs.

    Great pics – please take more candid onset shots of Joey F for us “Flan Fans” (if you can swing it!)

    And thanks for ‘listening’ to our rants.

  49. Thank you guys for 5 of the greatest years of my life! I will never for get them! …or all of you! You guys are the best!

    David H, Joe F, Paul, Jewel, Jason, Rachel, David N, Kavan, Amanda, Robert, Chuck… You guys are a delight to watch and I will miss inviting you into my home every Friday night.

    Mr. Wright, thank you for writing what is possibly the best SGA ep…of all time…The Shrine. Thanks also to Mr. Mikita for a fantastic job directing it and to Mr. Hewlett, David, for an awesome, yes David I said awesome, performance. This Hewlett Squirrel loved every minute of it!

    And Joe, thank you for everything.

    Is that really Robert Davi in that pic? I know Sheppard killed him in “Irrisponsible” so…what gives???

    I’m off to the land of nod. G’night

  50. On the off chance that the Keller character was brought in to try to capture some of that lusty young space Stargate 90210 vibe by shipping her with a main character or two, I have a question. It (the lusty angle) obviously didn’t work well enough, as the show got cancelled anyway. So is there any chance you could revise the last episode or so and bring her back to just being SGA’s doctor?
    I have found myself liking her more each episode in the scenes where she is shown being a competent physician, or in friendship moments with the other characters. I think she is making a good start as a junior member of the team. But I really have disliked, with a passion, any of the scenes where she is being paired romantically with Rodney (or Ronon last season for that matter). Since you don’t have to do the ship thing any more for ratings, please ??????? I think possibly many people would love the character more if she was simply Rodney’s good geeky friend.
    I know I would.

  51. Hmmm, looks like Robert Davi to me, too. So does what I can see of the reflection in whatever that is. Besides, it always looked to me like Sheppard shot Kolya in the shoulder . . . and who would want to get rid of such a great villain anyway?

    Go me! I actually managed to avoid watching the Olympics – of course, not having the TV on except to watch Atlantis helped, and there is no freaking way I’m going to be anywhere near Van in two years while those things are on. Let’s go make the rich folks in Whistler even richer by providing them with more sports facilities and upgrades to the Sea to Sky (not that it didn’t need those, but anyway) and have the rest of the Province pay for the privilege of doing so.

  52. To Narelle from Aus: Phuket. Priceless. People at work are staring at me. And I cannot, will not explain the hysterical laughter. thank you. You and Mr. M. make a dangeroius tag team.

  53. Glad you got the pic thing working! My suggestion would’ve been to ‘stab it with a fork’ though that probably wouldn’t’ve been very helpful. 😀

    Man, all this picture inspires me to say is:


    While I curse the heavens. Naturally.

  54. UGH! Ive got a chest infection and it sucks!!!!!
    Im dying *lays on ground*
    But I still have to slug through all my Uni work *feebly pokes pen*
    So your blog really cheered me up lol interesting perspectives.
    Now back to the cerebellum 0.o

    Xie Xie! XD


  55. Oh not Kolya again. Did he come back from the dead? I though John Sheppard iced him. Will Kolya ever die?

  56. 0_0 Oh, my….

    Thank you for the picture, Joe! I’m glad we’ve got a bit of a heads up that a certain villain is making a come back. I’m with Das, though…feed him to Todd! Either that, or let repli-Elizabeth skewer him; both options would be poetic justice (Sheppard already blew his chance). I love Robert Davi, but Kolya’s the guy I hate more than any of the other villains.

  57. Thanks to STARGATE, I’ve come up with the perfect new sport that should be added to 2010 Winter Games up here – Submarine Ice Cap Surfacing!!

    What with the melting Cap – it was like 30C in Churchill the other week! – not to mention, everyone and his ballistic missle boat trying to claim the Pole so they can sink a wellhead, I’m thinking it should be the perfect international flavour of the day activity!

    Oh, and the Polar Bears will be selling soft drinks and seal-on-a-harpoon on every other iceflow. The first 50 dog-sled teams get their first night stay at the Ice Hotel for free!! Guess the correct coordinates of Santa’s Workshop and receive a 1-year subscription of satellite radio AND GPS tracking!! Soapstone carvings not included.

  58. Thanks for the Olympic breakdown. I’m glad I didn’t watch it as you summed everything up so nicely!

    So, I get the feeling that the cast and crew of “Atlantis” are taking the cancellation of the show much better than we are, right? I know the world’s not ending, but it’s still hard, you know? I’ve become attached to these characters. I just gotta remember that I was attached to Jean-Luc Picard and I somehow got over that show ending as well. A lot of shows are cancelled and are just done and over. We’re lucky that we get to enjoy these guys in movie form!! Plus this gives us “A Dog’s Breakfast 2” to look forward to 😉

    Thanks for 5 awesome years!

    And to anyone who has told Jewel that she’s cursed…not cool. So not cool. She’s awesome.

  59. @ Narelle from Aus – Sounds like my cuppa…but…seeing as how I love Wolverine, and still have three Wolverine novels sitting here, unread… 🙄 …I’m not sure I’d even try to tackle it. However, I will look into it – it might just inspire me.

    Just the other day my comic shop guy suggested the Elric Saga (Michael Moorcock) to me…I read it over, and with a description like this I find it very tempting: “It is the color of a bleached skull, his flesh; and the long hair which flows below his shoulders is milk-white. From the tapering, beautiful head stare two slanting eyes, crimson and moody, and from the loose sleeves of his yellow gown emerge two slender hands, also the color of bone. “

    And this part of the synopsis, which seems so Todd-like: “He also harbors an inner desire to perhaps sway his fellow Melniboné’s from some of their more unwholesome practices. Because of these opinions, his subjects find his motives to be almost unfathomable. Their opinion being that Melniboné is Melniboné. They have always ruled the world, and any tactic or pleasure they desire is to be sought out and used. Morality is something that concerns lesser beings but does not have any bearing, or add weight to any decision they may make. Elric also sees that the past glory of Melniboné is fading, complacency and stagnation have set into his culture and empire.”

    And this, about his swords, that has a hints of ‘Wraith’: “They are known by the names StormBringer and MournBlade. They have the ability to give the wielder unparalleled strength. They are also sentient and require feeding to appease them. This feeding is in the form of souls taken during battle. Many of Elric’s enemies plead not to be killed by his fearsome blade, StormBringer, as their souls are sent straight to hell for eternity. Although Elric is able to overcome his genetic weaknesses, and for the first time in his life he no longer needs to ingest his sorceress potions to sustain his life, this strength is gained at the price of a symbiotic relationship with his blade. Many is the time he will regret unsheathing it, as StormBringer has a taste for friend and foe alike.”

    A brooding, morally-conflicted albino who ‘feeds’ on human souls through his sword …yeah…I am EXTREMELY tempted to read it…however, the story is a bit more fantasy-filled than I care for. Also, it’s more than one book; the last series I finished was Horatio Hornblower, but that is a very easy read, and I just blew through it…a rare thing for me to do.

    One thing I’m reminded of (while looking over the list of characters in the Elric Saga) that prevents me from fully enjoying reading is that I am terrible with names, in real life as well as those printed on a page. For some reason, names don’t always register with me – when I was a kid, I used to describe my friends, instead of referring to them by name: The Girl With the Green Teeth; The Boy With the Square Head (yes, these are the actual ‘names’ I gave two of my classmates). Names, for some reason, escape me.

    So, when I watch a movie or show, I remember characters by the way they look. When I read a book, however, I get confused by who’s who, and often find myself paging back to the characters’ introductions, just to keep them all straight in my head. This makes for very choppy reading, and often loses me early on in the story (‘was this a good guy, or a bad guy? Ack! I don’t remember!’ *pages back to find out* ).

    Even on forums (and here) I tend to identify people more by their avatar than by their names (I HATE when people change their avatars on me!). After I’ve used a person’s name a few times, however, I will start to remember it…it just takes me longer than most.

    Okay – nobody really needed to know all of that…

    Sorry for the ramble, I should be in bed. Blame it on the expresso chip ice cream cone I had at 11 pm… 😛


  60. That’s a cheeky picture, Joe, even by your standards of making passing comments about important things.

  61. Coucou Joseph!
    S’il vous plait, pouvez vous réponde a mon email que je vous est envoyer sur votre de compte moorsyum@yahoo.com

    Voila merci =)

    Alalall les jeux Olympique ont été super cette année!!! La france a gagner 40 médailles, un record!! Mais nous en avons eu moin en or!!

    Olala oui, je suis triste pour Lolo, j’aime bien cette athléte.
    Outch pauvre hongrois, il a eu les os du coude disloquer, mais normalement dans 2 ou 3 mois il pourra recommencer a soulever des haltères!!

    Bon bisou bisou, passer une bonne journée! Je vous adore!

  62. Linda Gagne wrote:

    Anyway, is that joe flanigan in the background, of your picture, in the mirror? The clicking worked, but it just made it look like a painting (maybe cause it was a test?) or my eyes are going.

    I believe it to be a reflection of a reflection of the subject of the photo.

    Mr. M, I repeat: We’re having a party of sorts on the 5th so my family (at least 8 of them) can watch the episode with me. Other than a quick backstory of Michael, is there anything else I should explain to the unwashed heathens few who don’t watch the series?

    Anne Teldy, soon to be immortalized in SF history

  63. Hi there Mr M!

    Greetings from wet Tipperary!

    I hope that this comment finds you well. I am heartily encouraged by your upbeat take on Atlantis’s fate.

    Any-hoo, for those interested in a little giggle…..I was away by the sea for the weekend, when my mobile phone went BERSERK!! Texts arriving from every corner of the globe….What?…Had Atlantis been picked back up? Had I won the Lotto? Had my superhero true identity been discovered? Alas, none of the above, but….I had made it onto GateWorld Play!! http://www.gateworld.net Check out the scary looking guy on the title page in the right hand corner…It’s been up since Saturday, so will probably be gone in a couple of days…..So for those here who are curious to see Shirt’n’Tie…Dat’s me!
    On a side note, this was recorded at Artic Goddess’s wonderful party at the April Convention, and, being jet-lagged and also having discovered that Guinness was available in Vancouver (who knew?) I am amazed that it is…coherent!

    Anyway, regards to all the team!


    PS: The Shirt and Tie are both missing…. I had gone to the party in a set of BDUs…but fearing some Interview-related Google search in years to come, had hastily slipped off the John Sheppard jacket, revealing the moss-green polo….

  64. …. and, The 2010 Winter Olympics will be in VANCOUVER…
    Joe, it’s time to training ! Curling or Bobsleigh, Luge and Skeleton ?

  65. Finally! Now they can stop delaying all the GOOD TV for a “sporting” event that I personally despise… who’s idea was it to host in China anyway? The triads don’t have THAT much money do they?

    That said…. congrats to all who got a medal! A Bronze is just as good as gold if you take it to a jewelers and have it plated 😉 And Silver is useful as it can be melted and turned into bullets to keep warewolves away!.
    They should have an olymic event for fastest typist on earth… maybe I’d even compete!

  66. In addition to the horrific yet compelling sight of the Hungarian weightlifter down on the ground screaming in agony, was the equally strange sight of all of those mysterious little Chinese assistants who materialized out of nowhere and blocked the view with strategically placed boards. And then they just kind of stared out at the audience with a casual, “Nothing to see here” expression while the howls of pain from the Hungarian continued to echo around the venue…

  67. *puts down suitcases* Wow, that two week round trip to the moon sure was exhausting, now let me see what I missed…..

  68. Bwahahahaha! I like your spin on the Olympics, much more interesting than watching it. Although, in our house, the most watched Olympic sports are the men’s gymnastics and the men’s diving. Can you imagine why?

  69. Lt.Col.Errandboy says
    I don’t suppose the Poms would hire you to do their Olympic commentary in 2012? You’re a natural, and SO much more succinct and to the point than the ad nauseum waffle we are usually subjected to in the televised broadcasts!! :LOL:

    This particular pom would love to!

    Anyone remember the 1974 olympics? me neither I was watching “V”
    Joe doing the commentary would be the ONLY thing that could induce me to watch such an overblown waste of tax payers money.

    *grumble grouch*

  70. — Day 6: A Swedish wrestler is robbed by the judges and expresses his outrage by dropping his bronze medal and walking off. The IOC throws a hissy fit and takes away his bronze medal…then, quietly, days later, admits the judges made a mistake. They keep his medal anyway. —

    This happened to him before, hence the dropping the bronze medal. I understand him, but damn, we lost another medal!

  71. The Fantasy Book of the Month Club Selection – do you do this yourself, and post the book on your blog, or is it a separate site that we can join up at? I would be very interested in participating as I have decided I need to expand my fantasy horizons. I’ll keep an eye on your blog for this anyway, just in case you do not have time to answer this query.


  72. Hi Joe, nice review of the Olympics. I din’t watch it mostly because

    A) We can swim but not as good as when Ian Thorpe was in the team.
    B) The commentary sucks. I’m not talking the parochialism because I love that! I’m talking about getting the chick from the Australian version of Dancing With the Stars to comment on the Weightlifting!
    The best commentary I’ve ever heard was Phil Liggett who’s an English expert in cycling, commentating on the Diving years ago and when one fella’s dive went wrong let loose with “Ooh, he’s landed on his jatz crackers”. I think you can tell how the dive went 🙂

  73. Clearly the New York Times needs you to do their Olympic coverage for them. This is hilarious!

    Dang. It got quiet around here, again. 🙂

  74. Good summation on the Olympics.

    I just wanted to say that I watched “The Shrine” and thought it a wonderful episode. I’ve never in all my years of watching SG-1 or SGA shed a tear. I’ve been moved by some episodes and laughed with others but this one had me close to a full set of tears! Everyone in the cast was superb. I liked the analysis of this disease with Alzheimer’s. Woolsey’s story about his father was surprisingly touching. When you see someone of McKay’s intelligence stricken by such a disease, you know (a little bit) of what family’s are experiencing today with Alzheimer’s. It robs people not only of who they are but of what they are and all forms of dignity. Thank you.

  75. Thanks for trying to cheer us up with great pix & humor and for continuing the BOTMC. Yeah I initially came here looking for pix and SGA updates but over time, if your blog writing is truly any indication, I’ve found I like you as a person Joe. I’ve been glad to find you a place in my human circle of tasty quirkiness.

    The Shrine = built to showcase the magnificence of SGA. Ironic about the timing. Yes it can only start with a great script but my kudos go to the actors who portray our beloved characters and the director, for this one. Also kudos to the VFX Trumpets (TV Division), the city never looked more beautiful and the shot panning away from the flooded Gate was breathtaking. Loved seeing them sitting on top! I’m pegging this as one of the best SGA eps EVER. Hewletts, Flan, Jase, Rachel, Nyk, etc gods I’m so going to miss you all!!! and Jewel, you too, I’m convinced it’s a scripted fueling of ever growing intense dislike for Keller and you’re doing brilliantly. Figures Rodney picks her and so I expect to see Keller break his heart. For me, the heart of the story was Rodney & John’s relationship. The scene on the pier was just about tops (look how much Rodney’s grown! again!), and so was Rodney calling for John and running to him for reassurance. I’m glad to see the bond continue in such an overtly strong way, when I started seeing it in Hide & Seek have always approved of it and been looking for more. It’s been one of the most wonderful things about this show. I also loved the way Rodney said “Ronon Dex”, Ronon’s protectiveness of Rodney, and using his brains for a change to find a solution, and I’ve loved every appearance by Mrs. Miller, this one just as strong.
    Just a superior episode all around. Bravo. Hope the momentum keeps building because from here on out, it’s going to be a celebratory watch. More of my most-anticipated eps are still to come!

  76. Evening Joe!
    You had a second grade teacher by the name of Mr Vowels??? That is so…cute!!
    Can you recall all your teachers from primary and secondary school??
    Who was your favourite teacher and who was your worst?
    My favourite teacher was a toss up between Mrs Yelland, my science teacher all through high school (who now teachers my 16 year old daughter!) and Mrs Ingham who was the best math teacher I ever had.
    My worst teacher was…well maybe I shouldn’t mention his name but he was a sport/legal teacher…totally creeped me out!
    Also can you recall all the places you’ve lived in your lifetime and the telephone numbers?? Not that I want them but can you recall them all?
    Random questions I know but they kind just popped up!
    On the Olympic front…if you think table tennis was bizarre…what about the BMX bikes??? What’s next, break dancing?? Oh wait…they already have that but it’s called synchronized swimming!!
    Night Joe! 🙂

  77. Great, it’s clickable! I’ll have to go read Noir’s fix. I still think my fix will work and adjusting the settings will also fix the size of the image. You’ll notice that the image isn’t 300px wide (about 500px). It’s the same size as the original so there’s not point in making it clickable.


    1. Click on settings
    2. Click on media
    3. Under default media links make sure File is selected.
    4. Under default image size make sure medium is selected.
    5. Under default image alignment select center.
    6. Save

    Cheers, Chev

  78. 1)During the remainder of this season, will Teyla suffer loss?

    2)Will Sheppard have any impossible decisions to make during the rest of the year, particularly regarding one of his teammates?

  79. Oh, yay, I’d know that back anywhere! Can’t wait to see him again.
    Those Genii really know how to make a uniform. It’s been two years since Kolya left Genii-land (Genii-itopia? Gen?) and his clothes look good as new. Or maybe he packed some spares.

    I know you didn’t write The Shrine but I was wondering about something – McKay, once his illness progresses, is so attached to Sheppard. Is that childish dependence due just to his simpler mental state or is it a manifestation of his pre-existing trust in and affection for his friend? I wasn’t totally clear on what the parasite did. Did it alter McKay’s personality or just remove his adult inhibitions about showing what he feels?

  80. New week, almost back to work now. 🙁 Still depressed and angry because of you-know-what.

    By-the-by, I think I did mention Mercedes Lackey and her Valdemar series of books for a possible BotM discussion, didn’t I? How are the chances of discussing one of them?

    Please? 🙂

  81. Thanks for the brief, yet insightful summary of the Olympics, Joe.

    I actually missed the first week as I was off climbing with the dog through some’ve our more industrious mountains and wilderness, in the Lake District. After being swallowed up by a river, losing the dog halfway up a waterfall and scaling a peak that was decidely unscalable.. I figured I deserved the medal more than the athletes did. Still, one Guiness and a warm towel later, I did finally manage to settle down and watch the highlights for a while.

    Ooo.. Acastus ‘I’m-Gonna-Dig-Your-Heart-Out-With-A-Spoon’ Koyla. Nice to see he’s in keeping with his usual Tailor and not decided to go all wishy-washy on us. Uh.. do those shoes come with bells on them? Seem to recall seeing some Morris Dancers when I was a kid.. They wore something similar.

    Tamborine perhaps?

  82. Shelly said.

    “I was reading some comments on a differnet site about The Shrine and was shocked by how some fans hated the episode.”

    That’s because not all fans are fans of McKay or the McShep show and many have stopped watching the show or gone to other boards because of this. GW is overrun by McKay fans or McShep fans and that’s why I never post there anymore. No one denys that Hewlett did a good job in the Shrine but are just sick of the overuse of this character and the attention constantly lavished on him. Even Sheppard has been reduced to background fodder on too many occasions and that is sad considering he is the lead of the show.

    The spoilers for the remainder of the season don’t instill a lot of hope in non McKay fans that it won’t continue to focus just on his character, though Keller seems to be getting a fair chunk of screentime as well. But we’re still holding out hope for some good character moments for the rest of the cast and Remnants is certaintly one that is getting me excited. I also like the sound of The Queen and Vegas.

  83. I just got a sneak peek at a script for Universe:

    Lt. Mike Baker walks onto the bridge, muttering and fiddling with an ipod. Captain Jessica Logan is in the captain’s chair.

    Baker: Oh, f*ck. The battery’s dead.
    Logan: Nooo, that was the last mp3 player on the ship.
    Baker: Have you come up with a way off this stupid ship?
    ‘Cos if you haven’t it’ll be a long time before we can download from iTunes.
    Logan: Mike, stop talking about mp3s, I want to know where I stand with you. We kissed the other night and then you started avoiding me!
    Baker: I dunno Jess, I like you and all but I just want to keep it casual. What was the deal with the 50 messages you left over the intercom?
    Logan: There were 3!
    Baker: Same diff.
    Logan: I really love you Mike.

    Mike Baker looks around awkwardly. The ship is rocked by an explosion. Logan launches herself to protect Baker. She is lying on top of him.

    Baker: Um Jess.
    Logan: Yeah?
    Baker: I’m sorry

    Mike kisses Jessica. Sparks are flying in the background.

    Now that’s gold! Who wouldn’t want to watch that?

    Cheers, Chev

  84. I regularly pass a sign saying Fat Balls for sale and I can’t help but snigger. They are balls of fat, seeds, nuts etc for garden birds.

    I was busy telling a friend in his 70s today about the cancellation of SGA. He was horrified that somebody had found Atlantis and it hadn’t been on the BBC news. I gave up.

    Funny dog stories please to cheer us up – your dogs and the dogs that go to the studio each day. I’m a big dog girl (Mars Hewlett and his g/f Lucy Smith size).

    Sandy Urbahns Enjoy Dragon Con and send me a toy boy!

  85. Mr. Mallozzi, you said that there would be Atlantis movies produced every year…would those be direct to dvd, or TV movies?

  86. Lisa said:

    “No one denys that Hewlett did a good job in the Shrine but are just sick of the overuse of this character and the attention constantly lavished on him.”

    Actually, I do deny that Hewlett did a good job. He played SimpleMcKay like every other actor has ever played someone with a mental disability. There was nothing original. And there could have been because McKay didn’t have a standard impairment, so he didn’t have to exhibit every cliche since Flowers for Algernon (or Charlie, I think was the movie’s title).

    But otherwise, I couldn’t agree more with you. I feel like every episode that features McKay explores the same two fascinating facets of his not very deep character – he’s obnoxious, oh wait now he’s all woobie, nope he’s back to obnoxious, and now some more woobie. Yawn.

    Joe Flanigan has made Sheppard an interesting and entertaining character, and he always keeps my attention regardless of how little Sheppard is given to do. I’d have much rather seen more of him. Or Teyla. Or Woolsey. Or Todd.

  87. Your Olympic coverage and analysis is reason alone to keep this blog going. LOL. You did neglect to point out (on Day 13 I guess) that softball is currently on the shelf for future Olympics. I believe the reason they decided to eliminate it as a “competitive” sport was because it was no longer “comptetitive” since the US never lost! Ha, we sure showed them!!!!!

    I’ve been away for a few days dropping off the second child of two at college. Now that I’m an empty nester, I can take the time to catch up on all the sad news. I, along with many fans, am extremely disappointed in the cancellation, but I’m looking forward to the movie(s). Will the Wraith stories be wrapped up before season’s end or will Todd and Michael be part of the movie storylines???

  88. Hi, Joe-
    I am so sorry and disappointed to hear of the cancellation of SGA; I sure hope TPTB know what they are doing! It will be missed very much, although the movies are a plus. The cast, crew, writers, directors, and everyone working behind the scenes have done an amazing job over the past 5 years! Everyone involved with SGA should be very proud; I know you are.
    To follow up on Sandy’s question regarding whether or not the cast could do more of the commentaries on the Season 5 DVD set, could you persuade Joe F. to let Ivan Bartok do a featurette on him??? We have been waiting for one and Season 5 might be our last chance. Please, please, please ask him for us! Thanks, Joe!!

  89. Trish (aka whovian) said:

    I have one word for you:


    The way Joe F says it, it’s more like two words.


    I love that scene.

    Cheers, Chev

  90. Hej Mr. Mallozzi !
    I hope you have planned to develope the McKay/Dr. Keller romance beyond “The Shrine”. Maybe you can comment on that ?
    Apropos: BEST episode EVER 🙂 – especially the soundtrack was brilliant, not to mention David Hewlett.

    Vi ses…

  91. KOLYA!!!!!!

    I knew he couldn’t die! He’s my favorite bad guy!!

    Yesssssssssss! I knew it. Nobody believed me but I knew he’d be back. See what a little faith can do?

    Thanks for the pic Joe!


  92. Koyla is back? I thought Sheppard killed him in Irresponsible in Season 3? Does anyone know if Robert Davi is the “Opera Singer” from Goonies from the early 80’s?

    Is anyone else writing letters to try to get another season in? Or is it a waste of time? I did write a letter to Sci fi channel to keep SGA for another season.

    here is the email address: feedback@scifi.com. Or you can go to the website. Click on membership. Then go to feedback. Under feedback there is an email address that is devoted to people’s comments about any show on the channel. I haven’t received anything back nor do i plan on getting anything back, but I figured at least I tried. I also kept it friendly and just politely remided them that any shows I wath on sci fi I can rent on DVD if SGA is continues to be cancelled.

  93. Does anyone have the address to Bright Studios? So I can write thank you letters to the cast and crew?


  94. Regarding THE SHRINE, which is one of the BEST SGA episodes ever done (darn that we had to wait five years for it)…. David Nykl said at a convention this past weekend that a scene was shot between Zelenka and Rodney in a corridor. Is there any chance you can give us a transcript of what we missed?

    And was Dr. Nichols a play on word on Nykl, since rodney was griping how this doctor seemed to be arrogant and thought he knew everything (seeing as how McKay treats Zelenka).


  95. What’s the deal with the Genie shoes in right hand side of the photo? Or are they Elf shoes, I can’t tell. I’d love to see the pic of the long and pointy toes that fit those pointy, pointy shoes!

  96. Sooo….

    Any thoughts about London’s contribution to the closing ceremonies?

    Shrubbery on a bus. That’s not some elaborate criticism, that’s exactly what it was.

    Also, David Beckham apparently kicked a soccer ball into a bunch of Chinese men wearing golden bike helmets. Either that or I was tripping out by this point.

  97. Loved the Olympics update….. and please let Carl Binder know that our USC Trojans again scored gold medals in the olympics – we’ve won at least one Gold in every summer games since 1912! ( 9 golds, 10 silvers, 2 bronze – better than some countries!)

  98. Hi again Mr M!

    Re: Previous post:
    Okay, before the teasing starts….yes, that’s Teal’c on the Title page of GateWorld……*sniff*…I have already been bumped to the second slot of GateWorld Play (The Phenomenon)….(told ya it was scary!)
    Ah…..the television industry….Thy fame is but fleeting……My first bump……*sniff sniff*


  99. I thought The Shrine was a fantastic episode! The end scene re: McKay’s message to Keller was a bit surprising, but I thought it was sweet and liked it. My sister didn’t share the same viewpoint though.

    Looking forward to Whispers in a week and a half.

  100. @El Santo

    We’re holding the Olympics here in 2012?


    So *that’s* where my taxes are going. Crap.. And Beckham? Figured it’d draw more crowds in if he’d followed the football with Posh..

    Actually, we had the official 2012 Olympic Party, here in London yesterday. Queenie and Co were obviously out sunning themselves up in the Highlands, as Buckingham Palace was a riot of teenyboppers waving union jacks.

    I almost thought i’d tuned into SciFi and a premiere on the trailer for SGU.

  101. This is not a complaint, per se, but an honest question. I know that Keller is now one of the main characters, she is in the opening credits lineup. But was she supposed to supplant Teyla as the main female character? She has gotten more lines this season and about as much screen time. I truly think of the main Team as Shep, McKay, Teyla and Ronon, with the others in as backup as needed. I think the supporting characters (and I considered Beckett and Weir as wonderful team support too) do a great job to flesh out the story of the Team, but don’t want them to overshadow our main 4.

  102. Great picture, can’t wait to see Kolya back on the show, although it was a nice try to show only his back to us. But what was even more of a shame is that you can make out his face kinda in the mirror next to him 😀

  103. I think I found the address. Hey I realized I put down the wrong name of the studio.

    stargate atlantis
    c/o the bridge studios
    stargate productions
    2400 boundary rd.
    burnaby bcv5m-3z3 canada

    Is this the right address? I know they receive a lot of mail, but I figured I would at least try to send thank you notes.

  104. Hi Joe,
    A few questions about the Atlantis movie:
    1. Have all the actors agreed to come back for the movie?
    2. When will the movie start shoting?
    3. When will the movie be shown on t.v. , before SGU premiere or after?
    4. Can you give us any hints as to what the movie will be about?


  105. Kolya/Zelenka?
    Who’s that hunky guy in the photo??
    COuld he be….DANieL JaCksOn?????
    What happened to that funny Zelenka horse puppet?

  106. Hi Joe,

    I have a question to Rob Cooper actually… is he going to pen a fourth SG-1 movies and guarantee Claudia Black’s fans that we won’t be screwed like B(r)ad Wright screwed us in “Continuum”? I don’t count Qetesh’ stuff, ’cause I know it was Rob Cooper’s idea and I adore him for this more than ever, ’cause this was the best part of a very crappy movie. BTW, I’ve heard something that in the upcoming Atlantis’ episode Daniel is going to say something about SG-1 being disbanded? I REALLY hope you didn’t send Vala to her old life… Believe me, with such doing you’re going to loose me from the franchise for good.

  107. shiningwit says:
    Anyone remember the 1974 olympics? me neither I was watching “V”.

    Obviously you jest. The Olympics was in 1972 and V was aired in 1983 (not an Olympic year by the way).

    Had me going there for a moment. I really thought I had lost a decade somewhere! 🙂

  108. @Chevron 7: After I posted that I thought, “Well… Joe F. says it more like two words.”

    Great Minds Think Alike INDEED! 😆

    I dropped Jeremy off at the Tampa Airport to send him on his way to his LEAST favorite spot to work up in North Carolina. Those of you from North Carolina, don’t get upset with me. It’s not the state he doesn’t like. It’s the place he has to work at. Got it? NC… lovely! Jeremy’s work site… nightmare-ish. I thought things were great but Jeremy started texting me. Here’s what I got from him:

    Text number 1: *Well, stupid Fay caused a weather delay. Now my flight is cancelled.*
    Text number 2: I’m actually scheduled on a later flight. More time in the airport. Fun.
    Text number 3: Oh. My plane is here. Great.
    Text number 4: And someday we will leave Tampa…
    Text number 5: I’m actually ON the plane!
    Text number 6: Just 47 more hours to go! Thinking positively never works.

    I just wanted to point out that I used to be a *glass half full* kinda girl. Then I met Jeremy. When I got that last text from him I realized that after spending more than half my life with him and his sheer pessimism *might* have rubbed off on me. Just a tad.

    Somehow I picked up his belief that thinking positively never works. I just didn’t realize it until this moment. EPIPHANY!!!

    In other words, I am blaming Jeremy for my bad mood regarding the cancellation of SGA. 😛 I’m TRYING to have a better attitude. Just give me some time.

    In happier news: Allie’s actually read the BOTMC selection! She officially has NO EXCUSE for not joining in the discussion. Woo hoo! 😀


  109. Dear Joe,
    some thoughts on THE SHRINE –

    well as I didn´t get my hopes too high (team dynamics seemed a bit restrained lately) what can Isay – it was definitely and positvely a blast – just brilliant in so many ways!

    Great ensemble effort, great character piece, to-notch acting.
    I love how almost everyone (well teyla was a bit underused, and I missed Zelenka, saw him hopping though the control room, right?) got a moment to shine.

    My kudos go particularly to Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett. Thanks guys – that was intense!

    IMHO drinking beer on the pier and Mckay rapping on Sheps door , well, this goes down as the best Sheppard/MacKay scene ever!

    Ronon shone out, too! And this nice quirk<y idea with the gate flodded ; ))

    Plus the switching back and forth between past and present was intriguing set up to tell the story!

    SHRINE is up there with Search and Rescue – had lately doubted that you could still bring all that emotion out! Glad to be proven wrong.

    So for me SGA is at its best with character-driven stories, be it with or without a healthy dose of action – I like both – so thank you!



  110. Hi,

    With SGU in the early process of production, has there been any interest to have the series center around the pre-ascended Ancients and their journey to discover and form the 4 Race Alliance.


  111. I always read online reviews of Atlantis episodes. Some I agree with, others… not so much. But this one, from Marx Pyle from SyFy Portal really sums up how I feel about the situation with Atlantis being cancelled and SGU being green-lit:

    I regret that Atlantis is ending. I have a hard time believing that they could top these characters that I’ve grown to care about in the Stargate Universe spin-off. I honestly feel with an introduction of some fresh threats and worlds, the show could easily have one or two more good seasons.

    The full review of The Shrine, is here:


    Says it all, doesn’t it? Seriously, are MGM and SciFi mad? 🙁

  112. Yeah, Kateřina Emmons is a very nice young woman – I hope her husband will also shoot for us (Czech Republic) in the next Olympics :-))

    To SGA: Joe, I hope you will make from Rodney and Jennifer a nice, cute couple cos they are perfect together 😉

  113. Joe, thanks for the Olympic summary. My husband and I watched NBC and cheered on for the American team until I saw a Canadian and then I cheered for them.(Born and raised in Canada). I wish I got to see more sports than what NBC covered. Their coverage was a little bias I think only showing us what the USA was doing. Watched the shrine again. Can’t seem to delete it from my TIVO. I think this was one of the best of SGA. Everyone did a great job!

  114. So when are we gonna see more Teyla,like you said Joe…It’s what,six eps into the season and well,I’m still waiting..

    Oh and about The Shrine…….The whole McKeller thing was just cringeworthy…

    What happened to the “We will never put two of the main characters together.” Yet you go with the McKay/Keller romance…What reason is there for not doing the John/Teyla romance then..It’s established,you’ve been building this pairing up for years now,but you just ignore it so you can do Rodney/Keller romance….She’s only been in Atlantis what,a few months and yet you have no problem going ahead with this for them but you do nothing with John/Teyal???

  115. Hi Joe, I think you should know that some verrrry passionate fans are not giving up without a fight, and sending letters of protest. Me included!!

    But, should this not prevail, my friends are I will still watch and buy anything produced by the Stargate franchise. This said, I was the only 1 in a class of 10 studying Fantasy Literature who enjoyed the ‘prequel’ novels (the ‘biographies’ of Polgara and her father – whose name escapes me at the moment) of the Belgariad by David Eddings; everyone else thought that they were useless and only written to squeeze more money out of the original novels 🙁

    Also, now that this is the final series, will Joe Flanigan provide a sit-down interview with Ivon Bartok for the special features on the S5 dvd set??

  116. Wardrobe fitting for what episode? Is that really Koyla? How? Please, please tell! I love your blog and look forward to it every day! THANKS!

  117. Hello Joe,

    Man, I go on one buisness trip and all hell breaks loose. I got back in town late yesterday and had to spend today catching up on all the news (read – your blog). I was up todate on the Olympics (or at least how the Jamaicans were doing as that is where I was and nothing happened {read – meetings stopped, everyone piled in to watch the closest TV} when the Jamaicans were running in China).

    I’d like to say thank you to yourself and the cast and crew of SGA for keeping me interested in TV. I enjoyed SG-1 and enjoy SGA because they are well written, wonderfully acted, character driven shows that make me want to stay home on a Friday night to see what perils my favorite characters are going to get into and out of.

    Loved The Shrine – I thought Kate Hewlett’s performance was spot on and loved her interaction with Ronan especially. David, was great as usual and it was really great to see the teams friendships so exposed and raw.


  118. hi, joe,

    will the 3rd sg1 movie be made before the 1st atlantis movie? *hopes*

    is sam in ‘enemy at the gate’?

    when will you know if you’re going to be a writer for stargate universe?

    you should write an episode for ‘sanctuary’, where this guy thinks he’s a comic book villain. then finds out he really is. 😛

    sally =)

  119. Raindrop said: Actually, I do deny that Hewlett did a good job. He played SimpleMcKay like every other actor has ever played someone with a mental disability. There was nothing original. And there could have been because McKay didn’t have a standard impairment, so he didn’t have to exhibit every cliche since Flowers for Algernon

    And how would you have coached him, raindrop? Did you ever stop to think that maybe the reason people choose to portray those characters in that fashion is because that is the way people behave in those circumstances? According to Keller, the parasite was shutting down his brain, which would make his IQ drop, he would lose his ability to access memory normally, he would therefore lose his acquired inhibitions, making him more open in his behaviour, his physical control of his own body would wane … wow. Exactly what David Hewlett portrayed.

    Your “review” of his performance was blatantly coloured by your dislike of the character, and was harsh and undeserved.

  120. To Azrael and Ltcoljsheppard and Tamijb – and to everyone else who doesn’t know me – Kolya IS dead. Mwhaahahahaaah, right?
    Whooo! Thpooky!
    Robert Davi – LOVED you as Kolya.
    Bet you are a pussycat in RL.
    Megaprops for wearing a woollen uniform in Summer.
    Play nice with Sheppy, or it’s time out for you, sweets.
    Like I’m really going to call you on the ‘time out’ thang…
    > : – D

  121. Yay!
    *does happy bunny dance*
    I got to bypass the pod/mod person’s smileys!
    *looks askance for turkey sandwich/Evil Emiley of Doom*

  122. Smiley!
    I mean –
    Not –
    Not too many Emileys are evil.
    Can’t vouch for your average Emily, mind you.
    *open foot insert mouth*
    Or the other way around.
    % – }

  123. Hey Joe,

    I’m looking forward to Atlantis movies. A question though – Continuum and Ark of Truth were straight-to-DVD movies, while the Atlantis movie will air on SciFi first. Does that mean that it will be written with act breaks just like a TV episode, or like a movie running straight through from beginning to end, with commercials placed at natural breaks in the story? Does your writing change significantly depending on which format you need to follow?

    Thanks again for all your amusing musings…


  124. Dear Mr. Mallozzi- I discovered your blog a few months ago and have enjoyed it greatly. Believe it or not, this is the first blog comment I have ever posted but I felt compelled. Reading over past coments, I have been disturbed that everyone seems to think it is the job of the writers, directors, or actors to FIX what they don’t like about a episode. Ever since I was very young, I have been able to greatly enjoy any story, whether book, movie, or TV show, and then go on with it on my own. In spare moments throughout the day, I usually come up with different endings or wonder what happened the next day, or go in another direction entirely. Since I do this only for my own enjoyment, I’m never upset. I come back and greatly appreciate the next official installment and start over. I thought everyone did that, but I guess not. I have invested as much, if not more, emotional attachment to characters as anyone but they will never go away, even if that means they die . In my world, Old Yeller still runs the prairie! Great stories and great performances never end. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who gave their all to give me Atlantis and enrich my fantasy life. God speed…

  125. As a night-shifter who only got to see the less-watched games (saw the Brits and the coxless champs bit), thanks for the summary! Now I can pretend I watched the games like a real person instead of the vampire I am!

  126. Hey Joe, just a quick question about “Vegas”:

    Is Sheppard going to pull a Horatio Cane (CSI: Miami): smoothly put on his glasses and say a slick one-liner before the opening credits? That would be fun.


  127. Shai,

    Yes that is Koyla. Supposedly he is dead, but I guess not. Actually I was kinda upset that he killed Koyla. he makes a good adversary. I think he makes a good enemy because he is human not another alien. If anyone knows what I mean.

    Hey Joe,

    I saw The Shrine for the second time today. Although I know you didn’t write it maybe you can ask my question? In the scene where the team is on top of the stargate they show the parasite floating on the water. I didn’t realize till later because I didn’t know what it looked like. Was that intentional? Was that forshadowing? Did anyone else catch it?

  128. One more thing.

    I have the address to the scifi channel. Is anyone interested? Is anyone elsse going to write letters? Or am I the only one and everyone else is giving up?

    It couldn’t hurt to write letters to Brad Wright and company. They may possibly change their minds. Its been done before for other shows in the past. Hey we even managed to bring Daniel Jackson back so you never know.

  129. Joe,

    I watched an episode of “Student Bodies” a few weeks ago called “Victor Moves In” (which is one of my favorite episodes), and I never realized before (or I may have forgotten) that you and Paul Mullie wrote the episode, and I noticed that you and Paul were also credited as producers. The animation and the episode itself were as funny as it was the last time I watched this, which was a decade ago on Fox.

    By any chance will “Student Bodies” be released on DVD? If not, do you know who may own the DVD rights? It’s amazing this popular Canadian series has not been released yet.



  130. @ tamijb – yup – it caught my eye, and hubby’s – he thought it was something that accidentally got into the shot, and I thought that it was either intentional, or an attempt to make the water appear ‘real’…with debris floating in it, instead of it just looking like they were in a water tank on a set somewhere.

    @ Melinda Ward – Yeah, that’s the difference between fans, and obsessive compulsive control freaks. Guess which group I fall under? :mrgreen: Er…I mean… 😳

    @ Evil Kenny – Another question – What is the most harmless everyday item that’s been used to create the grossest/creepiest/most disgusting prop?


  131. tamijb – I’m going to write letters and I also have been sending emails to MGM. Something good is always worth fighting for and so I will be doing what I can to help save SGA. It may well be a losing battle, but I want to go down fighting!


  132. Not much talk has been issued about Teyla in any episode after the Queen. Can we expect to see her in episodes after, or do many Teyla fans have some hearbreak in store for them? I would really appreciate an answer. Please and Thank You.

  133. Hey, tamijb – of COURSE it’s Kolya. Like, duh! Apart from the tres obvious rear view of Robert Davi in all his nefarious, operatic glory, not to mention the bog-awful, itchy/scratchy- looking Genii get-up, I totally KNOW that the K-word upped and snuffed it, courtesy of the Shepster.
    But –
    As we all know-
    Shep doesn’t get off that lightly.
    *insert evil cackle here*
    Aanyways, kill him off here, kill him off there – kill him off jes’ about everwhur – but is he truly dead? At least, not as long as fanfic prevails.
    *insert at least one more evil cackle. Just about here. Yep, that’ll cover it. No wait, a little more bass… kick up the treble a notch… work with me, here, peeps… I’m paying you enough… *

  134. Questions for props master “Evil” Kenny Gibbs

    * What has been the oddest prop you’ve ever had to create?

    * Once you’re handed a script, how long does it normally take the set folk to dress up a set?

    * Lots of props folk like to insert a favorite item into each episode; have you guys done the same with SGA?

    * How did you get into doing props for TV?

    * Hmm, and lastly, why are you “Evil”? 😉


  135. @ tamijb – Personally, I’m torn about writing. Part of me wants to, but the other part of me is thinking about some of the episodes this year: Wrapping up the Weir thing, a future episode where the Lanteans must answer for their deeds in the PG, and more info on the Wraith, which many fans have asked for since there was ‘much about Wraith we did not know’. It makes me wonder now if this was all done in preparation for the end, an end that was expected back when scripts were being written and that can’t be reversed because it’s a done deal.

    So, I don’t know whether to waste time beating a dead horse, OR saving my energies to support the movie[s], which is probably all we have left now. And yet…I don’t know if this horse is dead, or if there’s still hope.

    I just don’t know. If I was sure it would make a difference, I’d have my pen out right now. But I’m not sure…and I don’t want to get my hopes up over something that will never happen. I haven’t decided one way or the other to write, or not to write…I might. But unlike the Wraith and their ‘no retreat in the face of battle’, I’m more apt to see where the rats are headed, and follow them. So, for now I think I’m gonna follow the rats, and try to do my best to support the movies and hype that up.

    I hope I’m wrong – I hope I’m just a lily-livered bastard taking the easy way out…while the rest of you fight the battle, and win. And if you do win, well…you know I’ll come crawling back…ashamed of myself, but very proud of you.


  136. @dasNdanger I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who caught it. Must be intentional. Writers and producers know how us fans catch things like that.

    I’m glad that others are writing as well. Who knows we may have a shot. And your right something good is always worth fighting for even if we do loose at the end. At least we know we did our part. I’ve already emailed Sci fi channel and I am writing snail mail as well. I’m also going to write to Brad Wright and MGM. I’m just asking for anothere season then go into movies. Maybe we will enjoy the movies more and the next show. At least this way with another season we will be more prepared for it then all of a sudden like this was.

  137. @Elisa

    I forgot one more thing. Can you post the email address for MGM and if you have the snail mail address as well? That way I can write to them both ways.


  138. Quick question, Joe…

    In yesterday’s entry, did you say this on purpose, or was it a Freudian slip?:

    “Like SG-1, Atlantis will love on in a different format.”


    Love, exciting and new,
    Come aboard…we’re expecting you.

    The Love Gate, soon will be making another run!
    The Love Gate, promises something for everyone!

    Set a course for Atlantis,
    Your mind on a new romance.

    Love won’t hurt anymore,
    It’s an open smile on a friendly shore.

    Welcome aboard, it’s LOOOOOOVE!



  139. I had something funny happen to me at church yesterday. i run the media for our church and one of my main responsibility is to run the powerpoint for songs and for announcements. usually our pastor prays after the last song and i switch over presentations, and i usually freeze the projector, well this time i didn’t and the whole church of 200 plus people got a flash of my desktop for like 5 seconds of the 5th season cast of Atlantis.
    Fortunately, there is like 10-15 of us that watch the show.
    but i thought i’d share that with you


  140. @dasNdanger

    I do hope you change your mind and help fight the good fight. To me I think these 6 episodes have been fantastic. Especially The Shrine. And who knows if we have season 6 maybe Weir/Fran will be brought back like the the other replicator was that was left out in space. Also about the Wraith there are at least couple wraith episodes in the last part of Season 5. Maybe we will find out more about them. Like the replicators maybe we will come to realize that they are also like us in so many ways as Micheal pointed out in Allies.

    I aplogizes ahead of time but I do hope you come crawling back, because that would mean that we won. LOL.


  141. Kolya, yay! 🙂 I missed him; he was my favourite bad guy in Stargate Atlantis (I don’t count Todd as a bad guy).

    Thank you for your summary of the Olympics. I AM always journeying to the moon during such events. I don’t regret I didn’t watch them: There was no need, you seem to have captured their very essence. 😀

  142. @ tamijb – Alas, it was just floating gunk, eh? Oh well…

    About the letter-writing. Well, first – I liked Joe’s rather snippy answer to Dezrai – though, Joe, please understand that fans are just trying to get their heads around all of this. I think many of us are a bit paranoid right now, and maybe a little cynical, too. Of course, I’m paranoid and cynical all the time, so not much different here. 😛

    Anyway, Joe’s reply helped clarify things for me a little more and, coupled with his concern over the summer about not getting picked up for a 6th season, I’m wondering if we should have started this letter-writing campaign months ago, before this final decision was made. Will they even listen to us now?

    Like I said, I’m still not decided about what I will do. In some ways I’d love for Joe to just tell me what to do, but he can’t. He can’t take sides because he’ll either alienate fans (‘Joe told us not to write, now we’ll never have a 6th season! He’s a double-crossing poopyhead and we hatesies him!’), or piss off TPTB (‘What, Joe?! We have YOU to thank for these mountains of mail??! For all the phone calls??! For the…LEMONS???! Why are you working against the greater good!?! You’re a double-crossing poopyhead and we hatesies you!’)

    Joe’s stuck in the middle, like…like a wedgie. 😉

    So, it’s up to me to decide what I should do…and I’m still thinking about it. Through the acrid smoke from the broadside volleys I’m peering into the battle, boarding pike in hand…but I’m also watching the rats, scampering through the scuppers and swimming off to land… I just don’t know which way I’m going to go yet.


  143. Sorry, Joe…I forgotsies something…

    @ tamijb – Yes, I am looking forward to the Wraith episodes coming up – of course, it will never be enough for me, or Wraith fans. See…I basically know how people work, I’m human, I get this stuff. I can go over to SGU and – in an episode or two – know all I need to really know about the characters, just like I immediately got to know the human characters in SGA.

    But Wraith are the creation of someone else’s mind, I know nothing about them except what the creators want to reveal…I’m totally at their mercy. Once SGA is no more (or once the Wraith are killed off), we will stop learning about them, and this saddens me.

    I’ve said it before – I watch sci fi for the aliens – to be shown something new, to learn about a species that only exists in a person’s mind – NOT to watch humans do human stuff. If I want that, then I’d be watching Grey’s Anatomy, or reality tv, something. I want to learn about the unknown…and, for me, the Wraith are just that. Unusual – unknown outside the world of SGA – with endless directions they can go in if their creators so desire. They could do anything, be anything.

    I have hopes to learn more this season, and beyond…beyond just one movie, that is. For me, the greatest ‘revelation’ so far this season was about Wraith tech, and how it grows (of course, now I want MORE info on this, greedy ol’ bint that I am). But to learn that it can grow out of a living thing (human, maybe Wraith), and take on a consciousness…well…that was amazing. This is the sort of stuff I’m looking for in sci fi…not just the technical space mumbo-jumbo, but the ‘discovery’ of new species and learning how they work, what makes them tick and all…then finding a way to coexist. That is the ‘full circle’ thing for me when it comes to sci fi.

    The human characters are always secondary. Well…except for Chekov… 😳


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