Cue the singing angels
Cue the singing angels
The lovely couple
The lovely couple
Hey, Lurch.  You parked in my spot!
Hey, Lurch. You parked in my spot!
Yes, you.
Yes, you.
Uh, on second thought.  Why don't you keep the spot.
Uh, on second thought. Why don't you keep the spot.

Something’s happening!

Can this really be happening?

What’s happening?!

Yes.  Yes.  And – this blog entry.  Sorry.  I couldn’t come up with a heading and decided to go with something all-encompassing in its scope yet spectacularly uninspired in its banality.  Oh, and I’ve also cast myself as the scarily brilliant writer.  Scroll down to the bottom of this entry for the mind-blowing twist. 

Hey, look at what finally arrived in the mail yesterday. It’s our People’s Choice Award for Favorite Sci-Fi Show! You know, for a while there I’d assumed that “The People” had changed their minds.

Well, it’s a race to the finish line as Marty G. begins directing Brain Storm today (which, if you haven’t heard by now, will guest Dave Foley, Billy Nye, and Neil deGrasse Tyson), Alan preps Infection (in which Todd makes his return following the events of the mid-season two-parter), Carl (Identity) and Rob (Vegas) field questions about their respective episodes, while Paul continues work on the big season (series?) finale. We’ll wrap some time in September and then…Who knows what the future holds? (P.S. I you know what the future holds, please post your prophetic findings in the comments section. Thanks.)

Things are looking very interesting on the Book of the Month Club front. We have Lois McMaster Bujold (Cordelia’s Honor), Catherynne M. Valente (The Orphan’s Tale: In the Night Garden), and Stephen Dobyns (The Church of Dead Girls) coming by in August. Then, in September, looks like Justina Robson (Keeping It Real) and Glen Cook (The Black Company) will be joining us as well. Author Jeff Vandermeer (City of Saints and Madmen) would like to participate, but will be on secret assignment in Europe during that time so I’ve decided to move City of Saints and Madmen back to November (so you all have plenty of time to read it) and move Sarah Lagan’s 2007 Bram Stoker Award Winner for Best Novel, The Missing, up into the September slot.

From Publisher‘s Weekly: “In her second novel, Langan delivers a powerhouse creepfest that recalls, in the best way possible, the early work of Stephen King. Corpus Christi, Maine, was once a town of affluence, but since the mysterious paper mill fire in the neighboring town of Bedford (depicted in last year’s well-received debut, The Keeper) released dense sulfuric clouds that killed the surrounding forest, Corpus Christi has been in steady decline. When fourth-grade teacher Lois Larkin takes her class on a field trip to the now-abandoned Bedford, they’re exposed to a deadly virus that transforms the infected into ravenous, flesh-eating monsters. Rather than stick to zombie lit convention (mindless undead, endless chases), Langan invests her plague with a sinister intelligence of unknown origin, maintaining a skin-crawling tension as the vivid cast of characters succumb to murderous insanity, hunting down and tearing apart animals, neighbors and loved ones. Langan has the control of a pro, parsing just enough horrific details to allow the truly gruesome scenes to play out unbound in the imagination; this solid sophomore effort proves that The Keeper‘s disturbing ability to burrow into readers’ heads and stay there was no fluke.”
Discussion of The Missing will begin the week of September 29th.

The Daedalus Variations airs tomorrow night on SciFi and, as part of our ongoing guest-blogger extravaganza, writer-Supervising Producer Alan McCullough has agreed to come by and field your questions about the episode. I’ll start gathering questions for Alan Saturday morning and through the weekend, then send them his way Monday morning.

Hey, I dreamt I went to work without my socks on the other night.

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to Gilder who passed the ASL II final and the dissecting Vecturist.

Cat444 writes: “After watching Broken Ties and the way that the Wraith “turned” Ronon, does that mean that there are actually no Wraith “worshippers” per se, but, rather, a bunch of addicts looking for their next fix and doing whatever it takes to get it?”

Answer: No, wraith worshippers falls into two camps – those who believe and those who were helped to believe.

Luis811 writes: “Are Martin and Brad going to be guest bloggers on the subject of Continuum??”

Answer: Martin is busy directing Sanctuary, but I can certainly ask Brad.

Trish writes: “I have really sad news. My ten year old great pyrenees, Sebastian, suffered a stroke today. Poor Allie was alone at the house when it happened. I called the vet and he was able to come right over. He gave Sebastian a steriod shot but if things don’t improve, I’ll have to put my good boy down.”

Answer: Hey, Trish, I’m sorry to hear about Sebastian. I really hope his condition improves. Please do keep us updated.

Tim the Technician writes: “Is the brainwashing effects of reverse-feeding similar to what happened to Ford?”

Answer: Yes, one can draw a very clear parallel between the experiences of both men.

PG15 writes: “Oh, and Joe, do you mind revealing the line in the spoiler poem that’s for “Broken Ties”?”

Answer: Sure. “An old friend returns, loyalties are reversed”.

Amac251 writes: “How much of what she did was beyond the written words in the script?”

Answer: It was pretty much all in Brad’s script.

Delton Valentine writes: “In episode 3 of season 5 titled “Broken Ties”; was there a specific reasoning why Tyre said he wouldn’t hurt Teyla? I was under the impression they didn’t care for each other that much?”

Answer: Even when he was under wraith influence in his later years, Tyre was still, at heart a noble individual, who honestly believed he was doing the right thing. I don’t think there would have been any circumstance in which he’d have felt comfortable killing an unarmed woman.

WayBeyondSoccerMom writes: “ Hey, how similar is Woolsey’s reaction to holding Teyla’s baby in “Broken Ties”, to what your reaction would be, if a baby was thrust into your arms unexpectedly?”

Answer: Pretty much dead on.

PattyO writes: “: In season 4 you redesigned the uniforms. Why do some of the background actors still have the old ones with the big “triangle” of color, instead of the stripe of color?”

Answer: It was a cost issue. The old uniforms look just fine – on the extras.

The mind-blowing twist:  This blog entry was all a dream!

Well, at least the part about me going to work without my socks on.

107 thoughts on “July 31, 2008: The Happening

  1. Will you or do you get any hints from the network about what their future plans are for the series (I.e. new series, cancellation ect) or do they just ‘wait’ until they tell you officially what the decision is.

    Are there any ratings for episode 2 or 3 that you know of yet either?

  2. Joe,

    Can you ask Brad Wright to do a Q&A on your blog? Because although I love Continuum by far more than anything the Stargate franchise has ever done, I have a few burning questions. Or maybe you know the answers?

    1. Why is it that both Mitchell and Carter are listed as Lt. Colonel in the credits? I thought you all made clear that Continuum takes place after Carter comes back after a year on Atlantis (where she was full-bird) but then the credits make me think Continuum happened before Ark of Truth? So which is it?

    2. Daniel exists in an alternate reality where another Daniel is still alive. Why doesn’t entropic cascade failure happen?!?

    Help?! I’m totally confused 🙂

  3. That is one snazzy award. A pity everyone on the staff/production crew can’t have one. And while I don’t claim to psychic powers, I will netherless predict a repeat win of the award next year. As well as a season six that will outdo both season four and season five in terms of quality. Watched Continuum, and what a movie! I hope that if there is a steady stream of movies over the years, that we’ll see an Atlantis version or two, or even a crossover movie. Though I’d rather see the show go on a few more years as a regular series. To Trish, my sympathies. I’m not a praying sort, but I do hope that the situation works out ok for you.
    Many thanks Mr. M. Now, off to listen to some season 4 commentaries in between finishing off the August reading selections.

  4. I am so looking forward to The Daedalus Variations. Any chance we’ll be seeing this strange alternate-dimensional race seen in the preview later on in the season? Is this the mysterious race related to in “The Tribe?”

    I must congratulate all of the Stargate crew on the wonderful job they did on Continuum. Ark of Truth didn’t hit home for me very much, but I felt you really out did yourselves with this one. Is there any definite answer on more SG-1 related movies?

    Last question:

    In Continuum, *trys not to spoil anything* when Cameron Mitchell completed his mission, how did he get back, and how is he not old?

  5. Whoa. Does that mean you didn’t have a dream about going to work without socks? Was it a dream that you had that dream? Or was the dreaming part the dream? That’s all paradoxical.

    My philosophy professor in college wore a shirt once that said on the front “The statement on the back of this shirt is true” and on the back said “The statement on the front of this shirt is a lie.” That shirt plagued me so, that I remember nothing else about that entire class the whole semester.

  6. a. loquita:

    That should also be asked when in atlantis when “Rod” came from the alternate reality where the exotic particles got came in. Now that you mention it, I can remember quite a few instances in Stargate where entropic cascade failure doesn’t occur..

  7. All a dream? Sheesh, I’ve had better dreams in my sleep. No. Wait a minute, that’s not right. I can dream better dreams … nope, that’s not it. Meh.

    Pointless ramble: The theme this year at Burning Man is American Dream, which brought howls of protest from the participants. Most of us just ignore the theme anyway, or we make it our beeyotch. So some burners have changed it to: A Merkin Dream. Oh dear. This should be interesting.

    Hey, FarscapeFan …. Re: Continuum … and I quote: If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

    The Happening was a movie back in the 60s, it was about sex or drugs or sex and drugs, I saw it at a young age. Big mistake. There was even a bad song with a jazzy, bouncy riff. I’ve not bothered with the current incarnation. I’m too busy with … art. Bet you thought I’d say sex and drugs, didn’t you? Yeah, me too.

    Oh, congratulations to the happy couple.

  8. Ahhh, I always thought that you might write things that you might do in certain situations. Especially some of the McShep banter (which I love). Now that I’ve been reading your blog, you are quite witty and humerous. When watching the show now, I sometimes picture you saying the lines (very wierd I know).

    As a writer do you put yourself into the character shoes a lot if at all? or am I just imagining it?

  9. I got my copy of Continuum in the mail today from Amazon. All I can say is O…M…G…! This has got to be tops in Stargate history. All through the movie I was trying to guess what the alteration of the timeline was going to be, but in the end it seemed to be a little more subtle that the alteration in Moebius. Please tell Brad that he’s a true genius! And of course so is Martin, and Joel and… you get the picture.

  10. Joe,

    I have to tell you that my 9 year old has been watching canned episodes (downloaded from Unbox) to catch up – I wouldn’t let her watch new eps until she did. Yesterday, she watched Kindred, Part 1 – then I cruelly made her go to bed. All day today, she was begging me to let her watch Part 2 because she “HAD to find out if it was really Carson”.

    My daughter is become obsessed.

    After watching Kindred, Part 2 and dispairing over Carson’s stasis, she begged to watch “The Last Man”, during which I had to leave the room, because she wouldn’t stop asking me questions. When it ended, good mother that I am, I told her she had to wait 4 months, just like I did, before she could watch the next ep.

    That child was ready to sell her brother – who is really cute and should get a good selling price, in her mind – so that she could watch S & R. Instead, I told her to clean her room. She did this in record time. I was impressed; I’ve never seen that child clean her room in less than hours and hours and yelling.

    So she watched S & R and felt that it just wasn’t right that Keller didn’t find the cure for Carson. She thought it was a great episode and loved the part with Rodney delivering the baby.

    She will, undoubtedly, beg to watch “The Seed” tomorrow, even though she will be on a “playdate” most of the day.

    I just wanted to let you know that she loves the series.

    On the other hand, my son Matthew – age 5 – thinks the Wraith are too scary, but every thing he builds with his Legos is either the Daedalus or a Puddle Jumper (which he calls “John Sheppard’s Little Ship”). He tells me the show is “boring” but sits, glued to the television whenever his sister is watching it. He also protests equally as loud when the show is stopped. Ah, the 5 year old mind.

    I will let you know what they think of “The Seed” and “Broken Ties”.

    Thanks again for continuing to post.


  11. On the subject of the back story of Col. Cam Mitchell that was written and narrated by Ben Browder, is that to be considered canon?

  12. OK, I require pinching… Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye on Atlantis?!?!?! Yup, pinching’s required. 🙂

  13. hey Joe,

    I was checking out Alex Levine’s blog, some interesting insights but also this

    “And if the science aspects of the show excite you, stay tuned for Brain Storm – Martin Gero’s upcoming episode – which will air in the fall.”

    I thought the back half of season 5 was supposed to air next year. Am I wrong? thanks

    Yay I was right about the line in the spoiler poem. The Daedalus Variations seems to be pretty cool, the trailer was awesome and according to Alex Levine “[…] The Daedalus Variations had one of the most expensive VFX budgets we’ve ever had, right up there with Be All My Sins, Adrift, and Rising (the pilot).” Wow can’t wait to finally see this ep! Also a Q&A with Brad Wright would be great, I imagine the fans have a lot of questions (including me). oh and I love the award, you guys earned it! thanks again

  14. Hey Joe,

    I just had a question pop into my head yesterday and maybe you have time to answer it 🙂

    Dr. Beckett has a family back home right? Wouldn’t he want to let them know that he’s not dead, even though he won’t know how long he may live?

    Thanks and apart from that confusing scene in Broken Ties, season 5 has been awesome!

  15. I just wanted to tell you I’ve adored Woolsey so far in S5. I wasn’t a Woolsey-hater before by any means, but I was a little bit skeptical when I heard he’d be doing the job. And I LOVE IT. I also love the focus you’ve given him (such as the scene with him & Teyla in his quarters). 😀

  16. Hey Joe.

    I’m waiting for my iTunes purchases to finish downloading right now…24 minutes left to go. Anyway, i found out that iTunes Canada now sells SGA so I spend an hour looking for a iTunes card today. Needless to say I found one and have downloaded the first 3 episodes of S5.

    Will you ever do an episode which features a specific Earth holiday? Like Christmas or Halloween? You could have a Christmas tree put up under the gate…

    Thanks Joe.

  17. Hi Joe, how are you? I am enjoying the season 5 so far! Great job to you, cast and crew!

    The reversed feeding/brain washing on Ronon, will it have an effect on him and his relationship with the team in foreseeable future?

  18. how does input from the network, affect your vision for the season, or seasons to come?

    also. are you purposefully planning the season finale to also take the place for a series finale if needs be, or do you plan on making a movie/feature length episode to tie up loose ends?

  19. BILL NYE?!?!?!?!?! Be still my Biology Major heart!! Gosh I love you guys more and more!!!!!!!!! Also, kudos to Joel for the gorgeous music at the end of Broken Ties, I wish I could play something like that in an orchestra. Do you think he’d hire a Viola player with 13 years of on and off experience??? Also, my brother just got Issac Asminov’s Complete Series for his birthday, so I’m eagerly awaiting stealing it from him as soon as he’s done reading it. Also, another question, I don’t know if anyone’s asked yet, but have you seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog? I bet you’d appreciate it.

  20. Hmm…so, if the other Satedans were only wraith worshipers because they were forced to, and we now know that pretty much no one would be likely to withstand the process (though I still don’t quite buy it, for reasons I’ve already explained), that basically means that the Satedans from that other ep weren’t responsible for their actions, which means that we can’t feel as angry at them as we did before we knew that. Which means that the deaths of the others was a real tragedy, not them getting what they deserved as if they’d chosen to follow the wraith of their own free will. How sad.

    Will we find out more about this particular technique re: wraith worshiping and the effects thereof? There are some real issues here that this whole thing brings up that seem worth exploring.

  21. Bill Nye, huh? Any chance that means Speed Walker, Seattle Superhero Extraordinaire, will make an appearance and save Atlantis in a spectacular manner? she asked jokingly.

    BTW, when you answered my question about the Wraith worshippers, you killed one of my cats. *sob*

  22. Thanks for the dedication, Joe. The second final also went pretty well, but I’ve gotten feedback from ASL instructors that has me thinking about spoken language studies instead. (Spoken languages have been my strong suit for 30+ years.)

    In the meantime, whew! Three weeks off, fall semester starts 25 Aug.

    A tad bummed today. Discovered I had an unused gift card, went to Wal-Mart to buy CONTINUUM. The store had not yet received the first shipment!!! Guess I’ll go to Target, where I found ARK OF TRUTH.

    One of these days, Nolamom (also in SA) and I will have a private matinee…with loads of chocolate…and a couple of boxes of Kleenex for Don’s scenes.

  23. Hi Joe:

    You are kidding me right? Dave Foley and Bill Nye (the science guy) are going to be on Stargate Atlantis? That is beyond awesome!!!

    And congrats on finally seeing the People’s Choice Award in the flesh, so to speak.

    I would really very much appreciate it if you could dedicate your next blog to moi, stranded but finally reprieved Canadian stuck in Los Angeles because my dumb self lost my passport. After being in Southern California for 4 days longer than intended, I finally fly back to the Great White North – Edmonton, Alberta. Woo! Hoo! Much thanks to our Canadian Consulate and all my adoring friends who took pity on me and helped me get home.

    Actually, it wasn’t all bad. If you are going to get stuck somewhere, Southern California is the place to be. Palm trees, sandy beaches, warm sunny weather…earthquakes… I got to experience my first one. I was on the 7th floor of a hotel when it felt as if I were in a tall tree in a stiff breeze. Rock and Roll!!!

    And my experience at the Canadian Consulate was at par with Canadian culture…

    Consul staff: “Can you prove you are Canadian?”

    Me: “Sure, RRRRRRRolll up the Rim!!! Tim Hortons!!! Double Double!!!”

    It actually worked! She believed me! Well, that and two pieces of ID got me an official looking letter so I could get on Air Canada. I’m coming home!!!

    Joe, if you feel the urge, you can tie a yellow ribbon around the stargate for me…

    Patricia (AG)

  24. hi, joe,

    i hope you can get brad to answer some ‘continuum’ questions! 😀

    sally =)

  25. @a. loquita

    Question 2:
    I think the reason for that is the same for the SG-1 Season 10 episode “Ripple Effect”

  26. Thanks Joe, for answering cat4444’s question! I figured there would be some in make-believe land crazy as me who would willingly follow the Wraith. Maybe you can’t see it, but they really are quite irresistible. They’re like potato chips, or something…just can’t get enough of them.

    And nice to know that Todd will be in another episode…though…I’m not sure I like the sound of it. Of course, I don’t like the sound of ANYthing. 🙄 I know, I know…”Don’t be so negative!”

    So, how many Todd episodes is that? 4, or 5?

    Can we ask Alan questions about things other than tomorrow’s episode…or no?

    So…that dream. You woke up with your chilly footsies pokin’ out from under the blankie, didn’t ya?? ‘Cause, see, we all know if that dream was due to eating dark chocolate before bed, you would’ve dreamt about going to work – in Vegas – without your pants on. That’s just how chocolate works…

    And thanks for making me smile. I’m still messed up over that bus murder…just can’t get my brain around it…it doesn’t even sound real. So I really appreciated that bit of lightness. 🙂

    @ cat4444 – I have 4 cats, too…plus 2 neutered ferals outside. They are…addictive…can’t have just one. And no worries – I’m sure if Todd amassed a few dozen worshippers, he’d wouldn’t tolerate a single flea. Couldn’t risk gettin’ those li’l suckers in that white mop of his…he’d never get rid of ’em!

    @ Ganymede – If it reminded you of a Python sketch, then shouldn’t you have read it in a fake, high-pitched female voice??? 😉 Glad you enjoyed! I was in a very silly mood this morning. There is a little more to the end of it, I just cut it off there…for Joe’s sake.

    @ AV eddy – One of my favorite cats was named Max – actually, Mad Max. He could even say his name – clear as day. Just a great cat – full of personality – still miss him after 15 years.

    Oh, and eddy, looks like you’ve got ‘naughty’ on the brain. So who’s the pervert now?? 😉

    Thanks again, Joe. This place does brighten my day. Usually. Except when I’m fretting over pale dead guys. Especially the ones with really good hair.

    I’m shutting up now. 😛


  27. Hey Joe

    Hope things are going well for you. I’ve started the second semester of my third year at university, studying a Bachelor of Archaeological Practice and things are going great. Only downside is this nasty case on bronchitis I’ve received. Fun.

    Hope your summer stays warm and things go well for the rest of season 5.


  28. 2. Daniel exists in an alternate reality where another Daniel is still alive. Why doesn’t entropic cascade failure happen?!?

    In Continuum they aren’t alternate reality Daniels, they are alternate timeline Daniels… There’s a difference. 🙂

    Joe, will you be going to Vegas along with Rob and the gang?

  29. Does anyone know why there is no Atlantis next week(August 8th)? Is Sci-Fi trying to avoid going up against the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics, or is it something else?

  30. I have a question re: Tayla’s baby’s name…… Torren John – after her father and John?
    As Teyla introduced herself in season 1 as “Teyla Emmagan, daughter of Tegan” I assumed Tagan was her father’s name…. so how is Torren named after Tagan? Unless of course, I’m completely wrong on any/all accounts – feel free to lambaste me with the error of my ways!

  31. “in which Todd makes his return following the events of the mid-season two-parter”

    *Happy dance*

    Can I take this moment to shamelessly show off the Todd plushie I made? I’m ridiculously proud of how he turned out

    And also, Bill Nye, of “Science Guy” fame? That is so totally freakin’ awesome, you have no idea!!!! He was my idol when I was like 11. Well, OK, he still kind of is, but still, childhood hero on favorite TV show for the win!

    @Trish: I’m sorry about your dog! I hope he pulls through OK!

  32. Joe,

    If Jason Momoa is on the Lot tomorrow [Friday] and if you read this tonight [Thurs], please, start baking! It’s his birthday! There is a select group of us that lurk around this blog who would like to see a birthday photo of him!

    Thanks! 😀

  33. @ Rachel – I am so in love with that Todd plushie, ever since I first laid eyes on him! Joe, if you didn’t look – you MUST! He’s adorable!! You did an excellent job, Rachel – especially on the mostly-naked part. 😉

    @ Joe – Just read that solutions blog spoiler-thingy. Sounds interesting…though I will still worry (needlessly, I hope).

    And yeah – this is why I don’t normally watch tv shows, and why I hate movie sequels. I hate getting attached to things – even fictional things – only to lose them. Except pounds. Yeah…got a few of those attached that I wouldn’t mind losing right about now… 🙄


    Good comeback! Although, if you’d thrown in a few “eh!”, and/or mentioned GST, that would have nailed it for sure!
    Hope you survived the AIR CANACRAP flight!

    Sweetie! I *have* a high-pitched female voice! Don’t have to fake it, or anything else! ;-D
    Actually, re the Python naughty bits, I was envisioning the crowd of milling humans along the lines of those groups of gardening club/guild type women messing about in the pastures… [Aging myself here, but I grew up watching Python the *first* time it aired in Canada! … a long, long time ago…]

    Whatever, TODD really should get his own comedy show!

  35. Hey Joe.

    Um, sorry for 2 posts today but is there any way to get one of the “Atlantis” stickers that are on all the laptops on SGA?


  36. Sherwood Forest Maiden wrote:

    BSG has a great towel scene in season 1 (or 2). If you ask Joe for my email addy, I would gladly do some research over the weekend for you. No trouble – it’s been raining since Tuesday afternoon (today is Friday) and not likly to stop in the next 2 days!!

    I don’t watch Battlestar Galactica, so don’t bother.

    talula wrote:

    Why does Rodney not get to have any fun! Gosh, talk about not always getting what we want. He would cranky if he found out!

    He’s no John Sheppard 😉 but sure, Rodney can come. The more the merrier!

    Ganymede wrote:

    If Jason Momoa is on the Lot tomorrow… [snip] …There is a select group of us that lurk around this blog who would like to see a birthday photo of him!

    Preferably in his birthday suit.

    Anne Teldy

  37. cat4444 wrote:

    I, too, would like to see Mr. Flanigan cave on the special features front. As an alternative, maybe you could con him into a guest blog… [snip] …After all, it doesn’t matter if he’s in LA or Van when it comes to answering questions online. Right? Right! Who’s with me?

    I’ve started an online petition in the form of a letter to Mr. Flanigan to see if we can get him to change his mind about a Special Features Profile. You can sign it here.

    Anne Teldy

  38. Hi Joe, thanks for the dedication. The lab went well – no one fainted (passed out in a manly fashion) or threw up. The frogs, however, croaked. (sorry couldn’t resist)

  39. moms2389 said: “John Sheppard’s Little Ship”

    OMG that made me laugh out loud! My 4 year old calls SGA “Mommy’s Show.” He knows that when it’s on, it’s Mommy’s special TV time and he’s not allowed to watch cartoons. 🙂

    Your dream mention made me think of an old Twilight Zone episode for some reason. One where the guy thinks if he falls asleep he’ll die, so he doesn’t want to go to sleep and goes to a shrink and does all this stuff to save himself, but all the stuff he did was actually just a dream and he dies anyway.

    Right. Er… yeah. Just thought I’d ramble that.

    Off to bed now.


    PS – Happy birthday to Jason tomorrow. 😛

  40. @ Ganymede – I like to refer to Todd as ‘Toddney Dangerfield’. “I don’t get no respect, I tell ya. Always the last one called for dinner, after everything’s gone. My only thrill now is self-inflicted hickies.”

    RE: Monty Python – I grew up on the show! When I mentioned the high-pitched voices, this is the sketch I was thinking of (in part):

    Voice: Mrs. Lieutenant Edale here. Mrs. Midshipman Nesbitt’s got one of her headaches again, so I put her in the torpedo tube.

    First Pepperpot: Roger, Mrs. Edale. Stand by to fire Mrs. Nesbitt.

    All: Stand by to fire Mrs. Nesbitt.

    First Pepperpot: Red alert, put the kettle on.

    Voice: Kettle on.

    First Pepperpot: Engine room, stand by to feed the cat.

    Voice: Standing by to feed the cat.

    First Pepperpot: Fire Mrs. Nesbitt.

    When I mentioned it tonight, hubby went around the house – in the ‘Python voice’ – reciting all the lines! Too funny! At least we’re well-matched. 😀


  41. In “Runner” there’s a little clip that shows the wraith being unable to feed on Ronon, hence them turning him into a runner, or at least that’s the way it appears, as the Wraith has a fairly surprised look on his face when he tries to feed on Ronon, and Ronon does not age.

    In “Broken Ties”, Ronon seems to have lost this “immunity”. What changed?

  42. Hi Joe,

    I was wondering, when you’d show inhumanoid aliens again. It is very odd, that no matter, where you go, people all seem to look like humans (with slight modifications) “and” they all speak englisch O.o

  43. Okay so I’m hoping you’ll answer this tomorrow pretty please! So here it goes, why is Teyla’s sons name Torren after her father when in Rising in the first season she says her father’s name is Tagan? It’s just really been bugging me and I would love to know why apparently her fathers name has changed.

  44. which, if you haven’t heard by now, will guest Dave Foley, Billy Nye, and Neil deGrasse Tyson.


    anneteldy wrote:

    I’ve started an online petition in the form of a letter to Mr. Flanigan to see if we can get him to change his mind about a Special Features Profile. You can sign it here.

    Okay, I’ve done that 🙂


  45. Geeez, I went cold when I read the title for todays/yesterdays blog entry, I thunk for one awful moment you’d succumbed to Shymalanitis. The supposed uberwunderkind – not – of moviemaking. Why everyone raves about his stuff is beyond me, I mean who here hadn’t worked out the Bruce Willis was the dead dude within the first five minutes? WTF was Signs all about with hydrophobic aliens and The Village was just a waste of space and The Happening just didn’t and its as simple as that!

    Trish, hoping for good news about Sebastian.

    Arctic Goddess, I’d love to be stranded anywhere but dripping wet Cornwall at the moment. I’m currently between cars and living where I do in a remote rural location where buses run intermittently and a big balloon emerges to relocate you when you get to the outskirts of the village is no fun at all. Come in number 6….Number 9 are you in trouble?
    burble burble whibble.

  46. Speaking of socks…Continuum blew my socks off.
    Now I cannot wait for the sound track…there were several tracks that were mesmerizing.

  47. Since science is my thing, Bill Nye – very cool!! Evidently he and Ed Begley, Jr. live on the same street and are competing with each other to see who is the most “green”. My green is on Nye.

    As we all crawled out from under our desks after the quake, a co-worker shrieked, “The earth tried to murder us!”. After not dying, it was hilarious! And for folks living in quake country – please, NO doorways, unless you want your hands and/or feet broken from the door slamming on them. Sorry, lecture over.

    Can’t wait to see “The Daedalus Variations”. It looks great!

    @Trish – so sorry to hear about your pup. Hope he’s better.

  48. “Oh, and I’ve also cast myself as the scarily brilliant writer.”

    That’s not real?! But… but… I believed it!

    Seriously, congratulations on the People’s Choice Award (seeing as I hadn’t heard you’d got one before now) and also to Gilder for passing the ASL II final =]

  49. Coucou Joseph!

    Waouu!! Trop jolie ce trophé, et bravo encore pour loe poeple choice awrads!!

    Mouahah!!Je voudrasi trop vous voir avec un bébé, sa serais a la fois drôle et adorable♥_♥ c’est tellement mignon un homme avec un bébé!

    Oui, je suis impatiente de voir Deadalus variation et en savoir plus sur ce drôle de wraith..enfin si s’en est bien un =)

    J-4! ….oulaa impatiente pour voir pleins de gens que j’aime!…(il ne manqurait plus que vous!)

    ……Mais pas pour prendre une année de plus =(…je n’est pas envi d’être majeur.

    1) Des personne disparu ou décédé vont faire un aparition dans cette saison 5? Aprés Search ans Rescue, allons nous revoir Aiden Ford?

    Voia! Merci beaucou^^! Gros bisou, je vous adore!

  50. Hey Joe, i’ve got a few questions for you (reposted some from earlier)

    1] Do you know why Joe F. was playing a Nintendo DS(In Search and Rescue), and more specifically, what he was playing(or doing for that matter)? (You can always ask after filming perhaps.)
    2] For some of the Stargate Characters with the military background (Namely Sheppard, O’Neill, Lorne), when they signed onto the Air Force, what did they initially sign up as? (Like did they first join as pilots, or something else?)
    2.5]If a lot of the Military on Atlantis were Air Force, what job would they have been?
    3] What do you think is the most over-used ingredient in the current food industry?
    4] Would you be willing to make a “Stargate – The Musical”, ever?(If so, who would you want most to sing?)

    Thanks for getting a whole bunch of guest-bloggers, it’s really good to read, just as an insight to a lot of topics. I haven’t read all of them, so I need to catch up on them later, after a fortnight when I have some really, really unnecessary exams that will apparently be much harder than what i’ve done before. Wish me luck!!

  51. Hey Joe,

    did you see ‘The Dark Knight’ yet and if so, what’s your opinion about it? I really liked it, the story, the energy, the dynamics… the music.. just the right mix.

  52. Hi Joe,

    The People’s Choice award looks fabulous! Congrats again 😀

    I’m very excited today! Not only is it DV tonight but my S4 DVD’s have been posted 😀

    Just read the information on GW about Infection, it sounds like an intriguing ep 🙂 I have really tried to reserve judgement on McKeller intil I see it but the more I read about it the more I cringe :S

    Cazz x

  53. Hey, I dreamt I went to work without my socks on the other night.

    It all comes out: You have a secret wish to become Don Johnson.

    Miami Vice, here you come!


  54. Joe,

    here there is a challenge for you: get CLAUDIA BLACK to answer questions from both Vala haters and fans of the character. It would be great to hear from Claudia herself what kind of stories/adventures she’d like for Vala from SG-1 writers in the next movies and what her view is on Vala’s future.

  55. @2 a. loquita

    … I have a few burning questions. Or maybe you know the answers?

    1. … I thought you all made clear that Continuum takes place after Carter comes back after a year on Atlantis (where she was full-bird) but then the credits make me think Continuum happened before Ark of Truth? So which is it?

    If you have watch the “Search & Rescue” episode and the “The Seed” episode than you would know that Carter return partly to witness the execution of the last Ba’al clone at the end of S&R.

    @4 telekineticforceblast

    …In Continuum, *trys not to spoil anything* when Cameron Mitchell completed his mission, how did he get back, and how is he not old?

    My guess is that the Mitchell in the freighter will fade away after his alternate timeline is destroy. Sad to say, the events in the Continuum movie took place in a close time loop. The SG-1 team didn’t actually have anyone vanished into the air. The only evidence of the movie events is the photo in Mitchell’s locker of the mysterious stranger saving his grandfather in the current timeline.

    39 anneteldy

    …I’ve started an online petition in the form of a letter to Mr. Flanigan to see if we can get him to change his mind about a Special Features Profile…

    maybe they should send Ivon Bartik with JF on the weekend flights to SoCal and back. Tape some face time in the air (a captive interviewee) for some kind JF feature. Hmm, that’s about 6 hours in the air.

  56. You sound like going to work without any socks is a bad thing. I do it everyday. It is summertime so I am allowed to wear my sandals at work. : )

    Trish Sorry to hear about Sebastian. Hope he pulls thru. (((((hugs))))

    Artic Goddes I am glad you made make safely to Civilization. Just kidding. LOL!!!! YOu could also have said Zed intead of Zee. : )

  57. Light my fire! Happy Lammas harvest, baking the crowd’s favorite blueberry & banana nut bread this morning, to be slathered a bit later with REAL butter and cream cheese and I do believe there just might be a bit of double Devon cream left…

    We’re going to a concert tonite so must watch The Daedalus Variations tomorrow nite on DVR, but it’s an interesting looking episode, lots of action and I’m always for new bad guys to shoot at. Can’t wait to see how Rodney saves them this time.

    while Paul continues work on the big season (series?) finale. We’ll wrap some time in September and then…Who knows what the future holds? (P.S. I you know what the future holds, please post your prophetic findings in the comments section. Thanks.)
    Don’t even think it. Only positive thoughts; SEASON end. And while my crystal ball is slightly chipped from being dropped and perpetually cloudy, what I do see from shaking the damn thing is lots of snow this winter… no wait, wrong one. Let me just grab and look… there it is! season 6.
    That’s a pretty heavy guest list for Brain Storm, hope the story supports it!
    Can’t believe it’s already August! Here in FL school starts in a couple of weeks so we’re busy with that too.

    Glad to see our hard-fought-for award finally arrived! In whose office will it reside, or will ya take turns? Thanks again Fans!!

  58. *waves*

    A quick message for Anne Teldy about her decision to get a petition going. Sorry Anne, I’m going to decline signing it. There’s a reason the BTS feature for JF isn’t getting done, one that we as fans aren’t privvy to and may never be privvy to. But I respect Joe Flanigan’s decision to not do one. I may not like that decision, but making someone feel guilty for not doing it for me is bad form, sorry. So, I think i’ll pass thanks. I would personally hate it if someone ‘guilted’ me into doing something that i’d already declined, but that’s just me.

    Anyway DV is on tonight, woohooooooo, looking forward to it. Sorry for the whinge, but it has been a while. I’m still missing all the guest blogging spots!!! Darn it I need a beeper to remind me. 😆


  59. Happy Friday Joe!

    1) Watched Continuum last night. Absolutely fantastic! It was classic SG-1 packaged in a super sized bag of AWESOME!

    2) Something I realized last night: The Atlantis teams do not have designations ie: SG-1/SG-11 etc. Why is that? Due to the fact there are only a few teams, they can simply be designated as “Sheppards” or “Lorne’s” et al?

  60. Speaking of uniforms:

    McKay has a flag on his shoulder, Sheppard has a flag on his shoulder, Teyla doesn’t – why is that? Surely even her people have designed a nationalistic rag designed to demarcate geographical boundaries ? 🙂

    And if you need new headlines for the blog, you could always try the random tabloid headline generator At this place – keep reloading for new suggestions 😉

  61. A dream!

    I didn’t know that awards got mailed to the winners. Where will Stargate’s People’s Choice Award go?

  62. Hey Joe

    Out of all the Seasons and Episodes which is your Favourite Season of SGA and what is your Fave Episode?


  63. Hi Joe

    Fran here again. When the gang films in parks, forests, and such do you have to get permission or a permit from the city and province?

  64. Why is it the ptb have no problem with McKay having relationships but Sheppard is only allowed the hot babe of the week. Is it a requisite that the hero can’t fall in love at all, can’t show any feelings or have any kind of MATURE relationship. Why is McKay allowed to fall for a different woman each season.
    The writers started the John and Teyla relationship only to butcher it along the way and turn Teyla into some reckless little girl who doesn’t seem to know what she wants. And Kanaan I guess will be regulated to the babysitter while Teyla can still save the universe. Some realism now and then would be appreciated and Teyla suddenly playing happy families with her out of nowhere lover who couldnt even show any backbone, (eventhough we are meant to believe he was under the control of Michael), to even attempt to try and save his unborn son, but suddenly got a change of heart when Sheppard and team appeared, sigh !and Teyla is perfectly happy to leave her child with a man like this. Is it even certain he is not still under the so called control of Michael.
    I fail to see why the writers have such difficulty in being consistant with their relationships. If the ptb or writers start a relationship or show feelings why this urge to back track and deny it even exits. I don’t like being misled. Why show Teyla/John in an intimate setting in Search and Rescue when you knew you would bel killing that ship in the next episode . I understand perfectly that you write the stories and go in the direction who want to and I wouldnt expect anything different, but I will never understand the games you play when it comes to so called romance or shipping on the show. Will they, won’t they can be interesting for so long but after a while it becomes annoying and frustrating and finally viewers completely loose interest. This is where I am at present. I am pretty much open to most things but not being deliberately jerked around.

  65. Any clues, or cryptic hints, to this ‘guest star that will have boards buzzing’ of #518, Identity? I’m really curious…

  66. Dave Foley? How did that happen???

    I run a Kids In The Hall blog and I would just love to know who thought of Dave Foley… aka who I need to buy things for.

  67. @ anneteldy
    I’m a huge JF fan but, as much as I’d love to see a Profile on JF featurette, I won’t sign this or any other petition. Why? Because it’s the actor’s decision not to participate in those. It’s not part of an actor’s contract (because he would’ve had to do that if it was), and what he does with his free time is up to him. I think none of us has the right to ask him or any other actor to spend more time on camera when he’s not filming an episode. If he wants to relax off screen between takes, he has every right to do so. I can certainly understand that, as well as the fact that he wants to go home with his family as soon as he’s done with the week’s shooting. In fact it’s great to know that. Family always should come first and I’m glad to know he has his priorities right.

  68. Davidd asked : Um, sorry for 2 posts today but is there any way to get one of the “Atlantis” stickers that are on all the laptops on SGA?

    Absolutely. You can find them on Ebay for about .99 cents.

    I like the ones they have this season better than the smaller one I got two years ago. I just bought the larger version for my new laptop.

  69. reads Das’ blogisode scene between Todd and Sheppard about keeping stray humans as pets

    shakes his head slowly, tries not to grin… tries hard not to grin….. sighs deeply to distract himself from grinning

    raises eyes with twisted eyebrows and looks to Das with a painful expression

    ….. is….. just…. not right… Das…. just not right at all…

    Alright! All this talk about dreams is starting to affect my sleep! I dreamt last night that me and Das went out on the town….. and you ARE a Wraith in my dream. A partying, happy-go-lucky Wraith… but still a Wraith.

    I need a drink….

  70. I watched Continuum and watched it again, it was equally as awesome the 2nd time around, thanks to everyone involved!! The extras in it are wonderful also!!

  71. Hey Joe!

    Great call in hiring Bill Nye for “Brain Storm”! How did you go about getting him to go on SGA?

    If this blog entry is a dream….then are we all in just a sleep state where we are linked as one? Oh no! :O

    Love the photos, and glad to see you folks finally got your award. Show it well!

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  72. For real…Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson is going to guest on an episode of Atlantis? In “Brain Storm”? Or are you pulling our legs? Is he a fan of the show?

  73. Hey Joe and everyone.

    Sebastian fought really hard last night. Jeremy and I stayed with him in the family room since he couldn’t walk to our bedroom. The poor boy didn’t sleep much. Jeremy was able to get him to drink some and Allie was able to get him to eat a little. When the vet came, though, Sebastian still could not walk or even sit up. The vet said it was time to put him down. So all four of us sat around him and told him we loved him and said good-bye. I already miss him so much.

    Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers. It does mean a lot to me.


  74. season…series? finale

    My prediction for upcoming events? You’re either messing with our heads (admit it, you do that for fun), or you’re preparing us for Atlantis to end its TV series this year and move into DVD movies. Myself, I would be sad to see Atlantis the series end, but I would probably buy the movies.

    Further: zombies? Really?

    As for your dream about being sockless at work… you’d fit right into the New York or LA scene.

  75. Downunder: Teyla did say that in season 1. All I can think of is that it is a family tribe maybe.

  76. Okay, so I had to look up Dave Foley and Neil deGrasse Tyson, though due to someone on another site I know who Bill Nye is; that is, I know what he does but have never seen his show!

    Stiil, the name Neil deGrasse Tyson rang a bell, and as I thought, it’s the guy in Trio that McKay says stole an idea from him … Hmm, interesting, and maybe fun? McKay-style fireworks? Please?!!

    Thank Ivon for the Q & A yesterday, it was very, very interesting.

    – who is falling asleep at the computer…not a good sign!

  77. @Trish I am so sorry for your loss. My ‘puppy’ is now 8 years old and getting white hairs like an old man. I can’t imagine the day I have to let him go.

  78. Neil deGrasse Tyson. Is he the one who ‘stole’ McKay’s idea in the past? Now I have to re-watch Trio to remember for sure.

    If so, it’ll make Brain Storm more interesting for sure.

  79. @ Anne – Sorry Anne. I won’t be signing your petition. While I’m sure it’s done with the best intentions, I’m also sure Joe Flanigan has his reasons for not doing extra media. And I have to respect that.

    @ Jessica – Don’t get too wrapped up (more) in the whole “ship” thing. Romance and SciFi don’t mix. The world of Stargate should continue to do what it has always done. Hint and never confirm.

  80. @ Trish – I’m very, very sorry to hear of your loss. Your family is in my thoughts.

  81. Sorry for the third entry.

    to Anne Teldy: How did you get JoeF’s email?

    To Cheeky Peggy: Wow, I never thought of the guilt part. I just saw it as a form of flattering and never thought that he’d see it any other way until I read your comment. Now, I feel guilty! I need to think more before I do things. I am sure he will (if he even receives it) take it with a sense of humor. After all, he did call his fans passionate.

    To Montrealer: Carter became a full Colonel just before taking over Atlantis at the beginning of season 4.

    Where does everyone one get the happy faces?

  82. Rebecca H: Bite your tongue. Not having Atlantis weekly would be a killer.

    We should start a petition for Season 6. Didn’t I see some people do that for season 5?

    I know there is that word petition again and another comment. Sorry people, I am at work and just want the work day to end. 50 more minutes!

  83. Mr. M are you telling us that 2008-2009 will be the final season of SGA?
    Also if it is would your “Project” actually be the first DVD movie of SGA?
    thanks for your response to these questions.

  84. I’m back! Man, yesterday was horrible. It’s amazing how self-aware you get when you don’t have TV or Internet to distract you. I was seriously, seriously cracking up. I needs my windows to the outsider world!

    Rachel, that Todd plushy is cute! However, I’d’ve given him a sarcastic smirk instead of a smile. 😉

    And Joe…ok, wait…let me sit down. I’ve heard about Bill Nye guesting (and let out a manly squee), and then I heard about deGrasse Tyson (more manly squeeing), but…DAVE FOLEY?! Kids in the Hall, Newsradio Dave Foley?! That is…holy crap, he is AWESOME!! I…what…how…my God!! Dave f**king Foley maaan!! YES!

    I know Bill Nye and deGrasse Tyson are cameoing, but can I hope that Dave Foley is playing McKay’s rival? That would be sooooo sweet, because he’s got the snarky bastard character personal down pat! It’ll be perfect! PERFECT!

    Finally…Continuum. It was brilliant. However, unlike many others, I’d say I enjoyed it just as much as Ark of Truth (instead of more so), but for different reasons. Ark of Truth was more epic, there was more plot and action, and for the most part it had more humor. Also, and it pains me to say this…I liked Ark of Truth’s music better. I don’t know how Martin Wood directed Continuum with respect to music, but I do know that Rob Cooper worked very closely with Joel, and even directed scenes just so the music has a chance to express itself with no dialogue or extra noise. The result was a grand, sweeping, varied, and epic score that I loved to no end. With Continuum, it felt more like the stuff in the TV shows, where the music is crammed into any place that it can without it being kicked to the background by dialogue and stuff like that. There are very few music moments that I can pick out in this movie that I loved (though the Arctic theme was very nice), unlike Ark of Truth, which I can count a few right off the bat. That is not to say the music was bad. On no no no; it just wasn’t as good as Ark of Truth.

    Ok, that was a tangent. Anyway, I loved Continuum for the character scenes. Brad’s right, this kind of stuff is virtually non-existent in the series, where we get to dwell on the characters themselves with no forward plot movement. I loved that a lot.

    I’m gonna write up one of my patented big reviews soon.

  85. Trish, your comment popped up when I submitted mine. I’m so sorry for you and your family’s loss. Again, I have no experience with pets so I can’t really relate or imagine how painful it must be, but hopefully the memories of the happier times will mend the emotional wounds of the present.

  86. Anne – I won’t be signing your petition. Though I understand what you’re trying to say here, I don’t think guilting people into doing things is correct – bribing them is pefectly acceptable, of course, so just buy the man a bottle of scotch 😉

    Seriousy, JF doesn’t want to do the dvd profile for whatever reason he has. As a fan of his, I feel I should respect that – despite the fact that I’d love some sort of Sheppard profile. Anyway, I don’t see why Joe F. is necessary to that.

    None of us know the reasons behind JF’s decision and to try and persuade him, which I doubt would work anyway, just doesn’t seem appropriate somehow. Sorry.

    Hmmm, I have to say, I’m just not sure about the Keller/McKay romantic thing I’ve been hearing about. Do I want to see McKay holding Keller’s hand reassuring her? Not unless I have a bucket handy, to be honest 😉 What? It just sounds cheesy, and if I want romance I’ll tune in to another sort of show, and as I don’t want romance, um, well, I won’t be tuning in to any of those sorts of shows! Jeez, it’s bad enough being married! 😆

    I ask the next few questions not to complain, but out of a genuine desire to try and understand the thoughts behind the direction the writers have decided to go in, and because I do tend to ramble on occasion.

    Why are you going this way, I wonder? What has inspired you all to write a Keller/McKay romance? I have to say, I don’t dislike Keller, yet I find myself not loving her. I think my view is pretty moderate compared to a substantial part of the fandom, who appear to totally despise Keller – I have no idea what the viewing public feel about her, obviously. I don’t feel that way personally, as I don’t dislike any SGA characters, not even Weir, who was most likely my least favourite over the years. But as yet, I just can’t see the appeal of Keller as a replacement for Beckett. I wish I did. She just doesn’t quite cut it as CMO, and I say that as someone who wasn’t Beckett’s greatest fan. I liked him as CMO, but otherwise he annoyed me on occasion. 😳

    So, I find myself sitting here sort of thinking that I just don’t understand what’s going on. Maybe I’m out of touch with what the majority wants? Maybe I just am not a romantic type of gal? Maybe the majority of the fandom doesn’t want this, but the writers think it’s a good direction to go in? Maybe this story arc won’t feature that prominently so I won’t need to spork my eyes out?? 😉 I don’t know, but somehow this storyline has me concerned, and usually I’m pretty trusting….except when it comes to a lack of spoilers about Sheppard….then I start to panic and become a tad paranoid… 😳

    And hey, why DOES McKay get two centric episodes this season, huh? 😉

    Ok, so obviously you don’t owe me any answers here, thus I won’t expect any, and I’ll just continue to ponder away to myself with my glass of bubbly and look forward to The Daedalus Variations while wondering about the universe, and SGA storylines….

  87. You mentioned the Season (series) finale being written. Would it matter much if I put my 2 cents in that it shouldn’t be a cliff hanger? I always loved the days in SG-1 when you always wrapped up the season, not knowing if you’d be picked up for another season. I can understand the reasoning behing it, but cliff hangers get to be… trying, especially if you have to wait 6 months for a conclution. Similar to how the mid season is always a 2 parter. It feels like you don’t trust fans to tune in unless the team is on the verge of death. I, personally, found it more exciting not knowing what would happen in the new season, instead of waiting for part 2 of last season’s finale to wrap up.

    Sorry to rant, You guys obviously know how to do your jobs. Just figured I’d throw the opinion out there. Not sure if it’s the minor or majority, just something different.

  88. Hi Joe…you asked for premonitions. Well, I dug out the old trusty crystal ball, dusted it off, and I see Atlantis picked up for a 6th season, heh heh. While I’m sure that’s good news, I also saw (through the mist) MGM execs pressing for some final outline and estimated production schedule on something called SGU, as well as thoughts on another movie…

    I’m not sure, but it seems they don’t think you have enough to do, what with meeting all your deadlines and such… 🙂

    Have a great day!

  89. heya joe. Have a question for ya, well not me really, but the nice lady sitting next to me. I’ll let her ask you.

    In the seed, when Carson said “I’m scheduled to leave this afternoon.” To what was he refering, returning to earth or returning to stasis, and will he be comming back in the near future?

    So, there ya go, nice lady next to me has asked her question. Hope you answering it for her sake, becuase I am pretty sure she’s an ex-assasin. And old habits die hard….

  90. Hi, Joe.

    IGN had very nice comments about The Daedalus Variations:

    “The Daedalus Variations” (SCI FI, 10:00-11pm)

    “You have to admire a show that is willing to title an episode “The Daedalus Variations.” That’s saying “We’re sci-fi, deal with it.” That’s one of the great things about Stargate Atlantis, it’s the only space opera on the air right now. It has aliens and spaceships and – well – stargates… It’s a quality show with great effects and a fun cast – including the recently added regulars of Robert Picardo and Jewel Staite. If you have a hankering for some straightforward sci-fi action adventure, this is appointment TV. ”




  91. Three teenage boys plus two TVs and one computer: equals: I got no TV or internet until they went home. It was awful! For five days I went through technology withdrawal while intergalactic battles were being waged in the family room and Facebook went on nonstop in the den. Hamburgers, hot dogs, and PopTarts were consumed by the ton.

    I finally shipped them back to their parents, and I’m trying mightily to catch up with the postings and comments! I missed so much (including sleep)!

    I called Canada today! The whole time I was talking very seriously to the guy from Canada Border Services (my no-longer-Missing-Person was being politely refused entry to Canada), I was thinking, he sounds like all those people on Stargate!

    Tonight it’s the usual Friday night: Atlantis, wine, and the sofa. TGIF!

  92. Dear, dear Trish…

    So very sorry to hear of your loss. My heart truly goes out to you and your family. It’s so hard to say good-bye to our furry companions…they give us so much, and really ask for so little in return. My thoughts are with you…{{{{hugs}}}}


  93. anneteldy said:

    I’ve started an online petition in the form of a letter to Mr. Flanigan to see if we can get him to change his mind about a Special Features Profile. You can sign it here.

    I am also not going to sign. As most of you know I am a Joe Flanigan fan. Sure it would be nice to see an interview or something in the Special Features with him or something on his character. However I fully respect his decision and will enjoy the dvds with whatever involvement he has.

    I also think it is better to add a link to your own site on the petition if you have one or no link at all if you don’t. By adding a link on the petition to Joe’s blog you give the impression that he’s endorsing the petition. Did you ask him?

    Cheers, Chev

  94. @ Trish – I am so sorry to hear about Sebastian. It’s good you got to say goodbye and look after him right up to the end. Oh dear, here come the waterworks.

    Hugs to you and your family.

  95. Finally, thanks to Ivon and Rob for their guest blogs. They were incredibly entertaining.

    Chevron7 writes: “Thanks Joe for inviting Ivon – I’ve kinda got a crush on him :-D.

    IB:Yeah, Joe… thanks. Wow, I have a secret crush…

    Hmmm….I guess it’s not so secret now! That’s OK.

    Is there an award for best Special Features? I watch a lot of box set Special Features and without a doubt, not even a contest, Stargate SG1 & Atlantis would win hands down.

    IB: I have no idea, but that is really nice of you to say. I’ll take that as my award. (Please send trophy)

    I’ll think of something. Don’t trust the mail at the moment.

    However I did some research and found the following site DVD association awards. The 2008 winners were Prison Break Season 1 Blu Ray. Box set details and Sopranos Season 6 Pt 2 – DVD review.

    I guess they didn’t even look at Atlantis.

    How’s the hockey going?

    IB: Great, thanks. Just finishing up my summer league, and looking forward to the start of the long winter season. Man, I love hockey. Go Leafs! (My life will be complete when they win the cup)

    Best wishes for the coming season for your team and the Leafs. Maybe they’ll turn it around. Hey I’m a 49er fan and I’m still hoping we’ll turn the corner :-).

    Cheers, Chev

  96. @ ltcoljsheppard – Yeah, sorry about that ‘blogisode’…just a moment’s madness. 😳 But if anyone would hoard humans, it would be Todd – either to ward off the sort of loneliness he felt in prison, or to ensure he never goes hungry again.

    Hey – about me being a Wraith in your dream – ’tis okay, as long as I was one of the ones with the purty long hair, and not the Jean-Luc Picard variety. 😉

    @ Joe – I’m discussing Keller’s character on a comic book forum with some other SGA fans. Interestingly, the guys really love her. Imagine that. 😉 Hopefully some will visit here and share their thoughts.

    Question: with some suggestion that an alternative food source will be found this season for the Wraith, does that mean that – if they choose it – they will lose the ability to feed? I really hope not – I think they are much more interesting as a life-sucking threat, even if they choose to suppress that urge in favor of an alternative. Ya know – just for the record.

    I mean, take Todd for instance. Todd hanging out with the crew, enjoying pizza and beer – is cool. But Todd doing all of that, aaaannnddd leering across the room at Teyla, flexing his feeding hand as he imagines how tasty she’d be…is even better. 😉


  97. @ Trish – I too am so sorry to hear about Sebastian. I only had my kittend for 8 months and I can’t imagine life without them, so feel for your lost! Bless you!

    Patricia Lee

  98. Dave Foley? Kids-in-the-Hall Dave Foley? On SGA? Am *I* dreaming? Well, I have both my socks on, but I still doubt that I’m awake. That’s the best news I’ve heard all day, and today a co-worker told me that I was awesome.

    Dave Foley on SGA = better than me being awesome.

    (Dovil, you are really going to regret not watching the Kids in the Hall with me back when you had the chance. *tiny fist of righteousness*)

  99. Hey Joe,

    So I assume Weir is FRAN, huh? SCI FI already let us know, lol. I did not read too many spoilers this season, and I was spoiled from the promo. Is there anything that can be done about these spoilerish promos?

    Also, as per the Ratings, if they are up from last season, that could offset any increased production costs, right? I remember you said SGA has not gotten to that point like SG–1 was for their later couple of seasons. Anyway, hate to see the show end when it has gotten better with each season.



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