Toute la gang
Toute la gang
Jelly,Maximus, Bubba, and Lulu
Jelly,Maximus, Bubba, and Lulu

Fun time’s over. It’s back to work for me tomorrow. And, by the looks of the prep schedule, it’s going to be a long day:

0900: Concept Meeting for Ep. #515 “Remnants”

1030: Prosthetics Meeting for Ep. #515, “Remnants”

1100: Art Department Meeting for Ep. #515, “Remnants”

1145: Props Meeting for Ep. #515, “Remnants”

1330: Costumes Meeting for Ep. #515, “Remnants”

1430: Casting Session for Ep. #515, “Remnants”

The VFX/Playback, Sunts/SPFX, and Extras Meetings are mercifully scheduled for Tuesday. Once they’re done, I’ll have the rest of the week and weekend to address the studio/network notes and any input from the other producers, the department heads, and the actors. After that, I’ll hand things off to multi-talented director Will Waring and it’ll be smoooooooooth sailing…up until I start on Project Twilight. Whew! In retrospect, it’s a good thing I’m not going to Comic Con. All that fun – walking the floor, meeting various SF writers, checking out the booths, tracking down that Randy Bowen Juggernaut statue I‘ve been looking for, having dinner with my friends April and Monique, talking to the fans – would have just distracted me from my work.

Hey, Baron Destructo received an email the other day from Mrs. Estella Edwin and her son Joel who are looking to invest $12.8 million dollars. Says Estella:

I will like to invest part of the money into these three investment in your Country but, if there is any other business that is better than what I am suggestion, I will be very glad to follow your advice.
Real estate
transport industry

Any other business that is better than real estate, transport industry, and school? Hell, yeah.! Baron Destructo wrote back:

“Dearest human scum and son,

Judging from your suggested speculative ventures, it is safe to assume that you are either incredibly ill-informed on recent global developments or you possess the financial acumen of dry kindling. Whichever the case (and judging from your email, I suspect it is the latter) fear not! We at The League of Aliens and Mutants for Evil are perfectly positioned to help meet the needs of clients such as yourselves. Clients who may not necessarily know the difference between equity and bond funds. Clients who do not necessarily have the know-how to invest in an increasingly volatile market. Clients who possess the grammatical skills of a trained pirate monkey (note: one trained for pillaging over correspondence). All we require of you is your good faith, your willingness to dream, and your 12.8 million dollars.

I would like to get started by informing you of a few of the exclusive investment opportunities open to you through our partnership. Please review and then get back to me once you’ve decided which of the following you‘d like to go with:

1) Sea of Tranquility Condominium Timeshares: Here is your chance to co-own a deluxe moon condo complete with central heating, 24 hour concierge service, and state-of-the-art force shield/artificial gravity/life-support generator guaranteed for 10 full years or until your death, whichever comes first (they usually happen at about the same time). A great place to get away from it all, particularly if by “it all” you mean Earth justice. I would be remiss if I failed to mention that the much sought-after west wing units offer an unobstructed view into whathisname’s Fortress of Bitter Loneliness. A once in a lifetime opportunity. Contact agent: Glaxnor the Miscreant

2) JingJang Juice: Deep in the heart of Edmonton’s famed rain forest basin grows the exotic JingJang berry, considered by many who desperately want to believe it to be one of the greatest superfoods in the history of the known universe. Chock full of xanthones, polysaccharides, and trace ammonia, its undocumented health benefits include increased energy, mental alertness, improved hand-eye coordination, intermittent flying ability, regeneration of lost limbs, stress reduction, bowel regularity, enhanced rapping skills, less stuttering, more stamina, an aptitude for foreign karaoke, better quality sleep, sporadic invisibility, sporadic cancer remission, sporadic communion with the restless spirits of The Little Rascals, increased strength, impervious cuticles, shinier eyeballs, firmer gripping, random telepathy, faster drying hair, denser eyelids, fluenter German, brighter foot soles, improved mood, more dynamic scissor kicks, increased fluidity, better sense of humor, more discernible murmuring, improved ability to recognize actors from old t.v. shows, smoother earlobes, slimmer ankles, frothier espressos, blacker blacks, whiter whites, greener blues, firmer quads, sharper hearing, stretchier ligaments, and limited telekinesis. With a little time and a lot of money, you too can join the winning JingJang Juice team. A once in a lifetime opportunity (provided you didn’t go with the moon condos). Contact agent: Glaxnor the Miscreant.

3) Co-own a Professional Sports Franchise: Plans are underway to relocate the Milwaukee Brewers from Miller Park to the new League of Aliens and Mutants for Evil and Microsoft and Taco Bell Inter-Galactic CosmoDome on Mars. Here is your chance to get in on the ground floor (a.k.a. the bottom) by investing in a storied sports franchise. Purchase your piece of the dream and then can cast your ballot on the new team name, choosing from among the following: The Mars Death Stars, The Red Giants, The Great Galactic Ghouls, The Martian Marvins, The Rust Craters, The Mysterions, The Rainbow Warriors. This is an opportunity that comes around once, maybe twice, on rare occasions three even four times…okay, at most five times in a lifetime, so don’t hold your breath waiting for the L.A. Clippers rumored move to Uranus. Act now!

4) Sponsor Princess Arcana’s son Rudy in his Bike-athon for a chance to win nifty door prizes. Contact: Princess Arcana, Glaxnor the Miscreant, or St. Banacek’s School for Wayward Mutants.

5) L.A.M.E. Productions: This is a once in a lifetime opportunity (assuming you didn’t purchase a moon condo or get involved in the JingJang Juice venture) to be a part of show business history. League of Aliens and Mutants for Evil Productions is presently seeking capital for its first feature-length motion picture, Lament of the Sad Clown, from a screenplay by Glaxnor the Miscreant based on his novel of the same name. Your investment gets you double desserts from the catering truck, an invitation to the wrap party, and half price tickets to the premiere. Invest before month’s end and you will also receive a producer credit of your choice (Take your pick. They are all pretty much interchangeable.), putting you in the exclusive company of only twenty-two other producers on this project.

Please review and get back to me your earliest convenience.

Contemptuously yours,

Executive Producer Baron Destructo

Cc: Executive Producer Calamitous Jane, Executive Producer Glaxnor the Miscreant, Co-Executive Producer Sinderella Washington, Co-Executive Producer Xxxaptak’qul, Co-Executive Producer Dr. Catastro, Supervising Producer Dr. Disastro, Supervising Producer Dr. Quinn Meddlesome Woman, Producer Ray Mephistopheles, Producer Archfiend Animus, Producer Brutus Badly, Producers the Plague Zombies, Co-Producer Vorzik the Planet Squisher, Co-Producer the Malevolater, Co-Producer Count Sinister, Co-Producer Kugal Baruth, Associate Producer Death Knell, Associate Producer Star Father Celestio, Associate Producer Shatterdam, Assisstant Producer Princess Arcana, Adherent Producer the Mystifier, Satellite Producer the Procrastinator, Votary Producer the Soul Emancipator, Consulting Producer Quickstrike, Immaterial Producer Professor Frosty, Negligible Producer Flamer the Flaming Man, Inconsequential Producer the Pummeler, Inutile Producer the Purple Lamprey, and Line Producer John Tesh.”


I’ll be posting my review of Jennifer Pelland’s Unwelcome Bodies tomorrow and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this very interesting anthology. Remember, the author will be joining us later in the week so start putting together those questions.

And speaking of putting together questions, illustrator/artist/designer/expert garotter John Picacio will be by next weekend to chat with us and field your queries about his work. Check him out here (

Today’s pics: The dogs enjoy their last day of fun in the sun for a while.

68 thoughts on “July 13, 2008: Baron Destructo’s Investment Advice

  1. Dear Mr. Picacio ~

    1) What is your meduim of choice? Judging by the vibrancy of the colours, I would guess acrylic. What brand of paint and types of brushes do you use, and do you have any special tips for working with them?

    2) I’ve noted that may covers don’t really resemble the characters/places/events at all; it’s been explained to me that this is because the authors rarely are allowed to be involved with the cover-making process, and that the artist is typically only given a paragraph description of the characters and scene wanted by the publisher. Is this typical or atypical of your experiences?

    3) What was the easiest cover you’ve ever done? The hardest? The most frustrating? The most fullfilling?

    4) What advice (and warnings) would you give an artist who wants to get into doing covers?

    5) How did you get your own break in the industry?

  2. I’ll invest 50 bucks in that JingJang thing right now. I think that “better sense of humor” is exactly what the fandom needs. Oh, and brighter foot soles, for obvious reasons.

    Thanks Joe; that had me in stiches! 😀 In fact, it’s even funnier if you read it out loud in a villanous voice.

    So when’s Cookie Monster coming back? 😉

    Meanwhile, do you mind posting the line in the spoiler poem that refers to Search and Rescue? I think we all know what it is, but just for official’s sake. Thanks!

  3. Thank you for both the pictures of the “gang”, and for finally giving Baron Destructo some time on your site. Both have been sorely missed for some time now. I’m not sure of my internet connections for the next few days, but at worst I’ll look up an internet cafe to get my comments and questions posted in reference to the BotM, as well as Mr. Picacio’s appearance. I’m looking forward to both guest bloggers.
    So now that the hiatus is over, do the actors go in front of the cameras tomorrow, or later in the week? I’m doing my best to ignore the mentions of Project Twilight, as I’m getting to that age where I try to pay attention to my blood pressure. Looking forward to the posts over the next couple of weeks, and thank you for your dedication in keeping us informed on things Atlantis and Lulu.

  4. Oh, dear god. I’ve just realised that – in my head – the Baron speaks like Lrrr, the alien leader of Omicron Persei 8 in Futurama. I sincerely hope he doesn’t look like that – that’d be some skin condition!

  5. No offense to the rest of your pups, Joe, but Maximus is the one who tugs my hearstrings the most — he always looks so woeful, his eyes (and ears) as expressive as Flanigan’s! He should have a part in an ep — maybe bring harmony back and have him as her dog! Thanks for sharing the pics. 🙂 Baron Destricto is a hoot, as always. *G* Good luck with your remnants tomorrow!

  6. Hi Joe,

    More piccies of you doggies! They are so cute!
    Wow! It sounds like your day is gonna be flatchat all day!

    Take care & happiness always!


  7. PS: Thank you for wearing clothes in your backyard. There is a perfect reflection of you in those adorable eyes of Maximus’.

    At least I’m assuming you were wearing clothes, or you have one of those t-shirt tans so many Australian’s are infamous for.

  8. Hey Joe!

    Aww, love the dogs, and glad to see they’re all well after your vacation! I’m sure they really missed you. 🙂

    “League of Aliens and Mutants for Evil and Microsoft and Taco Bell Inter-Galactic CosmoDome”, now that just absolutely cracked me up! Personally, I’m not happy that the Toronto Skydome got changed to the ‘Roger’s Centre’. Shows you what commercialization can do…even with the League of Aliens and Mutants for Evil. 😛

    Thanks as always, and have fun tomorrow!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  9. Hello Joe,
    Why does it appear that Torri is coming back in Season 5. The comments made by Martin Gero on the Season 4 DVD Commentaries on Be All My Sins Remember’d and the Season 5 promo shot with Weir running with Sheppard in it seem to imply that Torri is back for an episode or two this year. Will you confirm, deny, ignore or chose the road of more disinformation and misdirection?

  10. Thanks for the pics of the pugs! I was up in Canada today for about 20 minutes just long enough for me to realize I’d left all my money back in the states and therefore had to turn around and come home *sigh*

    So, quick question- Do you know if Season 5 will be released on iTunes or not? It is already up on Amazon Unbox, but it has yet to show up over on iTunes, and I’m crossing my fingers that its just because of the giant multifaceted launch on Friday.

  11. Joe, as much as your life is interesting with having book clubs, enjoying fine dining, and playing with your dogs, I hope you realize 99% of the people come on here to here about Stargate Atlantis. Why 2 days without a mail bag update?

  12. Question for John Picacio
    How do you put yourself into a “frame of reference” to design book art?

    How many versions?
    Do you present a number to the client for choice?
    Do you “choose/recommend” based on the book?
    How long do they give you to present a design?
    Which begs the question, how long would you prefer?

    I might have more questions later. Had to get his on paper before I forget as I get sucked into R/L.

    By the way, yes, great reflection in Maximus’ eyes. Your bow wows are precious; everyone of them.

    And, yeah, there seems to be a description of a feeding or two; yours – missing.


  13. The puppies are adorable!!, At least it looks warm in the sunshine. That last one of Lulu is real stern looking, but they all look like they can share a toy. Sorry vacation/playtime is over, you didn’t tell the dogs yet did you?, break it to them gently.. maybe you can find time to have lunch during that rigid schedule tomorrow, stash some chocolate just in case of emergency,(u r probably way ahead of me on that thought).
    Hey I can probably figure a way to do item number 4 on the list,(investment opps), if its for a good cause….good one!! Have a grand day! 😉

  14. I’m writing out a cheque for the Jingjang juice so I can finally have those shiny, shiny eyeballs that I’ve always longed for.

    Why 2 days without a mail bag update?

    I’ve also noticed this and I think you need to come into my office. Please, have a seat. The companies noticed that you haven’t been meeting certain targets in the form of mailbags, and as you receive a salary for meeting these quotas we have no choice but to inform you that you will not be receiving the Annual Christmas Turkey this year as part of your bonus.

    We’ve also noticed that you’ve been blogging about holidays, meals, and friends and family, all things considered part of “having a life”, again things not stipulated in our contract with you. Because of this you’ll also not be receiving the Annual Hanukah Suckling Pig, though frankly after the number of complaints to HR this may be off the menu at any event.

    There has also been inconsistencies with the timing of posts, leaving fans unable to leave their computers, hitting refresh and developing carpal tunnel syndrome and debilitating vitamin D deficiencies, opening up the possibility of lawsuits. As a result you will also not be receiving the staff bonus Annual Arbor Day Pinecone, a gutting loss to you I’m sure, but as an employee you must realise that if you don’t meet contractrual obligations, then sorry, no pinecones.

    Oh. Oh sorry, you don’t actually get paid for this? There’s no contract?

    Damn it!

  15. Oh, and just as a service announcement to everyone, if you’re idiotic like me and have used your real email address at some point when leaving a comment on wordpress, you will end up getting offers emailed to you in order to buy discounted Canadian mediciation. But do they ever deliver? Geesh!

    I must go now and finish off my letter of resignation because apparently I can earn up to $15,000 working from home – thanks wordpress, you and the spambots that hit you are the best!

  16. Joseph-
    In the past few months that I have been reading your blog, I have come to appreciate your love of reading. I read a lot of fiction, too. But we differ in 2 ways. You like to talk about what you read, and I like the more solitary nature of reading and the thinking and enjoying and remembering of it afterward. Also, you reach out to some of the authors of your favorite books. I understand much of why you do that, but I wonder if it has ever backfired on you? Like watching a movie made from a favorite book, sometimes the 2 things don’t go together. Have you ever connected with a writer and had them darken the experience you had reading their book? or wondered how you could have enjoyed the book, when the author is such a “—–“.

  17. Question for Joe,
    My apologies if already answered, but I dunno the answer.

    Do you drink coffee or tea or both?
    Sorry for asking personal questions.

  18. DAVE says : Joe, as much as your life is interesting with having book clubs, enjoying fine dining, and playing with your dogs, I hope you realize 99% of the people come on here to here about Stargate Atlantis.

    Speak for yourself dude!

    Why 2 days without a mail bag update?

    Because its Joe’s blog and he can!

    I say: Great puppy pics, and get me some of that jinjang juice quick! intermittent telepathy would be really handy as would bowel regularity and the ability to fly 🙂
    Now wheel out Cookie Monster and lets get this party started.

  19. ooo you must spill some info on the costume dep for us… I love the costumes in SG…awesome designs…

    I am catching up on my SG1 so I am up to date when I get Continuum at the end of the month and I still crack-up at your name being on the Book O’Neill reads in ‘Window of Opportunity’


  20. The Brilliant Dovil writes:

    There has also been inconsistencies with the timing of posts, leaving fans unable to leave their computers, hitting refresh and developing carpal tunnel syndrome and debilitating vitamin D deficiencies, opening up the possibility of lawsuits.

    Yes! I can attest to this! Due to my self-imposed obligation of maintaining constant vigilance over this blog, I have lost all feelings in my fingers, other than pain. As a result, I can no longer type properly, as you can plainly see. I demand justice. Or, failing that, a new hand. Preferably the fist of an angry God.

  21. Gosh, i’m not really a dog fan, but your ones just change most of what I usually might think of dogs in general, but oh well, everyone has their own views.

    I really wish there was more literary support in Australia, that is, more solely owned bookstores that actually have a good selection. Funny thing is, down here in Aus, a whole bunch of those home-makeover shows hardly ever renovate a room with plenty of properly filled bookshelves, or if it’s a DIY, hardly make a proper bookshelf as is. I just suppose some people don’t appreciate the finer things in life (I’ve also had a seemingly fruitless search for specialised chocolatiers that don’t overprice, but looks like i’ll have to search harder.)

    Joe, a few questions for Continuum:
    1] Will Brad Wright and/or Martin Wood drop in for questions on Continuum after the UK release date(UK’ers seem to be getting it last according to Wikipedia) or will it be seemingly near the Aussie release date for Continuum?
    2] Has the cover art be officialised yet? (That is, the Gate/Space or the Gate/Ice)
    3] Who will actually be doing the Commentary for Continuum?

    Narelle, I’m a victim of the T-Shirt tan, and somewhat blaming my school shirt for it, did you forget to mention the shorts tan we are infamous for too?

  22. Ish writes:

    Hello Joe,
    Why does it appear that Torri is coming back in Season 5. The comments made by Martin Gero on the Season 4 DVD Commentaries on Be All My Sins Remember’d and the Season 5 promo shot with Weir running with Sheppard in it seem to imply that Torri is back for an episode or two this year. Will you confirm, deny, ignore or chose the road of more disinformation and misdirection?

    Far be it for me to reply when Joe probably has a swift verbal slap to the face for your demeaning inclusion of the word “more” at the end of your comment (or, maybe I will receive said slap due to my assumption of Joe’s actions right here), but all current sources says that Torri will not be in Season 5. This has been mentioned by Joe many times both here and in the millions of copies of the same teleconference interview of Joe and Robert Picardo that’s now plastered across the internet, deemed exclusive by many many sites trying to trick us, the gullible users, to visit their site even though we’ve all read the same “you know”-filled interview a million times beforehand. If you look closely, you’ll see that the Weir footage in the SciFi promo is from “The Long Goodbye” and “This Mortal Coil”. Torri’s not in Season 5. Period.

    …Unless Joe says otherwise, of course. Heh.

    Oh, and this wouldn’t be Ishpreet Mangat, my long lost friend from New Westminster Secondary, would it? It’s a long shot, but weirder things have happened, and things will be mighty awkward if you say yes…

  23. I like the sound of the JingJang juice – shinier eyeballs and faster drying hair – cool! Unless of course all of your hair falls out, then not so much.

    I listened to the audio comm. for This Mortal Coil and I have to say i was shocked at your comment about Shep’s wristband. Don’t you know that Sheppard looks 12.5% cooler with the black wristband? I think it was an inspired choice and suits the character to a T. Who knows, there could actually be a story behind it. Sheppard could have a perspiration problem or perhaps he’s hiding a scar or embarrassing tattoo, or maybe it’s just plain cool as I said earlier. I also like the fact that he wears his black BDU instead of the “kinda dorky” grey Atlantis uniform. The guy knows his stuff.

    So that’s my 5 cents worth. Looking forward to more interesting stories on the DVDs.

    Cheers, Chev

  24. Not sure what I ate last night that could have done it, but just moments before waking up this morning, I had a dream ‘burst’ about the 100th episode – it was only about 30 seconds long. I just rolled out of bed to share…

    In my dream, the Wraith invade earth…and become showgirls in Las Vegas. 😕

    Yeah. I really need to find a new obsession.

    On another note, Lulu has totally convinced me she’s a pirate. Not sure why, but I just expect her to be walking around with an eyepatch and a parrot on her shoulder, snarling ‘ARRRRR!’ in the other puppies’ faces.

    Joe – I really appreciate your puppies and food and even the book stuff (though I might not read it all 😉 )…and the chocolate, never forget the chocolate.

    Sure, I come here for SGA info, but I’ve been a bit depressed the last few days, knowing that it’s really not healthy for me to be hooked on characters who are always going to die (especially with my sensitivity to death). There are past episodes, like PtW, The Siege, Instinct, Michael, and several others, I find too depressing to watch again. I wish I didn’t feel this sympathetic towards the ‘bad guys’, but I do, and if Sateda‘s Superwraith couldn’t make me hate them, nothing will. I try to mentally accept the fact that they’re going to die, but with each Wraithy episode, I just get more intrigued and more attached, holding out hope that things will be different this time. Yeah, stupid of me. Even more stupid of me to care about what happens to fictional space aliens in a tv show.

    So, when I come here and see those adorable little smushy faces looking back at me, it gives me a smile, and a much-needed break from SGA angst. Thanks for making this blog NOT just about the show, but about the other things in your life that you love, and want to share with a bunch’a whiny, and oft times unreasonably cranky, strangers.


  25. Wow, step aside gogi berries and green tea, I think we have a new super food/drink. The “improved ability to recognise actors from old t.v. shows” and “greener blues” definitely sold the JingJang Juice for me. And it’s also alliteration at it’s best. Good one Joe.

  26. For years I haven’t been able to travel abroad and now my prayers have been answered. Finally, the secret to improving my foreign karoke skills while at the same time keeping me regular. Phew!

    Rainbow Warriors? That used to be the nickname for Jeff Gordon’s pit crew, way back when he was a youngin and Ray Evernham was his pit crew chief. (In case you don’t know, Jeff Gordon is a four-time NASCAR champion and a talented race car driver in general). Aren’t you glad I shared that?

    Great pictures of the dogs. What kind of camera do you have?

  27. First time commenting, but I’ve been reading your blog for a while.

    Do you think SGA viewers would get more out of an episode going into it without any information at all (no spoilers, behind the scenes info, etc), or do you think the viewing experience is better when you already have an idea of the general strokes of an episode?

  28. Nice pics of the dogs 🙂

    Loved Search and Rescue. I also thought it was the best premiere to date (and I do love all the past seasons premieres).

    I don’t usually go to Gateworld, but I went there today to see if there was any info about the ratings. It seems they haven’t been released yet, but I found a thread that says Sci Fi’s promotion was pretty much non existant, not unlike the SG-1 s10 premiere when they didn’t care to promote it because they had already canceled the show.
    It also seems that GW usually gets a nice traffic peak around the season premiere, proportional to the ratings, and this time it was almost negligible (according to that forum).


    Any news about the 5×01 ratings? I guess you can’t say the number until it’s made public. But can you at least say if it was bad, good or anything in between?

  29. Narelle from Aus said:

    Dave – Let’s test your statistical assumption.

    Hands up who’s here not just for Stargate? **raises hand**

    **raises hand too**

    67% of people answer 34% of the polls occurring on 18% of websites


    Cheers, Chev

  30. Baron! How lovely to hear from you again! Glad to know you still have the charm of a rattlesnake, and the brains of your last victim!

    I’d like to place an order for some of that JingJang Juice — does it come in a giant ecomony size?


  31. Joe-
    As someone who can only see the new episodes as they become avaliable on iTunes…any idea why Search and Rescue still hasn’t become avaliable?!?! I’m going crazy over here!!! =[

  32. Sorry I have been remiss about rambling here …

    Loved Search and Rescue, then hubby got home and I found it was even better on the second viewing. Bravo! Well done!

    Do they have roller derby in Vancouver? Have you ever been? My friends took us out Saturday night … not to an official arena, no, it was trackside, on blankets on the concrete of the north end of the Olympic Ice Oval. The other side of the venue had ice down, so we were half-frozen. Exciting! Low budget fun and excitement! We were sitting on the straight side of the track, so we didn’t get a Derby Girl in the lap, although plenty of other folks did. Danger! Prizes! Rock and roll National Anthem! I am now a huge Salt City Shakers fan. Much better than professional sports, although some of the skaters are professional speed skaters in the off-season so they are good, very, very good.

    Narelle, here in the states that’s called a farmer’s tan or a trucker’s tan. My hubby has one, golden bronze arms and neck, lily-white chest.

    das… Wraith showgirls will now haunt my dreams. You’re contagious.

  33. Never mind. Perhaps commenting you was the key…for as soon as I sent my previous comment…wala…it appeared!!! =]

  34. Search and Rescue is my new favourite episode! It was fantastic, I loved every bit of 😀

    @ the first Lilly

    I am part of GW and I’d say traffic increased greatly, took me hours to catch up when I missed a day! Plus a lot of people had already seen the ep so that could be a reason why it was not up to the usual traffic of a season opener.

    Cazz x

  35. I’ve started watching Dog Whisperer, even though I don’t own a dog (anymore, yet), and I find it gives me a different perspective on your pups. So, do you own your space? Do you detect the animal behavior around you, and use your instincts to control them? Do you exude calming energy? Are you the pack leader? Do you have large, bright white teeth like Cesar? 🙂

    Great pics — who knew Vancouver could be so sunny!

  36. Great doggy pics! And aw, Maximus is soo adorable in that last pic!!

    – yep, short comment this time, but hopefully sweet!

  37. Coucou Joseph! Me revoila!!!!
    merci pour ces trés belle photo de vos chiens!
    Je repasserais demain, Bisou, je vous adore^^!

  38. maggiemayday wrote: “Wraith showgirls will now haunt my dreams.”

    Tellmeaboutit. The one face I could completely make out was the new Tyler Wraith (one of the backlot Stud Muffins of this-here blog fame), just prancing across my line of vision, all smiles and…feathers… :p

    “You’re contagious.”

    There is a cream for it. Takes care of the rash, and everything. 😉


  39. Where can I sign up for JingJang Juice? I’m really interested in the greener blues and the firmer quads.

    Btw, what do you mean the dogs’ last day in the sun for a while? Are you jailing them, or is this a commentary on Vancouver weather?

  40. Thanks for the pics of the pooches. As always, they are adorable. Are they going back to doggy day care tomorrow?

  41. Hi Joe!

    Really enjoyed S&R both times I’ve viewed it (so far).

    Coincidentally, I am listening to you and WW on the This Mortal Coil commentary while reading this blog – which included a very truthful comment by chevron7 about your commentary. JF does indeed look 12.5% cooler with the wristband. 🙂

    I’m most of the way through Cordelia’s Honor and look forward to the discussion next month.

    Take care!


  42. Maximus has such a sweet lil’ face. He looks more like a Lulu and Lulu looks more like a Maximus, or Maximusette.

    SPOILER question for Search and Rescue:

    When Teyla was asking Michael what his nefarious plans were for her after she gave birth he started to confess something personal to her before he was interrupted by that cabbage-headed Kanan.

    What was Michael going to tell Teyla? That he hoped she would stay with him and help raise his little Wraithlings? Michael seemed about to explain why Teyla is his favorite captive, but knowing Michael he could also have been apologizing in advance for planning her death.

    I know he’s a bloodthirsty villain but Michael and Teyla have such great chemistry that I can’t help shipping their characters (I know, I need help!) Sure he killed off her people, sicked a giant blood tick on her and ruined her third trimester but he still seems to think he’s got a chance with her.

    Will we ever find out what Michael was about to confess to Teyla before the gate gang thwarted his dastardly plans?

  43. If you buy SGA online like I do (can’t afford the fancy digital cable where they’ve stowed SciFi) then download from Amazon Unbox. They have the eps sooner than slowpoke Itunes. I don’t think they even work on weekends anymore over there at Itunes. Amazon Unbox had Search and Rescue ready to view by noon Saturday which was only 14 or so hours after airing, not bad compared with Itunes’ frustrating 48 to 4,000,000 hour lag time.

  44. I worship ye Baron Destructo and your awesome grasp of the concept: sarcasm.

    I would be laughing my ass off right now if it wasn’t imperative that I remain silent so that my sister can get to sleep. I think the raucous laughter may distract her a little.

    “…expert garotter John Picacio…” Remind me to hide myself and those I hold dear on that day; I treasure my life and theirs dearly.

  45. Riley – Baron Destructo is Professor Fate from the Great Race in my head. With more Imperial German medals and motifs on his uniform. I can see Professor Fate’s car making a nice addition to the garage of the Baron.

    Thornyrose – Don’t forget the Trucker’s version usually has one really tanned arm.
    Eugene from Aus – Don’t they give you detention these days if you are seen in the sun at school?
    It was sad to drive past my primary school the other day and see that the bat tennis courts and most of the outdoor sports area covered over with extremely boring and safe equipment.

    The days of cracking teeth on the icy metal balance beam in Winter, concussion from British Bulldogs, the blisters on your hands and behind your knees from the monkey bars, getting 6 foot of air as you projected yourself off the trapeze and getting a black eye from a tennis ball in the eye playing brandy are all gone. **sniff** So many good memories.

    I couldn’t Google for a moment today.
    It didn’t take very long to realise that clearing the cache would fix it.
    But there was a feeling of panic during that moment.
    No Google. Oh My.
    My initial reaction was it might be a virus.
    Which I went to Google.

  46. AV eddy said:

    Coincidentally, I am listening to you and WW on the This Mortal Coil commentary while reading this blog – which included a very truthful comment by chevron7 about your commentary. JF does indeed look 12.5% cooler with the wristband. 🙂

    I rest my case. Thanks AV. I loved that “Oh f**k” look on Joe F’s face when he was running away from the Replicator blasts. Added a touch of realism. Glad he made it through the ep. in one piece.

    Cheers, Chev

  47. Today was a horribly hectic and brain melting day…attempting to pack a house, find a dog sitter and prepare for a job interview five states away will do that. And then I read your blog today. I laughed so hard my daughter looked at me funny. Thanks for that!

  48. Great pics of the dogs!!! Jelly looks so quizzical.

    You may have answered this, what’s the difference between “written by” and “teleplay by?”

    I know you’ve answered about the “written by” and “story by” and I know that’s also been covered in the commentaries.

  49. Hi Joe,
    Gateworld posted that SGA premieres with a 1.3 rating. Now I know this may be a silly question, but where this does rating rate? I mean what would MGM, you and others consider a great rating, an OK rating, and a bad rating?


  50. Joe,

    Can you stand another travel question? It appears that my family and I will be coming to the Vancouver area at Christmas time this year. What location/attraction/festival/dog and pony show should we avoid at all costs?



  51. Hey Joe.

    I won’t be commenting for a couple of weeks most likely as I’m going on vacation…ironically I’m coming to BC! Hey, maybe you could say hi if I pass by the set 🙂

    Thanks Joe.

  52. Question: In S&R Teyla says her father’s name was Torren but in ‘Rising’ she says ” I am Teyla Emmagan, daughter of Turghan.” Continuity error?

  53. Dear Joe,

    I’ve decided to write in a letter format for this comment.

    This weekend I met David. I won’t say I properly met either Kate or Jewel because I didn’t. Rather, I saw them from afar…sort of like…sort of like they were on TV except with really good digital picture and sound.

    Anyway, David was suprisingly normal! And my brain finally did coordinate the difficulty of trying to rationalize what was normally on TV with the actuality of human contact. But, then again, my brain has to do that a lot with situations that are in real life.

    About your dog pictures:
    #8 (Lucy) could well be a Macro if I were witty enough for it.

    About your mail bag:
    I’m sure you’re happy to know that I have absolutely no emotional investment in having any of my questions answered. The fact that there’s a possibility that they were skimmed is good enough for me. Besides, this is a blog. What? I should expect something out of it? It’s not my blog. And to be really unnecessarily honest if this were my blog and it were my life I would have had camp set out in the bathroom ages ago for all that is eaten. Stomach of steel, I have not!


  54. Is it wrong for me to just wanna kiss Maximus full on his pouty li’l ‘walrus’ muzzle? Just too adorable! [and yes, I’m goofing off at work, again…]


  55. Greetings and Salutations!

    Just stopping by to look at adorable Pug pictures! Despite what some previous poster wrote, not all of us are here for Stargate Atlantis. Actually, I don’t care about Atlantis, I’m just here for the Pugs. really. 🙂

    They look so happy out in the sunshine! My Pug boys love to go outside. Almost as much as they love sleeping.

    thanks for sharing the pictures!

    Pugsley and Tyson

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