What happens in the fog tent...

I\'d hate to meet the kid who dropped this.

What the hell is out there?!


What happens in the fog tent stays in the fog tent. Until the episode airs of course at which point everyone finds out. But for now, let’s just say there are creepy goings-on. The gang upstairs are loving the dailies and director Will Waring is very excited about all of the edited footage he’s seen so far.

Surprisingly, in spite of all the potential production problems anticipated by the heavy fog, the biggest inconvenience has been the unseasonably chilly weather. At times, the FX Stage is like a meat locker. Cast and crew are walking around in big puffy coats while Barry from wardrobe has been handing out the Hot Shots (those mini hand warmers). Sadly, my Hot Shots were more Middling-to-Lukewarm Shots and I ended up having to order a hot chocolate from the coffee girl, not to drink but just to hold so that I could thaw out my frozen fingers. Thankfully, the sun came out today and I took advantage of the somewhat warmer spell by ducking outside between set-ups. Five or ten minutes in that bright sunlight was all it took to defrost after which I headed back inside – where I proceeded to stumble around and into the desiccated shrubbery as my eyes struggled to readjust to the suddenly pitch-black village set.

I’m hoping tomorrow is equally nice as we’ll be doing some (Ext. Forest – Day) location shooting. This will be our first time away from our standing sets this season and I’m sure both the cast and crew are looking forward to getting away.

Today’s pics: Whispers.

Today’s video: Will directs Paul –


Some mailbag:

Kristen writes: “What’s going on with “Hexed”? or is that mentioned in the above list?”

Answer: Hexed is still a possibility.

Hachi writes: “Do they cater breakfast, lunch and dinner on the set when you have such long days? Or do people send out for pizza and chinese?”

Answer: Breakfast and lunch are elaborate catered affairs with numerous hot and cold options. Our crafts service department supplies a mid-morning snack, usually sandwiches, and then a dinner that often takes the form of spring rolls, pot stickers, or chicken fingers.

Cathie writes: “Moose sausage? What does that taste like?”

Answer: Like yummy.

PG15 writes: “Are you guys hiring Production Assistants right now (or anything)?”

Answer: Don’t believe we are. Sorry.

PG15 also writes: “I think you made a typo there, Joe. The mid-season 2-parter is episodes 10 and 11, not 9 and 10.”

Answer: You’re right.

PG15 also writes: “1. CSI Atlantis – is it written AND directed by Rob Cooper, like his other episodes? 2. “Carl’s latest” – would that be “The Red Shirt Diaries”?”

Answers: 1. It will be. 2. Yep.

AMZ writes: “I was also wondering if you have any tips for getting rid of microphone distortion from wind?”

Answer: We have to deal with sound issues all the time. We just fix it in post by having the actors come in and do some ADR.

Baalounette a ecrit: “1 Où avez vous appris à parler si bien français? 2 Quelle région de la France voudriez vous le plus visiter? 3 Si vous deviez aller vivre dans un pays, ca serait lequel? 4 Vous savez parler en combien de langues?”

Reponses: 1. Montreal. 2. Le sud de la France. 3. Japon. 4. 3.5

Translation: I learned to speak French in Montreal, wood like to visit the south of France, would like to live in Japan, and speak 3.5 languages.

PattyO writes: “Why are some written and/or directed by the same person, and others aren’t?”

Answer: Brad, Paul, Alan, Carl, and I are not directors. Andy, Will, and Martin Wood are not writers. Only Martin Gero and Robert Cooper do both.

Heather writes: “I just got my daughter a puppy. Any advice on potty training?”

Answer: I recommend crate training.

52 thoughts on “April 30, 2008: Creepy and Cold

  1. Ooooh, looking forward to the creepiness now!!!!

    But it’s gonna have to wait a while…. I just received word yesterday I will be spending my summer away from all things electronic… including TV’s!!! I got a job working at a summer camp in New York, so I’ll be there until August 3rd. Hopefully, all the new episodes will be posted to itunes by then!!!!

  2. It must get really cold being so far north. Everybody’s had snow days when they can’t get to school or work because it’s so bad, but have you or anyone at Stargate been snowed in at the studio?

  3. Thanks for the answers, Joe! Much appreciated.

    Awww, no openings? Oh well, I’m sure we’ll find a way, some day. Hmmm…Lawren’s still your Production Assistant, isn’t he? Is there a food that he really really likes, that which, if he catch a sniff of, he would wonder away from any witnesses into a dark alley (or whatever; I know a good forest clearing that’ll work just as well…I mean, I AM a Stargate fan, after all)? Also, if you would like to post a picture of what a letter of resignation looks like, along with what Lawren’s signiture looks like, that’d be great.

    I’m just, you know, putting a scrapbook together. It’ll be fun and great and awesome. And not illegal.

    Oh wait, I just did a search. Lawren’s your OFFICE assistant. Is that the same thing as a production assistant? If not…damn, MINUTES of planning down the drain!

  4. {I’m hoping tomorrow is equally nice as we’ll be doing some (Ext. Forest – Day) location shooting. This will be our first time away from our standing sets this season and I’m sure both the cast and crew are looking forward to getting away.}

    Have tomorrow, and don’t for get you can take the thermos I gave you for to bring some hot green tea with you… enjoy and take loads of pictures. Here’s hoping it is a warm day for you…


    ps.. how is Lulu and the other pups doing?

  5. Ok, I admit to staying up tonight just to read your posting. As opposed to my normal-up-late due to work or natural sleep cycle. And it’s worth whatever sleep deprivation I end up suffering. The first picture is a great payoff. Are those figures who we think they are? What lurks further in the fog? There is something primally scary when our eyes cannot provide us the usual environmental information we’re used to getting. Pictures and/or videos of Mr. McGillion are also always a welcome sight. A couple of questions for the day. Has the use of standing sets been a cost saving measure? Is it ever more expensive to modify the interior sets than it is to do an outdoors shoot? Thanks for the daily dose of things Atlantis, and I hope your weather turns out to be suitable for filming.

  6. Joe’s blog of 29 April 2008:Well, Paul was wrapped by lunch

    Who is lunch? A new assistant?

    Now that he is wrapped do you want my postal address so that you can send him to me?


  7. G’day Joe
    Hope Fondy and the dogs are well, haven’t heard about them recently.
    Just wondering, is it just the one episode for Amanda Tapping at the moment or are there going to be more later in the season.
    *hopes for more*



  8. Time for that whacky episode we have all been waiting for, “Atlantis’ Summer Vacation”, to be filmed in the Maldives.

    Happy to be a lacky for whatever duty is required.

  9. :O !! Well all of those gas masks lined up in a row just made the top ten list of things that freak me right out!! Thank You Joe!! I won’t sleep peacefully tonight at all!! I can’t wait to see this episode!! 😀

  10. 1) How did Martin Wood and Robert Cooper get into doing both writing and directing? Is it more of something where “we need somebody to do it and you’re the only ones available”, or is it something where they like doing both, so do it on occasion?

    2) Is Cooper more focused on Atlantis now then he was earlier since the two SG moves are almost done, or has he found himself spending more time on other projects?

  11. WTF? Possibly related posts (automatically generated)? what’s that about then? I’ve just got up and am easily confused, must have my blonde head on today, no offence.

    Todays pics are very spine tingly, that 2nd one gave me the heebie-jeebies and quite possibly nightmares for a week, ditto the gas mask thingies and no I am not your mummy!
    It all looks extremely atmospheric, and what is it about plastic sheets that really notch up the ambience of creepiness? answers on a postcard please.
    Well its almost the weekend, looking forward to July at the moment, I’m planning my elder daughter’s wedding which is due to take place on July 5th so I’m on a countdown to complete meltdown between now and then!

  12. Well that was a bit of disjointed thinking, serves me right for getting distracted by the youngest going off to school.

  13. Eeuuuwwww, the creature thingey looks even more creepy than the drawing. The fog tent and its shadow figures is enough to evoke a lot of images especially when seeing the creature thing. The lineup of gas masks looks ominous. For whimpy/woosey me…the Whispers episode very definitely needs to be viewed with other people in the room. Goose bumps and shivers.
    Can’t wait for the season to begin.
    Whispers is going to be a great episode; just scarey/creepy.

  14. Do human form “Ancient” replicators share a common knowledge through links like access to a master database or do each of them possess inherent knowledge of the collective? Would it be possible for Dr. McKay to acquire the schematics to create a ZPM from a single, human form replicator?

    Thank you for sharing your images and info on season 5. I am really looking forward to seeing it.

  15. Hello Joseph =) sa va bien ??? Moi oui, comme une journée de vacance^^!

    Cool les photos!Le tournage ce passer bien on dirait.

    Waou!! super!! Vous avez répondu a ma Baalounette!! trop cool^^!!! Bah oui le francais c’est bien^^!
    Tient vous voudriez visiter le sud de france =DD..Moi je vous conseille ma région! la Gironde!! Bah oui vous veriez le plus grande éstuaire d’europe, la plus grande dûne du monde,la 2iem plus belle ville de france (aprés Paris) Le plus grand lacs ouvert sur le mer de france, les plus célébre vignioble de france..et vous rentrez dans le berceaux de la gastronomie francaise…..Oui, c’est bien chez moi XD lol ..Vous venez quand vous voulez!

    Oui le Japon est un Pays bien aussi…Waou vous parler beaucoup de Langue O_O trop fort Joseph!


    1) Avez vous deja mangez des truffes(le champignon)? Vous aimez sa?
    2)Sur toute les nouveaux personnages féminin de cette saison qu’elle est la femme qui sera la plus présente?

    Bonne journée Joseph!! Gros Bisou, je vous adore fort♥

  16. Looking forward to watching Whispers.

    Thanks for the vid, Paul looks like he’s having fun 🙂

    Yay carson.


  17. I know this really has nothing to do with your post today but I was curious, have you ever read Markus Zusak “The Book Thief”? I just finished reading it for school and I found it to be an excellent book with amazing writing. Also I was thinking of reading Bernhard Schlink’s “The Reader” do you know if this is a good book and if so would you recommend it?

  18. With on-location shooting, how much do you guys think you will be doing this?

  19. It’s somewhat comforting to know even a production like Stargate Atlantis still gets sound problems. Unfortunately ADR isn’t really an option for my project, but we’re going back to reshoot on Sunday. Wish me luck with the wind!

  20. HAPPY May Day! Between now and Cinco de Mayo, one of my fave times of the year ie PARTY TIME!! at least, in my house it is. And I love making sure the maypole is properly erected.

    My vote is Pic #2 today for creepiest posted yet!! oy no longer something Oz but rather something Scarecrow… I don’t scare easily but if I suddenly ran into that out in the fog, would definitely startle! and perhaps get blown apart with a P90…

    Hexed is still a possibility.
    Great. I say keep it. Thx for the ongoing updates.

  21. PS Season 4 DVD set- bloopers AND deleted scenes, I LOVE YOU GUYS!! That’s worth saying twice!!

  22. Hi Joe,

    Love the creepy pic’s! I am looking forward to seeing this episode very much!

    “moose sausage”? tastes “Like yummy”. haha! I’m serious! I really want to know what it tastes like?
    Have you ever tried kangaroo meat!

    Take care & happiness always!

  23. Hey Joe!

    Wow! Sounds like you need some warm sunny, Florida air. I’m sending you some right away. It’s already tank top and shorts wearing weather here. 😀

    I’m ready to be creeped out by Whispers!


  24. Joe,

    Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to get in on the “What Scares You” discussion a few weeks ago. However, I am a HUGE horror fan. So, so on the slasher flicks, but thoroughly engrossed by “creepy” and “the unseen”. (Think “The Mist”) Based on what you’ve teased us with, I’m VERY stoked for “Whispers”.

  25. Hi again Mr M!

    Greetings from the Emerald Isle! (and Tipperary in particular)
    Have just heard that SGA will return earlier, (in July)…Is this true or just speculation? If true, any ideas on the UK/Ireland Sky One pick up date?

    Many thanks


  26. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for the update on Whispers. It looks like it’s going to be totally creepy.

    I’ve been reading a lot in the papers here about the possibility of a SAG strike. There was a flurry of articles yesterday [April 30th] in various papers about the studios ramping up productions in preparation of the strike and since almost all the Atlantis actors are memebers of SAG, that got me thinking. Do you have any production plans in place to finish most/all of the season if a strike does occur?

  27. Just from the pictures, this is starting to resemble something that will most definitely scare me. So looking forward to it!
    And I think that that doll actually looks scarier than it did on paper.

  28. Are there any new true ‘alien’ races in s5, like the Asgard? So not just the gazillionth race of alien humans?

  29. Today is my 15th wedding anniversary! If you’re feeling generous, any pics of Joe F would be appreciated. Hey, I’ve been married 15 years, but I still enjoy looking at the menu 🙂

  30. You said you speak 3.5 languages. What are they? (English and French, obviously.)

  31. Creepy, creepy. I’m not a horror fan, but I’ll have to make an exception for this one. Safely under my blanket I think.

    You are extremely kind to post pics and such for us eager, and hungry for news, fans. I’d ask for a pic of Joe Flanigan for my birthday tomorrow, but something tells me that’s not really a possibility. LOL. You are a kind and yet still evil overlord.

  32. Creepy but cool photos (and nice vid too!). Hmm, me thinks I need to watch Whispers in the daytime not the evening if I want any chance of getting to sleep okay…!! I mean, even the gas masks look worried! (Um, they do, don’t they? It’s not just me that thinks they look worried? I’m not losing my mind or anything…am I?!!)

    susanthetartanturtle Said:
    Joe’s blog of 29 April 2008:Well, Paul was wrapped by lunch

    Who is lunch? A new assistant?

    Now that he is wrapped do you want my postal address so that you can send him to me? 🙂


    Hey, you live in Scotland? I’m in England, so…can I come visit if Paul arrives? Just to, you know, congratulate you on your good fortune…!!! *wicked grin*

    Leesa Perrie

  33. Hi Joe!

    Now that Martin Gero has had more experience in directing, will he actually helm an episode of SGA?

    Let me just say that gas masks have always been creepy to me, starting from “Gods and Monsters” and ending with “The Empty Child”/”The Doctor Dances” from Dr. Who…

    And DON’T get me started on angel statues…!

  34. Much to your delight (and just maybe my disappointment) your posting of more Paul/Carson entitles you to be vindicated from my wrath for another 24 hours. =]

  35. Joe thanks for the creepy photos. I have to wait until I get home to watch the vid. No speakers on my work computer. I don’t think that is fair.

    It is a good thing Atlantis usually airs at 8 p.m.(AST) here. Maybe it won’t be so spooky if it is still a bit light outside.

    Thanks again for the blog, it brightens up my boring work day.

  36. Hi Joe, (my first time commenting)

    Just wondering, we have heard a lot about Whispers, but could we have some pics/video from some of the other episodes being filmed please? David said he has finished The Shrine and The Deadaelus Variations and i’m sure we would all love to see and hear some more about them – especially if there is news of a certain Mr Flanigan who has been somewhat absent from your blog of late.

    Many thanks,


  37. Oh yes…the wooden creepy doll sculpture.
    The five little gas masks all in a row ….are cute.
    Like baby birds in a nest waiting for their mother to feed them. OK, that’s suddenly become creepy.

    Have you ever had to drive on your own any distance in the fog at night, on country roads? Now there’s an experience and a half. Apart from the real danger of an accident, the way everything normally familiar becomes alien (!) and hostile. Even traffic islands become creatures of the night. I don’t like it.

    I look forward to Whispers at home, nice and safe, with the light on.

  38. What a cool blog entry – a fun video of the lovely Paul M coupled with pics of some very creepy gas masks and the like! 😛

  39. 9 juillet pour la saison 4 de SGA et la saison 5 débuterait le 11 juillet sur les ondes amércaines. Aurions-nous moins d’un an à attendre au Canada entre les 2 saisons? Ce serait vraiment une bonne chose !
    J’ai hâte de pouvor commenter tous les épisodes de la saison 4 dont on a parlé ici.

    Oh, en passant,à Québec hier matin il ….neigeait !!

    Merci encore pour votre blog et les photos.

  40. Some days ago you wrote that you had taken lots of photos of the Whispers set. But despite your assurances that Joe F., is/was on the set, we have yet to see even one photo of him. Is there some reason you will not post his photos despite the many pleas from readers?

  41. I don’t really have a snappy or witty comment today. I just realized I hadn’t commented in a while and felt like saying hi.


  42. Heeeee. I don’t get a lot of scammer emails but one got through today and I immediately thought of you Joe as I’m sure you’d appreciate this gentleman’s name:

    Apparently Mr. Kusolvithee Wallop is Head of Operations at Krung Bank of Thailand. I’m sure Wallop is a fine, well-known Thai surname of long standing. 😀

    Are you sure this email isn’t from another of your scambaiting aliases Joe?

    P.S. Brain not working today – what the heck is the plural of alias anyway?! :/

  43. Well Joe, hope you didn’t loose your extremities from the continuing chilly weather today. I’m in my room and my hands and feet are fricken ice lollies.

    Hmmm…maybe I should close the window.

    This forest you’re filming in…it wouldn’t be Central Park here in Metrotown, would it? Because I would hate myself knowing that Stargate’s shooting just 5 minutes from my house and I missed it.

  44. Amz Said:

    It’s somewhat comforting to know even a production like Stargate Atlantis still gets sound problems. Unfortunately ADR isn’t really an option for my project, but we’re going back to reshoot on Sunday. Wish me luck with the wind!

    Save up for a Rycote until then try wrap some thin (or thick if its a storm) cloth around it 🙂

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