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Among the guests at my third annual chocolate party was Janina “Dusty” Gavankar’s boyfriend Angelo, an incredibly friendly, soft-spoken guy who, it turns out, is a huge fan of scifi. He was in town to meet with some business associates and I suggested that, schedule permitting, they should swing by the set and check out Janina action. So, days later, they swung by to snap pics, check out the gate, and partake in lukewarm craft service spring rolls. You can read all about their set visit (and check out more behind-the-scene photos) at their little website located here: http://spyed.deviantart.com/journal/18143164/

And, by “little”, I’m being my usual sarcastic self because DeviantArt is a HUGE online artist community whose massive daily traffic places it in the Top 60 internet sites. Mighty impressive and, in retrospect, an incredibly brilliant idea.

Today, Ivon and I were talking about DeviantArt and another gaming site started by a couple of down on their luck entrepreneurs who transformed a simple idea into a multi-million dollar business. Angelo, these guys, and others like them didn’t succeed because they were lucky. They succeeded because they were able to foresee potential opportunities, hone in on a target market, create demand, and deliver a quality product. Simple, no?

Which got Ivon and I to thinking that we should create our own fabulously successful site. So far, this is what I’ve got:

Food Fooferah: An online food community where you can check out culinary creations from all over the world and, if the fancy strikes you, have them shipped right to your door. Don’t feel like cooking tomorrow night (or, maybe 4-6 weeks from when you place your order, depending on how you choose to have the items shipped)? Why not enjoy some home cooked maultaschen from TanteHelga3019 in Germany, or a Xiangdu roast duck platter from 888 in Hunan province? Looking to unload last night’s tuna casserole? Well, maybe you’ll find a taker in FouPourLeThon7447.

Murder Co-op: Inspired by Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train in which two strangers meet on a train and agree to exchange murders, figuring that they would never be suspects because they would have neither a motive nor a link to the victim. Members sign up and receive an assignment – say, that mouthy guy in Hunan province who’s always roasting up Xiangdu duck. They pop on over, knock him off, then head back home by which time they will have hopefully received some positive feedback (ie. “Excellent work. A pleasure to do business with. Body not discovered for days.” or “Great transaction. Thanks for speedy delivery.”) and a chit that allows for the entry of one name in the ever-scrambled victim pool.

Now Alex Levine informs me that this last one may run afoul of an archaic law or two, but he’s looking into it.

Other great though not quite fleshed-out – ideas include: SneakerSwap.com, UnlabeledHerbIdentifier.net, and VirtualHairCut.Org.

I’m on a roll.

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to Katja’s little buddy Thor.

Today’s pics: Stargate this and that.

85 thoughts on “May 5, 2008: FreakingBrilliantIdea.Org

  1. With this new format we can’t see the Links or BoTM selections? Was that planned?

  2. OK, I take it back, you must be dialing through formats, this latest one I see the side bars are back! Will wait till you find one you like and settle on to comment further!

  3. New look!

    VirtualHairCut.org, eh? I suspect that would be a little like trying to have psychiatrist appointments online. Oh, wait…

  4. Weird grey differentness…. not sure I like it!!!

    I actually typed in “freakingbrilliantidea.org” to see what would come up[nothing did]…. how stupid am I?

    But I like the idea of “sneakerswap.com” : Where runners can find other local runners who accidently ordered the wrong size/color/style running shoe and swap with them without paying shipping and handling to send it back to the online store.

  5. mmm now there’s a picture.. like it much better than the weird greyness!!!!

  6. You have changed the format again – I was only here a minute ago and it didn’t look like this, or maybe I on the wrong site.


    How are the puppies doing? Saw a picture of Kavan Smith holding a tiny Lulu today – she looked so innocent and cuddly. Kavan looked good too!

  7. Whoa, nice new look for the blog; snazzy!

    And ooh, cool pics… 😀 YAY Todd the Wraith! LOL Cracks me up, the following he’s received and it’s cool.

    How about VirtualBrain.net for those folks lacking in grey matter, where they can instantly ‘get a clue’?? 😉

    Curiosity for today: What’s the most dangerous stunt and/or physical effects shot have you guys ever pulled off on SGA?

  8. Love what you’ve done with the blog Joe and the idea of your online food idea sounds like a winner. I’d rather have someone else cook it for me then ship to me. Although in the 6 to 8 weeks I may not be so adventurous to eat it. But hey theres always overnight shipping. I hear they sometimes deliver on time as well :D!!


  9. So… is it true that there will be some Asgards in the episode 5×11 The Lost Tribe?

  10. Howdy Joe! Like the new look of the place…fabulous.

    That being said….THANK GOD FOR TODD!!! My favorite Wraith makes an appearance in Season 5? What could be better?

  11. My eyeballs almost exploded when I logged on, but I like the new theme.
    I like the virtualhaircut.org idea…I’d go there!
    Have a good evening.

  12. OMG, I am part of that community, too, for about 3 years now! It’s a nice place to share your ideas and art, people are awesome there!

    And, yeah… I saw Janina on her Account there a few days ago and thought she was doing SGA cosplay, but then it hit me, I had seen her here on your blog or so! 😀

    Nice new layout by the way, you made it yourself???

  13. I have a feeling that that basket of fish will save Atlantis and lead to the salvation of mankind. I mean, it’s so obvious that your lack of concern for such a huge plot device spoiler is just to lull us into a sense of security, only to surprise us later with how truly important it will be when it shows up in whatever episode it will show up in.

    Oh yes. I can see right through you Joe Mallozzi. You can’t fool me!

    Meanwhile, that’s a nice Mandarin “dragon” character you got there. I never thought I’d see chinese on Joe’s blog, but there you go. I’m so very proud of my heritage.

    Oh, and I’ve started a Stargate marathon. It’s 79 days long, and I’m going to be watching EVERYTHING from Children of the Gods to Search and Rescue…or Stargate Continuum, depending on which one occurs after the other. I am no longer sure.

    Unless you can…hint at it in tomorrow’s mailbag perhaps? Does Stargate Continuum now happen after Carter leaves Atlantis in Search and Rescue, or is the plan still to have both SG1 films occur before Season 4 of Atlantis?

    Thanks in advance for any clarification you can offer!

  14. Woah…looks like you switched formats while I was writing my comment.

    Damn Joe, don’t do that. I thought I broke your blog or something.

  15. Hi Joe, I have to say that I am loving the little misty lake photo at the top of the May entries page. Not so sure about the grey/red combo for April.

    The Versace flatware from yesterday – not so hot; thanks, but I’ll stick to Royal Doulton.

    As for my WTF? moment in a relationship – it occured when I was in the navy and posted away from my home town. I had been invited to go to the movies by a guy I had been dating for a couple of weeks, and he asked if he could meet me there as he had somewhere else he needed to visit before arriving. No problem, until he arrived with another girl in tow and introduced me as a homesick work colleague who need cheering up. I made a comment that I didnt need cheering up and that I thought he was the one who was homesick and left. The other girl looked suitable embarrassed and unsure of herself and him. I never spoke to him after that.

  16. Oh, and please send Kavan Smith a lot of lovely greetings and hugs (manly ones of course ’cause it’s you who has to give them) from his fans for his 38’th birthday, it’s the 6’th of May already here in Germany!!! *hugs you*

  17. I was feeling low. A friend of mine showed me a picture she’d taken in a cemetary that had captured spirits. My roommate Carrie had to point out the faces; I could not see them.

    I come to your blog, feeling a bit dejected, and look at the new pictures you’ve posted. Before Carrie can finish asking “what is that”, I exclaim, “It’s a basket of fish!” Thank you, Joe. Thank you for vindicating my picture viewing skills. (I kind of wish I was making this up, but I’m not. It’s the little victories that get me through the day.)

    And I could really use VirtualHairCut.org right about now. I’m in desperate need for a hair cut and no motivation to make it happen. Let me know if you decide to get that one up and running.

  18. Thanks for the Todd piccie…but…but…that just makes me feel worse now…


    (I like the purty piccie at the top. Nice, that.)


  19. Love the new header.

    I also love deviantart. I’ve found so much fantastic art on there. And some darn funny Harry Potter comics (Simply Potterific and Slinkers come to mind).

    Did you see Iron Man yet? I saw it on Saturday. I wasn’t going to, but then I heard good reviews about it, so I did, and I was not disappointed. Personally, I’d put it up there with Spiderman and X-men as one of the best Marvel movies yet. (Of course, it helped that I’ve only a passing familiarity with Iron Man, so I wasn’t mentally nitpicking all the little changes. Except I do contest their use of the Ultimate universe Nick Fury rather than classic. But then I just generally despise the Ultimate universe.)

  20. Whats with the pic of the bridge at the top of the new page? Does it have some significance, or is it just there?

  21. Hi Joe,

    Just read spoilers for the Lost Tribe. I’m having serious doubts. Really, did you have to go to the Asgard well? They were dead. And even if it wasn’t cool, it was something. Bringing them back shows a decided lack of conviction.

    I also hate it because it’s all about my number one pet peeve on Atlantis: using SG-1 as a crutch. Isn’t it enough that Daniel is in it? You have to add the Asgard, too? Frankly, I’m already surfeited twice over with SG-1 on Atlantis. Carter, Jack, Teal’c, Daniel, Carter again, the Goa’uld, the Asgard, the Trust, Agent Barrett, Landry, Woolsey, sundry episode ideas, plotlines, dialog, and scene conceptions.

    Atlantis just isn’t original…..at all. They canceled the wrong show. This one is just a pale imitation.

  22. Hi, Joe.

    Oh…LOVE the new look! Very nice.

    Thank you for the lovely photos from The Queen.

    Oh, and just a reminder to everyone in the US – THREE SGA season 4 episodes air Tue from 7-10pm on the SciFi Channel.

    Best wishes, Morjana

  23. Howdy! How are you today? I had an insanely long and trying weekend in the (wonderful) world of goat farming, ended up losing 2 newborns, and paying a ginormous vet bill in the process(because why could it of happened during Office hours?!).

    So again, my QOTD in honor of his birthday tomorrow.

    Will we be seeing more, less, or about the same amount of Kavan Smith in this season?

  24. pg15 wrote:

    @ AnneTeldy: Hmmm…I believe you are correct, or at least suggested something that made sense

    Really? I made sense? It must’ve been a side effect of my medication. 🙂

    At last a bright spot in my imprisonment! A recently-hired nurse, John, is an SF fan! When he brings my 4 p.m. medicines (he uses a wheelbarrow 😉 ) Stargate Atlantis is on SciFi and he usually stays and chats a while. He’s excited about knowing the real Anne Teldy.

    Anne Teldy

  25. Wow…I like the new theme you chose, it’s really cool!

    I wanted to know how long in advance before a season starts do you begin writing scripts?

    Nice website ideas by the way…I could think of a few people for your “Murder Co-op” site 🙂

  26. Hey – lovin’ the new format and thanks for the links to Angelo’s photos.

    A funny quote on Janina’s site – “Shep? his hair IS actually as funny, up close” haha..

    Have a great night!

  27. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the Todd piccie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

    Okay, I’ll calm down now.

    Thank you also for the pics of the crew the other day — it’s very cool to finally see the faces behind many of the names! 🙂

    ROFL @ your website ideas! XD

    I *love* deviantART! Been a member since 2004 — in fact, I’m coming up very fast on my four-year anniversary there! 🙂 It’s one of my “must check every ten minutes or so” sites, rather like my net-based email addies ….


    So out of curiosity, how many other readers here are also deviants?

    Okay, must shower and go to bed now — getting up early to carpool out to Disney to see Iron Man. 😀

  28. Wow! I thought I had broken something on my rss reader when I clicked through to comment on your entry about something else entirely. I like the new look. It’s jazzy.

    Onto the original comment: DeviantArt! I’ve been a member there since… wow…. 2003. It just keeps on growing. It’s been neat to watch.

  29. I like the new format, especially now that all the side bars for the BOTM club and other links are back! And the picture at the top is beautiful.

    Thanks for the gorgeous Wraith pictures and thanks especially for giving us one of Todd. He’s still my (anti-)hero!

    I know that a lot of Wraith fans are nearly overcome with anxiety and are nibbling their nails to the quick (or perhaps even gnawing them to bleeding stubs) since the plot summary for “The Lost Tribe” was posted on the Stargate Solutions blog. I don’t suppose you can set their minds at ease about the fate of the Wraith without giving away too much plot, can you?

    I’ll pass on the Murder Co-op. It didn’t end well for the characters in Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train. 🙁
    But you can sign me up for Food Fooferah! Tomorrow night I will be having a lovely capellini with morel mushrooms, but I would be willing to trade half for a good dessert.

    I enjoyed seeing the crew pics the other day. I’m glad you are sharing the blog spotlight with them. I hope they know how much we appreciate their hard work.

    We aren’t doing “The Blade Itself” until the 19th? I better make some notes now before I forget what I read!


  30. Thanks Joe! We gave Thor a nice little burial under our big pecan tree. I appreciate the dedication and I am sure Thor would have too.

    Awesome photos! I am glad to see Todd back, he is becoming one of my favorite characters!

  31. Thanks Mr. Mallozzi. I manage to get online to take a quick peak at your blog, and end up busting out laughing uncontrollably. Now it will be another half hour or so before I can fall asleep. As someone once said, at least with sleep deprivation you get to see such pretty colors….
    You missed the biggest moneymaking scheme of all, though. And one that is mentioned in one of the BotM club selections to boot. Form your own religion. Even if you ask for only a tithe, there are plenty who will give you more. And as a writer you should enjoy establishing your “holy texts” ( available for a nominal fee for believers of course) in good order. Mind, I rather like the virtual haircut idea. Anyways, as always, thanks for the great pics as well as the aforementioned laugh.

  32. I read S5 spoilers and it seems like Todd might end up just another “evil” Wraith to kill (or if not, it’ll be a pleasant surprise!). With that in mind, I have a question. Do you ever get tired of seeing the typical Sci-Fi formula of “good kills evil” and wanted to use/do something different in SGA?

    also, great pictures!

  33. I love the new look of your blog! Still lurking as nothing much to say.

    Yeah…I know…very odd for me! LOL


  34. I like the new layout, very nice!

    Hmm… the murder site is a pretty good idea however it probably breaks a few laws. How about “throw a wet sponge at a person” or “tape a kick me sign to someone’s back”? Those are probably legal and you can always check the site for your own name to know when to prepare for these attacks.

  35. Gateworld has an interview up with Kavan Smith for all you Lorne fans out there.

  36. Thank you so much for taking the time to write in this blog. Great shows like SG-1 don’t happen all the time- you guys make it feel like being with family.I really miss SG-1 and this blog gives me a feeling of continuity. I’m sure you’ve heard it many times–but I know you must have a million other things to do and yet you still have time for the fans! That is so great. We have all 10 seasons of SG-1 and Ark of Truth and waiting for Continuum eagerly. Thanks for doing such great work!
    P.S. What do you think of Clifford Simak?

  37. Oh, are we all exposing our…deviant side, are we?

    Well, here’s my account:


    It started as a way to keep track of some Avatar: The Last Airbender character sketches I’ve done, but photography quickly replaced that as it takes much, much less effort.

    Uh…pay no attention to the most recent journal entry. It is merely a showcase of how…bombastic I can act when I am actually angry at an entertainment company. 😉

    Oh, and the beginning episodes of SG1 that I’ve watched so far on my marathon have been much better than I remembered them to be.

    Children of the Gods, seen in widescreen was definitely movie like, and for once Apophis seemed actually formidable and threatening.

    The Enemy Within was spectacular, and I was sad to see Kawalsky die at the end. His rapport with Jack was very well established; it made it clear that they’ve been friends for many years. Teal’c was also great in that episode, along with Hammond. Excellent performances all around.

    Emancipation…was slightly better. The good guy Chieftain had a nice royal air about him that I liked, and the “bad guy” Chieftain was an honorable man at the end; I cannot fault him for wanting to uphold the law as he knows them to be, and at the same time provide protection for his people. There was a lot of shades of grey here, I thought.

    The Broca Divide was…not bad. A typical illness episode with a great performance from RDA. Though I find it funny how people are blaming Atlantis for having too much cleavage or busty babes, when there has been something like that in every one of the first 4 episodes I’ve seen (ok, maybe not the first half of CotG).

    Finally, The First Commandment. Loved it. Hanson was as chilling as he is charismatic. William Russ did a perfect job portraying the off-balanced guy with the God Complex. The little motions of his face and body; the stress he puts on certain syllables really made this guy seem real. Just, a great, great, great portrayl. Still, I did scream at the TV when Sam hesitate to shoot him. I mean, you don’t have to kill him; just incapacitate him or something; shoot him in the leg, I don’t know. I’m pretty sure gun wound =/= automatic death. Ah well.

    That was Rob Cooper’s first script, wasn’t it? Yeah, definitely a keeper. He had Hanson’s “religious” language down pat. I’m not surprised that this is the guy who came up with all those Ori sayings 9 years after this.

  38. Ooof…4th comment, but I had to make this.

    I just like to say that, this Stargate marathon of mine was only made possible thanks to the DVDs you’ve gifted me, Joe, and I thank you greatly for it. This longtime fan of 3 franchises has never known an executive producer who has been so generous and so snarky before. Excellent work, sir!

    May your career in Stargate and whatever future endeavors you pursue be successful, popular, and long-lasting (just like Stargate)!

  39. How about pieintheface.com? That way you can make your feelings known in a less lethal manner…

  40. PMSL. Someone got bored and started playing I see, nice layout, cool pic, very ….peaceful and probably zen.
    For my money I think everyone here is deviant in one way or another;)
    Well wish me luck as I have an assessment at 9.30 this morning and as my current assessment consists of upright and breathing I think this one is gonna be a little more involved than that so I’m preparing to find out that I’m entirely as thick as I think I am.

  41. *looks around* Joe redecorated!!! I’d love to see your pugs superimposed on the piccie of the bridge, perhaps peeing against the trees.

    I’ve got an idea how about “LookwhatforeignobjectIfoundinmytakeoutfood.com”

    Piccies of all sorts of things like roaches found in chop suey, or blowflies in your KFC coleslaw. Guaranteed to increase the amount of healthy food we eat at home!

    Nice new format. Me likey.

  42. I like the new look.
    Picture is very nice 🙂

    I go on deviantart all the time. Great site!

    How about site like deviantart but with music instead?
    Original songs, lyrics or beats.

    I write songs as well so that’s kind of why haha.

  43. Love the new theme – really lovely and mysterious image in the header. That’s a place I could visit many times and not tire of it.

    “Murder Co-op” is an excellent fictional concept. (I trust it’s intended to remain fictional, whatever the odd temptation.) It especially catches my fancy since my current read is by Neil Gaiman, and of course that’s just the sort of thing that would fit well in most of his stories. (As would the page header, particularly if it were altered to have what could just be discerned to be a necrotic limb sticking out from that pile of leaves. I know someone at deviantART could do a great job of turning the lovely autumnal landscape into a melange of glimpses at a crime scene that at once repel and morbidly fascinate – just like superannuated sneakers and tuna surprise.)

    It’s very helpful to have numbered comments back.

    – Having gotten that practical remark out of the way, I can continue to muse on the happy coincidence of reading about The Murder Co-op just before going to read about a well-staged murder with spine-tingling homage to Poe, HP Lovecraft, dark and gruesome ancient mythologies, and/or who knows who (or what) else. Mmmmm.

  44. Maybe it’s the lank, greasy hair that’s not been washed in, what? Centuries?? Or maybe it’s the yellowish tinge to the aged skin, the really bad teeth or the breath you can smell through the light years. Call me a silly girl, call me a wierdo (and many do), call me a slavish, almost pointlessly submissive, downright stupid, wraith groupie if you will, but there is just something about Todd….

    Oh and Sherwood Forest Maiden, I actually went on a date with a guy who turned up with his mum in tow – think I win??

  45. Ack! I’m going blind. Beautiful header, but some contrast? I’m seeing white on almost white.

    I’m miss your pugs. Anymore pictures?

  46. Hello again Mr M!

    Greetings once more from Tipperary!

    Just returned from a thoroughly enjoyable weekend in London, having attended the Amanda Tapping Weekend. What a remarkable lady! A very special weekend was had by all.
    Whilst there, I was trying to win a wager with regard to a scene from “The Last Man”. There is a scene (which you featured on the blog) of a McKay / Keller Walk and Talk where Keller coughs and realises she’s got the Hoffan Virus. Was this shot on the pathway directly outside Bridge? That stretch that runs parallel to your office?
    Many thanks


    PS Great to see Anne Teldy here – hope you got my card!

  47. Yay! It’s a new theme. I’d really had enough of the old one 🙂

    Remember when you need a freakin’ brilliant web designer for FreakingBrilliantIdeas.org otherwise known as FBI you know where to find me. I’m sure we can come to some sort of arrangement (perhaps you could send Ivon Bartok to Australia for a con, we’d look after him).

    My FBI is setting up artificial ice platforms in the Arctic for the polar bears. I may not be able to solve global warming but those polar bears could stay out fishing longer, get healthier and have more babies.

    Happy birthday Kavan Smith! ((()))

    Cheers, Chev

  48. Joe,

    I would like to extend an invitation to my little site on the net, and offer you a Lifetime Membership. My way of giving back to Stargate and everyone involved in bringing us some of the best TV I’ve ever seen.

    We’re not Devian, but XtremeCamera has something of our own, a real sense of community.

    Stop by Joe, sign up (no personal info is needed other than your name and an email account) and I’ll bump you up to a Lifetime member. You can store and display all your photos from our site, and our multiphoto uploader makes it very easy to upload all your shots at once. I think you’ll love it.


    Take care, and looking forward to July!

  49. OOOOooooo It’s Joe and the amazing Technocolored blogsite!!! Sorry couldn’t resist.

  50. Aaah, i’m being blinded! Where did i put my sunglasses.
    oopåd vsmy drr yjr lrunpstf mpe- oops, can’t see the keyboard now.

    And, by “little”, I’m being my usual sarcastic self because DeviantArt is a HUGE online artist community whose massive daily traffic places it in the Top 60 internet sites.

    So not in the top 50 eh? 😉 I like the comment one of the readers made over there
    “That’s just too cool… too cool. Now you can die happy.” 😉

    Fooferah eh? Reminds me of that word they used on Firefly: Foofaraw

  51. Oh, Joe, what are you doing to poor dasNdanger? 😛

    I for one am not panicked.

    But I’m wondering if we’ll see Queen Teyla before the episode airs? DH mentioned prosthetics!Rachel on his blog, I believe, and of course everybody is curious. Unless it’s the same as in ‘The Gift’?

    It’s been said before, and it needs to be said again: thank you so much for the Todd picture, and the rest of them, too!

    I’m also wondering if we’ll be visiting a Queen we’ve seen before, in 5×09? It would be soooo nice to see her again, she looked so great! I would love to see some of her personality.

    Thanks again! I love behind the screen Wraith pictures. *Hopes to see Kenny, too.*


  52. Forgot to mention I LOVE THE NEW BLOG THEME!

    The older one took a bit longer to load on my silly ancient laptop with wireless on it… 🙂

  53. Nice new lay out – I like it very much 🙂

    Also thanks for that lovely Todd picture. I just read a few spoilers and I got worried – Please don’t kill Todd. …Just please don’t – *still is afraid for the life of her favorite wraith*

  54. Thanks for all the pics and vids you posted in the last few days.

    I avoid spoilers. I read this blog because I know you won’t disclose big spoilers, only tiny teasers, and I like that policy. But then I read comments from other fans like today were they give away spoilers (I assume posted originally in a fan site). It would be nice to have a warning, but I guess it’s not going to happen. There will always be fans out there who think everybody else here is OK with spoilers posted on another site.

    I think I’ll just read the blog’s entry and mailbag, and no user comments from now on. Sniff. I know I’ll miss some fun stuff, but I rather not read spoilers posted by fans.

    McWraith wrote: “A funny quote on Janina’s site – “Shep? his hair IS actually as funny, up close” haha..”
    I was thinking just yesterday that maybe the reason Mallozzi isn’t taking any pics of JF is because Shep had shaved his head or dyed his hair pink and he couldn’t give that spoiler away *giggles* Glad to know Shep’s hair is still there 😀

  55. Love your site ideas, Food Fooferah and Murder Co-op; however, aren’t you a little too smart to actually put the word “murder” in the title?

    By the way, you never answered by “rocks” question. (Food on the rocks?) It’s driving me nuts – I may have to go to that restaurant just to find out for sure.

  56. ‘Any chance of us seeing Hera’k in Continuum? or Anubis ? (i love anubis )

    Great new Layout.
    Best Wishes, and Greetings from Stargate Comunnity Brazil. =]

  57. Just read some info on the 11th episode of Season 5…

    If what I’ve read is true, Then thank you for bringing “them” back 🙂

  58. Coucou joseph =) me revoila =) Contente de retoutné sur votre blog! j’ai beaucoup ce nouveau style de votre blog.!

    Il fait beau, chaud,la plage n’atent que moi, les bateaux son partis en mer…..Et mes profésseur me donne plein de devoir ='(..snif

    merci pour ces photos! j’adore DeviantArt !! on y trouve des dessins superbes!!!

    Bon aller a demain.. plus que 4 heure de cour et c’est repartie pour un trés lomg week end de 5 jours pour moi ^^!

    Je vous adore fort!!!!! Gros Bissou!!♥

  59. I’d like to echo First Lily on spoilers … I don’t go to sites like Gateworld or any of the others (except silly skiffy) because of the spoilers lurking, ready to spoil the anticipation and suspense in new episodes. NOT knowing what will happen creates the tension needed for superb story-telling. People who “know” it all beforehand, how can they sit back and enjoy the adventure? So very junior high to want to know all the details before anyone else, more so to natter and post and whine about them.

    Y’all who ask is such and such true that I read here or there … very annoying. And I’ve noticed that y’all don’t get answers anyway. Stop it. Just stop it. Freakin’ chillax and wait for the season to air.

  60. I’ve just read the spoilers for The Lost Tribe… Thank god you brought them back. It looks like he doesn’t even know what happened at the end of season 10, could it be the one from season 7’s ‘Fragile Balance’? And please, is there any hope for him/his race at the end of the episode? (Asked this question without giving away much spoilers for blog-readers who don’t want to know ;))

  61. Loving the new look Joe!

    Have just read the latest info for “The Lost Tribe” and I have to say it sounds great, really looking forward to having the lovely Daniel Jackson back in Atlantis. 🙂

  62. Hey Joe, another small question.

    Is Peter DeLuise going to make a contribution to the mid-season 2-parter?

    Thanks for reading!


  63. Wow, bright blog,cool, like the calm bridge picture on top. Hope the scenes are going well today.. Do rewrites occur when you are doing the scene, if its not working as you envision it> Are you on set when filming what you write? I have pre-ordered Continuum,,ready to sit back, relax and enjoy. (Note to self, stock-up,jack,water,cheese,salsa,,etc…) oh no not y2k again…maybe just getting ready for huirricane season… 😉

  64. Interesting new layout. Very light and summery.

    Very nice Todd Pic.

    [I] Maggiemayday said:
    Y’all who ask is such and such true that I read here or there … very annoying. And I’ve noticed that y’all don’t get answers anyway. Stop it. Just stop it. Freakin’ chillax and wait for the season to air.[/I]

    Yes Mum.

  65. I was moping around in emotional misery this morning when the staffer came in with the mail. “You have a box!” she said in that annoyingly chipper voice of hers. After she left, I opened it to reveal manna direct from Heaven (or, in this case, Amazon.com) in the form of books — The Android’s Dream and The Blade Itself — sent by Sylvia (skgraff) with the beginning discussion dates for each noted.

    Sylvia, thank you so much! My family is canceling the interlibrary loan requests as I type. I really appreciate your generosity.

    Mr. M, I believe a blog dedication for Sylvia is in order. Can you provide it? And go all out with the meritorious reasons, would you? She deserves it.

    Anne Teldy

  66. Shirt’n’Tie wrote:

    PS Great to see Anne Teldy here – hope you got my card!

    I did! Thanks! And thanks again to all the others who have sent cards and letters as well! Every time the ACS comes in with some mail, I perk up a bit.

    the first Lily wrote:

    I was thinking just yesterday that maybe the reason Mallozzi isn’t taking any pics of JF is because Shep had shaved his head or dyed his hair pink and he couldn’t give that spoiler away *giggles* Glad to know Shep’s hair is still there

    Actually, Sheppard’s elf-ears were damaged beyond repair in the building collapse and he had to have normal human ears transplanted. That’s why we aren’t allowed to see the photos yet. 😉

    Anne Teldy

  67. I just watched the Atlantis where a creepy Sheppard is terrorizing everyone’s dreams. I would guess that what exactly the characters would be afraid of/have nightmares about was probably an interesting conversation. Were there any fears/nightmares that you wish could have been included?

  68. I like sneakerswap.com. I can swap some of those sneakers you occasionally see tied together and slung over sagging telephone wires alongside lonely highways.

    It seems to be a worldwide trend and if you look hard enough you will find there are more swinging sneakers out there than you ever realised.

    I wonder why. Don’t the owners miss them? Do they stop, open the door, sling the sneakers onto the wires and drive on? If so, why?

    Deep thoughts indeed.

  69. I’m still *squeeing*, Joe. I read the spoilers late last night and it sounds like it’s going to be an awesome 2-parter. It’s been a long time (the pilot episode) since we’ve seen Daniel Jackson on “Atlantis” and I’m really gooking forward to it. Thank you and *hugs* for understanding how important it was.

    Love the new look, Joe.


    PS: Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

  70. Tba

    I’ve just read the spoilers for The Lost Tribe… Thank god you brought them back.

    The good thing about the Stargate universe is generally NO CHILDREN (with a few annoying exceptions) – the bad thing is they kill everything off all the time…. so thank the Ori for many happy returns 🙂

  71. Please don’t kill Todd or make him evil; we all like him and want to keep him for a long time. I think I would quit watching if you offed him:(

  72. Hey Joe,

    We have a list of nutso ideas we come up with when wine and heat is involved. So how about nutsowebideas.org? Post an idea. If someone is smart enough to be able to make your idea happen, work out a contract for royalty sharing based on input from each party and hazzah! everybody wins. I have just gone and patented that idea of selling ideas so don’t go trying anything sneaky ok?

    To deeinsouthafrica. Um, well, how do I say this in a nice way. Locally in Aus, a set of sneakers or shoes thrown over a power line means that there is an affluent pit bull owner in the near vicinity.

    And Das – I totally agree.

    As I don’t have any Sci Fi friends, when I’m asked to explain Atlantis (and I get asked to simplify it) it sounds something like, “Well, they headed off to another galaxy. When they got there they woke up a heap of bad guys who feed on humans. Then they changed another lot of bad guys, who hate the life suckers, which was all yay for Atlantis, but it meant if you were a normal peasant Pegasusian, if you didn’t get eaten by the first lot of bad guys you got blown up by the second lot of bad guys. So Yay! Woohoo! Go Earth!…anyone?”

    But it makes for a great TV show 🙂

  73. Did you learn Italian and French while growing (family, reiends) up or as an adult (computer software).

  74. Narelle from Aus, I finally got it! It took me 20 minutes to figure out your pit bull owner reference (boy, do I feel dumb!). It means the same thing here in Midwest USA.

    Totally random: how do you reward a rookie officer for being a good sport about being teased mercilessly for months about a silly mistake? You bake him a beavigator cake! Because really, anyone could have mistaken those beavers for gators in the dark. In Kansas. In October. Anyone. However, most people wouldn’t announce it over the radio, for the whole county to hear. He will be known as Gator for the rest of his life, I guarantee.

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