Got licorice?

Don\'t film Jason when he\'s feeling grumpy!

Martin Gero Boy Genius

Todd\'s red carpet outfit

Work for the props/model shop

Nice day for a bike ride.

While I’m not exactly blazing through this script, I am advancing at a fairly steady five-page-a-day pace. Still, this one has been atypical in its progression. Usually, it takes me a while to get going but once I’m past those first three acts, the last two go very quickly. In this case, however, it’s been just the opposite: fairly smooth sailing from the get-go with nary a hiccup until I hit the fourth act, at which point things slowed to a crawl. Unlike most episodes which have an A main storyline and B secondary storyline, this one is a triple A and it’s been a bit of a challenge balancing the three. First, there’s Sheppard and his mainland troubles. Then, there’s McKay and his Zelenka-assisted investigation of the mystery find. And, finally, there’s Woolsey and his good news/bad news/bizarre news day. The way it’s looking, this initial draft is going to clock in at a healthy 60+ pages which I’ll, of course, edit down to a much more reasonable 56-58 before putting it out. Given the type of script it is, I’m expecting significant notes and a potentially heavy rewrite – which, in this case, isn’t a problem because I’ll have all of the hiatus to work on it. The important thing is that I put out a first draft that will give the office a fair approximation of how the production schedule will break down. Most of the beats are sound so I don’t expect much scene-shifting. The only one that worries me is what I’ll be doing to Sheppard at the end of the third act. I suspect more than one person in the room will say something to the effect of: “Are you nuts?!” . Should make for an interesting debate.

Between the long stretches spent seated at my desk staring blankly at my laptop screen, I did find the time to –

Help spin Carl’s story for episode 17 (or maybe 18?). A nice callback to some SG-1 tech, the return of that guest star will have the boards abuzz, and Carl searches for an appropriately grisly punishment.

Help spin Alan’s story for episode 18 (or maybe 17?). A mysterious arrival, a difficult dilemma, and the continuation of a storyline introduced in The Queen.

Read Rob’s outline for episode 19, CSI: Atlantis. All sorts of greatness.

Discuss a potential game plan for episode 20 and beyond.

Say hi to Paul McGillion who was in shooting his scenes for Outsiders.

Say hi to the incredibly genial Alan Blumenfeld who is guest-starring in Inquisition.

Chat with Tobias Slezak, also guesting in Inquisition.

Participate in the Prodigal notes call (the network loved it).

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to birthday boy Nathaneal (Hey, Mercie, I know he’s your brother but are you sure you’re spelling his name correctly?), belated birthday “individual” Archersangel, and all of you who have taken the time to post your thoughts on the whole media vs. literature debate. Some very well thought-out and well-presented arguments. Once I take a breather from this script, I’d love to join you in this discussion.

Today’s pics: In and around the production offices.

83 thoughts on “June 4, 2008: New Studies Suggest Young People Living Longer Than Old People

  1. I hope the rest of the script goes well, once you get rolling on it. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

    So my QOTD- CSI:Atlantis is that just the working title or the actual title we will see when it airs?

  2. Good for you, all that writing deserves some chocolate. A quick question: who is David Hewlett’s stunt double, and does he get a lot of work?

  3. Good Luck with the rest of the script!
    July still seems a long way away…

    You could cheat with the script….

    Walk up to (insert writer’s name who you have cornered in the Gents) and say “Hey! I’ve come up the last two acts and I think you’re really going to like it.” Make anything up. First thing that comes to your mind. It can involve pumpkins, mice, it turning midnight, doesn’t matter.

    Said writer then turns around and tells you that is the lamest ending they have ever heard and then throws out suggestions as to how it could end.

    Rinse and repeat this process with all available writer’s you can corner until you have a great final two acts… And you haven’t had to go through the pain of coming up with it yourself.

    Some may say that is a lazy approach, I say it’s increasing productivity. Cuts out that requirement for all the writer’s to get together and tell you what they think after you’ve gone to the trouble of coming up with a great script.

  4. The So Comment

    Hi Joe!

    LOVE the pics – so fun! Is Jason giving someone a ride on the front of his fat tire bike? (Sooo cute!)

    So…you’ve thrown Shep onto the mainland, eh? The one with the large venomous snake-thing? Huh? Is that it? Are you going to debate how Shep is going to defeat the big snake? Is he going to eat it too? Did you ever read that comic strip, Snake!?

    So, what is that red thing on Martin Gero’s shirt? It looks disturbingly familiar, like something from my past that I should know but can’t quite remember. I think it involved computers…as primitive as they were in my youth…

    So…what did that guy do to piss Jason off so much Jason went all Ronon on his ass?

    So…um…are the crew members helping the Wraith with his girdle?

    *pauses at a light*


  5. If anyone can pull off a script running three A-line plots, I am willing to bet you can, especially with the safety net you have in the rest of the writing pool. Love to see that we get a McKay/Zelinka fest, as well as seeing how Woolsey is handling the pressures of the job. And I can hear the swooning of the Shep fans as you imply some sort of torture for him, mental or physical. The pictures are fantastic, and everyone seems to have an amazing amount of energy this far into the shooting season. Finally, I have to admit to a chuckle for using the word genial in the same sentence as Inquistion, even though I know you were talking about the actor, not whatever character he’s playing. Thanks for helping me see some humor in a fairly humorless day.

  6. Is that the gate from “Tron” on Martin Gero’s shirt? Thanks for the pictures. Love the updates. I’m in countdown mode for the new season. Looking forward to the release on DVD of season 4 so I can clear up some memory on my DVR. I don’t dare erase an episode until then. I have to have my weekly fix.

  7. Can’t wait to see Carl’s #17 Episode! I always love the winks to long-time viewers. They’re just subtle enough that they don’t overpower the episode’s ability to draw in new viewers, but they’re obvious enough that hardcore fans will notice and love them.

  8. My, my, David Nykl looks rather fetching with the licorice mustache. Not every guy can pull off a look like that. 🙂

    “Between the long stretches spent seated at my desk staring blankly at my laptop screen…”

    Substitute “notepad” for “laptop screen” and this is me every first draft I write at some point. Sometimes the transfer from brain to paper does not happen so quickly.

    Sounds like the script is shaping up to be a good one, though. And a challenging one. Three A storylines? This should be good.

  9. Just got an email from [name edited by Joe]. The official Atlantis calendar is up for preorder with a release date in September. Can’t wait for some great pics!

  10. Today’s blog entry is dedicated to birthday boy Nathaneal (Hey, Mercie, I know he’s your brother but are you sure you’re spelling his name correctly?)

    One time in 6th grade my teacher asked me a very similar question regarding my own brother’s name (which is Chas — pronounced not Chaz, but like Chase with no e). My response (in my mind, at any rate), was: ‘I think I know how to spell my own brother’s name, thanks. Jackass.’ (Then again, four letters doesn’t leave much room for typos, which are always a possibility in typing.) Which isn’t to say that she really meant to write ‘Nathaneal’ and not ‘Nathaniel’. Just saying.

  11. I was intrigued by your media vs literature comments so I decided to go on a personal quest to research some of the favorite SciFi classics of my youth. I was addicted to TV at an early age. Love the old black and white’s. Have you ever thought of doing an episode in black and white, oh the potential. Anyway, back to the black and white’s. I’d rather watch the Thin Man over CSI anyday. I started my search with “The Day the Earth Stood Still” from 1951 and discovered it was based on the short story “Farewell to the Master” by Harry Bates. Screenwriter Edmund H. North. Great quotes and Gort. Next, “The Thing from Another World” was based on the 1938 novella “Who Goes There?” by John W. Campbell Jr. (psuedonym Don A. Stuart). James Arness as a giant carrot. Campy and fun. John Carpenter’s remake is a new classic. And it stars Stargate’s original Jack O’Neil. Who doesn’t love Kurt Russell? “Them!” from 1951 was based on the original story by George Worthing Yates with screenplay by Ted Sherdeman and Russell Hughes. Giant radioactive ants and James Whitmore. Gotta love it. In color, “Forbidden Planet” was inspired by Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”. That I did know but had forgotten. Ominous use of effects and sound and another robot. That Robby the Robot was inspired by the Sprite in the play, I didn’t know. The classic, “The War of the Worlds” was based on HG Wells novel of the same name. The original movie was classic. I am probably among the few who hated Speilberg’s remake. Moving on to the 70’s, “Logan’s Run” (1976) was based on the novel by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson published in 1967. Loved the Sandman premise, and that freaky robot “Box” with Roscoe Lee Brown’s voice. Alas, all of my favorite’s just prove your point. The only movie that I found that was written and directed by the same person, so that must make it an original screenplay, was “Plan 9 From Outer Space”, by Edward D. Wood Jr. Aliens and an insidious plan involving zombies for world domination… here’s a classic and they are remaking it. Release date 09-09-09.

  12. Hehe,

    Thanks Joe for the birthday wishes, I showed my brother and he was happy. We both shared a chuckle about your comment. And yes, I did spell his name correctly, although I can understand your concern. People have even asked me if my name is spelled correctly before, I just stare…eventually they get the drift and change the subject. But yes, my parents enjoyed gifting their children with…different names. Names you’ve seen before, but…altered.

    For example, mine is Mercie (as opposed to Mercy) Lyn (as opposed to Lynn) and my brother’s is Nathaneal (as opposed to Nathaniel or Nathanael) Jaye (as opposed to…well J or Jay I dunno). We both got used to misspelled names on just about everything, and no premade personalized trinkets, a long time ago. Its life, sigh. But we both sure appreciated the thought.

    But enough of that. I loved the pictures, and the nice teasers for upcoming episodes. Can’t wait till the season starts!


  13. Heya Joe,
    Great pixies…sigh…the wait for July.
    Latest version of TVGuide indicates for US on SciFi, the show date is July 11 – marking the calendar.

    Oh oh oh…Yes…MartyG’s shirt has the flying gate/bridge from TRON. Those were weird games. In another life, there was an arcade game with the different levels. Rather cool then. kinda passe now. But if one does not have good hand eye coordination they were difficult.

    Your response to the question posed to you yesterday was excellent. One comment regard comparison of effort to reading a book to watching a movie. It does not take great effor to sit through 2-3 hours of having a week’s worth of reading material presented or displayed. Of course if it is a poor production; then it is an effort especially at the prices of movie seats now-adays. To read requires making the time and the discipline to sit still and not let your mind wander off to the many things you should or need to do. Thus it becomes a choice of 2-3 hours vs many hours. f course the choice can only work if there is a movie cause there are far more books that have not been turned into movies.

    By the way, were you able to obtain a WII game?

  14. Thanks for the pictures! They made me smile =)

    Good luck with the rest of your script and don’t do anything too drastic with Sheppard!

    Just got an email from [name edited by Joe].
    So you can edit our comments before they’re posted? Neato!

  15. I just bought the entire SG-1 DVD set at Costco (thank you, Costco coupons!) and watched both Moebius episodes tonight. It was interesting seeing the puddle jumper there (I’d forgotten it was even in SG-1) and hearing Rodney say he was interested in that lemon chicken (so no citrus allergies in this timeline? ;))

    Seeing Shanks & Hewlett on the same screen made me wonder, who would win in a talk-off? Because they both can talk really fast! Any chance we’ll find out who the faster talker is in season 5? And did you writers have to compensate for their fast talking by writing even more dialog than normal?

  16. Hi Joe,

    Are you and the other writers and crew worried about the possible actors strike next month?


  17. OOOOOoooo, I like a Sheppard controversy that will have the office up in a buzz. Push for it to remain in! Trust me, the fans definitely want something to push the gambit on Stargate. Controversy is better than ‘run of the mill’ drama. Also, the good guys not always winning would be nice for an extended period of time. Just my -1 cents worth.

  18. Valexie writes:
    “The only movie that I found that was written and directed by the same person, so that must make it an original screenplay, was “Plan 9 From Outer Space”, by Edward D. Wood Jr. Aliens and an insidious plan involving zombies for world domination… here’s a classic and they are remaking it. Release date 09-09-09.”

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO! They can’t be doing THAT!! Plan 9 is an absolute classic, all wobbly shower curtain sets, tacky dialogue( the chief’s been murdered and SOMEONE is responsible) and dodgy stand-ins. Its one of my faves for sheer awfulness, they’re gonna totally miss the point with a remake unless its done tongue-in-cheek. Besides isn’t Tor Johnson dead? Oh woe! woe! and thrice woe!

    Really chuffed that your script is going well, roll on season 5.

  19. Joe…

    Why does poor Martin Gero have a bb cap with a hand written label on it that says “director?”

    Do we need to take up a collection to purchase Martin a bb cap that has an embroidered director label on it?

    Poor Martin. We love you!



  20. Sweeeet, another entry filled with delightful and incredibly vague hints! A tech from SG1’s past called? A buzz-worthy guest star? Nuts you are-ing regarding Sheppard? Hooray! 😀

    Looks like I’ve got 2 things to be happy about tonight. One being this, the other being Coldplay’s new album being leaked onto the ‘Net today. I just listened to the whole thing and felt like I’ve gone to heaven; not just the normal, everyday, boring heaven, but the special heaven. It’s like the special hell, only not hellish.

    Do you like Coldplay, Joe?

    Meanwhile, 2 more reviews from the marathon:

    Rite of Passage: Strangely, I didn’t really feel it with this one. You’d think I’d love it, what with all that parents stuff, but I think in this case, the fact that we haven’t seen Cassie for so long may have detached me from her backstory. It’s weird. Still, I enjoyed it somewhat; Janet was amazing, and Nirrti was still as vile as she was back in Fair Game.

    Beast of Burden: This was a special episode for me, since I have actually never seen much of it. Just a scene or so because I always thought I hated Unas stories. Well, The First Ones opened my eyes to the potential, and this one had me fearing the worst at the end that we may not get closure on the story. Thank goodness we get more Chaka in Enemy Mine down the road! He’s awesome. Anyway; this episode was very sweet; I loved how Chaka rallied the other Unas and I actually felt sorry for the big one that got killed at the end. The slavemaster was definitely hateful, but I can see where he came from, so it’s hard to really judge. I also recognize that the overall backstory of his people was exactly the same as the alien-transplanted humans’ in Star Trek Enterprise’s “North Star”. No worries though, since the latter came after this episode. Jack and Daniel were hilarious in this episode, and I loved how Danny gave up on being the “nice guy” near the end and just didn’t care much if anyone died; as long as his Unas buddied made it out. Since I never saw the ending of this story, each twist in the story had me on the edge of my seat, and overall I loved this episode.

  21. You previously told us instances where Fondy tried to kill you – I am sure that she is innocent of all the crimes.

    But has there been times when she would have been justified in killing you? Tell us the stories!


  22. I know your preferred medium for SF is on the literary side. But I was wondering, as the writer and producer on “Whispers”, where you had some control over your written work, were there story expectations you had that weren’t fulfilled? Are you able to enjoy the magic that happens in front of the camera when you see your words and ideas performed? Or does it all become too technical and administrative in its creation?

  23. salut joe, pourquoi tu ne repond pas à mes questions?????

    c’est parceque ca concerne toujours weir????

    je veux juste savoir et je suis pas la seule, on est une communautée entière à vouloir savoir s’il y a une posiblité de revoir le personnage de weir cette saison ou la saison suivante…. s’il y en a une et je l’espère où c’est définitif le personnage de weir est mort?????

    en tout cas c’est dommage que son personnage ne soit plus là car elle donnait du piquant entre john et mckay…..


  24. I’m convinced there’s something to the alignment of the planets this past few weeks that is impeding all writing ability.

    I had to do another draft on a training exercise that has been like pulling teeth when I can normally come up with all sorts of hilarious details.

    And don’t even get me started on trying to write a workplan for next year.

    (Okay. Those never come easy. Dull!)

  25. I have some questions about your (or any other TV Producer’s) qualifications to make casting choices. Are there books on the subject or classes one can take to give a person the necessary skill to judge on what appears to be a very subjective talent or do you just go by your gut feeling in the casting sessions? How long did it take you to feel comfortable that you were being as objective as possible when trying to cast a part? Did you learn from other people involved in Stargate (like Brad or Rob?) Have you ever regretted your decision on an actor/actress once the episode was shot?

    Also, isn’t a little hypocritical of you saying in the casting of the all-women team (or casting a role in general) in Whispers that it was done strictly on talent and not looks when a casting call for a female role for another episode specifically called for “a very beautiful woman in her 20’s” and never gave an average looking or older actress a chance to audition for the part?

  26. Still flipping in here periodically…love the pics, thanks Joe (BTW, who’s Jason double-dinkying on the bike?)

    Life is still sucky, but I’m getting over it. I’ve ordered Joe Abercrombie’s book from a local sci-fi specialist – that should cheer me up. Life’s too short to get bummed at stupid men who fail to live up to your expectations.

    you never did dedicate a blog to the heart-broken. I think Joe Abercrombie stole the show.

  27. Love triangles? Are you guys for real?

    You’re turning this show into a soap. Why don’t you change the name to Days of our Stargate and be done with it.

    And I hate to say this, but no matter how many times you put that awful Keller with popular characters, people are still going to hate her. She’s a joke.

  28. finally, FINALLY, i have more than five minutes to spend here. Hi Joe, going a little sideways and backwards for a while. to make a reply

    Panna Cotta said. a while back.
    Um… isn’t this starting to go overboard and being quite crass for a very public journal? Reading past entries, I’m bothered how much Todd is being objectified. I’m seeing a double-standard at work here. Swap out Todd with Teyla and it shows how offensive it is. Or even any of the male casts. It’s rather degrading.

    I suppose it’s the result of the late/early hour i post here and the fact it is my last stop for the night. I’ll have to make it the first, then my brain won’t be mush. It couldn’t have been all that bad, it was screened and still posted. I’ll cut back a tad, people who know me know i’m only joking around which is fun to do as Todds NOT real. The bucket of green paint thrown over him helps with that. I can’t swap Teyla in there, unless it’s a Teyla centric episode i don’t generally notice her. Same with Ronon. Sometimes i feel as if i’m watching the Shep/Rodney show, ok, that’s not fair i take it back. The human characters are just not as interesting to me. Anything that is different is interesting, the aliens are interesting. Teyla and Ronon kinda, the wraith especially. Wraith are very, very interesting.

    I still would like a shirtless fight scene. I grew up watching all those martial arts movies and it was always impressive to see the way the fighter could move. We haven’t had much wraith fighting, just shooting, any chance of some hand to hand fighting Joe? Do those costumes restrict the actors ability to move, they don’t look as if you would have complete freedom of movement.

    Now i need to backtrack and read what i missed the past two days.
    Bye Joe, might be back.

  29. Hi Joe – I love Atlantis… I live in Australia, it’s not on TV.. when it’s on, we are at least one season behind.. I always have to wait for the DVD.. Nice blog.. love those photos.

  30. Thanks for the pics joe,hugs, any idea if us british will be getting Atlantis in July too?or is it just America?please?thanks

  31. For the whole media vs. literature debate:

    I completely agree with the things you said. In my opinion a book is better than a film anyway.

    But I also have to admit I’m not a SF reader. I used to read this kind of books when I was a kid/teenager. When I read a book I usually dip in the story with my imagination. I’m almost a part of the story while I’m reading. But it won’t work with SF action and descriptions. I really like SGA fanfictions because of the way they show emotions, feelings and characters – not the action parts. Maybe my imagination is too limited? So I prefer to watch SF films/TV shows where I can see what happens.

    If I have more time maybe I’ll be inspired by your BOTM Club and give this genre another try.

    Ah – and I’m so curious about what you’ll be doing to Sheppard at the end of the third act! But I guess I have to be patient. 🙂

  32. So, Joe, does that mean Carl Binder is going to be writing the second Michael story of this season?



    Pwease don’t kill him yet, Connor is too terrific for that!

    Thanks for the CH/Todd picture! I’m sure Das will be happy that he’s still alive… XD


  33. *Reads the spoilers for “Prodigal”*


    Forget about my question!


    Season 5 is gonna ROCK!!!!!


  34. Hi there Mr. Mallozzi,

    I have some suggestions for Stargate Atlantis and where it is going right now. Before I go into that however, I want to thank you and the rest of the people who work so hard on the Stargate franchise. You all do such amazing work and I can safely say this is my most favorite show.

    Now to my suggestions: [edited. Hey, Ian, unfortunately I can’t accept story ideas for the show].

  35. Are you able to get much writing done while actually at the office? I think I would have a difficult time doing something like that with so many other people around.

    Nika, glad you appreciated my post the other day, but sorry I made you waste chocolate milk!

    I escaped the infernal trainee yesterday by being required to accompany GeekBoy to day surgery, where he had his final cleft lip revision. Through one of those weird paths your thoughts can take sometimes (especially in weird people), this led to me remembering Nika’s milk spouting several times today. See, my husband used to call GeekBoy “Old Three Lips” after he was born with the cleft lip. That’s his way of showing it’s not a big deal, since you ouldn’t make fun of something that’s a big deal, right? A few years ago he used this technique again when we went to see my mother just after she’d had a mastectomy. He gave her a hug and asked, “How’s it going, Lefty?” Mom just rolled her eyes, but my brother promptly snorted beer out his nose.

    Hopefully visions of beverage-snorting will get me through today’s training shift without tears. Without my tears, anyway. I had a dream last night that she resigned. Even as I was dreaming it, I knew it was too good to be true.

  36. Todd.

    What a lovely picture to wake up to…*sigh* (and some people just have the bestest jobs in the world!!!)

    Todd’s certainly a fine figure of a bug – for the red carpet, or… the catwalk. Joe, if you’re so inclined – and brave – here’s a link to Todd’s theme song…a bit of silliness from a while back (just ignore that last line… 😉 )

    Yes…some of us just have waaaaay too much time on our hands… 😛


  37. Reading your posts as you put together these scripts is really very interesting. Wish I had the benefit of a committee with some of the things I have to write for work. Assuming their input makes sense, that is.

    My birthday is Friday! Would you be so kind as to dedicate a post to me, or else use the term “skypig” in your script? Just kidding about the script thing.

    Thanks, Joe!

  38. Hey Joe,

    I’m a new fan to SGA but I have been watching SG1 for a while now.

    I have just reached the episode ‘Sunday’ and I loved every moment of it. (Well not every moment 😉 )

    What episodes would you say are the best from those still to come for me.

    Fran x

  39. hey joe!!!!!!!!

    who is on the bike with Jason????

    cant wait to hear more about csi atlantis..

  40. No questions Joe, just a comment: I thought the “Nostromo” t-shirt was very cool, but Tron? Martin Gero has the best clothes! (After you and your snappy wardrobe, of course!)

  41. Carson wearing blue makes him look more like Dr. McCoy, was that on purpose?

    Any chance of Niam or Oberoth in Season 5 or are they gone for good??

    Will Woolsey be keeping the glasses? *hopes so*

  42. Dear Sir,
    I miss a phrase in my blog yesterday which was important to understand what I mean. Here is the correction:

    “Cela peut s’expliquer du fait que le lecteur n’a que deux portes d’entrée dans une histoire de sci-fi: son imagination et le talent de l’auteur. Nos expériences avec nos 5 sens (vue ouïe odorat touché goût ) sont moins utiles pour imaginer les lieux, les atmosphères, les sensations des mondes étranges et inexplorés décrits dans ces romans; ce qui est peut-être un handicap pour se laisser emporter par l’intrigue.”

    To Sulien,

    glad you added Firefly but you forgot also FARSCAPE among those very good scifi shows

  43. Hey Joe,

    Re the title for your June 4 entry, it’s been done already (the older you are, the more likely you are to die!!):

    My son Jeremy, who is a big SGA fan, is turning 11 tomorrow. He’s be thrilled to get birthday wishes or a dedication. 🙂


  44. Seeing as you obviously have contact with David Nykl, can you tell him to update his blog too?

  45. Hello there !,

    is this comment of yours drops a hint that Amanda will be part of Carl’s story in the episode 17 (maybe 18 ) ?

    Oh, btw, I wathed three or for episodes of Lost and quit. I had the feeling, real or not and don’t know, that the show was not planed to be so long and when they saw that audience was there they pitched more stories trying to fit them within the first stories in french we call it “étirer la sauce”

  46. Thanks for the new pictures, always a pleasure to see. Is that David H’s new bike Jason is riding? He might be in trouble for that,,
    I know people agree/disagree on the studios choice of characters for episodes, but maybe some of that has to do with the character they are supposed to play, for example Keller, imo, (Jewel)she does a great job, but maybe people don’t like the character attributes she is given to portray, and maybe thats why they don’t approve of her in that slot. like I said, imo.
    Good luck with the writing, and may it flow better, not a full moon til the 18th, so it should work… 🙂

  47. Hey Joe!

    Heh, Jason Momoa sure likes to get into your photos, doesn’t he? He also seems to love fooling around the studio, good man! Also, got to love David Nykl’s licorice mustache. 🙂

    Sounds like you had a very busy day today, but I’m sure it was full of lots of Stargate-related fun. Glad you can still do daily blog entries despite all of the ‘action’. 😉

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  48. Glad to hear you are plugging along with the episode.

    As a self professed sheppard and McKay fan, I look forward to it.

    I do like to see my favorite characters challenged so whatever you do to sheppard (snake bite, shooting etc) as long as in the end he survives (lol).

  49. When you write the first draft of a script do you usually have a decent idea what parts will be edited out or changed later?

  50. Earning your doubloons the hard way this week, mmm?

    Ah, names and unique spellings. When I was a sub, I hated that. Especially if a parent has assigned a unique pronunciation to go along with the new spelling which had nothing to do with phonetics whatsoever.

    As I have friends with babies on the way, the subject has been much discussed lately. There should be basic guidelines.

    1. Use a first and a middle name. One should be mundane and spelled “correctly.” The second name can be as fanciful and meaning-filled and spelled any darn way you like. That way, the child can choose which name they like. Then they’ll switch to name two in High School when they turn cool. Or they can use the first name as an initial, “J. Beckwith Cabrillo.” Aka Becky, first name John. Which leads to number two.

    2. Nicknames are important, like it or not. Do Not name your son Tucker if he isn’t going to be tough. Do Not name your daughter Bambi or Candy or any other stripper name. Anyway, Bambi was a little boy deer!

    3. Name the adult you want your child to be, not your cute potential bundle of awwwwdorableness. “Rainbowwing FairyLips, please come to the conference room.” “Mr. President, meet Majestic Woody.” “This is our CEO, Angelface Boom-Boom Witherspeek.” Only Picaboo Street got away with it, and Miley Cyrus, and they named themselves later.

    4. If three our of four random strangers cannot pronounce the written name on sight, do the kid a favor and rethink your choice. You’re giving a living human being a name, not a testament to your cleverness. We can be unique individuals without misspelling our names. Mine are downright old-fashioned and boring. (Oh, c’mon, say it, you know you want to.)

    5. If it embarrasses the neighbors, insults the family or frightens the horses when you yell it out the back door for the twentieth time, it is a Bad Name. Don’t do it.

    6. Do feel free to tell me to pack sand.

  51. This is probably a really stupid question and I didn’t scan the comments above so I hope it hasn’t already been asked.

    Do you save your original script? The one that you finish before you start cutting it down to fit the 48 or so minutes allowed for filming. I think there would be potential for publication of the original written scripts, after the show has aired of course. I know I’d love to read what your original thoughts were before all the other writers, directors, etc. get their chance to change them. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wonders what gets left out of the storyline because of time and changes. It’s a shame that your original words aren’t kept somewhere for posterity.

  52. Not that this is important, but what happened to Jason’s skateboard?

    Also, whatever you do to Sheppard, do us a favor and don’t touch Teh Hair, okay?

  53. Hey Joe M can you let me know all of the main characters plus Zelenka and Lorne’s ages for the show thanks. I’m working on a fic and I would like to know.

  54. Hey Joe!
    I was confused with Carson´s return in Kinder, because he was a clone. Michael took his blood in Misbegoten and thanks to it he created this clone, but how can this clone has all Carson´s skills, memories and personality because DNA and clonning doesn´t work this way.
    Thanks for your answer.

  55. Squeeeeeee!!! The Red Wings won the Stanley Cup!!!!!! I know that you’re not a big hockey fan, but our family is super excited. We’re HUGE Red Wings fans. Sorry to any Pittsburg fans that my read your blog…..but Squeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

    “the return of that guest star will have the boards abuzz”

    hmmm…..well, since we already know that Sam is coming back for an episode in the back half, I don’t think that’s who you are talking about. I know that the chances are slim, but I really hope that it’s Daniel, especially after reading what David said about working with Michael in his most recent blog entry. *fingers crossed*


  56. Hi Joe

    a few (slightly bizarre and obscure) questions (apologies if they’ve been asked before).

    1. Have Zoic (who, I seem to remember, did the title sequence) ever provided visual effects for the show?

    2. Are Rainmaker (or any other big outside companies) still involved in visual effects for the show, or is most of the cg work now done ‘in house’?

    Thanks and good luck with the script


  57. Hi Joe,

    Loving the blog, it seems to take up a bit too much of my time. Good luck with the script, I am really looking forward to this season.

    Please tell Martin that the “Tron” T was a huge hit! (at least in my world) Could you ask him where he got it?

    Thanks, Libby

  58. thanks very much for the belated b-day dedication. for future reverences i’m female, but will settle for being an “individual” because we’re all different.
    maybe these comment boxes should come with gender options, just mark the box of the category you fall in to.

  59. Great pix! Always knew Zelenka was a Twizzler. He stole that from McKay’s junk food stash, didn’t he.

    Nope that’s not DH’s new bike. Wrong color. Hope its sturdy, lookit how low the tires are! Jason + wig + passenger = pretty weighty

    Never seen the TV show Lost. Maybe when I’m 85.

    The only one that worries me is what I’ll be doing to Sheppard at the end of the third act. I suspect more than one person in the room will say something to the effect of: “Are you nuts?!”
    You’re not worried. You love it. Diabolical, full speed ahead.

    Discuss a potential game plan for episode 20 and beyond.
    We’ve got ours, glad to hear you guys are thinking of yours!!

    re Atlantis becoming a soap: “As the Stargate Turns”
    *insert groan*

    re The Naming of Cats… er I mean Kids: my son got Eric-Christiaan Jan Valentine. He goes by Eric and yup it all fits in the gov’t computer. His predecessor was a Birman cat named Krishnu Karma Fracto Nimbus Kali Cat Precocious. Sing it to that song from Mary Poppins, and you’ll see why we really are nuts.
    Krishnu Karma Fracto Nimbus Kali Cat Precocious
    People think the sound of it is something quite atrocious
    If you yell it loud enough she’ll turn on you, ferocious
    Krishnu Karma Fracto Nimbus Kali Cat Precocious!


  60. RE: Objectifying Todd

    Heh. That’s funny. I truly believe that Mr. M and most people understand Todd/Wraith fans’ sense of humor. And that’s what it is – humor. Of course, I can’t speak for every Wraith fan, but when I ‘wriggle my eyebrows’ at Todd, or Steve…yeah, um…Steve…*siiiiigh….wriggles eyebrows*…it’s done very much tongue-in-cheek. Like – just then. Doesn’t mean that I don’t find the Wraith physically appealing – I sure do! But my gushing isn’t done out of lust…instead it’s full of humor and playfulness and a bit of twisted laughter. Why?

    Because the Wraith are intentionally sexualized (male and female) – from their appearance to their demeanor to their feeding practices…probably just to pull in warped folk like me. 🙂 I mean, come on! Todd’s ‘tasty Teyla’ remark was such a guy thing to say, but instead of thinking about sex, he’s thinking food! That was pure gold…we finally get a Wraith ‘dirty’ joke, and it’s about eating. 🙄 Priceless.

    It’s fun to gush over the Wraith, over their appearance and mannerisms. I think ToyFare magazine put it best when they said: “For reals, the Wraiths look like that creepy dude at every metal concert who just stands there leering at the girls and not caring about the music.” (Not to mention the little scene they printed along with it, with Wraith Scientist action figure saying, “Helloooo GORGEOUS!” to Steve the Wraith action figure) 😆

    Now, if they see the humor in it, surely we Wraith fans – who worship the very ground the creepy green life-suckers walk on – can see it, too!

    Also, most people (I hope) can see the difference between our light-hearted gushing, and our serious remarks (and even our rants 😳 ). When we seriously discuss our interest in the Wraith, we don’t demand them to be naked, or in ‘ships’ or sexual situations, or anything like that. All we are really concerned about is their continued existence, development and presence as characters in the show.

    And in defense of BlueJay (and as a fan of martial arts films myself) – I knew exactly where she was coming from, as we had discussed this before elsewhere. Since the Wraith are portrayed as skilled martial artists, and since – in some respects – they have a sort of Asian aura about them – it would just be nice to see a sort of ‘Bruce Lee’ Wraith fight, stripped to the waist, unrestricted by the heavy coat and other Wraithy trappings. It would just be something a bit different from what we’ve seen, and may add another layer to their ever-growing complexity.


  61. Thank you for all your entries in regards to the writing process. I remember when “This Mortal Coil” gave you so many fits and getting peeks into what you do day-by -day on it is very interesting. Especially when given clues as to what scenes stumped you and seeing it on screen later on.

    Seems like everyone has their writing assignments for the hiatus. Hope all of you have some nice time off.

    Now that you know the line up so to speak..did “Hexed” find a home or was it shelved? Just curious to watch that journey of the eppy that challenged everyone 😛

  62. *waves*

    I couldn’t get through to you on your email, it must have gone into the spam box! Maybe I should have disguised myself as Nigerian businessman offering to sell you food for the crocodiles. I’m sure they’d have run out of orphans to feed on now. 😉 So anyways….

    Thanks for the wonderful dessert, glad to see it’s back on the menu again. 😛 Okay you can slap me when I come to the set on Wednesday for that comment.


    So can I ask a favour while we’re there on Wednesday? Would you mind if Linz and I said hello to you? It would be a shame to come all that way and not say hello…. and to be honest i’d feel really rude. Anyway thought i’d give you the heads up, just in case you wanted to have the day off!! 😉 😛 😀

    I don’t know all the details of when we’re expected though, i’m just liaising with your office on that. but finally, Linz and Cheeky do Atlantis. It has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? 😀 And we can have a lovely chat about you going nuts. 😛 I’ve got some expertise in that area, so i’m sure we’ll hit it off. 😀 Although a whumper, I can assure you wholeheartedly that we save our whumping for fictional characters only.

    Thanking you Mr M, and we hope to see you Wednesday, We’ll understand if you’re too busy. 🙁 And I promise to only hug you in person if you say it’s ok. 😀


  63. @maggiemayday…as someone whose name is constantly mispronounced and misspelled (I was once asked if my name was a typo), I’m with you all the way on your baby naming guidelines. I actually did that topic for my final in my college speech class and gave very similar advice. I got a perfect score. 🙂

  64. Love the pics Joe but who’s the mystery person sat on the front of Jason’s bike?

    The script you’re working on sounds great and I’m really intrigued by just what exactly it is that you’ll be doing to our beloved Sheppard that’ll have the rest of the room in such a tizz! 😛

    Yay for the mention of Paul M. 🙂

    Oh I really hope you get to keep the tittle of “CSI:Atlantis”, as I love it! 😀

  65. Hey Joe!

    Any idea who is riding on the handlebars of Jason’s bike in the picture you posted yesterday? Thanks!

  66. Hey Joe,

    Will “Inquisition” feature clips of fallen characters like Weir, Ford, Heightmeyer, Grodin, Col Sumner, and etc?



  67. Add me to the chorus of folks wanting to know who is riding on the handlebars of Jason’s bike.

    Aimee said: And I hate to say this, but no matter how many times you put that awful Keller with popular characters, people are still going to hate her. She’s a joke.

    Well, I’m not one of those people. I love Keller. I don’t think she’s a joke at all. I’m thrilled that Jewel Staite has been added as a regular. Do you ever read Jewel’s blog Joe?

    Cute DavidN picture! Mmmm…….red licorice!

  68. Darn, 68th comment, guess I’m getting ignored today, but eh, I’m in a good mood! Finals are over!

    My brain has been twisted and turned inside out about this, I’ve been chatting with one of my own producers about a new script I want to try and hash out, its a spoof on Wayne’s World. But, Wayne’s World is already pretty much a spoof so, we’re completely at a loss of what to do. Any Ideas?

    And, my question(s) of the day,

    If the Bionic Woman has one SUPER strong arm, how can she lift cars and stuff, becuase her spine wouldn’t be able to support her weight…?

    And, refering to a question I posted a few days ago that went unanswered, if Teyla can speak english, can she read and write it as well? Or even, is the sentence structure and writting syle different? Becuase it seems like an unlikely coincidence that two worlds in two completely different galaxies would have the EXACT same sentence structure and language.

    One more! Upon reading the subtitles of many Stargate Atlantis episodes, and suffering grueling Latin classes, is Ancient really just Latin? Cause it looks freakishly alike, and I have been study that non-stop for Finals…

    Any way, if you could answer my burning questions I would be eternaly grateful.

  69. (Just a quick clarification regarding my previous post)

    I hope it’s clear that when I (can’t speak for others) make frivolous comments about the Wraith, I am specifically speaking about the fictional characters, and not blurring the lines between the characters, and the actors. This is easy to do since the Wraith are much different from the actors under the make-up (harder to do for the ‘human’ actors, since they look just like their characters). The things I may gush about (hair, skin, eyes, clothing, fingernails, extra blowholes on the face, etc.) are not part of the actor himself – they are mere props used to develop a specific look, a look I happen to like very much. I certainly would never disrespect Chris Heyerdahl, or any Wraith actor, by ‘objectifying’ them specifically. There is a difference, and I do not wish to cross over that line. I DO think the actors do an amazing job in bringing these aliens to life, but – despite acknowledging that all the Wraith actors have been attractive, and have done an excellent job with their portrayals – all my gratuitous gushing is for the character, and the character alone. 🙂

    I certainly wouldn’t wanna creep Chris & Co. out by having them think that I’m imagining them – specifically – green and naked. No, no, no…that would just be wrong on so many levels…and probably be cause for a restraining order, or two. 😛


  70. Hey Joe. I wanted to know if you will ever have an actor/actress from the show come and do a guest blog entry?

    Thanks, and I really liked the pictures…who is the guy that Jason is punching, or fake-punching?

  71. Well its the wrong side of midnight here which means its technically tomorrow and I’m rambling again.
    Looking forward to tomorrow and a whole weekend of watching Atlantis and SG1 on a bigger screen.

    shiningwit off to bed.

  72. Looking forward to S5 of SGA sounding great; thanks for having “Michael” Shanks on for two shows and also bringing back “Michael” wraith for another eps. Nice to see you keeping Connor busy!

    Thanks again!!!

  73. First Off I want to say hello to you, Mr. Mallozzi, and second, I want to wish my fellow scifi haremite archersangel a happy belated birthday.

    Now for my question of the day. It seems to mee that you do really well keeping up with your blog. Is there any way that you can talk Michael Shanks into doing his again, even if it’s just once a month? Many of us Michael/Daniel fans miss his blogs, and we would love to hear from him directly what he is doing for projects, how his kids are, etc.

    Finally, keep up the fantastic work on Atlantis and all things Stargate related. But just a piece of advice – MORE DANIEL JACKSON! 🙂


  74. I wouldn’t ask for myself, but is there any possibility of getting a blog dedication for GeekBoy, whose lip has swollen so much that we have started calling him “Duckman”? Poor kid–if that’s not bad enough, every time he talks to me I start giggling uncontrollably because he reminds me of a “Simpsons” character.

  75. Hope this is a brain break for ye:

    This is the 76th post?!! EEgads!!
    “New Studies Suggest Young People Living Longer than Old People”
    Ha ha ha. This is asinine; I betcha this was an actual news headline.
    These are some other newspaper headline I read recently:
    “One armed man applauds the kindness of others”

    “Teen pregnancy drops significantly after age 25”

    “Federal Agents Raid Gun Shop, Find Weapons”

    I’ll send you the link.


    What is best in life? Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women… Conan the B (conversations with my man)

  76. Hello! I’m a longtime fan of SG1 and Atlantis (I can count on one hand the shows I watch religiously lately, and Atlantis is among them). Just found your blog today and I’m looking forward to reading often. Cheers, and keep up the great work!

  77. Hi, Joe.

    Is there a Nathan Conchie that works for the Stargate Atlantis production staff? I’m asking because of this article:

    “Fortunately, my price range limited me to a selection of vehicles that were fuel-efficient,” says [Nathan] Conchie, who was happy to give up his “crap used car,” a 1989 Toyota Celica, for the Fit, whose station-wagon model has been rated the most fuel-efficient in Canada. A tank of gas lasts him two weeks of mostly weekday driving related to his work as assistant production coordinator for Stargate: Atlantis.



  78. Are the Goa’uld ever going to try to muck up things in Atlantis again? I assume that they’re still in control of The Trust since we haven’t been told differently on the show.

    It would be interesting to see a Hatak show up in Pegasus one day, or a Goa’uld symbiote trying to infest a Wraith.

  79. On the Wraith Slide Reader drawing picture above, the measurements are in English, not metric. I thought Canada was using the metric system?

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