7 thoughts on “March 10, 2008: Behind the scenes on The Last Man (Rodniffer? McKeller? Jedney? Kellkay?)

  1. Pairing blends make the Baby Jesus cry. (And my brain writhe in pain.)

    Although ‘Rodniffer’ is so odd and … slightly wrong, that it’s kind of growing on me.

  2. Where was this filmed? I think it’s hilarious that you’re right next to a road.. a fairly busy one too it seems. And moreso, I love that in the show it seemed like they were in a quiet park away from everything. (Or at least it did to me)

  3. OOOH holy cow. Looks like our dear Lt. Col. didn’t exactly go unscathed in that building collapse. I’m already nailbiting. LOL

    And that’s after breaking the nailbiting habit!! See what terrible things you do to me?? 😉

    Just curious…from start to finish, (including the writing process) about how long does it take to produce a single finished episode of SGA give or take?

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