One week after starting work on the script, I have a 63 page rough first draft of Remnants! Not bad, not bad at all. Not great either, which is why I’ll be spending the next three days revising, shifting, polishing, and rethinking things. I’m aiming to get it out to the writing department on Monday. There’s no sense in putting it out any sooner as Marty G. is out of town until then, riding the east-coast YPF PR train. He called me yesterday from Montreal where he is practicing his French, doing interviews dans la belle province in advance of the big North America-wide release of his movie (June 13th I believe). I updated him on Stargate happenings including Alan and Carl’s story ideas and our end-of-season plans. “How’s your script going?”he asked. “I’m exhausted,”I told him. “You sound exhausted,”he shot back. Yes, exhausted but relieved now that I have a completed draft. For a while there, I was feeling a tad frustrated. Interestingly enough, that frustration happened to coincide with my return to the office where my hitherto rapidfire progress on the script ground to a halt. As someone pointed out, the production offices are fraught with distractions. From Lawren’s lunch orders to Carl’s delightful fishing tales, it‘s a wonder anything gets done. Yesterday, between all of the end of season hoopla and episodes 17 and 18 yakkity-yak, I ended up writing all of a page – then went home, had dinner, and stayed up past midnight to write a whopping eight pages (including two of the script’s most challenging scenes). This morning – and, yes, it took me all morning – I wrote the last half-page scene to finish the script. As is tradition on such momentous occasions, the first thing I did immediately after typing FADE OUT and hitting SAVE was to email myself a copy just in the event: a) my laptop is stolen and/or b) I drop dead before I’ve had a chance to distribute it, thereby hopefully saving my co-workers the awkwardness of running a frenzied post-memorial search of my laptop.

I phoned up Paul Weber this afternoon and discussed casting for the episode. Apparently, the nefarious one’s deal has closed. Next up, we need to get the ball rolling on T.T. Once that’s done, it’s only a matter of finding a Lieberman and a Conrad. Bob has already offered a casting suggestion for the latter. And, speaking of casting, we’re looking into the availability of the pallid one for Alan’s eppy, and this potential Stargate newbie for Carl’s eppy (which has taken a very dark turn). She’s super!

Next week is shaping up to be a wild one. We’ll need to break three episodes, give notes on Remnants, and hopefully discuss episode #20 and beyond.

Today’s pics: For RangerOne, photos of the very attractive Captain Alicia Vega (Leela Savasta) in action. Enjoy!

Today’s blog is dedicated to birthday boy Jeremy, a recovering GeekBoy, and the legion of the heartbroken led, apparently, by Lt.Col.ErrandBoy.


Mackenzie’s Momma writes: “CSI:Atlantis is that just the working title or the actual title we will see when it airs?”

Answer: Sadly, it won’t be the official title. Instead, we’ll be going with American Idol: Atlantis.

RG25 writes: “And did you writers have to compensate for their fast talking by writing even more dialog than normal?”

Answer: Marty G. wrote extra-long scripts for both episodes.

Paloosa writes: “…as the writer and producer on “Whispers”, where you had some control over your written work, were there story expectations you had that weren’t fulfilled?”

Answer: Whispers is far from a finished episode, but I’m very pleased with everything I’ve seen so far.

RangerOne writes: “I have some questions about your (or any other TV Producer’s) qualifications to make casting choices. Are there books on the subject or classes one can take to give a person the necessary skill to judge on what appears to be a very subjective talent or do you just go by your gut feeling in the casting sessions?”

Answer: Subjective? Back in the mid-90’s, did you feel that Pauly Shore was robbed of the Best Actor Oscar when in went to Tom Hanks? If you didn’t, then you, like most people, can make a pretty fair assessment of an individual’s acting abilities. In addition to their skill as an actor, things like the way in which the actor chooses to play a character or the manner in which he delivers his dialogue can influence a casting decision. Janina Gavankar, for instance, won the role of Dusty in Whispers because her delivery of the dialogue was pretty much how I envisioned the character talking. She was, in my estimation, perfect for the role.

RangerOne writes: “Have you ever regretted your decision on an actor/actress once the episode was shot?”

Answer: It can happen. You cast someone who is terrific in the audition and ends up being a dud in front of the camera. So far this season, however, I’ve been very happy with the choices made.

RangerOne writes: “Also, isn’t a little hypocritical of you saying in the casting of the all-women team (or casting a role in general) in Whispers that it was done strictly on talent and not looks when a casting call for a female role for another episode specifically called for “a very beautiful woman in her 20’s” and never gave an average looking or older actress a chance to audition for the part?”

Answer: Isn’t it a little hypocritical when fans criticize actresses on the basis of their looks without even having seen them perform, then turn around and gush repeatedly over the absolutely dreamy male lead? Yeah, I think so too. I’m not sure what your point is. What do my casting requirements for Whispers have to do with someone else’s casting requirements for a completely different episode? I would assume that the reason a producer sought an attractive young woman for the role was because that was what the script called for. In Whispers, I described Porter as a “cute nerd” because I wanted the character to have chemistry with Beckett and suggest the possibility that something could develop between the two. Now, I could have described her as a “haggard witch” and cast someone else in the role, but I have a feeling that, at the end of the day, it wouldn’t have worked out nearly as well. All that said – even though we produce a science fiction television series, we are ever-mindful of striving for authenticity when casting aliens, androids, and fearless planet-hopping space-explorers. We want to reflect real people in real-life situations, like the doctors of Grey’s Anatomy and the cops on CSI:Miami.

Aimee writes: “You’re turning this show into a soap. Why don’t you change the name to Days of our Stargate and be done with it.”

Answer: Days of our Stargate! Hey, that’s pretty…no, now that I think about it, kinda lame. Days of Our Hives would have, frankly, been a better effort. Also, as the Gate Turns was one I read that I thought was pretty clever. Might I also suggest All My Children of the Gods.

Boston writes: “When you write the first draft of a script do you usually have a decent idea what parts will be edited out or changed later?”

Answer: More often than not, I do know what scenes will need to be trimmed if not lost altogether.

Sandyurbahns writes: “Do you save your original script? The one that you finish before you start cutting it down to fit the 48 or so minutes allowed for filming. I think there would be potential for publication of the original written scripts, after the show has aired of course. I know I’d love to read what your original thoughts were before all the other writers, directors, etc. get their chance to change them.”

Answer: I do save my first drafts. In the past, I have offered up scene-by-scene comparisons between the first drafts and the finished episodes. For season five, I’ll be offering the breakdowns on Broken Ties, Whispers, and Remnants.

Lukas writes: “I was confused with Carson´s return in Kinder, because he was a clone. Michael took his blood in Misbegoten and thanks to it he created this clone, but how can this clone has all Carson´s skills, memories and personality because DNA and clonning doesn´t work this way.”

Answer: It certainly doesn’t. Michael would have had to copy Beckett’s intellect, personality, and memories as well.

Kirsten writes: “Now that you know the line up so to speak..did “Hexed” find a home or was it shelved?”

Answer: Hexed has been shelved.

Cheeky Lil Devil writes: “So can I ask a favour while we’re there on Wednesday? Would you mind if Linz and I said hello to you?”

Answer: Sorry, Cheeky. I check my yahoo account sporadically – and even less than sporadically when I’m working on a script. Sorry, for not getting back to you but, sure, do come by and say hi. If I remember, I’ll come down to set. Let me know how your schedule breaks down closer to the date.

Cheeky Lil Devil also writes: “I meant to ask you, who’s directing Outsiders?”

Answer: The great Will Waring.

David writes: “I wanted to know if you will ever have an actor/actress from the show come and do a guest blog entry?”

Answer: It’s doubtful. The actors who blog are already busy with their own sites.

David also writes: “Thanks, and I really liked the pictures…who is the guy that Jason is punching, or fake-punching?”

Answer: That is special features producer Ivon Bartok.

AlainaRoss writes: “If the Bionic Woman has one SUPER strong arm, how can she lift cars and stuff, becuase her spine wouldn’t be able to support her weight…?”

Answer: Good question.

AlainaRoss also writes: “…if Teyla can speak english, can she read and write it as well?”


Answer: Ah, the great English Alien Debate. This is a buy we inherited from the beginnings of SG-1. I’ve explained that, in my mind, every time someone steps through the gate they take on translator nanites that allow them to understand and be understood by the various off-world races they encounter. By this reasoning, Teyla doesn’t speak English, but in her mind (and in the mind of the Atlantis crew) it’s as if she really does. However, this wouldn’t translate to the written word. That said, there’s no reason that Teyla couldn’t have learned to read some English.

95 thoughts on “June 5, 2008: Corn Dog Wins Best in Show

  1. Glad to hear all your progress about your script seems liek the fastest you’ve written one.

    Just saw that “Hexed’ was shelved and sad to hear that.

    Will Sheppard not have a focused eppy like the rest of the cast this year?

  2. Hi Joe!

    LOL at the Stargate soap titles. If it wasn’t already in use, Another World would be perfect as is!

    Days of our Hives. *snicker*

    @RangerOne: Remember what was uttered on the Fount of All Knowledge (The Simpsons): There’s “ugly ugly” and “TV ugly.”

    I certainly don’t see a reason to find fault with a team of beautiful women when I’ve been subjected to a wonderful onslaught of very fine men on SG-1 and SGA. Several times, when a group of strapping young men in uniform pass through the Gate, or musclebound men sweat beautifully (Beneath the Surface), I’ve been known to utter, “This one’s for the ladies!” 🙂

    So the answer to English-Speaking Aliens is nanites, not Babelfish? Ahhhhh….. 🙁

    Have a lovely evening!


  3. Hi Joe,

    When you type up a script on your laptop, do you use any special software? Or do you use a simple Word template? (I’ve been shopping around for some script writing software, and I’d be very interested to hear what you use.)


  4. Hey Joe. I had to ask you a question that I didn’t want on your blog, so I sent it to your account…PLEASE CHECK YOUR E-MAIL AND RESPOND!!!

    By the way, what does “moorsyum” mean anyway?

    Oh, really liked the pictures today 🙂

  5. We want to reflect real people in real-life situations, like the doctors of Grey’s Anatomy and the cops on CSI:Miami.

    That’s going to have me snickering all day tomorrow.

    It’s official. She doesn’t know what a Klingon is. And I’ve made her cry two days out of four so far. What’s going to happen when I actually criticize her work?? We’ll find out tomorrow when she reads today’s evaluation.

    In response to the dedication, GeekBoy/Duckman uttered a heartfelt “Cool.” He’s a little freaked out at the moment by the idea that the stitches can’t handle the swelling and his lip is going to fall apart. Sometimes a good imagination is a bad thing. I think I reassured him that the surgeon has sewn up lips before and knows what he’s doing, and that I can’t see any gaping holes along the incision lines. The kiddo gets the logic of that, and I did get a flashlight and really look, so he’s settled down.

    Quote of the day: “I’m a geek–I don’t need to be handsome!” (GeekBoy wondering out loud why on earth he had consented to this surgery.)

  6. As the Gate Turns. If there is a decision to make a third SG-1 spinoff, you have your title for it. Having gotten us worked up over Whispers, you are now repeating the process for Remants. Which we still will have to wait MONTHS to see (blubbering with childish impatience). Your casting comments would be driving me crazy were I more awake. As it is, I’ll come back over the weekend and tease out more from the clues you’ve given us. I have one stray Wraith related question for you. In The Deviant One, the super Wraith captures Gall, who we see wrapped up cocoon-like, before he is fed on. Was this done mechanically by the Wraith, or is there another facet to Wraith biology we’ve not gotten a good look into? Since we’ve not seen this in other Wraith, if it is a biological function, does super Wraith’s extreme age play some part in this, with the “modern” Wraith having gone over to technological methods of restraining their victims? If nothing else, might we see an explanation of this phenomena in a future episode, perhaps in season 6(fingers crossed(?
    thanks once more for the post, and I guess its time to start checking Amazon and other outlets to see who will be carrying YPF.

  7. The lighting in the first two photos is fantastic… it’s of the sort that drives my mother crazy whenever she’s watching a movie or TV show!!! (“Why can’t they just shine the light on their whole face? Why do they seem like there’s a light shining on them when there isn’t?!?”) Yup, my mother has no artistic taste at all!

    And the “translator nanites” are a sweet idea (kind of like Pentecost, where all the people heard the disciples preaching in their own language!), but then why can’t the whole team understand Goa’uld and Ancient???

  8. Answer: Isn’t it a little hypocritical when fans criticize actresses on the basis of their looks without even having seen them perform, then turn around and gush repeatedly over the absolutely dreamy male lead?

    Yeah, I think people tend to say they want more normal-looking, less beautiful people mainly when they’re referring to their own gender. Stargate fans tend to be women, so they criticize the casting of young, good-looking women and ask for more episodes with shirtless men. (Yes, that’s an exaggeration, but not by all that much.) But I do hope that when the script calls for it, it does so for a good reason, as in your example. I know that (in my own novice way) when I describe a character’s look in scripts I write, it’s for a good reason. There’s one character that I described as being ravishingly beautiful…but only because it’s an integral part of her character and deeply affects how she relates to those around her. One year I happened to submit a script for Project Greenlight, and part of the deal with that was that in the first round, each entrant also had to read/rate/review five other entries. There were two in particular that stood out to me, not only because of how bad they were, but because of how obvious it was what the gender was of the writer (names were, of course, not revealed). The one that was clearly written by a man literally described every female character only in terms of how they looked, and it was always “beautiful”, “sexy”, “hot” etc. and it even had a scene in it which the description described as “the hottest sex scene ever filmed”. The one written by a woman, incidentally, was incredibly sappy, unrealistic, and utterly playing to obsessive-fan daydreams.

    …I’m not entirely sure what the point of that ramble is other than to say that yes, some writers, directors, etc. do cast with that in mind (the “talent” listings on craigslist with titles like “NEEDED: ACTRESS WITH LARGE BREASTS” attest to that daily), but generally the shows/films that are actually good have other concerns, and it’s usually pretty obvious when a person is cast only for their looks.

    And part of my point somewhere in there was also to say that sometimes how a character looks really is important to their character (whether their look is beautiful, cute, haggard, or hideous). And of course, let’s not forget that audiences simply prefer watching good-looking people over not so good-looking ones when given the option. And not just men. It’s human nature. We shouldn’t be all that surprised that the entertainment industry plays to that.

    (Incidentally, I would never claim Stargate is at all objectifying women. In the world of sci-fi, it’s one of the best examples of gender equality I can think of. Which, in my view, is a large part of the reason why it’s primary audience is female.)

    Days of Our Hives would have, frankly, been a better effort. Also, as the Gate Turns was one I read that I thought was pretty clever. Might I also suggest All My Children of the Gods.

    LOL! Those are awesome. I so want to see a wraith or goa’uld soap now.

    Answer: It certainly doesn’t. Michael would have had to copy Beckett’s intellect, personality, and memories as well.

    Hmm…and now I’m wondering…will Michael ever use this technique again? Has he already? Might he clone a person’s body, replicate their memories and talents, but alter their personalities to better suit his purposes? If so, this could have some deeply troubling consequences for the good guys. Like Michael cloning his own evil version of them, for one. Or evil versions of other people they might know. Shoot, who needs a mirror universe when you’ve got an evil supergenius with a clone machine?

    One more question (sorry this post is so long)…So if Torri didn’t want to come back because she wanted a conclusion for Weir, is it conceivable that she might come back if there was something like a flashback, dream, clone, or something like that? For that matter, does that mean that the dupliWeir is gone for good, as well? And is Weir really, for sure dead?

  9. “Mackenzie’s Momma writes: “CSI:Atlantis is that just the working title or the actual title we will see when it airs?”

    Answer: Sadly, it won’t be the official title. Instead, we’ll be going with American Idol: Atlantis.”

    *VBG* gee, just when I thought I could avoid the horridness that is known as American Idol 😉 If there is one thing I like less than cheese filled with nuts its that show(oh wait that IS cheese, stuffed full of nuts :D)

    So my QOTD- Since I have now mostly caught up on all the SG-1 and fully caught up on Atlantis(since I was a late comer to the party and all). Why is it that, in the Milky Way all the Planets are designated with a “P” (P3X-888 for example) whereas in Pegasus, the Planets are designated with “M” (M7G-677)?

  10. “Answer: Ah, the great English Alien Debate. This is a buy we inherited from the beginnings of SG-1. I’ve explained that, in my mind, every time someone steps through the gate they take on translator nanites that allow them to understand and be understood by the various off-world races they encounter. By this reasoning, Teyla doesn’t speak English, but in her mind (and in the mind of the Atlantis crew) it’s as if she really does. However, this wouldn’t translate to the written word. That said, there’s no reason that Teyla couldn’t have learned to read some English.”

    How come nobody understands Zelenka then?

  11. Congrats on the first draft!

    Pauly Shore – A gross injustice that he did not receive an Oscar as his portrayal of Stoney in Encino Man. A True Acting Talent. (Hey, where’s that sarcasm emoticon gone?)

    Days of our Hives. Next thing you know, Wraith that have been with the show from the start book into LA’s most exclusive surgeon for some botox and general lifting and tucking to help turn back a few millennia afraid they will be written out for some perky Wraith who is still in their pre-pubescent 2,000’s.

    Show business, it’s a nasty industry.

    I see you are reading Ian Watson. I have a few of his books on my Reader but haven’t started any yet. Worthwhile?

  12. Aimee writes: “You’re turning this show into a soap. Why don’t you change the name to Days of our Stargate and be done with it.”

    I daresay that comment should have been directed to the people who do BSGalactica. *That* is one giant convoluted soap opera. SGA is an episodic masterpiece, chasing the greatness of SG-1 and rapidly catching up!

  13. Hi, Joe
    It’s me again the obsessive-compulsive, annoying Sam&Jack shipper again. I’ve read the ‘Trio’ cut scene again
    “A little chat between Carter and Keller as they are knotting up that rope:

    Carter: So…you seeing anyone?

    Keller: What?

    Carter: Around the base, you seeing anyone?

    Keller: I dunno…I had a moment with – with this…guy. He’s not exactly easy to read so…I guess the short answer is “no”. You?

    Carter: Well, I’m the boss, so I can’t really…

    Keller: Right Anyone back home?

    Carter: Uhm…

    Keller: Un-huh, I thought so. Give it up.

    Carter: Well, it’s complicated.

    Keller: Show me a relationship that isn’t.

    Carter: He’s in Washington…I’m here.

    Keller: Ouch. Long distance relationship.

    Carter: He’s going to retire soon, so maybe –

    Keller: Really! Retire? So…an older man, huh?

    Carter: Not that much older.

    Keller: Washington, older man…is he like a Senator or something? Someone famous? Would I know him?

    Carter: Probably not.

    Does this mean we’ll have to wait for Jack to retire in order to get confirmation? Is your view of the SJ ship shared by the others PTB (Paul Mullie, Robert Cooper and Brad Wright)?

  14. Joe wrote: very time someone steps through the gate they take on translator nanites that allow them to understand and be understood by the various off-world races they encounter.

    Just like the TARDIS in Doctor Who, hmm?

    Here’s a question for you: it would be relatively easy to assume that different people on different planets speak different languages (heck, we’re all here on one planet and there are multiple languages per continent). That being said: if Teyla is speaking Athosian and understanding what people on planet 123-XYZ are saying (because of the translator nanites), what allows the people on planet 123-XYZ to understand Teyla, if they’ve never stepped through the gate?


  15. Joe, if you’re ever looking for a haggard witch, just lemme know. I’ve got the cackle for it. Got the nose for it, too. Not the wart, though. That’s so cliche.

    As for the soap names, how about The Young and The Replicators? Genii Hospital? Sheppard’s Hope?

    Yeah, I’ll just be over here…pretending to be a normal, responsible adult. 🙂

  16. Ugh. How did you know I ate corndogs for dinner? Yug. Sometimes I’m not sure what my brain & stomach are thinking of. Corn dogs are one of those things I want, at most, once a year. Corn dogs, waffles and a chocolate-ish filled dunkin donut, no more than once a year. Ever.

    I like the idea of Gate-translator-nanites. It’d sure explain a hell of a lot of SG1 as well.

    Today’s non-sequitur: I’m headed to Hell-Ay in the morning, for the weekend, and I can’t find my bathing suit. And I’m still burping up corndog. Yug.

  17. Ok, is it Joe, Joseph or Mr. M you prefer (lol). Everyone here seems to address you differently and I want to make sure I address your properly.

    Who’s that guy kidding about the casting thing. It’s tv and well no one really is gonna sell a show on actors who look a million years old. Call me superficial, but I will admit the attractiveness brings you in, but really the characters chemistry together and story lines keep me watching.

    One note for those talking about going to Vancouver dec 20, 2012 before the end of the world. Well hate to say it, but I was out for drinks with the girls tonight and was told it is over dec 12, 2012. So, we will be really late. Whoever is planning this should shoot for October 2012 (lol).

    I still never shaw anyone on the darn bike with Jason. Wow!

    Oh and I was watching more reruns and wondered, if the ZPM powers atlantis, what powers the puddle jumpers? No one ever says they have to fuel up or plug it in to charge, so, what does it run on?

  18. Joe,
    You crack me up! Love you sence of humor!

    Congrats on the script so far!

    Please ask Marty Gero to tell us when we will be able to see his movie in the US?


  19. Poor whumpers. So Hexed has been hexed, eh?

    Well, that inspires a question: do shelved stories actually see the light of day ever again? Have there been shelved stories that have been picked up later on?


    2. Is Todd still slated for 3 episodes this season?

    3. Is Halling going to appear this season?

    Thanks in advance!

    Oh, and Cheeky, would you guys come say hi if I happened to be at the Bridge Studio fences come Wednesday? Just, you know, stalking around, trying to force myself through the fence and avoiding security at the same time? 😉

    Onto the marathon reviews!

    The Tomb: Ooooo…nice and creepy! Though I didn’t see much character development, I still LOVED the spooky atmosphere created throughout the episode thanks to the sets, the lighting, and the score. Also, Major Zhukov was indeed an honorable person, as shown by the end, and I liked that about him. Too bad he was killed; I would’ve liked to see him return to work with our team again. The method of death of Marduk was both extremely disturbing as well as imaginative. Loved it. The only problem I thought was how the plot was moved; it basically depended on Danny’s translation. Once he translated something, more plot will follow from it…then stop. Then, Danny translates some more, and the plot will start moving again, and so forth. It seemed kind of repetitive. Still, a great episode.

    A Goa’uld with a Russian accent was surprisingly fearsome and intimidating.

    Between Two Fires: Wow. This was an intense episode. The twists start from the teaser and just don’t let you go until the bitter end. I freaking loved it! If I didn’t know how it’d turn out, I’m sure this would be in my top 10; still, even if I’ve seen it before, seeing the twists revealed was still chilling, like when Tanith appeared, or Narim said “weapons of mass destruction”. Just a brilliant episode. I also loved the Jack-Daniel banter in this; hilarious, like 2 school children trying to convince their teacher to let them out of class early or something.

    It’s the strangest thing; before this, I didn’t like the Tollan at all; and yet, watching that last bit, with Narim saying goodbye and mass hysteria and explosions behind him, I truly felt sorry for him and really didn’t want them to end like this. I had goosebumps. And then the capper, with Narim describing the end of his people, and having his true feelings for Sam (which I assume was what he was going to say before he got cut off) never said out loud…it was heartbreaking. Just a brilliant, brilliant, and tragic episode. And thus ends the Tollans.

  20. With all this talk of first drafts and the fact that you have to cut scenes for time would it be possible for you to post your first draft scrips for some of the season 4 episodes you wrote. It would be great to read what you originally wrote and compare it to the finished product.

  21. “…we’re looking into the availability of the pallid one for Alan’s eppy…”

    Is it safe for me to smile a little here?


  22. Hi, Joe.

    Thank you so much for the lovely photos of Leela Savasta. Looking forward to watching her character develop this season, and of course, seeing all the FAMILIAR faces of Stargate Atlantis!

    Best wishes, Morjana

  23. Awesome pic’s – thanks Joe!

    I’ve often wondered about the international translator nanites… 🙂

    Next week is shaping up to be a wild one. We’ll need to break three episodes, give notes on Remnants, and hopefully discuss episode #20 and beyond.

    Well, as luck would have it, apparently Monday (June 9th) is international Donald Duck Day. So perhaps a small celebration to kick off the week is in order? Then of course, Friday is the 13th so maybe you should book it off and just go with the 4 day work week?


  24. I’ve seen some amazing fan created art out there and seen a few cleverly edited music videos from time to time.

    I was wondering what the official and not so official opinion of fan created art and things like music videos.

    Do you like that people are inspired to do this, or do you get upset that someone is messing with your creation?

  25. @ joanieloveschachi from yesterday’s entry:
    What is the link to Jewel’s blog? I have looked for it but haven’t had any luck. Thanks.

  26. Hexed is Axed??? What about the shep centric episode, will we get one? PPPLLLLEEEAAAAAAAAssssseeee tell me there’s going to be some actual Shep whumpage in season five, no death. Bad, bad, bad, Joe if you go that way, just some good old fashioned kick the crap out of shep whumpage. So to speak anyway.

    1. There hasn’t been much centered around John’s gene in the last year of Atlantis, is there any chance that it will play a role in season 5? I’d love to see an ep where his ATA gene, being that it is natural and not synthetic like Rodney’s, causes him harm like an ancient sickness or Wraith invention that only effects those who where born with the gene, especially Sheppard since his is the strongest?
    2. In a post a few months ago you mentioned that Shep, Mckay and, one other, Ronon I think, would be an equal split for infirmary time, without the Shep whump epi will that still hold true?
    3. Since Ronon has his own episode as well as Mckay, Beckett, and Teyla, will Sheppard also get his time in the sun, a Sheppard centric epi as well?
    I’m hoping to have a healthy dose of Shep in season 5, couldn’t tell huh?, and a lot of emotional material for Joe F. to play with.
    As for the comment about attractive actors verses non attractive actors, well my opinion is I’d rather see good looking actors then those that are well, not!! I ask people all the time when this sort of debate comes up what is your favorite show? Who’s your favorite actor? Are they attractive, yeah I thought so. Who want’s to see ordinary when watching TV is a way to get away from the ordinary and suspend yourself in disbelief and surrealism, at least for 40 minutes or so.
    If you couldn’t tell I really really like the episodes centered around my favorite Colonel, definitely when he has meaty material to wade through, and hope I don’t have to wait until the back half of the season to watch some great Shep whumpage as well as well acted shep and Rodney scenes. Yes I know some of the same questions but I’m persistent and have no life, what else can I say… ;0
    As always thanks and have a great weekend,

  27. Is the Carl episode that takes a dark turn you’re referring to “Prodigal”?

    When you moderate comments for approval, do you see everyone’s e-mail address that is posted? (Not that I mind).

  28. Good morning from sunny (at the moment) Cornwall.
    can’t thnk of anything intelligent or remotely witty to say so I’ll shut up and bugger off again until I’ve had my caffeine and woken up properly.

  29. Religion vs. Science?
    If we, are supposed to believe that the religious Ori are in a sense ‘evil’ and kill for their belief.
    1) Does that mean the Ancients are allowed to and it’s the right thing to clone people?
    3) Obviously… it hasn’t been very relevant in SGA(Kindred), where’s the line in the sand??

  30. I like the idea behind The Queen. And yes… I think Alan gave away too much! Intuition told me that Teyla would have a significant role in this episode. *Gr8 Idea*

  31. If you could put two established charcters in a situation with some real sexual tension(besides Ronon, McKay and Kellar) who would you put?? Any particular reasons??

  32. “Days of our Hives”….that’s inspired! *ROTFLMAO!*

    You could do a whole season of soap opera send-ups:

    – a bunch of Replicators decide to create multiple versions of Sheppard (working title: “(Not Just) One Life to Live”)

    – SGC decide to build a chain of condos along the gate bridge (working title: “Home and Away”)

    – Carson has to expand the infirmary after a massive outbreak of noro-virus hits Atlantis (working title: “As the Stomach Churns”)

    Thanks for the blog dedication, Joe…small things like that can make a difference to one’s recovery process.

    Shame that “Hexed” got wasted…all that glorious whump consigned to the Great Whumping Ground in the Sky. *sob*

    Oh, and one little comment about the addition of hot women to the cast…the female fans demand equality so start adding hot men as well, or give the incumbent hotties (Shep, Ronon & Lorne) more screen time. Fair’s fair.

  33. dasNdanger wrote:

    I am a very visual person – black words on white paper bore me to tears. But images – ‘moving pictures’, the fictional come to life – THAT grabs my attention. So, even though I know there is more creativity (in the long run) in the written word, I still prefer to watch.

    How about listening? An audiobook performed by a great reader is an excellent midpoint between film and flat, printed page. Listening to a well written, well read audiobook is not dissimilar to listening to radio dramas as they did back in the day. There are even full cast audiobooks with a different actor for each role. Check your local library for a title that interests you. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to listen to audiobooks while doing other things. In my family, various members listen to the books while sewing, doing jigsaw puzzles, painting, doing dishes, cleaning the house,….

    Mr. M wrote:

    I’ve explained that, in my mind, every time someone steps through the gate they take on translator nanites that allow them to understand and be understood by the various off-world races they encounter.

    Since the medical scanner shows nanites, why haven’t the “translator nanites” been detected?

    Heather (dyginc): Thank you so much for the books you sent. I’m looking forward to reading them when I’ve worked my way through the discussion books. I especially appreciate the Blood Ties novels as I now have pictures to show people when they ask about Christina Cox.

    Anne Teldy

  34. So, with the overall stories of ep #19 and #20 already been decided before some of the other episodes, does this mean they are somewhat linked?

  35. I am excited to hear Marty is out promoting his film YPF. There is a big ad for it in the local paper. I am planning on going to see it.

    It would be nice if he came farther out east then Montreal. A real cross canada tour should go from NFLD to BC. Sorry for being cranky but I have lived on the East Coast (NS & PEI) all my life and one of my serious pet peeves is when tourist trips, concerts, etc forget about the Atlantic Provinces and consider a cross canada tour to only include Quebec to BC.

    End Rant.

    Please tell Marty good luck from me. : )

  36. A quick side note. I shouldn’t have assumed that Marty won’t come further out east. I supposed there is still a chance he will.

    Thanks for allowing me to vent.

  37. “Days of Our Hives”

    Mom watches “Days”. I think I’ll start calling it that.

    And about a decade ago I *stopped* watching. It was giving me a headache.

    Thanks Joe!

    Good luck with S5! And perhaps S6!


  38. Hi Joe
    I just heard David’s wedding is coming soon, right?
    Will any one of the show’s casts go to their wedding?
    And what kind of wedding gift will you give them?

  39. Hi ya Joe

    corn dog? now there’s a quick and easy way to make yourself upchuck. Cover your ears,

    I’d kiss that camera clicking finger of yours but i’m afraid of where its been. (Yeah it’s late again, i really should find time to do this earlier in the day)

    Good for you finishing your script, now you just have to see what everyone else is going to say about it, (and daydream nasty revenge scenarios while they do). When season six rolls around bring up that wraith children story again, ‘spoils of war’ raised more questions than it answered.

    VALEXIE: new war of the worlds, awful. New time machine, awful. Same with planet of the apes and omega man. Why can’t people leave well enough alone. Dreads the new wuthering heights movie. Remake doesn’t mean better.

    Joe, you’re always telling us what you are reading, do you want to know what we’re reading?

    Just read Alan McCulloughs interview at Gateworld. YaY!! Wraithy Goodness coming up. He mentioned that ‘the queen’ evolved from a story pitch about a wraith summit the team tried to sneak into. I’m happy and not happy things changed. Happy because ‘queen’ sounds absolutely kick ass and SG-1 already had a summit that their team snuck into. Not happy because a wraith summit would have been so very good. Perhaps season six? Against some new big bad? The team needs to be asked in, no sneaking, and vouched for by a wraith, (thinks of Todd- always thinks of Todd). Now THAT would be a can of worms.

    I think it’s time to crawl away and huddle under a big pile of blankets.

  40. Also, as the Gate Turns was one I read that I thought was pretty clever.
    Thank you 🙂

    Answer: Hexed has been shelved.
    Welll, shyte. There goes the poem. Now we HAVE to have a season 6 to give it another chance. Not for the whumping, mind, but for the Shep-isode.

    In The Deviant One, the super Wraith captures Gall
    Its The Defiant One… The Deviant One is Michael 😉

    Ah, the great English Alien Debate. Stargate translator nanites… By this reasoning, Teyla doesn’t speak English, but in her mind (and in the mind of the Atlantis crew) it’s as if she really does. However, this wouldn’t translate to the written word.
    Yeah this has been a tough one since Day 1. The people on Abydos! Gate-traveling Jaffa who don’t understand English! Why bother to learn to speak Goa’uld? I’m assuming each planet has their own languages which I think is only logical, lookit how many this planet has. Actually, I thought there was a common trading tongue in Pegasus like the Milky Way but that wouldn’t explain why Shep & Co could talk to the Athosians right away. And we know its not the ATA gene. So yeah I like the Ancient nanite idea, but what about our people who have never gone through a Stargate and instead only traveled on spaceships? Or did we make one trip through the Gate a prerequisite to offworld travel?

  41. “StarGate: American Idol”? What have you boys been smokin’ up north?

    (Great, now I have Bob and Doug McKenzie in my head, shouting “Take Off, you hoser!” Flashbacks, ain’t pretty.)

  42. How come nobody understands Zelenka then?

    Oooooh, good one, Jon! I actually never thought of that!

  43. Concerning the debate over casting attractive women vs. ‘average-looking’ women…Several young women work in my office. To me, they are all pretty by virtue of their youth. So, you would probably have a challenge trying to cast a young female actress who isn’t in some way physically attractive, given the right clothing and enough makeup.

    For whatever reason, I see a balance on SGA between ravishing beauties and people who look more like…me. It’s TV anyway. If I want to see someone who looks like me, I’ll spend more time with my mother.

  44. Re: Young, good looking actors/actresses. I understand why the women are all attractive and petite, but why do they all seem to be brunettes? Aren’t there any redheads or blonds in the Pegasus Galaxy?

    As for soap titles, if it hasn’t already been suggested, how about “The Young and Wraithless”?

  45. One of things I’ve really liked about Atlantis is how they’ve portrayed the different languages. I’ve noticed the different writings in different places. I also like how they acknowledge the Ancient’s language, but for the most part it seems that all of the Pegasus residents speak English. Which, frankly, I prefer over the angle that was taken with some of the aliens in the Milky Way Galaxy. It made sense for some of them to be multilingual, but the average peasant probably isn’t going to be.

    The approach that the same language (English) is just written in many different ways (and as such, treated as separate written languages only) is very acceptable to me. (And I’d like to think I’ve got at least a basic authority on the subject, as I did my Master’s degree in Linguistics)

  46. AAAAAAAAAAAHhhhh Joseph!!!

    Je suis là! Je suis là! Je suis là! Je suis là!

    Enfin mon internet remarche!! et ilo va encore plus vite!!! Olalala trop happy de revenir sur votre blog!! Vous m’avez braucoup manquer! j’ai beaucoup de retard concernant les new stargate, je vais commencer alire les 3000 commentaire mis sur mon blog =) aller Bisou, je vous adore!!!

  47. Hello Joe

    What is your favourite episode from Season 4? and How long is a typical day for you?



  48. Hey Joe!

    American Idol: Atlantis has a nice ring to it, too bad you’ll have to reveal the Stargate program to the public. 😀

    Glad to hear you finished the first rough draft of your script! Judging from the previous blog entries, you really worked yourself out on this script. I’m really looking forward to it, from taping (I’m sure you’ll keep us in the know 🙂 ) to the airing overall. Cudos!

    Awesome pictures of Leela Savasta as well! She definitely looks like she loves her role. 🙂

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  49. Joe, first i just want to say im puzzled by those who criticize the placement of any elements of romance/peer relationships that occur on SGA. I, for one, think it makes perfect sense that people who work and live together day in and day out would experience perfectly natural emotions and inclinations due to their frequent interaction with each other – it is sort of what makes us human right?! So on that front, i love what the writers have done with the show.

    My questions are sort of along those lines…
    Do you find the chemistry between the actors and actresses on SGA – specifically the core group – has come to reach the same level of comraderie that existed between the core SG-1 cast (it was apparent they became a second family for each other)?

    Also – do you feel establishing a friendly relationship with the actors on the show helps to make the actual production of the show run more smoothly and have the set be a better work environment – or is that not necessarily true?

    Sorry for my wordiness – it is my forte!

  50. Isn’t it a little hypocritical when fans criticize actresses on the basis of their looks without even having seen them perform,

    Actually that’s just you using a straw man. They critique was of you not the actresses. A great many seem to believe that commercial movies/TV shows for the US market must be made up of the young and the good looking – older and ugly only as absolutely required – and preferably the script should be rewritten to avoid that.
    I too always feel an instinctive skepticism when a producer/director professes that they only hire based on talent, when 99% of what actually shows up on the screen is very good looking and not really representative of how most humans look. It is a skepticism borne out of dubious statistics, just like most criminals profess to be innocent – the observer can’t help but feel “Yeah right”.
    In all honesty, Atlantis brings the funny, its amusing, mostly relaxing and entertaining, but also unlikely to win an Emmy for best acting in the near future.

    I’ve explained that, in my mind, every time someone steps through the gate they take on translator nanites that allow them to understand and be understood by the various off-world races they encounter.

    But how can their libs be in sync then! *g*

    You could always hire random strangers of the street (they the ‘looks ordinary’ would be correct 😉 and just have them go through the scenes mumbling something, and then have them ADRed by the real professionals later. Would be cheaper and wouldn’t be in sync *g*

  51. 1)Will any of the crew become (voluntarily or otherwise) intoxicated at any point?

    2)Do any team members display any disturbing behavior this year, much to the disbelief of their team mates?

  52. The semi-pro linguist checks in with her humble two dollars’ worth:


    In the specific language of the translate/interpret profession, “translate” refers to written language and “interpret” refers to spoken or signed communication. (Generally, there are no written versions of signed languages.)

    If YOUR meaning of “translator nanites” matches meaning #2a from Merriam-Webster (quoted below), we can assume that the nanites permit the mental connections for BOTH spoken and written language, building on the person’s existing abilities.

    Therefore it would be easier for the multilingual Daniel to translate Go’auld than, say, Carter. Teal’c and Teyla could be assumed to already know how to read the written form of their primary languages. The nanites would make it easier for them to learn written English than it would be for an alien without written langauge.

    “Translate” In Merriam-Webster:

    Respectfully submitted *wink*,
    Gilder McCarroll
    BA Spanish 1979
    30+ years of speaking/reading/writing Spanish
    Two years college-level German
    One year college-level Latin

  53. Dang, I fouled up the quotes again.

    Joe said:
    Answer: Ah, the great English Alien Debate. This is a buy we inherited from the beginnings of SG-1. I’ve explained that, in my mind, every time someone steps through the gate they take on translator nanites that allow them to understand and be understood by the various off-world races they encounter. By this reasoning, Teyla doesn’t speak English, but in her mind (and in the mind of the Atlantis crew) it’s as if she really does. However, this wouldn’t translate to the written word. That said, there’s no reason that Teyla couldn’t have learned to read some English.

    2 a: to turn into one’s own or another language b: to transfer or turn from one set of symbols into another : transcribe c (1): to express in different terms and especially different words : paraphrase (2): to express in more comprehensible terms : explain, interpret

    I won’t correct the typing errors above; y’all know what I mean. *wink*

    BTW, I resume my sign-language studies on Monday.

  54. A heads-up to anyone who is having difficulty finding In the Garden of Iden by Kage Baker or who just wants to be able to get it for free, is offering it as a free book in return for signing up for their e-mail list. It will be sent out in about a week, and I believe it is available for download in pdf and html formats.

  55. anneteldy wrote: How about listening?


    Listening isn’t my strong point, either (can’t you guys tell that by now! 😛 ).

    My mind is all over the place, so I tend to tune out sounds…aaaaaand my husband. 😆 I have like…listening ADD. Take music, for instance – if I have the radio on, I change stations about every 30 seconds… just because I get bored, even if I LIKE the song. If it’s a layered sound it will hold my attention longer – mbube, madrigals, ancient through baroque periods, gypsy (Romanian & swing)/middle eastern/northern African music, and traditional sea shanties (and other call/response songs)..that stuff grabs me. Oh, and anything with bagpipes. Lots and lots of bagpipes. 😀 Modern music – I like Tool, and Korn…stuff like that. Again, layered – sometimes heavy – sounds, with changing vocals and tempos within a song. I just can’t FF that stuff. But everything else? Rarely do I listen to a modern song all the way through.

    So…if I’m like that with music (which I love), imagine if I had to listen to someone reading – “blah, blah, blah” – for a couple hours! Ack!! It would drive me buggy. I might *hear* it, I probably wouldn’t *listen* to it. (I also love sleeping to old movies – allowing the voices to lull me into unconsciousness. I fear listening to a book would do the same thing)

    Nah, I’ve found what works for me – comics/graphic novels. I can sit down and read ten stories in one evening – ten stories that all hold my attention with amazing artwork and intriguing twists and turns, whetting my appetite for more. And they’re exactly the type of stories I like (heavy on male characters and action/intrigue, light on romance), with excellent artistic talent and imagination behind them. Personally, I find novels to be very overrated, while comics are poo-pooed because they encourage laziness and ADD. Ha. I had ADD long before I discovered comics, and if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be reading at all. Take THAT, Oprah! 😈

    (The only audio anything I can listen to is comedy – I grew up on old Bill Cosby records – that was our entertainment in the evening. But it was FUNNY! Jokes, I CAN listen to…but stories? Doubt it.)

    ACK!! For someone who hates to read, I sure as hell can write a LOT of crap for other people to read! SORRY! 😳


    PS: @ maggiemayday – – Objectifying Todd – The Movie. Yup, have the screenplay all finished!! There’s even a risqué hair-detangling scene (I call it ‘ménage-a-coiffure’ 😉 )

  56. Hi Joe!
    With all the talk about the ‘love triangle’ between Rodney, Keller, and Ronon, I’d like to know what is your personal take on the subject and how would you like the storyline to play out?

  57. ‘Days of our Hives’ would be such a great name for an episode. Any chance of it hitting the number 19 slot??? Doesn’t matter what the story is about. It could be about Zelenka making out with an Asgard on a planet with a Ferris wheel for a stargate and it should still be called ‘Days of our Hives’

  58. Answer: Isn’t it a little hypocritical when fans criticize actresses on the basis of their looks without even having seen them perform, then turn around and gush repeatedly over the absolutely dreamy male lead? Yeah, I think so too. I’m not sure what your point is.

    Actually, when has female appetite, especially in science fiction, ever been catered to to the extent of a man’s? It’s a huge P. Box and not that discussion worthy, let alone ironic. The only, concern I have with SGA’s season five and its new team of chicks with d…ks—ahhh guns, is the over all relatability of the show. This would be ironic—obviously because we’re talking science fiction here. So, I’ll illustrate by comparing BSG (Battle Star Galactica) to SGA.

    Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck), in interviews, seems the loveliest person, not that one can surmise everything about a person from one or two interviews. Nonetheless her character (her interpretation of it, the expectations placed upon her for the character–whatever), has turned me off the show from the get go. I was able to wade my way through season one, then parts of season two, and then THAT’S IT. The reason: the relatability /believability of the character. Of course many would argue Kara Thrace’s character is perfectly believable: she’s blond, cute, tough as nails, talented, has a great career, lives a life of the modern woman “hard drinkin’ and hard lovin’, has men—“important men” trailing her in her wake (oh, but don’t forget she’s had a pooh pooh childhood that’s what makes her sooo “mad”)—perfectly believable…or perhaps just perfect in that irritating whiny fracketty-frack sort of way. (I would have liked her gay I have to admit. I always hoped that every time she opened her locker there would be a picture of some buxom woman half clad waiting for her to drool over. Alas—I desired more complexity of her character.) She along with Jamie Bamber (Lee “Apollo” Adama) the boy scout are perfectly relatable characters. He’s clean cut, son of a general, but…but…when he’s lonely he visits the local whore with her own sad story (a child is involved)—what! pray tell he’s not the boy scout shhhhhh he visits laaaadiesss of the evennning shhhh. Whatever—a military man patronizing a prostitute—perfectly fascinating, perfectly original ah huh. However these Bambers and Barbies are what appeals to vast viewing audiences, helps with the rating right?…I see the show has even won three Emmys…Ah hah. Not that there aren’t some wonderful lines and fabulous portrayals for instance James Callis (Gaius)—love that actor. But over all good writing—Frack no! Example: why not use the original word? It’s so perfectly harsh, conjurers up endless titters and horrified mouth cupping from parents. If can’t use it—don’t substitute it at all—but don’t take away it’s power.
    Now, on the SGA…


  59. SGA

    Where to begin where to begin? StarGate has the vast assortment of nerds (the population of the sci fi world fandom). And yes…this may be shocking, but…Sheppard is a nerd, a cool one for sure but he is definitely a nerd. He likes Rodney. Doesn’t this say everything? He doesn’t just tolerate him, HE *LIKES* HIM; not only that, he can “relate” to him. I can’t see beyond an awkward chuckle and look about the room from Apollo if he had to deal with Rodney—mmm no. There is no chemistry between these two characters (I dunno about the actors). Because of how Sheppard acts, you can definitely tell he probably played D&D in high school. He probably also liked to play the odd sport, fell for the popular chick and was De-NIED ie Laren (Travelers). But this is what makes him complex and relatable. He’s not the Biff or the Bamber, he’s awkward AND courageous with a good sense of style. It’s enjoyable watching him be awkward, especially with Laren (spelling?), one sees his tenderness and vulnerability. Tayla is the strong silent type. She’s the diplomat and the counsellor, warrior and the queen—it’s perfectly fitting that she will be a wraith queen who are the top warriors (in a sense) of wraith higherachy. Zelenka he is us, he reflects our reactions and inhibitions: he acknowledges the genius of Rodney, but when it comes to the crazy of Rodney, Zelenka will quiety WALK A W A Y… It’s perfect that his character is Easter European (highly educated, brilliant but has the savvy—through endless decades of political upheaval—to absent oneself from “difficult” situations) His reactions are ultimately hysterical.
    Dr. Weir, I thought was perfect. However, her background development did not quite fit with her character. Seeing her in the mental institution was a good step because her character of drive “awkwardness” indicated that she may have had very “dark dark” issues in her past, but the portrayal of her background ultimately led to her undoing as a character: it didn’t fit with her persona. In other words it was “too” normal: normal husband, normal mother, common career ambitions bla bla. She reminded me of a woman I knew in university. She became head of student government. She came from small town Ontario and was the thirteenth child of sixteen. Very religious up bringing and experienced sexual abuse at the hands of one of her brothers. Weir’s character reminded me of her a great deal. This is all to say, the characters in SGA are awkward, raw with lots of patches, tangible but ultimately “healed” people. BSG’s characters are slick ideals, they have glib behaviour with dark murky pasts—people I could never relate to, because they are ultimately overly possessed of virtue.


  60. Joe! Congrats on finishing your first draft!

    See, this is why I could never be an author (aside from the obvious lack of creative thought). In college, I had to practically force myself to go through a paper and edit it even once, let alone over and over until it was perfect. Amazingly enough, I still managed to get that English degree…

    I didn’t mention this yesterday, but I love the picture of Jason M. on the bike. It looks like the actors all manage to keep themselves occupied in between shooting. Seems like a fun crowd!

  61. First of all thank you for answering my questions that I have now seen were poorly worded in some instances. In retrospect, it was not a good example to use the casting for Whispers to compare against the casting of Katana because I thought you or Paul Mullie had final say on casting decisions as showrunners which now I have seen may not be the case. I guess I am more disturbed why a position of importance like the captain of a Travelers’ ship has now been twice portrayed by a young, very attractive female? I guess I don’t find the attractiveness of the leader in question as much as I do the age although even Stargate has lampooned the cliche of “the sexy alien woman” within Wormhole X-treme and I thought you guys would be more resistant to using that cliche. There are many older attractive attresses out there who I would have believed more than someone in their 20’s as a ship’s leader/captain without a better explanation for the age of the character within the episode. Christina Cox, Kari Wurher, Gina Torres are good examples (but far from the only ones) to me of attractive, but older, women who would have been more believable as Larrin/Katana in my opinion although I know that the first two already have other roles within Stargate. The age of the character is what I was trying to make a point about when quoting that casting call and not so much the attractiveness. I hope there is some type of explanation within The Lost Tribe, about this trend within the Travelers’ culture. Is it a female led society similar to the Wraith where there are a lot females in power positions and ones that are relatively young? Is the strict population control talked about by Larrin in Travelers similar to that of the society from Childhood’s End? Or is it as simple as the Katana role was originally Larrin that had to be changed due to actress unavailability?

    In regards to my subjective comment about acting, I have seen large differences of opinion by “fans” on the acting skill (or lack there of) of performers. While it may be easy for most people to distinguish between great and terrible performers (Tom Hanks and Pauly Shore, respectively,) there is a lot of ground in the middle that some fans may not be skilled enough to determine nor may not be objective enough to separate between the actor and the role they are portraying. I was trying to get some insight from you, since you are in the business, on how you approach casting decisions and if there was a large learning curve when you first started casting people? Is it easier for you that you have casting people that narrow down the candidates to something that is manageable for you?

  62. Anne,

    You are more than welcome. There will be more coming your way in the next month as I enhale about two to three books a week. Let me know what you like to read…I have an wide taste…for instance right now I am reading as many Val McDermid books as I can find, Seeing Red, City of Bones, and the Queens Bastard. Not to mention the next three BOTM selections. I am an avid reader and I love to get people addict to books that I read. Matter of fact I got my sister’s whole row at work addicted to the Twilight Novels. I created a monster with my co-worker when I let her read all my Preston-Child books…you should have heard her when I told her the next book does not come out until 2009. My response is “welcome to my world.” That one book Decypher that I sent you is a wild ride…I hope to get his next book soon.
    If there is anything I can help you with please let me know.

  63. @ anneteldy – First, my apologies for another post, but I thought I should clarify. I can – and have – read books, I just have lots of trouble concentrating when I read, and therefore it takes me longer than most people to finish a book. Therefore, I can name just about every one: Peter Pan, Of Mice and Men, Old Man and the Sea (skinny books!), Earthblood (Woot! One sci fi!), the entire Horatio Hornblower series (and two other Forester books), a couple Dudley Pope, Alexander Kent and Dewey Lambdin books (all Brit Age of Sail novels), The Lost Fleet (Barry Clifford), In The Wake of Madness (Joan Druett – met her in Mystic Seaport – LOVELY lady), Pride and Prejudice (almost killed me!), every single Agatha Christie novel/short story ever printed (80+), most Ngaio Marsh novels, one Anne Perry, a few Martha Grimes, and a Dorothy Sayers or two, The Epic of Gilgamesh and…*drumroll* the entire Bible.

    There – now how’s that for a (lame) reading list…lol. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle sits on my endtable, mocking me every time I look at his Complete Sherlock Holmes. It’s been there four years now, and I still haven’t cracked it open. BOTM club member I shall never be. 🙄


  64. @susanthetartanturtle…Breaded hotdog on a stick, typically found at fairs and school cafeterias.

    Makes your mouth water, doesn’t it? 😉

  65. Answer: “Marty G. wrote extra-long scripts for both episodes.”

    It will be interesting to see if Michael and David were able to talk fast enough to get everything in, or if you guys will have to do some editing because the boys didn’t talk as fast as what Marty thought they would. If anything, I wouldn’t be surprised, knowing how fast Michael and David talk, if the scripts were still too short. *lol*

    All My Children of the Gods….the sequel…LOVE IT!


  66. A heads-up to anyone who is having difficulty finding In the Garden of Iden by Kage Baker or who just wants to be able to get it for free, is offering it as a free book in return for signing up for their e-mail list. It will be sent out in about a week, and I believe it is available for download in pdf and html formats.
    Thanks for posting!! as layoffs=financial difficulty, much appreciated.

    Also I’m one who likes digital book downloads=practice what you preach.

  67. So Joe, there was quite a lot of chatter about your casting skills and may I ask, how does such process work. I am asking becuase in my small thespian community at Saint Bernards Catholic Highschool (I’m not catholic! But it was the only school in humboldt county that offered Latin as a Second Language…) there is not much competition for roles. We usually have three to five persons regularly appearing in productions, with the exeption of this year where we have seven in this months production. So as you can see, there is not much of an auditioning experiance.

    Also, would you ever consider shooting down here in Northern CA, Where the redwoods meet the sea? Beautiful country. Love living in it.

  68. hey joe, I was just wondering, In the episode irresistable did JoeF actually have a cold and you guys just wrote it into the script or was he just acting? Thanks.

  69. Um, I meant Defiant One. Deviant One must have been induced by all the alternative SG soap titles thrown out. Now, let me see if I can find one of those pills that the Doctor says makes me calm….

  70. In case you didn’t know, I am with all of those wanting to get a shep episode, pllllllleeeeaaassseee!

  71. About the English Alien thing. If what you are saying is true, then why did Jack have to ask Daniel what “kree” meant? Why didn’t Sheppard know what Halling was saying in Hide and Seek?

  72. *waves*

    Squeeeeeeeee, looking forward to finally meeting you. I promise not to squee in front of you, it’s very loud, and my staff in work have kindly told me that my squee has reached that point where only dogs can hear, so i’ll save you that trauma. 😛

    I should hopefully have a schedule on Tuesday, so i’ll post on here if I can get to a pc. 😀

    If I may wade in on the discussions with pretty actresses, to be perfectly honest does it really matter if they’re drop dead gorgeous or ugly as sin as long as they can do the job they’re asked to do? And let’s face it would they have got the job if they were crap? I think not. 😀

    Anyway i’m shutting up before I start talking sense.

    See you soon.



  73. Oh crap, meant to say to PG15 Would love to meet you, but if you meet us there, try not to look too stalkerish won’t you. Let’s be honest though, it’s not the set you want to see, you heard my hugs are legendary and that’s what you’re after isn’t it hon? It’s ok you can be honest, I won’t tell a soul. 😉 😛 😀

    *runs and hides*

  74. Hi Joe!

    I know because you explained it often enough that the whole promotional side of Atlantis is out of your hands…

    But don’t you wonder why SciFi hasn’t even shown a single promo of Atlantis now that it’s little more than a month away? And yet, they advertise shows that premiere weeks later than Atlantis already..

    We don’t have promotional shots yet, either.

    Maybe you can explain because I just don’t understand… Do they not want Atlantis to do good?

  75. Dear Joe! Best wishes from a hungarian fan. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next seanson. I hope we can see Todd and Halling oftentimes! : D

  76. Answer: “Isn’t it a little hypocritical when fans criticize actresses on the basis of their looks without even having seen them perform, then turn around and gush repeatedly over the absolutely dreamy male lead?”

    that’s what i’ve been saying since this whole debate started. and there’s another thing; when a beautiful woman is shown in some role, *that’s* fulfilling a fantasy of mine as much as seeing a hot guy. it’s just sweeter to pretend to be that character/woman (sam carter) when she’s so gorgeous. i’m not some scary looking witch, but i like pretending to be that tall blond bombshell then that ordinary looking women. and i do so enjoy seeing those hot studs (rda, ben browder). so if i’m going to be superficial on one sex, why not the other? works for me. :p

    sally =)

  77. Cher Monsieur M.

    How ‘bout getting inspiration from B-List sci fi movie titles:
    white man…black man…any man 1,000 Convicts and a WOMAN!
    Reptilicus—reptile girls
    Girls in Prison…what happens to girls without men
    And of course the awesome classic:

    When Women Had Tails

    P lllll ease don’t make this into a soap – all the things I DETESTED about BSG especially season three. AAaaaaah
    Please don’t make this into a soap, please don’t make SGA into a soap.
    Grey’s Anatomy? CSI: Miami?…more slick pretty people, who are utterly utterly unfunny. Whoever heard of police a officer or a lab technician performing an autopsy? Well in CSI:Miami they do. Why? Because they’re sooo hhhawt.


    What is best in life? To crush your enemies. See them driven before you and to hear the lamentation of their women. Conan the B (conversations with my man)

  78. Hey Joe !

    It’s been a long time…hope you’re fine.
    You know, tests at school etc…and my birthdayoon, the 8th of June, very excited to be 17 years old!
    I got a couple of questions :

    – Do you have more money ( budget ) for this year ?
    – Fo you really think that SciFi believes in Atlantis, to accord a 6th season ?
    – How are the dogs ? Especially Lulu my favorite.
    – Any travel in France planed for you ?

    Kiss from France.

  79. I can’t say that I think mass media has somehow stumbled upon gender equality, it pretty much reflects the societal norms that it comes out of. I agree though – programmes like CSI: Albuquerque are generally cast with overly coiffured, generically bland, good looking people, but they’re also pretty formulaic television so it’s not surprising. You’ve got your cops shows, your hospital shows, your law shows, your exciting world of waste management shows…it’s template tv.

    I think American TV is very much obsessed with looks, but I think that’s perhaps a reflection of the culture where ‘homely’ women can turn up on shows and after a month of painful surgeries and teeth bleaching can look like a well put together transvestite. And I think it’s reflected in the media where women on TV wake up and are shown with full make up on, or in a death bed scene have a more subtle shade of lip gloss applied. A women leaps into chaos and she looks like she’s just leapt out of the hair and makeup trailer. Can you imagine if a woman on Survivor after a couple of months showed up with hairy legs? Rioting on the streets.

    I know that there’s the square jawed, broad shouldered hero type look for men, but I also think that tv allows a much greater range of looks and ages for men than they typically do for women (because we also allow for it in real life – older men are distinguished, older women are ‘hags’). I also think this is slowly changing, and I should also point out that I don’t think SGA would win a Worst Offender Award. But does it do it? Sure it does. It’s the world of tv and the wacky thing we call life.

    But just to keep it in perspective, there is no magical checklist for avoiding sexism and racism in media, you’ll never please everyone, and even if someone did come up with that perfect television programme, it doesn’t stop real life from being any crappier. \o/

  80. Big TV working a treat with extra large everything especially O’neill and McKay. If anyone tries telling you size doesn’t matter….They lie!

    Is there the remotest chance of ever hearing a lovely irish accent in the Pegasus Galaxy? I’m a sucker for an irish accent.

  81. Oh and I quit watching the CSI’s etc when they started to resemble Dallas and Coronation Street.

    Currently watching P.S. I Love You. Again with the irish accent *melts*

  82. Hey Joe!

    Glad to see things are okay over there!

    I had a little question again.

    Was Michael captured like Steve was in “Suspicion”? So did they trick him into coming off his Hive to search for renewed Ancient activity? Seems like an effective way to get your hands on one.

    Don’t know why I’m suddenly stuck with that in my head again, maybe you can banish it?


  83. Hey,

    I have a couple of questions about script writing. How long does it usually take for you to write one? And two is there anyway that I can get ideas to you? Also does Stargate Atlantis have what is called a Submission form where you send in a sampe of your script and if interested the company then buys it from the writer. Star Trek: Next Generation did this. Does Stargate do what is called a Pitch Session where you pitch your ideas to the producers?(i’m sure you already know what that is)

    P.S. I know this was a couple days ago. but thing I can say about Sci fi fans when it comes to Sci fi genre compared other genre fans is that all Sci fans are loyal to their shows or writiers. Wouldn’t you agree Joe?

    Thanks for all you wonderful episodes.

  84. So somewhere in Joe Mallozzi’s office there is a dusty shelf upon which sit all the sad and lonely abandoned scripts.

    On behalf of those poor downcast despondent units of language that go together to make these shelved scripts I would like to make an appeal.

    For just the paltry sum of two million dollars US these unwanted manuscripts could have a good home, be looked after lovingly by people like me.

    These unfulfilled examples of Mr Mallozzi’s penmanship deserve a more fitting end then to be tossed aside like so much redundant piffle.

    So it is with much pride and a great deal of blithe stupidity that I announce the formation of the ‘Joe Mallozzi Scripts that got Shafted Foundation’ or the JMSSF.

    Please give generously so that these unfulfilled scripts can one day make it as a season finally.

    Please send all pecuniary remunerations to the Baron c/o of his off planet account on Moon Base Alpha.


  85. David writes: “I wanted to know if you will ever have an actor/actress from the show come and do a guest blog entry?”

    Answer: It’s doubtful. The actors who blog are already busy with their own sites.</i.

    how about the ones that don’t blog? or at least not any more. *cough*michaelshanks*cough*
    if the author of a book can do it, why can’t an actor?

  86. Hi Joe

    Changing the SGA main title to a soap opera title there was “Days of our Hives”, “As the Gate Turns”. Personally I like the title ” The Wraith and the Restless”.

    I got a question, I heard of the term “bottle show” on one of SGA commentaries. What does a “bottle show” mean?

    Just wondering.


  87. just a quick question: rachel’s son isn’t exactly a newborn anymore, but will rachel use her real son in any of the episodes/scenes with teyla and her baby?

  88. Narelle from Aus said:

    Chevron 7. Hellooooooooo. Are you out there? Haven’t seen you on here for a bit. I miss the random links you post

    I’mmmm baaack!!!! Sorry I’ve been MIA this week. I was getting my computer fixed – stuck CD in the drive. The good news is that they did it on warranty. yay!

    That was so sweet Narelle. I missed you too. I was literally going through Stargate online withdrawals. Thank God for the SciFi channel (although I’m not sure if he/she has much to do with it).

    Anyhoo it looks like I have a lot of catching up to do.

    Just for Narelle…..a random link:

    They were advertising on the SciFi channel last night Blake’s 7 the audio adventures for download. Might be interesting.

    While I’ve still got LEGO on the brain here’s a site with some instructions to make a puddlejumper.

    Cheers, Chev

  89. drldeboer says:
    Thanks for posting!!

    You’re very welcome!!! =)

    I’ve already gotten Orphans of Chaos by John C. Wright and A Shadow in Summer by Daniel Abraham through e-mails from…. haven’t read them yet but they look pretty good!!!

    It was Scalzi’s site that informed me of this wonderful opportunity to get free books!!! I went there looking for info on the Android’s Dream, and came across that!!!!

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