Paul leads the producers on their annual extras hunt.

As is tradition, the producers\' assistant must battle for his year-end bonus.

You wouldn\'t believe how many assistants the producers go through.

Ivon Bartok delivers his critique of Inquisition.

Cheeky Lil Devil and the demonic Linz

Seconds after this photo was taken, they were atomized by the kawoosh.

In Stargate Tag, the gate is always home base.

Survivor gets to tour Woolsey\'s office. 

I was running a little late. Traffic on West Broadway had slowed me down so it was a little after 9:00 a.m. when I hit the lights at Boundary Road. In five minutes, I’d be dropping the dogs off at doggy daycare, then five minutes later I’d be dropping Fondy’s car off at Open Road Audi. Ten minutes after that, I’d be in the office, well into my early morning procrastinating. That was the plan anyway. I was waiting for the green when, suddenly, I heard a noise from the back seat. It sounded something like “Blegaaaaaaaaah!”. I glanced back. Lulu was surveying her regurgitated breakfast with mild interest. An intrigued Maximus, buckled in beside her, was leaning in… Green! I gunned the engine and took a sharp right, shifting Maximus and Lulu back off the pile of vomit. I hit another set of lights. This time, Bubba leaned in. Green! I took a hard left, shifting Bubba back off. I made it to the doggy daycare in record time. There, it was bath time for Lulu – and her backseat blanket.

I dropped the car off for servicing, then power walked over to the studio. Paul saw me coming and made it a point to hang out the window and loudly comment on my ambulatory prowess.

I got in and, first things first, joined the rest of the producers for a screening of Andy Mikita’s director’s cut of First Contact. The script was long, but the actual episode was a little short thanks to the fast-talking duo of Michael Shanks and David Hewlett. But, holy crap, do their scenes sing. They are terrific together! A really great episode.

Afterwards, Marty G. headed down to post, leaving Paul, Carl, Rob, and I to help Alan break his story, tentatively titled The Antidote. We spent most of the day beating it out, stopping only to eat lunch and partake in a sparring session using some weapons Lawren discovered in the storage closet (“Yeah, I’m going to need a couple of blue pens, some liquid paper, two notebooks, and a staff weapon. Thanks.”). We completed the first three acts and most of act four before running out of steam. We agreed to go our separate ways to think about a phenomenal ending for the episode on the condition that we all reconvene first thing in the morning.   Sure thing.  Suckers! 

I popped downstairs to say hi to Cheeky Lil Devil and Linz who visited the studio today – watching Will and co. shoot scenes from Outsiders, having lunch with Joe and David and, the high point of their visit, spending time with yours truly on Stage 6.

Then, it was back upstairs where we watched the Brenton’s director’s cut of Inquisition.

Nope, still no mailbag. But soon. Soon.

72 thoughts on “June 11, 2008: Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved! More of a Trapezoid.

  1. Wow, an actual photograph of notoriously camera shy Paul Mullie!

    Good to see that you guys know how to have a good time while at work.


  2. Goodness, are we allowed to just pop over when we’re in the area? I must remember to let you know next time I make it to Vancouver.

  3. Hey Joe…

    My question today is….What Happened To The Mailbag?????

    Also, if I were to stop at the Bridge Studios, would you give ME a tour ? 🙂 ? 🙂 ?

    Thanks Joe

  4. Which one is Cheeky Lil Devil and which one is Linz? And how did they get to come visit the set?

    I really enjoy your writing about turning out scripts. It’s easy to think of writers as lonely folks who sit bent over typewriters in drafty lofts, struggling to craft the right dialogue and story lines, smoking too many cigarettes and waiting for 2 pm to roll around so they can have their first drink of the day. The team effort to make a Stargate script sounds like a lot more fun and much more rewarding.

  5. Awww, poor Lulu! 🙁 Maybe she had some of the “Critical Care” food they gave me at the vet’s office. $35 for something like a 16 OZ bag, and Alice *hates* it. I tried to get her to eat some of it on her own a little while ago (as opposed to having to force-feed her again), and she actually turned around and ate a *turd* instead!! XD (She is, thankfully, eating the food I normally prepare for her, a mix of her softened pellets and carrot baby food.)

    Cheeky and Linz got to eat luch with Joe & David?? As in Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett?? *And* meet you?? *Dies of envy*

    Interesting, the title you chose today — I just happened to watch Hewlett in The Triangle today …

    @das ~ Thank you for the well-wishing re: Alice. 🙂 She does seem to be recovering nicely, although her pupils are still a bit over-dilated. Otherwise, she’s hopping about, drinking, eating, demanding treats, going to the litter pan okay, acting her usual inquisitive self, just a tad subdued …

  6. There are days I definitely do not miss having a dog around. Thank you for reminding me why I am better off without a four legged friend. As for your day, sounds like everything is firing on 8 cylinders. Certainly everyone looks to be having fun. And ohh, Cheekly Lil Devil and Linz have touched the holy grail of SG fandom….luckily I’m as happy for them as I am jealous. The sparring pics were a hoot. But if all it takes to be a producer’s assistant is to be able to handle a staff weapon, watch out. I’m ready for a career move, and I don’t fight fair….
    Again, thanks for another great post to top off the day.

  7. Thanks for the great pics. It must be nice having toys like that laying around the office. Anyway, I ran across your blog about 3 months ago and have been reading it ever since. Reading your blog every day finally inspired me to create my own blog here at WordPress.

  8. Hi, Joe!

    I’ve been playing catch-up with reading your blog; I think I’m finally up to date. I especially enjoy reading about production on season 5. Can’t wait! I haven’t had time to read all the comments yet ( I don’t know how you manage it!) I actually read Android’s Dream and then missed the entire discussion. I did enjoy reading Mr. Scalzi’s comments and answers to everyone else’s questions, though. I enjoyed his wicked sense of humor; and have Old Man’s War on my waiting pile of books. Right now I’m having a hard time tearing myself away from George R.R. Martin to read anything else. (Currently reading A Feast for Crows.) I noticed today that A Dance with Dragons is available for pre-order on with a September 30 release date. Cool!

    Maybe one of Mr. Martin’s books might be a book club selection in the future?


  9. Wow you guys must really go through assistants. Do they have to audition UFC-style in order to get to the final ring (er… hallway?) of doom? Is “dies well” a good thing to put on a resume?

    The script was long, but the actual episode was a little short thanks to the fast-talking duo of Michael Shanks and David Hewlett. But, holy crap, do their scenes sing. They are terrific together! A really great episode.

    Can’t wait! Can’t wait! I lovvvves Rodney when he’s in super-speed-talking mode!

    – Nika

  10. Hi Joe, what’s Brad doing these days? Is he still working at the 3rd movie script that’s supposed to be a Jack-story?

  11. today’s blog title; “Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved! More of a Trapezoid.” reminds me of the real ghostbusters cartoon episode where they investigated the new jersey parallelogram. but me & my brother are probably the only ones who remember the episode or the series.

    anyway, here are more book suggestions for the book club, although i’m not sure i can wholeheartedly recommend them, as i have them but not read them as of yet.


    it’s a 3 part fantasy series by Chris Claremont & George Lucas

    Shadow Moon

    Shadow Dawn

    Shadow Star

  12. Heh. If I come for a visit, would you run and hide? 😉

    (no worries – you’re too far away, and I don’t fly…not since a shaky flight from France many years ago)

    Poor Lulu…was she car sick (from your driving)? Or does she just like to give you surprises?

    Speaking of puke – why don’t we get some of that in SGA? Now – don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan of puke. It’s disgusting. But it can also be funny, or…very distressing. I mean, what’s a better way to whump Shep than having him beaten so bad he throws up? Of course, then you have to have the obligatory ‘nurse back to health’ scene…which I think someone like…*thinks*…Woolsey should do. (Although, either Lorne or Zelenka would be great in such a scene… except that Lorne nursing Shep back to health would inspire slash fic, and Zelenka doing so would just make Rodney too dang jealous)

    Mmmmmm….Dagoba chocolate…xocolatl, and lavender blueberry…odd combo (esp. after the puke comment 😛 ). But it’s so delicious, especially after my nice salad…diced avocado (1), tomato (1), onion, jalapeño, calamata olives, and fresh-chopped cilantro and garlic – with a little cumin, salt, pepper, lime juice and olive oil. It should be ‘juicy’ – and it is yum!

    Thanks for sharing the pics! Hope you have more Todd pics squirrelled away somewhere…ya know, just in case I have another nervous breakdown… 😉


  13. Gah! Who do I have to kill to get into that studio?

    Congratulations to Cheeky Lil Devil and Linz. I bet you had a wonderful day. Don’t forget to share details, now. We are all waiting on the edge of our seats.Does Joe Mallozzi actually have his henchmen hiding in his closet? What about the worshiping minions? Are they kept outside in that dumpster we saw a while back? Inquiring busybodies want to know.

    Patricia (AG)

  14. Paul looks like he dispatched Lawren and Ivon with the casual bravado of a trained jaffa warrior. It seems like his camera shyness has diminished. I recall a comment you made regarding America’s Most Wanted from a DVD or blog post a long time ago. Does this mean the authorities are no longer looking for him?

    Awesome pictures!

  15. Hey Joe!

    Yep, sounds like you had a very fun day! The images especially show that!

    Also, looking at the photos, in the second photo, I see a fridge in the room that is called “The Original Fridge”. Any story on this?

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  16. Hi Joe!

    Ooooh, two words that don’t go great together = vomit and Audi. Glad you had a doggie blanket. Nice of you to drop off the car at the mechanics, BTW!

    The Antidote – it doesn’t sing, but it does give me some visuals. Whatever the final name is, I’m sure I can deal with it. 🙂

    LOVE the hallway action shots – with weapons! So, you guys keep your spare staff weapons and other kill-thingies in the storage closet? I keep a couple of P90’s in my utility closet, but I live in Texas, so that’s kinda expected. 😉

    Keeee-yoooooute pics of CLD and Linz! They’re hotties – Joe, David, and you were so lucky to have such beautiful company!

    Party on, Joe.


  17. Define “soon”. 😛

    Anyways, thank you for the updates! First Contact is looking better and better by the minute, and “The Antidote” for Todd’s 4th episode, and as a follow up to The Queen and Outsiders? Very very intriguing.

    Cheeky and Linz look like they’re in heaven, haha! And what a day to visit the studios too! Did they get to participate in the Extras Hunt, among all the other awesomeness? 😉

    I can’t wait to hear their thoughts on this! I sure hope there are some discernable words between all the Squees. Hehe.

    Ok, 1 review tonight:

    Descent: An excellent episode! I loved Jonas in this; his 1-sided banter with Teal’c was the highlight of the episode, comedically. Again, I love Daniel too, but Jonas does bring a new energy to the show, and a new personality. Unlike Daniel, Jonas is definitely a lot more cheerful, a lot more innocent and wide-eyed, and a lot less serious about things. I like that. The rest of the episode is your classic SG1 stuff, traipsing around a mothership while bad things happen. I don’t have much to say about it other than the fact that I enjoyed it a lot. My only complaint was how the crash itself was kind of brushed off so quickly, but I guess that had to do with budget, which is clearly unavoidable, unfortunately, so it’s not a big problem. So yeah, very enjoyable episode.

  18. Sometimes Shanks gets going so fast he makes my head ache. That boy should come with a speed control.

    If I could walk/run I’d want to play Stargate Tag.

    Also, I think I’m gonna suggest keeping extra weaponry in our storage closets at work. (Most of us have weaponry, but it’s mostly kept in desks. And, of course, it’s usually spongy and/or nerfy.)

  19. Just read the latest interview with Jason Momoa and he hates the Ronon/Keller/McKay triangle you writers are so hot on. He even said Keller was not a good match for Ronon. He sees the problem, why don’t you guys? Why does Keller have to be romanced with anyone? Why don’t you “ship” her with Todd? That would make a LOT of fans very happy.

  20. Hi Joe

    Great pics today. I am so sorry we didn’t get to see you when Salty and I went on the set last June. We also had a blast and I have to say you guys are the best when it comes to taking care of us and the charities also.

    As a CFO of a non for profit (we take care of the mentially ill homeless folks who are better off we us then in a hospital) the fact that these visits generate so much funds for much needed causes makes my heart sing.

    Anyway, on to my questions:

    I know this is really out of touch with time but I have recently begun to rewatch season 1 and I have question on Rising. Why would they only set a Col., a Major (who was not suppose to go) and a LT. Shouldn’t there have been a higher mix of officers?

    For 5th season: Will Sheppard have the power to override Woolsey in military matters?


  21. Yay for Peg & Linz!!! Go the GaterGrrls!

    So, Joe – if I pay for my airfare to Vancouver (from Australia, it’s not cheap, but doable!) how can an Aussie gater-chik score a set visit??

    Hope the pooch’s OK! Musta been something she ate – i’ve heard dogs have very strange tastes when it comes to eating!

    – Dana

  22. I had dinner at Fogo de Chão in Atlanta this week — I must say it was interesting! Have you ever been? If not – I suggest you look them up and make a point to go if you’re ever in a city they’re open in. It is a brazillian steakhouse — all-you-can-eat meat! You get a green/red disc that means “Yes I want more” or “No thank you”, and the chefs zip around offering you various different types of meat. It was some of the most tender and flavorful meat I’ve had in a very long time.

    Check them out at if you’re interested!

  23. Can I get a blog dedication tomorrow please? Not to nag…I’m reminding you in case you forgot! 🙂 I’m not gonna be by a computer or TV until August 3rd!!! Wish me luck! 🙂

    And, as always, thanks for the pictures!!! I think I’d be willing to battle to be a producer’s assistant… what do they do, exactly? In what manner do they assist?

  24. Would Beckett’s gene therapy work on a Wraith like Todd? What about Michael since his self-experimenting?

    Anne Teldy

  25. Do we know who will officially be attending Comic Con San Diego from both the SG1 panel and the SGA panel?

  26. *waves*

    We’re back in the hotel and haven’t quite recovered from today’s event. Can I just say how wonderful and hospitable you, Brigitte, the boys, the directers and crew were to us. You all showed us how much you care about the show and the fans, and you treated us like one of the family, and for that we’ll always be eternally grateful for your kindness and generosity. And just so you know, I did blub when I got back to the hotel, because I was just so overwhelmed with all the effort you all put in to make us feel welcome.

    Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts, it’s a memory that we’ll cherish always…. yes i’m getting all sappy again. Thank you for the baby hug. 😉 😛 😀

    The set visit has shown me and Linz so much of what you guys do to make the show special, and your passion for the show is equal to that of the fans if not more so.

    Thanks again, and I hope you managed to find the elusive chocolates, you might want to check on the Outsiders set, as there could be 70% dark chocolate waiting for you. Either that or the crew have stuffed their face with it. 😛

    Thanks again….. can you tell i’m for once lost for words? 😆 for taking the time to come down and meet with us and spend your precious time discussing Remnants with us, it’s much appreciated.


  27. See this is why you are a writer. Anyone that can make dog puke and traffic lights read like a scene from the da vinci code is ok in my book. Oddly enough we’re having some puke problems of our own with Missy our 2 year old Staffy, seems she doesn’t like the heatwave(more a finger waggle than a full blown wave actually) and has taken to regurgitation on demand – maybe she wants to be a seagull when she grows up.

    Great to see crazed fans make it to the holy grail of gatedom and live.

    Hugs to the pooches and I hope Lulu is feeling better.

  28. I went back and forth on asking these questions because this doesn’t seem to be a writing advice blog… but I came to the conclusion that I’d be a complete dork to not at least ASK since you’re so accessable on the web. So, I have some spec questions…

    1. How long can you keep a spec? I’ve read all kinds of different advice from a) get rid of it as soon as the show goes off the air to b) get rid of it within two years of the show being axed to c) some shows are ‘timeless’ (although that was from a bit of a kook).

    2. I’m going to try my hand at writing an animation spec and after doing some research, I’m finding that it’s quite a different market than live action. Does this effect the rules on what I should spec? I was considering doing a show that’s been off the air for a couple seasons, but is well known, popular with kids (merch), and still strong in re-runs.

    And finally…

    3. When living/trying to get work in Canada, is it important to spec a Canadian show?

    I know these seem like questions that I should have learned the answers to in University, but most of the people teaching the courses, well, they aren’t working in TV and it’d be nice to get some answers from someone who is currently working in the industry and can answer in terms of what’s happening in 2008 instead of 1985.


  29. Hey Joe, your comments about “First Contact” got me curious, what happens when an episode falls short on time? What is typically added?

  30. Hey Joe, Paul sounds like a funny guy. Pity you didn’t get any pics of him hanging out the window 😉

    I’m off to a Prison Break & Veronica Mars convention tomorrow (and meeting the wonderful Jason Dohring aka Josef from Moonlight) and I was just wondering if you every watched any of those shows?

    Enjoy your day. 🙂

  31. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for the pictures, it’s very cool to see you guys enjoy playing with the props. 🙂

    It’s to hear that Michael Shanks and David Hewlitts scenes came out so well, more hyped about the epsiode than ever. 🙂

    Is there any indication we may see Michael Shanks and/or Amanda Tapping making any further appearances this season?


  32. Ah, the funny life of keeping a pet!

    Thanks for the pics and the hilarious tags 🙂

    Hopefully I will be able to understand Michael and David. They definitely test my ability to understand English.

    Visiting the set would alone be a dream come true. And as an extra this kind of lunch? Boah.

    How do you make decisions about altering a script? Is it just a democratic one or could you (do you) insist on your original idea when this is very important to you? Mabe you all have a fight? 😉

  33. Hi again Mr M!

    Greetings from Tipperary once more!

    Salutations to Cheeky Lil Devil and Linz, great to put more faces to regular contributors. I assume the “Joe and David lunch” was Mr Flanagan and Mr Hewlitt? Congrats to those lucky two and I hope that they enjoyed their tour.

    I must confess, I still get goose-bumps when I look back over the pics we all took on the Set Tour in April with Mr N. John Smith. What a truly great guy, and great gems like the fact that the SGC smelt like an ash-tray for years after a fire there…I always think of that now when viewing older Seasons, and think of all the blocking of scenes that must have gone on in that atmosphere!

    Any-hoo, on that note re: Stargate Tag, funny you should say that, coz on my set tour, my buddy and I did a time-trial of running from the SGA gate to Woolsey’s Office, just as an “afficianado” point of discussion for REAL SGA fans!! Also it may be a gauntlet challenge for Mr Momosa in time to come, if he ever does get to Ireland (Home of Guinness!), as he promised me! He would of course win hands down, but no harm in the challenge (I recently watched Doppleganger again and have “revised” my own timing!!)

    Looking forward to the discussion on Garden of Iden

    Ciao for now


  34. @ wolfenm – I thought rabbits do eat their first (night) droppings to extract nutrients from it…but usually they do so without their person knowing about it (straight from their heinie). Yummy.


    @ anneteldy – Would like to know this, too (re: gene therapy). I’m suspecting – yes. But I don’t want to see the Wraith (even Todd) lose the ability to feed on humans if they so desire (or – more specifically – need to, perhaps for regenerative reasons). After all, the fact that they can eat you (even if they have an alternative) is what will maintain their edge, and the main thing that intrigues me about their species. It makes them morally complex – their needs vs. our perception of right and wrong…and whether or not they can suppress their urges for the greater good.

    It would be like ‘domesticating’ a tiger – sure, you’re feeding it loads of Big Kitty Chow, but you still never know if and when it’s going snap and munch on you instead.


  35. So ClD/Linz, was that the CharityBuzz auction? I was following that one. It looks like you both had a fabulous time. What did the gate feel like? We want as many details as you can give us. Pretty please?

    Cheers, Chev

  36. AV eddy said:

    So, you guys keep your spare staff weapons and other kill-thingies in the storage closet? I keep a couple of P90’s in my utility closet, but I live in Texas, so that’s kinda expected. 😉

    I’m not one for weapons in the house but if I had a zat I’d probably keep it in the flour tin.

    Cheers, Chev

  37. Wooohooo! Cheeky and Linz on set! Looks like they had a fab time (and I know they’ve got only great things to say about how lovely everyone was and how welcome you all made them feel). 😀

    The Skypig asked:
    Which one is Cheeky Lil Devil and which one is Linz? And how did they get to come visit the set?

    Cheeky’s the brunette and Linzi’s the blonde – Cheeky’s was the winning bid in a charity auction for a set visit and lunch with Joe F. So it’s all in a good cause and it sounds like it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for two very deserving (and lucky!) fans.

    Of course, I’m sure meeting the infamous Cheeky Lil Devil was also a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Joe M… 😉

  38. Congrats to Devil & Linz! I must say I’m a tad jealous. And way to go on getting a shot of the seemingly camera shy Mr. Mullie! Paul! KREE!

  39. Jealously has blossomed in my heart! Cheeky Lil Devil and Linz want a great opportunity! Joe, David, and Joe!

    Now the question is how does one get one the closed set of Stargate Atlantis?

    How big a bribe do we need to come up with or do we hide in the trunk of someone’s vehicle?

    And Gatelady
    OUCH – ship her with Todd – that’s harsh. I did read the interview and was a little caught off guard by some of the things Jason said. Not only about Keller but about McKay as well. It also got me wondering if part of the decision not to stay on much longer was due to the hair issue.

    Last year it was all ‘Joe F’ said this or said that. Is this year going to be Jason’s year?

    Joe F has been quiet this year. Was he told to tone it down some?

    And Joe M., totally off subject: Why can’t the puddle jumpers cloak before going through the Gate? That has always bugged me.

  40. The Script with Shanks and Hewlitt (First Contact)…how many pages longer was it than an average script?

    I can’t wait to see that episode with CLOSED CAPTIOINING on. Should be fun to play along.

  41. Awwww! Poor Lulu. I suppose dogs don’t get as upset about getting sick as people do. Although when Sebastian gets sick he looks so pitiful. He’s a weird dog, though.

    No mailbag today? So I can ask another obnoxious question? Hmmm…

    For my question I asked the SGA expert in our house… seven year old Erin. (She prefers Princess Erin on her good days.) So here is what Erin wants to ask Joe,

    “You know that scene where everyone says, ‘Colonel.’ ‘Colonel.’ ‘Colonel.’ ‘Colonel.’ And Rodney says, ‘Seriously???!’ And that one scene in Trio when all three of those guys fall in a hole? I want to see more of that stuff. I liked Rodney saying funny things. And I liked Rodney with those two other girls. I like to see more of that unexpected funny stuff.”

    So there ya go. That’s more or less what Erin said. She talks about as fast as Rodney so it was hard to type as she spoke. I guess Erin had more of a request than a question. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in this house. 😉

    Again, fantastic pics. I’m so jealous of Cheeky Lil Devil and Linz!!! I would love to play Stargate Tag. 😀 And eat lunch with David and Joe. Sounds like the perfect day. *sigh*


  42. @das: I loved the story of your name! Especially since I’m of Irish heritage. That is priceless. And the pen is mightier than the sword! 😀 Ha! Wait till I tell my mom you said that. Actually, why haven’t WE thought of that? Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

  43. Isn’t David in England – getting married and doing Meet the Hewletts?

    Confusion reigns.

  44. oops – hit enter too soon. Confusion reigns this morning, I think the big event is actually later this month. Ignore me – I’m babbling this morning.

  45. Great pix glad the gals had a nice time.

    SCI-FI is dead wrong about Ronon’s hair. Utterly ridiculous insistence.

    I see that MGM wants Universe asap. All I ask, just one more season (6) of SGA so that loose ends get tied up. I know I’ve said that I support the Stargate franchise but… I’m not so sure that I will be interested in Universe. So far, what I’ve heard of the story just doesn’t grab me, vs. when I first heard about Atlantis/Lost City spinoff I was absolutely giddy! I’m far more interested in another SG-1 movie, provided that it’s a good story. Can’t wait to see Continuum!!

    Never thought I’d be saying but geez, the SGA s4 DVD box is fugly!! what’s with the yellow! and when the heck are we getting SGA on Blu-Ray?

    Back to job hunting

  46. Cheeky and Linz!


    Please, come and rescue me! I’m trapped for the next 7 hours in the office with a non-stop talker who doesn’t know anything about Atlantis!

    3 more days until this training is over and I’m free!
    6 more days until my relatives leave!
    5 more Fridays until Atlantis!

  47. Joe,

    Sorry to bother you with such a trivial thing as this. But one of my friends sent me this link today….and it made me think of you and all your e-mail replies. You’re so wise to try to keep in touch with these people.

    I do have a question, though. Has it ever been made clear on the show (SG1) exactly how many SG teams the SGC has? Is there a limit to how many SG teams there can be? Um….guess that’s two questions. Sorry.

  48. Bravo Cheeky and Linz …. your infiltration maneuvers went splendidly. Did you get the keys and the security codes? Bribe security? The rest of us will be there for the Big Midnight Party. I’m bringing mai-tias!

    Oh. Wait a minute. Really? No party? Dagnabbit, I wanna play with props and touch the Stargate. Not to mention touching … nevermind. Wildly inappropriate.


  49. I have a question about your ‘translator nanites from the wormhole’ theory. It’s a great theory, really, and one I will personally adopt because it’s better than my “just ignore it” idea. How would it work for situations where the wormhole is not used? Shep met Larrin when she grabbed his puddlejumper. Neither went through the gate, yet they understood each other fine. Also applies to SG1 meeting the Lucian Alliance, or for that matter, when Thor beamed down to rescue our SGC personnel from Kinsey’s attempted takeover. There are many instances where we meet alien life without benefit of a stargate wormhole. I’m just curious what the unofficial ‘official’ explanation is.
    *Returns to lurker mode*

  50. Hey Cheeky and Linz, if you post a set visit report somewhere, please let us know and give a link! I’m sure we would love to hear more details. And yeah, if I remember your winning bid correctly, you deserve to have been treated well! (Yeah, the money went to charity, not the studio, but still!)

    Joe, I had wondered if your dogs have seat belts. I needn’t have worried, clearly! The mystery of why one dog shows interest in (eating) another’s barf is way beyond my understanding…

  51. Ditto – Bravo Cheeky and Linz on their escapades.

    Enquiring minds want to know….
    Who got the tour of Woolsey’s office? Hope no-one was seriously injured in that duel. Remember, no animals (or humans) are to be harmed in the filming of the movie.

    Loved the scenes with the weapons. But, so harsh treatment? Hey, I’ll get in line just for the opportunity to be present in the environment. It would be an even bigger honor to work there. Talk about a BIG RUSH!

    However, at least we can live vicariously through fandom experiences shared on this blog. And, of course the Joe Mallozzi presents – as well as presence. Your blog is a gift!

  52. @ Trish – Glad you had a giggle! A little addendum about my name – it’s from an ancient Irish legend about a gal who killed herself by bashing her head against a rock until her brains came out and she died, thankyougrandmom.

    Be SO careful what you name your kids, folks. 😛


  53. CiD and Linz
    I’m so green with envy 😉 Please, post a link to your set visit report when you write it, if you don’t mind.


    Just read the latest interview with Jason Momoa and he hates the Ronon/Keller/McKay triangle you writers are so hot on. He even said Keller was not a good match for Ronon. He sees the problem, why don’t you guys? Why does Keller have to be romanced with anyone? Why don’t you “ship” her with Todd? That would make a LOT of fans very happy.

    What interview? Could you share the link? The only one I’ve seen during the last few days is one that Gateworld published yesterday. In this interview, Jason says that he thinks Ronon and McKay should not be fighting over the same woman, and that he thinks Keller isn’t Ronon’s type. He doesn’t say anything about hating the Ronon/Keller/McKay triangle, so I’m curious what he might have said in this other interview you read. Please, share the link if you can. Thanks in advance!

  54. LOL!! You guys crack me up sometimes… that Ivan Bartok is a killer critic, isn’t he?!

    You made me smile about the extra long script still coming in short due to the fast talking duo – oh yeah, those two really talk fast when they get going!! And you’ve made me want to see the episode NOW – but that was your ploy, wasn’t it?!

    Sorry to hear about the puke – just what you needed to start the day off…not!

    Glad that Cheeky and Linz had a good time – not jealous here, nope, not a jot… *lies through teeth*!!


  55. *Squee* I was right! Even though Martin wrote an extra long episode for the boys, because of Michael and David being such fast talkers, the episode still ended up running short. I am so excited to see the episodes, Joe. I’m really hoping that if the right story comes along, and Michael is available, that you will bring him back. *fingers crossed*

    Poor Lulu. Hope she is feeling better. We had a little dog that would get motion sickness. Needless to say she hated the car so her rides were limited to only when she needed to visit the vet… the visual that I now have of you driving – been there.

    Thanks for all of the pictures. Also, a Bravo from me too for Cheeky and Linz.


  56. Hey Joe, my local library just emailed to say that my request is now in. I am picking up OLD MAN WAR this evening. I guess that makes me a little late on the book discussion. ; )

    It was a popular book. I had to wait until it was my turn. I wish I could afford to buy the books but all my spare money goes in my travel fund.

    I am hoping to make it to Vancouver in 2009. You have been warned. LOL!!!!

  57. Sudanese Officials Say At Least 29 Killed in Khartoum Plane Crash:

    I can’t but wonder how long it will be before we start getting the first emails saying,
    “Hello my friend. My name is Barrister Mpho Kumalo, representing Mr Adrian Kane, a wealthy businessman tragically killed on Sudan flight 13A on June 10 2008. This esteemed gentleman entrusted the care of £10 million to me and I am now looking for an honest investor…”

  58. I was rewatching Sateda the other night Joe, and I was wondering: what ever happened to Ronon’s gorgeous leather coat?

    Not, of course, that I mind the bare arms and flashes of stomach when he fights….

  59. @ GateLady (again)
    I forgot to add that it’s not that I defending the triangle idea. In fact it’s the only thing I’ve heard about season 5 that I don’t like at all. I’m looking forward to everything else.

    I love Ronon and Rodney, and I like Jennifer a lot too. I like the idea of Ronon/Jennifer or Rodney/Jennifer (after The Last Man, I think Rodney/Jennifer would be the best option). I prefer to see everything as friendship, but as long as the ship doesn’t become the focus of the show, I’m OK with any pairing. What I don’t like is the idea of the triangle, 2 characters (any) fighting over any woman or man (any). So, if there’s going to be a pairing in canon, I just hope the writers make a decision on which one to pursue (I don’t mind whether it’s Ronon/Jennifer, Rodney/Jennifer, John/Teyla or any other) and then go ahead with it, but not a love triangle.

    But I’m still curious were you read that Jason said he hated the idea, because he didn’t say as much in that GW interview I read. Is there any other recent interview out there that I’ve missed?

  60. I have to admit that I am slightly green with envy. A set tour? A photo op with the stargate? Lunch with Joe and David? Sounds like amazing amounts of fun! Congrats to Cheeky and Linz for a day well spent!

    I’m assuming this was the result of the charitybuzz auction? A friend and I were keeping an eye on various things on that auction site. I didn’t bid (my salary is too paltry for that), but it was fun to watch the numbers creep higher and higher!

    So, Joe. I decided that, since The Android’s Dream went so well, I might try another book from your BOTM club. Unfortunately, the one I was most interested in reading, Unwelcome Bodies, isn’t in my library system yet and is too new for an ILL. Bah! I’ll have to either find it elsewhere or pick a different book. Alas…

  61. Have you received in one of your many offering of books one called Jack of Ravens by Mark Chadbourn…Joe Abercrombie has him as link and the book sound interesting…

    I was wondering if you could recommend a great Lebanese restraunt up in Vancouver…I want to come up their next year for my BD and would love to have your input on where to eat…even though I am a picky eater…and I HATE CHEESE…and that is not related to me being lactose intolerant…I just can’t stand the stuff which limits my options on good cuisine.

    As for some of the darker episodes on SGA…are we going to see woosley have some kind of Evil Ash moment?

  62. Set visits: Around 2002/2003, MGM cracked down on “drop in” set visits, no?

    Not that I’m jealous…I won a Gatecon set-visit auction in 2004.

  63. dasNdanger wrote:

    @ anneteldy – Would like to know this, too (re: gene therapy). I’m suspecting – yes. But I don’t want to see the Wraith (even Todd) lose the ability to feed on humans if they so desire (or – more specifically – need to, perhaps for regenerative reasons).

    You misunderstood me. I meant Beckett’s ATA therapy, not his retrovirus. I was curious as to whether Todd or Michael could gain the ability to use Ancient technology.

    Leila wrote:

    And Joe M., totally off subject: Why can’t the puddle jumpers cloak before going through the Gate? That has always bugged me.

    Ooh! Ooh! Answer this one!

    Anne Teldy

  64. only 10 days till season 3 starts here in NZ!!

    Sooooooooooooo Happy!!!!!!!!!

  65. Sounds like a very busy day Joe! 😛

    A huge congratulations to Cheeky Lil Devil and Linz – from all accounts it sounds like you both had a fabulous time and I’m extremely jealous! 🙂

  66. Big congrats to cheeky lil devil and Linz. Have read your posts on GW and still sooo happy for you guys!!!!!

    Joe – please, please, do NOT axe Atlantis in favor of Stargate Universe just yet. I love that show, even more than I did SG1 (and I´m also a big fan of SG1, who is looking forward to the movies), if the go ahead for SGU means waving goodbye to either SG1 movies OR (even worse for me) SGA, then I don´t want it going in production anytime soon. I´m not even sure if I´m all that interested in Universe just yet, but SGA had still so much potential!
    Don´t kill it!

    At least give us one more season (6) of SGA!!

    I hope your dog feels better! Poor Lulu but the captions were hilarious! LOL

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