A short blog entry today as I have very little time before heading off for my date with the lovely Marty G. and who-knows-how-many-fans at Fuel. Tomorrow’s entry will include a rundown of the evening along with plenty o’ pics. In the meantime, here are some quick updates:

Lulu had successful eye surgery today.

I’m still working on my producer’s cut of Broken Ties.

Carl is prepping Ghost in the Machine.

We gave Alex notes on his revised draft of Inquisition this morning.

We gave Alan notes on his first draft of The Queen this afternoon.

I swung by the Art Department and talked to James Robbins (the man responsible for the concept art that occasionally adorns this blog) who is going to dig up the schematics he did for the Prometheus way back when.  Thought you might be interested. 

Between now and sometime in the near future, I’ll also go through all of the concept art and schematics for past Atlantis and SG-1 episodes and post the more interesting bits. 

It looks like the bloopers have been saved!

Today’s pics: Behind-the-scenes shots of this mornings fog creature camera test. SPOILER ALERT!

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  1. > Today’s pics: Behind-the-scenes shots of this
    > mornings fog creature camera test. SPOILER ALERT!

    Oh. I thought you were just showcasing another typically beautiful spring day in Vancouver…

    Hooray for the bloopers! (and for Lulu’s successful surgery)

    – KB

  2. The bloopers were saved? Really? YES!!! 🙂 (I don’t know anymore (I think they’re called) emoticons)

  3. yay for the bloopers!

    and, you know, congrats to lulu and carl and you, too.

    but blooper reel!!! \o/

  4. Yay! Bloopers!!!

    Now…let’s get to work on those puddle jumper poopers… 😉

    Thanks, as always, for the little insights into your day and all the behind the scenes goodies.

    Give Lulu hugs and kisses!!


  5. Wish I was at this party…=(
    Can’t wait for the concept art…maybe a new tattoo will be revealed.

  6. Wait wait wait…about that Prometheus thing.

    Are you saying that you think we will be interested in seeing the schematics (which I know I am!), or are you saying that you think we will find it interesting that, for some reason related to Season 5 stories, you’ll need the Prometheus’s schematic? There’s a HUGE difference there. Which one is it, Joe?!

    Moving on…have fun at the dinner! Can’t wait to see the pics of what the other Joe Blog Regulars look like! Of course, you should all know what I look like now, as I posted a pic (anticipating the dinners, of course) somewhere in the comments for the blog entry on Marth 27th.

    Speaking of the past, here’s my question from yesterday:

    Why didn’t the Wraith attempt to farm humans to increase their food supply instead of waiting for their population to increase naturally after cullings?

    Don’t eat too much!

  7. Now that the bloopers have been saved, any chance on enlightening us as to what (who?) the problem was?

  8. Great news about the bloopers Joe and thank you also for the Season 5 info 🙂
    I’d still like to see more character development for Teyla though and more John and Teyla scenes together. I understand about not committing to a solid romance between John and Teyla but the chemistry between these two is so mesmerizing and if you could but offer a ‘tease’ about any substancial John and Teyla scenes I’d be grateful 🙂
    Also I happen to like Keller and like Keller and Ronon .
    Also will Teyla’s baby be part of a big story in Season 5 ?
    Sorry about the Wraiths being phased out somewhat as I find them the most compelling adversary to watch .
    I liked the Genii but miss Koyla .. And would like to see Luscious return 🙂
    Too bad about Michael not becoming a series regular but will we get to see a John and Michael final confrontation or will Teyla have the pleasure of getting Michael again ?

    Thank You !!

  9. It wasn’t until I spent a few minutes taking a really hard look at those photos that I realised that there really ARE spoilers in them! And what spoilers they are!!

    Hurrah about the bloopers, and I hope you all have a fun get together tonight.

  10. Oh snap. I totally forgot.

    HOORAY FOR THE BLOOPERS BEING SAVED!!! And I didn’t even have to make a website for it!

    But, uh, can we still see you and Ivon (and whoever else from behind the scenes that wish to participate) act them out? It’ll make for a great Easter Egg! 😉

  11. Umm, shouldnt the spoiler alert been put BEFORE THE pics? You’re forgiven though. Looking forward to hearing from everyone who attends the Fuel functions tonight and Thursday. Glad Lulu came through surgery, and it sounds like one very hectic week to be a producer on the show.

  12. YAY Bloopers!
    Is the Fog Creature a Guest Star or Recurring?
    Hope you had a great time at dinner tonight!

  13. Testing 1 2 3 – I thought if I registered I’d get some fancier editing controls – guess not *g*

    I like the tone of the first picture, but i guess the third one has a more jolly and Stargatish feel to it.

  14. Hey Joe! I’m happy for Lulu. I don’t see anything but fog in those pics though.. or is the fog the monster? ooo, interesting.

    Putting all possible bias asside, which episode(s) of Season 5 so far are you most excited about?

  15. That is one sweet fog creature – WOW!!!

    Triple “YAY!!” for the saved bloopers :-D.

    And another string of yays for Lulu!

    I ordered my own personal copy of The Android’s Dream to read it yet again. It was commented at the library that I’d already taken it out 5 times and thought, “If I read it that often…”. To be honest it was all ‘always out of stock’ Amazon’s fault :oP. I’ll defo be ready for that BOTM session now, hehe.

    Seeing schematics for the Prometheus?? Sweet!!

  16. The “Saving of the Bloopers” isn’t an April Fools’ Day joke, is it? Love them bloopers!
    Even fog looks cool in Vancouver!

    Can’t believe I’m the first comment of the day – I’m not worthy.

  17. Good to hear about the bloopers, and I hope everyone has fun at Fuel.

    I must say, though, I’m surprised you didn’t take the opportunity to play a joke on us and tell us that Carson and Weir are going be regulars again, Sam/Jack will finally be made official, Kavanagh will be eaten by space alligators, and Sheppard and McKay will get fused together á la Tuvix to form a super-smart, super-Ancienty action hero called Jodney McShep.

  18. Yay, for the bloopers! This isn’t an April Fool’s joke is it? 🙂

    Really looking forward to “Ghost in the Machine”.

    It just isn’t right. Some fans are treated to a dinner at Fuel, and the rest of us…fog. Hope you guys have a better meal and company than I did.

  19. LOL, Spoiler Alert my a$$! Looks like I’m one of the few not at Fuel this evening. Dang. Now I feel left out. Ok, I’m going to the Vancouver con next year dang it.

    Look forward to seeing the fun everyone is having this evening!

    Off to search for some comfort chocolate…

  20. I really hope you’re not fooling us with the bloopers. Nah, you wouldn’t prank us like that. Would you? *whimper*

  21. Thought the photo’s were Lulu’s post eye surgery pics. All the best to a speedy recovery. And did I miss you mentioning previously that she needed surgery? I thought I may have clicked on a blog entry from when she was just a few months old.

    Have fun tonight everyone!

    I’m going to have a very different night with no power (using the remaining battery now to write this), watching the trees for signs of cracking (one has already come down) and hoping that my Mum makes it home safe in this incredible storm we are having.

    NZNeep – how did you go?

  22. Hi Joe, I have just a few questions!!! 1. Are we ever going to see the Weir that we know or is she going to be in FRAN’s body for now on? 2. Will we see Ford at all in Season 5?? 3. Will we see any ascended Ancients in Season 5??? 4. Any chance of seeing the whole SG-1 team coming over to help on a mission durind season 5??? Thanks

  23. I love your behind-the-scenes pictures, however all I see in your fog pictures is fog. I could be going blind, but will we get to see the actual creature in the episode?

  24. hope the fuel dinner was great! you did remember to save me some, right, joe?!?! joe??? right???

    i wish i could have been there its so close, yet so far away. have to take the ferry and everything…

    glad Lulu’s eye surgery went well! a couple of months ago, my dog had to have eye surgery. She had an ulcer in her eye, and to get rid of it, they had to put her under, and scrape her eye. unfortunately, it did not work the first time, and we ended up doing it again a couple of weeks later. but she is all better now, and no more ulcers!

    well, its time to get some dredded homework done… oh the joys of being a student 😛

  25. The bloopers have been saved!! Hallelujah, happy happy joy joy does a 360 and lets out a rebel yell!!

    Simple things… *wink*

    btw, nice fog beast…does the SPFX department proud I bet.

  26. EEK! Joe —

    That fog creature is so — words fail me to be able to describe the horror, the hideousness — the EVIL — that the fog creature is.

    Oh, our poor SGA! Woe unto them who has to behold the fog creature.

    Pure Shep whumping, I’m sure.



  27. Yeah for the bloopers!! Whomever you paid in chocolate I’m glad it worked. Thanks for running whatever triatholon needed to be run to get us those bloopers. Looking forward, even more, to Season 4 dvd release.

  28. Har har har. I hate April first.

    But then again, I’m so sick even my hair hurts. Could be warping my sense of humor.

    Have a wunnerful dinner all y’all!

  29. How much of an influence does the artist have over the look of the props? Do you generally have a specific look in mind (“I want spikes here, detailing in this area…” etc), or do you have just a general general idea (“I need a wraith looking ultrasound”)

  30. Hey Joe! It’s been a while since I’ve left a comment… Just wanted to let you know that I greatly enjoyed Season Four of Atlantis. My flatmate and I are eagerly awaiting the season premiere of Season Five – so much so that we’re working on getting cable/satellite (depending on who can get us SciFi here in Ontario for a reasonable rate) just so we can watch Season Five Live! Those pics tonight… great potential April Fools, yet very believable fog shots – filled with lots of spoilery! Glad to hear that Lulu’s surgery went well! Hope you enjoyed yourself at Fuel this evening (and for tomorrow night too)! Enjoy the rest of your week! Kristy-Ann 🙂

  31. Joe,

    You are just too cute for words! Fog creature, Spoiler…LOL!

    Have fun this evening! Wish I could be there…

    Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

    Thanks for the blog, as always,


  32. Now that’s just teasing us saying the bloopers are saved on the 1st of April. How could any of us believe it!

    Can’t wait to hear how the dinner went, couldn’t quite make it seeing I’m Downunder.

  33. every time i read the title ghost in the machine, I think of the anime ghost in the shell, have you seen it? good stuff.

  34. Right, I’ll be sure to warn my sister away from the photos in your blog today.

    I may disappear for a day or two because my grandmother has passed away and I have to fly off to Sydney. I expect a few entertaining/interesting blog entries when I get back, Joe.


  35. Emily said:

    I just thought this was hilarious:

    Gmail Custom Time

    But man, it would be a handy tool!

    That is really, really funny – thanks for posting the link. 🙂 The reference to “flux capacitors” takes you back all by itself. – Handy? Absolutely! And I have to wonder what one of Baron Destructo’s scammers would do with something like that. . .

  36. Joe, I know you were in a hurry to get to Fuel and all (and I hope everyone had a great time), but I *really* wish you’d put the spoiler alert before the pictures. WAY before the pictures. — Man, those creatures are incredibly weird and nightmarish, to the point where I wonder if I’ll get any sleep tonight. If those things were your idea, all I can say is you’ve got a diabolical mind. *shudders*

  37. Hey, Joe…

    Hope you had a great time at Fuel tonight!

    Could you please dedicate Thursday’s blog to me? I have to go in and have a tooth cut out early Friday morning. Blech. At least I’ll be knocked out for it.

    Thanks! :-X (<— Kissy face, hope Fondy doesn’t mind.)

  38. Thank you Joe for a very nice dinner this evening. I enjoyed it very much!! I hope you like the ‘from one dog lover to another’ envelope I gave you. Something tells me you will. Sorry my comment isn’t more creative, I’m incredibly tired. Don’t forget….no bad pics of me on this blog!!!LOL


  39. YES!!!!!! BLOOPERS!! I can go to sleep a happy girl now :D!!! Awwww poor Lulu. Glad everything went okay for her.

    Wow! Three shades of fog. I need to get out more. Not that my opinion matters…..but I like the middle one!

    Have a good night and have an awesome time at Fuel!

  40. Hello once more Mr M.

    Greetings from…..Vancouver!
    Many thanks again for meeting me and the other “blogees”. Thanks also to Mr G for his attendance. It was very kind of you both to attend and I for one thoroughly enjoyed the night, great food, great company and plenty of pics!!!
    You asked to remind you that as I am some 5,000 miles from home you might kindly dedicate the blog to my wife Deirdre and my three daughters Deirbhile, Hazel and Baby Dee. Thanks again Mr M, and best wishes to Fondy and the dogs…particularly Lulu post-surgery.

    Best wishes

    Shirt’n’Tie AKA Paul

  41. 😆 at the fog!

    Glad Lulu’s eye surgery went well and I hope everyone had a good time at Fuel! 🙂

  42. Glad to hear Lulu’s okay and that the bloopers are saved. \o/

    Wish me luck. I’ll be flying out your way tomorrow. I’m bringing Android’s Dream with me. Hope I can get some reading done.

    See you Thursday!

  43. “It looks like the bloopers have been saved!”

    Oh thats fantastic! Im excited!! ^^
    Have fun tonight!

  44. Nice pics… lol

    YAYAYAYYAY bloopers being saved.. this is sooo gonna make me rush to the shop and buy the set 🙂

    Hope Lulu’s ok!

  45. Joe,
    The food at Fuel was delicious, but, next time, you should choose a bigger place. I bet there were fans who couldn’t get a reservation. Larie and I were just glad you were still there when we arrived at 8:30. It was a fun night.


  46. Excellent pics. Fog is sooo hard to capture. And thank you for the Spoiler Alert. Fog reveals so many secrets.

    Enjoy your meal & the company at Fuel.

  47. I’m very happy to hear both about Lulu’s surgery and the bloopers. All good news! I’m curious though, after seeing those spoilerific pictures you’ve posted, do you ever play any April Fool’s jokes on others in the office? Besides the normal awful chocolate switching jokes?

    Also, seeing as how you’ve mentioned that you’re not the best person to invite to a surprise party, I wonder if that also applies to weddings? I’m in my best friend’s wedding this weekend, and I just can’t help but wonder what words of wisdom you would offer? (ie, words I can “borrow” since I haven’t finished writing my toast yet. Oops.)

    Anyway, hope you have a wonderful dinner at Fuel with all the fans!

  48. Joe;
    Told ya i’d be back 😉
    Is there any chance we will get to see Mckay rib Sheppard about the fact that he is so rich and that he never let on? In outcast Ronin commented on how well off Sheppard was, surprised by the news, but nothing more was said about it in later episodes. I’d get a huge kick out of seeing the comedy that would cause. will Ronin let on that Sheppard is well off and throw the torch to Rodney to torture John because he never told Rodney or anyone else how rich he was or that he even had a family at all. Knowing Rodney he’d have to be extreamly jealous that sheppard was loaded and never said a word about it. I’d also love to know why Sheppard’s mom isn’t around and what happened with his father. There’s smatters on the web that his dad was military but that was not a military service and it was made pretty clear he wasn’t sooo… Thanks a bunch and I look forward to more spoiler pic’s, they keep me going until season five starts. Considering I’m a Shep whump fan the little morsel you tossed out regarding Sheppard being in the infirmary equally between Rodney and Ronin makes me giddy, I can’t wait for what should be a super season here’s to at least 6 more beyond that. I’ll keep my tapes ready to record and just keep watching season four on VHS until the DVD’s come out. Yay for the chance the bloopers will make it to dvd that and deleted scenes would make an already fantastic show ten times better. thanks again, Nicole.
    p.s. sorry i don’t make much sence no sleep brain’s to tierd to function.

  49. Thank god the bloopers were saved! Give the man a gold star ;D. Anyone do anything silly for April Fools Day? Also, quick question: why aren’t the actors doing commentaries anymore? Of course commentaries with MartyG and you, etc. are wonderful, but I still miss the actor commentary. Do you thinnk this may change in the future?

  50. Joe!!!

    Funny . Really funny. Is this your April fools on us your adoring fans?


  51. On April 1, 2008 at 6:12 pm pg15 Said:

    HOORAY FOR THE BLOOPERS BEING SAVED!!! And I didn’t even have to make a website for it

    But we still need a website “puddlejumpers need toilets”. The current method is a tad hazardous and not at all practical.


  52. narellefromaus Said:

    I’m going to have a very different night with no power (using the remaining battery now to write this), watching the trees for signs of cracking (one has already come down) and hoping that my Mum makes it home safe in this incredible storm we are having.

    I know how you feel. I came home to find a couple of massive branches from the gum tree opposite me have broken off and have blocked the entire road. That was some storm. Hope your mum gets home soon.

    For those going to Fuel – have a blast! Don’t wear the boys out though 😉

    Joe, with regards to editing, you mentioned you were doing a producer’s cut. Does that mean there is a director’s cut and a writer’s cut etc? If so, how do you choose which one gets aired? If there’s only one cut then how do you decide who does it? Do you take turns? Do writers make good editors?

    I loved the “fog creature”. Good one! Didn’t quite top Project Virgle though. That was cool. I also really like the GMail custom time. I need that! Did anyone come across any cool April Fools web pranks? I totally missed the Youtube Rickroll.

    Cheers, Chev

  53. I just got the series 2 pack of the Atlantis action figures. I don’t know who to give thanks to but whoever gave the O.K. to make these are awesome. Please pass on to everybody that everybody’s figure is dead on, I really like David’s Field OP McKay, and Rachel’s Athosian Teyla. They are perfect. I don’t think I’ve ever commented before, but I’d also like to say, I read this blog a lot and I’m glad you do it, great job with season 4, and good luck with season 5.

  54. I forgot to say that I hope Lulu is doing just fine now. I imagine she’d hate to be out of action for long. Also, for whatever persuaded everyone to get on board with the bloopers – thank you!

  55. Hey Joe,

    Just finished reading “Old Man’s War” by John Scalzi (on your recommendation, by the way). It was pretty good. Have you read the sequels “The Ghost Brigades” or “The Last Colony”? If so, what did you think of them?

    I’m glad the bloopers were saved. I’ve really been looking forward to them.

    I hope you are able to get some rest this week. Sounds like you will be pretty busy. Try not to work to hard…. Wait a minute! You’re working on Atlantis. Work your butt off!(But have fun while you’re doing it.)

  56. Good to hear about Lulu’s surgery. She’s so cute. Are the pugs behaving?

    So? Did you have fun at Fuel? Did you meet Kathie? She says she had a great time talking to Martin and said you were… what was it again? oh yeah…”very gracious and alot of fun”.

    Love the fog monster pics. You’re a card. lol Can’t wait to hear about the VanCon. Okay, I’m sort of new at this… so what does Fuel stand for? The name I mean.

  57. I’m so glad Lulu did okay. Big kisses to her.

    And I can’t wait to hear the stories from the Fuel dinner. I suspect they’ll be popping up all over the place from the attendees in not too long. But I’m curious how you guys survived it.

  58. Well for me its tomorrow april 2nd and I’m hoping y’all had absotively posilutely THE BEST TIME last night, I’m going to slope off now and finish trying to cut the extremely wet grass out back, it may be the only chance I getr as we’ve been forecast SNOW!!! for the weekend, I’d take the fog monster anyday over the snow thing!

    I’m looking forward to reading all about dinner tomorrow in todays blog and now that I’ve successfully confused myself with time differentials etc I’ll get back to my chores!

  59. Hourra !!! Enfin une bonne raison d’aimer l’hiver: toutes les écoles sont fermées il y a des vents violents et toutes les routes sont glacées ! La professeur que je suis est ben contente de pouvoir aller se recoucher…

  60. Joe, have we ever told you how much we appreciate you? Alien fog?! WOOHOO!

    Remind me to cut back on my caffeine intake…

    I look forward to seeing the concept art 😀

    Enjoy your dinner at Fuel (that is if you haven’t already been, this time difference thing confuses me) and I wish I was there 🙂

  61. D’oh, I forgot to mention Lulu. Glad her surgery went well, give her a hug from me if she’s up to it.

  62. Hello=) =) ahhh le soleil et la chaleur est revenu chez moi^^!

    Lol waou j’adore ces photos…en effet, sa c’est du spoiler^^!

    Je souhaite bon courage a LULU

    Bon aller gros Bisou bisou, passer une bonne journée =)!

  63. Hope you guys had an awesome time at Fuel last night! Sorry I had to miss it but the commute from Niagara Falls was looking like it was going to be a bit too much. Road construction and bad weather and all…


  64. It looks like the bloopers have been saved!

    One word – yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy!

    (Though I’d still like to see a couple of reenactments courtesy of yourself and Ivon… :D)

  65. Hi Joe!

    Thanks for the quick update – all you hard working guys!!

    Hope the dinner was fantastic last night – wish I could’ve been there!

    The pics? Amazing! Best. Fog Monster. Ever!!!!

    Have a wonderful day,

    eddy 🙂

  66. Dude. The bloopers being saved had better not be an April Fools prank…

    The fog creature = priceless **wink**

    Hope that you had fun at Fuel!

  67. Hi Joe. (long time lurker, first time poster..)
    Just thought I’d add to the blog by thanking you for last night at Fuel. As Paul has already said, the company was great, the food was great and we really appreciated the time both you and Martin gave us. You made a couple of Scottish lads happy!(we’ve already forgotten about the 5000 mile trip to get here!) Here were the pics My brother and I got:




    Thanks again Joe, look forward to seeing Marty (and maybe you) on one of the set tours..
    Best Wishes
    Asmir47 AKA Stewart

  68. Hey Joe,

    Still looking for an address to send some things from New Orleans to you. It there another site somewhere that gives this information? I’ve got 14 different kinds of pralines, and chocholate covered pecans etc.

    Anyway Let me know!


  69. CrazyNephew wants to know if the MALPs on set actually have a motor or if they are pulled with a rope for the scenes.

  70. WOO! Bloopers!! I have to admit, I’ve been looking forward to them almost as much as getting hold of the Season 4 episodes. 😉 And the peasants rejoiced…

    Wow, can’t wait to hear about the Fuel excursion…some lifetime I’ll get up there for one of those! 🙂 In the meantime, I must do what I can, and that means Shore Leave in Baltimore. Hmm. Ever been down that way, any restaurants you’d recommend?

    Glad to hear Lulu’s doin’ alright. 🙂

  71. Yay for the bloopers. Or was that your April 1st joke? 🙁

    Looking forward to your comments and pics of yesterday’s dinner. Hope you all had a great time. I’m green with envy 😛
    Any chance we get some pics of Mr Flanigan in the next few days? 😀

    Yay for the Atlantis concept art! I’m telling you, if you guys ever release a book with all the Atlantis concept art, I’d buy it in a heartbeat! I’d love to see any and all SGA concept art, but I’m especially looking forward to the drawings of the beautiful city.

  72. Nice April Fools, have you seen the BBC’s latest April Fools?
    It took in soooo many people, who e-mailed the beeb saying how wonderful it was.

    Yes the BBC today announced it had found a colony of flying penguins in Antarctica that migrate up to South America for the winter!


    I have just copied and pasted the whole address so apologies if it doesn’t work.

    Hope the meal went well and that everyone enjoyed themselves and that much revelry and frivolity and quaffing of wine went on.


  73. Hi Joe
    As much as I like the Commentaries done by the Writers, directors, camera guys, visual effects guys. It is great how these episodes were done but take it from this fan when I must say that I would rather hear the commentaries done by the actors who appeared in the episode. If one episode had major explosions and such then sure bring on the guys who were behind that. But to be honest I rather hear the actor commentaries.

  74. Fog huh? And I thought your camera was playing an April Fool’s joke on you.

    Please pass along thanks to all of those who made the publication of the bloopers possible.

    Please also pass along virtual cuddles to Lulu. She seems to have been spending an awful lot of time on the surgeon’s table…

  75. Hey Joe!

    Yay! I’m really glad to hear that Lulu’s eye surgery was a success. 😀

    The Prometheus eh? Now I’m really intrigued!

    Thanks as always, and enjoy your the next fan-fueled dinner!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  76. Loved the pics…good one, Mr M!

    Hope the dinner went well, and that you didn’t have to use Marty G as a distraction to escape the ravening hordes of fans…!!! *g* Ah, wish I could have been there…

    I also hope that Lulu is feeling better – give her a careful hug from me.

    Yay for the bloopers!! And yay for the schmatics and concept art you’ll be looking up for us – really do appreciate you taking the time to do that for us obsessed fans.

    Leesa Perrie

  77. Hurrah for the bloopers.

    I wish sweet dreams for Lulu while she is recovering. (what do dogs dream about I wonder?)the words eye and surgery in the same sentence make me wince!

    Hope you had a great evening with your date 🙂

    Those fog! pics remind me when I used a film camera. I had many that looked like that when developed!

    To the Scots who travelled 5,000 miles for dinner. Wow that’s a long way for a meal. I’m impressed.

  78. Hey Sean, I’ll pass along the pralines if you want them to detour through Utah first, riiiight???

    Or at least tell me if there’s a decent place to order them online… I adore pralines.

  79. “Pauline Said:

    Yes the BBC today announced it had found a colony of flying penguins in Antarctica that migrate up to South America for the winter!”

    Thanks for the link! We (the 15 people I forwarded it to) got a much needed laugh on a unbelievably crummy day.

  80. So Joe,are we gonna get any proper Teyla whumpage next season…..It always seems to be the guys that get all the good whump…How about giving the girls a go for a change,maybe some torture or stranded on a barren planet or something.,..Anything….It always seems to be the guys that get this stuff done to them,Teyla can take it,she is after all a warrior and she could probably kick most of the guys on Atlantis’s butts without even breaking sweat 😉

    Are we gonna get some backstory to Teyla,we don’t really know anything about her that we didn;t already know from the first season….Will we see alot more of Teyla in S5 seeing as she was missing from a alot of S4…

    So am i right in assuming this Teyla centric ep “The Queen” has got nothing to do with the Wraith at all?

  81. I’m always intrigued when you show us the wide variety of chocolate you have. How did the Tofu/sake bar taste? Does the tofu have any affect on the flavor or texture? How intriguing.

  82. 1)Will any of the team undergo any drastic personality changes in Season 5(if only temporarily)?

    2)Do Woolsey and Ronon have any harsh exchanges?


    Also? In the light of some really cruel and ridiculously unfunny April Fool’s Day ‘jokes’ that went around yesterday, thank you for yours. Love the pictures. *sends warm fuzzies your way*

    (mailbag bait)
    So, I couldn’t help but notice that there was a rubber duckie in the diagram for McKay’s bathtub, but said rubber duckie was Missing In Action from the picture taken of the real thing. Has there been any attempt to recover the duckie? What ever happened to No Man Left Behind?


  84. Hey Joe,

    Back in Season one, there was that tension between Sheppard and Weir. Likely because of Sheppard being Military and Weir being a Civillian. I thought it was great how in the beginning there was a lot of friction between those two, a good example was “Hot Zone”. Eventually they began to see eye to eye and gained a respect for eachother, influenced eachother and even became friends.

    So my question, do you think this is the direction Woolsey will take? I liked Carter in Season 4 but she already had the respect from Atlantis imo since she was a member of SG-1 for many years.(Does that make sense?) So there was really no conflict.

    Will Woolsey have to gain the respect of the Atlantis expedition, or will it be an easy transition with no arguements or bickering or conflict? I know from eps like “The Seer” Sheppard is not a fan of Woolsey.



  85. On April 1, 2008 at 6:07 pm pg15 Said:
    Speaking of the past, here’s my question from yesterday:
    Why didn’t the Wraith attempt to farm humans to increase their food supply instead of waiting for their population to increase naturally after cullings?

    Shall I give you the answer? And if yes – do you want the short or the long version? 😉

  86. Hi, Joe!

    It was nice to meet you and Marty last night at Fuel. We liked your opening question. I wonder what you would have done if we’d answered in the affirmative . . .

    So, what’s the verdict? Are the staff at the restaurant happy you brought hordes of fans to their establishment, or is your picture up on the wall in the black room mounted on a dart board? 😉

    Marty told us you had one of the chef’s special creations. What did you have? My fannish partner-in-crime went with the chicken and I had the salmon. We were very pleased with our meals. I’m sure we will be going back some time, perhaps even with our spouses.

    I hope your next fan gathering on Thursday is as successful as last night’s was.


  87. Chev said:

    Didn’t quite top Project Virgle though. That was cool.

    “Project Virgle” was a ton of fun. Did you take any of the quizzes? Between all that and the “Custom Time” idea, the people at Google really outdid themselves. A decent consolation prize for those who couldn’t be at Fuel. 😉

  88. Hi Joe

    Would you say season 5 will be less arc-centric than season 4, more arc-centric, or similar to how it was?


  89. Joe,
    I have seemed to misplace the HORROR title for BOTM for May…what was it again?

  90. Glad Lulu is ok! Give her lots of treats for us! I’m also happy to know that the bloopers were saved. This makes my day (yes, it’s been that boring. Migraines suck!)

    I’ve been reading Timescape in preparation of this month’s BOTM club. My local Barnes and Noble did not have the other two books though. *sigh* I hope that I can contribute something of value to the discussions, but I won’t hold my breath. 😉

  91. Oo-o-o-o-h I am SO jealous of all those who had the honor and glory of dining with Mr. Mallozzi and Mr. Gero. Please do put up the photos here!

    Let “we-who-could-not-go” live vicariously through you (and the photos) and enjoy some small snippet of the light, the power, the sheer wonderfulness of sharing a restaurant with our dashing duo.
    Okay, have I sucked up enough? I’m making myself nauseous.
    YAY for the BLOOPERS!

    Hang in there Lulu — you can do it! My 2 cats and I are pulling for ‘ya!

    Gee, this is such a nice blog to play on… thanks Joe…

    Carol Z
    Steaming in New Jersey with the endless rain, wind and lousy traffic, woe is me… but then,
    I have this blog to visit WHICH CHEERS ME UP! HUZZAH!!

  92. Hi Joe:

    You were right. The food at Fuel was amazing. We had thw 5 course trial dinner. Small amounts of Fuel’s signature dishes were served to us with accompanying wine. Godd bless the people at my table who don’t drink!!

    Thanks to Joe and Martin for being amazing hosts for the evening. However, I noticed that they both vanished just before the bill for our table of 9 was delivered. Thanks also to chef Belsham and his wonderful staff for a great event. They all deserve a round of applause for putting up with us. We managed to refrain from singing the Stargate theme with accompanying hand jestures. Shirt & Tie wantded to, but we bound and gagged him and hid him in the bathroom. I see by his entry on Gateworld in the Vancouver Convention thread, that he managed to free himself. Good on ya, Paul.

    Thanks again, Joe and Martin

    Patricia (Arctic Goddess)

  93. Hi Joe
    Just gotta thank you for a great blog site. Its fantastic. I love reading it.

    I just finished watching season 4 of Atlantis (again)and noticed that there are a few episodes which only star mainly one or two of the main characters. I was wondering if there will be more ‘team’ interaction in season 5?

    Glad Lulu is ok. I have my own furkid and know how they really do become your babies.

    Thanks again Joe. You are brilliant!!


  94. Love the pictures! Good one! Please send us more spoilers on the fog monster! What’s his/her name? Does she/he fall in love with McKay? More! Please! I can’t wait until Season 5 [dramatic sigh!]

  95. And the prize for the Most Intelligent Fool’s Commentary goes to… 😉

    Looking at one of the lad’s pix… Mistah M, you are such a snazzy dressa ova there. Glad youse had fun.
    Ditto fun for Thurs.

  96. Started my first attempt to post my blog on wordpress today…I am slightly challenged when it comes to this “process”…I am way to use to Myspace.

    I recommended your blog to my sister and one of her co-workers who look foward to taking part in the discussion of THE KEEP.

  97. So I added your blog to my blogroll and that seems to be as far as I got today…I really need to get back to my “writing”. I hope to have at least 300 pages written on my story by the 30th of this month…and that is with reading two of the BOTM choices for May…where does the time go?

  98. Hi Joe,
    Glad Lulu is ok, she is young and strong.Do the other dogs try to take care of her now?, if I remember she is sort of rowdy(romps) with them pre-surgery.
    I like the fog, reminds me of something but I haven’t the foggiest,(sorry) Hope dinner was a success, sounds like fun. What the heck is the time difference anyway between there(BC) and say central Florida USA? I get confused.
    How many episodes in season 5? thanks and have a great day. 🙂

  99. Here when you told us at the Fuel supper that there would be major spoilers, I thought to myself “Self, should you really be checking out the blog?” Well, thankfully we weren’t *too* spoiled lol.

  100. I just wanted to say I really enjoy the pictures and insight on SGA and love the pictures of Connor Trinneer
    It must be awesome to be there
    Thank you so much for sharing

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