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Carl enjoys a post-four episode screening breather 

This is your chance to take home a piece of Stargate Atlantis history! And by take home I mean buy. And by Stargate Atlantis I mean Jason Momoa. And by history I mean the couch set he’s selling. “Hey, Mallozzi!”he called as I was making my way across the lot. “Get a couple of shots of this for your blog!” I was, of course, more than happy to oblige. And by happy I mean not at all inclined to having the six foot four bruiser annoyed with me. And by oblige I mean snap pics of him in various manner of recline and, in one memorable instant, doing his best Tom Cruise imitation.

Speaking of Jason, the dreaded one gives what is by far his best performance of the series in season five’s Broken Ties. It’s an episode he is extremely proud of, and justifiably so. We watched the Day One mix the other day and were very, very impressed – not only with Jason’s tour-de-force, but with Joel Goldsmith’s terrific score.

Another praiseworthy performance comes compliments of Rachel Luttrell in The Queen. A really nice range of emotions for Teyla in an episode chock full o’ crosses, double-crosses, and an atypically ruthless turn for the new mom. Throw in Todd, an intriguing proposal, and that creepy new-look wraith and you’ve got one of the best episodes of the front half.

Along with Tracker, of course. We screened Will’s director’s cut this morning and, boy, this one is a lot of fun. McKay and Ronon team up, Keller kicks ass, and guest star Mike Dopud squares off with Jason in a particularly memorable throw-down.

Well, after receiving some thoughts from the other writers, I’m off and running on Remnants. I hit the 12-page mark today and hope to make some progress this weekend – at least until I hit the top of the third act where one of those blasted TBD place-holder beats awaits. Nevertheless, I hope to have a first draft done before we head off for hiatus (in two weeks) which would allow me to spend my July researching alternate SF sources and focusing on other pursuits. And by researching alternate SF sources I mean read more books.

And by other pursuits I mean sleeping in.

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to birthday boy Blaine Nielsen.

Today’s pics: Everything must go!  And by everything, I mean these couches.  Also, Carl enjoys a post-four episode screening breather.


McWraith writes: “Is Chuck still around?”

Answer: Yep.

Shawna writes: “Black belt gate tech, eh? I would love to see that come into play at some point.”

Answer: Oh, it will.

Belcouchi writes: “1. What happened to the Camulus Zpm? Did you guys ever creating a cool atlantis story arc revolving around it?
2. Will there be new wraith ships or ship designs in season 5?
3. Will we get to find a little more about the Wraith – Ancients war that occured 10000 years ago?”

Answers: 1. We have no plans to do a Camulus story in Atlantis. 2. Several new ship designs upcoming. 3. Perhaps.

AscendedTauri writes: “Is Amelia Banks the lady we saw have some screen time in “Quarantine” talking with Radek, Sheppard, and Carter?”

Answer: Yep.

Gater101 writes: “I’m coming to Vancouver in June for six weeks… wondered if you could tell me A) what the weather SHOULD be like and B) anywhere I must visit?”

Answers: A) It should be nice. B) You’re asking the wrong guy. I’m a homebody. But I hear Stanley Park is very nice.

MRSB108 writes: “In Season Five, will any of the crew be manipulated or involuntarily used as a tool for evil?”

Answer: Depends on what you mean by “evil”. Broken Ties would be an episode I’d suggest checking out.

Pl writes: “Just curious – have you ever read any of CS Lewis’ space trilogy?”

Answer: I read Perelandra ages ago.

LB writes: “Is there a chance that you will be writing another poem any time soon?”

Answer: Nope.

Jenn writes: “In S4 we got to see some lovely vulnerable and emotional moments for Shep (i.e. Adrift/Lifeline, Outcast), will we get to see some vulnerable Shep moments in S5 as well?”

Answer: Yes.

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ooooh pictures!!!

my favorite is the Tom Cruise impersonation… very excellent photography!!!

How much is he asking for it??? Although the price of transporting it to Cleveland will probably be more than the cost of the furniture!!!

Charles Schneider

Awesome Jason pictures. He really wants to sell that couch. Plus I’m looking forward to the return of the increasingly complex Todd. It will be interesting to see where you guys are taking that character in Season 5. Good to see a great anti-hero is still around (other than Ronon).

Margaret Clayton

Oh. My. My, my, my. I have to go take a cold shower now.

thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou for the pic-a-luscious pics.

I am jealous of the upholstery.


Hey Joe. My laptop STILL has a virus (see comment 2 days ago), but I am happy to say that it will be getting fixed on Monday.

My question today is the same as a few days ago, although it wasn’t answered due to no mailbag.

Q: In your opinion would you say it is easier to write a script or novel?


Thanks for the pics of Jason but personally I wouldn’t buy a couch that’s had a big man jumping on it smile

Glad to hear Chuck is still around.


“Keller kicks ass”. I can’t even begin to imagine that. Are you referring to Jennifer Keller or perhaps her much older, much wiser and much braver sister — or maybe her mother?

Will Keller’s 15 episodes be similar to Carter’s — barely there for the most part? Will there be changes in the way Keller is portrayed? Older, wiser, showing some compassion and concern for her patients, less wound up in her own problems? I still can’t help but wish it were Keller with 5 episodes and Carson with 15. You’ve got it backwards.

I’m glad to see Teyla will have some good moments in The Queen. Will there be any other episodes where she gets to shine? Maybe some that don’t pertain to the Wraith?


Are there any city specific episodes this season? I’ve enjoyed those in past seasons.


Those episodes sound good! Though hopefully the “Keller kicks ass” part won’t be TOO kick-ass. I still have memories of Hoshi Sato of Star Trek Enterprise, an “unsure of herself” girl not unlike Keller, who suddenly revealed in one episode in the 4th season that she had a black belt that, really, could’ve come in handy earlier in the series had the writers thought that far ahead. But, I trust you guys to make it AWESOME and not contrived like with Hoshi.

Anyways, here’s a question: What does the “TBD” you mentioned with regards to “Remnants” stand for?

Moving onward with the marathon…

Window of Opportunity: Woooooo!!! Oh yeah, that’s right, one of the best out there and written by Joe himself (along with Paul Mullie). I was looking forward to this, and it did not disappoint. The humor was just out of this world, and you couldn’t have picked 2 better people to be the ones who remembered everything every time it looped. I was laughing my ass off every time that music started playing and Jack started going haywire because he’s frustrated.

“Lose it? It means go crazy…nuts…insane…bonzo…no longer in possession of one’s faculties…three fries short of a Happy Meal…WACKO!!!!!!”

Classic. Still, for all its humor, I did get a tad misty eyed when Jack shouted at Malakai about his son. The fact that Cold Lazarus is still clear in my mind made that scene very powerful. Well done guys.

Watergate: Creepy stuff. It’s a setup episode pretty much, and I found the developing mystery of just what happened at the Russian facility to be intriguing, and I loved how it connected the events of Nemesis/Small Victories together with the Russian side of things. I did not like the vomiting though, but that’s just me and I have a major problem with that stuff. Very entertaining episodes with great CGI effects.

The First One: It was an alright episode. The small moments between Daniel and Chaka, when there is realization of the intentions, was very well done. I loved seeing Chaka act surprised, like when Danny fished the bullet out of his hand. The ending was nice too, with an understanding reached between Chaka and Danny. The scenes with O’Neill and the others were kinda slow, however. Overall, a nice episode, though nothing spectacular.


Hold up just a second, Joe. Is that the furniture from Rodney’s apartment? Because if it is, it holds special significance for legions of Hewlett fangirls. You could totally finance the 100th episode party with the proceeds from selling that couch and chair on eBay. No lie.

Also? You are made entirely of awesome for sharing those pics of Jason. smile


I just adore Jason’s Tom Cruise impersonation! Haha. Thanks for sharing, Joe!


Hey. Thanks for answering my question. It made me chuckle to see you hadn’t mentioned Bridge Studios, all things considered razz

I heard Stanley Park was nice too. I’ll need to trek through your blog and find some good places to eat; you do eat out a lot, it seems smile


Hi, Joe.

Thank you for the updates and the lovely photos of those leather couches. Woo-hoo! And oh, yeah, the lovely Carl Binder. And Jason is pleasant to look at as well… smile

Joe, I’ve been battling California’s MediCal and my medical equipment supplier, Apria, all day. Apria came out and took back their supplemental oxygen equipment today because MediCal hasn’t paid for the oxygen since January.

I talked with 15 different people alone today in both MediCal, Apria, my doctor’s office, and local government. Not only does the left hand not know what the right hand is doing, but the individual fingers on each hand doesn’t know what their neighbor finger is up to…or what they know, and when they did or didn’t know it! ARGH!

Tomorrow, I have some more people to call. That is…if I don’t stop breathing during the night. Ahem.

So, I think I’ve found a foe worthy of the Goa’uld and/or the Wraith. (Gasp, even worthy of the IRS!)

Typing now with slightly blue fingers, I wish you all the very best.



pg15 Says:

Anyways, here’s a question: What does the “TBD” you mentioned with regards to “Remnants” stand for?

I’d guess “To Be Determined”, which is kind of like the dreaded “To Be Continued” that usually falls when there is going to be a loooooong break before the next part appears.


Hmm, no room for the sofa, but that chair and footstool are doable…and I have time to ro…make a withdrawal from a bank or two if I act quickly. Great shots that really made my day. With the bonus that you remain on the good side of the very agile bruiser. Thanks for laughs and here’s hoping Remnants moves along quickly enough for you to indulge yourself during the hiatus.


Wow! The new season sounds great,(and aside from one character who I won’t mention cause I’m so happy), I am so looking forward to Season 5!
And the pictures of Jason are fun, he can jump on my couch anytime!

Enzo Aquarius
Enzo Aquarius

Hey Joe!

Oooh, nice sofa and ottoman…I just hope Jason didn’t break the ottoman judging by those pictures. Also, judging by the way he’s relaxing in them in the photos, I bet he is going to miss his seats, but hey, I’m sure he has an amazing taste in furniture. grin

Nonetheless, the sofa and ottoman look great! If I lived in the area and needed some furniture, I would be giving Jason a call.

I’m glad to hear that you are all making excellent progress and that the actors/actresses are doing well! Continue with the good work, and remember, tempus fugit. Before you know it, the production of Remnants will be…..well…..a remnant of memory. razz

Thanks as always!

– Enzo Aquarius


I had combustible underpants once.

I blamed it on the chili… oops

Uh, about this part: “Throw in Todd…”

One does not just ‘throw in Todd’ – one must stir him in gradually and not too soon, blending him gently with the other flavors until his essence permeates the entire dish. Ah, yes…Todd is the spice of Atlantis…

Speaking of which…

How many episodes is Todd scheduled for so far? Before you said three, but has that changed? It sounds like you’re keeping Michael around (if he survives the season premiere), and he’s not really Wraith anymore – so certainly there must be room for more Todd.

(Yeah, S4 really spoiled us Toddaholics)



Hi Joe

I’ve got to say I love your totally absurd headlines. They are very entertaining.. You have read so many books over the last year and I was wondering of them all what would you say were your top three?


Take Care



Aw, when I saw the pictures I was gonna make a Tom Cruise joke, then I read the first paragraph and saw you beat me to it. If only there were more jumping-on-couches jokes to mine.

Answer: Oh, it will.

Good to hear. Looking forward to it.

Answer: I read Perelandra ages ago.

Then I think you read the middle one. Try starting with Out of the Silent Planet. Probably makes more sense if you start at the beginning, and those books are strange enough as it is. I read the first two books years ago. I really must give the trilogy another read.

This has probably been asked before and I just can’t remember, but is anything in season 5 going to touch on the ability of the wraith to give people back life, as we saw Todd do to Sheppard in Common Ground? I thought that was such a great development with a lot of interesting potential, but it really hasn’t gone anywhere.


I still can’t help but wish it were Keller with 5 episodes and Carson with 15. You’ve got it backwards.

You and a lot of other people feel the same way. Keller is irritating at best and the less we see, the better.

As for the big “reveal” of her hidden “abilities”, it can’t be martial arts, as she would have used it in the past instead of whining, fretting, and yelling for help. Plus, martial arts practitioners tend to be in shape, and Keller is big on stating how out of shape she is in. Sheesh, this loser gets out of breath faster than McKay!

Less Keller. More Teyla and Carson. That’s the ticket.


reading & sleeping are your hiatus plans, huh? sounds like my flatmate (but she also plans gardening) – her show goes into hiatus for two weeks starting this Friday, and she is so excited at the idea of being able to do the things she doesn’t have the time or energy for at the moment.

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mmmmmmmmm, crud oil!


Think I have the matching chair and ottoman in my den. Enjoyed the pics. All work and no play makes Jason a dull boy. Seriously interested in your BOTM reading selections…just read an excerpt from Crawlers. That shit (are curse words allowed?) is whacked. I’m going to have to read that one while on vacation next month. Will try to catch one of your picks for the discussions but I have book pressure from all directions.


Awesome Jason pictures! They’ve already been posted on his fansite message board under the topic title of “Joe Mallozzi is a GOD!”

Do you know how much he’s asking for them? They look super comfy!


Your new season sounds like it’s shaping up wonderfully. Can’t wait to start seeing the results.

Now you’re helping coworkers sell their furniture? Starting “JoesList” to compete with CraigsList? smile

And, sorry to nag, but I’m still worried about Max and your other puppies. Hope they’re ok. Please let us know.


Must see in Vancouver: La Casa Gelato (where else can you get wasabi ice cream?), go to the top of Grouse Mountain (hike if you are so inclined or take the gondola if you’re not)