A meeting...

...of the minds.


Curiouser and curiouser

Oooh, aren\'t we the center of attention!

Marty G. calls the shots

Terry misses me terribly and wonders when I\'ll be back on set.

Director Marty G. gives the thumbs up 

Video temporarily unavailable. Check back with us later.

And often.

So, hey, a HUGE thank you to Joe Abercrombie for dropping by and monopolizing yesterday’s entry. Hope he enjoyed the Q&A as much as I did. Especially this quote: “I’m also a big admirer of the writing in some of the recent crop of US TV series. The Wire, the Shield, Deadwood, the Sopranos, Stargate: Atlantis, etc.” Heh. Funny AND kind. I believe someone just scored themselves a free lifetime guest blogger pass.

Saturday is usually a day I sleep in but with Fondy headed to Montreal this morning, I was up at 6:00 a.m. for the 6:30 a.m. drive to the airport. Of course, by the time Fondy was ready, it was actually 7:30 a.m. Still, she got off okay and landed in Montreal at about 5:00 p.m. local time. Tomorrow, she’ll be joining my family (with the exception of yours truly) in celebration of my auntie Jeanette’s 90th birthday. I phoned to pass along my best wishes and ended up spending a good 40 minutes on the phone, ping-ponging back and forth between my gathered relatives and hearing all about the surprise delivery of the 90 birthday roses from three different aunts and four cousins. To be perfectly honest, it was all Fondy’s doing. When it comes to gifts, she’s more the one who comes up with the idea and arranges and pays for everything while I’m more there for back-up in the event something goes horribly awry. So far, so good.

Although I won’t be getting around to doing a mailbag today, I have, of course, read all of your posts, including a request for some behind-the-scenes pics.


75 thoughts on “May 24, 2008: Paris Runway Model Catfight Video!

  1. Those first four pictures were BEAUTIFUL and MUCH appreciated!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you!!!!

  2. More great pictures. Thank you. The gremlins have returned my copy of The Blade itself, so today has turned out pretty good here. Hope the rest of your weekend goes well.

  3. Hey Joe!

    Thank you! Thank you! THAAAANK YOU!!!

    Those pics are great. More David pics with some Michael and Marty thrown in!

    Have I mentioned that you spoil us? 😀

    ‘Cuz you do.

    Best wishes for you, Fondy and the doggies. Hope Maximus is doing well, too.


  4. Yay! Two hottest Docs ever!

    Plus Martin Gero. Who, coincidentally, looks exactly like my Geography GTA this quarter (or my GTA looks exactly like him). They even have the same speak pattern! Seriously, the first day of class, I nearly fell out of my chair. This, of course, explains why my notes for this class are extremely insufficient, though I still have an A.

  5. Thanks for the behind-the-scenes pics Joe!! They are much appreciated!

    Also, please pass along my birthday wishes to your auntie Jeanette on her 90th birthday! Nobody in my family has ever made it past 80.

    I hope you are having a great weekend.


  6. *waits patiently for pics to open*

    While I wait, wanted to say that I just got back from Indiana Jones…and saw the Hellboy trailer…

    As someone else said, they’ve totally ripped off the Wraith!!! This, for me, is not a bad thing. 😀 I don’t know what it is about long white hair and spiffy black leather coats, but it totally turns me into a puddle of goo (esp. those fight scenes!). We need more of that in SGA – scenes like that Steve/Teyla fight in Suspicion, and Goggle Boy/Ronon dark room fight in Sateda .

    Joe, any chance we’ll see more Wraith hand-to-hand fighting/martial arts in S5? (Yeahyeah, I’m greedy, but just love those scenes – the hair/coat movements just make for stunning visuals)

    *pics open*

    Nice pictures! Thanks! Need more fair-haired boys in the shots, tho… 😉

    One last note – after the movie as we drove home tonight we saw the most spectacular ‘shooting star’! Not sure if it was a meteor or space junk – it lasted for a long time, and was blue. Simply beautiful!


  7. For Mysterious Madchen,

    If it is still of interest or importance…

    Jason momoa is 6’4″, Joe F. is 6′. I was right in front of Joe F. when he answered the question regarding his height.

  8. Hey, cool pictures!

    I’m sad you’re entry was so short today Joe. I have some writing which is in dire need of being done, and I’m at that slow forcing…myself…to…do…some stage where I could really do with a distraction. Luckily I do have Before They Are Hanged to go on with.

    So, what types of green tea to do like?

    I believe I asked a similar question yesterday, but I’m sure it would have got lost in all the praise for both Joe’s.


  9. At least your roses got to the right person. My friend wanted to send roses to me on Valentine’s day, he lost my address, looked my name up on the internet phone listing, sent the roses , realised I didn’t get them… rang the phone number of the recipient of said roses to find that he’d sent them…………………. to my mother. He copped a barrage of abuse, poor man. See my mother and I don’t get along and haven’t talked in years. So.. she got the roses and I got the giggles when I found out. Still.. thought’s there. What a sweet man Love him to bits for it.

    Thanks for the piccies. Sooooooo looking forward to Season 5!

  10. Getting your wisdom teeth out sucks, Joe; it powerfully sucks. Ok, so I’ve been extraordinarily lucky and the cavity left behind by the tooth that was pulled didn’t hurt a single bit past the first day after it was pulled, but the fact that I had to use only one side of my mouth to chew food meant that the gums there are wearing out majorly. It feels like my gums are burning on one side of my mouth every time I bite down on something.

    I just had to share that.

    Thank you for the great pics, Joe! Marty G is really getting into his role, isn’t he? Hopefully this won’t decrease the number of episodes he will write!

    Some questions:

    1. Are you guys shooting both parts of the mid-season 2-parter at the same time, or are you shooting “First Contact” first, and then moving onto “The Lost Tribe”?

    2. My uncle saw one of those signs indicating that someone was filming something nearby with the letters “SGP” on it around Oak street; is that you guys? Are you guys filming anything around Oak Street? I promise not to bring a legion of fans and ruin the shots if you are. 😉

    3. I don’t think we’ve heard much about episodes 17 and 18 yet. Care to share any hints?


    Moving onto those reviews…

    Jolinar’s Memories/The Devil You Know: Massive episodes, and full of character development and moments. Loved it, though there were small moments of suspect special effects. Oh well, they can’t all be winners. Sokar was wonderfully portrayed and deliciously evil and…well, devilish. I loved his throne room and how elaborate everything about him was. Sam was of course the star of this episode, and she was great in it. Amanda did a great job portraying the utter confusion over the various past, present, and foreign thoughts within her. Great episodes.

    Foothold: A lot of people seemed to like this one, but I didn’t. I just can’t get into the story; the aliens seemed too much like people in rubber suits, and the props connecting our folks to the ceiling just looked…well, plasticky. I also found the “convenient weakness” in the alien’s devices to be…well, convenient. I feel this kind of “go around the base shooting aliens” stuff has been done before, with a richer story wrapped around it. I mean, I liked it for the most part, and I was glad to see Maybourne redeeming himself a little, but there was nothing spectacular for me.

    Pretense: Skaara!! It’s good to see him back, and it felt great having him free and back to normal at the end. I do not like the Tollans. Jack’s right; they’re bunch of arrogant bastards; I was hoping for more grovelling and “seeing the errors of their ways” out of them at the end thanks to us saving their butts but, oh well. The opening shot was truly epic, and Zipacna actually made some pretty good arguments. Overall, an enjoyable episode.

    Urgo: What can I say; unlike many others, I love these bumbling, goofy, slightly overweight characters. Urgo takes the cake (literally) among them, and I loved him for it. I was laughing my ass off constantly, and I was actually sorry to see him go at the end. Dom deLuise was brilliant; he had excellent, excellent timing…he was just all around awesome. Overall, a great episode IMHO.

    Row row row your boat gently down the stream…

    A Hundred Days: majorsal is gonna hate me for this, but I loved this episode. Mostly it was thanks to Joel Goldsmith’s score, but another reason is because…well, I liked Laira/Jack. You know I hate “Captain Kirk romances”, but there was just something here that I enjoyed. Maybe it’s the fact that Jack fell in love with her without any outside interference, like drugs and stuff, I don’t know. They seemed so happy during that night at the bar, and Jack seemed…comfortable. The opening sequences was very well done, and really added to the peril to the whole thing; Teal’c determination to rescue Jack was also very heartwarming. Overall a great episode.

    Shades of Grey: This episode is really not made for repeated viewing, since I already know of the twist that Jack was just being part of a mission. Still, it was heartbreaking watching him talk that way with Danny, and wonderful to see him masterly tricking all the bad guys. A very plot-driven episode; overall, enjoyable but suffers from repeated viewing.

    That’s it for now! More later.

  11. Hi Joe,
    Excellent! More pic’s! I can’t wait for season 5 epi’s! It looks like you all have fun when your on set! Marty G looks happy!
    Hope your having a great weekend!

    Take care & happiness always!

  12. The pics are awesome! Thanks Joe!!!

    The 4th one looks like they’re line-dancing. Badly. 😛

    Is it July yet?


  13. Awesome pics!! Marty looks like he’s having a lot of fun directing the boys. I need to ask though…

    Why would Daniel not be wearing some sort of uniform, at least SGC BDUs if not an SGA uniform? Is that a hint of his current status? And is it “standard procedure” to let people go through the gate on missions in their civilian clothing, which leaves them sort of unidentified? Hmm. Not that Daniel doesn’t look great, mind you. Just curious.

    Also, will some of the filming of Daniel and Rodney be on first unit, or all on second unit?

  14. Will we discover in Season 5 who does the dusting in Atlantis?

    I’ve been re-watching Season 4 while spending my holiday doing dreaded spring cleaning and couldn’t help but notice in “The Last Man” how spotless Atlantis was after 48,000 years of sandstorms.

  15. Thank you so much for the pics, Joe! Much appreciated. And happy birthday to your aunt.

  16. Thank you very much!!! The pics with my two fav. geeks from both series are really cute. *gg*
    Lovely Greeting from Germany

  17. I really can’t read through Mr. A’s book. I don’t have any perception of time or ability to relate the setting which is maing it hard for me. Perhaps I should have asked him; when and where is this set? I recognise it’s fantasy but being fantasy it makes it very hard to relate to era’s for me. Dont know why. (I’ll stop whining)

  18. Yet again I’m late commenting on a book club selection. The Blade Itself was ok in my mind. Not the normal thing I would read but still ok. A few times I found myself wondering-would was that?, what was that? though.

    Though the pace did pickup around the contest though. And enjoyed the character of Major West.

    Thank you again for the recommondation. Keep up the blogging. 🙂

  19. Heh. Thanks again, Joe. And to all who commented. Especially the surprising number taken with my roguish good looks.

    It’s all done with mirrors.

  20. Hey Joe,

    I got a question that some people at Gateworld have talked about over the Asurans a while ago. During the “Progeny” episode we get the backstory of the Asurans we learn that they begged the Ancients an altering their program to become less aggressive which they refused after which they were exterminated.

    So my question was, were the Ancients justified in their cleansing of Asuras? Was Niam’s story of the event just their version and the truth was a different matter? I only ask because some people have said that the Ancients seemed unnecessarily cruel in that regard and could have done a lot more by simply altering their program. I kind of thought that there was more to the story then originally said in Progeny.

    Anyway, sorry for the long reply and I know it has nothing to do with the recent post about the books and stuff but thought I would try an interesting question as I don’t think I asked any good ones recently. Don’t need to answer it though, was just out of curiousity.

    So take care Joe! Love the pictures also.

  21. Ever had one of those ‘oh my god, if we would’ve done that it would have been much better!’ after the episode is shot? If so, what’s the worst one so far?

  22. …Is it weird that out of all those gorgeous pics of Michael and David, my favourite one is the last one of Marty? 😉

  23. Great pics ….thank you very much…it’s nice to see Daniel back in the Stargate world again…..and in civvies?….mmmm….very, very nice!!!

    Deeds xx

  24. Thank you for sharing the pictures! It looks like these are going to be fun episodes, what with all of the snark and speed of light babble between Daniel and Rodney. I’ve a feeling I’m going to greatly enjoy “First Contact” and “Lost Tribe” (and the fan fiction they inspire).

    “The Android’s Dream” is a great book so far, even if it did make me embarrass myself in the waiting area at the mechanic’s when I laughed and snorted coffee while reading it. I’m very glad you chose this as one of the Books of the Month!

    Speaking of the Books of the Month, is there any way we could get Jim Butcher’s “Storm Front” (the first book of the Dresden Files, which is in the omnibus edition “Wizard For Hire”) as one of August’s selections? You told me to remind you, so I am. 🙂

  25. Now that’s weird, I didn’t put a winky emoticon in there. I guess the ending parenthesis followed by a comma is an alternate coding. *shrugs*

  26. my reaction to today’s pictures:

    more hyperventilating (I may not survive the actual episodes)

  27. yay! happy birthday to your auntie! now I guess she can sleep on a bed of roses ;D

    What ae the odds that we see Carson topless? I mean we’ve already seen Ronon and John – now we want to see Carson ;D

  28. Enjoyed your discussion the other day how to respond to the “What is (actor, director, etc) really like?” questions. Your response, of course, made sense – unlike some of the other balderdash sometimes told to fans.

    So, my question is simple and requires no elaboration or explanation from you for your response:

    Which actor is most unlike (his/her) screen character? I’m guessing – based on some of your past comments – it would probably be Jason Momoa.

    On the pets front, about a month ago, I lost my Jelly (a cat) suddenly to kidney failure. She was with me 17 years. This past week, Maggie and Annie (also cats) joined the family. Their owner – where they lived for 8 years – died so they were sent to the Humane Society.

    Now, they are with me. Sadly I must report that Annie seems the old fashioned girl and is utterly disinterested in space. Maggie, however, is enthusiastic about anything technological and sits on the computer screen while I read your blog and check on Gateworld news.

  29. PICS!! Of Daniel and Rodney!! SQUEEEE!!! (Oh, and some other people too!! *g*)

    Thank you,thank you, thank you, one very happy fangirly here…!


  30. Hope you and the pups will have a good weekend, and that Fondy’s trip was great also., wow 90, thats wonderfull! Congrats to Aunt Jeanette. Pictures are as usual, terrific, thanks very much.
    and the video,,ah well, thats ok if its not going to be shown,,lol, although it could be funny…just the thought that counts for some I guess. now if the chippendales could muster up a few poses, oh wait, they did, in the form of Michael and David and Marty G,, thanks again.. 8_)

  31. Joe, you’re spoiling us with all those wonderful Michael and David pics! 😀

    I’m so excited about seeing Daniel and Mckay together, even if I’m going to have to wait a while till it hits UK shores!

    *does the happy dance*


  32. I had surgery on the 20th which involved an overnight stay with lots of tender care and great painkillers. I wasn’t good for much and didn’t make much sense on the 21st, but I stumbled to the computer late on the 22nd to find a ‘pick me up’ pic of Hewlett and Shanks. Although my drug fogged mind blinked several time over the rapturous gazes they were giving each other. They certainly looked….fond…..of each other.

    Now the doctor gave me a gave script of painkillers and has trusted me to self-medicate so the pain level has stayed low. I seen to have trouble remembering when I took that last dose…

    My mom helps me out with that. Bless her heart.

    Great pics today. I’m not to leave the house or be on my feet for more than ten or fifteen minutes at a time so I am relying heavily on your blog to keep me entertained and connected to the important things in the world (Stargate Atlantis).

    Hope Fondy has a safe (and fun) trip. Pet the dogs for me.

    Did I mention my son and his girlfriend brought home a new CAT the same day I came home from surgery?

    My dog is not very happy at the moment.

  33. Happy birthday Auntie Jeanette!

    You share your birthday with:

    1803: Ralph W. Emerson, American poet
    1820: Anne Bronte, author
    1881: Bela Bartok, Hungarian composer (any relation to Ivon???)
    1892: Josip Tito, Former Yugoslavian president
    1926: Miles Davis, American jazz trumpet player
    1927: Robert Ludlum, author
    1939: Ian McKellen, English actor
    1963: Mike Myers, comedian, actor

    and me!

    I will be sending you a parcel next week. It has a peace offering for Kavan Smith and a little something for you. I hope it’s still OK – you will be seeing him soon, yes?

    Cheers, Chev

  34. OH great Great GREAT PIX THX!! TWO Thumbs Up! Another pair of eps on my MOST Anticipated list.

    Taking The Android’s Dream to the beach to try and finish, this BOTM selection is going better than 1) the last one and 2) Old Mans War. I will definitely have some comments to make this week.

  35. Any chance of Mr. Ambercrombie being casted for a role on SGA?? He’d make a good looking system lord.

  36. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for the photos of Daniel and Rodney! A team up if I ever saw one!

    Could you possibly dedicate the blog for either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday to my sister, Amy? She’s having some major surgery on Thursday and I think it’d be a spirit lifter as she is a fan of both SGA and your blog.

    Thanks for everything, Joe!


  37. Thank you! Your pictures brightened my morning considerably.

    Happy Birthday, Auntie Jeanette. Hey, she may not realize it, but she is now the entire blog’s auntie. Everyone loves another auntie!

  38. I miss watching new episodes of SG1, thanks for the pictures of Michael Shanks and David Hewlett! Its my 19t birthday today, can you mention it in your blog tonight?

  39. Happy birthday to your aunt, and Yay! for Fondy. What a sweet thing to do. Should I ever make it to 90 (as if) I hope there’s a Fondy around to do something like that for me.

    (Then again, friends threw me a wake for my 40th birthday. Maybe I should fear all future major birhdays.)

    Anyway. Thanks for the pictures, and please let us know if Max is doing better and the rest of the puppies are ok.

  40. SGUEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Those pics are awesome. Have I told you lately how much I love you, your blog and the whole cast and crew of Atlantis. : )

    I am so looking to S5. : )

  41. Thanks for the pics Joe! Other than you of course, they are my two favorite SG guys.

    Thanks too for inspiring me to start my own blog. No one reads it except probably my family but I don’t care. It’s like a cheap form of therapy. I only have a few entries so far but it’s fun so thanks! I should dedicate my entire blog to yoU!

  42. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for the gorgeous pictures of Michael and David. And Daniel’s going to be in his civvies?!?!? *squee* I am soooo psyched to see Daniel and Mckay working together. Marty G. looks like he’s having a great time directing. I love that last picture that you posted of him.

    Happy birthday to your auntie Jeanette!!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Thank you and (((HUGS))) for posting the pictures of the boys.


  43. Thank you so much for the behind-the-scenes pictures of Michael, David and that hottie Martin Gero! I especially love the 4th picture of Michael and David in the hallway—such expressions on their faces! Can’t wait to see this episode!

    Happy Birthday to your Aunt Jeanette! 90 years definitely calls for a celebration—I hope she had a great time at her party.

  44. Wonderful pictures!

    I’m very seldom the one who ends up being spoke to by various people, but I’m usually the one who says, “Do you want to talk to such-and-such?” Of course the person on the phone says yes. The poor person probably ends up having the same conversation 5 times.

  45. Hello,
    thank you for the the pictures….loooking forward to new season even though I will have to wait for a while….
    Greetings from Croatia!!!!

  46. Dear Joe,

    Can you please answer the questions I posted yesterday, it would mean a great deal to me. Many thanks.

  47. Hey joe. Thanks so much for the photos, they look a lot like our cast photos.

    So the curious bever has a question. Were you ever in Theatre, or even an actor yourself. (I may be retarded in not konwing that answer, but still curious.)

    And do you mind making a shout out to the Balle Du Fromage V Cabaret cast becuase last night was our final performance for many seniors and they deserve a huge thank you.

    And if you are curious yourself, the Balle Du Fromage (The Ballet of Cheese in french) is a Cabaret type show that we work on all year that includes skits and improvs (St. B’s is the best improv group in all of California. We have a trophy to prove it!) and this year, even live music! (I sang. Woot!)

    See ya next time!

  48. It’s Rodney! Lovely pictures, Joe! I do so enjoy these fun behind the scenes moments.

    Many happy returns, Auntie Jeanette! None of my relatives seem to make it that long. Here’s hoping the ones I still have around can keep on ticking! *crosses fingers and toes*

  49. I love the recent Michael Shanks/David Hewlett photos. Sorry my comments have been MIA lately. Ever since I started editing shows for one of my websites at work my free time has been K.I.A.

    Never fear, I shall re-dedicate my interest to participating in your daily posts.

    Do you guys use the AVID editing system for Stargate(s) (TV/films), and do you also use Final Cut or other editing software to do additional editing?

    In my office at Next New Networks, all the shows are really short and we just use Final Cut. If you’re interested here’s a link http://www.nextnewnetworks.com

    The show I’ve been editing for lately has been on Pulpsecret. My first episode (I edited) was the recent Neil Gaiman interview. I felt horrible editing down all his great comments, but our shows are sadly capped at 5-6 minutes, so something always has to get tossed.

  50. Thanks for the most recent pics and love Michael in civvies and and happy squee he and hewlett are working together; so will we need close captioning to figure out what they are saying?

    And still curious when Michael wraith will be showing up again 🙂


  51. hey Joe, I was wondering which actress is playing Katana? also the new aliens appearing in the episode you’re currently shooting, are they humanoid aliens or alien aliens? you already answered a similar question a week or so ago but apparently some people believe you weren’t clear and were actually referring to the Asgard. thanks and those are great pics, always good to see Michael Shanks on the set – especially with David Hewlett aka Rodney LOL. Martin seems to be happy, that’s a good sign 😉

  52. Joe,

    Can we assume that the new aliens have a relation with the asgard?

    cheers mate

  53. Thanks for the most recent pics

    I hope that you place of Search and rescue

    As did you be named Teyla’s son? In SGA ??

  54. I’d just like to say I think you have a fantastic family. My family is kinda small (but perfectly formed lol) and I hope we have the kind of closeness that will bring us all together should I make 90.

  55. BTW where you thinking before you posted those damn pictures? I’m having problems here negotiating the squee factor and gushing hormones PMSL. Happy bank holiday anyways.

  56. Hey Joe!

    A short, but sweet, blog entry! Amazing photos (glad to see Michael Shanks and David Hewlett working together 😀 ), and happy birthday to your auntie!

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  57. Hello Joe,

    Thank you for the photos of David and Michael. The cuties. I have a question about the pronounciation of Goa’uld. I noticed on SG-1 that most of the actors said, “Goold”, and wondered if that was an actor thing, a director thing or a writer thing? It happened so often it sounded suspiciously like a deliberate joke…

  58. Ya know…sometimes I scare myself when I re-read the stuff I post… 😛

    Joe, are you ever amused and/or scared by fan psychology, such as, fans who want to see their favorite characters severely ‘whumped’, others who want certain (inc. slash) relationship pairings, those who just want characters to die, or those of us who think creepy green guys with extra nostrils are attractive 😳 and will defend them to our dying breath? Do you guys behind the scenes ever joke about it (come on, be honest 😉 )? Have you ever been that sort of fan of any movie, tv show, book, etc?


    PS: Awww…just learned that Dick Martin died. 🙁 I loved R&M’s Laugh-in…grew up on that show.

  59. Hey Joe,
    Thanks for the pictures!! Can’t get enoughof David Hewlett! Was wondering, what name was given to Teyla’s son?


  60. Hey Joe:

    While completely off topic of today’s blog post, I have finally found a minute to breath between the baby going to sleep and the wife miraculously NOT calling to see why I am not doing “something”… (oh oh, typed to soon)

    Anyway, I understand that the Weir character may not be returning because Torri may be unavailable. But why not use the original actress that played Weir? Quite frankly, I thought she played the part much better. A less “aw-shucks” Weir… Since she was the original fans would probably be more accepting…


  61. Hi Joe!

    Thanks for the loooovely pics of Michael, David, Martin, and the gang!!

    (much better than a video of a stupid catfight)


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