I’ve never been a fan of surprises in my food. I remember, as a youngster, being served a birthday cake with coins baked into the mix. Coins IN the mix! I mean, why not marbles, collectible bottlecaps, or some needle and thread to help little Jimmy score his Junior Scout sewing badge? I suppose yesteryear’s adorably good idea is today’s lawsuit waiting to happen. Still, as a lifelong eater, my distaste for “things that do not belong” makes me particularly sensitive to food horror stories. Like the one my buddy Steve told me about the other day.

This past weekend, Steve had a pizza delivered to his place. But as he sat down to enjoy a slice, he discovered a piece of wood baked into the cheese. Not a splinter or a hunk but a half inch thick, 4” by 4” piece of timber. “Did you order the Lumberjack Special?”I asked. It turns out he’d ordered Pepperoni & Cheese. And, to the best of his knowledge, wood (chunky, splintered, or otherwise) was not among the list of available toppings.

Steve picked up the phone and called up the pizza chain’s main office, not to berate anyone or score any sort of freebie, but to find out what kind of response his story would elicit. Would the person on the other end of the phone be shocked? Incredulous? Profusely apologetic? Try barely interested. She sighed as if to suggest this sort of thing happened all the time, then consulted some handy chart that let her know what, presumably, finding a 4” by 4” piece of wood in your pizza entitled you to. Turns out, it’s a pizza of equal value.

Now I found this endlessly fascinating. Not so much the DVD-sized piece of wood in the pizza or the relative disinterest on the part of the employee, but the fact that the company made use of a reference chart that dictated exactly what kind of recompense could be expected for a specific foreign object discovered in their pizza. Well, I did some digging and, after hours of exhaustive research, I managed to get my hands on a copy of said chart. Check it out:

Foreign Object: Hair, fingernail, etc.

Compensation: Extra cheese with next order.

Foreign Object: Insect (in part or whole)

Compensation: Choice of any topping with next order.

Foreign Object: Rodent part and/or excrement.

Compensation: Large Coke or 7-Up with next order.

Foreign Object: Rabbit’s foot (lucky).

Compensation: Complimentary order of cinnamon twisters.

Foreign Object: Rabbit’s foot (unlucky)

Compensation: Two complimentary orders of cinnamon twisters.

Foreign Object: Piece of wood (any size).

Compensation: Pizza of equal value.

Foreign Object: Piece of metal/plastic (any size)

Compensation: Pizza of equal value + order of wacky bread.

Foreign Object: Partial human appendage.

Compensation: Large pizza, any topping + large Coke or 7-Up.

Foreign Object: Monocle.

Compensation: 2 medium pizzas.

Foreign Object: Monocle worn by Werner Kemplerer during his run as Colonel Klink on Hogan’s Heroes.

Compensation: 2 medium pizzas + order of wacky bread.

Foreign Object: Glass shard (any size)

Compensation: Order of spicy wings + large Coke or 7-Up.

Foreign Object: Lemur skull.

Compensation: 2 large pizzas.

Foreign Object: Sharp instrument (non-murder-related but including possible assault).

Compensation: 2 large pizzas.

Foreign Object: Murder weapon (cleaned).

Compensation: 2 large pizzas.

Foreign Object: Murder weapon (uncleaned).

Compensation: 2 large pizzas + cinnamon twisters + potential reward for information leading to a conviction (at the discretion of the local authorities).

Foreign Object: Rare signed copy of Proust’s Le Temps retrouvé.Compensation: 3 large pizzas.

Foreign Object: Ham and pineapple.

Compensation: 3 large pizzas + personal letter of apology from the company president.

All well and good but, seriously, if you found a toenail, a dried caterpillar, or a three year old taxi receipt in your thin crust all-dressed would you be all that inclined to eat anything from the source company ever again? Even if it was free?

We used to frequent a certain Japanese restaurant all the time – until the day Fondy found a piece of glass in her salad. And that was that. We never went back. Growing up, my mother would always make a point of stopping by a local bakery on her way home so we could enjoy their home baked bread. Until the day she found a piece of plastic in the loaf. And there was the time 12 year old me spied a grocery bill swimming in the bottom of our large bottle of 7-Up. My mother was furious. My father, for his part, calmly fished the soggy bill out of the bottle – not to use as evidence in some official customer complaint, but to carefully copy out the timely numbers on the statement for use as that week’s lotto picks. Needless to say, they were not winners. And, in the end, while the incident didn’t stop mom from drinking 7-Up, her drink of choice, it certainly embittered her toward the makers of 7-Up and soft drink companies in general.

So, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve found in your food?


Today’s blog entry is dedicated to Sylvia for helping Anne out with the upcoming BOTM club selections.

Today’s video: Guard Dogs! Fierce, no? Click the link or scroll all the way down…


Padawan Aneiki writes: “What’s the most dangerous stunt and/or physical effects shot have you guys ever pulled off on SGA?”

Answer: I wouldn’t call any of our stunts dangerous. We have the best stunt coordinator in the city working for us (James Bamford) and all of the stunts are executed by trained professionals. If you had asked me what I thought was the most spectacular stunt we’ve ever pulled off, the one that immediately comes to mind is the replicator jump off the crane in Outcast. The stuntman in that sequence = James Bamford.

ME-Lorne-Super-Fan writes: “Nice new layout by the way, you made it yourself???”

Answer: Nope. It’s one of the many wordpress themes available to users.

PG15 writes: “Does Stargate Continuum now happen after Carter leaves Atlantis in Search and Rescue?”

Answer: Yes.

David writes: “I wanted to know how long in advance before a season starts do you begin writing scripts?”

Answer: About 2-3 months prior to the commencement of principal photography.

Sparrow_hawk writes: “I know that a lot of Wraith fans are nearly overcome with anxiety and are nibbling their nails to the quick (or perhaps even gnawing them to bleeding stubs) since the plot summary for “The Lost Tribe” was posted on the Stargate Solutions blog. I don’t suppose you can set their minds at ease about the fate of the Wraith without giving away too much plot, can you?”

Answer: I’ll just say this. Todd is a multi-layered character and not your typical villain. He acts and reacts logically to the situations in which he finds himself. Don’t be so quick to judge – especially when it comes to Todd.

Naamiaiset writes: “Do you ever get tired of seeing the typical Sci-Fi formula of “good kills evil” and wanted to use/do something different in SGA?”

Answer: My favorite characters are neither good nor evil but somewhere in between.

Judy writes: “What do you think of Clifford Simak?”

Answer: Loved The Way Station.

Shiningwit writes: “Well wish me luck as I have an assessment at 9.30 this morning…”

Answer: So how did it go?

Annie from Freemantle writes: “I’ve got an idea how about “LookwhatforeignobjectIfoundinmytakeoutfood.com””

Answer: Brilliant. And prescient.

Paloosa writes: “I’m miss your pugs. Anymore pictures?”

Answer: How about a video?

Shirt ‘n Tie writes: “There is a scene (which you featured on the blog) of a McKay / Keller Walk and Talk where Keller coughs and realises she’s got the Hoffan Virus. Was this shot on the pathway directly outside Bridge? That stretch that runs parallel to your office?”

Answer: Good eye, Paul. Yes, it is.

Jmanzione writes: “I would like to extend an invitation to my little site on the net, and offer you a Lifetime Membership.”

Answer: That’s very kind of you. I’ll be swinging by in the next few days.

Marsha writes: “ By the way, you never answered by “rocks” question. (Food on the rocks?) It’s driving me nuts – I may have to go to that restaurant just to find out for sure.”

Answer: What was the question again? If it was “Are those rocks” then the answer is “Yep.”.

Luis811 writes: “Where is janina from??”

Answer: Janina is from L.A. But she is a native of Chicago.

GoSpikey writes: “Is Peter DeLuise going to make a contribution to the mid-season 2-parter?”

Answer: Sorry, Spikey. Peter hasn’t worked on the show in years.

Airelle writes: “Do rewrites occur when you are doing the scene, if its not working as you envision it.”

Answer: Occasionally, adjustments may be made to dialogue on set.

Airelle also writes: “Are you on set when filming what you write?”

Answer: I try to be. I dropped by the set while they were shooting Broken Ties, but was there for almost all of the Whispers shoot. I’ll probably be on set or most of Episode #16 as well.

DeeinSouthAfrica writes: “Um, what’s with the automatically generated links at the top? Why try and lure us away?”

Answer: It’s a new wordpress feature I’m not totally sold on. I’ll give it a few more days and then probably lose it.

NarelleFromAus writes: “Locally in Aus, a set of sneakers or shoes thrown over a power line means that there is an affluent pit bull owner in the near vicinity.”

Answer: Really?

Louis writes: “Did you learn Italian and French while growing (family, reiends) up or as an adult (computer software).”

Answer: French and Italian I learned growing up. The little Japanese I know I’ve learned through language CD’s.

167 thoughts on “May 6, 2008: Things you don’t want to find on your pizza

  1. Cute pugs 🙂

    Despite having great stunt people and OH&S standards, has anyone ever had a serious accident on set? If so, would love to hear the gory details.

  2. Hello Joe,
    The pups look so sweet! Thanks for sharing… Who were they barking at on the other side of the gate? The things found in food was funny!

    I like the look of the new page, but I wish the print was bigger… it sucks getting old and needing glasses! Any chance you could increase the print size!


    Patricia Lee

  3. Early post for you tonight. Finished up the cave problem early and I’ve decided to stay in the hotel to enjoy the Atlantis episodes airing tonight. Doppleganger is on now. This episode gets better with each viewing.
    Weirdest things in food? Well, multiple human hairs in a pizza. Totally turned me off to a particular national chain. Number one though was a plastic toy soldier that ended up in a cake someone had cooked for a party A very battered plastic soldier… no one has a clue, or will admit, to how it got there. Many thanks for the video and the nice long mailbag. Now, speaking of pizzas, time to order one for din din.

  4. Worse thing I ever found in my food: a big black hair so thick it could have only come from the backside of Big Foot. School lunch, eleventh grade. It’s been something like nine years, and I still can’t look at meatloaf without gagging.

  5. I bought a large apple pie once. Got it home, opened it up and found a very large bolt baked into the middle of it.

    I’ve found dead insects in salads a few times.

    Also had hair in bread, or soup.

    I’m with you though, if I find things in food that really shouldn’t be there, that is the last time I ever go to that place again.

  6. Morning Joe, No mysterious objects in food on my plate, but I did hear rumours years ago of something absolutely disgusting in the salad dressing of a nearby hamburger takeaway place (never went there anyway). Never knew if it was true or if the rumour was the product of the filthy imagination of a disgruntled former employee, but the man’s business was ruined and he closed shop and left town. :S

    My fav ‘quick meals in a hurry’ would have to be a subway sandwich – much nicer if my son makes it for me 🙂 ; chicken fried rice; or chicken noodle soup from the Khmer restaurant (a $5 bowl is soooooo filling).

    I am not so much a fan of pugs, but the little black face at the top of the page is really pulling at the heart strings. Give me a Bichon, King Charles or Maltese anytime.

  7. Oh! EW! I can’t believe there’s and ACTUAL list of compensations for that! So what, when something new is reported found, they add it to the list and make up some new compensation for it? Like I’d want to ever eat from the establishment again if I found any of those foreign objects in my food. This has just totally weirded me out for the day. Ack!

    The weirdest thing I’ve ever found was at a local Chinese place I had been going to for years. I found a beetle in my food, nearly ate it too. It was on my fork only inches away from my mouth when i spotted it. Lucky me. I got my meal compensated and haven’t been there since.

    My mother in law found plastic wrap in her cheese enchilada from On The Border once. I don’t think that was in the list of ingredients, either.

  8. P.S. – Happy birthday to Kavan Smith.

    Do cast or crew have a cake baked for them by the catering crew if it’s their birthday on a working day???

    Just a thought.

  9. Great timing, Joe! We had carryout pizza for dinner tonight…

    You know the old joke about finding things in your food … the only thing worse than finding something bad is finding HALF of something bad… bwa ha ha

  10. Weirdest things I’ve ever had in my food: part of a page out of a physics textbook absorbing the grease on a pizza at Pizza Hut, and delivery Indian food with an eight-inch-long bit of caulking packaged with my lamb madras.

    Haven’t ordered from either place since, though the indian food was good I’ve kind of lost my interest in the use of sealant as garnish.

  11. Oh, just remembered – never had anything weird in restaurant food but once at the supermarket I did get a complimentary green tree snake in my iceberg lettuce.

    To quote Dr Beckett, “It was the most unsettling thing I’ve ever experienced”..

  12. *pout* Nothing very interesting has ever been in my food (although thats not a comentary on my cooking or the nearby resturants).
    Once I found a peice of plastic from my schools industrial mixer in some cake…my teacher when approached with the object just exclaimed ‘oh thats where it went’ nice. My brother found a peice of metal in a penny chew, he did complain and received a shop sized box (about a 1000) of chews from the company, which he generously shared. 🙂

  13. Dear Joe:

    I haven’t posted anything on your blog for awhile. I do like the new interface. And, thank-you for the Todd picture. I read a synopsis on “First Contact” that the Asgard has developed a device the would destroy the Wraith, didn’t the Asgard die and their home world blew up on SG1? So, how could the Asgard develop this device? Will that be a hologram of an Asgard? Why destroy the Wraith? They have been part of the story arc since “Rising PT2” Please don’t have them killed off as there are a lot of Wraith fans out there that enjoy episodes with the Wraith especially Todd.
    I also hope that Todd doesn’t get killed off either as he has grown into quite the anti-hero. Please don’t kill off my favourite anti hero. So, now that I have voiced my concerns on the future of the Wraith, I just want to thank-you for all the pictures and videos that you posted on your blog

    Take Care:


  14. Ummm…well, I’m not sure I would ata that pia place now that I know to be on the lookout for the above.

    OMG Joe…I turn 15 TOMORROW!!!!!!! I’m not joking…tomorrow is my 15th birthday! I’m going to the Keg for supper, and I will FINALLY get an iPod (no, I don’t have one yet). I can’t wait!!!!!!!!

    QUESTION: Have you ever found one of the things listed on the chart you posted?

  15. I think the strangest thing I ever found was a key in my pizza. A car key.
    Sadly, it did not unlock the BMW parked accrosss the street.

    Love the guard dogs!

  16. Patricia Lee
    If you are using the fabulous Firefox web browser, simply increase text size by using Ctrl +.
    Likewise reduce size using Ctrl – . Works on any site I’ve found so far.

    Handy dandy for those of us in the older crowd tired of squinting at tiny print on screens.

    Joe, I commiserate with your sneezing pup. The tree pollen outside is laying in a thick coat upon every surface, natural or man made. Stir the crap up with a soft breeze or take a breath and it’s gag city.

    Sneezing, coughing and eye-watering in New Jersey…

    Carol Z.

  17. Thing in food? Actually, it was a major crack in my water glass, which the waiter tried to cover up by sticking a lemon over the chip. Too bad for her I actually swallowed the glass chips (thought they were ice).

    The health department had a field day with the unsuccessful cover up. Cheers!

  18. Have to agree with NicoleT – eeeuuuuwwww that any food prep place could have a predetermined list for reports of non-ordered ingredients. I know I would not get any more stuff from them.

    I once found a plastic spider in a bottle of pop. Needless to say there was a strong overall unpleasant physyical reaction and that did not stop even when it was discovered it was plastic…by someone else not me. I would not touch that brand of pop again….ever! I still shudder at the thought. While I would not have been happier, I would have preferred the plank of wood.

    LOVED the bow wow’s sneezies.
    Thanks for puppy pictures; they have been missed!

  19. Hello Joe,

    I was wondering what would be the best way to email you or get into contact with you. I am starting a blog in which I review scifi/fantasy books. I would like some input on what would be the best books to read.

    Thank You

  20. Two worst take-out food experiences I’ve heard of:

    1) a friend of mine went to a pizza place and found a band-aid on his pizza. When he went up to the counter to complain he discovered the cook had been wearing the band-aid to cover up some of his scabs.

    2) another friend ordered a chicken burger and when she looked in the kitchen of the restuarant to see the woman making the burger, she caught the woman spreading mayo on the burger, licking the knife and then putting it back in the jar of mayo.

    And of course, there are stories in the news about such things. A few years ago a young woman bit into a Big Mac and discovered the remains of a rat’s head inside. There was also a woman who tried to sue Wendy’s when she found a thumb in her salad, but the case was dropped when it was discovered that it was her own severed thumb and she put in the salad intentionally in order to sue the restuarant and make some money for herself.

  21. I got a seashell in my spaghetti once.

    Had I not been on vacation and consequently unlikely to ever frequent the restaurant again, I certainly would never have frequented there again.

  22. 1) Puppies are adorable, as always.
    2) I keep meaning to ask you if “Fondy” is a nickname or short for something. Then I realize you’ve probably answered that 3023958290 times (or so). You need a FAQ, Mr. M.!
    3) When I was a teenager I remember going to dinner with my family. My salad came, and there was a dead bug in it. My mom snarled at me, “Stop whining and just pick it out. ” My dad joked about “extra protein.” Then my mom’s salad was found to have a dead bug. We promptly left the restaurant.

    For tales of “how do companies deal with bad situations”, read http://consumerist.com. It may change where you do your business and how.

  23. Thank you sooo much for the puppy pics! I really needed something to make me smile. I work in a college library and students during finals week are not pleasant.

  24. The weirdest thing I’ve found in my food was probably cheese. I was force fed the worst concoction imaginable – there were some extremely WRONG things in it, probably the least of which being actual raw rat (how I didn’t develop rabbies I’ll never know). However, there was a piece of cheese in there. Given that the rest was mostly raw rodent, insects, mud and whatever – I did find the cheese the weirdest thing in there – and it wasn’t even mouldy!

    God I hope the foster system in the US has improved in the last 11 years :-P.

    I did stop ordering from a pizza place when one day I was driving past and saw one of the staff scratching their ass. Nope, not through clothes – their hand was RIGHT in there. Yup, never ordered from there EVER again! In fact I very rarely eat out due to these “irrational” (I use that term very lightly) fears :-P.

    I do know of one person who ordered a fish supper (fish and chips) from a chippy here in Glasgow and got an actual severed finger in with his chips. That wasn’t pleasant!

  25. So much cuteness with that pup on your header. I clicked on the site and immediately was overcome with “aaahhhhhh!”
    Do the other writers get to be on set when their episodes are being shot? Or is that just one of the benefits of being a show runner? Sounds great to see your words become reality, but doesn’t it get a bit frustrating at times, when it just doesn’t come across how you envisioned it?
    ToCarol Z: thanks for the tip on enlarging the print, it works and I don’t even have Firefox.

  26. I’ve only found the ubiquitous Hair in things, but a girl once told me about a large roast beef she’d bought, cooked, and cut into. It was the most disgusting story I’d ever heard.

    Lulu is getting so big! I’m assuming French Bulldogs grow to be larger than Pugs — will she assert herself as the leader, or will the others lay the smackdown on her if she gets too pushy?

  27. KFC – I found a Large Insect of Unknown Variety fried into the skin. Employees thought it was hilarious.

    Taco Bell – Found a bolt in my taco. Employees declared that it wasn’t theirs!

    I no longer eat at these fine establishments.

    SGA fest on Scifi – wow, Tabula Rasa was/is really good.

  28. Let’s see the weirdest thing I’ve found in my food was a cockroach cooked into my thai food once. I knew the owner of the restaurant and told her and never had a problem again. It did take me a while to get up enough courage to go back since I typically wouldn’t, but the food was good until the restaurant closed. An employee of one of our family friends supposedly found part of a finger in his taco once at one of the fast food restaurants. We told him not to go there since the people don’t pay attention nor care. Try working at Baskin Robbins and scoop a hair out of the middle of the tub that isn’t the same length or color of anyone who works at the store. That always makes me gag, but it doesn’t happen that often so don’t worry if you go into a Baskin Robbins in Vancouver. We’re trained to pay attention and scoop it out before anyone notices.

  29. My roomate in college broke her tooth when she chomped down on a bolt in a dominos pizza. When we called to complain they hung up on us…I don’t think they believed us because of our age at the time. I always wondered how a bolt could wind up in a pizza.

  30. Thanks for the puppy pics, so cute, is that Bubba or Jelly sneezing/barking? bless them for me. just read you interview at gw. cool. Looking forward to Robert Picardo in s5. Watching the reruns of SGA tonight on sci-fi, good way to prepare for S5. Have a great day!

  31. Hi, been a while since I’ve posted anything here. It’s been a busy spring with a new foal crop and finally had a free weekend to splurge myself for my birthday last Friday. So, I flew to Sioux Falls, SD to meet up with a friend on Thursday and we drove to Deadwood to see another friend in her opening night of a play.

    We woke up Friday morning to approx. 3.5 feet of snow outside our hotel! Living as far south US as I do I rarely get to see snow, except on tv and movies, so it was quite a thrill to have so much for my birthday (despite the fact we were worried as heck about getting car dug out of drift totally covering it so we could leave Sat. morning so I could catch my Sunday morning flight.) Unfortunately the play was cancelled Friday night and we couldn’t hang around for Saturday night performance.

    BTW, the character on Hogan’s Heroes was Col. Wilhelm Klink

  32. Hey Joe,
    love the dogs I have got to ask i can take it any more lol

    1 are there any good Rodney owies next season
    2 ive noticed the last few seasons rodney and lots of water
    will be treated to another wet and soaked epp?

    barb owensboro ky

  33. Aren’t the Asgard dead by now? So why is there an Asgard in The Lost Tribe? And where is Col. Ellis?

  34. we like the same kind of characters. thanks for answering the question.

    I’ve found weird things in my food also, probably the weirdest being a burnt order ticket at a restaurant for another’s person table. I agree if I found an insect or worse, I wouldn’t be eating at the place again anytime soon.

    lovely dogs. 😀

  35. Awww……the pugs are adorable! You had beautiful weather today!

    Gross/Weird item in my food: I found several dead ants in a box of chocolate chip Entenmans cookies—I had already eaten 3-4 cookies before my discovery.

    Gross Restaurant Experience: While waiting in the take-out line at Pancho’s, I saw a kitchen worker sneeze into her hand, wipe her hand on her pants and go back to making tacos with the ‘sneeze hand’. I got out of line and never went back. Ick. No “special sauce” for me thankyouverymuch.

  36. “Carol Z
    Patricia Lee
    If you are using the fabulous Firefox web browser, simply increase text size by using Ctrl +.
    Likewise reduce size using Ctrl – . Works on any site I’ve found so far.

    Handy dandy for those of us in the older crowd tired of squinting at tiny print on screens.”

    Carol, Thank you a thousand times over… it worked great… I am soooooooooo happy! You Rock!

    Gratefully reading without squinting!!!!

    Patricia Lee

  37. The strangest thing I ever found in food was while my husband and I were stationed in Germany I bought a bag of potatoes. After boiling several I discovered as I tried to stick a fork in it that one was a lovely potato shaped rock that weighed about 8 ounces. I’ve always wondered what would have happened if it had been sent to a potato chip factory. I kept the rock and think I still have the thing somewhere although not in my kitchen :).

  38. I can’t recall ever finding anything really crazy in my food. I do remember, though, that it used to be a sort of door prize if you found the coin or whatever baked into the cake. So at least if you choked or broke a tooth, you won something, too.

  39. My mom bit into a muffin at Souplantation and found a screw in it. Like, a metal screw. Maybe a quarter of an inch in diameter, but like an inch long! Oh, and my dad ate a bag of potato chips that had a grasshopper in the bottom. It had been fried with the chips, so um, he ate it. Gross, right?

    The weirdest thing I’ve personally found was a half of a bug in a package of ready-made salad. It was halfway to my mouth before I realised.

  40. The pugs are so adorable. Guard dogs? I used to have a feisty pekingese I would have recommended for that role. She was small but she was quite a handful.

    Sorry, no weird food stories here. I apparently live a sheltered life. I am curious, though, if you’ve read any of Glenn Cook’s Black Company books? If so, what did you think of them. If not, I recommend the first three books in the Chronicles of the Black Company.

    Will you see the new “Iron Man” film?

  41. I found a dead fish on my pizza once.

    Oh wait, I guess somebody ordered anchovies…….

  42. Things found in my food….hair that was not mine, also I was cooking dinner at home and found a metal bristle from a scrubbing type machine in a box of Rice-a- Roni.

  43. I don’t know which one of your dogs sneezed, but it was awfully cute.

    My mom makes dinner at home most of the time. We’re all dark-headed. But the hair we discovered in the food she made was lighter than everyone else’s hair. Sure, not that weird, but I’m not complaining.

  44. I found two oversize toothpicks in my taquitos I had ordered at a sports bar a few weeks ago (compensation = free dinner)

    One of my friends briefly worked as a restaurant inspector with the dept. of health in NYC – I don’t know which was scarier – the stories she told about what they saw in the kitchens or the size of some of the potential bribes to ‘look the other way.’

  45. I once encountered an alcoholic merman who asked if I would care to join him in a glass of champagne, in which he himself was already immersed. (It was a very large glass.) The champagne tasted like fish. I really hate when that happens.

    For breakfast, I had an immense serving of fish-tail sushi, and found nothing whatsoever strange in it.

    The same can’t be said for what the housekeeping staff found.

  46. I very much enjoyed reading your creative and deliciously grotesque list of foreign objects found in pizza. Especially, I appreciated the fine touch of saving the most horrifying item for last.

  47. I’ve found:

    (in my drink) a dead bee and rusty screw
    (in my grapes) bird poop
    (sitting on top of my strawberry salad) a lime green worm of some kind doing a dance as if to say, “Hah, now you can’t eat this!” (and it was right)

    For the dead bee and rusty screw, I just had a mild panic attack when I thought I may have ingested bits of something I was allergic too.

    For the bird poop I got a very apologetic lunch lady who told me to go ahead and grab an extra dessert.

    For the little worm I got a very apologetic manager, chef, waitress, and pretty much everyone who worked there coming up to me and being as nice as possible. Also, my family and I got our meal(s) for free and I was offered something else for free.

    The worst things I’ve found in my food though have to be avocado and roast beef. Those things apply to me the way lemons apply to McKay.

  48. Mr. Mallozzi,

    I’m not sure if you’ll read this comment, but I’m hoping you will. I’m currently working on a research paper, for my english class, on the mental and physical process of creating a script. I have a few question’s I’d like to ask you, and if you are able to free some time up for me, is there an email address I can send my questions to? If not, then no worries.


  49. Aw… she sneezed! So cute! When we took our dog home, she had periods where she would sneeze hours on end, prob. because we had just adopted her and she was stressed about the whole situation… poor pup! So far, she has proven to be a professional at burping quite loud, how about your dogs? I think that would make a great video!

    Btw, I love the new lay-out of the website!

  50. I work in a deli/butcher thing in a supermarket, and a customer found a chunk of metal actually embedded in the chicken breast.
    I used to work for Domino’s Pizza… the worst thing I saw on a pizza was a fly… I like ham and pineapple!
    Worst pizza ever… meat-pie pizza (Australia)… what were they thinking!

  51. Hey, Joe!

    The weirdest thing we’ve ever found in food is a rather large hunk of metal that looked like it had fallen off of a machine. It was in a roast beef sandwich from Lion’s Choice. As luck would have it, my husband was giving Atkin’s a try at the time, and so had taken the top off the bun to eat just the meat. Who knows what would have happened if he’d just bitten into it?

    I’m not much of a small dog person (I prefer the ones that have to wind up to bark), but yours are so cute! 😀


  52. OOOOOOH!!! Is there gonna be a new picture at the top of your blog every day???

    NarelleFromAus writes: “Locally in Aus, a set of sneakers or shoes thrown over a power line means that there is an affluent pit bull owner in the near vicinity.”

    Answer: Really?

    Where I’m from (not Cleveland… the other place), sneakers over the power lines mean there’s a drug dealer in the vicinity…. at least, so I am told…. I tend to avoid establishments with sneakers on the power lines outside!!!!

  53. Hello Joe, will Teyla be in “The Lost Tribe”? I read that Shepard’s team is scattered but she is not listed. Is she on Atlantis taking care of her son?

  54. Hi Joe,

    Like the new layout of your blog! Very nice!
    Oh my! That’s a big piece of wood in the pizza!
    Cute doggie video! Great pic! Is it Lulu?

    I have found many an object in my meals mainly when I used to get take away from KFC or maccas! I haven’t eaten them for years! Which is a good thing! The things I found were really grose that I can’t even say! I had afood experience when I was in Kula Lumpor! Mainly yummy dumplings! Then I went to a different place that I hadn’t gone to before & had a animal parts that westerners would normally eat!

    Your blog always brings a smile to my face even when I am having a lousy day!

    Thanks heaps for your great blog!

    Take Care & happiness always!

  55. Trying to adopt the same puppy look we see at the top of the page. Joe, thank you very much for the dedication – I am honored.

    Heya Anne:
    One of my favorite lines from StarGate…;
    It is my honor to serve!

  56. Just last week my mother found a piece of plastic in her salad when we were out for lunch… I personally thought it was just a wussy piece of lettuce until it was fished out, to reveal that, no, that actually was plastic. Personally, I once found this lovely little ornate pearl earring baked into some macaroni casserole in my high school caf lunch once in the ninth grade. In, not on or under. …I had this penchant for packed lunches after that.

    Sadly, though, I did not find the matching earring. Which would have at least been neat, because once the cheese and meat sauce was cleaned off, I’m sure the pair of them would have looked really nice.

  57. That is one powerful attack sneeze! *laughs* Does anyone in the pack have allergies? I’ve had a golden retriever who’d get an ear infection whenever water got in her ears (go figure) and my current pooch, a Pomeranian/Beagle mix, has a constant ear allergy that requires ear drops.

  58. Correct me if I’m wrong, but does SGA filming go on hiatus during the summer? If so, when do you pick up again, and why take a break in the middle?

    And, I couldn’t help copying other comments I’ve read, and I’m giddy with excitement-wish me luck, I finish graduate school tomorrow!

  59. Weirdest thing in my food… well, actually drink..I was pouring out my kids some Hawaiian punch a few years ago, and just as we had all drank half the bottle, I noticed something floating in the bottom, about the size of a fist. I shrieked and was having visions of a rat in there, but we soon discovered it was a rubber piece broken off from the handle of one of their bottle scrubbers. It was bigger than the neck of the bottle so couldn’t get it out, but wanted the company to see it, so I sent the whole bottle back with the grimy rubber scrubber in it. lol My big reward for being creeped out? Two coupons for free bottles. It’s funny now,but I still remember the panic thinking it was some kind of filthy rodent.

  60. I found a worm in my Frosted Mini Wheats a few years back. I called the company who tried to convice me that it was wheat shreads and not a worm. When I protested they asked me to mail them the worm so they could prove to me that it wasn’t a worm. I found this absurd and chose to discontinue eating Frosted Mini Wheats instead.

    Way back in high school there was something odd and green in my cheese burger. When I brought it up to the lunch lady she used her fingers to rip out the offending and unidentified green object and handed me back the burger. I thanked her and put the burger in the trash.

    My brother in law works in HVAC and servces a lot of restaurants. He really doesn’t eat out anymore after getting a behind the scenes look at what goes on in the kitchen.

  61. Once had a cup of “to go” coffee–not Starbucks– and when I got to the bottom of the syrofoam cup, I found a drowned roach–I lost my lunch, breakfast, and whatever else was available. Haven’t thought of that in years. Gee thanks.

  62. I was halfway done eating my dumplings that I ordered to go and I found a spider stuck onto a dumpling i was about to put in my mouth. I called and got my money back, and they offered me more dumplings, but how could I eat more.

    Also once I was eating some seafood risotto from and chewed on a piece of staple. Good thing , well sort of, it was a used staple, not a sharp prong like one….

    And of course whenever we have barbecue outside there’s always a bug on something ;[

    I was also watching an Doppelganger today and was wondering do you think it would have made sense to try to gain access to Mckay’s mind with the help of the entities featured in the episode “home” the fog like entity? Just wondering.

  63. Not sure if this will be something you’ll be interested in but doing a Film a TV degree myself I found this book incredibly useful dealing with primarily re-writes. The Book is called ‘Making a good script great’ By Linda Segar and deals with a lot of the problems presented with re-writes rather then initial scripts themselves. Not sure if it’s something you still look towards learning from but though I would recommend it anyway. Will post more comments when season 5 airs, keep up the good work until then. Inpa.

  64. Though I can’t top your list of potential objects to be found in my pizza…..I know someone who found a plastic to go cup lid in the bottom of their soup bowl, only discovering after eating most of their soup. At this same restaurant, I witnessed a waitress take the extra silverware sans napkin wrap, just miscellaneous spoons, knives and forks off one table, and place them on another table. I’ve chipped a tooth on asparagus, which makes me wonder what was in that asparagus…..or was it broccoli? Well anyway it was green.

  65. Awwwww, love the new header! 😀

    Odd stuff in my food: Hair, of course — I suppose we all find that at one point or another. Plastic bristles in a latin cheese pastry. And a spider in my mac and cheese, but I’m not sure that counts.

    We had spotted it crawling around the stove while we were cooking and lost track of it. When I was stirring the stuff together, we (my cousins and I) caught sight of it (luckily) in the pot. And promptly lost our appetites. It was months before I could eat mac & cheese again!

    Today I found raisin in my bread. Which would have been fine if it were raisin bread, but it was supposed to just be low-fat wheat which I was using to make a beef, cheese, and mayo sandwich. )Actually, I’m not even a hundered percect sure it *was* a raisin ….)

    We can never have pizza together, Joe. I adore pineapple on my pizza — it’s my fave topping!

    I’m not going to fret about The Lost Tribe — like Joe said, Todd’s a multi-dimensional character. He’s at war, humans are technically an enemy, and anyway, we don’t even know for sure yet that he *would* harm people even when he threatens to. Maybe he;s just trying to getthe humans to do what needs must be done, kinda like when John or Ronon threaten McKay. But even if Todd does mean it about kiling, I can totally see Todd as a big picture, end-justify-the-means, needs-of-the-many sort of guy who, as a commander, could consider the collateral damage as a necessary evil — any commander in battle must be prepared for it, right? At any rate, however things turn out, I trust that it will serve the story and will make sense on regards to the character. And I’ll brace myself to be heartbroken still, because a good story can still break your heart! XD

    BTW, from what I’ve read of The Queen, that’s another ep I’m dyin’ to see! I’m so glad the season’s starting in July instead of September! (Although I hope Dragon*Con/Labour Day weekend falls during the hiatus, then …)

  66. In college I found a colored push-pin smooshed into the top of my hamburger bun.

    There was a dead, drowned roach in my grandmother’s honey pot, stuck to the drizzler. I didn’t know what it was until my older sister gasped, and by that point I had already served myself and consumed some.

    I’ve found plastic bits in a bag of coffee beans, and bugs in salads.

  67. I see someone’s been playing with settings again.

    Weirdest thing in food? Had a large piece of plastic in a hot dog once, although that is definitely topped by the beetle a friend found in her salad – especially since the beetle was still running around. Yuck. Needless to say, we never went back to that restaurant again.

    And coins in cake? My mother used to wrap coins in wax paper and put them between the layers of birthday cakes when we were kids. Never in the batter, though, that’s just strange.

  68. Hi Joe!

    Adorable, er, fierce puppy video! 🙂

    Weirdest thing I’ve found in my food? My friend ordered a chicken salad, and the chunks of chicken still had a bit of the plastic labeling on it, so she actually could “read her food.” (She didn’t eat any plastic.)

    I’ve found a hair (not mine) in restaurant food and hair (mine) in food I’ve cooked. Also, an occasional bug floating in my drink or soup.

    I guess nothing too weird. That makes me kinda happy. 🙂


  69. I’m very very very paranoid of what I eat, as I am deathly afraid of vomiting, so most of what I eat is homemade by my mom, who has a good eye for picking the best bits of food on the market. We even make our own pizzas! Thus, I haven’t come across any foreign objects.

    There was, however, that one time when I discovered a spot of mold on a store-bought hotdog bun. I was pretty much freaked, and refused to eat store-bought bread for a few months, forcing my mom to buy a breadcooker and make our own bread.

    I’m just weird, I guess. Heh.

    Thanks for answering my question! Looks like the end of my Stargate marathon will end with a bang!

    Speaking of which, let’s continue with the mini reviews:

    Cold Lazarus was heart-wrenching. The scene of Jack rocking back and forth in Charlie’s room actually made me tear-up, just because it’s so hard to watch him in that condition. I thought Sara’s actress, Harley Jane Kozak, did a great job portraying this love-struck, yet confused women who was pulled, without warning, into the wild world of Stargate. Still, it was clear that that was a final goodbye at the end there, with Sara saying “take care of yourself, Jack”, more to herself than Jack. And Crystal!Jack’s “speech” to our Jack near the end was so very innocent and child-like; the crystal followed logic and had no sense of what human beings were like, and in a way brought out the more human side of Jack. Brilliant tale.

    The Nox…wonderful episode. I’d say the first, truly, spectacular episode of Stargate, as in something to really make you say “wow”. I’ll admit, most of that is thanks to Joel Goldsmith’s phenomenal score, but the whole philosophy and way of speaking of the Nox really contributed as well. They seemed so calm and wise, which they were, obviously. The ending reveal of the Nox’s floating city sent chill down my spine. I gotta say, even though I’m loving the current Stargate episodes, these early ones definitely had a nice, different charm to them. Every alien race we encountered was unique and well-developed for what they are. The Nox and the energy crystals, specifically. We explored their culture, their…way, as it were. These days, any new planet we go to are just a means to an end, with the end leading to one of our usual enemies (i.e. pretty much every village in seasons 9 and 10 of SG1; they were all just ways to reveal info about the Ori, pretty much; or they get attacked…by the Ori). The exploration of culture and strange new worlds have, IMHO, and unfortunately, fallen by the wayside in recent years. I’d love to see a return to this, even if it’s just for one episode.

    Could the emergence of other, more advanced species in Pegasus in Season 5 be an answer to this? I guess I’ll wait and see. 😉

    Minireview of Brief Candle after dinner.

  70. Darn it, I got so excited about figuring out the pit bull owner clue that I commented on the wrong page! I’m not repeating the beavigator story, but you can still see the cool cake, and check yesterday’s post if you’re curious about the origins.

    The sneakers over the wires have the same implications in Midwest USA as they do in AUS, apparently. Small world, eh?

    I don’t think I’ve ever found anything particularly odd in my food, at least that wasn’t supposed to be there. I’ve had some odd food in my food, though.

  71. Food? Hair, of course. Flat frog in the lettuce. Chunk of plastic spatula in a burger. Meal worms in the cake mix, ants in my Honey Puffed Wheat. Pebbles in my flat bread in Shiraz, but that’s what the dough is cooked on, a bed of rocks in the oven. Meh, you can pick that stuff out and it won’t hurt you. Living overseas, I acquired a rather casual attitude about extra ingredients. Worst? Squirmy bugs under the chocolate coating of my Baby Ruth, again, in Shiraz. Still can’t eat that brand of candy bar after a mouthful of unidentified crawling insects.

    I do know a lady found gum in her Wendy’s burger. The meat is pattied up fresh daily; the guys were horsing around and one of them lost his gum. Sure enough, she found it during lunch rush cooked right into the top patty of her double cheeseburger. Not one of us said a word to the manager. Yeah, free hamburgers, lots of them.

    I asked hubby about weird food. He laughed. He did try to eat the plastic seaweed in the sushi pack once. Chewed and chewed on it. I still giggle. He says buckshot in the venison doesn’t count. And some of the food he’s eaten in Thailand or Korea, such as roasted water bugs or kim-chee preserved fish do count as surprises even when intentionally consumed. One word: balut.

    And then there were the New Year’s bento boxes the neighbor lady brought us each year. I could identify the Golden Roe, and a few other sticky treats involving small fish and pickled veggies, and the surimi, but most of the tid-bits were complete mysteries. Expensive, hand-prepared mysteries which the cats enjoyed very much.

    Oddest thing I bought: a can of peas and carrots that when opened contained liquid, one pea and one carrot cube.

    And let’s not get started about some of the military chow halls … green chicken anyone? Civilian contractors suck!

  72. Steve’s pizza didn’t happen to be wood-fired… that would explain the hunk of wood?

  73. I really don’t have any good weird-stuff-in-food stories (the best I can offer is the miller bug larva in the elbow macoroni…and that was no big deal…just skim ’em off the top of the boiling water).

    However, one friend of the family is a magnet for such things. He’s found a cockroach in his salad, a bug in his soup, and a chicken toe in his chicken nugget. And those are just the ones that come to mind immediately.

  74. Hi Joe…

    What can you throw at this Teyla craze fan regarding her role in Season 5 that you haven’t mentioned already?

    In Season 4 Sheppard showed the most emotional effect towards Teyla’s pregnancy. Who will be mostly affected this season by the new challenges Teyla will face once her child is born besides Teyla, of course.

    Will there be any real significant revelations this season? any hints?

    Lastly, I really missed the team episodes in Season 4, Joe! Will Season 5 be different in this sense than Season 4? What will the general feel/focus be for this season in your opinion and from what you’ve written/produced so far?

    Thank you,

  75. Puppies!! Sweet Lulu and sneezy Jelly or Bubba? Poor thing. I hope they don’t suffer from allergies this time of year. They look so happy and much loved. Thanks!!

    Thing in the food: Two weeks ago I got a take-out large dinner salad from Bob’s Big Boy. I dumped Italian dressing all over it and was happily stuffing my face until I flipped over a piece of lettuce and…beetle. Considering how much dressing I poured over it, I was amazed it was still alive.

    Being a volunteer naturalist, I was intrigued. I flipped through my “Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Insects and Spiders”, noticing it had two orange-ish chevron markings on its back (a corporal?), was rather plump and seemed to enjoy the Italian dressing as it roamed around the iceberg looking for a spot of dry land.

    Just an FYI… I discovered there are no beetles with orange chevron markings native to southern California, or evidently anywhere else in North America. Before I could dump the bugger outside, it flew away.

    I’ve been searching my apartment for little mutant Bob’s ever since.

  76. So about the weird thing in food subject… I was at Red Robin with my mother about 10 or 11 years ago and I ordered a salad. I was crunching along, thinking nothing of it when I clamped down on somthing really really hard. When I pulled it out of my mouth I saw a large chunck of brown bottle glass. It was about the size of half a marble but not round. I believe it is how I injured my tooth which I’ve now had five root canals on, but didn’t put two and two together until weeks later when my tooth started to hurt.

    The manager came over and was actually pretty rude. He incinuated that we put it in the salad. I worked at a resturaunt waiting tables for 7 years and never would have treated a customer that way especially when they found glass in their food! Anyway they guy asked if I wanted anything else to replace it and I just said no. They ended up comping our meals. I’ll tell you what hair in my food is very very very very gross and it make my skin crawl. I have waiste length hair and never once had a customer find hair in their food. But glass that was pretty scary.

    So any shep whump updates 🙂 Have a great night, Nicole.

  77. Hey Joe!
    Love the new layout, the pic of Maximus(?) at the top of the page is just too cute.

    The strangest thing I’ve found is my food is melted Tupperware on some pork back ribs. My mom stores her extra containers, pots and pans in the oven when not in use. I recall my mom shouting in shock and pointing at the glowing goo that was dripping off the upper rack onto our dinner. LOL I’ve had my fair share of BPA (bisphenol A) exposure that’s for sure!


  78. As far as I can recall, the only weird thing I’ve found in my food is hair…which isn’t that weird, but is still pretty gross. I enjoyed that chart though, it gave me a good laugh after a stressful day.

    I just noticed that TH1RTE3N is on you list as having recently been read…did you review it and I missed it? If not, what did you think? I started it a while ago but got swamped with school and have been meaning to go back to it.

  79. mmm i found maggots in my salad and fries now that was gross. got another meal but wasnt to hungry and didnt have to pay. last time i went their i remember of.

  80. Good morning all.
    Firstly, thanks for the interest in my assessment, I managed to remain upright and breathing and also to achieve a previously unheard of 100% in the english section (it really wasn’t much of a challenge) and as I was called away before I could do the maths one I’m scheduled for that one today at 9.30.

    Question: Has ANYONE ever seen anyone else in the act of getting trainers over a line? Has anyone ever seen the remains of anyone run over in the process of trying to put trainers over a line? Over here it just means someone is running around without trainers on and possibly too much time on their hands. Believe me it just doesn’t happen in cornwall, the cornish are too tight to part with the money for a new pair of laces never mind trainers.

    Thanks for the video Joe, I think I’d be deterred from breaking into your place if I was going to get sneezed at too.

  81. Hi Joseph!!!

    Just a couple of questions.

    Will there be an in depth look into wraith lives and culture? More wraith social dynamics? More main wraith characters who are not insane (Michael) and who do not die in one or two episodes (Steve, that keeper, most of em, etc. etc.)? It would be nice to have a main Queen around also. I like seeing a woman in power, lol.

    It would be cool to see the wraith in another light other than “they are evil, let’s shoot em all!” And it would also be veeeery cool if all of them did not die out (Asgard) because I think the killing of an entire species is an overused plot. : (
    Also, it was the wraith that got me into watching SGA in the first place, lol!

  82. Hi Joe

    Will you be taking any pictures of Joe Flanigan for your blog soon?

    Thank you

  83. Odd things in food? Well, I once found a rubber band smooshed inside of a shrimp dumpling at a dim sum place. And once, when I was a kid, I was pouring some cereal (which will go unnamed) into a bowl and I swear, this dead bug fell out of the box. My mom proceeds to tell me to stop complaining and that it probably fell out of the shopping bag holding the box of cereal and not from the cereal itself. Of course, she was singing a totally different tune 3 hours later when our downstairs bathroom and I became BFF. Ugh…

  84. It is really disturbing the read all the things people have found in food. I guess I have been pretty lucky to avoid all of this. Perhaps I should pay more attention to what I am eating??

  85. Oh for cryin’ out loud…Ok, due to various stupid moves on my part, this is the third time I had to write up this comment. Here we go again…

    Alright, Brief Candle. I liked it well enough. I’d put it above Broca Divide and Emancipation, but below First Commandment, Cold Lazarus, and The Nox. Children of the Gods isn’t part of the list since it’s a 2-parter with a bigger budget, and thus won’t be a fair match-up.

    I guess you call me a moral relativist. I “forgave” the bad guy Chieftain in Emancipation since he was following the law of the land, the only law that he knew and which would bring him and his tribe power and prestige. Similiarily, I cannot fault Kynthia in this episode for drugging Jack, as it’s customary on her planet. I cannot blame someone for following the rules he/she has lived by his/her life.

    Well…within reason, I suppose.

    I also liked the relationship between Jack and Kynthia, despite the fact that it was one of those dreaded Captain Kirk Romances that last one episode and are forgotten about. I chock this up to RDA’s wonderful portrayl. Of course, I thought Kynthia’s actress, Bobbie Phillips, did a pretty good job too, so that helped.

    One interesting point made in the episode was, what would you do if your life was lengthened significantly? Everyone on Argos would now have to ask themselves this question, and I found it facinating. Would they continue to party as hard? Would they, like Alekos, now wander the globe looking for knowledge? And what would happen if we got that chance as well? Where would we go? What would we do? Do we even want that? Something to think about.

    Finally, I just like to point out how, during 2 of the Jack/Kynthia moments, the Fifth Race theme (i.e. the music played near the end of…well, The Fifth Race) started playing! I was shocked when I heard that, because I pay close attention to the music in Stargate, so hearing it so early on in the series, and during scenes that had nothing to do with its eventual context was both strange and amusing. I guess it was a coincidence.

    On tap tomorrow: Thor’s Hammer, The Torment of Tantalus, and Bloodlines. I can’t wait!!

  86. I’m surprised the employee from the Pizza establishment did not try the whole “wood fired pizza” line… and finished it with a “titty-boom-cha”

    While I haven’t found anything too disgusting in my food I would like to expand the Terms of Reference if possible.

    A very interesting friend decided that an authentic Nepalese restaurant was on the cards for dinner.

    He ordered Goat kidneys. I’m pretty sure they had been shipped in from Nepal .. not in refrigeration … possibly by the goat who once housed the kidneys.

    I tried some and while there wasn’t a plank of wood in the food, those kidneys taste damn foreign to me! He asked how they tasted. I could only reply “like goat kidneys”. While usually being adventurous in what I try, I stuck with my goat’s milk yoghurt smoothie for dinner.

    Seems that at least the affluent pit bull owners are consistent throughout the planet. Yup, well done guys.
    Let us know how you go with your sneaker spotting Joe 🙂

    Speaking of such, we watched a doco on the Canadian mob the other night. Here I was thinking Canada was all peaceful and harmonious. Pfft! With your cultural roots and snazzy attire, ever get people confusing you as the not so much “well-mannered Executive Producer” but more the “Why, are they ASICS or Nike hanging out the front? And excuse me while I clean your shoes… with my unworthy spittle” or have I been watching too much Underbelly?

  87. Found a whole potato in a bag of crisps once. I used to work for Thorntons, the British chocolate company. We used to get one or two odd items returned, like finger nails, paper and once an insect.
    Sometimes though you were just utterly convinced that a person had put the foreign object in there themselves to try and gain some un-deserved reparation.

  88. Knowing how frequently you are misquoted on this grand internet thing, I’d like to ask if it’s true that you said romance would feature more heavily in season 5? If it is true, can you give a hint? Will it be romance that has been touched on in previous seasons, new relationships, or both? 🙂

  89. -stares- Joe, PLEASE tell me you’re kidding about the chart, that’s disgusting! -tries to recall if she has any gross food stories- Lucky for you, I’ve a notoriously bad memory, the only birthday party I’ve ever had that I remember every detail of is this past one, back in March. Last year? Nope. Year before? Nada.

  90. Aww the pug!!! Love the vid too.. I said ‘bless you’ out loud, glad I’m alone here lol.

    Now as for weird or foreign objects in food.. can’t say I’ve had any – knowingly.

    I wonder how much snot, sperm, hair, bugs, spit, food that’s off.. we’ve had in our food without knowing..

    Scuse me whilst I barf.

  91. It’s been so long since we’ve seen the babies. Glad to see them looking so well.

    Oh. And ferocious. Completely ferocious! 🙂

    My food finds have been limited to meat bones where they shouldn’t be.

    My mom, on the other hand, seems to find all sorts of things ranging from bugs (sadly, all too easy in a restaurant) to glass and plastic.

    So that either means my mom is really unlucky, or I am very inattentive to what I eat!

  92. i found a bolt in some bairn brack ( sweet bread with added dried fruit) i would have foned the company but figured i couldnt prove it so why bother. i lost the boly but ive still got a chipped tooth

  93. My sister carried a lady bug around in her purse for a couple of years after receiving a free salad from a fancy restaurant where she found an innocent lady bug in her ordered salad. I guess she felt if she was ever desperate enough to want a free salad somewhere, she had the ammunition (shades of Victor Victoria). As far as I know, she never used it. Then one day, she cleaned her purse and was looking for the lady bug only to discover it gone. I always wondered if somebody ate it.

  94. I’ve never found anything strange in my food – either I’m lucky, or I should wear my glasses when I eat.

  95. Like the new look of the website.
    Thanks for the video of Lulu and Bubba.
    Take care

  96. Hi Joe,

    I was just reading the Kavan Smith interview at Gateworld and I think I need to send him a peace offering – he’s still talking about Spansky and it’s been years :-D.

    Anyhoo, when do you next see him? Could I please send something via you?

    Of course I’ll make it worth your while – I know your currency – or have you had enough chocolate lately?

    Cheers, Chev

  97. Love the new layout Joe. I find it so much easier to read.

    Isn’t the summer hiatus coming up soon? When does it start and do you have any travel plans or are you stuck in the office for the whole time?

    My summer plans are to go to Baltimore to see David & Kate Hewlett & Jewel Staite at the SHORELEAVE convention. SGUEE!!!

    Would love to see you at an East Coast con one day. : ) : )

  98. Weirdest thing I’ve ever found in my food was a piece off a brilo pad in my salad once. Mild aparently compaired to everyone elses.

  99. I was a long-haul trucker for 81/2 years, so you can, maybe, imagine the sotrs of nasty surprises that can turn up in plate of food. I won’t go into details, but if you eat in the truck stops, food poisoning is an inevitable fact of life for most truckers. The small Mom and Pop’s have the best, and usually safest, food!

    Folks, if you’ve never had food poisoning, I do NOT recommend putting it on your “Things to Experience Before I Die” list!

    PS: Very nice new layout, thank you very, very much for the Todd pic, and I’ll hang in there for Season 5. I just may have to put off the buying of Seasons 1-4, as real life has happened yet again.

  100. Joe,

    Thank you for answering my question of yesterday! I’ve got others! 😛

    Do you like apple pie? I personally love it very much, but the problem is I always manage to find everything from the apple in there that isn’t supposed to be in there! Ew! So now I mostly settle for others.

    Is there any chance of seeing Connor Trinneer in more than one episode next season?

    Hope the sun is coming out over there, cos it’s getting really nice in Belgium!

    Love, Spikey.

  101. Salut mon Joseph adoré!!! sa va ???

    Waaou!!!! super photo de chien sur le blog!! c’est génial^^!!

    Sayer!!! Mon long week end commence ! et toute ma famille va venir chez moi^^ c’est coool! ..mais malhreusement je ne pourrais pas aller me baigner…je suis dans une période.;comment dire ..où il n’est pas trés conseiller de se baigner lol!

    Lol je vous raconte toute ma vie c’est incroyable, attender,d’habitude c”est toujour moi qui écoute les autres..pour une fois que sa change^^

    si vous saviez se qu’ont a retrouver dans la nourriture de la cantine de mon lycée..(cheveux, vert..) En plus un jours plus de 300 personne ont été intoxiquer!

    D’aprés la video, il fait beau a Vancouver^^! c’est incroyable comment un peu de soleil peu aigailler une journée =)


    1) Aimez vous le hockey?
    2)Entre cuisine française et Japonaise..Laquel choisiriez vous?

    Voila =) bonne journée! je vous adooreeeee!!!!♥

  102. Thornyrose wrote:
    Early post for you tonight. Finished up the cave problem early and I’ve decided to stay in the hotel to enjoy the Atlantis episodes airing tonight. Doppleganger is on now. This episode gets better with each viewing.

    I couldn’t wait for the season 4 DVD release and SciFi was scheduling reruns so sporadically and inconveniently where I live that I got them all from Amazon.com’s Unbox downloads. They look great on my PC. Doppleganger is one of my favorites – I’ve watched it 5 or 6 times. Joe F gets to show Sheppard from all sides in this episode.


  103. Actually, the weirdest thing in my pizza is actually really gross and makes me gag every time I think about it:

    I picked up my slice, (and I find it very difficult to actually write this out because the sensation begins to assail me one more time) and after biting it discovered that particular mouthful had a clump of hair in it, under the cheese. Not a single piece or one or two hairs. A CLUMP.


    Needless to say it took me a very long time to begin eating pizza again and never from that particular place. I never told anyone at the time and the retelling makes me sick and I can’t get the words out, so um, yeah.

  104. Wood eh? Perhaps Steve ordered the “wood fired” pizza and the shop took him literally?

    I once bit into a HUGE piece of glass on a slice of delivery pizza. Cut my lip a bit. I called the shop just to let them know about the little unrequested topping and they reluctantly mustered a “hmmm sorry”. Sorry? No “are you ok?” “Need stitches?”. Never ordered from them again, and told anyone who would listen about their “special topping”.

    Thanks for the video of the pooches! Lulu is getting big. Relatively speaking.

  105. the weirdest thing I ever found in my food?

    Well their was a (used) plaster inside of a rum truffle *shivers*
    and a wasp baked into a bread roll.
    the latter is not much of a problem for me, since I hardly ever eat breakfast at all. But I dislike rum truffles ever since 😉

  106. I once got to the bottom of my french fries only to find a large dead cockroach in the bottom. I went back to show the famous establishment their mistake and they handed me a new box of fries and sent me on my way. Needless to say I was not interested in anymore french fries…

  107. Noticed in the mailbag Narelle from Aus’ comment about sneakers, and yep she is right. I’m not exactly sure why it’s shoes over a power line, but then again, perhaps the people who invented that little communication technique weren’t in the right mind state to think logically.

    As for things in food… Hmm I once had a really delicious thai chicken salad and was about halfway through the dish when I noticed the complimentary live caterpillar. My friend wasn’t sympathetic either, just saying “at least you know it’s fresh”.

    Oh, and in a mushroom linguine I found an unidentifiable red label AND a hair. The response I got when I took it back was the offer of another serving, with a twenty minute wait. Now that’s service, isn’t it?!

    Oh yeah, I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to comment on yesterday’s post. I really like your new layout, especially the numbered comments.

  108. Just a note from a lurker – I have a job interview today that I find myself woefully ill-prepared for due to a number of conflicting commitments. Dedicate a blog to me? 8) (those should be puppy dog eyes, not psycho-lady eyes – though that might not be entirely inappropriate either.)

  109. Ran across some info on “Lost Tribe” today, and I’m a bit disturbed. There have been previous insinuations that Radek is a bit of a perv, with the “he sniffs my hair” etc. comments from Keller and Carter. Now you have him working alone with a 15 year old girl? Dudes! this is just sick. Seriously, what are you thinking?!?!?

  110. AWWWWW! I loved the picture of the puppy. Now I can go to work with visions of little warm puppies in my head.

  111. I love the pug pic at the top of your blog – and the vid was adorable…fierce guard dogs…not!!

    I don’t remember any gross things in food, except a hair some years ago…but I think that was a home cooked meal, sooooo…

    Anyway, I hope Joe will let me put this link in. It’s to a fanfic of mine and whilst I wouldn’t normally do this, the story came about after reading a comment last month from o6untouchable on this blog (who asked some questions about Ronon).

    [Sorry. I can’t.]

    Leesa Perrie

  112. Awww…thanks for the video. It let me virtually adore your dogs without a allegy attack.

    Did Lucy figure out how to squeeze through those bars when she was smaller?

    ASL II final today. No need to wish me luck…I know I have a D on the course. Will repeat it this summer.

  113. Ooops, forgot to say how much I really like this new layout, Joe.

    Leesa Perrie

  114. I once found a very long, black insect antennae in a can of Campbell’s Corn Chowder soup. I prayed that I hadn’t eaten the rest of the bug and have never bought any kind of cream soup ever again. I just stared at the thing for the longest time and prayed I hadn’t eaten the rest of the bug.

    At a restaurant in San Francisco, I found black bugs in my baked potato. Very, very disgusting and it freaked me out badly. I ended up running a light and getting a ticket before I made it to the airport. I think I have PTSD from that incident. Ugh!

  115. Things in food…how about things not in menu, like prices?

    You’re used to it, but it threw my Daddy for a loop back in the 60’s…a very rare practice in our mainly-rural area. He decided “if you have to ask, it’s too much,” especially for a family of five, and we left.

  116. Bug in a piece of pie…. EW!! I always check for foreign objects in my food as a result of that incident.

  117. hmmmm weirdest thing i have found in food..actually a piece of wood in a packet of crisps…

    gah college exams start tomorrow!!!!!!gahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    hope all is well!!!


  118. Lets see I’ve found and almost swollowed a piece of pacaging in my soup. Haven’t EVERY ordered soup again from that place.

    And found a hair inbedded right in the middle of a piece of twislers licorice… Yeah haven’t toched one of those either… nasty!! I know what your thinking “how are you sure it wasn’t your hair?” Well when I say it was in the middle it was half way down and in the middle near the hole… just gives me shudders thinking of it…

  119. Hello Joe,

    I once had a stone ( bit of gravel ) as big as the tip of the little finger in a delivery pizza !

  120. some night i was drinking a glass of milk and at the bottom i found a spider, from that night i look twice the glass before i put milk on it.

  121. Anyway, I hope Joe will let me put this link in…

    [Sorry. I can’t.]

    That’s okay.

    Leesa Perrie

  122. What happened to Sora? Is she still captured, or did the cut scene from the Siege pt2 actually took place in canon?

  123. Growing up, we had an aunt that also baked coins into the cake on our birthdays. We thought it was the coolest thing in the world, but now that I am all grown up I find it a little scary considering how filthy money is and also just the right size for choking.

    Strangest thing found in food? I went to my husband’s aunts house for a holiday weekend, and she served up pancakes…furry pancakes…they looked something like her long hair, shedding, gray cat. Apparently the cat was laying on the plate as she was cooking (ew!) and then was rolling around on the pancakes as they each were placed on said plate.

    It was a very long weekend, and we were happy to find a restaurant on the drive home!

    Just as bad…though it wasn’t me (I only worked there!)…my old boss at a certain chain donut shop I worked at during college used to smoke while frying donuts, and flick the ashes into the fryer. So, now you all know what the black flecks on your donuts are, and why people who work at donut shops don’t usually eat donuts.

  124. Hello Joe, i’m new to this site but i’ve been a fan of stargate for a few years now. It’s really great to find your blog, from reading back a fair bit I find that 1. you relly love your dogs, which is great, i’m generally an animal lover, and 2. you really love your food which is great for me as i’m sadly kind of picky about the food I eat , don’t get to go to nice restraunts and so love living vicariously through other people when it comes to food!

    Wierd things in food, hmm…. I was once (unwillingly) eating some organic broccalli when I came across a catterpillar. Not a little thin one, but a huge fat one that looked like it belonged in the pages of a well known childrens book. What was worse than simply finding it there, was that it was all curled up as if in some catterpillar featal position making me feel guilty about it’s obvious unpleasant last moments even though I obviously didn’t personally cause it’s end ( it had the colour and appearance of somthing that had been frozen to death and not boiled)! There was a large strip of plastic found in a frozen pizza, a scorpian my friend found in her bannanas (we are in England) , and my brother once found the nozzle of a drinks machine floating in his cola, when he took it back they were just really happy that they could now fix the machine.

    Really cute dogs, there’s just something very endearing about animal sneazes. We have cats now but we used to have a family dog, a very dopey pedigree cocka spaniel called Chevvy (I presume after the actor). My parents named him and with my mums dislike of having to also have pedigree names for pedigree dogs she gave him the title of Machismo (because he was the only male in the litter) Bungalow (because supposedly he had nothing upstairs, the lights are on but no-ones home kind of thing) Divot (because he was a little sod). We couldn’t take him for a walk in the woods because his eyes would go all puffy when he got there, never found out what it was that caused it.

    You seem to be really great about updating this regularly and it always sounds like you’re so busy so what i’d really like to know is What is the recipe for Joe Mallozzi’s all powerful sleep be gone? and if you havn’t in fact come up with something to stop people from needing sleep, then a better question would be How are the hallucinations treating you?

    I’d love one day to see the Atlantis team in a body switching episode like the one in SG-1 with machello’s device(Holiday, I think). I know in general that writers probably prefer not to recreate ideas they have already done, but I really think that this premise would be worth it. Not just because of the great comic affect but bacause I find it so great to watch the actors trying to copy the characters their colleagues have managed to form around the writers ideas, not just attempting to recreate the way the character talks, but also how they walk and move and any mannerisms they may have, watching all that coming out of, from the audiences point of view, the wrong actor is so entertaing and I would beleive, very challanging to the actors or actresses involved. Imagine one of the others trying to copy Mckay, thats a lot of work, Ronon’s gruffness or sheppards drawl and smirk or even Teyla’s grace and well spokeness. Think about it anyway. I have seen twists on some SG-1 ideas in Atlantis, crystal entity’s or waking up unknowing that you are a robot copy to waking up unknowing that you are a replicator copy. Just an idea anyway.

    If you get to read this then thanks for listening and sorry about the awful spelling and punctuation, I’m sure there are lots of mistakes.


  125. All this talk of foreign stuff in food really makes me want to gag. I should have stopped reading quite a few entries ago but I feel drawn to the stories like a moth to a flame.
    I’ve found nothing in my cooked food but I’ve found a few live caterpillars and bugs on the lettuces and green veg bought from the market. But that’s a good thing as it indicates that they haven’t been sprayed with chemicals.
    I’ve been told a few stories, and I really hope they are urban myths, about what goes on in a pickle factory, a chocolate factory and a vegetable factory. No there isn’t a punchline coming just another gag.
    Seriously, you are better off not knowing.

  126. Oh by the way, Asgard in the middle of season five of SGA ? How can it be possible assuming that at the end of season 10 Sg 1 two years ago, their planet blowed up ??
    Was he out of home all that long ?

  127. Joe, I am currently working on a comedy script for a contest. I was wondering about the difference between OC and OS and internets betray me in my search for an answer. Is one for mutli-camera and one for single?

    Also, once I found Bob Hoskins in a bread bowl of French onion soup…it was terrifying.

  128. So because you said that Continuum takes place after Carter leaves Atlantis……is Mitchell a full bird Colonel as well?

    Will she say in Search and Rescue when she leaves that she is going back to SG-1 or that she is doing something else?

  129. That compensation list for objects in Pizza is hilarious and yet quite disturbing. I would seriously NEVER order from them again! 😕

    Thanks for the video Joe, I love seeing what your adorable Dogs are up to. 🙂

  130. gatelady

    Ran across some info on “Lost Tribe” today, and I’m a bit disturbed. There have been previous insinuations that Radek is a bit of a perv, with the “he sniffs my hair” etc. comments from Keller and Carter. Now you have him working alone with a 15 year old girl? Dudes! this is just sick. Seriously, what are you thinking?!?!?

    I don’t know, what are YOU thinking?! Working with a 15 year old girl is SICK now?! WORKING with her? Really? Seriously?

    You know you just insulted every highschool teacher out there, don’t you?

    And Radek is just awkward. Us geeky guys make some pretty stupid and weird comments when we are flustered and/or nervous. I know from experience.

  131. Hi, Joe!

    The Late Night Show with Conan O’Brien show last night had a skit that compared the US 2008 Democratic Presidential Primaries to the mythologies of several SciFi TV series/Animated series — including the Athosians/Wraith from Stargate Atlantis.

    I’ve posted a clip to my blog at:


    Best wishes, Morjana

  132. I see you’re not sold on the “new format” yet, but at last I can see how to actually post, so count this as at least one positive vote for the new set-up!

    Been wanting to ask you for a while – have you ever read P.C. Hodgell’s Jame series? (God Stalk, Dark of the Gods, Seekers Mask and To Ride a Rathorn) It’s fantasy, incredibly complex, but she’s an infuriatingly slow writer – 4 books in 25 years. That should change as she’s recently retired from teaching and has a new publishing contract with actual deadlines, but I have often despaired of the series being finished before either she or I die of old age (and I read the first one at age 20!). I have lent my copies to various friends over the years, at least half of them returned them to me mostly unread, as they are difficult to keep up with all the characters. Still, it’s the most complex, exciting and thought-provoking series I’ve ever read, and its ruminations on the nature of honor have guided some of my own revelations over the years. Plus the heroine kicks ass. The books (I have all first editions) are some of the few things I would “grab in a fire”… after the cats, natch. 🙂

  133. Oh, my, that list just had me in stitches! Too funny…and too disturbing.

    I am lucky enough that I can’t recall ever finding anything too disturbing in my food. Granted, school food was gross enough on its own, most of the time.

    Oh, wait, yes!! Heh. My mother (should she ever read this will hurt me) was once making strawberry mousse and the wooden spoon shattered in the blender. Oops! Sadly, I managed to find a very large splinter in my portion, later. We now infamously call it Wooden Spoon Dessert. Quite the delicacy.

    Loving the puppy on the top header! And the video, so cute.

  134. Hey Joe! I’m back from sunny Florida!

    A 4″ by 4″ piece of wood in your pizza? Now that is very very very odd. I’ve personally had issues with pizza as well, finding a whole fly in a pizza I ordered at a supermarket hot food area. Unfortunately, the staff were very rude to us, so we went straight to management and had it all solved. Sorry to hear the employee was disinterested with your issue. 🙁

    Hopefully your next pizza order goes better…and make sure the employee doesn’t think lumberjack special when you order pepperoni. 😀

    Thanks as always, and I like the new blog layout.

    – Enzo Aquarius

  135. Cowen elected new Irish premier. OK just saw this and first thought was how did he manage to escape a nuclear bomb set by Ladon *:)* LOL

  136. luckly i´ve never found anything weird on my food, just hairs. but who would make an uncleaned murder weapon on a pizza, for example?? –‘

  137. Hi, Joe.

    I’ve been fortunate with usually NOT finding “items” in my food that shouldn’t be there.

    However, I have had problems (in regard to migraines) with food additives in restaurant meals (mainly MSG).

    The most egregious example is a dinner of chicken strips where my migraine kicked in full force halfway through the meal. I left immediately (paid the bill though) and had to call a cab to get home.

    I called the restaurant back when I had recovered from the migraine, and they checked with their home office. Turns out it was the breading in the chicken strips that contained the MSG. The restaurant reimbursed me for the cab ride home, the meal I had paid for, and sent me coupons for several dinners. I never ate the chicken strips again, but I did return to that restaurant.


  138. I just wanted to “share” that my late-night wonderings about Fondy’s name led to waking up at 3 am from a dream that you were yelling at me about this very subject. You were very angry with me for not knowing.

    In reality, my blood sugar had dropped too low and this (disturbing dreams) is my body’s way of trying to wake me up to do something about it. A handful of m&ms and back to sleep… Thankfully, this was one of the milder hypoglycemic dreams I’ve had. *shudder*

  139. sneezing dog…aw…almost as cute as the sneezing panda video…you’ve seen the sneezing panda video right?

    I worked in a supermarket for three years and it wasn’t unusual to find live moths in packets of fruit and veg…top has to be the family of live black widow (or red back, can’t quite remember but i know it was one of the deadly ones) spiders in the open bag grapes….which chomped on the finger of a member of staff who was scanning the item.

    shiny layout by the way.

  140. 1. Pups are SOOO adorable!!! Love the little sneeze! Too cute!!

    2. Sorry for my freak-out the other day. My freak-out today is to explain my freak-out the other day. Blame it on PMS…or, more accurately, PNS (permanent nerd syndrome).

    3. Answer: I’ll just say this. Todd is a multi-layered character and not your typical villain. He acts and reacts logically to the situations in which he finds himself. Don’t be so quick to judge – especially when it comes to Todd.

    The thing is, we DO trust Todd. We just don’t trust you. 😉 (That is a collective ‘you’, as in TPTB. )

    Todd is a fantastic character – so many facets, so much personality. I love him in the gray area, not a ‘villain’ as you label him – and may intend to mold him – but a borderline adversary with his own (and probably justifiable) survival agenda. He’s just about the best thing to happen to SGA – he’s the one who caught my attention, and made me a fan. It’s not just because he’s been so well-developed, but because he has given us hope that the Wraith as a whole can be something much more than creepy guys who wanna suck on you like giant, albino ticks.

    Before Todd, I ignored the show because the Wraith just seemed like afterthoughts, not worthy of the emotional investment. For me, spaced-based sci fi is about the aliens and how they interact with humans (in positive ways more than negative)…otherwise, just make SGA another nighttime human drama – Sheppard’s Anatomy, or Atlantis Legal. Fortunately Todd came around and made me, and many others, sit up and take note. He made me like sci fi again. Through him, we have come to appreciate the Wraith characters as a whole. See, it’s not just about Todd. We love the Wraith, with all their complexities. We are sympathetic to their plight. We care what happens to them as a species. Todd is just the icing on the cake.

    If you look beyond the surface of ‘creepy space vampire’, SGA has introduced a very unique sci fi alien race – perhaps the best since the Klingons and Borg – but one that has been used primarily for target practice and pigeonholed as ‘villain’ despite their potential. And they do have potential! What a novel idea – a sentient species evolved from insects, with a unique biological, social and military structure…SO much material there to work with. And yet, we still don’t know that much about them: What do the facial markings/tattoos mean? Are there other females besides queens? How do the higher Wraith reproduce? Where are their young raised – and how? How is their tech developed? How and where are hives constructed? What does their spoken language sound like? Are they a race primarily made up of scientists? What are their ranks? Do they have any concept of family? Friendship? Music? Literature? Do they – or do they not – have names? The list can go on, and the reveals could last for seasons – there really is much about the Wraith we do not know, and may never know.

    Based on the little I know of SG1, and from the overall tone of SGA, there seems to be an unimaginative formula for the handling of aliens/enemies. Redemption for an enemy race as a whole isn’t possible – instead each and every one faces eventual – and complete – annihilation. To the viewer, it just feels like, “Okay, we’re tired of these guys, let’s kill ’em off and bring in something new to play with.” And, it seems, that as soon as fans start feeling sympathetic towards the ‘bad guys’ – as soon as we start hoping that there is real potential in them, a chance for them to rise above and redeem themselves – somebody puts the kibosh on it! A good example of this is the ‘gift of life’. Such an honorable and noble thing in Common Ground, and then quickly turned into a horrendous means of torture in Reunion. It just devalues what Todd did for Sheppard, and nullifies any positive development for the Wraith by keeping them in the one-dimensional ‘gonna eat you’ bad guy role.

    So, yeah – we trust Todd, we just don’t trust what TPTB will do to him, and to the Wraith overall. Death for the species seems inevitable…and all too cliché. Decrease their numbers, take away their power, use them less in the show – but just don’t kill every last one of them, leaving behind – perhaps – the token defector to appease ‘all the crazy Wraith fans’. It’s the predictable SG solution to everything.

    And yes – I do realize it’s just a tv show, and the characters aren’t real. I also have a life outside of this fandom. But I also like to be entertained. I look at shows like this as entertainment, a way to escape the depressing realities of life. When a show becomes as depressing as real life (BSG, for instance), I can no longer watch it. I like SGA…I WANT to watch it…but if it becomes hopelessly depressing, then I won’t hesitate to turn it off. And yes, I know, that is my prerogative. TPTB will do as they see fit, and by doing so they will both lose, and gain, fans. I am but a drop in the fandom bucket. Still, I think it’s important to let TPTB know why some of us are here, and what makes some of us stay, and some of us leave. For now, I’m in…but extremely apprehensive about S5, and that after being so damn excited about it a week ago. (Yeah, yeah…”Stay away from spoilers next time.”) 🙄

    Thanks, as always, for allowing me to voice my concerns.


  141. the worst things i have found in food:
    1- a rubber glove finger in a fanta bottle
    2- 2 pubic hairs in some cheese (yes, you did read that correctly)

  142. I will of course reserve judgment until the episode actually airs (heck, the rumors might not be correct) but having a living Asgard pop-up in Pegasus is a bit unsetting. We had good closure on the Replicator story in what is the best run of season/series-ish finale episodes ever, IMHO – but they were brought back in a slightly different form for Atlantis. I think that reviving the Asgard will diminish the effect their mass suicide had in SG-1.

  143. Joe,

    I just stopped by to thank you for answering my question in your mailbag! Your dogs are adorable, thanks for the video – it was very entertaining. I have a yellow lab who is probably as large as all of your pups put together.

    Although I found your list of compensation for foreign objects found in pizza absolutely hysterical, I’ve got to say that the replies you’ve elicited have been, well, disgusting. 🙁
    And I usually find your posts so appetizing!

    Anyway, thanks again for taking the time to reply in a positive way without giving away any plot!


  144. Like the new layout!

    I once had a filled roll which had a cadaver in it which was really unfortunate because I didn’t notice until half way through eating it.

  145. Hiya Joe,
    As always, the puppies are adorable, thank you for the day brightener.

    I have an entry for the strange food that’s a mite bit scary. My brother waited tables at a large chain that had a name that fell between Thursday and Saturday. He was given a salad to serve a customer that had cleaning solution poured over it in lieu of the raspberry vinigarette the customer had asked for.
    Apparently, the salad dressing and cleaning solution were kept in similar bottles. The customer left in an ambulance and there was a lawsuit.

  146. Worst things in food:

    1) Steel bolt in my corn flakes. Company was MOST apologetic.

    2) Bought a box of oats once. Bunch of weevils fell out. Chain store was equally as apologetic.

    The worst? Pubic hair (or a crinkly hair) in the pizza. As I live in Africa I think it was head hair. Please God, let it have been a funky short hair cut…

    Re sneakers. I stopped, I looked – nothing but MMBA in every direction. (Miles and miles of bloody Africa – flat brown and featureless).
    Perhaps my pit bull owning drug dealers are very good at camouflage but I doubt it. 🙂

  147. regarding the asgards reappearance is there an explanation detailing events after unending or are these ones completely different

  148. Nice new layout Joe, I like the top picture, but I liked the color contrast of the old one better.
    That’s a crazy compensation list though! I’ve never had anything super crazy in my food. Had a box of cheerioes that tasted like soap detergent and got a free box upon returning it to the store. But I’ve had some sand in an Chinese shrimp dish, figured they didn’t clean out the shirmp very well…

  149. Love the new layout, everything seems to be more neater than before, and centered properly, or maybe it was just the computer I was on..

    By neater, I mean the links you have to different blogs and things of interest to you and anyone else.

    Good work!

  150. How funny is that some people think a pizza place really did figure out compensation for lemur skulls and murder weapons? Ha!

  151. Chopped onions in my chocolate pudding. Not as weird as a hunk of wood, but it still made me gag. Especially since I kept trying to eat it. It wasn’t one of my “smart” days . . .

  152. hello Joe
    j’adore le nouveau décor de votre blog
    votre chien a attrapé un rhume?
    en tout cas ils sont vraiment mignons!

    est ce que vous écoutez de la musique française?
    si oui, je suis curieuse de savoir quoi

    bonne continuation

  153. @Sparrow_hawk

    At least I didn’t go into detail. Believe me when I say, “No one really wants to know!” LOL

  154. Yes, many of us are very concerned that the wraith will become one dimensional boogie men/women again. Please don’t let this happen, esp. to Todd. This wraith fellow has become very beloved to many, not just because he is funny and complex, but also because he causes us to think more about the situation the wraith find themselves in. There are many parallels in the real world. I don’t know if you did it on purpose or it just worked out this way, but through Todd, esp. through his willingness to compromise with the humans and even respect and dare I say care for a few, the viewers are able to really look at many other true to life situations where advisaries MUST find common ground, else all will parish (the Middle East, for example).

    While it is great to see Todd walk a thin line between advisary and ally (for drama’s sake), I think we like to see him leaning town ally, because it gives us some deeper hope that runs beyond a fictional show. Please, for the shows fans, for Todd’s fans, don’t sacrifice or violate his character. We want to keep him around as he is.


  155. You should feel lucky you never went to my junior high school. We routinely had spiders and cockroaches jumping out of our pizzas as we bit into them.

    Which is one reason why I always bring my own food to school.

  156. Thanks for taking the time & effort to maintain this blog.
    Previously you were asked:
    “Does Stargate Continuum now happen after Carter leaves Atlantis in Search and Rescue?”

    Answer: Yes.

    What does that mean in terms of seniority on SG-1?
    With Carter a full-bird and (as far as we know) Mitchell still a lite colonel, will Carter be the SG-1 leader (as she should have been in S9 & 10)?

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