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Carl enjoys a post-four episode screening breather 

This is your chance to take home a piece of Stargate Atlantis history! And by take home I mean buy. And by Stargate Atlantis I mean Jason Momoa. And by history I mean the couch set he’s selling. “Hey, Mallozzi!”he called as I was making my way across the lot. “Get a couple of shots of this for your blog!” I was, of course, more than happy to oblige. And by happy I mean not at all inclined to having the six foot four bruiser annoyed with me. And by oblige I mean snap pics of him in various manner of recline and, in one memorable instant, doing his best Tom Cruise imitation.

Speaking of Jason, the dreaded one gives what is by far his best performance of the series in season five’s Broken Ties. It’s an episode he is extremely proud of, and justifiably so. We watched the Day One mix the other day and were very, very impressed – not only with Jason’s tour-de-force, but with Joel Goldsmith’s terrific score.

Another praiseworthy performance comes compliments of Rachel Luttrell in The Queen. A really nice range of emotions for Teyla in an episode chock full o’ crosses, double-crosses, and an atypically ruthless turn for the new mom. Throw in Todd, an intriguing proposal, and that creepy new-look wraith and you’ve got one of the best episodes of the front half.

Along with Tracker, of course. We screened Will’s director’s cut this morning and, boy, this one is a lot of fun. McKay and Ronon team up, Keller kicks ass, and guest star Mike Dopud squares off with Jason in a particularly memorable throw-down.

Well, after receiving some thoughts from the other writers, I’m off and running on Remnants. I hit the 12-page mark today and hope to make some progress this weekend – at least until I hit the top of the third act where one of those blasted TBD place-holder beats awaits. Nevertheless, I hope to have a first draft done before we head off for hiatus (in two weeks) which would allow me to spend my July researching alternate SF sources and focusing on other pursuits. And by researching alternate SF sources I mean read more books.

And by other pursuits I mean sleeping in.

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to birthday boy Blaine Nielsen.

Today’s pics: Everything must go!  And by everything, I mean these couches.  Also, Carl enjoys a post-four episode screening breather.


McWraith writes: “Is Chuck still around?”

Answer: Yep.

Shawna writes: “Black belt gate tech, eh? I would love to see that come into play at some point.”

Answer: Oh, it will.

Belcouchi writes: “1. What happened to the Camulus Zpm? Did you guys ever creating a cool atlantis story arc revolving around it?
2. Will there be new wraith ships or ship designs in season 5?
3. Will we get to find a little more about the Wraith – Ancients war that occured 10000 years ago?”

Answers: 1. We have no plans to do a Camulus story in Atlantis. 2. Several new ship designs upcoming. 3. Perhaps.

AscendedTauri writes: “Is Amelia Banks the lady we saw have some screen time in “Quarantine” talking with Radek, Sheppard, and Carter?”

Answer: Yep.

Gater101 writes: “I’m coming to Vancouver in June for six weeks… wondered if you could tell me A) what the weather SHOULD be like and B) anywhere I must visit?”

Answers: A) It should be nice. B) You’re asking the wrong guy. I’m a homebody. But I hear Stanley Park is very nice.

MRSB108 writes: “In Season Five, will any of the crew be manipulated or involuntarily used as a tool for evil?”

Answer: Depends on what you mean by “evil”. Broken Ties would be an episode I’d suggest checking out.

Pl writes: “Just curious – have you ever read any of CS Lewis’ space trilogy?”

Answer: I read Perelandra ages ago.

LB writes: “Is there a chance that you will be writing another poem any time soon?”

Answer: Nope.

Jenn writes: “In S4 we got to see some lovely vulnerable and emotional moments for Shep (i.e. Adrift/Lifeline, Outcast), will we get to see some vulnerable Shep moments in S5 as well?”

Answer: Yes.

100 thoughts on “May 28, 2008: Major Retailer Recalls Combustible Underpants!

  1. ooooh pictures!!!

    my favorite is the Tom Cruise impersonation… very excellent photography!!!

    How much is he asking for it??? Although the price of transporting it to Cleveland will probably be more than the cost of the furniture!!!

  2. Awesome Jason pictures. He really wants to sell that couch. Plus I’m looking forward to the return of the increasingly complex Todd. It will be interesting to see where you guys are taking that character in Season 5. Good to see a great anti-hero is still around (other than Ronon).

  3. Oh. My. My, my, my. I have to go take a cold shower now.

    thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou for the pic-a-luscious pics.

    I am jealous of the upholstery.

  4. Hey Joe. My laptop STILL has a virus (see comment 2 days ago), but I am happy to say that it will be getting fixed on Monday.

    My question today is the same as a few days ago, although it wasn’t answered due to no mailbag.

    Q: In your opinion would you say it is easier to write a script or novel?

  5. Thanks for the pics of Jason but personally I wouldn’t buy a couch that’s had a big man jumping on it 🙂

    Glad to hear Chuck is still around.

  6. “Keller kicks ass”. I can’t even begin to imagine that. Are you referring to Jennifer Keller or perhaps her much older, much wiser and much braver sister — or maybe her mother?

    Will Keller’s 15 episodes be similar to Carter’s — barely there for the most part? Will there be changes in the way Keller is portrayed? Older, wiser, showing some compassion and concern for her patients, less wound up in her own problems? I still can’t help but wish it were Keller with 5 episodes and Carson with 15. You’ve got it backwards.

    I’m glad to see Teyla will have some good moments in The Queen. Will there be any other episodes where she gets to shine? Maybe some that don’t pertain to the Wraith?

  7. Those episodes sound good! Though hopefully the “Keller kicks ass” part won’t be TOO kick-ass. I still have memories of Hoshi Sato of Star Trek Enterprise, an “unsure of herself” girl not unlike Keller, who suddenly revealed in one episode in the 4th season that she had a black belt that, really, could’ve come in handy earlier in the series had the writers thought that far ahead. But, I trust you guys to make it AWESOME and not contrived like with Hoshi.

    Anyways, here’s a question: What does the “TBD” you mentioned with regards to “Remnants” stand for?

    Moving onward with the marathon…

    Window of Opportunity: Woooooo!!! Oh yeah, that’s right, one of the best out there and written by Joe himself (along with Paul Mullie). I was looking forward to this, and it did not disappoint. The humor was just out of this world, and you couldn’t have picked 2 better people to be the ones who remembered everything every time it looped. I was laughing my ass off every time that music started playing and Jack started going haywire because he’s frustrated.

    “Lose it? It means go crazy…nuts…insane…bonzo…no longer in possession of one’s faculties…three fries short of a Happy Meal…WACKO!!!!!!”

    Classic. Still, for all its humor, I did get a tad misty eyed when Jack shouted at Malakai about his son. The fact that Cold Lazarus is still clear in my mind made that scene very powerful. Well done guys.

    Watergate: Creepy stuff. It’s a setup episode pretty much, and I found the developing mystery of just what happened at the Russian facility to be intriguing, and I loved how it connected the events of Nemesis/Small Victories together with the Russian side of things. I did not like the vomiting though, but that’s just me and I have a major problem with that stuff. Very entertaining episodes with great CGI effects.

    The First One: It was an alright episode. The small moments between Daniel and Chaka, when there is realization of the intentions, was very well done. I loved seeing Chaka act surprised, like when Danny fished the bullet out of his hand. The ending was nice too, with an understanding reached between Chaka and Danny. The scenes with O’Neill and the others were kinda slow, however. Overall, a nice episode, though nothing spectacular.

  8. Are there any city specific episodes this season? I’ve enjoyed those in past seasons.

  9. Hold up just a second, Joe. Is that the furniture from Rodney’s apartment? Because if it is, it holds special significance for legions of Hewlett fangirls. You could totally finance the 100th episode party with the proceeds from selling that couch and chair on eBay. No lie.

    Also? You are made entirely of awesome for sharing those pics of Jason. 🙂

  10. Hey. Thanks for answering my question. It made me chuckle to see you hadn’t mentioned Bridge Studios, all things considered 😛

    I heard Stanley Park was nice too. I’ll need to trek through your blog and find some good places to eat; you do eat out a lot, it seems 🙂

  11. Hi, Joe.

    Thank you for the updates and the lovely photos of those leather couches. Woo-hoo! And oh, yeah, the lovely Carl Binder. And Jason is pleasant to look at as well… 🙂

    Joe, I’ve been battling California’s MediCal and my medical equipment supplier, Apria, all day. Apria came out and took back their supplemental oxygen equipment today because MediCal hasn’t paid for the oxygen since January.

    I talked with 15 different people alone today in both MediCal, Apria, my doctor’s office, and local government. Not only does the left hand not know what the right hand is doing, but the individual fingers on each hand doesn’t know what their neighbor finger is up to…or what they know, and when they did or didn’t know it! ARGH!

    Tomorrow, I have some more people to call. That is…if I don’t stop breathing during the night. Ahem.

    So, I think I’ve found a foe worthy of the Goa’uld and/or the Wraith. (Gasp, even worthy of the IRS!)

    Typing now with slightly blue fingers, I wish you all the very best.


  12. pg15 Says:

    Anyways, here’s a question: What does the “TBD” you mentioned with regards to “Remnants” stand for?

    I’d guess “To Be Determined”, which is kind of like the dreaded “To Be Continued” that usually falls when there is going to be a loooooong break before the next part appears.

  13. Hmm, no room for the sofa, but that chair and footstool are doable…and I have time to ro…make a withdrawal from a bank or two if I act quickly. Great shots that really made my day. With the bonus that you remain on the good side of the very agile bruiser. Thanks for laughs and here’s hoping Remnants moves along quickly enough for you to indulge yourself during the hiatus.

  14. Wow! The new season sounds great,(and aside from one character who I won’t mention cause I’m so happy), I am so looking forward to Season 5!
    And the pictures of Jason are fun, he can jump on my couch anytime!

  15. Hey Joe!

    Oooh, nice sofa and ottoman…I just hope Jason didn’t break the ottoman judging by those pictures. Also, judging by the way he’s relaxing in them in the photos, I bet he is going to miss his seats, but hey, I’m sure he has an amazing taste in furniture. 😀

    Nonetheless, the sofa and ottoman look great! If I lived in the area and needed some furniture, I would be giving Jason a call.

    I’m glad to hear that you are all making excellent progress and that the actors/actresses are doing well! Continue with the good work, and remember, tempus fugit. Before you know it, the production of Remnants will be…..well…..a remnant of memory. 😛

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  16. I had combustible underpants once.

    I blamed it on the chili… 😳

    Uh, about this part: “Throw in Todd…”

    One does not just ‘throw in Todd’ – one must stir him in gradually and not too soon, blending him gently with the other flavors until his essence permeates the entire dish. Ah, yes…Todd is the spice of Atlantis…

    Speaking of which…

    How many episodes is Todd scheduled for so far? Before you said three, but has that changed? It sounds like you’re keeping Michael around (if he survives the season premiere), and he’s not really Wraith anymore – so certainly there must be room for more Todd.

    (Yeah, S4 really spoiled us Toddaholics)


  17. Hi Joe

    I’ve got to say I love your totally absurd headlines. They are very entertaining.. You have read so many books over the last year and I was wondering of them all what would you say were your top three?


    Take Care


  18. Aw, when I saw the pictures I was gonna make a Tom Cruise joke, then I read the first paragraph and saw you beat me to it. If only there were more jumping-on-couches jokes to mine.

    Answer: Oh, it will.

    Good to hear. Looking forward to it.

    Answer: I read Perelandra ages ago.

    Then I think you read the middle one. Try starting with Out of the Silent Planet. Probably makes more sense if you start at the beginning, and those books are strange enough as it is. I read the first two books years ago. I really must give the trilogy another read.

    This has probably been asked before and I just can’t remember, but is anything in season 5 going to touch on the ability of the wraith to give people back life, as we saw Todd do to Sheppard in Common Ground? I thought that was such a great development with a lot of interesting potential, but it really hasn’t gone anywhere.

  19. I still can’t help but wish it were Keller with 5 episodes and Carson with 15. You’ve got it backwards.

    You and a lot of other people feel the same way. Keller is irritating at best and the less we see, the better.

    As for the big “reveal” of her hidden “abilities”, it can’t be martial arts, as she would have used it in the past instead of whining, fretting, and yelling for help. Plus, martial arts practitioners tend to be in shape, and Keller is big on stating how out of shape she is in. Sheesh, this loser gets out of breath faster than McKay!

    Less Keller. More Teyla and Carson. That’s the ticket.

  20. reading & sleeping are your hiatus plans, huh? sounds like my flatmate (but she also plans gardening) – her show goes into hiatus for two weeks starting this Friday, and she is so excited at the idea of being able to do the things she doesn’t have the time or energy for at the moment.

    received the following spam at work today, and thought I’d share it with you as it made me laugh:

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    From: john54@wappi.com [mailto:john54@wappi.com]
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    mmmmmmmmm, crud oil!

  21. Think I have the matching chair and ottoman in my den. Enjoyed the pics. All work and no play makes Jason a dull boy. Seriously interested in your BOTM reading selections…just read an excerpt from Crawlers. That shit (are curse words allowed?) is whacked. I’m going to have to read that one while on vacation next month. Will try to catch one of your picks for the discussions but I have book pressure from all directions.

  22. Awesome Jason pictures! They’ve already been posted on his fansite message board under the topic title of “Joe Mallozzi is a GOD!”

    Do you know how much he’s asking for them? They look super comfy!

  23. Your new season sounds like it’s shaping up wonderfully. Can’t wait to start seeing the results.

    Now you’re helping coworkers sell their furniture? Starting “JoesList” to compete with CraigsList? 🙂

    And, sorry to nag, but I’m still worried about Max and your other puppies. Hope they’re ok. Please let us know.

  24. Must see in Vancouver: La Casa Gelato (where else can you get wasabi ice cream?), go to the top of Grouse Mountain (hike if you are so inclined or take the gondola if you’re not)

  25. Oh, and another question, if you don’t mind: are there going to be some good Carson/Teyla moments this year?

  26. Gater101: Here are some must-see places in Vancouver.

    1. Stanley Park (Just as Mr. Mallozzi mentioned). Vancouver Aquarium.
    2. Granville Island Market.
    3. Tramway up to Grouse Mountain (or Grouse Grind).
    4. Capilano Suspension Bridge (or Lynn Canyon – no $).
    4. Shop at Gastown.
    5. Walk on Robson and Denman Street (English Bay).
    6. Steveston Harbour to eat Fish and Chips.
    7. Vancouver Art Gallery.
    8. Science World (Do you have kids?)
    9. Dr. Sun Yat Set Gardens.
    10. UBC (Museum of Anthropology and Nude Beach!)

    See you around maybe 😉

  27. Sorry…..I meant the starting bid on the couches, not Jason…..though he’d make a fine addition to any living room.

  28. “The Queen” is sounding cooler and cooler for Teyla, I’m glad we’re going to get a large range of emotions from her!

    I’ve been looking forward to “Broken Ties” for Ronon ever since I heard that it was going to be tense and an emotional roller coaster ride for him.

    And I have no doubt “The Shrine” is going to be an amazing episode for Rodney based on spoilers in terms of emotion.

    In your opinion which episode for Sheppard is going to be his character driven magnus opus?

  29. Wow!!!…Great pics! Jason looks hilarious jumping on the chair….

  30. Is Mike Dopud playing Kiryk? I’ve enjoyed watching him in his other Stargate appearances. 🙂

  31. Thanks, Jason does take a wonderful picture!! and a great performer also, looks like he took his shoes off for the oprah moment. I can’t wait to see Keller kick ass. She is due. And Teyla is very talented as well, enjoy watching the team get in to all sorts of adventures, thanks for giving us the show to watch. looking so forward to season 5.. hmmm, guess thats all for now, have a great day!!
    Oh Yeah, do you have the name of that company selling those items,uh,(not fire retardant) I might know someone who maybe bought some,,uh,,,ok,,thanks… 😳

  32. I can imagine the “To Be Determined” is probably whether or not SciFi channel decides to renew Stargate Atlantis for season 6. It looks like it’s time for all of us ‘Gate fans to start the writing campaign to contact all of the advertisers who back the show and start saying how we discovered their product through watching Stargate Atlantis and how much we love their product and the show. Oh, and let’s not forget to state that we’re a head of household and that we make all of the purchasing decisions in the family! SciFi is a lot more likely to renew our show if the advertisers are keen on backing the series with their advertising dollars.

    Joe, thanks for the pictures of Jason. I’d be tempted to buy that furniture if I didn’t already have what I need, even though Jason did jump on it (at least he took his boots off). And zoniduck is right, if that is the sofa that Rodney napped on in the episode “Home”, you guys would do very well to sell it on Ebay.

  33. Hey Joe,

    Great write-up and tidbits for Season 5. I was excited before now I cannot wait till Season 5. Thank goodness we only have to wait till July. I am really looking forward to those really dramatic scenes in “Broken Ties” and “The Queen”. Can I ask you, will there be any Carson and Teyla scenes? I loved how Kindred 2 ended with that tense moment when Carson shows up and tries to rescue Teyla. That was so well done that scene. Anyway, thanks again.



  34. Hey Joe –

    I just read on GateWorld that the SciFi Channel’s exe’s decided they didn’t want Ronon to cut his hair in the Broken Ties episode.

    What’s up with that?

    Why do they get a say on something as simple as a hair cut?

  35. “Gater101 writes: “I’m coming to Vancouver in June for six weeks… wondered if you could tell me A) what the weather SHOULD be like and B) anywhere I must visit?””

    The weather should be nice, although it could Rain as it often does. As for some places to visit, a lot of tourists like the Capilano Suspension Bridge (http://www.capbridge.com/) and Gastown seems to be popular. We have an aquarium too that you could check out if you have the time 😛

  36. Do you think atlantis will get any new ships on it’s side? Will the wraith steal any technology from the apollo?

  37. Would it be possible to arrange that Jason is sold with the couch? I think that would be a huge selling factor 🙂

  38. Hi Joe, I’ve been going back and watching old episodes from seasons 1-3 and something is bothering me. There is a lot of talk about not leaving our people behind. Does this include the dead? I only ask because in “The Defiant One” it appears they leave the two dead scientist behind. And then in “Vengeance” it appears they leave the dead Marines behind. The thing is, Marines carry their dead out. I’ve never seen it mentioned, but is it implied that they go back and get the dead? Or do they just leave the bodies where they fall? I’d like to think that they all get the same send off that Carson received.

  39. LOVE the pics! ^^
    I read at gateworld that scifi wanted Ronon’s dreads left on. Could you explain why? It doesn’t bother me at all, I just find it strange, do they think that without the dreads Ronon’s character will diminish? I mean hes still the same big, buff, surprisingly kind hearted guy we all love, not to mention the same writers. Just curious

  40. Why do I have the feeling that the couch set cost more than at least three of the cars I’ve owned?

    It’s a very nice set. I can’t have nice things in my house. We’re not nice people. 😉

    I fully support your “other pursuits” for hiatus. Well played.

  41. I am highly amused by these pictures. Very cute! A little Tom Cruise mockery might just carry me through the rest of the week!

    I can’t wait until season five starts! It sounds stellar.

    I’m still making my way through season 3 with my friend. We just finished Echoes. I think she’s starting to appreciate the banter and humor, but her favorite character still remains Ronon, who doesn’t appear on screen quite as much.

    On that note, I sent her the link to these pictures and she thought they were adorable. So, good on you, posting fun pictures!

  42. When are we going to see some official cast shots for the upcoming season? It seem like last year they were out early. Also, more Keller, not less.

  43. Poor Carl! It doesn’t look like he’s even been fed. Only the forks are left.

    I’m really looking forward to hearing more about Remnants. Is it a stand-alone? And how much time do you spend on the weekends writing?

    Also, wish me luck as I’m going to be helping to round up 4 baby skunks at work tomorrow evening, one of which wandered into our lobby last week. They’re very cute, can immediately clear clogged sinuses and will be much happier at the wildlife refuge than I am at my job.

  44. Sadly, I am still unemployed or I’d be all for the furniture. I mean… *leather* is wonderful, Big Guy jumping on it or not.

    So, I’m heavily into campaigning for more of SGA (season 6) and TORCHWOOD (series 3), at the moment, and I’m wondering: Do I contact SciFi or MGM?…both? (not for TWood, of course, I’m pestering BBC America for that).

    Still hoping for a pic of Shep/JF sometime but arigato gozaimasu for the recent Hewlett pix!!!

  45. Joe;
    1. If the extreme Shep whump episode is axed will there be sufficient whumpage for him in the other episodes of season 5 to hold us over?
    2. In a post a few months ago you mentioned that Shep, Mckay and, one other, Ronon I think, would be an equal split for infirmary time, without the Shep whump epi will that still hold true?
    3. Since Ronon has his own episode as well as Mckay, Beckett, and Teyla, will Sheppard also get his time in the sun, a Sheppardcentric epi as well?
    I’m hoping to have a healthy dose of Shep in season 5, couldn’t tell huh?, and a lot of emotional material for Joe F. to play with.
    One of the best thing’s about the Stargate franchise is the drama, excitement, and most assuredly the humor. I watched Epiphany yesterday and had forgot just how funny that it was, can’t wait for more of those. I’m also looking forward to the Rodney scenes as that man carries comedy and neurotacy to a new level. The dialog between Sheppard and Mckay is priceless and some of the best on television. I look forward to hearing them snip at one another. I love the snarky come backs and quick wit each character delivers, especially when you know they really do like each other and would die to save their friend.

    If you couldn’t tell I really really like the episodes centered around my favorite Colonel, definitely when he has meaty material to wade through, and hope I don’t have to wait until the back half of the season to watch some great Shep whumpage. Yes yes i’m sick, twisted, and deranged, but hey at least i’m not boring…
    As always thanks and have a great week, Nicole.

  46. Hmmm, that’s interesting, and by interesting I mean that’s a really crap colour couch. Dude, I can see why you might want to sell it but what are you doing with it in the first place? Now black or a dark chocolate colour would be awesome.

    Plus there’s the shipping to Australia. If Jason came as an accessory it would be worth considering the shipping.

    Anyhoo, so sorry I’ll have to decline.

    Cool pics though. You really captured the psychotic delirium in the TC impersonation. 😀

    Cheers, Chev

  47. woohoo thank you for the dedication. we did something in honor of you, we watched one of my all time favorite episode by you and Paul, the funniest and never boring “Window of Opportunity”
    thanks again

  48. Hi Joe,

    I have a question:

    We’ve heard a lot about this Shep whump ep now. A few months ago I asked you if there might possibly be some McKay whump in season 5 too (not of the “I have a splinter” kind of whump but something serious for once!), and your answer was “it’s possible”. What has become of that now that so many eps have been written (and also shot already)? Will there be some serious whump???

    Please say yes and you’d turn a really crappy week into an absolutely wonderful week!!!!! 🙂


  49. As normal first thing this morning I tuned in here and as the pictures loaded my head was filled with the sounds of fangirl squeeing and swooning, that is one really HOT piece of furniture that would look SO good in my living room, goes with the decor and everything but WTF was the big lug sprawled all over it???
    *ducks to avoid projectiles hurled whilst PMSL*

    So glad to read your muse is back in business, season 5 is beginning to look exceptional I hope it does what it says on the tin and that season 6 will be in the pipeline before you know it. I’m heading back over to wedding sites cuz I’ve got 4 weeks to make sure the plans for my daughter’s wedding work and the guy is there to hold the ladder!

    Later guys

  50. Have they still got the beluga whales at Vancouver Aquarium? I love those cute little guys…pity they sent that lovely killer whale Bjossa to San Diego & she ended up dying…*cries*

    Hey Joe – great pics (tell Jason he can come and jump on my couch ANY TIME!!)

    Oh, gotta thank you for that Joe Abercrombie blog the other day – I’ve actually got my local bookstore to order a copy in for me (I live in Australia – these things aren’t always available on call!)

    Anyways, just a quick question – do you prefer lasagna with or without beschamel sauce on it? Just curious (being Italian descent myself, but my lactose intolerance only allows me to eat NON-sauced lasagna)

    – Dana

  51. Hey! Uh, I’m moving into a five-bedroom house with some guys this upcoming weekend. Turns out, most of us are Stargate fans… that, and we’re also conveniently short on furniture. Soooooo how much is he asking for it? This is part necessity, part fandom-freakout.

  52. Love the pictures! Thank you, and thank Jason!

    You know, you really should stop writing about all the episodes. I cant take it anymore!! I want to see them all now.

  53. Thank you for the pictures of Jason! They rock!

    I really loved it when Ronon and Sheppard teamed up in “Outcast” do we get to see these two kind in thier own episode in season 5?

    What about Sheppard and Rodney? I just re-watched “The Defaint One” and would love to see these two get in trouble again together.

  54. Hi Joe,
    Cool pic’s of Jason! Sounds like season 5 is going brilliantly with great performances & guests actor! I cant wait!

    Take Care & Happiness always!


  55. Joe,

    In your personal opinion, on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being unlikely, 10 being ‘announcement on a start date due soon’ ) will there will be more SG1 movies?

  56. Thx for the great pix!!! not interested, however, unless the 6’4 slipcover comes with them. Nice to see that Sci Fi Channel’s completely ridiculous insistence has officially driven JM mad.

    Can’t wait to see the episodes mentioned, so far I’d say there aren’t any that I’m not hotly anticipating, separated only by degrees (obviously, some are hotter than others).

    Until 2 sec ago I had no idea where I was going to get that desperately needed special crud oil shipped solely in pear barrels (to preserve the fruity aroma). Thx for the tip.

  57. @ Shawna – They did expand on the ‘gift of life’ in S4 – in Travelers we learned that it felt kinda good (both Larrin and Shep agreeing on that point). But in Reunion they took the wonderful development that we saw in Common Ground, and turned it into a means of torture. When Todd said it was ‘reserved for our most devote worshippers, and our brothers’ – and taking into account the situation in which he said it – there was every indication that it was an honor to give – and receive – the ‘gift of life’. That made it very special, and gave the Wraith a code of honor, elevating them above ‘RRRAAARRRR!-I’m-gonna-eat-you’ villains.

    I guess TPTB didn’t like that so much, because Reunion took all the honor out of it by showing it used as a means of torture. Very sad. It’s as if every time we start to admire the Wraith, they do something to try to make us hate them even more. Well, that doesn’t work for me, it just irriates me when I see great potential in a character thrown away in an attempt to keep them ‘evil’. I now just expect more of that in S5 as regards the ‘gift of life’.

    I know I’m not the only one, but I don’t see the Wraith (as a whole) as evil in any way (individual Wraith, perhaps – as in any society individuals can be evil, but to label an entire race as evil just because it needs to eat is…well…hard for me to believe, and a waste of character potential). We have seen a slight turn in this in the development of Todd, but JM still refers to him as a ‘villain’, so I suspect that – eventually – Todd, too, will be turned into an evil villain who needs to be killed, just because he’s ‘Wraith’. I’d much rather see him, and an entire faction of Wraith, continue to do ‘good’ – as far as it is possible for Wraith – taking into consideration their unique nature and personality and moral perception based on their need to feed to survive. I don’t want to see the Wraith lose their edge (not even Todd), but at the same time I do believe there is a way to keep some of them balanced in the ‘gray area’, without turning them into outright bad guys, or making them too warm and fuzzy.

    Joe – it IS possible, right??

    @Paloosa – I love skunks – would have one for a pet if it wasn’t for the cats, and my concerns about trying to ‘domesticate’ a wild animal. Grew up with skunks living under our house…sure, it smelled…but I became used to that smell and now, well…even like it! If you think about it, skunks smell like REALLY, REALLY strong coffee, with a dash of garlic mixed in. Not so bad…

    Anyway, skunks are adorable critters, and – with the right person – can make for a nice pet, but I don’t encourage it. Like most wild animals, they should be left in the wild. But they’re a very underappreciated animal, and every chance I get I do encourage their existence (I had one living in my back yard in my little seashore community here for years – but haven’t seen him now for a while. I miss him because he’d root through my yard, and eat all the pesky grass-killing grubs).

    Yes, I am a Wraith advocate, AND a skunk advocate.



  58. My only comment today is to apologize for the past couple of days’ comments where it posted two even three times. I am new to this, so, I was not patient enough to wait for it to appear and just kept trying.

    Sorry Joe!


  59. Thanks for the great Jason Mamoa pics! Every shot is a winner.

    My question…we’ve heard about Tracker which features a Ronon and Rodney team-up. Will there be any specific Sheppard and McKay episodes like last season’s Harmony? I really enjoy their banter. I love the idea of pairing up Rodney and Ronon but not at the expense of Sheppard and Mckay.

    Thanks again.

  60. Nice link between your blog entry title and the spruicking of Jason’s couch-selling.

    How is your little experiment with crazy headings going?

  61. Hi Joe,

    I always love the pictures, especially of Jason. I just read on GateWorld.net that the TPTB of Sci Fi said NO! to Jason cutting his hair in Broken Ties. How did you deal with that and does it bug you when a suit tells you what you can & cannot do with a script? Will we see lingering effects from Ronon’s torture experience in other episodes? How much is the furniture?

  62. Hi Joe,

    Forgot to ask, are we you ever going to get back to why the wraith cannot feed on Ronon? Have you heard the internet rumors of Ronon is a wraith-human hybrid or something the ancients created?

    Something else I would like to see is an episode where Ronon gets stunned or zapped by some ancient machine and gets smarter, keeping up with Rodney and Zalenka. The personality switch on SG1 was great, but I know been there, done that.

  63. I was wondering if jason lost his balance jumping up and down on the furniture? Becuse it looks like if their wasn’t a arm their he would have been on the ground.lol.. now that would have been a shot. Of course as long has he had not hurt him self.

  64. Oooh, cool piccies! Jason’s such a cool guy!! Carl looks like he could do with a lie down on the couch, though – you’re obviously working him too hard!

    Season 5 is looking better and better! Really looking forward to it – and glad that Keller has a chance to ‘kick ass’, presumably in a way that works with her established character.

    Well, I’ll get to read your next entry, not sure about the one after that…off on holiday soon…but a week with no internet, how will I survive?!!! *g*


  65. Hey Joe-man. Hows it going?

    I was wondering, as you said in a previous mailbag, you had a roll in a high school production of hamlet. I would love to know a bit more about this experiance! Who did you play? Was it memorable? Any of those really annoying screw ups that dammage you for the rest of your life and soon begin to affect your job and personal life? You know, like swearing onstage, or falling off the stage. Or tripping on the cloak, falling face first into an old lady’s lap, spilling her purse contents and showing your upper section to the entire world. Wow, THAT was oddly specific….heh

    Anyway, thankies a bunch!

  66. I was wondering, out of all the characters that have left the show, which do you miss the most? Two answers please, one for SG1 and one for SGA.

  67. Can I second the calls for more Beckett less Keller – the Keller character is growing more ludicrous with every new spoiler.

  68. You gotta love Jason Mamoa – not only are those pics priceless and hilarious but that chair will probably fetch a pretty price just cause he sat on it! 😛

    Both “Broken Ties” and “The Queen” sound like fantastic episodes and I’m very much looking forward to seeing Jason and Rachel’s fine performances.

  69. Hey Joe !

    Je suis la “fan Française totalement folle de Stargate” !!!

    Je m’efforçais d’écrire en Anglais dans mes post mais j’ai pu voir que tu comprenais le Français ?

    C’est donc surement l’occasion pour moi de te dire à quel point j’aime les photos de ton blog !!

    Celles de cet article d’abord : Jason est dingue !
    Et aussi celle de Nicole de Boer ; comme je l’ai déjà dit, j’adore cette actrice, c’est un vrai plaisir qu’elle soit dans Stargate Atlantis !!!

    Une petite question : on ne verra Nicole De Boer que dans un seul épisode ou aussi dans d’autres plus tard… ?

    A bientôt, j’espère que je me suis assez bien exprimée pour que tu me comprennes !

    Bye !

  70. Ooh, I’m looking forward to that great Joel Goldsmith score in ‘Broken Ties’ 🙂

    Any other great Joel Goldsmith scores ahead? (Well, I’m sure they’re all great, but do any stand out?)

  71. I was listening to a song by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole earlier and thought immediately of Jason Momoa. The song was called Maui Hawaiian Sup’pa Man

    I hope that the link works – it has been a long and tiring day and I came home to find that my two angelic looking kitties had trashed the house.


  72. Maui Hawaiian Sup’pa Man lyrics:-

    Told is the tale of the mischievous one
    Who fished out all the islands and captured the sun
    His deeds and tasks I will unmask,
    so that you’ll understand
    That before there was a Clark Kent,
    there was a Hawaiian Suppa Man

    He fished out the Islands with a magic hook,
    There would’ve been more but somebody looked.
    In blue morning sky, the sun he entwined
    To slow down his flight, so kapa could dry

    Hui: / Chorus:

    Mischievous, marvelous, magical Maui,
    hero of this land
    The one, the only, the ultimate Hawaiian Suppa Man
    Oh Maui, Maui, Maui, Hawaiian Suppa Man
    Oh Maui, Maui, Maui, Hawaiian Suppa Man

    The secret of fire was locked somewhere in time
    So when the ahi* died in the hale kuke**, no way to re-ignite
    *ahi = fire **hale kuke = house cook (kitchen)
    So off he goes in search of those who hold the information
    So that fire could be used by all the future generations

    He found out the `Alae* held the fire connection
    *`Alae = Mudhen, a black wading bird
    But his plan of deception fell short of perfection
    With no other choice he had to get mean
    So he squeezed `Alae’s throat until she screamed the secret.

    (E hana hou i ka hui)
    (Repeat chorus)

    The link didn’t work so here is the lyrics. Any chance of getting Jason to model a superman outfit for us?


  73. hi. did tim guinee have to audition for the role of tomin, or did he get the role because you guys saw his great acting in other things?

    sally =)

  74. Neil Gaiman To Write Doctor Who Episode?

    That is the buzz going around on the net…that would be so cool…now they just need to finalize the new doctor

  75. First off any chance I can get a blog dedication today. Its my birthday (the 29th)-if not today a belated one for tomorrow’s. Thank you.

    My thoughts on “The Android’s Dream”. Another great one! Alot of the other comments on it are the same as my views. The pace was good, enough story detail (but nothing overpowering) and good action towards the end (ok more like the middle since the action picked up at the mall).

    Got a real kick out of the Virginia setting Mr. Scalzi set the story in (I live in that area). The whole idea of the church is really outhere but works. I found myself rooting for Harry and Robin alot. Knew that the Nidu were going to get what they deserve (or at least didn’t get what they thought). And Brian as an IA great! Though I didn’t like the scenes when he was talking with Hayter-Ross too much. She came across too strong to me. And I thought spending 2 and a half pages on explaining what a “intelligent agent” was too much. Almost got lost there.

    Ah loved it though. And SOO glad I got to read it. A definite read till you are done with it and don’t put it down till then book. Thank you’s to Mr. Scalzi for writting it. And thank you Joe for recommending it.

    Ah keep up the great blogging! Oh and after the mid-season break I’ll be sending some more walnut cakes. That is if anyone in the office/ the crew would like them. 🙂 Perhaps then I can can get that single autograph from you then.

    Oh one more thing-best wishes to Fondy and the dogs too!

  76. Hey Joe! Awesome pics!

    Sold! I’ll take him. You can keep the couch. Shipping won’t be a problem – I own a pickup. Can be there in 2.5 days if I don’t stop to eat, sleep or pee.


    Gotta say I love the idea of Keller kickin’ some butt. It’s about time people stopped underestimating her – including (cough)somesgafans(cough).

    Maybe Carl needs a nice healthy dose of your green tea?


  77. hey joe, just thought i’d drop by and see if you could maybe dedicate a blog to Whovian (trish, from the fuel dinner, allie’s mom) she’s having a really bad day, her grandfather passed away this morning and I think it might cheer her up a little, THANKS!

  78. Hey again, Joe!

    Will there be a shocking revelation concerning Todd in “The Queen”?

    Getting a couch, then? 😛

    *Hug* and thanks for the read!

    My love to your dogs, and maybe also the wife… 😮


  79. He dragged the damn couch all the way to the set just so you can take pictures? Seriously, does the man NOT own a camera? It would have been a helluva light lighter to carry. I’m just saying…

    Hey Joe, make a girl’s day will ya? This particular pole dancing, eyeglass-making, scifi-lovin’ chick is turning 33 tomorrow. Yay(?)
    One more completed trip around the sun.

  80. Sir! Love your blog. Love it long time.

    So this may have been asked before, one or manymany times, but… are you a Canucks fan?

    Also, RIP Luc Bourdon.


  81. Susan the tartan turtle- love Israel kama-koma-kema-the big Hawaiin guy.
    We used his songs for our meant-to-be-beach wedding. Yeah, torrential rain will ruin that.

    Jason has way too much sanity in his eyes to truly be able to pull off a Tom Cruise impersonation.

    There seems to be numerous Australians here Chev (some may say too many) maybe we all pitch in and create a viewing room with jasons couch and the R2D2 projector. Geek central!

    This is much harder to do on a mobile.

  82. Ok, Jason is about the coolest and cutest thing ever. Now, I’m waiting for Hewlett to do something like that! haha

    I also would like to second Mackenzie’s Momma’s request. You met Whovian (Trish) and her daughter Allie at the Fuel dinner and she is having a really bad time right now. Can you send her a little love?

    Hope all is well with you, Fondy and the puppies! I have a new blog that I would like to share and get your thoughts on…can I send you the link?

  83. Hi Joe!

    Since the back half of S5 seems to be falling into place, does it look like there will be any more episodes with Sam in it or are we going to have to hold out our hopes for Season 6? (Trying to stay positive! 😉 )

    And I know the movies aren’t your area, exactly, but I have to say, the Sam/Jack shippers’ mojo is running on empty these days…any chance you could give us a wink or a thumbs up that we might have something squeeable to talk about in the not-too-distant future??? Some sign…maybe?

    Thanks! 😀

  84. I think this was in your comments from yesterday.

    The cruise ship on which Harry and Robin find refuge just happens to be a veteran ship headed to Chagfun, the site of a battle that has haunted Harry for years. The second was the loophole in the ascension ceremony that allows Robin to turn the tables on the Nidu. These developments felt a little too convenient.

    I know someone has already addressed the loophole issue, but for me that’s beside the point. I thought that the *many* things that are “a little too convenient” made for one of the most entertaining aspects of this incredibly entertaining novel. At first these apparent “Acme Plot Fixers” irked me, but at some point it occurred to me that the fact they spring up all the freakin’ time is just part of the fun — sort of another in-joke for everyone who at some point has rolled their eyes at that type of hackneyed plot device. Approaching the last part of the book, I’d find myself thinking, “We could use another handy coincidence right about now,” and just in the nick of time (naturally!) the coincidences would miraculously appear. So, I’m going to assume that they were intentional, unless John Scalzi says otherwise. (In which case I’ll feel like an over-analyzing idiot. I try not to do that. . .)

    Loved the book, wish I had time to write more about why I loved it, agree completely that it’s not a rehash of Douglas Adams (after a while, I found HGTTG just a bit annoying, while every page of The Android’s Dream hooked me), and thought Scalzi’s take on gen-exploitation (among other issues) was brilliant and entirely fresh. Thanks to Mr. Scalzi for writing some of the funniest sci-fi I’ve read, a book that whistles innocently when you realize it’s making you think about something serious — before you start laughing all over again.

  85. Hey Joe

    Any chance we can get RID of Michael? His constant returns are getting ANNOYING!!!!!!!!! Kolya only came back four times but Michael’s constant combacks are really really becoming irritating!!!!!

    Also want to know WHY you guys have this thing against bringing Carson Beckett back full time! He made a MUCH better CMO than Keller (much better looking too!!!!). So what’s the scoop? Why do you guys dislike him so much? He is a fan favorite and you KNOW it! Otherwise the ‘Save Carson Beckett’ campaign wouldn’t have been started! Do we have to start all over again or are you going to give us the whole body and not just a five episode bone?????!!!!!!!

    I KNOW you won’t answr but I have to ask anyway.

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