Hmmm. I seem to have been stricken with whatever the hell Fondy has been battling for the past two weeks. My throat is raw, my muscles sore, my skin ultra sensitive to touch. In my physical misery, I’ve even been robbed of my only solace, the comfort of complaint, by a recent conversation in which one of my wife’s friends pointed out how men seemed to revert back to a childlike state whenever they get sick. “They’re like little kids,”noted Fondy’s pal, throwing my wife a conspiratorial look that seemed to say “But you already know what I’m talking about”. As the ladies laughed, I shook my head in stonefaced disapproval. This was no cause for hilarity. They were perpetuating a harmful stereotype, that of the bed-ridden husband who uses his sorry condition to take advantage of his doting wife. Ridiculous!

Of course, that was several months ago. Fast-forward to this morning when I listed my symptoms to Fondy, punctuating the rundown with the occasional sniffle and rasping cough. “My poor baby,”she comforted me. “Can I do something for you?

I perked up and, immediately, dozens of possibilities came to mind: breakfast in bed, a frothy green tea, a dvd from the collection downstairs. And then I realized – I was being set up. I eyed her suspiciously. She smiled back all innocent. “No, I’m fine,”I assured her, making a show of carefully pulling myself up to a sitting position and grabbing the book on my night stand. “I think I’ll just read.”

“Are you sure?” Her eyes seemed to search mine for any indication that I may have been on to her. But I my façade was flawless.

“Yeah, I’m sure.” I redirected my focus to chapter 7 of Shards of Honor, feigning spellbound interest in Lady Cordelia’s escape from Barrayan clutches. With a shrug and nary a glance back, Fondy headed out of the bedroom and downstairs to fix herself breakfast, leaving me to celebrate my victory, prove a point, and silently lament the fact that I would preparing my own soft-boiled eggs.

Incidentally, I couldn’t help but notice that when I did eventually make it downstairs, there was no more Chinese cough medicine left. “Oh, yeah,”she said as if suddenly recalling, eyes glued to the t.v., right hand waving a forkful of leftover butter chicken. “I finished it last week. Sooooorry.” Then, casting a hopeful glance my way. “Want me to go pick some up for you?”

Damn, she was good. “No, no. I’m okay.”

“You suuuuuure?”

“Yeah. I’ll have a throat lozenge instead.”

This time, it was her turn to redirect her attention away, back to the t.v. where a team of paranormal investigators were exploring a house that, if you believed their psychic consultant, was haunted by the ghost of somebody’s grandmother. Apparently, the grandmother’s spirit was still hanging around because she was concerned for the well-being of her teenaged grandson. Awwwww. I imagined ghost granny picking up after him, making his bed, and preparing his soft-boiled eggs. Oh, how I envied that kid. Not only was he coddled, but if he played his cards right no one would’ve been any the wiser. Instead of keeping his mouth shut, however, he blew everything by whining about the hovering apparition that visited him every night.

No, the irony was not lost on me.

So what’s the deal? Is this something we men are born with, a genetic predisposition not unlike the ones that make us incapable of stopping to ask for directions or cause us to launch into a horrendous off-key harmony whenever our significant others start singing as a highly effective way of getting them to shut up? Have any studies been commissioned? If so, I’d like to hear about them.

Today’s weird food purchase of the day = Water Chestnut Jelly. Bon Appetit!

112 thoughts on “August 3, 2008: Say NO to harmful male stereotypes! And the weird food purchase of the day.

  1. Get well soon, Joe, and my husband is a huge baby when he’s sick, demanding any number of items that I have to drive to the store to get. Luckily, for him, it only happens once a year. Now, when I’m sick, I’m blessed if he opens the door to see if I’m still breathing!

    P.S. How did you not barf?? *love these segments*

  2. Awwwww… Joe, sorry you’re not feeling well! But I loved the video! Jelly fish… ew!!!

  3. Ive got 2 questions

    1. Are there certain episodes of Stargate you wish you could remove from canon because it makes writing difficult in the present (eg “Point of View” where they introduced the idea of entropic cascade failure which would make writing any Alternate Universe episode difficult)?

    2. In “The Daedalus Variations” Teyla has quite alot of technological knowledge. Was this done so she could help McKay when they are offworld and as a result will make it easier to give teyla more screen time?

  4. Hey Joe,

    Quick question… in BAMSR when destroying the replicator ships there is a calculation error. Both ships destroy the same one at the same time, then they split up and the Deadalus destroys 3 (4 in all at this time), and then the Apallo destroys 2 more (6 in all at this time), however Shepard comments that they have destroyed 7 in all. Was this just a mistake or have I missed something? I’ve checked multiple times and still the numbers come up one short.

    Thanks as always,

  5. Why fight it? LIVE the steorotype. Your heroic efforts to preserve the dignity of men will not be appreciated by your fellow males, who will scoff at your passing up a golden opportunity. And you’re depriving Fondy of a chance to lovingly gloat at your innate weaknesses. Just think of the frustration building up in her, as she’s denied the chance to exercise the innate urge we females have to coddle and nurse the weaker sex…..I do hope you feel better soon though.
    Might I suggest that you make a large, heavy duty paper or cloth napkin a standard part of your exotic food tasting from here on out? That way, you can relieve yourself of the overly offensive foods without displaying a bunch of mush to the camera. And given your courage in tasting foods, I don’t see how anyone can begrudge you a little TLC during your struggles with such evil viruses that are plaguing your household…

  6. Hmmm Korean food, I loves me some Bulgoi & Kimchi (sp) … now I’m hungry for Korean food!

  7. The restaurant in your video looks a lot like the Ancient’s Cafe in Threads.

  8. Hey Joe,

    Nice work with the water chestnut jelly! Great description, and I, too, have problems with weirdly textured foods. But being the only one in my family that likes clams (the rest of them think they are gross stringy, chewy, rubbery nightmares) I’m not sure if I would dislike that. But I don’t think I’ll test it, if its all the same to you. Yet again you have me laughing like a hyena and having the rest of my family walk past my door with fearful looks!

    Hope you feel better soon, and I honestly think that some women enjoy taking care of sick husbands. Don’t know if your wife’s in that category, but I’m sure she wouldn’t hold it against you if you acted stereotypical every once in a while!

  9. Again, your food tasting vid cracks me up!
    Does methicil (wraith cocoon goop) taste like that water chestnut jelly?

  10. I don’t even want to be on the same planet as my husbnd when he is sick. Need I say more?

    Comment for Alan. I enjoyed DV very much especially McKay’s comment to Sheppard about being opposite of himself and Sheppard praising himself for McKay’s benefit. The team’s reaction to that was hysterical.

    Question for Alan. In ‘Outcast’ what were your thoughts when you decided that Sheppard would come from a wealthy family versus middle class or needy? I enjoyed Sheppard’s interacton with his older brother Dave. Lot of feelings/emotions expressed in those few short minutes they had together.

    Thank you.

  11. Feel better, Joe.

    I don’t know about any studies, but in my experience everyone becomes whiney babies when they’re sick, no matter the gender.

    But I was raised in an unsympathetic household. If someone got sick, it was “sucks to be you, now don’t infect me, you disease-ridden snot monster”. We were less whiney and more vindictive as a result.

    Maybe it’s more of a nurture, rather than nature, thing.

  12. “tasteless but… incredibly gelatinous”
    The weird food purchase of the day is AWESOME!!!!!

    Hope you’re feel better soon, Joe!!!

  13. Sweet! We get bloopers along with the actual video. 😀

    But man, that’s 2 for 2 on the “this taste crap” count. I suppose they’re strange for a good reason. Can’t wait to see more! Just the facial expression was enough to make me laugh my ass off!

    And I’m a total baby (and whiner) when I get sick. Why shouldn’t I be that way? I’m freaking sick! But anyway, get well soon Joe; get plenty of rest and water; we don’t want you producing Atlantis on a foggy, virus-ridden mind now, do we?

    No, we most certainly don’t.

    Speaking of Stargate, I finally found time to review Continuum, and I take back what I said about the music. There were some beautiful moments that I must’ve forgotten about on my initial watch. Once again, I spouted my mouth off and had to split the review into 2 posts on Gateworld:

  14. Ok…I forgot that when you’re using hyperlink tags, you have to actually write something to click on. Here are the parts of the review…again:

    Part 1
    Part 2

  15. Hey Joe!

    Hope you get well soon! Drink lots of fluids to keep hydrated and get lots of rest! 🙂

    I greatly enjoyed “The Daedalus Variations”, it was an absolutely phenomenal episode with great CGI, team interaction, and…well, everything overall. The new aliens were very neat and the plot was interesting throughout the whole episode. You guys are really going into overdrive this season. 🙂

    Water Chestnut Jelly? Seems odd, but it would be something I would like to try. Pity it tastes bland, I love water chestnuts for their texture, crunch and taste. 🙁

    Thanks as always, and get well soon!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  16. Hey Joe.

    Guess what…I got tickets for England today, I leave this Saturday coming! I’ve been trying since last summer to find the right time, and now seemed good. Seeing as I just got my passport back and there was a seatsale. I just walked out of my room today and my mom say, “David, wanna go to England on Saturday?” And there you go.

    I was wondering if there is any way to get a hold of one of the Atlantis symbols/stickers that are on the backs of all the laptops on SGA?

    Thanks Joe…and get well soon.

  17. Considering the encyclopedic variety of foods that you partake of, I’m surprised it took you this long to come down with something [whatever the cause not withstanding]…

    So. Get well soon, but till then, “BUCK UP!!!”

  18. I don’t like water chestnuts… and I’m incredibly picky about the texture of my food. But I do love jelly so it probably wouldn’t be too bad, mostly I just refuse to eat something if it looks unappetising.

    Hope you get well soon,


    P.S. so just to get this straight Torren is Teyla’s father, but also the name of her baby, so Tagan is Teyla’s mother? What’s with the “T’s”?

  19. Hope you feel better soon – and way to fight the stereotype! So you’re 0-2 on successfully trying a new food – is it time to start a pool on when you’ll find something you like?

    If the next paycheck permits, I’ll be heading to a nice restaurant here in town where the chef decided to add a tasting plate menu – perfect for those of us who want a little something of everything (or are really indecisive). I’ll have to report back.

  20. Joe, I have not conducted any studies about the sick male, but I have seen first hand how it works…like the day my husband had a minor cold, but was – supposedly – too sick to go to work. Around noontime I called home to see how he was doing, and…no answer. So, I call his cell. I found him. He had driven 45 miles to his parents house in Absecon (near Atlantic City), was in their bed, in his daddy’s jammies, getting served chicken noodle soup and hot tea. In bed. In their bed. 45 miles away. When he was too ‘sick’ to even drive 2 miles to work.



  21. Maybe you should’ve dipped ‘the jellyfish’ into hoisin sauce and rolled it in sesame seeds…thereby giving it more flavor and texture! Or perhaps a nice teriyaki sauce with extra wasabi…that’s the only way I can eat raw squid sashimi (to me, it has that ‘gelatinous tasteless’ consistency as well!)

    Sorry you’re feeling poorly, but really, you guys do put it on – women can be barfing up half a lung but still manage to do housework/cooking/care for the kids etc. You boys really gotta ‘get over yourselves’…*LOL*

  22. I love the new video segments. Alas it seems you shall never find a strange food item that doesn’t give you pause mid-chew. Hilarious!

    I agree with your sick-stereotype assessment. I am quick to accept help when offered, but mostly because it makes people feel good to help others “in need” (especially when they’re thanked for their efforts). It has nothing to do with reverting to the fetal stage emotionally (or linguistically).

  23. Hi

    Just wondering if we will see anymore hyperspace capable puddle jumpers this season?


  24. Joe , hope you feel better soon. My husband is the same way. He is a big baby, and whines like no other. Just whine and get it over with so you can start feeling better. The water chestnut jelly looked gross, and your reaction made me laugh. Not doing to good with the weird food purchase. Feel better soon.

  25. I’m the same way when I’m sick, and I’m a girl (as if the name doesn’t give that away). Unfortunately for me, I live alone. I complain to my cat. He makes things worse by crawling all over me demanding to be petted when all I want to do is wallow in misery.

  26. Oh Joe, the look on your face is PRICELESS! What were you thinking? Since water chestnuts have no taste, the only redeeming quality is their crunch, which the jelly doesn’t have. I’ll give that one a big yuck . . .

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  27. Hi Joe,

    Hope you feel better soon!

    I like your strange /weird food of the day video.
    Here’s one have you tried sea cucumber, chicken feet or sea urchin?
    I have gotta say I thought they were ALL GROSE!
    Some people like them though sadly i’m not one of them!
    I always see weird & wonderful foods with my husbands family cause they are from China & Malaysia! Luckily for me they haven’t given me stuff to gag at yet!

    I am going to get my copy of Continuum tomorrow! I’m taking the day of so I can get there early so I dont miss out!

    Has any writer/author inspired you over the years?
    Does one writer/author stand out the most to you?

    I like your accent!

    I have to wait 6 more weeks for Stargate season 4 to come out here where I live in Sydney! THe wait is just torture!

    Take care & happiness always!

  28. Yay Korean food! It’s been like a year since you’ve posted an entry about at that restaurant. What’d you have?

    Is it just me or is it super hard to type in this comment box? I keep having to go back and retype because it skips over every other letter wth?

    I hope you get better!

  29. Oh yeah they’re called “Mook” by the way. Maybe if you had dark brown mook you wouldn’t have though about jelly fish?

  30. Since you brought up Jelly Fish, have you had jelly fish before? I didn’t think i would like it but the once they serve as part of the cold meat appetizer dish that comes with large chinese banquet meals, i found it surprisingly tasty especially that vinegary sauce they use. I’d also like to repeat my question about Durian? Ever tried it?

  31. I think you need to take a more scientific approach to the food tasting– you ought to require others to taste them too.

    I suggest the production assistants because that is what they are for, and, you don’t want to alienate your friends by making them vomit.


  32. if you ever decide to go back to that restaurant, or if you run into that jelly again, dip it in a mixture of soy sauce, scallions and sesame seeds…but all you really need is soy sauce…trust me, I’m Korean

  33. Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly. Hope you feel better soon. And, as some others have said – enjoy the moment to whine and be pampered. You deserve the attention.

    We need to take up a collection to get you some small opaque and discrete “food sampling barf bags” so you need not end up having to swallow something that you are already struggling with. You are a trooper for trying.

    I think I tried that; it is like Japanese kon yaku;
    very bland and chewy. And, wiggley….like your sample.

    Feel better.

  34. I’ve just got to say I’m enjoying the Strange Food Purchase of the Day segments. You’ve got the personality for it — you take a BIG mouthful of whatever! I, on the other hand, would prefer to sniff first, then perhaps lick it, before taking a tiny bite.

    But then again, I so rarely make the wonderful faces you’ve made the last two days, so keep up the brave adventure! 🙂

  35. It isn’t a stereotype confined to humans. When Frankie, my not so brave tom cat, is ill he is a major wimp and is totally pathetic.

    His sister, Merlin, is made of stronger stuff though.


  36. a very upscale grocery opened here recently in northern virginia, called “Wegmans”. People actually lined up for its grand opening, like it was a rock concert or the next Harry Potter book. One couple and their 2 small children were interviewed by the Washington Post after shopping for over 2 hours. what was their great and sole purchase? oxygenated water. doesnt water have oxygen? H2O? guess you just cant get enough sometimes.
    whats next?
    BTW, weirdest food purchases always seem to be available at Asian grocery stores. I dont read the languages, and the pictures dont always help, and when you look thru the packaging….ahh, what is that? and you find this intriguing bag of ‘goodies’ in the candy aisle, and yet it kind of looks like fish. [blech]

  37. Yes, hope you feel better soon. Think I’m the same way when I am sick. But I have no one to “try” and help me. 🙂

  38. Sulien wrote:

    He talks almost as fast as Rodney McKay…

    I recently browbeat convinced a friend to watch Stargate Atlantis. She’s now an avid fan — bringing my convert total to 17. Immediately after seeing “Rising”, she wrote to tell me how much she enjoyed. She couldn’t remember a character’s name name so described him as “the one who talks like a jittery chihuahua if they could speak”. I had no trouble guessing who she meant. 😀

    kdvb1 wrote:

    So if Tyre hadn’t been getting his dose of Wraith enzyme for close to a year or for arguments sake at least a few months, why was he still hooked on it? And, why did it just take a few days for him to get off of it at Atlantis? (if he’d already been off of it for months)

    I noticed this when I watched it the first time, too. Was something cut that would have explained it?

    Shawna Buchanan wrote:

    It was mostly talking and whenever the story looked like it might get interesting, it would cut away to some people talking and return to the original story once the excitement had safely passed.

    I truly laughed out loud at this!

    Fran wrote:

    In the beginning of the show “Atlantis” was surrounded by water. I would think that the Ancients and the Atlantians would have designed a water system.

    They did! From the dialog continuity script of “Hide and Seek” (found on the official site here

    GRODIN: It’s desalinizing the seawater and storing it in tanks big enough to supply the whole city.
    WEIR: Good, so fresh water won’t be a problem.

    tam_myst wrote:

    Question about the AU team that died on the Daedelus: How did they die? If they were starving why didn’t they use their puddle jumper t abandon the the ship and get down to the planet’s mainland or was every AU they came across worse than starving?

    I noticed this when I watched it the first time, too. Was something cut that would have explained it?

    Anne Teldy

  39. FYI: The episode of Tru Calling in which Joe Flanigan guest starred (“Brother’s Keeper”) will be on the Sci Fi Channel Tuesday, August 5th, at 2pm Eastern.

    Anne Teldy

  40. Hope you feel better soon.

    As for the Weird Food Purchase of the day: you were obviously marred by the events of yesterday as you eyed that jelly up for a long time before putting it in your mouth. You even asked Fondy (I’m assuming she was the one filming) if you had to start again! And nice metaphor about the jellyfish; I… ugh.

  41. bonjour
    jamais, je n’oserais ne serait-ce que sentir ce que vous venez de manger
    chez nous on a une spécialité régionale, ça s’appelle la crème de marron
    vous avez déjà goûté?
    je pense que c’est vraiment meilleur

    bon rétablissement

  42. ok I have to admit you are looking somewhat peaky so you probably just have what we call Man-flu. I suggest Manuka Honey for the throat, plenty to drink and sleep. Hope you feel better soon sweetie….DAMN! look what just happened, a sick male and I’m all nursey! Stereotypes work both ways obviously!

  43. Joe, I can’t believe you put the entire piece in your mouth! You should have just taken one bite out of it.

    I hope you’re feeling better, soon.

    As for studies on male complaining about illness? I wasn’t able to find anything immediately in MedSource, but I could try some other variations tomorrow.

    I suspect your best resource would be Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

  44. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well Joe. I feel pretty bad too. I’m eating handfuls of vitamins and drinking lots of tea!

  45. I don’t think it’s that women mind looking after men when they are sick, what they mind is that they don’t get the same level of consideration when they are under the weather. Did you look after Fondy when she was sick? If so, you’ve earned some pampering.

    My flatmate is sick tonight, so I went and bought her juice and made a big pot of cauliflower soup so she has food tomorrow. She’s loving it. But she’s driven to the chemist for tablets when I’ve been sick, so fair’s fair!

    Have you ever tried Grass Jelly? I see the tins all the time at Asian grocery stores, but I don’t think I’ve ever had the guts to try it (and if I did, it must’ve been traumatic enough to make me block out the memory.)

    Get better soon!

  46. I have had this conversation with my sisters many times. When I am sick, truely and deeply sick, fever, stomach virus you name it, hubby dearest will give me the mind over matter crap. Basically tells me to buck up and he rushes off to work leaving me to tend our kids despite the fact that I can barely stand. On the other hand he gets a little belly ache and he is lying on the floor telling me I might have to take him to the hospital. I can’t decide if its hilarious or pathetic (most likely a bit of both).

    I happen to love water chestnuts, but don’t really care for jelly. Your description was perfect, exactly what it looked like.

  47. Just a quick question Joe-
    Throughout the history of Stargate the writers and producers have not really given any on screen confirmation to a particular romantic pairing and have left it up to the fans for interpretation. Lately I’ve been hearing hints at a Rodney/Keller relationship. Will this pairing be played the same compared to pairings of the past, allowing multiple shipper groups the ability to watch for hints of their favorite pairing, or will the potential relationship be completely obvious and undeniable?

  48. @ Rachel – I’m with you. It’s amazing how animals react to you when you’re sick. They seem to cling more. It’s very comforting.

    Well I want to burst the stereotype that women soldier on when sick. I’m such a sook. I’d say yes to the breakfast in bed, green tea and a DVD (Atlantis of course). John Sheppard would cheer me up. But not this week, too busy, not allowed to be sick this week.

    Oh and answering yesterday’s question about patience with books, I don’t really have much. I generally give them about 4 or 5 chapters. If they haven’t captured my interest by then, why bother? I don’t tend to buy books, I get most of mine from the library so I don’t have the pressure of sticking with it to get my money’s worth.

    Last book I gave up on – sorry Joe – Parable of the Talents by Octavia Butler (I just found it a yawn). To each his or her own.

    Cheers, Chev

  49. Early to bed…early to rise…

    Hope you’re feeling better today, Joe. Can’t wait to get to work so I can see all the videos or whatever they are that I can’t see on my dial-crap…which is now WORSE since updating my security protection. Ugh.

    Anyway – I had yet another Wraithy dream (of sorts) last night! It featured one of my absolute favorites…that naugyty fella from The Hive

    The dream was vague – I was working in the yard, gardening (probably dreamt this because of the Spider Incident earlier in the day). I remember some man coming to me, telling me that I had to meet someone in a motel, in room 204. He wanted me to go with him, but he was a stranger, and I refused. Some other things happened that I can’t quite remember, then I saw my sister, and told her about the man.

    I said to my sis, “I didn’t know the guy, so no way I’d go with him! Besides, he wasn’t hot. Now…if he had been ‘Edward Sleazyhands’ (at this point I see Eddie, with his toothy grin, in my dream), and he got up in my face and said, “That is why we’re taking you to room 204″ – then I would have gone with him in a heartbeat!”

    At this point in my dream my sister gives me this screwed up, ‘you-are-sooo-weird’ kinda look…and the dream ends.

    Nothing spectacular, but at least I got to see ‘Eddie’!!! 😀


  50. I love the food vids – you’re a brave, brave man!!

    Hope you start to feel better soon. I’m off to the docs myself this afternoon as I think I have an infection due to the op a couple of weeks ago on the sinuses. Ugh.

    In our house, my husband is very stoic when he’s ill – regardless of the illness. Me, I tend to be stoic unless it’s a cold…then I’m the wimpy, moaning one! Pain, I can put up with (just) and not complain about (much), feeling a bit icky the same, but a full blown cold? Nope. Total and utter wimp. Though I don’t expect anyone to wait on me hand and foot!

    But then husband and I don’t tend to fit a lot of the stereotypes. For example, he likes to shop, and when it’s clothes shopping, will check out a few shops before buying something. Me, I can’t stand clothes shopping and just want to be able to get in, get what I want and get out, quick!! Though I don’t mind browsing in a book shop or present-buying.


  51. Hey Joe,

    I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well. Does it help if I say I revert to being a little child and I let Jerem wait on me hand and foot when I’m sick? My soft boiled eggs taste WAY better when he makes them AND brings them to me in bed. Plus, he is so grossed out by the SOFT boiled eggs so it’s like triple the pleasure for me, ya know? 😉

    @Anne Teldy: A pox on rogue winkies I say! We must ban together and fight them!!! :-O


  52. I love the weird foods bit!

    Yes, I think men are struck with a genetic predisposition for behaving the way they do when they are sick. It’s a sad truth.

    I liked the Daedalus Variationson on Friday. (Due to Doctor Who being an hour and a half, I was able to catch the late night Atlantis airing.) I thoroughly enjoyed the team aspect of it.

  53. You’re game.. water chestnut jelly?

    I think you’re right..stick to picking up jellyfish tentacles on the shore.. cheaper to eat to.

    What’d they slug you for that dish? You were an interesting shade of green btw 🙂

  54. Hey Joe,

    Hope you feel better soon.

    How are you enjoying Trouble with Lichen?

    I’ve been looking for more books for my 11-year-old who loves scifi. What did you think of Sundiver and would it be age-appropriate? I think I read the second one in that series (Startide Rising) many years ago and enjoyed it. My son tends to read things over and over if he likes them. I used to do that too, when I had more time for pleasure reading.


  55. 1)Will personal feelings vs the greater good be a prominent issue this year?

    2)Will Kanan’s past affliction under Michael’s command have future repercussions?

  56. “You’re a braver man than I, Gunga Din”

    I don’t like water chestnuts at the best of times, so there is absolutely no way that I would ever try water chestnut jelly, and if by some weird happenstance, I did, it would not have remained in my mouth for very long judging by the look on your face.

    I’m a very picky eater, particularly when it comes to things with “gelatinous” textures and others of that ilk – they just make me gag. Seafood and I don’t get along either due to its texture.

    As far as finishing reading books, I generally try to do so, but am not always successful. I think I previously said that I was unable to finish the The Lord of the Rings trilogy about halfway through the Two Towers because I just couldn’t struggle on with it any longer. However, I did manage to finish a book called StarLight by Hal Clement. Took me a year to do it, but I was determined it wasn’t going to beat me.

  57. You are such a brave eater! Love the “Weird Food Purchase of the Day” Videos, keep em coming.

    BTW: Long time Stargate Fan! Thanks for doing such a wonderful job on a awesome show.

    And I totally adore someone who loves pugs so much. Your dogs are awesome, always a joy to view them on your blog too.

  58. Sorry you are not feeling well, Joe, but I have to tell you that I love the new food segment! Priceless. Its like Fear Factor but with some sense of hope that someday you will find that gem of a new taste sensation. brilliant.

  59. Feel better soon 🙂 {{{HEALING VIBES}}}

    I do have to say I am glad you weren’t feeling ill when you tried the jelly. I can imagine the scene that would have folllowed then 😉

  60. I’m loving your weird food vids! Thank you for describing the taste. BTW, have you ever eaten jellyfish as part of a meal, or are they not considered food?

  61. Regarding weird food purchases, let this be a guiding principle: don’t try eating them in public, as you cannot then spit them out and retain your dignity.

  62. It’s nice of you to be the point man on all these possibly icky foods for us. That way we don’t have to work up the nerve to try them!

    And the big news I’m telling everyone: Emma made a white blood cell!! It’s the first time any WBCs have shown up in her blood work since her transplant, so we’re pretty excited. She doesn’t really care, as long as she has a steady stream of Barney videos and chocolate pudding.

  63. We women get be fussed over and comforted all the time but men rarely get reassuring pats and hugs unless they are at a strip club. I’m able to turn to my friends whenever I need support but I don’t see many men sending supportive greeting cards and sharing a good cry over tea and scones.

    Boys need just as much love and attention as girls do, but
    when boys get older they lose that nurturing. The only intimate relationships men are allowed to have as adults in our society is with their significant other.

    Men shouldn’t feel bad about being coddled when they are sick. My dad is one tough dude but he still enjoyed having all his daughters fussing over him when he was sick. My mom was not amused seeing as how she did give birth six times.

    I say curl up in bed and enjoy all the coddling you can get. It’s your god given manly right to get chicken soup and comixs in bed when you are the sickie.

  64. HA! YOU SUFFER WITH THE REST OF US! I have manafed to get sick just before my big, huge, if-I-don’t-pass-this-test-I’ll-fail-the-course test. Woo.

    As for the water chestnut jelly, I have actually had that. I dormed with a bunch of kids from Korea and they took me to this really interesting korean resturant, where that was an appetizer, so, we ordered it. I thought it tasted like butter, and felt like undercooked Calamari.

    Best of luck to you!

  65. Hey Joe! Love the weird food purchases of the day videos. You are very daring with some of these foods I don’t think I could have tried the water chestnut jelly.

    SGA Season 5 has to be the best season yet. The last episode has to be one of the best in the Stargate History in my opinion. Broken Ties was great as well, Jason really stood out and stood up to show his talent in that episode.

    Have a good one Joe and feel better.

  66. Hi Joe,

    Sorry to hear you are not well and I hope you get better soon. I must say I really enjoyed the season so far and think it’s great!

    I wanted to ask some questions though:
    1) In The Seed, was that pathogen that was creating a Hiveship something of Wraith technology or something Michael cooked up or enhanced?
    2) The aliens from the Daedalus Variation’s were excellent, they had a very Frankenstein look to them which is funny since the Wraith have that whole vampire feel. Will they appear again this season? Also, was that Frankenstein look intentional or just coincidence?
    3) Speaking of Daedalus Variations, were there any other realities that were considered but didn’t make it into the episode?
    4) Another question regarding Daedalus Variations, we met a Captain Sobel (sp?) so will we encounter the mainstream universe’s version of the Captain in the future?

    Anyway, wish you all the best Joe!

  67. Finally can watch the videos! WOOT!

    1. The Ksar mix – erm….I really like that stuff. 😳

    It saved my life at Wizard World Philly last year. I had a bag of it with me, and right as I was waiting in line for Joe Quesada at the Marvel booth, I had a major sugar crash. If it wasn’t for that Ksar mix, I would have been laid flat out on the floor. *I* think it’s great! A bit chewy…but it’ll save your life when you’re stranded in line at a comic con.

    2. When I was getting a menu together for a Japanese dinner, I almost bought konnyaku, but was actually warned off of it by a Korean lady…lol. Now…there you are, eating something similar. I haven’t seen the water chestnut jelly before, it looks…interesting. Hey, it’s got to be a LOT better than chicken feet! God…that was one meal I’d rather forget… 😛

    See, we have a Chinese friend who makes us all sorts of weird stuff. I’m picky, but my mother and sister aren’t. She treated them to (cooked) jellyfish once, and they say it has a texture somewhere between gummy bears, and rubberbands…and it tends to take on the flavor of whatever it’s cooked in.

    Personally, I’ll stick with burgers and fries.

    Both videos are great! Thanks for letting us watch you eat…and spit stuff out. 😀


  68. Get well soon. I hate the achey sick feeling but I do agree with your wife, men are the biggest babies when they are sick. I’ve seen it with my dad, my brother, and now my husband. lol

    The look on your face is so hilarious with the water chestnut jelly. Too funny!

  69. “Atlantis the target of a mysterious race”

    So, did this line of the spoiler poem refer to “Daedalus Variations”?


  70. Way to fight the stereotype Joe! Keep up the good work. 😛

    That ‘Water Chestnut Jelly’ truely does look disgusting. 😕

  71. @das: About Black Widows… Ya know what? They really aren’t so horrible. True, you don’t want to grab a hold of one on a bush and pinch it so it bites you. Or step into a shoe and pinch one so it bites your toe. *shudder*

    BUT that being said I am not so scared of them. When Jeremy and I were first married we lived in his grandfather’s condo. (His grandfather passed away in that condo and I swear he haunted it! 😮 But that’s for another time.) This was in southern California. Black widows ABOUND out there. One day we found the HUGEST black widow ever! So we brought it over to the University of California’s entomology department. The guy there happily picked the spider up in his hand and put it into a container! Sooooo creepy! But I guess they aren’t so ready to bite you. Not that I recommend picking them up like he did. He was weird, that guy. However, Black Widows are not hunting spiders. They build a messy web and wait for the food to come to them. So that’s another plus. Poisonous as they are, if you are a little careful, you have nothing to fear.

    I’ve found TONS of them in my Florida yard, too. And no one’s ever been bitten. You’d better believe I stomp on my garden shoes before I put them on though. 😉 And I have arachnophobia but find black widows so elegant and beautiful in a way. Yeah, I’m weird, too.

    Are your willies any better now? 🙂


  72. Hope you feel better soon!

    (You do know the solution, though, right? Spoil Fondy relentlessly when she’s sick, and there’ll be nothing for her to feel superior about when it’s your turn to ask for special treatment. Works for my husband!)

  73. Joe,
    Sorry to hear you’re under the weather. I used to be one of those whiney, pathetic people when I was sick. A child will change that attitude very quickly. My husband almost never gets sick, so when he complains, I know he’s really sick and I am happy to take care of him. He’s a good guy, and takes care of the kid when I’m sick.

    Love the weird food of the day routine. Oh, and just for the record, you’d never get me to try any of those.

    My book reading time is very limited, so when I read a book I go by the 1 week principle. I’ll start a book and read a few chapters in the first sitting, if I put it down and don’t pick it up for more than a week, I’ll never finish it.

    Still haven’t seen Daedalus Variations or Continuum yet, trying to avoid spoilers. Will hopefully get to see them tonight or tomorrow.


  74. Once again, I would never of put that thing in my mouth. You are definately brave on the food front.

    I work with my family and all male technicians. My two sisters and I have come to a general consensus that men are babies when they are sick (maybe not all, but most). These guys get a cough and stay out of work. Us girls get sick and come in anyway even if it means a run to the ladies room every hour to be sick. Case in point just today my father told me he wouldn’t be in he had a stomach ache, oh Pleassssssssse! My sister has a term that she uses and all the guys here know it which is “He’s a Man”. It is funny cause one of the guys will even say at times; “and don’t call me a Man” (lol if they only knew what they sounded like).

    I do agree with others that you being determined not to fall into the stereotype is only hurting you cause no other guy is gonna appreciate it I am sure. At any rate, I hope you feel better.

    My cure is taking garlic pills 3 times during the day (I take garlique it doesn’t give you a garlic taste in your mouth after). Seriously, garlic is know for it’s antibiotic tendensies and a severe sore throat in my house goes away in a day or two with garlique (my friends who I’ve told to take it too).

    Take care

  75. you dont look too bad in the video. so i hope you are felling better. You know if you did not take such big bites you might fare a bit better in your…

    by the way it looked just like you…

    by the way did Fondy try it?? the water chestnut jelly that is.

  76. it wiggles & giggles! that what i thought when i saw the water chestnut jelly. too bad that sucked too.
    last night i recalled some bad experiences with strange food. one was a sample of mango cheddar cheese at a local supermarket. i was suspicious going in & was proven right. it was bitter & just horrible, i nearly spit it on the floor of the store. luckily there was a trash can near by. my mother on the other hand, had a sample of horseradish cheese to try to get rid of the taste. i said; “if you eat crap, you don’t eat more crap to kill the taste.”
    another bad experience with strange food was at another supermarket. it was during the christmas season & they had different samples of stuff you could order every day. so one day i try this shredded stuff on a cracker, BIG mistake. i think it was some kind of horseradish dip (it wasn’t labeled) very nearly spit that on the floor too. there was no trash can near by, but luckily i had some tissue to spit it in & threw it away in the next one i found.
    BTW get well soon.

  77. Coucou Joseph!!!! =D

    En ce 4 Aout^^, c’est mon anniversaire!!! J’ai 18 ans^^! Jespert que vous aurez une petit pensé pour moi demain! =)

    Waahhhooo!!!! O_O J’adore cette video!!! J’aime téllement votre façon d’être, c’est hallucinant , je pourrais regarder cette video des journées entiére!!! Mais que manger vous ?? humm sa na pas l’aire trés bon….ne vous forcez pas a manger ça, si vous n’aimre pas lol XD

    Bon je vais au lit! Gros Bisou, surtout restez comme vous êtes ormi…qu’il faudrais plus que vous montriez plus d’afféction à vos fan(s?) ( quOI? moi concerné ? Mouhahaha totalement!^^)

    aller a demain, Gros bisou, je ….vous savez quoi lol !

  78. Joe,
    Ok, i’m so busy i have been only able to read and not comment recently! Got to love the back-to-school time.

    My Thoughts: The Daedalus Variations, amazingly written. Every minute of the show i felt very much along with the ride. And a McKay heavy episode always puts a smile on my face along with my 9 year old daughter who wants to see Rodney in every episode.

    Stargate Continuum: Oh my God, YES! I realize this hasn’t been seen by everyone, so i won’t go into details. My 9 year old daughter has become such a Stargate/Atlantis fan…she has asked to re-watch this movie every single day since we watched it. It will be going on the video iPod for her to watch over and over again on her own. We all thought it was amazing…if only they could bring it to the BIG screen one day!

    the food video’s amazing! It is always fun to try new foods. And perhaps a learning experience for us all to watch YOU eat things only someone as courageous as yourself would dare try to eat. Being a vegetarian myself, i often look at many food items and wonder “who would eat that?!” It is a lot of fun to watch people eat (for me) since i often do not eat things off the beaten path of random vegie dishes. So thank you for sharing your experience!

    I missed my chance to ask Alan M. a question, to which i am sad about. He is an amazing writer, i only ask that he knows that fact about himself. :o)

    Michele Blue

  79. Illness is one of the few times you can legitimately force your partner into servitude, so I would grab hold of the opportunity while you’ve got it.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  80. hum..aute de frappe j’ai mis un “è” en trop à “appetit” -_-‘ …bon il faut que j’aille me coucher là…lloll

  81. dasNdanger–
    said -had a dream about number 204,–,,Play that number!! It must be a sign..!!
    — Joe maybe you are feeling bad for trying new foods(??), But it would be fair since maybe Fondy shared her illness with you, that she could help you out a bit, tiny sympathy maybe, when friends and family aren’t looking..if they are making light of a sick person. Are the puppies good nurses? I do hope you feel better soon. Keep up with the videos, very enjoyable, thanks.

  82. @ das – That dream seems very Twin Peaks. I must say I’m with your sister. I don’t get the fangirlism over the wraith. I don’t find them even remotely attractive. But that’s OK. As I said before, to each his or her own.

    Cheers, Chev

  83. Are any of your siblings and relatives in the TV Business too or are you the only one? and What does Fondy do is she in the TV Business as well?

  84. anneteldy said:

    FYI: The episode of Tru Calling in which Joe Flanigan guest starred (”Brother’s Keeper” 😉 will be on the Sci Fi Channel Tuesday, August 5th, at 2pm Eastern.

    I really liked Tru Calling. Pity there was only two seasons. Of course I particularly loved this ep. Joe played the ambiguity very well.

    But how creepy would it have been to be in that morgue drawer.

    Cheers, Chev

  85. Hey Joe

    Sorry to hear about your sickness. I try not to take advantage of my fiancé when I’m sick, but some days I just can’t help myself.

    I had a crazy idea about your weird food product of the day. Why not take your weird food along to a chef you trust (e.g. Chef Belcham from Fuel) and get them to ‘Iron Chef’ the weird food product and see if they can make something good out of it. Just an idea.

    Hope you’re well soon.

  86. I got my copy of the series 4 DVDs today – the moment I popped the first one in to the DVD player my boy cat started howling (and clawing my leg) for extra food. I kept him at bay until my water pistol ran out of ammo and then I relented and fed the little monster.

    I know that this is not your responsibility – but the photograph/picture of Amanda Tapping on the front of the DVDs is terrible – she looks like she has a funky tattoo or mould growing on her neck.

    But thanks to you and the ‘others’ for taking time to take part in the commentaries. The bloopers were boring but the deleted scenes segment was interesting.

    I, of course, watched the “Save Carson” piece first and it put a nice smile of my face.

    If we can put one Scotsman in the Pegasus galaxy why can’t we send them all?

  87. Haha, dude I love ‘Weird food purchase of the day’. The only thing that was ever lacking from your videos was the inclusion of yourself 😀

    Hope you get better soon

  88. Hey, Joe – won’t it be funny to have monsters instead of that boring “mystery man”- avas for users with no own ava?

    Go to:
    Settings – Discussions – scroll down the side and choose. The last option are the monsters. 😀

  89. Get well soon, Joe!

    Hey, from TV Guide’s website:
    The 15 Sexiest Sci-Fi Stars readers named the fantasy stars they fantasize about. See who made the cut!
    (right now the link to the gallery is at their main page)

    From the Stargate franchise:

    Joe Flanigan

    Good thing they didn’t use the whole pic, so you can’t see him levitating 😀

    Ben Browder

  90. Hi Joe, how would you serve water chestnut jelly?? As a condiment? If so, which meat or food group does it compliment best; pork, beef, lamb? Maybe fish or dairy products.

    BTW, you know that if I lived in Vancouver, you could have my scrambled eggs for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I was once told, by a man, that even if he was dying, he would still crawl over broken glass for my scrambled eggs.

  91. Arghh Those smilies… I should’ve used 8 instead of an 8 and a )
    Anyway. Joe Flanigan is #8 on the list. Ben Browder is #11.

  92. Those who treat me with consideration when I’m truly sick, get the same from me when they are truly sick. Fortunately, this male group has included a father, husband, some companions before and after that (including current), and children. I’ve found females to be less sympathetic (mother, roomies, children) but better BS detectors. Or maybe they’re just jealous.

    Feel better Mr M, my significant other is currently sick in bed with the flu but coherent enough to enjoy the fresh Jewish penicillin. He will likely also get a back rub.

  93. Water chestnut jelly … well, what did you expect? Pretty sure I’ve had something similar. The New Year bento box filled with handmade goodies our neighbor gave us each year had sweet gelatinous things in it. Not to be confused with the rather brilliant puppeteer/artist/animatronics engineer burner known as Mister Jellyfish Mister. Sweet and sometimes gelatinous.

    This year Zsu-Zsu!

  94. First off; Happy British Columbia Day! (Its the 4th as I write this). As a very native British Columbian (born in Vancouver and now living in Prince George going to UNBC) I can say its my favourite holiday. Hope you spent yours well, loving the fact that yes indeed we live in this beautiful province and those who dont should be jealous!

    Now what you have sounds like what we had up here in June, I caught it and it was horrible, and I reverted back to being a child, whinning when my Mom called me and spending my days in bed. The best thing to do is wait it out; that and drinking pure green tea and snorting warm salt water….Strepzels help a bunch, and so does a lot of advil-it was the ONLY way I got through writing my term paper that was due.

    Global National is about to start! Apparently the foot mysteries have new developments, I’m still disturbed that people thought it funny to plant one in Campbell River….

    Fell better soon, and cold fx does wonder, if you dont mind spending the money!

  95. The level of baby-sicky-whining is directly proportional to the number and willingness to serve of the people surrounding a body.

    The more people willing to help you out, the more whiney one will be. I suppose I don’t see anything wrong with that, as we should help someone out when we can, and we should each feel ok in needing help.

    That being said, I have only myself to serve and help me, so I just ‘buck up little camper’ and handle it all on my own. Very rarely am I ill enough for it to be a concern. I don’t get colds, I don’t get the flu, and I bully my way though anything else that may try to grab ahold of me.

  96. hi, joe,

    can you persuade brad wright into doing a q/a soon? the movie’s out now and the interest is high.

    sally =)

  97. Hey Joe,

    Any news on the ratings for “Daedalus Variations”. I have a feeling it will match the ratings of the Season premiere. It just looked so good in the promos and it really delivered.



  98. Dude! What are you, insane? If I were a guy, I’d be totally taking advantage of “aw, my poor baby.” So she calls you a baby and complains about it with her chick group. She might even bring it up at an opportune moment when she wants something from you. Eh, I’m Jewish, you either fall victim to the guilt trips or you’re immune to them.

    Anyway, as long as you coddle her just as much while SHE’S sick I don’t see a problem with it.

    If I were to take a social and psychological standpoint on this, women over the centuries have been “caregivers” so, in turn, men have been given that care. Now that women are a bit more liberated it’s a clash of social roles. Women remember what they’re “supposed to do” and have a desire to do it but feel as if it will demean them. And as you’ve apparently proved, men are starting to question their own role in this play.

    Blaze the trail, buddy! Or…something.

    On gelatinous water chestnut: Ah, someone’s a texture person. Water chestnut doesn’t have that much of a taste when it’s not gelatinous. Usually one would have water chestnut with various other things. My question, where’s the dip?

    This is the first time I’ve watched one of these videos.

    Favorite part: The resounding plop of the rebellious rectangular solid of jelly-chestnut from your chopsticks.

    I think I’ll recall all future mailbag questions. They’re never that terribly good/worth the answering :). I much better at general commentary anyway. Besides, you end up eventually answering my questions. I was going to ask months ago about the consistency and taste of water chestnut made into a gelatin solid but thought it would be off-topic.

  99. Your ponderings today of men acting like babies when they feel the slightest bit ill made me think of one of my favorite skits ever! It was on a British show called “Man Stroke Woman” and it’s called The Man Cold. Enjoy! Link below!

    You may recognize Nick Frost as the ill man; he was in Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Two great great great movies!

  100. A thought occured to me as I was speaking to my husband over the telephone and reading your blog (yes, both were done at the same time) that all the civilian personel on the base are contractors. I almost laughed into the speaker and my husband had to get off the phone. You see, his helo was ready to take him to an undisclosed military base in Afganistan. My husband is a civilian contractor, real life Rodney (without the Ph.D in astrophysics and the snark) and I thought “wow, how cool.” It was the first time that I put two and two together, and now it just gives me another reason to watch on Fridays.

    FYI My hubby went over with season 3 and he has told it has been passed around and watched so many times…..

  101. Boys and sickness? hmmm,

    It’s time like that when we men rely on the fact we have significant others to help us. It’s a cherished moment. Brings us back to our ties to motherhood.

    I’m loving this new food segment! Keep them up!

  102. Hi Joe! I hope you feel better soon! Hehe, I loved your video, too. I’m Korean and I’ve had water chestnut jelly several times, usually in a soy sauce based marinate with toasted sesame seeds, and I quite like it. Perhaps it is a required taste >_>?

    Have you ever had kimichi? Also for the adventurous, I think!

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