Like the sign says...
Like the sign says...
Best.  Burger.  Ever!
Best. Burger. Ever!
Al is all business
Al is all business
Lawrence and Melanie
Lawrence and Melanie

The great thing about visiting Montreal is that it finally allows me the opportunity to relax and take my mind off work for a change. In the past two days, I’ve spent time with friends and family, walked the streets of my hometown, and, oh yeah, took part in a 90 minute conference call with 27 journalists from various print and media outlets eager to get the lowdown on Atlantis’s upcoming fifth season.

Bob Picardo, bless his heart, committed to taking part weeks ago as did I, little realizing that the 1:00 p.m. EDT, July 1st call-in would find me enroute to my cousins’ house for an afternoon barbecue. “This probably won’t take long,”I assured my sister who was driving. “Maybe half and hour. Tops. I’ll be done by the time we get there.” As it turned out, not even close. At a little after 2:00 p.m., while the rest of the family was sitting down to steak and scalloped potatoes, I was still pacing the sidewalk in front of the house, chatting away and wondering how long it would take for the battery on my blackberry to give out.

As it turned out, I made it all the way through the call. Even though we did run a little long (!), both Bob and I were more than happy to stick it out and ensure everyone had their questions answered. We wrapped up at a little after 2:30 p.m. at which point Carol from NBC thanked us for our time and said something to the effect of: “I’ve done a lot of these calls and, I have to tell you, this one was without a doubt the…”

Best? Most informative? Most entertaining?

“…longest I’ve ever taken part in.”

Awesome. We have the record. Of course, when I received the transcript of the conference call from SciFi’s Michelle Rosenblatt, it certainly explained a lot. For those of you into drinking games, grab yourself a bottle of Jack Daniels, some shot glasses, and a copy of that transcript. Now, read my responses to the journalists’ questions and, every time I utter an “Uh”, “y’know”, and “basically”, take a shot. I guarantee you’ll either be fall- down drunk or comatose and in desperate need of medical attention by the end of my first response. So a 90 minute conference call. Trim out the “uh’s”, “y’know’s”, and “maybe’s” and the whole thing actually clocks in at about 67 minutes and change.

Which is why I balked when SciFi asked me to host these behind-the-scene video segments for their website. It’s not that I think they’re a bad idea (in fact, just the opposite), but like I told Chris Sanagustin – Hey, I’m better on paper. I suggested Martin Gero for the job. He’s got the gift of the gab and isn’t too bad on paper either.

Well, my faith in the Montreal dining scene was restored yesterday when my sister took me to m:brgr on Drummond Street. Your average, run-of-the-mill burger joint it aint. Its impressive menu items include a kobe beef burger and various high-end toppings like porcini oil, black truffle carpaccio, and white truffle shavings. Sis and I ordered the same: one kobe beef burger with caramelized onions, torta mascarpone, smoked applewood bacon, and black truffle carpaccio served with a side of white truffle mayo. We also split an order of crispy sweet potato fries and two dipping sauces: chipotle mayo and citrus mayo. Best. Burger. Ever! It was so good, in fact, that I had my sister cancel the lunch reservations she made for this Friday so that we could go back to m:brgr instead. Those of you with more conventional tastes, fear not! The menu offers a wide range of traditional fare including regular burgers, sliders, hot dogs, and milkshakes. Check it out!

I met up with my cousin John, visited some of my old haunts and caught up with Al over at 1 000 000 Comix and Miles at Capitaine Quebec, then met my good buddy Lawrence and his girlfriend Melanie for dinner. Ah, good times! Lawrence and I go way, WAAAY back. We went to the same high school where we spent many memorable years ignoring each other until we eventually struck up a friendship later in college. We were part of a foursome that would head out every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, starting our evening‘s at the Peel Pub. There, we would down a couple of pitchers before invariably making our way down to a club called The Thunderdome where, if we got there before 11:00 p.m., we skipped the coverage charge and took advantage of the $4.50 pitcher price. It’s funny (or maybe alarming) that when we were shooting Whispers, Wray Douglas was very careful about the type of fog element used. “It’s not like the old days when they would use dry ice,”he confided. “Can you imagine? Dry ice!” Yeah, as a matter of fact I COULD imagine because back when we used to frequent the Thunderdome every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, the place would be suffused with the coiling tendrils produced by the dry ice machines they had working overtime. Between that and the hanging cigarette smoke, you had to tread carefully lest you walk into a pillar or stumble over someone’s prone body. Yes, in those days, we did a fair amount of boozing.

One of my favorite sad drunk stories involves a mutual friend who, feeling a tad under the weather, left a house party to go for a walk. Well, hours later we were ready to leave but realized Nigel had never come back from his walk. We went out to look for him but, alas, he was nowhere to be found. So we made our way back to the car and, as we were about to hop in, John, our driver, noticed something on his windshield. It was a comb! “Who the hell would leave a dirty comb on my car?”he wondered aloud as he carefully lifted the comb between thumb and forefinger and tossed it aside. Who would leave a dirty comb on John’s car? Try Nigel who, unable to find his way back to the house party, decided to find his own transportation home. But before doing so, he left us a message in the form of his comb figuring (in his incredibly drunken stupor) that we would discover the comb and immediately follow the ensuing train of thought: “Hey, what’s this? It’s Nigel’s comb! Comb! Home! Nigel’s gone home!” Yeah, those were the days.

67 thoughts on “July 3, 2008: Uh, basically, y’know…

  1. Aaah, the drinking games. I’ve never participated in a Stargate one – mainly because I don’t have anyone to play Stargate with 🙁 and I hear it is classified as a “problem” when you start doing things like that by yourself.

    The days of $1 spirits and $4.50 jugs of beer are long gone, but we can all sit back, rub our chin in quiet reflection and reminisce about the good ol’ days of lining up drinks on the ledge during Happy Hour, so they took the ledges out. Then lining the drinks up along the floor, so they put plants in. Then I started to dance with the plants, so they kicked me out. Party Poopers.

    You should re-read Pauline’s comment in April in relation to fog and dance floors. It still makes me laugh when I think about it.

    Glad to hear the burgers made up for the dinner.

    Oh, I think I made an assumption regarding the time travel and immortals after reading both books. I did a quick skim of Iden again last night and found a few references but nothing solid to my blonde comment yesterday.

    Here’s to a relaxing night of no talking.

  2. Hey Joe.

    Sounds like your having fun in Montreal!

    Glad you had a better eating experience today than you did yesterday!:)!

    Thanks Joe.

  3. Sweet potato fries are quite possibly the best thing to ever happen to the potato.

  4. mmmmm, Kobe Brgr, with bacon, carmelized onions, oyster mushrooms, and brie….side of slaw….a fry basket with citrus mayo and sambal chili ketchup dipping sauces…and a chocolate shake…..don’t mind me i’m just thinking of getting in my car and driving to Montreal.

  5. Hi Joe,

    Glad you had a nice meal unlike the other nights disaster!

    Happy you having a great time with your family & friends.
    Getting some time to relax too.

    I haven’t really done any drinking games except spin the bottle when Iwas a teenager. Enough said!

    Take care & happiness always!


  6. I’m a transcriber. I spend my nights writing down, word for word, syllable for syllable, everything that people of various backgrounds, professions, and accents say. So, I’m well acquainted with just how often your average person says “um,” “uh,” “you know,” “well,” “you know what I mean?”, “you know what I’m saying?” etc. It’s a lot. Enough that putting in autocorrect shortkeys saves me significant time and fingerwork. (The worst is with people with heavily slurred/lazy speech, so I know what they mean is “you know what I mean?” but what they say is “yao-men?” I’m always sorely tempted to write it out phonetically, as I do with “I’m’a”.) No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what your native language is, unless you’re a professional public speaker, you’re going to say a lot of this kind of thing. So, just rest assured that you’re absolutely normal in this. Although I do wonder, if people on TV talked like people in real life, would viewers become more aware of their own use of these placeholder utterances and stop doing it so much?

  7. Wow that burger looks really good,,yummy!! thanks for sharing. Their webpage is neat. Bet the puppies would have enjoyed a bite or 2 of that burger. It is good to go back home and catch up with family/friends. Did you see any comics/books that you just could not live without at 1 000 000 Comix?
    Enjoy yourself!

  8. Uh, y’know…Joe? Did you have one of those pitchers of beer before writing today’s entry? Because it’s July…not June. 🙂

  9. Whenever I have to do any sort of interview, I say ‘uh’ a lot. I think it’s just a force of habit, and when I try to not to it, I end up doing it even more. Or I end up sounding like a complete idiot and stumble over my words. I always tell people not to let me do the talking, but they never listen.

    Glad to hear you’re having a great time on your holiday. 🙂

  10. @narelle from aus

    Maybe not ALL places serving cheap grog are gone!! I went to the Cocos (Keeling) Islands earlier this year, and their (one) pub serves duty free grog! i was getting smashed on $3 Cointreau-on-ice! And you don’t worry about drink & drive, cos the motel is across the road from teh pub!!

    Like a West Aussie small country town dropped in a tropical paradise – truly!! And Joe, you’d like it for the terrific Malay curry nights on a Friday!

  11. interesting tales from your youth.

    as for a stargate drinking game (if anyone is interested) this one is from bugchicklv at the bboards. (i knew it was a good idea to bookmark this)

    Pop in an ep…anytime Daniel: pushes up his glasses, licks his lips, crosses his arms or says “Jaaaaack”—drink 1
    If Daniel kisses a girl—drink 2
    If Daniel appears sans shirt or pants—drink 3

    If Jack says “Ya think” “Campers” or “Memo”—drink 1
    If Jack disobeys or flaunts an order—drink 2
    If Jack touches Daniel—Drink 3

    If Teal’c says “indeed” or raises an eyebrow—Drink 1
    If Teal’c mentions his symbiote—drink 2
    If Teal’c says more than 5 words in a sentence—drink 3

    If Carter says “Sir”—drink 1
    If Carter does something OTHER than what a typical astrophysicist would do—drink 2
    If Carter admits she cannot do something, or may be wrong—drink 3 and say a prayer.

    no idea what to do for seasons 9 & 10 or the mostly daniel-less season 6

  12. I wonder how many will be pouring into to say they’ve seen the latest leak (and complain about something *g*)

  13. Hi Joe:

    That Kobe beef burger looks awesome! I will definitely drop by that restaurant next time I’m in Montreal. You and I have two things in common. I spent many years living in that very cool city (during the first Referendum when someone burned down a pro Canada sign) and I’m also better on paper.

    Yesterday, for example, I was hard at it, negotiating a radio advertisement with an L.A radio station, doing my best to promote my CDs on behalf of Cliff Simon. My negotiating skills are not as good as I had hoped:
    – Radio guy: “What is your budget?”
    -Me: “What?”
    -Radio Guy: “How much do you want to spend?”
    – Me: “Well, as little as possible.”
    – Radio Guy: “If you can give me an amount, I can tell you what we can provide.”
    – Me: “How about $50?”
    -Radio guy: “Thousand?”
    – Me: No, $50 bucks. (pause) “Uh, why are you laughing?”
    – Radio Guy: No really, what is your budget? We can give you a couple of prime spots for $3000.00.”
    -Me: (pause) Um, well…um…how much will it cost me if your announcer just sneezes the name of the CD? (pause) “Hello? Um, are you still there? Hello?”

    Well, I managed to get the ad placed, eventually. So, if you are inclined and have lots of time on your hands on July 4th, you can listen to for that very special ad.

    Patricia (AG)

  14. Kobe burger? And you put STUFF on it? Somehow that seems to be a bit of a desecration of a noble animal that sacrificed itself to provide the best beef in the world. Still, the carmalized onions sound good, and the smoked applewood bacon…hmm, might be worth a try at that.
    A shame that work had to intrude on what is sounding like a great visit home. We appreciate your efforts on behalf of the show though, and hope you continue to enjoy your stay.

  15. I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying your visit to your home town and spending time with old friends. Ah, college days … cheap beer in pitchers … sangria in pitchers … coffee houses with great music and even better Irish coffee … stories I will never tell my children until they have children of their own.

    That burger looks incredible… and HUGE. How many ounces it that monster? I’m planning a trip to Montreal with a couple of friends, one of whom is vegetarian. I checked out the m:brgr menu and I was pleased to see that they do have a few veggie items. So maybe we’ll be able to have lunch there when we come to town!

    I’m frantically trying to finish my book for the discussion next week, so I will say goodnight. Oh, dear. There is a Twilight Zone Marathon on Sci-Fi.

  16. Love this entry! First, the ‘uhs’ and ‘y’knows’ – it reminds me of Johnny Depp. As most Depp fans know, he’s a nervous li’l fella in interviews. Before youtube took off, I used to transcribe his tv interviews for a fan site, and they wanted me to included EVERY ‘uh’ and ‘y’know’ because it’s a reflection of his personality. (They also wanted me to make note of every fidget, head scratch, ear tug, and lip rub…but I had to draw the line somewhere)

    Anyway, two things I learned…

    He says ‘uh’ and ‘y’know’ every 3.3 seconds (21 Jump Street reference – raise your hand if you own all the box sets! *waves* 😛 ), and, more importantly, the ‘uhs’ and ‘y’knows’ are quite endearing.

    So, no worries. If we catch you stumbling over words, we’ll just think it’s the cutest thing ever, and wanna pinch your li’l cheeks like old spinster aunties.

    Speaking of 21 Jump Street, I just had to watch a couple Don Davis episodes tonight. Not sure that was such a good idea… 😥

    Yeah…okay…switching gears. Mr. M…a sincere question regarding food…

    You eat such amazing things, can you still find pleasure in a more traditional meal? For instance, can you enjoy something simple like filet mignon au poivre, or do you have to have it topped with…oh, I dunno – quivering sheep brains in a raw squid demi-glace – in order to enjoy it?


  17. Hey Joe,

    It’s actually July 3rd, not June 3rd, but I’m sure that you’ll correct that. I stopped by SciFi Wire today, and I have to admit to some trepidation about some of what I read.

    I’m trying not be sarcastic or mean and express my confusion politely, but bear with me. Last year, we were told Weir and Carson were dead and that Carter was coming in, and she was the obvious choice to succeed Weir, and it was going to be great. Now, Carter’s out and Woolsey is coming in and it’s being hailed as the “not obvious choice,” and now that’s going to be great. Can you see the inherent contradiction here??? It’s like whatever’s being served this season is great and wonderful. I watch the show live out of pure loyalty now because it was excellent for the first three seasons before characters started dying en masse, and I honestly, honestly want a season 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, etc. pick up. It’s just that some of this stuff *cough* Keller *cough* is hard to swallow.

    Anyway, I appreciate your patience, and your willingness to interact with the fans like this.



  18. Hey Joe!

    I find myself doing the same thing when explaining (informing, I call it, blabbing, my friends call it) about some subject or other. The entire speech comes with uhmm’s, uh’s, technically’s, and of course, “where was I?”. I also tend to repeat the same explanations several times, but my friends say I vary them so it always sounds like a new explanation.

    And I’m happy to say, I do know what it feels like to have your jaw hurt from talking too much. My friends…not so happy. But enough, I’m glad you found a great place to eat, and great friends to get back in touch with!

  19. I got an email today that Amanda Tapping will be attending the Grand Slam Convention in Los Angeles on May 1-3, and the Vancouver Convention on April 2-5. Great news indeed!

  20. That burger looks devine. Oh, and sweet potato fries. My food joint of choice here in the cornfield, Ted’s Garage, will not go out of business as long as they have sweet potato fries on the menu.

    Though your proposal is an interesting prospect, I’m not big on drinking games. The Lord of the Rings drinking game ruined me. No one should consume that much Hot Damn in one sitting.

    Your drunk story reminds me of a drunk story. Once upon a time, I went with a large group of people to a bar called The West, which sat out in the middle of a cornfield. At the end of the night, we couldn’t find our friend John. We knew he’d been drinking, but he’d ridden with another of our friends, so he was in no danger of driving. In the end, we decided someone must have taken him home and the group I was riding with left.

    The next day we found out that John had indeed left the bar and passed out in the cornfield nextdoor where he spent the night.

    This could have been horribly tragic, except he lived and no harm came to him so now he will never live it down. 🙂

  21. *Seriously* wished there had been camera phones back in the 70s…. [Had to wait almost frakking 30 years for my cool communicator and tricorder! Damn, the stagnation of real life technological advancements! If TV sci-fi writers had come with engineering/compsci degrees, it would have been maybe 10 years…]

    That said, nothing like wearing a new suede winter coat whilst crammed into the backseat of an “ocean liner” with 3 other people as the cute, athletic, smart [he really was MENSA material] guy you have the hots for next to you, *pukes* into his glove!! Ahhh, high school….

    Probably explains why I don’t drink and prefer to slowly sip on a Perrier with lime for hours while mentally downloading blackmail material….

  22. gibbering along quite nicely now, me that is not you. Tomorrow is the BIG DAY and I can tell you right now that I’d rather be just about anywhere else right now, preferably somewhere with a bloody big bed and no alarm clocks!
    Glad your gastronomic experiences are improving and I must say that burger looks – HUGE -and very appetising.
    So without further ado would you pleasepleaseprettypleasewithsugarontop give us a shout out for Saturday and my daughter Rachael’s wedding to her lovely bloke Will. yup, outlaw-dom here I come!


  23. Excellent looking burger. It’s been too long since I’ve had one. I’ll be staying with cousins for the 4th of July weekend in Jersey and will make it a point to get a good and giant home-cooked burger while I’m there.

    Your college story sounds very familiar. Most of “those” types of memories are pretty funny for me, but a lot of them are the same events with one or two different people involved. Our bar was called “Diggers” and yes, it was every bit as classy as the dry ice palace you speak of. Yikes!

  24. Torri pourrait revenir pour la 100ème ?

    Et vive Ingrid Betancourt, enfin LIBRE!!!!

    surtout ne pas oublier les autres otages retenus par les farks!!!

  25. Just purchased an ebook of The Etched City but can’t put it on my Reader (and it kills me reading on a PC), so I’m hoping I get it finished in time!

  26. I’m quite surprised none of my family have come in and asked me what the heck is making me laugh so much. Glad you had a better day than you did yesterday.

    As for the drinking game, I think only one of the Uh, y’know, or basically’s would have been my doom induced by JD.

    I have the University (College) experience yet to come.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Montreal.

  27. Never in my life would I have pegged you as a party animal, Joe. I guess that’s why some fans dislike you…you’re too not-geeky. Oh well, that’s life, and apparently, you have too much of it relatively to the rest of us.

    Ok, I’ll shut up about it now.

    But anyway, a few more episodes seen today:

    Enemy Mine: There were some nice moments in this one, especially the end with the jackass Colonel (I reaaaaally did not like him) coming to an understanding with the Unas (and the epic “marshalling of the Unas” before that), along with the various scenes between Ironshirt, Chaka, and Danny. Seeing Lorne was nice, though it’s strange having him spouting off so many scientific stuff. However, most of the rest of the episode just felt like people sitting and talking (which was what happened, basically), and not in English at that, so it felt a little slow at times. In fact, it got a little boring. So overall a mediocre episode. Sorry.

    Space Race: Well, this was certainly better than I remembered it. The whole episode had a sort of building-excitement as the race wore on and I had a lot of fun watching it. The commentators were hilarious, and the blatant racism expressed by Tynan was more than a little disturbing, and could’ve meant a much-more serious Hebridan episode down the road if there were any sort of “human uprising”. The CGI scenes were also pretty cool. That said, this episode seemed to have a lot of style, but little substance. However, I suppose that was the point, as it was meant to be fun. And it was.

    Avenger 2.0: I must be one of the only people who love Felger, and this episode just reinforced that feeling. I think it’s fairly simple why I love the character: 1). he reminds me of me, 2). Patrick McKenna is a genius, and 3). he reminds me of me. Except, my heroes aren’t SG1, but instead are…well, you guys. The writers, staff, crew, actors, etc. of Bridge studios. It’s very sad and pathetic in a way (no offense), but like I said, that’s why I like Felger. It’s also why I’d refrain from meeting any of you as I’d be spazzing so much that it’ll be unbearable.

    Anyway, as a result of all of this, I loved this episode. The first half was just freaking hilarious, with Felger’s various antics out in full swing. I loved his house, and how he put his pants on backwards, and had dolls of Sam and…a male doll (Felger?), etc. etc. I just laughed my ass off. And then the seriousness started and we saw into his character a bit, seeing that he’s really just a clumsy, but brilliant scientist, to which I can relate. The technobabble, though understandable (as with pretty much all Gatetechnobabble), was a little thick in places though. Also, I missed Coombs. I suppose John Billingsley was doing Enterprise at the time? Anyway, the ending was very well done, with the tying together of the Jack-Teal’c plot with Felger’s, and then the cat fight with that…REALLY open collar shirt that Sam had on. Yeah, that was NICE. Heh.

    Gotta say, I loved how Felger received a happy ending with the TRUE girl of his dreams. Chloe was very cute and seemed to like/love Felger a lot. And they were such a perfect fit too. Just lovely.

    Oh, and I liked that little moment during the teaser where, after a particularly large spark from the “phaser” after it failed, we see Sam jumping closer to Jack. I gotta wonder if that was Sam…or Amanda. Hehe. Also, I loved how you guys included a roll of duct tape to Felger’s supplies before he went offworld. A very subtle in-joke to Red Green that only some of us would get; the best kind of in-jokes. Well done.

    So yeah, loved the episode.

  28. Coucou Joseph! =) Sa va ?

    Cool, vous passez du bon temp, vous vous reposez, vous rencontrez des amis d’enfance. Je suis contente pour vous =)

    OUlalal c’est quoi cette hamburger ?? Enorme O_O

    Heureuse de savoir que vous allez bien. Gros Bisou, je vous adore!

  29. That burger looks really good, now I have a craving for one. Just a plain burger with bacon and cheese…. mmmmm maybe tomorrow…

    I see the gremlins are at work again… changing the date… pesky little buggers!

    Have fun for the rest of your trip!

  30. G’day Joe,

    that looks like a helluva burger! I imagine it be interesting to taste a burger like that with a bit more rafinesse than what you normally get at your usual fast food joint.

    Enjoying your food fotography as usual. Also sorry to hear about your desaster the other day.

    I had a similar experience once at my favorite restaurant in my hometown. It is a small place with only like three or four dishes a day, but those were always just perfect. Now I get there last time and the food was just distasteful, as if the cook had a bad day or something… Now this kind of stuff just happens, eh?

    Anyway, I am rambling. Hope ya enjoy your holidays…

    Best regards from Germany,

  31. Joe, I managed restaurants both private and in hotels for years. If someone took as many picturs of guests and food as you do without a cake and presents, I would want to know why. If people ask do you tell them they will be featured prominently or is it imfamously in your blog? Or do you fear spitting in your food.

  32. Glad to hear that your latest eating experience was way better than the last Joe! 🙂

  33. So Joe, where CAN we find a copy of the transcript of that phone interview?
    Those of us who cannot get enough of Joe’s and Bob’s words want to know!
    If not a transcript, then the edited interview? Where, oh where?

    YES! That burger is MY kind of food. Just viewing the pic gets the old salivary glands pump’in.

    Otherwise, Happy Independence Day America! Woo-hoo! 😀

    Carol Z

  34. Hey Joe!

    I must admit, m:brgr looks very tempting. I try to stay away from beef but if I’m ever in Montreal I’ll have to try that place out. Sometimes there is nothing better than a fantastic burger.

    I have a totally off-the-wall question for you. Do you know the best way to get in touch with Christopher Heyerdahl? Many of us would like to see him at Dragon*Con this year and we would like to get word to him about how he can sign up for it.

    I know you are visiting family and relaxing so no worries. If I don’t ask when I’m thinking about it I will forget.

    Hope your next lunch at m:brgr is just as great as the first time!

    Trish 😀

    P.S. You really should become a food critic on the side! Not that you are plenty busy. It just seems you are a natural.

  35. Hey everyone,

    Hmmmm…….that burger looks delicious.

    Anyhoo, the eye op went well. It was very quick – only 15 minutes. A bit puffy, red and icky now but that’s OK.

    Don’t feel bad about the conference call. It could have been worse. You could have been silent. Did you have notes of what you wanted to say? Perhaps you need more prep.

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. I’m sure someone’s told you that it is July. 🙂

  36. Okay, the burger sounds drool-worthy. And sweet potato fries! Yumyumyum.

    Boozing. Ha! You’re talking to an ex-sailor here … all my really good Navy stories begin with, “This one time when we were really, really drunk ….” Yeah. I don’t drink much anymore, I think my body said “That’s that” about ten years ago. Riiiight. “Comb. Home.” Makes perfect drunk sense!

    Speech fillers … I’ve lost mine. Long pauses and silence, yes, but I don’t fill those gaps with words anymore. I was forced to take “Speech” in college … this was after I had one degree already, mind you, and I was insulted as hell that I had to take Freshman Speech class … but in the end I was glad. The class developed a technique to cure speech fillers. Nervous students didn’t have to participate, but those of us who chose to do so learned quickly to speak and not stumble. The instructor allowed us to practice speeches in class before presentation for grading. The class was helpful in correcting errors; the entire class would slam their hands or books down on the desk each time a student speaker used a filler. Didn’t matter if it was um, like, actually, uh, you know … SLAM! Less than three minutes and I was free of fillers. This came in handy years later, when I had to speak in front of several thousand folks; I wasn’t nervous a bit … I could hear the SLAM in my head!

  37. Ahh, really good burgers are hard to find, yet that dinner sounded awful, even by what is considered bad down here.
    Joe, it’s a good thing that you’re taking the relaxation time now, although you still can’t get away from the job sometimes.
    By the time you would have read this comment (i’m only assuming you’re reading it on the 4th of July), i’ll be a year older! Down here, i’ll be able to legally participate in those drinking games now!(meaning a possible blog dedication too?)

    Oh yes, and a bit of questioning:
    What is your opinion on the Comic books that eventually get turned into movies?
    What is your opinion on a superhero movie not based upon a comic book?(Hancock is somewhat set this way)

    One last big thing, did you notice you put the date in the title of this blog as June 3, not July 3.

    I hope you enjoy however much time you are going to spend in Montreal. What is the weather like in Canada? I’m planning to take a trip there within the next 5 years or so, if I get the money and the luxury of time to travel perhaps.

  38. WOW!!! Can you Fed-X me one of those huge burgers???heavy on the mustard please.

  39. What’s up on your blog, Joe? Everybody in the world go on vacation for America’s birthday?
    Here in eastern PA it’s raining this morning. I don’t care, though, because we need it desperately, and I’m not out working in it.
    Hope the rest of your vacation goes well.

  40. Joe!
    Where can we read this transcript? Is it available to the general public, or an edited version?


    Carol Z

  41. 10am.
    Just got off of work.
    I’m killing time before I take a mid day sleep so I can rightly celebrate the 4th of July. (I admit, I’m a serial time-killer)
    Before I go back to work again at 4am on Saturday.
    It’s one of those weekends.

    And Nigel’s train of thought makes sense to me…if his friends were the CSI.

    “Why look, Joe, a comb! Quick, let’s get out the DNA travel tester kit!”

    “Yes, lets!”

    It’s nice to break up the monotony of being interviewed with good dining, reminiscing and a bottle of Jack. At least, I’d imagine. I’ve never been rightly interviewed.

    I have been leftly interviewed…

  42. Hey Jo !

    Ca va ??

    Ben j’ai une ou deux petites questions à vous poser qui sont capitales pour moi. En effet, vous ne l’auriez peut etre pas compris avec mon pseudo mais je suis fana de Baal, Cliff Simon est…. je sais pas comment dire… eu ba je vais dire parfait parce qu’aucun autre ne me vient à l’esprit.

    Question one : Si vous recroisez Cliff un jour, pourriez vous lui dire que sa plus grande fane était est et sera pour toujours en France??

    Question two : La question que j’aimerais vraiment mais vraiment avoir une rep, Baal est le goa’uld, mais quel est le nom de l’hote ????

    Question three : Que va devenir Baal dans Continuum?

    Voila, un texte à la boulette de Baalounette 🙂 j’espère vraiment que vous répondrez parce que la question 2 est vraiment très importante pour moi :S/

    A oui, j’ai encore une question donc :

    Question three : Si vous deviez faire un top 5 de vos méchants préférés se seraient quoi??

    et la dernière :

    Question five : Pourquoi vous rendez pas Baal gentil comme Tominou ( Tomin ) ??

    Voili Voilou !!!

    By by

  43. Olala je suis vraiment désolé pour les fautes, je ne me suis pas relue et maintenant c’est trop tard ! Non mais c’est pas honteux pour quelqu’un qui veut devenir prof de français en Espagne?? Alala j’ai vraiment honte !

    Au fait

    Question six : Vous avez déjà visité les pyrénées ?

    Question seven ( ça commence à être dur pour moi de compter en anglais ! ) : Vous avez déjà mangé du cassoulet ??

    Ok la dernière est nule mais franchement si vous avez visité notre région et que vous n’avez pas goûté le cassoulet vous devriez avoir honte comme moi avec toutes mes fautes !

  44. I love Montreal! Everyone dresses so well there. No doubt that is where you picked up your sense of style.

    Have purchased some beers and liquors for the new Joe Mallozzi Interview Drinking Game. Great idea! Sometimes you just have to put down that book you’re reading and get bent.

    I supersized your burger, pictorially speaking, and now have insatiable craving for fries and a milkshake, as well.

    You corrupt me. I like.

  45. Joe, sorry to go a tad OT here, but I’ve recently noticed something that I’m wondering if you may have an answer to…? Concerns the Season 4 DVDs — I’ve noticed that in all the “retail” description copy for this “product” that they have Rainbow Francks second listed and absolutely no Jason Momoa…? Thought maybe it might be old copy, but they have Jewel, Amanda, and Picardo listed.

    What gives?
    Seriously hope it’s NOT on the actual packaging!!

  46. Hi, Joe.

    I saw these contests for Vancouver dining contests and thought of you! These are from the site WHERE Canada!

    Maurya Indian Cuisine

    Players Chophouse Restaurant & Lounge

    And, as you like to take photos, a photo contest where the prize is a $400 gift card from Best Buy.

    And, a contest to nominate your favorite restaurants, and have a chance to win an Apple 8GB iTouch

    Or, advise where you like to shop, and have a chance to win a Silver 8GB iPod Nano.

    Best wishes to you and your family, Joe.


  47. Joe, I am so going to Montreal just to eat a burger at that burger joint! I just came home from a 12 hr shift and have not had anything to eat. When I saw that photo of that burger I realized how starved I was. Thanks a lot hahaha

    On a less hungry note, I cannot wait for the new season!!!

  48. Sounds like a fun drinking game, unfortunatly I like Narelle wouldn’t have anyone who’d play it with me, am the only person I know personally that watches Stargate. Also I think you put in June 3 instead of July 3 unless it was some how intentional.

  49. I think I actually drooled after reading the description of that burger. This is a restaurant I could totally get behind!

  50. Hey joe,

    I just thought I’d let you know that you dated this entry June 3rd. Which was a month ago. Haha. Glad to hear you are having a good time in Montreal!


  51. Um-m, by the way, we’re in July not June Joe (see the entry title date)…
    We don’t want to get farther away from the July 11th premiere of Season 5 Stargate Atlantis, now do we? No-o-oooooo!

    I am eagerly anticipating a smashing good season filled with intrigue, drama, crafty humor, ingenious plot twists and astounding surprises galore because SGA is darn GOOD.

    Hear that MGM and Sci Fi?
    Don’t mess with darn GOOD!.
    Save some money by NOT producing so many of your made-for-Sci Fi bombs with rock monsters, killer snakes and overweight arachnids, geez.

    Well, off to the BBQ and fireworks…

    Carol Z

  52. Well its all gone about as pear-shaped as it can. Brothers have stood the bride-to-be up and she is having a nuclear meltdown upstairs. Tomorrows bun-fight looks all set for a memorable for all the wrong reasons affair.At least tomorrow the Bride, Bride’s mother and Bridesmaid will be wearing matching red-rimmed eyes.

  53. What happened to the good old basic food we all used to love?

    How about this recipe Joe, knowing your fondness for your nephews and nieces a Regency recipe I found for ‘Kid Pye’……oh children…..dinner time!

    A Kid Pye
    Cut your kid in pieces lard it with bacon & season it with savoury spice lay on butter & close ye pye when tis bakd take a qt of large oysters dry them in a cloth & fry them brown toss them up in 1/2 a pt of white wine oyster liquor gravy & barberries thicken it with eggs drawn butter cut up ye lid & pour it into ye pye.

    Then presumably ye gorge ye self on ye Kid Pye.



  54. um ok Joseph did you have one too many last night, cause it is July 3 not June 3 lol. I had to take a second look. You had me believing it was once again June 3.

    Oh the good old days of having a great time out drinking. Yes dry ice everywhere. Falling over the speakers on the dance floor with a mini skirt on not the proudest moment lol. Doing the bump and realizing your dance partner is no longer there while the floor seems to be closer and closer.

  55. Chillax. Think not of work!
    And know,
    people want you to enjoy your time off without worrying that you have to respond on the blog. I love Montreal! I have an uncle who teaches Languages at McGill. As for me, I’m off and I’m off. I may soon also not have time to read and respond to your daily yarn (as much as I would like) until I am consistently back from holidays.



  56. Oh, and I just realized, your post says June 3rd, instead of July 3rd. Just a heads up. But since its been a while since my last comment, and that one has yet to be approved, I’m guessing someone else may have mentioned it already. Anyway, thats it.

  57. I don’t know what Montreal you are presently visiting but the Montreal that I am in ( or the suburb of) it is presently July and not June.
    Thanks for the reviews of the restaurants that you have been to. Aikawa is just down the street (or boulevard) from me. I’ve seen it but never really was interested in going until I saw your pictures of the dishes. Those burgers from m brgrs look absolutely delicious but I hate driving downtown and the bus and metro take way too long. Anyways I love to make hamburgers on the BBQ (or anything else for that matter) and am afraid that going to a restaurant for burgers will be a disappointment.
    I hope you are enjoying your vacation.

  58. several people mentioned that this entry was dated june 3 instead of july 3, somehow i missed it. you may or may not recall that june 3 was my birthday. interesting, yes?

  59. pg15 said: “Oh, and I liked that little moment during the teaser where, after a particularly large spark from the “phaser” after it failed, we see Sam jumping closer to Jack. I gotta wonder if that was Sam…or Amanda.”

    pg15, that was amanda. 😛 she’s talked about it before, saying that she didn’t know that last spark was going to come and just got scared and jumped behind richard. she said the shippers loved it (and we did!). 😛 😛

    sally =D

  60. Thornyrose

    “Somehow that seems to be a bit of a desecration of a noble animal that sacrificed itself to provide the best beef in the world.”

    I think you’ll find that in reality it was held captive and slaughtered on the altar of global warming 😉

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