Look at what came in the mail!
Look at what came in the mail!
And this!
And this!
Don't stray from the scripted dialogue!
Bob Picardo learns a valuable lesson: Don't change the scripted dialogue!
Executive Producer Carl Binder aint buyin' what you're sellin'.
Executive Producer Carl Binder aint buyin whatever you're sellin'
Leah and Wray show off an arm wound.  Carl is impressed, Martin horrified.
Leah and Wray show off an arm wound. Carl is impressed, Martin horrified.
Looks mighty convincing.
Looks mighty convincing.

Apologies for the tardy post but I spent all day in the darkened catacombs of post-production amidst the trolls, troglodytes, morlocks, and editors. The light from my laptop screen! AIIIEEEEE! IT BURNS!!!

I was cutting Remnants which clocked in at an astounding +9.20! Trimming out the first four and a half minutes was no problem; losing the next four and a bit of a chore. The last twenty seconds was freaking impossible and, after going over the episode twice, I threw in the towel and decided to it pick things up Monday morning. It’s a great episode (Carl says it’s his favorite among the three I wrote this season) with not one, not two, but three parallel storylines. The David’s are great together, Bob shows off his great comic timing, and our nefarious special guest star puts our helpless hero through some real physical and psychological torment. Even though Remnants is a perfectly appropriate title for the episode, Revelations would have worked as well. But it was already taken.

Speaking of titles – we finally got one for our 100th episode: Enemy at the Gate. Looks like it will shoot in the #19 slot, meaning we’ll wrap in Vancouver and finish shooting season five in Las Vegas. It’s 60+ pages of intergalactic fun and Marty G. is looking to add to the page count by pitching out a certain scene that has divided the writers’ room. That’s Martin and Carl for, Paul and I against, and Alan firmly straddling the fence. Hey, I love the idea. I’m just not crazy about the timing. If the scene boards, we may compromise by shooting it anyway and deciding later whether or not it makes the final cut.

Ratings are the hot on-set topic, particularly the big 30% bump the show has been receiving from the Live+7 numbers. It’s nice to see the ratings upticking so early in the season. That’s either a good argument for a sixth season pick-up or cause for a congratulatory farewell. I guess we’ll find out in the coming months.

A reminder to finish up our Fantasy Book of the Month Club Selection, In the Night Garden: The Orphan’s Tale, because discussion begins on Monday.

And finally, another HUGE thanks to author Lois McMaster Bujold for taking the time to visit with us and taking part in a veritable novella-length Q&A session.

Today’s pics: Around the production office.

Today’s video: The Weird Food Purchase of the Day = Sour Prune.

104 thoughts on “August 15, 2008: Production Update and The Weird Food Purchase of the Day

  1. Hi Mr. Mallozzi,
    Wow, all I can say about tonight’s episode is what an ending! And Woolsey is fast becoming a favorite of mine.

    I just read about your trip to China, and you shouldn’t worry too much about not speaking any Chinese since you are only going to Shanghai and Hong Kong. A friend of mine who is from Shanghai assures me they are very accommodating to English-speakers.

  2. In the episode, ghost in the machine, the replicator calling itself elizabeth weir gave atlantis a bunch of information on other technologically advanced civilizations in the pegasus galaxy. Does atlantis still have that information or was it destroyed when the other replicators came or what?

  3. Joe!! Been waiting up for you *all* evening!! [EST zone] 😀

    Then again, I know you guys usually work late on Fridays…

    Prunes, huh? Got a thing for Klingon [in more ways than one – eventually!] food dooo ya? Suppose it’s one way of catching up on one’s reading…

  4. Enemy at the Gate? A prospective scene that may or not be in it? ohhh, I love the teasing. And is +9 minutes a new record for being over? It’s interesting watching how much trouble 20 seconds can cause.
    Please extend kudos to everyone involved in making Ghost in the Machine. Another episode i had not really expected much from. But the script was flawless(and I was trying to find holes in it), the special effect great(love all the views of Atlantis, never mind the ringed planet and puddle-jumper-into the gate; also a nice touch seeing the stabalizing rockets work). The ending actually made me tear up. And the acting was superb. There was no “going through the motions here. Rodney’s plea to fix things, Zelinka’s various reactions, and especially the shot of Sheppard almost in tears… this season has really been surpassing the standards of the previous seasons. If Sci Fi doesn’t renew, their executives should be checked for brain damage.

  5. Sour prunes…yeck is right!!! Well since you did not swallow it… I guess you might still need the Exlax!!! Very funny face!!! EWWWW.


  6. Oh Yeah… WooHoo!!! Episode 100 has a name! I thought you said Brad Wright was writing Epi 100 and then you said Marty G was writing it… what gives Joe! Were you trying to keep it a secret so we would not pump you with questions???

    It won’t work!!! Come on give us a tidbit or two! Please….

  7. Enemy at the Gate, eh? Lemme guess. Wraith…and they’ll all be dead by the end of the story. Or they’ll become showgirls in Vegas.

    Personally, I prefer the latter. 😉

    Saw tonight’s episode…it was okay. I dunno – I’m very bored with both the Ancients and the Replicators. Neither are exciting to me – they’re dull…wooden, and self-righteous on top of it. Just could never get into them. I mean, the Wraith might be a buncha arrogant SOBs, but at least they tell jokes. Makes ALL the difference.

    Knock, knock.

    Who’s there?


    Imur who?

    Imur death, that’s all you need to know.

    See?? Makes all the difference. 🙂


  8. Oh yeah, they’re sour all right! Best sour face I’ve ever seen. Thanks for the laugh Joe, I needed that. 🙂 *still chuckling*

  9. Yay! Episode 100! Great name, who decided it? Was there any sort of list or vote taken place to choose?

    Sour Prunes… I don’t mind prunes and I do like sour things, but I’m judging by the faces you were making that it wasn’t to your liking? Oh well maybe something better tomorrow?

    I’m pretty excited at the moment, I have finally decided two other uni courses to put down in case I don’t get my first preference… excitedly waiting and dreading going to uni next year, all three of the courses I’m thinking about go for four years so I hope that I find, whichever one I get, to be worth it, which I’m sure they will be but it makes me nervous all the talk at school of uni, tafe, gapyears and such. On that note did you go to a university/college and if so what course(s) did you do?


  10. I posted this in the previous blog just before the update, so I thought I would add it to today’s post.
    The Ghost In The Machine…another great episode. Not quite on par with the previous 4 episodes, but still great.
    First, lets give some props to Robert Picardo. He gave an amazing performance as a true commander. His speech on them all dying together and to go ahead and sink it showed no sign of hesitation or weakness. He has stepped into Carter’s shoes and is wearing them well.
    And Michelle Morgan did an excellent job as Weir/Fran. She must have really studied tapes of previous episodes because in many scenes she dead on nails Tori’s speech pattern and manerisms. I hope she returns as a replicator again.
    There was one thing that kept this from being a perfect episode…no Tori. I am not blaming anyone. I’m sure she had her reasons for not doing the episode. And it is not a criticism of Ms. Morgan. She hit it out of the park. And it is not the fault of the writers for having to rework their original story to accomidate Tori’s absence. It just didn’t work as well as it could have.
    Next week’s previews look great. Bring on the Shrine!

  11. Hi Joe,

    I just had to stop by and offer a hearty “Thank You so, so, so, so, so, so, so much for Ghost in the Machine.” I haven’t felt this good about an Atlantis episode in such a long time. Please thank Carl Binder for an awesome story! The director, Ken Girotti, and all of the actors and actresses, but especially Joe Flannigan, Michelle Morgan, and David Hewitt. Robert Picardo definitely gets a nod as well. I cannot express how much I enjoyed this episode tonight. I wasn’t a fan of the changes in Season 4, but I’ve stuck with the show and am starting to see some dividends. I will definitely be tuning in next week for “Shrine.”

    Again, Thank you.

  12. LOL, that sour face!! That was priceless! XD I’m not a fan of sour either. You’re much braver than I!

    Please tell Squirrel King David that it’s very sweet of him to work on getting the site back up like he’s doing! In the meantime, though, we squirrels have found other means of keeping in touch, so tell him not to stress himself out over it. We’ll still be out there, waiting for his commands via Twitter and promoting our little hearts out for him, official site or no official site. 🙂

    As for “GitM” .. I have to admit, I didn’t care for this one quite so much. (Sorry, Mr Binder. ) I found myself going “Why didn’t they just …” a little too often, and the logic the characters used didn’t work for me a number of times. It was also vastly unsettling, watching our people send the Replicators to their deaths under the guise of trust and compassion, especially since I felt like thay actually *were* trustworthy and innocent, that it was just Weir who was untrustworthy! (Well, (and that guy she killed.) And I was disappointed that our guys didn’t bat an eyelash at the news that the RepliTeam was indeed dead — did they already know? Still, I didn’t exactly *hate* it, either. And I hope we might see another FRAn again someday. (Just not necessarily Weir again, although I wouldn’t begrudge her fans a reappareance just because I am not fond of the character ….)

    I did love the beginning sequence — that was cute and funny!! I love the quiet team moments like that. My heart broke for everyone as they watched Liz walk to her death. Nice touch, her goodbeye to Woolsey, in particular his reaction, part touched & part guilty. And I loved that bit of music that was playing when Weir write “Help Me” on the screen — that was very touching …

    Definitely looking *very* forward to “The Shrine”!! 😀

  13. The majority of your weird food purchases are Asian. Is that just because they have a penchant for odd foods, or is there nothing else to choose from in Vancouver?

  14. *Avoids Ghost in the Machine talk*

    Now, hopefully you won’t think I’m laughing at your misfortune, but HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That was the best Weird Food Purchase of the Day (should abbreviate that: WFPotD) vid yet! The ending had me laughing my ass off and pounding my computer table. Something that started out kind of promising (chocolatey), turned…uh…sour, and your reaction was just priceless. I didn’t even know you can make that sound at the very end; or that face. Haha.

    You know what? Acting disgusted is great, but nothing beats genuine disgust. Hilarious.

    Woohoo! A title for the 100th! Enemy at the Gate? Well, doesn’t that just scream “the Wraith are going to attack Earth!!!”? I think it does scream that, even though it has no mouth. I can’t wait! Onset photos please? K thanks.

    Oh, and congrats on the ratings! I know you’re trying to see both sides of the issue, but it’s hard for us fans not to get a wee bit excited at the (relatively) excellent ratings we’ve been getting. Even if it ends up for naught, it still shows an increasing interesting in Stargate. Be proud, Joe, as you and your cohorts are reponsible for the first general uptick in Stargate ratings since the beginning of Atlantis. That’s gotta count for something!

    Finally…how about 2 questions:

    1. MGM is releasing some schematics of Atlantis tech on their website, here. Are these things canon?

    2. Is The Red Shirt Diaries as DOA as Hexed?


  15. Wow, what a great episode. So sad. So very well done. So far you are 4 for 4 in my book!!!!!!!
    Michelle was just spot on wonderful and the looks between Fran!Weir and Sheppard had my heart breaking.

  16. Pardon me while I try to pick my jaw up off the floor. Stunning, amazing episode tonight. I think this is one of the top three in my book, and I can’t think of the other two right now. Many thanks to all of you for the work this season. Y’all have done a superlative job from pitch to final product.

  17. Hi Joe,
    It’s been a while since I’ve posted so I’m about to make up for it now take fair warning, if you stop reading I’ll understand…

    1st enjoyed tonight episode, a little strange seeing FRAN as Weir but I guess in some ways that was the point (and I’m assuming you couldn’t get Torri back).

    2nd… since I’m a teacher and this is my off time I somehow ended up buying Seasons 9 and 10 of SG1 and 2 and 3 of SGA in the last week and a half (all I need now to complete my collection is seasons 3 and 8 of SG1 and 1 and 4 of SGA.. yeah don’t ask).. anyways based on that I have a couple of comments, after watching the 8 and 9 arch of SG1 again and espically watching them with the commentaries I found that I enjoyed it much more this time than when I watched originally. I had some issues with the Ori story line but after listening to the commentaries I guess I understand them better. And while I never really had an issue with Ben coming on the show I REALLY liked him more this time around and loved what what happening with the team, in may ways those episodes reminded me of the team stuff we got back in seasons say 4 and 5…. all that said one of the episodes (Company of Thieves) had me thinking after seeing Daniel basically in command of the Odyssey, regardless that he wasn’t military even the crew didn’t argue that he was in command, playful banter yes… sorry anyway after seeing Daniel in that position I wondered if the idea of placing Daniel in command of Atlantis was tossed around the room? Part of the “reasoning” for putting Woolsey there was he’s not military, and Weir wasn’t military, well Daniel isn’t military. Now I know it’s not that easy and Shanks would have to agree but my question is was it ever thought of?

    Lastly… I finally watched Sunday for the first time since it’s originally airing and I have to admit that I cried like a baby again. I managed to watch the commentary and only get misty eyed (and that will be an episode that I don’t think I’ll watch again for a very long time) but Martin G said that up until a couple days before filming there was an alternate ending, can you give us light of that that might have been, I’m assuming it was one in which Carson doesn’t die. Don’t take this wrong but I have to say that up to the point where Carson dies that is one of the best SGA, seeing the team outside of a mission was great. I understand the “need” for the viewers to feel like someone is in true jeopardy but I don’t understand why it was a lead that had to die, one of the other secondary characters that we all know are part of the team could have been sacrificed. I say that and end with saying that I’m GLAD they found a way to bring Carson back on the show, and I’m wondering if should there be a season 6 (and I know that’s not decided yet) but should there be a season 6 is there even the slimest possibility that we can get Carson back full time? Seeing him back in Kindred and then again in The Seed it just makes the show feel right again… don’t get me wrong I still love the show even without Carson but it always feels like a huge void, much the same void I felt watching season 6 of SG1, I didn’t dislike Jonas, I just missed Daniel. Now I can’t say the same for Keller, sometimes I find her OK but most of the time I just don’t see the chemistry she needs to really be part of the team, it just seems forced where with Jonas I didn’t feel that as being forced, but that’s just my opinion on things…

    One last thing you and many others on the commentaries mention stuff about how you wonder who if anyone listens to them, I can tell you that’s my favorite thing and why I spend the money for DVD’s is the commentaries (and Stargate has spoiled me in that you all do one on almost every episode, hey why in season 10 and season 3 SGA were a couple missing) I’m usually disappointed in most of my other DVD sets cause they might have commentaries on 5 or 6 episodes a year. So keep the commentaries coming, and just a note for myself I like it when the writer and or actor is in with the director… those are much better than if it’s just the techie guys (but I’ll listen to them too)…

    OK I warned you… that I was going to be long, if you actually read the whole thing… Sorry!
    Karen N

  18. Great episode. Very well done. Hated the end but for the obvious reasons…it was brilliantly done plus the music. The cast reactions were so well performed and then the clincher when Rodney said, no doubt about her being Elizabeth. This was heart breaking – sad.

    Michelle Morgan was spot on with speech patterns and inflections so many times and her appearance often was Weir…awesome.

    Your expression tasting the prune was priceless and so real. Sorry it did not pass the taste test. Thank you for giving us even more items to chuckle about.

  19. I have to say that I love the look on your face. I’m a fan of sour but not prunes, so I think I’ll pass thanks.

    Just finished watching Ghost in the Machine and I liked most of it and didn’t see the ending coming, but I wasn’t too excited about half way through. That might just be because I’ve never been a fan of the replicators, on SG1 or Atlantis. I can’t wait for next week’s episode though. I’ve loved McKay since his first appereance on SG1 and David Hewlett is one of my favorite actors.

    I hope I’ll finish The Orphan Tales by monday, but a lot is going on because our Tri-County Fair starts on August 28th and I’ve entered nine things (seven baked goods, one crazy quilt block and a decorated wedding cake…wish me luck and I’ll let you know how I do). My mind is on about 20 things at once and trying to squeeze some reading time in somewhere is practically impossible, but I’m doing my best. I’ve made notes and questions I have as I read so even if I don’t finish it completely, I can still join in the discussion. I’m loving it so far.

  20. Re: Ghost in the Machine

    *sobs uncontrollably*

    Just when I thought I was OVER Elizabeth being gone you bring her back again upsetting me all over again. Thanks a lot!

    P.S. Woolsey rocked!

  21. Ni Hua Joe! ^^
    Have you been practicing your mandarin?
    oooooooh 100th episode script *pats*

  22. When the Bad Replicator ran off, why didn’t we see any searchers with ARGs?

    Anne Teldy

  23. *doing a happy dance* Sky One is showing Search and Rescue on Tuesday!!! we’re gonna be catching up and joining in again YAY!

    LOVE the vid, LOVE your reaction, had me chortling muchly


  24. Ghost in the Machine… I’m on the fence about this episode. I loved Joe F’s acting (he always does such a good job with the Sheppard/Weir emotional scenes). But how many times are you going to kill Weir? She gets left behind on the Replicator home world (not killed, I admit, but suspected), then the other Replicators tell us she’s dead, and now she’s sent to float out in space? I’m half-expecting to see her killed a fourth time… maybe revived (like Niam) and then killed again. Every time I see Weir’s character, it just reminds me of how Torri Higginson isn’t on the show anymore.

    But I am looking forward to the next episode & seeing the two Hewletts on screen together!

  25. Joe,

    Ghosts in the Machine was great, and a very sad tear jerking ending for us weir fans. There are two point that are unclear after watching this beautiful episode.

    1. So including Dr.Weir there were only 9 surviving replicators aboard that aurora class ship at the end of BAMSR? I would imagine a ship like that would contain more.

    2. Will their Aurora class ship that we see grounded on the planet where they meditated ever gonna be found and used by our heroes or will it be forgotten just like the TRIA?

    thanks buddy

  26. Joe,

    Pass on a job well done to Mr. Binder for his episode tonight. I thought it was very good. Michelle Morgan did a fantastic job portraying Weir as well. The character moments were great throughout. I loved all the one liners and banter, too.

    Question: Was the actor who played Coracin the guy who played Borrin the Achen (sp?) in SG1’s “2001”?

    “Enemy at the Gate” sounds like a great title for the 100th episode. I can’t wait to see it.

    Also, could you make all the Weird Food Purchase of the Day videos available on the Baron Destructo Photobucket site? (If it’s not too much trouble.) The videos don’t ever work for me on the blog proper. I just hate having to miss out on all the fun. 🙂

    Hope you have a great weekend and are able to bring yourself to perform surgery on “Remnants” Monday to get rid of those last pesky 20 seconds.

  27. I was thinking about what you said about the crowd responding so enthusiastically to Jewel at Comic Con. The deal on that is that the panel to follow the Stargate related ones was Joss Whedon, where he had the cast of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog. Dr. Horrible is the latest hot item on the net and interest in this panel was very high. At Comic Con, it is standard to get into a room a few panels early if you think the room will be filled to capacity. You get assured a seat and the chance to get closer to the guests that way. Joss Whedon did Firefly. Jewel was in Firefly. The SG panels had some audience crossover with the Whedon fans. I’m sure there might have been a few people in there that weren’t that interested in SG and were more than happy to applaud wildly for an actress they did know. And didn’t Jewel get a couple of questions addressed to “Kaylee?”

    You may want to point to that applause to bolster your belief that Dr. Keller is more popular with some SG fans but that doesn’t really hold water in this case. Jewel is popular with the Whedon fans. Keller is just not believable as a doctor.

  28. Hey Joe

    Ghost in the Machine was fantastic, Carl did a great job, and Michelle handled such a big responsibility fantastically.

    My question is, will the information Weir gave the team regarding new advanced civilisations lead to some fun new adventures?


  29. Looking forward to the next eppy. Just emailed you a screen cap of your face eating the sour prune 😉

    Now… have you ever tried salt licorice? If you do.. make sure it’s either double or triple salted.. single is for pussies!


    Oh and that blood on the arm makeup job is brilliant. Very realistic looking. Well done to whoever created it.

  30. While I personally didn’t dislike season 4, I did find it to be the weakest of the 4 so far. I was just wondering how you feel about the crticism the season had. Popuar UK magazines like SFX and Deathray made some very critical comments about season 4 and the direction the show took, particularly the “misuse” of Carter. Do opinions like this effect you, especially from popular magazines and do you ever take things like this onboard?

    Season 5 has been pretty amazing so far by the way

  31. Sad ending for Dr. Elizabeth Weir, but what a perfect way to wrap her character up. It’s too bad Torri Higginson didn’t want to be involved, but Fran as Weir worked very well. Especially since Fran can come back any time.

    I would have thought “sour prune” would be enough of a giveaway, but hey, no pain no gain.

  32. Flying monkeys…haha!

    Loved Woolsey’s bluff (was it a bluff?) against the Replicators, mostly because we got to see the look on his face when it seemed like it wasn’t going to work,and then the relief when it did. Great character.

    The ending…stunning.


    Sort of on the subject of ratings…vaguely…a while back I clicked on the Feedback link on the NBC site and was given the chance to participate in online surveys about television. So about every two weeks, they send a survey to me by email. I don’t watch much network TV, but I do watch the SciFi channel quite a bit, so they’ll often ask me about that. I don’t have a Nielsen box in my house, so this is my chance to let my opinion be heard and I chat up Atlantis every chance I get on that survey. Maybe the rest of you Atlantis fans might like to do the same. 😀

    (Hope that’s an okay thing to bring up here, if not, apologies!)

  33. Hi Joe,

    Interesting pic’s What happened to that mans arm? Did he hurt it or is it good makeup artistry!

    What happened to Robert Picardo’s arm? Its in a sling? Why is he holding a cup then!

    The 20th episode is going to be called enemy at the gate!
    That sounds very intriguing!

    Prunes! I really dont like them!

    Still lovin’ the weird purchase of the day vid’s! Its great! I can’t wait for the next one!

    Take care & happiness always


  34. Better late than never:
    First order of business: Hey, Jason Momoa wants to know your favorite Ronon line. Let’s hear ‘em.

    (low and sexy) “Hel-llooo…”
    *when I finally win “Get in the Gate” sweepstakes*
    (yeah, I’m probably his parents’ age, but a girl can dream…)

  35. WOW-ze-wow-wow! Ghost in the Machine ROCKED!
    This episode left me literally “trembling”. No kidding, I had to sit still and compose myself afterward, so to absorb what I had just witnessed.
    A FABULOUS story Carl Binder! And kudos to all involved with a BIG thank you for an amazing, clever, dark and wonderful epi.

    I agree with Thornyrose
    “… this season has really been surpassing the standards of the previous seasons. If Sci Fi doesn’t renew, their executives should be checked for brain damage.”

    Hello?! MGM, are you listening?

    Loved the space gate stabilizers, seeing the jumper collide and careen off, all the emotional scenes from everyone and Fran was great! I didn’t the the ending coming and it left me in tears.
    Damn… that was a GOOD ONE Joe.

    Thanks again… I’m breathless.

    Carol Z

  36. Hello. Tonight’s episode was really awesome! Getting to know what happened to Elisabeth… absolutely terrific. It’s my favourite one this season, and I suppose it will stay that way. There even was a line in my native Czech from Radek 😀 Everyone’s right – it doesn’t feel like Atlantis without the soul of the city – Weir… So I wanted to ask you:

    Is there any real chance for the character of E. Weir (played by both T. Higgison or M. Morgan) returning next season (if SGA gets renewed)? I’m asking because I don’t think we fans are ready to say farewell yet – nor is John Sheppard, as we all saw tonight.

  37. All I can say is another great episode. Wasn’t sure how it would work at first, but I’ll tell you that by the end I was left with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. I could feel every moment, so bravo to the actors! It started with the help me on the computer. Who knew I would get emotional for a computer message, so, the concept worked. The ending was just heart breaking, I wanted to reach out and hug sheppard, I felt so sad for him.

    From what I have heard, I will probably be a basket case next week.

    I love the 100th title. Says you and paul wrote it though (you are a tease).

    Remnants, can’t wait. I hate that you had to cut things though.

    I Definately felt the sour in my jaw as you made the face. Again, you are crazy, but a good crazy.

  38. Love the title of the 100th episode. Reminds me of the Huns before Rome, or in a more contemporary form, the business book Barbarians at the Gate.

    GitM was, for the most part, a very poignant episode. The ending surprised me, which is a good thing. I didn’t have quite the visceral and shocked reaction that I did to the ending of Sunday, but I was never a Weir fan in the way I am a Beckett fan. Still, a good episode. I watched it twice last night.

    One small negative criticism–please, dear God, ditch that wig Jason is wearing. It’s awful and looks more and more like a dead animal is perched on his head. I do miss the man’s dreads, no doubt. They gave him a certain look and style. The wig though? Just…no.

  39. Amidst the other congrats for the latest episode (yes I am one of those that have to DVR it, darn 3rd shift work), here’s mine. What a great episode! From the beginning (the opening scene of the planet-beautiful! and whoever came up with flying monkeys-great!!) to the ending (evil and sad-good evil though) And over the episode the entire cast did an AMAZING job with body language and facial experssions.

    It answered alot of questions too. Thanks again (especially to Carl and the editor (nice work!) for another great episode.

    And one unrelated question- you said: “Looks like it will shoot in the #19 slot, meaning we’ll wrap in Vancouver and finish shooting season five in Las Vegas.”

    With shooting in Vegas, does that still mean the season still wraps the 23rd of next month?

  40. First of all, I like Keller’s character this season. I’m surprised that so many people are still very negative about her. I think many people run in fandom circles that fit their personalities so people who don’t like Keller tend to hang out in communities where others don’t. In the communities I hang out in, almost everyone is positive toward her. It wasn’t planned that way; it just happened.

    Second, I’ve loved every episode of this season before this one. The characters have been strong, the plots entertaining, and Woolsey is shaping up as an excellent character choice for commander.

    However, I can’t say I liked yesterday’s episode. There were some great moments and character scenes, but the ending left me feeling sick to my stomach. Ever since Six was killed off on SG-1, the answer to many of these replicator scripts has been to just kill them off at the end or have them sacrifice themselves. Even when the replicators give us a reason to trust them, we still either betray them or deem their lives less valuable than that of those on Atlantis. Perhaps there is a necessity to this, but it’s also starting to wear thin. The ending to this episode was just like the ending where the repliteam sacrificed themselves or where we betrayed Six, etc.

    I suppose there were some differences because Weir chooses this. For once the team, and even Woolsey, were willing to extend trust even after being betrayed. Still, it feels as if they agreed to Weir’s plan to quickly. This is Weir. This is the woman that Rodney activated the nanites for. This is the woman that was such a good friend and had sacrificed herself so many times for all of them in the past. Why did they allow her to do this?

    Because she’s a replicator? Because they’re not sure it is her? Whatever happened to never leaving someone behind? Given the characters as we know them, I just don’t buy they’d do this so quickly.

    Weir says it is because, since Rodney activated the nanites to save her, everything went wrong. Maybe so, but if Rodney hadn’t activated those nanites and if Weir hadn’t been there to sacrifice herself the first time, I claim things would have gone much more wrong. They all owe her a big debt. I would have expected Rodney to at least fight for her life as he did in Adrift.

    It makes sense Weir would want to sacrifice herself. It hurts that the others so easily allowed it.

    So there’s my take on the episode for whatever it is worth. I really have enjoyed this season and I’m looking forward to what is to come. The episode for next week looks good as well and I’m excited to have Jeannie back. I wonder what Jeannie will think of Keller?

  41. “You may want to point to that applause to bolster your belief that Dr. Keller is more popular with some SG fans but that doesn’t really hold water in this case. ”

    In your unresearched opinion.

  42. Okay… I’m here to add my .02 to the Ghost in the Machine episode……..


    I went into this one with great skepticism and it blew me away.

    My favorite scene this year so far for VFX!! The Jumper crashing into the space Gate and both spinning out of control but the GATE righted itself first!! AWESOME!!

    Weir protecting Sheppard from Corisan! GREAT!! The look on his face as he looked up at her….. then his expression at the end as she stepped to her death. Man, you had me on that one. My first thought was they were ditching them out a space gate… then when she messaged back that it was safe I breathed a sigh and thought “Oh… cool!” and then I literally gasped when the second rep stepped through…. I could feel the sense of betrayal….. wow.

    Really…….. WOW!! BRAVO!! They just seem to get better and better this season and each one was the “best” at its moment in time for me.

    Forget Season 4. I can now. Season 5 has hit the peak!

    Awesome job, guys!!

  43. Joe,
    Quick note on Ghost in the Machine. Another great ep all around. Fran was wonderful and it was great seeing her again. Robert Picardo continues to impress me. I was hesistant about him coming to Atlantis, but he has been well written and wonderfully performed.

    Coming attractions for “The Shrine” make me even more anxious to see this show.

    Down the shore for the week. Wonderful vacation house, very quiet, no internet = (

    See you all next week.


  44. Hey Joe.

    I’m going to the Doctor Who exhibition on Thursday with my cousin here in England. Do you want me to send you a brochure from it? It’s an annual thing, so you might want to go some time?


    Thanks Joe

  45. Last nights episode was so great. I did not expect that ending and was actually a little saddened by it. If they ever get out of that situation the other replicators might have a beef with Weir. I really hope there is more story with the Replicators in the future (this or *hopefully* next season). Rodney’s desire to make things right was touching and the look Sheppard and the team gave Weir when she went through the Stargate at the end was heartbreaking.

  46. 1. Never, ever stop blogging. These updates are my daily highlights.
    2. Never, ever stop making Stargate Atlantis. You people are god-like.
    3. Yay!

  47. Enjoyed G in the M. Another nice piece of character moments. Woolsey is stepping up to the plate much better and faster than I expected.

    Glad to hear that you’re getting a 30% bump in the ratings with the Day + 7 ratings. I’m hopeful for a 6th season 🙂

    As for my Ronan line, its “If you want to live, stay behind me.” And I’d stay right behind him!

  48. Can you please thank whomever put together the random letters, as Weir is first trying to communicate via the computer, for the lovely geek joke.

    Never expected to see ‘All Your Base Belong to us’ there – had to replay that bit a few times to confirm I was not imagining things, but it was definitely there 😉

  49. Hi Joe,

    That was the best weird food vid to date! I think you knew better than to try sour prunes. You are a very brave man.

    Good episode last night, sad – leaves the window wide open for someone to find them and re-activate/manipulate…

  50. *cackles hysterically for 10 minutes* Heehee….*wipes tears*……Thank you so much for the “weird food purchase of the day” video starring the sour prunes you and your priceless face expression kept me and my little brother giggling manically for about 5 minutes straight. heehee! Thanks.

  51. I just got laid off and I don’t know what to do. My morning ritual was to go to the office, turn on my computer and immediately head to your blog to get my morning dose of humor and insight (the afternoon humor came from the clients phone calls…but they stopped coming, hence the layoff). Anyway, after a two week “vacation” I’ve got to come up with a new way to catch up with your posts and then find a new way to start my day. Should I just go out and get that laptop and read your blog while eating my breakfast? I suppose I should also start looking for a new job too. Need any architects up there in Canada?

  52. hahaha, nice sour face. Mine’s like that when I have sour plums, which are usually more sour than sour prunes to me.

  53. Oh! I forgot to mention Ghost in the Machine! I loved it, and thought you all did a good job getting around Torri not being in it. I do hope we get to see more of Michelle Morgan as Fran or Weir!

  54. Oh my God, Joe, GHOST IN THE MACHINE was brilliant. Please tell Carl, Ken and all the cast that they made me cry. That ending caught be sooooo by surprise.

    It was suspenseful and angsty. Love the collision of the jumper with the space gate. Very cool. Loved seeing Zelenka and McKay arguing about whether anything was wrong with the jumper and Sheppard trying to back away from their argument.

    I don’t see this as Atlantis declaring the Replicator lives as having less value then human lives. As sad and tragic as the ending was I think that was the only solution. As much as Atlantis would love to trust Weir they just can’t.

    I compare it to having a lion living with you may think it is domesticated and harmless but one day it will surprise you and bite your head off. It is like that saying “a leopard can’t change it’s spots”. No matter how much they may want to the replicators can’t change their innate nature which is to replicate and take over. I don’t believe it could ever be written out of them completely.

    At the end it was my sense that the team was going to trust Elizabeth and actually let them all stay. It was so tragic that it was Elizabeth who had to come to the conclusion that they couldn’t be trusted. That it was her plan to betray the other replicators and therefore sacrificing herself once again for the safety of Atlantis.

    Like I said earlier, you all made me cry.

  55. Well, I’ve got to say I was really impressed with this episode, I thought it was really good. You didn’t have Torri, but Fran (or actress) did a really good job portraying her, you can tell the actress studied her preformances, as the way she delived lines was very similar to Weir. And there were times where you saw her as Weir instead of an actress trying to portray another character, which is probably the best thing you can say to a someone in that position. But the actress, she is very talented, she’s really stood out in the two episodes she’s been in, and not many people do that with me…

    But yeah, it was quite sad in places, but a good temporary (I, presume in a way) ending to that particular storyline, something that has a conclusion, but isn’t gone for good if you choose not to. The best ending aye 😉 The story progressed well ect, Carl did a good job on this one. It’s almost worth bringing the replicators back though just to see Fran again 🙂

    The one thing I don’t think you should have done though, when there was a life form in the computers I don’t think McKay should have used the word ‘entity’ to describe it, as then it reminded me of the episode Entity where that same thing was happening. I mean I know the episode took a different direction completely to that one, but at the time it was similar and just brought that to attention. Which I don’t think you should have done. Small, but it was there.

    Woolsey’s really shining as well, he’s done a really good job so far, he’s done more then Carter did in her 14 in terms of what they brought to the show. It’s good that they have a leader who will actually say no sometimes, such as when Sheppard and co wanted to give Weir a replicator body and he didn’t go for it. Too often in these worlds (or in Stargate) they follow along with the bad guys idea until they eventually get screwed by it somehow (Allies, Gemini, Insiders) so just saying no is the thing you’re always crying out for them to say sometimes. It’s good that they’re lead by someone who actually will say that for once… So yeah, he’s justifing his position and inclusion in the show very well imo.

    But overall, a good strong episode, probably the best of the season so far, 9/10.

  56. I understand now the comment on your blog awhile back that if you ask a different producer, you will likely get a different answer to the question of whether or not Weir was alive or dead. You tried to leave some of that ambiguity in the episode. Do you think Weir is alive or dead?

    As for me, I believe Weir died in Lifeline, heroically sacrificing herself to save her people. And while GITM doesn’t dwell on it, she died in probably the worst way imaginable for her after her experience in The Real World—she was overtaken by nanites. I agree with the skeptical Ronon, who raised his brows at the entity’s casual acceptance at risking the lives of those in the jumper, and Sheppard, who rightly said, “You may think you’re Elizabeth Weir, but you’re not.” Weir would never have risked the lives of her friends for the sake of replicators, or the city itself, as this entity did.

    In an ending reminiscent of Ford, the ally-turned-enemy “remembers” enough to make the self-sacrificial choice at the end. I suppose it’s a very slim comfort that what was left of Weir—truly a ghost in a machine, the title of the episode is at least apt—was enough to overcome the replicator programming to make such a choice. I’m afraid that in the end, I found this episode a dissatisfying and sad ending to the character who led the Atlantis family for three years. 🙁

    Take care.

  57. Hello Joe!

    Been under the weather, so I hope it isn’t too late for my favorite Ronon line: “Never gets old”……from “Tabula Rasa”, after he stuns Shep yet again! Not only is it the line, it’s the smirk on his face…..Priceless!

    What happened to Robert Picardo’s arm?

    Did you happen to see the piece during the Olympics where they sent Mary Carillo to different restaurants and eateries to sample the food? OH MY…….the scorpions on a stick was a bit much!

  58. Hey, Joe. I just wanted to say that Ghost in the Machine has depressed me immensely! I think I’m vaguely traumatized by that ending. I swear, I was freaking out at the end because Sheppard just would not MOVE or SAY ANYTHING. At least he took a step forward? I mean, jeebus. I nearly had a coronary.

    Thankfully, John and Elizabeth always had that weird telepathy thing going on where they know what the other is thinking when they look at each other so I guess they didn’t really have to say much. But still. Along with that ridiculously sad and awesome music at the end, it kinda crushed me. I feel so bad for Sheppard!

    It was a great episode, I have to say. Especially with all the typing on the screen scenes and the decoding of the words. Oddly compelling. Joe Flanigan really knows how to play up the whole missing Elizabeth thing, too. His demeanor is crazy awesome when he changes it like that.

    Michelle Morgan did awesomely as well. I really enjoy her characters. Very fascinating to watch. I hope to see more of her!

    Oh, and not to leave out Woolsey, whom I’m really starting to love. I laughed my butt off when he got locked out on that balcony. And I loved him for standing up to Rodney’s puppy face. At least someone finally had the guts to tell him no!

  59. Ghost in the Machine was wonderful!

    Kudos to Michelle Morgan, Robert Picardo, Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett——outstanding performances from all of them.
    Michelle had Torri’s cadence down pat and JoeF and DavidH made the most heartbreaking faces when they realized that they’d lost Elizabeth yet again—Shep and McKay’s misery over losing their dear friend was palpable. Sniff.

    DAVID N!!
    ‘Nuff said.

    Mr. Picardo is just hitting them out of the park week after week. He is a joy to watch in action, and I’m thrilled he’s joined the cast.

  60. Hey, Joe.

    Loved Ghost in the Machine. Woolsey continues to be a wonderful surprise. Seeing him beginning to falter when he was bluffing the replicators was brilliant. It made me wonder if he was going to back down. Seems like he’s struggling to trust his instincts at times.

    Repli-Weir was great. I’m with Ronon. She is NOT Elizabeth. Never was. Maybe she believed she was, but she’s not.

    The real Elizabeth would never have lied to the team nor would she have brought replicators to Atlantis. She knew how dangerous they were.

    Now, maybe you and the writers think otherwise, but in the episode it just came across to me way differently. The Weir in this episode was nothing like the Weir we knew. Yes, she’s different and of course changes are expected after everything that’s happened, but the fundamental ones we saw in this episode…nope, I don’t buy it for one second.

    The real Elizabeth died after she was captured by Oberoth and the other replicators.

    I love the episode. I thought it was awesome. I just view the repli-Weir differently than most everyone else.

  61. @ MADDOG1995

    What’s your specialty? A lot of construction is still going up in Calgary and Edmonton [Alberta] [oil/gas money], but Saskatchewan [potash/uranium] is really starting up now too with the overflow…

    So, if your don’t mind being in the middle of nowhere and stronger beer, then please, come check out the Great White North!

  62. Out of curiosity, will we ever see Michelle Morgan on the show again? She was great as Fran and as Fran/Weir. It’s neat that she could be reused as different characters too. The idea of having a “friendly” replicator around Atlantis is pretty cool.

    On a side note – David’s last line in the episode was just perfect. Great piece of writing, perfectly delivered…

  63. I really liked Ghost in the Machine — until the end. HATED the ending. Why do we keep betraying the replicators who are sympathetic and/or acting “human”, and then wonder why they come back looking for retribution?

  64. “Oh…gyugh…”

    Never more truer words were spoken.

    Ghost in the Machine
    I really enjoyed this episode. Actually, I really loved the discussion about the flying/leaping monkeys with beaks.

    And the actiony replicator stuff.

    But the monkey talk was awesome…

    And more finality with Elizabeth’s story. And the emotional conflict as well as the high energy actiony bits of the story. I really enjoyed the backbone that Woolsey showed. It seems he’s getting more of a grasp on this whole leadership thing.

    The actress who played the F.R.A.N.-mold (does a quick lookup) Michelle Morgan really did well capturing Elizabeth’s mannerisms and general energy. Even though she really didn’t look anything like her, she really brought that familiarity to the role. I’m sad to see she’s gone, actually.

    But flying monkeys with beaks? Man, that’s gold. Keep that stuff up. 😀

  65. Marielabbot’s comment until after the word “choice.” in the third paragraph, that’s what I meant to say. That. Yeah.

  66. Hello Mr. Mallozzi!

    I’ve been reading this blog for a long time now, but I’m stepping out of lurkdom to say this:

    Bravo for “Ghost in the Machine.” Bravo to you all!

    Specifically, thank you (all TPTB) for wrapping up the Elizabeth Weir storyline in such a wonderful, heart-wrenching way. The ending brought tears to my eyes.

    Also, brava to Michelle Morgan! I don’t know if you have any kind of regular contact with her, but if you do, please let her know that her performance was truly appreciated. I read spoilers before the episode aired that she had been watching previous episodes to study Torri Higginson’s performance, and she absolutely nailed it. It was a wonderful tribute not only to Weir and Higginson, but the fans of the character as well. In fact, I would love to see Fran-as-Weir back again!

    Thanks again for all the hard work you all do, and to you specifically, Joe, for taking the time to update this blog and communicate with the fans!

    -Pansy Chubb (aka LilRicki)

    P.S. The weird food videos are hilariously awesome.

  67. It may be a little a little late but I had to think on the subject – anyway I don’t think I have just one favorite Ronon quote but one I do pull up and repeat to myself from time to time is his line from Tao of Rodney: “I try not to let things I can’t change bother me.”

    To explain the significance a bit, I suffer from a panic and anxiety disorder and it becomes a struggle to deal with the feelings everyday. “Putting it out of my mind” or “getting over it” really isn’t an option when these feelings are a constant nagging companion – so I like to repeat that line to myself, imagine Ronon/Jason’s calm demeanor and understanding in that scene and believe it or not it helps.

    Just my two cents 🙂

  68. taz said …

    Weir says it is because, since Rodney activated the nanites to save her, everything went wrong. Maybe so, but if Rodney hadn’t activated those nanites and if Weir hadn’t been there to sacrifice herself the first time, I claim things would have gone much more wrong. They all owe her a big debt. I would have expected Rodney to at least fight for her life as he did in Adrift.

    Yeah, that was pretty much how I felt, too. Rodney was valid, I felt, in his desire to save Elizabeth in Adrift, and they all would likely be dead now if they hadn’t — they wouldn’t have been able to get that ZPM without her. If he’s talking about what happened with the Replicators going after humans after Adrift, well, that was only indirectly related to his saving Elizabeth. He wasn’t wrong about her nanites not turning on them — they *didn’t*, at least not when it was just Rodney that had messed with them. It wasn’t until the Replicators messed with her after that she became duplicitous — and they could have put nanites in anyone they might have captured at some point, so it didn’t matter that she already had them. For supposedly not wanting to live as a Replicator, she fought pretty hard at the beginning of GitM to stay alive. So motivations all around were kinda sktechy to me. Koracen’s best bet for becoming an ascended being would have been to become human, since he knows humans can become ascended, for one. And putting them on ice like that seemed unnecessay, for one. And why not just *kill* them, if they weren’t going to go through with the human body thing or put them in a VR environment? Now someone esle could stumble across them and bring them back — if they are really dangerous, then isn’t it a bad idea to leave them floating around like that? Didn’t Rodney warn before that the replicators could just float around in space, waiting to be defrosted?

    Also, the Good news/bad news thing made no sense to me– why on earth would Rodney have classifed the first bit as “good news”?? (Aside from the obvious desire from a writing standpoint to get a laugh, I mean?)

  69. Really liked Ghost in the Machine. Kudos to Michelle Morgan for doing such a good job with “Elizabeth”. She had the mannerisms down pat. Was also good to see more Woolsey – the guy has guts, love him! He hasn’t been in many episodes, but I keep thinking maybe you folks should have had him in charge of Atlantis from day one. I love Weir, but Woolsey has been a good addition, IMO.

    Was nice to have a few episodes in a row with no icky Keller. Hoping her scenes are few and far between in the future. I have no interest in “Tracker” or any other Keller-centric (save me!) episodes.

  70. Very cool episode last night – Ghost in the Machine. The opening scene where they lose all power in space was intense, and flying monkeys…I have a morbid fear of flying monkeys. Just the thought of them totally freaked me out. The actress who played “Fran/Elizabeth” was incredible! She sounded so much like the old Elizabeth, it was eery. I had to keep double-taking. Sheppard’s look at the end of the episode was gut-wrenching as well. I thought the acting in this episode was top-notch all around. Hope the ratings keep up! I’m already counting down…only six more days till next week’s episode…

  71. from its description i believe next Friday’s episode may be the best of the first six of the season it sounds like a Hewlett tour de force

  72. Holy Goddess!
    I saw your Face when you did try out the sour Prunes. Why are doing this to yourself?-Somekind of hidden, inner Maso??? XD

  73. Ken Girotti did a great job on Ghost. There was interesting camera movement, and everything felt very dynamic. That was important considering there were several scenes of our heroes conversing with a computer voice, which could have been pretty dry. But even the exposition Weir gave about herself never got boring! Also I felt the lighting was sharper somehow and very pleasing, although that may just be Comcast finally getting their HD act together in my neighborhood. Heh.

    Will Ken be directing more episodes this year?

    Also I feel a sense of pride that months ago I pointed out the “All Your Base Are Belong to Us” phenomenon to you, and as some sharp-eyed folks at GW noticed, you used a scrambled/abbreviated version of it on the computer screen convo. That was brilliant!

  74. Hey Joe,

    Just checked out the new episode and I noticed a graphics mistake in the Atlantis intro

    Right at the end when the camera moves away from Atlantis after introducing David Hewlett and during the “Created By Brad Wright & Robert C. Cooper” bit you can clearly see one of the buildings on the pier is hovering in the air.

    Now either there are really flying buildings on Atlantis, or someone forgot to create some ground meshes for the City.

    Below is a link to a picture showing you where to look,
    It’s not the best picture though, And yes you can see it more clearly a fraction of a second earlier in the intro.


    Just thought you should know.

  75. @ angelus
    That does not seem to be a glitch, but rather a shadow of the building at 7 o’clock of the building.
    I recommend you open this jpj/png/whatever in gimp or pscs3 and duplicate the layer, set the second layer to screen, when it gets lighter, I bet it the hovering look will vanish.

  76. I have to say that I enjoyed “Ghost In The Machine” much more than I thought I would, Michelle Morgan captured Weir’s mannerisms and speech patterns very well – certainly distinguishing herself from Fran’s earlier appearance. I am curious though, how much of the story had changed when Tori declined the role? Was the overall arc the same, or did you have something grander in mind?

  77. So, I’m wondering…

    “It’s 60+ pages of intergalactic fun and Marty G. is looking to add to the page count by pitching out a certain scene that has divided the writers’ room. That’s Martin and Carl for, Paul and I against, and Alan firmly straddling the fence. Hey, I love the idea. I’m just not crazy about the timing. If the scene boards, we may compromise by shooting it anyway and deciding later whether or not it makes the final cut.”

    Would that be some sort of allusion to a Vegas-style wedding between Carter and O’Neill? Just looking at A) the vote split; and B) the location.


  78. Hey Joe,

    I’m a huge Keller fan and I’m glad we get to see more of her this season. You’ve done a great job with her character so keep up the good work!

  79. Hi Joe,

    I’ve finally arrived in Vancouver! can’t wait for the next 10 days… I do plan on going to Fuel this week, but I would like to hear from you your recommendations, I will send you an email if you don’t mind.

    I’m staying downtown and tomorrow I’m planning on being around Grandville island and 4th street during lunch time, where do you suggest we should stop for lunch?

    Take care,


  80. Hi Joe,

    Ghost in the Machine was fantastic! Emotional, griping… a dark ending that I’m not sure I liked, but I figure Weir isn’t dead, only frozen, and the team will go retrieve and revive her at a later date. Right? Right?? Well, that’s my delusion and I’m sticking to it. :0)

    – I love Woosley. There, I said it. I LOVE WOOLSEY! He showed both grit and grace in this ep. He was compassionate but strong, a leader who was also willing to listen to others. He’s great comic relief. (The balcony scene killed me!) I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think I like him better than Sam.

    – This ep was so emotional, I found myself choked up several times… most notably when Rodney makes his impassioned plea to Woolsey and Sheppard. (“I’m the one who created this mess. I should be the one to, you know, fix it. I owe it to Elizabeth.”) And the end scene in which Woolsey and the team are saying goodbye to Weir and lying to the Replicators– Gah! There’s nothing like an open wormhole and the impending sense of self sacrifice to make an impact.

    – The character moments were awesome! Rodney and Zelenka’s back-and-forth sniping was a thing of beauty… hilarious beauty. (Rodney: “I didn’t do anything, wittingly or un!”) And I adored Rodney’s comment about Ronon. (“Talk, talk, talk, that’s all he does. You can’t shut him up.”) Rodney and Ronon appear to be such opposites, making their friendship all the sweeter. I love glimpses of it like that.

    – Creative way to wrap up Weir’s storyline without Torri in the role. The backstory/explanation was well-done and easy to understand without being over simplified or leaving a ton of plot holes. But, really, the team’s going to go get her, right? At some point? Right?

    – Flying monkeys! 🙂

    – So, we’re going to get a look at some advanced Pegasus planets? Repli-Weir mentioned advanced societies, and usually SGA doesn’t drop hints like that without follow-up, so… cool!

    Overall, great episode. Thank you.

    Rodney loses his mind next week…. I can’t wait. 🙂


  81. LOL, my favorite WFPD yet! That would make an incredible smilie!

    “Ghost in the Machine” was incredible last night, and I felt Michelle Morgan did an absolutely phenomenal job as Elizabeth. A couple times, she sounded and acted so much like Torri I just kinda went “WHOA! That’s amazing!”

    I think someone else asked, but I wanted to know if you have heard anything about bringing Michelle back as FRAN. She was by far my favorite guest character last season and I’d so love to see her back!

  82. @ MELorne-Süper-Fän:

    Actually, I considered that but if you see the intro in motion and look at the location pointed in the screenshot in my previous post you can actually see the building behind it coming into focus underneath the building in question.

    I know this happens now and again during animating high-poly scenes.

    I’m sure it’s just a case of a few polygons gone missing during the rendering of this part of the animation.

    Considering though that re-rendering this particular scene would cost additional time and money I guess I can live with the 1 little screw-up. 🙂

  83. Michelle Morgan was great. I really hope they bring her back as a main character. They could do with another female character in the show.

    As they can “make another FRAN” easily enough, perhaps they could write her in as a sort of DATA type character.

    Here’s hoping that if SGA gets picked up for another season (and hopefully as it’s already far better than 4) it will be, they write a part for Morgan.

    Oh she’s hot as well.

  84. Gosh darn it, I waited all weekend for the snow so I could go to the Chinese Gardens and take photos, but while there were plenty of snowflakes there was also rain. 🙁

    Fav Ronan line – anything Ronan says after McKay gives a looong scientific explanation. Jason’s facial expressions also have my friends and I laughing. 🙂

    Yet Another Yawn study: – whenever I yawn, my cat yawns too. If she yawns first – she sits waiting for me to yawn and if I don’t, she puts both front paws on my chest and her face right up to mine. If I still dont yawn – I get a pat on the face with a paw until I do.

    If the ratings numbers are up, here’s hoping *raises tea cup* that this translates to Season 6.

  85. The ending of “Ghost in the Machine” made me incredibly sad, yet ever so proud of Weir: she was a character who was truly given a memorable, tear-jerker sendoff!!!

    I can’t believe you don’t like sour fruits, but I must agree on the prunes: blech!!!

  86. “Enemy at the Gate”

    NO!!!!! That name has been used in so many other shows and isn’t there even a movie with that title?

    I like it and I’m sure it fits the episode but it is very unoriginal

  87. It has come to my attention, that the amount of Wraith time will be drastically reduced at the end of the series. Forget about season six
    I have this impression the SGA writes do not know where to go with the Wraith, comes with it that men has shown up with this putrid idea of changing the wraithfeeding process or at least the idea of it. As we will see in the Queen with the sga team offering this to Todd. The old garde still calls him Gabriel.
    Changing the Wraith- feeding method, would that not mean that the wraith would stop being Wraith?
    I mean, come now. apply it to a human. Put his mouth under his foot and at least sooner or later he will notice he has stepped into a crock of shit! I am happy to deliver new ideas, as of many wraithworshipers on this earth and i happen to know. Enough talented writers and such around. Anything better then this. The gentlemen should realize there are thousands of Wraithfans out there in the states alone! A new adversary which looks like a borgified hulk may do more harm then good. For godssakes. Just leave the Wraith for what they are! And keep Todd in the series.
    His ending would be such a dumper. And whatever happened to the Wraith children???????

  88. After seeing Michelle Morgan’s memorable performance as FRAn, I was really hoping she’d show up as a regular “Lt. Cmdr. Data” type character. She’s done an even better job as Weir/FRAn. Having the Replicators ditched in space doesn’t actually kill them, so perhaps SGA will have to revive her for technical or strategic support when they encounter one of those advanced civilizations she mentioned. The only inconsistencies in the story are that they’d leave Replicators floating about for anyone to find & not having anti-replicator weapons present in this episode. It’s plausible that Weir could have bonded with the renegade Replicators enough to want to release them from their painful non-corporeal existence. Since she would have been in pain herself, bad judgment is excusable.

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