Last night\'s tea-smoked duck at Northern Delicacy.

My bed for the next three nights.

My Summer Reading Pile 

Last night, I went from the living room couch to a mattress on the floor of my home theater which was the equivalent to being upgraded from a room in a Motel 6 to a room in a Motel 6 with a black-out screen. A little more comfortable, yes, and I did get to sleep in past sunrise. The dogs seemed to prefer the new sleeping arrangement as it allowed them to saunter across my stomach and face at all hours of the night without the hassles of having to jump or scramble onto something first.

Since I did get a good night’s sleep, I had plenty of energy for sitting out on the front steps all afternoon. I rewrote the tease of Remnants (adding Dr. Kiang as per Martin’s suggestion and replacing the tree limb after Rob warned me it wouldn’t work) and made some changes to the first act (I addressed Paul’s note by including an early time-cut, lost McKay’s “I said good day, sir.” because Martin didn’t like it, included Zelenka in the control room scene as per everyone’s request, and changed the final beat to avoid repeating a visual from Broken Ties). I also did some reading..  I’m halfway through John Varley’s The Opiuichi Hotline, an incredibly enjoyable SF novel. If the second half of the book is as strong as the first, it’ll be making my SF Top 10 along the likes of Old Man’s War, Consider Phlebas, and Ender’s Game. Hopefully the rest of my Summer reading list proves equally brilliant and engrossing.

As promised, I’m dedicating this blog entry to my long-neglected mailbag. Alas, I wasn’t able to get through all of the questions and comments I wanted to address, so I’ll see if I can pick up where I left off in tomorrow’s entry.

I’m also woefully behind in my dedications so today’s entry is dedicated to: 1) All of the fans who traveled to DFW to see our favorite Scotsman only to have the con canceled, 2) Narelle’s dinged car.

Cheeky Lil Devil writes: “Contrary to popular belief Mr M is just a big softie as the picture below proves.”

Answer: As opposed to the picture taken right after it that shows me lifting both of your wallets.

Prospero writes: “Can you tell us anything about what Project Twilight is??”

Answer: Nope. It’s Top Secret.

Belouchi writes: “1. When do you think (the earliest possible) we will know of the sixth season pick up.
2. Any new earth ships in the near future?
3. So far Remnants, the eppy you are writing, can be classified under what type of episode? For example: Sateda=action packed, BAMSR=Best special effects, First Strike=Suspenseful, Doppleganger=unique and frightful…..”

Answers: 1. Some time between mid-September and mid- November. 2. Nope. 3. Suspenseful, character-driven.

Marion writes: “Also, how come everytime you come on set I’m busy shushing down the extras or on radio dealing with an emergency ?!”

Answer: Next time I swing by, do introduce yourself.

LibKat writes: “Was Ba’al’s knife of “great sentimental value” because it was one he used on O’Neill in Abyss?”

Answer: It was simply Baal’s weak attempt to save his weapon.

AMZ writes: “From what I can tell visual effects companies and people are often closely connected, but I’m wondering if you have any idea how far this extends? See, I was watching a recent episode of Doctor Who, and the visual effects of a giant library complex looked incredibly similar to the city in Stargate: Atlantis.”

Answer: I believe it’s just coincidental. We have an in-house visual effects department and also make use of local vendors. Dr. Who is shot in the U.K. and I suspect they use local vendors (or an in-house department) as well.

Mrs.B108 writes: “Do Sheppard and Teyla have any personal obstacles between them this year?”

Answer: A certain issue will be addressed in Broken Ties.

Maren Sievert writes: “My question was, whether you’re supporting Italy during the soccer’s european Championship and if so what do think of theirgames so far.”

Answer: I, of course, support Italy in in both European Championship and World Cup play. So far, not so good.

Jenny Robin writes: “…still awaiting tasty tasty ice cream recipes.”

Answer: Baron Destructo and Cookie Monster will be swinging by in the coming days to offer up their favorite ice cream recipes.

Tango writes: “What is a “beat”?”

Answer: A beat is a step or dramatic development in a given script or story. When we break an episode, we divide the story into a teaser and five acts, then come up with scenes (on average 4-5) for each act. Each scene can have anywhere from one to “numerous” beats ranging from “McKay discovers something” to “McKay discovers something”, “Sheppard comes in to check on his progress and gets the update”, “Sheppard decides to launch the attack”.

Dovil writes: “The fact that you’ve decided not to go with that means that I’m going to flounce off right this second to start up a new thread at Gateworld entitled: ‘Death of Urinal Cake: Are the Writers Mad?!’.”

Answer: Fear not. If we get a sixth season pick-up, Urinal Cake will be back in the mix – along with Hexed, The “Replacements episode, and the episode in which Atlantis is stricken with a uncontrollable fever…Dance Fever!

My Name Is Scott writes: “A recent Gateworld news tidbit spoke of Stargate Universe, and how it may or may not trigger the end of Stargate Atlantis. If the problem is stretching out the writing staff, couldn’t new writers be brought on board instead of doubling the work load for the exiting writers?”

Answer: If both shows received a greenlight for next year, then we certainly would have to hire new writers.

Sarcasmo writes: ““Whispers” is a bunch of hot chicks with Paul McGillion and Joe Flanigan. Which originally I heard, when they first started the season, they’re like, “Oh, yeah! It’s going to be a great episode. It’s you, Joe Flanigan, and all these hot chicks!”Man, I love being right.”

Answer: Up until the episode airs of course at which point you’ll be wrong but, by that point, I’m sure you’ll have moved on to criticize other episodes you have yet to watch.

Leesa writes: “As a writer/executive producer, which do you prefer? I guess in an ideal world you’d like all the episodes to come in on time, but in this less than perfect world do you prefer longer or shorter?”

Answer: Most episodes run long and are edited down to time. Any sane writer-producer will tell you they prefer an episode run long rather than short. In the case of the former, it’s simply a matter of tightening up the episode or, at worst, losing some beats. In the case of the latter, you’re more often than not padding.

SkyPig writes: “Do Connor Trineer and other Wraith actors have to ADR all of their dialogue?”

Answer: Yes, those teeth can be a problem. Occasionally, we have actors come in for ADR. We also treat the wraith voices for added unearthliness.

Slian Martreb writes: “Now. If the nanites allow someone who has passed through the ‘gate to understand the spoken and written word of another culture/world/etc, then why do Daniel and Elizabeth have such a hard time doing translations?”

Answer: Again, this is my unofficial theory, but the nanites allow one to understand another’s language and be understood in turn, but this only applies to most verbal communication.

70 thoughts on “June 14, 2008: Archdiocese Spearheads Campaign for Itinerant Hamsters

  1. Woo hoo! A mattress! Oh man funny story so i was out mowing the lawn with my headphones and MP3 version of some wraith heavy episode playing on my headphones when suddenly there was a big giant shadow that crossed the yard, scared the bejeezus out of me!

    So my QOTD is one I’ve posted before.

    Why do the Milky Way planets get designated with “P” and Pegasus Galaxy planets get designated with “M” designations?

  2. It’s still and already the 14’th there in Canada, dear. 😉

    And good you got an half upgrade regarding you sleeping situation.

  3. Hey I read your blog every day, and I enjoy reading it! I hope you don’t mind me saying, but you have today’s date wrong. It’s nice to see your dogs are having fun, cute videos!

  4. Hey Joe

    Push your mattress right up against the cupboards or else you’re gonna have a travelling. falling pillow all night.

    Oh that meat….. *drool*

    Do you feel confident that this season is going to clinch a spot for a season 6?

  5. 1. The duck makes me drool. What was served with it, dumplings of some kind?

    2. That is one comfy looking pup.

    3. I’m surprised to see “Lathe of Heaven” in your pile. You’ve never read it before? I haven’t read it in ages. The 1980s PBS-made movie of it, if i recall correctly, is fairly true to the story, too. Fantastic story.

    ||. I’m behind on your posts again, thanks to my useless body breaking down again, which peaked with spending most of yesterday in an ER. They finally let me out at 3am this morning saying, “Yeah, your already screwed up spine is unhappy. There’s nothing we can do. Have some morphine and valium and stay off it for a few days.”

    Forget about the people who say, “It’s the future, where’s my flying car!” I want my futuristic robot replacement body in which I can stick my brain. Or what’s left of my brain, after all the damned drugs.

    Save your spine, man. A little damage today can leave you a cripple in only a decade or two.

  6. Hi, Joe.

    Thank you for the updates on season five.

    Duck! I found a grocery store in town that has Maple Leaf Farms frozen duck:

    So far, I’ve practiced my crude culinary cuisine cookery skills with the boneless duck breasts (tastes just like steak — except I prefer my beef steak to moo when I eat it, and the duck I prefer pretty well done), and the half duck (oh my gosh, crispy duck skin!).

    My best experiment so far has been the sour-cream/potato/brandy souffle, with the half-duck and rice/fresh cranberries/chives/roasted pepitas/cotija cheese dressing.




  7. Only three days? Here’s hoping that turns out to be a concervative estimate, and that you will manage to return to your normal sleeping arrangements. Otherwise, you may find the dogs permanantly traumatized at the loss of their new, improved bedding arrangements. A nice selection of books. Do you have a secondary pile waiting in case you finish the main pile off early? And like Whispers, Remnants is looking more intriguing with every little tease and clue you release. I don’t see how you can go wrong with more Zelinka either.
    Just a holiday related question for the day. Besides your books, do you have any plans for going to the movies, the theatre proper, or watching dvds? If so, which ones?
    Looking forward to the Baron and Cookie Monster and their assistance on how to make delicious-sounding ice cream(I’ll drop the “sounding” once I’ve tested the formula, I’m sure).
    Thanks as always for the pictures and the insights. And sleep in late for those of us who have to trudge to work on Sunday…

  8. Joe,

    Just wondering – how business-free is your hiatus? Do you get frequent calls from sycophants and minions asking where the tape is or are you able to relax? Just curious.


  9. Hey Joe,
    They had bacon ice cream on Top Chef and most of the recipients loved it. Any chance we will see you giving this a go on your ice cream Friday?

  10. Duck looks yummy, bed – and pup – look comfy, books look…like sheer drudgery. But I’m sure you’ll enjoy them!

    I spent my day cleaning the house – now off to tackle the comic books that I’ve been neglecting. Dang those sexy Todd and muffin-munchin’ Wraith pictures! They distracted me this week from my other obsessions!!!

    But first, about the languages…

    Why can’t ‘English’ be the universal language in the PG? There’s already a connection between the PG and earth, so – perhaps – at some point English (or an early form of English) was introduced into the PG…it might even help explain Shep’s possession of such a strong Ancient gene – it could be suggested that someone in the not-so-distant past travelled between the two galaxies. Maybe it wasn’t just our sun that never set on the British Empire – perhaps an explorer stumbled across the gate and ‘bam!’ – ended up in Atlantis. Yeah – it’s a huge stretch, but I’d be more apt to believe that than the whole nanite thing.

    And, as far as the Wraith go, it would be easy enough to suggest that their telepathic abilities enable them to adapt to any language they hear, even if they can’t get into the mind of the speaker. Since their brains have to process telepathic communication, it is easy enough to explain away that their speech and language learning centers are much different – and more efficient – than ours.

    (See, tol’ ya I’d somehow manage to almost not mention the Wraith. I fail miserably each and every time…)



  11. Woah, Narelle had an accident? I somehow missed that. Are you OK Narelle? Oh and shame on you Joe for dedicating the blog to her car and not to her. 😉

    Hope everyone’s OK and they fix your car promptly.


  12. Hi Mr. M.,

    I’m glad to see Urinal Cake will be in the mix for a possible sixth season as well as Hexed. Unless your yanking my chain on the latter.

    Hope you enjoyed the visit with Linzi and Cheeky. Us whumpers are still waiting with baited breath to hear all about the fun they had while in Vancouver.

    Have you ever done or know anyone who has done the Grouse Grind? I’m going to make my first attempt in August just before the GateCon Convention. I’m really excited to try this, although it looks like it may be a solo attempt as everyone is bailing on me and taking the tram to the top. Any advice you could pass along would be great, as would the company. 😀

    Gate Geek

  13. I know it’s just your unofficial theory, but wouldn’t it be interesting if the communication nanites escaped the Cheyenne mountain base and regular earth people suddenly started understanding each others’ languages?

  14. Hey Joe!

    What is that dish in the first picture? It looks quite delicious, and what are those white items along the edges of the plate? Also, the picture of your pug in the sheets looks cute. 🙂

    Good to see the mailbag back, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions! Judging by the cut McKay “I said good day, sir” line, I surmise this was a scene where McKay talks back to somebody? Although yes, McKay has worked his emotions over the years on Atlantis, I can’t really see him saying something like that back to somebody. Sheppard or Beckett, yes. Heck, if it was between Zelenka and McKay, I would’ve made McKay say it then. 😛

    Thanks as always, and keep up the good work!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  15. Hey Joe…I was thinking…

    Can’t you use your powers as a producer of a very successful show to speed up your house renovations? On that note…do you usually get “special treatment” or privilages due to your job?

    Thanks Joe.

  16. I feel like I’ve been on hiatus. My recovery ends Sunday and its back to work for me on Monday. I’ve been kicked back and relaxed for 4 weeks now and I’m not sure how Monday is going to go. I lie. It’s going to be LONG.

    I’ll repeat my question in case it got lost in the backlog.

    Why can’t the puddle jumpers go through the Gate cloaked? I would think that that would be stealthier.

    You did should a good job explaining the language/nanite issue that I’m on pins and needles waiting for your insight to the jumper cloaking issue.

  17. Joe,

    Where’d you get the duck? It looks fabulous. I’d like to add the restaurant to my list of places to visit during GateCon.

    In one of the season 10 commentaries you mention that you are a ‘shipper and list Jack/Sam, Daniel/Vala and Mitchell/Landry. Did you mean Mitchell/Lam or is there a hidden slasher somewhere?

  18. Have you ever gotten a note on one of your scripts from a fellow writer that you’ve simply ignored or strongly disagreed with?

  19. Hi Joe!
    Coming to you live from Hyatt Regency DFW from my hotel room! Have to say im really bummed about Paul and the con itself! Paul was the main reason for me coming all the way from alabama to dallas! All in all working with all the staff has been amazing! BTW when you see Conner again tell him I said sorry about the opening ceremony!! He knows what Im talking about! well im stuck here till monday seeing as there has been a sudden influx of people changing their flights for some odd reason! Thanks for listening! I have to tell you right I will never forget my FIRST con!

  20. Question for you! Howcome O’neal gives Daniel a hard time in the SGA Pilot about the Ancients’ “flying city”, when in an SG1 episode they had already encountered The Nox and their flying city that could also cloak?


  21. You’ve got one of my favourite books in our Summer reading pile: Inherit the Stars by James P. Hogan. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

  22. Thank you for the scifi reading list! I was looking for some good scifi reads. I’ll check out those books you mentioned… while waiting for the start of the season.

    I’m very new to Stargate Atlantis and it has quickly become a great, great favorite. The original SG never drew me in, but this one caught my imagination on the very first episode I got on DVD. I ended up watching the three seasons in one gulp so that I can catch up with the second half of season 4.

    I do enjoy the blog and the tidbits you have on the shooting of the series. I’ve always been in love with the art of writing screenplays and making movies. (No, I’m not in the business; or even close. My profession could not be farther from writing–engineering.)

    And yes, I enjoy the food. 🙂

  23. Aaahhh…sometimes I just love Wolverine (or, in this case, writer Simon Spurrier). From Wolverine: Dangerous Games: “For the record: Ain’t like I’m against huntin’ through an’ through. Be a hypocrite if I was, right? Way I see it, you’re gonna pit yourself against the wild, there better be a $#%in’ good reason. Like maybe you’re hungry and all you want’s a damn feed. Maybe you’re cold and a hindskin’ll save your life. Hell, maybe you’re just after provin’ something. To your pals, your pack, yourself. Whoever. And if that’s all it is, hey, long as it’s a fair fight, ain’t no shame involved.”

    Just thought I’d share. Since humans can – and do – fight back, and since the Wraith are now always on the losing end, I figure there’s no shame in what they do – whether it’s to feed, or to prove themselves. Heh – at least ‘Wolverine’ agrees with me. 😉

    Me and my dead horse are going nite-nite now! 😀


  24. Anyone know why SciFi didn’t air the movie “NYC: Tornado Terror” tonight? Nicole De Boer was starring in it. I wonder if it had anything to do with the flooding in Iowa.

  25. Hey Joe, a Couple of Questions:

    1) If the Ancients created ring platforms, why have we not seen any Pegasus?

    2) En terme de ville, est-ce que Montréal te manque?

  26. There’s been a question I’ve wanted to ask you for some time and I think now that you’ve begun your hiatus and will be doing a lot of reading like you said you would, I’ll ask.

    I’m just starting to get into Science Fiction novels, but what do you think would be a good one to really get me into the genre? I’ve read a few (Fahrenheit 451 and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), but can’t seem to stick with the genre like I do with murder mysteries and suspense even though I really want to since I love Stargate and Farscape.

    Enjoy your hiatus. I hope your sleeping arrangements improve soon.

  27. I just checked out the gateworld forum…I have never been so scared in my entire life! Stargate fans are crazy! All I saw was whine whine wah wha I hate this, I hate that 0.0

    I just like to watch the show! Whatever happened to just watching a really awesome show, sure theres some eps your not overly fond of, but lets not murder it people.

    Anyways Joe you writers take alot of crap I see, so props to you guys and know that theres some less…ummm colourful fans supporting you. Cheers.

  28. Mr. M, I again must ask for a blog dedication to honor one of your generous readers. Today, out of the blue, I received a box filled with CDs and a CD-player (batteries included!) from Paloosa.

    Thank you, Paloosa! I can’t even begin to tell you how much this means to me. Some of the CDs are definite keepers and I look forward to exploring the music on the others.

    And thank you to all who keep sending the spirit-lifting cards and letters. I’ve filled one bulletin board with them and am starting a second. They’re the first thing I see when I wake in the morning and they always make me smile.

    Anne Teldy

  29. Quite the load of books there, Joe! I just got my books for this month ordered as I couldn’t find them in a single Barnes and Noble. Now I just have to hope they arrive on time. I also look forward to your final report on the Varley novel.

    Also, congrats to Martin for making the cover of the magazine. I think it’s a fascinating thing to follow, especially considering I tend to think of Canada as much more liberal than the US.

    Have a good day!

  30. Question Joe,
    When the main actors are reading their lines while filming the extras you see in the background are also engaed in conversation are they actually reading lines from script or are they just mumbling.

  31. So thats tomorrow’s reading huh? what about the rest of your hiatus? Nice to see a John Wyndham novel in there, haven’t read Chocky myself but I have read Day of the Triffids (who hasn’t?) The Chrysalids, The Kraken Wakes and The Trouble with Lichen.

    Here’s a thought dude, maybe you should have got the crew that builds the sets to do your flooring, I’m pretty sure they’d have worked the weekend as long as you provided refreshments and goodies ….and beer.

  32. I had the impression that you weren’t that interessted in soccer *lol*. Well, I was obviously wrong. :o)
    I can’t help being impressed by the netherlands. They are the best team so far in this Championship. But France against Italy….. the repetion of the woldcups finale. That could be very interesting. I hope you have a chance to watch the games? I watch them games with a livestream from Germn TV.

    Well I’ll cross my fingers for Italy to win that game against France once more

  33. Hello Joe!

    1. What will happen, if the SAG strike begins in July? Can you finish season 5 as you planned?

    2. The new hostile race will return in the second half or will they be only in the mid season two parter?

    3. Which TV actor or actress would you like to see as the leading star in Universe? Are there any plans to call somebody for Universe or will you choose from those, who goes to the casting?

    4. Are you satisfied with season 5? If you have to give points to the episodes, than how much will you give? Which is the best?

    5. Do you plan a bigger advertisement campaign for season 5 on TV channels / newpapers / electronic media? There is less than a month, but I could see only some short article about the season on When will we get a longer promo or pictures about the team?

    6. An 1,2-1,4 average rating would be enough for SciFi to order season 5? I ask this, because more and more people have DVR, so I fear season 5 will earn lower numbers than last year. My other fear is SciFi wants to reach the 100th episode, but after that they will cancel it like they did it with SG-1.

    Best wishes. Have a nice vacation in Asia!


  34. Awww kimberleeInBama, that totally sucks. Your first con cancelled at the last minute.

    Does anyone know what happened? The website didn’t give any information.

    Is anyone going to Best of Both Worlds in Parramatta, Australia in July? They’ve got Kavan Smith (woo hoo!), Jaime Ray Newman, Peter Williams, Ivy Isenberg (Casting director) and Suzanne Wood (Stargate author). Of course, BOBW charge an arm and a leg to go. Admission is AUD$195.00 for one day’s access to the Dealers room, Q & A Sessions, & Auctions and for the whole weekend it’s AUD$615.00 per person.

    I’m thinking of going, after all it’s Kavan!

    Cheers, Chev

  35. A quick question if you would be so kind – are there still any plans for Kari Wuhrer to put in a return appearance as Nancy this season? If so, and if it isn’t too much of a spoiler, which episode would that be in?

    Okay so technically that was two questions… perhaps I should go for a third. You’ve talked recently of watching mixes of Broken Ties and The Daedalus Variations, with the première date approaching fast I was wondering how much time there will be roughly between the final cut of the episodes being completed and the actual air date?

  36. Is that duck breast in the top picture? Pork roast? And the white blobish things are…?

    Your makeshift bed, la plus chien, looks a lot more comfortable than anything Motel 6 has to offer. And I’ve stayed at just about every Motel 6 from DC to Phoenix.

  37. Up until the episode airs of course at which point you’ll be wrong but, by that point, I’m sure you’ll have moved on to criticize other episodes you have yet to watch.

    How is it a criticism of an episode when I’m not even talking about that? That is a direct quote from one of the actors of the show who is retelling what he was told by ‘they.’

    Who are the mysterious ‘they’? The caterers? The lighting specialists? Or maybe it was the producers and writers trying to sell the idea to the cast. That doesn’t meld well with “a highly trained group of professionals who happen to be female”.

    Unless you’re calling Jason Momoa a liar? Or Jason’s discussing future episodes with the cleaners and make-up artists?

    And NeKo of the ‘Stargate fans are crazy!’ fame – it’s those crazy fans that tune in each week, pay thousands of dollars to attend conventions and spend millions of dollars each year buying the DVD’s and merchandise. I’m glad you like to watch the show but if it wasn’t for us spending our money, you wouldn’t have a show to watch.

  38. Hey Joe!

    Upgraded accomodations! Nice! Blackout screens are huge for me. That stinkin’ Florida sunshine is waaaay too shiny and bright in the morning.

    Reading about your dogs walking across you all night does NOT make me miss the days when Sebastian would sleep in our bed. When he was younger he weighed a good 120 pounds. One night I woke up and was pinned by the dog! 😕 His legs were on my arms and his big head was on my neck and chest. I tried to get him to move but he was sound asleep. I had to wake Jeremy and beg him to push the dog off of me. Which Jeremy EVENTUALLY did after thoroughly enjoying the moment.

    Thankfully Annabelle’s too chicken to jump up on the bed.

    Just be glad that your doggies weigh about 100 pounds less than mine. 😉

    To all the fathers out there:



  39. Interesting answer about Sheppard and Teyla in Broken Ties hmm. Wonder what that will be ?
    Will the personal conflict continue or be resolved ? I wonder does it have to do with Larrin ?
    Any nice Sheppard, Teyla, and Baby moments coming up and any hints on the name Teyla chooses for her baby ?

    Thank You !!

  40. Hi Joe, I got a question for “Outsiders”

    Sheppards brother says something like their dad always regretted what happened between them. What really did break their bridge? Shep joining the military or did it have something to do with him ditching his wife? (whom he always took care afterwards). Or something entirely different.

    Just curious what made their family break apart the way it did and will we get more background info on Shep in s5?!

  41. AMZ wrote “I was watching a recent episode of Doctor Who, and the visual effects of a giant library complex looked incredibly similar to the city in Stargate: Atlantis”

    Well perception is much in the eye of the perceiver – it didn’t remind me of Atlantis at all – but more like the capital cities of Star Wars – of course they are all fairly derivative in their ‘tall spires stretching to the skies’. By now its even possible for home users to buy inexpensive 3D model objects of futuristic skyscrapers for home rendering programs.

    Sarcasmo writes: ““Whispers” is a bunch of hot chicks with Paul McGillion and Joe Flanigan.

    Mallozzi writes: “Up until the episode airs of course at which point you’ll be wrong but, by that point, I’m sure you’ll have moved on to criticize other episodes you have yet to watch”

    So where is he wrong? Flanigan and McGillion is not in it – or are you saying you think the actresses are butt ugly? 😉

  42. Sleeping on the floor is far more comfy with tatami underneath. I slept on the floor for nine years in Yokosuka in our tiny old house; when we transfered to San Diego, we bought our first “real” bed. I couldn’t sleep for weeks, I was terrified of rolling off. Now I have graduated to a tall European pillowtop, the one the sheep whine about, and a black wrought-iron canopy bed, complete with ravens on the bedposts. Those fake Halloween ravens, not real ones, real ones would be far too messy. I don’t know if that’s an homage to Poe (we share a birthday) or my Danish heritage (You go, Odin!).

    Anne, what type of music do you enjoy? I have 15 years worth of Dr. Demento fan club CDs. Just sayin’.

  43. John Varley=good writer, may I also recommend his Gaean Trilogy of 1) Titan 2) Wizard 3) Demon, they have been on my shelf since the 80’s AND newer stuff Red Thunder; Red Lightning; Rolling Thunder. Ditto on Hogan, Dick & Le Guin, excellent stuff. Asimov goes without saying. Stross= new to me, about to try a book of his, I’ve an omnibus titled On Her Majesty’s Occult Service (of all things) that contains 2 books, supposed to be Lovecraft-ish.

    lost McKay’s “I said good day, sir.”
    good, cause honestly, can’t see Rodney saying that unless he was in Victorian period costume. With deerstalker.

    Answer: It was simply Baal’s weak attempt to save his weapon.
    I also prefer to continue to think it was a snide allusion to the fun they had had.

  44. Hey Joe,

    You made my cars day! You should have seen it perk up when I told it. I think I saw a smile through its disfigured face. And hey, made me smile too. Thanks 🙂

    To alipeeps, Trish, McWraith and Chev, all well here thanks! Just a sore shoulder and some headaches to show for it. But really, that could be any day.

    The dogs have taken it hard. Their mode of transportation has been taken away from them and no matter how many re-enactments I do for them via a sock puppet show, they just aren’t understanding why they can’t go for a drive.

    Cheeky and Linz – I could feel the squee emanating from your photo!

    Take care of your back Joe! You might find yourself sleeping on the new floors to fix your back.

    Are you getting booties for the dogs or plan on soaking in hours of amusement watching 4 sets of legs trying to gain traction on take off, manoeuvre around corners and finally all try and pull up at the last minute before slamming into the door?

  45. Have you ever had a guest actor on the show who turned out to be far worse than you expected? (not asking for names). Or just a huge pain and not worth their talent?

  46. I would like to come back to a question asked by Hannah two or three entries ago: Is there already a definite number of episodes in which we are going to see Major Lorne? If yes, how many are they going to be?

  47. Thanks for the visual effects info Joe. What would I do if I didn’t have someone like you to ask these things?

    Aw, your dogs sound cute, walking all over you and everything. At least the floor situation is a boon to them!

  48. Hi Mr. Mallozzi,

    Is that your top ten SF of all time, or just of books you’ve read recently?

    What kind of meat is that in the first picture?

  49. So nice of you to provide the dogs with something tp walk all over and on – you’re such a nice guy and I’m sure they appreciate the sacrfice!! Or not!

    And are you sure that’s your bed, ‘cos I think the pug disagrees!

    Also, thanks for answering my question about long or short (re episodes). When I think about it, it makes sense that you’d prefer the episodes to be long…though I still get a little thrill when I hear they’re short! But then, as a Rodney and Radek fan, I was spoiled by that added scene in This Mortal Coil – I suppose not all added scenes/dialogue can be as good as that!

    Remnants is sounding better and better, btw…


  50. Salut Joseph!!!

    Me revoila!!! Alalalal! j’ai passer une semaine super!!! Je suis trés contente de revenir sur votre blog =)!

    Oh non! ne me dite pas que vous supportez l’Italie!!Nannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…Snif Snif!

    Mardi soir grand match FRANCE/ITALIE ….éhéhé il n’en réstera qu’un………..NOUS!!!! ahaha lol XD

    De plus je suis trés contente car j’ai vu que le site officiel francais de stargate worls avais fait un article sur mon blog ….alalal je suis au ange 0_0


    Selon vous les extraterrestre éxistent ? les êtres humains vont t’ils les rencontrés un jour?

    Allez gros bisou, a bientot =)♥

  51. QUOTE
    1) All of the fans who traveled to DFW to see our favorite Scotsman only to have the con canceled,

    Please tell Paul McG that I was sorry to hear about the problems. I didn’t find out about the organizer’s situation until today.

    Don’t give up on us Texans. Some of us know how to organize a con without overreaching.


  52. Good to hear that you got some sleep. I spent the night on my aunt and uncle’s couch. Their dogs are about the same. I almost forgot what it was like to have an animal sleep on part of your face.

  53. Hello Mr. Mallozzi,

    First time commenting here. I’ve been checking out your blog for some time and I think it’s great. I love the behind – the – scenes vids and pics, they’re my favorite part of this blog of yours. Keep up the good work, both here and on the show!

    Uhm…you wouldn’t happen to have any more btc’s pics of DH hanging around would ya?

    Love to the pugs!

  54. Nice to have the mailbag back and interesting answer to the Sheppard / Teyla question. 😉

  55. I sleep with two itsy bitsy pussy cats – it is really amazing how much space they take up. And I get attacked if I move into ‘their’ space.

    I hope that you had a great “Father’s day”.


  56. Hi Joe, what’s Brad doing these days? Is he still working at the 3rd movie script that’s supposed to be a Jack-story?

  57. I love the stack of books in the picture. Are those on your to be read stack? What is the name of the book under Dr. Brain? Even enlarged, I can’t make it out.

    If SAG goes on strike you wont be affected in Canada will you?


  58. @Narelle: Glad to hear it. 🙂 Sock puppets aren’t too helpful for my dogs, either. Have you tried charades? 😉


    JEALOUS! 😛 I cannot believe you had lunch with not just Mr. F. but also my ALL-TIME favorite actor in the UNIVERSE, Mr. H. *sigh* Thank you for letting me live vicariously thru your experience. I will gobble up any more details you wish to divulge.

    Also, did you ever get your wallet back from Joe? Who knew he was such a clepto?



  59. That is one comfy-looking pug!

    I have to agree with Aqualegia about Inherit the Stars. I read it when it first came out and really enjoyed it and the whole series. Strange story though:

    I remember going to Van and, on my way home, I stopped at a little hole-in-the-wall bookstore somewhere downtown (never was able to find it again, although I would have sworn it was on Cambie). When I was in the bookstore, I distinctly remember coming across a book called Giant`s Star, which was the final book in the series, but, since I had way overspent, I didn`t have enough bucks left to buy it and still get home (lived on the Island at the time). I figured I would simply pick it up after I got home since I knew it was out.

    I spent years trying to find that book again, and when I finally did find it, the publication date indicated that it was the first printing anywhere.

    I know I was at the bookstore because I did pick up a used copy of Bethany`s Sin, which was the first one of Robert McCammon`s books I ever read. Don`t quite know how I managed to find a book that hadn`t been published yet, though.

  60. and the episode in which Atlantis is stricken with a uncontrollable fever…Dance Fever!

    Now that really would be a Very Special Stargate Atlantis episode, especially once the Team leaps through the stargate wearing white suits, striking John Travolta poses as a giant disco ball descends from the gateroom ceiling. Is that an Emmy I can feel?

  61. Why do the Milky Way planets get designated with “P” and Pegasus Galaxy planets get designated with “M” designations?

    Please^^^^ answer this question!!! =]

  62. According to Gateworld, there will not be any cast promo pics this year (except some of Robert Picardo).
    They say that happened some years with SG-1. I don’t know, I’m not an SG-1 fan.
    But if neither MGM nor Sci Fi want to make promo cast pics for a show’s new season, it seems to me that they don’t care for the show anymore.
    According to some fans in the States, the show is not getting any promotion at all, except for a 15-seconds ad run last Friday, which contained something like 4 or 5 seconds of new material.
    I know neither of this stuff is in your hands, but can you find out if it’s true there won’t be any new cast promo pics for season 5? Do you know of any new ads? I remember last year you mentioned some Sci Fi ads that would be coming, so I figured maybe you know if something’s planned for the near future…

  63. Hi Joe, if your back gives you too much trouble, may I recommend a theraputic massage?? A theraputic massge is much different froma relaxation or deep tissue massge and it has worked wonders on my spinal injury and now I can perform my yoga/pilates exercises much more easily. Now that my spine is not giving me too much trouble, I have managed to pass my economics exam and I have only 1 paper to pass for my degree. 🙂

  64. Patricia Lee said:

    For a good giggle, you’ve gotta check out …\

    Wraithfodder is doing some funny stuff with her Shepard and McKay action figures… very funny “indeed”!!!

    Yeah you gotta love Wraithfodder. She’s a classic. I like that no matter what the danger Shep still has a smirk on his face. My fave bit was with the squirrel and the nuts.

    “Whoa! Whoa! Those are NOT the nuts you’re looking for!”

    LMAO. Thanks Patricia and thanks Wraithfodder.

    Cheers, Chev

  65. Yoo-hoo! I’m ba-a-a-ck! Been a-lurking a bit, he-he…

    Lately with the high cost of meat in the markets, I’ve become an involuntary vegetarian Joe. So the sight of that duck dish, (looking not fully cooked), made me queasy. Is it supposed to be so red in the middle?
    Oh, and I’ve not eaten duck, so wouldn’t know one way or another anyway.

    On another note,

    Rant #1:
    The other day I was actually rather rudely verbally accosted whilst driving home from work on the highway. A lawn care truck came up alongside and a gent leaned out the passenger window making a gesture known as “flipping the Jersey bird”. He also shouted, “Hey! I like your car lady!” grinning like a moron.

    Of course I promptly returned the bird, in true Jerseyan style, despite being a lady. For the record, I drive a 2004 Santa Fe small SUV, (as yet not paid for), which gets about 19 MPG, on a good day. Gee, I’d love to run out and get a hybrid or electric car. But who wants to pay for it, because I sure can’t.

    What is this country coming to that a hard working person must suffer indignities because of the vehicle they drive?

    Rant #2:
    I’m concerned with the banter on the boards about SG Universe perhaps forcing the untimely end of SGA due to the lack of resources, i.e. writer staff, producing staff, budgets, etc.

    So if anyone wants my opinion, and I’ll offer it here freely, I vote for the continuance of SGA for AT LEAST 4 MORE YEARS! SG Universe can go sit it out. I haven’t had nearly enough of McKay, Sheppard, Ronan, Teyla, Becket, et al.

    Is anyone with me?

    Carol Z
    in New Jersey…
    practicing her hand gestures for next time…

  66. A few questions:

    1. What happened to Hermiod?

    2. Will you be bringing him back?

    As you may tell, Hermiod is extremely important to me. I just think it’d be kinda cheap for him to get killed off by the Asgard’s disease when he’s not even on their planet.

    Last question:

    Is the new alien race you’re introducing in the 5th season going to be advanced (like Ancients or travelers), moderate(like the Genii), or primitive?

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