Director Will Waring realizes he only has 20 minutes to get home and catch Survivor.

Director of Photography Michael Blundell

Director of Photography Jim Menard

Special Features Producer Ivon Bartok

Armorer Rob Fournier

Camera Operator Greg Fox

Gaffer Bruno B., ready for action.

Director of Photography Michael Blundell looks for the skies to clear.

Krista and Gerry, our lead Stand-Ins.

Sheri, one of our lead Stand-Ins.

Camera and Steadicam Operator Ryan Purcell

Stunt Coordinator James \

3rd A.D. Shawn Murhpy KO\'s Bam Bam

Production Designer James Robbins coddles his baby.

Lovable 1st Assistant Director Alex Pappas

The crew watches Will block a scene.

30 a.m. crew call

Art Director Chris Beech

The mysterious Johnny Z., our Key Grip

Nancy, our Extras Truck Costumer

Kate, the Art Department Draftsman

Producer John G. Lenic waits for yet another meeting to begin.

Andry Mikita, director extraordinaire

Bruno B., our Gaffer (the head of our electrical department)

Production Manager John G. Lenic and Executive Producer N. John Smith

Evil Kenny, our Props Master

Val, our Costume Designer

Koreen, our Assistant Costume Designer

Bev (Trucks Costumer) and Barry (Onset Supervisor)

Enjoying the outdoors on The Last Man

Being on set during the production of Whispers was a lot of fun. But it could have gone the other way. Given the inherent complexities of shooting this episode, it could have turned into a nightmare (ironic, no?). Yet in spite of the early calls and the late wraps, the fickleness of fog, and a scheduling shell game that had the guys upstairs longing for the Summer hiatus, it all came together in the end. And it came together thanks to the hard work of everyone involved – but especially the crew, the show’s unsung heroes. They may not give the big magazine interviews or get invited to cons, but they’re damn good at what they do – in addition to being a real pleasure to work with. So, today’s blog is dedicated to all those who work behind the camera to bring you our little show. Just pass your cursor over the pics to find out who does what…

Then check out today’s video: Fogging the set.

65 thoughts on “May 3, 2008: The Crew

  1. Thanks for all the photographs. There are an awful lot of people involved in work behind the scenes.

    There seems to be a lot of directors – director of photography, art director and director director.

    Do you find writing narrative for women difficult – especially the ‘small talk’ stuff. Women don’t do things like throw men off balconies to test personal shields. We would do it for other reasons – hormone reasons. 🙂

  2. Unsung heroes indeed. You look around the forums and all you see are talks (and fights) about the characters, the actors, you and the rest of the writers, and sometimes even the directors, but these people get nothing. So props to them for their hardwork! Especially Evil Kenny!

    Get it? Props? Evil Kenny? Har har har.

    One of those photos caught my eye: the one featuring “Kate, the Arts Department Draftsman”. Not only is she a pretty lady, but I also found that episode list behind her, where The Queen is curiously placed before Tracker…

    The fact that First Contact was still untitled leads me to believe that that photo is old, and that, at that time, The Queen was indeed placed before Trackers. However, you said some time ago that The Queen was episode 509, so the schedule must have changed.

    Can you confirm that Tracker is 508 and The Queen is 509? Or has things changed?

    Thanks in advance!

  3. WOW!
    There’s a LOT that goes into making the hour’s worth of entertainment we so eagerly await every friday night… thanks for giving us all a better appreciation of how many people work hard on each and every episode!!!

  4. Hey Joe, nice pictures… I thik that it is always good to know about those who put a show together, not just the actors.

    Who decides how many episodes each writer gets to write each season? Is there different levels of writers (someone being above another based on experience, etc.)?

  5. Thank you to the crew!!! It’s great seeing the people who work on the show – and they are doing a wonderful job – the high quality of the show reflects their work and their dedication – and it looks like they have quite a bit of fun too!!

  6. Joe, thank you so much for these photos! It’s great to put faces to the names I’ve seen so often in the credits. It’s easy to appreciate the actors because we see them in front of us when the show airs, but there is so much that goes on behind-the-scenes (which is why behind-the-scene features on dvds are one of my favourite things).

    So, you mentioned that they aren’t the ones giving interviews. If I ever happened to do a relevant article, would any of these great people be available for an interview?

    Oh, and you’re “good luck with the wind” comment must have kept the wind at bay today while I was out filming. There wasn’t any wind at all, and we were done within an hour! Thanks Joe.


  7. Sorry about the long silence. As if the minor setback I reported before isn’t enough, I’ve added a new problem: a serious upper respiratory infection causing me to temporarily lose my voice and my hearing in one ear, and requiring (since Wednesday evening) a second antibiotic, the worst tasting cough syrup on the market, 10+ boxes of Kleenex, and an oxygen tank (which looks like like the defective R2 unit the Jawa tried to sell Uncle Owen). My life sucks. (Actually, it wheezes and tries to cough up a lung every few minutes, but that doesn’t have the same succinct ring to it.)

    I am feeling a bit better, though, so be warned, Mr. M! Since I won’t be doing much for a while, I’ve had my family track down copies of all three BOMC selections and I’m hoping to participate in the upcoming discussions. Consider yourself warned!

    And to all: I can’t even begin to tell you how much your cards and letters have meant. When the staffer comes by with the mail, I perk up a bit. I really love reading it although, lately, it has been quite dangerous. Some of it was so funny, I nearly died laughing. (Okay. Okay. Maybe “died laughing” is not quite accurate, but it sounds so much better than “passed out from my inability to intake oxygen in a timely manner”. And, yes, I know “faint” is the proper medical term.) 🙂

    Leesa Perrie: Your package arrived. Thanks! I’ve read — and enjoyed — what you had printed for me and am looking forward to the CD-ROM’s contents.

    Talula: Your Space Cow picture has necessitated several explanations. I’ll contact you when I can speak more than three words without coughing for a full minute.

    maggiemayday: Hot guys are always welcome and they can massage whichever of my body parts they wish. 😉

    Oh, one other thing: I thought I settled this after Mr. M escaped from Baron Destructo, put my inbox tells me I need to repeat myself. For the record: I did not kidnap John Sheppard!!! I simply placed him in protective custody.

    My medicines are here. The gagging sound you’re about to hear is me trying to keep down my cough syrup.

    Anne Teldy (née Kelly Hurt)
    (Wondering if Mr. M remembered her request?)

  8. Thanks for the pictures, and what you say about the crew makes a lot of sense. However, I’m not looking forward to how some fans will choose to interpret this sentence:
    “They may not give the big magazine interviews or get invited to cons, but they’re damn good at what they do – in addition to being a real pleasure to work with.”
    Unfortunately, it’s not that difficult to translate it into a contrast to, and thus a criticism of, all, some or one of the cast: “They may give the big magazine interviews and get invited to cons, but they’re no damn good at what they do – in addition to being a real pain to work with”!
    I’m assuming you didn’t mean that, but someone somewhere will say that you did. Yet another reason why I’m glad I’m not involved in TV production – but grateful for your insights on those who are, so thanks again.

  9. Classy post! Those behind-the-scenes people can make your life hell if you don’t treat them right (speaking as one of those people). Give them food, post their photos, and say nice things–always a good idea!

    Didn’t Evil Kenny used to be a blonde?

  10. Thanks for all the pictures of one of the most talented crews in the business. It’s nice to put a face to the names we see in the credits week after week.

    Can’t wait to see Whispers. It looks and sounds like it will be an awesome episode. I look forward to hearing how things go in the editing phase… 😉 So did you have any actors running into buildings or trees in all that fog?

  11. A lovely and well deserved tribute to the crew. it’s somewhat scary how many of the names I recognise. But its great to put faces to names. Hope everyone is enjoyig a well deserved rest before swinging back into action on Monday.

  12. Way cool that the ‘Unsung’ get ‘sung’ a bit here. 🙂 *claps and kudos for all the folks who bring us a fab show* 😀

    Glad to hear, btw, that the eye is doin’ better. 🙂

    This has probably been asked before but I’m curious…who designs the cover art for the DVD sets?

  13. Very cool, and who is that Lorne lookalike behind the camera?? Whoa – cutie!! He needs to be in front of the camera!!

  14. Cheers to the crew, they make us happy with their work! n_n
    I think the camera man from the 4’th picture should get a cameo in an episode, just for the heck of it… or for his looks. 😀
    By the way the whole cursor rollover thing isn’t visible to me or did I misunderstand that part?

  15. Thanks so much for giving tribute to the crew. Hewlett did the same at the end of ADB which I thought was such a class act, as is yours.

  16. Kudos and applause to all the folks behind the scenes!

    And for all the glitz and glamour that is television (ha) your offices sure look damn normal. People actually handling paperwork, file folders and in-trays, interoffice mail, memos, post-it notes…

    And here we thought it was all golf-course lunches, spa day’s and executive washrooms.

    Way to burst everyone’s bubble…



  17. Wow – that’s a lot of people!

    I thought of you tonight and wish I’d brought my camera. One of my friends threw a small dinner/potluck party for the grad students in our bio dept. Frank is Italian so operates on the principle of ‘if there isn’t enough for everyone to have thirds, there’s not enough food.’ The main courses he fixed were hamburgers stuffed with goat cheese, lasagna (from scratch) and spicy Italian sausage (from scratch). You might have even approved (and sampled the chocolate pecan pie someone brought).

  18. FUN Busy day today, started off with Free Comic Book Day, had the pleasure of meeting a couple artists & got my freebee. Then went on to Airfest at MacDill AFB, always love meeting pilots & checking out stuff that goes faster than 200mph, btw lots of SGA fans there! (I was wearing my black BDU Sheppard shirt) also your Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds demo squadron was very cool, 1st time seeing them (my fave is the Thunderbirds). THEN onto Tampa Bay Downs to watch the Kentucky Derby (my horse didn’t win. Or place. Or show.) Lastly, to the local sports pub to watch my Flyers beat the Habs to win the series, sorry guys! you had a good team but FLYERS WIN! FLYERS WIN! maybe this is the year they win a Cup again! haven’t done so since I was a kid. Hockey is my fave pro sport to watch.

    shiningwit Said: I read Piers Antony many years ago too, but I quit after reading one too many of his epilogues. I’d like to know what the guy is like in reality because his epilogues suggest a guy with one helluvan ego which actually put me off reading any more of his.
    Long story short, back in the 80s one of my best friends became friends with his daughter Penny via the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism, which has given me some the best times of my life), anyway my friend didn’t drive so guess who did? yup me, I hadn’t read any of his books yet that 1st time we went to the farm, I said so when introduced and he personally handed me a copy of A Spell for Chameleon. I thought then and still think he’s a very nice chap and great with his fans.

    No egos here! great to see these pix.

  19. Thanks to all those who don’t get the limelight, yet work so hard to produce great shows to entertain us..

    Thanks for showing them to us 🙂

  20. WOW!!….to echo the exclamation!
    Thanks for sharing photos of the behind the scenes folks who make the episodes happen.
    Yes…we do love the headliners; we also love the people who make it happen.

    Thanks for giving us familiarity with all of the magic makers.

  21. Thanks for pics, names, and your note of appreciation for all those who work hard (sometimes very hard) behind the scenes to make a show come off well. When the audience has no idea what you do, sincere thanks – including the tangible kind – from the higher-profile people can mean a great deal. And it was nice to read that Paul McGillion went around the set thanking everyone before he left – like you said, a class act.

  22. @ Anne Teldy:

    For the record: I did not kidnap John Sheppard!!! I simply placed him in protective custody.

    Hey, dunno ’bout everyone else, but I don’t care what you want to call it, as long as you took advantage of the situation. I seem to recall some controversy along those lines. 😀

    I’m glad to hear that you’re starting to feel a bit better. Just from reading the comments here, I can imagine some of your mail wearing you out completely from laughter. (Or from sniggering at the adult version of some of the stuff that’s brought up in the comments. Lots of potential, hehe.)

  23. Great pics!

    Well i was a complete idiot today. I slipped on a magazine and wiped out. I don’t know what I did, but somehow, i hurt my big toe. There is one huge deep purply bruise forming! Ironically, the magazine I slipped on was The official magazine, Stargate SG1 and Atlantis. Go figure!

  24. Hello Joseph =) sa va ? ah j’ai bien dormie aujourd’hui=D..

    Super les photos, bien heuresement que toute ces personnes sont la. Merci tout le monde^^!

    Oui, je veux bien vous croire que cette épusode a été trés difficile a tourner. Impatiente de voir ce que sa donne.


    Quel autre épisode attendez vous avec impatience de tourner?

    Bonne journée, gros bisou, je vous adore fort fort!!! ♥

  25. Yes, all the thanks to the crew. If it wouldn’t be for them-no one would have anything to watch. Kudos to everyone! Seeing people work that hard for something they love (they have just got to love what they are doing!) makes me even more want to work in the “business” and be part of a crew as great as SGA has.

  26. Joe

    it’s so nice for you to give credit where credit is due. People like being appreciated.. On another point do you like music and if you do what is the best concert you ever attended? Just curious..


  27. Thanks for the photos. What a treat! Never understood why the crew aren’t invited to cons. I would love to hear BamBam talk about the stunts, or what how costumes are inspired.

    Somthing to think about Con organizers?!?!?

  28. Wow so much has happened in the last few days. You’re so lucky Joe that you escaped Whispers still standing – the eye thing, the collapsing ladder – perhaps you should write Hexed. I hear a couple of stunt guys on the new Bond film weren’t so lucky. So thanks to all of the Stargate family who work hard to make our favourite show. We appreciate all of your efforts.

    Anyhoo, I was wondering what was your favourite Stargate sound effect. Some of my faves are the bug Replicators walking, the Atlantis door panels being activated and gate dialing. Does anyone know what they use to create those effects?

    Cheers, Chev

  29. Great looking crew!

    As always, I am overjoyed to see Ivon on your blog again. *applauds you*

    My birthday is fast approaching, so….instead of the costly gift I know you were thinking of getting me *winks*, a photospread of Mr Bartok would be nice. *grins*

  30. OMG, OMG…. My birthday is 2moro!! <- No Joke

    My friends are getting me the first two seasons of Stargate Atlantis, i’m soo excited!!! 😀 😀

    btw: A friendly hi to you JM from Australia 🙂

  31. Ooh, Ivon and Bambam pics. Thanks Joe! It’s nice to see the crew getting the limelight for a while 🙂

  32. Great to see the crew … nice lookin’ bunch of hard-workin’ people.

    Much catching up on reading of blog … hey, Vegas is a cure for cold feet, very warm there already. Plus the liquid libations and the dancing don’t hurt at all. Until the next morning when I’m looking at the world from eight feet above the cars in the semi wondering why the heck I ride all the way to Vegas for a few drinks. Oh yeah, spending time with hubbers. I do like the guy.

    Hey Anne Teldy … I will dispatch Hot Guys ASAP. Sorry to hear about the wheezing and hacking, ick. Need any reading material? Just holler, I have a stack of back issues of Science Fiction & Fantasy magazines, excellent writing.

  33. COOL!
    So these are the other, often less visible people we get to love for bestowing upon us the awesomness that is Stargate.
    Thank you!

  34. Most definitely ‘Three cheers for the crew’

    I see that, for the eagle-eyed female posters on here, no cute guy ever goes unnoticed. 🙂

  35. That’s a very nice blog entry. It’s good to get a peek at more of the folks who put together such wonderful entertainment.

  36. YEAH!!!!! I’m so glad that you posted pictures of the crew. I sooo agree that they are the unsung heroes. I have a real soft spot for Art Directors since my Dad was one. (((Hugs))) to all of them.

    Well, Joe, normally I don’t watch the Kentucky Derby. Last night, however, I decided to tune in. I would just like to say that I will never ever, EVER watch the Kentucky Derby again…..EVER!!!! What happened at the end – extremely sad.

    Thanks again for the pictures, Joe. Take care, and enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  37. The cursor thing doesn’t work for me, so I still don’t know what everybody does, but it’s nice to see the crew get some recognition.

  38. As an ex- pro-audio person (something I miss every day, curse my broken body), acknowledging the “behind the stage” folk is something I always appreciate seeing. There’s a symmetry between my days behind a sound console and my current work as a sysadmin, including that it’s a job nobody notices until something goes wrong (or they need something), and you so rarely get a thank you. So thank you for doing this, I think it’s a ‘thank you’ to them. And don’t forget the little peons, too. 🙂

    (Besides the fact that it’s just a classic, fantastic movie, one of the things that puts The Blues Brothers in my top 5 movies is the closing credits, where all the crew is acknowledged as part of the whole shebang. Yes, I’m insane.)

    Also, I’m amused & delighted that Evil Kenny came over to Atlantis from SG1.

  39. Hi Joe!

    Love seeing all the pics of the crew! I did the exact same thing yesterday for my friends at GW of my short film crew! 😀

    I really apreciate the insight we get from you into the production of the show. The whole cast and crew are amazing for making such a fantastic show!

    Are there any scenes for Sheppard and Teyla coming up?

    Cazz x

  40. It’s nice to see some more of the faces behind the cameras, the people who have a huge responsibility in helping to make the show as great as it is.

    Thankyou to the entire crew from the bottom of this Stargate fan’s heart. 🙂

  41. Thx for all the pictures of the crew. It’s always fun to see who works behind the scenes.

    I saw the SGA jacket… is there a possibility to buy one?? prolly not, but it doesn’t hurt to ask ;^)

  42. Joe – thanks for answering my questions the other day and so glad to hear the eye is better. Loved the pics from yesterday and today – good of you to show us the behind the scenes people – SGA wouldn’t happen without them! Say thank you to them from this fan.

    I wanted to reply yesterday, but we lost the internet connection for most of the day (argh! Talk about withdrawal symptoms…!), and it’s been playing up again today, so I really hope it doesn’t go down before I post this!!

    Your close encounter with the ladder yesterday was scary – so glad you pinched Will’s chair! Nice excuse for future chair pinching…

    Anne Teldy – glad you got the package and liked what you’ve read so far. Here’s hoping that the infection gets its ass kicked soon! Hang in there, we need you on over here (even if you did kidnap, erm, put Sheppard into protective custody for rather a long time!!!).

    Okay, here’s hoping the net connection is still working…

    Leesa Perrie

  43. hello, Joe-san, my first post here 🙂
    but i`m reading your blog from some time ago, and this really brings me a lot of great pisc of crew and cast.
    thanks a lot for these.

  44. drldeboer Said:
    I said so when introduced and he personally handed me a copy of A Spell for Chameleon. I thought then and still think he’s a very nice chap and great with his fans.

    Cool ! Always like to re-evaluate a previously formed opinion in the best possible sense. I shall now go back and re-read my Xanth collection with renewed perspective. Thanks.

  45. However, I’m not looking forward to how some fans will choose to interpret this sentence:
    “They may not give the big magazine interviews or get invited to cons, but they’re damn good at what they do – in addition to being a real pleasure to work with.”
    Unfortunately, it’s not that difficult to translate it into a contrast to, and thus a criticism of, all, some or one of the cast: “They may give the big magazine interviews and get invited to cons, but they’re no damn good at what they do – in addition to being a real pain to work with”!

    Not if you are on illegal substances perhaps, otherwise it would.

  46. Sayer! Demain je retourne en cours!!
    Demain je ne pourrais pas passer.
    Donc je vous dit a Mardi.
    Bonne nuit Joseph!
    BIG Bisou Bisou.
    Je vous adore
    A bientot.

  47. After learning that I have to use Explorer to view the captions, I can finally read them. Hooray!

  48. @ anneteldy: so sorry to hear you have been unwell. I know all about the trials and tribulations of “breathing in a timely manner” as asthma probs dont start (usually) till mid winter (about June) butthis year mid winter has come early – like mid April. Take care, and here’s hoping that John Sheppard’s nursing skills are getting better 😉

    @ Joe – thanks for th epics and captions about the crew. I have to say that Ivon Bartok is quite cute.

    Hmmm “lead stand-in” (or any stand-in for that matter): at last a job on a film set I can do!!

    Someone has paid $32,000 (USD/CAD???)for lunch with Joe Flanigan. I can honestly say it wasn’t me. I am also guessing that none of my friends or family paid it either – not even for my birthday present. 🙁

  49. Since I just got back from the Renaissance Festival…

    Huzzah for the crew!

    (And what is wild for me is that even though they don’t get all the glory, I’m starting to recognize many of them.)

  50. To das and pg15 re your Humans vs Wraith discussions. You may have already referenced it, but Weir at the end of Critical Mass makes the comment that we should stop pretending we are so perfect because when we look at our own behaviour can we be seen as any better.

    The difference between good and evil is the side you are standing on … IMO 🙂

    HUGE paraphrasing there sorry, and really need some caffeine before I start using more than single syllable words.

  51. Hey there, Mr M, thanks for the great pictures as usual. The crew,, how neat to see the names and faces together. You do good things there in Vancouver. thanks for sharing. Have a great day! 8)

  52. Thanks so much for posting the pictures of the “behind the camera” folks. I really appreciate the time you took, labeling each picture.

    It’s make me realize how many people are impacted when a show shuts down, and how many people depend on you and the other producers for their livelihood. No pressure, huh?
    BTW, speaking of conventions and your “not on camera” folks, the Dragon*Con convention is somewhat unique in that guests are not invited but must actively apply to be guests. The best we can do is encourage them to apply. Tell the Stargate staff to apply here. If they need help filling out the paperwork, get them to ask current guests and fellow Stargate folks coming to Dragon*Con like: Erick Avari, Morena Baccarin, Don S. Davis, David Nykl, David Palffy, Robert Picardo, Cliff Simon, and Jewel Staite. There will be plenty of guests at Dragon*Con who aren’t actors. There’s a boatload of Battlestar Galactica folks coming, too. Please encourage them to come to Dragon*Con!

    Hey, there is a really great discussion going on at PZ Myers blog, Pharyngula, about Science on TV. It all started when someone in England wrote a blog as if he was Charles Darwin, reviewing science as it appears on TV. It would be great to have your voice over there.

    Also, can you explain the production logo / vanity clip shown at the end of each episode of Stargate: Atlantis? Who came up with it and does it have any special meaning?

  53. So, today’s blog is dedicated to all those who work behind the camera to bring you our little show. Just pass your cursor over the pics to find out who does what…

    that only works in IE, not firefox. for me anyway

  54. just read a detailed description of the season 4 dvds that are coming out in July. i especially wanted to see who was on the commentaries. is there a reason why there are so few actors included? i have noticed a lot of other people remarking on this also. we really like it when the actors are part of the commentaries.

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