Seriously. WTF? I wrote today’s blog entry – a rundown of last night’s Fan Fuel Dinner, Round Two – clicked onto my dashboard, and was greeted by an ugly and counterintuitive jumble. Where was the concise, easy to navigate dashboard page I‘d grown to know and love? I assumed there was a problem with wordpress and set today’s entry aside, deciding I’d come back to it after dinner by which point the problem would be fixed.

Well, the problem was not fixed – because the problem is WordPress has decided to change the dashboard design. Whereas once it was a neatly arranged page in-easy-to-read type, it is now a hodgepodge of sections presented in a miniscule font-size crowned by a garish orange border.

Whatever. I’ll find a way to live without the convenient access to my blog stats and comments moderation, but I have to draw the line when this “new and improved” system prevents me from posting. I click on the New Media button to add an image and have the pop-up box flash up onscreen. I upload an image from my computer, select the alignment and size, click on Insert into Post and….nothing. The pop-up box goes white and just sits there. Tough luck, sucker!

So, I’m presented with a bit of a dilemma. The whole point of doing this blog is to include pics and vids of tasty meals, crazed canines and, occasionally, behind-the-scenes snippets from the show. If I’m no longer able to do this on wordpress, then I have to look elsewhere.

I have the option of going back to blogspot – which would be a bit of a pain as it would necessitate my playing catch-up.

Or I have the option of going somewhere else – though I‘m not sure exactly where “somewhere else“ would be.

Suggestions anyone?

109 thoughts on “April 4, 2008: Dear WordPress – WTF?

  1. I’ve tried a service called vox. Their not bad and easy to use. I’ve had great success with them. I was surprised with the new wordpress dashboard as well. I might go back to vox. hope this helps.

    the address is

  2. Haha I know this is going to make me sound like such a dork, but I go where you go…
    I too was confused by the new set-up and quite upset that the system (which I had just recently learned to work) had changed and I now have to learn a whole bunch of new crap….

  3. Oh man…. talk about a kick to the groin region on the part of wordpress. I honestly would suggest xanga… but idk: that’s been infinitely more complex recently.

  4. So Joe, will you still post your comments about our dinner last night! I was so looking forward to seeing in what comic way you interpreted the evening!

    Waiting with baited breath… and mints on hand to help!

    BTW- met Bam Bam and Kavan today…they were just as nice and you and Marty!


  5. You could probably just get your own website. But that would be a little bit more work than using one of these types of click and post sites. I’m surprised Sci-Fi or MGM hasn’t offered to host your blog seeing as it probably generates comparable traffic to their proprietary Stargate websites.

    Anywhere you decide to go, we’re with you all the way.

  6. Alas, no suggestions on alternatives. What evil henchman of the Baron’s is sabatoging your efforts to recruit legions of followers? I hope this doesnt spoil your weekend. As Charles Sneider said, we’re with you whichever road you go down.

  7. I suggest a bar of chocolate and a good night’s sleep. 🙂

    (then, perhaps…you should bring in a specialist from the Pegasus galaxy… 😉 )


  8. I tried inserting a photo into my blog and, while the process of getting it there was weird, it did show up. But I have a Mac, so maybe it’s different?

  9. “Anywhere you decide to go, we’re with you all the way.” Oh, yeah, I totally second that, but it seems like it’d be easier to stay, depending on where wordpress decides to go from here. Possible that if enough people complain that the system is stupid, they may change it back. Hopefully.

  10. This sounds pretty bad. Though you needn’t be too harsh by moving your blog. Please do not take any offense in what I’ll write now but… I assume you took a look at this part? ->
    Of course not being a user of wordpress myself at the moment I do not know if they did also renew the faq/support according to the changes they made today, but given they did …then it should be no problem after reading through that link.

    Yet if your really search for something else than wordpress or blogspot… there are a few other pages like.
    Though I guess they do not suit your needs or your kind of blog.

    P.S.: Also if you would go back to blogspot, then you could put a link there to this page for everyone who would like to read the entries you wrote before the let’s say 04.April2008.

    P.P.S.: Sorry for writing such a long comment! D:

  11. I’m over at Live Journal, I like it fine. However, I’ve not used anyone else either. To post my pics – I host at PhotoBucket just like you and then plop them in. You can work in html or Rich Text environment. Several of my Stargate friends are over there.

    So…IDK, maybe…


  12. Now now, take a deep breath. If it is new perhaps there are some kinks in it. It seems unlikely they would prevent people from posting pictures (indeed, just trying myself to post a picture that seemed to be working, though I didn’t commit to actually posting a picture since the only pictures of food i have would make all of us cry most plaintively).

    But remember this when you want to kill a fan favorite because it seemed like a good idea at the time 😉

  13. Hi, Joe.

    Sorry, can’t help you with blog quest.

    I saw this tonight and thought I’d share:

    Homeschool Quarterly Report: 2nd Grade, 3rd Quarter

    Social Studies

    Focus on Mesopotamia:

    * Other: Horrible History DVDs; United Nations Tour; Discussion of International Relations and Politics inspired by Stargate SG-1.

    Sounds like my kind of class.



  14. The same thing happened to me today with word press. I thought it was some sort of error as well – although I did get a picture to post. Finding how to post it, though, took some serious scanning on the page. A big thanks to word press for the heads up about the changes. Jeez, would a little email or note have killed them?

    The old method was more user friendly but I still prefer word press to blogspot.

    Good luck getting your pictures to post. I look forward to seeing all the food and fun I missed out on. 😉

  15. Well, you can technically still post pics and videos, just not in thumbnail format. Surely you can still post them as links? I know I wouldn’t mind.

    Otherwise, you can try LiveJournal. I’ve been using it for almost a year now and I can put pics in with no problems, though I upload them somewhere else first (you don’t have to; I just do it because I want to). Imbedding videos is no problem either. In fact, you can do it in the same post as the rest of the blog entry.

    But there is another option, outside of searching for another vendor.

    I’m not making any promises, but during the Blogspot Blunder, I was contacted by a fellow Gatefan who design websites and offered to make you your very own. I don’t know if that offer still stands though, but I can ask if you want me to. The obvious drawback here is that it’ll take some time to make and get it up and running.

  16. Personally, I’d just wait it out for a few more days to see if the problem is corrected.

  17. Hey Joe! Sorry to hear about your blogging problems. I did some looking around for you and I found something called Movable Type (

    I wish I could go to Fuel! I wonder is there anything on the menu you haven’t tried?

  18. Where you go I will go as well Joe.I hate the new setup as well…keep it simple people.

    Hope you get the blog mess worked out soon.


  19. Sadly this is WordPress 2.5. Now before you give up… all the old stuff is there, really! The first row has what you’re used to — comments are under their own tab now. I admit it’s harder to see what hasn’t been approved yet. As for the pics not uploading… I wonder if yours are too big? I will do some testing for you. Okay, testing done and I was able to upload quite a big image. Once it’s done “crunching” you click on gallery to see your pics, then click on them to set alignment etc.

    We’ll get you there, don’t despair. The code under the new interface is very avant-garde if that makes you feel better. 🙂

    I’ve heard complaints elsewhere so I imagine there will be changes forthcoming to fix things.

  20. Joe I say go back to the basics, blogspot, that where we discovered your superb bloging skills and exciting inside info on Atlantis. Anyhow a quick question if you please…. Will we be lucky enough to see new battleships in season 5?

  21. Hey Joe,

    If you were my client I would create a requirements specification to determine which blog service will suit you best. So here goes.

    Ahem. Now. Mr Mallozzi, thank you for your time today. Let’s just go over some of the items that are important for your next blog location.

    1. The ability to post pictures

    2. The ability to occasionally post a video.

    3. You have mentioned previously that you don’t count yourself as particularly tech savvy (your Motorola charger is still trying to piece itself back to together I hear) so we need an easy to use interface.

    4. You like to be able to access your stats easily – we all want that to continue so we can participate in your competitions in the hope of snaring a very generous prize.

    5. Posters would request the ability to be able to preview their comment before submitting their either amusing and witty anecdote or insulting barrage.

    I mean how embarrassing to have a typo in your impact sentence that would, if not for a typo in the word recalcitrant, have turned you into a blubbering mess and have you finally admit to all of those mistakes you have so obviously made over the years of writing for Stargate.

    And now some questions to flesh out this requirements document so I can justify charging $1500 for this.

    Do you want some real competition, such as cute kitty pictures (and it seems they all lack the ability to properly spell or structure a sentence – you pesky wittle kitties – sheesh) for a place in the “hoting” blogs or would you rather just not have any competition so you can shoot to number 1 and commence drinking that champagne out of the Number 1 Blog cup?

    Is the range of templates available important for you? Do you want the ability to customise your blog with holiday themes such as Christmas, to show you care?

    Is having to catch up on blogger more or less time consuming than having to start all over again at another location?

    Do you require to stick with a well known blogging service so people can continue to find you, or are you hoping to “lose” some people in the move?

    Well I think that about wraps it up.

    Seeing as I know absolutely nothing about blogs, and I’ve done all the hard work (plus made some easy cash) I’ll pass these requirements on and people who actually know what they are talking about can come up with the right solution for you.

    Have a great day.
    I accept cash or direct deposit only.

  22. I too was thrown off by the “new” Dashboard…I was just getting somewhat used to the “old” way. Hang in there.

  23. Hey Joe!

    If you want to stick with WordPress, the best thing you can do is e-mail them and inquire as to the problem with uploading your images. It could just be a bug in their system or perhaps you need a Flash upgrade. Hopefully WordPress is good in terms of replying with e-mails, as I’m sure switching blogs continuously is a real pain. 😛

    I know you’ll get all of this worked out!

    Thanks as always,

    – Enzo Aquarius

  24. I dont know of any sites but I’ll be following you wherever you go!….why do we all sound like stalkers? XD

  25. Joe,

    Give it a day or two. Updates come with glitches. I never understood the need to “fix” what “ain’t broke”, but I was able to post to my blog without a problem – including smileys. Of course, I haven’t even tried to add pictures, etc. EVER.

    Here’s hoping you have better luck tomorrow.


  26. They’re dealing with a number of these issues on the WordPress Forums. If you’d prefer not to leave WP, you can find a lot of your problems dealt with there. Reading back over your entry, I think I recall seeing every single issue dealt with in one (or perhaps multiple) threads on the forum. It’s a freakin’ hassle, but probably not as much as restarting elsewhere.

    On the other hand, in their post on the issue, they’ve said that more changes can be expected. Presumably they were referring both to functionality and to aesthetics, though I’m not sure.

    Or, to save time, you can just start your own thread, even if it looks like there might be duplicate information. That will help give WordPress a message about not introducing a supposedly “new and improved” format before thoroughly beta-testing it among average WordPress members, especially among those of us who aren’t adept at tech stuff.

    As one of WordPress’s major-league bloggers, I’d think that complaints coming from you would carry a fair amount of weight.

    If you haven’t already read this, the bad news is that the old format is “gone for good.”

  27. Well… I have my blog at Live journal It’s easy to use, the instructions are easy to follow, and comments can be screened and released individually… also the commenter can preview and spell-check their post. I find it useful that it is very easy to incorporate pictures etc. from Photobucket into my journal posts.

  28. Hmmmmmm (eyes wordpress a bit with an eye of scutiny) A little gasoline, blow torch, no problem. In all honesty I have no idea how to help in this delima as this commenting on your blog is as much typing as I do in one day. Sad but true. Maybe hit up DH ask him?? He has his own site and is not on much since shooting started back up and Baz (cute little bugger), but it seems to work with out him around so much? Just a suggestion. Not the brightest lightbulb in this pack. (shrugs) Least the dinners at Fuel were a high point. Nothing like good food and friends,;).

    Love to the furry bunch!!

  29. Oh NO!!! What is word press thinking??!!!

    I’m sorry Joe! That totally sucks. I have no advice for you. Like Charles Schneider said, anywhere you go, we’re with you all the way.

    BTW, my husband did see the pics of dinner last night. I’d already warned him one might look a little strange. He said, “Yeah, I see what you mean.” I said, “Oh…you didn’t like the one with me and Joe, eh?” He said, “Actually, why did he have his arm around OUR daughter??!”

    HA! HA! HA! He’s a little over-protective of his little girl, don’t you think?

    Don’t worry. I didn’t tell him where you live. I explained that you are a decent guy and happily married. Also, I told him he’s being a major dork. It’s not the nice men we need to worry about. It’s the 14 year old boys!

    Anyway, good luck with the blogging. I’m sorry word press is being unfairly difficult.


    @wolfie: I don’t think the Sci-fi dine-in theater is slumming it food wise. And it is WAY COOL to eat in there. Plus, I’m very much a fan of the restaurant over in France at Epcot.

  30. I’m still new and I was a little surprised to see the new dashboard when I logged on tonight to explain my very bad day at work (I came close to either a nervous breakdown, passing out from working my 8-hour shift on one cup of coffee, or up and quitting; I never decided on which to choose). I hope the problem is fixed soon because I’m with you, I like the other version better. I’m going to try to upload a few pictures on my page tomorrow to try and promote my cake decorating so I’ll let you know if it works for me or not. I do like seeing all of your pictures. It’s fun to know what you guys do when you’re away from the show.

  31. Hmmm…I tried it your way (the “add new media” way) and it seemed to work fine. Once you’ve crunched the image, there should be an option to “Insert Into Post”. Otherwise, you can simply save the image into your gallery for future use.

    You’ll get the hang of it! Don’t dispair…and don’t move your blog! *tear*

  32. Hey, Joe, have you considered Xanga perhaps? In highschool I had tons of friends who used it, and I tried once, it was quite easy to use, but I gave up, as I had nothing to say, but you, on the other hand…we need this blog, it’s one of the few pages I go to every day without fail!

  33. Joe,

    Use your own domain. Get wordpress — the good version installed on it and feel comfortable once again. WordPress is a fantastic product and is amazingly easy to install. Domain name purchase and hosting is easy as well. WordPress comes as you use it now and also comes in a version you can install and use/manage yourself. There is also a version that allows you to have multiple authors so, each person you want to give over to write the commentary etc, can have their own account / username.

    Not sure how to get your own domain and host it? Talk to David Hewlett. He is the ubber blog geek after all.

    If all else fails, I can give you a run down on step-by-step domain purchasing, hosting and weordpress install.

    You can then set up sub sections for the dogs, for the food and for the show if you like, or not. The point is when you have control, it’s you that gets to determine if the “new and improved” do-dad is what you really want or not.

    Sure it will cost money, but there are some great deals out there, and no doubt someone on here will offer it all to you for free, but then you are “locked in” with them so going elsewhere would be better.

    Relying on free blog hosting sites ultimately leads to name calling and tantrums. Do it yourself! Release your inner geek (although being a writer for a Sci-Fi show, it could be argued your inner geek was released a while back).


  34. Well, I’ve been on livejournal for nearly seven years, have seen a lot of changes there (including new Russian overlords…drama ensued, I had no cliff notes, got lost in ActI, no clue about the ending), and still like blogging there. So, I’d say before you bail, tough it out a few days and see if you can’t figure out how to work it. Who knows…maybe you’ll master it and like it better than the old way.

    And if you don’t, you can schedule to beat me later.

  35. hmmmmmm this totally sucks.

    I don’t have a bloooog but you know there is always myspace 😛

    Wha?? Don’t laugh. You can post piccies… blogs.. it’s free. I’m sure alot of us have myspace profiles.

    yeah I know…

    *Puts head back in hole*

    I got some petrol and a match. That’d help.

  36. I think you must have had a minor glitch – the new way of loading images gives you a lot more options than before, so will be better in the long run I think.

    Functionality wise, WordPress is definitely one of the best hosted services – they’ve just messed with the user experience in this latest release (which is one of the biggest they have done)

  37. SheppardsOnlyPie Said:
    Maybe hit up DH ask him?? He has his own site and is not on much since shooting started back up and Baz (cute little bugger), but it seems to work with out him around so much?


    That is exactly what I was going to say. Um…well, maybe “exactly” was too strong a word. But, I was going to say to ask David as he has a wonderful website and seems to find it easy to blog and add pictures. That way no one could change the format on you…um…unless you wanted it changed. It would be your baby and we wouldn’t have to move any more after we got settled on that one. Erm…I mean YOU…hehe yes you wouldn’t have to move again after you got things settled at your own website. Doesn’t “” sound good to you? *wink wink* Come on…you know it does! You should go to David’s and see: or or
    They all lead to the same place.

    Whatever you decide, I hope it isn’t a big hassle!


  38. Tap, tap, tap…music starts
    Or acapella…of course I can’t carry a tune with a basket.
    (If anyone recognizes the lyrics or “tune” then we are from the same gen-er-raaaation..oops different song.)

    In unison….to Joe

    We will follow you
    Follow you wherever you may go
    There isn’t a mountain so tall
    A river or ocean so deep to keep us away from you

    Or…stay calm, be cool – your usual composure
    and perhaps more answers will become clear and/or available soon.

    But whatever you do….please do tell us.
    Cannot stand the thought of not having my daily Joe fix.

    To whomever who said it above…yeah we do sound like Joe stalkers. But we are the beneign kind.

    climbing off soapbox
    putting baton away.


  39. drldeboer Said: *YELLS back* HI KIMBERLY!!!

    I think maybe you heard me, we probably only live a few miles apart! the area’s not that big
    feel better, I had that dreadful flu-shyte for a month

    Ouch! My ears…I did hear ya! *wink* Thanks for the “feel better” wishes. My sinuses are killin’ me and I am so SICK of being sick!

    Geez, a month you say? Dang, then I still have 11 more days to go? As McKay would say,”Oh crap!”


  40. Heya Joe,

    That’s all pretty frustrating! I’d say hang in there though. I’m looking at my wordpress site and i think this should smooth itself out.

    Give it some time.

    Like everyone else has said though…we’ll go where you go. 🙂


  41. wolfenm Said:
    Yes, as Kassandra said, thank you on behalf of David’s squirrels for taking the scrapbook to David. Joe, thank you for that! David posted on his blog that he loved it!

    wolfenm Said:
    @Trish & Kimberly ~ Oh, *two* dinners with Joe and you lot? I don’t know if my poor little heart can take that much excitement. Srsly, though, if he was ever brave enough, we’d have to plan it very far in advance for Disney. Then again, the Sci-Fi Dine-In could be a lot of fun, if he’d be willing to slum food-wise for a night. That would be awesome!

    wolfenm Said:
    But could you imagine dragging him to DisneyQuest? (Hey, speaking of which, we still need to use our other tickets to that! …) I think Joe would have a blast at DisneyQuest. It was a lot of fun! I really want to go on the pirate ride again! So we should get around to planning a trip to use those extra tickets soon!

    wolfenm Said:
    We should probably thank you, Joe — if it weren’t for Stargate (and David’s board), I wouldn’t have met such cool gals! Thanks to Trish and Kimberly, I actually get out of the house once in a while! ;P Awww! We love hanging with you, Wolfie! And, you help us so much as we are the newbies and you show us the ropes!

    Thank you Joe! I really have met some wonderful people because of Stargate!


  42. the first Lily Said:
    I hope Rodney is written as the Rodney we know in Atlantis, and not the “SG-1 version of McKay”, just to please the SG-1 fans who might watch the episode because of Michael Shanks.
    I really disliked how Rodney was written in “The Pegasus Project”, which seemed to me that it was a step back into its days as a guest character in SG-1, and not the Rodney we love in Atlantis.

    I have to agree with that. The way Sheppard was all buddy-buddy with Mitchell and telling him he should carry a lemon around to threaten McKay…just like he did, just made my stomach turn and I was really disgusted with Sheppard. It was VERY disloyal to Rodney, after all they had been through together and seeing how much Rodney had changed. I kept telling myself that it was an SG-1 show and not Atlantis and to just forget what Sheppard did. But, I really thought it was awful and out of character. Rodney was different too…not like the Rodney we had come to like.

    I’ve noticed that different writers give a different feeling to Rodney’s character. Some write him to be the fall guy that everyone laughs at, some write to show his character growth, some show his more human side, and some write him as if he has regressed back to the beginning days of Atlantis. Maybe they all see him differently, but I wish they would for the most part, get on the same page with him and keep him consistant. I know there can be some regression in people at times…but there should be a good reason. And, I love a good laugh…but not when it seems mean spirited. I feel that the team would tease him…but in some episodes it went a bit too far. (IMHO)

    Rodney’s my favorite character…so I’m probably a bit protective of him. *blushes*


  43. Hello Joseph =) Sa va ?? Moi super ^^!

    Ohh mince vous avez des problémes avec wordpress =(

    Bah moi j’ai un compte sur live journal, bloogspot, wordpress et Myspace..MAIS Le mieux c’est SKYBLOG !!
    Sa fait un 1 an que j’y suis et je n’ai jamais eu de probléme, en plus il y’a plein de super option!!

    Venez voir sur mon blog ce que sa donne =):

    Voila =) Passer Une bonns journée! Kissouu, je vous adore!!!!

  44. oh bugger! well I haven’t checked anything out due to a severe case of ‘can’t be bothered’ I figure better minds than mine have done it so like the rest of the stalkers I’ll go with the flow although it never ceases to amaze me how developers seem to think, personally I subscribe to the ‘if it ain’t broken don’t fix it’ school of thought although others subscribe to the ‘if we can’t fix it it ain’t broken doctrine while even more are happy with the ‘we’ll fix it till it IS broken’
    I, on the fourth hand am taking my book and cup of tea and going back to bed.
    just leave us a link if you decide to move unless you need a hand with packing!

  45. There’s always TypePad –

    It costs, yes, but at least you can get support. You can import/export posts easily, see the comments as a list and publish/delete/unpublish them with relative ease, a choice of interesting designs or you can customise your own, and many more features beside.

    As for stats, why aren’t you using Google Analytics? What about Feedburner (which also acts as a syndication system too – gives you feed stats, site stats and much more).

    Visual Effects engineer – I hit computers with lump hammers.

  46. Ooooh Joe!

    Don’t give up. If it is anything like the kind of upgrades we get at work it will be sorted out.
    Our IT guys can access our server remotely and we always know when they have been ‘at it’ After much swearing, phone calls and cups of coffee we are usually up and running in a few hours.

    That old adage ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ just doesn’t apply with anything computer related does it?
    Technological evolution at work at breakneck speed. I’m sure someone at WordPress thought ‘this seems like a good idea’

  47. I’ve just finished a lengthy trial of following the instructions I found on the WordPress forum about inserting images, and have had no success with any images showing up in my test post. (When I first started blogging here, I didn’t need instructions for uploading images. It was *that* simple. Intuitive. – Haven’t tried the loading-from-Photobucket route; but if it says you can upload from your computer, then that’s what you oughta be able to do.) At this point, I’m very disappointed with WordPress for what I see as inadequate beta-testing. (Not that I would really know, but that’s sure how it looks.)

    Like others have posted about their current LiveJournal blogs, I had a good blogging experience at LJ – a few years back, or so. (I just ran out of time for blogging.) WP now has a rep for being a “more intellectual” blogging site, but a) that could all just be rumor and trendiness, and b) it might not matter a damn in any case, if it’s too friggin’ complicated to run a blog here. And right now the “counterintuitive jumble” – my take on that is what once took (for example) five easy steps now takes three to five complicated steps – isn’t looking like a very smart move. (So checking your blog stats took one extra mouse click, BFD.)

    Re. Blogspot, I doubt they’d bust you again; but who knows. *sighs* Maybe two ES Tylenol and a large nightcap will make things look better when I wake up. . . Oh crap, and I planned to make a really nice dinner tonight. *looks daggers at WordPress*

  48. Hey Joe,

    I think it sounds a bit premature to dump WordPress straight after they’ve redesigned their interface. Have you sent them any constructive feedback? I’m sure they wouldn’t want to lose one of their top blogs. They need to know from the people using the product what works and what doesn’t any more. You wouldn’t want people to just stop watching Stargate if you made a few changes. You’d want them to give it a chance wouldn’t you?

    As others have said – jump on the forums too you might find some help there, or at least you can join others in complaining.

    If you do decide to move your blog here are some sites to compare:

    Blogger I guess you know. Check out Blogger Buzz for new features added or coming up in the future
    Naturally if you want a new blogger template I can help you out there.

    Typepad (not free)
    e.g. WIL WHEATON dot nET in exile

    LiveJournal (free and paid)

    Movable Type (self hosting)
    e.g. The old WIL WHEATON dot NET. Sorry I don’t know of a recent example.

    All the best!

    Cheers, Chev

  49. Oh, guess what. My images – or two out of four, anyway – DID upload. On another page, which was underneath the page I was posting on. Fabulous.

  50. Hey.. regular reader (from the U.K.) here whose never commented before. I know numerous people who use for their blogs and rarely have any issues with it. There aren’t really that many decent blog hosting sites on the net, hence why I just host my own and maintain it through iWeb.

    Also, I see Marty G has given the first part of his two-parter a name. Any headway on naming the second part? Or are heads still being scratched?

  51. Hi Joe,

    I use wordpress to deliver all the news over at my dedicated Atlantis Website, and although the new interface is a tad different its actually quite easy when you get used to it.

    If you would like any help just drop me an email and i will be more than happy to help out

  52. I’ve been using for the past 4 years and I like it fine. Like someone said before, you can screen comments, lock posts, and put pics and videos in your posts. Something to look into I think. 🙂

  53. I hate to repeat what everyone else has said, but since you asked…

    I would say wait it out a few days. WP might change if the reaction is strong enough. Or, after tinkering about, you might figure it out. I find new designs are always frustrating for a day or two, but I usually pick them up easier than it takes to begin a new site. You’re a busy guy so you probably don’t want to cruise the WP forums. I might suggest that if you wait a few days, the other readers of your blog who use WP will catch on and be willing to help.

    If it gets too frustrating and you decide to move, I would suggest LiveJournal (where my own blog is). Most of it is easy to figure out, they have an excellent FAQ, and they always send out notices about how and why they’re changing things. It’s very user friendly. I’m just not sure if you would like the presentation format to begin. You would have to do a little coding to get a style similar to the one you currently have on WP, here. However, that being said, I can see a lot of readers use LJ and I’m sure someone would be willing to create the kind of code you would need and tell you where to copy and paste it for the kind of look you would want.

    Good luck!

  54. hey Joe,

    stupid wordpress! you could use livejournal or simply get your own website. I think someone mentioned the latter a few months ago during the blogspot problems

  55. You could always email WordPress and unleash hell on them until they help you figure out how to work stuff. 🙂

  56. I go where you go. But I’d wait a bit before moving, to see if the bugs get shaken out. Really want you to keep posting pix & vid as well as words.
    Maybe its the aging but these days I personally hate it when a software vendor changes interface (Microsoft is a huge offender to me) I’m seriously thinking about going to MAC just for that reason.

  57. I’m one of those who hangs out on LiveJournal. 🙂 So far, so good, IMO. 🙂

    *sighs dramatically* So jealous of all those who were able to go to the Fuel nights. *chuckles* I’m stuck back here in PA with Chinese takeout. LOL Glad ya’ll had fun tho’. Thanks for the pics, Joe…very cool that you and Marty G. were able to hang with the fans.

    How many days do you generally hold auditions for guest spots (i.e. Major Teldy)? Just outta curiosity…wondered how long on average it takes you to find “just the right one.”

  58. Moi je ne vous conseille pas livejournal j’ai jamais vue un site qui beuggé autant! Mais bon vous faite comme vous voulez^^

  59. Of all the stupid idiotic things…

    Sorry Joe, no suggestions as to where else you can go, just annoyed on your behalf!

  60. I can’t even find the button that says “upload” in the “Media Library” tag… 🙁 Where the heck is it?

  61. Hey Joe, just saw the “hawt post” on the wordpress homepage is your post from last night – haha your famous!

  62. I can’t believe all these folks are suggesting Livejournal with them being up in the air with their recent purchase by a Russian internet company known for being pro spam.

  63. I share your sentiments and agree with you 100%.

    I logged on and off about a dozen times before I realized that the format had changed…and yes it is ugly.

    I suspect the reason for changing is technical…I am sure they will improve it.

    However I was able to post pictures and it did work. It takes a bit getting used to. On the positive side, you can now sort the pics and have three choices to post them, regular, medium or large (you had only 2 choices before)

    Stats are still there too!

    I am sure being the dynamic company WordPress is, they will fix how it looks soon

    Hope you had a great “dinner” last night!


  64. WHAT!?!?! I can live with the after-night-of-drunkenness-vomit that the dashboard has become, but trouble with images? That is a big no-no….I hope it was just a glitch for you, but I guess I’ll try it later and find out..

  65. You could just get your own website, as long as the hosting plan you get has a cpanel you can auto-install wordpress like usual. (I suggest holdfire or dreamhost) The hosted wordpress dashboard is much clearer, and it works ok with images for me. Furthermore you can install fluency theme which is even prettier than wordpress 2.5 usual theme. Or you can use a blogging script like fanupdate which is pretty simple, and though it is not a whole CMS would provide a blog.

    Either that or free site I would highly reccomend. 😀

  66. Its not much different really. Its all there still, just moved around and such.
    As for photo hosting, I use a separate flickr account to host.

  67. Hi Joe!!!

    Are you getting spring like weather in Vancouver yet??? We are here in NW Indiana (Finally!!!). How do you contact Brad Wright? Could you pass the following along to him: “A Big THANK YOU for revamping “Children of the God’s”, the pilot episode of SG-1. I just read about it on Gateworld. I hear that special effects and other improvements will be done. The one thing I did not know about was that Showtime insisted on the nudity scene in the episode. I am glad to hear that will be removed. It is the one episode in my boxed set of season 1 that my kids can’t watch. I had to dvr the episode from Sci-Fi so they had a clean episode. We will definetly be buying this DVD when it comes out!”

    Thanks for passing this along Joe. Enjoy your weekend!! I only have 4 weeks of school left!! Woo HOO!!! Then summer break! Maybe I can finally get involved in BOTM! Have a great day!

    Jen 🙂

  68. Hi, Joe,

    I’ve no opinion on the blog platform question.

    San Antonio media are treating the Final Four as the Second Coming…the FF was here in 1998…pun intended.

    So, which team do you like? North Carolina, UCLA, Kansas or Memphis? No bets this time.

  69. Uploading pictures was no problem, but for videos I have not enough space I can’t uplode them the normal way.

  70. Can’t really give advice, the only blog site I’ve used in LiveJournal, and I know not everyone likes it. Works fine for me though.

    If you stay, go back to blogspot or move on, we’ll follow – ‘cos we’re all stalkers here!!

    Leesa Perrie

  71. If you’ve been given this much trouble from two separate blog sites, I’d say start your own. However, I’m not sure how much you know about setting one up. It wouldn’t be too hard for someone else to set it up for you, then show you how. I did something similar a few years ago. Personally I like LiveJournal the best. It’s simple and easy to use. They don’t go through a series of pages or boxes, and their typing interface hasn’t changed too much.

  72. Thank God that I have not taken the time to learn how to use all those dashboard functions!

    As for suggestions…if you could supply ALL of your devoted fans the email address of someone at wordpress so we could remind them how important your blog (and the features you were use to) mean to us, perhaps a bit of endless emails might get their attention.

  73. Have you checked out webjam? Its a fairly new company but a friend of mine is a developer over there so if I ever read your having problems posting I can get on to him and tell him to sort it.

  74. I have Windows Vista.

    The following is directions for getting a picture into your post:
    Click on New Post at the top of your screen
    At the top of the “Post” section there is a blue-green strip. Click on the first picture after “Add media”
    Under “From Computer” click “Choose files to upload”
    Select the image like you would for an email attachment
    At the bottom click “Save all changes”
    The new window may go blank; just close it
    Click on the first picture in the blue-green strip again
    Click on “Media Library” at the top of the new window
    Click on “Show” for the image you want
    Copy the “Link URL” and close the window
    In the blue strip under “Post” click on the fourth picture from the right
    Paste the URL into the top row of the new window and add any other information you want
    Click “Insert”

    Hope this helps

  75. Grab all the multi-coloured first versions of the scripts, petrol and a blanket and go to the roof of Bridge Studios to send us smoke signals. Either that or staple your missives on to carrier pigeons, which also has the added benefit of being able to yell out, “Fly my pretties!” as you release them.

    I’ve basically got nothing.

  76. Pleeeeeeeeeeease don’t use livejournal… I hate the format as a reader, though of course your needs as a writer must be paramount. Hopefully WordPress will be able to restore *some* of your user satisfaction.

    It’s a pity that, and are all taken (unless you parked the last one for yourself). It really is pretty cheap and easy to own your own domain name and mask it over a free site.

    Anyway, I hope we eventually get to hear about the second dinner at Fuel. What did the owners think about the influx of your fans and becoming an unofficial SGA fan function?

    Judy in SATX

  77. Hey Joe!

    Sorry but I can’t help with your blog problem. Whatever you decide to do, I’ll still look forward to reading the blog.

    I have a question if you don’t mind. Can you tell me which Stargate episode had the “Gladiator” inspired scene? You know…..the one with walking through the fields touching the wheat (or whatever that was Maximus was touching). Please tell me I wasn’t dreaming this….I’m sure it was an SG-1 episode!!!


  78. Oh No!! Holy Crappola,:o I was just getting used to my daily dose of blog, Not sure how I can do this, wheres my chocolate?!?, quick an infusion!!
    Really I don’t have an answer to your recent dilemma, but I do agree with others I will have to follow if it changes, let us know, thanks for all the great postings..:)

  79. Joe you could think about posting on livejournal, I mean if I can figuare it out it should be a walk in the park for you. 🙂 Any new news on the shep whump episode and what it may consist of??? Thanks bunches, Nicole.

  80. I just read an article at Gateworld about Stargate Universe. From what I understand from that article, the idea is not to make both Atlantis and this new show simultaneously. Does it mean that if this show gets a go, Atlantis will be canceled just to have this new show?
    I know this is just my opinion, but I won’t be happy if this happens. I’m not a fan of the franchise so far, I’m only a fan of Atlantis, so I’m not exactly thrilled after reading that article. I’d think Atlantis deserves to last at least 7 seasons 🙁

  81. Carol Ann the Flanigan fan –

    Was the Gladiator music used in 2010? I can’t recall.

    I know the music was used for one of D2’s Stargate videos a couple of years back but his website no longer exists.

  82. Well they managed to make two shows at the same time before, why should it change? It takes what, two weeks to make one of their movies? :o)

  83. That seems to be a whole lot of complaining for using someone else’s free software and servers. Next time the dev-team will have to consult with you first.

  84. Shadow Step said: “Well they managed to make two shows at the same time before, why should it change?”

    If yours is a reply to my comment, I posted what I posted because of what is said in the article.

    According to this article, some stuff Brad Wright said:
    “Part of the reason it’s taking a while is that Atlantis is currently on-going (…)”
    Wright said that he is not anxious to return to a schedule that requires the Vancouver team to produce 40 hours of television each year, indicating that Stargate Universe may wait until Atlantis has concluded its run.”

    It’s not me saying that they don’t want to run two shows simultaneously again. It’s Brad Wright saying that. Or at least that’s how I’m reading this…
    You can read the article at

    I know Brad Wright is not saying “we’ll end Atlantis in season 5 so we can get on with this new show”.

    I’m just expressing my concerns about Atlantis ending sooner than it should to make room for this new show.

  85. No help with the Blog issue… sorry

    My message to WordPress would be “If It Ain’t Broken DON’T FIX IT”!!

    Look forward to the play-by-play from the dinner at Fuel.

    Till Later

  86. Judy in SATX Said:
    It’s a pity that, and are all taken (unless you parked the last one for yourself). It really is pretty cheap and easy to own your own domain name and mask it over a free site.

    Anyway, I hope we eventually get to hear about the second dinner at Fuel. What did the owners think about the influx of your fans and becoming an unofficial SGA fan function?

    Judy in SATX

    Doesn’t “parked” mean that it may be available? Maybe someone just bought the domain to sell it. Now, looks like it doesn’t connect to anything. So, if the josephmallozzi one is really taken, you can always go for jmallozzi.

    And, I too, can’t wait to hear all about the Fuel Dinner Extravaganza!


  87. starwars9771 Said:
    The one thing I did not know about was that Showtime insisted on the nudity scene in the episode. I am glad to hear that will be removed. It is the one episode in my boxed set of season 1 that my kids can’t watch.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t know this when I bought SG-1 season 1. I didn’t even know it began on Showtime! Tells ya how out of the loop I am.

    So, I’m sitting there watching it with my 13 and 14 year old sons and suddenly there’s a naked girl on the screen! My younger son covers his eyes like he’s been blinded, my older son totally ogles the screen with eyes as big as saucers…while I’m saying mild swear words and pressing on fast forward as quickly as I can. LOL Then we all sort of embarrassedly laughed about it…and watched the rest of the show, nudity free.

    I was definately shocked though.(because of my sons) I thought it had always been a family show, so I never thought to look at the individual episode ratings! *blushes*


  88. You call a show that depicts torture, violence and death scenes a family show, yet you clutch your pearls over a simple display of nudity?

    You Americans have a screwed-up sense of morals.

    And yes please, Joe, move to Livejournal. That might be the one thing that finally convinces SGA fans to make the move to IJ.

  89. Lily Said:
    If yours is a reply to my comment,

    No, it was more to Wright and Cooper – they should get back to the grindstone (or pass the baton) – it seems for years they wanted to stop making series and make a few movies instead (perhaps there is more money for less work that way?) – well as a scifi enthusiast i want a series because that is more than a few movies. (If they are running out of ideas they can email me 😉

    And to ninaaoki either we all have the right to express our opinion or you shut up as well.

  90. Some features of wordpress actually tell you they’re beta and ask for feedback (blog surfer, for instance). Have you contacted WordPress supported in addition to blogging about the issue? That might be feedback they want. Include a link for all the other unhappies commenting here if you do. Add me to that list. I’ve been on WordPress for a month, and was just getting good and comfortable with the old system.

  91. umm personally i like this way better. its alot more intuitive. i havent had any problems with posting images or anything else. i’m on a mac, maybe its different for us? :\ hope things get better for you

  92. It is my belief that there is no website that ever wants anyone to become to comfortable with the status quo. So, wordpress being one of those websites, decided it was time to shake things up a bit for those of us who may be growing to comfortable in our surroundings. Now, I, for instance, am not the most knowledgable blogger on the planet as it is. So for the me the new dashboard really didn’t pose much of a threat cuz I didn’t really know how to totally use the old one. I pretty much just type, post, read comments an move on with life….(although I would pay to be picked up for a book deal like “stuff white people like” have been). So, I say give the new dashboard a chance. If you’re anything like me….in the end it really won’t matter much as long as you can keep writing what makes you feel good!

  93. Sorry, I couldn’t read through all the messages to see if someone else made this suggestion…

    First, I’d let your voice be heard at WordPress. You should be able to get major attention since you are one of the top blogs. If you’re seriously considering leaving, I’d think they would bend over backwards to fix the issue.

    If they don’t, others have already mentioned LiveJournal. It works pretty well. But there’s also Typepad, that’s where Wil Wheaton hosts his blog. Just please, please, please, please, please do not even consider MySpace. That site is such a mess … and is typically filtered so that people who read your blog couldn’t do so at work. Oh, yeah. If you do move, please choose a site that will provide an RSS feed. I (and probably many others) read your posts through Google Reader.

  94. Try using the browser uploader option.

    It’s under the choose files to upload option button on the right highlighted in blue.

    Love the blog!

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