Table #1:

Diner: “Hi, Joe. Would you mind taking a picture with me?”

Me: “Not at all.”


Table #2:

Diner: “Hi. Can I get a picture with you too?

Me: “Of course.”


Table #3:

Diner: “Joe, could I also get a picture?”

Me: “Sure thing.”


Table #4:

Me: “Hi. Would you like me to take a picture with you or your wife?”

Diner: “Who are you? What the hell is going on here?”

We had all gathered at Fuel – Marty G., myself, some thirty Stargate fans, and a handful of bewildered innocents who kept throwing anxious intermittent our way – for a spectacular night of food and fun. A great turnout made for a truly memorable evening. We were even surprised by an assortment of presents: cards, chocolates, jerky, and a framed photo of Martin and I from 2004.  At one point, it felt as though Martin and I were celebrating a wedding anniversary. Especially when Shirt ’n Tie gifted me with two Waterford Crystal toasting flutes. Much appreciated!

Martin and I arrived at 7:00 p.m. on the nose, ordered our meals, then did a tour of the room, introducing ourselves, finding out a little about our guests, tasting their meals, and moving on. “Hi,”I greeted a table of two. “What’re your screen names?” One of the diners was hesitated. “It’s not Trevor, is it?”I asked. “No, no,”she assured me. “But I have a son named Trevor.” Quickly adding: “And he’s not THAT Trevor.” Then, after some thought: “I’ll post on your blog tomorrow, and I’ll be sure to sign my name Not Trevor.” Well, besides Not Trevor, the crowd included Kamala42, Jstiven, Krisz, MamaSue9, Jack’s CSM, Col. Mike, Arctic Goddess, BAR, Asmir47, OregonJen, L-Jade, Daniel’s Shadow, cute-as-can-be, Vikitty, myth86, Clamial, maeveBran, Nathan, Sechemech-1B, LCShepp, Demonique and, of course, Shirt ’n Tie who was kind enough to supply me with a list of the attendees at night‘s end.

Wonderful company and a spectacular meal. Martin and I left our fate in the hands of Chef Belcham, just daring him to try to kill us. And, to his credit, he did try. He started by lulling us into a false sense of confidence with the German butter potato and rosemary soup with pork confit and smoked paprika for me, and a delectable hen’s egg served with traditional Italian brodo for Martin, then following that with a kabocha squash and smoked polder side duck salad for me, and the Aleppo pepper seared albacore tuna for Martin. Next up was the dish that nearly did us in: the killer Foie Gras Terrine For Two. One of the most sinfully delicious dishes I‘ve eaten in recent memory. We followed the terrine with the lemon and radicchio risotto, and a unbelievably tasty gnocchi plate. Then came the piece de resistance: the Confit of Sloping Hills Pork Belly Rack. Ho-ly Smokes! Definitely one of the top ten dishes to try before you die. For dessert –

A Manjari chocolate mousse and two glasses of red later and I was done. We said our goodbyes and I returned home, satisfied and thoroughly sated. I felt great – until around two a.m. when I awoke, perspiring, feeling very much like I’d fallen asleep by a blast furnace. WTF? Was it the food? The wine? Some bug I’d come down with? Nope. Turns out the people who came in to shampoo the carpets had inadvertently knocked the thermostat in my room to a tropical 35 celsius (about 95 Fahrenheit)!

Today’s blog is dedicated to Shirt ‘n Tie’s infinitely understanding wife Deirdre and his three daughters Deirbhile, Hazel and Baby Dee who allowed him to run wild in Vancouver – and of course everyone who showed up for last night’s dinner.

NOTE FOR ANYONE SHOWING UP FOR THURSDAY NIGHT’S DINNER: I understand some of you have chosen to attend the Gateworld dinner instead. If that’s the case, please be sure to cancel your reservation at Fuel so that the restaurant can free up the table for other interested parties. Thanks!

81 thoughts on “April 2, 2008: Fans Feeling Fuelish

  1. It looks like it was a lot of fun, hopefully next year I will be able to attend..

  2. Wow, dinner sounds like fun! No humans on the menu?? 😉 Wasn’t going to break into the dinner discussion tonight…until I saw ‘Deirdre’. Heh…that’s my name, and very rarely do I see it spelled the same way I do, and at first I thought it was something about me, which would be silly since you don’t know my name…well, until now. 😛 And… anyway – gonna shut up now…


  3. Hello Joe,
    So glad you had a wonderful time at the first Dinner, and equally happy that it was your thermostat that caused the night sweats and that you’re not sick! I would be devastated if you cancelled the second dinner. Try to eat light all day tomorrow so you will be hungry again!

    See you & Marty there.

    Patricia Lee

  4. Hi Joe!

    Looks like you all had a fun filled evening!
    I hope Lulu recovers quickly & gets back to being herself again!

    I am going to meet Chris Judge in 2 weeks Time! I have heard the he is such a blast to meet! I have also heard that he is a bit of a prankster! Do you have any good questions I could ask him!

    Now! I am hungry from the great food pic’s! *Goes of to foredge for some food to eat*. I hope you had a great easter & eat some yummy choccie! I sure did!

    Take care & happiness always!

  5. Thanks for sharing the photos and menu. I’m glad to see the dinner turned out to be such a great experience for all concenred. I just wish you’d managed a photo or two of some of the few benighted “mundanes” desperately trying to figure out exactly who you were.
    I would be more jealous but as you know, the promised prize for participating in the BotM club arrived today. An autographed copy of “The Last Man” script. Mr. Mallozzi, I am deeply grateful and in your debt. Not only were you kind enough to offer such a wonderful prize, you went to the trouble of getting others to autograph it as well. Truly you are a gentleman, and all round class act. Here’s hoping that tomorrow night’s dinner surpasses the pleasures of last night.

  6. Ah, you lucky mucks. Glad to know that good times were had by all! I’m supremely jealous. Hmmm…did they manage to squeeze some spoilers out of ya, Joe? Haha.

    Ok moving on…

    Noir Said:
    Shall I give you the answer? And if yes – do you want the short or the long version?

    Oh, by all means yes! And the long version, please. 😀

    Finally, I just like to repeat what Morjana revealed in yesterday’s blog entry, because I just found it: The Soundtrack for Stargate: The Ark of Truth comes out on April 18, 2008 and it’s GLORIOUS.

    You can listen to samples of some of the scores here:


    And download those same samples here:


  7. Hey Joe!

    Amazing to hear that your dinner went well! I really wish I could’ve went, but you’re WAY too far away for me to get to at this time of year. 😛

    Also, are you a huge fan of jerky? I keep seeing, from your gifts, piece of meat or jerky appearing…including that odd chocolate bacon-like thing. 😛

    Thanks as always, enjoy the second dinner!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  8. So…”hen’s egg”? Is that as opposed to “rooster’s egg”? I mean, I understand there are other birds besides chickens whose eggs it could reasonably be, but when one just says “egg”, isn’t a chicken egg the assumed fall-back?

    One of these days I’d love to go to one of these fan dinner things to meet you. I envision the following dialogue:
    Me: Hi, I’m Shawna.
    You: What’s your screen name?
    Me: Uh…Shawna. What’s yours?
    You: Uh, I’m Joe.
    *awkward silence*

  9. Happy Anniversary, Joe and Marty G! May you have many more blessed years ahead of you. 🙂

    Man, those first couple of paragraphs made me laugh a lot. The other ones were okay, too.

    But really, I can’t get the image out of my head of you and Marty G hosting your wedding anniversary party at Fuel…waltzing around collecting gifts, schmoozing, posing for photos, etc. Funny stuff.

    Glad to hear you had a good time…although it wasn’t quite as enjoyable as the virtual Fuel dinner that you had with me, right? Right??? 😉


  10. I’m incredibly jealous of all of you. Were I not in the middle of school at the opposite end of the United States and had I not just started an awesome job I would have been there in a heartbeat. I’ll look forward to all the stories from the dinners and the convention!

  11. Fuel is now at the top of my “Places to Eat In Vancouver As Recommended By Joe Mallozzi” list. The food sounded a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Now, if only I could find the time to come north and start eating my way down the “Places to Eat In Vancouver As Recommended By Joe Mallozzi” list…

  12. Hi Joe!
    Glad you had a great dinner last night, and thanks for all the pics of the menu! Gee, I feel jealous now! Hope tomorrow night’s dinner goes just as well too. As for photos – You could have a photo with yourself and a blank spot next to you. Then, people can cut out a photo of themselves and paste it on there next to you! Cheesy, no?

  13. My cat, Shanks, kinda took The Blade Itself from me…there is a pic on my blog…he really wants to read it…he keeps stalking me when I have it in my hands…I put it down and he has to hold it.

  14. Oooh, Shirt ‘N Tie has superb taste in crystal. I am ever so jealous … I’d be green with envy were I not already green with mucus. Improving, less dripping, more hacking. I’ve been in bed reading, instead of running off to Vegas and setting fires. Not that I’ve set fires in Vegas mind you, we were setting fires elsewhere. Check my blog for flaming fun, Ranger Genius finally coughed up his pictures for me to snurch.

    Glad a good time was had by all!

  15. It’s really a lot of fun to read about a few of the things that went on at Fuel, and to guess at the general level of mirth and good spirits both from the pics and from your and attendee’s comments. And, not surprisingly, your description of your and Martin’s food (along with pics) is just about enough for me to get ecstatic just from reading about it. – The foie gras terrine reminds me very much of a dish I once had back East; ten years later, I can still almost taste it. . . Lovely memory. I’m glad everyone had such a great time, and hope for the same for tomorrow’s dinner.

    – Wow, some very sharp-dressed people in those pics (love your and Shirt ‘n Tie’s [or so I assume] dressy gold and red ties); but semi-formal or casual dress (Martin G. seems like he’s always casual, and it’s cool to see everyone’s personal style), all the smiling people’s pics tell their own story. 🙂

    Chuckling at “Would you like me to take a picture with you or your wife?” I’ll bet the wife would’ve been delighted. 😉

    – Having finished Timescape and The Empire of Ice Cream, I’m now going back to read Neil Gaiman’s Smoke and Mirrors. If the intro is any indication, this guy is going to wind up becoming one of my favorite writers. I love his style, and love what he has to say about his craft, and life, and all that. Once again, I’d like to second all the thanks to you for your recommendations, plus the discussions and guest blogs. Very much appreciated. . .

  16. Hi Joe!

    Hope Lulu’s feeling better!

    Great turnout for the Fan/Fuel dinner! 🙂 Sounds like it was a yummy blast! I hope tomorrow’s dinner goes just as well.

    Best to all!


  17. Hey wait a minute!!! You said you were going to go to each table with a spoon and snavvy some of the desserts. Surely that’s a good price to pay for a picture with you..

    Missed out there Joe!!!

    Glad to see you all had a great time and great food… wish I’d been there..


  18. I really think it says a lot about you and Martin that you two went to dinner with the fans. If only I had the power of teleportation, then I could’ve made it!

    And happy anniversary to you and Martin! 🙂

  19. Oh look. My skin has turned green. Lucky posters. 🙁

    Seriously though, it sounds like everyone had a great time! 🙂 That was very nice of you! ^_^

  20. Joe, it’s so neat to meet someone in television who actually likes and takes the time to not only answer the fans, but inneract with them as well. It’s more of a treat then I think you know. I’m super jealous that there’s dinners with the fans I wish I were close enough to attend, however, Bend Oregon is a little far from vancouver to travel for a dinner. But if you’re ever in the area, we have good food!!!. You know lots of cows, 😉 We get alot of Celebrities where I live; football players, a few actors, and both President Bush and the former President Clinton this last monday, but nobody that really makes me get excited. Getting to meet people from one of my favorite shows sure would make me giddy. Thanks again for your blog, Nicole.

  21. Hey Joe,

    Sounds like you all had a great night. Lots of tasty food, a warm place… yep, nothing like my night.

    Here’s my day/night yesterday in contrast (and I’m sure others from this neck of the woods will have their own stories):
    1. Weather warning of gale force winds. This is Melbourne, Australia, how bad could it be? I mean, look at that amazing sunrise. How could anything bad come from that? I’m still eating my words.

    2. Mid-morning. Hey where did that wind come from?

    Pop to the supermarket at lunchtime before winds get any worse, lights of the shopping centre start flickering then go out. Come back on. Narelle heads straight to the ATM to ensure just a little cash is handy and go and buy another bag of dog food… just in case.

    I’ve watched enough Sci Fi to know how to prepare for an apocalypse. Yup, I’m now good for at least 3 days into this apocalypse.

    3. 1.30pm – driving back from supermarket and I get hit by 2 branches on my car. Hmmmm, starting to get a little unsettled. Is this a good time to mention we live on top of a hill in a suburb that is known for it’s number of trees.

    4. 1.40pm – Power goes

    5. 1.45pm – Find out your Mum is in the city seeing a musical… with her phone off… and the bridges are about to get shut down and the train lines have been rendered pretty much useless. Commence worry.

    6. 1.50pm – Notice the trampoline leaving our backyard, over the house and into the front yard. Commence swearing.

    7. Talk to your Dad on the phone to make sure he’s ok, see a smallish gum tree of around 30 metres fall down across the hill while talking on the phone. And there goes another one. Continue swearing. Check the 60m trees in our backyard for any obvious signs of snapping.

    8. Hear a loud crack – the one tree that the local council had insisted our neighbour not chop down, Mother Nature handed in her over-ruling vote, catch you later tree.

    9. Notice the roof of the garage starting to peel off. Hadn’t had a chance to stop swearing, so just kept with it.

    10. Hubby calls to say all of the boom gates for the trains have stopped working “doesn’t matter I’ll just go through them”. Good to see the number of railway crossing fatalities lately has affected him.

    11. Run out of laptop battery – disaster.

    12. Anyone here ever seen a dust storm? Throw one of those in too – just for good measure.

    13. Lady gets crushed by a falling brick wall. Sadness commences.

    14. Mum calls to say she made it home safe. Sigh of relief.

    15. More sounds of cracking trees. You know that each time you hear that sound, someone’s day has just got a lot worse.

    16. Winds calm, torrential rain starts.

    But then…

    I went for a drive once majority of the front had crossed. Our roads were closed, all the shops were closed, carnage everywhere, houses with trees as the new feature of their lounge rooms, I can only imagine how those facing tornadoes and hurricanes all the time must feel. The radio announces our suburb as one of the worst hit.

    At the very peak of our hill comes this amazing rainbow, and then a sunset so blinding you can’t see.

    The humans had been made mute, nature steals the show.

    With the sun gone, no power and no exit from our area, we sat in front of our chiminea for warmth, surveyed the new skylight in our garage roof, cooked bacon and eggs on the gas and, in the darkness and silence, we marvelled at how lucky we had been and how fragile everything is.

    As I’m sitting there with my bacon and eggs, covered up with my rug, jacket and beanie, staring at the flame of the fire Nathan says “Hey, that dinner in Vancouver is on tonight isn’t it?”
    He made me laugh.

    I put some pics on my blog.

  22. I am very disappointed in you. Do you know what yesterday was? April 1st. APRIL. 1ST. Any normal person would have posted huge, sweeping revelations, like the fact that Teyla is actually Jackie Chan in disguise and Atlantis will be rebuilt to look more like the magic school bus. Or that you would be leaving the show permanently to be replaced by a well-trained pomeranian. Yesterday had so much potential, and look how you used it. Finger of shame.


    You guys finished Continuum already? That was fast. Really fast. I haven’t even seen the last episodes of Season 4, and you guys are already light-years ahead. Speaking of which, I heard about this “Universe” thingy. The name is rather dumb (“Universe”? Either they travel to parallel universes or you guys just stuck a cool-sounding name on there because it’s a sci-fi show. “Universe” makes it sound like a sequel to something. I thought you guys were against doing that.) I bet the 9th chevron ends up restoring failed relationships. Or make everyone lactose-intolerant, or something.

    Also, you know what else your show needs? An axe. A guy with a big axe smashing things and people. Axes are cooler than lasers.

    A question: Do you really expect Continuum to be the last SG-1 thing? Yes? No?

    Finally, some food for thought: Gas station burritos are healthier than a strict diet of artichokes. Proven fact.

  23. narellefromaus Said:

    *Insert a bunch of horrors*

    Yikes…yikes yikes yikes. I’m so sorry you had to go through all of that. We here in Vancouver had a wild wind storm years ago that knocked out the power where I was, but it was nowhere near this severe. Thank goodness you guys all made it through in one piece.

    I gotta say though, just to be honest, reading your post actually made me chuckle a little. Not at the tragedy of course, no; that’d be horrible. It’s just your way of writing, it just says to me that this is you looking back and just laughing because, really, after all of that, how can you not?

    Or maybe I’m just weird.

    Oh, and I went to your blog and watched that wedding vid (and sang along, of course). You look gorgeous! 🙂

  24. Gateworld dinner?? Who would cancel at fuel and choose the gateworld dinner??

    If I were rich I’d fly to Vancover and be at tonight’s dinner… alas I’m making my way through timescape instead and refresing your blog waiting for an enty… Sad but true. 🙂

    I’m thrilled to see that it had such a great turn out…. 30 people!! Do you know who came the furtherest?? Anyone can answer that.

    Time for bed another fun filled day at work tommrow.


  25. Thanks for the great pictures from tonights dinner, Joe. I’m glad everyone had fun and I can just imagine the looks you were all getting from fellow patrons who had no clue what was going on.

    Also, please thank whoever it was that decided to release a soundtrack CD for AoT! Yet another thing I don’t need to spend money on, but it’ll be worth it, that music was fantastic. My thanks to pg15 and Morjana for the heads up!!! Now, is there any possibility of getting them to release a CD of music from seasons 2-4 of Atlantis? Yeah, I know, fans are never satisfied! *grin*

  26. Hi Joe,
    The dinner sounds fab and I’m so jealous. You must come over to the UK and get together with us fans over here. We could all meet in London – get Joe Abercrombie and a few other bookies out to play and we could have a joint fan dinner and live book chat. How about it??

  27. Yum!!! The pork looks fab. Everyone looks like they are having an incredible time with you and Martin. I was surprised you did not mention the corn soup…then I had to realize wrong time of year for corn to be in season…derr.
    In the past I am not sure I would have ventured into foie gras tasting, but having read your descriptions; guess I will have to try it at least once.

    Glad to hear Lulu is on the mend.

    To our friends down under – beautiful pixies, glad to hear you are ok.

  28. Sounds like a great night and wonderful food. Glad you had time to eat after posing for all those photos 😉

    A precedent has now been set..so if you’re ever in London I’m sure there’s be an equivalent restaurant to try this at.

  29. Hiya! See… I’m still around.

    He started by lulling us into a false sense of confidence with the German butter potato and rosemary soup with pork confit and smoked paprika for me…
    >> I really wanted to try that, but opted for the duck salad instead. It was surprisingly good, considering I’m not really a salad person – but which did you like more, soup or salad?

    Thank you to you and Martin for hosting dinner! I had tons of fun (but not so much afterwards… I stayed up until 1:30am finishing a paper that was due the next day)!

    PS. What’s the name of the Chinese restaurant you recommended on West Broadway? The one with the excellent Peking Duck?

  30. Hi Joe. We had a fabulous time at Fuel the other night. The food was amazing! However, we are a little insulted that we were omitted from the list of attendees but we will let it slide seeing as how you were kind enough to stop working one those annoying pink pages and come speak to us at the fence this afternoon. ElephantGirl would like to know if you and Marty liked the chocolates?

    I would like to know if you are always that easily distracted when you are working?

  31. Wow! Everyone certainly looks as though they are thoroughly enjoying themselves, I’d like to be able to put actual faces to virtual names but the guessing of which is whom is gonna be great fun!

    My plans for the immediate future are as follows:
    I am not going to any conventions – really looking forward to that one
    Not going out to dinner with Joe Flanigan next wednesday week, thats going to be a blast
    Am going to the dentist later on this morning with my 12 year old – going to take notes on the various instruments of torture for a novel I’m not writing at the moment.

    Then later on Friday I have an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon to see if we can’t do something about this awful green tint I seem to have picked up somewhere overnight PMSL!

    No seriously I’m chuffed you all had a great night but it would’ve been even better if the rest of us’d been there too in more than spirit!

  32. *sneaks in to comment again*….a bit intimidating, but I will return.

    So the fun Daniel’s_Shadow ended up at top of your photo list. Now looking back at the supper and the amount of pictures that you took, I wonder what do you do with all the pictures. Are you a person who deletes like crazy after you have your alloted and much needed food pics, or are you the “OMG I *must* keep every single picture”???

    You were right, the pork was superb!!!!!

    Had to love Martin, he walks up, (and I might add I have met him a few times though it is completely understandable that he would have never remembered me), and INTRODUCES HIMSELF?!?!?! Priceless, positively priceless. 🙂 “Hi, I’m Martin”, much to the giggles of our table.

    Thank you and Martin for the wonderful evening.

  33. To Narellefromaus:

    I know I have a warped soh but your post really made me chuckle and then guffaw!
    glad you all survived. I’m heading over to yours now to check out the damage.

  34. Narellefromaus Said… everything just above this post and I have to say… wow. It sounds like you live in New England. After the torrential downpours and high winds that came through, the snow plows came out to push all the debris off the roads. Don’t have snow plows in Oz? *grins*

    Anyway… glad to hear you’re alright and that mom got home safe.

    Umm.. sorry Joe, can’t think of anything to say to you that hasn’t already been said above. lolol

    Oh wait.. yes I do. I got my copy of The Keep in the day before yesterday. Hoping I’ll have a chance to start it today. Doubt I’ll get through it before the BotM day… but I’ll give it a go.

  35. Re: the reaction from the other tables

    You and Martin should have pretended it was a reception for your wedding. Made some speeches declaring your undying love etc. (and IIIIIIIIIIII will always love youuuuuuuuuuuu) ROTFLMAO

    Cheers, Chev

  36. tiger’s eyes Said:

    “Project Virgle” was a ton of fun. Did you take any of the quizzes? Between all that and the “Custom Time” idea, the people at Google really outdid themselves. A decent consolation prize for those who couldn’t be at Fuel. 😉

    I did the questionnaire. I wasn’t a fruitcake so I don’t get to go.

    Did you see the Google job ad at the Google lunar hosting and research center?

    “Google will be conducting experiments in entropized information filtering, high-density high-delivery hosting (HiDeHiDeHo) and de-oxygenated cubicle dwelling.”


    Cheers, Chev

  37. Sounds like a wonderful time! Only mildly jealous way over here in Atlanta.

    Perhaps the Thursday crowd can make it easier by putting out some sort of Stargate merchandise to mark their table as one of the gang.

    May you and Martin celebrate many more anniversaries together. 🙂

  38. Sound like a good night was had by all. I wish I lived in Vancouver.
    35 Celsuis is a nice cool day where I live, mate.


  39. Sounds like everyone at Fuel had a really great time! 🙂 Oh and that menu…holy bejeebus! I’ve put that restaurant on my list of places to eat if ever in Vancouver just for the pork belly rack and the fois gras terrine for two.

    MysteryMadchen: I’m glad that you, Nathan, and the pups are safe, that was some crazy weather!

  40. Sounds like it was a blast! 🙂 I hope something of the sort happens next year – I would definitely attend!

  41. SusantheTartanTurtle writes: “ Where are the ‘facilities’ on the puddlejumper?”

    Answer: I believe I’ve already explained this. Okay. One more time. Whenever someone needs to go to the bathroom while in a puddle jumper, everyone else moves into the cockpit and the rear compartment is sealed for privacy. Then, when the individual has finished their business, they knock three times on bulkhead and hold on tight. The jumper’s back ramp is dropped, the rear compartment depressurized, and anything not nailed down is whisked away. The ramp is then raised, the internal pressure stabilized, and the journey continues. Simple, no?

    Yeah…I remember that answer. But, since it is SO GROSS and wouldn’t work well(it would lose most of the air in the puddle jumper)…I think we all took it as a joke.

    Just because “it” was whisked away…doesn’t mean every bit of it would go…um…some might stick..and then smell…or I guess someone would clean the area? Ew! And, in the case of it not being urine…I don’t even want to go there!

    So, I would assume that there is a little toilet either under the seats or one that comes out of the wall. Much better and cleaner explanation. *wink* Just ‘go with the flow’, Joe. *smirk*

    Glad the dinner went well. I unfortunately will not be able to attend tonight. I was considering going to the con, but my finances this year are not conducive to Creation’s greediness & the huge airfare expense. I will have to enjoy it through your blog and the pictures I am hoping everyone will post! I am going to Shore Leave and Dragoncon…so I will have some fun this year!

    Whovian(aka Trish), her daughter Allie and mackenziesmomma (aka Kassandra) will be there tonight to dine with you and Marty at Fuel. Whovian(Trish) has something for you and Marty from me. I don’t know if she will be brave enough to present it. We will see! ;oD

    Have a great meal tonight and as always:
    Thanks for all the work and THE BEST show!

    aka Kdvb1

  42. WOW! We’ve had sunshine all day today, its so unusual I’ve felt kinda disjointed/dislocated/surreal all day!

  43. I cannot help but be jealous that you all got to meet each other. I am a small, petty person. But I am also happy for you. I am a large, giving, caring, kind person.

    I am Jekyll/Hyde-ish about it.

    But this should not be all about me.

    And yet it always is.

    Damn that.

    I’m a small and petty person after all.

  44. Hello my super JOseph =)♥

    Sa va ?? =) Moi oui trés bien!

    Waaaouuuu!!!!! super soirée!!!! C’est Fan on trop de la chance!! je vous jure si j’habiterais au canada! alalala sa fait longtemp que je vous aurez vu!

    Voici une autre situation:

    Anais: AHHhhhhh Joseph!!! Mon idole!!! Ohhhh mon dieux, c’est le plus beau jours de ma vie!! Un photo please!!! je vous aimmmee!!!! ahhh!

    Joseph: ???

    *Lol a vrai dire, j’ignore comment vous réagiriez^^!!

    Tient j’allais vous dire “j’ai trouver plein de new photos de vous sur le net…Je sais de où elle venaient^^!
    J’adore votre cravate♥

    aller Gros Kissou!! je vous adore!!!! a demain!!!

    Votre plus grande Fan♥

  45. It sounds like you had a wonderful time, I am certainly jealous! I look forward to any amusing stories you can supply from the next dinner! And, if it’s not too much trouble, could you possibly dedicate the blog to me? It’s my birthday and one of my roommates is being…. well… not nice. Where’s a wraith when you need one?

  46. Joe, your pals at Fuel know that you blog about their food, but do other places you attend regularly know to check out your critique?

  47. Ack! Sorry MysteryMadchen and narellefromaus, in my last comment I scrolled up to far. See this is why I should drink more coffee in the morning!

    MysteryMadchen: hehe I’m jealous to! We get famous people like the Bush 1 and Bush 2 but yeah…not very exciting…meh! It would be much more fun to attend one of the fan dinners.

    narellefromaus: Again I’m glad you guys are okay! Bad weather freaks me out. Thank god we only get the occational severe storm! But when we do, I’m usually under the bed, with the cats.

  48. You’re doing a great job of making the rest of us jealous. 😉
    Gotta get up there someday, if only to eat one of those Fuel dinners. I see a roadtrip in the not-too-distant future.

  49. On April 2, 2008 at 6:49 pm pg15 Said:

    Noir said:
    Shall I give you the answer? And if yes – do you want the short or the long version?

    Oh, by all means yes! And the long version, please. 😀

    Ok – I answered, but it’s a too long post for a blog and so I answered your question here. 😉

    And – above all – I’m able to correct my mistakes there. 😉

  50. Jenner and I weren’t able to join you, but we had a “Joseph Mallozzi tribute” dinner at a lovely restaurant in Palo Alto not long ago. One of the best meals I’ve ever had. We did the whole photo thing which you can enjoy here!

  51. glad you (& the others) survived the experience. i’d be tempted for that kind of thing, but for 2 reasons. 1) that place has weird food IMHO. 2) i share my food with NO ONE. except for my mother & brother.

    BTW any news on SGU or a 3rd SG- movie?

  52. Bonsoir Joseph,

    Wow, quelle belle soirée au Fuel, j’aurais adoré être là et rencontrer les autres fans ! On ne sait jamais, peut-être qu’une soirée avec des fans Montréalais serait possible ? lol

  53. Thank you to all who came over and checked out the pics and sent well wishes.

    PG15 and shiningwit – You are right. It was a ‘if you don’t laugh, you cry’ situation – hang on, that describes my life!
    I’m glad you got a chuckle out of it 🙂

    ltcoljsheppard: no snow plows here, but our suburb is lucky enough to have my husband who refuses to buy firewood and is doing his special part for the cleanup process. He’s like a kid in a candy store going through the streets picking up pieces of wood and commenting on them “oooh, this is 30 year old ghost gum.” Nods his head in reassurance, “Burns well.”

  54. Hi, Joe!

    I’m not sure if I should be flattered or scared that you remembered our little exchange, and word for word, too. 😉

    Have fun at Fuel tonight!

  55. chev said:

    I did the questionnaire. I wasn’t a fruitcake so I don’t get to go.

    Did you see the Google job ad at the Google lunar hosting and research center?

    “Google will be conducting experiments in entropized information filtering, high-density high-delivery hosting (HiDeHiDeHo) and de-oxygenated cubicle dwelling.”


    Chev, I didn’t see that, so thanks again for posting the link. That is just too funny! I’m seeing a holographic image of Cab Calloway or Duke Ellington, in white tux with full tails, playing and singing “Minnie the Moocher” for those working on the project. – Sorry you don’t get to go; but then again, who would want to work with a bunch of fruitcakes?

    On the next page (from the page you linked):

    “Imagine discovering not only alien attempts at communication with Earth, but also such heretofore unavailable cultural treasures as Pink Floyd’s 1968 appearance on the BBC and the tragically lost first season of ‘Iron Chef’.”

    Tell you what, I might not want to go to Mars and eat algae, but I think I could have a great time working at Google. 😀


  56. Sounds like you all had a good time – and the peeps on Thursday (tonight? Never can get the hang of these time zone differences!) are going to have a good time too.

    I think it’s brilliant that you’re willing to get so up close and personal with the fans!

    Here’s a little dinner related PHOTO that made me laugh the other day – and go aww as well. Hope you like.

    Leesa Perrie

  57. Narelle

    I’m so glad to read that your and yours got through the storm all right, and could even laugh about it afterward. That’s an embarrassing contrast to how I would be spending two hours with a lint roller from having dived under the bed.

    So the storm actually ripped your roof a new skylight? Geez.

  58. Can we get an idea for the way in which Jewel Staite’s character will interact with the rest of the team since she is now a regular character in season 5?

    I remember in season two and three that Beckett was far more involved with off-world missions in addition to his responsibilities as a doctor and, in effect, became a informal member of Shephard’s team.

    Can we expect the same for Keller since season four saw her play only a minor (though important) role focusing on her duties as a doctor on the base as she gradually became more exposed to life on Atlantis?

  59. Chev–> LOVED that Google job posting! I just may apply myself (see cover letter posted on my blog for review today: version2pt0.wordpress.com).

    Joe–> Would love to know what the Baron thinks of Google moving into the neighborhood. Will the G.C.H.E.E.S.E Ball encroach on their Moonbase? Or does the League simply see this as another opportunity to further their domination of the Universe?

  60. Hi Joe,

    I haven’t left a comment in a while, but I haven’t stopped reading =D

    I just noticed a (I’m guessing unlicensed) Stargate product and though I’d make note of it to you and you could pass the information along to the proper people.

    Or in the case it’s licensed, what the heck is it and how does it relate to Stargate?

    (I’m not sure if the book is about Stargate per se, but it has the gate, chevrons, etc. on the front and is called Stargate.)


  61. Thanks for the pics, looked like a great time.

    Quick question, have you seen the BBC’s new “Robin Hood” series? It’s trying to balance action/adventure, drama and comedy. I thnk they need to get you to guest write one!


  62. man i wish i could have made it in, would have been great to see everyone. sounds like you had a great time, did you play a pranke on the waitress/waiters? you could have led them on good lol. what dish is that last photo?

  63. Noir Said:
    Ok – I answered, but it’s a too long post for a blog and so I answered your question here.

    And – above all – I’m able to correct my mistakes there.

    That was a well thought out hypothesis! I agree, as you provided good reasons for each of your beliefs.


  64. oh, narellefromaus you are so beautiful! And your hubby is such a cutie! A much belated congratulations on your wedding. So THAT’s how it’s done down under, what a wonderful wedding video.

    As to your storm narrative, I have to agree with pg15“It’s just your way of writing, it just says to me that this is you looking back and just laughing because, really, after all of that, how can you not?”

    Glad you made it through the storm. As we used to say back in the day girl, Keep-on-Truck’in!

    Joe You and Marty are too good for words. I have never heard about, read about or virtually known about ANY other producer or writer of an on-air show that would take time to meet their fans, let alone dine with them. Good on BOTH of you. And good on the fans who attended. Seeing all of your smiling faces in the posted pics made my heart warm. Thank you.

    Carol Z
    A New Jersey kinda gal…

  65. Michael Said:

    I just noticed a (I’m guessing unlicensed) Stargate product and though I’d make note of it to you and you could pass the information along to the proper people.

    Or in the case it’s licensed, what the heck is it and how does it relate to Stargate?

    (I’m not sure if the book is about Stargate per se, but it has the gate, chevrons, etc. on the front and is called Stargate.)


    Well spotted Michael. That front cover is a pretty bad rip-off. Check out the site for which he writes:


    Scroll down and check out the image of Thor and a scene from The Fifth Race.

    Cheers, Chev

  66. We really enjoyed meeting you and Martin. I am however insulted that you forgot to include JannaGalaxy and me (veryangrystargatefan) in your list. Hmmph. LOL! I guess the hectic shooting schedule must have clouded your mind. I will send the pic that you took of me and Martin to cookiemonster. I look forward to seeing what you can do with it.


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