Janina preparing to light it up

Nicole models the ear protection

Rob Fournier, Stargate Atlantis armorer

Setting up the shot

Greg Fox behind his personal shield

The aftermath

I‘m offered a choice: “Do you want plugs or cans?”

I take the cans, fishing the oversized headphones out of the box and horse shoeing them around my neck as the cast and crew prep for the upcoming sequence. Distances are measured, the armorer checks the guns, the camera operators hunker down behind their plastic shields, and everyone else clears the hell out.

“Cover your ears! It’s going to be loud!”warns the 1st A.D.

As the actors get into position, the crew members and extras who elected to forego both the plugs and the cans cover their ears. The director eyes the monitor, waits… waits… waits… and finally calls: “Action!”

The actors deliver their lines. Someone warns: “Here they come!” And that’s my signal to clap on the headphones. A beat and then – a sustained barrage of gunfire that has the newbies wincing. I can hear the muffled report, a rapidfire report that suddenly dies off. Click. Snap. Click Snap. I glance up and see that both of the P-90‘s have jammed. Click. Snap. Click. Snap. “Okay, we‘ll go again”says the director.

Everyone moves in to prep the next take. Weapons are checked and reloaded, the actors are touched up. The director requests more smoke. He asks: “Are we rolling?”

“We’re ready,”the 1st A.D. informs him.


Dialogue. I snap on the cans. A couple of gunshots. Then. Click. Click. “Cut-cut!”

Third times the charm however. A nice sustained barrage followed by a quick reload and then another sustained barrage. The weapons fall silent. The director calls “Cut!” and we’re moving on.

The cameras are turned around for the B-side hits, a far more complicated sequence that involves the squibbed/moving targets being shot and going down. It’s all smoke and timing that goes swimmingly in the rehearsal. Not so the first take in which the targets overshoot their marks and the camera positions. It’s getting late. We have time for one more take before we shut down for the night. A quick set-up and “Action!”

Gunfire. Squib hits. Targets go down. It goes better than the first take but, alas, the timing is off. Unfortunately, there won’t be anymore shooting on this night. We’ll have to schedule some Close Up hits with the second unit crew and then piece together the sequence from the footage available.

Weeks later, I’m watching the director’s cut and when the sequence comes up. We start on the A side coverage of our heroes locking and loading. Cut to the B side – targets approaching. Back to the A side as our heroes open fire. Back to the B side as approaching targets are hit and go down. Back to the A side as our heroes fire away – reload, continue firing. Punch in for some B side hits of the individual targets getting hit and dropping. Back to the A side and on our heroes as the gunfire dies down. They lower their weapons. B side coverage of the carnage. Fabulous! It’s at times like these I realize we really should be shooting up stunt extras more often.


Dyginc writes: “Well I am going to go and let the meds get me to sleep…i can barely see this page but I promised myself I would post and great big THANK YOU”

Answer: All the best and wishing you a speedy recovery, dyginc.

Whovian writes: “Poor Carl! I would have done the exact same thing. How can you eat that thing without making a mess?”

Answer: I revealed the secret to eating the egg yolk buns on his second attempt. The trick is to turn the bun upside down and seal the little hole underneath with your mouth before taking a bite. As you bite, angle the bun away from you at about 45 degrees. That way, the half-bite in your hand acts as a vessel from the remaining liquid. So simple.

AV Eddy writes: “What are those big beige things with the holes in picture four?”

Answer: Lotus root. Carl tried it for the first time and really liked it.

Mazeykins writes: “……but what I did find was a Creative Test from the Art Institute of Vancouver to see if you are a right or left-brained person: 






Answer: I’m 57% left brain, 43% right brain. That explains a lot. I always just assumed one ear was heavier than the other.

Thornyrose writes: “So the hiatus is much more for the cast than the crew, even though it comes with a reduced work load for you.”

Answer: Our visual effects department and post-production will be working through most of hiatus. Things tend to be much quieter for them early on in the season.

Thornyrose also writes: “Do you consider the show to be running on schedule, behind schedule, or ahead of schedule at this point?”

Answer: We are right on schedule.

Arcitc Goddess writes: “The CBC is highlighting a restaurant in Vancouver called Vij’s. Have you ever eaten there? It has a reputation for being a world class restaurant with crickets on the menu.”

Answer: Vij’s is one of the top five restaurants in Vancouver. It takes no reservations so, if you don’t get there early, you’re waiting. Like Harrison Ford did the last time he was in town. And, sorry to disappoint you but crickets are definitely not on the menu.

Narelle from Aus writes: “If you go to an Italian Restaurant do you expect to see Italians running the show.”

Answer: Not necessarily but ideally, yes.

DasNdanger writes: “Am I the only one who thinks the pork buns look like a plateful of boobies?”

Answer: Yes you are.

Michelle writes: “Joe, if you had to choose just one cuisine to eat every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?”

Answer: Hmmm. That’s tough. I’d probably lean Chinese.

Paul William Tenny writes: “Are we talking guest, recurring, or regular — preference-wise?”

Answer: Strictly preference-wise? The more Daniel, the better.

Anais33 a ecrit: “Selon vous quel sont les qualités qui caractérise une bonne science fiction?”

Reponse: Comme n’importe quel travail de fiction = les caractères intéressants.

Translation: They key to good science fiction, like any work of fiction, is interesting characters.

Marla writes: “Sounds like you’re pretty much done with Remnats – does that mean the Shep scene you’ve been fighting over with your fellow writers is still in the script?”

Answer: So far. We’ll see what the network has to say.

Kim writes: “I had my pug for 11 years. She passed away this past Saturday.”

Answer: Kim, sorry to hear about your pug. And, yes, you’re right. Pugs have a number of health issues – breathing problems, eye problems, joint problems to name but a few. I apply a topical gel to my pugs’ eyes morning and night, mix glucosamine and chondroitin in their meals, and give Jelly Metacam for her hips every second day. I also carry Jelly up and down the stairs whenever she doesn’t feel like climbing (which is always). Before making a decision, I’d strongly advise anyone to do some research on the particular breed they’re considering.

Linzi writes: “Jst wanted to post to thank you for meeting Cheeky and me last week. I had a wonderful time, and after witnessing the professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm all involved with SGA have for the show, I love the SGA even more than before…is that even possible?”

Answer: I don’t think so. And it was a pleasure meeting you both.

Fran writes: “While SGA is in Production I often wondered if the actors and actresses on the show are allowed to do Guest Roles on other shows? and Can the Writers on SGA write for other shows or are they not allowed to do so?”

Answer: The main cast is usually too busy to work elsewhere. Actors who play recurring roles (ie. David Nykl) have more free time and do put in guest appearances in other shows. As for the writers – we are exclusive to Stargate during production.

Masterchief writes: “Joe you said Outsiders is episode 14, is this correct?”

Answer: I’m referring to the shooting schedule.

Wraithfodder writes: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Please say it’s NOT true. I watch the Scifi ad which goes “A prophet is born.” Puh-lease tell us that Teyla’s baby is not going to be some Miracle-Gro kid.”

Answer: It’s not true.

Tammy writes: “By the way, are there certain blogs you check out every day like we follow yours?”

Answer: Yep. They’re listed under my blogroll in the sidebar.

85 thoughts on “June 19, 2008: Gunfire on the set!

  1. Another good and enlightening blog entry! So my QOTD-

    Got any good tips for surviving a cold?

    I’ve been mainlining SGA and SG-1 but am only feeling marginally better.

  2. Hey Joe, I have to more question.. Do you watch your show with everyone else on fridays at 10pm?

  3. Hi Joe, thanks for the photos and video. We are spoiled. Thank you again.

    Just bought my text book for next semester. Blah!! Business Statistics. Still, all being well, this will be the last paper for my degree.

    I passed Accounting on the 5th try; economics on the 11th try; maybe I can pass stats on the 2nd try.

    Somebody asked my why I bothered keeping on keeping on with economics. I replied that I read somewhere that Michael Shanks had failed his buinsess degree by half a credit on calculus. HALF A CREDIT!!!! Nope not for me!!

    Should I go home and start on the reading?? Yes, but I won’t. I have a Bernard Cornwall book waiting on the coffee table. No contest really.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Thanks for the pix today Joe.

    @Narelle – You answered my question before I even asked it! Was wondering when we’d get to see SGA on TV again. Guess I’ll wait till September for the S4 DVDs.

    I scored 56% Left Brain and 44% Right Brain, very close to your score Joe.

  5. Will Dr. Lee be appearing in season 5?

    I see you’re reading Orphans of Chaos (as am I)–how are you liking it? John C. Wright’s livejournal is always entertaining, so I’m glad to see his books are also (even if they’re entertaining in a different way).

  6. Joe,

    I respectfully request that I get a blog post dedicated to me. Because I’m about to crash and burn in my second Joe Flanigan-related auction in a row, and well, haven’t I suffered enough?



  7. I don’t understand. Why are promos saying “A Prophet is Born” if this is not the truth. Is there no control between the promos and the people in charge of the show? I think it is very disrespectful to both the fans and the writers to have promos that basically lie about what the next season is about.

    *very confused*

    Either way, I have just finished my masters program in math. Hopefully this means I will be able to read more and maybe join in some of the book of the month club discussions here.

    I am also looking forward to the next season. I thought season four was fantastic. 🙂 You guys did a great job!

  8. Left sided brain=58%, right sided barin=42%. I’m scared. Very scared. Does this mean I’m doomed to eat odd body parts of various animals for the rest of my life? Or develop a taste for bits of food on square plates with bits of odd sauces on the side? And I had a friend who scored 50%/51% on her test. Um, is there some sort of metric percentage system in play in canada?
    Fun and interesting test. Thanks for the link Mazykins. And thanks to Mr. M. for another glimpse into the productio process, not to mention the teaser bit to push up my blood pressure waiting for the premiere. Hope the hiatus continues to go well for you, and all the other fine folks here and at Bridge studio.

  9. well i took your left and right brain test. It came out to what i thought it would i am 41 left brain and 59 right. It was a cool test
    i will have to forward it to others. Thanks for sharing

  10. Thank you Joe and Thornyrose for the well wishes…it mean a lot.
    Well I am going to start a SGA mine marathon as I am stuck in bed at the moment but again Thank You Joe for bringing joy into our lives. You Rock!
    Any ideas on the next BOTM picks? I again vote for The Innocent Mage by Karen Miller.

  11. I enjoy reading your commentary and mailbag Joe…I don’t usually don’t post much, but I noticed you are currently reading Inherit The Stars…I hope you like it, happens to be one of my all time favorites, both for the plot mystery and the twists, heh heh…enjoy!

  12. I was wondering if you guys ever get into some poison ivy or itch weed wondering a round in the woods while shooting . From the videos i have see of on site locations i can not imagine any one of you coming a way unharmed ?

  13. Hey Joe, thanks for the pics and video.
    It was my husband’s birthday today so we went to a local ski area that runs a zip line canopy tour through the woods. There was a climb up a cargo net, three bridges, four zip lines and a rappel off their rock climbing tower. Too bad we were only 40 feet in the air, we would’ve loved to do a lot more. How about a rappel off the central tower of Atlantis? Now that would be cool.
    Thanks for not cancelling August-that’s my birthday. I need hubby to take me back for more zip lines.

  14. Re: Dogs.

    Or you can find a mixed breed dog – they’re healthy and may live longer.

    I did the left or right brain dominance quiz too, and I was surprised, because I’m left-handed but my left brain is dominant, but not by much. Interesting…

  15. I meant to say that mixed breeds are more healthy in general, because of genetics and what not 🙂

    But of course it’s hard to predict their character…

  16. What kinda prepping will go on during hiatus for “prodigal” and when do you start filming the eps????

    And thanks for the kind words for Michael Shanks be great you guys get S6 Michael can appear again; looking forward to the two fast talkers getting together.


  17. Paul William Tenny writes: “Are we talking guest, recurring, or regular — preference-wise?”

    Answer: Strictly preference-wise? The more Daniel, the better.

    Seriously? A…be…wh…Whoohoo! 😀 I so hope it works out even for a little bit becuase I so miss Daniel 🙂 Thank you! 🙂

  18. Hi Joe,
    I was watching “Letter’s from Pegasus” earlier today and came up with a question. In Shepard’s video he makes a statement about not knowing if Col Sumner (I know I’m spelling that wrong, sorry) even has a family, then states some of us don’t. At that time in the series I took that statement to imply that Shepard’s character did not have any living family back on earth, but later we find out that he has not only an ex wife but a brother and father (who granted has now recently passed on). At the time “Letters” was written was the “family” part of Shepard’s back story just not decided yet and it was a later decision to “ignore” the implication that he had no family or did I and many others just “read” that scene wrong.

    Karen N

  19. joe/Answer: I’m 57% left brain, 43% right brain.

    sally’s result: 58% left brain, 42% right brain.

    does this mean we have to get married now, joe? 😛

    sally =)

  20. Whena script goes t the netwok, is it completed or still a work in proress? Also if it gets approval does it go onto the schedule or could it be shelved and used anoher time?

  21. Hey Joe,

    I asked this about a week or so ago and it slipped by you, here it is again hope you can get to it.

    One more quick question going way back to Rising, are there two different shields protecting the city or was it just an oops moment? In rising, the water is being held back by a thin shield against the buildings which seems to have various seperate sections preventing a total failure at one instant, however in First Strike when the city is once again submerged we see the “normal” or “main” shield holding back the water which allows Weir to walk out onto the balcony without a problem. This brings up some suspicion because in Rising the balcony door only opens after the city has surfaced, also the “main” shield as we know it does not have various sections but rather varying strengths which I suppose could account for this in some way. I was just wondering if you had any further insight into this as it has been a nagging question in the back of my mind.


  22. “Answer: Strictly preference-wise? The more Daniel, the better.”

    Preach it, Brother!!!! I still hold onto my hope that Stargate Universe will star Michael Shanks and Claudia Black. Not likely, given the general plot line spoilers that I’ve read, but a girl can dream.

    “Wraithfodder writes: Puh-lease tell us that Teyla’s baby is not going to be some Miracle-Gro kid.

    Answer: It’s not true.”

    Thank God. I was having horrible flashbacks to Angel’s son going from sweet and adorable baby to sullen and uninteresting teenager trying to mack on Cordy in the space of a few episodes. It was scary, very scary.

  23. Hello Joe,

    Just a random question, but do you know if when SG-1 was being thought up as a TV show anyone stopped to think about the fact that jaffas are also cakes and candies (and a rather derogatory term for people from Auckland, NZ)? Over the years its become increasingly odd for me to “go eat a bag of jaffas.”

    Thanks! Can’t wait till the new season of SGA premieres and for Continuum! Although I’ll be in Australia and have to wait ages and ages to see them. Bummer.


  24. Hmmmm, we have the same brain test results.
    I’m really sorry Joe…

    I received the comment this morning at work “Your brain is strange”. My reply “Maybe, however, if I was rich it would be eccentric!”

    Such a fine line.

  25. Three questions for you today, Joe.

    1. How much ammunition do you guys go through in an average season? I can imagine the studio prefers you to keep the use of blanks to a minimum, since the ammunition isn’t exactly cheap.

    2. Is your armorer full time, or do you call him/her in only when you’re going to be using the firearms?

    3. Do you guys use a barrel inserted blank adapter in the P-90s or do you use replica weapons that fire blanks only? Or is there a third option there, such as a replacement upper receiver or barrel that will only chamber blanks?

    Thanks for the video and behind the scenes commentary today, I could almost smell the cordite and it really made me miss going out to the range on a regular basis. I definitely don’t miss the hassles caused by firing blanks using a blank adapter, though. Those things were always a pain in the mikta.

    Also, DasNdanger isn’t the only one who thought that plate of bao looked like a plate full of boobies; I had to do a double take. Ok, yeah, so I’m an old perv too. ::blush::

    Lastly, you really need to offer up the brain bleach when you spring things like the Todd/Woolsey ship on us. Actually, no, never mind, there isn’t enough brain bleach in the world for that one! o.0

    @ DasNdanger You’re a person after my own heart, Das! I’m right there with you regarding guys with long hair and the interest in history, though my obsessions tend to run toward environmentalism, Equal Rights, Veterans rights and Tolkien (my 30+ year fan obsession). 🙂

  26. DasNdanger writes: “Am I the only one who thinks the pork buns look like a plateful of boobies?”

    Answer: Yes you are.

    No, he/she is not.

    Are the P90s on Stargate the actual weapon loaded with blanks, and that’s why they tend to jam so much? Or has anyone told you that real P90s are just bad, jam-worthy weapons?

  27. Those were basically amazing photos, I really liked the video too! I think this is so cool I can get to see all this amazing stuff before a lot of others people do! *evil look*

    Now, I’m not really sure if you’ve seen my comments, seeing as it gets in at the 80th post or whatever, but I do have two questions about my favorite little asgard person: Hermiod. Now, I don’t know if this is top secret, or not, but I am WICKED curious. And I’ll probably just keep asking until I realize i have no life.

    1. Is Hermiod still alive?

    2. Are you guys bringing him back in the near future?


  28. Hm, left 31% right 69% – that can’t be good.

    I better go lie down and think about something creative.

  29. Hi Mr. Mallozzi,

    How are pugs as far as shedding? And do they dig a lot? I’ve got a long-haired JR terrier now, but the family is looking for something a little more laid-back.

  30. “Mazeykins writes: “……but what I did find was a Creative Test from the Art Institute of Vancouver to see if you are a right or left-brained person:


    Hey I just did this test, and I am more left brained–odd I always thought I was right brained…neat O.


    Here’s a weird/neat picture: I wonder what part of his brain he’s using?


  31. Hey Joe, I’m gonna be in Vancouver around July 25/26 (I think those are the days), any chance you’d say hello if I were to be standing outside the Bridge Studios gates?

    Thanks Joe.

  32. Answer: Yes you are.

    . 😆
    . 🙂
    . 😐
    . 😕
    . 😳

    @ Kim – Sorry I missed your post about your pup…so very sorry. It’s always so hard losing one of our babies. *hugs*

    @ Sulien – Yeah, thanks for reminding me about the Todd/Woolsey thing… and once again – RIGHT before bed. If I have dreams about it, SOMEbody’s gonna pay! (For some reason, I imagine Todd looming over Woolsey, his feeding hand a’flexin’, a little purr in his voice as he says, “and you…I imagine you will taste just like…chicken…” )

    Your interests are quite diverse! My longest obsession is the Native American one…it goes waaaay back to a boy I knew in kindergarten. It’s a long story, one that started when we were 5, with a 14-year separation (only one visit in between when we were about 15). We kept in touch and were to get together again when we were 19, but he was hit and killed by a car just days before his visit. He once gave me a beautiful black jasper arrowhead that he found in a local canal – part of his heritage, not mine – and I cherish it to this day. He was a lovely person…always sending me stuff like homemade cassette music tapes and stuff, and at the time I took so much of it for granted. I just figured he’d always be there…

    Uh…yeah, okay…moving on…

    @ Rebecca H – I’m a ‘she’. It’s the pork bun boobies that give me away. 😀 No, wait…scratch that. Meant to say it’s the pork bun belly that gives me away… 😛


  33. DasNdanger writes: “Am I the only one who thinks the pork buns look like a plateful of boobies?”

    Answer: Yes you are.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…now that I look at them again, they do look like boobies lol!!


  34. Well, I’ve been away for a few days, visiting a friend from Pennsylvania, and then I caught up reading your blog where I found a Q&A about scrapple of all things. You find scrapple in Pennsylvania, in the Penn Dutch areas. My friend and I were actually talking about scrapple during our visit. I haven’t thought about it for 20 years or so, but I thought it was disgusting the first and only time I ate it. Knowing what the ingredients are doesn’t make it any more appetizing. It’s sort of like Spam with an attitude, and not necessarily a good attitude. If Fuel is a gas station, then you’ve got the idea of what scrapple’s like.

  35. Hey Joe,

    Have you seen this?
    Jack and I start rehearsals tonight. His cute little jumping sideways and walking through my legs trick isn’t going to cut it in this dog eat dog world. **cringes at bad, bad pun**

  36. Hi Joe,

    So your shooting schedule does not necessarily coinside with the episodes in numeric order? Aproximately what is the time frame from completed script to shooting and from completed shooting to air date?


  37. Hey Joe,
    I have really appreciated the recent surge in mailbag activity. Of particular enjoyment was the foot fungus/wraithlicator comment a few days ago. I thought I should take a crack at the action.

    1. How many times do you (typically) view an episode before it airs?

    2. With you on hiatus now, how often does Fondy have off from her work?

    3. Will the infamous blue jello be making a triumphant comeback in Season 5?

    4. Will the Rodneyana Valosa (dare I hope so) be making an even greater triumphant comeback in Season 5?

  38. “The more Daniel, the better.”

    Oh, yeah, sounds good. In fact, if all were willing and we get a season 6, he’d be a good addition, even on a semi-regular basis (with or without Vala).

    As for the whole Baby issue… all I could think of was that kid in ‘V – the Series’, born one day & preaching “pretenama” the next. I *know* you guys wouldn’t do that to us. And I’m beginning to wonder about who the heck writes the ads on SciFi.

    Wish I had the okane to hit the kind of eateries you do. But – since I don’t – thanks for all the pix. I’ve been living vicariously through those for quite some time now. LOL

    Got my little count-down calendar going, by the way. (It used to be a kid’s Count Down to Xmas thing but I redecorated it…) Whoo-hoo — !!!

  39. Coucou Joseph!

    Yé! Génial les photos! Alalal vous téllement de la chance de faire ce métier! =)

    …Merci pour avoir répondu a une de mes question…mais je ne pense pas qu’on peut considéré ça comme une interview^^

    Bon aujourd’hui c’est le grand jour! Je prend l’avion pour la premiére fois! Jespert que tout va bien ce passer, et que l’avion de na va pas ce scratcher ou qu’un térroriste ne fasse pas éxploser sa bombe dedans….sa serait dommage pour mon premier vol. Si je ne le rate pas non plus sa sera deja bien =)

    Donc Salut!! Gros bisou!!! a Dimanche soir!!!! Je m’en vais a l’aventure lol..c’est téllement rare.♥

  40. Hey Joe,
    I’m continuing my time travel through the seasons of SG-1. Last night I watched “Exodus” and “Enemies”, and I discovered that it is still so fresh to watch. I mean, I’ve seen the episodes countless times before, but seen them again gives you another perspective. You turn your attention to the production aspects of the episode. What a wild idea to mix Apophis and the Replicators in one storyline. I always enjoyed that trend in SG-1, to mix and throw around characters and enemies. I’ve seen 90% of the sci-fi shows since the early 80s and none has what SG-1 had. When you look back, is there some storyline and path you wish you wouldn’t have taken? When you see the entire Goa’uld storyline from season 1 till 8, is there something you would have done differently?

  41. Heya there Joe, In regards to the blog on the 18th, I am slightly familiar with Fahrenheit 451, as an english tutor(for the school subject) advised me to read it(it was a while ago.)

    It’s somewhat similar to Nineteen Eighty Four, in terms of the government controlling people via restriction to resources, hence a restriction to knowledge and thinking.

    Some Questions:
    I’ll probably borrow some Harlan Ellison, Arthur C. Clarke
    and Isaac Asimov books soon, any suggestions(titles and perhaps other authors)?

    Any plans to come down to Australia anytime soon?(or for the first time, a search of the blog seemed fruitless)

    Did you know there’s a place in Australia called Richmond?

    Have you tried any Australian food recently/are there any Australian style restaurants in your vicinity in Canada?

    I’ll be 18 on the 4th next month, which is also the last day of my current school term!(would be nice for a dedication, although I don’t comment often on your blog*cough*)

  42. Delightful production photos.

    Books: You are an influence…went shopping for books and returned with many. Found Scalzi’z Old Man’s War and Ghost Brigade among others. Now to read them – but after completing the current BOTM selections.

    We need you to teach us speed reading! Well, I know I need help…sigh.

    But first need sleep.

  43. I’ve just been coaching one of my housemates through the back end of Season 3, over the last few weeks, and he’s been asking awkward questions: I figured I’d do some homework!

    1) In your mind, who takes over from Colonel Chekov after the Korolev is destroyed? Would Daria Voronkova (his right hand “man”) have taken over, or would the Russians contribute a civilian to represent them on the IOA?

    2) Now more countries are part of the Atlantis program, does the IOA consist of any representatives other than America, Russia, China, France and Britain? Are there any plans for us to encounter those other nation people?

    3) We’ve spotted a few members of the Atlantis’ Security detail who are members of other militaries – a German in Rising, a South African who cropped up a few times in Season 1, etc. However, we haven’t really seen any foreign military characters developed, given lines, or a name for that matter. Are there any plans to throw that sort of thing in, or are you trying to avoid repeating the “Russian team” stuff from SG-1?

  44. thanks Joe, I should’ve known you were talking about the shooting schedule. nice pics and vid by the way. Teyla’s kid isn’t a prophet? phew that’s good news even though I didn’t really believe it. SCI FI makes a lot of mistakes… thanks again

  45. After the FedCon(ned) disaster this weekend, there are a lot of eager Paul McGillion fans who missed out and need a little cheering up! Will he be part of the cast to appear at The San Diego Comic Con????? If not, can you invite him along please? Or put a word into the network TPTB that decide these things? Come on Joe, change the hat for a white one and be our hero! 😉

  46. Hi Joe

    Do you have a favourite SGA character? and Do you have a favourite episode?


  47. Hi again Mr M

    Greetings from Sun-soaked Tipperary

    Yes, Left Brain 54% and right Brain 46% for me…Mmmm.. not sure exactly what that means, but great test, thanks to Mazykins.

    A production question: how go the thoughts/ideas for Episode 100? Also, in response to the music question posed a couple of days ago, I seem to recall that you are a Fratelli’s Fan? Are you a Classical Music fan also? On that score (all puns intended) I scooted over to Mr Goldsmith’s Page on your recommendation recently, it’s chock full of interesting things including the early versions of the SGA theme…very interesting!

    Hope the reading goes well. Regards to Fondy and all!


  48. I love the people who comment here 😉

    Left Brain 47% – Right Brain 53%
    Ok. While I’m politically moderate, mentally I’m way more unbalanced than that.

    Answer: Strictly preference-wise? The more Daniel, the better.
    How about that. I love mostly all the other characters in SG-1, but for me, Stargate’s main focus was always Daniel Jackson. And the person that’s carried it- incredibly great casting to get Michael Shanks. It’s been such a joy seeing him grow. I feel the Daniel storyline has been satisfactory so far.

    When I saw Rising, while I love most of the SGA characters, I immediately felt the main focus of the series was John Sheppard. Also great casting in Joe Flanigan. I feel his storyline is still incomplete and happily, SGA has a ways to go yet. I’m sure s5 is going to add substantially, but IMO his natural very strong Ancient gene- taken seriously not priestesses & princesses- is too big of a deal to leave hanging and I don’t see anymore *official* stories addressing it. How to persuade, for s6?
    yeah, yeah, books & fanfic. But I’d like to officially see it.

  49. Hey Joe!

    There isn’t any NEW SGA to watch. So I was going thru my DVD library. I pulled out “Hellboy”. I just love that movie. I’m thrilled about the sequel.

    My question is: What are the WRAITH doing in the upcoming Hellboy II?

    Have you seen the trailers for the movie? I’m not the only one who thinks those pale skinned people with the long white hair and funky eyes look sneakily similar to the wraith. My WHOLE family’s agreeing with me on this one.

    Maybe we all watch TOO much SGA? 😆 Which is a good thing.

    Also, I’m still not sure it’s *simple* to eat that dessert. But I’ll just take your word for it.

    Hey look! It’s FRIDAY again! 😀


  50. Narelle from Aus said:

    I watched Sunday for only the second time tonight. Not really a fan of watching episodes that tug at the heartstrings.

    Yeah, I stayed up to watch that too. Once the bagpipes start up and they show the cast I always start crying. What made it worse was that no-one wanted to go fishing with him. He spent his last day wandering Atlantis looking for someone to hang out with.

    And Dr Mallozzi’s Anime Collection? Or was I hearing things?

    I cracked up hearing that. I’d forgotten about it. So Joe, are you a medical doctor or do you have a PhD?

    It’s a shame that Atlantis is on so late on free-to-air TV here in Australia, but at the same time it’s a nice way to end the night, switch the TV off and go to bed.

    It was worse a few weeks ago when it was on at midnight. Does anyone know if Channel 7 are going to be showing Season 4 straight after the Season 3 finale. I might give them a call and find out.

    Cheers, Chev

  51. Wow, Pics, a video AND Mailbag – Joe you’re spoiling us again! 😀

    Oh and I totally agree with you – the more Daniel the better. 🙂

  52. Your stash of books seems to have many ‘classics’ in it. Are these books that you’ve actually read before or are these the ones you feel you should read but just have never had the chance? I have a pile of those, and they include Bester. Heinlein I read when i was in junior and senior high school. He was more readily available than Andre Norton. Reading Heinlein taught me to love SF but I don’t think these many years later I could go back and re-read some of them. Did you ever read James Tiptree Jr. (aka Alice Sheldon)?

    I’ll be curious to hear what you think about Tobias Buckell. I’ve heard he’s great on ideas and is strong with plot but not so good with character handling. I’ve debated buying “Crystal Rain” but instead I may get it out of the library.

    It would be fun to have more Daniel in SGA. I can’t wait to see him interact with Mckay and Sheppard and Ronon and Teyla.

  53. Hmmm. Left brain 45%, Right brain 55%.

    What I loved most about my results was this bit:

    Your thought process can appear quite illogical and meandering.

    And the fact that my dominant left brain characteristic (by a good lead) is Verbal! 😆

    Now c’mon, is the above really a surprise to anyone? 😀

  54. @ whovian – The guy in Hellboy 2 – let’s face it, we know the REAL truth…

    Steve and Legolas had a baby. 😯


    (I think they also stole a Wraith costume from SGA by the looks of it)

    I have to say, however…that the Wraith are – by far – more beautiful. The elegant brow (that forms a diamond around the eye) and the prosthetic-softened nose give the Wraith such a lovely profile.

    Steve’s profile is absolutely elegant:


    And Todd’s…well…what can I say, he’s rather adorable for a life-sucking space alien…




  55. Dear Joe,

    Sorry for posting this again, maybe I’ll have better luck today in getting my quiry answered 🙂 Back in season 1 we found out in the episode Underground that there existed in and about 60 hiveships in the Pegasus galaxy with many more cruisers. Now with the with replicator-wraith war and the wraith civil war as well as the 14 wraith hiveships destroyed that we witnessed:

    The Siege 1-2-3………………..5 Hives
    The Hive…………………………2 Hives
    No Man’s Land…………………..1 Hive
    Misbegotten……………………..1 Hive
    The Pegasus Project (SG-1)…..1 Hive
    The Seer…………………………2 Hives
    Be All My Sins Remember’d…….1 Hive
    Spoils Of War……………………1 Hive

    Can you please rectify how many are left or any sort of information that will wet our scifi appetite.

    thanxs again sir

  56. Hi
    I like Connor Trinneer and his role Michael.
    In the end, will Michael turn to a good guy? Because I believe Michael has human nature in his innermost being.

  57. Greetings, Joe!

    Haven’t posted here in a while, but was just catching up with your posts, pics and vids – always great fun! I’m anxiously awaiting the return of SGA in July, the S4 DVDs coming out and also Continuum at the end of July. Since my birthday’s in July, I’ll delude myself just a little and presume all these wonderful things have been planned just for ME!! 😉 Ok, kidding, obviously!!

    Have a great weekend, Joe, and enjoy your time off.

    ~Jennie 🙂

  58. Joe,
    You gonna read all those books during your hiatus??? I thought hiatus is your chill time. catch up on some zzzzz’s run the treadmill catch up on tv shows. Thats alot of reading you ever take the evelen wood speed reading course???

  59. So, when you guys light a scene, what sort of lights do you use? Par Cans, Fesnel, or even better, the olipticals. I know this is a lighting techs job, but I’m genuinly curious.

    Also, have you always wanted to be a writer?

  60. I dunno about this left brain/right brain test… I’m 60/40 right, which is less consequential than the breakdown of results. Apparently, I’m neither a verbal nor a nonverbal person. I often have trouble “finding the right words” but mainly use words instead of illustrations/anything else. That must be very frustrating for everyone involved. Like that scene in A Fish Called Wanda where John Cleese is trying to figure out where Kevin Kline is headed but Michael Palin can’t get past his stutter…
    Also, I have zero ability at symbolic processing, which apparently makes vocabulary very difficult for me- after all I’ve used the word ‘apparently’ twice already. That of course means I like to have the concrete object there in front of me…except I have almost zero ability at concrete processing, so I can’t process real objects or their symbols.
    I guess all I can say is… huh.
    I mean literally… that’s all I can say.

  61. Arcitc Goddess writes: “The CBC is highlighting a restaurant in Vancouver called Vij’s. Have you ever eaten there? It has a reputation for being a world class restaurant with crickets on the menu.”

    Answer: Vij’s is one of the top five restaurants in Vancouver. It takes no reservations so, if you don’t get there early, you’re waiting. Like Harrison Ford did the last time he was in town. And, sorry to disappoint you but crickets are definitely not on the menu.

    So, to continue this interesting discussion, have you ever eaten bugs as part of a meal?


  62. I’ve just caught up with the last few weeks of the blog so if I appear discomknockerated…I am!

    Hey leave football alone a very wise football manager once said “Football isn’t life and death…..it’s more important than that”.

    I see you have Fahrenheit 451 on your reserve list a brilliant book and movie (if it ever happens here I’ll take SG1 season one to memorise).

    The book deals with censorship and book burning in a future anti-intellectual America. Unbeknownst to Bradbury his book was in fact the victim of censorship itself when in 1967 a censored edition was released for distribution to schools which omitted the words “hell” and “damn”. The words where later reinstated and Badbury excused it as “well meaning” revisionism. Wow he soon changed his tune!

    Okay so I’m still a mind of useless information, it’s a hobby.

    Took the left and right hand brain test …..53% left 47% right….. ideal job skating judge….someone shoot me now.

    Wraithfodder writes: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Please say it’s NOT true. I watch the Scifi ad which goes “A prophet is born.” Puh-lease tell us that Teyla’s baby is not going to be some Miracle-Gro kid.”

    Answer: It’s not true.
    Joe Mallozzi you are such a tease stop playing with Wraithfodder’s mind.

    Okay so that’s the end of my magniloquent rantings lol.


  63. Well I’m glad to hear the P-90 scene worked out, thanks for the recount of how it was on set compared to how it fitted together Joe.

    Hey, we haven’t heard much about your ice cream since last Friday, any chance we’ll get an update soon?

    Chevron7, on the whole Channel 7 and Stargate:Atlantis issue, in my experience with them, 7 seems to go with what they think will give them ratings. I would call them if I were you (and in fact I may do the same). I remember just before Scrubs was really popular they used to move it from 9:30pm through til 11:45pm or 12:30am. Eventually I rang them up to ask about it, all righteous about how they were messing regular viewers around and limiting how many people new to the show would watch it. A few months later they had it on at a regular time and it seemed to work wonders for the show’s popularity over here.

  64. Answer: “Strictly preference-wise? The more Daniel, the better.”

    OMG!!!!!!! If everything works out, I can’t wait to see what you have in store for Daniel. Thank you so much, Joe, for getting Daniel to “Atlantis” this year. Can’t wait to see the mid-season 2-parter.

    Comic Con put out their schedule, and I noticed that there’s not a panel listed for “Continuum”. Do you know if there will be a “Continuum” panel like there was for “AOT”, Joe?


  65. Narelle from Aus said:

    And Dr Mallozzi’s Anime Collection? Or was I hearing things?

    and Chev replied:

    I cracked up hearing that. I’d forgotten about it. So Joe, are you a medical doctor or do you have a PhD?

    Isn’t he the guy who wrote a book on Latin in Windows of Opportunity? I’m sure that was a Dr Mallozzi…If so, then surely he must be a linguist!

    Or are there two Dr Mallozzi’s?


  66. More Daniel in season 6 would be great; but, would he get to interact with folks other than just Rodney if that happened? Hopefully maybe?

  67. I have a couple Todd questions for you, JM…

    1. In your mind, do you think Todd ‘tastes’ Sheppard (in his memory) every time they meet? Not suggesting anything perverted here 😉 , but more like how we might remember the taste of a yummy meal every time we are reminded of it.

    2. This one is REALLY bugging me – when Todd returned to the hive in BAMSR, did he get a chance to feed? I’m thinking his quick change of subject when Sheppard asked if there was anything else that happened while they were unconscious means that yes, he did (I’m also thinking this is why they were stunned, so that he was free to feed without their interference). It would make sense, since he was returning with the humans and had no guarantee that they wouldn’t lock him up and starve him again, but I could be waaaay off.

    Thankies for your time!!


  68. Hi Joe,

    I know it has already been asked, but not answered yet — will Amanda Tapping be able to be in any episodes in the last part of season 5? If so, how many? If you cannot answer this yet, would you be able to in the near future? Thanks. I like seeing some Sam on SGA! I completely understand why Amanda decided to go with Sanctuary, and I can’t wait for that show, but I’m hoping to continue to see Sam on SGA every so often.

  69. Kim I’m so sorry about your pug too.

    Joe, I had Chinese food twice this week and I think I’m good for a month now. Have you ever tried Ja Jang Myun? It’s Korean noodle dish of Chinese origin. If you haven’t you should try it.

    I’m 60% left, 40% right, thanks for the quiz Mazykins.

    I’ve been watching a lot of Frasier lately & don’t you think it’s mean how they make fun of the character Knowl, the sci fi fan?

  70. I hear the first ep of season five has been leaked.

    From what people are saying, I think you can expect anyone who doesn’t like Sheyla and/or romance on the show to be so nauseated that they turn off in the first few minutes.

    You people will never learn, will you?

  71. I have just been told that the 1ep has been leaked on to the net if this is true does TPTB know how it happened ?

  72. Sad to see that the Season 5 premiere has been leaked out on the Net.

    It’s unfortunate that all the hard work of so many people (cast and crew) to create a suspenseful return for the fans had to be spoiled.

    Of course, not everyone has to watch it. I’ll be waiting for the official release.

    Anything to say on the subject? Comments? Rants or raves?

  73. Search and Rescue was AWESOME! Some nice surprises, some questions left unanswered, and an unexpected ending. Great start to the season.

    Oh… still 3 weeks to go before the premier? I’ll be back then with more feedback so as to not spoil others.

  74. @ Pandora – I’m pissed. I hate the net for just this reason. I’m not going to watch it – net viewing just isn’t my thing – but NOW I have to be careful where I go. Is it safe to be here, or are people going to start discussing the episode, and this new Shelya chick? Is Gateworld safe? I know people are supposed to use spoiler tags, but they don’t always, and ‘friends’ are likely to spoil you in their excitement or frustration.

    What I want to know is WHO leaked it? Had to be someone – where? At Sci Fi? MGM? someone else? Joe – what happens if the culprit is caught?? Feed him or her to Todd, I hope!

    Really sucks, considering we have 3 weeks to go…*sticks fingers in ears, pinches eyes shut, and hums really loud*


  75. ruffles said:


    Yeah. Just like that.

    Better run and hide now.



  76. disgruntled said:

    [blockquote]I hear the first ep of season five has been leaked.

    From what people are saying, I think you can expect anyone who doesn’t like Sheyla and/or romance on the show to be so nauseated that they turn off in the first few minutes.

    You people will never learn, will you?[/blockquote]
    I haven’t watched the eppy, so I can’t say what happened, but from past experience in fandom… All the scenes we’ve had between John and Teyla (and John and Elizabeth, and others) can be interpreted as just friendship. Of course there are fans who see romance in lots of these scenes. Some John/Elizabeth fans swear TPTB had been building a romantic relationship between those two for the first 3 seasons. Huh? I don’t know what are they talking about, I’ve only seen friendship and mutual respect. Some other fans swear TPTB has been building a romantic relationship between John and Teyla for the first 4 seasons. Once again… I don’t know what are they talking about. I’ve only seen a close friendship.

    Wait until you’ve watched the episode and decide for yourself whether the scenes in question are friendship or ship in your eyes. If you see romance then and you don’t like it, feel free to complain in a polite way. But how can you complain about something you haven’t seen yet? As I said, shippers & slashers of any pairing tend to see romance where everybody else see just friendship.

  77. Arrgghhh. I used [] instead of for the html tags and didn’t work. I hate when I can’t edit my posts. :S

    Anyway, I’m curious what you think about these leaks, Joe. Do you think they hurt ratings?
    Is there any article, research paper or whatever about the impact of Internet downloads in ratings?

    I’d think that the number of people who are Nielsen members AND download the episodes AND don’t watch them when it airs shouldn’t be big enough to affect any ratings. But I could be wrong.

  78. @dasNdanger

    I haven’t seen anything leaked, but from the fuming person further up, I got the impression they just couldn’t spell teyla

  79. @ Shadow Shep…

    *sssshhhhh!* Don’t ruin my fun! I’m stickin’ with ‘Sheyla’, S5’s new floozy. 😉 We’ll never actually see her – but every time Sheppard, or Ronon, or Rodney, or – dare I say – Zelenka – have an unexplainable smile on their face, we’ll ALL know it’s because of Sheyla.

    Well I’m not the world’s most physical guy,
    But when she squeezed me tight she nearly broke my spine,
    Oh my Sheyla. Shey-shey-shey-shey Sheyla.
    Well I’m not dumb but I can’t understand
    Why she walked like a woman and talked like a man,
    Oh my Sheyla. Shey-shey-shey-shey Sheyla.

    Yeah – I think we know how the rest goes….

    . 😉


  80. @dasNdanger

    Sure das, sounds like a good idea 😉

    Sheyla, you’ve got me on my knees.
    Sheyla, I’m begging, darling please.
    Sheyla, darling won’t you ease my worried mind.

  81. I just wanted to say I loved Search and Rescue. Yes, I’m a bad SGA fan and found it…somewhere…and watched it. What can I say, I couldn’t wait! From all the hints and spoilers you have given I had expected a great show. I didn’t get a great show, I didn’t even get a good show, I got an awesome show. So far beyond great I am reduced to valley speak “Awesome!”. Thank you to you and everyone else. Best SGA episode ever. Gee if this is how the season is starting off, wow, it’s going to be a great season.

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