Andy Mikita as The Director

Daniella Alonso as Katana

Amelia and Radek

Apparently, I’ve been drafted by the Atlantis 100th Episode Party Planning Committee to help in the planning of, you guessed it, the Atlantis 100th Episode Party. Lawren informed me that, in the coming weeks, I’ll be expected to take part in the “strategic imaginings” for the big event. Hmmm. To be honest, I’m not really sure what I’ll be able to add to the big prep session as my planning skills are better suited to story outlines, menu selections, and daring jungle escapes. Still, just off the top of my head, here are a few suggestions:

1) Do not hold the party someplace that is way too small for the event. As was the case several years ago when I attended a party where 300+ celebrants were squeezed into a venue that could only comfortably host a group half that size. The simple act of crossing the room was an exercise in stifling, close-quartered, foot-stepping frustration made all the more maddening by the fact that it was very, VERY hot. Which brings us to suggestion #2…

2) Make sure the venue is air-conditioned. The only thing worse than packing into a tight venue on a hot Summer’s day is packing into a tight venue on a hot Summer’s day and relying on the cross-draft from the front entrance and the fire exit to cool you off.

3) No food fake-outs, please. Same party. It’s hot. It’s packed. I’m squeezing my way through the crowd when I spot – Oh, heavens, yes! – a table lined with martini glasses holding generous scoops of vanilla ice cream! Elated, I pushed my way through, grab a glass, shovel a spoonful of the cool, creamy dessert into my mouth – only to discover it isn’t ice cream at all. It’s mashed potatoes!

4) Make everyone about to give a speech take a breathalyser test first. Drinking and driving gets a lot of media attention, but the far more insidious menace of drinking and delivering long, rambling, incoherent speeches should not be overlooked. If he’s too drunk to drive, then he’s definitely too drunk to thank everyone for coming AND tell that amusing anecdote about the time he misplaced his house keys and had to drive back to the office and .

5) No dancing! Dancing is like skeet shooting. It requires a certain amount of skill to pull off. Next to the shocking revelation that you’ve spent time in prison for some bizarre sexual indiscretion, nothing deep-sixes one’s office status faster than a poorly executed hip-hop move.

6) Clowns and pony rides. Hey, they may be cliché, but nothing says party like pony rides. As for the clowns – not only do they make for wonderfully awkward conversation pieces, but there’s always at least one raving coulrophobe in the room guaranteed to make their appearance a memorable one.

Over the weekend, I promised to give you all the scoop on Katana, the Traveler who will be making her first appearance in the mid-season two-parter. Well, I’m pleased to tell you that Daniella Alonso has been cast in the role. Those of you not familiar with Daniella’s work may want to check out her 11-episode arc in season two of Friday Night Lights. She was excellent in FNL and is doing a wonderful job for us on The Lost Tribe.

Another introduction of sorts and one that’s long overdue. Sharon Taylor plays one of our gate technicians on Stargate: Atlantis. She first caught our eye playing the role of a replicator in the episode Lifeline. She had such a unique look that we brought her back as a real, flesh and blood member of the expedition. A line here, a line there, and then it was only a matter of time before something else struck us about Sharon. She’s damn good. We continued to bring her back, increased her face-time, and, as a true indication that she had really made it, finally gave her character a name: Amelia Banks. And the fact that Sharon is a black belt kick boxer and could probably kick all of our asses had nothing to do with it.

By the way, great feedback on The Android’s Dream . Keep it coming and make sure you get your questions in before mid-day Wednesday when I’ll be sending them Mr. Scalzi’s way. As for what’s been said so far:

Stace writes: “ Two things, for me, stood out above the rest. The first was the creation of Brian. Apart from it being a great use of an evolved AI, it was touching that Harry had chosen to replicate his dead best friend…”

Answer: I agree. And so does Brad Wright as it was one of the very first things he talked about when I mentioned John would be swinging by to discuss The Android’s Dream. As Brad pointed out, it was incredibly well-executed and certainly leaves the door open for a possible sequel.

Stace also writes: “The second was the Church.”

Answer: Yes again. The fact that a church built upon the writings of a hack SF writer could rise to such prominence and power truly boggled the mind. Wildly imaginative stuff.

Stace also writes: “ I can see where you were coming from, Joe, with the loophole but then, I think that was part of what I loved in the set-up – the fact the Church orchestrated this from the beginning, from the creation of the ceremony onwards, makes it even more satisfying and amusing when the Nidu are thrown into chaos.”

Answer: I’m going to have to go back and re-read the last couple of chapters. I was up until 2:00 a.m. finishing the book the first time round because I just couldn’t set it aside. The loophole was orchestrated by the Church. If so, then I withdraw that particular criticism.

May writes: “I think that sometimes scifi stories have too much descriptions of technology and I get lost trying to decipher everything. “

Answer: Agree. One of the great things about Scalzi is his ability to write believable science fiction without burying the reader in the details.

Sulien writes: “I also loved Judge Sn, who is definitely a being after my own heart. He had my favorite lines in the book in regards to the human race during the hearing to determine Robin’s status.”

Answer: He was a great character. If John has no plans for him, I would recommend Judge Sn put in an appearance or two on Boston Legal. There’s brilliant crossover potential right there.

Pilgrim writes: “ Perhaps I’m missing something, maybe I’m just not smart enough to “get it”…”

Answer: Intelligence has nothing to do with it. It all comes down to personal taste. Hey, there have been a number of book of the month club selections I didn’t particularly enjoy either.

Drldeboer writes: “My opinion of Old Man’s War hasn’t changed- I still think its a ripoff rehash of previous ideas, albeit nicely rewritten. The Android’s Dream is also a ripoff…”

Answer: I respectfully disagree. Old Man’s war contained many elements characteristic of military scifi, but I found their treatment very unique (as were some of the purely Scalzi-esque additions like the skip-drive). Also, The Android’s Dream has been compared to Douglas Adams, but I wouldn’t equate some similarities in style to it being a rip-off. Stylistically similar at times but tonally very different.

Tittamiire writes: “ The contrived parts of the plot felt very contrived because of that and were almost cringe inspiring.”

Answer: To which parts are you referring?

Mailbag returns tomorrow.


85 thoughts on “May 27, 2008: Man Wills Fortune to Dog. Dog Blows it all on Coke and Whores.

  1. Hey Joe
    I was wondering tomorrow is my 28th birthday (turning 28 on the 28th, happens only once), can i got the blog dedication????PLEASE!!!!!!


  2. Hi Joe,

    Sorry I’m a little behind here in Oz and haven’t seen the 4th season yet but.. is Chuck still around? Or has Amelia replaced him on the show?

    Chuck’s kinda cute. I would miss him..

  3. Black belt gate tech, eh? I would love to see that come into play at some point. I mean, no reason to think that the military guys are the only one with any kind of fight training. I’d love to see a “geek” throw down with some Genii or wraith and not look hilarious doing it (not that there’s anything wrong with hilarious fighting, mind).

  4. …nothing deep-sixes one’s office status…

    Hmmm, Deep Six is the title of the book that one Timothy McGee writes in NCIS. Any relation to the way you used the words? If not, do you know where that phrase originated?

  5. YES! *punches air* I finally got the first comment!

    And, I sadly waste it saying “1st comment?”

    *whistles innocently*


  6. Clowns???? *runs screaming out of the room*

    OH…it’s just Ronald McDonald? That’s ok then.


  7. Hey Joe, Are you SURE you didn’t get numbers 5 and 6 mixed up? I’ve been to lots of things with dances and usually hip hop isn’t the style of dance people use. Although, at my own wedding, I was able to do some hip hop and I was even told I was good. I’m sure it had NOTHING at all to do with the fact that I was the bride.

    Is the Vancouver Aquarium big enough? I was there in April and it’s a fun place! You also forgot to add rule number 7) THERE MUST BE CHOCOLATE!!! Nothing makes a party worse than a lack of chocolate. 😉

    @Hey Blaine!!! Happy 28th on May 28th! I was born on the second of my birth month so I don’t remember my b-day and age being the same. Don’t worry, I’m not crying about it, though. There is something stuck in my eye. Anywayt… HAPPY BIRTHDAY 😀

  8. (Just in case you don’t go back to previous days comments, I decided to re-post this here as I posted this before this one showed up).

    I just finished re-watching 9×13 – Collateral Damage .. (great work btw). Anyway, it was dedicated in memory of Jeff Upton.

    So, after reading your blog for so long, I decided to ask .. who was he?

  9. 1) The first picture label (Andy Mikita as The Director) makes me think, “And Paul Winfield as The Mirror”, a strange, bad sit-com reference probably nobody else gets. But I’m used to making weird references nobody else gets, so I’ll live. And then I’ll think of Paul Winfield and be sad, because he was so talented. Only the good die young. I’ll live to be 1000. *sigh*

    2) Cool creamy mashed potatoes? Ew. Someone needed a beating there.

    3) I seriously hate clowns. Always have. And ponies are good eatin’. Well not really, but it’s fun to walk around the zoo and discuss how you’d cook the animals. I did that once in the San Diego Zoo. We got a *very* wide berth from some people who gave us *very* strange looks.

    4) speaking of dogs blowing fortune on crack whores & champagne, How is Max?? You have not updated us and I worry so. Poor puppy! [As I am not owned by any animals at this time, I have decided to vicarious have puppies through you. Wait. That sounds wrong. That sounds *really* wrong.]

    I think it’s time for sleep now.

  10. I am so glad you can get these people to stop working long enough to snap a picture. I enjoy them, thanks. Good luck with the party planning, sounds like your NOT to do ideas are humming right along. Sorry I can’t help with the planning, but I could help with the clean-up, well I.. er.. well I mean if I were invited,,, harumph…(giggles). But I guess it is a long way to go just to sweep the floor. I think you will make a fine party planner…(think annual chocolate party) and enjoy yourself!! 😎

  11. congrats (if you’re happy about it, my sympathies if you’re not) on being named to the atlantis 100th episode party planning committee.
    are you going suggest some fancy chocolates for the 100th episode party? or a nice, yet reasonably priced, restaurant that caters?

  12. With your permission, I’d like to take your list of suggestions and submit them to people who are planning varied functions and parties that involve large numbers of people and my unwilling participation. Perhaps they will reduce a hellish event into a merely heckish one.
    Now, my never-humble take on The Android’s Dream. The book grabbed my immediate attention with its opening line. I didn’t consider it so much juevenille as challenging. How could a writer make such an absurd idea of a fart and make it plausible as a “major diplomatic incident”? Mr. Scalzi then proceeded to layout the background clearly and quickly enough to make me buy into the idea, all the while chuckling as the scenario played out. Then to top it off our Agent Provacatuer drops dead at his moment of triumph, leading us to the second chapter’s equally amusing scene of angry government officials handling the offending object plucked literally from the bowels of a dead man.
    The rest of the book flowed smoothly. It was easy to assimulate the political twists and turns of the various factions and their individual agendas. Quite an accomplishment given how convoluted it all was. From simple “alien bashing” to Earth itself threatened with an invasion it couldn’t resist, somehow square pegs managed to fit into round holes and produce an impressive mosaic.
    Not that the book was perfect. My first impression of Harris Creek wasn’t that great, and while I ended up liking the character, he simply wasn’t my favorite. Given how the book opened, I was rather expecting a semi-competent idiot savant who would wander through the tale in a Maxwell Snartian way. Instead, we are presented with a fairly standard genius level, physically competent hero that is rather generic. Still, I did enjoy the Mall attack and its fast paced action. It was a very visual sequence, and a nice change from the manouverings that took place before and after.
    I found Robin’s character a bit more plausible. Atheletic but not superhumanly perfect, and with a geneology that was both horrific and hilarious. For the most part I bought into her reactions as her world crashed around her, and she was thrust into circumstances only sci fi readers might expect to have to deal with.
    Other high points have already been pointed out by other commenters. The Church of the Evolved Lamb, its two main “branches” and their ability to function so well…again the blending of the absurd with the plausible. I’m ready to join just as soon as I can figure out where the nearest church is….
    Thkk, Judge Sn, even Archie, all characters that fit comfortably into the tale. I wasn’t particularly bothered by the coincidence of the veterens’ cruise ship. Why not one more bit of absurdity, especially since I don’t see any reason the author could not have reached the same conclusion had he used another method to get the hero and heroine off the planet.
    All in all a great read, and I hope to round up Mr. Scalzi’s other books on the next run. My thanks for having brought it to the BotM club.
    Questions for Mr. Scalzi: In Android’s Dream, what was the starting point of the plot? Did you start at the beginning, with the joke, and plot out the story from there? Or was it the idea of the Church of the Evolved Lamb leading to the story? And when you do sit down to write, do you approach your stories in the same way, or does each work involve a unique approach? What sort of hobbies or interests do you have outside of writing, and how do they infleunce your writing? Do you hold anything or anyone responcible for your rather…not ordinary sense of humor? Finally, are you, Joe Mallozzi, and Joe Abercrombie all fraternal twins separated at birth? It strikes me as monumentally coincidental that the three of you all share such traits as being rogishly handsome, amazing wordsmiths, and people with similiar senses of humor.

  13. 😆

    Hilarious entry tonight!

    This one especially caught my attention:

    3) No food fake-outs, please. Same party. It’s hot. It’s packed. I’m squeezing my way through the crowd when I spot – Oh, heavens, yes! – a table lined with martini glasses holding generous scoops of vanilla ice cream! Elated, I pushed my way through, grab a glass, shovel a spoonful of the cool, creamy dessert into my mouth – only to discover it isn’t ice cream at all. It’s mashed potatoes!

    Priceless!! Reminds me of the time I was with friends at an event where we were served a meal family-style – hundreds were being fed, and the freshly prepared food came out quite rapidly, with some courses overlapping. Everything was delicious, much of it homemade – Large bowls of steamy vegetables, platters of tender roast, baskets of toasty fresh-baked bread, piles of baked potatoes, a vat of sour cream. As the sour cream was placed before my 17-year old friend, his eyes lit up, he dug into it, and literally smothered his baked potato in the creamy white topping – mixing it in with the butter and salt already there – and then he took his first, expectant bite…and…

    Yup – you guessed it…HE got YOUR vanilla ice cream.

    Heh. 😀


  14. Heya Joe,

    Hmmm…a green shirt? Okay, I know red=command, blue=science, yellow=medical and black=military, but what does the green designate?

    I love your idea about Judge Sn crossing over to Boston Legal, because I can just imagine him dealing with Denny Crane. *smirk* It’s a pity that the TV networks, studios and other purveyors of various types of entertainment can’t cross pollinate without a ton of legal wrangling, because there are a lot of crossovers I’d like to see. Thankfully, we have fan fiction to help fill some of that void, but it would be a real kick to be able to watch a canon crossover between the Stargate franchise and a main stream non-sci-fi series. For instance, I would pay some serious money to see a crossover between SG Atlantis and NCIS. Ronon would get a real kick out of Ziva (quite possibly literally) and I would love to see Sam Carter or Teyla set DiNozzo straight when he started hitting on them, not to mention what the interactions between Jack O’Neill and Jethro Gibbs would be like. 😀

    What are some of the crossovers you would like to see? If you could do a crossover on Stargate Atlantis, which series and characters would you like to use?

  15. Drldeboer writes: “My opinion of Old Man’s War hasn’t changed- I still think its a ripoff rehash of previous ideas, albeit nicely rewritten. The Android’s Dream is also a ripoff…”
    Answer: I respectfully disagree. Old Man’s war contained many elements characteristic of military scifi, but I found their treatment very unique (as were some of the purely Scalzi-esque additions like the skip-drive). Also, The Android’s Dream has been compared to Douglas Adams, but I wouldn’t equate some similarities in style to it being a rip-off. Stylistically similar at times but tonally very different.

    We agree to disagree on opinion. Some BOTM selections, like this one, I never would have given a second glance on my own for various reasons but have given them a shot from liking your taste (via Stargate writing).

    Some more things I liked about The Android’s Dream:
    1) We don’t leave people behind
    2) Ye cannae change the laws of physics
    3) The Electric Light Orchestra’s Time
    4) The answer is CLEAR.

  16. Re: The Androids’s Dream

    I really hadn’t read much sci fi since I was a teenager (longer ago than care to remember), so I was a little skeptical about the book. It turns out I really liked this book–the first 2 lines really hooked me. I guess Mr. Scalzi’s sense of humor is warped in the same direction as mine. It seems to me that he might be the secret love child of Heinlein and Douglas Adams! I found it very interesting that the hero wasn’t introduced until the 3rd chapter. First we meet Dirk Moeller and think he might be the hero, but he is not. The same for Ben Javna. I also liked the way he kept weaving the various story lines together. That can be very tricky to do because you run the risk of the reader losing interest in all the various stories. For me, the mark of a good book is one that I immediately re-read after finishing it, to make sure that I didn’t miss anything, which is what I did with the Android’s Dream. The mark of a very good books is one that makes me buy books by the same author, which is why I am currently reading Old Man’s War. A couple of questions for Mr. Scalzi:
    1) Did you come up with the first two lines while you were writing the book or were they something you came up with in the past and just had to find a story in which you could use them?
    2) In reading Old Man’s War, I have noticed that you also have a character named Javna and named the cemetery where John’s wife is buried Harris Creek. I was wondering if these were the names of friends or people who saved your life and that is why you keep using them.

  17. Speaking as one social committe inductee to another – may I suggest number 7 be – keep an eye on the pregnant woman… they’re full of surprises.

    A few years ago I was helping to organize an event for 750 people at the Distillery District in Toronto and the night of the big shindig arrived and while schmoozing with the caterer and several of the guests… yours truly (yes, moi) – at 6 months pregnant – decided to pass out in the middle of the festivities. Too excited or not enough food – who knows! It was quite an added bit of excitement to wake up on the cement floor surrounded by security guards who had no idea what to do.

    Good thing I was coherent enough to explain the large extention in my abdomen, and the maternity wear, was a clear sign I was pregnant. I think the poor guy thought I was just oddly shaped. Luckily I made it home without incident, unless you count throwing up inside my friend’s car.

    Ah, memories….


  18. Wahoo! I’s loves me a good party! I do… uh huh!

    I’m with you Joe, too small a venue and no air and you can count me out too! Hey, instead of clowns and ponies… how about having Fondy dress up the pugs in clown costumes and offering rides to the guy who arrives with full snoot already… you tell him that the horsey just seems small close up!

    A few other “Don’t” party suggestions:

    1- Don’t allow anyone to bring games like twister or Life, unless they play naked!
    2- Don’t use the office party as an excuse to blow off steam…it only steams up your boss!
    3- Don’t have a pool party… someone dressed to the nines always ends up in the pool…against their will!!!


  19. I typically only have two party planning suggestions.

    1. However many kegs you think you need, get one more (unless it’s a family function…then get two more).

    2. Put the Dowd’s rules into effect. If (or in the case of family, when) the brawl/catfight begins, bar the doors and refuse to acknowledge that any altercation took place when questioned by police.

    People don’t think they’re very helpful suggestions until the kegs are floating and the cops are trying to separate the brawlers on the front lawn. They don’t appreciate me sitting in a lawn chair, eating popcorn, and cackling like a witch, either. 🙂

  20. Hi
    I love how the book had the mystery/spy/thriller based in a futeristc environment. Its really a great piece of work. Thanks for the great read.


  21. Dear Joe,

    1. What happened to the Camulus Zpm? Did you guys ever creating a cool atlantis story arc revolving around it?
    2. Will there be new wraith ships or ship designs in season 5?
    3. Will we get to find a little more about the Wraith – Ancients war that occured 10000 years ago?


  22. Hey Joe!

    So what nationality is Amelia Banks going to be? Could our favorite Canadian gate technician have some mighty competition in season 5? 😉

    For your 100th Episode Party, you could simply go to a Community Hall or find a large restaurant’s banquet hall (I’m sure those would definitely be air conditioned). If you choose a restaurant, I’m sure they would cater, so you would have to choose one with preferred food. A Community Hall would call for a lot of catering, which will require a whole lot more research and phone calls…and MORE scheduling. 😛 You’ll do fine nonetheless, and I eagerly look forward to all the photos you will (hopefully) take at the banquet.

    Also, if you want a fun time, rent a riding bull. Now THAT would be a unique idea…and would provide many hilarious moments. Get BamBam on it and I’m sure you’ll have many laughs 😀

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

    PS – Along with the Bull, Ponies are a definite must.

  23. The Sony Reader? No, it doesn’t come *with* the books. They have to be bought. Separately. Sometimes at full print price, sometimes with a tiny discount, sometimes with a decent one. Usually full price though.

    No backlit screen, no way to recharge battery (But it’s good for 10, 000(??) hours *because* it’s not backlit. Need a booklight to attach to it.) Easy to carry. I’d be scared spitless of losing it. It’s large enough to have decent print size (and too large for anything but the largest lady’s purse.

    For me, not worth it. But then I have a PDA and just buy and download e-books. And recharge it a lot.

    LOL to the lawn chair, eating popcorn and cackling like a witch comment.


  24. Thank you for the David Nykl picture!! He needs to update his blog!

    I agree wholeheartedly with Rule #5. I once witnessed my boss and a co-worker doing the ‘bump’ at our annual Christmas party. I was left traumatized, and as a result, I break out in hives whenever I hear “More, More, More” by Andrea True Connection.

  25. Comment on The Android’s Dream
    This book was so much fun to read. True, it started very weird – and might have put me off if it hadn’t been so highly recommended. It reminded me of my initial reaction to Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy…sort of “What the heck?…” But then it hooked me because I was determined to find out where this was leading. Then it turned into this fast-paced spy/thriller- type story – with enough humor, subplots, alien quirkiness and surprises to keep me going.

    Some of the things I loved about this book:
    Brian – one of my favorite parts. A great combination of humor, emotion and computer geekiness. Extremely creative way that Scalzi literally humanizes very technical processes (loading software, hacking computer systems) through Brian.

    The dialogue. Very funny – “snarky” and dry humor. I found myself laughing out loud several times. In fact, the dialogue kind of reminded me of SGA dialogue.

    The intricate machinations of the Nidu – especially the power grab between the various factions before the coronation ceremony. As Scalzi himself puts it: “…a power grab so quick, so balletic in its balance, grace, and speed that the Medicis, the Borgias, and all their equivalents across time and spices…would have risen from their graves to provide its mastermind with a standing ovation.” I could really visualize this section and thought how great and exciting those scenes would be on film.

    As a matter of fact, throughout the book I found myself thinking that some of the scenes would look great on film (like the mall fight with the “jumping shoes” and the coronation ceremony near the end.)

    Oddly enough, considering all of the odd aliens in the book, the only thing that kind of bothered me in the book was the description of Robin’s mother, the sheep/human hybrid. Eww, creepy.

    Based on how much I enjoyed this book, I will definitely read “Old Man’s War” in the near future.

  26. Questions for Scalzi:
    1) How did you keep track of all of the subplots, the plot twists and connections between the different groups? Do you map out the story elements before writing?

    2) As I mention in my comments, some of the scenes seemed like they would play well on screen (like the mall fight with the “jumping shoes”) When you’re writing these sections, did you storyboard the action beforehand, like one might do with a film – or do you simply sit and write?

    3) I loved how you humanize the computing process, taking the reader with Brian through the process of transferring his program to the server, merging software functions, hacking computer systems, etc. Was that difficult to write? Did that come from your personal knowledge of computer programming, or did you do research?

    4) A friend who read Android’s Dream told me that he saw it as a satirical commentary on organized religion – or at least one particular religion – and also on genetic engineering gone haywire, as much as a scifi story. Was that your intention?

  27. Congrats on the planning committee. A job I would gladly take. I’ve already told you what I would love to have the opportunity to do for that party. I keep posting more and more pictures of the cakes I’ve done and giving out the address to my blog hoping to get some interest in me decorating cakes for people since I’m more than likely losing my job in three weeks. Our only Baskin Robbins that has been in Bishop for 29 years is closing unless something happens.

    I did post my first drawing of a possible Atlantis cake but now I’m thinking I might change it. It looks too much like an odd wedding cake and I don’t think the drawing does justice to the picture in my head. I’ll keep at it though.

  28. Joe, I’m shocked, for party planning, no mention of food?

    That’s how I start, what do I want to eat? and then all falls into place, the type of event, type of venue, the dress code, the drinks…. it all starts with food.


  29. Boy… doesn’t anyone know how to use goggle or a dictionary.

    Ytimynona… your answer to Q:

    A verb
    1 deep-six, throw overboard

    throw from a boat
    Category Tree:
    move; displace
    ╚propel; impel
    ╚deep-six, throw overboard

    2 deep-six, give it the deep six

    toss out; get rid of; “deep-six these old souvenirs!”
    Category Tree:
    get rid of; remove
    ╚discard; fling; toss; toss out; toss away; chuck out; cast aside; dispose; throw out; cast out; throw away; cast away; put away

  30. Hey there Mr.Mallozzi,

    I just about fell out of my chair laughing reading through today’s entry when I got to “Hey, they may be cliche, but nothing says party like pony rides.” HHAHAHAHA. Great blog titles recently too by the way.

    Is Amelia Banks the lady we saw have some screen time in “Quarantine” talking with Radek, Sheppard, and Carter?

  31. I picked up Android’s Dream at Chapters because the cover caught my eye. Imagine my surprize when I found that not only is the book not about Android’s dreaming, but there wasn’t actually an android in the whole book. The sheep thing was clever… as was the huge fart joke… I think that was my favorite part. I also have to agree with the people who loved Brian. He showed how much technology had advanced in a way that was more tangible than going ‘yah, we have really big guns’ or something.

    I don’t read much sci fi, and I tend to be really picky about the sci fi I do read/watch, so I’ll admit that, at first, I was a bit sceptical and thought that some of the elements were a little too ‘out there’, but I really enjoyed the book. My klingon speaking cousin will probably love it more (I passed it on), but it was something that people like me could get into and enjoy. If you can write a sci fi book that someone who rolls her eyes at Star Wars can get immersed in, my hat goes off to you. That takes special talent.

  32. After reading “Old Man’s War” on Joe’s recommendation, I eagerly got my hands on the rest of John Scalzi’s books. The “Old Man’s War” series was great, and then came “The Android’s Dream”. I was blown away. The funniest sci-fi book I’ve ever read, and in my top 10 favorites. My question to Mr. Scalzi: Where’s the sequel? 🙂

  33. Is Amelia the same tech we saw talking with Sheppard, Chuck and Lorne in Quarantine?

    Please say you’re not getting rid of Chuck, please say you’re not getting rid of Chuck, please say you’re not getting rid of Chuck…

  34. Hey Joe,

    Did you put Andy’s photo on top underneath that headline on purpose? 🙂

    My awesomest ideas for the 100th episode party

    1. Set up a slideshow running in a corner with set photos and behind the scenes stuff on it. Everyone will love reminiscing.

    2. Gift bags for all invitees. You could get some t-shirts, caps made up specially for the event and cast & crew photo if you could organise a huge group photo or manipulate it digitally.

    3. Dunking booth. OK, so this is a little evil but TPTB could put themselves out there and you could charge X dollars per throw to try and dunk you. All money raised goes to X charity.

    4. Make sure you get it in writing at the party that Sciffy aren’t going to cancel you.

    5. There has to be blue jello on the menu. Red or green is acceptable but blue is superior. Even better if there’s a chocolate frog in it 🙂 – guess what’s the dessert at Chev’s birthday lunch.

    6. Get to work on lyrics to the Atlantis theme song and the crew can perform it.

    So, what do you think?

  35. Wait, you’re not willing to have a co-worker lose their status over a little lame disco-dancing but you’re willing to out the poor person afraid of clowns? Hah! You are evil, Joe. 😀

  36. Hello again Mr M!

    Greetings from Tipperary. Just a quick note on the whole “cross over thing” I was recently fortunate to attend Ms Tapping’s Convention in London at which she mentioned her daugthter’s love of that intrepid explorer : Dora. And how, …let’s say trying….the repitition of the formula to that show can be. For those unfamiliar, Dora relies on a talking Map, and reaches her destination in three steps, usually something like : Bridge / Forest / Snowy Mountain.
    Well, in retelling this to my own little Imperial Majesties, one of them suggested (in her infinite 5-year old way) a Dora / SG1 Cross over ; “How about Dora goes thru the Stargate?” to which we were treated to : a week long chorus of :
    “SGC / Wormhole / Distant Planet!!”
    …in that Dora kinda way.
    Those with small people in their lives will understand. But hey, more cross overs I say!


    PS On the party front, you gotta have a bouncy castle!

  37. You are clearly the best person to have on the “imaginings” committee. You know how to throw a good party.

    Although the clowns could be funny….

  38. “Yes again. The fact that a church built upon the writings of a hack SF writer could rise to such prominence and power truly boggled the mind. Wildly imaginative stuff.”

    Ooh, bitchy girlfriend 😉

  39. PS thx for the great pix. Another “hot space chick” to kick Sheppard’s ass. Or perhaps Rodney will get some of that action this time? 😉

  40. no mail bag today, bugger bugger bugger.
    i’m sleepy, i’ll read the post all through tomorrow.
    save me typing, could you go back to yesterday and pick a wraith question to answer, any wraith question. please, please, please. And there’s the proof i’m tired. sleep now.

  41. “Answer: I’m going to have to go back and re-read the last couple of chapters. I was up until 2:00 a.m. finishing the book the first time round because I just couldn’t set it aside. The loophole was orchestrated by the Church. If so, then I withdraw that particular criticism.”

    I could be wrong on that, but I thought that those who designed the program/loophole worked for the company which the Church owned (or were at least followers) – I’ll have to double-check that myself when I get in from work.

    I also agree with others who said that, surprisingly, the secondary characters of the book were a lot more engaging than I was expecting; Takk would be an interesting person to follow should a sequel be made as he could introduce us to a whole other culture and set of crazy rules/regulations.

    What I’d like to see, actually, is further exploration into the AI creation/the ruling of the Nidu as seen by Brian. Seeing how he copes ‘being’ a computer would be interesting, both for its originality and any deeper meaning.

    On a completely different, nonsensical note: If Sci-Fi have told Jason he has to keep the dreads, does that mean they also have a similar restriction on jflans’ hair? Because no wig would be able to emulate that, surely. (Seriously, how *does* it do that?!)

  42. Hi Joe

    Hope the party planning works out — I don’t know what’s worse, a venue that’s too small or running out of food — not to mention adult beverages!

    I have a quick question on screen credit. We’ve been re-watching SG-1 and I noticed that some of the guest actors are credited in the opening sequence and some are credited at the end. Does this have to do with size of their part in that episode, number of lines, contract, etc.? Also, sometimes the voice over credits (Asgard for instance) are listed at the end, and some are not.


  43. Wonderful as Sharon is, her Gate Tech character gets a name after a mere season? What about poor neglected Chuck?! It took him three seasons so get a first name and he is still woefully surname-less! And he’s so lovely too? How can you be so heartless as to wantonly hand out names while poor Chuck is left wanting?! Oh, the humanity!! 😀

  44. Pilgrim writes: “ Perhaps I’m missing something, maybe I’m just not smart enough to “get it”…”

    Answer: Intelligence has nothing to do with it. It all comes down to personal taste. Hey, there have been a number of book of the month club selections I didn’t particularly enjoy either.

    Thank you commenting on my post and being kind. I’ve suffered a lot of health problems and as a result didn’t have much in the way of a formal education past the age of fourteen, a fact that has left me feeling very vulnerable and anxious when it comes to voicing my opinions.

    With this particular book it bothers me because you, and others, have had such a strong reaction to it and I can’t understand why. If I had absolutely hated it I think I’d be more content in my opinion but my over all reaction to it was that it was a fun read but nothing special – which leaves me feeling as though I’m missing something that others are seeing.

    Well, I am enjoying reading everyone’s thoughts anyway. I was, unfortunately, unable to get hold of a copy of Crawlers but I look forward to reading next months selections.

  45. Dear Joe,
    1) In Kindred 2, Ronon squirts some liquid from a syringe that Michael used on Teyla. Did Atlantis check out what that substance might be off camera and will we know more about it in S5?
    2)Besides in, The Queen(RL) and The Seed(JS), are any of the main characters going to be in prosthetics make-up?

    Also, did you get a chance to see Iron Man and Prince Caspian? Both were excellent, but Iron Man is the best Marvel movie by far. IMO. Thanks.

  46. Remember, nothing says a party like PARTY RINGS. If i go to a party and theres no party rings people start asking questions…

  47. Hey you, just a question not relating to anything Stargate 😛
    I’m coming to Vancouver in June for six weeks… wondered if you could tell me A) what the weather SHOULD be like and B) anywhere I must visit?

    Bearing in mind, I’m from Scotland so anything above 5 degrees C is relatively warm for me 😉

  48. Love your ideas, but really, it doesn’t hurt to have someone speak while intoxicated it adds a lot of humor to the event (I am someone who loves humor).

    I agree dancing can be damaging to some, but on the other hand, very humorous to the viewer therefore adding entertainment value.

    Food fake outs! The people setting that up should have been punished. That is just not right.

    I am sure you will be a great addition to the planning of the special event.

    Linda Gagne

  49. Parties. Oh my yes.

    1. I disagree with number four. Any speaker should be liberally lubricated with X-Rated Vodka martinis. The more the merrier, so to, ah, speak.

    2. Clowns and ponies? In the VIP lounge with the nekkid twister and Sister Formidonis, The Leather Nun.

    3. Bouncy castles? Only with barf bags and a Manolo shoe rack. Death by bouncy stilettos should not be on the menu.

    4. Food. Hot, brown, and lots of it. People won’t be talking about the food unless it runs out.

    5. And seriously, fire spinners! Do get some fire dancers and stilters for a dramatic performance at the beginning of the evening, colorful and exotic. Vancouver has a number of excellent fire troupes.

  50. Great reading as usual. You crack me up!

    Great recommendations for the party. However, you should rethink the speeches while intoxicated. That can be quite humorous and adds entertainment value for some (I just love to laugh). Same for the dancing, it depends on which side you are on. If you are the viewer, it can be extremely entertaining whether it is a great laugh or an admiring stare.

    At any rate, you are a great addition to the party planning as I am sure you will make sure everything is just right.

    Linda Gagne

  51. Oh, you mean Sharon’s plays two different characters? I thought maybe the gate technician was a replicator 😛

    lol, is Chuck jealous that she gets a last name and he doesn’t? I do look forward to seeing Amelia again 🙂 I like the nerdy girls… it’d be cool to see Novak or Coleman again, even if just for a quick cameo 🙂 yeah yeah it’s not really realistic having so many girls in technical fields (I think of the 40 who graduated the semester I did in CompSci/CompEng/ElecEng, there were only 4 of us girls…) but still, it’s fun to see the techy/science girls on the show 😀

    (I know a lot of people have been complaining about the all-girl-team in whispers, but I don’t really care, though I don’t really know how realistic it is since I’m in computer science, not the military, but hey, the leader gets to pick her team, right, if Vega wants an all girl team, more power to her!)

  52. Hey Joe,

    I only about 2/3 through Android’s Dream but I wanted to get some comments in before you forward them to Mr. Scalzi.

    I am really enjoying the fast-paced storytelling. As I guess others have mentioned (I haven’t read all the comments yet to avoid spoiling myself), I really loved the concept of Brian as an AI. There is so much potential in this arc, especially given the fact that Harry and Brian were best friends and their history in Pajmhi. I was chuckling out loud through the whole farting diplomatic incident that started everything off. And I really appreciated the wry humour:

    “Tell me a joke,” Creek said.
    “Two guys walk into a bar,” the agent said. “A third guy says, ‘Wow, that must have hurt.'”
    “Yup, it’s you,” Creek said.

    However, I have to say that a couple of things have seemed a bit farfetched to me. For example, the fact that a hybrid sheep/human could be viable let alone bear a viable offspring that appears fully human (It seems a bit contrived – as if perhaps Mr. Scalzi came up with a great story idea revolving around the search for a human with sheep DNA, then had to think of an explanation for how such a person would come to exist.) I was also a bit skeptical that Archie would be able to track Harry and Robin’s movements on the Metro by following the fluctuations in power boosts – given the en masse movements of people on and off the train, it would be near impossible to distinguish the embarkment/disembarkment of 2 individuals. Let alone the inefficiency of such a system in the first place – it would make alot more sense for the power to be adjusted after all the people were done getting on/off, before the train started moving, rather than in real time. It might have made more sense to have Archie hack into the Metro video system to find them, especially as this is mentioned by Brian later on (p204).

    Nevertheless, I am fully hooked and trying to finish off the book in the next day or so before Mr. Scalzi does his guest blog. Old Man’s War is on my shelf and next on the To Read list.

    A question for Mr. Scalzi: is the literary reference to the Android’s Dream breed (see p44) “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” by Philip K. Dick? Or is that just a coincidence? Bladerunner is one of my all-time favourite movies.


  53. When are you guys going to fix the German flag patches on the uniforms of the expedition members from Germany. At least the upside down ones. The flag is supposed to be black, red, yellow. Sorry German heritage, sot things like that bother me. Tell David Nykl I think Zelenka(sp?) is a cutie.

  54. I meant to write this last night but allergies beat me down and I accidentally (yes, accidentally!) fell asleep at 6 o’clock. (I know! So early!) Even know, I’m writing this through that slept-too-much haze. Hopefully nothing comes out too convoluted!

    My thoughts on The Android’s Dream (in mostly list form):

    Before the list, let me just say that I loved this book. I’m not much for reading sci fi unless it’s specifically recommended, so thanks for selecting it, Joe! TAD was nothing like I was expecting (no androids!) and, yet, so much better than anything I thought it might be. It was complex, funny, well-paced, and tightly-woven, and still accessible to the average reader. I’d have to classify it as “brilliant” and hope Mr. Scalzi doesn’t mind.

    1) I was initially kind of conflicted by the opening scene. It was rather perverse, but so original and, after I got over my initial reaction, so amusing that I had to keep reading. If a book doesn’t grab me by page 50, I tend to put it down. This book had me, hook, line and sinker, halfway through the first chapter.

    2) It’s been some time since I read a book so fantastic, that I simply had to keep reading. This was one of those books. Sometimes during lunch at work I read; other times people chat the entire hour. The lunch when I was almost done, and wild to finish the book, everyone wanted to chat! It was torture! I just wanted to know what happened to Robin and Earth (and everyone else)!

    3) I loved all the different storylines and how they wove together so expertly. Usually in books with multiple storylines, there will be at least one that bores me to tears. In this case, I was interested in everything that was happening and couldn’t wait to see what part each character had to play in the grand scheme of things.

    4) The idea of the Church of the Evolved Lamb was ingenius. I couldn’t help but compare it to another church in today’s culture, of course, but this one was utilized exceedingly well throughout the book. The idea of a church actively working to fulfill, even engineer, prophecies instead of letting them happen naturally, was intriguing. (Also, I have to agree with Stace in her view of the church creating that loophole in the ceremony. That was my understanding of events, so I didn’t find the ceremony convenient or rushed.)

    5) The vending machine wire was wonderful. Evil, sadistic, and completely amusing. Poor Archie! (On that note, I was particularly attached to Archie and was crushed when Takk ate him. I knew it was coming, but I still couldn’t help but feel sorrow at that turn of events. The one (somewhat) healthy and stable relationship in the book, destroyed!)

    6) TAD was hilarious. Like I said, I’m a sci fi novice, and I would never have equated hilarity with reading a science fiction novel. I was happy to be proved wrong. (In this instance, at least!) Scalzi did a fantastic job giving each of his characters a sense of humor – a personality, really. There was so much banter, snark and dry wit in this book to keep me grinning and entertained. Nicely done!

    7) As far as characters go I was particularly attached to several of them. Archie (as previously noted), Takk (even though he ate Archie), Ben Javna (who just seemed like a good guy), Harry (despite how little I still felt I knew about him by the end of the book, besides his loyalty and ability to get out of tight situations), and Robin (who was scattered enough to be amusing without being annoying, and actually reacted to the horrible situation she found herself in). Scalzi seems to have a knack for crafting characters, both good and bad, a reader can quickly become emotionally invested in. I wanted the good guys to succeed but, at the same time, I wanted to see more of the bad guys (some of whom were so vicious that if they weren’t also kind of great, big dunces, would have been terrifying).

    8) I think my favorite character would have to be Brian Javna. I was yet another reader who found Harry’s replication of his dead best friend touching. The reunion of the brothers at the end was sweet (even if we mostly saw it from afar). But what I particularly loved about Brian was that, despite now being an AI, he still kept all of the characteristics that seemed to define him as a person. Despite the insane amount of knowledge he had as an AI, Brian was still impetuous and driven to acting before he thought. You would think that he would have moved beyond that, and I think Scalzi humanzed Brian even more by allowing him to keep these wholly human characteristics.

    Okay, I feel like I’ve hijacked your blog, Joe! I apologize. I suppose I just wanted to share my thoughts with people who have actually read the book, instead of on my own blog, where I would have to try not to spoil the ending. Thanks again for picking such a fantastic example of sci fi literature for the BOTM. I heartily enjoyed reading it. (So much so, that I just checked out Old Man’s War!)

    A few questions for Mr. Scalzi, and then I’ll close:

    1) Where in the world did the idea for the vending machine wire come from? That was unbelievably clever (and sadistic). I will never look at white chocolate M&M’s in quite the same way. (I did always suspect that there was something slightly sinister about white chocolate. Perhaps this is why?)

    2) The complexity of this book is astonishing. It seemed like every minute detail mattered to the ultimate conclusion. Did you have everything worked out before you began writing, or did you have to go back through and add the small details in the story to make it all come together?

    3) I have read many a book with multiple points of view that was derailed by that very fact. This book was not one of them. How did you manage to create so many storylines and so many characters, yet still manage to keep everything coherent, interesting, and important?

    4) Was the entire story crafted in outline form before you started writing, or did some things click into place as you went?

    5) Do you generally find that humor and science fiction novels can mix well, or is your own personality such that you need to add a level of humor and snark to your writing?

  55. LOL Well whatever ya’ll do for the 100th ep bash, we “humbly implore” you to post pics. 😉 Let the fun begin!

    Well if someone does get soused before speaking, just have the proverbial lampshade handy. 😉

    Thanks for the pics. 🙂 I’ve really liked how some of the secondary characters have been “fleshed out” a little more, like Lorne, as well as the primary characters. Cool on a new gate tech, although I also hope Chuck sticks around… 🙂

    Have a great day!

  56. So I just noticed that there is a random shaded smiley face where there should have been a number eight. The smilies! They have ruined my numbering system!


  57. Will Scalzi be posting any more hilarious videos on youtube? They kicked ass!

    What is his opinions on the book ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’ Was that a big influence for him?

    Where in the name of all that is holy did the first chapter come from? There’s a thin line between genius and insanity and he’s treading close to it and I LOVE IT!

    Hey, he should do a video of the first chapter using toy figures!!! Ha!

  58. Joe wrote: Elated, I pushed my way through, grab a glass, shovel a spoonful of the cool, creamy dessert into my mouth – only to discover it isn’t ice cream at all. It’s mashed potatoes!

    My aunt was one of the first party planners I knew who did that at an affair. It was a novel idea, complete with “toppings” of fried onions and gravy and mushrooms and stuff (and I was forwarned), but I would have prefered the ice-cream, too.

    Is Daniel going to die by the end of the SGA two-parter? It’s been so long since he’s died, Joe. I think all the fans miss it.

    Have you read CS Lewis’ Screwtape Letters? A friend sent it to me as a gift and I’m finding it quite interesting.

  59. Love the pic of Zelenka. : )

    Just because SHORELEAVE doesn’t have the budget for up to attend doesn’t mean you can’t come anyways. Maybe if you ask David Hewlett nicely he will let you share his hotel room. ; )

    You can relax, attend some panels and spend the weekend hanging out with your fans. : )

    If not, I hope you will consider attending an East Coast con next summer.

  60. im with Sulien-whats the green shirt designate? and are those new, jackets(again)? the jacket looks lighter and more windbreaker-ish
    and are we back to the majority of the front being predominantly the color designation, compared to the s4 jackets that just had stripes by the collarbone?
    btw the blog is awesome

  61. I was so excited to get on the discusion band wagon I think I missed it… LOL ah well!

    I loved the The Andorid’s Dream. The first line has been mentioned a buch of times from everyone but I loved it, my kind of humor.

    My fav character was Brian he was well written and I found him to be interesting.

    I can’t think of somthing to say that hasn’t already been said.

    The vending machine / info gather was genius and was interesting to see it being used to torture the poor guy…

    Have to say the visual of Takk consuming then regurgetating Frank (name could be wrong I forgot to bring book with me to work) was really vivid in my mind and have to say I got a bit sick to my stomache.

    I LOVED the book there hasn’t been a book yet I haven’t liked.

  62. “ The contrived parts of the plot felt very contrived because of that and were almost cringe inspiring.”

    Answer: To which parts are you referring?

    I found much of the details of the coronation ceremony too precisely convenient and got that feeling right from the beginning and just got stronger as the book went on and was the worst at the end with the huge loophole for Robin to take power. It just felt far too much as though the coronation ceremony had been written to match the storyline rather than the Nidu, which I know it had, but within such an otherwise well thought up book it felt like it could have been done better. I also thought that the cruise happening to be just the right veteran memorial cruise was too convenient as well and I just couldn’t suspend my disbelief long enough to believe that a human sheep cross could have little enough sheep DNA to be viable, but have enough to be counted as enough of a sheep for the Nidu, they seem like such sticklers for details otherwise.

  63. This is my first attempt at commenting on one of the BOTM (long time lurker) so here goes.

    The Android’s Dream

    It’s not every day that you read a book that can start with a fart joke and turns it into a fast paced and exciting story.
    The inventive use of technology throughout the book was great – from the creation of Brian (my favourite character) to using eye drops and a vending machine to upload information.
    I loved the humour all through the story and sarcasm as well. Especially when Fixer is helping to get Harry and Robin off the planet. He uses high tech tabs on Harry’s face to tighten the muscles and alter his appearance but gives Robin a pair of scissors and some hair dye.
    The only tiny problem I had was that Robin seemed to accept that her mother was a genetically engineered sheep and the situation she was in a bit too quickly and easily.
    I’d never heard of John Scalzi before (sorry) but I really loved this book and now I’m definitely buying Old Man’s War.

  64. Lorne’s first name is Evan. It’s on his name patch, forgot which ep.
    Chuck has no last name, he’s like Oprah, doesn’t need one

  65. I don’t have any brilliant observations or anything, I just wanted to say that I really really really loved “Android’s Dream”, especially everything about it.

  66. Hey Suse. Each to their own.

    I’ve had numerous PDA’s. Many in the bottom draw if anyone needs one. Trying to read on those – kills your eyes after already having looked at a computer screen for 12 hours. Where’s the fun in feeling like you are just on another computer?

    Can’t recharge it? Why would they sell something you can’t recharge? Hence why you can recharge it. And for me a big yay it’s the same charger as my BlackBerry. One charger packed for trips.

    Not being backlit is the beauty of the reading technology. My PDA on a long flight would need to be re-charged. The Reader won’t.

    By the way, the size of it fits in a small shoulder bag. It’s 11cm x 16.5cm x less than 1cm thick. Worry about carrying your PDA in your handbag and losing it? What’s the difference?

    But you said you already download e-books for your PDA so what is the issue with it being a Reader instead.

    Anyway, I’m loving it. Already finished one BOTM which I would normally have never even got around to. So when it comes to the reason I purchased it, I still give it a huge thumbs up.

    Loving the time out it gives me. And it’s nice to be able to leave the phone in the car so I don’t get disturbed for a few minutes.

  67. Hi Mr. Mallozzi,

    I’ve already got a few stacks of books I have to work through for the year, but I did enjoy “Timescape” so today I finally managed to pick up a copy of “Android’s Dream”. Two-thumbs up so far, but glad to know I wasn’t the only one who thought, after reading the first few lines, that this could turn into a bad joke. But Scalzi did an excellent job of incorporating that into a humorous and informative first chapter.

    And Creek is also quite an interesting character, something I find is lacking in a lot of the more modern sci-fi (and to a lesser extent fiction in general). Now I’ll have to try to make room for “Old Man’s War” next.

  68. Hi
    Gotta say, can’t wait for the new season to start and I have a question, I gotta know, I love the set design on SGA. It looks like it is very Frank Lloyd Wright infulenced. Did they Ancients have a thing for FLW? Is that what influenced the set deisngers? Also, I think it would be funny if Zalenka’s expletives were subtitled, not all the time, just every now and then. I’d love to know what he’s really saying.

  69. I was going to aska question about the green jackets, but I see that two blog-readers have beat me to it, so I won’t say anything about it. haha.

    I agreed with agree on your list! And don’t forget to choose a venue that has adequate parking. No one likes to park across the street (or the street next to the one across the street), especially if that means walking from the car to the venue in heels.

  70. Late, that’s me. With regard to “Android’s Dream,” I’m afraid after the first few pages, I couldn’t bear to go on. I think you used the word “sophomoric” to describe how someone might initially describe the book’s opening. Or maybe that was in my head. I didn’t like the opening scene and my brain shut down at the level of silliness. When it comes to books, if I am not grabbed immediately, or if the writing style isn’t gripping enough to keep me curious, I put the book aside.

    So I’m afraid with my lukewarm feelings about “Old Man’s War” and the weak opening of “Android’s Dream,” I didn’t read the whole book.

    For me, Scalzi is a bit of a throwback to Robert Heinlein. Reading Heinlein, among others, drew me into SF literature, so being a throwback to him isn’t a bad thing, especially since Scalzi gives it his own personality.

    Now that I’ve read the reactions of a few, and you continue to be a big booster for him (and you seem to have a good sense of books), I think I might have given up too soon and I’ll give it another go.

  71. Okay: Android’s Dream comments;

    First of all, thank you thank you thank you for recommending this book! It was the first and one of the best of my summer reading list, and it was so lighthearted and spectacular that it was absolutely perfect reading.
    You may get some negative reviews… but not from me. I adored the entire story from the beginning to the end. I loved how Scalzi uses several types of humor from witty to the more blatant and how all of them work so well.

    Huge kudos on the Church of the Evolved Lamb. (and the nod to “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”)

    My question is; how in the world do you come up with this stuff? Did it just strike you like a bolt from the blue, or was it kind of triggered by something? Was it a “wouldn’t it be cool if…?” kind of thing? And did you have to try hard to make it as interesting as it was?

  72. hi, joe,

    i watched a movie with tim guinee (tomin) the other day and was reminded of what a great actor he is. i’m curious, how did tim get the part of tomin? did he even have to audition, or did you guys see some of his work and saw what an awesome actor he was?

    sally =)

  73. Your blog headlines are wreaking havoc on my internet surfing!

    I’m a semi-regular reader of your blog. I’m a big SGA fan and since I’ve been peeking at your blog I also find myself becoming a fan of funny little dogs and of out of the ordinary food.

    So what’s my problem? I was happy to check out your blog about a couple of times a week when I had a minute to do some surfing around but since you’ve been using these Weekly World News headlines – I simply cannot resist taking a peek every day! I know very well that I’m not going to be reading about wealth-inheriting, crack-whore-loving dogs – I don’t ever want to read about wealth-inheriting crack-whore-loving dogs…but I just cannot help but take a read – Argh!

    My conclusion: you’re obviously evil (also, clowns!?! you must be the anti-christ) AND I may have to join your book-club. Blast you.

    ps Katana is just lovely! Can’t wait to see her on the show.

  74. Ooops – that was coke AND whores…not crack-whores. Hmmm, I shoudn’t be so stereotypical of whores. My apologies.

  75. Nice pics, great party list. 🙂

    I hope the 100th episode party for Atlantis will be filmed – it would make a great addition to the Season 5 DVD Boxset! 😀

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