Cue the singing angels
Cue the singing angels
The lovely couple
The lovely couple
Hey, Lurch.  You parked in my spot!
Hey, Lurch. You parked in my spot!
Yes, you.
Yes, you.
Uh, on second thought.  Why don't you keep the spot.
Uh, on second thought. Why don't you keep the spot.

Something’s happening!

Can this really be happening?

What’s happening?!

Yes.  Yes.  And – this blog entry.  Sorry.  I couldn’t come up with a heading and decided to go with something all-encompassing in its scope yet spectacularly uninspired in its banality.  Oh, and I’ve also cast myself as the scarily brilliant writer.  Scroll down to the bottom of this entry for the mind-blowing twist. 

Hey, look at what finally arrived in the mail yesterday. It’s our People’s Choice Award for Favorite Sci-Fi Show! You know, for a while there I’d assumed that “The People” had changed their minds.

Well, it’s a race to the finish line as Marty G. begins directing Brain Storm today (which, if you haven’t heard by now, will guest Dave Foley, Billy Nye, and Neil deGrasse Tyson), Alan preps Infection (in which Todd makes his return following the events of the mid-season two-parter), Carl (Identity) and Rob (Vegas) field questions about their respective episodes, while Paul continues work on the big season (series?) finale. We’ll wrap some time in September and then…Who knows what the future holds? (P.S. I you know what the future holds, please post your prophetic findings in the comments section. Thanks.)

Things are looking very interesting on the Book of the Month Club front. We have Lois McMaster Bujold (Cordelia’s Honor), Catherynne M. Valente (The Orphan’s Tale: In the Night Garden), and Stephen Dobyns (The Church of Dead Girls) coming by in August. Then, in September, looks like Justina Robson (Keeping It Real) and Glen Cook (The Black Company) will be joining us as well. Author Jeff Vandermeer (City of Saints and Madmen) would like to participate, but will be on secret assignment in Europe during that time so I’ve decided to move City of Saints and Madmen back to November (so you all have plenty of time to read it) and move Sarah Lagan’s 2007 Bram Stoker Award Winner for Best Novel, The Missing, up into the September slot.

From Publisher‘s Weekly: “In her second novel, Langan delivers a powerhouse creepfest that recalls, in the best way possible, the early work of Stephen King. Corpus Christi, Maine, was once a town of affluence, but since the mysterious paper mill fire in the neighboring town of Bedford (depicted in last year’s well-received debut, The Keeper) released dense sulfuric clouds that killed the surrounding forest, Corpus Christi has been in steady decline. When fourth-grade teacher Lois Larkin takes her class on a field trip to the now-abandoned Bedford, they’re exposed to a deadly virus that transforms the infected into ravenous, flesh-eating monsters. Rather than stick to zombie lit convention (mindless undead, endless chases), Langan invests her plague with a sinister intelligence of unknown origin, maintaining a skin-crawling tension as the vivid cast of characters succumb to murderous insanity, hunting down and tearing apart animals, neighbors and loved ones. Langan has the control of a pro, parsing just enough horrific details to allow the truly gruesome scenes to play out unbound in the imagination; this solid sophomore effort proves that The Keeper‘s disturbing ability to burrow into readers’ heads and stay there was no fluke.”
Discussion of The Missing will begin the week of September 29th.

The Daedalus Variations airs tomorrow night on SciFi and, as part of our ongoing guest-blogger extravaganza, writer-Supervising Producer Alan McCullough has agreed to come by and field your questions about the episode. I’ll start gathering questions for Alan Saturday morning and through the weekend, then send them his way Monday morning.

Hey, I dreamt I went to work without my socks on the other night.

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to Gilder who passed the ASL II final and the dissecting Vecturist.

Cat444 writes: “After watching Broken Ties and the way that the Wraith “turned” Ronon, does that mean that there are actually no Wraith “worshippers” per se, but, rather, a bunch of addicts looking for their next fix and doing whatever it takes to get it?”

Answer: No, wraith worshippers falls into two camps – those who believe and those who were helped to believe.

Luis811 writes: “Are Martin and Brad going to be guest bloggers on the subject of Continuum??”

Answer: Martin is busy directing Sanctuary, but I can certainly ask Brad.

Trish writes: “I have really sad news. My ten year old great pyrenees, Sebastian, suffered a stroke today. Poor Allie was alone at the house when it happened. I called the vet and he was able to come right over. He gave Sebastian a steriod shot but if things don’t improve, I’ll have to put my good boy down.”

Answer: Hey, Trish, I’m sorry to hear about Sebastian. I really hope his condition improves. Please do keep us updated.

Tim the Technician writes: “Is the brainwashing effects of reverse-feeding similar to what happened to Ford?”

Answer: Yes, one can draw a very clear parallel between the experiences of both men.

PG15 writes: “Oh, and Joe, do you mind revealing the line in the spoiler poem that’s for “Broken Ties”?”

Answer: Sure. “An old friend returns, loyalties are reversed”.

Amac251 writes: “How much of what she did was beyond the written words in the script?”

Answer: It was pretty much all in Brad’s script.

Delton Valentine writes: “In episode 3 of season 5 titled “Broken Ties”; was there a specific reasoning why Tyre said he wouldn’t hurt Teyla? I was under the impression they didn’t care for each other that much?”

Answer: Even when he was under wraith influence in his later years, Tyre was still, at heart a noble individual, who honestly believed he was doing the right thing. I don’t think there would have been any circumstance in which he’d have felt comfortable killing an unarmed woman.

WayBeyondSoccerMom writes: “ Hey, how similar is Woolsey’s reaction to holding Teyla’s baby in “Broken Ties”, to what your reaction would be, if a baby was thrust into your arms unexpectedly?”

Answer: Pretty much dead on.

PattyO writes: “: In season 4 you redesigned the uniforms. Why do some of the background actors still have the old ones with the big “triangle” of color, instead of the stripe of color?”

Answer: It was a cost issue. The old uniforms look just fine – on the extras.

The mind-blowing twist:  This blog entry was all a dream!

Well, at least the part about me going to work without my socks on.

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Will you or do you get any hints from the network about what their future plans are for the series (I.e. new series, cancellation ect) or do they just ‘wait’ until they tell you officially what the decision is.

Are there any ratings for episode 2 or 3 that you know of yet either?

a. loquita
a. loquita


Can you ask Brad Wright to do a Q&A on your blog? Because although I love Continuum by far more than anything the Stargate franchise has ever done, I have a few burning questions. Or maybe you know the answers?

1. Why is it that both Mitchell and Carter are listed as Lt. Colonel in the credits? I thought you all made clear that Continuum takes place after Carter comes back after a year on Atlantis (where she was full-bird) but then the credits make me think Continuum happened before Ark of Truth? So which is it?

2. Daniel exists in an alternate reality where another Daniel is still alive. Why doesn’t entropic cascade failure happen?!?

Help?! I’m totally confused smile


That is one snazzy award. A pity everyone on the staff/production crew can’t have one. And while I don’t claim to psychic powers, I will netherless predict a repeat win of the award next year. As well as a season six that will outdo both season four and season five in terms of quality. Watched Continuum, and what a movie! I hope that if there is a steady stream of movies over the years, that we’ll see an Atlantis version or two, or even a crossover movie. Though I’d rather see the show go on a few more years as a regular series. To Trish, my sympathies. I’m not a praying sort, but I do hope that the situation works out ok for you.
Many thanks Mr. M. Now, off to listen to some season 4 commentaries in between finishing off the August reading selections.


I am so looking forward to The Daedalus Variations. Any chance we’ll be seeing this strange alternate-dimensional race seen in the preview later on in the season? Is this the mysterious race related to in “The Tribe?”

I must congratulate all of the Stargate crew on the wonderful job they did on Continuum. Ark of Truth didn’t hit home for me very much, but I felt you really out did yourselves with this one. Is there any definite answer on more SG-1 related movies?

Last question:

In Continuum, *trys not to spoil anything* when Cameron Mitchell completed his mission, how did he get back, and how is he not old?


Whoa. Does that mean you didn’t have a dream about going to work without socks? Was it a dream that you had that dream? Or was the dreaming part the dream? That’s all paradoxical.

My philosophy professor in college wore a shirt once that said on the front “The statement on the back of this shirt is true” and on the back said “The statement on the front of this shirt is a lie.” That shirt plagued me so, that I remember nothing else about that entire class the whole semester.


a. loquita:

That should also be asked when in atlantis when “Rod” came from the alternate reality where the exotic particles got came in. Now that you mention it, I can remember quite a few instances in Stargate where entropic cascade failure doesn’t occur..

Margaret Clayton

All a dream? Sheesh, I’ve had better dreams in my sleep. No. Wait a minute, that’s not right. I can dream better dreams … nope, that’s not it. Meh.

Pointless ramble: The theme this year at Burning Man is American Dream, which brought howls of protest from the participants. Most of us just ignore the theme anyway, or we make it our beeyotch. So some burners have changed it to: A Merkin Dream. Oh dear. This should be interesting.

Hey, FarscapeFan …. Re: Continuum … and I quote: If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

The Happening was a movie back in the 60s, it was about sex or drugs or sex and drugs, I saw it at a young age. Big mistake. There was even a bad song with a jazzy, bouncy riff. I’ve not bothered with the current incarnation. I’m too busy with … art. Bet you thought I’d say sex and drugs, didn’t you? Yeah, me too.

Oh, congratulations to the happy couple.

Linda Gagne
Linda Gagne

Ahhh, I always thought that you might write things that you might do in certain situations. Especially some of the McShep banter (which I love). Now that I’ve been reading your blog, you are quite witty and humerous. When watching the show now, I sometimes picture you saying the lines (very wierd I know).

As a writer do you put yourself into the character shoes a lot if at all? or am I just imagining it?


I got my copy of Continuum in the mail today from Amazon. All I can say is O…M…G…! This has got to be tops in Stargate history. All through the movie I was trying to guess what the alteration of the timeline was going to be, but in the end it seemed to be a little more subtle that the alteration in Moebius. Please tell Brad that he’s a true genius! And of course so is Martin, and Joel and… you get the picture.



I have to tell you that my 9 year old has been watching canned episodes (downloaded from Unbox) to catch up – I wouldn’t let her watch new eps until she did. Yesterday, she watched Kindred, Part 1 – then I cruelly made her go to bed. All day today, she was begging me to let her watch Part 2 because she “HAD to find out if it was really Carson”.

My daughter is become obsessed.

After watching Kindred, Part 2 and dispairing over Carson’s stasis, she begged to watch “The Last Man”, during which I had to leave the room, because she wouldn’t stop asking me questions. When it ended, good mother that I am, I told her she had to wait 4 months, just like I did, before she could watch the next ep.

That child was ready to sell her brother – who is really cute and should get a good selling price, in her mind – so that she could watch S & R. Instead, I told her to clean her room. She did this in record time. I was impressed; I’ve never seen that child clean her room in less than hours and hours and yelling.

So she watched S & R and felt that it just wasn’t right that Keller didn’t find the cure for Carson. She thought it was a great episode and loved the part with Rodney delivering the baby.

She will, undoubtedly, beg to watch “The Seed” tomorrow, even though she will be on a “playdate” most of the day.

I just wanted to let you know that she loves the series.

On the other hand, my son Matthew – age 5 – thinks the Wraith are too scary, but every thing he builds with his Legos is either the Daedalus or a Puddle Jumper (which he calls “John Sheppard’s Little Ship”). He tells me the show is “boring” but sits, glued to the television whenever his sister is watching it. He also protests equally as loud when the show is stopped. Ah, the 5 year old mind.

I will let you know what they think of “The Seed” and “Broken Ties”.

Thanks again for continuing to post.



On the subject of the back story of Col. Cam Mitchell that was written and narrated by Ben Browder, is that to be considered canon?


OK, I require pinching… Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye on Atlantis?!?!?! Yup, pinching’s required. smile


hey Joe,

I was checking out Alex Levine’s blog, some interesting insights but also this

“And if the science aspects of the show excite you, stay tuned for Brain Storm – Martin Gero’s upcoming episode – which will air in the fall.”

I thought the back half of season 5 was supposed to air next year. Am I wrong? thanks

Yay I was right about the line in the spoiler poem. The Daedalus Variations seems to be pretty cool, the trailer was awesome and according to Alex Levine “[…] The Daedalus Variations had one of the most expensive VFX budgets we’ve ever had, right up there with Be All My Sins, Adrift, and Rising (the pilot).” Wow can’t wait to finally see this ep! Also a Q&A with Brad Wright would be great, I imagine the fans have a lot of questions (including me). oh and I love the award, you guys earned it! thanks again


Hey Joe,

I just had a question pop into my head yesterday and maybe you have time to answer it smile

Dr. Beckett has a family back home right? Wouldn’t he want to let them know that he’s not dead, even though he won’t know how long he may live?

Thanks and apart from that confusing scene in Broken Ties, season 5 has been awesome!


I just wanted to tell you I’ve adored Woolsey so far in S5. I wasn’t a Woolsey-hater before by any means, but I was a little bit skeptical when I heard he’d be doing the job. And I LOVE IT. I also love the focus you’ve given him (such as the scene with him & Teyla in his quarters). grin


Hey Joe.

I’m waiting for my iTunes purchases to finish downloading right now…24 minutes left to go. Anyway, i found out that iTunes Canada now sells SGA so I spend an hour looking for a iTunes card today. Needless to say I found one and have downloaded the first 3 episodes of S5.

Will you ever do an episode which features a specific Earth holiday? Like Christmas or Halloween? You could have a Christmas tree put up under the gate…

Thanks Joe.


Hi Joe, how are you? I am enjoying the season 5 so far! Great job to you, cast and crew!

The reversed feeding/brain washing on Ronon, will it have an effect on him and his relationship with the team in foreseeable future?


how does input from the network, affect your vision for the season, or seasons to come?

also. are you purposefully planning the season finale to also take the place for a series finale if needs be, or do you plan on making a movie/feature length episode to tie up loose ends?


BILL NYE?!?!?!?!?! Be still my Biology Major heart!! Gosh I love you guys more and more!!!!!!!!! Also, kudos to Joel for the gorgeous music at the end of Broken Ties, I wish I could play something like that in an orchestra. Do you think he’d hire a Viola player with 13 years of on and off experience??? Also, my brother just got Issac Asminov’s Complete Series for his birthday, so I’m eagerly awaiting stealing it from him as soon as he’s done reading it. Also, another question, I don’t know if anyone’s asked yet, but have you seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog? I bet you’d appreciate it.


Hmm…so, if the other Satedans were only wraith worshipers because they were forced to, and we now know that pretty much no one would be likely to withstand the process (though I still don’t quite buy it, for reasons I’ve already explained), that basically means that the Satedans from that other ep weren’t responsible for their actions, which means that we can’t feel as angry at them as we did before we knew that. Which means that the deaths of the others was a real tragedy, not them getting what they deserved as if they’d chosen to follow the wraith of their own free will. How sad.

Will we find out more about this particular technique re: wraith worshiping and the effects thereof? There are some real issues here that this whole thing brings up that seem worth exploring.


Oh, yes, and I also meant to say…Dave Foley?! Oh, that’s gonna be fun.


Bill Nye, huh? Any chance that means Speed Walker, Seattle Superhero Extraordinaire, will make an appearance and save Atlantis in a spectacular manner? she asked jokingly.

BTW, when you answered my question about the Wraith worshippers, you killed one of my cats. *sob*

Gilder in San Antonio

Thanks for the dedication, Joe. The second final also went pretty well, but I’ve gotten feedback from ASL instructors that has me thinking about spoken language studies instead. (Spoken languages have been my strong suit for 30+ years.)

In the meantime, whew! Three weeks off, fall semester starts 25 Aug.

A tad bummed today. Discovered I had an unused gift card, went to Wal-Mart to buy CONTINUUM. The store had not yet received the first shipment!!! Guess I’ll go to Target, where I found ARK OF TRUTH.

One of these days, Nolamom (also in SA) and I will have a private matinee…with loads of chocolate…and a couple of boxes of Kleenex for Don’s scenes.

Arctic Goddess

Hi Joe:

You are kidding me right? Dave Foley and Bill Nye (the science guy) are going to be on Stargate Atlantis? That is beyond awesome!!!

And congrats on finally seeing the People’s Choice Award in the flesh, so to speak.

I would really very much appreciate it if you could dedicate your next blog to moi, stranded but finally reprieved Canadian stuck in Los Angeles because my dumb self lost my passport. After being in Southern California for 4 days longer than intended, I finally fly back to the Great White North – Edmonton, Alberta. Woo! Hoo! Much thanks to our Canadian Consulate and all my adoring friends who took pity on me and helped me get home.

Actually, it wasn’t all bad. If you are going to get stuck somewhere, Southern California is the place to be. Palm trees, sandy beaches, warm sunny weather…earthquakes… I got to experience my first one. I was on the 7th floor of a hotel when it felt as if I were in a tall tree in a stiff breeze. Rock and Roll!!!

And my experience at the Canadian Consulate was at par with Canadian culture…

Consul staff: “Can you prove you are Canadian?”

Me: “Sure, RRRRRRRolll up the Rim!!! Tim Hortons!!! Double Double!!!”

It actually worked! She believed me! Well, that and two pieces of ID got me an official looking letter so I could get on Air Canada. I’m coming home!!!

Joe, if you feel the urge, you can tie a yellow ribbon around the stargate for me…

Patricia (AG)


hi, joe,

i hope you can get brad to answer some ‘continuum’ questions! grin

sally =)