For some mysterious reason, my cell phone has stopped working. Despite various attempts to turn the damn thing on, it remains unresponsive. Dark. Dead. For the life of me, I can’t figure out what happened. I didn’t drop it, knock it against something, or otherwise damage it in anyway. It never left my possession so I can’t very well blame someone else for screwing with it. Outside of accidentally dropping it in a water-filled yogurt container last night, I don’t recall anything unusual happening to it.

Now I know what you’re thinking and, normally, inadvertently submerging an electronic device would be cause for alarm. But, fortunately, mine was a Stargate: Atlantis cell phone (see pic for proof). The city of Atlantis was submerged for thousands of years; my phone a mere five seconds or so. Logic dictates that couldn’t be it.

I don’t know. Maybe the battery ran out. Well, I suppose it’ll forever remain one of life’s little mysteries like Stonehenge, the true identity of Jack the Ripper, and why is Aston Kutcher famous?

This does present me with an opportunity to pick up a new phone. But the question is: What kind? Fondy loves her BlackBerry and has been pushing me to pick one up for months. Marty G., on the other hand, swears by his iPhone. These are the pros and cons of each so far as I can tell:


Pros: Tactile keyboard allows for easier emailing, about the only thing I’ll do with the damn thing besides talk to people.

Cons: My wife’s BlackBerry occasionally drops reception – but is it the phone or the service provider that’s at fault?


Pros: ?

Cons: Wouldn’t you get fingerprints all over the touch screen? Not available in Canada until July 11th.

Any opinions?

Well, my cell phone may not be working but my satellite is back up and running. All it took was the attaching of a disconnected cable, the flick of a switch, and the payment of the $75 service fee, and I was up and running. Reruns of Gossip Girl, here I come!

Today’s entry is dedicated to kilted assassin’s freshly married sister, Neko who completed her medical exams, an under the weather Alipeeps, happy early birthday to flingsglass, and Nika whose manuscript has been picked up by a publisher.

Today’s mailbag:

Tricia Anne writes: “…what are your favourite animated films of all time? I’m curious now.”

Answer: Grave of the Fireflies, Spirited Away, Ratatouille, The Incredibles, Monsters Inc., Iron Giant, Aachi & Ssipak.

Cathie writes: “Seen any good movies worth mentioning lately?”

Answer: Yep. Ratatouille. The best movie I’ve seen this year.

Portlandbound writes: “You don’t have much of a show if Joe, Jason, and David go on strike seeing how they are 3 of the main actor’s. I hope they don’t strike but is their a plan?”

Answer: You bet. In the event there is a strike, finished episodes will be replaced by footage of the writers reading/acting out their scripts. It’ll be awesome!

Thornyrose writes: “I didn’t expect the pictured book pile to last a month, but are you really going through them so fast that you need more by Wednesday?”

Answer: I certainly won’t finish the entire pile by Wednesday but, since I’ll be in the office anyway, it wouldn’t hurt to pick up some book while I’m there.

Erin writes: “I saw your pix of your stack of books to be read and my eyes saw only one there – “Inherit the Stars”. The mystery that is the beginning of that series is still so remembered in my head, that just thinking about it is making me want to scrounge through my boxes of books in my study.”

Answer: I’m reading it now. Great book. Which is the second in the series?

Paul William Tenny writes: “If I’m not mistaken, extras can’t actually say anything or they’ll have to be paid more — scripted or not. Muttering is a very apt description.”

Answer: True. As someone pointed out, the actual background conversation (a.k.a. “walla”) is supplied in post. As Paul said, it usually amounts to nothing more than indistinguishable muttering. However, there have been instances when the performers, clearly bitten by the acting bug, have offered up truly memorable lines – that we inevitably remove after the day one mix. “This has never happened before!”was one ill-advised gem delivered by someone in a crowd of villagers who had just seen Sheppard disable a wraith tracking device. Really? Never seen one of those disabled by machinegun fire? Good to know.

Wraith Cake writes: “ 1/ do you read comics/graphic novels? 2/ How much of what you write do you visualize? (I am a visual person and enjoy how Moore, for instance, will have frame after frame in his narratives with no written text 3/ How much/often do you need to collaborate with the artistic directors to flesh out a scene? 4/ Finally, when you write a story, how does it take place in your head: Do you focus on the dialogue most, the body language of the characters most or the setting the most? Or, regardless of how you intend the story, does it become an altogether different beast by the time we see it?”

Answers: 1. On occasion I do read comics/graphic novels. I’m very interested to see how my favorite graphic novel, Watchmen, turns out when it hits the big screen. 2. I visualize everything I write, from the big action sequences to a character’s small business while delivering dialogue. Of course the way I visualize a scene is just a guide and, more often than not, the final product is very different from the way I’d initially envisioned it. 3) Our directors are infinitely capable and don’t require direction from me. Occasionally, for trickier sequences, we may discuss how we want something to play out. 4) It really depends on the scene but usually, the writer‘s primary focus is on the dialogue.

Airelle writes: “ Did you read Ghost Brigade by Scalzi, if you did, is it worth getting?”

Answer: I did and, yes, it is worth it.

DasNdanger writes: “However, Ellia proved that – in the right environment – a Wraith can be different.”

Answer: Yes. This and several other instances suggest that the wraith’s arguably “evil” disposition is not genetic but shaped by their upbringing and their environment. Check out The Queen for an interesting lesson on wraith politics and diplomacy.

David writes: “ Do you tell Fondy about the script your writing? Is she a fan of Stargate, or just not interested?”

Answer: I think I answered this question. Fondy prefers Grey’s Anatomy.

LiquidSky writes: “What is a ‘bottle show’?”

Answer: A bottle show is an episode that only makes use of our standing sets. Quarantine is a good example. SG-1’s Message in a Bottle is another.

Anais33 a ecrit: “1) Que font les acteurs sur le tournage quand ils ont une pause entre deux scénes? 2)Quand avez vous l’intention de faire un voyage en Europe? 3)Connaissez vous, des bonbon qui se nome “Les bétise de Cambrai” ?”

Reponses: 1) Ils retournent à leurs remorques. 2) Je ne sais pas. 3) Non. Sont-ils bons?

Translation: 1) Between scenes, the actors go back to their trailers. 2) I have no idea when I’ll be traveling to Europe. 3) I’m not familiar with “Les bétise de Cambrai” candies. Are they any good?

Jose Sanders writes: “ Now I was wondering, would it be all right for me to print out one of your pics to have it signed?”

Answer: By all means.

Sector24 writes: “Can you tell us if you are going to be involved, and if and when Atlantis ends, would you jump to Universe, or you’ll be done with Stargate?”

Answer: At this point – no idea.

TBA writes: “Since you’re an anime fan, have you ever seen Death Note?”

Answer: Just watched the first episode this morning. An interesting start.

Sprinkles writes: “Just wondering if you ever read any more Terry Pratchett novels beyond ‘the Colour of Magic’?”

Answer: Yep. I’ve read about a half dozen. Last month, it was Small Gods.

DasNdanger also writes: “ My opinion about it is this – true, you can’t please all the fans, and only a very small percentage participate in on-line discussions. However, I think it’s fairly safe to use the internet input as a reflection of how the fanbase as a whole is reacting – taking the ‘pulse’ of the fans, as it were.”

Answer: True. I don’t think anyone should dismiss the response of online fans. But what you read on the forums must be taken with a grain of salt. As someone in that article pointed out, unhappy fans are far, far more likely to take the time to express their feelings that fans who are pleased with a show’s creative direction. Also, the opinion of fans with diverse opinions (both positive and negative) holds a lot more weight than, say, the opinions of the same dozen fans over on Gateworld who complain about anything and everything. Another interesting point is that, while online fandom is generally weighted toward the vocal minority, focus group testing seeks out a more balanced opinion. And, while I am personally not a fan of this approach, I was amazed by the difference in opinion between focus groups and online fandom.

Enzo Aquarius writes: “How have the ‘intuitive’ blog titles been affecting your views?”

Answer: They’ve actually hurt traffic a little. But they’re kind of fun so I’m sticking with ‘em.

129 thoughts on “June 16, 2008: New Crabgrass and Vaseline Diet Yields Quick Results!

  1. Oh man, I LOVE my Motorola Krzr, I have actually run over the thing TWICE(don’t ask) and it still functions. Its most ‘fancy’ feature is the music player. I have it loaded up with all my favorite SG stuff(can you say ‘addicted’?) in MP3 format. Though I’m sure you could load it up with, well actual music if you wanted.

    My friend has an Iphone and she HATES it. Keeps dying on her I think she is on her 5th one at this point. She wants her blackberry back.

    Hmm a QOTD(since I’m avoiding writing and the toddler both!). What is the one thing you are looking forward to about this hiatus(now that its officially started)?

  2. So my sickbed begging earned me a dedication but you couldn’t find it in your evil supervillain heart (how is the Baron, by the way? We’ve not heard from him in some time…) to cheer me up with some interesting Sheppard-related tidbits? I’m bitterly disappointed in you and will obviously now have to follow Dovil’s impressive lead and start a thread on GW to complain about how “JM Displays Cold-Hearted Indifference to Suffering Fans”. Or something. 😀

    The good news is, the dedication cheered me up a little bit. The bad news is, I feel even worse than I did this morning so the overall trend is regretfully downwards. Guess it’ll be another day off work tomorrow. So far, it has to be said, 2008 sucks. Here’s hoping the next 6 months of the year improve drastically. New SGA in July should hopefully start the upward trend. 🙂

    P.S. Re: new phones – don’t know if they’ve made it to Canada yet but the Orbit Xda II is fabby (and has the funky touchscreen thing like on the iPhone – oh and it comes with a funky little fabric sleeve/case so you can wipe smudgy fingerprints off!). I was just getting the hang of the fun features on mine when it got stolen when my hotel room was burgled (see above re crummy 2008).

  3. Hi Joe!

    Hope your hiatus is going well. I’m really looking forward to the start of S5 and am very sad to hear you won’t be making it to Comic Con. Do you know of any of the cast members plans to attend or not? I know you mentioned Marty G would be hosting the panel this time, I was wondering who else would be there.

    BTW, my birthday’s on Friday – I’d love a shout out! 🙂

  4. I adore my blackberry! It’s how I read your blog everyday while I’m on the train commuting to or from work.

  5. from James P Hogans’ webpage=

    Inherit The Stars
    First in ‘Giants’ series: the book that started it all. Scientists endeavor to explain a spacesuit-clad human body that has lain on the Moon for 50,000 years.
    The Gentle Giants of Ganymede, followed in 1978, and the “Giants” series eventually grew to include Giants’ Star, Entoverse and Mission to Minerva.

    oops, guess I was wrong. I thought there were only 4, but there are 5 books in the series. Hmmmm. Wonder if I read the last one………….
    I see a trip to the Library this week going on my schedule. Only have 21 books checked out from the library right now. Couple more couldn’t hurt, could it?

    BTW, what do u do with all the books you buy? Large personal library? friends? goodwill? ebay? give to your local library? family?

  6. (whimpers) A Stargate Atlantis phone? destroyed? Oh gods, I never knew I had such geek genes. Me so want… guess I’ll look for a SGA sticker that will fit onto my own phone. And while my phone isn’t a blackberry, it does have a keypad, that with extreme concentration and the use of a small enough object, I can manage to actually type legible messages on. I’ve looked at the iPhone, but since its storage capacity is only a few gigs, I’ve elected to go with separate cell phone and classic iPod. That way I can hopefully misplace or destroy only one device at a time. Something that might play into your own calculations.
    Just want to mention I’m working on The Etched City, and its by far my favorite of the three selections for this month. I’ll save the reviews for later, and I’m looking forward to seeing if others share my opionion on this one.
    Again, thanks for the dedicated posting, and enjoy the almost-holiday/hiatus.

  7. My old Nokia would die on me now and then, as does my Sansa MP3. One trick, which may or may not work: Take it apart, take the battery out, stuff it back in. And hey presto, the things work once more. Doesn’t mean they’re not on their deathbeds, just getting them to limp along for a while longer.

  8. Hi Joe!

    My hub has a Blackberry and really likes it. He added a memory chip/disk and uploaded a buttload of songs, so it’s an all-in-one techno-unit for him.

    I have a Palm Treo, which I love. It’s Blackberry-like, but I feel 20% less like a corporate whore than if I had a BB. I sync it with my Palm Desktop calendar/database backup, so I can try to stay on time for stuff. Plus it has a camera and camcorder, which are pretty good for consumer-grade tech.

    In regards to the other mysteries, National Geographic had an article about Stonehenge recently, Sanctuary “revealed” who Jack the Ripper was, and I theorize Ashton is famous cuz he’s kinda pretty and is with Demi. (He still is, isn’t he? I’m not up on celebrity news.)

    I’ll be renting Ratatouille soon, based upon my previous interest and your recommendation. 🙂

    If the SAG strike happens, and you writers speak/act out the scripts, make sure someone has The Hair! LOL!

    Rock on,


  9. If you’re interested in getting a phone with a touch screen, don’t let worries about scratches and fingerprints on the touch screen stop you. There are several brands of removable cut to fit LCD screen protectors that work like a charm and are available online or at electronics and camera shops. I’ve had my XV6700 for over 2 years and the touch screen doesn’t have a scratch on it.

    As for phones, I don’t know how subsequent models of the Audiovox Pocket PC are doing, but my 6700 has been great. It has a full keyboard that slides out or you can just use the touch screen. The battery life is pretty good too, I’ve only had to replace the battery once and that was in the last month.

  10. Hey Joe,

    Thanks for bringing some laughter to my so-far extremely tense morning! *says through gritted teeth*

    As for the phone’s… I’m going to put my BlackBerry vote in.

    We work with a lot of software that integrates to mobiles/PDA’s so I have had a fair bit of exposure to different types. That’s my justification for the lengthy response below and I’m sticking with it!

    The following is just a personal opinion. In no way does it reflect the opinions of all Blackberry users and does not mean to offend any iPhone or PDA user.
    Sorry, just had to protect myself from any verbal attacks or law suits.

    As a former PDA user where I didn’t have keys it really dented my ability to be able to text, email and punch numbers in while not looking at the device. And I swear I wasn’t doing that when I had my accident. Oh, and a BlackBerry will survive being smashed against a windscreen. I can personally vouch for that.

    You could go voice commands if you don’t have keys, but that depends on how much you feel like talking to your phone. And whether your phone gets your voice commands correct. Plus, if you are listening to the radio at a certain volume and you try to activate a voice command, the phone can get a little confused.

    The tactile feel of keys is something you miss.

    My BlackBerry doesn’t lose reception so I don’t have that problem.

    The main reason I like the Blackberry… it’s actually a really good phone.

    I know that it being a good phone isn’t a reason to purchase a mobile anymore. If you can’t take high res pics, connect to Facebook, play your full audio library or challenge yourself to some Sudoku then it is considered an unworthy phone but during my PDA days when I had lots of whiz bang features but the phone kept crashing, it caused a number of PDA’s to become projectiles into walls and out of windows… and into the occasional water-filled yoghurt container.

    Having read your past experiences with mobiles this sounds like something you would like to avoid.

    BlackBerry is a great business phone. The predictive text functionality in the BlackBerry Pearl is very smart. You have two letters per key which makes typing faster. It recognises names from your address book when referencing in emails and formats correctly. You can also use abbreviations such as hrs and it will convert to hours automatically. So you won’t have to text/email – “C ya in da studio” to save time, the predictive text smarts will enable you to sound as though you have a certain level of intellect and a general grasp of the English language – ahem, of which you obviously have both – backpeddle-backpeddle-backpeddle.

    I’ve been put off iPhone’s for one reason – everyone I’ve met that has one is doing it just so they can say they have an iPhone. Oh, and it doesn’t have keys 🙂

    The advice I would give any of my clients, know what you actually need it for and make your decision off that.

    PS: The Atlantis phone is VERY cool.
    PPS: Loving Old Man’s War

    Q: How do you think the Ancients would feel about the Earthlings branding everything that has a bit of spare space with their Atlantis emblem?

  11. My engineer husband suggests you try the following to save your phone:

    1. Remove the battery immediately.
    2. shake out as much water as possible.
    3. Leave it in a warm (but not hot)place for a few days — up to a week — to dry it out.
    4. replace the battery, charge it and try it out again. (There must not be any condensation in the screen.)

    Good luck!

  12. My experience with Motorola phones is that they are extra-sensitive to any sort of moisture past simple humidity. At least one person I know lost theirs due to having it on a clip on their belt and being outside in the rain. Utterly ridiculous! I will never get a Motorola phone again.

    I can’t speak to the Crackberries, but as a former Palm- and Palm-like device user, I’m pretty sure you can find clear covers for any place your finger touches. They go on so smoothly you can’t tell they’re there, and they last a few months before they need to be replaced. The ones for my last device, a Sony Clie, cost (iirc) about $10 for 5 or so. Cheap at half the price – they not only protect from finger oils but from accidental screen scratches.

    FWIW, in my unhumble opinion, the biggest “pro” to an iPhone would be if you are already a “Mac” person. That said, I own neither iPhone or Crackberry.

  13. Hey Joe!

    Hmm, judging by the ‘symptoms’ of your cell phone, I surmise it’s the battery that is at fault (I’ve only had my cell phone for a year, and I can tell that the battery life is not like what it was when I first got it). However, if you feel you want to get a new cell phone, go right ahead and do it!

    Blackberries and iPhones (although they aren’t legally supposed to be used until July in Canada) seem to be the in-thing right now, but it all depends on your tastes. Blackberries are excellent for texting and surfing the internet/reading e-mail while iPhones are great for their features and touch-screen controls. I wouldn’t worry about the fingerprint problem, I have a friend with an iTouch and I had no problems with fingerprints using it (a simple cloth will get rid of any smudges after you use it). Of course, if you just want simplicity, you can go for something like a Motorola, as you have currently. As you are a writer, and in my personal opinion, a Blackberry seems like the best option. Plus, you don’t have to wait a month for the iPhone.

    With the special decal on the back of your cell phone, you could get some good dough with it (eBay auction) or even offer it as a contest. You could even sell it along side Jason Momoa’s living room set, lol! 😀

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  14. Hi Joe,

    RE: Blackberry VS iphone

    Well as far as I’m aware you only get a choice of 1 provider with the iphone. In some circles you get extra geek points for owning one but other geeks I know wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole on account of it being too trendy.

    Blackberrys are great though. My boss has a curve and apparently there is a new model coming out soon that looks a bit like an iphone but it’s black. I installed Blackberry Enterprise Server Express on our exchange server and it syncs his calendar, contacts and inbox instantly while he’s on the road.

    I hope you’re happy with whichever you choose.

  15. Hi Joe, I feel your pain at the indecision of which phone to buy. I want a new phone as my Kyocera is woefully out of date (since 18 months after I bought it) and trying to listen to someone talking is painful as it echoes all the time.

    But I can’t decide which network to go with. Vodaphone would give me access to overseas friends that I could text, but I love the NZTelecom accessories, but I can’t text out of NZ on the Telecom network.

    To make matters worse – when I receive a text, my ringtone is the sound you hear in a kids movie when a fairy waves her magic wand and I dont know which other phone has this ringtone. It came preloaded on the Kyocera.

  16. Hi again, Joe. Please pardon my second post, but I forgot to mention something that I thought you and Fondy might enjoy during hiatus. I don’t know how interested you are in Tall Ships and sailing in general, but the Tall Ships Challenge is being held on the Pacific Coast this year and Port Alberni and Victoria out on Vancouver Island are two of the ports hosting. There are tours of the ships available for a very reasonable price and I don’t know about any of the other ships, but the Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain both take on passengers for 3 hour ‘battle sails’ that are an absolute blast (literally, since they use canon without shot in the mock battles). My family and I went on one of the battle sails here in Grays Harbor last summer and it was absolutely wonderful, even my 69 year old Mom enjoyed it.

  17. Good advice from Maureen there. Quite possible your phone is still ok.

    I once accidentally baptised my ipod in raspberry vodka on a weekend away in Byron Bay (go figure!)

    Immediately I flushed it with water and let it sit for 3 days. It worked fine but for days afterwards all it would play was pub rock and the lyrics were all slurred. Hehe 😛

  18. My cell phone did the cellphone version of the “blue screen of death” but not completely its sort of a cell phone zombie. It still makes the noise when its flipped open in shut but nothing is visible on the screen.

    Good luck with the cell phone hunt.. I’ve heard good things about blackberry.. That might be the way to go.

    I’m off to see if i can get something done with my cell phone zombie..

    Enjoy your hiatus!

  19. joe said: “Another interesting point is that, while online fandom is generally weighted toward the vocal minority, focus group testing seeks out a more balanced opinion. And, while I am personally not a fan of this approach, I was amazed by the difference in opinion between focus groups and online fandom.”

    was the difference of more negative or positive opinions between the two?

    sally =)

  20. Are all the extras hired in or does the director, in a pinch, call into the office to find out if someone who works there fits the costume of “villager #6”?

    I recall something about the wedding scene in the 200th episode of Stargate including some production people as wedding guests and wondered if that were the exception to the rule or if it happened more often.

  21. Knowing someone’s who has one, Blackberrys are ideal if you want to recieve your emails be important or not on the fly, which if the email is urgent could warrant a fast reply.

  22. Ya know, you should try a Motorola V3xx, its pretty much the same as what just died on you, but it has a second camera, and you could probably use the back of your old phone, thus giving you another atlantis phone.

    The up side of the V3xx is, its pretty much the same as the V3, so no learning curve, and you could pretty much pick up where you left off, not having to search the menu for certain functions.

  23. I wonder if I could use one of the few pictures of Mr. Kavan Smith you did capture on the set of S&R in February or March, to create a Vector of him.
    And though it would be my first and I am still kind of practising the whole Vector thing, if *insert rather big if here* it would become any good could I put it in my online Gallery, Portolio and/or personal Homepage???

  24. iPhone all the way! The typing takes a little getting used to, but it’s such a brilliant little toy. It even comes with google maps if you get lost or the weather if you don’t know whether to bring an umbrella. Although here you might want to grab that umbrella regardless of what the forecast may have to say.
    There’s hundreds of iphones here in town, even though it’s not officially available. I would wait for the G3 one if I were you though.

  25. I have this terrible fear that iPhone and all it’s little iPals are taking over the world! Go for the Blackberry, it sounds more delicious anyway. 😀

  26. Your post gave me a laugh! So thanks for that! Sorry to hear it’s not working though. Three questions.

    1. So a lot of places I’ve been to have said Jason Momoa’s eyes are green. Is that really true??

    2. I was wondering, back in season two when they pretended to blow themselves up and they “have a new adresss” how was that supposed to work? Were any allies supposed to dial some other planet to contact them, even though there wouldn’t exactly be anyone there? I don’t think I’ve missed something, but I sometimes tend to.

    3. And are you a music fan?

  27. Ah, what a coincidence. As it happens, I had to get a new cell phone last week. I considered the blackberry, but decided against it for two main reasons: 1. I wanted something without outside buttons so that I wouldn’t accidentally call someone when it’s in my pocket, and 2. As cool as the internet browser is, I was turned off by the fact that subscription to internet service is mandatory with a blackberry, and I believe the fee was around an extra $35-$50/month.

    I also considered the iphone, but my main issue there is that you can only get it with AT&T, and I have Verizon and no desire to change. Besides that, I really wanted the option of having real buttons as well as a touch screen, A) in case something should go wrong with the touch screen, I’d still have a way to move around, and B) I’ve heard it’s difficult to type on the touch screen keypad.

    So, after due consideration, I went with the LG Voyager. It’s basically the iphone competitor. It has a nice touch screen on the outside (and so far not a hint of fingerprints), as well as a full QWERTY keyboard on the inside (which I love, because it makes texting a breeze). Also, it has a full internet browser, but subscription is not required (and it’s cheaper than the blackberry internet). The keyboard is very easy to type with and easy to figure out (unlike some of the other keyboard phones I looked at). The touch screen locks so that you won’t accidentally press anything when it’s in your pocket. There are only two downsides I can see with this phone, though neither is a problem for me: 1. As far as I know, you can only get it with Verizon, and 2. While it does have a fairly decent music/video player capability, it’s not fantastic. But then, that’s what I have a video ipod for. If the phone was as good as the ipod, I’d feel bad for having spent the money on the ipod. One other thing that was a touch annoying was the inability to simply download custom ringtones or to use the music stored on the phone as a ringtone. This was solved by poking around the internet a little and finding a free program called BitPim which makes it a simple process. (Oh, yes, and I think the Voyager is quite a bit cheaper than the iphone, but I got it with the 2 year renewal, so that helped.)

    So that’s what I went with. So far, I love it. I do think I want to get a bluetooth to go along with it, though (I opted out of getting the bluetooth/car charger/carrying case package when I bought it, but now I kind of with I’d gotten that).

  28. I am still holding on to my old motorola, don’t even know the model number,no camera,no email,,h*sigh*
    someday I will get modern..but it works most places.
    So your ZPM ran out on your cell, hmmm, sounds like the team could at least go off world and try to locate you a new one.
    Ordered Etched City and Unwelcome Bodies today, hope they are here soon, so I can participate in BOTM.. didn’t get Garden of Iden, didn’t think I could read it that fast…

  29. Hi Mr. Mallozzi,

    Since you admit that you’ll probably use it mainly for phone calls and e-mails, blackberry all the way. I know a so-called “crackberry” addict, who can tell you it is an excellent device. I’ve actually met more people with the iPhone but their reactions have been much more mixed.

    And while I wouldn’t say “Monster’s Inc.” is a bad movie I can certainly think of a few better ones. But yes, Brad Bird rules.

  30. Portlandbound writes: “You don’t have much of a show if Joe, Jason, and David go on strike seeing how they are 3 of the main actor’s. I hope they don’t strike but is their a plan?”

    Joe Answers: “You bet. In the event there is a strike, finished episodes will be replaced by footage of the writers reading/acting out their scripts. It’ll be awesome!”

    So, Joe, which one of the writers gets the love scene with the beautiful and sexy alien?


  31. I vote iPhone – my mom has one and the finger prints don’t do that bad… of course, she wears make up which is far worse on the phone IMO. She also puts a protective screen over it which down ’round these parts (Minneapolis) you can get at your local Radio Shack.

    Personally I love my Samsung A737 – but I don’t do Internet on my phone, so I don’t know how it does there.

    Love the titles to your blog BTW…

    And a random question you may have answered long ago, but which I missed:

    Is it a contract thing that Michael Shanks gets his name added to the end (noticed it in Ark of Truth)? I noticed it changed up when he came back in SG-1.

  32. Joe,

    I have to add my voice to the praise for the Blackberry. I’ve had mine (8830 World Edition) for about six months now and I’m happily avoiding face time with family and friends in favor of surfing the web on yet another electronic device.

    Have you seen the new Blackberry Bold?

    Very cool.



  33. I would take the blackberry only because i would be paying for less features that i would never use. I just am not the type of person who would need internet and phone with a touch screen that i would constantly be cleaning, but thats just me. Although if you get a blackberry don’t get one that looks like Fondy’s. Too often has that headache happened in this household. And yea for the satellite working again. All those channels ant I know I would find the dogs more entertaining than anything actually on tv now a days, but hey for me daytime tv is an incentive to get a job, too bad I work second shift most of the time.

  34. eh, they’re both fruit.
    You could get a garmin, it has a bluetooth and its helpful if you get lost. Also, it will talk to you in any language you choose.
    It is big, but less likely to be lost among the vast piles of scripts, notes and chocolates on your desk.

  35. Die hard Apple fan… who decided to get a BB Curve. No dropped service yet. I understand the iPhone appeal – I just didn’t want to switch to their provider.

    How old is Fondy’s phone? What model is it? Some colleagues wore out their old BB scroll-bar very quickly, but the new trackball is great. (And, frankly, when it gives me the submarine *PING* when I have a new email, I’ve taken back to the 80’s… with Sean Connery and one of the Baldwin brothers…)

  36. Hi Joe…i loved ur phone….my celular is a v3 razr , a lot of brazilians have it, was some kind of ‘fever’… i really loved the ‘sticker’ on his back… how do i can get one of these? 😛 ???? [ P.S : There is no stargate products on brazilian stores…don’t even a sticker 🙁 ]

  37. “Outside of accidentally dropping it in a water-filled yogurt container last night, I don’t recall anything unusual happening to it.”

    I am simply baffled by the logistics of this. I’ve heard of people dropping their phones in the ocean, in a sink, in a toilet (hell, I actually washed mine in the laundry once), but this…your talents continue to amaze me.

    And I am no help when it comes to cell phones. I’ve never been hip in any form and have frustrated myself for the past couple of weeks looking into getting a new phone of my own. Everything is too fancy. I just need a phone that’ll play the A-Team theme song when it rings and lets me text message. That’s it. Do they even make phones like that anymore?

    “Answer: Grave of the Fireflies, Spirited Away, Ratatouille, The Incredibles, Monsters Inc., Iron Giant, Aachi & Ssipak.”

    I took my niece to see The Incredibles. It was the first movie she’d ever seen in the theater. She was two. It was a very memorable experience for all the adults sitting near us in the theater.

  38. Hi Joe (again)

    If it helps you decide your cell phone, I do know someone who works in tech support for Research in Motion – Blackberry’s creator.

    Just watched SG-1’s Abyss. Oh my Ged, I love that ep! Starting to watch your co-ep, Shadow Play now.

    Take care!


  39. A friend has the iPhone and she bought the anti-glare film and says since she has put it on the screen there are very few fingerprints on it. All I can say is my Sony Ericsson is awful and will not hold a charge. I’m on my 3rd one. At this point I am just waiting for the new iPhone.

    Good luck! 🙂

  40. Actually, it’d be really neat to see the writers/producers act out an episode of Atlantis as a DVD extra. It was one of the features on a DVD of Avatar: The Last Airbender. They acted out what would later be drawn, and it was very funny. Especially when they’d try to do the different voices.

  41. I can’t resist pointing out that as of today, Daniel and Jack can now come to California to get married to complete that hand-holding we learned about in the rehearsals of the wedding scene for “200” — they can join up with that other old married couple, Denny and Alan, and make it a double ceremony. Since Denny wants so badly to be part of the military boys club, he might even pay for the whole things.

  42. I’m giving you a BIG KISS (K) and another one (K) XX! Thank you for your straightforwardness. I too am looking forward to see what will happen with the Watchmen–Moore won a Hugo for that one. I loved V for Vendetta, I liked From Hell, I did not like League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (the films, that is), but of course the books are wonderful. Moore absolutely hates film, or rather, he doesn’t believe current Hollywood represents his work well. So, he makes no money from them. I think he gives away the rights, which I guess is one way of showing your contempt.

    This, I suppose, is the dichotomy of Hollywood: you have wonderful actors such as Chris Heyerdalh, whom I believe is gifted at what he does, and then you have Ashton Koo who? what’s his name. I don’t think Chris has gotten much commercial success (comparatively), and I think I’ve seen him in almost every Can. production since the Beachcombers, but Kuchenbrow has gotten loads of commercial success. In situations like this, I am glad to not be counted among the masses. As I’ve said before, BSG (sounds like a food preservative) is commercially successful because it’s commercial. Ultimately it’s a space opera–oh so many angst ridden “beautiful people” what to do, WHAT TO DO? Okay no more jibes, but seriously I think wonderful writing will stand alone.

    The last thing I wanted to comment on was the focus groups. What does Mark Twain say? “There are lies, damn lies and then there are statistics” Again, what’s the purpose of a focus group, but to gather information on what “sells”, and this often has very little to do with good writing. Good writing will sell, even if it does take time ie Blade Runner (Dick’s Android’s Dream…) And how do you know that the “paid volunteers” are a good batch to sample from? Do they even like Sci Fi? Sci Fi is one of those unique genres that people either adore, or they don’t care for. For my part I’ll read anything Sci Fi because it is Sci Fi–even Gibson Ug! I’ll wade through his work, simply because of the genre. I know, I know forum fans can act like trolls—my man calls them “mouth breathers” that don’t know when to SFU. (Putting my hand up) sadly I am counted among the Gaters. However, based on my own research that I’ve had to do for my work, I am very careful with statistics. They can give you surprising insights or completely incorrect information—for instance, how much control do you have on how these focus groups “screen” potential volunteers—know what I mean? Anyhow, I could go on and on and on, I’ll be merciful and not slather you with my constant views on EVERYTHING. You’re a great writer Joe, I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that, but I would rather trust you than a focus group.


  43. I dropped my husband’s cellphone (purely by accident…really!) into the toilet when I was rinsing out diapers. I washed it in soapy water afterward so it was really wet. After taking out the battery and drying what I could I let it sit for a few days (all open, sort of…well, as open as a cellphone can be.) and when I reinstalled the battery it worked!

    Do you think I should tell him his phone was swimming with the baby mess???

  44. I’m done with emoticons. Here’s my second attempt at a big happy smooch. :X :X
    If this doesn’t work I give up. 🙁


  45. I’ve always wondered, how old is Ronon supposed to be?

    Also, I prefer BlackBerry. I’ve had two and they have both been perfect.

  46. Sorry, me again.

    This odd question came to mind after speaking with an old friend.

    Do you ever get threats, whether deathly in nature or calls for grievous bodily harm, from crazy fans?

    My ex was an AFL player. The sport is pretty big in Melbourne and some other parts of Australia. It’s nothing as big as Stargate which is what brought the question to mind.

    Death threats became so common that conversations became like this…

    Him: “Hey, any messages?”

    Me: “Yeah. Your Mum and your Sister called and some guy that says if you keep Wayne Carey to less than 5 goals this weekend he’s going to kidnap us all and then went on to explain the horrible deaths we will experience”.

    Him: “Ok. Anything in the mail?”

    Me: “No. But there’s a goat’s head in the backyard with your name on it”.

  47. Hey Joe! Thanks for the (blush) mention in the dedication!

    And you have my vote for the Blackberry. I ‘ve had one for the past couple of months and love it, love it, love it! I get my emails – read and delete LOL – and surf so I can read blogs (ahem) and such. I also love the way it integrates with my desktop so I have an updated calendar and contacts simply by plugging it in. Very handy. The GPS offerings are pretty cool too. I also bought the extra SIM card for mine so I have 2 gigs of mp3’s on it, which I wireless connect via bluetooth to my car stereo so I have lots of music to listen too while driving. I was acutally quite surprised by the quality of the camera too… it takes a pretty good picture and you can upload to websites right from your phone. 😛


  48. Answer: Yes. This and several other instances suggest that the wraith’s arguably “evil” disposition is not genetic but shaped by their upbringing and their environment. Check out The Queen for an interesting lesson on wraith politics and diplomacy.

    No worries, you don’t have to ‘sell’ me on The Queen – I’m already certain it’ll be my favorite episode of the season – I am very much looking forward to this one. I just want to see more of what makes these guys tick, beyond their need to feed, that is. And your answer makes me think there’s still hope for Todd yet… *fingers crossed*


    Answer: True. I don’t think anyone should dismiss the response of online fans. But what you read on the forums must be taken with a grain of salt. As someone in that article pointed out, unhappy fans are far, far more likely to take the time to express their feelings that fans who are pleased with a show’s creative direction. Also, the opinion of fans with diverse opinions (both positive and negative) holds a lot more weight than, say, the opinions of the same dozen fans over on Gateworld who complain about anything and everything. Another interesting point is that, while online fandom is generally weighted toward the vocal minority, focus group testing seeks out a more balanced opinion. And, while I am personally not a fan of this approach, I was amazed by the difference in opinion between focus groups and online fandom.

    So…I’m takin’ it those ‘focus groups’ don’t quite feel the same way about the creepy green guys as I do, eh? 😉

    Thank you very much for the feedback. I do believe there’s a difference between on-line fans, and those who avoid the net at all costs. Those who avoid it tend to have a more positive viewpoint of the subject at hand, while those who get involved with on-line discussions tend to be full of negativity and hate, and try to intimidate others to hate right along with them. I especially see this among comic book fans – the guys at my lcs love the comics they read, but the guys I know from the net hate just about every book on the shelf right now, even the ones they’ve never read. 🙄

    I turned to discussion forums because I tend to be analytical by nature, and my family and friends would rather talk about – ya know – shoes and babies and other stuff I could care less, and they certainly don’t want to hear about my obsession du jour. So I sought out people of like mind who wanted to rant/rave/analyze/gush about the same things that were of interest to me. Doing so has introduced me to new ideas and opinions and possibilities I would never have thought of on my own. I love the mental exercise of it all, even if there’s no real value in it. Just being able to bounce opinions and ideas off of other people tends to make me more interested in and excited about (in this case) SGA, and I think this is true of others as well. It’s this sort of reinforcement that probably makes the opinions of on-line fans far different from those who never think much about the show beyond their weekly viewing, let alone taking the time to discuss it with others.

    I see this with my friends/family who are big fans of SGA, but who don’t bother with the net. They just take the show at face value, and enjoy the weekly ride without worrying too much about what lies ahead, while I tend to worry about everything. 😳 One friend is mostly concerned with the trials and tribulations of Teyla, my sister is now totally obsessed with Ronon 🙄 , hubby has the hots for Keller, another friend’s teenage son is mainly interested in the Wraith (if he jumps out of the shadows and ‘feeds’ on me one more time, I’m gonna punch ‘im right in the mouth!) 😆 , while his mother is absolutely freaked out by the same guys and thinks I’m nutso for liking them so much, and my niece doesn’t want to hear any spoilers or she’ll throw a fit (she’s an ‘original’ fan, from the very beginnings of SG-1).

    But they don’t take it beyond that – they just enjoy the show for what it is, and because of that their opinions probably hold more weight than the obsessive, and vocal, few…like me. I can understand that, especially since they are in the majority. But I still appreciate the fact that you take time to listen to us, too…even when we throw our little Stevesque-stompy-foot-hissy-fits, twirly move, and all. 😛

    Yeah, you’re a good guy. Thanks!


  49. Dear Joe,

    As you might have figured out sir I’m a student at mcgill and also co-own a wholesale business of cellular telephones in Montreal: Check out the cellphones and enter promotional code 5612 for the preferred customer discount pricing….. shipping is on me sir… thats because your the Boss of my favorite show.


    my cellphone number is 1 514 967 3957

  50. So Joe, how would I go about getting myself one of those Stargate Atlantis stickers for my Razr? 🙂

  51. @ Sulien – Are you a member of ASTA (American Sail Training Asso)? Just wondering – I used to be, but recently let my membership lapse as I haven’t been able to support our tall ship lately (was bound and determined to get back to her for winter maintenance, but alas…this thing called ATLANTIS kinda sorta interfered!!! ) My ladylove – who I’ve sanded, painted, scraped her bottom, ugh…refurbished all her blocks (THAT was one hellava cold winter, too!)…amongst other things – the A.J. Meerwald – a sexy li’l 85-ft Delaware Bay oyster schooner:

    Dang – just looking at that page makes me feel as guilty as hell. Even though I was only a volunteer, not paid crew, I still put in my fair share of hours sailing and maintaining her. My first day – in the middle of winter – the captain handed me a blow torch and a coffee can filled with pitch, and told me to pay the seams. LOL…Me? Wood? An open flame? Never in my entire life had anyone trusted me so much! 😀


  52. I’ve been where you are. One night after leaving a bar I had a glass of ice water which I forgot in the car cup holder. The next day on my way to work, I dropped my phone in the cup holder without even looking as I always do and felt the splash on my hand. Given the fact that I was dreadfully poor at the time, I couldn’t get a new one. So what I did was take it apart and do a surface dry. As soon as I got home, I placed it in a cup of rice over night covered with plastic wrap. By the next day it was dried out and back to working. It sometimes takes longer but I find rice does the trick. (My sister took hers swimming last year at a party – she was pushed in.)

    That being said, nowadays I am quite happy to get a new one and then donate the old one. I would definitely recommend the Blackberry. Edgar Wright broke the face on his iPhone and then stabbed his finger on the broken bits. Ever since then, I’ve been leaning more towards the Blackberry. Less dangerous in my estimation.

    My question today may have been asked before but I was just curious. When you watch other shows, do you find yourself critiquing the writing or are you able to turn that off?

    Thanks, Jade

  53. Hey Joe!
    Greetings from my new desktop computer, my old one finally decided to die. Windows Vista is making my head hurt. BLAH!

    Sorry to hear about your phone (it was so cool with Stargate logo and all. It will be missed.) I’ve heard of dropping phones in sinks and washing them with your jeans but I’ve never heard of dropping phones in a yogurt container full of water. You did on purpose didn’t you? You just wanted a new phone. 😛 Hopefully you saved your contacts to the SIM, if you have a SIM that is…

    My two cents on the phone debate, if it’s between the BlackBerry and the iPhone, I would choose the BlackBerry hands down. The iPhone is very pretty and has the cool “ohh ahh” factor but I really don’t like the touch screen. I can’t type using their QWERTY pad, my fingers are too large (I don’t have big fingers) and I don’t like the size of it. Also, Rogers will be the only carrier offering the iPhone in July and they will no doubt be charging an arm and a leg for data charges (I guess it would be the same for the BlackBerry.) If you are worried about finger prints that’s easy to fix with a screen protector you can buy at Future Shop or Best Buy.

    Whenever I call my cousin on her iPhone the reception is awful, you hear a lot of background noise and I know it’s not my phone. IMO the iPhone is all glitz but not worth the cost.

    The BlackbBerry is a staple for the professionals in my family, my uncle swears by his BB Pearl. We were in New York City and couldn’t decide on a chinese restaurant. He pulled up a review and a map on his BB and we were well on the way to a fab dinner in 60sec flat. The tactile keyboard, easy email function, and predictive text is IMO the main reason for all the Crackberry love.

    I did the phone research/search last year and I had to really think about the functions I wanted and what I was willing to pay for a phone that potentially could die an untimely death in 6 months. I ended up getting the Motorola Krzr and I still love it! I wasn’t looking for a phone with an MP3 player but it fit the criteria for size and styleishness factor. It’s slimmer than the Razr (widthwise), a little thicker, and has a smaller screen on the inside and outside compared to the Razr. But if you only make calls and text with your phone it’s just perfect. A family member in the States just got the LG Voyager and she kicks my butt when it comes to texting with her QWERTY keyboard. It sounds like a niffty phone, I don’t know if they offer it in Canada though.

    Ok enough of my ramblings. Good luck with your decision.

    Question: Any of these summer premier shows catch your interest?


  54. Enzo Aquarius writes: “How have the ‘intuitive’ blog titles been affecting your views?”

    Answer: They’ve actually hurt traffic a little. But they’re kind of fun so I’m sticking with ‘em.

    It’s possible that Google is “punishing” you, b/c it’s common for folks to use popular keywords (e.g, today’s “diet”) to artificially inflate their site’s rankings. Also, titles that are incongruent with content can imply that you’re purposefully falsifying content to boost ratings.

    Obviously you’re enjoying yourself (as are we!) so carry on…

  55. Hi Joe,

    If you like Spirited Away! You might like Howl’s Moving Castle! It was written by the same guys that did Spirited Away. Also you should check out the animated series called Tales of Earth Sea written by the same bunch of guys as well.

    Phone shopping is never easy! Andrew my hubby is looking for a new phone at the moment for work. The Blackberry ones are quite good “so i’ve heard from friends”. I say just go with the one that you like. Don’t be fooled by shiny sleek looking ones that dont do very much.

    Take care & happiness always


    ps Thanks for answering my question.

  56. Nice bit with the cell phone. My husband has a blackberry and I hate it because he’s on that thing all the time checking his email and such. Thanks for the answer. Which charater would you like to read if their is a strike? 🙂 The sexy Sheppard, the muscle Ronon, the nerdy McKay, oh the lovely Teyla…etc. What a funny show Atlantis would a reading hour!!!! Great show and love your blog.

  57. I’m truly fascinated by this cell phone discussion and from one who doesn’t use one much due to a lack of reception here in deepest Cornwall (we also don’t have mains gas supplies or cable and indoor plumbing may be just around the corner! oh yeah and crap ADSL speeds mine is <2mb/s) Might I suggest a new baked bean tin instead. Ok so its short on useful features like screen and keypad but if you pull the string REALLY really tight it wont make any difference at all you still won’t hear a thing!
    I wonder why we brits insist on referring to them as MOBILES? I adopted CELL virtually straight away to the consternation of many

    Me: Where did I put my cell?

    Everybody else: What? Oh you mean your MOBILE?

    ARGH! Lets try for some sophistication please people! Mobile sounds so clunky and outdated and kinda like its on frakkin wheels!!

  58. Have to weigh in on the iPhone/Blackberry debate. It really depends on how often you think you’ll be doing your email while away from your main computer. I almost never write them on my iPhone, and check/read them only once a month or so. That said, I love my iPhone. It’s a fairly good phone, but I use the other features a lot more. I use the timer to make sure I’m on schedule with my decongestants, I use the ipod a lot, I use the contacts list regularly, the calendar for reference.

    I’ll grant that the cons for the iPhone include ease of typing — I have fairly small fingers, and it’s still a pain trying to get the tiny keys to do only what I want — heat-sensitive interface won’t handle a stylus or pen. But as I said, I don’t type a lot on it, so it’s not that big a problem.

    There is an anti-glare sheet you can get to lay over the display, and that takes care of fingerprints altogether. A case takes care of the idea of fingerprints on the body of the phone, of course.

    So, while I’m here — any chance of getting a blog dedication to me and Dajaje, who will be getting our marriage license in California tomorrow afternoon? And of course to all the other same-gender couples who are celebrating (and setting records at County Clerks’ offices statewide) this week!

  59. I’d say, stay away from the iphone. Even though, i only have an ipod touch, it’s hell to use this thing. you can ONLY put data on it with itunes. It doesn’t work as a USB storage device like the other ipods did. it gets dirty very fast and your point about the finger prints is true.
    It’s a nice toy, but not worth the money. And what do you really need? A cell phone or a mobile multimedia center?

  60. OMG! I want a Stargate: Atlantis phone!!!!! That is just the bestest looking phone in the whole world, even if it isn’t working any more!!!

  61. Me again:) I just want to say to everyone how much I look forward to reading their comments and how much they crack me up. I don’t socialise muchly being somewhat reclusive in nature rather like the Furlings actually (in my dreams maybe lol) I tend to talk to myself a lot (surprise!) but I look forward every morning to reading what the rest of you nuts have to say and what weird and wacky thought processes you all experience but at least I know I’m in excellent company.

    Morjana, thanks for the link, my christmas wish list is never gonna be fulfilled this way lol.

    Narelle, Dasndanger, Dovil, Thornyrose, You guys are better’n prozac!

  62. I used to work for T-Mobile and we got calls all the time from people who did the same thing. (one lady dropped hers in the toilet twice, the kitchen sink 4 times, then finally ended up dropping it in her driveway & “accidently” drove over it. I think she was bucking for a new phone…)

    Anyway, just take it apart (open case, battery out), let it air-dry for a couple days, then put it back together and it *should* be fine, depending on the brand. Samsung seems to recover fairly well, Nokia… not so good.

    Oh, almost done with Garden of Iden, got a reserve on Etched City at the library but afraid I won’t be able to read Unwelcome Bodies. Library doesn’t have it and I can’t afford to buy it. Loved Android’s Dream (now my sister is reading it). Have you ever read “Dream Snake” by Vonda N. McIntyre? Excellent book!!!!

    Finally, you are on holiday, Mr. M, so you shouldn’t be worrying if your phone works. (joking. I know your vacations aren’t really so… ‘vacationy). Hope the phone issue works out.

  63. Well I’d say blackberry then, cause it seems to fit your needs.
    You don’t need an I-Phone if you won’t use it’s special features, or at least do not feel the need for them now.
    I personally am a fan of the Nokia phones. I’m having the 5th nokia right now and none of it’s predecessors was abandoned because of technical difficulties. The reason for a change was, that my provider offeres me a new very cheap phone every two years and my sister was always in need of a new (she then got my old one) as she had lost hers, or drowned it (unlike you, she left it in her trousers. After a good spinning and washing excersice it’s was more than dead).
    But hear, hear, my very first phone now resides with my mother (she loves the big thing). It’s now I think 10 or 11 years old and the only thing we had to do is buy a new battery. Yeah, and it is a nokia phone ;o)
    Okay, so much for commercials. *lol*

    Are you watching the game Italy against france tonight … in your case midday? I will

  64. And, while I am personally not a fan of this approach, I was amazed by the difference in opinion between focus groups and online fandom.

    That probably say a lot more about where you choose to view the opinions of the fanbase than it does about focus groups, Gateworld for instance is considerably out of step with the opinions in most other places I see Stargate discussion. I think if you visit the more generalised sci fi sites and boards you get a far broader (and more balanced) range of opinions.

    Still, I suppose if it suits the agenda of any particular producer to “believe” that the half dozen shippers planning to bombard your offices with assorted stuffed penguins and postcards next month actually are as many people as they are pretending to be, then the lunatic fringe of online fandom must have its uses, huh?

  65. Salu Joseph =)!!

    Sa va bien aujourd’hui?

    Oh je suis désoler pour votre téléphone, il etait cool pourtant.
    C’est vrai que les Iphon son super. J’ai aussi beaucoup les Samsung.

    Merci de m’avoir répondu^^! c’est vraiment trés gentil♥!
    •A d’accord ils ont chacun leur espace avec leur remorque=)
    •Jespert que vous viendrez un jours en France, dite moi surtout =)
    •Ohhhhh que oui!! Les bétises de Cambrai son délicieuse, c’ est un bonbon de sucre cuit battu (étiré), finement parfumé à la menthe Mitcham, sur lequel on applique une rayure de caramel pour en adoucir le goût. ..Miame!!

    Ce soir en France c’est le Grand Match “France/Italie” jespert qu’on va gagner et que sa ne va pas finir au tire au but comme a la final de coupe du monde 2006.


    1) Aimez vous les jeux video? quand Stargate Wolrds sortira, avez vous l’intention de l’achetez?
    2)Allons nous voir dans cette saison 5 un nouveaux peuple, physiquement different des humains?

    Bon allez énorme Bisou!!! je vous adore!!! a demain =)♥

  66. Blackberry v iPhone = Neither

    I love my Nokia N95. It has more than passable web access good service coverage and a 5 mega pixel Carl Zeiss Lens on the Camera. Perfect for capturing those behind the scenes moments and videos.

    I’m not sure about availability in Canada etc, but I have had mine for a year.

    In other thoughts my brother wouldn’t be parted from his iPhone.

  67. gollysunshine said:
    I can’t resist pointing out that as of today, Daniel and Jack can now come to California to get married to complete that hand-holding we learned about in the rehearsals of the wedding scene for “200″ — they can join up with that other old married couple, Denny and Alan, and make it a double ceremony. Since Denny wants so badly to be part of the military boys club, he might even pay for the whole things.

    LOL! That’s too funny. Alan and Daniel could commiserate at the reception about the “shoot first, ask questions later” tendencies of their respective partners and Jack gets lost in his “twins” fantasy.

  68. Oh, I remember the days when I could read so many books in one week. How do you do it? I was impressed that I got through about 100 pages during my 8 hour shift in between answering phone calls.

    As for the Blackberry vs iphone debate…as a user of neither (yet), I plan on getting a Blackberry Pearl. But then, I’ve always been a PC over Mac user, too. I do want your phone decals, though. Or is it engraved?

  69. Love the pic of the phone, I wish I could have a Stargate Atlantis phone.

    Along the same lines, I know its probably been asked hundreds of times and stuff but is there any way at some point the graphics people will release a screen saver that is like the ancient computer consoles on Atlantis? I know loads of people who would even pay to have a screen saver that makes it look like we are connected to the Ancient database.

  70. “..dropping it in a water-filled yogurt container last night, I don’t recall anything unusual happening to it.”

    My ipod fell out of my pocket into a water-filled ice cream container when I was getting the dogs food ready, it kept playing music so i didnt even notice! haha
    And thankyou SO much for the blog dedication, it made me very happy.

  71. @ DasNdanger The AJ Meerwald is definitely a beauty and I envy you your time as volunteer crew. I wish I was a member of ASTA, but I’m a bit decrepit for much more than very occasional office work or a 3 hour jaunt as a passenger on a good day. That said, I will head out whenever I can to photograph the ships and take my little 3 hour jaunt when the Hawaiian Chieftain or the Lady Washington is in port here in either Westport or Aberdeen, because there is just nothing like standing on the deck of a Tall Ship under sail (the closest that comes to it, and vice versa, is riding a running horse bareback across an open plain, which I really shouldn’t do any more either). *sigh* It really sucks to get decrepit in your chronological not-quite old age.

    As for working with hot pitch, ain’t it lovely? NOT. 😉 I’ve only worked with it once when I was grinding a telescope lense for a home made Newtonian telescope (which I never actually finished, due to the stupidity of trying to make the tube from solid mahogany….D*U*M*B*) once upon a lifetime ago. I can only imagine having to use a blow torch and applying the stuff to the planking of a ship. ‘Paying the seams’ is filling the gaps in the planking, right? Or am I totally off?.

    Lastly, I’m right there with you on the obsessive, analytical fan front. I’ve only got a handful of things I’m Obsessive over, but yeah, I’m Obsessive about ’em (notice the capital O). I do my best to keep the ranting and frothing at the mouth down to a level that won’t frighten polite society, but I don’t always manage, especially when it comes to internal and character continuity. And you really don’t want to hear me when I get going on the subject of characters and races being dissed. *looks downright sheepish and blushes profusely* Sorry about that, by the way, Joe. I really should’a calmed down after watching “Sunday” and “Unending”, I’m afraid my comments were not constructive at all and, in fact, fell into the category of out and out rude. *ducks head in shame*

    And Joe, as for “Focus Groups” are concerned, good lordy! It was one o’ them damn things that persuaded Antoine Fuquah to tag that asinine, saccharine wedding scene onto 2004’s “King Arthur”. Glarrrrrgh! Seriously, if you folks are going to use focus groups, at least get some folks who are within the target market that the series is aimed toward!

    Anywho, the muscle relaxers and Ambien are kicking in, making me wonkey, so I’ll spare you folks more of my blather. Thanks muchly allowing all of us to natter on about things on your blog Joe, you’re a great guy, especially since you don’t have to be so nice at all.

    ‘Night ‘night all.

  72. hello joe.

    just quickly, ever seen Footrot Flats or read the comics?

    time for sleep!

  73. Another vote for Blackberry, we looked at the iPhone but ultimately rejected it, the new one still won’t connect the laptop to the internet via bluetooth so we’ll continue to use the Blackberry- on whatever carrier we please. I prefer to keep my entertainment (iPod) and business (phone) separate anyway. Nothing more annoying than watching TV or movie from the iPhone and the phone rings with a call that must be answered.

    Ratatouille My mother, who never buys movies, bought that one because it has cartoon rats. She collects cute rats. DON’T ASK. It was fairly amusing but I never need to see it again. I’m not a big fan of cartoons that aren’t Japanese in style (sorry Simpsons). Early childhood imprint.

    Great SGA pix from the LA Times. I see a new cast pic at MGM, but it looks like it was stitched together from old and new. so they didn’t even order s5 promo pix?? oh boy.

  74. Narelle – Sorry hon but your “messages” conversation had me chortling! 😀

    Hey Joe, seeing as so many fans are taken with the über-coolness of your Stargate phone, maybe you should auction off its non-functioning (but still very pretty) carcass for charity (just don’t forget to clear the address book first! :D)

  75. Hi Joe!

    Have you consider a Blackjack II by Samsung. That’s what our family uses. If you wait a few months, the google phone comes out. My husband is upgrading to that as soon as it comes out. You may want to do some research into that. Hope that helps a bit.

    from Indiana 🙂

  76. Off-topic ramble: A Motorola Bluetooth will not survive being run over by a heavy haul tractor-trailer loaded with nearly 40 tons of structural steel. Best Buy tries to sell us the expensive earbugs, but hey, $30 in a truckstop, you can’t go far wrong.

  77. dasNdanger wrote:

    I turned to discussion forums because I tend to be analytical by nature, and my family and friends would rather talk about – ya know – shoes and babies and other stuff I could care less, and they certainly don’t want to hear about my obsession du jour. So I sought out people of like mind who wanted to rant/rave/analyze/gush about the same things that were of interest to me. Doing so has introduced me to new ideas and opinions and possibilities I would never have thought of on my own. I love the mental exercise of it all, even if there’s no real value in it. Just being able to bounce opinions and ideas off of other people tends to make me more interested in and excited about (in this case) SGA, and I think this is true of others as well. It’s this sort of reinforcement that probably makes the opinions of on-line fans far different from those who never think much about the show beyond their weekly viewing, let alone taking the time to discuss it with others.

    Thank you, my dear das! You have beautifully stated my reasons and opinions about participating in online fan forums. Brava.

    Anne Teldy

  78. Me I’m tempted to wait for the phones with the Google Android OS, but then my current phone is working 😉

  79. Hello, channel surfing i land in Dawson’s Creek, where a 31 year old Joe Flanigan is putting the moves (and lips) on an 18 year old Michelle Williams – oh the horror! *g*

  80. Tim Gaffney said:

    I assume everyone has seen this by now, but there are some great new Atlantis photos here:
    And for those of you that have been constantly asking, they include Joe F.

    Wow, wow, wow! Thanks Tim. That photo of Sheppard with the candles – so sad. Joe F is amazing.

    I wish I had an Atlantis Phone. Does it have galactic roaming Joe? 😀

    Cheers, Chev

  81. My bro’s girlfriend has an LG F9200. It’s a “normal” cell phone with a QWERTY keyboard that slides out of the bottom.

    As someone who’s a little ham-fisted, I found it surprisingly easy to use.

  82. I remember Marty G’s commentary for that episode and his squeaky impersonation of the extra – I think it was Childhood’s End. I wonder if the directors comments to them were ‘look shocked – like its never happened before’.

    On the phone front – my advice would be if your buying something that has extras you don’t really need and have lived without until now – go for the thing that looks the coolest if you have the money and is the cheapest if you dont.

    On the actor front – depending on which David it is I think we could live without them 😉 Did you see Martin Gero’s acting skills? He’d be a really good gate technician.

  83. Perhaps you just havn’t gotton to my question yet, but I’m going to ask again. (OR maybe I just missed the answer)

    Do you plan on reading “The Host” by Stephenie Meyer or and of the Twilight Series?

  84. Boy i must be living i a cocoon. Until i read your blog i had not heard of a possible strike . So what would they be striking for? I take if its the actors that will be striking? Where would i go to find out about what is going on. I work way too much these

  85. I recently got the Env2 and it works really good. It’s a normal cell phone that flips open to a QWERTY keyboard. The only thing I don’t like about it is that the display screen on the front is really small. I would get an iphone but that requires me to switch from Verizon to AT&T which I refuse to do. I would personally go with a Blackberry or a Smartphone. Another option that you could consider is the LG Voyager like other people have been saying. It’s basically another version of the iphone available with Verizon.

  86. I would be keenly interested in knowing the differences between the on-line fans’ and focus group’s opinions. Can you share any examples? Have there been recent focus groups conducted? I think there were some after Season 3, weren’t there? I remember Marty G saying his episodes were both hated and loved. 🙂

    I know for myself, being in on-line fandom has really sharpened my opinions. Things about SG1 I might have ignored started to bug the cra*p out of me because fandom raised my sensitivity. That’s partly why I don’t participate in any other fandoms. It makes me too critical a viewer, and sometimes I just want to be entertained. 🙂 Still, there are spillover effects when it comes to looking for subtext. Heh.

  87. In a choice between iPhone and BlackBerry, I would choose a BlackBerry. BBs are proven technology and have things like user-changeable batteries (gasp!). iPhones are still quite new and you can’t change the battery yourself.

    Another major problem is that iPhones are always on, even when you’ve turned them “off”. There are horror stories of people going on holidays to Africa, during which time they had their iPhone in their backpack but turned off. Upon return, they found multi-thousand dollar roaming data charges because the phone was chattering away keeping their email up-to-date when it was “off”. (I think they’ve made it easier to turn off the data services while still leaving the phone functions on, but I don’t know this for certain. My BB allows me to do this.)

    Also, until Canada gets more reasonable data rates, getting a data-intentive device like an iPhone isn’t a good idea. I read something today that says Rogers’ data plans are going to catch up with the rest of the world and become more reasonable.

    One other thing is to wait to see exactly how music will work in the iPhone as implemented by Rogers. The Nokia I had prior to my BB was supposed to be a “music phone”, but the player was crippled so the only music it would play had to be bought from Rogers’ music store. Well, until I did some Googling and found out how to make the phone think it wasn’t a Rogers phone at which point all sorts of things started to work and I could load my MP3s onto it.

    But really, if you want an MP3 player, get a dedicated device and leave your phone to be a phone.

  88. I have some questions!

    1) Is it possible for a fan to get a cell phone like that? Or do you have to be “special”?

    2) You said “Well, I suppose it’ll forever remain one of life’s little mysteries like … why is Aston Kutcher famous.” The answer is: He played a hot rescue swimmer in The Guardian. Speaking of which: Why has there never been a USCG character on Stargate (either one)? Every other branch has been represented. I would REALLY like to know the answer! You don’t have to have small boat station Atlantis or anything; there are USCG people who are pilots, doctors, cooks, engineers, mechanics, EVERYTHING!

    A Somewhat Pissed Off Coastie Brat

  89. Chevron7 said…
    I wish I had an Atlantis Phone. Does it have galactic roaming Joe?

    Nah. To get universal roaming on your phone you’ll need the Doctor and his sonic screwdriver… 😀

  90. Well tomorrow is the day of my surgery…it has only taken 3 months to get here. Sadly it will probably lead to another one but I will take that one step at a time.

    As for the IPHONE…Sprint has a new phone coming out that makes the IPHONE look crappy. I don’t know if Sprint is up your way…I just know that I can use my sprint phone in Victoria…

  91. me revoila, je ne savais pas se que c’etait le “Blackberry”; je me suis rénseigner et je préfére largement le Iphone…ils ont tout les 2 pleins de fonctions intéressantes..Mais je trouve le Iphone plus jolie , le Blackberry resemble à une calculatrice….=)

  92. Personally, and I’ve said it before, I’m enjoying your blog entry titles. Some make me scratch my head but some give me a good laugh…like today’s.

    I’m sad for the moment because I had to fire someone. Even though I’ve been a department manager for years, having to fire folks is one of my least favorite parts of the job. I know some people who claim to enjoy giving someone the axe, but I find it hard to believe.

    You’re a boss. Have you ever had to fire anyone? Who is responsible for the hiring/firing of the crew that works on SGA?

  93. hmm I’m an admin in a Mac environment but I’d also chose the Blackberry.
    The iPhone has like 100 things you pay for but don’t really need. And with the price for the phone itself and the monthly fees I’d rather go for a simple phone and a UMPC, Subnotebook, Netbook or whatever you wanna call it

  94. Do you know what the highest amount of comments on your blog have been? maybe all time high? I know you said maybe they have dropped with the new titles…

  95. Hey Joe!

    I’ve been busy with my Dance Week of Heck. *sigh* My youngest is in a dance recital that has now taken over my life. The recital is Wednesday. Wish me luck. 😀

    Anyway… I’m not *in the know* on phones. I can tell you that I hate my Strawberry Chocolate phone. No one can use it but me. And even then not even I can always use it. It’s a stupid phone and I want something different.

    I’ve used the iPhone and it’s too hard for me. I have a Zune and NOT an iPod for the same reason. The scrolling is too sensitive. You should try the iPhone to see if you would like it.

    Jeremy calls Fondy’s phone a Crackberry for a reason. 😛 I think Jeremy uses the Samsung SCH-i760. It’s a smart phone. It has Windows Mobile 6 Professional. The Qwerty keyboard slides out. Jeremy has what I call Shrek fingers. Meaning they are big, furry, and green. Oh, wait, not green. Just big and furry. 😉 But he’s able to type on his phone quite well.

    He even watches TV on it while he’s away from home thanks to the Slingbox I bought him for Hannukah. He spends a lot of time surfing the web on his phone, too. It has Wi-fi, Bluetooth, and even a digital music player. Plus a camera. And there is a stylus if you just want to write things down. Jeremy is always opening up a notepad and scribbling bits of info. I’m sure he would recommend it to you.

    It’s worth looking into. I would have one but I don’t think they make them in pink. 😉 That and the fact that I don’t need a little computer with me at all times.

    Hey, is your flooring in yet? Are you back in the masterbedroom on a better mattress? Hopefully you are and life is good again.

    By the way: RE: Costco and parking: I’m with you. If I see a spot and it’s really crowded, I take it! Even if there *may* be a closer one, if it takes ten minutes to find it, I’ve wasted all that time driving around looking for it. And usually, in my case, I never find a *closer* spot. I’d rather just park already and get on with the shopping.


  96. Hi Joe,

    I’m not sure about availability in Canada, but I’ve been a Palm fan for years. About a year ago I finally upgraded from phone plus separate PDA (can’t live without a PDA — it’s my “auxiliary brain”) to combined Treo. There are so many applications that can be used with the Palm OS, many of which I already owned for my PDA and simply transferred to my new Treo.

    It has a touch screen, but also has a full keyboard. It can be used for music, Internet access, etc., but also can fully sync with either the Palm desktop or Outlook, and there’s a Mac client as well as a PC interface.

    They came out with the Centro not very long ago, which my husband and daughter both eagerly adopted. A little smaller than my Treo, possibly not as sturdily built, but my husband adores his. The Centro also has both touch screen and full keyboard, and runs the same Palm software as my Treo.

    Phone quality is excellent. I was able to load a separate application suite to sync with my work email, calendar, and contacts (I keep my personal stuff totally separate, but on the same phone).

    I think that Palms are under-appreciated. The little-known secret is that my husband (a Radio Shack store manager) tells me that he can’t keep Centros on the shelf — he’s selling them faster than he can keep them in stock. Under-reported, but greatly loved, and no one returns them.

    Sorry for the sales brochure. I don’t work for Palm, just almost as big a Palm fan as Stargate fan 🙂


  97. Joe,

    I’m feeling your pain. Just three days ago, my MP3 player had a run in with my sister’s milkshake. It slid off my lap as I turned to give my son and hers headphones for the DVD player. It only went half-way in, but, unfortunately, it was the half with all the controls. It continued to operate for another 1/2 hour, but then gave up the ghost.

    And I would agree that an Atlantis phone should be able to stand up to a few seconds’ submersion. Harumph!

    I’m going to DeBrands Chocolate Factory tour Thursday in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Any recommendations?


  98. Joe-
    I found your blog a few weeks ago and thus i have been very impressed. Your interaction with stargate fans new and old is very commendable so thanks.

    One thing you should consider with your blackberry vs iphone conundrum is insurance. I really enjoy the iphone, but a friend of mine found out a few weeks ago, after dropping his iphone and having the glass “spider,” that apple does not cover “accidental damage” to the iphone and att does not offer any insurance for that phone like it does for its others. I know it is offered for the blackberry. So if your prone to yogurt filled water glasses… or in my case swimming with a phone in your pocket… you might want to choose the latter.

  99. @ anneteldy – Uh…wow. I don’t know what to say. I’ve been kicking myself all morning for making yet another long, rambling post here and cursing the fact that there’s no delete/edit feature…and so…thanks. You made me feel a much better about it. *hugs*

    @ Sulien – Anyone can be a member of ASTA – just send ’em your money! 😀

    Not all sail training/volunteer programs are the same – some you even have to pay for although you’re volunteering your time. The Meerwald’s is EXCELLENT for anyone who just wants to help out, because you are just a volunteer – no commitment, no fees, no special requirements (unless you sail, then you do have to take the sail training class). For maintenance it was great – I’d just show up Saturday morning – it would be me and a bunch of older, retired guys (60ish-80 years old)…and once in a while one of the younger captains. Folks just did what they could do, even the ‘decrepit’ ones. 😉 After a while, I could just show up and do whatever my duty was, like the winter I refurbished the blocks. Temps averaged about 20 degrees F, and I worked in the unheated shipping sheds, right over the water. My hands would freeze up in about a half hour, and often I was the only one there, but it was still the best thing I’ve ever done – just me and my head and peace and quiet…and good, dirty work to keep me busy.

    And yup, ‘paying the seams’ is sealing in between the planks with pitch. The second job the captain gave me was to sand the ‘ceiling’ (floor) of the fo’c’sle. Well, first I had to go below without killing myself (me and ladders don’t mix). That accomplished, the captain hands me a hand-held power sander, and tells me what to do…then he leaves. Now…I had never used a power sander before, either. Sooo…there was this rather amusing moment when I got down on my knees, turned the sucker on, touched it to the planking, and bbbrrrrzzzzzziiiipppp!…sander took off, I held on, and it laid me out flat on my belly! 😳

    I envy your opportunity to sail on the Lady. I have a friend who sails on the Niagara every year, and one of these days I’m bound and determined to join her. And you’re so right – there is nothing like standing on the deck of a ship under sail…it is life itself.

    Obsessions – yup, I have a few – two different sorts. The long-term…like ships, and a strong interest in Native American history and pre-20 cent. culture – NOT to be confused with the new age mumbo-jumbo psuedo-Indian crap of recent years – but the up-to-your-elbows-in-buffalo-guts kinda thing, though I never got to do that. However, I have plucked dead things and cut the tails off of other dead things…and made stuff out of it, so that counts. 😀 The short-term obsessions are usually entertainment-related and last as long as the thing doing the entertaining is available, or until the thrill wears off. In this case, I’ll be obsessed as long as there are snowy-haired Wraith in the PG, then who knows what’ll happen after that….but I’m sure it will involve either A. Johnny Depp, or B. men with really long hair…(no – scratch that, THAT is a fetish, not an obsession) 😆

    And come on! You certainly can’t make as big an ass out of yourself as I can when you get on a character kick, now can you?? 😉 I mean, I’m defending bug aliens who suck the life out of you like giant green ticks…it’s like being Hannibal Lecter’s lawyer…you just know it can’t turn out good, and yet…you keep trying.

    (Thanks JM – I KNOW that one was a totally OT ramble…blame anneteldy for encouraging me 😛 )


  100. Perhaps a faulty ZPM is to blame for your mobile phone problems?

    I have a 8830 crackberry courtesy of my work and I love it and the QWRTY keyboard except I am not a touch typist and my aged eyes can’t see the keys unless I put my glasses on.

    The Jawbone bluetooth headset works well with it and I love the voice command dialing.

    Hope this helps.

  101. Dear stargate_geek, when I was in the Navy, we had Coasties go through C-7 school with us. Peace-time, they were not Department of Defense, they were Department of Transportation. DoD only if there was a war on. (Used to joke around and call them “bus drivers”. Cruel, I know.) These days, Coasties fall under Homeland Security. Crossing over to a DoD venue is even less likely than in the past.

  102. Did you know that, as long as it wasn’t salt water, if you let electronics dry completely, and I mean *completely* :for a few days at least: before trying to turn it on, that it will still work. I’ve done this with a PDA that i dropped in the sink. And a cell phone that fell in a puddle in the rain.

    Also, if you have a hard drive that crashes, there is a slim chance that if you stick it in the freezer for a day, carefully wrapped in plastic to avoid moisture, that it will work just long enough to recover the data.

    Question. Have you ever had Porkroll or Scrapple?

  103. Alipeeps wrote:

    Hey Joe, seeing as so many fans are taken with the über-coolness of your Stargate phone, maybe you should auction off its non-functioning (but still very pretty) carcass for charity (just don’t forget to clear the address book first! :D)

    I was going to buy that phone but not now. Thanks so much, Alipeeps! You just had to remind him!

    Anne Teldy (who has taken “Call Joe Flanigan over and over” off her “How to Spend My Birthday While Incarcerated in a Nursing Home” list)

  104. Hey Joe,

    I have a Blackberry 8830 WE and absolutely love it. Of all the phones I’ve had, this one is positively the best. We have the, new every two, plan at Verizon and my husband asked me what kind of phone I was getting next. Well, I said that unless it is a different color of the BB 8830, I would be sticking with what I have and he could use my new every two. The best thing about BB is being able to get my email while away from my computer. But I must not forget about how, when I am at my in-laws in Texas (who don’t own a computer or even know what internet is) I can take my laptop and tether my BB to it and work away on the net. I have even tethered it to my laptop while riding in the car.

  105. QUOTE
    June 15, 2008: Court Rules Entrance Exams Discriminate Against the Stupid and Lazy

    Reminds me of when the US civil service exam was ruled discriminatory. Exams were discontinued for…I think 4 or 5 years.

    1980’s version was actually SIX DIFFERENT exams, each supposedly tailored to different career skills. I used to score 90+ on the 1970’s version; in the 80’s, scored mid-70’s on at least two of the different exams.

    Nowadays, I think the various agencies have job-specific entrance exams, if an exam is used at all…but I could be wrong…

  106. Hey Joe. Wow…post 115, I’m a little late reading your blog today.

    Hey guess what…I finished grade 9 today!!!! Please wish me luck on my exams next week though!

    Anyway…I wanted to know if you’ve ever read any of John Marsden’s books? Specifcally any of his books from The Tomorrow Series?

    Thanks Joe.

    Also, where could one get that phone cover, or was it specially made for you?

  107. Since the mailbag is back up I thought it was time for some hard hitting questions.

    1. Will any of the team be struck by a debilitating foot fungal infection that will test their fortitude to their very limits?
    2. Will Sheppard get a date to the prom?
    3. Will the Wraith and the Replicators merge to form the Wraithlicators and robot dance and life suck their way to victory?

    And that’s the difference between online fans and focus groups – focus groups just don’t care as much to ask the questions that need asking, though they’re also less likely to cower from sunlight.

  108. @Dovil: ROFL!!! 😀 Okay that made me laugh!

    Yes, online fans are a breed apart from not only focus groups but the entire REST of the human population.

    For the record, though, I don’t cower from sunlight exactly. I just avoid it at all costs. 😉

  109. Hey Joe,

    I hope you don’t mind me posting this. Just wanted to share the sunrise we just had here this morning.
    It was the type of morning where it made you take a deep breath, feel the warm Northerly breeze (as opposed to looking at the fog of late), tell the cockatoos to pipe down and let out a Wooooooossssaaaaaaaa. The pic doesn’t do justice to what Mother Nature actually put on.

    Alipeeps wrote:

    Narelle – Sorry hon but your “messages” conversation had me chortling!

    If you don’t laugh you cry. And sometimes the other way around too.

    Shiningwit wrote:

    Narelle, Dasndanger, Dovil, Thornyrose, You guys are better’n prozac!

    Sounds like an FM morning radio program line-up. Feeling rather undeserving being put in that list (but thanks!).

  110. Joe: I provide technical support and training for Blackberries at a law firm in Washington DC and have been doing so for three years now, and I cannot swear by them enough. The Blackberry 8800 is amazing! You can surf the web, email, make phone calls, do voice activated dialing, pair your Bluetooth with it, and a myriad of other wonderful features. It comes with GPS and you can get directions from your device. The keyboard is great, and it’s really easy to use otherwise.

    I don’t know if Verizon is available in Canada. If it is, go with Verizon. If not, your second best bet is T-Mobile (even though I hate their billing department with a passion) – they always have service no matter where you go (except possibly deep in the badlands of South Dakota – but how often do you plan to travel there?)

    Now, lastly, if you do get it, and you find you need some training on the device – just let me know. I would be more than happy to travel to Canada to provide training on the device. 🙂

    Good luck!

  111. Hi Joe,
    Just saw the Stargate promo on the Sci-Fi channel–sweet! Can’t wait for the new season to begin–looks wonderful. Good luck with the phone. It’s a challenge no matter what you get.

  112. shiningwit wrote: Narelle, Dasndanger, Dovil, Thornyrose, You guys are better’n prozac!

    First a sec there, I thought you said we NEEDED prozac… 😛


  113. Yo, idk who you are really, i just googled my first and last name ( Joseph Mallozzi ) and found this, but in my opinion, i have an iPhone and its awesome so get one! and stop stealing my name 😛

  114. The Mystery of the Stargate:Atlantis Phone…sorry to hear about the hassle. My darling brother once decided to spill coffee all over my phone and I was sure that would do it in – but no! After taking off the cover and drying the insides it was fine. Mind you, it wasn’t submerged.

    On the decision of a new phone, well, I actually would be leaning towards a Blackberry at this stage. Apple is just about to bring out a new Iphone, and there is mutterings of an even more improved Iphone being released in a year or so. I don’t have either, so I’m not speaking from personal preference, more from tech logic. Blackberries are more established, so they’ve had more time to figure out glitches and what will be the most convenient features, style etc.

    All this talk of the SAG contract renewal has made me wonder…do you have to hire SAG actors for speaking roles? I know in America you pretty much have to, or sponsor the actor to become a member. Is it different in Canada? I’m really curious about it.

  115. dasNdanger wrote: First a sec there, I thought you said we NEEDED prozac…

    Well, that too.. 😀

  116. Chevron7 said…
    I wish I had an Atlantis Phone. Does it have galactic roaming Joe?

    alipeeps said…
    Nah. To get universal roaming on your phone you’ll need the Doctor and his sonic screwdriver… 😀

    Yah I know alipeeps, I thought the exact same thing when I read Chev’s comment…great minds obviously think alike!

    Image what kind of trouble the Doctor could get into at the Atlantis base…or anywhere in the Stargate universe for that matter. A thought.

  117. Joe regarding your phone and the little dip it took, sorry just saw yesterday entry. I’d say just dry it. I always ask my husband if there’s anything left in his pockets before doing the laundry because I hate penny’s with a passion I can’t express with words and am well, slightly OCD :>) Don’t like anything metal like that. So anyway I put his pants in the washer, dumped in the detergent, and even topped it off with fabric softener and guess what I found when I pulled them out al clean and fresh. HIS CELL PHONE! It not only spent the soak cycle in the wash but the whole darn process. The funny thing is we let it dry in our abnormally hot bathroom for two days and the dang thing worked up until the day he shut it in the door of our Hyundai Tiburon. The seven and one keys were a little hard to push, but the dang thing still worked and took pictures. Sooo my suggestion a day late, give it a good blow dry and let it sun it’s self, it’ll be as good as new. :>) Nicole

  118. Ok, i am a long time fan of both SG1 and SGA and was really said about the last eps of both, for a long time me and others were hoping to see and ancient screensaver like the one on the show and for along time i waited until i decided to make one for my self and share it with the world so joe i hope you like it i give you the Jonascale AS-2 Ancient Standby Screensaver for Windows you need flash to run it, i hope that it lives up to all the fans plus its fan made and its free . . . . que applause i hope you all like it

    im looking very forward to SGU i hope that i fills the void in my heart lol great work for so many years i hope that you keep up the great work thanks for everything Jonascale

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