Where the hell do you think you\'re going?!

Marty G. makes the cover.

A happy Carl Binder is better than a furious, cursing, chair-throwing Carl Binder.

Lawren\'s ice cream epiphany 

I slept downstairs on the couch last night. Now before you all start making assumptions about the state of my marriage, I’d like to make it clear that I wasn’t banished I went of my own volition. It’s all because Fondy has decided to realize a dream. No, she’s not skydiving or learning to play the cello. She’s having the upstairs carpet replaced with hardwood flooring. As a result, HER dream has turned into MY nightmare as I spent most of last night dismantling bed frames and lugging furniture, emptying the contents of three guest rooms and squeezing them into the master bedroom. With all of the precariously perched boxes and teetering headboards cluttering the place, Fondy felt it prudent to sequester the dogs in the kitchen. For their own safety. Of course, try explaining that to the dogs. Believe me, I tried. Bubba almost seemed to understand, cocking his head right, then left in an obvious attempt to figure me out. But, in the end, he proved just as clueless as Jelly, Maximus, and Lulu who, at a little after midnight, launched into a mournful group howl that startled me out of a deep sleep. Whoever said dogs have short-term memories clearly hasn’t met my pack. I lay in bed, listening to their mournful wails, thinking about what they were thinking: “How come we’re not allowed upstairs with them? Did we do something wrong? WTF?!”. Finally, unable to bear it, I grabbed my blanket and both by pillows, and headed downstairs. The pooches were thrilled to see me and, naturally, piled on the second I settled in, making the narrow confines of the downstairs couch all that more uncomfortable.

I woke up at the crack of dawn (no blackout curtains for me), took the dogs out, fed them, then headed upstairs. By the time I’d showered and shaved, Fondy was awake. “How did you sleep?”she asked.

“My back is killing me,”I offered by way of a response. But thankfully, it was a one-time sacrifice. By tonight, the work would be completed, the contents of the guest rooms moved back, and the dogs would once again be permitted free reign of the house.

Or so I thought. As it turns out, Fondy’s prediction of a 3-day project was a tad optimistic. It’ll be more of a 5-day project. Oh, and since they won’t work on weekends, let’s say 7. I’ll be sleeping in my own bed by Tuesday at the latest.

Unless it is later.

Well, I can honestly say I have never looked forward to a Friday the 13th like I did this one. It was our last day of shooting before the month-long hiatus- still, the mood was fairly subdued on our side of the production offices. I was working on my Remnants rewrite. Carl and Alan were working on their outlines. Martin left yesterday to go promote the premiere of his movie, Young People Fucking. If it‘s playing at a theater near you, do go check it out and help promote the needy Marty G. Brad and Rob were in today and we discussed Brad’s trip to Monte Carlo, pending developments, and a little something I’m calling Project Twilight.

Things picked up after lunch with the return of Ice Cream Fridays. Today’s flavors: Vanilla Butter Tart and Milk Chocolate Macaroon. Check out the look of utter contentment on Carl’s face. Doesn’t it just warm your heart?

Mailbag returns in tomorrow’s entry when I will answer almost none of your questions. But some. In the meantime, here’s a vid of the beloved Paul McGillion walking the back lot enroute to Stage 2. Click on the link or just check out the video below… 


70 thoughts on “June 13, 2008: Grass Roots Movement Killed After Being Sprayed with Glyphosate

  1. Hey! I’m sorry you had to sleep on the couch, but at least you did it for the right reason. Thanks for the vid, I’ll have to see if it will play later for me as the DELL is acting up.

    Looking forward to mailbag, tomorrow! Have a fun, and (hopefully) uneventful/relaxing Hiatus!

  2. fgeoifjeifjewf *faints*

    I love it when he talks in that accent and his oh so sweet laugh, I screamed like hell and it’s 1:28 in the night in Germany. Thank you in advance, if my neighbours are going to kill me!!!
    Question 1 – The voice in the bg, is that yours???
    Question 2 – What (red one) car is that in the bg at 0:22???
    Question 3 – Can we get another picture from Kavan Smith next time or so??? Please? Please???

    Oh, and sorry for your back, I hope you’ll be able to use your comfortable bed again asap.

    @ dasNdanger
    You have a point there. I think that they wouldn’t be as bestialic as they are if they wouldn’t need us for feeding.
    So yeah, why shouldn’t they have a beautiful script, language and arts, too. 😀 They seem to appreciate adornments on themselves after all.

  3. Alas, I live in Utah, I shall never see Young People Fucking. (Until I buy the DVD.)

    My front room has hardwood floors which need refinishing, and I know there’s hardwood under the hall and two upstairs bedroom carpets. Want to manhandle a sander for me? And loads O’ crap? And my really nice and very large oak computer rolltop desk with matching oaken file cabinet? No? Just thought I’d ask. Fondy’s three day floor project sounds like my hubby’s one day garden shed project. Right, sure, uh-huh.

    Ice Cream Friday. All I have in the freezer is two M&M frozen treats (yeah, if they say so), lemonade & fruit bars, and a half gallon of Dreyer’s French Vanilla. Hubby’s choice. I think he had root beer floats in mind, but he didn’t buy any root beer. I have 7-up, but no lime sherbet. Is that a Utah thing? Lime sherbet and seven? All my Mormon nieces served it at their wedding receptions. Big hint: skip the reception.

  4. Love the video of Paul! So, “Outsiders” is very very dark. Sounds intriguing.

  5. Heh. At least you are still ahead of schedule with Remnants. What with the indefinite stay on the sofa, you may find it a tad difficult to focus. Just remember, remove dialogue and add whumpage if your back pain distracts you from the rewrite. Many many thanks for all the pictures, not to mention the video of Mr. Mcgillion. And once Fondy is satisfied at the reworking of the house, just think. there may be two or three days left in the hiatus for you to enjoy your own bed…a good night and I’ll let others pester you with questions for now.

  6. Hi Mr. Mallozzi,

    I can easily sympathize with your lack of sleep. Cots, couches, and air beds are nothing compared to a real mattress, something I’ve come to learn after a few months trying all of them out while our entire upstairs floor is getting redone. Hopefully, yours will be finished a lot sooner.

    In previous seasons Atlantis has dropped various superhero references. Any chance of that in Season 5?

  7. Joe, have an awesome hiatus – enjoy the dogs, the hardwood, and the time off to relax!

    I have a week before I’m off to cottage country and I have to say I am soooo looking forward to hiding from everyone and everyone else, since we’ll have no internet connection!

    I will, however, be bringing my S3 DVD set since I haven’t finished it before buying S4… and of course, a bag o’ books to keep me busy while lounging on the deck being attacked by the chipmunks and tree squirrels.

    In the mean time, I look forward to ‘return of the mailbag, part deux’.


  8. Joe – is this one’a yours?


    I confuse my cats (and sometimes my hubby) by sleeping all over the house – bedroom, spare room, livingroom sofa…I’m like a gyspy sleeper.

    We have an all-hardwood floor house (except the kitchen), and I both love and hate it. Not only is there the increased reproduction of dust bunnies, but the kitty peal-outs and the ‘brrrrrrrrrrrrrbmpbmpbmp’ of a batted golf ball in the middle of the night is enough to make me buggy. Of course, on the plus side, hardwood floors make it much harder to sneak up on someone to scare the crap out of ’em. I speak from experience, being married – as I am – to a man who does a wicked-mean impersonation of The Preditor. 😮 I SWEAR he even goes invisible…

    Mailbag returns in tomorrow’s entry when I will answer almost none of your questions.

    And I can pretty much guarantee that I will return tomorrow, when I will almost not talk about the Wraith.

    (and no offense, but yesterday’s pictures were definitely much hotter. 😉 )

    Have a great weekend!!


  9. I’ve been sleeping on the sofa for the last 2 years so I sympathize greatly.

    That first comment re the Dell — I am cursing mine, just now. *FINALLY* got hold of a downloaded copy of an oooold PC game called Ascendency (which I have loved for years!), go to play and Blue Screen of Death! Seems my Dell got loaded with a 4 year old video card and can’t handle the game. And Dell won’t let me update online. So monumentally P.O.ed…

    Hope your hiatus is fantastically relaxing. Can’t wait for Season 5 to start!!

  10. Hm, The Georgia Straight, weekly circulation of 118,730 – guess the controversy is still only on lukewarm, eh? 😉

    Unless they are going for a Heston Blumenthal way of cooking it (ie, put a duck in the a warm oven and come back in 12 hours *g*)

  11. Sorry for your pain… I got kicked out of my bed for guests for a week, began by sleeping on the beanbag, then after a couple nights of nonsleep and horrible discomfort, I switched to the couch. For once, sleeping on the couch was actually a relief!
    Hopefully it doesn’t get stretched out any longer than it possibly has to.

    Thanks for the video of Paul Mcgillion. He always seems so nice and welcoming to fans and videocameras, which must work out wonderfully for you.

  12. One stormy night when the cat, two dogs and the kiddo all ended up in our bed, I opted for the couch. It was far more roomy than the bed had become, and easier than kicking everyone else out of bed repeatedly (because it would take several tries to convince them I meant it).

  13. A second appearance by Paul Mullie this week, does that mean he will be making a much belated cameo in Stargate during season 5? Maybe in episode 100 of SGA?

    My questions is In how many Season 5 episodes will Lorne be appearing?

  14. Hi, Joe.

    Thank you so much for the photos and the delightful video clip of Paul McGillion. What a charming, joyous young man he is. Looking forward to “Whispers” and “Outsiders” — well, heck, all of season five!

    Best wishes for your hiatus.


  15. hey Joe I just wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying Atlantis and what a great job you and your fellow writers/producers are doing. the season 5 episodes and stories seem to be very interesting. I’m currently rewatching season 4 and it’s awesome! less than 30 days until S&R airs, woohoo 😀 also thanks for the daily updates, I’m always enjoying reading this blog. by the way that’s a really cool vid, great to see Paul McGillion again

  16. You have three guest bedrooms? Do you ever have that many guests over at once?

    I’m definitely going to try to see YPF. Gero said it’d be in LA & New York later this summer/fall, so yay! There’s one of the few perks of living in a huge freaking sprawling metropolis: getting to see really cool but not widely-released movies.

    Aw, Paul McGillion. Really, whenever you want to bring him back full time is fine with us. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the video.

    So hey, are we going to get to see any new “alternate” versions of the characters this season? (AU, alternate timeline, clones, duplicates, etc.)

  17. Spent many a night sleeping in less than optimal conditions in order to comfort the dogs. We humans are so weak.

    Thanks for the McGillion video. That answered a question I had about how difficult it is for him to employ his Scottish accent. Apparently, not very when he can do it for fun, in fact, almost effortless. Bless his sweet, thistle-and-haggis heart.

  18. Joe,

    I know you’ll still be around, but have a great break anyway!

    Hey, are you & Fondy attending the Hewlett nuptials over in Great Britain?


  19. Hey Joe!
    Thanks for the vid! I loved it.

    Sorry about the sore back. Hey look at it this way, Fondy’s dream of hardwood floors wasn’t as bad as my dad’s dream of renovating both bathrooms at the same time, they were both out of commission for two days straight. That was so NOT fun.

    Be sure to take some time and relax in the coming month. Have an awesome hiatus! Do you have any plans?


  20. *Squeeee* Thank you for the vid of Paul!! <3

    My condolences to your back — bless you for the pains you go through for the sake of your pug(&bulldog)-pack!

  21. Glyphosate??? LOL Had NO IDEA what that was had to google that one..

    I’m loving these catchy openers.

    Thanks for the video.

    Hoping to use my 4 days off to clean out a bedroom as my sister is moving back home and got a job where I work… uh… should be interesting at least I get a referal bonus of $250 🙂 once that’s done I hope to go see Marty’s movie. I see the movie trailler on tv all the time but of course they don’t use the word “fucking” in the title but it looks good.


  22. You can’t see me Paul but I blew kisses your way.
    Lookin’ good and yeah, GREAT to have our Beckett back on SGA again!!!

  23. Oh ..and Joe, hardwood floors make it easier for you to clean up Pugpuke.

    That’s a blessing innit?

  24. Hardwood floors and dogs, eh? Risky business! Good luck 🙂 My neighbours put in hardwood floors and their one dog (Belgian Tervuren) has certainly left her mark! Maybe pugs don’t skid as much 🙂

  25. Sorry for your back, but glad you didn’t have any catastrophic happenings on this Friday the 13th. The worst thing that happened to me was I walked into the edge of an open door. Smacked right into it, got a nice faceprint on my glasses. In my defense, it was dark and I have no (and I’m serious, no) depth perception. So yeah, my cheekbone was sore for a little bit. But enough ramble, thanks for the video, enjoy your hiatus!

  26. Go Fondy! I replaced my 20-year-old carpeted floors upstairs with hardwood last year and I love them. Be thankful that you only had unoccupied guest bedrooms to evacuate. I had to haul junk out of the rooms of two teenage pack-rats (not to mention my own) before I could have the floors put in, but that turned out to be for the best. Just a note of caution: the noise level is also a bit higher without carpet, especially the sound of those little doggie toenails clicking and clacking on the floor in the wee hours of the morning! And the dog-hair dustbunnies can be a bit terrifying at first, but the trade-off is not having to lug the vacuum cleaner up to the second floor — a dust-mop does the trick. My advice: pick up some swiffers to keep the dust bunnies under control.

    Hmm. Dust mops remind me of Wraith hair. Thanks for the great Wraith pictures yesterday! Maybe instead of buying new dust mops you could just recycle some bad Wraith wigs 😉

    Enjoy the hiatus!

  27. “The pooches were thrilled to see me and, naturally, piled on the second I settled in, making the narrow confines of the downstairs couch all that more uncomfortable.”

    I couldn’t handle that. This is why my animals don’t sleep with me. If I had a husband, he’d be sleeping in the other room, too.

    Plus, it just wouldn’t be practical with the two dogs we’re currently lodging (one we’re dogsitting, the other we’re transitioning to a new handler..it’s a police K-9 unit thing). Frank is a chocolate lab and Zasu is a German Shepard. No way.

    Plus we don’t have a couch.

  28. *waves*

    As people have kindly been asking for details of our set visit, we thought we’d give you a small appetizer. 😉

    Whilst on set, having our wonderful lunch, our conversation with Misters F. and H. turned to food blogging. Mr F. used some very colourful language to describe his excellent dessert. Mr H remarked how surprising it was that Mr F managed to consume such large amounts when Mr H could barely manage half of his! Linz and I have to say that we were very impressed with Mr F’s digestive stamina!

    Linz and Mr H. discovered they both had been burdened with fussy eating habits, whilst Mr F, it would seem, will eat just about anything in vast quantities! How he stays so slim is both puzzling and bloody annoying!

    Here’s a piccie of Mr F’s wonderful dessert plate. Linzi remarked on its similarity to a certain blog piccie we’ve seen here from S and R and we both wondered if Mr F. was leaving cryptic clues for us in his food.


    Misters F and H have expressed a desire to blog about food, and we enjoyed a conversation full of innovate ideas for one.

    Alas, I can’t repeat some of Mr H’s ideas for his food blog, as some of his language was a tad indelicate – though incredibly entertaining. Mr F. expressed a desire to post on this very blog, reviewing the bottle of Glenmorangie two very strange visiting fangirls had given him. Well, that’s if he and Jason actually remember drinking it…

    Both Linz and I look forward to reading his review.

    Below is a pic of Linzi’s dessert from The Four Seasons ‘Yew’ Restaurant. It’s a Morello Cherry cheesecake. Linz has always fancied herself as a bit of a foodie, but after five minutes of her waxing lyrical about her ‘deconstructed’ cheesecake, I switched off and nearly fell asleep in my coffee. I think she enjoyed it…


    Contrary to popular belief Mr M is just a big softie as the picture below proves. 😉


    More to be revealed later. 😉 😛 😀


  29. Hey Joe,

    Can you tell us anything about what Project Twilight is?? I’m both intrigued and dreading your answer.

  30. Hey Joe!

    This is the highlight of my night. No, really! 😀 I just got back from seeing M. Night’s “The Happening.” It’s a HORRIBLE movie! 👿 That’s my not-so humble opinion anyway. *sigh* So I’m not able to sleep right now. I’m trying to get that terrible-movie-feeling out of my brain.

    Your blog might have done the trick. I hope that your wood floors get done very quickly. Sleeping on a couch is not all that fun. Sleeping on a couch full of doggies? It’s going to give any person a back ache. You have my sympathy.

    Hurray for Ice Cream Friday! 😆

    And thanks for the Paul vid. It makes a fangirl smile. 🙂


  31. I’ve slept on my couch for so many years I’d be scared to actually try sleeping in my bed. I don’t have pups to keep me company on the couch, but more than a few cats make my feet and stomach their sleep pillows over the years.
    Enjoyed the vid. Have fun over the hiatus, hope you will be relaxed and invigorated for your return.

  32. Thank you for a great Friday feast. Was not a great day otherwise…you are the man!!

    Cool, had hoped for a photo to commenmorate Paul’s Friday ice cream session reaction. And, the bonus of Lawren too.

    Loved the Paul McGillion vid.
    Enjoy the hiatus. Hope the rest of your nights’ sleep improves when all the work is done and you can have your own bed again. At least you know without a doubt that the puppies love you.

  33. Dear Joe,

    Sorry for reposting the same message over and over again these days… I justed wanted you to answer them whenever you got a chance to do the mailbag. Thanks again.

    1. When do you think (the earliest possible) we will know of the sixth season pick up.
    2. Any new earth ships in the near future?
    3. So far Remnants, the eppy you are writing, can be classified under what type of episode? For example: Sateda=action packed, BAMSR=Best special effects, First Strike=Suspenseful, Doppleganger=unique and frightful…..

    Thanks for your time sir….. again

    ps: check out my cellphone business if ur intrested in a phone I can make very very good deals

  34. Re: the “Do NOT clean board” sign…was it decided to post this after some poor unfortunate janitor erased a board full of irreplaceable ideas?

    On a different note, I received a package the other day from my sister, filled with various Australian lollies. Holy. Crap. Tim Tams are awesome…especially when following sister’s advice and enjoying a full-on Tim Tam Slam. Yummers. I also really liked the Crispie bar. Mmmm…Tim Tam Slams…

  35. I spent most of last night dismantling bed frames and lugging furniture, emptying the contents of three guest rooms and squeezing them into the master bedroom.I spent most of last night dismantling bed frames and lugging furniture, emptying the contents of three guest rooms and squeezing them into the master bedroom.

    come on, don’t tell me you did all that in your classy black suit?!What are you wearing at home? or is this piece of information would dismantle your vilain image ?lol
    Ever been to work in jeans like pretty much everybody else around?

    Out to see Martin’s movie this weekend. I’ve read a lot of good critics about it, can’t wait to judge by myself.

    Also, how come everytime you come on set I’m busy shushing down the extras or on radio dealing with an emergency ?! argh, I guess I’ll have to wait until the hiatus is over to say hi to you.
    Have a good one!

  36. Sorry to hear about your back, Joe. You might want to stop by the local department store and pick up one of those air beds and a memory foam topper. They’re actually more comfy than a standard mattress and it will be worth the expense to save your back.

    SciFi just rebroadcast “Lost City” parts one and two and I very much enjoyed watching those episodes for the umptyninth time (yes, I have the DVDs, but I still watch the reruns…pathetic, I know). It made me desperately miss SG-1 and, if possible, made me even more eager for “Continuum”. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that MGM will make at least one more SG-1 movie.

    And speaking of SciFi…. If they screw the pooch by deciding not to renew Atlantis for season 6 (Gods forefend), can you please make sure that episode 20 of season 5 will be a good ending for the series (in other words, no cliffhangers or killing off of major characters)? I know it’s pessimistic, but I have pretty much no faith in the Yahoos at SciFi. 🙁

  37. Hi, Joe —

    I did just rewatched The Quest pt.1 this afternoon and have a question for you.

    Was Ba’al’s knife of “great sentimental value” because it was one he used on O’Neill in Abyss? Would be cool if that were so.

    Do you watch Galactica? I found the mid-season finale a disappointing capper to a lackluster first half season.

  38. Congrats on making it to Hiatus in one piece! You deserve it. At least, I think you do. Either way, we’ll find out about that on July 11th.

    Interestingly enough, I’m also going on hiatus come Monday. Me and the family are going on a trip to the US again, and we won’t be back for a week. With luck, I may have internet access on the road so I’ll check in anyway. If not, I’ll see you (after the weekend) on the 22nd.

    Many pictures will be taken! Meanwhile, let’s continue with the marathon reviews:

    Shadow Play: This was an interesting episode. Overall I found it slightly above average, but that’s only because I didn’t really care that much about Kelownan politics (in Stargate or real life. Har har har). While that dragged the episode down a bit, the stuff with Dr. Kieran and Jonas brought it back up. I loved that part, especially the end. For a while afterwards I just sat there and attempted to comprehend the tragedy of Kieran. The fact that he had schizophrenia wasn’t as important as the fact that the symptoms were all consistent. He wasn’t having any random hallucinations; they were all manifestations of his guilt over what he had done when he thought he was only searching for knowledge. The last scene was just heartbreaking, watching Jonas humoring a “madman” who was once his teacher and guide. This is why that, in my opinion, the episode may have been better if we found out about Kieran’s condition half way through the episode instead of at the end, while the last half is spent on how Jonas deals with it. It may have created more character drama and stuff, as well as elaboration on Jonas’s past relationship with Kieran and how the latter has fallen. Also, having a twist is all nice and good, but that only works once. If the show has little else, then it bites it in the reruns, like here. Again, just my opinion.

    I also loved the obvious parallels between Kieran and the scientists who created the Atom Bomb. Overall, an episode with a boring bit, and a brilliant bit.

    The Other Guys: Freaking loved this one! It’s so easy to see myself as either Felger or Coombs (mostly Coombs), and they had some of the best chemistry this show’s ever seen! They were absolutely hilarious together (I could elaborate here, but that may just become me quoting every line they said…and I don’t have time for that). They’re also quite correct; SG1 was DAMN COOL in this episode. I especially loved the little “so close” shrug Jack did before running through the gate at the end. It was basically none-stop laughter for this one, and I for one places a lot of importance on that (that’s why I also love “Urgo”), so this is going into my top 25 episodes…for now. Oh yes, awesome episode.

    Allegiance: Very enjoyable episode. The fact that Jack, Jacob, AND Bra’tac were in the same episode was obviously a plus, and they were all awesome. The animosity between the latter two’s peoples were well-developed and explained. Bra’tac himself was spectacular in this episode. The look he gave when he knew he was going to be dragged away was chilling, and so was his speech at the end. And of course, how can I forget the BIG GUN action. Loved that part. I get a kick out of these episodes where a friendship is solidified after the two parties were “enemies” for so long, so I liked this episode a lot.

  39. All I’m gonna say is does Fondy realise how lucky she is to have a husband who will accomodate her dreams and aspirations? I realised my dreams when I finally divorced my ex and then allowed myself to reinstate my Fandom !
    Three weeks and counting till the bloody wedding! not mine, my eldest daughters, I offered to get her a new ladder if she’d have eloped but apparently she wanted the whole nine yards – bugger! Must finish escape tunnel.

  40. Trish, thanks for the tip I hadn’t realised The Happening was a Shymalan movie so now I know I’m not going to bother. why does everyone seem to think he’s the dog’s bollocks anyway? I haven’t found one of his films has lived up to expectation yet, he should definitely look for another job IMNSHO! 🙂

  41. does anyone really realise just how stupid that phrase is dog’s bollocks? far too easily removed and completely irreversible.

    uh-oh rambling again.

  42. Why didn’t the Genii contact meet with Sheppard at the beginning of TLM? Is it just something trivial, or was there something more going on?

  43. Good luck with the flooring situation – I think you’ll find it’s worth it in the end. Polish wood floors are so much nicer than carpet, and they’re easier to clean and unpleasant smells don’t linger as much. So if your darling dogs were to run rampant, at least you can be reassured by the wood floors.

    I have a question about visual effects. From what I can tell visual effects companies and people are often closely connected, but I’m wondering if you have any idea how far this extends? See, I was watching a recent episode of Doctor Who, and the visual effects of a giant library complex looked incredibly similar to the city in Stargate: Atlantis. I can’t, unfortunately, seem to find who did the vis effects for both shows though, and I was wondering if you can shed any light on the situation?

    Also, when your visual effects people create, for example, a space battle or a new ship, who owns the rights for the material?



  44. LOVE the video and Happy Hiatus!! I’m certainly happy with the first half of the season if the order holds, once again Ronon gets the #3 slot Broken Ties & Tracker. Rodney gets Shrine & Tracker. Teyla gets Seed & Queen. Are ANY of the 1st 10 eps a Shep-isode? Whispers? (ie s4 #4 Doppelganger AND #5 Travelers were Shep centered) Season 4 was such an awesome Sheppard-year, just looking for a repeat. Which title is the “CSI Atlantis” ep again? I think I missed it.

    Hey Cheeky yummy description! The JF dessert pic is forkin weird, if it’s a clue not getting it just yet. I would certainly like to see a JF review here, and I bet you encouraged him.

    FINALLY Sci-Fi Channel has decided to do their duty and begin the SGA teasers, not very good yet but they’ve got 3 weeks to get better. I was against it and so I’m still very apprehensive about beginning the season in the summer when many people aren’t around TVs. That’s all I’ll say for now, and hope I’m dead wrong.

  45. Wonderful post Cheeky lil Devil. Great to hear you had such a wonderful time with JF, DH and the big softie himself Mr. Mallozzi.

    Hey Joe

    If you’re having to rewrite Remnants, despite what your fellow writers think, I hope you’re not removing the brutal treatment of Shep or the Holy Shit moment?

    Have a great hiatus!


  46. Wow – Marty looks “Hollywood”. 😀

    I was just on the CBS site looking at some BTS footage of the CSI/Two and a Half Men crossover where the writers swapped shows for an episode. What do you make of that Joe? A stupid gimmick or a bit of genius? I haven’t seen the episodes myself so I can’t comment on the results but it seems bizarre. What show would you like to swap with for an episode?

    Re: the couch. I guess next time you’re buying a couch you’ll test it out for sleeping, with dogs all around and on top of you 😀

    @ClD – thanks so much for the stories of your lunch. Here’s hoping Mr F. gets a chance to be a guest blogger here. I like that no expense was spared with the fine china and fancy cutlery. 🙂 Food goes down just as well on plastic it seems. The photo on the steps was really cute. Those steps look very tempting to jump up and down on, although maybe a little slippery.

    With regard to directors Joe, I was wondering how you select which person will direct each episode? Do you look at who is available, then match episodes to their strengths?

    Have a great weekend!

    Cheers, Chev

  47. *sigh* Paul is looking great as usual..

    Are there any particular sayings or catchphrases that the cast and crew have? Paul’s seems to be “God bless you!” in a lot of his videos to fans.

  48. 1)Do Sheppard and Teyla have any personal obstacles between them this year?

    2)Do secrets and lies play a large part in Season Five?

  49. Looks like the ice cream went down well!! Thanks for the great Paul M vid – but how cruel, putting him on the spot like that about which is the better ep!!! LOL! Thanks.

    Ouch at having to sleep on the couch with the dogs – let’s hope the flooring is finished soon so you don’t have to do that again. Or maybe Fondy would take a turn? Nah, you’re too gallant to suggest that…


  50. Joe,

    Saw the first (first for me anyway) promo for SGA last night at the end of BSG. It was really, REALLY short, but I was thrilled to finally see one. Any idea when more detailed ones will be making appearances?

  51. @shiningwit: Happy to help. I’ve never actually been to a movie theater where people boo and jeer at the end. And there were many an explitive yelled out as well! :ohmy: So I’m not alone in thinking it was a horrible movie. I will never see another M. Night movie again. Unless someone else pays for it, that is. 😉 Even then I will try to weasle out of it. Seriously, two hours of my life I have lost forever. *sigh*

  52. awwww, Thanks for that Paul vid!
    Very nice!

    My question was, whether you’re supporting Italy during the soccer’s european Championship and if so what do think of theirgames so far.

  53. The video was v. cute, Joe. Thanks for sharing! It’s nice to see my favorite doctor back on set for a bit.

    Re: the hardwood flooring situation. Hopefully the days won’t keep stretching and you’ll be off the couch sooner rather than later. In the mean time…well, just tell yourself you’re loved by four crazy, cuddly puppies and try not to kill your back. And aren’t hardwood floors worth the inconvenience?

    I have to say, I’m a bit jealous of your hiatus. Actually, more than a bit. It’s the summer reading crunch here and I am in desperate need of a vacation. At this time next month, I’ll be away from the desk (the one I’m currently sitting at – on a Saturday). I just keep telling myself and hoping I’ll make it through in one (only slightly bruised) piece.

    @ Cheeky: What an entertaining recap of part of your day! Sounds like you all had a fantastic time chatting and eating what, if the picture is to be believed, looked like a delicious dessert.

  54. Thanks for the pics and the vid!!
    Tomorrow’s my birthday and I hope all goes well!
    Hope you have a great hiatus!


  55. Hey Joe, can you dedicate an entry to all the Paul/Carson fans who traveled to DFW to see Paul, only to have the entire con (FedConUSA) shut down and canceled this morning, after we’d all arrived? Luckily for Paul he was working for you late last night and wasn’t going to fly in until today anyway… if the con had actually fulfilled their contract with him, which apparently they did not for anyone!

    The video you posted is awesome and a big comfort to us in our time of mourning. 🙂

  56. Hey Joe.

    So, why did Fondy want the carpet replaced with hardwood?

    Thanks Joe…and I’m glad Carl enjoyed your ice cream!

  57. Sorry Joe…one more question.

    Someone raised a good point on GW…why the leader of Atlantis always American? Why not Canadian? Or British?

  58. Jenny Robin said:
    …still awaiting tasty tasty ice cream recipes

    I second that please. Especially the Vanilla Butter Tart.

  59. Thanks for all the pictures and video.! Really enjoy the puppy pictures. The hardwood floors will be nice when its all done. I wondered if the dogs jump up on your bed to sleep, and how hard would it be on hardwood floors if they need a running start.? Maybe you can get them a set of steps to access the bed easier… its all for the puppies you know, they also have great memories, even though we sometimes think not…
    Enjoy your time away from work and do try to have fun!

  60. I hadn’t noticed, did you get suggestions for next month’s books?
    For SF, would you consider such authors as Sandra McDonald (Outback Stars) or Robert Charles Wilson (Spin) or Ted Chiang? All have very different styles? How about giving us one from Ian Banks?

    For fantasy: Guy Gavriel Kay (Song for Arbonne or Tigana for fantasy) or Megan Whalen Turner (YA novel “The Thief) or the very stylized Tim Powers?

    Horror: how about some old stuff perhaps from Harlan Ellison?

    Probably you’ve read most of these? Or maybe we do a month of classics in the genres? Too much for a summer read, you think? I look forward to the next batch–they’ll be something to get me through the dreaded Summer Project at work.

  61. Joe, Thanks for the Paul vid!!!!!!!! : )

    Cheeky, your write up made me sguee. You are so lucky. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

  62. Hello Joe,

    Thanks for the video of Paul. Can you tell me who owns that golden retriever in the back ground? Is it a working dog or just someone’s pet? What’s it name? It was so cute!

    Patricia Lee

  63. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for that lovely Paul M video Joe! *huge hugs* What a nice gift to give us, just as you begin your hiatus. 😀

    @ Cheeky Lil Devil – Thanks for sharing that little anecdote about your visit, it’s much appreciated. 🙂

  64. My goodness, I didn’t recognize Martin in the newspaper photo. He looks extremely groomed and especially natty in the picture! Good on him for standing up to censorship.

    And how’s about giving Martin his own sizzling SGA spin off? Proposed titles: SGA Blue, SGA Bliss or SGA Unrated.

    Seriously, how naughty is Martin’s YPF movie on a scale where Enchanted is a 1 and Shortbus is a 10? Is it just the title that folks are objecting too?

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