Appetizer plate

Oyster with parmesan \

Tuna loin

The goat cheese terrine

Sablefish and oxtail croquette

Spring Prawn & Dungeness Crab Bisque

Scallop and sweetbread

Pepper consomme

Truffled pork sausage

Roasted duck breast

Dry-aged beef tenderloin with yellowfoot mushrooms, tawny port and oxtail demi glace

Apple brulee

Brownie sundae

Petits Fours

We were discussing relationship linchpin WTF moments. You know, those occasions very early on in a relationship when someone (usually the guy) pulls some bonehead move that presents their partner with a choice: stick it out or cut your losses. In the case of Fondy and I, it was our very first date at a long-gone Montreal restaurant called The Cajun House. As we perused the menu, I asked her whether she would like a drink or not. She playfully accused me of trying to get her drunk, an accusation I denied in a, uh, spectacularly animated manner. In that brief moment, she wondered whether she was out with a lunatic. Nonetheless, she decided to stick it out – in large part, I believe, because she’d heard the gumbo was really good. For our friends, Steve and Jodi, it was what Fondy has come to refer to as “The Sock-eye Incident”. Very early on in their relationship, Steve and Jodi were at a laundromat when Steve spotted a forlorn sock lying on the floor. In his infinite wisdom, he elected to wind up and boot it across the room. The filthy sock sailed across the room and, in a thousand to one fluke, nailed Jodi right in the eye. Well, for most, that would have been grounds to call the whole thing off right there but, like my wife, Jodi chose to stick it out. And now they’re happily married.

The interesting thing about these relationship linchpin WTF moments is that rather than being behavioral aberrations, they often do foreshadow the shape of things to come. Fondy was quick to point this out last, sighting the “mud shoe incident” (read the hilarious account here: Jodi had a similar story involving Steve’s reaction to her flicking a glob of salad dressing directly into her eye (let’s call this one the “Salad-eye Incident) during a recent trip to Hawaii. The double jolt of citric acid and vinegar had her reeling, scrambling to flush out her stinging eye. In his defense, I’m sure Steve would have certainly stepped in to offer some assistance – had he not been so busy laughing.

The four of us had plenty of time to discuss past relationship faux-pas, an interesting new business venture, and my increasing sleep debt as we waited the thirty minutes between our third and fourth courses. We were at Restaurant Connor Butler, a place I’d been meaning to check out about a year ago when it first opened but never got around to. Since then, the only thing I’d heard about it was the hue and cry raised by the local dining dilettanti for Chef Connor’s use of Versace dinnerware. Really. Well, Jodi was able to make reservations and we swung by last night at 7:30 p.m.

We were seated in the intimate dining room, were presented with menus and, after some consideration, all decided to go with the Chef’s five-course menu. Seconds later, Chef Connor himself came out to welcome us to restaurant and inquire about our preferences. Any allergies? Was there anything we didn’t like? Was there anything on the menu that had caught our eye? Connor is an imposing figure – tall, heavy set, but possessed of a disarming jocularity and almost child-like enthusiasm. Imagine Penn Gillette cookign for you. Anyway, we informed him we were adventurous eaters. Delighted, he headed back to the kitchen to prepare our meals.

Dinner started promisingly enough with an appetizer platter comprised of prawn, goat cheese and organic jam on crostini, a tiny foie-gras and blackberry creation, and saffron chips – served, incidentally, on a beautiful Versace service plate.

For our next course, Fondy and Jodi received the oyster on the half shell topped with “parmesan air”. Unfortunately, Fondy found her oyster a little suspect. Steve and I, meanwhile, were served a tuna dish that, if not wholly successful, proved an admirable attempt.

Next up, the ladies enjoyed a goat cheese terrine served with a warm beet and citrus. Steve and I had a very good sablefish and an ox-tail croquette that, though overcooked, was somewhat saved by the very good accompanying sauce.

Fondy and Jodi’s next course was a scallop and sweetbread duo. The scallop was plump and perfect, but the sweetbread was, sadly, overdone. The opposite was true of the prawn nestled at heart of my spring prawn and Dungeness crab bisque. It caught me unawares, slithering down my throat like one of those parasites from Cronenberg’s Shivers. Fortunately, the bisque itself proved a more than competent chaser. In fact, of all the night’s dishes, the bisque was my favorite.

And that was that for a while. A long while. As we sat, waiting for our meal to resume, we couldn’t help but notice the table next to us – a foursome that included a local t.v. celebrity – being served their courses at a pleasingly prompt pace. “Sorry for the delay,”our waiter apologized in passing. Then, by way of an explanation: “That table informed us they were in a hurry.” “I wish we would have thought of that,”said Steve wistfully. The waiter let us know that, by way of an apology, we would be received extra courses. All well and good but, thirty minutes after the bisque I was no longer hungry and ready to hit the road.

Dinner eventually resumed with a fine pepper consomme, followed by an equally fine roasted duck breast for the ladies and a…hmmm…to be honest, I don’t know quite it was. The waiter said it was some sort of truffled pork sausage but it possessed the unfortunate appearance of a well-done pizza pocket that had been left out overnight. I’d love to say it tasted better than it looked.

All four of us were served the same final main: a dry-aged beef tenderloin with yellowfoot mushrooms, tawny port and oxtail demi glace. Fondy enjoyed hers. For my part, three hours in and I was ready for bed.

However, I received a pleasant wake-up call in the form of our first dessert: an apple brulee. To be honest, when it was set down in front of me, I was prepared to pass it over to Fondy. But one somewhat reluctant spoonful later and I was completely won over.

Our second dessert was a nice looking but fairly run-of-the-mill brownie sundae.

Our evening concluded with a nice assortment of petits-fours and an amusing story about someone’s misguided attempt to put out a blazing marshmallow by waving it back and forth – resulting in their catching the flaming confection square in the eye. We’ll call that one the “Marshmallow-eye Incident”.

61 thoughts on “May 4, 2008: Restaurant Connor Butler

  1. just read a detailed description of the season 4 dvds that are coming out in July. i especially wanted to see who was on the commentaries. is there a reason why there are so few actors included? i have noticed a lot of other people remarking on this also. we really like it when the actors are part of the commentaries.

  2. Hehehehe. I’m sure your comments will be full of similar tales because we’ve all been there. I’m not going to mention what my hubby did, as he may then hijack my computer and post something equally as bad. So I’m just going to avoid the entire awkward situation by keeping quiet.

    How is this for super geeky, yet super cool. Just needs an upgrade for a fridge unit.

  3. Now I’m picturing the Marshmallow-Eye Incident, and…-winces- Ow.

    Finished On A Pale Horse, it’s actually quite good. My friend’s boyfriend suggested two others, I’ll have to ask him what they are and get back to you, Facebook IM doesn’t let you see your chat history after you close the window, like YIM and MSN do.

  4. LOL! Poor Jodi. It’s amazing she doesn’t have some kind of complex over her eyes. I think I’d always wear sunglasses around Steve.

    Sorry to hear about the wait and that not all the food was up to par. However, ordinary as the sundae may have been, it looks absolutely fabulous.

  5. Have you considered sporting a British accent (and possibly take up smoking cigars) ? 🙂

  6. erin wrote:

    i especially wanted to see who was on the commentaries. is there a reason why there are so few actors included? i have noticed a lot of other people remarking on this also. we really like it when the actors are part of the commentaries.

    My understanding is it has a lot to do with scheduling. If the commentaries are done during the filming of the season, you would have to work around daily shooting, etc. If done during hiatus, the actors may not be in town or may have signed for another role.

    maggiemayday wrote:
    Need any reading material? Just holler, I have a stack of back issues of Science Fiction & Fantasy magazines, excellent writing.

    That would be great! Just what I need for stuck in bed reading. I’ll be glad to pay postage. Just let me know.

    pg15 (about episode order): Perhaps what you saw was a production schedule and not an airing schedule?

    Anne Teldy

  7. mmmm that brownie sundae looked HEAVENLY!!!!
    haha I’ll have it if you don’t want it!!!

  8. Do you ever think about the influence you have through the show and your blog? I ordered a reuben sandwich last week because I’d been craving one since you mentioned them in one of your posts a week or so ago. A posting in Vancouver affects a dinner order in Kansas…weird! We (GeekBoy and I) tend to throw out quotes from the show at odd moments in public, too. “Do you think there’s citrus in this?” We laugh, and people don’t get why that’s funny.

  9. … but that Versace is fabulous! Not my style, but I could live with it.

    No, no, I’ve seen enough episodes of Bullshit that I shudder at the thought of Penn Jillette cooking for me. ACK! Run!

    Don’t feel bad, my husband once watered all my shoes. All. Long story involving a genkan, an indoor faucet and a faulty locking mechanism on the nozzle.

  10. There is something odd about your history of stories concerning eyes. So many incidents…. if looks equalled taste it should have been the best dinner you’ve had since, well, Fuel’s anyways. Sorry to hear it didn’t match expectations. And its amazing how inferior service can ruin an otherwise enjoyable meal. Still, thanks for sharing. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with this week’s postings, though I’m attending Rescue Challenge this week. Imagine 200+ hard-partying firefighters and rescue technicians, and a poor mountain community upon whom they’ve descended… they do have internet here but it is a convoluted process to manage to actually get online. I digress. Thanks again for the pictures and may the schedule allow you to catch up on your sleep.

  11. Heh. My first date with my husband started off with him knocking over a huge glass of iced tea. We were at a barbecue place with Texas-style seating (long picnic tables and benches) so he managed to get a good portion of the table drenched. He looked so mortified and pitiful that I just had to stick it out. Good times, good times.

    The plates (the actual dinnerware) look gorgeous. Are those lollipops?

  12. Ah sounds like the dining out was a so-so experience this time around…Seems to me like you need to recover by a trip to Fuel sometime soon and let Chef Belcham help you forget. LOL

    *chuckles* Yes, my husband and I have had our share of “faux pas” moments, as all couples do. 🙂 We still laugh about most of them. 😉

    Greetings to Fondy!

  13. Sounds like a not-so-wonderful trip to Connor Butler. Do you think you’ll be making a return trip? I don’t think I would- it would have been the lame excuse that pushed me over the edge rather than the so-so dishes.

  14. I don’t much about Versace dinnerware, but I do know my grandma would have been hollerin’ about them putting rocks on the good China. (My friend Carrie informs me this is may be called “plating”, but in my world, if I can’t eat it, it doesn’t belong on my plate.)

    I learned about flaming marshmellows as projectiles years ago. Those were good times.

  15. Excellent review of what looks like a great meal. Naturally being back in school and interning at a new media production company I think I’ll have to wait for a meal of that caliber till the next time my parents or cousins come to visit me.

    It’s good to know that everybody can laugh about those akward relationship moments. I’ve had one or two myself. All were equally as embarassing and hilarious.

  16. Oh, YUM. Odd (what else from me?) question: What do the restaurant folk think when you pull out your camera? And I would love to imagine Penn Jillette cooking for me. Hrm. Wonder how well he can cook? Oh, hell, I’d love to just sit and talk with him.

  17. So you tell a childlike enthusiastic chef that you have an ‘adventurous’ palette?? hmm that’s rather a risky thing to do.

    You never know what yer gonna git. Sauteed cockroaches anyone? Blended monkey brains with worms perhaps?

    Nice plates anyway.

    And who in God’s name can undercook a prawn??? O_o

  18. PS just looked at the pics properly.

    THAT PRAWN WAS TOTALLY RAW!!! heheh and it slithered down your throat. *gags*

  19. It sounds like it was a lot better than your dinner at Diva at the Met. I couldn’t help but chuckle a little when you said the chef came out and asked if you had any allergies. Be thankful I wasn’t there because my response to that would have been, “Where do I begin.” Oh that chef would have hated me where as my chef for the evening probably looked at the order and said, “Oh her again.” I love restaurants but try not to eat out so much because it’s too difficult when you’ve got major food allergies in a world where people just don’t get it or simply don’t care. Most people don’t realize how dangerous certain foods can be to some people. For a while I felt stupid when ordering at a restaurant, but now I don’t feel that way anymore because I know they are there to serve me and the last thing they want is for a customer to get sick. People always look at me funny when I have to order something like tonight, I had a balsamic chicken salad, grilled chicken not breaded, no blue cheese and no candied walnuts. Or when I go somewhere and order a sandwich with no bread people think I’m on the Adkins diet, but the truth is I have celiac disease and am allergic to wheat. I have plenty of awkward situation stories at restaurants, but this comments already too long. Thanks for the pics and all the Atlantis updates.

  20. My husband (poor thing) came over to my house, and we were going to watch Scream. My mother turned all the lights out and lit all the candles in the house. She then sat next to us on the couch. He says she kept touching his leg. I think he is nuts, but some how we actually went out again.

  21. My first thought while viewing these food piccies was, “Wow, this restaurant chose…busy…plateware.” Seems an interesting choice since you’d think they’d be more concerned with showing off the food rather than the dishes. The food kinda got lost in the plate patterns…especially the plates pictured in the first and last piccies.

  22. Wikipedia’s entry on Weir states that she’ll be coming back in Fran’s body.

    Any truth to that, or is this something that everyone already knows?

  23. Wow, all that food looks really good.

    Joe, could you possibly dedicate tomorrow’s blog to my sweet little ferret Thor who passed away just over an hour ago? He was a sweet little guy who sat with me while I watched Stargate. He was the only one who would do that, while my other three slept. I am going to miss my little buddy. *sniff*

  24. Hi Mr. Mallozzi,

    Glad to hear your eye is better. With Penn Jillette cooking for you, I would have imagined it to be more of a magical experience for the taste buds, but sounds like it had its high notes along with its low notes. Pity too, about the service taking so long, I’m one of those types who can’t stand to wait too long for food when dining out. But a good dessert can make amends for almost any crime. On desserts, are you a fan of beignets?

  25. While watching old and current SGA episodes, its apparent that many people have died on McKay’s watch. Either as a direct result of mistakes he makes, bad luck, poor safety controls, etc. Will he ever experience any consequences? Yes, Sheppard has killed lots more people in comparison but that is what his job entails.

  26. Strewth mate, coming the raw prawn is a common occurence in Pratchett land, maybe it was one of CMOT Dibbler’s recipes. Rat-on-a-stick anyone?
    Seriously though it looks like an adequate meal although I tend to agree with Christin, if it can’t be eaten whats it doin on my plate? You’ve really piqued my taste buds though and I’m on a mission as soon as I’ve got this wedding over and paid for, to take myself out to dinner once a month and go somewhere different every time.

  27. @Narelle. Love the R2 Unit thingy, that is So funky and mega cool and lets face it you’d NEVER lose THAT remote!

  28. Your wtf moments remind me of Seinfeld. They would have labelled you the “hand talker” (I assume that’s what you meant by animated). The sock-eye incident – perhaps you could have had a reenactment ala The Magic Loogie. LOL!

    Narelle from Aus Said:

    How is this for super geeky, yet super cool. Just needs an upgrade for a fridge unit.

    OMG I want one!

    Cheers, Chev

  29. So another interesting dining experience, at least no one got food in their eye! I like the presentation of the food, but I actually think the plates take away from the food. Your thoughts?

    How is Petites Fours Pet Boutique going, by the way?

  30. Hey Joe!

    I have a WTF story! Jeremy and I were celebrating our one month wedding anniversary (also known as his 21st birthday) in Las Vegas. The phone in our hotel room rang at 6am. I knew it was Jeremy’s grandmother calling from downstairs saying she’d won big. The phone was on Jeremy’s side of the bed. So I sat up and whipped my arm across the bed to get the phone. Unfortunately Jeremy turned to face me and started to sit up to kiss me (so he says).

    This is the moment when we all learned that I, with my little girlie arms and being a righty, actually has a seriously mean left hook. My left hand smacked Jeremy so hard in the nose that it instantly started bleeding. Badly! Also Jeremy does an EXCELLENT Marcia Brady impersonation as he grabbed his nose and yelled out, “Oh no! My nose!”

    I refer to it as the Bloody-nose incident. Jeremy refers to it as the worst birthday present I ever gave him. I think we’re both right.

    His grandmother HAD been calling. She DID win big. $3,000 at Keno. We ended up going to a really nice restaurant for dinner that night. Jeremy’s nose was all better by then.

    And now I’m off to celebrate Allie’s 14th birthday. Just one year left of only two drivers in my house. YIKES!!! Next year Allie can start driving.

    You have ALL been warned!!!

    Trish 😀

    P.S. @Tim Gaffney: Your Penguins better beat the Flyers! I can’t stand the Flyers. My Lightning beat them in ’04 and then we won the cup! Hope the same happens to you. Good luck!

  31. After a 3 hour meal I’d be ready for a nap myself! Especially with that much time between dishes.

    caitlyanna Said: … Or when I go somewhere and order a sandwich with no bread people think I’m on the Adkins diet, but the truth is I have celiac disease and am allergic to wheat.

    ^_^ It’s funny to hear that from a fellow “non wheat person”… I can’t eat whole wheat – bleached is usually fine, but whole wheat is off the menu, and I always get odd looks from the staff when I have to ask if their wraps/pita/bread/coating/etc… are “whole” wheat or not.


  32. So, next time some fella hits me in the eye I should marry him … ? I’d usually call the Gardaí, but then I’m strange

    Have you ever been to that Stonegrill place [in Vancouver] that I saw advertised? Sounds interesting you get your raw food on a hot slab like object that cooks the food to your requirements… all done by magnets no doubt.

    Do you know what a sweetbread actually is? Seriously, I wouldn’t eat one as my last meal on death row…

  33. Is the dish in the second photo being served on a plate of rocks? My son’s going for a degree in restaurant management/culinary education. Now, in addition to getting him a good set of knives, I’m going to have to buy a bag of rocks, apparently.

  34. Three hour dinner? Wow, that’s well beyond my dinning patience.

    Oh and thank you for the cast photos. It’s great to be able to put faces to the names.

    They did make me think of a few questions. 1) Who painted the Harmony painting and who does your conceptual art? Whoever they are, they’re great. 2) Will we see any costume changes or additions this season? I noticed last season seemed to be the season of leather jackets.

  35. You know what’s funny… the first thing I noticed was the dishes. Food looks delicious, though. I do have a question for the chocolate connoisseur in you: I live in Colorado and I thought I’d pick something up from Wen’s Chocolates for Mother’s Day… do you have any suggestions for a milk chocolate lover?

  36. Bonjour M. Mallozzi !
    Comment allez vous ? Je vous ai déjà écrit en anglais mais puisque vous comprenez le français je préfère l’utiliser et ainsi être sûre de ce que j’écris lol.
    Je voulais juste vous poser une question à propos de Whispers. Tout d’abord j’aime beaucoup l’idée d’une équipe entièrement féminine, mais je préfère les personnages principaux, et je pense que je ne suis pas la seule (je ne m’avancerais cependant pas sur ce point car j’ai hélas constaté que je me retrouvais souvent en minorité lol). Ma question est donc pourquoi l’équipe n’est-elle pas restée entièrement féminine avec Teyla (qui est une féminine Sheppard) et Keller (qui remplace Carson) ainsi les rôles auraient pu correspondre ?
    C’était juste une question que je me posais.
    Je suis également ravie de savoir que c’est toujours Joel Goldsmith qui a composé la musique pout Continuum. Il a fait, à mon goût, un travail extraordinaire avec l’Arche de la Vérité.
    Merci et bonne continuation.

  37. Anne … no worries on the postage, I’ll use flat rate.

    Food allergies … yes, mine is nightshades. That’s tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant and some peppers. Fast food is near impossible. Hubby has the same thing, technically a reaction, makes our arthritis flare agonizingly! Honestly though, a good restaurant will be happy to work around allergies, I’ve met chefs who liked the challenge. I’ve only encountered one eatery which flat out refused to accommodate us. No substitutions! Not a chain place either, simply asshats who clung to their potato sides and salsa garnishes.

  38. Yes I’m back I know you thought I’d gone but no such luck.

    Okay telling a chef that you have an ‘adventurous palette’ is in the top ten list of things that you should never say to people.

    It tops the list along with telling a hairdresser to do what they think suites you…oye!
    Boy was that a mistake I won’t be making in a hurry.

    And good ploy by the restaurant, have nice expensive plates, and it detracts from the quality and standard of the food.
    Could I have fries with mine those portion sizes….not good!

  39. On May 4, 2008 at 6:51 pm Narelle from Aus Said:

    How is this for super geeky, yet super cool. Just needs an upgrade for a fridge unit.

    I, like Chev, totally want one!!!! Who wouldn’t want their very own R2D2?!

    Of course, finances might have something to say about me getting one…

    Leesa Perrie

  40. How sad is this? I’ve just relocated my bed back upstairs after three years being downstairs in the sitting/dining room, trouble is the bedroom I have is really more boxroom size and just about fits my bed leaving room for some strategically placed shelves, so what do I take with me? clothes? no way, packed my books up and am now securely ensconced in my library/bedroom, the wardrobe stays downstairs!

  41. The pictures of those big plates with tiny morsels of yummy food on it make me wanna go all Hulk. I guess enough of those tiny servings might fill you up eventually but it’s frustrating to go out to eat and be teased with one shrimp on a giant plate. Enough with the haute cuisine – where do you go to eat in Vancouver to really eat? As in a pop-your-top-pant-button feast?

  42. *waves*

    Ah first dates… my former other half and I went paintballing on our first date. On opposing sides, we battled our wits and our paint guns at each other. We stared at each other through the nozzle of a pain gun… damn if his aim wasn’t better than min and he hit me right on the face. Did you know that those things bloody hurt? Then on our second date we went to see 12 monkey’s and ‘7’was on at the same time… needless to say I ended up going to the wrong part of the cinema after going to the ladies. I promptly counted the rows to make sure I was in the right seat. Sat down, leaned over to reach for the popcorn and realised I was in the wrong place, so had to get up and walk out…

    Lets just say that the relationship was doomed from the start. 😛

    So any gossip? Lil tidbits you’d like to share? I’ll bring you some nice choccies when I come to visit. 😀

    Will batting my eyelashes help at all? 😉


  43. Hmmm, Just saw the pics of the FOOD,,It is food RIGHT?
    What’s wrong with STEAK AND POTATOES ?????

    as for the DVDs .
    I only buy them for the commentaries,
    my enjoyment is two fold when the actors participate
    So come on ACTORS your job is not finished until the
    commentaries are complete with your participation.
    WELL!! there’s still hope for season 5

  44. Katja, I’m sorry to hear about Thor. Hang in there.

    The pattern on the plates is too ‘busy’ and detracts from the appearance of the food in my opinion. 30 minutes in between courses? Fuggedaboudit. Still, that brownie looks luscious……

    Relationship WTF moment: On our third date, my husband and I got stuck in an elevator–just the two of us. Romantic right? Nope. I had the Mother of all panic attacks. Not pretty. Luckily for me, he stuck it out and we can look back now and (almost, sorta, not really) laugh about it.

  45. Wow…great pics! Finally back on high-speed where I can appreciate all the great pictures…

    Some things…

    1. Joe, please tell the crew how much we appreciate their wonderful work! (I’m sure you do that already, but can’t hurt to give them a few more pats on the back.) It’s nice to see all the faces behind the scenes, thanks so much for sharing!

    2. Sometimes the food you eat looks and sounds like it’s straight out of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom! 😆 I don’t touch internal organs (unless it’s liverwurst, or scrapple), seafood (especially boogers – raw or steamed – on a half shell *shudder*), or most mushrooms…I just can’t bring myself to eat something that can grow between my toes.

    NOT that I have ‘shrooms growing between my toes, or anything… 😛

    3. Narelle from Aus Said:
    To das and pg15 re your Humans vs Wraith discussions. You may have already referenced it, but Weir at the end of Critical Mass makes the comment that we should stop pretending we are so perfect because when we look at our own behaviour can we be seen as any better.

    The difference between good and evil is the side you are standing on … IMO

    Yes, the show has addressed this before, you’re right. I guess what I’m looking for is not only addressing it, but acknowledging wrong decisions and making the necessary changes, especially when it comes to their attitudes towards the alien races living in the galaxy they invaded. 😉

    4. Just thought I’d share my very first ever Wraithy sketch – we’ll just call him Teen Steve, seeing as how he looks like he’s about…12. 😛


  46. As there is so much talk about food on this blog, the best desert I have ever had is the banana split at Emeril’s Table 10. It was so good that me and my mom ordered one to share and were fighting over the last few bites and decided that we had to have another one. The rest of the meal was also delicious, I had the lobster pot pie, so delicious.

  47. Just dragged my a__s home from an exhausting 2 hour commute here in lovely, hot & humid, overcrowded New Jersey.

    My guilty pleasure (to help unwind and relax) is to hurry and turn on the laptop and pop in on Joe’s blog. Reclined and hopeful, I prepare to be amused, entertained and enlightened.

    Look what faced me today, my-oh-my.
    Joe, sorry, but I would not eat anything pictured with the exception of dessert. It all appears, well, yucky.

    I guess I’m not at all an adventurous eater. And I’m not regretful about it either. Hand me a well-done Angus burger topped with Dijon mustard, ripe tomato slices, thin sliced dill pickles, crisp Iceburg lettuce and I’m a happy camper.

    Go figure.

    Peace Joe…

    Carol Z.

  48. Versace flatware? Hmmm…I’ll admit, it’s intriguing. But in the end, I couldn’t see the food for the plates. I’ll take bone china w/ my dinner please.

  49. OH! Dasndanger: Again, THANK YOU THANK YOU for the tip about staying after the Ironman credits! VEEERY cool stuff! 😀

    I wouldn’t have stayed otherwise. So karma or (((HUGS))) or whatever else I can do virtually to thank you, it’s yours!

    Trish 🙂

  50. @ AnneTeldy: Hmmm…I believe you are correct, or at least suggested something that made sense (because only Joe here would know if it were correct). David Hewlett has recently updated his blog saying that he had wrapped The Queen. I think they were filming that and Whispers at the same time.


  51. I thought the plates were beautiful, the food not so much! Although it may have tasted just great.

  52. @ Trish

    A little tidbit I got from Brian Michael Bendis’ site (he writes Ultimate Spider-Man, New Avengers, Mighty Avengers – among others – for Marvel)…

    He just posted the other day that – after Wizard World Philly last year – he was asked to come up with the dialogue for that scene at the end of the credits. He submitted several pages of ideas, and they picked out what they wanted to use. I don’t think he’s credited since they just used his ideas, but he was as excited as a little kid telling us about a new bike when he broke the news (which he had been holding in for nearly a year). So, he knew all this time what was coming, and held his tongue! Heh…I can’t keep a secret more than 3.3 seconds… 😳

    What thrilled me about that scene was the Ultimate universe connection…but I won’t say any more for fear I might spoil it for others.

    It certainly was good stuff!! SO GLAD you’re as thrilled about it as I was! 😀


  53. Oh…rats. SORRY everyone about the obnoxious bold print…didn’t mean to do that… 😛


  54. Awww…damn. Double damn.

    Sorry for the abundance of posts…but…

    Just read major spoilers for The Lost Tribe, and if what I just read is true, not even sure I’m gonna make the emotional investment in S5 now (shallow bint that I am).

    Now I’m gonna go crawl into a corner, and sulk. *sniffle*


    (on the bright side, this will really free up a lot of my time! Woot!)


  55. This is a little random, but have you seen “The Fountain”? If so, what was your interpretation?


  56. So what’s the verdict on the restaurant? Is it one you’ll hit again for multiple courses, or one where you’ll simply ask for the desert menu?

    I think I’d find the plates a little distracting, although there is something to be said for breaking with the ‘classic white.’

  57. First off, I made you something. Yes I did. Now, before you get all excited, let me just point out that the theme song to SGA is insanely fast for pole dancing. It really is. That being said, I’ve been known for my unusual choices and I made a pole dancing vid to the theme song. Two in fact. The one that my husband said wasn’t completely horrible I posted to youtube:

    The second I just shoved in my photobucket account, but feel free to take a look at it.
    (I think my pointe shoes look nicer in that one, but what do I know?)

    And speaking of faux pas…
    I was originally going to do a move call the “bow and arrow” at the end of this clip. It is a move I like and looks very pretty. You invert and hold yourself up in a handstand on the pole and let one leg go and point the foot. Very pretty when done correctly…

    I was demonstrating the move for a bunch of students, just messing around after class one day. I wanted to look nice so I really arched my back and stretched out as much as I could…

    …and then I farted.
    Not some dainty little fart, no. No this practically shook the pole. So I did what anyone would do in a completely mortifying situation…I started to laugh.
    Ever try to hold up your entire (in my case, not insignificant) body weight while upside down on a pole and laugh at the same time? Let me just point out that it does not work well.

    So, I’m mortified and laughing and hanging upside down and I start sliding down the pole. Sliding down a brass pole sounds not unlike nails on a chalkboard.
    With a loud “Eeeek Eeeeek Eeeek” I slide to the floor and my leg smacks the floor with a crack and I just laid there saying “Ow, ow, ow” torn between laughing and wanting the floor to just open up and swallow me whole.

    So, in short, I left out that particular move in the video. I hope you like it, or at the very least don’t flame me to hell and back. Take it with a grain of salt, everyone needs a smile once in a while.

  58. I’m right in there with das! The whole WDC is in a tizzy! I was planning on buying Seasons 1-4 on DVD in a couple of days, but now I’m not so sure. Why invest so much of my money in something so badly ended? Like das, now it’s wait and see.

    I like the idea of Todd playing hardball with Atlantis. He’s a willey old b*st*rd who didn’t get where he is by always being nice, or by being a pushover, but this just sounds too much like disaster breaking.

    Not that you care, but if ya’ll kill off Todd, whether or no Season 5 is the last season, for me it will be. The only save would be having Halling grow a set of stones and play a major role, but I just don’t see you doing that, either!

  59. Sounds like you didn’t enjoy your night out at Restaurant Connor Butler. That’s too bad because it’s kind of pricey. I’ve been there several times now, though, and I have to say that I love the place. Connor is a nice guy and his staff at the restaurant is always pleasant and knowledgable. As for his cooking abilities I would have to say that I have never left the place unhappy or hungry. Maybe you just went on a bad night or something because the pictures are accurate and I find the food just as good as it looks. Nice pics btw.

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