If a human victim is unavailable, a piece of banana bread will do.

Even the wraith enjoy the casual look.

Tyler McClendon

Yukking it up between victims.

Wraith Commander

The wraith confer

Aaron Cravon  

Success! We finally have all 20 episode slots filled for season 5. Now, as Marty G. pointed out, all we have to do is write them. We finished breaking Alan’s script today, formerly Antidote, now Infection. Carl put out a beat sheet for his episode and, after some discussion, finalized the beats – and a title: Identity. Rob, meanwhile, is going with Vegas for episode #19. Episode #20’s episode title remains a mystery. Hopefully, Paul (who will be writing the episode) will come up with something over the hiatus and save us the trouble. The prospective episode titles that failed to make the cut on this day:

Dead on Arrival


Dr. Who?

Hard Evidence

The Many Faces of Neeva

Neeva of Destruction


Urinal Cake

Well, I hope we made the right decision. Carl was awfully fond of Hard Evidence.

Since we had some free time, Alan I headed down to Stage 2 where second unit was shooting the Outsider’s hive sequences. On the way, we ran into actor Tyler McClendon, the actor I cast as Ronon’s wraith captor in Broken Ties. On the strength of his eerily menacing performance in that episode, Tyler has earned a spot on our recurring wraith rotation. Truth be told, this isn’t Tyler’s first franchise appearance – but even an eagle-eyed fan would have trouble recognizing Lt. Banks from Avalon I, Cameron Mitchell’s doomed co-pilot during the battle with Anubis’s fleet over Antarctica, under all that make-up. While we were talking to Tyler, we were joined by actor Aaron Cravon who is playing the part of the wraith commander. Aaron, it turns out, has put in not one but two previous Stargate appearances, playing the part of Captain Kyle Rogers in Rules of Engagement, and the opportunistic Matar in Line in the Sand. Despite the hours of early-morning prosthetic application and their cumbersome leather coats, both Tyler and Aaron seem to be having a good time on set.

One more day to go…

90 thoughts on “June 12, 2008: Remains of Professional Golfer Found on the Moon

  1. T 4’the pic from the top scares me… I mean a wraith that smiles nonmalicious??? White is black! Up is down! Heaven is hell! I’m a man and look gorgeous!

  2. Is it just me or are the Wraith getting progressively more unkempt? Is the strain of the war with the Replicators beginning to tell? The inter-hive rivalries cutting into their grooming time? What happened to the lovely, flowing, freshly-GHD’ed locks of Steve et al from Season 1? Have the Wraith moved on from classic 80s rock styling and discovered grunge or is it that Todd is setting new trends with his new wave “just spent several years in a dank cell” look? 😀

  3. Wow, early blog tonight!

    Even if Jason doesn’t think Keller is Ronon’s type, he sure did a damn good job of convincing me otherwise in Quarantine. Hell, before that, even — I saw the sparks back in Doppelganger!!

    @archersangel ~ those are the books about the baby from the movie Willow, all grown up, yes? I haven’t read them, but always meant to …

    @das ~ rabbits do eat their droppings but typically it’s a different *kind* of dropping — one that has nutrients that they still need. They look completely different. What Alice ate was a run-of-the-mill turd, not one of those “special” ones — I saw her pick it up off the ground. She doesn’t typically eat those. XD

    This morning, I tried to give her a small dollop of the food she doesn’t like on top of the stuff that she does. She circled around the bowl, sniffing at it, then tried to tip the bowl over several times before giving up and digging in. XD So later, I tried putting more of the yucky food on top of the good; she sniffed at it, turned around and took a dump in front of the bowl, then walked away.

    Carefull, Joe, Alice is determined to outdo you as a food critic!

  4. what is the 100th episode of Atlantis going to be about and is it really going to be filmed in vegas?

  5. @das ~ oh, btw, funny you should mention shipping Todd with Keller, and not wanting him to lose the ability to feed if he were to get the retrovirus … I’ve plans to play him in an RPG paired off with McKay’s niece, Madison, from an alternate future, one where she was married to him as a humanised Wraith hybrid, and where the human/Wraith relationship is a tad different in certain circumstances. Well, they were married until he was assasinated, anyyway! XD And so she traveled through time and space, intent on saving him, only to find the game universe’s version of him *instead* …

    Wraith are here on earth. Does Shepard know about this?

    One question…
    Will Amanda Tapping be appearing in one of the last episodes of the season?


  7. Just read in VARIETY that they’re not sure that SAG is going to resolve the potential strike by the June 30th deadline. If SAG strikes, does MGm have any contingency plans on how to continue SGA, or will it just go in limbo along with other shows until the strike resolves?

  8. joe said: “Success! We finally have all 20 episode slots filled for season 5.”

    do any of these second-half-of-the-season episodes have sam carter in them? i know you’re going to try to work around amanda’s availability, but do you *know* anything yet?

    sally =)

  9. //Despite the hours of early-morning prosthetic application and their cumbersome leather coats, both Tyler and Aaron seem to be having a good time on set.//

    Actually that is something that I was curious about. Are the Wraith coats made from real leather or are they made of vinyl or pleather? What kind of cloth are the Atlantis uniforms made from?

    Also has anyone ever had an adverse reaction to the prosthetic makeup that is used?

  10. Ok, I’ve just got to ask: What is a “beat”? I had understood it to mean a short pause, but that doesn’t seem to fit the context…

  11. Does it ever feel odd to you to meet Wraith walking around on the lot with a breakfast (croissant?Danish?) in his hand? And then to stop and chat with him? How are things at the Hive? Sucked the life out of anybody lately? Is your Queen a real dragon like my boss? That kind of thing.

  12. “Neeva” was used in 2 of the titles for episode 100. Therefore, it must be important. Hooray for Logic!

    Oh, and “of” did too. I shall be looking into this…”of”. Mysterious as it is. 2 letters, and yet so useful. How that connect to Atlantis I don’t know, but I’ll find out. OH YES. I’LL FIND OUT. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


    Watched 3 more episodes last night:

    Frozen: A facinating introduction on the corporeal Ancients, and a great setup episode. Jonas definitely reminded me of Daniel here, though I don’t know if that’s good or bad. I guess good, because I like that side of Daniel, the drive to understand and communicate. Otherwise, I thought it was a fairly average “disease” episode, though I did like Ayianna and how she sacrificed herself to save as many as she could.

    Nightwalker: Loved this one. Again, I think you guys do a great job with these twists-and-turns episodes. The plot just kept marching foward with a good dose of character moment sprinkled within. I loved the “Let’s get some lunch” running joke of Sam and Jonas; her “Jonas, look after Teal’c. Teal’c…look after Jonas” and various other hilarious things. Amanda was just plain awesome (and stunning. Wow.) in this episode. The scene at the bar at night was also intriguing, with Teal’c saying out loud what he’d do if and when SG1’s mission ends. And then there is Jonas’s various hilarious observations about us Earthicans. Anyway, a great episode overall.

    Abyss: Ba’al, Daniel, and Jack being whumped. How can this go wrong? Well…it can’t. This was the clear favorite of the night (and #15 out of the 116 episodes seen so far). Ba’al was excellent, not only because he was a charismatic Goa’uld, but also because he actually had moments of…niceness. He seemed to have a sense of humanity in him; he was…I guess, reasonable, slightly. He seemed aware of what he is, ultimately, when he said that Kanan was just like a Goa’uld symbiote, like he was. The “I am a God” schtick seems to be just a show for him, and not his life, like with Apophis or Anubis. So yes, Ba’al = awesome. Daniel’s return was also great. I loved that little wave he gave Jack when he first appeared, and his banter with him was just brilliantly done. It didn’t have the same feelings as in the past, of course, for obvious reasons, but it was still great with little bits of hilarity. And of course, I loved how Danny stayed by Jack whenever he could; all they did was talk, but I’m fairly certain that that’s what kept Jack sane until when Yu attacked. It’s funny, but I almost felt like Danny wanted Jack to ascend so they’d be together again, spreading morals and snarkasm together once more, ascended-style. Heh.

    Intertwined with that is Jack himself. The revelation that it was Jack’s morals, his way of thinking that led Kanan to break all the rules and go back for the lo’tar was a stroke of genius. It showed that, beneath all the sarcasm and cynicism is a man who embodies what a human should be. I loved that. It was just great. And so was the fact that it was the team who figured this out, before even Jack did with Daniel’s help! They knew him so well.

    So overall, a fantastic episode.

  13. I wasn’t the biggest Wraith fan when the show premiered, but ever since season three’s Common Ground, they have begun to grab my interest. Not that I disliked them; they were a well thought out threat to the expedition. With Todd’s appearances, as well as a few others, I’m looking forward to the twists and turns that occur as you explore their culture. Now, to see a sympathetic Wraith Queen (other than Teyla).
    Thanks for the great picture, and I am glad you didn’t go with Urinal Cake. Neeva Destruction sounded fun though. Hope you have a fun Friday the 13th, and a well deserved rest over the weekend.

  14. Congrats on figuring out all the slots! Can’t wait for August, when I get to start watching, reading, and writing again!!!!

    Happy summer everyone!!!

  15. Wooo hooo! Early blog today which means I’m not first comment! Hope y’all got to enjoy some of the sunshine, that was showered down on the region today. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a party thread to attend @ Area 51

  16. repost

    dasNdanger wrote:

    @ anneteldy – Would like to know this, too (re: gene therapy). I’m suspecting – yes. But I don’t want to see the Wraith (even Todd) lose the ability to feed on humans if they so desire (or – more specifically – need to, perhaps for regenerative reasons).

    You misunderstood me. I meant Beckett’s ATA therapy, not his retrovirus. I was curious as to whether Todd or Michael could gain the ability to use Ancient technology.

    Leila wrote:

    And Joe M., totally off subject: Why can’t the puddle jumpers cloak before going through the Gate? That has always bugged me.

    Ooh! Ooh! Answer this one!

    Anne Teldy

  17. You know, I really love the grungy, casual wraith style. 🙂 And the individual wigs are much, MUCH better than the generic blond mops from Misbegotten/No Man’s Land. They are definitely the rock stars in the Stargate canon of foes. (Well, except for Ba’al, who’s the baddest of all the baddies!)

  18. I think you should definitely go with ‘Urinal Cake’, it sounds like a touching and poignant episode filled with character development, laughter and tears, giggles and snotty blubbering. The fact that you’ve decided not to go with that means that I’m going to flounce off right this second to start up a new thread at Gateworld entitled: ‘Death of Urinal Cake: Are the Writers Mad?!’.

    Next will be the organisation of thousands of urinal cakes with 🙁 faces drawn on them sent to the studio, lamenting fans standing outside Bridge Studios pelting cars with them as they drive in. A movement will be born and fans will be united under their one driving force, to see SGA: Urinal Cakes, The Movie.

    Sure it’ll be hard work, sacrifices will have to be made, lives lost. But could we live with ourselves, look ourselves in the mirror, and stand by and let this happen? No. Because at the end of the day that’s what it is to be a fan, a true fan. Being completely batshit insane. *stares off into distance, music swells*

  19. You sweet sweet man.
    Prodded for the actors names whi were playing wraith and then you go and give us piccies!! Yay!
    yum, yum, more wraith to droll over.
    but it would be nice if some could have the gorgeous flowing locks like in season one and two.
    bugger, work calls

  20. Hey, thanks for sharing the title stuff with us! I can’t believe you guys didn’t go with “Dr. Who?” That would have been frelling awesome.

    Love the wraith pics, and it’s good to hear we’ll have another recurring one (Does he have a name yet?). Boy, I’m jealous. I’d love to be on Atlantis, just so I could be a wraith. That would be way too much fun. Raer.

  21. Hi Joe… i pass here everyday since i meet your blog… thanks for sharing all these stargate informations… brazilians fans are very happy =] hope u come here someday and visit us 😛 my family have a restaurant =D and maybe you would like … take care.

  22. Joe, head on over to Gateworld and check out the comments in the news story over there about Universe/Stargate’s future. And steer your fellow producers over there too. There are a wide variety of opinions, but at least they’re honest for a change. No censorship, no fandom agendas. Just some real enthusiasm for SG-1 and a new stargate show.

  23. Ha ha ha ha…this looks like The Night of the Living ZZ Top Dead. All they need to do now is smile, look up and point to something off screen like in old Sears Catalogue adds. Perhaps tie on a wraith shoulder sweater.

    Love the wraith thanks for the pickies.


  24. “alipeeps writes

    Is it just me or are the Wraith getting progressively more unkempt? Is the strain of the war with the Replicators beginning to tell? The inter-hive rivalries cutting into their grooming time? What happened to the lovely, flowing, freshly-GHD’ed locks of Steve et al from Season 1?”

    I was thinking this m’self. Perhaps Todd’s “Grunge” style has been a big hit at the hive–Glam-Rock of Steve and Bob–passe!

  25. Terrifying; you’re walking along on break coffee in hand… when suddenly you run into a wraith! With banana bread! Like a nightmare!

    Those pics just made my week! Thanks!

  26. MELorne-Süper-Fän

    T 4′the pic from the top scares me… I mean a wraith that smiles nonmalicious??? White is black! Up is down! Heaven is hell! I’m a man and look gorgeous!”

    All they need to do is start playing Hacky Sack, or light up a cigarette and look really agitated. Ha ha ha 😉

    I’m not going to stop laughing about these pictures.


  27. “Namiko

    You know, I really love the grungy, casual wraith style. 🙂 And the individual wigs are much, MUCH better than the generic blond mops from Misbegotten/No Man’s Land. They are definitely the rock stars in the Stargate canon of foes. (Well, except for Ba’al, who’s the baddest of all the baddies!)”

    Wasn’t there a “Granny Wraith” hair do floating around in SOW. Yes I think it was–wraith had the frizzies. You know what they say about the “Big Frizzies”? It’s either a badly matted perm or a fro. Let me think about this image: a wraith with an a grown out afro…it’s possible no? I mean they have dreads. (snicker).


  28. Dovil says:

    Sure it’ll be hard work, sacrifices will have to be made, lives lost. But could we live with ourselves, look ourselves in the mirror, and stand by and let this happen? No. Because at the end of the day that’s what it is to be a fan, a true fan. Being completely batshit insane. *stares off into distance, music swells*

    Perfectly appropriate for a soundtrack. I’ve always wanted my own soundtrack. Someone to attach the music to my life – the suspense when someone’s cutting me off in traffic… drama when I’ve lost my car keys again… the walking away music at the end of the old Incredible Hulk tv series when I’m leaving at the end of the day…

    And now for something completely different…

    I’ve always wondered how long a wraith stunner blast effect lasts… 1 hour? 30 minutes? How long is the person unconscious for?

    I recall an episode where Rodney took one in the face and it took a while for his muscles in his face to return to normal, but in later seasons it seems everyone wakes up a little groggy but no lingering muscle issues.


  29. I’d like to say that Wraith wandering around a parking lot might give me pause, but I went to public school. I sat next to worse.

    @Dovil…I would like to join your cause. For years I have resisted, but your words have moved me. I want to be a true fan!

  30. Joe, Joe, Joe…*sigh* You SO know how to make a good day even better! Thank. You. VERY. Much!!

    Yeah – today was a good one. First, hubby’s employer treated us to a lovely dinner for two – that in and of itself was a wonderful, and unexpected, treat. But then the hotel was also hosting a concert by the Bay-Atlantic Symphony, and though dinner cut into the concert, we were still able to enjoy the music, and meet the conductor and a couple folks we’re familiar with from WWFM, NJ’s classical radio station. It was a delightful evening! I thought nothing could beat it…until now…

    Lemmetellya – those two pasty fellas up above are even more delicious than my chocolatey dessert!! Tyler-Wraith – mmmmmm – he’s giving Steve a run for his money in the hotness department (just don’t tell him I said that, he might think I’m objectifying him). Guess he doesn’t stand a Wraith’s chance in a Lantean cell of surviving the season, eh?

    Oh well…there’s always…clones… 😉

    And yes – messy hair. I suppose Steve confiscated all the hairbrushes and hid them away for his own personal use, and when he died, their secret location died with him. No matter…messy hair is good, too! But it does seem that their hair reflects harder times; Steve and the male keeper (and many other early Wraith) had such perfect hair – but now…now the wigs must be getting really, really old… 😆

    Quick question – who invented the Wraith zipper? Quite the advancement, considering. And dang – I really want one of those finger-thingys, guess there’s no way to snurch one and send it to me, eh? Yeah, I thought not.

    And what is that thing in Tyler-Wraith’s hand? It looks like a shrunken head. And Aaron-Wraith should not be showing his pink belly, ’cause I know a few gals who are just gonna totally die over that…lol…

    Very nice pictures. Very kind of you to share. Very evil of you to share, get us hooked, only to break our little green-lovin’ hearts later on. But we’ll get over it, I’m sure.

    @ wolfenm – Aaaaahhh – Alice ate a dry turd!! Maybe she thought it was ‘tail’ mix. 😉

    I don’t remember mentioning a Todd/Keller ship (except in a joke) – believe it or not, I’m not a fan of ‘ships’ – one reason I don’t read fan fic (the other reason? No pictures. 😀 )

    The only thing I want to see ship-wise with Todd is this: if Todd accepts whateveritis that will allow him to eat and gain nourishment from normal food, I want to see him become totally obsessed with something – like…chocolate. Or…pizza. Or…gummy bears. Ha – or garlic. “Ah, garlic – it’s quite tasty! And, I’ve been told, it even keeps vampires away…whatever those are…” Okay, that was stupid. But you get the idea – just something he can’t stop eating, or talking about (within reason, of course) – like Rodney with coffee. It only seems right that a Wraith’s true love will always be food…regardless of the form that food takes.

    Okay – gonna shut up now and – again – thanks Joe for those fantastic pictures!!!

    a very happy das 😀

  31. You know what’s sad and probably really, really scary? I dreamed about Marty Gero last night and I have no clue how he got into my brain. (Thankfully, he only appeared briefly to run commentary on the weird yeti-like creature that had shown up before him.) Though not half as weird as dreaming in cartoon with a big yeti-like creature that ate a dead person since it couldn’t find any Wraith to eat. I think your blog may be pyschologically unsafe for some people. I, however, will continue to keep reading it.

    Have fun with Season 5. I will have to wait till Season 4 comes out on DVD before I can comment on it though from reading your blog it sounds excellent, as usual.

  32. @ anneteldy – Ah, yeah – I did totally misunderstand you! 😆 (remember that whole ‘hate to read’ thing – it includes skimming over stuff and getting it all bassackwards. 😛 )

    What I’d love to see is that the Wraith already have the Ancient gene because they’re actually related. Ya know – they’re the Ancients’ funny, more fashionable (and self-indulgent) cousins. If they don’t – then yeah – would be cool to see them get the gene and then use Ancient tech – but it would be much cooler if they already have it. Creates more questions that way.

    Oh – and Urinal Cakes. My sister and her husband are throwing a party for volunteer bathroom attendants (for a non-profit group), with a centerpiece bouquet of toilet paper flowers and bowl brushes, and serving stuff like lemonade and chocolate bars, disinfectant-blue jello…and little cakes in the shape of urinal cakes. (Yes, we are a sick, twisted lot…but our parties are always a hoot!)


  33. @wolfenm marry Madison and Todd??? You are twisted! I love it!

    @Joe M And still no mailbag……sigh…..

  34. (I forgot to add that I also co-starred in my movie. Guess and figure out which one I am…)

  35. @tango:

    A beat, from what I understand from my Dramatic Analysis class is, -rushes off to find my notes- is a specific span of dialouge (or action) in which it is focused on only one subject or peice of action. The beat ends and begins when one character takes initiative, or the subject matter changes.

    i.e. “/Marie: Honey, where are my slippers?

    John: I don’t know, dear./ Have you prayed tonight?/”

    Traditionaly the /’s represent the end of, and beginning of beats. When the /’s are numbered, it usually is for idendifying intentions and tactics, or Method acting. And there are quite a set of rules when using Method and its too complicated and long to go into at this point. Seeing as its after ten here.

  36. Hey Joe!

    Something about seeing a Wraith smiling and in human clothing…kinda freaky. 🙂

    I don’t blame you for cutting the ‘Dr. Who?’ title from the list, don’t want to be caught with copyright problems now, do you? 😉 It would be very funny if you called an episode something random like ‘Urinal Cake’. Would leave no clue as to what the episode is about (I hope………………………….) making it more of a mystery.

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  37. Gee, couldn’t you bring in a couple of old faves under all that makeup…Teryl Rothery, JR Bourne, Colin Cunningham…?


    Good night.

  38. Hey! A recent Gateworld news tidbit spoke of Stargate Universe, and how it may or may not trigger the end of Stargate Atlantis. If the problem is stretching out the writing staff, couldn’t new writers be brought on board instead of doubling the work load for the exiting writers? I’m just curious what you think about that. G’night!

  39. For a second there I thought you’d posted a picture of my neighbour and local whacko Roger, then I realised it was Wraith all along. Mind you in the hippy-filled village where I live there’s always another festival round the corner and another wraith look alike and at this time of year just walking down the street offers up yet another chance for strange hallucinatory effects to set in.

    Dovil, you crack me up, which asylum are you in ?

  40. I’ve just been reading a Gateworld item (I was directed there by a comment above) and my reaction to the idea of cancelling Atlantis to make room for SG:Universe is this…

    I love Atlantis… I love it’s its two main characters… Sheppard and McKay: and I really, really want it to last for many more years. I shall be so upset if they cancel it just because they want to make a new series. I’d rather they continued to make SG-1 movies alongside it (for those that like SG-1) than any other option.

    For the record, I’m not a fan of SG-1 – while I like Jack and Daniel, Teal’c was too wooden, but it was Mary-Sue Carter that eventually made me hate it.

  41. OMG! 😮

    Those pictures are awesome. Thanks so much for posting them 🙂

    *goes to drool over them* 😉

  42. Yay to Season 5! Did you all do a happy dance? Now for Season 6? Do you think if you just started writing scripts for Season 6 that Sci Fi would say “Well, ok, if you’ve already started’?

    I am REALLY going to enjoy the Sci Fi line up of SG1, SGA then SG1 tonight after the Friday the 13th car accident I’ve just been in.

    BMW are one of my clients (who are lovely and give me nice discounts) so I have one. Doesn’t look like much of one right now…
    Thank you safety features.

    I’m just glad I was coming home from a client and didn’t have the dogs in the car.

    PS: Laptops become projectiles

  43. “Whispers” is a bunch of hot chicks with Paul McGillion and Joe Flanigan. Which originally I heard, when they first started the season, they’re like, “Oh, yeah! It’s going to be a great episode. It’s you, Joe Flanigan, and all these hot chicks!”

    Man, I love being right.

  44. Hi Joe.

    I Just poped in to say thank you for the Wraith pictures. Looking forward to season five. I hope there is no SAG strike because than SGA wouldn’t be shown.

    Thank-you again, for the pictures.


  45. Gee, how wierd is that? Friendly Wraith – not trying to make the next person they meet into a banquet.

    Coooool pictures.

  46. Of possible interest to BOTM members: Kage Baker’s In the Garden of Iden is this week’s free e-book from Tor.com. If anyone would like to download the ebook, You can get in touch with me at iamza at yahoo dot com, and I will forward on the instructions for download from Tor (they have a helpful ‘forward this message to a friend’ feature on the webpage, so it’s all legal). Alternatively, you could sign up to Tor’s mailing list, and get the links for all future ebooks emailed to yourself. 🙂

  47. Hi Joe,

    Glad to here you guys have all 20 epi’s down!

    Thanks for the Wraith piccies they are great!

    Take care & happiness always!


  48. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for all the info and pics. This blog is a treat for all Gate fans. Wondered if the “rooster” who lands on Shep in Remnants could be Ford or Kolya? Love to see either one again. Less than a month to go–can’t wait! Enjoy your time off.

  49. I started reading Old Man’s War last night and I must say it is great right from the beginning. Thanks for recommending it.

    My question du jour. Sorry but that is the extent of my french. ; )

    How far into Season Five do you think Sci-Fi will make their decision about S6?

    Have a good weekend Joe. : )

  50. I don’t know about anyone else, but the first thing that popped into my head when I saw pic #5 was: “Wraith-a-Muffin”.

    Hey, now that’s a potential episode place holder if ever I heard one.

  51. Ah, I shut down the ole PC early last night … which means yummy wraith and a hot cup of coffee for brekkies. Yum yum yum. Alas, no banana bread.

    Vegas, huh? Yeah, riiiight. You joker, get my hopes up.

    Going into the Arizona desert for the Dark Skies Vegas burn next week, temps in the triple digits, not on a dry lakebed, in an old growth Joshua Tree forest, so we’ll have critters as neighbors. The Survival Guide says don’t leave your tents unzipped or your boots out on the ground. Sidewinders and scorpions ans bitey desert bugs, oh my!

    Question, do you ever go camping? Real, in a tent, in the dirt, build a fire, swat the bugs and become one with nature, camping?

  52. Dear Joe,

    Just read the news of SGU on GW. I’m a little concern. I know that right now SGA is doing really well, but I’d hate to see Scifi cancel it for a 3rd spin-off.
    I know that the work load was relieved for the writers after SG-1 went off the air, but do you think they will allow you to do it again or maybe the suggestion that “My Name Is Scott” gave would help.
    I hope you can give some words of encouragement.

    Oh, How is Remnant going? Totally behind ya for a good Shep ep.

    Also,it was nice to see you post pics of Cheeky and Linzi the other day. Thanks for giving them a day they won’t ever forget.

  53. I just watched TLM again, and at the beginning Sheppard said his Genii contact didn’t show up… Do we ever find out why he didn’t?

  54. Heya Joe,

    so I’m really behind on my BOTM readings and just finished the Android’s Dream (which, to my credit, i blew through in about a day because I just couldn’t put it down)…and at the end I found myself thinking “Gee wouldn’t it be sweet if someone made this into a really awesome movie!”

    To that end, do you ever find yourself with the urge to write screenplays for books you read? Not with the intention, perhaps, of ever actually doing it; god knows you’ve got enough on your plate. And apparently I’ve heard this rumor that the writers aren’t exactly revered on the film set as they are in television. 😉 But still, any wild fantasies of taking beloved books to the big screen?

  55. Hey Joe! I haven’t commented for a while, but I’ve still been by to read. Husband and I are really excited for the start of Season 5!! Although I have to say we were marginally disappointed to find out the new Commander of Atlantis was Woolsey and not Mars Hewlett, everyone’s best friend. (In all seriousness I’m really excited for Woolsey to come over. Besides LOVING Robert Picardo, again, in that totally non-stalker way, I’m really excited to see what new conflicts Woolsey will bring with him).

    On a completely unrelated note: Do you and Fondy still watch Lost? If so, what did you think of the last season? I have to say we weren’t surprised by the face in the casket (not like the “snake in the mailbox” of the PREVIOUS season finale), but we enjoyed the season overall.

    I realize that I’m probably not living up to my witty self in this post. That seems to be par for the course lately. I’ve narrowed it down to the fact that I’ve got an eleven year-old stepdaughter. Apparently my sense of humor is deminishing with every passing hour and being replaced with a general sense of bewilderment and un-cool.

    Lady Dulcinea

    PS: I wanted to provide a link to my newest artistic creation. A very lifelike portrait of Jack and Daniel (not slash I SWEAR)!!!


  56. Well THAT was a blast! Just doing some remedial work which required a Tip run with the skeletal remains of some push bikes and a Kawasaki trial bike that was mostly rust, several defunct DVD players, a relic of a VHS system and several semi-full pots of paint one of which happened to explode when it was moved from the boot of my car (thats trunk to most of you 🙂 ) with the result that I drove home looking something like a cross between Coco the Clown and a crazed multi-coloured psycho killer – my normal self in other words. S’gonna take a mountain of swarfvega to get rid of this lot!

  57. @Lady Dulcinea – You have my sympathies. 11 year old girls are a nightmare and only a shade of what they will become as teenagers so dig out that SOH cuz girl you are gonna need it. On the other hand feel free to vent all you need and don’t be put off asking for suggestions, we all need ’em. *HUGS* from one mom to another.

  58. BOOK OF MONTH CLUB ALERT!!! For those of you that did NOT buy the Kage Baker edition of “Garden of Iden” If you sign up for TORs weekly news letter…you’ll receive a PDF format version.
    Bonus, is you’ll receive a new story every week.

  59. Wraith eat banana bread?! *mind boggles* LOL! Nice pics!

    I was thinking last night about yesterday’s comment on First Contact being short (‘cos of MS and DH’s speed talking, *squee*) and was wondering…

    As a fan, I prefer it when I hear an episode is running short, as then we can get that little bit more dialogue or that extra scene, which is all good (especially when we get a scene like in This Mortal Coil with Rodney and Radek – pure gold!), but when I hear one is running long I feel a bit sad as I know some dialogue and/or scene(s) will be cut (like Trio, the scene that explains Keller and Ronon haven’t gone any further and therefore makes it less of a shock later when she asks Rodney out…oh, and also that S/J bit too!! *g* Not to mention this season and the mentioning of Carson’s turtles!).

    As a writer/executive producer, which do you prefer? I guess in an ideal world you’d like all the episodes to come in on time, but in this less than perfect world do you prefer longer or shorter? Or are they both as bad as each other, but for different reasons?

    Just wondering.


  60. I go with “Urinal Cake.” If “Jericho” had had episode titles like that, it would still be around.

    Anyway, I really enjoy how the Wraith as a species–and individual Wraith in particular–have evolved since the beginning of the show. This business of their being able to sustain themselves without have to ‘feed’ is a huge development.

    Here’s a question: Do Connor Trineer and other Wraith actors have to ADR all of their dialogue? Everything they say sounds enhanced and their many teeth look lisp-worthy, so I assume that ADR is the way to go.

  61. BTW Joe I’d be more inclined to read headlines such as : Professional Remains Find Golfer on Moon or Golfer Finds Professional Remains on Moon or alternatively Moon Remains Professional Golfer. I think I may have inhaled toxic fumes…

  62. Thanks for the photos of the Wraiths – love those guys – love the messy hair look too – I mean, does a Wraith have time to go to an Aveda Spa?

  63. Hey Joe!

    ooooh!!! aaaaaah! wraith pics!!! *collapses to the floor*

    Okay… Now Princess Erin is tapping her foot and wondering where mailbag is. 😛 I apologize for getting her involved in your blog.

    I must agree with Shawna: Dr Who? !!!! Frelling awesome title! 😀 You know that is something I’d loooove to see.

    Actually, any possibility of having a previous Dr. Who show up on Atlantis? 😆 That would probably make my head explode. Especially if McKay is in the same scene. What is Tom Baker up to these days, anyway?

    I am repeating myself when I say this but oh well, GREAT PICS!!! 😀


  64. The sight of a Wraith in human clothing…. intriguing. Possible “retro” Season 6 episode?

    Are you guys really going to be filming IN Vegas? (I know others have been nagging you about it…. so I’ll just keep up the pestering).

  65. LOVE the Wraith twins!! and smiling Wraith. and Wraith costume designers. I want a Wraith coat almost more than an Atlantis jacket.

    Hmm, Neeva here nor there, eh. Glad to hear we’ve got 20 and Vegas, here they come! So it falls on Paul to do perhaps the most important episode of the series (#100). And it WILL be a SEASON-ending ep, not series.

    BOOK OF MONTH CLUB ALERT!!! For those of you that did NOT buy the Kage Baker edition of “Garden of Iden”
    Got the link! this is GREAT for me as I’m sans spare $$ for awhile, I’m going to fetch every book they offer. Very happy with the offered formats.

  66. dasNdanger wrote:

    What I’d love to see is that the Wraith already have the Ancient gene because they’re actually related. Ya know – they’re the Ancients’ funny, more fashionable (and self-indulgent) cousins. If they don’t – then yeah – would be cool to see them get the gene and then use Ancient tech – but it would be much cooler if they already have it. Creates more questions that way.

    As the Wraith developed from humans, not Ancients, on the Iratus bug’s homeworld, it is less likely — though not impossible — that some of them naturally have the gene. I think both Todd and Michael would be interested in using Janus’s labs; being able to control Aurora-class ships; etc.

    Anne Teldy

  67. I’m particularly fond of this new Wraith fashion, Joe. The sweatshirt hoodie is such a versatile item, you know? 😉 Perhaps it will help them blend more while ransacking Earth?

  68. @ anneteldy – Oh, yes – Todd and Michael would both LOVE to have that gene! All the naughty little things they could do with it…heh. I wonder if they can get the gene through feeding? Isn’t that how they absorbed human DNA…or…am I confused again… 🙄 ?

    What would be awesome is to see Atlantis under attack…and, for the sake of argument, let’s just say Todd is still an ‘ally’…and only he and Shep are left standing, trying to get to the control chair, but Shep falls and can’t make it, so Todd takes over and the chair responds. I can just see Sheppard’s face now, all screwed up in a ‘WTF! How did you do that??!’ kinda way, and Todd just smiling as if to say, ‘There is much about Wraith you do not know’… (of course, he’d then have to steal something).

    Now that I’m on high-speed (and can make the pics BIG), I can see that the shrunken head is, indeed, a muffin. Wrapped in plastic.


    I dunno – still looks like a shrunken head to me…

    My apologies, but I couldn’t resist a little Wraithy fun:




  69. In the MW, did the Ancients seed human life all over the galaxy, or were the offworld humans taken from Earth by the Goauld? Because if that’s the case, then are the Pegasus Galaxy humans older than the MW ones (besides Earth)?

  70. dasNdanger wrote:

    @ anneteldy – Oh, yes – Todd and Michael would both LOVE to have that gene! All the naughty little things they could do with it…heh. I wonder if they can get the gene through feeding? Isn’t that how they absorbed human DNA…or…am I confused again… ?

    The Iratus bug did absorb DNA from humans and, extrapolating from Michael’s explanation in “Vengeance”, laid eggs in which the human DNA was incorporated. Evolution occurred over ____ years and the Wraith as we know them appeared.

    I personally doubt that a Wraith could get the ATA gene through a normal feeding as they don’t “ingest” genetic material, just energy.

    ltcolshepjumper wrote:

    In the MW, did the Ancients seed human life all over the galaxy, or were the offworld humans taken from Earth by the Goauld? Because if that’s the case, then are the Pegasus Galaxy humans older than the MW ones (besides Earth)?

    We’ve been told both the Goa’uld and the Ancients spread humanity in the Milky Way. (For different reasons, of course.)

    Didn’t the Ancients start in the Milky Way, move to Pegasus after the plague started, and then return to the Milky Way? If so, then I would say Milky Way humans were first.

    Anne Teldy

  71. Hi, Joe!

    Thank YOU for all the wonderful photos from SGA’s season five.

    And best wishes to everyone at SGA for their hiatus!

    The Late Night Show with Conan O’Brien’s June 12 ’08 episode had another “Nerding It Up With Pierre” skit where they used events from Stargate SG-1 (“The Fourth Horseman”), Star Wars, and Pokemon to compare to the current…tomato salmonella scare in the US.


    I’ve posted a clip of the skit on my google blog:


    And I’m working on a transcription for those fans who may not be able to view the video (but it may be a few hours).

    Best wishes, Morjana

  72. Wow joe some of the comments scared me about the whole Stargate Universe and the gateworld article. So, I had to read it myself. I didn’t get anything about Atlantis getting shutdown for Universe (thank God).

    I understood it as sci-fi and MGM were holding on a decision as long as Atlantis is doing well and the movies are doing well. I hope I understood it to read that way.

  73. @Narelle: I’m so sorry for your Freaky Friday the 13th car accident! Laptops do become projectiles. So do soda cans! I’m glad your dogs weren’t in the car, too. Saftey features RULE! Hope you aren’t sore tomorrow. Poor BMW. I hate seeing cars that are in wrecks. And here I thought my sore throat was a bad Friday the 13th experience….


    P.S. JOE, isn’t it Ice Cream Friday? Whaddya bring? 😀

  74. Thanks, anneT…that’s what I thought. But…ya know…I don’t always pay attention.

    I can’t stop looking at those pictures. I don’t know what it is about me and dudes without eyebrows – but…yeah…I’m obsessed. 19th century native American portraits do the same thing to me – many tribes plucked out all facial hair, including eyebrows. I found it to be a very clean and beautiful look – and the Wraith seem to have the same affect on me. And no – I don’t insist that Mr. Das shave off his eyebrows… though… it is an idea… hmmmm… 😈

    Just gotta say something else about their hair. I really like the longer hair (it looked like Todd’s was longer, too – or maybe it was just the angle of the last pic). Sure, the bald Wraith are really cool and perhaps a bit more badass in appearance, whereas the fellas with the long hair just seem…creepy (and deliciously so!). But the longer hair also suggests vanity, at least to me it does. Even if it looks ‘messy’, it’s still arranged and braided and twisted in a style that must be pleasing to the wearer. It just strikes me that the Wraith are rather vain – a characteristic that I love in them because most people just think they’re godawful ugly. But if *they* think they’re beautiful, certainly they must be, right?

    I just wonder if this is done on purpose – if the Wraith are supposed to come across as creatures in love with their own beauty, or if it just comes across that way because of the way some actors, like James, handled the role?


  75. Hey Joe,

    A couple of questions before your well-deserved hiatus:

    1. Are episodes 19 and/or 20 seriously going to be filmed in Vegas? I think I read this somewhere – maybe SciFi wire? Or was JF pulling the reporter’s leg? VEGAS? Seriously?? I’m hoping for a great (serious as in dramatic) story and cliff-hanger to end Season 5, something well-suited for your 100th episode.

    2. Does your WTF moment for Sheppard in Remnants have to do with physical or psychological trauma? I think the latter would be great, especially if it comes with some moving character development beats for our intrepid hero…


  76. One more thing (cause I’m sure you’re getting sick of this, but) you also mentioned once that Teyla would not only be able to understand what was spoken but read English (for example) and understand that, too, because of the nanites.

    Now. If the nanites allow someone who has passed through the ‘gate to understand the spoken and written word of another culture/world/etc, then why do Daniel and Elizabeth have such a hard time doing translations?

    Wouldn’t ‘Ancient’ be the first language the Ancients would have programmed into those nanites to make understandable? (Or would they have totally skipped it, because, being Ancients they were a) missing a few screws and b) looking to learn about other cultures, and programing the nanites for ‘Ancient would be like me programing my computer for English’ [meaning, programing it to translate something they already understand]?)

    Also, I just wanted to really, really thank you and the rest of TPTB for starting season 5 on July 11th. It is going to be a most fantastic end to my bachelorette party.

  77. Hi! Forgive the plug and ignore if inappropriate:

    Next month’s BOTM club book, The Garden of Iden by Kage Baker is available free as a digital book from http://www.tor.com/. You have to sign your identity away as a member of Tor’s website, but the digital book is free thereafter. I pass it along in case there are those who haven’t found or had a chance to find it yet!

    My copy is sitting in the kitchen in it’s lovely Amazon.com shipping box! Hopefully I’ll finish up my Starship Troopers a la Heinlein in the next day and start in on the BOTM books. Looking forward to the discussion.

  78. Hey Joe,
    Just a quick question for you, are you really working on Stargate, or some other project? Because I just saw a trailer for the new Hellboy 2 movie last night, and I have to say the new enemy (http://www.imdb.com/media/rm4231698432/tt0411477) looks a little familiar… sorta like those guys in the pictures up there. So is this some big crossover where the Wraith finally make it to Earth and take down the SGC, leaving it up to Hellboy to stop them? Or are there truly no original ideas (or even makeup) left in the world?

  79. I normally dont watch the star track enterprise but is did for some reason and i found MICHAEL. I had nor realized he was on their. I guess I needed to google him and find out where else he may pop up…..

  80. I can’t wait to see those two wraith in action for the new season. my queenwants to see ronon get controled by a wraith slaping feeding on and torturing him that will be heaven in her eyes
    I’m for once gald to see the wraith live on
    I would love to be a wraith also I think I’ll be one of those female who wants to to what the men do go in the battle field

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